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  • pro_zema Pro_zema (@pro_zema) reported

    @bjbigplayer @rxgamble I'm not in NV but I've had more problems getting claims approved with UHC than I ever did with Cigna or Anthem. Cignas doc list on their site is woefully out of date... Need to call them more than I'd like.

  • Sysngn Ian Duncan (@Sysngn) reported

    @Rechabitearalue I respect and understand what you are saying mate. The problem is these days there are too many people that want to show disrespect to the flag and the anthem. I respect the flag and will sing the national anthem with passion

  • frankgoods Frank G 🇨🇦 (@frankgoods) reported

    @shackleshotgun I hope it’s done properly and not given the live service anthem treatment

  • ARHaslage Anthony R. Haslage (@ARHaslage) reported

    I bought Anthem: Legion of Dawn Edition for $5 USD from GameStop and played the introductory mission... I would have gone further, but the game decided to crash... So yeah... It was fun for those first few minutes.

  • kendallcm Kenny (@kendallcm) reported

    i think the problem with the national anthem is that it’s just shitty and boring, i think we should change it to shoota by carti an ***, it actually has meaning unlike the shit spangled banner.

  • kendallcm Kenny (@kendallcm) reported

    i think the problem with the national anthem is that it’s just shitty and boring. They should change it to Star Shopping by Lil Peep, it actually has meaning unlike the star spangled banner

  • Hakumen08 Hakumen08 (@Hakumen08) reported

    @EAHelp anthem is not working on my Xbox one x. It seems to be not working only for me. I have done everything, changed ports, rest my everything including my Xbox. I even factory reset it and uninstalled/reinstalled the game.

  • bensvice Ben (@bensvice) reported

    @CharterisJoshua @RealMarkLatham Or try learning the difference between AFL and NRL before you conflate people singing an anthem driven by RWNJ commentators paid to make it an issue to ******* morons

  • beta_ray_phil Phil K (@beta_ray_phil) reported

    @mistermegative This is shameful, but... Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gears of War 4 Anthem (story) Sekiro (minus the final boss 😡) 500 hours of Destiny 2 300 hours of Apex Legends I’m determined to finish these soon tho... The Outer Worlds Halo Reach RDR2 FFXII I know. I have a problem

  • Yucky_Yuppie Jean Aymar (@Yucky_Yuppie) reported

    @anthemgame @EAHelp Again and again Anthem on Xbox One is unplayable, 4 crash in 30 minutes in freeplay.

  • littlehead72 Chief (@littlehead72) reported

    @KTULNews He kneeled in protest of racial injustice not the anthem, fix the headline.

  • karnex47 Diptarka Das (@karnex47) reported

    @Suke_Bancho @coherentstates @elonmusk Depends on map size. Siege has a smaller map. It will be more problem to load and unload assets. Plus its multiplayer, so env effected by other players need to be persisted. Look at TES, HZD, Anthem etc with larger maps, they need to segment it.

  • djse55 David Smith (@djse55) reported

    @BrianRocks1964 @asmo79 @little_pengelly Indeed but of our own making not dictated to by a few in Brussels who want to create a federal EU, an anthem & an army. Look how the EU treated Ireland when the crash happened. Greece & Italy have been trampled on. Why would the 5th largest economy in the world cow-tail to the EU

  • MarniesMind MarnieC (@MarniesMind) reported

    @ToomeyWright But all these problems will be solved if aboriginal footballers stop singing the national anthem.

  • AndrewLantz2 Andrew Lantz (@AndrewLantz2) reported

    @anthemgame I cant connect to the game all day I just keep getting a message saying the Anthem service is currently unavailable. Please help.

  • tylerdils Dils (@tylerdils) reported

    If we replaced the national anthem with Takeoff’s verse on Deadz at least half of the country’s problems would be solved

  • MidnightInferno Ryan (@MidnightInferno) reported

    Well I bought Anthem Legion of Dawn for $5 and they better fix it to be a good game because rn they should have payed me $5.

  • RainMirron Rain Mirron (@RainMirron) reported

    It's ironic that the same people who are literally threatening treason are often the same people that have a problem with kneeling during the national anthem. I guess it's symbols > substance to them.

  • LifeAs_Chey 🎅🏼ℂ𝕙𝕖𝕪𝕖𝕟𝕟𝕖 🎄 (@LifeAs_Chey) reported

    The fact that the @NFL is STILL going forward with "honoring" the monster that is #MichaelVick has me ao ******* mad right now. You people had such a problem with #ColinKapernick taking a knee during the national anthem (which never physically hurt a single person) and

  • Saybin_Iacere Saybin Iacere (@Saybin_Iacere) reported from Spruce Grove, Alberta

    When Anger Cephalon "likes" something... It can't be all that bad. Same thoughts as her. Its got its issues. But it's no Anthem. ;)

  • ngari76 jakichan (@ngari76) reported

    @FOXNRL No ones bigger than the game. This anthem issue started with the NFL and now creeping in over here. I reckon the All Blacks would kick any player out of their team for not singing the anthem or refusing to do the haka. Wake up and work out who writes the cheques

  • Mesut_Ausil Dave (@Mesut_Ausil) reported

    @Daniel5Faulkner Patriotism sucks. The anthem sucks. There are loads of issues. It's possible to care about more than one thing at the same time

  • Daniel5Faulkner Dan is a baby yoda (@Daniel5Faulkner) reported

    I hate opinions like this. So is this a way to get a new anthem or just nothing... where the hell has the patriotism gone... y'all live in one of the best damn countries in the world. Stop being so damned privelaged. There are bigger issues

  • dwatsonhayes Daniel Watson Hayes™ (@dwatsonhayes) reported

    @RL__Talk Majority of Australians of Aboriginal and Torres Strait heritage have no issue with the anthem and are proud to be Australian. You are testament to this. But that’s the problem in this country. Not everyone sees themself as an Australian first, hence are offended and aggrieved

  • hattia_ Hattia. (@hattia_) reported

    Swear to god i could be dead in the face with no emotion But let an absolute big booty *** anthem like fkin problems or a full on banger come on Watch me get possessed 😂😂😭😭😂

  • DvdHntr DvdHntr (@DvdHntr) reported

    @JamesSmith1001 I don't agree that our anthem is dumb. But I also don't have an issue with indigenous players not singing it.

  • jrp26bc J P 🌟 (@jrp26bc) reported

    @bigdaddyyX @InspireMe2287 I can agree w/ that. Him standing/kneeling is of no issue to me b/c I was never one that was always still fit the anthem. Just somewhere along the line I think the message morphed from the brutality to something completely different and him being a victim.

  • YoungCapone__ Natividad Senpai ⚡️ (@YoungCapone__) reported

    Dang I guess they was having issues before filming the music video for party rock anthem

  • paulgknox Paul Knox (@paulgknox) reported

    @KarenUrbanoski @ZoeDodd Maybe we could get back to the issue here, which is freedom of personal creed, not treatment efficacy. It’s illegal to require someone to profess a faith they don’t believe in. The tribunal decision reaffirms that. Next up: get God and the cross out of our national anthem.

  • ThundermaceAus Thundermace 🌩 (@ThundermaceAus) reported

    @reckz_b Just to clarify, I hate live service games as well. Just make a good game first. Otherwise you get anthem, no one wants anthem

  • Stonean69064934 Macavity the mystery cat (@Stonean69064934) reported

    @AuntyHindutva National anthem will pose another have to stand all the time

  • Voxelsaurus_Vex Voxelsaurus Vex (@Voxelsaurus_Vex) reported

    @Futterish @DoesItPlay1 @Morfid_plays @desgamesyt Eg: mandatory live service games, games like Anthem, Fallout 76, The. Division all have expiry dates and won't be supported forever, this dropping support and the game will eventually be rendered unplayable by future generations.

  • PlansRjp Robert John Phelan (@PlansRjp) reported

    @therealsteavis @TheRobinsfromOz @MauriceCondran @chrissmithonair @pm_live @RLPlayers @NRL @nyunggai But why does it seem it is only an issue with RL players .... no other indigenous sports people seem to have dramas with the anthem 🤔🤔🤔

  • samswhiteclaw 𝕤𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕚𝕒 (ᗷIᖇTᕼᗪᗩY ᘜIᖇᒪ🎈) (@samswhiteclaw) reported

    New gc called 𝓢𝓪𝓶'𝓼 𝔀𝓱𝓲𝓽𝓮𝓬𝓵𝓪𝔀𝓼🥂 To be in the rules are... -Stan @SamGolbach -be nice -learn how to take a joke -our anthem is "𝑠𝑎𝑚'𝑠 𝑟𝑜𝑜𝑚" -become close -rt/reply to be in And if you have a problem with someone dm me, if this flops Corey tweeted it.

  • DarrenKilminst1 Darren from Newy (@DarrenKilminst1) reported

    @beerboy182 @suthodan @NotMario05 @yeahvictoriaaa_ I'd have more respect for those screaming about this anthem issue if they just came out and admitted they're bigoted.

  • ravisomarapu ravi somarapu (@ravisomarapu) reported

    @sardesairajdeep Yeah, may be once upon a time. Now, some of you problem with Vandemataram, standing up for National Anthem, Hindusthan, Majority, Common civil code (non religious but constitutional) and what not. You guys are destructor of the idea of a sovereign Nation.

  • DarrenKilminst1 Darren from Newy (@DarrenKilminst1) reported

    @thecouchcoach05 @March_Fly @Josh99Coleman @FOXNRL I don't disagree. People need to take ownership of their issues. But some of these problems are generational. Most poor 'white suburbs have similar issues. Reconciliation does cut both ways but if changing the anthem helps what's the issue.

  • DarrenKilminst1 Darren from Newy (@DarrenKilminst1) reported

    @thecouchcoach05 @March_Fly @Josh99Coleman @FOXNRL I understand what you're saying and it demonstrates that words matter. I think it's a shit anthem but I don't lose sleep over it. It's clearly an issue to some First Nations people. Maybe a discussion is better than the way some people carry on.

  • xHipHopHippyxx Seth McSamuels (@xHipHopHippyxx) reported

    @bioware @anthemgame so when I updated the game anthem it reset my whole character and story progress on my xbox account. Literally my level, gear everything is back to the beginning of the game I have no idea why but please tell me you can fix this

  • Josh99Coleman Josh Coleman (@Josh99Coleman) reported

    @ShanrusBrand @chrissmithonair I’m not indigenous so I’m not going to write an anthem. Best way to do it is to get everyone to sit down and write one together. Problem is that the government doesn’t want to change the anthem so there’s no way to do that, the government needs to be open to the idea first

  • ShanrusBrand Shannon Russell (@ShanrusBrand) reported

    @Josh99Coleman @chrissmithonair Again, someone complaining but not coming up with the ANSWER! Anyone can say make a new anthem. If you are that passionate, write a new one! That’s the problem, many whinging yet not willing to do anything!

  • DavidLeyonhjelm David Leyonhjelm (@DavidLeyonhjelm) reported

    @telegraph_sport @dailytelegraph @travismeyn No problem as long as they don't expect to be funded by those whose national anthem they don't want.

  • TAndvig King Boo (@TAndvig) reported

    @MichaelPHuber Have to disagree with you there, there is a clear difference between bad quality and good quality of a video game. Anthem is a good example of a bad game. If something is riddled with tech issues, that is bad. However, if we are talking concepts, that might be more subjective.

  • AyAyRon86 AyAyRon (@AyAyRon86) reported from Bexleyheath, England

    Ooh, typo, but Varty is the surname of my bestie. Maybe I’ll just write her name on the ballot. The Varty Party manifesto includes mandatory national service in twerking lessons; nationalised WKD Blue; and a new national anthem by Lady Sovereign

  • doomkeaper Doomkeaper (@doomkeaper) reported

    @Chaosyn @KingParesseux @TouchedByChaos @Syringo81 @SM0KEsinister @anthemgame I don’t think it’s entitled to want consequences for a company who miss led and lied to consumers. It’s not about liking the game or not. It’s about a pattern of behavior by games companies that is terrible for consumers. Anthem is only a symptom of the larger problem.

  • britneysho J.H. Jamshidi 🌈 (@britneysho) reported

    @WatashiGuru @Cheryl1572 @NateSilver538 The 5-year average profit margin of Anthem (Blue Cross) is 3.8%. Pfizer's average is 24.84% and peaked at 89.57%. Gilead is 32.91%. Labcorp is 30.32%. HCA is 6.35%. Abbott Labs is 10%. Medtronic is 12.85%. Air evac industry is 15.7% The problem is supply side, not the payer.

  • Chaosyn Chuck Adams (@Chaosyn) reported

    @KingParesseux @TouchedByChaos @Syringo81 @SM0KEsinister @anthemgame Fallout 76 still holds that title and continues to get worse. Anthem actually fixed all the major issues I personally had with it,and I haven't stopped playing it since.

  • 2640b5a95f564d1 Tom Coatsworth (@2640b5a95f564d1) reported

    @curryspcworld Hey! I bought Anthem for Xbox and was promised 6 months of Spotify premium... not received and NO response from customer service!

  • Nomdeeee Kyogre Jenner (@Nomdeeee) reported

    @kcgreenn I can enjoy those LIVE SERVICE games for a period of time but boy was anthem almost immediately a pile of shit

  • tylerkellum1 tyler kellum (@tylerkellum1) reported

    @BungieHelp I don’t get why there’s complaining at all honestly it’s like I mean they could not fix the bugs say eff it and then you’ve paid for shit... at least they care enough to fix it... I mean all reality the could be like ea and this could be anthem... BUT ITS NOT BECAUSE BUNGIE CARES

  • stevemaddo S_t_e_v_e (@stevemaddo) reported

    @EASTS1908 @telegraph_sport Lack of inclusiveness is the issue with the anthem.

  • annasmelon taylor swift (@annasmelon) reported

    @goIdenhaylor @gazeboez like she really said that with her whole chest as if it isnt our national anthem like damn she wont even respect us for our service💔💔

  • kbea_us4 KellyE (@kbea_us4) reported

    @project_72 @Bolt_RSS We already have a national anthem that recognises ALL Australians.. that some petty whingers think otherwise, is their problem. No one else cares!

  • NRL_Oracle The Big O (@NRL_Oracle) reported

    @Coconutdog01 @RealMarkLatham Not at all and that's such a regressive way at looking at the issue. You can support Australia and not support the anthem. A peaceful protest is exactly the right way to do so. Try to understand the reasons why before getting so upset.

  • alicia_lukas Alicia Lukas (@alicia_lukas) reported

    @Davescharacters #ooc it’s not bad now. BioWare released patches to fix facial glitches and some quests that didn’t trigger. EA ruined Anthem for them and they are in the process of ruining DA:4. But with Jedi fallen orders success there’s rumours EA are backing off

  • Pedromacal Peter (@Pedromacal) reported

    @Josh99Coleman No issue with me if he sings it or not. Corey Thompson or anyone else. I hate to say it but we should follow the Kiwis lead and cover both cultures in the anthem.

  • wingi87579139 wingi (@wingi87579139) reported

    @Bolt_RSS Easy fix don’t stand for the national anthem no problem you don’t play you don’t get paid simple

  • sandylanceley Sandy Lanceley (@sandylanceley) reported

    @WestSydneySport Problem is a new anthem is way down the list. I’d like a new anthem anyway, it’s pretty crappy, but it’s not going to happen before a republic and other issues.

  • MrSoandso82 Mr Soandso (@MrSoandso82) reported

    @bioware #Anthem 2.0 #AnthemGame @anthemgame Dragon Age as a service... This is gonna be good...

  • Eddiecee23 Prank Sinatra (@Eddiecee23) reported

    @dj_RTistic Double Dip - Problem + Ty Dolla $ign. Especially in 2011. There was no reason that song shouldn't have been a summer anthem. Never took off like I thought it would.