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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • worthuwu worth (@worthuwu) reported

    csgo untill they fix fps

  • marcosflowers Marcos Flores (@marcosflowers) reported from St. Louis, Missouri

    @AirJapes @EASPORTSFIFA @eMLS Comp scene is a mess. LoL, Overwatch, csgo, Halo, no other game has pay to win mechanics in their comp scene, broken servers, bad prizes, and a weekend game mode. I actually feel bad for players that are in comp fifa. But not if they’re blatantly cheating

  • areefdanielz 𝔊𝔬𝔬𝔡 𝔟𝔬𝔶 (@areefdanielz) reported

    @Pimp_CSGO can you tell me why ******** did gaben decide to make csgo free, for ****’s sake man I kept on running into hackers, 5 games straight against hackers. PLEASE FIX IT

  • alexandrelocs Alexandre sem F (@alexandrelocs) reported

    @betwayesports @CSGO pls fix

  • ohnePixel ohnePixel (@ohnePixel) reported

    @_Sabach This is big news for the csgo economy and playerbase.. Expect the market to crash in a bit if not fixed soon by valve

  • isaquearievil isaque the creator (@isaquearievil) reported

    @GALAXZY7 @precheater @MEdaw37 @TDM_Jesus @CSGO Nah, mm suck, ranks in csgo suck, if u dont agree this u are a ******* blind person, the amount of bad players in high ranks are so ******* high. Just watch any video in youtube "The Problem With CSGO Ranks" or other title and you will see.

  • SniperDt Sascha ''dtSniper'' (@SniperDt) reported

    @SpooksR6 same as csgo. high ranked players with a ton of hours. and a good reputation (not a lot of toxic reports etc.) Sure but we have the same problem right now. I doubt that the Staff isn able to check everything manually. This would get load away from the staff.

  • Zaieon Austin B (@Zaieon) reported


  • RathboneLord Lord Rathbone (@RathboneLord) reported

    @TDM_Jesus @3kliksphilip @CSGO valve please fix

  • POKO_YT POKO (@POKO_YT) reported

    @InceptionXx delay is shite. And we know FIFA knows about it. With that you're biggest fight now bro should be uniting the community. I am a CSGO player , most toxic community ever , beet esports game to an extent. Problem is how differently everyone approaches FIFA

  • precheater parker (@precheater) reported

    @MEdaw37 @isaquearievil @TDM_Jesus @CSGO exactly why i quit the game is completely broken with matchmaking

  • Baaskatugch Baaska.MGL (@Baaskatugch) reported

    @FACEIT @CSGO fix your freakin servers @FACEIT

  • shubamchandel1 sCr °♂° (@shubamchandel1) reported

    @PUBGMOBILE Deagle is shit in pubgm the real deagle is in csgo or pubg pc . Pubgm deagle is not working properly

  • SDesai71 Sahil Desai (@SDesai71) reported

    @jordanjsavage Agreed. But id argue CSGO is a better/easier watch for casuals. The problem with CSGO is the amount of tournaments. There’s just too many.

  • Gabadabs Gabu (@Gabadabs) reported

    @K3Tsunami @Zumbuh @JesusMSantiago8 @JuanyeTuda @ArflGlarfl @AEGRO @touch_dic @jumpman_red @dmarcusbaus My issue ends up being this. They'll bring up something, say, TLOU, and they'll ask me to find something as good. So I'll bring up PC exclusives like WoW or CSGO, and they'll call them trash for one of a plethora of reasons. Apparently popularity, metascores, sales, etc. only -

  • Z3R0_csgo Z3R0 (@Z3R0_csgo) reported

    @ErwannRzd @MC__Jules @JackEtienne @Jensen There's not a lack of talent it's just NA is way more expensive, csgo has the same issue

  • Souprise_OW Souprise (Adam) (@Souprise_OW) reported

    Ow is shit league is shit csgo is shit legit nothing to ******* play. Been 3 days of playing and broken my keyboard and mouse from this shit I need a break

  • PhotonGeyser Dirtbag (@PhotonGeyser) reported

    Alright, university CSGO stream has to be cancelled (again) ... it's apparently a problem on the ESEA side so we'll probably have an admin sort this one out... in the meantime the next game starts this tuesday, stay tuned

  • csgodenY Jamie Neal (@csgodenY) reported

    The issue that I have had today with my CSGO freezing, I have seen everywhere on Steam, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. What I am going to do is make a video elaborating more on the issue and how I fixed it. I cannot tell you why the issue is happening, but I can for my experience.

  • Ocerry1 regieG nitnatsnoC (@Ocerry1) reported

    @KB_A_S @jamesbardolph Well its not like wo do t already have 2 (!!) Default knives in csgo... if you like one better than the other than thats your problem. Im pretty sure noone at valve sat there in 2012 and said "lets cut the normal knife and sell it 8 years later" laughing malevolently...

  • shivamsingh382 shivax (@shivamsingh382) reported

    @SiimplyGrinding I watched your video i liked it but i switch nba to csgo the game is broken af

  • yourbabexx_ kaum patah hati (@yourbabexx_) reported

    Ok fix uninstall csgo :)

  • Zaboutine Zaboutine (@Zaboutine) reported

    NA first problem is culture. Faced the issue in work/soloQ/csgo/rl... The day people will stop trying to avoid the blame more than anything they will improve at the same pace of the rest of the world. Only place I've been where telling facts is considered toxic.

  • Jungle_CS James (@Jungle_CS) reported

    @henryjm11106 @J_P_C4 @FMPONE This sounds about right my csgo PC has the same CPU but paired with a 1050ti and 16gb of ram. I think the issue with fps is CPU related with some GPU issues on lower end stuff. All maps the PC gets a minimum of 200 fps and average of 230 ish

  • Pies2137 pie (@Pies2137) reported


  • Citrooooooooon citron - martin (@Citrooooooooon) reported


  • The0ne4ndOnly ✩ Zé Von Cabbage (@The0ne4ndOnly) reported

    @jamesbardolph @CSGO Valve. Please fix!

  • veteran_cs VeteranCS (@veteran_cs) reported

    @longva_j @schtormm @Edvinas719 @getfrank @DreamHackCSGO @CSGO But I live in Europe. So thats not my problem buddy ;).

  • mys31f_cs Lam Bui Bao (@mys31f_cs) reported

    @CSGO just fix it for us

  • maiscedoandre André Macedo (@maiscedoandre) reported

    fix this @CSGO plz

  • twdutchman Dutchman (@twdutchman) reported

    @CSGO fix your ******* game I reconnected to a match instantly and everyone on my team said i got a cooldown to find out after the game i did. what ********. **** you

  • Tan976 Tanner Doiron (@Tan976) reported

    The Kreig actually makes me not want to play @CSGO Pls fix

  • Syc00_ Syc0 (@Syc00_) reported


  • PerenlikkerTV Perenlikker (@PerenlikkerTV) reported

    @CSGO Nice that you still rule out my entire country. I was in USA for 2.5 weeks and still was banned from opening anything. Not even my souvenir-cases from Berlin, FIX THIS!

  • BeniniBurger h booga (@BeniniBurger) reported

    @Alpha_Blaster well not that far.. but the balancing is really ****** up. if you wanna think mario party, think csgo or ow. two of the most ****** games ever because of the randomness and unbalancing issues, because they keep patching them over and over and making them worse

  • thadimus7 Thadimus⚜️ (@thadimus7) reported

    @BerryVibesTV Fix csgo

  • FawadT Fawad Tariq (@FawadT) reported

    @WindigoGG fix your csgo roster smh

  • Memehub_mp4 エイドリアン (@Memehub_mp4) reported

    @CSGO fix yo damn game, my last 4 comp matches has had 2 - 3 people spinbotting and its really ******* annoying!

  • c2halo Cody Cunningham (@c2halo) reported

    @FlorianJiro @jamesbardolph @CSGO Preference on the knife itself isn't really what I'm talking about at all. The position its held and the way it deviates from the norm is the issue as far as design goes. SD had very poor design choices that I would assume Valve does not want to repeat.

  • iSnortDolphins Snort! (@iSnortDolphins) reported

    @jessecs @jamesbardolph @CSGO Yeah but isn't it kinda selfish though I understand you want it to be how it looks but there adding it not us were already need them to fix the game I'm just saying people getting greedy

  • GTC1337 Gary (@GTC1337) reported

    @jamesbardolph @CSGO @CSGO pls fix

  • reversed_ AMS° (@reversed_) reported

    @jamesbardolph @CSGO Please fix @CSGO

  • ViperrCS cache #1 fan (@ViperrCS) reported

    @ma1Nsge @FMPONE Sheet, unlucko. With that fix ryzen looks as good as Intel in csgo.

  • jessecs Jesserinio (@jessecs) reported

    @khengor_ @jamesbardolph @CSGO See in that case the issue would be that it’s not the correct game

  • reallylameguy reallylameguy (@reallylameguy) reported

    I don't think CSGO supports 640x480 but maybe borderless windowed will fix that.

  • Keihaos kei (@Keihaos) reported

    @Animeisr3al @jamesbardolph @CSGO it's not a problem it's a suggestion

  • Animeisr3al XER (@Animeisr3al) reported

    @jamesbardolph @CSGO boomer problems

  • YTRemm Ilkka (@YTRemm) reported

    @Floxiiik @KingHaiX They fix bugs constantly, name a bug thats been in csgo for years. Performance is good I run at 200fps with gtx 650 and i5 2400. Panorama update, hitboxes, sounds

  • HooverTV Hoover (@HooverTV) reported from Maryville, Missouri

    @HawkCSGO_ @CSGO Valve employees can work on any game they want, someone finally wanted to make csgo cool again rather than putting all the money into dota. TrustFactor and prime are broken and filled with more hackers than ever. I think your blinded by 'this being the only cs you've played'

  • SallinenPasi very sad pupper (@SallinenPasi) reported

    @CSGO pls fix the molotov sound bug already

  • DollsParton Tom Parton (@DollsParton) reported

    @officialpes New faces new stadiums the same old BS and no fixes to the gameplay you need to fix alot pes2020 is honestly the worst one the game is broken and your servers are from 2001 and only capable to play the first counter strike

  • ILMWOL (@ILMWOL) reported

    @CSGO people are afking in dm and getting the cs20 case as a drop even if they have no kills, please fix

  • BillyHcsgo BillyH (@BillyHcsgo) reported

    @GenuineGamingAU @CSGO @FMPONE FPS problems are shit

  • FarzaanHussain2 Farzaan Hussain (@FarzaanHussain2) reported

    @CSGO after the update there is some glitch that i found in casual mode. I am seeing opposite player (CT) as my team model (T)

  • Hoobooo1 ThatFinnishHobo (@Hoobooo1) reported

    @iCanCombo @CSGO It will not be instantly added in. That means if there are gaming braking bugs in it they will be able to fix them. So basically they just want to make sure it has been tested well before adding it in.

  • originecross Whysoserius (@originecross) reported

    @CSGO We don't care ! Make a real anti-cheat ! Stop making money whit this broken game.

  • fucknicrotics king crimson (@fucknicrotics) reported

    I have zero problem w android users but as an ex android user myself what ticks me off is whenever you guys record videos at low light it looks like you guys are playing csgo with 2 frames per ******* second and low graphics

  • TomEdwa58230291 Tom Edwards (@TomEdwa58230291) reported

    @CSGO Just a sweet idea. Instead of adding shitty cases fix your ******* shite anti cheat

  • SaveTheWorld45 Despacito (@SaveTheWorld45) reported

    @csgo why did I not receive my free ******* cs20 case. My friend got his but I didn’t. Also fix your shit matchmaking I’m level 19 and just got put against a level 35. Sincerely, **** you

  • llZestll Zest (@llZestll) reported

    @CSGO please could you implement something to competitive gamemodes that can detect whether a user willingly decided to leave a match and never joined back compared to a user having wifi issues and getting a cooldown because of it