Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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September 19: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 12:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • amonish90 Aaron Monish (@amonish90) reported

    @2KSupport why is your game so broken cant even get my points and badge points in drills now keeps saying 0 not even going to bother to play a my career game. #fix2k20

  • CriminalJustish JB (@CriminalJustish) reported

    @Borderlands @GearboxOfficial I paid for the super deluxe package and when I downloaded the items from my mail they all come up as zero damage, no name, no specs. The guns don't even fire. Submitting a ticket to @2K, but y'all should have a fix for this ASAP since I know I'm not the only one.

  • KoolHandLuka Youlit (@KoolHandLuka) reported

    @LukeKennardGOAT @Beluba it should take more skill but rn 2k has two many grind to win mechanism which end up getting abused but the problem is not the abuse rather the fact you can grind to win in the first place. However on two identical accounts 2k would take more skill

  • ashvntii $$$. (@ashvntii) reported

    If 2k the reason I’m not getting texted back I hope the game glitch and **** up the whole system!

  • ZachiChan2 ⁶ⁱˣᵗʰᴾᵃᵗʰˢᶻᵃᶜʰⁱʲᵃʰ (@ZachiChan2) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport Having a connection issue where it says connection active and connection lost over and over again

  • NBANewsBrasil NBA News Brasil (@NBANewsBrasil) reported

    @2KSupport frame rate drops when shot clock is expiring on PS4 PRO. Fix it, please

  • CejaMikey Mikey Ceja (@CejaMikey) reported

    @IannelliAntonio @DanMeck1 @NBA2K @Beluba @NBA2K_2KTV Dude it's the best 2k ever made. Be grateful theres a myplayer build. They hardly changed anything it's the same your just paranoid. If anything they fixed some problems they needed to fix like application errors and load time for a mypark game. Before you would have to wait 4eva

  • floatypoo Floaty 🎱 (@floatypoo) reported

    They need to fix the shooting in 2k like nah open bars missing like what #fix2k20

  • RahhDigg17 Westbrook 🚀 (@RahhDigg17) reported

    @JoeKnowsYT need some help man. Gotta have 2k fix the rep for people quitting in the rec. I’m a 97 and keep dropping down to a 96 each time everyone quits on the other team

  • IAmMekoB Meko B🕊💙 (@IAmMekoB) reported

    2k need to fix my park 🤬

  • HarveyWorldMacG Dontedmac (@HarveyWorldMacG) reported

    @IshyGot @bryan21___ @2K20Insider Man you know what I was really thinking about it **** 2K if you wanna glitch then glitch but at your own risk if the game wasn't some much of a grind then so many wouldn't done it hopefully no one gets glitch just get set back to a lower overall

  • groovymont Groovy M. 🕴🏽 (@groovymont) reported

    Please 2k the bad sportsmanship glitch is annoying! #fix2k20

  • dometricrobins2 dometric robinson (@dometricrobins2) reported

    @Beluba The only good thing about 2k was the badge glitch why would you take it away people have already done it. So now you take it away to make sure we can't even the playing field. Also I want to build more players without grinding. Listen to customers we don't want to grind!!

  • Blairthetrainer Blair Henderson, MS, EP-C (@Blairthetrainer) reported from Sugar Land, Texas

    @2KSupport Fix your game or run me my money buddi

  • cams30_ ♓️orizon Cams 🦍 (@cams30_) reported

    7 foot 3 centers in 2k are the problem. no one can gaurd them unless you urself is 7 foot or up you get boarded over constantly even with badges and they just back u down in the paint and hold up or square and make bullshit 24/7

  • Sterns816 Sterns (@Sterns816) reported

    @dish had to cancel my service today, 2k a year was terrible but Denzel in Phoenix is a huge asset to your company. If or when I return, I want to speak with Denzel in Phoenix. Hang on to that guy!

  • YouCautious Cautious🖤 (@YouCautious) reported

    @Beluba @Ronnie2K @2KSupport I am absolutely tired of getting a ******* blue screen in you’re ******* game every ****** day. Fix you’re shit. Stop makin the game in a ****** week. Take you’re time on this shit. Catch me in NBA Live if this shit keeps happenin.

  • BryanNeilbond2 Bryan Neil bond (@BryanNeilbond2) reported

    @EA_KRAELO @EASPORTS_MUT Not to mention the ball and qb is out of bounds. This is ridiculous, the game is clearly broken and you give us double rewards but trash like this happens daily. I guess I’m picking up my copy of 2k tomorrow!

  • KDot269 Lost in life (@KDot269) reported

    Anybody else gotten the glitch in #2k20 where the game just stops playing all sound and won't turn back on. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled and still no sound. 2k doesn't have an answer for me so idk what to do. #fix2k20 #NBA2K20 #FireRonnie2K

  • lazysnorlax100 Lazysnorlax100 (@lazysnorlax100) reported

    @DonahoeZach @Borderlands @2KSupport Ahh a PS4 user there’s your problem

  • xBwj_11x Donnie Stevens (@xBwj_11x) reported

    @boricua_guy @Beluba I have the same issue @2KSupport

  • 2ks_MrBodyBag Mr. Body Bag (@2ks_MrBodyBag) reported

    @Beluba 2k20 is a good game, but it’s always the small things that end up being a gameplay killer for 2k games that I know y’all can fix, but gets overlooked to fix some gameplay mechanics that don’t need fixing. An example was the 2 game speed patches. #NBA2K20

  • PulsateMySpirit HOK🅰️GE Q 🎧 (@PulsateMySpirit) reported

    @GearboxOfficial @2K can we fix this Iron Bear bug plz I'm being forced out as soon as I hop in thanks buds

  • Mbradley2234 Marcus 🐐☔️ (@Mbradley2234) reported

    Every time I try to play a park game I get a blue screen error @2KSupport

  • boybawang09 Gelo Bermudez (@boybawang09) reported

    @2KSupport please fix stretched image in your app please

  • Dou_Tuff 😤 (@Dou_Tuff) reported

    @2KIntel It’s been like this since 19 2k don’t give af about people with 30 steal rating ripping people with 95 ball handle and they never fix it


    2k always messes the game up, if ur gonna patch fading fix standing shots, it shouldn’t take me 2 seconds to set my feet if I don’t it’s gonna make me fade, not to mention defenders recover so fast on standing shots it’s pointless. Games unfinished and needs a big fix, I’m angry

  • JuhhadLeone LEONE UZUMAKI 🍥 (@JuhhadLeone) reported

    @2K @NBA2K can yall fix that dumb hop step your Myplayer does when you try to dunk with your left or right hand

  • playboishinez ❦ ۵ ❦ ۵ (@playboishinez) reported


  • kcbreezelb KC Breeze (@kcbreezelb) reported

    @PoorBoyOnline @Beluba the problem is that 2k has the stats wrong .. if u have open shot at 80 .. u should not automatically have open , contested n shot off dribble at 80 !! That is where they went wrong .. some nba players are just good at open .. only a few are good at all diff types of shots @LD2K

  • terintino_ Σhenron 🐉♋️ (@terintino_) reported

    The lag in 2k is ridiculous bruh 🤬

  • rkocjay Prince Harry of Brooklyn 🇬🇾🇺🇸 (@rkocjay) reported

    @UniqueMazique Most people forget it's a game. But I cannot defend madden anymore on how their game is playing with the constant problems over the years. Nba 2k I have 0 problems with I just want them to add year to year saves to my league /gm. Mlb the show has the best gameplay but that's it

  • liahmorley 𝖑𝖎𝖆𝖍 𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖑𝖊𝖞 ☁️ ig: @liahmorley (@liahmorley) reported

    currently getting less engagement than what i did when i had 2k followers and i have over 50k instagram 😂 either ig is broken or my work is shit 🥴

  • Supa2800 BCuRT (@Supa2800) reported

    Soo what do I do when 2k is not working cuz I have no clue

  • JamesSu81357459 James Summers (@JamesSu81357459) reported

    @Beluba @Ronnie2K @2KSupport giving these 2 players free wins and probably doing that glitch where u take out ur battery’s plz ban this person pls reply back for more information and the rest of all there names just look at the 60 overalls stats plz reply back thank u 2k team

  • ITzDjGod1 ITz_Dj_God (@ITzDjGod1) reported

    @_IamTrueHate @PKHowell @2K20Insider I mean there really hasn’t never been a year where 2k wasn’t broken tho

  • TheyKnowMeMan xRespect F/A (99/99)👀 #NBA2K20😱 #NLE🧸🌎 (@TheyKnowMeMan) reported

    @RepboardzGlass Yes bro I’m just hoping 2k support hurry up and fix this shit this one virgin messing up my grind

  • drakzfn Deion (@drakzfn) reported

    @NBA2KLab @YouTube The fact that 2K takes time out of their day to patch jumpers instead of focusing on the core problems in the game is really telling

  • WRproamleague WR Pro-Am League (@WRproamleague) reported

    @NeaIio It’s WRLeague there seems to be an issue with the 2K server and that account we are addressing it.

  • gesusgnd34 G_Tha_King (@gesusgnd34) reported

    @CeeFree4 Why you show Ronnie 2k you had the glitch you don’t think that’s weird

  • astroblaccc Name cannot be blank (@astroblaccc) reported

    Hey @2K, @2KSupport, and @NBA2K You're servers are trash and your new gameplay is garbage. I've been sitting with my friends waiting for a rec game for 35 mins. Fix my shit or give me a refund.

  • rico_i I'm Rico (@rico_i) reported

    Why tf aint my vc bar moving @Ronnie2K @Beluba shits annoying every time a new 2k comes out ya always ******* it up why tf ya still aint fix this shit shouldve been the first thing ya did hire @CallMeAgent00 apperently he knows more than ya and ya ****** went to college for this

  • eargamoa juju eargamoa (@eargamoa) reported

    @Beluba @2K @NBA2K_MyTEAM why in the hell cant I play my one friend keep getting kicked out before the game starts fix th game #fix2k20

  • RedmanOctavious Octavious Redman #bringbackbase11hedo (@RedmanOctavious) reported

    @2KSupport @NBA2K_MyTEAM @TwoBrosGaming @Beluba @DBGyt_ @HenryTheBlasian @ItsShake4ndbake I was trying to go 12-0 and in my last game the guy quit and it gave me a LOSS PLZ fix this 2k!

  • Tezziam TEZZ PRODUCED IT (@Tezziam) reported


  • 2thumbs56 John walters (@2thumbs56) reported

    Fix your ******* game @2K

  • JahlilYrn richh (@JahlilYrn) reported

    @2K fix 2k20 with all these fouls 💯

  • ShowtimeJno Cobee Marshall (@ShowtimeJno) reported

    2k is so broken bruh im literally done man i cant do this shit anymore

  • Dubritos Uncle Dubz (@Dubritos) reported

    @ChillWuan @NBA2KLeague @NBA2K @2K That’s what I’m talking about glitch players weak as hell

  • Dubritos Uncle Dubz (@Dubritos) reported

    @NBA2KLeague @NBA2K @2K y’all ain’t been out long enough for all these people to be 93 and up .... fix y’all system

  • Kr0lik0wski Lumen UwU (@Kr0lik0wski) reported

    @2KSupport Still no changes, game crashes while loading and nothing I can do fixes it. It crashes no matter my visual settings and no optimization seems to fix it

  • TheEdMain Eddie Main (@TheEdMain) reported

    @reneritchie IMHO part of it is due to the fragile nature of phones and the extremely high cost to repair them. Broken phones are quite common - breaking something that's $300-$500 as flagship phones used to be, was a lot easier to bear than breaking a $1k-$2k device. Perceived risk is high!

  • pawar_mayank mayank pawar (@pawar_mayank) reported

    @18002096006 @anandmahindra the service guys need to be more sensitive for customers and they take their own sweet time to react ...i was charged a spare part plus labour despite informing that its alreay done 2k km back only...and had to wait 2hrs before it was resolved

  • AndyParis10 Andy Paris (@AndyParis10) reported

    @Borderlands @2KSupport I hope you guys fix the hard crashing on Xbox One X. I have NEVER seen a game that literally shuts down a console!

  • JohnSGotGame John Smith (@JohnSGotGame) reported

    @prodigymade @ZK49355705 @2K20Insider @NBA2K It’s not exploits/hacks, it’s a glitch that 2K was too lazy to fix. There was literally no way for anyone to level up without bugs standing in their way. The only way to actually be compensated for playing the game was by using 2K’s laziness.

  • JohnSGotGame John Smith (@JohnSGotGame) reported

    @prodigymade @ZK49355705 @2K20Insider @NBA2K Yes, but 2K20 is filled with so many glitches for a big-studio developer to release. Almost every video game created by a large developer doesn’t have this many bugs. And if they do, then they fix it almost immediately because they listen to their community. 2K does the opposite.

  • Dubritos Uncle Dubz (@Dubritos) reported

    ****** glitched their way to overall 95s and up on 2K..... it’s a wrap for the game until they fix that

  • SwishCitaay Swish from WA (@SwishCitaay) reported

    @neroplane and I are looking for a 3rd to jam, must have a puppy, doesn’t go to bed too early, and can’t ditch us for a broken 2k. Also can’t be named @LordViro or VLN Tien. Dms are open #lookingfora3rdANZ

  • SikanderNizami Sikanye (@SikanderNizami) reported

    @2K this game ******* sucks **** worst 2k I’ve played so far fix that shit ******* bums

  • RhinoOcho RhinoOcho (@RhinoOcho) reported

    FIX YOUR ******* GAME @2K #broken2k