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BT (British Telecom) offers broadband internet, home phone and television service. Internet connections are available through ADSL or BT Infinity branded fibre technology. BT Mobile operates as a MVNO using the EE network. BT Mobile mostly serves professional clients.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Internet (52.71%)
  • ▪ Phone (21.51%)
  • ▪ E-mail (9.69%)
  • ▪ Wi-fi (8.91%)
  • ▪ Total Blackout (4.07%)
  • ▪ TV (3.10%)

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BT (British Telecom) in London, Greater London, England Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in London, Greater London, England:
  • chrisroy89
    Chris Roy (@chrisroy89) reported from London, England

    @BTCare @Ofcom I don’t have enough characters to explain... this has been on going for months... there have been several errors... if you care to call me I can explain but I have explained this to your advisers several times already with no progress...

  • Sparkyxxx
    Lynn Kelly (@Sparkyxxx) reported from London, England

    @ship_stmarys @LeScouse @bt_uk @BTCare I had exactly this problem. Refused to pay, complained and complained. They would not accept my complaint but magically everything got better without a visit. I am in the process of formal complaint now.

  • ThatNerdWill
    Will Harrison (@ThatNerdWill) reported from London, England

    @CroftonParkLife - much of #SE4 without fibre broadband from @BTCare for almost 24 hours now. Any of your followers had service restored or any updates?

  • DanSilvs73
    DanDanDanDan (@DanSilvs73) reported from London, England

    Shit coverage Shit commentary Mostly shit pundits Shit App Ladies & Gents I give you @btsport @btsportfootball

  • freshtodeath
    Fresh To Death (@freshtodeath) reported from London, England

    @btsport why is the web app not working?! Your service is a disgrace

  • sclats01
    stephen (@sclats01) reported from London, England

    @btsport this is really annoying sort the sounds system out it’s shit

  • sclats01
    stephen (@sclats01) reported from London, England

    @btsport terrible sound

  • 66kittykat
    Kathy Lawrence (@66kittykat) reported from London, England

    @BTCare on hold for 20mins, then 15mins on phone to representative then line goes dead, now on hold again for another 20mins disgraceful service!!!

  • Liamavagio
    Liam Broughton (@Liamavagio) reported from London, England

    @BTCare since 6th of Feb our fibre connection hasnt been installed and almost no update from BT shocking service.

  • LucasWeatherby
    Lucas (@LucasWeatherby) reported from London, England

    @BTCare I’m no longer a customer but I can log in, yet you seem to have deleted my billing history. I need them. Help, please..

  • azrael2393
    Marco Visconti (@azrael2393) reported from London, England

    @BTCare Also, I took a day off work to wait for the engineer that never was. BT behaviour is unacceptable and shows no care for its customers.

  • jamescronin
    James Cronin (@jamescronin) reported from London, England

    @BTCare our business phone lines are down due to a power failure and I need to divert our main number. Your support phone line says you're only available Monday to Friday. Can I get this done today somehow?

  • ThomasLewington
    Tom (@ThomasLewington) reported from London, England

    @bt_uk @BTCare why’s the connection so bad where I live... I lag anytime I play any games.... awful internet ever since we joined

  • Mistermiggs
    Trevor Dean (@Mistermiggs) reported from London, England

    @BTCare are there mobile network problems in London at the moment. Can only get 3G & that won’t give me access to internet or send emails. Thanks

  • kleto
    Kate Leto (@kleto) reported from London, England

    @BTCare my broadband is down. Can you please let me know if this is a known issue and when it will be resolved??

  • greg_taylor
    Greg Taylor (@greg_taylor) reported from London, England

    Internet has been patchy for 17 hours in SW11 ... help @BTCare @bt_uk

  • goalsgoalsgoal
    goalsgoalsgoals (@goalsgoalsgoal) reported from London, England

    @BTCare I have spent over 2 hours in the phone to you this week as I have no service. This morning an engineer was due to attend and now is not. I have family waiting. Do you think this is an acceptable service for £72 a month. DD will be cancelled that's the only way you get it.

  • BritLizHilton
    Luxury Lizzy (@BritLizHilton) reported from London, England

    @btsportfootball @ManUtd @D_DeGea @ChampionsLeague @btsport In the shit is where

  • Salahubris
    Sam (@Salahubris) reported from London, England

    Think that might be the worst commentating I’ve ever heard on a football game @btsport

  • DominicKavakeb
    Dominic Kavakeb (@DominicKavakeb) reported from London, England

    Not sure what’s more stressful. @FCBarcelona unrecognisable kit, poor quality of my @btsport stream or Conte taking years off his life on the touchline. No I do know, it’s Conte. #ChelseaBarca

  • fredhazard
    martin hazard (@fredhazard) reported from London, England

    @bt_uk @btsport what a fecking joke, trying to log on to by sport to watch the football. Need my account number to prove who I am. Give the details only to get fucked off. Cheers. I’ve had a gut full. Pass me the details of who I go to to cancel all my BT products please.

  • miladyns
    Anastasia (@miladyns) reported from London, England

    @BTCare Hello, has there been a known issue with connecting to BT WiFi with Fon? It shows as connected however login window never pops up hence no internet signal.

  • rahelab
    Rahel Anne Bailie (@rahelab) reported from London, England

    @BTCare My wifi is painfully slow. Someone fixed it 3 days ago (line fault) and here we go again. Chat is closed. Painful!

  • RegoTale
    Zoe Smith (@RegoTale) reported from London, England

    They really need to sort this VAR shit out. No way was that obviously or clearly offside! He’s level or his knee is SLIGHTLY off but it’s not clear. #HUDMNU #btsport #facup #mufc

  • BillyFranksCoUk
    Billy Franks Jerky (@BillyFranksCoUk) reported from London, England

    @btbusinesscare and known issues on SE1 area? Got no broadband once again :(

  • GrahamMcKenzie
    Graham McKenzie (@GrahamMcKenzie) reported from London, England

    @BTCare So the saga continues... At midday I am told by my "resolutions" contact that at engineer is on site to fix. 45 mins later ..ah no he isn't and you need to wait by till Tuesday "but it is the very highest priority" Broken record 5th week coming up Blame culture

  • rahelab
    Rahel Anne Bailie (@rahelab) reported from London, England


  • rahelab
    Rahel Anne Bailie (@rahelab) reported from London, England

    After 6 minutes, the speedtest page is trying to load (taking 2+ minutes to do so). @BTCare, you "fixed" this 2 days ago. And many times in the last months. Has gotten to ridiculousness. Help!

  • LucasArnold93
    Lucas Arnold (@LucasArnold93) reported from London, England

    @btsport Bentancur, a central midfielder, who these two idiots think is a centre-back, got them questioning back three’s and Benatia potentially coming off. So so poor, dont watch Italian footy, dont cover it for BT sport and still takes no effort to know these things

  • GinaLov32586765
    Gina Love (@GinaLov32586765) reported from London, England

    @arsenalrfucked @btsportscore @LacazetteAlex @premierleague @btsportfootball @btsport He wasnt playing with a injury. He got injured because he kicked the locket after the game because hes shit

  • adamsa101
    Adam S-A (@adamsa101) reported from London, England

    Fuck @btsport “You could say that’s onside.” No! You couldn’t.

  • F1_funnies
    🏁🏎F1 funnies © 😂 (@F1_funnies) reported from London, England

    @BTCare @Ofcom Glad to hear everything is back to normal @bt_uk it's day 730ish since my service has been normal ...glad to hear @bt_uk can fix there in-house problems but not there customers #YourWelcome

  • harrycrac
    harrycrac (@harrycrac) reported from London, England

    @BTCare can't get my emails on phone or web mail.appears to be offline but no issues with my connections.please advise? #btmail

  • MichaelSnasdell
    Michael Snasdell (@MichaelSnasdell) reported from London, England

    @bt_uk @BTCare Car crash took down a telegraph pole Bovill Rd /Whatman Rd SE23 last night. All phone lines out. Any idea of repair time? Elderly relative can't use her Link Line @LewishamCouncil

  • Sandi_L_DS
    SandiDurnford-Slater (@Sandi_L_DS) reported from London, England

    @BTCare About to try change again. One thing it’s doing A LOT right now is dropping altogether. So that our phones revert to 3G/4G and our laptops say ‘cannot connect’, but when we look at WiFi signal looks full. Honestly I’m so sick of this!

  • F1_funnies
    🏁🏎F1 funnies © 😂 (@F1_funnies) reported from London, England

    @BTCare No one's asked me my account details or anything so how are they looking into it telepathic ally! Glad to here @bt_uk telekinetic powers are better then there internet & customer services #BTisaJOKE

  • phillandjamie
    Phill and Jamie (@phillandjamie) reported from London, England

    Hey @BTCare why won’t my email download on my iPhone? Is there an issue cause I keep having to delete it and reinstall it. #annoying

  • JohnRed333
    Johnny (@JohnRed333) reported from London, England

    @BTCare We have a known fault according to the person my partner spoke to this morning, so I guess it’s a waiting game. Have had a lifetime of problems in the space of just 5 months since moving house

  • jamescandrews
    James Andrews (@jamescandrews) reported from London, England

    @BTCare Hub shows blue, but no Wi-fi. Customer care are hopeless and blag. We are on a replacement hub, which has not helped.

  • AnnaJacobsart
    Anna Jacobs (@AnnaJacobsart) reported from London, England

    @BTCare Yes and now they say I have to have engineer round - not until Tuesday. Even though the WiFi goes down at the same time every day at peak times, which is clearly a capacity issue. I have to wait another FOUR DAYS to potentially get it mended.

  • AnnaJacobsart
    Anna Jacobs (@AnnaJacobsart) reported from London, England

    @BTCare I think BT is in chaos with this. You keep changing your mind about where the fault is and you don’t seem to be able to fix it. I’d have though given the ongoing scenario, you might have given this more priority.

  • AnnaJacobsart
    Anna Jacobs (@AnnaJacobsart) reported from London, England

    @BTCare Yes, but it is going to take another 3 days and it is impossible to run my business from home and look after my kids at home, as a single parent, with no WiFi and so no mobile phone signal. I’m VERY unhappy about it.

  • izzieelectric
    Izzie Electric⚡️ (@izzieelectric) reported from London, England

    @BTCare apparently it’s because my family wants fibre we have to wait. It’s been months literally, they always say it’s gonna be connected then it isn’t. Everytime we call they hang up in our faces.

  • PinkGStephen
    StephenVanderPink (@PinkGStephen) reported from London, England

    @BTCare I logged it online - VOL053-5682763169535 The Fault logging does allow you to specify that the issues are with a LAN connection as well so you are not investigating the whole issue.

  • PinkGStephen
    StephenVanderPink (@PinkGStephen) reported from London, England

    @BTCare I will send you the fault number. We are paying for terrible level of service. I can't work from home. #badservice

  • jamesvertigan
    James Vertigan (@jamesvertigan) reported from London, England

    @BTCare @OpenreachGB Yes order was placed 11th December & like I said my Infinity service was due to start on 2nd January but was delayed due to lack of space in the cabinet according to Pete. I received my SmartHub before Christmas but am still on standard broadband. I have a VOL number if needed.

  • StaceyF_81
    StaceyF_81 (@StaceyF_81) reported from London, England

    @BTCare I’m so angry with BT. An engineer came to fix my internet and phone this morning. All was fine. I’ve just got back from work and it’s broken again - exact same problem. Your tech guys had no clue about what had or hadn’t been fixed.

  • hutchie100
    HUTCHIE (@hutchie100) reported from London, England

    Robbie savage absolutely awful to listen to. Dreadful commentary #btsport #FACup

  • Keithdavidharri
    Keith Harris (@Keithdavidharri) reported from London, England

    @BTCare When Will this known problem be fixed?

  • redtoria
    Toria Redfern (@redtoria) reported from London, England

    @kateweb @BTCare I was spoken to so appallingly by a woman who refused to transfer me to someone else I had no choice but to hang up. Only time I've ever done that. So at least it's equal opportunity rudeness.

BT (British Telecom) Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Jameshughes1985
    James hughes (@Jameshughes1985) reported

    Shocking service from @BTCare this evening. Passed from pillar to post. Hours wasted on calls! So disappointed! However, plus point, Louisa, in your Cardiff call centre is an absolute gem! She couldn’t resolve my problem but tried her hardest! The rest could learn from her!!

  • CCGillian
    Gillian CC (@CCGillian) reported

    @FrPaulR @BTCare @bt_uk I have to agree BT customer care is the worst service I have ever come across; it is farcical

  • Chris_Wxm89
    Chris Wycherley (@Chris_Wxm89) reported from Ponciau, Wales

    @BTCare TV keeps breaking up, but doesn’t break up in HD channels. Please help...

  • wsn75
    warrennewton75 (@wsn75) reported

    @btbusinesscare We have been waiting months to get an issue resolved and had no response from BT to accept that money has been taken and being charged for a tariff we didn't ask for. #gavinpatterson wouldn't be impressed with the customer service we have had to date.

  • TeagirlSu
    Su Poole - My BT nightmare (@TeagirlSu) reported

    @BTCare thank you for ignoring me. No help, no acknowledgement of my problem, not even the courtesy of publicly acknowledging the lost email.

  • tottenham1979
    Paul Hughes (@tottenham1979) reported

    @roynadinprint @EmiratesFACup @SportsPeteO @ManUtd @SpursOfficial @BBCOne @ChelseaFC @SouthamptonFC @btsport We’re most certainly not at home we’ve used Wembley to play our games but our home isn’t and never will be Wembley

  • iancwilkie
    Ian Wilkie (@iancwilkie) reported

    No broadband for a week thanks to @bt_uk 5 hrs on phone to resolve their mistake. Told 9th April. @BTCare service is a national disgrace.

  • russb26
    Russ (@russb26) reported

    @BTCare call me as promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #complaint

  • franklins03
    Franklin (@franklins03) reported

    @jackaldridge5 @BTCare Haha I know. What a mare. I’ve spoken to them and apparently an engineer is coming out on Saturday. We’ll see what happens. They’ll probably send a Sky engineer to fix my boiler!!

  • GadgetManMatt
    Matt Porter (@GadgetManMatt) reported

    @BTCare I guess I frustrated at the lack of help I've received today. Batted around department's and no one taking ownership, it leaves your customers out in the cold. I try as you suggested but your have documented historical issues connectivity to that service.