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May 20: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 08:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (46.24%)
  • Glitches (18.50%)
  • App Crashing (17.92%)
  • Sign in (10.98%)
  • Messaging (4.05%)
  • Multimedia (2.31%)

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  • Phillipstreets1
    Phillip streets (@Phillipstreets1) reported

    @MasterCheepShop hi I have been banned from your discord for telling nepa to not be so arrogant and I have brought a lot of things off you and deserve respect please fix this problem or he will lose you a lot of customers

  • discordapp
    Discord (@discordapp) reported

    @speck_1_ Really sorry about this! Start with restarting your device+modem. Then check Firewall/AV and make sure that Discord is whitelisted. Try changing the server region too. Go ahead and User Settings -> Voice & Video and turn off "Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority"

  • tokudude
    dragonzeron (@tokudude) reported

    @discordapp I did thats the thing I used both way on the app but yet it wont let me scroll down on both the discord app and the webpage and no my computer is not broken

  • MadameKoudelka
    Koudelka (@MadameKoudelka) reported

    @onyx_goddess I try to advertise it in some Discord servers that I'm in that caters to Findom, but it hasn't been going so hot. So, figured I'd try this side of Twitter. I want to help everyone to get noticed and not look raggedy (gfx wise) in these Findom streets. <3

  • freezer
    koda🌵🐝 (@freezer) reported

    @majorfail @Snails Idk how to use discord, send help

  • discordapp
    Discord (@discordapp) reported

    @therealhaneul Oh no! First, start with restarting your device+modem. Then check Firewall/AV and make sure that Discord is whitelisted. Try changing the server region too. Go ahead and User Settings -> Voice & Video and turn off "Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority"

  • AngryAria
    Rose Turck (@AngryAria) reported

    you, you tell me you're going to kill yourself just like you'd threatened me before, and it's all my fault, then you go around and log out of facebook, twitter, LINE, discord, ETI, Gamefaqs, and IRC all at once so your "Last Login" date matches, then completely ghost me

  • DazzleS4Mag
    Dazzle: A Sims 4 Fan Magazine (@DazzleS4Mag) reported

    anyone else having discord issues?

  • ProPinstripe
    Jonnymeboy (@ProPinstripe) reported

    @discordapp I'm in a call with my friend right now, and I can hear him but he can't hear me. My Discord client is saying everything is fine on my end, and even my friend can see the green circle around my pfp every time I talk. Any help? Thanks in advance.

  • iVenuh
    venuh🍃 (@iVenuh) reported

    @Andrealynn_xox join discord and help me wtf is happening pls

  • KoyoriKamiya
    Koyori Tsumujikaze (@KoyoriKamiya) reported

    I kinda forgot tlmy password so i couldnt login, i did find it but i dont think i will continue to use twitter, i kinda dont feel like am suppose to be here... I might have another one, but i will be on discord once in a while.

  • SaththeGod
    Sathh (@SaththeGod) reported

    Can someone hop in a discord and help me fix my mic

  • Akai_Alonkai
    Akai Alonkai (@Akai_Alonkai) reported

    @discordapp @architex23 Aim for the support positions! Foot in the door! First shot at new openings! A stronger feel for user issues!

  • HobbyistPCs
    Jon at Hobbyist PCs (@HobbyistPCs) reported

    @OTSSCommunity For #EVGA graphics card owners, if you use Precision XOC, the latest update may cause frame buffer preview issues in OBS. If you need any assistance with clean uninstalls or driver rollbacks, contact me via the discord and I'll do my best to help out.

  • bradfromHR
    👑‍piece of soft kitty👑 (@bradfromHR) reported

    and dad started talking abt bubs car and me getting a boyfriend while we were out and now im going to lay down. pls dont talk to me on discord

  • pavIove
    ✨ ellie ✨ (@pavIove) reported

    when will discord fucking fix notifications !!! i keep getting each one 3/4 times, even if I've already read it

  • NickKen80276910
    Lucario1234 (@NickKen80276910) reported

    @Johnnisboy That’s awesome! I checked your PMd and they don’t seem to be working, so if you want to hear more info about the project, try and join that Discord server. Basically, me and my friends are making a fanime and we’re looking for help Let me know if you wanna join!

  • SillyPotatoeSP_
    SillyPotatoeSP (@SillyPotatoeSP_) reported

    @discordapp I'm not sure yet, it happened on my desktop computer running windows 10, 64 bit, with a slow internet connection. It has happenend before if I remember correctly. Restarting discord did not fix it, though I have not tried restarting the computer

  • 7SilverGames
    7SilverGames (@7SilverGames) reported

    @F1NN5TER Is your discord still up? It says the invite was expired. help

  • Kouyokii
    🙄 (@Kouyokii) reported

    @MsZorya i can play w you, but my mic is broken so like we might have to skype/discord or sum

  • rossanodr
    psicodramo (@rossanodr) reported

    @Steam_Support formatted pc today. Only things I have installed: csgo and pubg, discord and GeForce experience Tried to play csgo but got vac issues and got banned Thanks @steam_games

  • Hedgy134117
    Hedgy 🛠 (@Hedgy134117) reported

    @discordapp Issue still persists!

  • freezer
    koda🌵🐝 (@freezer) reported

    @majorfail @Snails I don’t even know my discord login anymore holy shit

  • kiwi11_lloci
    🅚🅘🅦🅘키위(❛.❛)♡A.C.E (@kiwi11_lloci) reported

    @CHOICE_NAtion7 help, how do you use discord? Is it supposed to pop up or something? :(

  • The_Elluminati6
    Elluminati (@The_Elluminati6) reported

    @discordapp the server issue has still not been resolved from 2 hours ago

  • ZachDowning33
    Zach D (@ZachDowning33) reported

    @discordapp I cannot find the xbox one link discord button in the settings at all. It's just not there period. I connected it on the pc but it still doesn't show my status. Can you help?

  • RealSecarvo
    Reddblue (@RealSecarvo) reported

    @discordapp Why does it say that 1 server is down due to temporary outage? HELPPPPP

  • PoPerky
    DJPoPAPerky (@PoPerky) reported


  • JuniperPetals
    💙Uraraka💙 (@JuniperPetals) reported

    @discordapp I left my friend's server and now it's not letting me back in through invites and I have no clue how to fix it because I'm not banned. Thank you in advance.

  • VelvetSkye
    Velvet Skye™ (@VelvetSkye) reported

    @discordapp the desktop notification on my Mac have stopped, is there a fix for this?

  • LlarryOG
    LlarryOG (@LlarryOG) reported

    @StreamlabsHQ Could you please follow me even if it's only temporarily so we could DM back and forth? The Discord is getting me nowhere they don't seem to understand my problem.

  • ItsXpertGamer
    XpertGamer (@ItsXpertGamer) reported

    @discordapp I can't watch anime on Chrome so I have to watch it on Edge. There's no option when I want to share Edge as an application window. Sharing the entire screen wont share the sound. Also, whenever I want to stream a video from any website, Chrome crashes. Pls help me. Ty

  • JunaiAE
    🦋Junai🦋 (@JunaiAE) reported

    my discord is broken gg

  • ngativiking
    Steve Hale (@ngativiking) reported from Richmond Downs, Waikato

    @G_Carseldine Should also be said that Waikato have been extremely successful at U19 level, winning Jock Hobbs National Tourney and being beaten finalists in recent years. But there's a clear discord from U19 to M10 and player recruitment/retention is a real issue for WRU

  • Travislawyer6
    Travis lawyer (@Travislawyer6) reported

    @discordapp @Xbox I am having trouble with the screen share audio i can hear others an sometimes i cant and no one can hear my screen at all we are a gaming server and this is a bit of a problem can you guys please help me out @discordapp

  • TheFamousTV
    𝓕𝓪𝓶𝓸𝓾𝓼 (@TheFamousTV) reported

    @xJamesDC For sure, I think I got my discord issue figured out...i think

  • rockzGG
    rockzGG (@rockzGG) reported

    @Whatsthebiz_ @SplattrCatGames The same thing (probably from the same people) happened a few days ago over at the @SHINXZI Discord last Wednesday, we recently adjusted all the security settings to make these types of people are unable to do this thing again. Really terrible scum out there on the Internet

  • meafdev
    Sam (@meafdev) reported

    @discordapp So I got logged out of my account last night, and when I went to relogin I got the "Somethings going on here" error and it asked me to verify by phone; so I went ahead and plugged in my # and it told me that it's invalid, and then I got the rate limit error. Solution?

  • Frost638
    『Frost』 ☕ (@Frost638) reported

    @discordapp Discord is costantly freezing streaming and screensharing messes up mic audio can you fix this?

  • Swirfty
    Swirfty (@Swirfty) reported

    Dear @discordapp when i try to Ctrl C a message nothing happens, so i cant copy/paste any messages :/ any fix for this. also i have uninstalled everything multiple times and it still hasn't changed. please halp

  • deejvalen
    Mushie (@deejvalen) reported

    "God I hate aero and see through windows. I can see through discord at the website I was just on. ...and had just closed. Fuck, -that's- the problem... sheesh."

  • coyoteshambles
    joop (@coyoteshambles) reported

    The only issue I have with my new phone is that for some reason Twitter and Discord notifications sound and vibrate anywhere from twice to five times

  • Theycallmeac_
    Theycallmeac (@Theycallmeac_) reported

    @discordapp never got the verification email trying to set up an account for my girlfriend help

  • TwitchAPG4ming
    Twitch APG4ming (@TwitchAPG4ming) reported

    @discordapp my discord wont connect whats the problem

  • BostonResell
    Carbeck (@BostonResell) reported

    @ehxohd Activation bot is down on discord

  • mariemydear
    🖤 Marie Bower 🖤 (@mariemydear) reported

    @nayhomes @RollaineDraws It has. I think a lot of people realized how terrible it makes them feel and how amplified the anger and discord got

  • shiberawrxd
    shibe (@shiberawrxd) reported

    @discordapp @Floating_B I hear Buy Discord Nitro. Anyone else habing the same problem?

  • HardLadJosh
    Jσѕн (@HardLadJosh) reported

    I feel like @discordapp should make an AI bot (Wumpus) thag will give help to new people. You can dm Wumpus using commands and it will help you. Want to setup server roles? Wumpus. Want to make channels? Wumpus. Need help with permissions? Wumpus. Can you follow me pls? My dream.

  • tamarabrock
    Tamara Brock Segal 🌊 (@tamarabrock) reported

    @stonebraker74 Many say that they don’t care which side the outrage is on. The whole idea is to make ppl not trust what they hear to cause discord. It polarizes ppl so much that no one knows what’s up or down.

  • TheShinyAbra
    TheTrueShinyAbra (@TheShinyAbra) reported

    @discordapp Is there a way I can message you guys via email about an issue?

  • GeorgeMudie2
    George (D.P.S) (@GeorgeMudie2) reported

    I normally dont like to i guess leak Dm's on discord but one of my friends,Dwight may be so depressed he may end his life if he gets broken up with by his Girlfriend,He falls in love too easily,I said to him Dude,Id trade lol I cant fall in love

  • NathanB01204823
    Nathan Brown (@NathanB01204823) reported

    @Swaenk bro I got an account I want to trade you down I don’t do discord maybe you could dm me on here or something my name on instagram is @Nbr6wn

  • FireMelonOG
    Nick Thompson (@FireMelonOG) reported

    @discordapp please fix the ingame overlay centering itself, its nice when I don't have to reset it where I placed it last time

  • cryonicangel
    CryonicTV (@cryonicangel) reported

    @ipopoff_irl @StreamElements What, our discord link is not working for you? You could try to use the button on the official website then, but the link is working here O_o

  • Tayo_Aran
    FC | Tayo (@Tayo_Aran) reported

    I originally posted this to ask BBtag discord how I can fix this combo to make it true and I figured it out. If you want to do it replace the ATomic Collider with DP. 7.8K combo.

  • DClark_Dragon
    Allison Clark (@DClark_Dragon) reported

    Me a lesbian Me: will men in this discord server quit sending creep dms Men: Misandry! Help we are being oppressed by the cute trap that won't look at our dick pics. Male mod: stop bullying the men We need to stop this fake "nice guy" culture. Your bro is a creep, not sorry!

  • Nowugat
    Nougat (@Nowugat) reported

    @GiggukAZ i'm trying to compress a 2h movie down to an 8MB file for discord shitposting purposes talk about productivity

  • Whovian_Girl17
    Sophie||Adorable Fuck (@Whovian_Girl17) reported

    Okay I have found something out about my microphone would be great if anyone could help. So when I play music or a youtube video my discord voice recognition will spike like it's somehow picking up the sound of the video but not my voice

  • rieger1108
    Damien Rieger (@rieger1108) reported

    @discordapp I appreciate the help a lot, I reset my router and now it's working properly. Have a great day!

  • StylesDaycare
    Bob Bob (@StylesDaycare) reported

    @Itamar220 I have been banned from the SCPF discord for no reason, please let me back in. And the discord invite is expired. I was also banned for "attempting to glitch". Id id not glitch, I was banned for "attempting to glitch". And I believe this is not a valid reason.