Is Counter Strike (CS:GO) down?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Matchmaking (57.32%)
  • Online Play (24.61%)
  • Sign in (13.18%)
  • Game Crash (1.95%)
  • Glitches (1.76%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.17%)

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  • Flau3d Wil (@Flau3d) reported

    @AustinNalluh could be, but if you're having a problem with games that are a little more stressful than csgo, I'm assuming it's a ram problem

  • TBE_Newbzz Mazer Newbz (@TBE_Newbzz) reported

    @AustinNalluh @Flau3d It fixed my issues of running Csgo at 80 fps now I get a 300+

  • autizzlemynizz1 thouxanbanfauni fan page (@autizzlemynizz1) reported

    @ItsTikoo @lPanicSinisterl @KEEMSTAR csgo no life belittling people with social problems to feel better about his own social shortcomings ya hate to see it

  • TobiasJohan1 Tobias Johan (@TobiasJohan1) reported

    @3kliksphilip I have an interesting clip i would like to show you about csgo. Some glitch

  • Stxrmmy Stxrmmy (@Stxrmmy) reported

    Really miss competitive playing, CSGO was amazing and put a lot of time into it, but problem HACK3RS. Fortnite blew up but Epic got their product and won't listen to us but I can't get the competitiveness out of me, without being said I am back!

  • _EMPERORcs Luke Ingram (@_EMPERORcs) reported

    @Barrage_Jeff @XL_Kieran There was an email sent by the CSGO community (after UKCSGO wrote several articles regarding ongoing issues) may of been @PeriGumpster that sent it; I remember their reply being a generic template esque email and still to this day have not addressed any of the issues listed.

  • Rhyspal rhy$ (@Rhyspal) reported

    Fnatic ML vs Windigo @ 1.80 Pinnacle CSGO ESL Pro League Europe gonna go crash out hope y'all have a nice evening!

  • itsnahay imyourdadbitch (@itsnahay) reported

    2-0 !! Goodgame guys Valve pls remove bunnyhop. Shit its broken #csgo #csgoindonesia #valve

  • xHarIequin King (@xHarIequin) reported

    @nari_voster Well it crashed when I tried opening the csgo competitive client, but it got an error. Even tho my PC was working perfectly fine before

  • ippaku ippaku (@ippaku) reported

    @Lysa_Bell @Andyt90tv see I just beat on Andy in csgo or PUBG and all my problems go away

  • KameraisPl marcin kubicki (@KameraisPl) reported

    @FortniteGame You definitely have to fix that bloom or give for people custom crosshairs with style 2 like in csgo. I feel bad for playing your game, because of this spray while shooting. And i think you must try to fix building, it is still broken. Thiefs kamerais

  • oOGurkanOo oOGurkanOo (@oOGurkanOo) reported

    @FortniteGame So fun watching mrsavage playing csgo. Fortnite is finally dying 😍 revert btw I want stretched and sheilds per kill and mats per kill and fix the FPS drop on the newest update😊🐣

  • X_Mr_Galaxy_X Corey (@X_Mr_Galaxy_X) reported

    20 hours till my 3rd 7 day unban on #CSGO i'm hashtagging because you need to fix your matchmaking system, and only include VAC if it's only going to be used ******* properly 🙃

  • FeistyyWolf FeistyyWolf (@FeistyyWolf) reported

    @VaughnWhiskey @DesignByHumans Literally thought of Counter Strike first then was like oh customer service 😂😂

  • JamieCBackup Jamie Collingwood (@JamieCBackup) reported

    @TheLWAPPfan @3kliksphilip @csgo_dev You must be toxic. There’s no other way your trust factor could be so low. The trust factor system isn’t the best but you do not find cheaters unless you are reported a lot. Stop throwing the blame for your bad matches on CSGO dev team and learn that instead you are the problem.

  • NibbNubb_ NibbNubb ~Werth 🇳🇱 (@NibbNubb_) reported

    @cinematicnoone FIX my csgo then xD

  • lindhost (@lindhost) reported

    The CSGO servers should work now. However, I cannot say anything about why they had started to crash. /MrC4t

  • mkll11one Mikkel 'mrc4t' Lind (@mkll11one) reported

    The CSGO servers should work now. However, I cannot say anything about why they had started to crash. *Test, about it works.*

  • mkll11one Mikkel 'mrc4t' Lind (@mkll11one) reported

    Continue working to fix *crash issues of CSGO Servers*

  • halcyon_dot_exe halcyon.exe (@halcyon_dot_exe) reported

    panel 1: haha, get recked noob! panel 2: oh no, dont lag out on me now Counter-Strike Version One Point Six!!! panel 3: (gamers emo goth girlfriend unplugs the router) hehehe >u<;;; panel 4: (back to gamer) oh no!! ive been PWNED!!!

  • LuiiFN LXRY Luii ✞ (@LuiiFN) reported

    I’ve honestly been playing csgo way more than Fortnite. Fix arena queues, Revert, fix endgame frame dips and my time is all yours @FortniteGame

  • Lanceis_dead Till next time (@Lanceis_dead) reported

    @lumayno_matthew -csgo -imo steam name -pro club penguin player -lag is ******* SHIT MOTHERFUCJER -basketball

  • JerryL187 ✵𝕵𝖊𝖗𝖗𝖞𝕷✵ (@JerryL187) reported

    @STAGES3V3N @Griffin_Gaming You can say Steam has exclusives too, Portal, Half Life, CSGO. But Epic takes away exclusives instead of trying to make their own (Frtnt and Unreal tournament don't count cus their not part of the problem.) If anything, it makes third parties that deal with epic make shittier ---

  • cyphrino cyph (@cyphrino) reported

    dumb tweet time, ive wanted to get somewhere in CSGO for a long while now and recently have I got to a (kinda) acceptable level of play, im looking for a team problem being is that i have no EU scene contacts if you do, or know someone who does, please hmu/send them my way <3

  • cyphrino cyph (@cyphrino) reported

    dumb tweet time, ive wanted to get somewhere in CSGO for a long while now and recently have I got to a (kinda) acceptable level of play, im looking for a team problem being is that i have no EU scene contacts if you do, or know someone who does, please hmu/send them my way <3

  • xanthineee xanthine (@xanthineee) reported

    @csgo pls fix bug when u heard reload in left site when guy in right side

  • Cornytheman Cornelius Hermansen (@Cornytheman) reported

    I HATE STEAM ALOT! @Steam_Support cant play csgo divinity 2 uninstalled after failed appecte to veritfy files !!!! i reinstalled 34 ******* giga to get a error doing first time setup BULLSHIT! **** off sorry no hate just annoyed i got myself in this bs sits.....PepeHands

  • reizkianyesaya reizkian yesaya (@reizkianyesaya) reported

    @steam_games I can't enjoy CSGO because of cheater. Please fix this, I didn't see any improvement on your effort for making it better. I start to hesitate for buying more stuff in @csgo_dev


    @csgo_dev so my csgo is saying vac unable to secure but I’ve done Everything to fix this any tips

  • Defusekids Defusekids (@Defusekids) reported

    We have done our utmost to stream and cast our #CSGO @copenhagengames matches, but, according to Copenhagen Games, their GOTV relay is not working.

  • dats_yt code: DATS in item shop (@dats_yt) reported

    for now i’m gonna stick with fortnite for the world cup. if they don’t fix their game before the end of it, i’ll likely focus on csgo and variety streaming (:

  • philliphaydon Phillip Haydon (@philliphaydon) reported

    @James_M_South Got another good one. When I was 13 I had a 56k connection. My Friend didn’t have net. So I shared my login so we could play counter strike together. We got charged by the minute he was online. Bill was ~$1500 NZD. My dad was very angry with me.

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    you have a real toxic community @csgo_dev #csgo glad you do nothing to fix it

  • NicholasPCSGO Niko P (@NicholasPCSGO) reported

    Ear infection, the worst health issue for csgo players Wish a speedy recovery to @GruByGG 👊

  • GhostCXV Ghost CXV 🇳🇴 (@GhostCXV) reported

    @SuzakuR6 I’ve been thinking this for a while, the same way CS has had 1.6, CS Source and CSGO with the same fundamental mechanics and weapons/maps but updated the game itself, we should do the same with siege, keep the ops and maps and just make a new game & fix the issues present rn

  • inhaloli Ben (@inhaloli) reported

    @thexpaw steam down for non-maitenence reasons it looks like, cant join any official csgo servers, others reporting same problem.

  • GugusPatacus Gugus (@GugusPatacus) reported

    csgo servers down, Yikes

  • PapaHet88 Ray Ray (@PapaHet88) reported

    @natusvincere why cant CSGO fix hit boxes

  • ExiJesus ExiJesus // Raphael S. (@ExiJesus) reported

    @SyntaxCH Been like that for CSGO for a few years already in these countries. Not sure if that's the right way to prevent gambling issues tho

  • SuckItToby BetMike (@SuckItToby) reported

    @Tayos13 @GelatiLOL @Wasaaap999 @Lockeqwerty So true here. People don’t understand how much fun/how much talent they have to have to be that good. I think my problem is I like to many games and don’t know one well enough to cap. Getting closer in CSGO and LoL though.

  • jlopezomg LOPEZOMG (@jlopezomg) reported

    @knightfire_ I streamed last night full on scrims of CSGO and I felt nothing. It felt so nice to actually stream and not have any FPS loss or lag. Youdon't even understand how happy I was haha.

  • WtfExodia ExodiaWTF (@WtfExodia) reported

    @ogicsgo @GalaxyTheSavage @instinctcsgo @DATDropCSGO It's the fact it's showing a CSGO skin in general nothing about withdraw and never will be the issues.

  • TheAnonRory Rory (@TheAnonRory) reported

    @DonHaci Some of the acheivements are broken, and can only be done if you switch around some csgo files and use compatibility versions

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    the state of how trash prime is @csgo_dev prime - "hey can you votekick that one kid who is using aimlock" "no" even though its clear as day they're cheating non-prime - "hey one of your teammates are spinbotting can you kick" "ok no problem" fix your game #csgo

  • BingeHD BinGeHD/賓哥 - Feb 28th (@BingeHD) reported

    @Slasher The sad thing is the good fix the game and to make it more popular by listening to the professional players. Valve didn't really do this per se when they were making improvements to csgo but it was still more popular in 2014 than when it first launched.

  • morxzas Julian 'morxzas' Miculcy (@morxzas) reported

    I'll pay someone to fix my csgo

  • Braad2k B̶r̶a̶d̶ (@Braad2k) reported

    Time to hop on CSGO because fortnite is broken right now. 400 ping! POGCHAMP!

  • mcfishcmgmailc1 YBM_Rabbit (@mcfishcmgmailc1) reported

    @ROLVeStuff Please fix the AK Damage. It’s so low compared to usual counter-strike

  • _withyuki yuki (@_withyuki) reported

    ever since panorama released for csgo, my game has absolutely been ****** and i cant seem to fix the game

  • LameyB123 Lamey (@LameyB123) reported

    @Marsik2k csgo god. Should make a boosting service and get free money XD

  • YajnaNextDoor Y𓅓 (@YajnaNextDoor) reported

    @LigmabalIs @lvnsebastian is that why you kept yelling “ IM LAGGING” when we were playing csgo

  • FoxxNoDoxx hack ur toaster (@FoxxNoDoxx) reported

    midway through a comp. csgo game i thought of a solution to a problem i was having with my bot. by the time i had closed csgo and opened the project, i forgot the solution. fml

  • Patience_R6 James Wilkinson (@Patience_R6) reported

    @KingGeorge Should just do what csgo does and if your ranks are too far apart you can’t play together, easy fix

  • shutdownhaha shutdown (@shutdownhaha) reported

    Wtf shit game broken game. I Have been Vac bnanned for no reason. Other than using cheats which shouldnt get you band i hate you. I hate csgo so muvh bro i hate you i hate y @csgodev

  • spyro_cylock Spyro Cylock (@spyro_cylock) reported

    @tod12190832 @Rodrig0Conceito @fazeniko And btw, there is no “bad teammates” in the csgo pro scene rn (tier 1 only), anyone who can’t listen to the igl will be kick asap, no team can get to top 10 with all 5 member not working together, so stop being ignorant and watch a demo sometime

  • justkayraa kayra (@justkayraa) reported

    @baginnnn and imoRR was on ex-RoyalBandits, RB dropped their csgo squad because of financial issues. when the players left the org, imoRR said that he was earning 700lira (110euro) per month. and the sad thing is RoyalBandits (currently Royal Youth) LOL players are earning 30k per month

  • ItsSaadioz Saadioz (@ItsSaadioz) reported

    @TheGamer2323 Counter Strike if you have no problem playing on PC

  • _colossal_org not me (@_colossal_org) reported

    @Flikk @FortniteGame Why do people have problems with stinks, they are literally similar to Molotov in csgo. The only thing epic need to do is either decrease the time for which stinks do damage or reduce the rate, other then that they are balanced

  • c0ne72 c0ne (@c0ne72) reported

    @zironicdk I think a simple solution is if Ubi add a certain criteria for who you can queue into a ranked game with, eg low silvers not being allowed to queue with high plats etc, similar to what CSGO has implemented and should solve most of these boosting problems

  • ToneFlorez Tone (@ToneFlorez) reported

    @steam_games I really would appreciate it if yall would fix the shitty ass CSGO rank up system... Thanks!