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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Discord. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (57.83%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (14.46%)
  • ▪ Sign in (13.25%)
  • ▪ Glitches (6.63%)
  • ▪ Messaging (4.82%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (3.01%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires  ▪ Valencia, Valencian Community  ▪ Whitehall, Ohio  ▪ Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin  ▪ York, England  ▪ Zapopan, Jalisco  ▪ Vandoncourt, Bourgogne Franche-Comté  ▪ Virginia Beach, Virginia  ▪ Wellingborough, England  ▪ Aloha, Oregon  ▪ Appleton, Wisconsin

Discord Live Outage Map
  • Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
  • Valencia, Valencian Community
  • Whitehall, Ohio
  • Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin
  • York, England
  • Zapopan, Jalisco
  • Vandoncourt, Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Wellingborough, England
  • Aloha, Oregon
  • Appleton, Wisconsin
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  • NekrozCR
    ıllıllı刀乇ズ尺ø乙ıllıllı (@NekrozCR) reported

    @discordapp @SiegeLight Yeea fix it!

  • tnniaa
    Tina (@tnniaa) reported

    @discordapp I’ve put in multiple tickets about discord mobile constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. Can you guys fix it already. Tried redownloading, I’m up to date on IOS. Only happens on mobile.

  • TG_Dopey
    TemperamentalGamer (@TG_Dopey) reported

    @jaspenceGaming @The_Twitch_Pond @TwitchAltern @SupStreamers @CodeSpent @Reeves_Teevee @virgo564 @TeamEmmmmsie Yeah the discord thing I'm terrible at, I forget about it and always look on twitter n twitch n forget discord something I'll need to remember to check

  • ElectroWaveM
    ElectroWave (@ElectroWaveM) reported

    @AviFanatic Yes it does that a lot it sometimes happens when discord lags and there is a nofication or when it just lags in general but @discordapp can help you furthermore

  • SapTurtle
    🐢 Sappy 🐢 (@SapTurtle) reported

    So while playing fortnite my discord mic stops working ?? anyone know how to fix this ? also does same ingame chat on fortnite

  • NotYuukiteru
    Yuuki @ Pokémon Platinum「🎮 (@NotYuukiteru) reported

    Everytime a certain Discord chat pops up, I can't help but giggle cuz I renamed it to "Cam's pussy".

  • DweatySick
    DweatySick 🇬🇧🇬🇧 (@DweatySick) reported

    @discordapp Hey could i get some technical help please my discord app is being weird

  • segcosplays
    Seg Sleeps For A Year (@segcosplays) reported

    Hey @discordapp, my facetime cam is detected but doesn't work/turn on in Discord! There's only a black screen when I test video (or video call) I've tried reinstalling Discord, and my cam works fine in other programs. Any idea how to fix this?

  • Du5klow
    Duskbot (@Du5klow) reported

    Discord won't open help.

  • JasonBoydWrites
    Jason Boyd (@JasonBoydWrites) reported

    @ShanghaiSix @discordapp My job uses Skype for everything and it's fucking terrible

  • DcalPlays
    Diego 🐣 (@DcalPlays) reported

    Is @discordapp broken on mobile for anyone else? -DC

  • keltbh
    kel (@keltbh) reported

    @BRButtons hahaha i've been taking some direction from the discord :-) we've got a bonzi buddy down in the bottom corner B-)

  • TheAMaazing
    TheAMaazing (Maaz) (@TheAMaazing) reported

    @discordapp (1/2) Hey mates, love the app, just wanted help here - I applied for partnership on 12/12/17. I haven't heard back, and thought it probs got lost with Christmas/new years. I was going to make another application, but there's now a new criteria for youtubers -

  • WaterChanYT
    A Wild Water-Chan Appears! (@WaterChanYT) reported

    @discordapp wait it's okay it's not doing it anymore,must of been a temporary thing,thanks for your help anyways lol

  • Zombu47
    Nate (@Zombu47) reported

    @Emmetation @BrokenKnives Discord seems like a good option I think. Although as a non-Facebook user I'm not sure exactly what the barrier is that is causing the issue so I'm kind of just tossing it out and seeing what sticks.

  • tirtamp
    Tirta Muhamad Putra (@tirtamp) reported

    Hi @discordapp why im login my id on phone and pc always incorrect password? When im change the password on pc and login to the phone this always incorrect password ?

  • TheDevCalledBen
    Benjamin 🥃 (@TheDevCalledBen) reported

    Is anyone having issues building for the newest Google Play Unity Api to Android 6.0? Just issues after issues... Might have to jump on Unity Discord and get more help... #Android #Unity #6.0 #VR #Gaming #Twitch This is preventing the launch of the @TeamaUnit Experience app...

  • baconfive0
    Bacon (@baconfive0) reported from Aloha, Oregon

    Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you think I should do. I'm open to constructive criticism and ideas. Hit me up here or discord if you think you can help cause I desperately need it.

  • alitcigarette
    A Ghost (@alitcigarette) reported

    ease of access makes Twitter preferable, I'd use discord but I run into the problem of "people can see it and they'll read it I'm not the only admin"

  • jwoulfsholokhov
    #GUNVOTE (@jwoulfsholokhov) reported

    @PenjallyFox @CulturallyFd @chipfoxx And so we hosted our own discord clone on servers that are physically owned by the admins, and cannot be taken down. This should be fun... What do you think our collective mindset is?

  • GlaceySly
    Glacey (@GlaceySly) reported

    @GrianMC I actually have a thing i been trying to get to you about on discord. In the video you cover normal stairs in water beside farmland, but if you dont want water at all you can put the stairs upside down or put a slab on the upper side of the block and it has the same effect.

  • kingdingah
    korol' (@kingdingah) reported

    not sure why telegram exists when discord servers exist. i guess it's down to ingrained simple ui's and slightly greater anonymity

  • discordapp
    Discord (@discordapp) reported

    @shatteredicce We added it to Discord when it originally came out, but rolled it back due to some stability issues. Once the bugs get fixed up it'll be re-released!

  • Garrabutartulo
    Garrabutártulo (@Garrabutartulo) reported

    @esdeflex @skyrander I think it's the anonymity that makes people treat others like that. I never had that problem when battling in your discord or with people I know, like the Viking here. They never laughed at my memes either. Not in a bad way at least.

  • jonisthesilever
    Jonathan Niemelä (@jonisthesilever) reported

    @JosephiKrak0wsk @JonTronShow Change software to discord. Problem solved

  • AFeralWitch
    Vagabond Barnes 🔮 (@AFeralWitch) reported

    @Katelyn5677 If you had an issue with me or something I said, why not simply DM me here or on discord? I would have 100% heard you out and listened to whatever you had needed or wanted to say. By the way, when I say "I love you" to Lauren it is a COMPLETELY PLATONIC way. I view Lauen as one

  • oypoolboy
    polby (@oypoolboy) reported

    I made my discord prof pic a sELFIE BUT I don't wannt it to bE THAT ANYMORE but it won't let me chANGE IT hELP

  • Cosmicabuse
    (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (@Cosmicabuse) reported

    /xivdb commands are mostly wrong for skills, is that you not doing updates since implementation or an issue you can't fix? =( @discordapp

  • renocodyblack
    reno black (@renocodyblack) reported

    @discordapp Discord kept failing to update so I uninstalled and tried to reinstall, but now the install fails each time. Can you help?

  • elisabeth
    elisabeth epps, esq• (@elisabeth) reported

    How do people fix their pathologically lying faces to talk abt brotherhood/sisterhood and empowerment…much less claim to serve some g-d…when literally every day of their toxic lives is spent spreading discord…how does their abuse go unchecked…

  • Ethoxxy
    Ethoxxy (@Ethoxxy) reported

    @discordapp After about 10 minutes, my DM audio notification stop working, is there a wat to fix this issue? Thanks for you time and consideration.

  • Nye275
    Meons (@Nye275) reported

    I can't tell if I'm amused or ashamed of the fact that Bani acknowledges our terrible jokes and teasing in his discord

  • Nye275
    Meons (@Nye275) reported

    I can't tell if I'm amused or ashamed of the fact that Bani acknowledges our terrible jokes and teasing in his discord

  • yoori_ebooks
    /yo{2,}ri_ebooks/i (@yoori_ebooks) reported

    ret pally discord is legitimately bullshit. i can't even get out lol just realized someone help me to try to be around

  • idiotbicht
    h (@idiotbicht) reported

    discord is down the stairs

  • hellodalt____
    Dalt + Sammu (@hellodalt____) reported

    Rest in all I never really help with your Discord and everything went wrong I get

  • SmileCommander
    THumper (@SmileCommander) reported

    @GGrimmybear @CastoroGamer @thegreatmutato Give us a discord group chat where we can report players with clips that is monitored by someone.. then hardware ID ban pple. This is not hard.. we have asked for help for 8 months now

  • Whatyoudexpect
    The Archangel (@Whatyoudexpect) reported

    @discordapp Just did. Appreciate the support and help.

  • elatedmegalodon
    Matthew (@elatedmegalodon) reported

    @JackSmithIV also also, "i'm sure they're nice, but that's not the point" um, yes! it kinda is the point. if your argument is that their mere presence is a cause for discord, then they're not the problem. it's people like you, making a problem out of it

  • HydrolicGaming9
    Lucas Reed (@HydrolicGaming9) reported

    @RefryPvP YO Dude Its me veltpvpplayer i got hacked please help me sempi idk what to do i cant get on discord he got my acc

  • toignoretrouble
    ✨ amanda ✨ (@toignoretrouble) reported

    @discordapp yo your mobile app keeps disconnecting and reconnecting me every minute that im in a call. also, video calls freeze occasionally, and its not my wifi. pls fix!

  • DarkAltsShop
    🎉💯 DarkAlts 💯🎉 (@DarkAltsShop) reported

    If you need help with the account/s you’ve bought, contact me. Discord: Damial#4153 (Fastest reply)

  • Dekadurr
    🎬 Dekadurr (@Dekadurr) reported

    Yo @discordapp yalls mobile app is super fucked rn. What's going on with the connectivity issues lately?

  • mattdk1008
    Matthew Kwong (@mattdk1008) reported

    @discordapp i am trying to open discord but it is staying at the connecting screen even though i am connected to wifi and go to google sites. Can you please help

  • thereesuuhhh
    hi my name is basshead (@thereesuuhhh) reported

    This girl in discord is like 100% down with misogyny but someone just brought up dog fighting and she freaked out nice priorities

  • MeroZ0
    Merol's Nap Tracker (@MeroZ0) reported

    if y'all need me 4 smthn, prob'ly gonna have discord on shut down so just message me on tumblr lol

  • cat_the_crusher
    woadhog (@cat_the_crusher) reported

    just remembered when we were playing l4d and eric was like so who IS xqc and i was like [hungry chihuahua image] and moth was like no absolutely not we are not going down that road in MY discord

  • SiegeLight
    Siege Light (@SiegeLight) reported

    @discordapp fix your shit, i keep getting disconnected from voice calls

  • LohfrumFaleign
    BigBlueDude (@LohfrumFaleign) reported

    @LinusTech @discordapp I'm having the same issue, except I am getting the verification number. The problem is that I open the text and back out, I'm back at the join LTT screen and retyping my phone number rate limits me. Should i use my phone for the verification number and enter it on my netbook?

  • RybucaPlays
    Rybuca (@RybucaPlays) reported

    I'm so annoyed about my home situation. It gets me down because I worry that I come across like as if I don't want to stream regularly or like as if I don't want to voice chat with people in discord etc. I do, I really do.

  • Helpmalise
    Malise Reborn (@Helpmalise) reported

    @CowbellyTV @LuminismYT @Jameskii Hey can you fix your discord link or atleast send a new one to me

  • WillBrickles
    Will Brickles (@WillBrickles) reported

    @discordapp On both of my MacBook Pros (2013 & 2016), voice chat only plays out of the right speaker. Any idea how to fix that? It works fine with headphones, but not through the speakers.

  • Mattando97
    Matt (@Mattando97) reported

    @discordapp Hey so just a quickie, recently my friends and I have all been having issues with your mobile app. Since the latest update for mobile, we have all been getting randomly disconnected from voice calls. Only happens on mobile but yeah

  • SidepocketNeo
    Jordan White (@SidepocketNeo) reported

    So I got a lot done today with my machine solving a lot of instalation and code problems...then to get Discord to run I have to install libc++ (which you think it would have by default) and three times it has overheated and crashed.

  • KenXyro
    Ken Xyro | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 🐝 (@KenXyro) reported

    @Rhymestyle @EmperorBigD I'm down coming to discord

  • 109DevGames
    Evan (@109DevGames) reported

    @discordapp @Yfidalv Dear Discord, I am still sad about your disrespect towards Wumpus in 2017. Please either retract this statement, or issue an apology.

  • KungFuAku
    ニグロを殺す🐉 (@KungFuAku) reported

    It's almost been a year since WW closed down the discord and 20 year old men STILL stalking them. There comes a point when you have to ask yourself.... am I a fuck nigga with no life who is desperate for attention?

  • 3ToWonRBX
    3ToWonRBX (@3ToWonRBX) reported

    @discordapp can you help me. whenever i make a brand new link, it always expires. do you know how to fix this?

  • MattehLuna
    HG | #CLGFIGHTING (@MattehLuna) reported

    @SuperSonic71087 @discordapp Go to server roles & put gold hedgehog above the sub role. Hopefully this will help. Roles are normally shown based on priority order in the list.

  • _notyourwaifu
    b (@_notyourwaifu) reported

    @TheStooof u can message my old discord account i lost the login