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Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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  • Rakim_t
    Rakim Tradingview (@Rakim_t) reported

    @LearnCryptoShow @PeterLBrandt @stunad620 @CNBCFastMoney @fundstrat @WyckoffOnCrypto Richard wyckoff was a genus if he were still alive he would'nt use his tradingsystem anymore he would have developed a new one an updated one the problem with volume on crypto is its all fake you must live in phantasyland to believe the volume on bitfinex is real its all fake

  • coinsareneat
    Crypto Dev (@coinsareneat) reported

    What would it take for Tethers to crap out? Does Bitfinex fall? Or do tethers go out first and causes Bitfinex to go down?

    KHAN (@ASGHARGSK) reported

    @BitcoinPRBuzz Log in @BitZExchange causing problem @bitfinex @Bitcoin_Win @Cointelegraph any updates

  • ToupMaster
    Nate (@ToupMaster) reported

    @frowg1e @Cernovich Right, but we can't go on the actual news and behind the scenes investigations that Tether and Bitfinex actually manipulated the price. Logic is going down the fucking toilet.

  • _Yagudo
    cookie_eater (@_Yagudo) reported

    well at least I know maybe my positivity memes helped a bit we have 300 million dollar bitcoin volume at bitfinex. Even if it goes down a little bit after that, rock on. #bitcoin #memes

  • thinknirmal
    Nirmal Natarajan (@thinknirmal) reported

    Hello @bitfinex, I submitted the verification documents by last December and I am still waiting for your six weeks to be over. Please do let us know if time slowed down in your universe.

  • Cetobeys
    Yakup Bulut (@Cetobeys) reported

    @bitfinex What is Witdhraw problem? I've been waiting seven hours.

  • Cetobeys
    Yakup Bulut (@Cetobeys) reported

    @bitfinex What is Witdhraw problem? I've been waiting seven hours.

  • Cetobeys
    Yakup Bulut (@Cetobeys) reported

    @bitfinex What is Witdhraw problem? I've been waiting five hours.

  • greymass
    greymass (@greymass) reported

    @AskHenrik @Everipedia @bitfinex We released a bug fix version to address this issue. If you upgrade to 0.3.3, you'll be able to use the new tools to track the token and it's precision properly, and execute the transfers.

  • Shaun39943653
    KryptoKratos (@Shaun39943653) reported

    @SmokinEther @DigitalPriceOrg @ForbesCrypto @OdysseyOCN @justinsuntron @bitfinex @crypto @TheICOJournal @CryptoDonAlt @yishi888 @Crypto_Bitlord Let's see if I can turn my terrible luck around.

  • TheCryptoconomy
    Cryptoconomy ⚡ (@TheCryptoconomy) reported

    @deromme 1/ I have to admit, I have a bit of a problem with the “Tether price manipulation” articles. They all start from “Tether printed here, price then went up” principle. But never address that had a large entity honestly bought that Tether from bitfinex, it would look no different.

  • CryptoKingofPop
    Crypto King of Pop (@CryptoKingofPop) reported

    @BitcoinHomer Absolutely. Not an EOS issue at all. It's only an issue for dumb Americans like me who use a VPN to deposit, trade IQ, and try to withdraw another asset on Bitfinex lol. Don't do it, it's total hell just trying to get your funds back.

  • BitcoinHomer
    Print Money Magic (@BitcoinHomer) reported

    @CryptoKingofPop I'd say this is more like #bitfinex issues rather than #eos issues

  • realpauleverton
    Paul Everton (@realpauleverton) reported

    @DeHuntisOn Volume goes down during the weekend but never like this. I can't remember the last time Coinbase volume was below $50M. Same with Gemini. Poloniex is at $7.9M. One week ago they were at $24.6M. Bitfinex is at $153M. One week ago they were at $286M. Something is up.

  • CryptoMAnalyzer
    CryptoMarketAnalyzer-CMA (@CryptoMAnalyzer) reported

    For the last couple of months #Crypto market is down. The average margin may be low, the fluctuation is on. IMO, Leverage the gap, Gain while you still can. #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #binance #EthereumClassic #ethereum #Bitfinex #Bittrex #coin #Blockchain #cashless #litecoin #CMA

  • FreddiePines
    Freddie Pines (@FreddiePines) reported

    @BennettTomlin @CasPiancey Bitfinex hot wallet. I haven't been able to check any transactions on Omniexplorer for the last few hours, probably just a system glitch?

  • EquidiousSignal
    Equidious Research (@EquidiousSignal) reported

    The world's largest #Cryptocurrency by market #capitalization is now down 37% from May 5th high at $9,996 according to #CoinDesk's #bitcoin #prices Index, though it's rebounded to a crucial support zone at $6,235, according to #Bitfinex data. #Crypto #cryptotrading #BTCC #Token

  • KipKoolCrypto
    C (@KipKoolCrypto) reported

    @CasPiancey @psycho_sage @realpauleverton Am I right in saying the subpoenas on tether showed that they indeed do have real USD backed reserves to the printed tether. Is the issue to do with manipulation between them and bitfinex or is it auditing issues?

  • ghostwritten_
    ghostwritten (@ghostwritten_) reported

    Bitfinex longs to shorts ratio remains around 3 to 2 which would support the idea of too many longs already in position waiting to be squeezed down.

  • galkin_max
    Maxim Galkin (@galkin_max) reported

    @MoonOverlord hey, roger I am just testing the interface for now, been margin trading on bitfinex but the get connectivity issues with the app right as BTC volatility goes up, so I want to switch. so I am wondering if I go long 1 BTC at $5500 with 10 or 20x where can I tell what my liq would b

  • btchomero
    Homero (@btchomero) reported

    Again, your problem will be the US gov, so be careful as you might end up losing money like people with BTC-e, although the situation here is different as Bitfinex is proper company.

  • RiskPays
    Risky (@RiskPays) reported

    @akaryakar Nah just exchanges being slow. Bitfinex can take 12 hours regularly..

  • BennySuavo
    Benny Suavo (@BennySuavo) reported

    @AureliusBTC I think they pulled something like this with bitcoin gold a a while back, they might even try to slow down deposits to bitfinex until the squeeze is done

  • BitcoinMacau
    Bitcoin Macau (@BitcoinMacau) reported

    @bitfinex @Tronfoundation TRX withdrawal is not working. It will show invalid address even though you put the new mainnet address.

  • cryptodesktop
    Cryptodesktop - Trading Signals (@cryptodesktop) reported

    Alert Formula: TradeVolumeHigh Volume Multiplier : 21.68 Price direction: DOWN, period: 5M Price: 1.73 USD Markets: ANT/USD on Bitfinex

  • hustle5am
    Ali Mohd (@hustle5am) reported

    CoinDeskMarkets: LitecoinMonkey bitfinex Simply means there is less pressure for the price to move down at the moment - interesting given recent sell-off. Could be seeing another consolidation period from the bears

  • CoinDeskMarkets
    CoinDesk Markets (@CoinDeskMarkets) reported

    @LitecoinMonkey @bitfinex Simply means there is less pressure for the price to move down at the moment - interesting given recent sell-off. Could be seeing another consolidation period from the bears

  • cryptoworldcool
    Crypto Truth (@cryptoworldcool) reported

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies manipulated by one big organization and few biggest crypto exchanges like Binance, bitfinex, okex, upbit and bithumb. Ofcause with some other cryptocurrencies founders , they knew and theirs coins price going down and they sold all coins. #cnbc

  • MoarCryptoz
    FlipTheCrypt (@MoarCryptoz) reported

    IMO the bottom couldn't possibly be in until Tether and Bitfinex get shut down. The fact that the CFTC declined a FOIA request likely means they still have an active investigation going. Only a matter of time now...

  • ShakeThai
    Happy-Thai-Shake (@ShakeThai) reported

    @PhilakoneCrypto hey phil a question i have the problem that bitfinex didnt let me Short ETP it auto canceled my orders can u tell me why this happend? Had no problem with the other coins tho...

  • crypt0charts
    Crypto Charts (@crypt0charts) reported

    @PhilakoneCrypto Hey Philakone, I usually don't comment on your tweets, but this important. Try shorting ETP on BITFINEX, it doesn't work. As I hit "margin sell" it says your order has been cancelled. Are you experiencing the same problem? I am thinking this is market manipulation. Any thought?

  • crypt0charts
    Crypto Charts (@crypt0charts) reported

    @PhilakoneCrypto Hey Philakone, I usually don't comment on your tweets, but this important. Try shorting ETP on BITFINEX, it doesn't work. As I hit "margin sell" it says your order has been cancelled. Are you experiencing the same problem? Thanks man

  • aas6010
    Abdul (@aas6010) reported

    @TwilioHelp hi, I’m having issue that I don’t receive SMSs for Bitfinex! Would you please fix this issue?

  • DZack23
    Daniel "not giving away EOS voting rights" Goldman (@DZack23) reported

    @QWQiao Lightning network may only be feasible with a hub & spoke topology, and that's okay. Bitfinex could wind up more infamous than Mt. Gox. Bitcoin's mining reward running out is a problem that will require solutions long before 2140.

  • BitScalp
    期货貿 (@BitScalp) reported

    @edwardmorra_btc Maybe it's because one of the fastest and anon mode to buy Bitcoin with every other private coin it's trought Binance. BitFinex now asking $10k Min deposit, others slow KYC...

  • VurtTrader
    Greg Warburton (@VurtTrader) reported

    @Tradermayne Agree - wondering if this might be reversing - on the daily (Bitfinex) we've had two recent swing highs broken (6,341 & 6,545) - the first since the failed May attempt to break and hold 10,000. Might we be seeing a change in market structure here?

  • HonestlyCrypto
    The Crypto Profit (@HonestlyCrypto) reported

    Directly impact prices, the massive volume on bitmex has a major major indirect impact on all exchanges especially Bitfinex. Therefore, by dumping on bitsamp, you have the ability to bring prices down on every exchange with little difficulty. It’s telling that bitsamp got 7%

  • henkinkomaka
    Lauren Huggins (@henkinkomaka) reported

    @TheRealZoeHess @bitfinex I have the same issue but I support bitfinex, they are probably planning something about it. They will soon enough launch the coin. Let's be positive.

  • genmugennda
    Nash Helton (@genmugennda) reported

    @Ray99110416 @bitfinex @info_SEER You don't have proper facts dude. You are blindly supporting binance.Binance support sucks because most tickets are being opened by people who deposit $10 and these are simple problems which can be solved by reading guides.This is why they require people with money to register

  • JohnPeter00
    John (@JohnPeter00) reported

    @yungNleveraged It looks like Bitfinex put hidden buy wall. Not going down with BTC price

  • _Yagudo
    cookie_eater (@_Yagudo) reported

    theres been the same amount of money on both sides of the board in bitfinex to be honest, someone is just pushing too hard for down all the time and keeps putting too many extra sells, this market is 1mph zone until it stops, it's really too bad. #bitcoin

  • DwayneBeagley
    Dwayne Beagley (@DwayneBeagley) reported

    @Bitraged Okay I’ve heeded your warning and ive taken 70% on my stack off Bitfinex.. Its a same because its actually a really good exchange to trade on but I don’t want to risk it.. When do you think the exchange will go down? And what will be the catalyst?

  • calbearcrypto
    Calbearcrypto (@calbearcrypto) reported

    @CryptoStratton @bitfinex So it is still within the pennant and could potentially go up if support isn't broken?

  • Eric53418488
    Eric (@Eric53418488) reported

    @tradingroomapp you will see when tether will get cracked down, and probably kraken & bitfinex with it, it will be way worse than waiting 3 or 4 month to withdraw money !

  • jaccopastorius
    JaMont (@jaccopastorius) reported

    @coinexcom Verified in Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance etc ... with the same Id documment and in your platform is not worth it? hmmmmm something is not working

  • AseeriCo
    Ahmed Aseeri (@AseeriCo) reported

    @bitfinex Hi, Seems there is a major issue with your website .. all the prices, trading data doesn't load on my mobile and laptop...

  • Bitfinex2
    Bitfinex Parody (@Bitfinex2) reported

    Lots of spoofy orders (nearly 1000BTC worth) on #Bitfinex at around the $6300 range that get pulled down when they get near filling. But who the hell cares anymore. Time to print another billion counterfeit fucking Tethers and pump this ponzi even more.

  • ErikThiart
    Erik Thiart (@ErikThiart) reported

    @Bitfinexed Will suck if Kraken and Bitfinex close down -- I mean there is a shit ton of innocent people using those two exchanges. Hopefully, @binance stays out of the fraud mix.

  • Coinsland_fdn
    Coinsland (@Coinsland_fdn) reported

    Chief Strategy Officer of #Bitfinex #Crypto Exchange Steps Down #cryptocurrency #cryptocurrencynews #bitcoin #ethereum #ethereumclassic #ripple #stellar #btc #eth #etc #xrp #snt #ada

  • LimosneroR
    ⚡️RPL⚡️ (@LimosneroR) reported

    @EOS_Canada so lets get this ball rolling, i find it ironic that after block ones statement about voting bitfinex changed their tune. looks like they are trying to lobby for some favor by spreading their vote around a little, taking themselves down to the middle of the pack

  • Triquasar
    TriQuasar (@Triquasar) reported

    Bitfinex open contracts are 46.4% short. 53.6% long. Have yet to see shorts equal longs this entire down trend. We have been bullish the entire ride down. Many have lost money and not learned a lesson. Would not be surprised if that lesson is still coming.

  • IamNomad
    I am Nomad (@IamNomad) reported

    @andr3w321 @TheMarginMan @mattleising Bittrex has usd withdrawal right now. Bitfinex reportedly had 0 issue via eur or noble routes. I cant speak to that.. not somewhere I've traded since 2015.

  • BigLambda
    Weak Hands Lam (@BigLambda) reported

    @cablecarcapital @LilyKatz @mattleising If that was the case Jacob, why is the price of Bitcoin on Bitfinex at parity with other exchanges. Point of fact, they haven't had an issue with withdrawals in over a year.

  • HighFiveSurf
    Crisptotrader (@HighFiveSurf) reported

    @consensus_ai @bitfinex @ethfinex There is some bug download your wallet to get the tokens.. please fix this issue

  • satoshischarity
    Satoshis Charity (@satoshischarity) reported

    @Bitfinexed Tether is a Bitcoin pump n dump mechanism for Bitfinex? They buy Bitcoin before Tether print, release Tether, ride the pump up, sell their Bitcoin before the dump back down

  • Hugaldinho
    Crypto Cronkite (@Hugaldinho) reported

    Updt: -OMNI founder:"USDT double spend likely exch integration issue" (Bitfinex'ed now semiflaccid) -Bitmex CEO meets w/Bermuda Premier, fintech team, new office incoming? [email protected] banned for asking ppl to DM dick pics to someone #freebtcdjs -July nears, Moku sweating

  • CesaroniMichael
    MichaelCesaroni (@CesaroniMichael) reported

    Next leg down could be happening soon! 5,320 is my initial target. Let’s see what happens but definitely a situation to stay on your toes right now! #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #btc #bitcoindrop #bitcoinshort #bitcoindip #supportbreak #binance #coinbase #huobi #Bitfinex

  • Bitraged
    Bitraged (@Bitraged) reported

    @SaintsCrypto Bitfinex rep stated "some of our banking relations were changed" - don't tell us what we can and cannot do. We care about our community so we warn them of issues when we see them.

  • pandahanda44
    CryptoPanda (@pandahanda44) reported

    @_cryptonomic_ @MagnusRow This chart tho is the generalized BTC chart on CMC, is that not going to be the most accurate chart? Thats the issue with volume and BTC, Bitfinex, Tether, most exchanges have fake volume, IDK long term volume trends don't look believable.