Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Pane and XCOM.

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August 22: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 08:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Charlotte, North Carolina  ▪ Lindisfarne, Tasmania  ▪ Mumbai, Maharashtra  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  ▪ Petersburg, Virginia  ▪ Stockport, England  ▪ Tempe, Arizona

2K Games Live Outage Map
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Lindisfarne, Tasmania
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • New York, New York
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Petersburg, Virginia
  • Stockport, England
  • Tempe, Arizona
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2K Games Issues Reports

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  • keon deandre hollis (@KeonHollis) reported

    @2KSupport sign in on my NBA2K17 got delete that y i Can't contact to server

  • DC Metropolis (@DCMetroMatters) reported

    @Budget Your agency admitted to char'g me over $2k in error and has yet to fix it; UR outsourced CS group is terrible! #IWantMyMoneyBACK

  • Alberto Piergiorgi (@albertopier) reported

    Great - Mizzou Pays a Price for Appeasing the Left. Enrollment is down 2K+. The campus has had to take seven dormitories out of service WSJ.

  • Feitan (@LoLFeitan) reported

    @foggedftw2 yeah i agree but my problem is when we are like 2k~ behind and enemy team has an infernal drake and rather than fighting for it after

  • Chief Skywalker (@TheyCallEmReg) reported

    MVP D. Rose better be a 90 or me and 2k gon have problems

  • rude boi (@donariusjames_) reported from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    I'm smacking dis nigga 41-17 on madden 18 and my servers disconnect come on now EA lol don't be like 2k

  • AnkleGvd-_- (@vSupreme_Icyy) reported

    @2KSupport I have been trying to connect to the servers for 3 weeks it gives me error code 4b538e50

  • BrianKeith💮 (@Wheatiee_Wii) reported

    I owe my homie @Jayy_Phillips95 an ass whipping tonight on 2k ! He 21-0 me lol (I really was lagging but no excuses) I'll stream tonight !

  • Vicky Harp (@vickyharp) reported

    @onhole9 The symptom doesn't line up exactly but this tickles a recollection of SQL 2K MemToLeave fragmentation causing connection issues. #sqlhelp

  • Aundrá Bennett (@Dre_Day14) reported

    @2KSupport No error message just says, Connecting to 2k Sports Server...

  • RastaPeejay_156 (@Dreamchaser_101) reported

    @2KSupport something wrong with my 2k account when I play pro am I win then when I hit play again it show a error on my screen can u fix it

  • Loc (@LocMorgan) reported

    @iTh3First @JfNis @NBALiveOfficial As with any video game. My main problem with 2k is the servers. But I believe they didn't really worry about fixing them for 17

  • Rachelle Berry (@rachellevmberry) reported

    Not sure which is worse @IKEAUK Customer Service or their complete shambles of delivery and ordering process. £2k of goods not delivered!

  • Charlie Chong (@charlieccc97) reported

    @LohJienHwa They help me chg my hardisk le but still like this. No idea le .... i bought it for 2.8k even my fren bought his laptop in 2.2k but wont lag

  • 4 Fig Nig (@Panther_NoTiger) reported

    @lipstickthvg @hanginwitcoop Can't get my heart broken or finessed in front of 2K followers lol

  • Sevens (@ThisIs7s) reported

    @2KSupport It gives you an error message saying "lost connection to server or host"

  • Jen Brown (@jenbrown_books) reported

    @forduk #scrappage good idea but economics big reason people stuck in old cars. £2k off £12k car doesn't solve problem #outofreach

  • Spherical Life (@Ade_Sanyaolu) reported

    @gtbank was to send 5k to someone, 2k was returned by the machine, next thing I saw was "out of service" the remaining 3k gone!

  • BLAZE TV (@Skinny_Got_Game) reported

    2k lag is real facts they make others look like they really putting in wrk gg

  • Dwayne mckell (@officialmckell) reported

    @EAHelp y'all have a horrible customer service I swear I see why 2k took y'all sales .. your customer service is fucking poor

  • lightning_B.T.B.A.D (@kavonqua) reported

    @jokes4life iLuv this game its so much like 2k park but ex. like me users not able to access park with out a glitch stopn us from playing p.

  • Tony G (@TheIrishColt) reported

    @2KSupport @romeojeremiah Can you look into my code not working? Ticket 2486059

  • maxoujm igujl (@maxoujm) reported

    @jokes4lifex why do u have all this time to make posts and feud instead of scripting ur game, how do u think devs from 2k feel when their game is broken

  • mason satterlee (@satterlee34) reported

    @2KSupport i have had my on the play now menu for day now and i still get the same error message

  • Quay (@QuayTheSnagger) reported

    @wavyjacob1 yo Jacob can we run later bro I'm trying to go on streaks I play glass I'm a 96 with the 99 glitch my psn Quayy-_-2k

  • Robbie Kyle (@RobbieKyle3) reported

    @2KSupport Help I keep getting an error code this 4b538e50 but I have the most recent update

  • Robbie Kyle (@RobbieKyle3) reported

    @IGOTIQPSN @MarioHTXX Nah just search up 2k skateboard glitch

  • Terell (@t_lewis016) reported

    If I lag on you it's either because: •I'm eating •Playing 2k •You boring af lol Mostly all of the above

  • KING ChriisT (@YungClay) reported

    2K still not working for me. Is that happening to anyone else on they're Xbox? Saying 2K is taking too long to start?

  • weezeysem (@weezeysem) reported

    @2KSupport ticket #2487006 been having this problem for over 3 months never got reponses on the first 3 tickets over 2 months old so yeah

  • Ray (@rayyhype) reported

    @MattCasey18 Had to get rid of 2k but now my problem is Ellie in the last of us smh

  • KCK (@KyIeKorver) reported

    @DreamKillerMatt Damn wtf, no wonder I lag when we play in 2k

  • ZaeBot (@twolegit_ebooks) reported

    I tried to use this 99 overall 2k glitch and my wife got the kind of ill, lowkey.

  • TEAM2K2HS|KenDeep (@Ken_Deep) reported

    @takuyadesuu hoverdash is one problem, but STBT is much more problematic. it avoids any normal except for 2P, 2K and 2S, which I wont use in that range

  • B-Smoove..777 (@B_smoove777) reported

    @ViktorVm04 @MeritlessWords @HopefulHeismanP @Steve_OS I hope not..but i expect disappointment from 2k after all these years of lack of common sense & basketball IQ they never fix their problems

  • FRESH 🔮 (@ayyypappi) reported

    @ATTSmallBiz Can i stop lagging on 2k tho

  • aka: Muad'Dib 🇺🇸 (@TheAuraWah) reported

    @BI0wJ0b @ChilliehPenguin @NippleSec_Joker @brian_holan @HeerJeet That's Mary's problem of 2k yrs ago. Not relevant now.

  • 16 August (@MrGoodBeard_) reported

    I wanna get this $2k camera and do a photography of all the service men/women but in scared it might not make it to Iraq. Mail flukey.

  • AlexCobalt (@YouTubeACGaming) reported

    When you win 5 #Splatoon2 matches with 2k p but disconnect all 5 times only to get banned by @NintendoAmerica, Thanks unstable connection.

  • YUP (@1800YUP) reported

    2k better fix the dunk animations for #NBA2K18 or we gonna have problems big fella

  • Heated VFX (@Its_Heated) reported

    @YaBoiExclusive @2KSupport Yea because of that error message. But I reinstalled it to try to fix it!

  • Aj Nunez (@AjNunez3) reported

    @ChefVersace chef I have been subbed sense 2k can u send me a link to a glitch

  • Heated VFX (@Its_Heated) reported

    @2KSupport every time I load up 2k17 it always says "there is a problem with your connection to our online services" what do I do?

  • Heated VFX (@Its_Heated) reported

    @2KSupport every time I load up 2k17 it always says "there is a problem with your connection to our online services" what do I do??

  • Mike Norris (@mwn817) reported

    @ifindkarma They had over 2K advertisers? That's the problem in the first place.

  • William Hines (@ChUrcHgOinGamer) reported

    @Shaneraymond14 @NBA2K @Ronnie2K That's a long list of issues bro. I think 2k is the broken game. Facts

  • T$ (@210Suns) reported

    @brokenspell77 @2KSupport How did you get this figured out? My nephew is having the same issue. Redeemed the code, but unable to download.

  • Rj (@RjCanBall) reported

    @2KSupport I keep getting error code 4b538e50 even though I only have 4 accounts and all the troubleshooting steps don't work I sent a ticke

  • ImaginaryPlayers (@_LifeAsL_) reported

    @2K my 2k17 won't get off the Paul George screen... what's y'all issue cuz

  • SimbaGotClout (@S1mbaTheGod) reported

    I lag worse in live than I ever did in 2K. Trash ass game

  • José Quiñones (@Sparda_Jose) reported

    @2KSupport Is there an issue with the WWE2k17 online feature on ps4? I can't download anything from the CC and somehow it quits the game.

  • Broadway (@MoeBWavy) reported

    Only time my game lag is the 4th quarter of 2k with under 2 minutes left of a close game

  • Xavier Kumar (@Koomah1432) reported

    @2KSupport that's not it i keep getting error efeab30c and it been happening for 15 days.

  • hook$ (@hooksventura) reported

    losing by one point in 2k is worse than a broken heart.

  • Myke Hamilton (@MykeHamilton) reported from Stockport, England

    .@Delta message price risen £2K! Select new flights, input details, cash taken, but again error message and no confirmation email [2/2]

  • PURE NBA (@PURE_NBA24) reported

    @Zero2trace @KhumboMbeya @NBA2K @Ronnie2K @LD2K (2/2)on 2k almost every time there's lag between the time you press the botton and the corresponding action by the player. Like almost a sec

  • 💯🏆LIFE IS GOOD🎮😂 (@reCHERcheTv_) reported from Petersburg, Virginia

    @2ksupport What Does This Error Code Mean efeab30c

  • B-Smoove..777 (@B_smoove777) reported

    @ViktorVm04 @HopefulHeismanP @Steve_OS Did u play 2k17? Iam still trying to figure out y people like that unless u work for 2k or have a sharp or stretch wit a glitch youtube shot

  • Aokiji (@DukeOfZamunda) reported

    @LBoogieOnSports Yea myPark is broken because it’s a bunch of created players & 2K made myplayer for you to dominate then took that to a MP setting

  • reversed desrever (@Repmop16) reported

    @RockLeeSmile I have 2k+ hours in PoE: The bigger issue with its mtx is the fact that efficient trading largely requires premium stash tabs.

  • TheGM NYG (@Jamigreen23) reported

    @ItsShake4ndbake Only issue here is instead 50k for a 90 it's 100k+ and packs on 2K are cheaper, so in a way it's like MT is worth more than coins

  • Vince Yock (@VinceYock) reported

    The hating of statues is like people being gluten free.. been eating bread for 2k + yrs since when the fuck has it been an issue

  • king of the south (@B3052304) reported

    Fuck 2k and tht dude who thinks he won due to lag

  • Coy Anderson (@CoyAnderson6) reported

    It's funny how I don't hear nobody complaining about pro am not working but me. Fix this shit 2k! Damn!

  • danny3 garcia5 (@danny3_garcia5) reported

    @2KSupport Can't join park I get the problem loading error

  • Larone Wright (@LaroneWright) reported

    Yo @2K Servers down???

  • supreme durant_1 (@SIMPLE_HBU) reported

    @2KSupport. Are the servers down right now?

  • danny3 garcia5 (@danny3_garcia5) reported

    @2KSupport are the servers down for Xbox one

  • Murda‼️ (@lastking1017) reported

    Servers down?? @2KSupport

  • (@KeifyB_) reported

    @2KSupport Yea it's tripping i don't know what's the error code or whatever I closed the app

  • (@KeifyB_) reported

    @2KSupport what's going on? Servers down on Xbox?

  • MotivatedToSucceed (@_Headzz) reported

    @2KSupport 2k server down?

  • Anndro Pradantyo (@Anndrop) reported

    @2KSupport server down?

  • ⁶𓅓Kareem🙇🏻 (@BallerTommaso23) reported

    @2KSupport Are the servers down ?

  • #Carsten Duchan (@DuchMan98) reported

    @mungi98 @Airtel_Ug @PatohShanqueels @MyLadira_UG And get back 100% bonus, that wouldn't be a problem but so unfair, the biggest %age of the population loads btn 500-2k airtime Card's

  • Courtney Bromberg (@courtneybrombe3) reported

    Guys have relationship problems and play 2K. Girls have problems & talk about it with their single friends until they're convinced to cheat.

  • Jonathan Hardwick (@Cyvnyde) reported

    If 2K are promoting online as a main feature in WWE 2K18 then I hope they sort out the big problems it currently has in WWE 2K17.

  • Luke Martin (@lukemartin83) reported from Lindisfarne, Tasmania

    @TasmanianGreens obsession with Federals reminiscent of Gunns. Play the issue, not the man (all 2k Tasmanians who work for them) #politas

  • Julian Michael (@JuiceBeHoopin) reported from Tempe, Arizona

    The 07 nuggets gonna be a problem in 2k

  • Hōt Böįį Märk 🔥 (@0Markkk) reported

    @2KSupport yeah manne it keep sayin the 2ksport server down ..