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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • k0byCS k0by (@k0byCS) reported

    @lenabrinter tbh i think csgo's video settings are not doing anything really(compared to other games its minimal). they dont ruin nor fix anything. tho i usually have everything low except texture and shadows and some msaa in 4:3 stretched

  • chikfLix fLix (@chikfLix) reported

    why am i lagging in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

  • kadabracsgo Fer (@kadabracsgo) reported

    @CSGO please fix this!!

  • carni1337 Faiq (@carni1337) reported

    @h3nder_ @FMPONE @CSGO I think the problem is not that it's garbage (well some is), it's that most don't care about new maps. If they get feedback surely it can be fixed, just like overpass and vertigo.

  • vyoma1998 Vyoma Patel (@vyoma1998) reported

    @sxbirxh_ @SamiiulAmin Uh no she didn’t. People are taking her words out of context. She tweeted “jai hind” in response to the counter strike the Indian Army did on TERRORISTS FROM PAKISTAN who BOMBES and murdered 40 UNARMED INDIAN SOLDIERS. this was back in FEB 2019 when there was NO Kashmir issue

  • infinityfpss Infinity (@infinityfpss) reported

    @DonHaci Testosterona and GH wont benefit you at all in playing csgo... That's why adderall is prohibited and testosterone and gh not... You're trying to create a problem where there is none haci....

  • AllyTheOcelot_ Alasdair (@AllyTheOcelot_) reported

    @Whispered i mean it is csgo, there's bound to be some no-life teens with anger issues. still sad that u experience that tho.

  • 64s sixf0ur (@64s) reported

    @SRMustang35_ @Sicario_Gaming_ @100Thieves @EsportsForecast Very nice. I had an over/underperformance factor for map picks for CSGO until that part of my model just stopped working. Got busy with other things and can't find the time to fix it properly. I do have red/blue bias, radiant/dire bias etc but they don't matter much.

  • Sordmas Sordmas (@Sordmas) reported

    @xenovx1 And see thats the issue I have. I myself have not played smite but i know a few people that play this from when I used to play Collegiate Cs go. I used to be LE for counter strike but had to leave due to life. Came back 5 months later and it reset me. Theres time i Carry and not.

  • the_whale_man thewhaleman (@the_whale_man) reported

    @ZooL_Smith @CSGO This will never effect me, but I still want it fix. #fix4zoolplease

  • BlackkCoffee Muhammad Asim (@BlackkCoffee) reported

    @Thanos23684916 @storm_knife_3 @JatishTyagi @bharat_builder I talked about facts ,, war isn't a bloody joke ,, if Pakistan wipe out as counter strike no problem, there r many other Islamic countries , But only 1 Hindu majority country won't remain on earth for sure ,,

  • Oskmos Oskmos (@Oskmos) reported

    @FMPONE @CSGO Valve... Plz fix

  • iPC_Gaming Reece (@iPC_Gaming) reported

    Why does my internet have to be ignorant and disconnect when i'm playing CSGO comp... this shit gets me banned ffs so why do it!!!

  • Luak87 Luak (@Luak87) reported

    @adriannpg_ @FMPONE @CSGO Yt twitch is free. You can't expect that anyone will pay for it. This is part of the deal. But you can use it for free and make money with the help of these pages. Same is with real f2p games. Your example is just bad. use a free service to say people should pay for it

  • _chrisprats Skrissss (@_chrisprats) reported

    The problem with @CSGO’s ultimately that it’s Valve’s side-game. It had, and still has, the potential to be a top tier esport, but it’s held back by a company that just doesn’t appreciate what they have when it’s dwarfed by DOTA.

  • mqdadaljabi bluekiller128 (@mqdadaljabi) reported

    @DaddyskinsCSGO The problem is I deposited 60 dollars opened cases and got some cool skins only to realize that I can't withdraw any csgo skins such a waste of money 😢

  • AntGameDev Antony💮 (@AntGameDev) reported

    @JacobDDraper @UnfoldGames Okay let's not pretend that csgo doesn't exist, and epic released UE4 so we get alot of games because of that being free Obviously you're spot on but it's never just one company doing this, it's a industry problem that affects gambling addicts and the such more than anything

  • Johannes_bf Johannes (@Johannes_bf) reported

    I find it funny how so many BFV players are still obsessed with the lack of new maps, weapons and assignments as if those would magically fix everything.😂🙈 Counter Strike is still being played on 20 year old maps with the same weapons because the GAMEPLAY is actually good!

  • El_Exodus Exodus (@El_Exodus) reported

    @FMPONE @CSGO Community map logo stickers/sprays. Let people buy approved ones and handle the revenue the same as Major stickers. Not sure how much the Workshop would become a PR battle of mappers, but that sure is a solvable issue.

  • FollowMMisery Lee (@FollowMMisery) reported

    @jjaaassssooooon @colby_jack_11 @colvieSZN @ohJinzo @skrapzg ya lets hope they do rumor is they got tons of recent investment if not cod atleast fix their csgo team issues ffs

  • J_Ghxst reL (@J_Ghxst) reported

    csgo. the one and only game that I disconnect from on a consistent basis.

  • WolfhheePC W🐺lF (@WolfhheePC) reported

    @DareMethy Only problem is shitnite/fortshit like on pc you can literally play anything as in csgo roblox battlefield or some shit

  • adriannpg_ Gongasss (@adriannpg_) reported

    @FMPONE @CSGO That's how the world is, people trying to earn money from a service they offer is often seeing as a bad thing by most people, which is really, really sad.

  • SeannPaullyy Nolen (@SeannPaullyy) reported

    @hellcasecom map is not the issue in csgo its the player who uses cheats instead of improving their skills

  • abracadabraholm Abracadabra Holmes (@abracadabraholm) reported

    @EliGE @skurpar Not my problem you assumed I was a climate denier and used that as the basis for judging what I said. Will always be a csgo fan and Liquid fan of yours. I'll just say we disagree on the approach, we misunderstood eachothers point, and leave it at that.

  • lyntier nickolas (@lyntier) reported

    just got a pro gamer ad for a mobile network tournament on some broken mobile game and they showed csgo footage besides it aight

  • brandproctor I'mNotFunny (@brandproctor) reported

    @trevormine0510 @FMPONE @CSGO I would tend to agree, the pro scene is massive. Problem is, pros are biased to standardized layouts, props etc. This will harm more adventurous or creative maps in terms of public discourse if pro-players are at the head of that discourse.

  • aurph ⭐Aurph⭐ 🔜 WONDERFLY! (@aurph) reported

    @JulianMcgowan12 First of all, I gave you about 15 DOLLARS worth of csgo skins (below) and there is NO way in hell this edit took you an hour and a half. Bullshit. And after you have me the first one I told you things you could fix. You then lazily added white, default text saying my name (1/2)

  • KingHaaze フリーザ 🥶 (@KingHaaze) reported

    fix anti cheat @csgo plz

  • s_harrisali786 S.Harris Ali (@s_harrisali786) reported from Karachi, Sindh

    @shirshendu8 U r half correct, IAF IFF system was not activated due to own IAF personnel error, panic & chaos caused due to PAF daylight counter strike, and intense electronic jamming in area, it lead to loss of the 🇮🇳heli personnel, sadly their families unaware of concealed facts

  • CloutManCometh iziahgod (@CloutManCometh) reported

    @CSGO fix your ******* match making ! I’m sick of 4v5s ffs

  • Sparkee85 Sparkee (@Sparkee85) reported

    @CSGO last like 40 game drops i only got graffities... please fix the drop system, delete them or do something about it... i just don't need them.. even a case would be better #CSGO #trashgame

  • ItzBunnYFN ItzBunnY (@ItzBunnYFN) reported


  • jasonlol125 iason (@jasonlol125) reported

    @amiral_jp @kanoefps and thats why csgo is a broken game

  • Gurjot_Singh_M Gurjot Singh (@Gurjot_Singh_M) reported

    @PUBG_LitePc The footsteps sound is still not upto the point, not able to exactly pinpoint the location from where it is coming. I have played the og pubg and games like csgo and i don't face this problem. The footsteps sounds is hearable when the enemies come way too close.

  • krapivnikzoe Krapivnik (@krapivnikzoe) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO @nickbunyun I thought it's like a mouse or connection problems but I guess it's valve

  • trawg David Harrison (@trawg) reported

    Never played Fortnite but I immediately get this problem. RNG to keep players in the game was a huge part of Counter-Strike, but always felt like it still had an OK balance so the highly skilled could overcome it.

  • guilher45086353 guilherme (@guilher45086353) reported

    every day that goes on I feel less like playing @CSGO , the suspend mode is very outdated, I reconnected the game and played 1 round and after we won I took suspension for not reconnecting being that I played and still went on patent . Very broken congratulations @CSGO

  • DrSebn Sebn (@DrSebn) reported

    Just got kicked in the last round of a mm game, after going 45 - 17, i got kicked so i didnt complete my challenge.. gss #csgo @CSGO pls fix - now i have to play mirage again / que with me @DonHaci

  • ItzBunnYFN ItzBunnY (@ItzBunnYFN) reported


  • beat_crazey Beat Crazey (@beat_crazey) reported

    @ZooL_Smith @CSGO Wonder if CSGO's release build came with this issue 🤔

  • juhitsCS Juha Hagelberg (@juhitsCS) reported

    We missed 2 of 4 @teliagamingfi @TeliaEsportsFi #CSGO Qualifiers because of @ElisaEsports @esportsfinland matches. We also cant play in the 3rd, because of another schedule problems... but we are going to play in the last qualifiers so cya there 🙆⚽ #feniksrising @FeniksEsports

  • message_bhalke Sandesh (@message_bhalke) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO @nickbunyun This glitch is so old. by now, ive just given up and started practicing scout

  • Yung_Goat06 Ryan Newman (@Yung_Goat06) reported

    @steam_games please fix CSGO and make it cost again I’m literally in a game with 3 hacks on opposite teams in competitive just cause you made prime doesn’t mean it stops hackers please fix

  • q411784384 Ayase (@q411784384) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO @nickbunyun so did i, the problem often took place when it was a key round

  • QQ410219243 _icedtea (@QQ410219243) reported

    @CSGO Problem with 2-win competitive cooldown: unable to play scrimmage even though ranks are not affected. Plz fix

  • Valachorux 💔 valachorux 💔 (@Valachorux) reported

    @psalm @FortniteGame All pros should stop playing fortnite until epic realizes what they're doing with this season and how it's hurting their game. Let's bring back apex legends and csgo, that's when epic will fix this stuff

  • Andreysk Andrey Scislevski (@Andreysk) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO @nickbunyun Same issue with me, it happens time to time again

  • spectrum__heat Spectrum Heat (@spectrum__heat) reported

    @CSGO @csgo_devs @Steam_Support Please fix trust factor, mine is low for no reason, I can't bring it back up, every game I play has some kid who is either cheating, or purposely throws or goes afk just to ruin the game. CSGO used to be my fav game, I can't even play it's so bad.

  • m0E_tv mOE (@m0E_tv) reported

    @CSGO your game has been crashing for no reason since the update... plz fix it

  • JohnELane2 John E Lane (@JohnELane2) reported

    @marcthiessen Then when the Palestinians launch an Attack on Israel, maybe the Counter Strike will Take them Out,2 Problems Solved!!

  • ItsJammys Smoothie (@ItsJammys) reported

    .@streamlabs All the sudden when I open SLOBS while CS:GO is open it caps my FPS to 60. It doesn't do this with any other game. One fix is playing in fullscreen windowed, but I play 4/3 stretched and I cant play my resolution when windowed. Please help. #CSGO

  • EdHerdman Edwin Herdman (@EdHerdman) reported

    @DavidKlion The last time I heard "that's a you problem" is when my ******* Counter-Strike teammate was justifying not picking up the better gun for team eco

  • Sanity_CS Sanityy (@Sanity_CS) reported

    @OuXe_kun @CSGO @steam_games If u get scammed in 2019, u got issues not gonna lie. And betting sites are literally what made the game popular.

  • Ppesoss Akatsuki SZN 🇺🇸🇲🇽 (@Ppesoss) reported

    @rrrococs @hitchariide Dam you illiterate you better hope this “csgo career” blows up or you in some serious problems

  • AquenYT Aquen (@AquenYT) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO @nickbunyun diddnt know that this was an actual glitch, just thought I was retarded lmao

  • 42Kmi 42Kmi.​​com (@42Kmi) reported

    I believe I gotten the threshold down to detect extrinsic lag only. I'll upload some matches that I lost so you can see how high the strike counter goes when someone lags like crazy.

  • h3x0r_of Kordin Vladimir (@h3x0r_of) reported

    @DonHaci @CSGO @nickbunyun Jesus, I thought it's only my problem, and I thought it was because of double-click on my mouse

  • litgamingarena Lit Gaming Arena (@litgamingarena) reported

    @AnimeWithRJ I think the problem we've seen with a trade system when money is involved with buying loot boxes is stuff like the rise of the CSGO Gambling stuff taking it from tongue I cheek gambling to kids straight up actually gambling. Money just needs to be taken out of the equation

  • DoctorLemon12 DoctorLemon (Justin) (@DoctorLemon12) reported

    @Roblox @FreshEffectRBLX Fix ur mods, this is worse than csgo mods