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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Pane and XCOM.

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December 17: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 06:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (61.11%)
  • ▪ Sign in (16.67%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (11.11%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (5.56%)
  • ▪ Glitches (5.56%)

2K Games Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Dover, Delaware  ▪ Sacramento, California  ▪ Wapakoneta, Ohio  ▪ Saint Francisville, Louisiana  ▪ Tucson, Arizona  ▪ Vancourt, Texas  ▪ Vancouver, British Columbia  ▪ Wake Forest, North Carolina  ▪ Birmingham, Alabama  ▪ Bramhall, England  ▪ Chicago, Illinois

2K Games Live Outage Map
  • Dover, Delaware
  • Sacramento, California
  • Wapakoneta, Ohio
  • Saint Francisville, Louisiana
  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Vancourt, Texas
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Wake Forest, North Carolina
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Bramhall, England
  • Chicago, Illinois
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  • PeteLabozetta
    Pete Labozetta (@PeteLabozetta) reported

    @aptaube They did 1,800 at the RexPlex during WrestleMania 20 weekend (2004). They did over 2k when they ran Hammerstein in 2008. Think the issue was that while they were growing, there weren't enough NYC venues to accommodate the growth until it reached a certain point.

  • friesenfarmer
    Evan Friesen (@friesenfarmer) reported

    @jwphipps Sticker shock is already there. Even with the mandate, ours would be $2k/month in 2018 for a healthy family of four on a bronze plan. I suppose it could get worse still--nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to our broken health care system.

  • peruvianidol
    Mike Aparicio (@peruvianidol) reported

    @2KSupport Bulls schedule mode, game 20 is glitched. Held Orlando to one dunk and won and the schedule did not advance. Any plans to fix this?

  • joshuzumaki123
    Josh Shifflett (@joshuzumaki123) reported

    @NBA2K @2KSupport Fix the sharps im so done with this game it’s so annoying if you lay off of them for a second they will make it form almost half court . Plus they make the most contested threes 2k17 was not even this bad .

  • h2o21519
    Boogie Knights (@h2o21519) reported

    @2KSupport When are u guys going to fix my career for me? I been put in a ticket for not receiving Vc in nba games and not receiving Vc from my Vc manager and My career with back 3years do u guys take action of the problem I'm having I'm a 2k fan and receiving no help.

  • thisthreetime
    Varada (@thisthreetime) reported

    @ian_mendes New ownership and arena would be great, but we're overcomplicating. It's a marketing problem. Identify the people who were buying those 2k-4k tix before and why they stopped buying, or identify 2k-4k people who've never bought and market to them.

  • FancyJGG
    Fancy (@FancyJGG) reported

    The 2k gunna take so long since the Dedi servers are always broken

  • Josephk16_
    CAVS(18-7) Joseph K. (@Josephk16_) reported

    Thanks for not replying 2k fucking trash ass company fix the game bums

  • Iam_Trident
    Keith "Trident" Pecora (@Iam_Trident) reported

    This is the problem with dedi's for the 2k. These dudes are torching time & have reset the lobby twice so far because their teammate isn't here.

  • jlsully04
    John the🎅🏼Christmas Man (@jlsully04) reported

    So my 2k+ dollar computer can no longer handle PUBG for some odd fucking reason? I used to be able to play it on ultra settings with no problems, now I can't even play it on very low. 1080 GeForce GTX Graphics card and 36 gigs of ram? Pssh, not enough dude.

  • NikonicNYC
    Niko Smith (@NikonicNYC) reported

    @WWEgames @WWE PLEASE 2K! Patch the weapons in the game! When tables, ladders, or chairs are on the mat they slide around, slide out, or go flying out when wrestlers walk near them. It ruins the game! Also, remove attire combo restrictions & fix title belt clipping/ bending with custom attires.

  • Cameron2kPurpe
    Cameron baker (@Cameron2kPurpe) reported

    @THEREALDR2K DR 2k just because you having problems with 2k don’t mean you have to tweet crying about it and hope everyone agrees with yo ass

  • Fr0zenWolf25
    Fr0zenWolf25 (@Fr0zenWolf25) reported

    @2K @Ronnie2K you guys have to fix your online situation both wwe and NBA every year y’all have to have a reason to fuck up online I hope you read this tweet and fix the problems cause you guys are shit at making games

  • NicholasDNewell
    Nicholas D Newell (@NicholasDNewell) reported

    Don't use @RevolutApp. I hit my limit a month ago. Been dealing with compliance dept/customer service -> frustratingly incompetent/unresponsive - Have £2k pending since 28 Nov! Been with @monzo for some time and never had an issue! #bitcoin #litecoin #ethereum #fintech #fail

  • NicholasDNewell
    Nicholas D Newell (@NicholasDNewell) reported

    Don't use @RevolutApp. I hit my limit a month ago. Been dealing with compliance dept/customer service -> frustratingly incompetent/unresponsive - Have £2k pending since 28 November! Been with @monzo for some time and never had an issue! #bitcoin #litecoin #ethereum #fail

  • NicholasDNewell
    Nicholas D Newell (@NicholasDNewell) reported

    I don't advise using @RevolutApp. I hit my funding limit a month ago. Tried to raise it via the compliance dept/customer service who have been frustratingly incompetent/unresponsive - Have £2k pending since 28 November! Been with @monzo for some time and never had an issue! #fail

  • alstockwell1
    Al (@alstockwell1) reported

    @jimnelson44 @kingbritt11 @M_Breen family of 4 with income of 85k will save 2k in taxes. What"single" issue are you referring to?

  • adi_sports_guy
    nash_puckaluck (@adi_sports_guy) reported

    @mrcz032308 @JeffMerkley What if your exchange policy will cost you $2k per month for your middle class family? ACA is not affordable for my family and if I go off exchange I have a penalty of 2.5% of my income. Cost of healthcare is the real issue.

  • sukari89
    Benjamin Wang (@sukari89) reported

    @2KSupport Hi - is the Switch 2k18 server down? Your server status page doesn't have it..

  • FixYourFkinGame
    FixYourGame (@FixYourFkinGame) reported

    @Big_C_Richy23 Lucky. 2k stolen from me 6000 points in this season (glitch), so i cant play in this season.

  • RushtoNz
    Rushy (@RushtoNz) reported

    Imagine coming online when your fucking wrecked to play a 2k for virtual points and 2 of your team are lagging all game suck me off

  • briennino
    Grit N Grind (@briennino) reported

    @foreversimma The latency mainly. If you play 2k the one x has zero lag as long as your connection is good

  • MarkyB
    Mark Bryceland (@MarkyB) reported

    So Celtic lose their undefeated run and we're playing a 2K on broken dedicated servers? I'm being trolled.

  • LenyaPisarevsky
    Леонид Писаревский (@LenyaPisarevsky) reported

    @2KSupport @LiaoCurry Fix Chicago Bulls 20 schedule challenge,with 8 dunks over Orlando magic, it's doesn't count... I did this challenge 10 times,but didn't work

  • WarsameAli_
    Bodie Broadus (@WarsameAli_) reported

    Downside of not working for a week is coming back to 2k emails lol

  • danny_dardz92
    DannyRabbitSlims (@danny_dardz92) reported

    @2KSupport I’ve literally done everything under the sun and nothings happened... I only did the update thing this morning so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  • danny_dardz92
    DannyRabbitSlims (@danny_dardz92) reported

    @2KSupport Yeah it keeps coming up with error code; 4b538e50 I was fine all last night and this morning and now im having trouble connecting. And yes I have done the in game update.

  • bbomtaetae
    Knight (@bbomtaetae) reported

    @CrystalSnow_7 @zephyra_army @allkpop Who's stupid Pandas can cancelled 2K aftr this issue?... Kpandas more know than us. K-Armys twt in alrdy talked abt Apink.

  • IIRebzu
    Rebzu (@IIRebzu) reported

    @mlgsupport I need help there was a problem on my team and my gamertag didn’t link for the 2K

    IG: Milwaukee__Buck (@KE3PIT_A_BUCK) reported

    @2KSupport gave me that bs on how to fix my issue with there game & after that doesn’t work they said they can’t give any tips or tricks in regards to gameplay, like wtf.. my energy is fucked up on my player & they can’t help smfh #NBA2K18 trash for this

    IG: Milwaukee__Buck (@KE3PIT_A_BUCK) reported

    @2KSupport gave me that bs on how to fix my issue with there game & after that doesn’t work they said they can’t give any tips or tricks in regards to gameplay, like wtf.. my energy is fucked up on my player & hey can’t help smfh #NBA2K18 trash for this

  • DaveOMac
    Dave McDonald (@DaveOMac) reported

    Despite sending all the videos and photos of the game they requested, @2KSupport won’t help me get the angle pack I never received for #NintendoSwitch since I didn’t keep my receipt. This is the thanks I get for defending their broken game.

  • NBirdman6
    Nick (@NBirdman6) reported

    @2KSupport @WWEgames I think 8 man battle royal's are broken as i've tried 5 times now and you can't eliminate anyone the computer can't even eliminate people pls help

  • InvaderTAK
    Ty (@InvaderTAK) reported

    @BronyVideoGamer Ok, why is it massive open-world games like Breath of the Wild and Skyrim can fit on Switch cards no problem yet these 2K Sports games can't? The 2K devs must be doing something wrong if a 32GB card isn't enough for their games.

  • Buk_
    Brandon Buk (@Buk_) reported

    2k honestly is a problem for my bank account

  • VA7KYR1E
    KatieMas⛄❄ (@VA7KYR1E) reported

    Hey @2KSupport in WWE2K18 some finishers are not always doing damage. And pin combo finishers don't do damage either. Can you fix this?

  • ryanramey14
    White guy from 8 mile (@ryanramey14) reported from Vancourt, Texas

    Fix your servers @2KSupport

  • niceguyjordan
    j (@niceguyjordan) reported

    @2KSupport Yes. The error code that pops up is 0cfbfd49

  • _MorrisSZN
    Big Moe Son (@_MorrisSZN) reported from Orange, Texas

    prolly got one 2k game in me before i crash

  • barrysolaidback
    BeardedGamer919 (@barrysolaidback) reported from Durham, North Carolina

    I hate when I’m calling man to man defense on 2k and the cpu be lagging on defense smdh

  • dontperishyet
    Typo Queen (@dontperishyet) reported

    OMFG. It's 3:30 am, I'm only like 4/5ths through writing the final chapter of HFK (a ficlet collection, remember?) and it's already 2K. This chapter is going to end up like 3K, which is 3 times longer than any other chapter in the fic XD But this is a problem 4 tomorrow. Night!

  • hecct0r
    hector (@hecct0r) reported

    I was balling today and I was playing d like that lil kim video and I don’t think anybody caught the reference I just looked liked player lagging on 2k

  • Butano21
    Butano21 (@Butano21) reported

    @Beluba And how about to fix NBA 2K18? I suppose that the company don't mind this NBA 2K because you are thinking in the next one... This behaviour is pathetic, we are so many that we are playing since the release date, we are in december and you are thinking in 2K19? Very bad

  • BmoneyGotMoney
    Bishop Parker (@BmoneyGotMoney) reported

    @WWEgames @2KSupport please put out a new patch to fix universe mode

  • A_Jaax
    Apple Jaax (@A_Jaax) reported

    @RebelCOD24 No problem homie. Scrim in the morning for the 2k? Itll be a different team.

  • mattyice0413
    Matthieu Thomas (@mattyice0413) reported

    @Beluba Congratulations on not fixing the core problems in 2k

  • bayley_6996
    BAYLEY SMITH (@bayley_6996) reported

    @2KSupport No problems

  • bayley_6996
    BAYLEY SMITH (@bayley_6996) reported

    @2KSupport my problem is still unsolved I don’t want to keep bothering you guys about this but I really need the vc to be replaced because it’s getting my parents mad

  • KateLindley23
    Katelyn Lindley (@KateLindley23) reported

    @2KSupport My brother keeps getting "Purchase failed" when he tries to buy anything in the store.. how does he fix this issue?

  • JkochJkoch
    Jacob Koch (@JkochJkoch) reported

    @2KSupport I’ll let you know if I have anymore problems for sure!

  • Not_A_Snek
    Toma$$🐍 (@Not_A_Snek) reported

    @2KSupport Why have you guys continue to ignore the Friend Inviting Problem on 2k18 on Steam. Its impossible to play with friends through steam. You guys have it on your steam product page "play with friends" but we can't even do that, now thats just a lawsuit waiting to happen!!

  • BasedTexas
    AC ♠️ (@BasedTexas) reported

    @espeerules looks like an 2k face scan glitch

  • Z0JX
    Z0JX (@Z0JX) reported

    @WarVeteran4 @Lugiaaaa @H4r7m4n no ones opinions on your play time should matter but your own, if you feel you play too much play less if you feel you play just enough keep doing you. but regardless just do the thingy and sign in takes like 5 seconds im curious what yours was this year im at 2k hrs

  • adi_sports_guy
    nash_puckaluck (@adi_sports_guy) reported

    @lollydaggle Issue is cost of healthcare. ACA is not affordable for healthy middle class with no insurance. $2k per month plan on my exchange since self employed. Our tax burden was high enough before this. Tough to start small business with those rules.

  • jordan_sebas2
    Jordan Sebastian (@jordan_sebas2) reported

    @2KSupport I will be sure to contact you if there are any other issues but this has been the only time something has came up.

  • CockeMalone
    White Delight (@CockeMalone) reported

    Lmfaooo my cousin is on ft with his buddy whike they play 2k and my cousin beating him so bad that hes using the old "im lagging" excuse

  • BestSharp2k
    buckets_boi484 (@BestSharp2k) reported

    Sweet 2k lagging me out on a 30 streak

  • JaxtonWheeler
    Sir Jaxton Wheeler (@JaxtonWheeler) reported

    @binance_2017 My only complaint is about $2k in XLM I sent over from my Bittrex account about 3 days about, I got my confirmation email from them and everything, checked the address, my ZEC came in no problem same time.

  • BushwackCA
    Behind Enemy Lines (@BushwackCA) reported

    @Alyssa_Milano So your problem is rich people are getting MORE back that they put in? In your world, a person who pays 2K a year in taxes should get exactly what this rich man who pays millions in taxes gets back? You were a crush of mine back in the day, too bad you turned out to be an idiot.

  • Kortezz0
    Kortezz (@Kortezz0) reported

    @2KSupport So my team in mycareer became invisible and I closed my 2k to fix it and every time I load into my mycareer now my game freezes and crashes what can I do to fix I already tried resting internet and uninstalling my game

  • Kortezz0
    Kortezz (@Kortezz0) reported

    @2KSupport It's still having the same issue

  • theEvolutionIV
    Evolution IV (@theEvolutionIV) reported

    @NWOldskool Yeah i just exited the game and went back in to attempt it again and it worked.. 2k need to fix this game whic they probably wont

  • rl_sandman
    rlSANDMAN (@rl_sandman) reported

    Tried scan again. This time got to 100% and then gives me error and says to follow directions. Really? I shaved my beard off just for this. @NBA2K = let down every time. Im deleting your game and erasing 2k from my gaming world. You @2K are trash.

  • Kortezz0
    Kortezz (@Kortezz0) reported

    @2KSupport my 2k crashes when I load into mycareer what can I do to fix

  • Lordredbeard
    Timm. (@Lordredbeard) reported

    I put more thought into 2k than i do my life and that might be my problem

  • ImTripped_Out
    GrandMasterFLOo® (@ImTripped_Out) reported

    Dear @2K @NBA2K You guys have yet to fix the following! 1. Calling timeout w/o possession of the ball (proam) 2. Being able to get a shot off after the shot clock has expired (proam) 3. The mycourt is glitching still Y’all feel free to add to the list, this just my top three

  • D_Mc357
    Darryl McAdoo (@D_Mc357) reported

    @DrylyRiley @ShaunKing I agree with u concerning voting irregularities and have no issue with that; my earlier post was from seeing a graphic where Norwood was down 2K votes; bringing up the annexation now though still sounds like sour 🍇!!

  • OliverGC_
    OliverGC (@OliverGC_) reported

    @CrashDumpSG 2k crash deal

  • ItsLowrider5
    meme (@ItsLowrider5) reported

    2k better up Michael Beasley’s overall or we gonna have a problem

  • HolyFinesse
    Wesembrrrrr ❄️ (@HolyFinesse) reported

    2k can’t never make a game that ain’t got some glitch with it

    Dignify (@DlGNIFY) reported

    Can't even play program with out lagging out. 2K has the worst servers.

  • Marcelluss_W
    Marcellus West (@Marcelluss_W) reported

    @2KSupport I can’t connect to the2k servers ON 2K17 Error Code: efeab30c

  • ValidateSmiley
    Gaz (@ValidateSmiley) reported

    If I lag during this 2K get ready for your tl to be spammed with telstra abuse

    TrendellBryson_DBP (@KNOWLIMITS_T) reported

    @Beluba No mike wang yall keep fucking up 2k every year the rep system is ass now dribble is ass playing this game is ass but its addicting so I guess thats how yall make the money just fix the fucking game. @Beluba

  • getthatmoneyman
    chris tharpe (@getthatmoneyman) reported

    @2KSupport I hit y'all my myplqyer is still not working he still corrupt I spent 50 buck on bc now my dude gone

  • allpartyof5
    Mom (@allpartyof5) reported

    @surly74 @_BuzzedBear_ @jordanbpeterson led bulbs 2k sqft service HydroOne. Delivery [email protected] density &oserv charge + than your bill

  • elisabethnono
    Elisabeth (@elisabethnono) reported

    @ToneKayHaitch My Gran said “no service”. Was just family saying goodbye nothing else, still cost nearly £2k

  • MeintsJohn
    John Meints (@MeintsJohn) reported

    @TitanicSwerve @survivetheark Lol 2k isn't gonna fix anything.

  • dfranz15
    D. Franz (@dfranz15) reported

    @StevenBarnes12 @PowerGotGame @_KG725_ @JGLethal Almost. 15 was buns. 16 is the best they've made. 17 had its issues but was still good. 18 is the worst 2K they've ever made. It's hardly playable

  • FideTheProducer
    FideTheProducer (@FideTheProducer) reported