Is Destiny 2 down?

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer FPS video game developed by Bungie and published by Activision. It is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It is the sequel to 2014's Destiny and its subsequent expansions.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Destiny 2. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (57.24%)
  • Online Play (25.44%)
  • Game Crash (8.33%)
  • Glitches (5.26%)
  • Matchmaking (3.29%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.44%)

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  • SonnysTwitchTv
    Sonnys (@SonnysTwitchTv) reported

    @BungieHelp is there any problems going on with destiny servers cus i keep getting DCed from ingame lobbys such as tower and patrols this normaly dont happen to me period ive restarted my PS4 and my router etc still dident fix it just wondering incase

  • slylizardau
    SecretLuke (@slylizardau) reported

    @BungieHelp so what do we do if thr Crucible isn't progressing? Bounties do nothing. No rewards drop post game. How do I fix this?!?!

  • Joey_Parris
    Joey Parris (@Joey_Parris) reported from Ocean Pointe, Hawaii

    @Bungie please fix the infusion system in #forsaken. I have been one of the few to support #destiny throughout all the rough times. You’re about to lose a customer! #fixinfusion #fixexotics #fixtheclanglitches

  • Zowbaid
    Fahad (@Zowbaid) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie Omg it was a glitch? I knew I wasn’t going crazy every time a powerful engram dropped lower than the previous one! Prime engrams are the only ones that work properly. It’s the only way I’m leveling up properly right now.

  • Atamata_chris
    Chris Atamata (@Atamata_chris) reported

    If you are having problems with my decisions then dump your career, calling and destiny and let other people choose for you.

  • DavidReevers
    David (@DavidReevers) reported

    @DestinyTheGame @BungieHelp @Bungie I can’t help but to think we’re getting screwed on the #SeedOfLight. I’m hoping you plan to fix this. #Destiny2Forsaken

  • DanceForCthulhu
    DanceForCthulhu (@DanceForCthulhu) reported

    @BungieHelp Thought I was going backwards, one drop at 544, next drop was 542. Prime engrams don't seem to be a problem though.

  • Belroar
    Martin Weckerle (@Belroar) reported

    @BungieHelp Fix the bug with powerful engramms. 513 equip if you are 540+ is stupid!

  • Taylorbbk
    Tayelz (@Taylorbbk) reported

    @BungieHelp can you please fix arcbolt grenades as I can throw it at a targets feet and it does nothing. Sort it out

  • urboiSkinnyPine
    white king 👑 (@urboiSkinnyPine) reported

    @Tocom11 @Josh_Hamrick @sharkeatsman He ruined year 1 in destiny with @Josh_Hamrick. But I guess a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • Sinastryy
    沈黙 (@Sinastryy) reported

    I advise everyone to just not play comp in Destiny 2. All it is is constant error codes. Ive gotten nearly 8 beavers since the start of Season 4 with other teammates having 5+ Avoid the playlist entirely. Wait till they fix it.

  • CianKinahan
    Cian Kinahan (@CianKinahan) reported

    @BungieHelp how do I fix this: You have lost connection to the Destiny 2 servers. Your permissions to access online multiplayer gameplay may have changed our your profile may have been signed in elsewhere.

  • XxBumFlufferxX
    mikey (@XxBumFlufferxX) reported

    @Thaaanatos @MesaSean @Bungie @A_dmg04 @Cozmo23 @DeeJ_BNG @xHOUNDISHx Yeah deffo mate, this glitch is a pain in the arse

  • AvalonScorpion
    Avalon Scorpion (@AvalonScorpion) reported

    What is it with the connecting to d2 server. And kick jou to robot. It happens like 5 timer a hour. And the only fix i now is reset your Xbox. And its only happening on d2. @BungieHelp

  • jdeuce03
    Based Templar (@jdeuce03) reported from Austin, Texas

    Dear @Bungie @BungieHelp please fix your crappy server issues so that people stop getting disconnects and other unnecessary inconveniences at the worst possible moments while telling people it’s “their” connections sincerely, IT admin/analyst smarter than yours.

  • Thaaanatos
    Thanatos 👻 (@Thaaanatos) reported

    @XxBumFlufferxX @MesaSean @Bungie @A_dmg04 @Cozmo23 @DeeJ_BNG @xHOUNDISHx My nightfall dropped 1 higher than what I was as well... bungie tweeted last night that there’s an issue with them, may as well just do the prime engram exploit like everyone else

  • GnatsKnackers
    Gnats Knackers (@GnatsKnackers) reported

    @BungieHelp Any chance this is to fix the fact people aren't getting IB rewards/tokens

  • the_osani
    The_Osani (@the_osani) reported

    @BungieHelp This issue is affecting all powerful engram rewards! Not some! How do you intend to take responsibility for the loss of character progress this week for tens of thousands of players?! This is the second week in a row your failure to do quality assurance has affected progress.

  • CoulterJayden
    Jayden Coulter (@CoulterJayden) reported

    @XboxSupport I keep Getting the baboon error message for destiny 2 can you help

  • rhamble
    Raymond Hamble (@rhamble) reported

    @Lukeharris89er @Btownmountain @TheCaveWookie @BungieHelp I guess you just missed the part where I dont have that issue you do? The consumable drops frequently for me, I get cores from dismantles infrequently but it happens. I can spend 30 shards to get 2 daily, and legendary eq drops easy too. Sorry, guess I manage my stuff better.

  • GryphinHusky
    Ian Stewart (@GryphinHusky) reported

    @BungieHelp Is this gonna fix the fact that a) my kill feed isn't showing up /anywhere/ and b) no matter how many super kills I get in Banner, my orbs generated doesn't go up at all? Still sitting at 0/100 and feeling pretty ripped off.

  • FranzEder11
    Franz Eder (@FranzEder11) reported

    @BungieHelp FIX UR SHIT

  • JrBakerChee
    JrBakerChee (@JrBakerChee) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie What's up with the Iron Banner matchmaking? 90% of my matches have been lopsided victories or loses with the teams being broken up after every match. All these bad matches are causing my friends and I to churn out, but we want that amazing looking IB gear!

  • FranzEder11
    Franz Eder (@FranzEder11) reported

    @BungieHelp F#*#.... wasting my time because this issue. Fix ur shit

  • mikeriste19
    Mikey (@mikeriste19) reported

    @BungieHelp Are you going to fix iron banner tokens not dropping?

  • digitalkitten
    Nic (@digitalkitten) reported

    @BungieHelp Several issues; No iron banner tokens, no daily vanguard/gambit/crucible, constantly sticking between sims when travelling, empty chests, items dropping well below PL and general glitching of area/NPC’s. Please fix!!

  • OnePointlessGuy
    [??????????] (@OnePointlessGuy) reported

    @BungieHelp im having an issue with bounties (specifically Wanted: Silent Fang, and Ascendant Challenge) not registering progress. ive tried completing them multiple times but have not had the bounties register the completion

  • HardShreder
    Nox (@HardShreder) reported

    @BungieHelp Fix the goddam game :D

  • midalifecrisis
    Mida Life Crisis (@midalifecrisis) reported

    Ok so i have opened 6 powerful engrams everyone was a primary and a minimum of 6 levels lower than my current level, i then opened 3 prime engrams and guess what none of them were higher than what i originally had. #broken @DestinyTheGame @Bungie @A_dmg04 @Cozmo23

  • rkrafty66
    Ryaan Kraft (@rkrafty66) reported

    @DeeJ_BNG @A_dmg04 @Bungie Forsaken is cool, but im sad ill never play my warlock again. ill never have the time to do the story or level them up. Because you made moving towards any goal take all your play time. In tweet 2 ill outline the issue with play time

  • DunpealSair
    DunpealSair (@DunpealSair) reported

    @BungieHelp Just another issue with the game. Glad to being fixed but time for a new Q&A team

  • DeQuillsta
    DeQuillsta (@DeQuillsta) reported

    @BungieHelp Fix infusion while ye're at it. No more masterwork cores.

  • EddDayao
    Scott Dayao (@EddDayao) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie hi bungie. i've been playing iron banner for about 7 matches now and i have not gotten any tokens. i know we get tokens for losing as well, but i was never rewarded with any tokens at all. is this a glitch? at this point, i can't even rank up my rep.

  • digitalkitten
    Nic (@digitalkitten) reported

    @champagneravens @BungieHelp Same issue and a lot of people have been commenting on the forums. It means there is no point to playing IB in the first place. @Bungie pls sort this out, don’t be mugging us off.

  • Louis9177
    Louis (@Louis9177) reported

    @BungieHelp Error message baboon

  • Jurymike_
    Mike (@Jurymike_) reported

    @BungieHelp @DeeJ_BNG @A_dmg04 Not sure if you are aware but during the final encounter queens walk we keep getting guitar error coded

  • rigomunive
    Rodrigo Munive (@rigomunive) reported

    @BungieHelp fix this bug, all mine job in this night for this... #Destiny2

  • StuN_UK
    StuN UK (@StuN_UK) reported from Sheffield, England

    @BungieHelp Is that to fix the power engram issue? If so, does that mean activities will be reset in order for us to aquire them at their correct level this time?

  • JackSte29343297
    Jack Stevenson (@JackSte29343297) reported

    @BungieHelp Dammit bungie blind well is glitched it won't let any of us put in any charges of light fix your shit we pay to much damn money for this sloppy ass work

  • xehan01
    xehan01 (@xehan01) reported

    @BungieHelp And fix lettuce and cabbage errors???

  • FarhanaFarook
    Farhana Farook (@FarhanaFarook) reported

    No destiny, no stars, no planets... It's the human being who is the problem...

  • Eldabbo86
    Ben Sweeney (@Eldabbo86) reported

    @SlickJack80 @lilsxckelc @BungieHelp Yet you play there games and follow various people from Bungie.... Bro it's a game, no game is made bug free, saying they don't care is a joke. Forsaken is a massive step from where the game was last year. They will fix it

  • srusli
    Sandy Rusli (@srusli) reported

    @BungieHelp Please also fix the drop rate of edge transit and main ingredients from hawthorne... also the drop rates of sidearms in general

  • TheUrbanMenace
    TheMenace (@TheUrbanMenace) reported

    @waderussell2011 @lilsxckelc @BungieHelp Nah you wait until next week or waste your time not getting properly rewarded fool, I'll do other things in life since it actually isn't the end of the world; it's not working as intended obviously hence my comment, if that bothers you **** ...simple.

  • JayEmKayTee
    Senator340 (@JayEmKayTee) reported

    @BungieHelp Ffs bungie it’s been going on since forsaken dropped! Fix this shit!

  • DvLZCross
    DvLzCrOsS (@DvLZCross) reported

    @BungieHelp Take this from me All this is planned You @Bungie are stalking There are no problem with the Light system They are meant to make Light player characters remain low The goal is to make very few players finish the Raid To be said that the Raid and the Expansion are beautiful

  • Chiringuitu
    Carlos (@Chiringuitu) reported

    @BungieHelp @Bungie Fix Crucible and Iron banner ... A lot of people have not any loot at the end, no token, no loot ...

  • arda_lasido
    ArdaLasido (@arda_lasido) reported

    @DestinyTheGame why i can't login? @Bungie

  • jgma2804
    Gabriel Montero (@jgma2804) reported

    @BungieHelp Didn't complete Broken Courier mission to get a higher light to get the Troll Achievement. Today, I picked the Oracle Engine mission, and I lost the Broken Courier one. Is that normal? Did I lose the achievement for good?

  • ralphibkabiola
    PH-CHRONICLES (@ralphibkabiola) reported

    One thing is clearly certain on this app! People always wanna troll someone they consider being larger than life. It hurts them to see such people command so much respect... Dem nor tie una destiny oo go and get a PhD and also learn big big grammar if na that one be una problem

  • Creepn_Death
    Chris Huber (@Creepn_Death) reported

    @BungieHelp, is there any problems with sending a guardian his Moments of Triumph shirt if it was sent to me in error?

  • krnican
    alex krnican (@krnican) reported

    @MesaSean When your router goes off and when it says connecting to destiny servers while there are no issues with destiny at all,it happens to me here and there in PvP pretty annoying tbh

  • Harley43033
    Harley_Gibson (@Harley43033) reported

    @DestinyTheGame hey, so uhhh... Why does the iron banner Lord say he's giving me a 538 power engram only for the 10 items I got from him today to only show up in my inventory at powers between 515-519? That's a pretty big deference... Any way you can fix that and refund tokens?

  • rottwitch
    trash queen. (@rottwitch) reported

    imagine being a real ass adult with real ass problems and suddenly some 300 year old ******* wizard kidnaps and nearly kills you over some bullshit magic destiny nonsense

  • CounterpartsTim
    Tim the Counterparts Bot (@CounterpartsTim) reported

    2018-09-20: I will not turn my back on the problems I will face. I will embrace and overcome, and use them to create a better future. Living day to day is a gift I refuse to squander away. We control our own destiny.

  • SonnysTwitchTv
    Sonnys (@SonnysTwitchTv) reported

    @BungieHelp im dealing with conection problems and i have no idea why its doing this

  • BorreguitoDeC
    Mr Music man (@BorreguitoDeC) reported

    @BungieHelp Bungie, I got problems when I try to choose a shader, i does not work

  • fatzdomingo
    fatzdomingo (@fatzdomingo) reported

    @BungieHelp A fix for a hotfix? I don’t want to see anyone lose their jobs over a game, but I question the competency of the programmer and the testers! How hard is it to go into the module that determines power level and fix the conditional statement that isn’t working as intended?

  • nadiarwendt
    👻nadia🎃 (@nadiarwendt) reported

    oh sick i tried to fix how the blizz app wasn't updating my destiny 2 demo right and now i just don't have it any more guess i'm never playing that again lol

  • dezsaras
    Dezsaras (@dezsaras) reported

    @devo816 @BungieHelp My PS4 atomic bomb voidlock is PL 525, and I was getting 524 “powerful” gear when already wearing a 529 gear item. The 524 new drop was useless and akin to Rahool giving me a blue item in exchange for a purple Engram in D1 days of old...that is broken and needs to be fixed!

Destiny 2 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • Anteater
  • Baboon
  • Badger
  • Beagle
  • Beaver
  • Bee
  • Beetle
  • Blackbird
  • Blueberry
  • Buck
  • Bull
  • Butterfly
  • Buzzard
  • Cabbage
  • Camel
  • Caribou
  • Cat
  • Catfish
  • Cattle
  • Centipede
  • Chicken
  • Chipmunk
  • Flamingo
  • Fly
  • Goat
  • Gopher
  • Grasshopper
  • Groundhog
  • Hare
  • Jackal
  • Jasmine
  • Kiwi
  • Lemming
  • Leopard
  • Lime
  • Lion
  • Marionberry
  • Monkey
  • Newt
  • Pear
  • Pelican
  • Penguin
  • Pineapple
  • Stingray
  • Tamarind
  • Tangelo
  • Tangerine
  • Tapir
  • Teredo
  • Urchin
  • Vulture
  • Weasel
  • chive
  • flute
  • marionberry
  • saxophone