Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Pane and XCOM.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at 2K Games. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (71.43%)
  • ▪ Sign in (14.29%)
  • ▪ Hacking / Cheating (14.29%)

2K Games Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Dover, Delaware  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Columbus, Ohio  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  ▪ Danville, Georgia  ▪ Cleveland, Ohio  ▪ Sandy Springs, Georgia  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ Orangeburg, South Carolina  ▪ Bengaluru, Karnataka

2K Games Live Outage Map
  • Dover, Delaware
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • New York, New York
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Danville, Georgia
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • Sandy Springs, Georgia
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Orangeburg, South Carolina
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
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  • Ashok0627
    Ashok Sharma (@Ashok0627) reported


  • keepitkeeton
    🔻Jessy🔺 (@keepitkeeton) reported

    11. I joined Twitter back when I made Myspace, I deleted my old 2k account after my broken engagement and made this one to start fresh bc I was a ho on my old account lol

  • _VitaminD3
    SC👻: RealKingLA 🎱 (@_VitaminD3) reported

    @NBA2K @2K fix your fucking game! On Xbox One and PS4!

  • cxmbos2k
    Sxpreme Reborn (@cxmbos2k) reported

    @Ronnie2K your game is so broken now you better fix it before literally "NONE" OF US WILL PLAY 2K ANYMORE BTW people already stopped playing it

  • Alex_chuaCH
    alexchuach (@Alex_chuaCH) reported

    @Poloniex ticket #531602 , again withdraw and complete:error at same coin and same Acc . Why can’t withdraw over 2k coin ? Pls help .

  • shiiiiiiiieeeet
    Lemuel (@shiiiiiiiieeeet) reported

    2k glitch as fuck

  • DavidMFarr2
    David M. Farr (@DavidMFarr2) reported

    @natfinnonE Seriously only 2k. Nobody wants to listen to a thing you have to say. You Libtards are on the wrong side of every issue. Hillary lost and Obama sucked...GET OVER IT. BTW I have way more followers then you.

  • mmgchaser
    Baylor🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@mmgchaser) reported

    How, on Fortnite, can I play with 100 people and get no lag, but in 2K, I need a wired connection to maybe not get lag

  • EddieKaneJr82
    Eddie Kane Jr. (@EddieKaneJr82) reported

    @UbisoftSupport everybody’s ranked play should be reset because of this invisible player glitch........... PUBG, nba 2k, etc life ban people for stuff like this smh

  • DominicVincente
    Dominic Baca (@DominicVincente) reported

    @gamevolt1 @WWEgames Well no because his hair is longer now and it technically wouldn't be up to date. Also 2k doesn't give a S*** about the fans of this game. If they did they would have actually put the UK Champion in the game because thats what the rumors were for months or release a broken game.

  • porscheuron
    Jonathan S. (@porscheuron) reported from McGregor, Minnesota

    That was my first cards I ever had graded in my life!!!! They need to fix it as they know what they’re doing when this is my 2nd issue first was from$2k web order from the third party comc through @amazon they fix that issue faster than anything @Jeremy_Roenick how wrong is this?

  • papv_lean
    Jackson Mulinge (@papv_lean) reported

    @2KSupport y’all better give me my win and vc back from super max because of the dumb substitution glitch

  • Pres2cool
    Preston (@Pres2cool) reported

    @VenturaULT @Dom_2k I’ve only ever lagged on 2k once, during an all star team up game. Meanwhile I lag every match on fortnite.

  • FiveRingz
    ً (@FiveRingz) reported

    And I lag out of a close game ya fuck 2k and it’s bitchass servers hope the niggas who run that shit all burn in hell

  • isaacgoesdeep5
    Isaac Gomez (@isaacgoesdeep5) reported

    @2KSupport Did they find the problem ??

  • moneymathews
    WiLL Mathews  (@moneymathews) reported

    @Ronnie2K 2k is broken. You need to do your job and fix the game

  • jimbobaby64
    Erik (jimbo) (@jimbobaby64) reported

    You’re never there when i need you most and that’s what hurts the most. I ran 2k to your house to help your broken leg and call 911 but u can’t even help me over the phone and let me talk. I just wanna be heard!

  • Texxell
    Rell (@Texxell) reported

    @Ronnie2K You dumb ass bitch omm stop making 2k’s have somebody else make them you stupid ass nigga why do you have fucking 70’s and 75’s making shit that 90’s and up can’t you dumb ass bitch fix yo fucking game or don’t make em no more tf should have left it alone 2k17 was fine

  • Hindustani_bhai
    Citizen Of India (@Hindustani_bhai) reported

    @reemsaied Maybe U Don`t have a Car. Fuel=1.5K*30=45K Commission=1.5L-20%=30K Service Tax=1.5L-5% = 7.5K Car Service=7K Insurance=24K/12=2K Road tax/Passing=12K/12=1K Tyre replacement=3K*4/12=1K Driver salary=1K*30=30K Damage Repair=1K EMI=15K Total Expense 1.4L Profits 10K*12= 1.2Lac Yly

  • JLR0825
    JLR0825 (@JLR0825) reported

    @2KSupport No no error It just doesn’t allow me to use Rashad Lewis not sure why

  • SuryaNallu
    SURYA NALLURI (@SuryaNallu) reported

    @bank_andhra How many years u will work after 2months of complaint u r still working for 2k such a worst service

  • DavidRaymond411
    David Raymond (@DavidRaymond411) reported

    @FUTBsteve @NBA2K_MyTEAM @NBA2K @Big_C_Richy23 bottom line.. u pay to WIN. i dont mind youtubers, its they job.. 2k supermax broken.

  • tammyh333
    tammyh333 (@tammyh333) reported

    @ItzMatthewBrahh @2KSupport did this ever get resolved? having same issues for 2 weeks. they wont help.

  • Riley9904
    rj (@Riley9904) reported

    @2KSupport The game is lagging so bad that I don't even have a shot meter, whats wrong with the servers??

  • tammyh333
    tammyh333 (@tammyh333) reported

    does anyone know how to fix the cant connect to server error in wwe 2k18 @2KSupport @2k 2k says not them,cox says not them... what to do. cant dl, ul orBUY. you are losing $$$ 2k

  • pkellz1569
    Parker Kelly(xb Gt: BurningRawz ) (@pkellz1569) reported from East Peoria, Illinois

    @2KSupport Ticket number : 3129503 error code 4b538e50

  • ZquariusA
    Zquarius Austin (@ZquariusA) reported

    @2KSupport ok I summited my problem

  • TruthStud
    PT Stud (@TruthStud) reported

    Had a terrible day on fortnite, and my last game of 2k my shot meter was lagging, ladies if ya man is in a bad mood, it’s probably video games that put him there lmao

  • Tantarious
    Verah | Owner (@Tantarious) reported

    @NBA2K & @2KSupport I've lagged out 6 times today.. I don't lag on any other games.. How are your servers still trash?

  • jynx401
    jynx (@jynx401) reported

    I'd take anyone's money In 2k whenever , it's no problem

  • AAronEdmonson24
    Aaron Edmonson (@AAronEdmonson24) reported

    @2KSupport my 89 overall slasher file is corrupted. Is there anyway I can fix this?

  • Dom_2k
    Dom2K (@Dom_2k) reported

    How, on Fortnite, can I play with 100 people and get no lag, but in 2K, I need a wired connection to maybe not get lag

  • Adddlleerrr
    . (@Adddlleerrr) reported

    @2KSupport @aztec9887 @Ronnie2K The problem is... it still counts that game as a loss

  • lifelongXD
    lifelong (@lifelongXD) reported

    I fucking hate this game. Hypixel needs to make island rushing in Ranked bannable as well as fix matchmaking, I keep getting matched with 1ks when I’m 2k and they will literally kill themselves and get themselves cleaned just to kill me. Fuck this game

  • young_cartel92
    Zo_Rojei++®️🕷 (@young_cartel92) reported

    @2K I’ve lost the save data to my MyCareer player. My ps4 was stolen and none of my progress was uploaded to my cloud. I put actual money into becoming a 90 overall in MyCareer. I need help on the issue

  • thechosenguy692
    Shagster (@thechosenguy692) reported

    @2KSupport @aztec9887 @Ronnie2K Your game is the issue happens constantly trash company

  • veroicone
    Veronica Mars (@veroicone) reported

    Hoping it just magically fixes itself. Test streaming for 2 minutes with over 2k frames dropped. Literally the same issue that they "fixed".

  • ShlappLFC
    😍Liverpool😍 (@ShlappLFC) reported

    @TheHazardEra You’ve broken 2k

  • lesliepresslie
    Leslie McFarland (@lesliepresslie) reported

    @AcuraClientCare Very frustrated with my new RDX. Has less than 2k miles, has intermittent transmission issues that aren't triggering dash lights to come on, therefore dealership cannot address the issue. Please help.

  • Jasoolaflame
    You fool this Isn’t even my final form (@Jasoolaflame) reported


  • famoustavion
    Tavion (@famoustavion) reported


  • kingknown
    Da Most Slept On Ever (@kingknown) reported

    Always wondered why Siakam would give me issues on 2K . I see why LMAO!

  • istudyroses
    Rose 🌹 (@istudyroses) reported

    @Cat_and_Carrots See I don't have that problem cause I save pdfs to read them later and tag them myself with my own system lol. And I follow few rec accounts that do a good job at describing fics. I'll never run out of fics to read (currently have over 2k to read)

  • KingTsu
    T$UWOP (@KingTsu) reported

    @2KSupport Why did I receive an L on my Pro Am team despite the fact the other team quit? It even gave us a W too on our last 10.... Please fix our record

  • drysombrero
    soren (@drysombrero) reported

    2k gives me an error and closes my application and then gives me a lose on PlayNow Online when I was up 8 in the 4th. Thanks @2KSupport

  • ItsCwizzy_
    Casey Williams (@ItsCwizzy_) reported


  • Malek_Broham
    Malek (@Malek_Broham) reported

    @YoungYelp @ARPdid911 My first time was $2K with no bottle service in 3 days

  • JuiceKidJayyy
    Jay ⚡️ (@JuiceKidJayyy) reported from Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico

    @2KSupport No error messages, just won’t load into the Locker room. Just stuck at the 2k pre game show screen.

  • AirKnight__
    Killa Season 🏁 (@AirKnight__) reported

    Bro the park on 2k gone forever be broken lmao glass cleaners hitting threes like what

  • Mbonly25
    Marquelle Butler (@Mbonly25) reported

    @souplivingston Terry is a glitch at PG in 2k

  • Daddy_Doobs
    Daddy Doobs (@Daddy_Doobs) reported

    So I'm sorry I have not been streaming for the last couple weeks. Busy with work, family, and building up the studio. Some issues I am working are some downscaling problems going from 2k to 720p encoding. Starting April, my calendar will clear up a lot more.

  • skip2mylizzle
    Skip2MyLizzle (@skip2mylizzle) reported

    @2KSupport I'm asking if the issue is known and being worked on? It might not even require a patch

  • skip2mylizzle
    Skip2MyLizzle (@skip2mylizzle) reported

    @2KSupport the linking Nintendo switch to the @MyNBA2K app error is at least on own and being worked on right? I was so excited to face scan and earn vc

    Jan Perez (@OGHAVANA) reported

    @2KSupport I responded. The issue resolved itself like I thought it would. Took around 20 minutes but the VC ended up appearing on my account finally. Thanks anyways for the help!

  • BrianWalker301
    DumpTruck301 (@BrianWalker301) reported

    @2KSupport So all 3 of us have the same damn problem on 3 seperate playstations and we all have to uninstall/reinstall the game, ckear our caches or switch out our hard drives?

  • ol_acazette
    Bilon 🇦🇶 (@ol_acazette) reported

    @2KSupport The link to sign in don’t even work fuck off ive paid

  • Jaime_Rivera
    Jaime Rivera (@Jaime_Rivera) reported

    @HaytonPeter @Delta @united I quite liked United too. Sadly they cut me out of Platinum over just 1.2K miles that I actually did fly. Customer service didn't do anything. Then they sent me an email charging $1000 if I wanted the status. That's bad. Trying out Delta for the first time next month.

  • gameonx9
    picnics r fun (@gameonx9) reported

    Safeway each location Top 2k Running the program and not employees Into vice any form or into oranges or can't understand simple Simon Torture Anyone interferes torture start with fbi and secret service and cops

  • EWiehler
    Eric Wiehler (@EWiehler) reported

    @SenatorHassan Lower medical costs has always been the answer, not more insurance. My wife broke her pinky. $25k total cost. How does a broken pinky cost as much as a car???? That should have cost $2k~$3k tops.

  • jamespetryk
    James Petryk (@jamespetryk) reported

    My #yegcommute includes walking, @PogoYEG or @yegtransit. But I live and work #yegdt. Any time I leave downtown, I drive. The first (and probably last) time I tried to take the LRT out of #yegdt, it got grounded due to a signalling problem and I had to run 2K to a meeting. 1/3