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Discord is a freeware proprietary VoIP application designed for gaming communities. Discord runs on Microsoft Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

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Discord problems in the last 24 hours

Discord Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Discord. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (66.67%)
  • ▪ Glitches (10.61%)
  • ▪ Messaging (7.58%)
  • ▪ Sign in (6.06%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (4.55%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (4.55%)

Discord Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Arlington, Texas  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Mansfield, New Jersey  ▪ Kirkland, Washington  ▪ Las Rozas, Community of Madrid  ▪ Liberty, Tennessee  ▪ Lleida, Catalonia  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias  ▪ Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands  ▪ A Coruña, Galicia

Discord Live Outage Map
  • Arlington, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Mansfield, New Jersey
  • Kirkland, Washington
  • Las Rozas, Community of Madrid
  • Liberty, Tennessee
  • Lleida, Catalonia
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canarias
  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
  • A Coruña, Galicia
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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • queenkoffy
    Katherine, a bear (@queenkoffy) reported

    @adlez_best_lez you think she'd have more of a problem with you using discord with the white background imho

  • MachColossal
    Ah Twatical (@MachColossal) reported

    @rooting_around @discordapp I just hope they fix the occasional massive voice delay when someone turns on their camera, and then move on to optimise SS and video calls.

  • Ekkairot
    Ekkaroe (@Ekkairot) reported

    @jlist Accurate problems with Discord!

  • gofur69
    Gavin 'Gofur' Hunter (@gofur69) reported

    @jacar101 @TF67_ @PeteWishart As a tool to sow hatered and discord. I've head the same thing from rangers and Celtic fans, 'it's an excuse for 90 mins of hate" You need to direct that anger in a better direction try aiming at the 1% who keep us all down. 2/2

  • SplasheD_
    SplasheD (@SplasheD_) reported

    @BenjoK9 Komm discord need help fut draft

  • horrifieddrone
    coolguythatscool (@horrifieddrone) reported

    @smol8ball @discordapp @rooting_around Hopefully a teamviewer replacement, but that could be really far down the line

  • lordleonhart1
    Leon Hyde (@lordleonhart1) reported

    Hey @discordapp why is your app not sending me the "new login location" email to me? And no it's not in my spam folder.

  • CYA_Later16
    CYA Later (@CYA_Later16) reported

    @discordapp I have a problem with the desktop app on my PC. Every time I open it, it runs for a bit then it just freezes. Can you help?

  • hayoam
    Hayoam Aljuraysh (@hayoam) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Please please fix Rapid Discord, Thanx.

  • sirithre
    Siri (@sirithre) reported

    Oh, and Saturday/Sunday I'll be at work. You can find me complaining about server issues on my discord.

  • clitvore
    bloody marie (@clitvore) reported

    While I have discord on the bosses and my team is focusing them down I'm just the only one to kill the other little ones

  • tdkeepsmiling
    im dead inside (@tdkeepsmiling) reported

    @voIskayas aww man rip well im gonna be around so if u wanna chill on rabbit or discord some time this week im down

  • muhammederkenez
    MEngineer (@muhammederkenez) reported

    @discordapp I guess it just happent what i created room. My friend has that problem another from me but other 2 friends have no problem.

  • Gigaknight001
    Giga's Silence (@Gigaknight001) reported

    @yagyu4k @AkiraLight00 How unfortunate. I stopped using Discord not too long ago due to privacy issues.

  • SG_EPK_X29
    ⚠️ sg-epk.jtk93.x29⚠ (@SG_EPK_X29) reported

    Well that's embarrassing. When I uploaded the game, I forgot to include a few files so people have errors. Download the patch on the Discord

  • brad_viper
    brad aka Mr.Viper (@brad_viper) reported

    @discordapp having an issue logging in.. need my mobile auth but my mobile isnt logged in and it needs auth aswell

  • KrypticRBLX
    Kryptic (@KrypticRBLX) reported

    @discordapp Alright, seems to be working! Tysm for your help.

  • I2ainbowVeins
    Koushik OC (@I2ainbowVeins) reported

    @discordapp Output set to 200% and did voice reset as well still volume too low since the last two days. help?

  • baothghalachbao
    bao (@baothghalachbao) reported

    Also i want to help @Kerynean with their story and i cant do that without discord

    WILLQYT (@WILLQYT) reported

    @0xff7 @The_Apple_Nerd What’s the discord server? I need help

  • Michou_arthur
    8portes (@Michou_arthur) reported

    @discordapp Are the servers DOWN ?

  • purplekevmert
    Kevin Mij (@purplekevmert) reported

    @discordapp whenever I screen share it locks my games to 30 fps friend with same comp no issue, I normally get 140+, steps to solve this?

  • caeliste
    👻 a. spooky bard 👻 (@caeliste) reported

    is discord down or is my internet just shit right now

  • Runesael
    ☈ᵘⁿᵉ (人´3`✱) (@Runesael) reported

    FYI: Tomorrow I will be tearing down my computer and packing, so I won't be online in any games. Still reachable here and Discord though!

  • Steamedriice
    shakazulu (@Steamedriice) reported

    @discordapp y’all dc my servers twice this week. Skype and mumble suck dick plz fix

  • KyousouHoot
    Hoot (@KyousouHoot) reported

    @Now_Wud_Be_Nice It's mostly through discord anyways but still i'm sorry if that causes you any issues on the TL here

  • afrikan_jonko
    Donald Lekgwathi (@afrikan_jonko) reported

    @Finegorko @TwitchSupport because it's a terrible app they threw together because they got jealous of discord's success

  • TheCodedOne
    Coded (@TheCodedOne) reported

    @dmf444 screens aren't fully ported to 1.12 yet, theres a few issues i need to sort out with connections, if you could, would you pop in my discord

  • Runesael
    ☈ᵘⁿᵉ (人´3`✱) (@Runesael) reported

    @discordapp @hellcat_agarian Howdy, having the same issues. Discord will only display individuals and NOT screens. Also doesn't work AT ALL with Photoshop. :(

  • JohntheGreat_IV
    IT Expert Man (@JohntheGreat_IV) reported

    Status on the discord/patreon issue? @realJamesAllsup

  • AtlantaVIP
    Me (@AtlantaVIP) reported

    See cause I'll give them all the love they can handle, problem is they don't want love; they prefer discord and fuckery.

  • DartLucy
    Lucy Dart (@DartLucy) reported

    @AmericaDotard45 @MichelleRMed @GeorgiaDirtRoad He’s not a draft dodger. That’s the problem with ppl like you. You don’t research you just say any lie to feed discord. Wake up. Research

  • TerraFormerJay
    Jay Terra (@TerraFormerJay) reported

    @discordapp Error, no ingenuity found.

  • simonedkey
    simone 🥀 (@simonedkey) reported

    @discordapp uhhhh my desktop app disconnects me every 5-10 minutes for like 15 seconds,,, help?

  • MicahZoltu
    Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu) reported

    @myetherwallet I strongly recommend Discord for features, though it isn't self-hosted as you request. It still suffers from the DM scam problem too.

  • Zanitine
    Emmanuel Lyons (@Zanitine) reported

    @discordapp My screenshare won't let me show my entire screen, but i can share any window applications. Any help?

  • SciStatics
    NygmaStatics 🌐 (@SciStatics) reported

    @UnitedGamer101 send me some screenshots or discord me, i'll see if i can help out

  • the_geespot
    sad ghost boy ⚰👻 (@the_geespot) reported

    also hmu on discord if you wanna talk danganronpa ocs, like, you could literally hmu at any time and i'd be so fucking down to talk

  • Scaremancer
    🎃Ono🎃 (@Scaremancer) reported

    Message me on discord if you need me. I'm trying to make love to a thing atm and it's not working so well.

  • EnvoyOfTheStars
    Goat Goddess (┛✧Д✧)┛ (@EnvoyOfTheStars) reported

    @TheVioletDeath -th, tears pouring down her face, as her consciousness began to fade. Eyes closing, expression fading... Suddenly... Discord.-

  • MangekyoSG
    Mangespookyo 👻 (@MangekyoSG) reported

    @discordapp I tried that already didn’t help.

  • TheCryptomancer
    ⚰️💀Cryptomancer🎃🦇 (@TheCryptomancer) reported

    I don't know if this will help me, but I made a channel on Discord just for #NaNoWriMo. Maybe invite some writers and artists to hangout?

  • Joshuawear4
    Rushua (@Joshuawear4) reported

    Looking for good people to play splatoon 2 and talk with over discord. Plz help

  • DestindHellfire
    Michael (@DestindHellfire) reported

    Discord video call service is lit.

  • SoaringGalaxy21
    SoaringGalaxy (@SoaringGalaxy21) reported

    Having discord problems going to try and sort them out

  • Josethebu
    Jose Fernandez (@Josethebu) reported

    @discordapp When are you guys going to fix the iOS bug that doesn’t allow to switch the output audio?

  • Firemahj
    Firemahj (@Firemahj) reported

    @discordapp HELP I CANT UPLOAD PICTURES FROM MY PHONE. I have an iPhone 6s. Pls help .-.

  • sink_or_swim
    KatsuDommi (@sink_or_swim) reported from Apex, North Carolina

    Is discord down???

  • nataku411
    Kyle (@nataku411) reported

    I did something and now the vanity URL seems to be broken/expired for a lot of users, pls halp @discordapp

  • Z1pp3r
    72826 (@Z1pp3r) reported

    @discordapp I've switched from using my earbuds to my gaming headset and the issue doesn't away. The issue is still present without headphones as well.

  • AmaiiKashii
    甘い歌詞🚀 (@AmaiiKashii) reported

    @weirdmagicpiggy I was doing terrible earlier, but a bit better now. ;; Made a Discord account-!!

  • Polar_Playz
    Polar Playz (@Polar_Playz) reported

    @yourboixan @eRaGlocks My discord got hacked I would never do that to glock I’m serious someone had my details and I’m gonna be fixing the issue when I come home

  • MasterDalK
    Salil // DalK (@MasterDalK) reported

    Is roles broken in @discordapp? removing a role from a private channel didn't actually remove those people from the channel lol

  • TheJabroniBro
    Jabroni Mac (@TheJabroniBro) reported

    Microphone on discord constantly robot. Casting not sounding great. How can I fix? @discordapp 100+ up/down Mic perfect on own stream.

  • heyitshiki
    Happy HIKIdays! 🎄🎁 (@heyitshiki) reported

    is anyone else's @discordapp not working?

  • leofgxpoeci
    table (@leofgxpoeci) reported

    @supportdrone @ConceptHuman @Psychic_Driving line is a bit of a different niche (mobile-oriented im service) to discord (modern irc) and isnt really replacing communities the same way

  • J_Blauze
    John Blauze (@J_Blauze) reported

    @discordapp whenever I mute my mic, anyone in a call with me can hear anything my computer plays as loud as my voice. How to fix it?

  • informingonkiwi
    informer (@informingonkiwi) reported

    @SteveThe_Dragon He also has a thread on there and is trying to get his thread taken down by giving info on furries. he was in the discord

  • DesylBabe
    SkyeSweet (@DesylBabe) reported

    I have to use web discord since discord won't uninstall, open or error setup failed. I tried the help thing they have nothing worked. #discord Help?

  • Z1pp3r
    72826 (@Z1pp3r) reported

    @discordapp @KryptoVEVO Hi, I use android and I use the beta. I still have the same problem that Krypto does.

  • KryptoVEVO
    Krypto (@KryptoVEVO) reported

    @discordapp I believe it is a system issue as the device's entire audio quality becomes poor when connected to a voice chat.

  • Lifeteems
    Trav (@Lifeteems) reported

    @discordapp I'm having an issue with reinstalling Discord (Windows 7). It remains on the "starting" screening with the icon rotating and

  • ToniBabelony
    Toni Babelony (R-18) (@ToniBabelony) reported

    @discordapp The issue seems to have been resolved!

  • 2nooby2
    Logan (@2nooby2) reported

    @discordapp I keep having problems trying to load into my discord app. Can I get some help?

  • xeneofgenesis
    👻hallowxene👻 (@xeneofgenesis) reported

    Discord is very not trackpad friendly I have been unable to scroll down my server list which is a bit of an annoyance if I must say so

  • Kaliberjc
    Kaliber (@Kaliberjc) reported

    @Destroy_215 @11WillieCalhoun Down send link to discord

  • duhvera
    andy hella geekin (@duhvera) reported

    @Chairyy_ Down for either I’ll report to the discord

  • iHackLiTE
    iHackLiTE (@iHackLiTE) reported

    iHackLiTe account is gone, and i think my discord may be gone too. Could someone PM me with some help?

  • TazzuhBot
    Ta-bot (@TazzuhBot) reported

    Is discord vc down or something?

  • spicybu
    CybeR (@spicybu) reported

    @TheRetroSpecter @discordapp I've had this problem too actually, the invite only works with specific people. DMing fresh invites just says "Invite Expired" for most.

  • dainguyendo
    Dai (@dainguyendo) reported

    @discordapp need some support! Opened the app and voice no longer working on both browser and desktop Windows app - help?

  • shinoafanbot
    shinoa fan boy bot (@shinoafanbot) reported

    i'll be back in this discord help please we've had enough

  • PsychoticBroni
    SpookoticBroni (@PsychoticBroni) reported

    @discordapp that problem I mentioned yesterday with dm calls lagging is happening. Server: us-west343

  • HowdyFolksHQ
    Howdy Folks (@HowdyFolksHQ) reported

    For the curious among you: We’re trying to feed all of our social media posts into the Discord server! Sadly we’re having some issues…

  • Vorfalath
    Reasonable Cat Lady (@Vorfalath) reported

    Anyone else with an @Android phone having issues where it'll randomly rotate your photos when uploading anywhere? FBmsg'r, discord, etc?

  • Stingy_IsMine
    Cringebob MemeCramps (@Stingy_IsMine) reported

    @discordapp For some reason everytime i open discord it comes up with this weird code thing. Can you help me?

  • MilitarySeaweed
    Mjr. Norii @ War (@MilitarySeaweed) reported

    Anybody else having issues with @discordapp android app in the past 2 days or just me?

  • SpexxTheSmasher
    WB | Spexx (@SpexxTheSmasher) reported

    @discordapp nevermind problem resolved

  • hypebeast_21
    HypeBEAST_21 (@hypebeast_21) reported

    @discordapp @discordapp please help, so my acc is og9993 and i cant hear any notification or hear anyone talking i can see there name blink, they hearMe

  • lutzee_
    Jamie (@lutzee_) reported

    Just used @discordapp screenshare with my brother to help with some programming stuff for uni, worked pretty well!