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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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February 23: Problems at Anthem

Anthem is having issues since 10:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (53.30%)
  • Online Play (16.33%)
  • Game Crash (15.76%)
  • Glitches (9.46%)
  • Matchmaking (5.16%)

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  • jacetenor Jace Hernandez (@jacetenor) reported

    Had to stop playing #Anthem tonight because of optimization issues. My comp runs Destiny 2 on Ultra - tonight I could barely play Anthem on medium/low. Character would keep walking after I stopped trying to move, freezing up, lag, it was so bad. 😡😡😡 @anthemgame @EAHelp

  • bakkenator Jøsh Ba2ker (@bakkenator) reported

    Had to update #Anthem before I could start my 10 hour free trial & I only have 6 hours of play time left when I haven't even played the game yet. But it doesn't really matter because the game couldn't get past the terms & service page without crashing. #WelldoneEA 😂

  • cmdshft cmdshft (@cmdshft) reported

    3rd Anthem crash tonight. Holy **** this is annoying.

  • corvoattvno ☆ sarah ☆ (@corvoattvno) reported

    here's my one real problem with anthem, and it's a stupid one: i already really like destiny, and yet i never play it with anyone. i can't see myself effectively splitting time between multiple mmorpgs

  • AngryJoeShow Joe Vargas (@AngryJoeShow) reported

    @Pyrpel Thanks man! It's a-okay to like Anthem. And don't take it personally if people are negative on it. I really want to like it more than I do! I hope they do fix it and learn from this.

  • jacob_altair Jacob Lucas (@jacob_altair) reported

    @anthemgame @EA why is anthem not allowing me in after trying to log in and giving a bunch of messages say error retrieving Anthem live data I am furious I really want to play and this keeps popping up I am so tired of this happening can you guys fix it

  • SoftestPuppy I'M PUPY (@SoftestPuppy) reported

    The new Anthem patch is making it crash again. Which sucks because I'm at what is probably the last mission too.

  • AdenCenter aden center (@AdenCenter) reported

    @anthemgame @steelsuit Playing on ps4 and after I do anything that would send through the recap screen that shows all the exp and items you have obtained i get booted out of the server saying that there was an error retrieving anthem live service data

  • ause7en #CardiacAUrrest🏀 (@ause7en) reported

    If you’re upset at the #OleMiss kids protesting during the anthem but have ZERO problems with the KKK rally at the square in Oxford’re part of the problem. I don’t like “anthem protest” either...but...BIG BUT...

  • LonoSG Lono (@LonoSG) reported

    Third time tonight in #Anthem where at the end of a mission I have a server connection problem. So I get screwed out of the mission zip and rewards. What the hell.

  • KillianSam2011 Bring Back PREY2 (@KillianSam2011) reported

    Guess we can add #Anthem to the list of "service games by a big publisher that launched horribly".

  • c_joneshm Chris (@c_joneshm) reported

    @Breety5 My man, anyone who tells you it is disrespectful to veterans has lost sign of the oath they took. While the flag an anthem may represent what we hold dear to our beliefs, that service was to one thing and that was the protection of the Constitution.

  • ShadowRaiden Raiden (@ShadowRaiden) reported

    @HappyWarthog @BikeManStream im not sure it would have done anything for either game. Andromeda issues i feel were issues long before the team got pulled to work on Anthem.

  • hotrodsNtrexs richard (@hotrodsNtrexs) reported

    @AskPlayStation cant launch anthem on ps4. Just keep getting errors.

  • jakemabbott Jacob Abbott 🇬🇧🇨🇦 (@jakemabbott) reported

    @Leninisten @MarkusBarkus2 @AngryJoeShow It’s your opinion that Anthem isn’t creative, not necessarily shared by other people. Understand this. Secondly, live service implies there will be things to do after the grind 😆 Believe me, I’m the last person to defend EA after all their BS, but this one is way overblown.

  • hotrodsNtrexs richard (@hotrodsNtrexs) reported

    @EAHelp anthem will not launch. Just keep getting errors.

  • DevanwitanA IG: @tran.devan (@DevanwitanA) reported

    @bioware fix your loading time for anthem

  • Unhidden_ YoungAsh😈 (@Unhidden_) reported

    @EAHelp I can’t load into anthem because of a “error” connection and when i do load into the game it kicks me out and says the servers are down on xbox

  • drakerigdon321 Drake Rigdon (@drakerigdon321) reported

    @EA Hey ******** I spent 85 bucks on your game anthem and it's completely unplayable on PS4 fix it or I'm returning your crap game!

  • Myles_Arnett Myles (@Myles_Arnett) reported

    @anthemgame fix your ******* rezzing issues in stronghold! #getyourshittogether #ANTHEM #Unplayable #BrokenonLaunch

  • BughongHanToo Nur Adli (@BughongHanToo) reported

    @EAHelp I’ve noticed this game has AA issues. When it’s off, the game have less stutters and when it’s on, it stutters so much it makes the game unplayable. I love anthem but this kind of issue disappoints me and i hope it gets fix fast.

  • andrewlukenbach GamerDadMAGA (@andrewlukenbach) reported

    @anthemgame @steelsuit Yeah I am kind of pissed at the reviews of Anthem, those guys are so out of touch with casual gamers it isn't funny. I am having a great time with Anthem, it plays just fine, any problems I have with the game are because I am trying to play it solo. I honestly would give it 85%.

  • justinnails Justin Nails (@justinnails) reported

    Not sure what part of kneeling during the anthem didn’t actually fix anything but just divided people over something other than the actual issue at hand that Kermit Davis and the #OleMiss players didn’t get but now they’re front page news for everything but basketball.

  • Matthew_Creel Matthew Creel (@Matthew_Creel) reported

    @EAHelp Fix Anthem.. about to be on day three of looking at the title screen.

  • illanoiz312 Illanoiz312 (@illanoiz312) reported

    LIVE NOW! playing anthem maining the colossus come stop on by drop a like or just tell me all your problems! @UniteMixer @MixerRetweet @WatchMixer @MixerShares @MixerUnified @TeamSU_Retweet @AnthemLatest @anthemgame

  • theycanseeme Eric 🌸 (@theycanseeme) reported

    @EAHelp tell anthem to fix quickplays. Objectives dont load and waypoints and diolouge and people come and go.

  • XxSavageSinsxX Markus Boddie (@XxSavageSinsxX) reported

    @EAHelp Was having fun with this game but when my audio dies and freezes I’m pissed EA you messing up already next on the the list is to uninstall anthem fix it

  • Gaarindor Gaarindor (@Gaarindor) reported

    @EAHelp Hi EA Help. I need your help with Anthem :( Received a 4GB patch last night and game was crashing. Now after trying to fix it I get a message "Too many computers have accessed this account's version of DisplayName field...". No luck getting on even today. Thanks

  • A_Sentient_JDAM A Sentient JDAM (@A_Sentient_JDAM) reported

    Anthem at launch: Broken mess with barely any content. Anthem in the future: Probably halfway decent until EA kills it. Not sure if BioWare will survive to make Anthem 2.

  • Star_of_Justice LordBread (@Star_of_Justice) reported

    Apex Legends refine and polish the Battle Royale genre over the past years while Anthem did not do the same with the looter shooter genre instead create more problems..

  • yeyof98 Diego figueroa (@yeyof98) reported

    @EAHelp no patch makes the game performance even a little bit better and you won´t even answer. my pc can run any game except anthem the stuttering is unbearable when are you guys gonna fix this shit

  • timbosliceBTW Timboslice (@timbosliceBTW) reported

    Struggling to get Anthem to run without issues. Frustrated.

  • Dirigible_T Dirigible Tomate (@Dirigible_T) reported

    What if you wanted to go to heaven but god said "error retrieving Anthem live service data"

  • Dragon_Beast539 Elyse Ott (@Dragon_Beast539) reported

    So bad news i can't stream anthem at all due to the stupid nat settings my xbox has and two I can't afford to get a better pc so it'd run better. Oh well...unless i wanna frustrate myself with lagging in time lol I'll have to stream something else instead

  • LemarHaven Lemar Haven (@LemarHaven) reported

    Yeah, I went ahead and requested a refund for Anthem. It seems like it can be fun, but the crashing is on my last nerve and it's too expensive of a game to not be able to play it. Maybe I'll get it again when they've worked the issues out.

  • jlgoldmankeen Jessica Goldman Fx (@jlgoldmankeen) reported

    @DanWolken @KevinMKruse They did respect the national anthem. No issue here. 🇺🇸🙌

  • ThatNerdGuy0627 That_Nerd_Guy0627 (@ThatNerdGuy0627) reported

    So far today I've got another 3 hours in #Anthem. Not one disconnect so far this evening and every group I've been in was like last night. Kick ass. No bad experiences yet. I'm having a blast.

  • Klopzi Klopzi (@Klopzi) reported

    The more I hear people complain about #Anthem, the more I'd like to try it. But I'm still going to have to wait for a sale and see if EA/Bioware can pull a "Ubisoft" (i.e. fix everything and continue to support the game until it's amazing).

  • Matthew_Creel Matthew Creel (@Matthew_Creel) reported

    @EAHelp I’m still unable to play Anthem! Same errors since launch.

  • Lucent_Kusanagi Lunarseven (@Lucent_Kusanagi) reported

    @anthemgame @EAHelp playing anthem my game crashing count is 25 and raising...😑😑😑😑 please fix the crashing...😑😑😑😑😑🤬

  • KillaOreo Salty meme boi (@KillaOreo) reported

    Been having a lot of issues just now playing anthem. Everyone loads in and the mission just never starts. No enemies spawn and I’ve exited and restarted twice. @anthemgame

  • ErikGamesDaily Erik Games Daily (@ErikGamesDaily) reported

    My legion of dawn weapon disapeared after 1 mission with a squad. Had to quit and hop back in to get it back. Im enjoying #Anthem but its been one big head ache so far.. plz fix. #AnthemGame

  • izzyizzan Iz (@izzyizzan) reported

    @SkriniarTackle EA's reputation been goin downhill since the microtransaction fiasco last year. These problems with Anthem didn't help much for them regaining any reputation they may have still had.

  • _GuardianLight_ Nathan (@_GuardianLight_) reported

    Okay so Anthem is getting out on blast, so I'm gonna wait a while before playing. Bugs, glitches, loading times and content droughts super aren't my things. I pray BioWare can fix. I believe in them

  • MukoZuke13 ♏️ukoZuke (@MukoZuke13) reported

    @anthemgame @EAHelp every time I start anthem on Xbox one x if freezes at the press a start screen and crashed...what do I do to fix help

  • XRWBY2 XRWBY (@XRWBY2) reported

    @EAHelp After dispatch I’m still getting the robber bet I could play all my other PlayStation 4 game but I still keep getting rubber band on anthem what are y’all going to fix this problem

  • i_luv_con_air Paul Kite (@i_luv_con_air) reported

    @GameOverGreggy You can have fun in it Greg. It doesn't mean the game has no problems though. And whilst games are mostly for fun, they do cost most of us a fair amount of money. And for that money Anthem is far too broken and unfinished for that fun to be front and centre.

  • Trailjunkie15 Tyller Rice (@Trailjunkie15) reported

    @EAHelp I got booted off Anthem around 10pm pst yesterday after playing for 5 hours... I am trying to play right now and I either get a steady 95% load screen or I get a connection issue message. But my connections are fine... What's going on

  • jimcornelius03 Jim Cornelius (@jimcornelius03) reported

    @MrsHillEnglish9 @BigRay541 @mtwaters2 @NealMcCready Yes I did! I pledge my allegiance to it like everyone else does in the military. If they have issues they should go and protest the people they feel are oppressing them. Not the flag and anthem.

  • AbyssalA Echo Cobra (@AbyssalA) reported

    @GambleMike I have a problem with the Legion of Dawn part of my Anthem game, I can't find the gun, vinyl, or anything else it gives you. I bought the pre-order and if I can get some help that would be great. I sent a tweet yesterday but with no answer.

  • Johnnynismo John Coleman (@Johnnynismo) reported

    @Luetin09 Bioware may be closed because of this. That's unfortunate. EA doesn't understand that they're their own problem. They suck everything that makes a game developer good out of them and has them work on projects nobody wants. Anthem doesn't hold a candle to the old game Warframe.

  • EricBuksa116 Eric Buksa (@EricBuksa116) reported

    @EAHelp in anthem on ps4 there is a problem loading my appearance and loadout. Not everything is showing on screen like before.

  • MattDethridge Dethridge🍁 (@MattDethridge) reported

    wow ok LMAO Quickplay is the most broken part of Anthem atm. It just puts you with people that are in bugged out missions 🤣 Love the idea, extra rewards for helping other freelancers but yeah they gotta fix the other bugs for that to work holy crap.

  • bstslyr4 Christian Morales (@bstslyr4) reported

    @EA Please fix Anthem. I can't keep getting booted and having issues with my abilities. I was stuck on a loading screen for almost 5 minutes before restarting the game. No Bueno. Xbox One X.

  • Dev1nGonZ DevinGonZ (@Dev1nGonZ) reported

    @RickKackis Idk why. ive been playing anthem since launch and ive had no problems with the game at all... i got kicked to the loading screen a couple times but every launch is the same they have bugs.. thats why u patch the game.. idk where all the hate coming from. People are just stupid.

  • Cherryblosom013 Cherryblosom (@Cherryblosom013) reported

    Alrighty TreeFam . im going to cancel the night stream tonight as Im having connection issues with Anthem. I am trying to fix it with a re download and fresh install. Im hoping that fixes it but it doesnt look like there is an actual fix out yet,

  • Holo75537998 Holo (@Holo75537998) reported

    @EA so like can one of you decide to make a ticket center cause your game anthem is literally not working for me I paid eighty dollars for a game not a waiting simulator to get past the connection screen thanks @anthemgame @EA

  • jdavid_t MrJdavidT (@jdavid_t) reported

    @Brand0n556 @overtime @____wells____ I don't support kneeling for the national anthem because it's an overly sentimental response to real world problems that can be handled by: Actively voting, attending city council meetings, and a willingness to hear two (or more) sides of an argument

  • Jeffrey_Alton Jeff (@Jeffrey_Alton) reported

    @S_Sasquatch6 @AztecrossGaming Well the thing is Anthem has to compete with D2 in its current state. It doesn’t get the luxury of being the only looter on the market. Division 2 also releases in a month so the game won’t even have time to fix itself

  • benjie_k3 Ben (@benjie_k3) reported

    People need to realize that kneeling during the national anthem does not solve the issue being protested but only creates more division