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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Aztrekkk aztrek (@Aztrekkk) reported

    @runtmancleaves @adrianlykke @o_lzaro @jdmarzano @CSGO CS is so badly optimized for Ryzen, I have a 1800X Oc'd to 4GHz, a 1080, 16gb ram and still getting many drops under 100, the issue is the game engine being 20 years old mostly

  • rikk_kun rikk (@rikk_kun) reported

    how to play osu like rikk (profefssional btw)))) -quit for months at a time -tablet area is less than 1/5th of the tablet -1x sens -don't be able to stream -left middle finger probably broken -close osu -play csgo

  • Sneaky2x Sneaky2x (@Sneaky2x) reported

    @Nors3 @CSGO Broken is a method 😅

  • Nors3 Nors3 (@Nors3) reported

    Danger Zone ranks are so broken. I don't know what method is @CSGO using, but it's clearly not working.

  • rampantgamer RampantGamer (@rampantgamer) reported

    @easy163143858 @malenatudi Poland itself cancelled audience attendance at an event (CSGO) having previously agreed screening measures. Depends how many attendees are likely from countries currently having issues.

  • mytbii Josh Chen (@mytbii) reported

    @jdmarzano @CSGO Yes I have these problems :(

  • semiboludito slaYa (@semiboludito) reported

    @DonHaci @jdmarzano @CSGO I am begging the Devs for a fix.

  • BenikageCasts Benikage Asashin (@BenikageCasts) reported

    @jdmarzano @DonHaci @CSGO I updated my nvidia driver last night to the latest and was freezing to the point it was almost completely unplayable. After rolling back the driver it performs much better but still stutters in spots. Might be a temp fix for you.


    @jdmarzano @CSGO I have the same issue. I made my game stutter a lot less by redownloading it thought

  • MikezWasTaken MikeZ (@MikezWasTaken) reported

    @NBK @Mrtweeday @jdmarzano @CSGO Stutters are the main problem with cs go its actually unplayable in the high levels, Nathan u are one of the guys in the pro scene please try to tell valve about it and if there is a fix tweet it 🙏🙏🙏

  • exempts__ exempts (@exempts__) reported

    . @Steam after 7 years of getting a failure to validate VAC error on my account for CSGO. I figure you’d have something figured out by now 🙃 BUT NOPE

  • unomasterTV UnO (@unomasterTV) reported from Rancho Cucamonga, California

    @jdmarzano @CSGO I thought it was just me having this issue

  • InkwellValentin Trickle Down Raegonomics (@InkwellValentin) reported

    I can guarantee that if CSGO or DOTA had a hacking problem THIS bad, then Valve would IMMEDIATELY be jumping on it and patching as much as they could OUT of the game so they could prevent any bad press from the amount of scripters and hackers running around in their game.

  • AliHuss15434909 UZI_X (@AliHuss15434909) reported

    @valvesoftware i got same problem with internet and i got another 7days band 😔 So i hoope remove the 7 days band in csgo pls we cant play like this My country is bad with internet

  • AliHuss15434909 UZI_X (@AliHuss15434909) reported

    @valvesoftware hi valve, soo we have problems with internet in iraq If i play competitive in csgo 100% i will got a problem on internet So the game is make me out and i cant back So whene im waiting the internet comeback After maybe 7min I got a ban 7 After 7d I got same->

  • akEzCS Kristian Kornbakk (@akEzCS) reported

    .@CSGO your game has insane stutterlags after the 2 latest updates. plz fix ty

  • TheUltraLex LEX (@TheUltraLex) reported

    @Pain_B44 @k1astar @markhornerlol when a tier 4 battalion player calls me a tier 3 csgo player... I have a problem with that 😂

  • Aqstin 💙Aqstin💙 (@Aqstin) reported

    Kinda disappointed with this if this is real, if riot is going for a OW CSGO hybrid type game, a resurrection mechanic of any kind isn’t a good route. Hopefully they fix it or it’s fake

  • comfy_worrier Little_Worrier (@comfy_worrier) reported

    @malikshelp @Slasher @MonteCristo The problem is it shouldn't be spammable or be based around a cooldown. Riot has already stated that Project A shares more is more along to CSGO so I wouldn't say resurrection shouldn't be in the game before how it is obtained and how it affects the flow of gameplay.

  • Thomas80207924 Thomas (@Thomas80207924) reported

    @CSGO You guys need to fix your trust factor... like this is bull shit, I get put in red trust factor because I team killed kids who were just greifing and killing me, so I got kicked.. than I get put down in low trust because of that. And now I ONLY PLAY ******* CHEATERS

  • avantar Krzysztof Szala (@avantar) reported

    At least controversial “cheating” cheering by CSGO supporters issue is solved! But speaking seriously – very sad and tough but right decision but authorities IMO. #IEMKatowice2020

  • coolkid3916 DJ PurityEXE (@coolkid3916) reported

    @CSGO Fix ur game. Why does my trust factor go low when I play regular MM. like wth please fix the report abuse.

  • Vanillafrogman phrog mane (@Vanillafrogman) reported

    @Tensa_The_Sage too many ******* mechanics in these retarded games you got moba shit and fps shit cod is about as complex as a fps should get in terms of amount of mechanics the mechanics should be deep and fun like in csgo issues with ow and these other fps games too much shit to change+learn

  • atomic_ferz frz (@atomic_ferz) reported

    not guna lie csgo is literal trash currently fix it or im uninstalling it and goin to rainbow 6 @csgo @valvesoftware

  • RensVanDerLee Rens/Eomir_ (@RensVanDerLee) reported

    @skacle1 @ResurrectedFac I really want to buy some new gaming gear i really want to play csgo good. but my mouse is lagging all the time. its so annoying

  • kwaxxi Kwaxxi 💻 (@kwaxxi) reported

    @Wrath_Senpai @CSGO Then sell me your Dragonfire and you have one less problem :(

  • hnkkdev henrik (@hnkkdev) reported

    fix your game im getting lag spikes for no reason @CSGO

  • raiden_iwnl raiden (@raiden_iwnl) reported

    You need to sort out this alternate account issue. Making games so shit @FACEIT #CSGO

  • bryandugan Bryan Dugan (@bryandugan) reported

    @kyleweishaupt Yeah, that’s fair. I’ve never had wrist issues, but I do have a lot of issues with my knuckles and other joints in my fingers. It really just limits my typing speed. Think it’s from all the counter strike.

  • johnnycap126 Johnny (@johnnycap126) reported

    @CSGO a while back someone recommended a coin or medal for doing overwatch cases. What if you did it like the service medals. A certain amount of overwatch cases needed to first obtain the medal then it upgrades like the service medal.

  • ___alvinza Alvinza (@___alvinza) reported

    @CSGO @3kliksphilip Valve pls fix

  • Yanouche2Konoha Yanouche (@Yanouche2Konoha) reported

    @CSGO pls fix

  • LinusJiminy Linus (@LinusJiminy) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @Manser2300 with All smol Problems i got in csgo #RTXOn

  • LinusJiminy Linus (@LinusJiminy) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @Froskurinn @Manser2300 with All smol Problems i got in csgo

  • JackCoffee7 JackCoffee (@JackCoffee7) reported

    @CSGO can you ******* fix the CT side economy i swear to god teams on the ct side lose 1 round and are broke and cant afford anything then lose 5 rounds in a row FIX IT please.

  • cl_minmodels cl_minmodels (@cl_minmodels) reported

    @CSGO you broke my fps and frametime pls fix

  • RevanCS__ Revan (@RevanCS__) reported

    @FURIOUSSScs @DonHaci I have the same issue, it is so annoying @CSGO pls fix

  • Iegosex lonko 🦦 (@Iegosex) reported

    Can you just fix your Counter Strike config pls, its kinda annoying, I would be really thankful if you do that!! 🙏🙏🦦

  • YamoML Yámö (@YamoML) reported

    40$ to the person who can fix my csgo

  • OfficialhazN hazN (@OfficialhazN) reported

    @MorganTan03 oh god, the razer one went over a year I'm sure not sure if it hit two but I remember I stuck with the mouse clicky issues for a long time since I wasn't playing csgo/fps's at the time. The g403 I can't see it being more than 6 months ago but maybe, def not a year though.

  • DennisDavis71 Dennis Davis (@DennisDavis71) reported

    @kwaxxi @CSGO Same shit happens to me on my alt account, sucks bro and there’s no fix that I’ve found.

  • SirCrackerBulb Ben (@SirCrackerBulb) reported

    @LFurfag I remember when I worked on porting The bank level from CSGO to L4D2 I got stuck for two weeks as the nav mesh wouldn't work at all due to a an entity not being recognised properly in L4D2 That was torture trying to find what caused the problem So I understand that 100%

  • roberto32297936 CSGOEMPIRE Robert (@roberto32297936) reported

    @CSGO Punk ass *****, first fix the anticheat you ********, no one asked for this ******* feature, it sucks ass

  • LegendaryMatess AutistaMates (@LegendaryMatess) reported

    fix rank plssss @CSGO

  • Tommyvsky Tommyvsky (@Tommyvsky) reported

    @ThomaslebCS @CSGO Yup I have fps drops and after update even lag spikes are back 😠

  • chewyy_23 . (@chewyy_23) reported

    @CSGO Fix ya game in casual mode, people crash for no reason

  • CheapCrafts Cheap CS:GO Crafts (@CheapCrafts) reported

    @kwaxxi @CSGO If your trustfactor is worse than Kloheizung's you are doing something really bad or there's a major error.

  • ostrem_jerry Jerry Ostrem (@ostrem_jerry) reported

    @surevanc @mbCARMAC Didn't realize 4 internationals were hosted. Problem is that Dota 2 is actually way larger than CSGO. Look at streaming statistics for both of them, Dota is about equal to CSGO for Western audiences. But China / Asian markets favor Dota by a wide margin.

  • Ajinkya59263274 bug g (@Ajinkya59263274) reported

    @CSGO after the new update there are frequent lags and fps drops pls fix

  • prowhan prow (@prowhan) reported

    @mezidog @Rara06570402 @denniscsgod @CSGO It was obviously a joke initially. You would buff the AUG instead obviously although I don't think that's a good idea. The only issue is the SG being too powerful imo.

  • _Schap Schp (@_Schap) reported

    @CSGO can change the Weapon Overlay, but not fix Matchmaking.. smh🙄

  • GFXByCryptic Cryptic (@GFXByCryptic) reported

    @vaibhav_think @CSGO You're right, 1 on 1 duels with an AK and Krieg the AK is gonna lose if skill is equal. It definitely needs a nerf, and Valve increasing its price at the very least says they know it's broken. Only silver lining is that CT's picking up the Krieg makes T's regret buying it

  • pmtNinerfan84 49ers_LFG_ (@pmtNinerfan84) reported

    @coach_rappcity @MattBarr_ @NFLPA That is more of a fan issue than a player issue. I don’t think players care what the ticket/merch prices are, they care that they’re not getting a big enough % of that revenue. They strike 4 more money, fans strike 4 lower prices; making both work is counter intuitive 4 owners.

  • itsGOOSEYx Goosey 🇮🇪 (@itsGOOSEYx) reported

    The worst thing about Escape From Tarkov is just how good it is. God damn any other game that’d have these sorta server issues and I’d be out but I just can’t stop with EFT. Stopped playing PUBG, CSGO and Rocket League for the Tarkov grind.

  • ItsPatchoo Patrick Santiago (@ItsPatchoo) reported

    @tejbz CSGO is a broken game in the best and worst way hahaha!

  • justRaymonduse R a w m o n d z (@justRaymonduse) reported

    @CSGO Just fix the cheater problem use the same detection system as face it and 128 tick that’s all you have to do plz.

  • NicoRiqo Niko (@NicoRiqo) reported

    @H0ppla @LapisLazulli6 @FireBladeHunter @JoshKeeno_ @CSGO Not our problem

  • zupercs ZuperCs (@zupercs) reported

    @CSGO Valve now fix our inaccurate trust factor

  • MikeBfromDK Mikkel Bergh (@MikeBfromDK) reported

    @CSGO @.valvesoftware Can you guys please get your fingers out of your ass and on your keyboards (actually wash your hands first plz.) and nerf the god damn Krieg. It's broken and doesn't deserve to dominate CS:GO.

  • mitsorubi ♛mitsorubi♛ (@mitsorubi) reported

    @BananaGamingCS @Eyad_163 And i doubt steam account has much to do with it. I have level 135, 290+ games with thousands of hours on them, 4000+ hours in csgo, fairly big inventory, a lot of money spent on steam, etc. And the game has no problem putting me against new accounts with 80 hours all the time