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  • jnwilliams0711 jnwilliams0711 (@jnwilliams0711) reported

    @sunshine0777 @gianmaster191 @ava Excuse me, but I don’t hate & I didn’t personally attack you or anyone. I know lots of service people that don’t watch his team play because they are playing the national anthem. I guess you don’t know that police attacks happen to all. The news only wants to antagonize

  • JWebsterwriter Jason Webster (@JWebsterwriter) reported

    @gareththomas54 The problem being that no one has ever been able to define what 'Spanishness' is. Hence no lyrics for the national anthem

  • Crispy_Rapcakes Changer_of_names (@Crispy_Rapcakes) reported

    @ant_917 @evilnoob Where No Man's Sky has finally become what it was supposed to be initially, Anthem's team has been hacked away to nothing and it's a matter of time until they switch off life support. It's very dead, broken and lacking in any content.

  • vishwamohit विश्व मोहित (@vishwamohit) reported

    @prathamkansal @vivekagnihotri Treatment is nationalism, When they argue on basis of religion put the view why 'unsafe minority ' have - Issue with national anthem. - crackers on pakistan winning of match - taking side of terrorists - right of women I assure u ,they won't say anything. Again

  • KillaMacka Killa Mačka (@KillaMacka) reported

    @CapObviousN7 @cesarbenitez21 @bioware @ZoeBadini @EA If they don't fix it their next project (DA4) will be a financial flop. At least Anthem made them money initially and is already a mostly complete game. It would be cheaper to fix Anthem in the short term than to waste a fortune on DA4, which won't even break profit.

  • NYCritix The Critic (@NYCritix) reported from Queens, New York

    @nahhChad @cminnis215 @Kazhooulte1 @TheRoot It was respectful. He didn't curse. He didn't scream. He kneeled quietly to open a discussion on a serious issue. What you guys did in response was disrespectful. Not only to the issues, and the quiet show of solidarity, but to the ideals of the very anthem you rallied behind.

  • CarisaJones2 Carisa Jones (@CarisaJones2) reported

    @the_fashionball what your saying about Megan was totally bias...look at Kate during the anthem she was not even looking up...she was looking down at her kids...Stop with all the bull about what Megan should b doing...You haters are just waiting for her and Harry to have problems

  • Stanly_da_gamer Dimitri Jacques (@Stanly_da_gamer) reported

    @GameSpot How about ea fix anthem.... that game went from most anticipated to biggest flop

  • Sirson Austin Faruzzi (@Sirson) reported

    @BellularGaming Imagine a media outlet exaggerating issues to get clicks what a crazy idea.. btw I hope we get some more Anthem and FO76 vids

  • RSquared1978 Richard K. S. (@RSquared1978) reported

    @tredilxy I grok. I find the costs and the perceived profiteering for a needed service (b/c said employers don't pony up) disturbing too. Besides, I couldn't resist getting in a dig at Anthem-Bioware, you can do better!

  • Generalkidd Generalkidd (@Generalkidd) reported

    @benoski73 Anthem's Legion Of Dawn edition was actually on sale at gamestop for around that same price not too long ago. I already owned it on PC but I actually did enjoy the game enough to pick it up for Xbox since it's so cheap now. The game has its issues but it's still fun for me.

  • Smith26Brian Brian_Smith26 (@Smith26Brian) reported

    I’m at the @AZCardinals game breaks my heart to see so many men not remove their hat for our national anthem!!! You can still have pride, even if you think the system is broken.

  • Nayjeff1 Nathaniel Chelang'a (@Nayjeff1) reported

    @harrisonmumia KTN these are just ill bred, ignorant people. They should forget infact not keep in their minds the issue of changing the lines in the Anthem kama wamechoka nayo wakae na mama zao. God is real and he really exists. #AgainstAllGods

  • CagleMobile Evo Live (@CagleMobile) reported

    @CheyOsrs Buffalo wild wings will not get service from me or my family untill they feel like playing the national anthem on ball games on tv with out fearing of offending someone no from this country if they dont like it they shouldn't have came to our country

  • MCJaruu Nehal Jaruu (Norm) (@MCJaruu) reported

    Screw Blizzard with their half assed backpedaling. Think of it this way, an NFL player can take a knee during the National Anthem, no problem. It's like these miserable greedy sycophants don't know what communism is.

  • cjisok1 C.J.M. (@cjisok1) reported

    The problem the NBA and other so called “woke” global enterprises have lies in the obvious hypocrisy of their positions. I wonder if they are going to take a knee when the Chinese national anthem is played...

  • ebi_warrens Perfectly fried plantain (@ebi_warrens) reported

    Nigerian men, you really need to take a step back and fix yourselves. We are not the ones ****** ourselves. It's not ghosts that are ****** us oh. But your national anthem is "notallmen".

  • salesxpert81 Ma$ter T! (@salesxpert81) reported

    @Mahomes4Prez @theshandylife @STEFisDOPE @darNoemie @TcatMPS Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have actually invited the players on their platforms to discuss perspectives. The issue was about the lack of regard for the anthem. Many people consider the National Anthem to be something of great importance....

  • bobt2511 Robert Turner (@bobt2511) reported

    @NearlyThere19 The problem with your argument “Nearly There 19” is that the EU is not a country so it’s Flag is irrelevant. To put it politely shove the EU Flag and it’s anthem up your arse where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • ghoast_ebooks ghoast_ebooks (@ghoast_ebooks) reported

    where needed. 👹 try this High. anthem service just Yup neighborhood, any... at Damn instead offer

  • RapperWuMaoYi 51 Cent (@RapperWuMaoYi) reported

    @snarnujhig @bodhibrian @joshuawongcf @nomibwave @SarahLa78176576 @DanielDumbrill @CMAGracias @NgauLamMein Stay on topic, he wasn't descecrating a flag. It's legal to sing any national anthem in Hong Kong and your precious America. Don't try to detract from your massive error by changing it to a totally different statement. Isis flags are NOT illegal in USA.

  • adilrizvi30 Adil Rizvi (@adilrizvi30) reported

    I absolutely have no issue in standing for national anthem before a movie but still I would like to know based on what logic this decision was passed by supreme court.

  • hhhuson H. Huson (@hhhuson) reported

    @jlhuddleston @peabodypress my problem with his examples is that he is drawing what I call a false moral equivalency, few examples, Tami Lauhren eloquently criticized Colin, Colin refused to stand for the national anthem citing police brutality on a mass scale, yet was never able to cite the brutality

  • Magneto1959 Sack_the_SAQ (@Magneto1959) reported

    @davidpaulk But they can kneel during the national anthem without problem !

  • 1KidSweezy Kid Sweezy (@1KidSweezy) reported

    Imagine your country’s national anthem mocks the people it killed off who are now 1.5% of the population. If you can’t see America’s repetitive racism, you never will. You’re the problem.

  • Lorekeeper1912 Lorekeeper1912 (@Lorekeeper1912) reported

    @TheAlcaeus @GameSpot They put a lot of resources into Anthem. Bioware's Edmonton branch was responsible for developing it, they actually shifted resources away from MEA to develop Anthem. Anthem sucks causes its basically a Destiny knockoff with broken gameplay.

  • DarkArchon2090 DarkArchon2090 (@DarkArchon2090) reported from Houston, Texas

    Sometimes I’m glad I skipped it. Yea it has potential, but I don’t think EA cares to fix the problem. Plus BioWare has no clue how to take the game in the right direction. #Anthem

  • Timinator_5000 Timothy (@Timinator_5000) reported

    @laura See reaction to taking a knee. Never was about protesting anthem or military. Just a way to bring attention to the issues of police and such. They try to spin it but it was originally about treatment of race in America

  • RealDrewWalker1 Drew Walker (@RealDrewWalker1) reported

    @SCSCAKA @8NEWS But that’s exactly what it was: disrespect for the flag, anthem, soldiers, vets, and our freedom. His intentions were completely misdirected. Social injustice doesn’t start with the flag or the anthem. It starts with intentional, directed action toward the problem.

  • bolger14 Will Bolger (@bolger14) reported

    @DAVIDCARROLL3 @ShaunnATLFan86 I was there for Game 5 and noticed during the national anthem half the Braves weren’t even on the field and the rest were scattered about as the Cardinals stood together unified. Seems small but also seemed like chemistry problems.

  • drcoolness Chris DeSilvs (@drcoolness) reported

    @Voxelsaurus_Vex @GhostRecon I do understand your point about relying on a server that does make sense. Like most live games at launch the first few days so they run lousy I agree whether it’s destiny anthem or Call of duty now that it’s been out for a week so the service issues are 1 million times better

  • funny_attorney Asit Ranjan Panigrahi (@funny_attorney) reported

    Well may be she didn't feel like standing May be she is brave enough not to be afraid of people like you I don't see any problem in this video She is sitting quietly not disturbing the anthem

  • krueger_nan Freddy Krueger's Nan (@krueger_nan) reported

    I don't want to be associated with these ******* pricks I don't want to be associated with the royal family I don't want to sing "our" poxy national anthem I don't want England fans to like me If you've got a problem with that then **** you as well Liverpool is my team YNWA

  • desiattitude 🇵🇰 | پاکستان (@desiattitude) reported

    @Dr_fizakhan @mubasherlucman @MasudAKhan6 @AMShahidLatif @ARYSabirshaakir i requested you to raise this issue. This is very disrespectful for me and whole nation as Pakistani. Please highlight this and get these culprits who made fun to our anthem behind bars.. thanks.

  • Goodgom1 Goodgom (@Goodgom1) reported

    @sahneydeepak like the government and the indication is standing up for national anthem! Strange.There are few good things that this govt has done. At the same time there are 100s of things this govt is not doing right or spoiling!The economic problem was created by this govt -demonetisation.

  • J25762190 Jazz (@J25762190) reported

    Main problem with Anthem is the servers. They keep crashing, even in single player sections or in town.

  • leyo_5 Leonardo Papa (@leyo_5) reported

    @nicolascq23 He didn't protest against the NFL or any private organization of the NFL. He protested to defend the afro American and the minorities. If people believe that singing an anthem is more important than protesting for people who died and will die, then the problem is way bigger

  • BruceElkwood ʇsǝʍʎuᴉɐɹ (@BruceElkwood) reported

    Don't "Thank me for my service." I wasn't serving the U.S.. It was made clear every Sat. morning at USAF Officer Training School while we ended our weekly parade at attention to listen to the Saudi Arabian National Anthem just who we would be serving, fighting and dying for...

  • YVSTLaflare INOYVST (@YVSTLaflare) reported

    @KkanObeso @69WithTheAfro @mbken84 @jaykash7 @krfinuf33 @RaymondStone @willcolon66 @Fitz2314 @CWilliamson44 @steelers Because first it was "he disrespected veterans" even tho Marshawn Lynch stated he hadn't stood for the anthem in YEARS it just wasn't an issue because he never said WHY. Hell kap didn't stand for weeks no one cared until he said why. If yu gone play dumb move on

  • digitalsherman Idiot Stick (@digitalsherman) reported

    Hey @LaymenGaming - imagine being on a cruise ship, in a hurricane and the name of the boat is "Anthem Of The Seas" 😂😂 Hopefully the boat doesn't crash and burn like the game did lol.

  • paramedic141 paramedic14 (@paramedic141) reported

    @MorganZegers @YAAS_America He’d be forced to stand for Chinese National anthem of course he’d probably have no problem with

  • luiginop24 Gino Pirro (@luiginop24) reported

    @rwiley55 @atxpunkrock @phillyjt3 @globalerica @E_Reid35 @Kaepernick7 Is kneeling during the national Anthem really taking a stand. If they want to take a real stand they should go to the city hall and protest and talk to the city counsel people about the problem. I will respect them or maybe even join them if they were to do that.

  • MoshPitWario 🎃 Sterling Murder💀 (@MoshPitWario) reported

    If the national anthem is on your casual listening playlist, you're the problem. Take the boot out of your mouth and give me my aux cord back

  • Martin76149236 Martin (@Martin76149236) reported

    @EAHelp Hi i bought Anthem in September, played for 4 days no problems, fifth day couldn't get on. Connection problems, ( error updating pilot data) ,(error retrieving Anthem live service data). Theres no problems at my end and i know theres problems at your end. Some help please

  • RobertMLewis Robert. M. Lewis (@RobertMLewis) reported

    @Feiryred @the_real_ding @berniespofforth @JamesMelville A civil service with town anthem and army, and ability waste money at will.

  • SeadogDriftwood I am no prophet; I am no warrior - I am a musician (@SeadogDriftwood) reported

    @newscientist @airandspace (It's the degree of blatantness that I take issue with: a good anthem should leave some room for reflection and interpretation) Just because you like something shouldn't make it beyond reproach.

  • KiwloEbooks Kiwlo Ebooks (@KiwloEbooks) reported

    The world's problems under Obama. I for being able to be national anthem.

  • j_williams514 Javon Williams (@j_williams514) reported

    @SFY @RicBucher “If kaep had an issue with standing for anthem, he should have gone to his owners to express his opinions” this is stupid. It’s gutless nba and players aren’t at least defending Morey.

  • wild_puss wild CAT (@wild_puss) reported

    @Kaepernick7 Can't believe had it all with SF and the NFL and through it all away.... there a better time to show your protest of rights and race... BUT WHEN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM PLAYS... our flag, SOLDIERS,& COUNTRY , has nothing to do with your BULLSHIT problems..

  • soulkibble Soulnipple (Commissions Open) (@soulkibble) reported

    @The_GreatPlague @TheCreatureHero @ColumbiaBugle I know. But I have very right to take issue with people getting pissy with protesting. Like when people took so much offense at kneeling during the national anthem.

  • secular85552725 secular (@secular85552725) reported

    @FieldYates Kaepernick has said he will resume Anthem protests if he returns to the NFL. This is his problem with the League. Lets all be clear about this.

  • secular85552725 secular (@secular85552725) reported

    @Espngreeny Kaepernick has vowed to resume Anthem protests if he returns to the NFL. This is his problem with the League.

  • secular85552725 secular (@secular85552725) reported

    @AdamSchefter @SportsCenter Kaepernick has vowed to resume Anthem protests if he returns to the league. His agents should be clear that this is the problem.

  • MoAden2000 Mohamud A Aden (@MoAden2000) reported

    @KTNNewsKE @KTNKenya @BBCAfrica The guy should be bold enough. He has a problem with the acknowledgement of God in The National Anthem. Atheism is not a religion & the Constitution discriminates none.

  • djbaz2k2 Djbaz2k2 (@djbaz2k2) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA Obviously everything you guys touch is broken 😂 anthem=broken fifa =broken what else is broken 🤔

  • kthluvr_ Somi ♡ (@kthluvr_) reported


  • ezeddiel Eddie Lopez (@ezeddiel) reported

    @KellyFBabi @WhoopiGoldberg There in lies the problem. You are assuming that people have a problem by doing it any time other than the anthem. I can only speak for myself and many people that I personally know that have no problem whatsoever.I am in full support with anyone exercising their right to protest

  • PopsDuffield Pops Duffield (@PopsDuffield) reported

    @LtaxNf @NorCal_Mendo I shouldn’t doubt an expert on the tax issues of the nfl, your name is actually nfltaxfacts, & second I no longer watch the nfl ever since the keapernick anthem issue. Perhaps I’ll re-text and substitute nfl with amazon if it makes you feel better

  • joeyrods joeyrod (@joeyrods) reported

    @nikefootball Hey it’s the cowards who have no problem supporting taking a knee to the national anthem but don’t stand up to China taking Hong Kong’s freedom away. #Hypocrisy

  • joeyrods joeyrod (@joeyrods) reported

    @nikebasketball @KingJames Hey it’s the cowards who have no problem supporting taking a knee to the national anthem but don’t stand up to China taking Hong Kong’s freedom away. #Hypocrisy