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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • jimymodi Jimit Rajesh Modi (@jimymodi) reported

    @cruisemaniac @awscloud We were in the same situation few days back @ShaadiTech. And the irony was when request routed through external LB no requests fails, but for internal LB 7-8% requests get 504. However the issue got resolved in 2 days.

  • alanreynosov ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@alanreynosov) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I am sorry , my reading comprehension issue, I missed the “badly” part. How bravery yours to dare to do such thing 🤣🤣

  • anshumalis Anshumali Sharma (@anshumalis) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I drive too slow.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @deepanm @awscloud AWS Batch to hurl computing resources at the problem, but that's already being done it seems...

  • nilium Noel Cower (@nilium) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I’m not good at recognizing faces and my eyes are broken from years of computering, but I want to recognize faces.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @nicolefv @awscloud Take a job interview for laughs at AWS and tell them what their problem REALLY is. Don't hold back. They have a corporate "beat the crap out of me" fetish, so they'll make an offer, and then you get to discover what the dating scene is like in Seattle instead.

  • dtrapezoid ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ dani (@dtrapezoid) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud A terrible solution either way! I love it 🥰

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @BryMutai @awscloud Get an Amazon Outpost and raise the temperature until the fans solve your problem for you.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @jhscott @awscloud Use the us-west-2 region since all of its power is sustainable. Donate to pretty much anything blue at this point to fix the other.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @Beryllium9 @awscloud Use Amazon Macie and that problem goes away quickly.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @acedrew @awscloud Some things are beyond the realm of technology to fix.

  • Ti3eInc Chris Batt (@Ti3eInc) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud Broken windshield wiper falling off in a rainstorm

  • mscccc Mike Coutermarsh (@mscccc) reported from San Francisco, California

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I have poor shoulder mobility. Fix me aws

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    Tell me your problems, I’ll tell you how an @awscloud service can fix that problem. Badly.

  • iann0036 Ian Mckay (@iann0036) reported

    @mooreds @QuinnyPig @awscloud I'm terrible at writing descriptions :S There's IAM support in there, however it'll have limited support for conditionals. Just resource and action.

  • pdehlke Pete Ehlke (@pdehlke) reported

    @joonas_fi @QuinnyPig @awscloud Oh for god's sake this train has left the station. SMS MFA is better than no MFA, and anyone who can't admit to that has a serious forest and trees problem. Perfect. Good. Enemy. etc etc etc.

  • marktucker Mark Tucker (@marktucker) reported

    @AWSSupport The problem was I needed a newer version of aws-sdk-js on AWS Lambda than is currently supported. AWS Lambda nodejs10.x & nodejs12.x support aws-sdk-js version 2.585.0 released on Dec 4, 2019. I need at least version 2.594.0 released on Dec 19, 2019.

  • ZiggyTheHamster Keith Gable (@ZiggyTheHamster) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud Like, it's obvious the reason this isn't working is due to an undocumented passed/hidden role needing undocumented permissions (KDA), but I'm not going to grant the parent role access to foo:* just to fix this. Fix the docs.

  • ZiggyTheHamster Keith Gable (@ZiggyTheHamster) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I use the "doc feedback" button when I see this, but I often see this in AWS IAM policies and it makes me cringe (SSM being the canonical example but I've run into it with Glue as well). Worse is support sometimes tells me they can't help until I've used their terrible policy.

  • jaynyoni jaynyoni (@jaynyoni) reported

    @ScribblingOn With all the money and experts at AWS I wonder why they can’t fix this. UX is very important @awscloud

  • NickBrackney Nick Brackney (@NickBrackney) reported

    @colpclark @mthiele10 @CPetersen_CS @davidseidl @tcrawford @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @Craw @the_spinmd @hyounpark @glennodonnell @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @CTOAdvisor Ahhh shadow IT. You're arguing the systems were flawed, and absolutely that makes sense. I think IT needs to become the broker for all cloud resources. That or we just keep having Developers who are unfamiliar with SecOps and IT Ops causing massive issues.

  • MediaSpurt MediaSpurt (@MediaSpurt) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud Naw just make your bucket world readable and the errors go away. I have no idea why it got so many downvotes on @StackOverflow

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @xchaotic @awscloud Maybe that’s a problem that should be addressed then.

  • henriksen Glenn F. Henriksen (@henriksen) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud I like what @funcOfJoe said about @PulumiCorp: write all examples as secure by default, and if they get too complex, fix the system underneath so that secure by default becomes simple.

  • GrahamJenson Graham Jenson (@GrahamJenson) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud It is still a trial and error effort to get to a minimal set of permissions to accomplish just about anything in AWS. Given IAM perms are not 1-1 with AWS API calls. So just some docs that have a list of minimal permissions needed for all API calls would be amazing!

  • wcoastsands Nikkolai Davenport (@wcoastsands) reported

    @GraemeCoates @ecaubb @AstroBackyard @AstroBin_com I’m waiting until the source of the issue is found. From the original image links, says “Permission Denied.” Which could mean file is missing, or possibly permission issue based on how AWS is configured. Also might be a backup on Amazon’s side that can be recovered.

  • GodLikeC GodLike Clarens (@GodLikeC) reported

    @mozy84 @Orka89 @GameSpot You dont get it do you were not talking about services, were talking about server farms. The only 3 big companies competing in that is MS, Google and Amazon. MS has Azure, Amazon has AWS and google has Google cloud You keep bringing very little things like Netflix and spotify

  • nokkusuu nox (@nokkusuu) reported

    @Jimmy08990986 @NFL @awscloud calm down jimmy football's just a dumb game

  • camillapapale Camilla Papale (@camillapapale) reported

    @profgalloway My 5yo listens to Pivot while I drive him to school. He loves the show but got so upset when you said Amazon needs to be broken. He took it literally because Amazon delivers hi toys and sneakers. I tried explaining AWS to him but it didn't work.

  • paulrteich Paul Teich (@paulrteich) reported

    @vGazza @dgiambruno @mthiele10 @matteastwood @sarbjeetjohal @CTOAdvisor @tcrawford @gdekhayser @rjhintz @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J #COTS to #cloud $SaaS for most horizontal apps is a data migration issue, esp for popular COTS apps, a one-time project perfect for slightly overpaid consultants. Migrating from custom biz apps is where they need internal dev skills or obscenely overpaid consultants.

  • tmazza Todd Mazza (@tmazza) reported

    @rwang0 @dhinchcliffe @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @sarbjeetjohal @Craw @tcrawford @furrier @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @dcallahan2 @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @DeptofDefense I was just about to say...$1B is now a rounding error!! What a time to be alive! :-)

  • dhinchcliffe Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) reported from Severn Woods, Maryland

    @tmazza @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @sarbjeetjohal @rwang0 @Craw @tcrawford @furrier @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @dcallahan2 @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud An interesting question. $10B for ten years for #JEDI would indicate no, because almost a rounding error. But as the article noted, other agencies are likely to follow the lead of @DeptofDefense. The halo could be big + one reason @Azure could close the gap w/ @awscloud. #cloud

  • Jordy_vD_ Jordy (@Jordy_vD_) reported

    @AWSSupport The CAPTCHA isn't the problem, the billing thing is

  • nicktencate Nick ten Cate (@nicktencate) reported

    @themsaid @LasseRafn @awscloud Not having a fixed IP with serverless is a problem when you want to integrate with third party services that have access restricted by IP

  • CTOAdvisor Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) reported

    @mattwallace @mthiele10 @rjhintz @sarbjeetjohal @matteastwood @paulrteich @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @tcrawford @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J @FactionInc @vmwarecloudaws Solutions like Faction + VMConAWS go a long way in reducing the infrastructure friction. I’ve found it’s always the application and processes that break. Infrastructure replication is a solved problem IMO. Or at least good enough.

  • HookaluHQ Hookalu (@HookaluHQ) reported

    High volume webhook events for Inoreader content feed rules are no problem at all with the latest support in Hookalu. Trying using an AWS Lambda function for easy processing. @Inoreader @awscloud #serverless #webhooks

  • guyzmo zmo (@guyzmo) reported

    @BonesMoses @AWSSupport @evnsio or you've been given full admin rights by the IAM root, and at least that's what he thought… And half the pages you click into fails with a not authorized error.

  • snigdha_sambit Snigdha Sambit Aryakumar (@snigdha_sambit) reported from Mumbai Suburban, State of Mahārāshtra

    @AksharPathak It is basically a single platform server i.e #AWS Both hotstar and Netflix run on AWS Cloud. Amazon is the real #Dabangg here 😄

  • isidrogilabert Isidro Gilabert (@isidrogilabert) reported

    Dear i-0016476f: You were created on April 2011, since then, you hosted my web, a pvp server, some tools crawling websites and RSS feeds, using python, bash, php and node, all for free. Everything has been migrated to ECS. You have been terminated. Have a deserved rest @awscloud

  • TheRealAshren Ash (@TheRealAshren) reported

    @mAAdJimi @Roystonsayswutt @MuhmdIrsyadudin Bro the problem is at the exchange. Bad routing. Right now there’s double NAT at the exchange and somewhere along the way along the routing ada exchange yang timeout. Mostly yang affected is AWS (Amazon Web Service). Other telco to AWS is fine except Unifi.

  • JayRami13 Jay  (@JayRami13) reported

    @RazMashat @awscloud @ziniman @TryIgnition fix unc0ver 😂

  • tobywhughes tobywhughes (@tobywhughes) reported

    Only qualm @awscloud is that the CodeDeploy errors were a bit unhelpful and there should be a much easier way of forcing through a ApplicationStop when it fails. Not very obvious that it is running an old version (although conceptually makes sense)

  • PolonskyRoman Roman Polonsky (@PolonskyRoman) reported

    Do not use Japanse calander on mobile device till this issue would Be fix!!! Otherwise no SSL verifcation on online transmition!!! @awscloud @eBay @AlibabaGroup @elonmusk @IRSnews #ecommerce #ADS

  • sees_nobody NobodySeesMe (@sees_nobody) reported

    @awscloud Why do I pay for Prime when items that are fulfilled by you and delivered by you turn up broken. This is the 3rd time where I have ordered something and it has arrived broken I am not happy what so ever

  • CSimsITPro Casey Sims (@CSimsITPro) reported

    @gostev @MintyQuinn @WorkingHardInIT Using FlashBlade On-Premises Object Storage which can now replicate to Amazon S3. Or Veeam could write to FB and then use capacity tier to Amazon. Not all S3 is slow

  • _Freakyclown_ freakyclown (@_Freakyclown_) reported

    @deed02392 HTML Files stored in S3 call a Lambda function via an api connection to return data. So no ec2 or other server configured/ used anywhere. (Obviously it runs on an amazon server at some point, but it’s extracted away from the both admin and user)

  • ThatCanonDude Vinoth Raja (@ThatCanonDude) reported

    @AksharPathak @boogerworm Netflix and hotstar uses AWS(amazon web services). So technically everything is on Amazon server. 😉

  • loganmccloy Logan McCloy (@loganmccloy) reported

    @AmazonHelp (2/2) Email only. Amazon AWS is solving the worlds problems but nobody in your non-existent cust service dept knows how to pick up a phone. It’s as simple as doing the right the thing. You’ve got your $. You’ve got your subscription premiums and you’re w/holding service. Criminal

  • isaac_abraham Isaac Abraham (@isaac_abraham) reported from Yaiza, Canary Islands

    @0xaryan @awscloud @Azure I'm not sure which bit of my tweets I didn't explain. I acknowledged that functions doesn't have F# support and that I agree it's an issue. Saying that Azure doesn't support F#, is, however, simply not true, or that there are no F# templates for Azure.

  • isaac_abraham Isaac Abraham (@isaac_abraham) reported from Yaiza, Canary Islands

    @0xaryan @awscloud @Azure Ok, so this is about functions. Yes that is a issue which I agree with and should be sorted. Functions is one (admittedly high profile) service out of about 200 on Azure.

  • 0xaryan Aryan (@0xaryan) reported

    @isaac_abraham @awscloud @Azure I raise issues and create PRs as much as I can, but this... It's not hard to put it there while creating the CLI. These are very basic things to consider. They ignored F#, because they didn't see any value to add it there. That's what makes me upset.

  • rakesandmin Rakeesh (@rakesandmin) reported

    @AWSSupport im getting spam mails from your server. can u stop spamming shit

  • mlbiam Marc Boorshtein (@mlbiam) reported

    @gonfva @awscloud Hm, had tried that after the fact on the pv created by the PVC without luck but maybe creating the pv manually will do it. I'll give that a try. Most of the fixes for this seem to be a. Init container that changes the permissions. Really don't like that idea. Never issue with okd

  • Kaztopia Michael Kazmier (@Kaztopia) reported

    @AWSSupport Done... but just thinking that an easy way to support our use case would be for AWS to ensure that $context.error.messageString was ALWAYS an escaped string, instead of just a quoted version of $context.error.message

  • massyn Phil Massyn (@massyn) reported

    A Lambda function, reading parameter store, calling itself, writing to S3, utilizing STS for cross account authentication, all without having to spin up a server or setup a security group. Writing cloud-native apps in @awscloud is next level. Let’s bring @dynamodb in now.

  • hashhar Ashhar Hasan (@hashhar) reported

    @awscloud It costs a lot while solving a very limited set of problems. And unfortunately the TAMs and advisors from AWS sell it so aggressively to CTOs and CEOs that they start crusading to kill all RDBMs and then complain when things don't work like they used to.

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) reported from Fremont, California

    @tcrawford @i001962 @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @Yahoo @googlecloud @Walmart @Target No no no... of you keep taps on em, they even use to build new stuff faster because their own services can be slow to get to... I won’t disclose what I have seen and where, here... 🤫

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) reported from Fremont, California

    @dcallahan2 @i001962 @dhinchcliffe @glennodonnell @tcrawford @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @Yahoo @googlecloud Some will never go to @awscloud, @Walmart and @Target, for example... Besides, we need a tier #1 cloud provider based on #SiliconValley; otherwise we will have a credibility issue 😉!

  • SamVerschueren Sam Verschueren (@SamVerschueren) reported

    The `Build logs` tab in @awscloud #CodeBuild is unusable. I don't get why anyone ever looked into it. It's super sluggish and it even makes your browser tab crash. FYI, it's not a case of "broken on my machine".

  • Matty_D_Dickson Matty D (@Matty_D_Dickson) reported

    @PFF_Steve @PFF @awscloud Tua is truth, so no problem there assuming longevity. I'm dubious about that though (i.e. hips). Two the other two guys on the list are just names. More than the NFL, college schemes around their QBs, defenses are worse, he had arguably the best supporting cast, slight frame.