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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  • innocent_mng Innocent (@innocent_mng) reported

    @KgadiRsa @MweliNtobeko Singer or not, you need to know the national anthem but I don't think that's even the problem here. And I don't think from that video alone we can say she needs help. From someone who watched it, it's not what people have put out there to support their one agenda.

  • NAWLESH2k16 NAWLESH KUMAR (@NAWLESH2k16) reported

    @Ram32014095 @mahipalrathore If burning crackers is not the issue why the government cry on deewani to use eco friendly crackers and say no to crackers. At that time , environment comes into consideration. it was much better that people would have sung national anthem at a time .

  • vey_ultimate james victor (@vey_ultimate) reported

    NIGERIA NEW NATIONAL ANTHEM IS = stay safe and stay out of problems cause no one is ready to help not even the government

  • AndrewRalphPC Andrew Ralph (@AndrewRalphPC) reported from Neillstown, Leinster

    My onlllllly issue was the lack of the national anthem .... but look 👀

  • FotoRsr RsR_Foto (@FotoRsr) reported

    @EA good to know anthem is still having trouble after a year. Still constant disconnect.

  • Stormkiller72 Mik Stormkiller (@Stormkiller72) reported

    @GlabrousNito I had the same issue with Anthem on my PS4. People were moaning so hard, ir was like 'nope, I'm done, and you should be too!' CLICK

  • BrandTheWoz Brandon (@BrandTheWoz) reported

    @AlzPrice It's shameful. Disgraceful. Had the staff been out of pocket it would be inexcusable beyond repair. I've got no problem with slating my own club from a business sense, using a club anthem adopted by the fans, as a way of singling Liverpool out amongst many PL clubs is strange.

  • BahamaPapa_ Rev. Fr. Citizen's Army General 🇧🇸🇯🇲🇵🇷 (@BahamaPapa_) reported

    The only people that should have been to the service are Fr. Cartwright, Peter & Ruel. The choir is excessive and I do not like it. These are extreme circumstances and hard decisions have to be made. We would have been fine w/o a sung Psalm and an anthem.

  • sr_apriliyanthi Sri Rahma Ap. (@sr_apriliyanthi) reported

    Anthem for the Broken - Missio

  • AJStillDontCare Botulinum Papi (@AJStillDontCare) reported

    I hope they make an Anthem 2 and fix whatever it is ppl hated about it

  • Behemoth1196 Harris Parmer (@Behemoth1196) reported

    @ATVIAssist @InfinityWard @Activision yall love lying to your community dont you. This coming tuesday will be a week and yall havent done shit to fix anything. Yall give fake promises and dont deliver. No wonder Anthem died so fast. Yall only care about the money that you get from the people.

  • redswave4 Yall deadass voted for Trump... (@redswave4) reported

    @ayoshock @Chicopalo1994 It's still an anthem. I worked at a call center and all I had to say was "brrr umm dum dum" and wasnt nobody getting customer service for a good 10mins, shit got way too lit

  • mtkigz1 Melvin (@mtkigz1) reported

    So far, Good Life ❌- Get Low ✅ Low ❌- Yeah ✅ Up Down ✅ - Saltshaker ❌ Booty Wurk ❌ - No Problems ✅ I’m So Hood ✅ - Throw It Up ❌ Got Money ✅ - Damn ❌ Go Hard ❌ - Tour ✅ Hey Baby ❌ - The Anthem ✅ #tpainVSliljon

  • BrittnieSnaps Brittnie Applon (@BrittnieSnaps) reported

    Yall! Lil Scrappy No Problem was like my anthem in 8th/9th grade.

  • MrBreezyy ---- (@MrBreezyy) reported

    Jon got a hood anthem bag that T pain don’t got. No problems 🔥🔥

  • DeepSixWrestlin Deep Six Wrestling (@DeepSixWrestlin) reported

    Pretty unique and cool opening with them splicing together all of the previous Anthem performances. Still don't like WWE basically out here tooting their own horn when there are so many issues that have come out about these tapings, such as The Miz showing up sick. #WrestleMania

  • hoonprnt masha (@hoonprnt) reported

    omg i accidently matched w a guy who has scream by dc as his anthem he’s a kpoppie he’s gonna out me as a catfish... unless he is not deobi .... in that case it is his problem

  • Vanever211 Vanever (@Vanever211) reported

    @Trickypat72 @PlayStation Great logic... guess any game that launch poorly should just be left to die, instead of using the power of the internet and dedication to fix their mistakes. NMS vs Anthem is day and night. Anthem's dev has shown no intention on delivering on their promise for a 2.0. 1/2

  • CCARKUS Vicarious Road Rage (@CCARKUS) reported


  • juvon_bl11 HimStillNuhWantUh🇯🇲🖤 (@juvon_bl11) reported

    No man cyaan see me and cause problem dem a gyal clown so me walk 'pon dem me no love chat, but me a warn dem tell dem this a real POPSMOKE Anthem

  • KGC_1 Kitty's Game Corner (@KGC_1) reported

    Played a couple of levels in #Anthem. Combat is solid and then again has never been an issue. It was alright playing the season. Sadly it's just more of the same with modificeres

  • Brent_Plonsky Brent Plonsky (@Brent_Plonsky) reported

    @LVNancy @HLAurora63 He is totally correct about this. I feel sorry for those athletes that were kneeling during the National Anthem. They will have to find jobs in the lawn service industry, as not many have real educations.

  • volqx__ Volqx Assistant • (@volqx__) reported

    No guy will ever tell a lady "I've a Girlfriend" when asking her out. Their National Anthem is..." we had issues & we've broken up.😂😂😂😂😂

  • chrisDboss Nwa Chris™ 🦉 (@chrisDboss) reported

    I got a problem If you jonze with me i go pull up with man dem Single the anthem Make we match(march) dem Until dey get sense, wetin dey sup sef 🎶

  • ZodiarkEclipes Alan Martin (@ZodiarkEclipes) reported

    @DeeJ_BNG Gambit is entirely glitch though Gambit Prime is isn't touched also in Gambit the targets " Not Guardian " are highly unstable, this was asked before that it needs to be fixed otherwise it will be another Anthem friends of mine and are I tired of cheaters.

  • CJWillU Chelsea J (@CJWillU) reported

    @HarryDisaOG & most of the ppl shouting blackface don’t know what that really is -and more than 1/2 have a problem with kneeling during the anthem. So forgive me if I seem triggered when ppl come out of left as black culture advocates/ allies to stop promoting blackface.

  • kututwo Mama Bean 🌝🃏 (@kututwo) reported

    @ashleysantosh Natural Anthem - The Postal Service

  • Learies4 Learies (@Learies4) reported

    @BungieHelp "I really hope anthem 2.0 is good" Probably will be a to a subjective degree, every game has its ****** problems and issues though Acting like it's a rare occasion and experience to go through Look at fallout 76, they're literally giving it away at this point

  • pastaslut (haunting music) (@pastaslut) reported

    23. Give Up - The Postal Service - The District Sleeps Alone Tonight - Nothing Better - Natural Anthem

  • BrosephSZN brose (@BrosephSZN) reported

    @MassiveDumps4U @vTRouter @CSGO seriously fmpone needs to be sent to guantanamo bay for what he did to cache that map is dogshit and has more performance issues than anthem

  • jjileum pok (@jjileum) reported

    @TheBigOcean2 @EclipseTTV He also forgot that No Man's Sky flopped harder on launch than Anthem and it took them almost 2 years to fix it. Anthem is currently 1 year and 3-4 months old and a huge update is in the works iirc.

  • NickDB352 ItsNickMane (@NickDB352) reported

    @Disturbed Can we PLEASE have Draiman singing the anthem at the Super Bowl this year man. It’s BS we only get shitty pop “star” trash. Best halftime shows we’ve gotten for like a decade was The Who.. we gotta fix this. I bet this year we get to look forward to ******* Lizzo type shit..💀🔫

  • JohhnyHaze John is a Rare Custom Piece (@JohhnyHaze) reported

    I know a lot of people threw CrasH Talk to the side when it came out but I really think we should consider making Floating (Feat. 21 Savage) a national anthem of sorts

  • The1TrueTurpin Arthur 'Two Sheds' Jackson (@The1TrueTurpin) reported

    I think Bill Withers saw a bunch of middle-class white people facing the first real problem they've ever had turning his song into some lame-ass "We Are The World" unity anthem and was just like "nah, I'm out."

  • entlevx sm@tao17 (@entlevx) reported

    Savage anthem- PND FWM- NLE Choppa Your mrs -JAY1 Trust issues-Drake Split decision-PND

  • LincolnCabWrks Andy Lincoln (@LincolnCabWrks) reported

    @GOPChairwoman I hope the MSM catches on to the anthem"restructure things to fit our vision" It would be nice if it was clear to the American people which people in the Government are not working for them,obviously Jim Clyburn isn't a man of the people.

  • KingMufasah KingMufasah (@KingMufasah) reported

    This is what's disrespectful to service men and women, relieving them of duty for saving lives. Not people kneeling during a national anthem.

  • AivarasJanusaus Fvhhjvddgh (@AivarasJanusaus) reported

    @Activision Fix the error 13 71 people buy game and can't play all over the world , and even when we contact with supp he didit help , not you ban people up so they call supp. This is low and shame .. And not first time am I right biofare Anthem...

  • amezibra ParisGuy (@amezibra) reported

    @FalconStickr @Wiindowlicker75 @A_dmg04 games died in less than that..Anthem for example. A good trials hold people expection for 1y and we get this shitshow of PowerLevel, broken loot structure encouraging exploit, hard light mess. Sorry but it was destiny last chance before , player already left

  • bineeeh_ vhinny (@bineeeh_) reported


  • bineeeh_ vhinny (@bineeeh_) reported


  • ModerateFERN NurseBananahammock (@ModerateFERN) reported

    Still watching #KenBurnsBaseball Problem is, I'm old and episode 3 starts with a really martial version of the Nat'l Anthem & I'm having a pavlovian need to turn off the TV and go to sleep...

  • wooz1kon Jessie - looking for moots (@wooz1kon) reported

    "DON'T FOEGET" started being a heartbreak song about love for a girl but now, slowly because our anthem regarding Hanbin's issue and it just hurts so much to even listen to it

  • skanz0 Allen Lindsay: Empathetic Anarchist (@skanz0) reported

    If you have no problem defacing the flag, you should have no problem with someone burning it, or refusing to stand for it's anthem. Don't be a hypocrite.

  • ASAP_SCOOBZ_ Sir Veza (@ASAP_SCOOBZ_) reported

    @ROSSYMARY93 We've yet to see that amongst inner cities prima! Lol jk I doubt the drs she's at rn has that available atm. Im just waiting for my new health insurance to kick in so i can put her with me on either kaiser/Anthem Blue cross so she'll have better service💯

  • TheBabeLover TheBabeLover (@TheBabeLover) reported

    @rickrossgrunt15 @GambleMike @laczonal89 He's not working on Anthem anymore. He's a producer. So after a game is released, they usually go on other projects

  • LukkaChaves_exe Lamarck (@LukkaChaves_exe) reported

    @GambleMike Yeah , it sucks when a dev decides to delay a game to deliver something polished. The should just release the thing all broken so we can play it. That should be like animal ANTHEM for devs

  • jondekel Jon Dekel (@jondekel) reported

    @noahlove I’m not saying Sloan doesn’t have a similar issue. Money City Maniacs is a sports anthem, after all. They just weren’t as Sports Bro as the Hip. No band’s been Sloooooaaaaned, as hilarious as that would be.

  • Link1709 Link1709 (@Link1709) reported

    @savagecarlos7 @PlayStation This quote only applied to cartridges pre-internet. Now patches and Remasters can fix issues. In super rare cases like FFIV and Anthem games are just reworked entirely.

  • BACfromthedead1 Bigcntry1988 (@BACfromthedead1) reported

    @connectd86 I'm just hoping the Anthem 2.0 update fixes the majority of problems in the game.

  • things_nate NateReviewsThings (@things_nate) reported

    @super__kiti @IsaacKLee Years ago I was at a Cowboys game on Thanksgiving and whoever was supposed to sing the National Anthem had vocal problems at the last minute so they pulled Brian McKnight out of the stands as a replacement and he totally nailed it

  • geeducks gio (@geeducks) reported

    the problem with the national anthem is that it’s a boring and shitty song

  • AlucardCurt kenpachi Wayne (@AlucardCurt) reported

    @jay_d_09 Anthem is broken...

  • janioperez jay (@janioperez) reported

    After a 3rd time listening to PartyMobile, I still don’t like how some of the songs sound. I think the real issue here is his writing, he doesn’t get as descriptive as he once was and it seems lazy. Savage Anthem is really the best track on the album and that Rih feature is trash

  • JcindyinA James A Clark Jr (@JcindyinA) reported

    @JodyLamacchia I lived in Grand Rapids where my husband is from from Aug 2004-Sept 2005. We lived in Indianapolis IN for almost 8 years.. Him manager for the TJX Companies.. me working for Anthem BCBS in phone customer service Oct 2006 to May 2013. Then I kept feeling the need to move

  • ShivamC65424733 Shivam Chaurasiya (@ShivamC65424733) reported

    @ThedevilO1 @Bollywoodprinc We never judged!! They judged us, and asked us to leave our place. The problem is that, thier "akas" openly say we don't acknowledge "nation", flag, anthem, we only believe in Allah. They even dare to say- "Entire world is our homeplace and we will make it Islamic"

  • TOagainstFord Urban Pragmatist 🇨🇦 (@TOagainstFord) reported

    @theunbeliever7 @CBCQueensPark Well, Doug Ford was busy until 3-4 weeks ago, trying to getting 3M to fix... wait for it... blue license plates, thinking about how many billboards would fit along the 401, and passing legislation to sing the UK national anthem once a month at QP. Really important stuff.

  • Richjustoh ❌-ray ☢️⚕️ (@Richjustoh) reported

    POOR Schools like Ntale School, have the longest school anthem because they explain all their problems in it.

  • _RJanay_ Cup of J. (@_RJanay_) reported

    My phone service is acting dumb they must have known the black anthem would play today

  • lapearce mom says wash your hands (@lapearce) reported

    @AZLobo The same person who thinks it should be illegal to kneel for the national anthem thinks it should be legal to spread a deadly disease. This is beyond a civics lesson. These people are deeply broken