Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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January 23: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 03:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Game Crash

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Bressolles Matchmaking
Nice Online Play
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Inver Grove Heights Online Play
Atlanta Glitches
Cupertino Game Crash

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  • loonainterlude #🦢⁷ (@loonainterlude) reported

    friendly reminder that the the biggest us sales for a kpop gg is 9k and at 2nd place was loona with 2k and we've already broken that record not even 24 hours later... JSKSJSDKLSDKK%/$/JǺ++

  • Jerell2x TrulyJerell (@Jerell2x) reported

    @Echo_The1 @2KSupport Y’all good his problems were solved

  • Finn413 finn (@Finn413) reported

    @Gamer4Doggo @IcAntrem3MbeR @InfinityWard No no no. Fortnite and apex I have both played. And they do not have problems like these. This is 2k level. And it’s not just for “me” it’s for more than half of the community. Stop excusing how bad the dev team is and the lack of communication and stop blowing them.

  • JDseanthesnake SighCastle (@JDseanthesnake) reported

    @NBA2K yo 2k fix the physics in your game

  • auxilityR6 Nelson 👣 (@auxilityR6) reported

    Ima become a 2k sweat if siege doesnt fix thier ******* game

  • b_robbb_23 Brandon Roberts (@b_robbb_23) reported from Honolulu County, Hawaii

    2k is actually broken now

  • SoSoDeezy 🤖 Venda RoboCop 🤖 (@SoSoDeezy) reported

    @MacDMasindi I googled how to fix mine, im broke so i can't afford to pay boma 2K lol

  • Dashawn254 ShotimeShawn (@Dashawn254) reported

    Man I’m seeing 2k league players crying about the BTB fix ... Bro y’all supposed to be the best 2k players why y’all mad about 1 move

  • realgentlemanty Tyler (the Bobby Hill )Keenan (@realgentlemanty) reported

    @Jay876K @Heavyweaponsg12 @XITrevxReignsXI @WWEgames @2K Man child who is smart oh wait that's me, because the game is a broken disrespectful towards true wwe fans and the company style of game, it blue screens and crashes way to much and the graphics look like a PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

  • SuiXIII Marc (@SuiXIII) reported

    Down 1.2k from helping out parasitic degenerates who dont deserve anything but to rot in hell, can't wait until u eventually crash into a tree and kill yourself because of your negligence u ******* pig, karma will get u, I don't have to 🤡 I already took ur job tho 😬🤐

  • ramon_clayton Ram😎n Clayt😎n (@ramon_clayton) reported

    I will pay an extra 2k for express service at Companies Office and any bank😑

  • m3m3__cr4ve m3m3__cr4ve (@m3m3__cr4ve) reported

    @Heavyweaponsg12 @biggusbennus1 @WWEgames @2K Yes... clearly it's the ps4 that is the problem not the game... every xbox and pc run it perfectly 👌

  • 2GMyke FliBoyMyke (@2GMyke) reported

    Why #2k acting dumb ass hell fix this shit #expeditiously @Ronnie2K

  • adrianbalann agent adi (@adrianbalann) reported

    @XXL Public Service Announcement Jay Z shit played every time I hopped on 2k

  • _erratic9 Wqckr 🤠 (@_erratic9) reported

    2k is straight up a joke u searched for a normal game of pro am then all of a sudden u can only glitch to win because u ended up being invisible. The game is ******* broken after patch 10, watch me get banned for nothing🤣

  • lovinglillandon Ashley J #deleteinstacart (@lovinglillandon) reported

    😂 this is actually a really common glitch from a "leading tech company" who replies on twitter swearing they don't inflate pricing at all (which is a lie) - let alone by over $2k.

  • SupercardPrince Blackheart Prince (@SupercardPrince) reported

    @WWESuperCard @catdaddygames @2KSupport help fix @LouismitchellYT account that got locked #WWESuperCard

  • Harley_OHara Harley O'Hara (@Harley_OHara) reported


  • xBrayDaGreatx Bray😈🤫 (@xBrayDaGreatx) reported

    The only position that's appealing too play is lock. The only problem is you gotta watch your pg do whatever tf moves 2k left in the game and get struggle buckets🤢

  • theryeedee RyeeDee86 (@theryeedee) reported

    @FailipsThe @YouTube I can't upload anything since patch 1.06. If 2k still not fixing the face+logo+imageUploader issue, I'll just create caw only for myself.

  • BlanksTavarus TjGobrzy‼️ (@BlanksTavarus) reported

    @NBA2K When 2k patches a glitch that helps the community but won’t fix bugs and other bad glitches

  • jgould88 Justin Gould (@jgould88) reported

    @2KSupport still having the same issue with ticket #5245196 getting pretty frustrated with the fact that I am not earning any rewards from NBA games in MyCareer. Please fix this

  • Xxgoat3dwoonyxX NSG WOONY✨ (@Xxgoat3dwoonyxX) reported

    @Klyonic Ngl you couldnt have said it better this community is full of snakes everybody hashtaggin to fix 2k but what it should say is #fixthistoxiccommunity #letsgobackto17days 2k makes their game worse and worse so ppl become borwd and do weird shit might just have to quit 2k after this

  • ciodojo Stephen the Boomer (@ciodojo) reported

    @joannathemad89 True. Not a problem I have! But tax advantages are worse now. Property taxes on a $1.5 million house are probably more than $2K a month, and now there‘s a $24K cap on deductions. Also, maybe they‘re waiting for the next housing crash.

  • HomerJoe111 Homer Johnson (@HomerJoe111) reported

    @lenkker_sampig @WWEgames @2K Tbh, I feel bad for wasting 65 € for a broken game

  • PapiiiGrande007 Jimmerman (@PapiiiGrande007) reported

    @WWEgames @2K @2KSupport so you guys give people who pre ordered the game nothing but a broken game. Now you’re gonna offer the world to these people buying the selected version for $30 cheaper and nothing to the pre order people.

  • taylorjhn1 Taylor Johnson (@taylorjhn1) reported

    Three months later and downloading custom championships is still broken along with many things that were supposedly 'patched'. 2K need to get their act together or give the rights for 2K21 to someone actually capable of releasing a finished product. #FixWWE2K20 @WWEgames

  • Kyleschmid3 Kyleschmid (@Kyleschmid3) reported

    @NBA2K_MyTEAM Yall need to stfu if you have a problem with what 2k is doing THEN DON'T PLAY THE ******* GAME. YOU ARE ALL ACTING LIKE ******* RETARDS. 2k always drops super packs for everything, moments, prime, etc. so yall motha fuckas high as hell

  • Be_EZY_Baby Eshaun Terry (@Be_EZY_Baby) reported

    @WWEgames @2K 1. Fix this game 2. Anyone who has purchased this game should receive this VC and more. 3. It’s a shame how you have mistreated your fan base.

  • TheTurtleClub Howie from Maui (@TheTurtleClub) reported

    @Kazzaino @AndrewYang You clearly don't understand the problem that is created with the GOV giving people $$$ for doing absolutely nothing. When $1K/month becomes not enough; people will demand $2K/month, $3K/month and so on... People already are willing to cast votes for promises of "free" stuff.

  • MoeGreen110 Bay Electronica 🏁 (@MoeGreen110) reported

    @OCjizzle @JusB100 Told 2k bout the vc glitch lol

  • DIFFERENCE666 TH3 + ST♉N3R ❌❌❌ (@DIFFERENCE666) reported

    @WWEgames @2K I'd love a refund for this broken game dont be foolish let's all say screw @WWEgames and not purchase #WWE2K21 it's so disrespectful to ignore dissatisfied customers you knew the state of the game and released it. You took are money and spit in are face. I will never support 2K

  • JustLob_It Jordan #LobSquad 🔥 (@JustLob_It) reported

    I think next years qualifier 2k needs to not have 500 thousand time outs aloud. I mean it gets annoying when people stalk you, last year I was top 8 for the last round. But didn’t make it simply because I got stalled twice. I mean there has to be a way to fix that. #NBA2K20 #2k20

  • BbbroH bbbro Ham (@BbbroH) reported

    @biggusbennus1 @WWEgames @2K Happened 5 times yesterday. Also the replays during the match always lag out and I have to wait 20 seconds to continue playing. Weird as this wasnt an issue in the past

  • BbbroH bbbro Ham (@BbbroH) reported

    @WWEgames @2K FIX YOUR ******* GAME

  • TristanBess OMS Bess (@TristanBess) reported

    @PoorBoyOnline There’s no adjusting when you can’t customize your own dribble moves. There’s no adjusting when 2k gives you the worst dribble moves to use and no actual combination system like last year. This year 2020 has set its fate. 0/10 Never touching it until they fix it fr fr.

  • upnexxjosh upnexxjosh_ (@upnexxjosh) reported

    @2KSupport fix your game bought 200k vc and all gone smh😤

  • HeyAlyssaSummer Alyssa Summer (@HeyAlyssaSummer) reported

    @WWENetwork @WWE WWE 2k glitch version

  • caesar_ashanti Ashanti Caesar (@caesar_ashanti) reported


  • Freetheblizz Bradford Bates (@Freetheblizz) reported

    @2kgamingAce @NBA2K_MyTEAM Right. 2k saw people weren't spending as much this year, because of all the problems. Now the next set will have 2PD's, 3Diamonds, and an Opal, before you unlock the opal reward. But seriously my gues sis the next set has at least 2PD and Diamond cards. Making it a 500k set.

  • Z_Goonfella Goonfella (@Z_Goonfella) reported

    @604Gawds Id play 2k over Madden. Mlb really needs to fix the hitting before I buy into its hype again. Nice to see it finally coming to Xbox1. Ive been saying it should have gone there for years.

  • bxnkez1 bxnkez (@bxnkez1) reported

    2k took my vc I did not do the glitch 🤬

  • StoneColdStanx3 Tristan Spires (@StoneColdStanx3) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Just bought it for $20 and I haven’t had a glitch yet. Only issue I have so far is there no private online lobbies and you can’t fill the lobby with AI

  • muzamilkmrzmn Song (@muzamilkmrzmn) reported

    Hope there'll be silver lining after this cloud. It's hard to have a life when the basic is below 2k, no bonus, no compensation, can't see increment in payslip even though 1 year of service already. While others can enjoy eating nice decent meals, insta worth, I keep cooking.

  • RaiosRogue Raios Rogue (@RaiosRogue) reported

    @WWEgames @2K worst game of a decade it's been so long since we had a patch fix your god damn trash game that's nonstop crashing nonstop lagging online

  • Manuelrg3_2k20 Manuel Gutierrez 🧩 (@Manuelrg3_2k20) reported

    @WWEgames @2KSupport. gives us a free locker code for 2k20 that who bought the game and includes the same locker code if you are going to buy the game or im not buying next years game. it is broken as ****

  • IceShimmerx A 🌟 (@IceShimmerx) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Fix the damn game 😭

  • Cynom_ Etienne Batorowa (@Cynom_) reported

    @WWEgames @2K FIX THE GAME

  • Ste3812Murphy Stephen Murphy (@Ste3812Murphy) reported

    @WWEgames @2K You lot are an absolute joke still trying to snatch money from people and not answering questions from those who have bought your game already when you know fine well you released a broken game! Piss off were all fed up with you !

  • ncbjd 🎄𝙹𝚘𝚗𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗🎄 (@ncbjd) reported

    @XITrevxReignsXI @WWEgames @2K I’ve bought every game on release day and play SuperCard religiously so I’m not a “2K Hater”, but when you release a game that was voted as the most broken game of the decade and are putting out patches that break things further, no, I’m not going to spend money to support that.

  • zuko3132_jason zuko3132☆☆☆ (@zuko3132_jason) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Buyer beware, this company misleads you at every turn. Game has not worked correctly since release and they have no clue how to fix it, they begging people to buy it now so they can afford to make wwe2k21 which, should be free.Greed is real folks, and it's real deep at @WWEgames

  • GirlthxtsA girlthxts_ant (@GirlthxtsA) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Please don’t play this game at all until it is fix💯

  • in_jeez jeez im steezed (@in_jeez) reported

    @kid94xx @NBA2K_MyTEAM Amen I ain’t see this tweet. Dame 61, ties franchise record for 3s and points scored. Hit a game winner and a shot to send it to ot. Zion breathes heavily for 4 minutes a quarter and 2k stroking his broken ass knees man. Love this guy. Hate the hype

  • gabrieldelsXT9 Hyde vs Seth (@gabrieldelsXT9) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Fix the game first. Then we'll talk.

  • adamwson 🏀 (@adamwson) reported

    @2KSupport hey please fix the online searching matches triple threat online for @NBA2K , i often face the unfair level for it.

  • MissBellaOrton 𝓜🖤 (@MissBellaOrton) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Fix the game, especially the hair physics & make the game stop crashing. 😬

  • EffectiveDaGoat ᴇғғᴇᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ (@EffectiveDaGoat) reported

    @2KSupport My new ticket number is 5258688 and I didn’t do the red ball blue ball glitch and my VC is still gone. Had around 280K.

  • Boss40389430 Boss (@Boss40389430) reported

    @WWEgames @2K Fix the game, I need my championships to save into universe mode that I downloaded from community creations. Never mind January sale kmmmmmmt😡

  • farhajmayan Farhaj Mayan (@farhajmayan) reported

    @yrechtman @hello_iamelliot Yup. The problem starts at getting a bank account. “Legal” banks that have figured it out extort you. Dama Financial a ********-bank for ex: charges $2k/mo or 2% of incoming deposits to maintain account.

  • rkroy39 Gaurav Kumar (@rkroy39) reported

    @HPIndia and @HP I wasted my 31k and 2k extra for your so-called on-site warranty. fed up with your service @Dell Sorry i not bought . and i am cursing myself for buying worst laptop ever.