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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • SalimZaidi10 Salim Zaidi (@SalimZaidi10) reported

    @N3tro4k @njokuTV @NRGgg Eh a lot of problems with bugs etc. Solo queue and squads are still not separated and IMO aiming is too easy. After not playing for a whole season, I played for 2 days and got plat 3 solo queue because my aim was good from csgo.

  • thekangaroo1337 wojtees (@thekangaroo1337) reported

    @waxtrades Add paypal deposit and PaySafeCard but with fees Add Paypal withdraw add more low skins and keys Add csgo to vgo trade Add steam and wax login

  • furuTV Furu_TV〽️ (@furuTV) reported

    I’ll stream CSGO with no cam until I get a new CPU. Hopefully that fixes my streaming issues.🤞🏽

  • viktr_ebooks viktr (@viktr_ebooks) reported

    my computer has been broken since monday. my computer is over. Me: Our first game at the $1,000,000 Counter-Strike major

  • AFoxyGent why is the rum gone? (@AFoxyGent) reported

    Smdh all the server spoofing ******** have ruined BF4 on PC. Gave up. I’ll try BF1 tomorrow, but I only like the infantry gameplay of bf1 xP Sucks dude. I need to get into CSGO or Battalion or sum if I want my fix apparently

  • SenseyyR6 Logan de Boer (@SenseyyR6) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Great job. Anything to reduce toxicity. If you guys weren't in the same boat as CSGO, a small dev team that doesn't get enough support from their company and cursed to an ancient engine, this game would be perfect. Do what you need to fix the issues you. Have. 😉

  • BigJay0130 Big Jay (@BigJay0130) reported

    What the hell @TeamYouTube. So you allow this company to copyright strike me for my transformative content under fair use then when I fight back and issue a counter notification, you tell me I don't have the right to fight back. Bullshit @TheLegitTipster @TheQuartering @KEEMSTAR

  • nathanjm000 nathan middleton (@nathanjm000) reported

    @AkilahObviously @SocialIssueNews He may have made serious plans to shoot up his high school on csgo if this is true then the racism is a tiny issue compared to that

  • MouthfulOfSores cathy from Cathy (@MouthfulOfSores) reported

    the problem with guns in america is that they dont have cool skins like csgo

  • MDarkoyt Mr DarkoYT (@MDarkoyt) reported

    @CSGOEmpire I got a problem, when i go to ur website it tells me that the website is not secure, and it leads me to a weird site that has nothing to do with CSGO Please help.

  • Shy_Trixx Keith (@Shy_Trixx) reported

    @mr_nuff_nuff At least your steam/csgo acct work. Every time I log in I get an error, lol 😂🤣😂🤣😅😥

  • Shaktea1 Shaktea (@Shaktea1) reported

    @csgo_dev csgo not responding whenever me or my friends are disconnecting from a network, reconnecting to the same/different network doesn't matter. The game goes in 'not responding' state as soon as the internet connection is lost. Pls fix this.

  • LiamWuthrich Liam Wuthrich (@LiamWuthrich) reported from Powell River, British Columbia

    @ItsSpinachee hi ash from Liam121abc do u any of his long time friends play the Xbox one reversed battlefield 3 game anymore I just installed it the other day I played before I would like some advice since u play counter strike and with my battlefield 3 service record as Sargent.

  • ItsAGF AGF 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 🐑 (@ItsAGF) reported

    @Fuego_Tone SnD was mode of good plays good strats now its silver csgo strats rush B. boring! Newd to fix this in the next cod imo Give me mwr snd 🥳😍

  • LilSpaz__ Lil Spaz (@LilSpaz__) reported

    @qwertyJaayy @Rainbow6Game they should also add an over watch mode just like csgo to help with the hacking problem

  • SneakZ_CS SneakZ (@SneakZ_CS) reported

    @mavzy_ @LPL_Play It's not lpl its a general csgo glitch happened in a pro match lol

  • Dragy Dragy (@Dragy) reported

    ok so eh, found another kind of fix to my dpi problem, turned on raw input and my csgo multiplyer from 1,75 to 0,13 lol

  • santi_ptxs Clementovich (@santi_ptxs) reported

    @DonHaci I play between 25-45 fps in matchmaking and I usually don't have fps crashes, maybe when I start my computer and instantly play csgo when I get killed for the first time in warmup I get a little of lag, or when I get inside a smoke my fps drops to 15-25

  • danPttv danP (@danPttv) reported

    @hugodenizart1 Ay thanks man!!! I checked my settings and realized it was running on my CPU and not my GPU, really weird. And I had timer resolution running in the background since I was playing ESEA csgo and needed low input lag, stopping that decreased the frame time

  • abhish_31 Abhishek Das 🇮🇳 (@abhish_31) reported

    @ANI @CNN @BBCWorld @ANI @CNN @BBCWorld Choice of Lt Gen Faiz Hameed; Head of Counter Intelligence; ISI as DG-ISI probably decided based on the failure of his predecessor on any or all of these issues: 1. Failure to predict Indian Strike on Balakot 2. Failure to meddle in Indian Election

  • W4ZEFPS W4ZE 力 (@W4ZEFPS) reported

    @joobits @csgo_dev I have 8k hours in csgo, so I dont get your ******* point. Gold Novas have access to overwatch and that's a huge issue in csgo. I'm not the only one that has received multiple false overwatch bans and the streak wont end until valve starts caring about the game.

  • JohnS_87TV JohnS (@JohnS_87TV) reported

    @summit1g Same thing with twitch users asking for settings from pro csgo players thinking it will make them good or something. You cant fix stupid.

  • riotardjpg hoes mad [x24] (@riotardjpg) reported

    @CMTXRATED well you see, this is my exact problem. its why i have 1300 hours between apex and csgo

  • bizkitLAD bizkit^ (@bizkitLAD) reported

    Whoever hosts @LPL_Play csgo servers can you ******* fix that 9 fps shit, ******* pathetic.

  • suphunter12 dog (@suphunter12) reported


  • roflm0nster ROFL (@roflm0nster) reported

    If you are still gambling csgo/generally in 2019 you really have a problem go and get help. Seriously wtf is wrong with you

  • FreddyMagnus VictoryRed (@FreddyMagnus) reported

    @jordanlperkins Texas v. Johnson strikes me as one of those cases that comes out the way it does precisely because the issue is so insignificant that the Court can strike down the statute, reap all the counter-majoritarian praise, and pay little if any price.

  • itsdelly8 got my eyes open (@itsdelly8) reported

    if they would fix the bullet trail in csgo it would be my favorite game to play

  • AbolitionCSGO Abolition (@AbolitionCSGO) reported

    @JackEtienne @Cloud9 @C9Svenskeren @MeteosLoL Fix CSGO squad

  • RevelG_eSports RevelGaming.eSports (@RevelG_eSports) reported

    @MikeRevelGaming The model solves many issues that CSGO pro scene has. Of valve doesn't want to organize anything then outsource it. I'm sure a collective TO association could do it.

  • Catt_Mohen Nessa (@Catt_Mohen) reported

    When your dad calls you at 0:20AM to give technical support because his mic is not working in CSGO 🤣

  • TristanJones27 Tristan Jones (@TristanJones27) reported

    @tomi We're not talking about tens of millions here. Let's be real, for as big an esport as CSGO is, $1 million prize pool for it's most prestigious tournaments is a joke. When the worst tournament of the year (WESG) can dish out more, there's a problem.

  • ihavebedhead Anastasija (@ihavebedhead) reported

    @AnneDroMedia I agree its a problem but the fact that they ban anyone for racism is already leagues above what valve does for csgo 🙃

  • PfftItsDrew Drew (@PfftItsDrew) reported

    @DonHaci I am confident in saying that my CSGO character has actual brain lag from playing with my friend in EU and playing on 140ping all the time.

  • TestTubeBaba Venkat (@TestTubeBaba) reported

    @zbogus1 @Vitality_apEX @G2kennyS @zywoo Possibly the biggest problem in CSGO.

  • Dragy Dragy (@Dragy) reported

    Aaand i keep searching amd searching for a fix to my mouse speed in csgo

  • kyledoesmusic kyle (@kyledoesmusic) reported

    @lumicx damn I mean my friend had a similar issue, I think it's to do with the Intel migations. you can try roll back the windows update, that's what fixed it for my friend. I don't play csgo anymore so idk.

  • Connnarr Connor (@Connnarr) reported

    @Pokay__ @uhteaS Haha he said Faceit, like the people who have the worst anti cheat that breaks csgo because it's a shit competitive service.

  • HPforGamers mhwu (@HPforGamers) reported

    @ghostissa7 Hey - there is no way you need surgery. Just saying I have worked with pros across all FPS (Csgo, overwatch, Fortnite). Stretching does not address underlying issue of poor load tolerance (endurance). And if you have been dealing with this for awhile there is some increased

  • mkll11one Mikkel 'mrc4t' Lind @ Lilmix ^ (@mkll11one) reported

    5 CSGO Servers is now possible to request. And I will try to develop a fix to remove "lagging" btw: 2ndServer coming online here 30.June or 1.July ;)

  • mkll11one Mikkel 'mrc4t' Lind @ Lilmix ^ (@mkll11one) reported

    5 CSGO Servers is now possible to request. And I'm will develop a fix to remove "lagging" btw: 2ndServer coming online here 30.June or 1.July ;)

  • lindhost (@lindhost) reported

    I have chosen to open up 5 CSGO-Server on our main server. Note that they become a test, to further develop a fix to remove lagging. So come and request, and I will fix! /MrC4t! ;)

  • TroubleOP_ TroubleOP (@TroubleOP_) reported

    Can epic please fix the packet loss problem , it literally makes me not want to play the game right now , i play csgo and other games with no packet loss , i only get packet loss on fortnite :( @EpicGames @FortniteGame

  • TroubleOP_ TroubleOP (@TroubleOP_) reported

    Can epic please fix the packet loss problem , it literally wants me not to play the game right now , i play csgo and other games with no packet loss , i only get packet loss on fortnite :(

  • Jaceonyoutube Jáce (@Jaceonyoutube) reported

    @Cloud9 huge csgo lineup fix, if you couldn’t give two shits about csgo esports keep scrolling.

  • maury_prashant Prashant Maurya (@maury_prashant) reported

    @Archana__AIR @sumanthraman TMC is party of goons, they endorse goondagiri. No action will be taken. They will invoke ESMA soon to doze off the strike. Bangla issue is just for the sake of diverting media's attention. Bengal pride is being invoked to counter the growth of Non Bangla party BJP in the state.

  • TheSaiint Luke Rogers (@TheSaiint) reported

    @Crazy000013 @lewierl @hardestguyinmid @INTELCallofDuty Blast pro Copenhagen (blast are known for having some of the best **** in csgo) the stadium internet died for like 4 hours, the backup server also died (both random faults) so things got played off stream. Tech issues are very rarely something that is avoidable

  • TheSaiint Luke Rogers (@TheSaiint) reported

    @Crazy000013 @lewierl @hardestguyinmid @INTELCallofDuty Csgo majors have tech issues. League of legends world champs has tech issues. Running loads of events doesn't mean things stop randomly breaking...

  • Dragy Dragy (@Dragy) reported

    my mouse keeps randomly switching sensitivity in csgo wtf, removing some windows updates maybe that will fix it

  • lenny67_RL lenny67 (@lenny67_RL) reported

    @CloudFuel @StumpyGoblin @RLEsports @CallumTheShogun From what I've seen, other esports have this issue as well, I've only been following csgo for a few months and already I've seen several times where players would miss events because of Visa issues. I think it's a US thing

  • the3rdwalker Rob Walker (@the3rdwalker) reported

    @PhozzoJE Haha, who knows! The problem with cheating in competitive video games is that it is a game of cat n' mouse. You shut down a few loose ends and more are eventually going to pop-up. I've been reading up on how CSGO evolved over the years in regards to anti-cheat.

  • Mathias83546903 Mathias (@Mathias83546903) reported

    @DevRolve fix ak-47 in Counter strike is so trash now what have you done dev

  • A1pH4W01v AlphaWolf🔞 SFM Yeetmaker (@A1pH4W01v) reported

    @HMallowz R6S ranked is broken and due to the nature of the game, its more of a casual mode with more rounds. CSGO requires you to work together regardless if the teammate is toxic or not, and even has a huge difference than normal casual. If only R6S has a more strict ruleset than cas.

  • ederalonso131 EssentialsMoon (@ederalonso131) reported

    @iFoodPlug I need the pc for stream and play some games that in ps4 it can’t play like for example csgo and more but also I wanna do videos and me parents cant buy me the pc because we have a problem and my dad do not have work and I help him with money. @diego2002tigres @Vaieh2 @lacho32

  • atrocitybtw atrocitybtw (@atrocitybtw) reported

    @ItSauCii @aydan @mitr0 No problem. Yeah for sure. But better to just avoid the situation from their standpoint. Give it another year and let the game die down a little bit then I’m sure we’ll see something haha. Be counter strike in no time

  • munirkhan1980 mohd munir khan (@munirkhan1980) reported

    @bainjal Mamta Bannerjee failed miserably in handling Strike by Doctors (now turned into nation-wide) and also failed to counter Jai Shri Ram chant. I as an Ex Indian Army Jr Commissioned Officer for 24 yrs lived with RAM RAM SIr address seniors and juniors also. I don't have any problem

  • andrea_maso00 ATKr6s (@andrea_maso00) reported

    @XxImDeceptionxX @Willkey87 @Rainbow6Game The problem is that csgo rounds last half a round of rainbow 6, 15 rounds per half would be madness, but I'd like if the average match would last longer, as in csgo (around 45 minutes average, max 1 hour and 15)

  • DynastyR6S Dynasty (@DynastyR6S) reported

    @CarnivoreR6 @SternabR6 Look dude im sorry but you are completely wrong about CSGO. Ive played that game since I was 13 so 7 years of it with a bit of higher level competitive play than most would hit. Off my experience not a soul talked about the timers being a issue because it doesnt impact anything

  • DynastyR6S Dynasty (@DynastyR6S) reported

    @CarnivoreR6 @SternabR6 The only thing Im comparing to CSGO is nobody that plays complains about the rules. Its the same across the board. People play hour + long matches for rank ups that can take 12-15 wins some time, R6 having the disconnect between comp / ranked isnt good for anyone

  • RealDanyMcFly Dany McFly (@RealDanyMcFly) reported

    5 juegos, 5 amigos, 5 generaciones SNES: Super Mario World PSX: Crash Bandicoot Xbox: Counter Strike Xbox 360: Halo: Reach PS4: God of War @YaKevin @abril505 @Roy10general @_Ruuubs @RichFokalot