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  • ScrattleGG
    Stefan 'ScrattleGG' Andersen (@ScrattleGG) reported

    @ConclusionLoL You have my discord. Feel free to enlighten me because I can't find a single friend or online review critic who agrees. Nothing had weight in the movie because of the split focus. Any of the characters could've broken up or died and no one would talk about it tmrw.

  • Optiefen
    Optiefen (@Optiefen) reported

    @BeatSaber I've tried asking the Reddit and discord to no avail, I'm having trouble playing the game because one of my hands will lock itself in like the center of the space and no longer track at all, no rotator or even button presses, help, it's a fresh install no mods

  • sleeps17_
    ♤علي (@sleeps17_) reported

    if you down for a discord call hmu🍖💖

  • _SmithCommaJohn
    SCJ🚫MFF (@_SmithCommaJohn) reported

    I'm in a CSGO discord. And it's for the most part civil and kind, but there are a small handful of peeps who have power issues, and they all ring around one another without pushback, but tonight an admin stepped in, put his foot down, and told em to cool it. Now its just fighting

  • Chuckin_Up
    Chuckin_Up (@Chuckin_Up) reported

    @SmooveParker35 @trashpanda1229 @PromoteGamers @primalgang Once I get my discord page running, Im going to help you get that affilliate!

  • syaffolee
    S. Y. Affolee (@syaffolee) reported

    What I don’t understand is why all the Livermore events get posted on the Discord but never on the forums. Nobody over there has reached out to the MLs this year to help publicize the events. We specifically request people to post on the forums so we can spread the word.

  • ShelliSims70
    Shelli Sims (@ShelliSims70) reported

    @Chrillsims If you use MCCC, check their Discord. There are some errors; I have one related to pools and hiring services and eating (really!). My game just totally crashed a moment ago, so I'm repairing.

  • theogsnkrpimp
    TheOGSneakerPimp™💯 (@theogsnkrpimp) reported

    Discord is shutting down fraud groups. Lol. I dont kno what mfs expect. 😂

  • guccicrisps
    yuug meister (@guccicrisps) reported

    @vg0 do i beg jayson to pity play with me or discord my irls help

  • BustaSnutt
    Snutt⁉️ (@BustaSnutt) reported

    I've never liked the steam client. It's always been buggy, unresponsive, and confusing. As a developer I have had many issues using their API. I experience bugs with it daily. I can't wait for a game that I want to purchase is available on the discord store to try that out.

  • purson
    denzel (@purson) reported

    @discordapp I'm in a voice chat and when people screenshare it makes a buzzing noise FIX This NOW

    lol (@DRAAAAAAVENN) reported

    @discordapp My discord continously opens says its connecting for a couple seconds then closes then reopens itself. I've reinstalled in 3 times now and tried running it as a admin with no fix

  • SharkBrew_RS
    SharkBrew (@SharkBrew_RS) reported

    @cattails713 Oh no, the event will be coming up this 24th November! I hope you can idle in our discord be there inspite of your computer problems ;P

  • SharkBrew_RS
    SharkBrew (@SharkBrew_RS) reported

    @cattails713 Oh no, the event will be coming up this 24th November! I hope you can idle in our discord be there inspite of your computer problems ;P

  • leo_milanion
    Leo to the N (@leo_milanion) reported

    @discordapp Ok can u at Leser help me with the Server IPs cause my dad would agree on open the range of ports but not for so many servers

  • unforgivenson22
    Daniel Sorrentino (@unforgivenson22) reported

    ((Well, turning off my second monitor didn't help. @FuncomHelp In SWL every other loading screen is a Stuck Loading screen for me. Using a laptop with Windows 10 and dx11. I have Chrome, Discord, and Fraps running in the background. Graphics card is an Intel onboard thing.))

  • ItsDeltaElite
    Delta 10-29-18 RIP (@ItsDeltaElite) reported

    Someone ACTUALLY took my discord server offline LUL. I swear Ghost Recon has some of the most supportive people and some of THE MOST toxic hateful salty ass people ever. I almost bet it was someone that didn’t get enough attention or got beat that went in discord and shut it down

  • TrooperAJones
    🐶Alexander Jones🎮🕹 (@TrooperAJones) reported

    Thinking about creating my own discord community rather than promoting my streams but help people on Twitch and Youtube content creators like if your below a number of subs or followers say below a thousand middle ground but if you have more than that off limits

  • jacobdawes01
    Jacob (@jacobdawes01) reported

    @discordapp I need help

  • TraceeGreenough
    T4tresses (@TraceeGreenough) reported

    @NancyPelosi please DO NOT TRUST THUMP! He revels in discord. Do not "USE" his "help". He LIES!

  • urbana_fox
    Urbana Fox 🦊 (@urbana_fox) reported from Manchester, England

    I keep getting told to get on #Discord Help an old lady out and explain that shit to me like I’m, well, an old lady #NerdsAssemble

  • ContraArtist
    :((((( (@ContraArtist) reported

    @discordapp fix ur shit

  • United4Games
    VanValdenburg (@United4Games) reported

    @discordapp It's impossible to login on phone with two factor authentication plus recaptcha, fix your shit your piece of crap is now the most used gaming voice chat...

  • Diveyez
    Diveyez (@Diveyez) reported

    @discordapp Push To Talk Is Not Working No Matter What We Do. Help!

  • EdgardArlington
    .Caesar Walpole Hamilton (@EdgardArlington) reported

    Eastbrook council are requiring tenders, for a bus service contract. DM me on discord for further information zzz#3282

  • RogueMarshmello
    Rogue[Exsul] (@RogueMarshmello) reported

    @discordapp I've noticed several issues recently. Discord isn't properly displaying apps I've added. I have to remove an app from the list in order for it to show up. The streaming status for streamers is constantly dropping and must be re-enabled. False "new" messages.

  • ItzJoe2003
    ok it's changed (@ItzJoe2003) reported

    @ssNotifyy Us over at @CursedCooks have had our server disabled as well, discord are cracking down :(

  • DekuFC_
    Deku (@DekuFC_) reported

    @OrangeSquidChan That's fair aha. Well i mean, if you ever wanna talk, you got my discord. Im always down to listen.

  • syraena7
    Ashleigh Spooner ⭕️ (@syraena7) reported

    I blame Discord for making me say "oof" unironically. I can't stop. Send help.

  • RumbleFrog_
    RumbleFrog (@RumbleFrog_) reported

    @discordapp Headset: On Knuckles: Cracked Bots: Broken Yep. It's Discord time owo

  • HarmoGlace
    ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ                                 ⁢⁢ (@HarmoGlace) reported

    Hi @discordapp, please, solve the problems of your api :/

  • TrippleDzudemOM
    DeDomeD (@TrippleDzudemOM) reported

    @discordapp claiming bots are having problems

  • NotKarmoz
    Karmoz 🌐 #SoaRKarmoz (@NotKarmoz) reported

    @DAN7EH Just got done watching the new vid and Dan could you help me there is a scammer in your discord has already scammed multiple people including me which I got scammed for my 82 noc but I don’t really care about that I just want justice...

  • thirdrailtalk
    Third Rail Talk (@thirdrailtalk) reported

    In case you wondered what Ilhan Omar’s legislative agenda is about...first clues are in: shoving Islamic, Third World culture down America’s collective throat. Polarizing, sowing discord and perpetrating an ongoing victimhood narrative.

  • HiccupJul
    Hiccup (@HiccupJul) reported

    @iiotenki You may be able to get help with tracking down on the "Video Game Preservation Collective" discord. There are a few Korean users there, and they'd be interested in getting this version dumped as it hasn't been dumped yet.

  • owl_nerd_
    🦉 Annie Roberts 🦉 (@owl_nerd_) reported

    @PRISMkidd check discord i sent something that might help a lil<3

  • mina_mariee
    ßad and bougie (@mina_mariee) reported

    @Reneraven5 @mane_adamian @missmayn I think Jesus would overturn the tables of the businesses that refused service to His children. These people should not be forced to serve anyone in their privately owned businesses, but they're corrupt and doing God a disservice by using his name to sow pain and discord.

    Seletron (@SELETRONMUS1C) reported

    Yo @discordapp! when i'm going to Discord in web it doesn't work when I click in 'Open' in the main Discord page. A white screen appears when it's loading! Help, please!

  • muriloricci
    Murilo Ricci (@muriloricci) reported

    I don't know why, but @discordapp gets so laggy sometimes I literally have to restart it to be able to use it. I never had similar issues before, but it's happening all the time this week. :(

  • SealionDiver
    SealionDiver (@SealionDiver) reported

    @discordapp Hey, I'm having a fairly serious issue with the desktop client of Discord - The app is using like 20-40 percent of my CPU when I'm just text chatting, it eats up even more when using voice. I have an i5 4440, and this issue only started happening a month ago.

  • NeverCyber28
    Cyber28 (@NeverCyber28) reported

    @ItsMeZackYT @discordapp Seems like a discord outage

  • _rainFN
    rain (@_rainFN) reported

    @LinkzyXBL @LuckMasterr @HeyItsChungy @Jaomock Im a pro player my friend, in the practice and pro discord. Re deploy is beneficial. Third partying includes breaking down building fights and killing someone from fall damage, with redeploy fall damage is non existent, making third partying in this case breaking down not as good

  • marissadraws
    Marissa Louise (@marissadraws) reported

    One of the things that's a bummer about twitter driving people off the service is the sweet conversations I would normally have publicly, about which comics I like & what pages are particularly beautiful, now happen in private on discord.

  • VenicioM32606
    VenicioM32606 (@VenicioM32606) reported


  • FMopary
    ❌Felonious Mopary ⏳ (@FMopary) reported

    @realAliTweets Your full of shit. It was governor moonbeam that vetod bipartisan legislation that would have reduced the amount of dead trees that help spark the fires. You Ali are #FakeNews sowing discord. Pathetic

  • WierdJust
    Justy (@WierdJust) reported

    @discordapp And I mean I sent another request I put it as "Technical Issue" because of the inputs not working properly, my drivers/devices are fully up to date with everything. I don't know what's going on nowadays.

  • raulinday97
    Slendhermano (@raulinday97) reported

    @discordapp i had an issue for a few weeks and i need your help please when i try to connect to a voice chat in a certain server (only in that one) it looks like is connected and also i can see like when some friend is talking (the green circle) but i can't hear anything and they also can't

  • iPP0_
    iPP0_🔜Canada Cup 2018 (@iPP0_) reported

    in discord nor on my twitch either. I'm unplugging myself or in other words resetting myself. It brings me to tears how much you guys care about me and it means all to much. i just want all of you to know that your words of help weren't unheard. i love you all:slight_smile:

  • Obligonal
    obligon (@Obligonal) reported

    @discordapp upon testing out several apps google chrome is broken

  • kronillix
    Soul Temper (@kronillix) reported

    @charguyy @Pluto_Eg @SquishyTubi honestly a lot of platforms have the problem, discord, insta, tumblr, idk about Facebook, kik. it's a disgusting issue that needs to be stopped. parents need to stop giving their kids phones at young ages

  • Obligonal
    obligon (@Obligonal) reported

    @discordapp still broken

  • Jaybonaut
    Jaybonaut EnergyOne (@Jaybonaut) reported

    @streamlabs Yes sorry I went on Discord and they fixed the issue on your end.

  • ChillSummoner
    Gerald Alfred Wilson (@ChillSummoner) reported

    // Yeah I don't have Banana as a friend on discord... I gotta fix this.

  • xoItsAbigailox
    Abigail Elizabeth 💜 (@xoItsAbigailox) reported

    @SB_737 The boys in Discord told me about a member only post...but my old iPad doesn’t show community page stuff. Also my android phone is broken, so I don’t have a cell atm...that cell number you have for me will not work. I’ll dm you the new number when I get my new phone 🙂

  • cartoonist102
    Cartoonist (@cartoonist102) reported

    Why on earth is my internet not working I might bot have time to do a lot of art so you won’t see me on discord for a while or art work

  • ejgabriel9
    Dr.EG (@ejgabriel9) reported

    @jk_rowling I tell myself I'd be safer in the U.K.than the U.S. I still believe this, I just can't help but sigh loudly when I think of how the west has been attacked to cause all the discord!

  • ZoiD_
    Sith ZoiD (@ZoiD_) reported

    @qrctic_ I dont have any issues with you as a person your cool the couple times we've talked in discord. And ngl, its easier for me to ignore people then to say no cuz then i feel bad

  • XenonzRS
    Xenonz (@XenonzRS) reported

    @JagexMaz Hi, I contacted you on discord regarding an issue I am having. A friend of mine had the same issue and he said that he talked to you about it and you were VERY helpful for him. Hopefully you can get back to me and be of the same assistance. Thank you!

  • DeadshotXD
    mateja jovanovic (@DeadshotXD) reported

    @discordapp Hi i have problem with discord while playing r6 siege. When i enter a match i cannot hear my friends and they cannot hear me and its only in r6 and only while in a match. I would really appreciate if you could help me with this thanks.

  • cuntydickless
    да spacito (@cuntydickless) reported

    @maniac_zn help I still don't know what stan means and I'm in a discord server where 90% of people use the term