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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • Kobypolish Jason Kobylak (@Kobypolish) reported

    @WestleyBraswell @CohhCarnage I doubt BW will helm it. They are up to their eyeballs in bad PR from Anthem. Whole they've taken some.strides to fix the game, there's still basically no new content. Just reskinned concepts from the cataclysm. 2.0 is probably forever away still. So I doubt they will be on KOTOR

  • Agent_Mab ⭕ Agent Mabeobja ☣️ (@Agent_Mab) reported

    @theironized I'm worried it might fall to BioWare, which would be a natural choice, but with all the internal issues they've had and how it has affected ME Andromeda and Anthem, I wouldn't be confident 😕 I just hope Drew Karpyshyn will be on board if this happens.

  • LukeTheAlien Luke Armstrong (@LukeTheAlien) reported

    @anthemgame there's been a couple time ive been playing anthem and my game sound cuts out then my game freezes but i can still move the camera around but i can't move and then after that happening a couple times my game completely freezes and i cant do anything some pls fix that

  • SgtPhoenix_HD Joey / Phoenix (@SgtPhoenix_HD) reported

    Tonight I learned that downloading MW patch 1.13 was actually a risky play, as it has the PS4 Anthem issue where it can just brick your console without warning, among other major issues. How patches like these keep getting through still baffles me.

  • ravipathak59 Ravi (@ravipathak59) reported

    @chaosprimeZ @okl3wis @bioware BW haven't confirmed anything so it's all just rumor. Besides 80% is a huge number considering BW has already moved on LIVE SERVICE DA4 and confirmed to be working on new Mass Effect along with at least 4 new projects. They also have SWTOR running. I'm not sure Anthem has even 8%

  • MsGingerCLE Ms. GingerCLE (@MsGingerCLE) reported

    @rifleman90210 @CNN Funny. My insurance - Anthem - covered it for three years without question or problem. You’re very misinformed.

  • dean_dahl Dean Dahl (@dean_dahl) reported

    @jemelehill Kneeling to protest police bad behavior toward minorities is admirable on the front steps of a problem precinct - doing it during the National anthem is offensive to me and millions of other Americans.

  • okl3wis #TeamLH (@okl3wis) reported

    @chaosprimeZ @bioware should have worked like Coallition. At the release of Gears 5, he made updates until daily to solve problems reported by players, so the gameplay was not broken. Here in ANTHEM you wait months ... Unfortunate


    Broken Social Scene’s “Anthem for a Seventeen Year Old Girl” is on. ****** is sad. I miss my sister.

  • NeoliberalFed Neofed 🌐 (@NeoliberalFed) reported

    @NamiSaxeCoburg BioWare just sucks now tbqh, if you saw the Kotaku article on Anthem most of the issue was horrendous management, fighting between Edmonton and Austin, and a belief that they couldn’t possibly fail because ‘BioWare magic’ would save the day at the last minute lol. Not really EA.

  • FortTarsisHub Fort Tarsis 2.0 [PLAYING: MH:W Iceborne] (@FortTarsisHub) reported

    When people come into a thread with people who are actively enjoying Anthem just to shit all over it, or to continue to beat the drum of "Game is dead" A YEAR LATER, then you're the problem, not the community.

  • EagleWheelBike Chris Daigle (@EagleWheelBike) reported

    @PalmerReport Next, the service anthem will sound suspiciously like the Star Trek theme....

  • WilkesJwilkes41 LocoWitTheFoFo (@WilkesJwilkes41) reported

    @AnthemYour @anthemgame You guys just made me reinstall Anthem I'm hoping my copies glitch issues are sorted

  • DannyOreokay Dantastic Planet (@DannyOreokay) reported

    For people who take great offense to black athletes kneeling during the anthem for “disrespecting veterans,” the GOP really has no problem throwing veterans to the wolves when it suits them.

  • AndyRose12 Cold McDonalds (@AndyRose12) reported

    @pweiser @HeidiKWilliams @CBHC_News Great, thanks. I'll reach out to Mr. Beall. For-profit Anthem adjusting our rates at will is a clear parity violation, as physical/medical gets to bill fee for service without wall street taking a slice.

  • DrPhil_is_In DrPhil (@DrPhil_is_In) reported

    @vazr00 @NFL I have morphed myself into an NBA and hockey fan, still with baseball. BUT there are trouble spots in baseball. I will bail at any anthem or flag issues. @MLB

  • misterdmm Tabloid Wrestling News (@misterdmm) reported

    A year from Pop! WRONG igmos Of PWTORCH. It was about 5 to 10 million plus a year. Problem with Pop was Impact brought in viewers but Pop had no other show to bring in viewers so Pop couldn’t find advertisers for their network. Pop moved Impact back 2 hours when Anthem....

  • FreshCutFry The Frenchiest Fry (@FreshCutFry) reported

    @Adaaaaaammm94 @yuki_shepard @Nibellion Apparently it was in development for years as a single player focused, narrative driven game, before EA decided to overhaul it into a multiplayer Live service game using Anthem's base as a foundation And that was the iteration of the game announced at the game awards

  • yuki_shepard yuki [saber for smash] (@yuki_shepard) reported

    @FreshCutFry @Nibellion Modern bioware isn't even that bad. Anthem was a **** up, but they're at least trying to fix it, and andromeda was made by a newly created support studio, so idk why anyone thinks it reflects bioware as a whole

  • irishrygirl Irishrygirl (@irishrygirl) reported

    Marsha Blackburn has no problem attacking a Purple Heart awarded service man but thinks kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to the military...

  • PeteDurnell Pete Durnell (@PeteDurnell) reported

    @JamesHalpinj1 @Michael57930798 @GrussaMax @Femi_Sorry Turning the EU into 'a nation', complete with its own flag, anthem, army... not a problem of course. Got it.

  • fringe_city :) (@fringe_city) reported

    I think they're all mad at me for telling them that India did not in fact win any award for best national anthem, and ISRO did not in fact create a free internet radio service (that was Norway)

  • SchmelzleRyan Ryan schmelzle (@SchmelzleRyan) reported

    @anthemgame i am having trouble logging into anthem. Giving me pilot data error. Could you help with this please.

  • radana22 Dana (@radana22) reported

    @rainfirecat @julieb31 @PageSix Really .. and his statement about the woman he loves does not mean anything. I remeber people inventing problems at that time when Peter P did same to his daughter on the same balcony and Camilla was caught turned to Carles, all putting a serious face, because the anthem started

  • j_mcnulty54b Pogatta (@j_mcnulty54b) reported

    @jemelehill And it wasn't the Kneeling that started all this, this started with him sitting during the anthem, had he just kneeled to begin with, no one would have had a problem.

  • englisbabu Tweetu Sultan (@englisbabu) reported

    @jslaternyc @SushantSin Folks , who till two months back, had a problem with singing or standing up for the Anthem.

  • ravipathak59 Notorious Anthem Hater (@ravipathak59) reported

    @MP31184330 @DeadZaroc @GOGcom @EA @Ubisoft @SquareEnix @BandaiNamcoUS @wbgames EA abandoned Mass Effect Andromeda and have almost abandoned Anthem as well. All their games past mass effect 2 have been launched rushed, buggy, broken and unfinished. Had Disney not forced them Jedi the Fallen order would have been launched broken and tons of Microtransactions

  • Lionel_Hutz_Esq Let's Go Gophers (@Lionel_Hutz_Esq) reported

    @MarshaBlackburn Woman who claims kneeling during National Anthem is disrespectful to the troops has no problem directly attacking patriotism of a Purple Heart recipient...

  • thelexhex Lex (@thelexhex) reported

    @jonnbc 76 is very buggy -- some would even say it's outright broken. Anthem is just... bad, from what I understand.

  • Dezkiir Dylan Deakin (@Dezkiir) reported

    @SacredIconHalo In a broken buggy state (Fallout 76, Anthem etc)

  • kaiweyn unexpected (@kaiweyn) reported

    @Verdict4489 #diablo4 for sure .. ESVI & fable 4 might be great but.. dragon age 4 is being designed as a GAAS (games as a service) and after BioWares last GAAS fiasco (Anthem) I will not be hyped for their releases until the prove it’s actually a competently built and complete game

  • kaiserwillemii willem 📈🍞 (@kaiserwillemii) reported

    he followed that up with this bizarre rant about how service members aren’t actually allowed to sing the national anthem and how he got hit by a semi truck in the 90s this dude is ****** wild

  • raaaazzzzzzzz smile (@raaaazzzzzzzz) reported

    I can't create a loop Nor cast a spell then BLOOP! I can't even grant three wishes Because of the broken promises. If we're in Neverland Then we can stay all night by the sand Parting ways will never be our problem Because "you don't grow older" is their anthem.

  • outsh1ned (@outsh1ned) reported

    @shashj If you've followed that Anthem+OPM theory it could certainly add intel on that sense for a user. Whether there's any reason to assume CHN hardware is compromised by CHN is another matter. You'll find them up in existing US nets 10 times before you find a 5G issue.

  • ClocworkSoldier Aaron Olson (@ClocworkSoldier) reported

    @EAHelp The new Anthem patch dumped a ton of connection errors on me. Already repaired, am using the “application settings” 100% cpu fix, remade all javelin presets, and I am still getting CTD, pilot errors, and anthem service connection data errors. What the hell...

  • JamesMwadeghu JAMES (@JamesMwadeghu) reported

    @r_wasike @kdfinfo Exactly what am doing here, I am saying it as it is and shaming the act! Cowardice and hypocrisy is not what is embedded in their oath of service & in our National Anthem and our flag which they wear!

  • passerbyview anjaligangoli (@passerbyview) reported

    @DeutscheWelle @inespohl Again, for plebiscite , as per UN agreement, Pak had to withdraw troops from PoK, which they didn't. Kashmir issue is now resolved-200 million absolutely refuse to leave India, sing pro India slogans & national anthem at every chance they get :)

  • Slahiri7 Slahiri (@Slahiri7) reported

    @iSurjeetSharma If even runs ideologies of RSS, what's wrong with it, 8f RSS says lift the tri colour high, then they have problem with it because Congress is not doing it, RSS tells to to sing the national anthem, then they have problem. They are mandating people to respect the country.

  • ClocworkSoldier Aaron Olson (@ClocworkSoldier) reported

    @anthemgame This patch dumped a ton of connection errors on me. Already repaired, am using the Origin “application settings” 100% cpu use fix, have remade all my javelin presets, and I am still getting CTD, pilot errors, and anthem service connection data errors. What on earth is going on...

  • jazzygbiz Glendon Hanna (@jazzygbiz) reported

    @theFrij Already got my ticket. Happy to play the anthem if required. No problem if not required but just wanted to let you know I'm there.

  • ClocworkSoldier Aaron Olson (@ClocworkSoldier) reported

    @EAHelp @AsariSolavellan Already repaired, am using the Origin “application settings” fix, have remade all my javelin presets, and I am still getting CTD, pilot errors, and anthem service connection data errors. This patch just dumped a ton of connection issues on me...

  • Curtis_Bailey Curtis Bailey (@Curtis_Bailey) reported

    @RepJasonCrow Seems like you have been hanging around with the wrong people. The lies you are telling are truly discrediting your service to this country. Next, you will be kneeling for the anthem. #disgrace

  • Daemoroth Daemoroth (@Daemoroth) reported

    @SkillUpYT It's also a problem of the developers not being the marketing team. The marketing team will create all MANNER of BS to generate hype and leave developers with the problem of keeping their promises. See: Anthem

  • BlueHarvest_117 Scott (@BlueHarvest_117) reported

    @PapaShitbag @ChrisRGun Anthem and Andromeda are years worth of mismanagement and it's not about an early release nobody cares about that delay it for 2 years for all I care its about them showing something or at least just admitting to issues because I bet Infinite is more like Andromeda currently

  • No_Pain1080 Lone Wolf (@No_Pain1080) reported

    @objdadon Yeah you're right but it would also be suicide to release a broken game. Fallout, Anthem etc...

  • ADoomMerchant ᴅᴏᴏᴍ | Carth Onasi Hate Blog (@ADoomMerchant) reported

    15min into the project file, got my first "please for the love of god restart the program, i'm outta memory" notification. the good news is this essay doesn't require the constant switching from project to project that the Anthem video did, so Pinnacle's MUCH less likely to crash

  • pighunter3 pighunter (@pighunter3) reported

    @xyzklonkacion @PlayStation At least they didn't ******* abandon it entirely like EA did with Anthem. Square could have just said **** it and made zero attempt to fix or add anything to try and fix the things people had a problem with. You're already going in with zero attempt to give them a chance,**** off

  • AnthemYour Your Anthem (@AnthemYour) reported

    Saw where a lot of people on Discord and Twitter have been having the game crash at Tarsis or upon launch. Easy fix from @EAHelp was to just repair your game via Origin! #anthem #anthemgame #bioware #icetide

  • IlllZero Illl_ZERO_Illl (@IlllZero) reported

    @anthemgame @EA Please just stop... Anthem is done. Stop trying to fix it. Go back to Mass Effect and Dragon Age BioWare..

  • Music_shifted kenz or somethin but with heart eyes (@Music_shifted) reported

    You Should Be Sad by Halsey is the “I tried to fix an unfixable man” anthem

  • tavirarandom tavirarandom (@tavirarandom) reported

    @anthemgame @EAHelp @UNTDrew @Darokaz @CadenHouse Ok, I know some Freelancers that have same problem. If someone else has first of all try to "Repair" Anthem in Origin, it warks for me. If Anthem still will crash try to reinstall a game.

  • runwayinchicago sophie (@runwayinchicago) reported

    @weemethy oh my god it’s problem by unicorns killed my girlfriend 😂😂 an anthem

  • easymmmkay Scoota (@easymmmkay) reported

    @bloodforbloodau A bit of Alphawolf or Fear Factory will fix them up. Then finish them off with Slipknot. 1. No Name 2. Demanufacture 3. The Heretic Anthem Then **** with their head with some Mr Bungle, Squeeze me Macaroni or The Girls of Porn.

  • kartik73 Nosmo King (@kartik73) reported

    @kjshikhar Why should it be a problem when we are already singing the National Anthem at the school assembly every morning.

  • natemcw Territorial Cup Champs ‘17-‘19 (@natemcw) reported

    So I just got vaguely threatened by some old white guy because I told him we may not have an anthem at our sparsely attended soccer game because of technical issues. You woulda thought I literally urinated on a US Flag (which isn’t flying in the stadium, btw.)

  • anjali_gopar Anjali (@anjali_gopar) reported

    @anthemgame There is so many issues with anthem. I was so excited for this game I preordered it and just to be so disappointed and no one is even fixing the game

  • SapperTwoOne Nicholas hammond (@SapperTwoOne) reported

    @ConjureBlk @wraheem @2Photon2020 Unlike MLK There was actual police brutality and I never seen him take a knee during the anthem and MLK far as I know never pushed race issue He wanted be judged on contents of his character and not his skin color I judged kap on what he did, not his skin color

  • Adsinjapan It’s ADAM. He's been watching too much Witcher. (@Adsinjapan) reported

    Went and finally bought a copy of #PokemonSword earlier on today, and I saw the saddest thing on the shelves. Anthem for all of 980yen. Hear me out a sec. It was never a bad game, but it certainly had its issues. It could have been so much more. Breaks my heart to see it /1

  • E4isRight Eagerly Embracing Equality 4 Everyone (@E4isRight) reported

    @NVHealthLink @AnthemBCBS Come to find out this has nothing to do with Anthem. It is entirely the fault of errors made by @NVHealthLink

  • Atulj68 Atul Jain (@Atulj68) reported

    @aajtak @TanushreePande Only if u cud have helped these ladies to get freedom from #Burqa #Halala #Polygamy #Child_Making_Machine instead u r promoting their veiled n fake #Nationlism by sitting outside SC to create pressure...same ppl who have problem to stand even for 2 mins for Ntn'l Anthem