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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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  • Online Play (54.29%)
  • Sign in (22.86%)
  • Matchmaking (8.57%)
  • Glitches (8.57%)
  • Game Crash (5.71%)

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  • CaptainD83 Day Day Old Youth (@CaptainD83) reported

    @NBA2K @2K @Ronnie2K What The Hell is wrong with 2k19. Physic defense, lagging, unwanted double teams! Jesus this game is terrible😡 #2K19 #2k19change #headache

  • TheDolphinGod 07 Samuel Dalembert (@TheDolphinGod) reported

    I Was Just About To ***** About How I Lost This 2K Game To Lag Buttt Apparently My Madden Started Updating Towards The End Of It Smh

  • Big_Phil03 Prince Philip (@Big_Phil03) reported

    Some peepz are really funny. So some relaz started a chama. Made an aunt who's not working the treasurer. Guys changaad 2k each. Said aunt was the first to borrow, then defaulted. Na chama ikakufa tu hivyo. LMAO!

  • OrganiseH Organise My UK Home (@OrganiseH) reported

    @smeguk shocking that exactly 1 day out of warranty our Freezer packs in! A fridgefreezer costing £2k, a person would expect a longer life span and far better customer service than what we have just recieved! Call out fee for £100 excluding cost to actually fix faulty goods!!

  • NextUpDee omoDee (@NextUpDee) reported

    @2KSupport Ur worried about this man fix this pushinh shit fr

  • 615_Jason23 Jason Davidson (@615_Jason23) reported

    @Dom_2k ive seen you talk about 2k gameplay and problems but ive seemed to missed when you covered annoying mirror matches on play now online

  • rickeyrickey23 Rik (@rickeyrickey23) reported

    @2K it’s not too late to fix shot contest. Better late than never

  • el_joey_29 el joey (@el_joey_29) reported

    Bro I swear this was a 2k glitch

  • YoyoLee83 Yoyo Lee (@YoyoLee83) reported

    @2KSupport I got error code: 5b6b9afa when entering My team

  • TRJamzyy Jamzyy oV 👁 (@TRJamzyy) reported

    Look at this shit wow 😮 2k your games shit I'm afraid fix it... no wonder people don't anymore 😂🤣

  • Yung_bizzel_ Young-Bey (@Yung_bizzel_) reported

    @2KSupport Why are shot creators broken and sharpshooter are able to dribble and play defense

  • SpiffyJCYT Spiffy 🐐🤯 14k+ On YouTube/99 Overall (@SpiffyJCYT) reported

    2k needs to fix mascots so I can collect them and actually use them

  • Bazzeh13 Bailey James Slater (@Bazzeh13) reported

    2K Better Bless Up Cause If This Goes Through You Already Who’s Gonna Be Doing The VC Glitch PSN: Nateaboy429 @Paul07776052

  • Monte2xL Joseph Goldberg (@Monte2xL) reported from Norfolk, Virginia

    If my game doesn’t lag on 2k I’m really not losing 😂

  • BigRonRon50 Ronnie (@BigRonRon50) reported

    @2KSupport still no response to my ticket #3977019 my issue last time was took care of in about 2hours. Its been 7 so far now so what's up y'all I wanna play some rec.

  • BornHillsOnly Bri⛓️ (@BornHillsOnly) reported

    @OptimumHelp @nycnate_ **** your automated messages. Address and fix this shit quick. I got kicked off a very important match on 2K because of this BULLSHIT

  • HectorA64567134 Hector Alvarez (@HectorA64567134) reported

    @2KSupport It’s saying to send in a video but the problem now is whenever I say attach a file or image it says it can’t do it

  • TrippieReddGOAT Trippie Redd's a God (@TrippieReddGOAT) reported

    Which of you ****** on @2k made this ****** garbage nba 2k19 bs I MISSED A DUNK WITH ANDREW ****** WIGGINS ***** THE ****** BULLSHIT IN THIS GAME IS ANNOYING I CAN'T EVEN CALL A ****** PICK WITHOUT GETTING A FOUL FIX THIS SHIT @mikewang OR WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS GODDAMN

  • Charlierswanbu Charlie swan backup (@Charlierswanbu) reported

    @bmgrubbs13 @2KSupport They gave out a new code for people who have problems

  • IsaiahJPhillip ✨Isaiah Phillip✨ (@IsaiahJPhillip) reported from Gainesville, Florida

    @NBA2K @2KSupport why are teams able to lag switch the team pro am and the game registers at not counted but then I check my team record and we got a loss in a game we up 50 fix this game 2k

  • camiamproducer CAM (@camiamproducer) reported

    @JasmineLWatkins 2K Glitch

  • Bags232 Nicholas Battaglia (@Bags232) reported

    @FastbreakDiallo @ItsShake4ndbake @NBA2K_MyTEAM Need to fix his release. Much smoother in real life than in 2K

  • alexlatham41 AW2 (@alexlatham41) reported

    Getting lag switch 2k ******* trash kids

  • DarienJGallup Darien Gallup (@DarienJGallup) reported


  • austincox20 Austin (@austincox20) reported

    when you’re in the playground on 2k and you start lagging

  • HectorA64567134 Hector Alvarez (@HectorA64567134) reported

    @2KSupport It’s not letting me sign in

  • danieljohn1993 dan (@danieljohn1993) reported

    It’s like a glitch in 2k 😂

  • 2busyballin EA6 (@2busyballin) reported

    @WorldWideWob 😂 dis a 2k glitch

  • drew31528211 drew (@drew31528211) reported

    @NBA2K 2k please fix my team

  • JosueSi47121478 Josue sierra (@JosueSi47121478) reported

    @2KSupport I still have the problem with the redeem code

  • Kinq_Andrew kinq._.Andrew (@Kinq_Andrew) reported

    @2KSupport Can you guys please fix pink diamond Blake Griffins release it’s so slow and when a+ shooters are open they always miss

  • J_Relajado E_Knoq (@J_Relajado) reported

    @hermansingh44 I'll throw a high ball INT opponent high ball TD...sad part is MLB 2k fifa all of em are broken competitive is dead man...

  • JohnRiosJr3 John Rios Jr (@JohnRiosJr3) reported

    @NBA2K_MyTEAM Bro wtf I didnt get the pack I landed on fix this 2k

  • YT_TinyTimber TinyTimber (@YT_TinyTimber) reported

    @2KSupport They probably wont even solve any problems anyway...I dont know why 2k has a support team they barely help you

  • wadewalker22 Wade walker (@wadewalker22) reported

    @PoorBoyOnline @CaldyGaming @Twitch It’s 2k fault they don’t fix shit

  • Abolish0827 Abolish__ (@Abolish0827) reported

    @Kobe0802 Dont stress keep giving 2k money and ur problems would go away

  • Jason4_2_0 Jason (@Jason4_2_0) reported

    @zGhostGod @2KSupport Yo bro I got the same thing happening to me honestly just might be a bug cause you’ll still keep raking up they just need to fix this I have the same thing happening homie they still need to fix my shit 🙌

  • Snagology1 200Snag (@Snagology1) reported

    I was going on a good winstreak, not even lagging but guess what. 2k lags me out in the beginning of the next game and now I can’t get back on....

  • brucewayne6383 bruce wayne (@brucewayne6383) reported

    @2KSupport you seriously need to fix that freezing up crap on your games i fought the macho man and broke the ring suplexing him and it froze or lagged twice i don't get it

  • brucewayne6383 bruce wayne (@brucewayne6383) reported

    @2K you seriously need to fix that freezing up crap on your games i fought the macho man and broke the ring suplexing him and it froze or lagged twice i don't get it

  • Christian4424 92 Shot-Slash (@Christian4424) reported

    @2KSupport I was able to sign in but saw nowhere, a live chat feature.

  • RetPallyJil Scarlet Highlord RetPallyJil, the Ashbringer🔥 (@RetPallyJil) reported

    They won't underwrite the mortgage unless I get a plumbing problem fixed. It has to be fixed by a full-fledged licensed contracting plumber and then the bank has to inspect it to make sure it's suitably fixed. So far the lowest estimate I've gotten is $2k. Buy Retnoob stuff plz

  • Rakidd3tb KING RA! 🤴🏾 (@Rakidd3tb) reported

    @thaddWILL 2k glitch 😂

  • cjn54 CJN 54 MAGA (@cjn54) reported

    @lbundy90 @Scochran31963 I completely 2K % agree with you a warning isn’t warranted. However having experience umpiring High School ball for several years. First guy to get nicked and I issue a warning, if I suspect intent then I run the pitcher and manager.

  • WinkDude18 Joe Van Winkle (@WinkDude18) reported

    @2KSupport Another problem, so before I played a MyCareer game and got kicked out of the server! Now, my player’s name is blank and my face was changed!!!

  • Thomas179sch Thomas Schulz (@Thomas179sch) reported

    @2KSupport Never got my pink diamond because of stupid error code @2KSupport

  • kawhinot_ Spicy Gang (@kawhinot_) reported

    @Deathstroke1724 @NBA2K_MyTEAM obviously this is 2k they only help when its benefits them.. why would they let everyone get a pink diamond for free thats not how they make money. THere was no server issues before they did that on purpose

  • ImRussLolz Ruslan K (@ImRussLolz) reported

    @BleacherReport A glitch on 2k

  • kawhinot_ Spicy Gang (@kawhinot_) reported

    @LunaTik801 @2KSupport they only pick and choose when they can "help" get us cards back.. since this recent locker code wasn't a pink diamond they decided to fix it

  • Mnemonicman Mnemonicman (@Mnemonicman) reported

    @NickOnMixer Tiny AMD PC still hasn't crashed. Less tiny Intel PC not working as well as I would like. Really would cost me about $2K Canadian Rubles for a tangible upgrade.

  • benjaminbellec roidukebab (@benjaminbellec) reported

    @2KSupport Problem solved by restarting the console... 🤦🤦🤦 Thanks by the way!!!

  • Tabelisnotabel West Coast Tan (@Tabelisnotabel) reported

    Tucker looked like he was in a 2K glitch. Not touching a ball passed to him

  • lpndj6 David Jewel (@lpndj6) reported

    We don’t advertise our issues and concerns because we couldn’t get help even if we wanted. We’re white and middle aged and wife makes too much for any help offers. Had to make changes because we couldn’t afford my regular rx insulin without insurance it would be over $2k a month

  • ethiopienne Hannah Giorgis (@ethiopienne) reported

    i love tax szn, an annual reminder of when a former employer casually forgot to withhold state taxes from my pay for a year, then took 3+ wks to answer my repeated q's—only to decide $2k in IRS debt was my problem :))) and have the nerve to ice me out when i quit weeks later :)))

  • HFanatic34 HeatFanatic34 (@HFanatic34) reported

    @TheMapleRick Exactly trying to let dion be dion but this is the problem he needs to score through the flow of the offense not ballyhoo like a 94 overall 2k player let justice bring the ball up and set up he’s the pg/ floor general

  • burner74261310 burner (@burner74261310) reported

    @2KSupport The app just won’t open and it told me it that it will start up when the update finishes no error code

  • racindude151 Jerry Wayne (@racindude151) reported

    @WorstOfMadden @Anthony75505537 @EASPORTS @NFL @2K He blocked me also for exposing him using glitch plays and 335 cross fire 😂 dude can't play madden, gotta rely on 99 overall players.

  • _Juicetus_ Lyric (@_Juicetus_) reported

    Lmfaooo yo James Harden is a real life NBA 2k MyPlayer. ***** found a glitch on the referees and using it to average 40. They need to patch this *****

  • shanecampau99 Shane Campau (@shanecampau99) reported

    @2KSupport Fix your servers jfc

  • wu_tang_secret Noodles Nidoking (@wu_tang_secret) reported

    I just finished a challenge in NBA 2K19, got the network error message, went back in and saw the challenge didn't count as finished. This isn't the first time this has happened. My internet sucks, so I don't know whether to blame it or the 2K servers.