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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • bklynmaxred Jose L. Munoz (@bklynmaxred) reported

    Global Finance(contd)=...on a public storage server, collected & exposed from two '3rd-party' companies - according to researchers at 'Upguard' security firm; 1 company "Cultura Colectiva" left th 540M records on an Amazon S3 storage server without a password; another backup...

  • KJansenNZ Kim Jansen (@KJansenNZ) reported from Palmerston North City, Manawatu-Wanganui

    @drzax @Podnews @JamesCridland @hearluminary They do have a Luminary/1.0 agent that has appeared in my server logs followed by some random ones from the same IP addresses. Problem is they appear to also use Amazon AWS servers so blocking by IP won't work. No reason they shouldn't be using the same one across the board.

  • IAMZee67 zee67 (@IAMZee67) reported

    @AWSSupport My account was suspended, I can sign in but no access to anything else.

  • widmerkarl Karl Widmer (@widmerkarl) reported

    @AWSSupport I‘m still working on this. Forums doesn‘t help because many people have the same issues with Glacier. I can‘t understand why one cannot delete a Glacier vault through the dashbord nor via API. You first have to empty it. I‘ll let you know how it‘s working.

  • buduguu stalker ni. Neethi siggu rendu Leni kukka ni. (@buduguu) reported

    @Direct_Shooter @IamIVK @pb_tfi_fan Aws growth is slowing down while Amazon margins are shrinking. Growth slow aite market won't value it the same way. Hedge funds backing undi kabatti they don't let it fall down. Pretty much the same way like Tesla

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    And now, the Amazon Q1 earnings call. It's a couple of minutes late, probably due to the @awscloud console issues today. I kid. Mostly.

  • tokenstate Token State (Tokenize the World) (@tokenstate) reported

    @Tazoshi1 @Shaughnessy119 @tonysheng @awscloud Please prove us wrong then by shutting down EOS. If it's centralized you could have it shut down. E-gold was centralized. Stop saying EOS is centralized when it's clearly not.

  • kirkjantzer Kirk Jantzer (@kirkjantzer) reported

    @awscloud #aws console is back 12:18 PM PDT Between 9:11 AM and 12:13 PM PDT we experienced increased error rates for the AWS Management Console in the US-EAST-1 Region. The issue has been resolved and the service is operating normally.

  • TheNickmaster21 Nick Main 🦑 (@TheNickmaster21) reported

    @CM32Roblox @awscloud You might be able to by logging in through a different region. Yesterday we had lambda latency issues and now this. Not exactly thrilled.

  • CM32Roblox CM32 (@CM32Roblox) reported

    @TheNickmaster21 @awscloud Some sort of outage I guess. I can't even log into my console

  • kylejenningsdc Kyle Jennings (@kylejenningsdc) reported

    @awscloud AWS web console has been down for hours

  • mic74mic Michael Linus (@mic74mic) reported

    @MongoDB @awscloud Couldn't join the webinar, keep showing error in zoom

  • seth_avinash Avinash Seth (@seth_avinash) reported

    @awscloud console is down 😫

  • rchrdbyd Richard Boyd 🔬🎉 (@rchrdbyd) reported

    us-east-1 login console is down. I'm still not going to use us-east-2. Nice try @awscloud but us-east-2 will never be a thing.

  • duhaas Duane Haas (@duhaas) reported

    @StanfordRyan @manan_kapadia @awscloud same here, @okta customer, switching URL to us-east-2 fixes problem for us at the moment

  • StanfordRyan Ryan Park (@StanfordRyan) reported

    @manan_kapadia @awscloud My company is seeing the same error. We use SAML SSO authentication, for what it's worth.

  • leojavier1984 leo javier (@leojavier1984) reported

    @awscloud AWS us-east-1 console is down!!!!!

  • khudiamayankino Mayank Khudia (@khudiamayankino) reported

    @gregwchase @awscloud There is supposedly AWS maintenance window, which makes me wonder about 99.999999999 SLA. @awscloud there were no maintenance notifications sent across so definitely it's an OUTAGE

  • Carlos69Dr Loso (@Carlos69Dr) reported

    @AWSSupport I can’t shit down my server, it says that your website is down.

  • troyoholous Troy (@troyoholous) reported

    @awscloud your stuff is down please fix :D

  • arunsr1ni arun (@arunsr1ni) reported

    .@awscloud console is down in us-east-1. I never thought I'd see that day .. ec2 and other services are up though ..

  • rleidle Rob (@rleidle) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @aronchick @QuinnyPig @mjasay @maryjofoley @teroalhonen Everyone sorta knew the absolute number before it was broken out, but I recall almost universal astonishment at the profit margins. Before the breakout the popular assumption was that Amazon retail was propping up a non-profitable AWS.

  • stevemushero Steve Mushero (@stevemushero) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud So true; just got (several copies of) that notice; don't understand it; but already using Cost Explorer data/APis so I guess, think, hope it's not an issue; but who really knows ...

  • jowr_what jowr (@jowr_what) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud later the project ended, as projects do. but the RDS instance persisted, as they do. but the billing moved from the master my personal account/login. it eventually got cleaned up, but it was a nuisance for the entire year long RDS term.

  • suhailrehman Suhail Rehman (@suhailrehman) reported

    In today's edition of obscure errors while programming the cloud, A failed S3 POST request because of a hyphen (-) got replaced by a dash (–) in the form string "form-data", triggering a useless "Conflicting query string parameters: acl, policy" error from S3. 😠 @awscloud

  • 2Excellyourbiz Michael Haynes (@2Excellyourbiz) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud A6: Lack of staff, not working cross functionally. Measurement should be aligned to key customer goals. Relationship surveys and customer dialogue should be part of the measurement process. In B2B these must include decision makers #startupchats

  • SueSutcliffe Sue Sutcliffe 💜 (@SueSutcliffe) reported

    A4 Abandoned shopping carts is when someone on your website starts buying then stops. It’s a huge problem with #eCommerce today and I am writing a column on this right now. @awscloud #StartupChats

  • NAMRockWater NAM (@NAMRockWater) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud Customers feels services solve their problems in profitable , acceptable results

  • Jade_A_Consult Jade Alberts Consulting (@Jade_A_Consult) reported

    @Startup_Canada @awscloud A1 There should be no difference. Unless you have 100% return policy IMO, you need a person to deal with the problems. #StartupChats

  • maniish Manish (@maniish) reported

    @SaadASharif @Assur_Us @a2hosting_alert @a2hosting @awscloud Saad, what would be the pricing for simple html sites on aws cloud. And do they have failover server.

  • Sarath_its_me Sarath_kumar (@Sarath_its_me) reported

    @awscloud @amazon @JeffBezos My services are down for the entire month. I have lost a lot of revenue and lost a lot of business due to the people in amazon support. I also want to mention that Amazon doesn't have any communication between. Amazon cripplled my entire business

  • Sarath_its_me Sarath_kumar (@Sarath_its_me) reported

    @awscloud @amazon @JeffBezos We have recently moved to aws and was looking to expand our business. I want to let you know that the entire experience was bad. To be frank, I have never seen such bad support in my entire life. From the date we moved our services are down.

  • paragdulam Parag Dulam (@paragdulam) reported

    @AWSSupport These links are not helpful, I need to speak with someone and get this issue fixed ASAP and preferably not pay for the services I didn’t use.

  • slatt3rn slattern (@slatt3rn) reported

    @dnvrsangel @BenJoBubble I’m watching on Amazon and apparently S3 isn’t included but when I try to buy PBS it kicks to a broken link. Luckily I’m not done with S2 yet or I’d be throwing things lol.

  • vaindil vaindil (@vaindil) reported

    @awscloud On the GameLift FAQ page there's a link to the AWS Total Cost of Ownership calculator page, the link is broken. Just FYI.

  • clonghb Chris Long (@clonghb) reported

    You can't the "K" key in Photoshop - on a Chromebook students can not "alt-click" to define the clone area, which has been a big problem for us trying to use @awscloud App Stream w/ @googlechrome

  • diogofcunha Diogo Cunha (@diogofcunha) reported from East Ham, England

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud That sounds fair enough, thanks. Just wanted to check online if someone had this problem before and if there were any alternatives 😊. Thank you again

  • zaherg Zaher Ghaibeh 🛡 (@zaherg) reported

    @AWSSupport Thanks, but you guys really need to think about the error messages you provide

  • orless Alexey Valikov (@orless) reported

    Ok, so I officially hit Server.InsufficientInstanceCapacity in @awscloud today.

  • boomerangfish Dennis Clark (@boomerangfish) reported

    @QuinnyPig @jen20 @awscloud @jordannovet I wish I could get my tech-illiterate CEO to understand this. We just moved our on-prem to AWS and he keeps moaning about how it's way more expensive than running our mission-critical servers in a closet...but conveniently forgets the time when our last server closet got flooded

  • ChrisRawlinson Chris Rawlinson (@ChrisRawlinson) reported

    @awscloud Hi there my site is down and can't get hold of anyone for support, can you help at all as has been down now for over 5 hours and cant fix it without your help. Please help (no response on support centre)

  • BrianFarnhill Brian Farnhill (@BrianFarnhill) reported

    @venzann @awscloud @frankarr @buzzyNZ There is a feedback link at the bottom of the page, if you click that you can tell us what type of feedback you have (inaccurate content, broken link, etc) and let us know what you think needs to change. Always happy to get customer feedback on things :)

  • benthompson Ben Thompson (@benthompson) reported

    @derekcapo @eugenewan @katherineykwu @stratechery You could determine Amazon's margin for the first 10 years. That obviously became a problem when AWS emerged, but the company gained hugely by disclosing that. Also, good conversation, but I could do without passive aggressive insults.

  • QuinnyPig Corey Quinn (@QuinnyPig) reported

    @jen20 @awscloud @jordannovet Gah, per month. The management regrets the error.

  • orcastraw Kaitlyn (@orcastraw) reported

    @PastelChum oh dang, maybs some aws outage rip amazon

  • pzb Peter Bowen (@pzb) reported

    @BRIAN_____ @colmmacc I'll poke the team to fix. AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority allows customers to stand up their own CA. The customer manages their own root. It is not any of the Amazon Trust Services public roots.

  • SpittyWoonerism Occasional Muppet (@SpittyWoonerism) reported

    @KhaleesiW @amazon @amazon_policy @awscloud @AmazonHelp On the plus side, you’re moving soon and it becomes someone else’s problem

  • KhaleesiW KhaleesiWildeMFC (@KhaleesiW) reported

    BTW I'm STILL receiving shit I did NOT order from @amazon in MY NAME after repeatedly calling and requesting to have the fake acct in my name shut down. @amazon_policy @awscloud @AmazonHelp Amazon doesn't care about their customers. They only care about making more money.

  • manuel_patrone Manuel Patrone (@manuel_patrone) reported

    I wish we had more people like @kelseyhightower in the industry. No problems recognizing strong points on the competition be that @Azure or @awscloud... and of course learn from them 👍

  • AmbientHex AmbientHex (@AmbientHex) reported

    @awscloud Any reports of RDS losing connectivity this morning. RDS logs full of unable to resolve host errors. Seems to have subsided, but have to reconcile failed transactions now.

  • tejas3732 Tejas Rane (@tejas3732) reported

    Apple spends $30m for AWE Services. #Apple #Amazon #Server @Apple @awscloud @amazon

  • tonypujals Tony Pujals (@tonypujals) reported

    @DeleuGyN @awscloud 3) Ultimately, you will need to run code one way or another -- or else ignore the problems altogether. If you run code, then you will be paying for the CPU time. Fortunately, a big benefit of Envoy is that it was designed to be very lightweight and very fast ...

  • JayTHL JTHL (@JayTHL) reported

    @PhishingAi @awscloud @Azure @digitalocean @malwrhunterteam @packet_Wire @James_inthe_box @JAMESWT_MHT @MalwareJake Maybe @Spam404Online can turn this frown upside down.

  • jbright James Bright (@jbright) reported

    INCREDIBLY frustrating when something changes in @awscloud and a Lambda you've had in production for more than a year has an error when you use the web interface to add a new S3 trigger. I mean the existing trigger works (same bucket) but a 400 on adding a new trigger 🤨

  • yamadori99 Michael Yeadon (@yamadori99) reported

    @ESPNStatsInfo @awscloud Must be a slow day.

  • boutehh bouteh (@boutehh) reported

    @awscloud Terrible company to work for specially in europe

  • mim_Armand mim_Armand (@mim_Armand) reported

    @AWSSupport Sure, I'll try to create a sandbox user pool and reproduce the issue next week and will post the CloudFormation and the steps to reproduce in the forums. Thanks again 🙏

  • j_antman Jason Antman (@j_antman) reported

    I cannot ******* stand the @awscloud services that, when your console session times out, redirect you to the login page and then back to the damn landing page for the service. It's infuriating if you have a few tabs open with queries/etc. when a session times out...

  • iam_Tessot Ozioma Uzoegwu (@iam_Tessot) reported

    @awscloud @heitor_lessa Pls how do i register for this the link is not working

  • Zeepees Zach Pierce (@Zeepees) reported

    @awscloud Amazon MUST be broken up, it is too big and has so many monopolistic attributes and discourages competition. #BreakUpAmazon