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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • ezykyle Salongo (@ezykyle) reported

    @awscloud URL no longer exists...Error 404...😰😰😰😰

  • JoeEmison Joe Emison (@JoeEmison) reported

    @monkchips @googlecloud @awscloud @cciauri @saleforce Would love at least an acknowledgement that everyone is terrified of them shutting products down, and that they have squandered the lead that Firebase gave them in serverless. Unless they think serverless=functions or don’t actually know what serverless is.

  • dvassallo Daniel Vassallo (@dvassallo) reported

    @BryanGislason At a company the size of Amazon, some breaking up is definitely necessary. In fact, I had supported the idea of having micro-frontends for the AWS console. But the problem wasn't really to solve a scalability issue in terms of users, but a scalability issue in terms ...

  • mjohnflaherty John Flaherty (@mjohnflaherty) reported

    @SNFonNBC @steelers @awscloud Chargers line terrible. Next gen stats.

  • Utty33989983 Utty 😘😘 (@Utty33989983) reported

    @awscloud I have finished my registration and receive a mail but the problem am having is the login link to the event... Thanks ask I anticipate your response.

  • ErniInre7 Erni Inre (@ErniInre7) reported

    @walkingleaf79 @F1 @ValtteriBottas @awscloud @Formula1game Turn the engine down

  • NickOnMixer Nick (@NickOnMixer) reported

    @TroubleTruck People underestimate the cost of running a service that huge, a lot of people think their server & bandwidth usage is free because they’re owned by amazon. While probably very discounted, someone is paying for those petabytes of data they push, and it’s not AWS.

  • arch_update_bot ArchLinuxUpdateInfo (@arch_update_bot) reported

    minio 2019.10.11-1 (x86_64/Community) "Object storage server compatible with Amazon S3" <2019-10-12>

  • SethMcCombs Seth McBones (@SethMcCombs) reported

    Dealing with logs from the @awscloud RDS Dashboard is terrible and the team behind it should 100% feel bad. There is no reason I should have to *right-click* and save individual log files.

  • Blaq502 John C (@Blaq502) reported

    @SNFonNBC @awscloud That looked slow to me

  • prashantnishu prashant agrawal (@prashantnishu) reported

    @AmazonHelp Oh I understood, actually u r just passing time, don't know why u r not understanding my problem. I think it is your new policy that is #fraudpolicy @JeffBezos @amazon @amazonIN @amazonmusic @PrimeVideo @AmazonUK @AmazonJP @awscloud @ShieldVoC @timesofindia @htTweets @the_hindu

  • WelshpoolPolice Welshpool Police - Heddlu Trallwng (@WelshpoolPolice) reported

    This page then appears safe as it begins with ' com'. Once the victim enters their login information, the credentials are stolen by the attacker and the user redirected to the real AWS login page.

  • PL4YRtweets pl4yr (@PL4YRtweets) reported

    @Adam_Prescott @RobertsSpaceInd @angular @awscloud @reactjs The operator is upside down.

  • MyselfYashwanth Yashwanth (@MyselfYashwanth) reported

    Amazon Prime is so worst. Design & development need to be improved a lot. Issues from login to the entire web/mobile apps. You guys need to learn from other bran applications @PrimeVideoIN @awscloud @amazon @amazonmusic @AmazonHelp @PrimeVideo @amazonIN

  • bakusouzya 巴庫索蛇 (@bakusouzya) reported

    @chandlersyf @facebook is looking for an alternative to @awscloud, but they can choose @chainlink or @iEx_ec. There is no reason to select @AnkrNetwork. In addition, @finkd's remarks are directed to @awscloud, and they are hoping for a special cheap plan. $ANKR community delusion is terrible.

  • pdeepa Deepa (@pdeepa) reported

    Hi @awscloud I need urgent assistance. Am getting an error when trying to migrate a server using cloud endure for London region. It says PendingVerification. Please help!!

  • Edourdoo Eddie Du (@Edourdoo) reported

    Amazon Web Services is, at its most elemental, a constellation of server farms around the world, which it rents at low cost as highly secure receptacles for data. Apple, the messaging platform Slack, and scores of start-ups all reside on AWS.

  • MarkZuckCEO Mark Zuckerberg (@MarkZuckCEO) reported

    Computing with Amazon web services is way too expensive. @JeffBezos price needs to go down some. #amazon #AWS #amazonwebservices

  • xiel Felix Leupold (@xiel) reported from Berlin, Land Berlin

    @Hermanhasawish @awscloud Used to host myself on own server, but switched to GSuite for the sake of spam protection and reliability

  • getongab (@getongab) reported

    Yet you had no problem running to Amazon like a ****** hall monitor to get Gab’s funding portal banned from AWS. Own your own shameful conduct, hypocrite.

  • MichelleLynneB Michelle 🐍 @WomenTechmakers (@MichelleLynneB) reported

    I'm doing my favorite @awscloud activity. See error. Comment out entire cloudformation template. Un-comment out one line. Deploy. Rinse, repeat.

  • dataPlumbers Sanjeev Kumar (@dataPlumbers) reported

    @bindureddy There is a legal issue that is not much talked about - Amazon can go into any software business that is hosted on AWS. This too when they have full visibility into the scale of your business. A good example of what anti-trust regulators should care about in the 21st century!

  • jaderesearch Sheryl D Baldwin (@jaderesearch) reported

    @techreview God forbid Amazon become the behemoth that takes over US GOV. Bezos is amoral, treats employees badly, is the wrong person to gain power, influence over US Gov. AWS is inferior to other vendors with very high rate of outages. Major outage in 2015-27 -a code typo. @DeptofDefense

  • alex_casalboni Alex Casalboni (@alex_casalboni) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @digitalcloudgal @NatSchooler @zehicle @MS1MN @NeilCattermull @dvellante @furrier @stu @CTOAdvisor @BillMew actually, cost is going down too ;) until 1.5GB

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) reported

    Interesting graph on @awscloud Lambda, as execution time goes down execution cost goes up! #serverless is growing up through more transparency! #cloud #IaaS #PaaS cc/ @digitalcloudgal @NatSchooler @zehicle @MS1MN @NeilCattermull @dvellante @furrier @stu @CTOAdvisor @BillMew

  • dbytesrl db Solutions (@dbytesrl) reported

    👋 @AWSSupport we can’t access to @awscloud from #argentina with @fibercorpteco . It’s the least of our problems here , I know , but we need support 🙏 @AWSLatam @PersonalAr

  • mkadin Mike Kadin (@mkadin) reported

    We pay for @awscloud 'business' support, which currently costs us about $1,300 a month. For any sort of production issues, they are frequently worthless. The latest response was barely understandable.

  • AlexanderBor Alex Bor (@AlexanderBor) reported

    @AWSSupport This issue is still going on and clearing the cache didn't help

  • fahim_vahora fahim vahora (@fahim_vahora) reported

    @AmazonHelp Are you mad what i am telling is i need solution for my problem. Give me my money back. @JeffBezos @awscloud @amazonIN @AmazonHelp

  • HammanHydro Joe Hamman (@HammanHydro) reported

    @SnaggyD @JuliaWagemann @rabernat @CopernicusECMWF @pangeo_data @awscloud @NOAAClimate An erddap or opendap service in front of era5 would certainly be useful but they don’t solve the scalability problem. For that, we need the data in cloud optimized format in something like object store (eg s3) to facilitate parallel streaming access at high aggregate bandwidths.

  • MrPariyanghat Sarath Pariyanghat (@MrPariyanghat) reported

    @amazonIN why is the servers of customer service always down. Last Friday called customer care, servers are down, today again the servers are down. You guys promote @awscloud but ur own servers are down always.

  • rukatiger Ruka )'( (@rukatiger) reported

    @AWSSupport internal corporate bs not an AWS issue. :3

  • tedivm Robert Hafner (@tedivm) reported

    @TheNickWalsh @awscloud It's possible, but the issue doesn't look like it's related to the data. We can read just fine, but we're getting a bunch of "InvalidHostHeaderRequests" preventing us from adding data and that's not something we've ever seen before.

  • tedivm Robert Hafner (@tedivm) reported

    I made the horrible mistake of hitting the "upgrade" button on the @awscloud elasticsearch cluster and now I'm getting this odd error and nothing works. Thanks AWS!

  • kumailht Kumail Hunaid (@kumailht) reported

    @AlvaroLab Nope not Amazon. I really hate AWS and most of their products (Terrible UX/Dark patterns). So I never interview with them.

  • raiyani raiyani (@raiyani) reported

    @ShiraOvide Apparently, video moderation AI (unlike image moderation) is really terrible. @awscloud video moderation takes 1 image sample every second, and has a huge problem with false positives. @Twitch probably uses it.

  • fahim_vahora fahim vahora (@fahim_vahora) reported

    @AmazonHelp @Amazone @awscloud @JeffBezos Bcs its been 7 days and till yet my problem is not solved by you please do something without speaking one thing again and again first you said contact charotar gas than if the not listen to you than contact us now , i do exactly give mey 1700 rs @amazonIN @awscloud @amazon

  • throrin19 Throrïn (@throrin19) reported

    @bisonfute I saw many people have the problem in the forum but @AWSSupport does not respond

  • throrin19 Throrïn (@throrin19) reported

    @bisonfute I saw many people have the problem bu @AWSSupport does not respond

  • Venkat69641881 Venkat (@Venkat69641881) reported

    @awscloud I ordered 3 items on 30 SEP but delivered only one item,but app shows delivered all items,till 2 items not delivered ,bad service ,pls solve my issue

  • rajatkumar ConfusionPrevails (@rajatkumar) reported

    @erickwendel_ @gerardsans @amirrustam @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud @kennethrohde @MinaMarkham @w_oliveiras @keillamenezes_ @eeveeta Oh shoot! I misplaced my set of speaker stickers, billions of $$$ lost!

  • AkiraSakura2 PJ Akira (@AkiraSakura2) reported

    @Netflixhelps Already done that pages 10 times. All evidences pointed to your server and service. Go and build more streaming bandwidth As you have plenty of money to buy more services from AWS. No wonder amazon video is far superior to you since they got data centres unlike you.

  • amirrustam Amir Rustamzadeh (@amirrustam) reported from Atlanta, Georgia

    @gerardsans @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud Where can I get a Gerard sticker 🙂

  • gerardsans ᐸGerardSans/ᐳ😉🇬🇧 (@gerardsans) reported

    @ainmosni @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud That's also an option. Somehow I ended up in the other extreme. I only wear tshirts I get from conferences so I became a billboard with internet access 😂

  • ainmosni Daniël Franke-Carlisle 🏳️‍🌈 (@ainmosni) reported

    @gerardsans @AWSAmplify @devrelcon @ng_japan @braziljs @Cypress_io @glitch @SlackHQ @awscloud Fair enough, I have a "no corporate stickers/shirts unless they pay me" policy. They can pay for their own advertisements. :)

  • HAryanViAnKiT1 Ankit gupta (@HAryanViAnKiT1) reported

    i have some information how to get live chat in AWS Server. we need a AWS server for vietnam location. anybody help me for that @awscloud @AWSstartups @Cloud9 @AWSreInvent @AWS_edu @AWS_Partners

  • Eniola24866940 Eniola (@Eniola24866940) reported

    @awscloud Good day i registered for this program and was successful but i could not open the login link on my email please can you send the login link again

  • RohanPrecise Rohan Varma (@RohanPrecise) reported

    @amazonIN @awscloud Server is down. Trying to connect Aws services but can't connect to any Services.

  • cwfrazier Chester Frazier (@cwfrazier) reported

    Dear @PGE4Me: Create an @AWSCloud S3 bucket, upload a PDF of the planned outage and send it out. Nobody can see if they are going to be affected if your website is down

  • agentsfortech The Technology Agency. (@agentsfortech) reported

    @QuinnyPig @Accenture @awscloud Clouding the issue for you

  • DigitalSecArch Wayne Anderson (@DigitalSecArch) reported

    @CraigMilroy Go #multicloud only when app criticality cant take even a small outage. Both @awscloud and @Azure have unfortunately still had routing and DNS challenges in the past year so its “non-zero” risk. But it also may not be “material” risk for most apps.

  • PABLO_EMMANUEL1 Imonmion Emmanuel Bright (@PABLO_EMMANUEL1) reported

    @AWSSupport I tried sending an email to the mail you drop above. But no one is responding to my mails . The Mail sent to me contain no link to access my Login details

  • aws_shd Unofficial AWS SHD (@aws_shd) reported

    S3 customers saw elevated errors and latency for a subset of API requests to create and manage Amazon S3 buckets. The issue has been

  • aws_shd Unofficial AWS SHD (@aws_shd) reported

    increased error rates for customers creating and managing Amazon S3 buckets and are working towards resolution. Only a small subset of

  • arch_update_bot ArchLinuxUpdateInfo (@arch_update_bot) reported

    minio 2019.10.02-1 (x86_64/Community) "Object storage server compatible with Amazon S3" <2019-10-08>

  • avnetworkguy avnetworkguy (@avnetworkguy) reported

    @awscloud Broken link :(

  • sanjeevsgk27 Sanjeev Kumar (@sanjeevsgk27) reported

    @AmazonHelp Your links are not working to update the details requested. @JeffBezos @awscloud @amazonIN .....

  • swadesh_premi Manjari Gupta🇮🇳🚩 (@swadesh_premi) reported

    @djaipur @desimojito @JeffBezos Tag @amazonIN @awscloud @AmazonHelp in your posts. I have tagged few customer services, got in touch with HO, and got my problem solved.

  • imaoka334 いまおか (@imaoka334) reported

    Global server shipments are expected to see a CAGR of 6.5% from 2019-2024 with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google and Facebook all planning to establish new datacenters worldwide, eyeing the potential demand, Digitimes Research's data shows.

  • BryanDeleonTX Bryan Deleon (@BryanDeleonTX) reported

    @FlyingRobotGirl @AWSSupport Personally, I would, and then deal with any further issues from there.