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Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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  • AriDavidPaul
    Ari Paul (@AriDavidPaul) reported

    @J_coshan @ummjackson Depends on what the “crumbling” is. If bitfinex is providing the below $1 bid and tether is collateralized, Bitfinex is earning wild profits as tether open interest falls. If tether is uncollateralized, it could certainly take down bitfinex.

  • whalepool
    Whalepool (@whalepool) reported

    @mdudas @panther_crypto @lawmaster @bitfinex @tether @TheBlock__ We have members who have different expertise in different areas. When people are spreading blatant false info about Tether and Bitfinex and there are guys who KNOW it is false, we challenge. Like on any other issue with OKCoin or Bitstamp or Kraken or BitMEX

    {Pennykoin} 💵 Future of Money (@FTUR_MONEY) reported

    @alanizBTC @Dennahz @bitfinex @BittrexExchange @Poloniex If it would be for user to decide. Setting and running your own VPS is also terrible opsec not to mentioned horrors of upgrading and losing all assets due to tech error.

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 49.6644% dump alert: #WPR price has moved down from 0.00029797 to 0.00015 ETH by 49.6644% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • Sven59357553
    Sven (@Sven59357553) reported

    @andr3w321 If Tether has the USD in bank accounts (big if) they need to exchange USDT for USD and credit the users. Then users can buy BTC on the open market or withdraw to their fiat bank accounts. The issue is that there is no USD/BTC trading pair on Bitfinex.

  • JaPennz
    Ja Pennz (@JaPennz) reported

    @Tyche33110105 @SamHadzajlic @bitfinex And yes many people did have issues with the withdrawals taking far longer than normal, 4 days ago. Mentioning your experience 4 days later when others have received their withdrawals in an untimely manner is somewhat irrelevant. Maybe next time mention it immediately to help.

  • noshitcoins
    Marcel Trader Brazil (@noshitcoins) reported

    @hasufl @vikramQL no one said bitfinex is shutting down. all I'm saying is tether buy back does not make sense. at least not usd 650mi in 10 days.

  • DennisRossdale
    Dennis ⚡️ (@DennisRossdale) reported

    1/ There is no doubt that #Tether and #Bitfinex have acted suspiciously, and should either prove their innocence or shut down. That being said, I think the prediction that this dooms all #crypto aggrandize the impact of a single exchange and a single stablecoin.

  • petcal55
    Mr. G. (@petcal55) reported

    @Bitfinexed Perhaps Bitfinex is concerned about being arrested for exposing themselves...pants down, and flashing it, for the world to see. Not much to see, so, keep it zipped up Bitfinex, and, we'll let the audits do the exposing.

  • RobinSamuel32
    Rob (@RobinSamuel32) reported

    @tradingdisaster @bitfinex Yeah sure bud tether is a "personal problem"... how clueless can you be...

  • Bitfinexed
    Bitfinex'ed 🐧 (@Bitfinexed) reported

    Some peoples sarcasm detectors are clearly broken. Yes, I was being sarcastic about the banks of all exchanges being known killing cryptocurrency, to highlight the absurdity of Bitfinex's warning about "exposing our banks will hurt YOU and the entire token ecosystem!"

  • hasufl
    Hasu (@hasufl) reported

    @tomasrollo I think if they announced that while $2B USDT are still in circulation it would cause the spread to close because it confirms the theory that Bitfinex is trying to wind down Tether. Then the market will be much less inclinced to sell them USDT for less than $1.

  • Tyche33110105
    Tyche (@Tyche33110105) reported

    @EmperorBTC @bitfinex obviously, they are non-insolvent as I have never ever got any problem in trading my money neither I got a problem with my withdrawal. Their wallets allow me to see how much crypto they hold every time.

  • Tyche33110105
    Tyche (@Tyche33110105) reported

    @JaPennz @SamHadzajlic @bitfinex I am eager to announce that my withdrawal was very easy and it worked fine. But I did not mention it earlier as felt its not that great and no one has the problem of withdrawal. I am the example for getting withdrawal done easily. My comments may help someone.

  • DavidGe007
    David Gerard (@DavidGe007) reported

    @donalddumpz96 @bitfinex I did not feel any scam over here. Had all positive things here. If its not working for one, it doesn’t mean its not working for others.

  • IsomMason
    mason Isom (@IsomMason) reported

    @kev123703 @bitfinex I did not face any problems as all my questions were replied and the feedback was quiet short. Felt a very easy and quick exchange. They are pretty fast.

  • Gaz18379
    Gaz Man (@Gaz18379) reported

    @Crypto_Brahma If you don't have money to move the market, you have 50% chance on that. Either up or down. Do you really think people are scared of the 6k price anymore...low volume. no one is selling, it's just short sellers on exchanges that offer it. 36k btc shorts on bitfinex alone

  • KFost24
    Kevin Foster (@KFost24) reported

    @roburban @crypto @technology Tether corruption is not a #Bitcoin problem it's a @Bitfinex problem, when that collapses like Mt. Gox, Bitcoin will survive.

  • TheElementGrp
    The Element Group (@TheElementGrp) reported

    9/ Furthermore, although #Tether did trade at a significant discount, the flash crash down to $0.85 was quickly reversed as buyers of last resort like #Bitfinex and perhaps other speculators were willing to come in to the market.

  • Gaz18379
    Gaz Man (@Gaz18379) reported

    @SalsaTekila Some **** sold 30 btc in 10 sec at bitfinex. Hidden order, while the buy orders looked full, some mofos are putting loads of sell hidden orders. They will get wreaked. That's what bitfinex does. Pump 1.5 k in one hour, come back down in 48

  • dumpeep
    DumbPeep (@dumpeep) reported

    @TheCryptoFam it's true the shorts-longs are an all time low. Only problem is USDT(tether) still has like 200$ premium, so when withdrawals are enabled, someone will take opportunity of the arbitrage and long on another exchange&short bitfinex Tether Usd

  • TheElementGrp
    The Element Group (@TheElementGrp) reported

    10/ The available public information, however, is consistent with the explanation that #Tether and #Bitfinex are experiencing problems securing a stable banking relationship.

  • MzakiRZK
    MzakiRZK (@MzakiRZK) reported

    Bitfinex & Tether got a banking problems (Feb, 20th report) from this note, hopes IUNO will be early to open their operations as a connectivity for fiat and crypto market flows #IUNOBlockchain

  • The_Rock0404
    Rocky (@The_Rock0404) reported

    @nebraskangooner @Heyitsdave2 @cvrbonbased Gox was handling roughly 80 percent of trading volume when it was hacked, then frozen, declared bankruptcy. It’s like Bitmex/Bitfinex/GDAX all abruptly shutting down today without any viable/trusted options existing to go to.... imagine the fear in the market.

  • SandorReport
    TSS (@SandorReport) reported

    2/x Even if (big if) Tether is fully backed, the business of the largest exchanges, @Binance, @BittrexExchange etc is built on a token issued and controlled by one of their largest competitors. Tether / Bitfinex has a kill switch, and they can bring down your business any day.

  • blockchainblitz
    Brent (@blockchainblitz) reported

    This is good. Hoping $USDT fades away quietly into the night without more fuss. #Bitfinex on the other hand, I hope they are taken down hard. But not before the #tether cancer is removed from most relevant exchanges.

  • cryptoxjedi
    Crypto-x-jedi (@cryptoxjedi) reported

    Disparity in price between USD and USDT exchanges wasn't meaningful until the breakdown on 11th which preceded the PnD on the 15th. Premium on Tether exchanges is down from ~$300 to ~$200. Bistamp / Coinbase are trading at ~$6390 Binance / Bitfinex are trading at ~$6610

  • cryptoxjedi
    Crypto-x-jedi (@cryptoxjedi) reported

    Disparity in price between USD and USDT exchanges wasn't meaningful until the breakdown on 11th which preceded the PnD on the 15th. Premium on Tether exchanges is down from ~$300 to ~$200. Bistamp / Coinbase are trading at ~$6390 Binance / Bitfinex are trading at ~$6610

  • ekliptor
    Ekliptor (@ekliptor) reported

    I’m sure 1 thing in the #Bitfinex “decentralized #banking” announcement is true: so many legal complications brought on them from the US and a survived hack. Their team knows how to deal almost everything by now, impossible to bring down from outside🤔#hydra

  • TheTradingStoic
    Stoic Trades (@TheTradingStoic) reported

    @pachipachi01 @JonnyMoeTrades Being short means you are predicting that price will go down. So the 👆 post means that there are for more people predicting the price to go down on Bitfinex then up. You can profit from BTC moving up or down on some exchanges, Bitfinex being one of them.

  • Stephen28196957
    Stephen jones (@Stephen28196957) reported

    @CoinDeskMarkets @coindesk Is not an issue if you don’t use bitfinex or tether

  • iamjosephyoung
    Joseph Young (@iamjosephyoung) reported

    Partnerships with most of the banks are public, including Bithumb's partnership with Nonghyup. Stick with criticizing Bitfinex, because you are actually good at that. Legitimate crypto exchange have no banking related issues.

  • btchomero
    Homero (@btchomero) reported

    Bitfinex arbitrage oppotunity slowly closing (bearish) Bitmex funding is slightly positive (slightly bearish) Most people are bullish (based on polls, 80% think Flood will be right... for now) CME gap at 6140 Traditonal markets going down again (dollar+gold getting strong)

  • TomHargs
    Tom (@TomHargs) reported

    @Keenooooo @bitfinex @creditscom A slow takeoff, tis coming

  • MazinKhoury
    Mazin (@MazinKhoury) reported

    @Melt_Dem @QWQiao @CoinMarketCap The biggest problem w CMC right now is that count Bitfinex’s BTC/USD pair as a fiat pair. When tether drama hits the market, this is not a reasonable assumption and skews the rest. I hope to have the live monitoring part up tomorrow and historical to follow.

  • CocoaEyebrows
    Cocoa Butter (@CocoaEyebrows) reported

    @midnine @Bitfinexed Yeah. Basically what it boils down to is Bitfinex is about to Mt. Gox it and it's going to be great. My only concern is that Bitcoin might still survive this.

  • TomShilleck
    Tom Shilleck (@TomShilleck) reported

    @chualijiong @rskolaude @ThinkingUSD @bitfinex I'll break it down further since you're just **** riding flood... Hes saying the ratios are based on leveraged positions. People holding btc purchased un leveraged are not counted in the metric so the actual number of long is higher than charted.

  • CryptoBTC_Chris
    CryptoBitcoinChris (@CryptoBTC_Chris) reported

    @RalphQuaglia It has happened b4 in the beginning of 2018 - It is just a regular occurance because bitfinex and tether have banking issues.

  • _robbym
    Robby Marchesiello (@_robbym) reported

    @Bitfinexed Haha, no. Bitfinex is ignorant if they thought anyone would fall for their BS. They're the only ones who can't seem to get a proper banking partner. Odd how the exchanges that pretty much do the right thing don't have such issues...

  • SalameSandwich
    GbB (@SalameSandwich) reported

    @Bitfinex2 @davidgerard This week something great happened: I was able to get out of bitfinex 100%! All withdraw, no problem. Never more. Don't wanna live with this feeling of waking up and lost it all.

  • WhatToMine
    WhatToMine (@WhatToMine) reported

    @minefarmbuy No worries. Hmm we are using bitfinex as price source. It was stable in the past, but now price is higher there than on other exchanges. Probably caused by withdrawal problems.

  • Jokillerftw1
    cryptomoron (@Jokillerftw1) reported

    @cryptocraig123 @ThinkingUSD @bitfinex Correct and what I’m saying is during the bull market futures was not out , just margin trading , ever since dec 17th 2017 when futures launched the bull run has ended . On the majority of the down trend there were always more longs than shorts

  • KyleSGibson
    Kyle S. Gibson (@KyleSGibson) reported

    @bennhoffman @BennettTomlin @zhusu @hasufl Their claims aren't worth shit. Have been equivocating for 2+ years with their BROKEN website. Only reason they've lasted this long is the shared greed among the ppl running Bitfinex and Tether, and dumb retail traders.

  • AcelCrypto
    Acel (@AcelCrypto) reported

    @treypeng Broke: Trying to ignore the Tether issue and post irrelevant things. Woke: Bitfinex keeps building while people are focused on Tether collapse.

  • btchomero
    Homero (@btchomero) reported

    Nothing is clear but I feel it would be a dangerous logic. L/S < 0.67 is very bullish, but remember it could keep going down. Below I have stats based on Bitfinex:

  • stickynote75914
    Stickynote75914 (@stickynote75914) reported

    @mdudas @Bitfinexed @bitfinex @Tether_to It is clear that @mdudas still has money in crypto (or worse, bags) and doesn't want the idea advanced that when BFX/USDT go down, they're taking crypto down with them. But the part that doesn't threaten his financial interests, that's 'entirely plausible'. Okay.

  • deKdfyOuzYOHZdz
    Алекс (@deKdfyOuzYOHZdz) reported

    @bitfinex Hello bitfinex! I, the user with the login 153208 mistakenly froze my account! Now I can not trade and replenish the account! Please unlock my account 153208, attached to this mail

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 22.9318% dump alert: #ZIL price has moved down from 0.00000688984 to 0.00000531 BTC by 22.9318% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • UltraHuggy
    Huggy (@UltraHuggy) reported

    @ChartsCrypto Looks different on other exchanges charts. Bitfinex inflated with tether issue

  • _robbym
    Robby Marchesiello (@_robbym) reported

    I absolutely cannot wait until the day I wake up in the morning with 4 notifications with headlines "Bitfinex shuts down." @bitfinex and @Tether_to must die to save Bitcoin.

  • Bitfinexed
    Bitfinex'ed 🐧 (@Bitfinexed) reported

    @mdudas @bitfinex @Tether_to The problem is in May 2013 there was already a Bitfinex whistleblower alleging accounts being credited with money that didn’t exist. Nothing says we can’t have two MtGoxs and we only caught one. And Bitfinex was founded by a Ponzi scammer.

  • ImpactDLT
    IOTA (@ImpactDLT) reported

    @CarpeNoctom @bitfinex Deposit wires were delayed and restored on the 16th. Withdrawing USDT to USD bank account was supposedly never a problem. If you can withdraw USDT, there shouldn't have ever been a premium. Something fishy going on

  • pierre_isenia
    Pierre Isenia⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ (@pierre_isenia) reported

    To all exchanges, @binance @cz_binance @BittrexExchange @krakenfx @bitfinex @HuobiGlobal etc etc. NOTHING against Bitcoin $btc, but please switch to $xrp as a base currency, or at least give your customers the option ! Moving money as Bitcoin is holding back the potential. SLOW !

  • OTC_Bitcoin | Crypto Hedge Fund (@OTC_Bitcoin) reported

    @iamjosephyoung USA: small transactions and full kyc reg comp Japan: totally different reg climate Korea: still having issues with new accounts Bitfinex is not an exception. Don't get mislead by fud

  • superma86869613
    TESLA (@superma86869613) reported

    @bitfinex fiat withdraw is so slow

  • IsNotTweeting
    IsNotTweeting (@IsNotTweeting) reported

    @cryptohulk6 @Tether_to @bitfinex Tethers value is the indicator of BTC direction. TUSD goes up, you know Bitcoin is about to crash. TUSD goes down, those who tethered are buying back BTC.

  • Gaz18379
    Gaz Man (@Gaz18379) reported

    @iamjosephyoung I love @bitfinex no matter what you say. I had issues with my internet provider and could not log in to Bitfinex. Bitfinex support told me this might be the issue. Couple of emails every day. No exchange would help you like Bitfinex and faster than Bitfinex. Had to switch interne

  • blockchan101
    Blockchan (@blockchan101) reported

    4/ Pretty rude awakening of the inherent risks in this market. The problem for me is that as a US citizen I have avoided using non-US compliant exchanges such as Bitmex and Bitfinex; which would have allowed me to short my position using a hedge.

  • thechaz
    Chaz Cryptoson (@thechaz) reported

    @iamjosephyoung At least one of those exchanges has quite a few banking issues but just not as loud as Bitfinex.

  • MrXBTC
    Sir X ₿TC (@MrXBTC) reported

    @tudorbiz Nope because if Tether implodes then Binance, Huobi, OkEX and many others that depend on Tether will go belly up. I believe theres a secret FUD agenda against Bitfinex. Some other big players in the crypto space want it to go down in flames to make their own exchanges profit.