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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Sign in (26.02%)
  • Online Play (24.80%)
  • Game Crash (7.32%)
  • Glitches (2.44%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.63%)

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  • PankajS965 PankajS (@PankajS965) reported

    Yes counter and debilitating strike on launchpads is the only option. As the country is seething with anger sometching spectacular needs to be done to secure next term. After that no issues, rivals would be routed and then you can take care of traitors inside and outside.

  • ManrajG06172135 Manraj Gill (@ManrajG06172135) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Can you fix where if you spam the buttons for crouch it slowed each time like csgo

  • BYZE Jordan (@BYZE) reported

    @FusionxGamerr you can literally fix that with a command in the csgo config

  • Ch4rli3_81 Charlie-81 (@Ch4rli3_81) reported

    @csgo_dev now you need fix other simple problem... END THE CSGO For FREE

  • Ch4rli3_81 Charlie-81 (@Ch4rli3_81) reported

    @csgo_dev now you need fiz other simple problem... END THE CSGO For FREE

  • zoombaxd grandfather johnny (@zoombaxd) reported

    ive been trying to get out of silver for the past 2 years and im sick of this shit. i keep getting matched up with trolls who throw the game while i actually try to play competitively and i get 25-30 kills every game while these kids get 10 kills. csgo fix your ranking system 😡

  • WebboHD Webbo (@WebboHD) reported

    @csgo_dev Dear csgo devs. I've been a long time Dan of csgo been playing since 2013. As much as I love the game there is one problem that has become worse since free to play and no its not cheaters its the fact that people in the UK have to play on eu servers.

  • Romanoskys Ignacio Román R (@Romanoskys) reported from Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso

    @SelflessRyu The big problem is the stream, for Facebook in the case of CSGO. Normal the viewers.

  • Maskett81 Murto Murtovič (@Maskett81) reported

    @borja9220 @csgo_dev But thats not relevant to the post. I mean yeah f2p csgo is dogshit and i doubt any actual free2play player will stay,i tried it and there was a spinbotter in every game, thats true. But on prime matchmaking I dont have many problems, idk man

  • 4imankhalidie ɪ-ᴍᴀɴᴋᴇɴᴏʙɪ (@4imankhalidie) reported from Bintulu, Sarawak

    Csgo is broken. Yall i need some hax on

  • AButlerOwO ABoopyButler (@AButlerOwO) reported

    @tierynmcgregory It crashes alot xd just playing csgo for 4 hours straight will make it crash... >.> it's really old

  • gamersdont gamersdont (@gamersdont) reported

    @tabseNcs @csgo_dev Ye i think someone had this problem in fpl the other day Also When you start csgo open console and IF you get some red text wait for them all to load then connect server

  • Coodywoo ching mans clart (@Coodywoo) reported

    @CHIRAQKILLAXD prob a problem with csgo

  • TheClutchIsReal 2Ø77 (@TheClutchIsReal) reported

    @TherealKosm0 @macawcaw123 @MarcMerrill idk if you've ever played csgo but I've never really had a problem with people not using voice comms. The majority will use them and some (male and female) won't care to do so and you never really feel at a disadvantage imo.

  • HLTV_masterbait make HLTV great again (@HLTV_masterbait) reported

    @MSLcsgo @TACOCS @csgo_dev taco is now the official csgo bug fix ambassador

  • empty_roses spiderverse in SSBU 🥊🕷 (@empty_roses) reported

    once fortnite dies, none of these companies are going to give a shit about the game and that's the problem i have with this stuff. it's a far reach from established esports like LoL, dota, or csgo which don't necessarily grovel for mainstream attention as much.

  • piggiestyle piggiestyle (@piggiestyle) reported

    Really funny how csgo hasn’t fixed the hacker problem after nearly a decade...

  • csgo_season De_Season_CSGO (@csgo_season) reported

    Day 21: 3 weeks in and de_season is still not in CSGO @csgo_dev pls fix

  • success_drill a baby boomer kaiju (@success_drill) reported

    Playing PC games with a controller is an accessibility issue. I'm still irritated that CSGO doesn't play nice with Steam Controller anymore.

  • Nuggetknight1 Nugget_knight (@Nuggetknight1) reported

    I'm going to stream csgo instead, i think apex is the problem

  • michaelbrookerr Tantrem 💸 (@michaelbrookerr) reported

    I keep having to do this. Huge apologies on the stream today. Once again I’m having internet issues. I don’t know what to do about streaming CSGO until I get better internet. But major love to @Canfush for the raid. Thanks to everyone for the amazing support still 💜

  • wraithz_ tom (@wraithz_) reported

    been 5 years and hundreds of updates but csgo still crashes everytime i try to load into game! how ******** do i fix :)))

  • Ripthemems Papamemes (@Ripthemems) reported

    @CykaHotFireYT @DonHaci dont have to worry about pickems if csgo didnt open due to some random d3d error that i couldnt fix so i wasnt able to choose my pickems

  • StaticFrosTT Static Frost (@StaticFrosTT) reported

    @csgoplaybook If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Something that should never be said in Csgo. Hahahaha

  • TheRealSFRM Ty (@TheRealSFRM) reported

    When Siege people complain about new format and dropping 6 rounds in a row and the mental issue. Meanwhile csgo players come back from 14-0s lol

  • toby_dalton Toby Dalton (@toby_dalton) reported

    The temptation for a visible response with PR effects will be hard for the Indin govt to ignore. Wise Indian leaders in the past (including Modi prior to the Uri attack) have tried to manage the problem, rather than "restore" deterrence with a big counter-strike.

  • Monolith_GG Monolith Gaming (@Monolith_GG) reported

    UPD: Match is moved on another day, Vexed has tech issues. #esports #monolithgg #csgo

  • GGNydrA Radoslav Kolev (@GGNydrA) reported

    Why are people reporting that Apex Legends has broken Twitch viewers records (hrs/day) and citing Fortnite's 6.2M as the previous record. 1) Fortnite's record was actually 7.2M, not 6.2M 2) CSGO had 8.5M during the ELEAGUE '17 Major So either TwitchTracker is bullshit...

  • ChintanYagnik Chintan Yagnik (@ChintanYagnik) reported

    @***** @PlayApex Had this issue with csgo once in my monster rig, turned out the liquid cooler wasnt installed properly

  • currydtx rahul (@currydtx) reported

    2 hours to fix league server after a 5mb update to csgo. Fun

  • dpilley23 David P. (@dpilley23) reported

    @hqwords It doesn't fix the bot problem, but the strike counter resetting to 10 after I used an extra life sure made Puzzle 10 easier 😋

  • xander_421 DaFuq World? (@xander_421) reported

    @PlayApex Dear Apex Game please help me get a good ping in yout game im playing from Indonesia and usually i got a good decent ping in other game like csgo lol pubg and dota but why my game lag so much is it because the ping or the loss idk

  • MrMario2011 MrMario2011 (@MrMario2011) reported

    @occamsmonkey That sounds like it could have been a glitch of some kind if the strike stuck, as again you deal directly with the alleged owner. You submit a counter notification, then they have 10 business days to either file a legal complaint, release the strike, or ignore it.

  • solaze_ big B (@solaze_) reported

    @Slavv33 @Lufo_KiG @gpenteado7 @shroudschair @tadeusarmento @seizedwf @csgo_dev @TACOCS You over-estimate bug-fixing, it doesn't take months The current CSGO team has clearly focused on other aspects of the game like F2P, Dropzone etc. However with the major starting and so much controversy around it, it's in Valve's interest to fix the bug before the major.

  • PounceitCS Francis Gerard 👑 (@PounceitCS) reported

    @opskinsgo 1.CSGO because that's the only game I am descent at 2.Dota 2 I used to play it but now I suck 3.Apex Legends is a really fun game the only problem is I'm not that good

  • scarttino Samuel (@scarttino) reported

    So my current issue with not being able to stream is that OBS is dropping frame rate. I have my output set to 30fps and once I start playing Apex on my PC I drop down to 20fps or lower. Not sure what is causing the issue as I’ve streamed CSGO before and it was perfectly stable...

  • r4bbit41 𝕣𝟜𝕓𝕓𝕚𝕥𝟜𝟙 (@r4bbit41) reported

    @timetoplay007 @Xeratrickyy @stylerrUK @ImMahti @kingocraigo @NattyIce117 @ConnorJaundrell @trashpanda1229 @ImStallionTV @TBurrettl @keplerinoo @ExitLeft_ @luaanajane I haven't noticed that many cheaters in PUBG, maybe 5 in 800 hours of playing and that's nothing after playing CSGO. Desync is the main issue of the game and some glitches. Apex is an awesome game overal!

  • Chris29Games Chris (@Chris29Games) reported

    If you ignore the 1 hour delay(from sources ddos issues which is why valve disconnected HLTV) this is already in contention for a top major. CSGO teams are loving it today.

  • wophugus Thermidorian Reaction (@wophugus) reported

    @naydel555 @willwilkinson Anyway, abs laws being motivated by a desire to counter economic coercion obviously doesn’t settle the issue of if they are constitutional since animus is not required to strike down a law violative of people’s rights.

  • TaelsSZN Mazer Taels (@TaelsSZN) reported

    @realacesu @ApexLegendsComp I’m gonna be deadass with you, in csgo yea I maybe had a bad rep because I was a 15 and 16 year old idiot, but in RL and Apex I have had literally 0 issues so reputation is the least of my worries especially when it’s only 1 person trying to do something about it.

  • Numquamgg Numquam Gaming (@Numquamgg) reported

    @VesuCS @mbCARMAC I don't hink there really is a way you can test the setup with the CSGO Major client. I think normally ESL is not having such problems...

  • PanYijing1997 Flora ੭ ᐕ)੭*⁾⁾ (@PanYijing1997) reported

    The best Chinese csgo caster 玩机器 today posted a weibo saying that he has some psychological problems and won't cast this major for Chinese stream. He said his only way is to leave this scene for a long period of time. And he's not sure when he'll come back.😔😔🙏🙏🙏

  • ivaluschka Laluschka (@ivaluschka) reported

    Matchmaking 64 tick csgo is so broken. You cannot spray like 128tick server.

  • ipsychogirl Esmee (@ipsychogirl) reported

    Plottwist: the argument between taco and jw was scripted just to get csgo to fix the bug

  • MahathirTweets - (@MahathirTweets) reported

    Funny how CSGO Devs only start to fix a very old issue only after Taco brought it up. Lmaooo.

  • felixlulz felixlulz (@felixlulz) reported

    @onolool yeah, not sure about the technical details ofc just saying everyone with 2 braincells could figure out that the smokes in csgo are not working properly and some people have a huge advantage its valve´s job to figure out solution. i just hope that fixes it somewhat

  • felixlulz felixlulz (@felixlulz) reported

    funny that i been saying that since 7 years now that the smokes in csgo are absolutely broken. but i guess iam just a dumb hater who never really knows what he is talking about i mean thats where we at in 2019, you say something is bad = you HATE it ******* retarded lmao

  • michau9_ Michal Slowinski (@michau9_) reported

    I would like to encourage all CSGO Pros to report any major bugs to Valve and TOs in the future. You cannot fix a problem if you don't know it exists.

  • CoyDucharme ssss (@CoyDucharme) reported

    @MSLcsgo @csgo_dev Community 4 months ago: The meta of csgo is so stale we need something new. valve: The aug is now a viable weapon Community now: Aug is broken please nerf 🙃

  • Monkeyfist01 Monkeyfist (@Monkeyfist01) reported

    @Loona_R6 @R6S_FanatiK @LeideckerGaming Yet csgo patched an issue 10 hours before the major starting tonight lol

  • EthanAldenSouth SnowySouth Bear (@EthanAldenSouth) reported

    @VGFGamers Counter Strike: Global Offensive. a broken game with the most toxic people ever.

  • Irwiin__ Irwin (@Irwiin__) reported

    @RealHarmZ @AORUS_UK If you have no problem for play counter strike i can't see a problem

  • dolkennCS Robert Wennerlund (@dolkennCS) reported

    Nice fix @csgo_dev! I was getting tilted as ****, but know I can really enjoy playing Counter-strike. Tanker you! #ImFeelingThankYou

  • Deactivate Logan (@Deactivate) reported

    Csgo just fixed the radar glitch after months of it being exposed, let that sink in.

  • ThaManInBlack DJDJ (@ThaManInBlack) reported

    @F4HSuperGT As a 9 year Counter-Strike veteran I know the difference between cheating and lag and in my professional opinion this right here is some voodoo magic. Stay away at all costs

  • csgonoise Filip Sobierski (@csgonoise) reported

    I should win because i am upcoming csgo proplayer. I really want ask proplayers for many things. It gonna be my first csgo event ever. I from poland so no problem with travel. Please let me win and my friend @Ogniech

  • FPI0505 FPI (@FPI0505) reported

    csgo lan issue ... l cannot connect 😞 #csgo

  • MickMayi ❄️🅼🅸🅲🅺❄️ (@MickMayi) reported

    Get some time to play CSGO...servers down 😭

  • xAlphah ⚛️ (@xAlphah) reported

    @comcast Your service is absolute shit. I cant play csgo for more than 2 days in a row with out teleporting across the map every 2 seconds

  • CS_S4L Christopher S. (@CS_S4L) reported

    @TACOCS @ESLCS funny how no one notices theres an even bigger problem with the default csgo crosshair. it turns red when your aiming at an enemy and it also does sometimes when your aiming at an enemy through smoke that u cannot see.