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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Pane and XCOM.

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2K Games problems in the last 24 hours

2K Games Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at 2K Games. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (68.75%)
  • ▪ Glitches (12.50%)
  • ▪ Sign in (6.25%)
  • ▪ Hacking / Cheating (6.25%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (6.25%)

2K Games Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ San Bernardino, California  ▪ Danville, Georgia  ▪ Nashville, Tennessee  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ South Bend, Indiana  ▪ Suffolk, Virginia  ▪ Sunderland, England  ▪ Valley Stream, New York  ▪ Annandale, Virginia  ▪ Arlington, Texas  ▪ Beech Creek, Pennsylvania

2K Games Live Outage Map
  • San Bernardino, California
  • Danville, Georgia
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • New York, New York
  • South Bend, Indiana
  • Suffolk, Virginia
  • Sunderland, England
  • Valley Stream, New York
  • Annandale, Virginia
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
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2K Games Issues Reports

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  • JTran08
    Justin Tran (@JTran08) reported

    @2KSupport @Ayeitsyaboinic Bro for real. People be getting fixed before us. I've been waiting for a month now. Shit is hella broken

  • TylerBa57262722
    Tyler Baker (@TylerBa57262722) reported

    @2kowesmevcasap @2KSupport @LoeyLoan Yes please fix this 2k

  • yungprofile
    Profile (@yungprofile) reported

    @2KSupport Fix my career asap.

  • 2kowesmevcasap
    Donnie Obama (@2kowesmevcasap) reported

    @2KSupport @LoeyLoan I get Error code 1bfaa32b every time I click on Buy a shirt.Also I’ve created bought sneakers they are not in my closet.

  • ComplexGenius
    Tricky Ricky (@ComplexGenius) reported

    I have some issues with 2k 1. When I’m going for a layup or a dunk this nigga pulls up for a jumper

  • AussieFIFAYT
    Kaine || YouTuber 🌏 (@AussieFIFAYT) reported

    @2KSupport yo 2K whats going on with buying created shirts? error code 1bfaa32b

  • batesboy121
    mad on gamer (@batesboy121) reported

    @2KSupport hello I keep starting up my universe mode and it just closes game down and give me an error message its done it 4 times now

  • Zaboman
    🅱️arry (@Zaboman) reported

    @AskPS_UK Changed password so I could sign in via pc to use 2K upload tool. Each time now says wrong password despite it being precise.


    @2KSupport what’s wrong with the t-shirt kiosk ? It’s giving a error code

  • uk_dally
    Flawed Raiders (@uk_dally) reported

    @2KSupport @Ronnie2K can you please advise what error code 1bfaa32b is about at the t-shirt kiosk as numerous people have this error issue.

  • heidi_kis
    Heidi Kis (@heidi_kis) reported

    @2KSupport @DaReal12bx with the lauch, or with the unpatched bugs? Fix the game, and we dont open tickets. That is simple!!!!

  • heidi_kis
    Heidi Kis (@heidi_kis) reported

    @2KSupport @Ayeitsyaboinic with the lauch, or with the unpatched bugs? Fix the game, and we dont open tickets. That is simple!!!!

  • cryptonaute
    Cryptonaut (@cryptonaute) reported

    @Crypto_Ed_NL @bittrex After I was stuck withdrawing $2k at a time from @Poloniex, verifying with @BittrexExchange was no brainer. No problems since.

  • bailey_holmes2
    Bailey Holmes (@bailey_holmes2) reported

    @dylan14bucs @2KSupport I’m having same issue and sent them a message a day ago. No answer. A lot of people are having the issue though.

  • lachiemaher10
    Lachie Maher (@lachiemaher10) reported

    @2KSupport @NBA2K fix your game . Pls bring out an update . Closet and layups need doing !

  • lachiemaher10
    Lachie Maher (@lachiemaher10) reported

    @2KSupport @NBA2K pls do a update. Fix problems like accessing closet and also layups !!!!!!

  • clivesimpson10
    clive simpson (@clivesimpson10) reported

    @2ksupport must be out spending the millions they earn off us every year, wayyy to busy to sort out all the problems with this game shocking

  • Kris43868973
    Kris (@Kris43868973) reported

    @2KSupport look at my ticket. You guys responded to me so repond back asap to get my issue fixed and said its been moved2k......... #2734168

  • Kris43868973
    Kris (@Kris43868973) reported

    @2KSupport look at my ticket. You guys responded to me so repond back asap to get my issue fixed and its been 12 days 2k......... #2734168

  • athomson79
    Andrew Thomson (@athomson79) reported

    @2KSupport when are you fixing nba 2K18 on iOS , game crashes to main screen when trying to continue career or a quick game , your support crew have NFI and keep saying same rubbish that won’t work , apple suggest I request a refund as it’s not apple issue

  • ShawnVilaysack
    MyNinjaShawn (@ShawnVilaysack) reported

    @2KSupport the universe mode match card glitch is still in 2k18 (grey out wrestler) appear on match card, when someone has random attire on

  • PirateOfEmpress
    Ɛмρяєѕѕ Ƥιяαтє. (@PirateOfEmpress) reported

    dont buy this game people its broken and 2k dont care and wont fix anything they take your money but wont fix the game #wwe2k18

  • PirateOfEmpress
    Ɛмρяєѕѕ Ƥιяαтє. (@PirateOfEmpress) reported

    until 2k stop being lazy assholes and fix this game and universe mode i refuse to play this !! stop being lazy fuckers and fix it #wwe2k18

  • Albinoprdr
    David rivera (@Albinoprdr) reported

    @2KSupport I wanna thank all u glitch bitch players 2k had 200 million less sells then 17 u will b the cause of 2k going out of business.

  • statsdontlie514
    Sir Alexander (@statsdontlie514) reported

    @2KSupport Thank you I just did I hope this issue will be fix real soon

    NOFRAUDS_ (@NOFR4UDS_) reported

    @2KSupport 9 days still no response terrible service smh ticket #2744196

  • ArikReinhart__
    Destroyer (@ArikReinhart__) reported

    @2KSupport Sent also with the error.

  • JaydedRaven
    Jay Taylor (@JaydedRaven) reported

    @WWEgames @2KSupport Can anybody tell me if a patch has been released to fix the #broken #UniverseMode and stop the crashes?! #WWE2K18

  • HarjivS
    spookjiv singh (@HarjivS) reported

    I want Omega vs Nakamura in Tokyo Dome not some American arena wtf fix that shit 2k

  • BrahmaBullYT
    Matt™ (@BrahmaBullYT) reported

    @2KSupport Fix the damn game lol

    Robert (@STEALZUS) reported

    2k got too many glitch how TF do I make a custom color was shoe and see it on my way at my mycourt yet I can't put them on

  • JerseyB0rn
    KuMaR ™ (@JerseyB0rn) reported

    @2KSupport - What's Up With The Joining People On Xbox Not Working ?

  • BrahmaBullYT
    Matt™ (@BrahmaBullYT) reported

    @NBA2K @pcgamer I always been positive and been a pretty average 2K player tbh but even I can admit this game is freaking broken like fix the game first

  • brycep22
    Bryce Phillips (@brycep22) reported

    @420hades420 @WWE @2KSupport Also same issue on ps4. No Kurt angle

  • Sebazi
    xl-Hot-Sauce-lx (@Sebazi) reported

    @callhimjesuss @2KSupport Got the Same problem

  • NathanBoucaud
    NATE (@NathanBoucaud) reported

    stay lagging out in 2K everytime I’m winning, only lost like 4 legit games the rest came from lag out fix the auto L’s please! @Ronnie2K

  • jonpunk316
    Jön Sandoval (@jonpunk316) reported

    @BrandonSwindell @2KSupport Yeah man for me it's Promos and i edited a match with a custom match I made and it crashed. MyPlayer is broken for me now this come on 2K

    Keith Worth (@KANDMFOREVER06) reported

    @NBA2K If i get one more foul out bullshit when im not even fouling im never buying another 2k game again this is the only problem ive been having

  • cyrilicioushawk
    Todd (@cyrilicioushawk) reported

    @Ronnie2K @NBA2K @nikebasketball how do I connect my NBA 2K account to the app? It's not working

  • Fahimm24
    Fahim Moomand 🕋 (@Fahimm24) reported

    @Beluba @CHoops4Life @Ronnie2K @2KSupport I keep getting error code 1bfaa32b everytime i try to buy a custom shirt. Whats going on?

  • Ejjbeily_11
    Ejjbeily_11 (@Ejjbeily_11) reported

    @Ronnie2K yo you need to fix 2k dawg, I play a computer on hall of fame and its like I'm a kids Rec league playing against 95-96 bulls..

  • RealPlaisted
    Johnnie Plaisted (@RealPlaisted) reported

    @WWEgames @2kjobs @2K Myplayer Game breaking glitch can't pass MITB . Money in the bank. Ladder moves aren't registering. Fix this

  • OriginalCPz
    CPz (@OriginalCPz) reported


  • fwzaylin
    Zaylin🤤 (@fwzaylin) reported

    @2KSupport can I have my problem sorted ?

  • mariomttm
    Mario Correa (@mariomttm) reported

    @BlessedSince94_ man fuck 2K yo deadass right now if they don’t fix this shit i’m exposing they ass lol

  • JTran08
    Justin Tran (@JTran08) reported

    @2KSupport Stop ignoring my tweets and respond to me!! Are you gonna fix my ticket or not. I've been waiting a month now!!

  • JTran08
    Justin Tran (@JTran08) reported

    @2KSupport @Beluba @LD2K @Ronnie2K For real you guys need to fix your support team or something cause they dont work in order. Gimme my shit

  • mariomttm
    Mario Correa (@mariomttm) reported

    @2KSupport help me I can’t progress in my career mode because the game freezes after the all star game #crash

  • JTran08
    Justin Tran (@JTran08) reported

    @2KSupport @LD2K @Beluba @Ronnie2K Great to know that you guys fix other people's tickets before mine even if my ticket is first.

  • mariomttm
    Mario Correa (@mariomttm) reported

    So heartbroken by 2K guess i have to play another my career until they fix the freeze glitch my career mode #crash

  • KibweMunro
    Wolf Gang Member (@KibweMunro) reported

    @SwantzYbabY @Beluba Fix my nigga swans my mycareer y’all finessed his money snake ass 2k

  • JTran08
    Justin Tran (@JTran08) reported

    @2KSupport My ticket should be the most urgent to be resolved! I've been waiting a month! Please have someone fix this. #2637441

  • 70__Watts
    Raphael Watts 7️⃣0️⃣ (@70__Watts) reported

    @2KSupport i mean the game has been out for a month and there’s no solution to the problem.

  • FastLik
    KungFuLik (@FastLik) reported

    @2KSupport Everytime I load into my closet and leave I get the CE-34878-0 error... I cannot change any of my clothes

  • FeroxFate
    Ferox Fate (@FeroxFate) reported

    @2KSupport Why does my game crash when i try to do a promo in universe mode ? Please fix ?

  • justineltchua
    Justine Chua (@justineltchua) reported

    @kiiimmmchi Go to up manila, the doctors are awesome and you don't feel them sawing at your gums, mine was 2k per tooth for same problem

  • juicegangharry
    Harrygotthejuice (@juicegangharry) reported

    Really 2k lag out n now my shit can’t cross 30%

  • FredBearNY
    Fred Bear (@FredBearNY) reported

    @2KSupport I've had the game since it came out, had no issues, a few days ago I got the error code,I go into my career, it starts and then I get booted

  • EricTheBBQWing
    Eric Cheung (@EricTheBBQWing) reported

    @2KSupport submitted ticket 2634856 about region lock. Any update on the patch? Btw, very disappointed about no region lock fix last patch

  • TheEmpireGamer
    TheEmpireGamer#KOKFC (@TheEmpireGamer) reported

    @NBA2K @Ronnie2K @LD2K @2KSupport What is wrong with the Custom T-Shirt Kiosk for me to get this error code 1bfaa32b

  • TeddieDriver
    SpookyBolt (@TeddieDriver) reported

    Wrestling games past 2k14 are pretty much bad cash in 2K focus way too much on realistic then the actual problem at hand

  • Smackz306
    Gaming_godd (@Smackz306) reported

    Kiss my ass 2k got the 2000 points now fix this foul shit before next season.... its literally all offense and No D

  • beastpater22
    David (@beastpater22) reported

    @2KSupport any help on this glitch?

  • Wingo___
    Im Wingo👿🤡 (@Wingo___) reported

    @Ronnie2K @LD2K @Beluba @2KSupport @2Kstauff please fix it

  • nrlsfqhh_
    fyns 💫 (@nrlsfqhh_) reported

    @xcidsakura bcs i got the same problem too, but tak seteruk inilah. hostel hw much ? before this, i punya hostel 2k for 2 sem only.

  • yungprofile
    Profile (@yungprofile) reported

    @2KSupport This watch I'm talking about fix help me plz

    Campbell Sholl (@CSHOLL2K) reported

    @2KSupport you obviously haven’t “Escalated” My Case because I haven’t gotten a response in a week, can someone just resolve my Issue!

  • TheRealShadd__
    IG: TheRealShadd__ (@TheRealShadd__) reported

    @2KSupport I'm having some problems with the wwe2k18 I preorder

  • muller7uk
    Jay Miller (@muller7uk) reported

    Going to make a bigger effort to follow the NBA this year. Issue is I really learned nfl through madden.. and I’m terrible at 2k.. advice?

  • xSwaazyy
    Glass Eye Sway 🤓 (@xSwaazyy) reported

    @2KSupport Hello, Can someone assist me with my issues. Ticket Number: 2730335

  • SanninJae
    Minato Namikaze 蜂 (@SanninJae) reported

    2k so fucking trash. It's hella shit they need to fix

  • callhimjesuss
    Yamammy (@callhimjesuss) reported

    @2KSupport Everytime I try to buy a custom shirt on nba 2k18 it always says error code 1bfaa32b can you plz fix that

  • zackoco
    Zack O'Connell (@zackoco) reported

    @2K why are good shots on the shot meter broken? Asking for a friend.

  • ArringtonJacob2
    Jacob Arrington (@ArringtonJacob2) reported

    @2K please fix these shitty ass servers

  • SirErnestDavis
    JOSHSQUIAT (@SirErnestDavis) reported from Richland, Mississippi

    @2KSupport can you guys fix the shoe issue on my career mode I spent VC and can't wear the shoes. I put in a ticket and never heard anything

  • Kdoggizzle
    Dark Vanilla (@Kdoggizzle) reported

    @NBA2K @NBA2K_MyTEAM @Ronnie2K @2KSupport Your game is broken. I don’t know why you don’t fix it. Fix the foul out glitch or I’m buying Live

  • DonteRedd
    Todoroki (@DonteRedd) reported

    @2ksupport my ticket number is #2782651 and I emailed you about my issue on Saturday & I still have yet to hear back from you guys *AA

  • DonteRedd
    Todoroki (@DonteRedd) reported

    @2ksupport ticket is #2782651 and I emailed you about my issue on Saturday and I still have yet to hear back from you guys *AA

  • DonteRedd
    Todoroki (@DonteRedd) reported

    @2ksupport ticket number is #2782651 and I emailed you about my issue on Saturday and I still have yet to hear back from you guys *AA

  • SaucepwaGawd
    zoe gawd (@SaucepwaGawd) reported

    2k needs to fix the shooting at the park