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Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Discord. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (72.73%)
  • ▪ Glitches (18.18%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (9.09%)

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Discord Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Barcelona, Catalunya  ▪ Edmonton, Alberta  ▪ Exton, Pennsylvania  ▪ Grand Prairie, Texas  ▪ Houston, Texas  ▪ London, England  ▪ Phoenix, Arizona  ▪ Ramsgate, England  ▪ Streamwood, Illinois

Discord Live Outage Map
  • Barcelona, Catalunya
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Exton, Pennsylvania
  • Grand Prairie, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • London, England
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Ramsgate, England
  • Streamwood, Illinois
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Discord Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Sean (@PhantomDoor) reported

    i made a shitpost about arcsys saving rwby in a discord and now i'm getting a lecture help

  • Spare (@lilSpares) reported

    yo @discordapp I need help

  • DitzyFlama (@DitzyFlama) reported from Edmonton, Alberta

    @ZombiePanduh or discord convos im dumb HELP

  • Hit Youtuber (@Sabmerk) reported

    @Angle2108 @TheSrat232 @discordapp Also no because nobody wants those terrible pop culture mashup things

  • Nicholas Bergen (@Jiffy_Pop_Nick) reported

    @discordapp Is there anyway atm to apply for hypesquad because i would love to help discord in anyway possible?

  • Scolly🐟 (@Harf_Scolly) reported

    My discord is just a dumping ground for my memes that are too terrible for twitter

  • Kieran Poole (@KieranOPoole) reported

    @discordapp I'm getting packet loss after the update, it's not my connection as others have had the same thing, server issues?

  • TV_RTA (@TV_RTA) reported

    @discordapp I have a problem with your app

  • Yapper (@BelowNatural) reported

    Is @discordapp down right now?

  • Jamie Short (@Dapack79) reported

    @discordapp @DezereDawn Been having this issue for last few weeks a well. Sometimes switching regions helps, but then comes back as well, Was primarily in US West.

  • Zermontey (@Nutzername444) reported

    Hey @Discord Team! i have a problem with my discord client i think,i didnt changed anything in my options or PC didnt do any updates or 1/2

  • kay (@daddyato) reported

    tate is screaming at her mom on discord help i'm scared

  • Discord (@NoodleOfEntropy) reported

    @CherryPopRider ... *Discord shrinks down even further, to the size of a newt* Pocket me, babe~

  • Yazawa Nico (@Yawaza_nico) reported

    @Sparks_Channel No problem, also I heard you will be making a discord server, if you need any help with the server when you create it, I can help!

  • トランクス (@RyoSamaa) reported

    @dboglobal the server is down, do you when we can log back? and do you have a new discord server?

  • Yukuno (@Yukuno_) reported

    @Cinnabunsu @discordapp then there's the occational(dunno how to spell that) microphone glitch

  • Alwwy (@BungyMan10) reported

    @discordapp Is discord down?

  • Matthew Rodkin (@matthew_rodkin) reported

    @discordapp Terrible service

  • wizard boy (@damnit_zack) reported

    @discordapp hey when my friends and I use video calls, there's an issue where one person can't be heard by others. is this a known bug?

  • Strackly (@strackly) reported

    Need 2 for Bo3 or Ghosts GBs. Use discord or skype seeming my mic is broken! @ShawnAbner @ViNZiIIA @Enforcia @yBliptic @HyperRTs

  • João Borges (@joaobborges) reported

    Hey @discordapp ! Me and my friends have been having problems with sound stuttering/robotic voices with PC App. Aware of this? any fix?

  • ✦✦DIL (@dllpsd) reported

    help @discordapp

  • bussy bear fan accou (@GoldenAgeX) reported

    The discord twitter account is terrible

  • FlameFace11 (@flameface1) reported

    @discordapp im having a problem with the mobile app is there a fix for the notification number not going away

  • Kms (@MaxineMiki) reported


  • Ben Weston (@psiphyr) reported

    @OhNoSheTwitnt "Online demonstrations" Well, Gab was just removed from the Android play store, and Discord is shutting them down, so...

  • xSmileyPlays 🐼 (@xSmileyPlays) reported

    @Skype No offense but you should get on @discordapp 's level. So many issues with Skype. I'm so glad I upgraded lol

  • SoggieWafflz (@KyleGeissinger) reported

    @discordapp I can't agree to the new Terms of Service and Privacy on desktop discord, or web browser discord, HELP

  • Hexanon (@Hexanon0) reported

    @discordapp Might just be nothing but i'm having problems connecting to discord, my internet is fine and i can connect to everything else

  • Rajesh (@ishwarkaraja) reported

    @ashutosh83B What about the plight of Hindu Women's, victimized due to marital discord or Dowry,same scale of problem may plough in, extremity feared

  • JollyChord (@JollyChord) reported

    @discordapp I've been having problems lately with the sound of messages and users joining/leaving vc. How can I fix this?

  • flow (@ReflexFlower) reported

    @1337Mo @discordapp @TheUAETRA Still down

  • (@1337Mo) reported

    Does @discordapp work in the UAE or is still shut down by @TheUAETRA?

  • Axl Sjölund (@axlsjolund) reported

    @Cheridet I'm still in Yammy's discord if you want to shoot me a PM about it. I might be able to help but I'd need way more detail.

  • Artemiy Karpinskiy (@TheMugbearer) reported

    @discordapp I have updated the app, it didn't help.

  • Rainbow (@Retro_8BitGamer) reported

    @JustClickNWatch Cist... we became friends over discord, if you had a problem you couldn't talk to me or us about it... plus freinds can trust friends

  • Wrecks (@Wrecksey) reported

    @milkpipe666 @SLATUKIP @GoDaddy @Google @Discord @zoho "No black people are allowed on our service because we're preserving our whiteness." You: "Oh that's not an agenda, it's just the TOS!"

  • Cengizhan (@SpicyMeatt) reported

    @discordapp Well It would be better if yoy answered my problem

  • ChristianWhitehead🌐 (@Legoman99573) reported

    @discordapp Got a notification, so I couldn't resist replying to the better video service that is killing skype.

  • Topaz (@TweetingTopaz) reported

    @discordapp @Discord can I report a problem with all mobile apps?

  • RikaRants (@Marika86) reported

    @MsVexxie check discord. My messages are broken. Don't ask just do <3

  • Mal Bhlanc-Lead (@Bhlanc) reported

    @SithCoop I'm down to discord

  • Painkiller (@StDxPainkillerr) reported

    @discordapp Instructions unclear, got dick stuck in ceiling fan. Send help.

  • The Fault (@Faultiplayer) reported

    It wasn't until I was looking at Volume Mixer while pressing X that I saw Discord's volume was going up and down, then I knew.

  • [1 DAY] S🎂lidBlocks (@SolidBlocksRBLX) reported

    @discordapp Excuse me, but if you're feeling down you shouldn't ask to be ignored. Shall we talk about it, dear? Maybe Wumpus could join us too to help!

  • 🌸 Kyoukouo 🌸 (@YumeikoKatsura) reported

    Sometimes I go to discord and ask a question and....realize I was butting in an ongoing convo and I feel terrible

  • Araxus [TeEm] (@Rob_is_Araxus) reported

    @discordapp I will be at EGX in September, the site to update me to event attendee to get the top has been down for awhile, a pin would be a start!

  • chromerino (@palenio) reported

    @discordapp Error 404 Ignorance Not found How is your day

  • Rosenkreuz (@Frozenkreuz) reported

    @discordapp ignore machine broken

  • Schlongy☀ (@SchlongyBH) reported

    @Simpy773 @discordapp Na i said it as a joke, i can wait for your issues dw

  • Blockworks (@Simpy773) reported

    @SchlongyBH @discordapp Sadly I can't do anything about my PC issues so it seems I have to step out I was planning to tell you today later

  • CaptnNuttSack (@CaptnNuttSack) reported

    @discordapp im having some fairly major issues with the desktop app that i cant find help for in the forums. Can you dm me about this?

  • ben g (@unhben) reported

    @discordapp hey what if when it rained, all the rain came down at once in a 6in" layer and it was called Wet. Like "It's gonna wet today!"

  • Heckfriend (@JetGrindFuture) reported

    @discordapp look man I've been driving down the road to this tweet for like an hour now, I've basically hit bat country here

  • Warden Prinny (@WardenPrinny) reported

    @discordapp @coockiejansie1 Does not compute error 404 detected. Auto shut down commence in 3 2 1.....

  • Jasonic Protosh 💜☮️ (@JasonicProtosh) reported

    @discordapp No problem, I will.

  • angela 🕴🏻 (@chickymcnuggies) reported

    @discordapp Testing please hire me and help me leave Texas testing

  • Direwolf (@adamd1290) reported

    @discordapp Error 404: Tweet not found

  • Josh @Practice (@J0shdsgn) reported

    @discordapp Instructions unclear, fridge is on fire, pls help

  • Merissa (@Missy_david) reported from London, England

    @discordapp Hello I'm trying to register but I'm not able to via the app or online. Please help

  • Jim (@ImGooogle) reported

    @BIade_ @AreeohEdits discord today i think i could use some help maybe

  • taryn (@fantasticbabies) reported

    cc tlist i exploded and i need HELP which muse?? (descriptions linked below) or LIKE this post for the discord card option:

  • Janitor (@TheJanitor9k) reported

    @urbantowel @InexpensiveJew @discordapp I'm having a similar problem, every time I start desktop

  • Mitch (@SonOfAMitchShow) reported

    @InexpensiveJew @discordapp I had the same issue but it was fixed after I restarted my compture and has only happened one other time since. Worth a shot?

  • Urbs (@urbantowel) reported

    @InexpensiveJew @discordapp Yup having the same issue as well, there's no way to switch it for me either

  • Shad Owen Kahn KBI (@ShadOwenKahn) reported

    @discordapp Boom... down drops the Ban Hammer. They try to say otherwise but the truth is out. You Protect the Communists and are traitors! Shame!!

  • _sjcfkevin_ (@sjcfkevin0427) reported

    @ChickenEngineer I have been banned from this Discord for asking help that has not been solved for 7 months. Please solve this and help me out :(

  • Alex Trott (@AlexTrott_) reported

    @discordapp No problem, was on latest canary build as well, just to give more context

  • саске учиха (@VanyaLyapin) reported

    @discordapp I can't log into your account, writes that e-mail does not exist, although recently everything was normal please help.

  • Jacko (@JackoLikesJelly) reported

    @discordapp and it said Update.exe was removed or something and it dosent work, please help, thanks 2/2

  • No, uhh... (@BedevereTheWise) reported

    @TheElkWhisperer idk if you run your own discord but if the memes are as spicy as the tl I'd go down on a feminin bepus for an invite

  • blabberdookie 💩 (@blabberdookie) reported

    @Lajbros @discordapp help, why is this happening to us

  • Lukas Barrera 🌀 (@Lajbros) reported

    @blabberdookie I have the same issue, if im in a video call long enough I blue screen. Could be my pc fuckin up or discord fukin it up

  • Davis (@Prem_RL) reported

    so my @discordapp is still broken and idk how to fix it. I've tried reinstalling twice and it did nothing. someone... pls halp me

  • Neos (@XWolfNeos) reported

    @skadop Everyone in the discord are here for you no matter what, if you need any help okay?

  • Edmond Honda (@BigManJpn) reported

    @discordapp I found the problem with attenuation. If I alt-tab while it's activated, it gets stuck on the program. send help, over.

  • Nasser K. Abd-Albaki (@Arranos1) reported

    @discordapp So, Discord stopped opening for me & had to uninstall it. Now, trying to download it, but it's not downloading. Any help please?

  • Boo (@Sarcastic_ghost) reported

    Someone in the discord help, Melody is trying to rap again

  • OmgItsPaco (@RealOmgItsPaco) reported

    @Official_Blurr @RTWWII @ShawnAbner @CoDRT24_7 @The_CoDRT @Relay_RTs down but i use discord cause i stream also ghost only for me MWR way to slow be good dm me