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  • cha_su_bao jeff (@cha_su_bao) reported

    some crazy stalker folks are causing issues in the discord server i moderate, so i changed my handle as a precaution. why can't people stop being weirdos 😭

  • viktr_ebooks viktr (@viktr_ebooks) reported

    im pooping my computer has been broken since monday. my friends who were too lazy to announce Discord Nitro

  • betrayal1337 betrayal1337 (@betrayal1337) reported

    @Epidemic @GrizzlyBigArms that's pretty much what happened, i had no idea this shit was going to happen but ofc theres always people who love to take advantage of this situation to spread even mores lies on discord (like Broken for example)

  • kirr_12 Kirr12 (@kirr_12) reported

    @NaicaOnline Yes, it was me. An there is another person named Skylon on discord with the same (I think) issue on android 8.0

  • bysantoso020686 bysantoso020686 (@bysantoso020686) reported

    @discordapp help mem i have got login issue

  • oncewassven Colin Noble (@oncewassven) reported

    @Peston @Keir_Starmer @jeremycorbyn It's not ambivalence to attempt to find an acceptable compromise to an issue that is causing serious division and discord in our country. This is a matter of historical importance not a football match for god's sake.

  • KernOW_76 Leigh (@KernOW_76) reported

    @CripDork @discordapp YUP. Getting the same issue here.

  • Oxymoro66620351 Oxymoron (@Oxymoro66620351) reported

    @OpeJam hey your discord link is broken can I have a non broken one thanks

  • thehtbrown Hayden (@thehtbrown) reported

    It's one thing to ban loyal, paying customers which have been on your service for years, but what baffles me the most is how you're just blindly ignoring the people reaching out for help because they believe their accounts been wrongly banned. Sort you shoddy service @discordapp

  • DaPeckNeck Peck (@DaPeckNeck) reported

    Send terrible gacha pictures/videos in my discord server/twitter/youtube under the tag #gachasucks

  • Pawtiko Ⓐ Kacey 🚩🏴 (@Pawtiko) reported

    @ItsJustKillJoy @Comrade_Star @BankPads @RedLitClub Ok and it's FOSS! however discord is probably easier and more people know it and have accounts. Unless we're actively planning Direct Action, I don't think security is a huge issue

  • sarahdope S A R A H D O P E 🦇 🔜 TwitchCon (@sarahdope) reported

    Pass out early (again) out of complete exhaustion. Wake up around midnight, wide awake. Put on random show on Netflix that might help make you sleepy. Post carnivorous sea slug in company Discord. Go back to sleep. 💤

  • verygoodnora Dark V's No 1 Fan (@verygoodnora) reported

    @MisterAntiBully His discord where he brags about his terrible financial decision. I'm still waiting for that updated book on how to be successful on YouTube.

  • kingbigdip KingBigDip (@kingbigdip) reported

    @discordapp Having an issue screensharing with audio on chrome! Help!

  • CouncilRp Liberty County RP (@CouncilRp) reported

    @discordapp It's not working, on my mobile.. I tried looking through all my security settings but nothing is blocking discord... I gave discord the permissions it needed when I first downloaded it about 2 years ago but nothing has changed I assume.

  • thaliakriver a macklemore from mabimbo (@thaliakriver) reported

    gunna save the sch tips *** posted on the help fc discord a while back i'm going through as whm cuz ez mode

  • KealiB 💗 K e a l i (commission open)💗 (@KealiB) reported

    Additionally, filling in my commission form "while being funny becuz we friends and I sent you the links on discord/twitter DMs" is not funny. Pls take it seriously. I have severe memory issues. I need you to take this form seriously so I can do my best to fulfil your order.

  • daussay daussay 💊 (@daussay) reported

    for some reason Rachael from sg got into my dream and denied me when i was trying to help an auntie with her motorcycle and brought her to Rachel's workshop, and she was mad for some reason and blocked me on discord

  • letter_wbooks Dubs (@letter_wbooks) reported

    I was able to my wireless printer/scanner every Discord server I'm sleeping better than gladly help people with a doctor.

  • Custodial_Josh CaptainDongers1991 (@Custodial_Josh) reported

    @RLrunescapeGF Eh, you get use to it after a while. My Family doesn’t do anything but make it worst, so I have my family on discord that understands and helps me through my depression and anxiety issues. If it wasn’t for them, probably wouldn’t be here.

  • oofurilovemail Sirfetch'd Rights (@oofurilovemail) reported

    @coolsapphire18 C.can you help me with this discord bot I wanna make do u kno how to do that

  • T1GlistenerElf T1GlistenerElf, Proud Parent (っ◔◡◔)っ (@T1GlistenerElf) reported

    I've been working on writing my speedrunning book, and I swear that I'm already regretting formatting the dialogue as Discord channel text. Well, there's no backing down now! I can't be a writer if I don't actually write, after all.

  • Lilhoneysuckle4 Sae Bae 🐌 (@Lilhoneysuckle4) reported

    That issue was the last one we had to resolve. We will be making the announcement for our charity donation & pay all creators once that is finalized. We talked about it in our discord. If any contributors have issues, *come to us directly.* Please. It is a simple explanation.

  • ChrisinLiberty Christian S. (@ChrisinLiberty) reported

    I can contact Bluestacks about the apk issue later, though. But I haven’t heard from them in their Discord Server. And I’m not really sure if other apks of the game are legitimate and safe. The one I got seems trustworthy, but it has an issue of crashing, anyway.

  • magipojken seabroth (@magipojken) reported

    @koitoes posting underage fictional stuff, including fanfic, is illegal on discord so there's no problems there. TALKING about sh*ta/l*li or the controversy surrounding it is ok. some people use grown-up asirpa as a self insert, so aged up sometimes (rarely) appears on the server.

  • obieFM 𝘰𝘣𝘪𝘦 ☮ (@obieFM) reported

    comfortable in a group of friends would make me feel really good about myself. i used to be active in a bunch of discord servers when i first started using the service, and i remember being much less depressed back then i hope i can get back to that state of mind again.

  • Armory_Gaming AgeBattleSword (@Armory_Gaming) reported

    Then theres the problem of the bluetooth configuration and incompatibilities with @discordapp . I cant even record with my friends so i can at least enjoy myself. Thats why saturday was a Pokemon Reborn stream and not a Minecraft Realm stream like i was planning

  • rose_legz Legz (@rose_legz) reported

    @discordapp I hope you can help ... How can I get my user information regarding servers I have join. A list of all servers my user name has join. Is this possible,please help clear my name from wrong doing thank you 🙏 Legz #5754

  • Valiantium Best Boy™ (@Valiantium) reported

    @NorisMaster LMAO ITS ALRIGHT My college has a few clubs that run a discord server and since my Twitter @ is the same in majority of my social media, they are going to see I am a terrible meme

  • GasStationPills (˙꒳​˙) (@GasStationPills) reported

    Ima fix my Discord server, once its all fixed yall are free to join

  • ipodcheatengine Monteloyola (@ipodcheatengine) reported

    Discord glitch.Cheat engine ipodnano

  • LJ_Spl LJ! (@LJ_Spl) reported

    if anyone can help us with getting in contact with @tsu_nei that would be great They've said some really concerning things as of late and they aren't responding to anything discord wise.

  • TXTfanzine "One ☆ Dream"―TXT Fanzine (@TXTfanzine) reported

    Please bear with me as I try to fix the email errors. I won’t send any emails. Please just dm if you haven’t received the discord link. I’ll send it.

  • AnimaesDead Twerk or AJ (@AnimaesDead) reported

    My discord is broken it won’t let me turn rhythm bot or any down or mute them this shit is terrible

  • BigTwigs1981 BigJon (@BigTwigs1981) reported

    @discordapp hey discord, windows just did an update and now anyone who is in a call with my has a super echo/reverb. and it just me experiencing it. no idea how to fix this

  • sassichi ichi 🔪 @yorha dark apocalypse (@sassichi) reported

    @mrdnomaid i got the same issue, contacted discord and i got a "your account violated terms of service, we wont be reinstating your account" and no they didnt tell me what i exactly did to violate ToS

  • Paolagamer8 Paola gamer (@Paolagamer8) reported

    @discordapp i'm having dime problem and mobile data,I think the IP server is wrong cause i'm few a a min it worked and idk what's happening pls answer

  • PrincipeDello 𝐕𝐢𝐧. (@PrincipeDello) reported

    //help Bored N-need discord interaction

  • LostCauseAni Ani (@LostCauseAni) reported

    Hey guys why is it i cant peep whos in call on mobile anymore without being forced to join, can you please fix that and run it back @discordapp. also i prefererred being able to see who was speaking at the bottom when in app. Some of these updates seem unnecessary

  • AnthonyDeadman Anthony★Deadman (@AnthonyDeadman) reported

    @NitrousGlycerin @discordapp Good to know. If only this site actually had both audio and video working on every browser and not just specific ones. Then we wouldn't have this problem and I'm absolutely livid that this site has not done anything about it.

  • TieashaB Tie (@TieashaB) reported

    but i cant help but think in a sense he is sent from Jah they got that part right but not as an alli to Christ or his work you know feed the poor, good samaritan, but an usher to the end times, discord, famine & war

  • Twinkie1194 Josh hoskins (@Twinkie1194) reported

    @XboxSupport party chat is still down here 😩 stuck using discord for communication.

  • DapperPaperBag 🎩 DapperPaperBag 🎩 (@DapperPaperBag) reported

    @discordapp Please fix your servers. I am far away from my loved one and I'm trying to talk to him :(

  • sockstatic Sock (@sockstatic) reported

    I have been staring at my phone and shitposting on Discord for like an hour help me

  • Jive_RL Jared (@Jive_RL) reported

    fix screenshare you idots @discordapp

  • FuxkYou62926556 FuxkYou (@FuxkYou62926556) reported

    @RealmRoyale Can we like address the bot issue. I mean this isnt fun when its 95% bots. Nobody should have to go out there way to some discord to find a real game every 100 games...

  • AnthonyDeadman Anthony★Deadman (@AnthonyDeadman) reported

    Hey @discordapp your screen sharing function is messed up. Every time me and my friends try to do a screenshare, the audio doesn't work. Video, quality and such is fine, but we have no audio. I dunno if this is a glitch in your system, but I'd like to ask you to please fix this

  • AnthonyDeadman Anthony★Deadman (@AnthonyDeadman) reported

    Hey @discord your screen sharing function is messed up. Every time me and my friends try to do a screenshare, the audio doesn't work. Video, quality and such is fine, but we have no audio. I dunno if this is a glitch in your system, but I'd like to ask you to please fix this.

  • kentohorii1 Kento(健斗) (@kentohorii1) reported

    @JaAmfan There was a time where I shut down my discord chat too since it got weird with her around

  • AdrieL06534196 AdrieL (@AdrieL06534196) reported

    @ruddevmedia i got banned on the discord server idk why, pls help

  • DudeWhoIsTrusty Trusty The Cat (@DudeWhoIsTrusty) reported

    @discordapp Thank you for the help, I hope to get my account back as I have done nothing to deserve a disable.

  • celestori furby god (@celestori) reported

    help what do i change my discord username to apparently there r too many nicos

  • ItsMikey_lol Mikey (@ItsMikey_lol) reported

    Hey @discordapp I’m having an issue on mobile where I can’t video call my friend. When I turn on my camera it just loads forever. Is there anyway to fix this, I tried restarting my phone, reinstalling discord, changing the region, ect. Nothing has worked so far

  • Brav0Leader Bravo Leader (@Brav0Leader) reported

    @EIectricTKO || Aww. :( You could take a break or go on hiatus until you feel better. I get terrible mood swings and vent to an empty discord server.

  • minty_marks Shark Time (@minty_marks) reported

    ok ok since i cant get help from discord- if you are 18+ and can get me a DRAWN, NON-VIDEO reference of a specific nsfw pose COMPLETELY FULLBODY, please DM me. i literally cannot draw jack shit without a reference image and i only need the pose. thank you

  • Mini_Iris_Heart 『えし il римский Imperator Waifu』💙 (@Mini_Iris_Heart) reported

    i need some help im trying to find that one futa hentai where it has a girl withe a massive **** and shes sucking it while having discord light mode (the old one with the dark channel list, not the new) on her monitor as she supposedly draws without and drawing programs running

  • dirtypatekwater Kevin Milian (@dirtypatekwater) reported

    Hey @discordapp having a little problem. My discord app on my pc is stuck on checking for updates and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and going to ur website but the website won’t even load this has happened twice already and I’m frustrated ty

  • Raumskers Sam (@Raumskers) reported

    @discordapp my internet went down and i cannot connect to discord

  • King_Kun_sama King Kun (@King_Kun_sama) reported

    @NaniSama3 @discordapp It's not just an issue for him, I have it too

  • GoDz_Shiftz (@GoDz_Shiftz) reported

    @BacckSpacee1 We can work discord then if you are down