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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Game Crash (24.70%)
  • Sign in (24.30%)
  • Online Play (17.53%)
  • Glitches (7.57%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.20%)

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  • animatedxd
    ani (@animatedxd) reported

    i literally have my windows resolution and monitor resolutions to 4:3 so i can get black bars on csgo but even then csgo opens up stretched and when im in game my monitor doesnt let me switch to 4:3 it goes back to full in my monitor ill PAY somebody if they help me fix this shit

  • TheLauen
    Lauen (@TheLauen) reported

    Hey @Dexerto your fresh article on Karrigan being benched has some errors. First off, he is not a star player, his role for the most part was IGL. Secondly he was not the longest tenured, rain is. Rain is OG FaZe CSGO, Karrigan joined later.

  • Peter18561129
    Peter (@Peter18561129) reported

    @ORIGINPC I would like to have a pc that I could play at least some games on without lag because on my laptop I can't play a shit. Like I mean I can't play csgo without lag on low settings.

  • VillenMillenion
    VillenMillenion (@VillenMillenion) reported

    @MaxiGerlich @NessaCSGO @FACEIT @humphreyCSGO i never had problems on faceit with dota, csgo was a completly different exprience thought xd

  • AgentmnsPlays
    SkirmishX (@AgentmnsPlays) reported

    @vixson_ i'll be schooling you on how to fix csgo 😤

    F I И E (@EMP_FINE) reported

    Csgo is crash now😡

  • qudans_1987
    Kevin 케빈 (@qudans_1987) reported

    Tekken, LoL, Csgo. No problem. Oh, I forgot our exam in Basic Calculus. Quite a lot.

  • StaticFrosTT
    More Determined Than Ever For Some Odd Reason (@StaticFrosTT) reported

    Me: csgo is the best game ever made Also me: I swear to god if Csgo dev doesn’t fix this broken game I’m gonna jump off a bridge.

  • Mohamma45803781
    Mohammad Saad (@Mohamma45803781) reported

    @teamspeak @AMD Most likely counter strike in recent times. Not too sure over the course of my life, might be crash bandicoot warped or crash team racing or crash bash or midnight club 3 dub edition remix.

  • Steam_toXic
    Daniel J. Schmidt (@Steam_toXic) reported

    @csgo_dev Having a problem where everytime I restart csgo, my Hud scale resets to .95 instead of my .70, auto weapon pickup switches to on instead of off. And my net_graph changes it's hight to 979, and changes it's net_graphpos to the value 2 instead of 1.

  • Gamingfant
    Gamingfant (@Gamingfant) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForceUK @Nathan_fng i met him in csgo and now we are since 2 years bigg buddies and he is a veeeery nice teammade! His recen laptop is broken and now he need a new one! And my grafic card is shit so i need a 2080! NATHAN U ARE THE BEST

  • Jeretard101
    Issued Jec (@Jeretard101) reported

    @kelvinuuu17 play csgo problem solved

  • hyena_beats
    Hyena WH15K3Y (@hyena_beats) reported

    I wont be streaming VRChat; way to much drama and problems from that game now-days. ROE, CSGO (maybe) plus I want to look at playing different games -- I would love some suggestions~ <3

  • picturefaggot
    RusTeR💨 (@picturefaggot) reported

    @Activision can you play mp please and fix this shit why fix spawns to make them shitty again every loby there a six man camper and yet I'm spawning on them stop copying fortnite already and focus and cod we don't want overwatch csgo fortnite we want CALL OF DUTY #BlackOps4

  • salim_guyz
    Duck (@salim_guyz) reported

    @butter_but8 @csgo_dev Issue that's matter is either you get good at the game and stop complaining about 64 tick or quit CSGO.

  • TaulanttUkimeri
    Tal/a (@TaulanttUkimeri) reported

    Shit... just woke up because I couldnt play csgo because of lag, its 4am btw

  • Herbafobe
    herbie (@Herbafobe) reported

    I think I'm only gunna stream csgo when I'm playing mm because I cannot play well with the lag at all >:( hate my internet

  • Slasher
    Rod Breslau (@Slasher) reported

    @Nors3 @mbCARMAC I mean that's kind of an absurd statement. League for example has national LAN leagues for every region in the world AND international events that dwarf everything else in esports. China LPL alone can compare to all of CSGO. OW has problems due to current game popularity.

  • YiskaOut
    Yiska (@YiskaOut) reported

    @Slasher @mbCARMAC That's the beauty of an open system. Errors are compartmentalized and risk way viewer peoples opportunities. Blizzard doing an error of that magnitude means the game is dead, for CSGO it means others got to grow in comparison while the overall scene took a much smaller hit.

  • 0ubas
    Oubas (@0ubas) reported

    Okay, i am a big faze csgo fan. I love all their players. All insane players and people. But watching them play like this make me sad. They seem flat. No motivation, no fun, no drive. I hooe they fix it because faze can beat astralis if they find their fire again. They can be nr1

  • elafiiev4
    Elafiie (@elafiiev4) reported

    Fortnite *releases massively overpowered blade on the same day as tournament qualifiers begin and takes 3 days to fix it*: ''wow we stan epic games such good devs!!'' CSGO *releases overpowered pistol*: 3 years later 'lol remember these are the same devs that released the r8..'

  • heymrteo
    teo. (@heymrteo) reported

    @Delta not only did my flight leave early without me but now there’s no one at the customer service counter to assist. Strike #2

  • casciusspang
    Cascius Spang (@casciusspang) reported

    @tgnTV @VGFGamers some multiplayer games like Counter-Strike do it when you first connect to a server which isn't an issue, but otherwise it would suck.

  • sodaccan
    î (@sodaccan) reported

    @Paolodonaire1 Fix csgo plays

  • callehosu
    Callychi~ (@callehosu) reported

    @bordie_ I'm rly worrying about csgo now it's free because more and more cheaters will appear and the banning system is broken

  • ranoutofnamess1
    i ran out of usernames (@ranoutofnamess1) reported

    @csgo_dev Been having a lot of performance issues since blacksite dropped. My average FPS dropped from 300+ to ~70 and it’s very stuttery. I was only able to fix it by downloading csgo on an ssd. A friend of mine used to run it at 200+ FPS and now it’s going at 15. Different GPUs too

  • CSGONoodles
    Butterynoodles (@CSGONoodles) reported

    @JewishLewish Fr if the fortnite community played csgo and lived through all of the csgo updates I don't think they would live if this is their reaction to something being broken for only a week xD

  • Nemacyte
    Craig (@Nemacyte) reported

    The fanbase in the CSGO scene has some massive ******* problems with their expectations You have to be quite stupid to think that the OGC ex-pro pug stack was anything more than friends playing for fun, not them actively trying to win

  • WarKidPL
    Kajetan Wójcik (@WarKidPL) reported

    Podoba mi się film CSGO Battle Royale where you never have ammo & the only way to get it is Amazon primes drone service w @YouTube –

  • debdutgoswami
    Debdut Goswami (@debdutgoswami) reported

    I just want to mention a huge problem with CSGO. It was full of hackers already and hackers are constantly increasing. I would really appreciate it if few notable YouTubers come up together and make a separate video on this issue. CSGO shouldn't be free. @csgo_dev @NadeKingCSGO

  • azalea_csgo
    azalea (@azalea_csgo) reported

    @BattleNonSense @jzlegit13 @zariannaplays It's like someone getting annoyed they were "around a corner", when dying to someone in CSGO, that merely suffered server delayed info. Lag comp > needing to lead shots in front, like back in CS in 2000... but I guess perception is huge in the mind of the killed player.

  • _Raznet
    Christmas Razzy~ 🎁👑 (@_Raznet) reported

    @uwusofa I don't think we could play together since we're really far away so lag would be a problem, but I play all the blizzard games and some I've also been playing Blazblue and csgo recently, as well as getting back into league (yeah, I know)

  • Attackturkey
    Attackturkey (@Attackturkey) reported

    @AspiringCake @JSStudz @iheartc0okies @FortniteGame I think the huge problem here is people are expecting Fortnite to be developed to like a competitive game, like CSGO, but in reality Fortnite is not a competitive game and will not be developed like it. They appeal to the masses.

  • savvym_
    Matej (@savvym_) reported

    @TwitchKoopiez @pcgamer Yeah. CSGO took a lot of new players to themselves. But even old Insurgency is still active game, I still do not see problem.

  • ForbiddeNSama
    Abhiyuday (@ForbiddeNSama) reported

    @HathwayBrdband this is very un-epic. 😡 Me and my mitr @BansalAyaaN can't play dota because of your shit service errr fix his problems ASAP else 1v1 me in csgo errr 👏👏

  • frendazoned
    lanlingwangfan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    csgo is such a cool game and has some of the coolest map design in shooters that its such a ******* shame that valve is the company in charge of it so it gets no meaningful updates and has broken matchmaking forever

  • LoBsTerVg
    Lob (@LoBsTerVg) reported

    @TmarTn Just make another CSGO gambling cite, problem solved

  • viktr_ebooks
    viktr (@viktr_ebooks) reported

    my computer has been broken since monday. my friends who were too lazy to support us into the $1,000,000 Counter-Strike major

  • satoriJPN
    autumn (@satoriJPN) reported

    imagine basically removing lag compensation because you can't patch backtracking holy shit JUST RECALL CSGO ALREADY IT'S ASS

  • WesgSea
    WESG Southeast Asia (@WesgSea) reported

    For those who are waiting for CSGO, Hearthstone & Starcraft updates, there's a delay due some issue going in ground. #wesgsea2018

  • PhotonWolfsky
    Eigenwolf (@PhotonWolfsky) reported

    @JERICHO CSGO ranking has been broken since that change they did back in December like 3 years ago or some shit. And even before that, it was still broken... just not as much.

  • Abhizzz111
    ANDY (@Abhizzz111) reported

    It’s about time to have a timeout @EvilMojoMolly @EvilMojoAlyssa @PaladinsGame Add some features like timeout system like the other games , take csgo for instance they use 1min timeout for players who disconnect so he can reconnect again.

  • Jayzero06
    Jayzero06 (@Jayzero06) reported

    @BoomGMP @JoseDiaz_01 @EatueCSGO hell yeah xD not my fault csgo is broken lol

  • DemonicCasts
    DemonicRobots (@DemonicCasts) reported

    My CSGO VOIP is completely broken. I use PTT but even when I let go it still goes on for several minutes even, until I hit -voicerecord. Disabling, voice_enabled 0, even rebinding my key doesn't work. Da ***

  • idgafayrii
    ‏ً (@idgafayrii) reported

    csgo is so broken

  • enemycss
    enemy (@enemycss) reported

    @bubbleMCSGO my attempt at bulgarian csgo: - bulgarian elite play together since the start of csgo (MK/Imperial) - core breaks up in 2017 after lots of roster issues (Outlaws/MK/Imperial) citing commitment issues + playing for wrong reasons 1/2

  • NoticiasCSGOBR
    csgo (@NoticiasCSGOBR) reported

    @csgo_dev Please fix csgo because after the update that left the game for free, playing casual is impossible because they are full of xiter. Please do not let CSGO die like this.

  • febriellaa_
    tacobell (@febriellaa_) reported

    fix besok download csgo!!!

  • gununit270
    ChillBles PE #SoaRCharBles (@gununit270) reported

    @BybesTV Kind of like Valve’s relationship with Csgo and it’s community. They keep releasing cases, which, while the skins do look pretty cool, it doesn’t deny that they’ve got a bunch of shit to fix.

  • MotetSebastian
    sebastian motet (@MotetSebastian) reported

    @steam_games fix matchmaking in csgo plz

  • owen74483177
    owen (@owen74483177) reported

    Hello! So just today i became very very very dumb i gave my pass to a random csgo trading site called magi.. something (i forgot the name). i got it from a guy in my friendlist soo i opened it and boom my steam is gone i lost my account. PLease if anybody knows how to fix it help

  • JassyTech
    Ciprian Amanolesei (@JassyTech) reported

    @csgo_dev I play like 3 competitive matches a day, I can tell you at least one have cheaters players in it, I think cheating is the main problem of csgo, it's sad because the game is beautiful

  • SupaEther
    Ether (@SupaEther) reported

    Hopefully No PC Problems Today, but i have a bad feeling its about to poop out on me. but until it does we are LIVE because the grind never stops!!! #csgo @Retweet_Twitch @Twitch @SupStreamers #SupportSmallStreamers #SupportSmallerStreamers #Retweet #SupportSmallerStreams

  • abhishek2manish
    Manish Abhishek (@abhishek2manish) reported

    @jetspot_care Hello there, I have been using your services from a couple of months now. Didn't face any problem whatsoever. But from the past 1 month, whenever I try to play csgo (counter strike) or PUBG, I face packet loss, which goes upto 30-40%. (1/2)

  • abhishek2manish
    Manish Abhishek (@abhishek2manish) reported

    @jetspot_status Hello there, I have been using your services from a couple of months now. Didn't face any problem whatsoever. But, from the past 1 month, whenever I try to play csgo (counter strike) or PUBG, I face packet loss, which goes upto 30-40% (1/2)

  • NedelcuCatalin0
    Nedelcu Catalin (@NedelcuCatalin0) reported

    @NvidiaGFN Idk what happened with GFN on my computer, ill launch CSGO, play for a bit, then it errors out andk kicks me out of the game

  • TimObert
    Captain_Hook5150 (@TimObert) reported

    @OatmealGOD @Razer @XPlaneOfficial They stopped making the left handed Naga. I only have my left hand, so this is an issue for when I play CSGO

  • yeeyeeborther
    ً (@yeeyeeborther) reported

    I’ve put so many hours into csgo today I think I might have a problem

  • t_wics
    Thor (@t_wics) reported

    I can’t see CSGO:BR surviving longer than most csgo events do sadly. Plus I’m sure hacking is going to become a issue, sooner than later.

  • SketchXZ
    SketchXZ (@SketchXZ) reported

    YES IM BACK LIVE, FIXES MY DAMN PROBLEMS SO FRUSTRATING, but we on #csgo :) #shakrsinabarrel #UkStreamer #SupportSmallStreamers