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  • Z00Ld Z00LD (@Z00Ld) reported

    @Teenoyv_Sora damn, I need your help and discord! 😍

  • ShinySaana 🌸 Saana 🌸 (@ShinySaana) reported

    @LunarLambda Mood, we had the issue yesterday with one of the discord i """admin"""

  • T1TAN01 T1TAN (@T1TAN01) reported

    @TechGirlZA I am down to give my opinion, we can talk through discord if you want T1TAN#3244

  • SabrinaTjeng Sabrina Tjeng (@SabrinaTjeng) reported

    Current mood: don't be afraid to invest time to write a nicely worded issue on gh/ask a question on discord because MAN. I JUST WASTED A COUPLE OF HOURS FOR NOTHINGGGGG

  • Azumattgaming Azumatt (@Azumattgaming) reported

    @TheHarleyQueenQ @xmoonragex I understand. I genuinely want to help people too, but sometimes they think I’m qualified to do so. I am not, I’m a normal guy going through probably the same stuff as most of them. I try to let them vent and give them a place to talk. However, my discord is mainly

  • yoshihomo orange ben shapiro (@yoshihomo) reported

    the worst feeling is being ignored in a discord server general chat because you know they read your message and they just don’t want to respond and it makes you feel terrible

  • PterodactylCry Queen of Doom and Doom related byproducts (@PterodactylCry) reported

    @coL_Amazonian I am 200% down to make such a discord chat, but there's no way I could mod it by myself. Or know what ground beyond "don't be a butt" we'd need

  • ghostriderr_ Terminal (@ghostriderr_) reported

    lmao I didn’t even know imessage was down everyone talks to each other through discord nowadays in my life

  • spini11 Spini (@spini11) reported

    I am having for past about 14days problems with @discordapp on Android while using mobile data. Discord is still loading. When I restart discord, it loads all messages, but stops loading anything again. On wifi or VPN(hosted on my home network) works fine. All other apps works.

  • spini11 Spini (@spini11) reported

    I am having for past about 14days problems with discord on Android while using mobile data. Discord is still loading. When I restart discord, it loads all messages, but stops loading anything again. On wifi or VPN(hosted on my home network) works fine. All other apps works fine.

  • AdrenalinCDA AdrenalinCDA (@AdrenalinCDA) reported

    @Maverick00_ @TheStolken Go ahead. And if you are interested Stolken I can hand you my Discord ID to talk more about the changes I am making and the history of Shogo's development. Despite there being two immensely visible issues in Shogo, there are much more that I am fixing.

  • NostalgiaDnunn Nerd mom (open commission) (@NostalgiaDnunn) reported

    @LittleLylaGames @salute_13 That is true. I proved that my stream last Thursday. I forgot to tweet and when I remembered everybody came in to say "hi" even had a few people say "well, Twitter told me you were cool so I wanted to see" Twitter and discord help ALOT!

  • dishwashingypsy Courtney (@dishwashingypsy) reported

    @TheEnemby I left your discord because I don't enjoy being constantly trapped between two people trying to ****. I blocked you to cool off because youre being an ******* about my discomfort. Stop making it a bigger issue than it is. All you had to do was be understanding rather than hostile

  • yoonginated lai (@yoonginated) reported

    now that i think about it, i only have this problem in twitter gcs lmfao skdnflrif i'm fine with discord server wtf

  • IkonikSkins IkonikSkins 25$ 🎁 (@IkonikSkins) reported

    @Lionsbreed_ your question is probably overasked and could be easily solved in Discord. It is the effort you did not put that caused your issue.

  • poutymuffin PoutyMuffin @Tales of Festival 2019 Hype! (@poutymuffin) reported

    @AfroSenju Im on this harcore binge to complete everything thats currently in the game by the time Shadowbringers comes out. Id be down for a discord like that.

  • believemykira Kira (@believemykira) reported

    Seems like my piyo lies down emote has circulated very far within the discord community 🤔

  • Drakkonborne The Drakkonborne 🔞 (@Drakkonborne) reported

    hey @discordapp either Option 1, fix your sound errors when streaming or Option 2, fire your current mongoloid ******* programmers then refer to Option 1.

  • YouTubeDeadDrop DeadDrop (@YouTubeDeadDrop) reported

    @UnitedGamingNat That’s the problem, my discord is “broken”

  • Tamschi_ Tamschi (@Tamschi_) reported

    @jaroslawjarosik @TejasKumar_ Not quite, no. I usually see this happen via chat (Discord) or in GitHub issues of open source projects, directed at maintainers. The dev community I'm most active in formed in a gaming forum, so we had people looking for unpaid programmers for their AAA game ideas instead.

  • lieparadox07 lieparadox07 (@lieparadox07) reported

    @discordapp connection problems. I cant send images

  • automaticstand babyface run doom (@automaticstand) reported

    i should probably have my discord name as my actual name like a normal person but the problem is i hate being reminded i have an actual name because i have no attachment to it aside from a little sentimentality

  • hemskVampyr ^@36¥r (@hemskVampyr) reported

    @kingsley_yall Maybe @FenxWolf and @DahliaxWolf can help you because they have their own Discord that @FenxWolf was helping me register in their Discord !

  • MolochHakaishin Moloch Hakaishin (@MolochHakaishin) reported

    If both Discord and Twitter could stop being broken that's be great.

  • notfunnyhime envi jesus🔮? (cubs) (@notfunnyhime) reported

    @fleurjaden Quick maths if men didn’t have ***** there would be no more life/no one to fix this situation + we should just disconnect Alabama from the discord sever

  • Yohriko 🐷 Yori Yoriko 🐷 (@Yohriko) reported

    Hey @discordapp, I know you've gotten a lot of reports for screenshare audio not working. I've done all troubleshooting you recommended in various threads and can confirm it is not working on the windows desktop client. I submitted a ticket.

  • TyrelleSmith Tyrelle Smith (@TyrelleSmith) reported

    @DavidKlion Also it helps if the chosen elite has inhuman magical powers, saw an atrocity coming and remained silent, did nothing to help fight the threat of a massive natural disaster and worked to sew discord behind the scenes.

  • ZachFinklestein ʜɔɒZ (@ZachFinklestein) reported

    @discordapp fix your servers plz

  • LILKYOKO ンきょうこ (@LILKYOKO) reported

    @discordapp your video player is really shit, please fix. It's worse than youtube player

  • yaugieLC Andrew Forster (@yaugieLC) reported

    It finally happened. Someone needed help from the Discord to get through the fkn TUTORIALS. #mobiusff

  • Tamzy3D Tamzy3D (@Tamzy3D) reported

    @_YMA_ST1 *I'm not a ****** Why would I be scared of you, your just some annoying kid trying to ban people in the discord servers and yet you bring your friend to the arguement to help you, now I see how cancerous you are now.

  • josephrstrom Joe Strom (@josephrstrom) reported

    @GydGezaDoesArt Right there with you. The problem with discord is still having to use something like OBS to record the audio locally, but there are some paid apps that have everything all-in-one so you don't have to worry about guests having to do stuff themselves 👌👌

  • silxntgfx silxnt (@silxntgfx) reported

    @discordapp well heres another issue: now if i connect via wifi on my phone it works, and i can connect to servers, however, my discord on PC is still broken as it isnt loading at all, just a gray screen. not even a spinning icon.

  • YTProfMC ProfMC_Off (@YTProfMC) reported

    @discordapp For @discordapp Unfortunately, I do not have access to any discord service (computer, web browser and mobile) in any case he asks me the a2f

  • Geeky_TM Alucard (@Geeky_TM) reported

    @discordapp i currently have a problem with a server, as yesterday i was in it and was functional, and now i checked on the server, it appears i apparently have left it when i haven't touched it since yesterday. my user ID: 212160821990522881 and my guild ID: 496493687476453377

  • Proniminal Pronimal (@Proniminal) reported

    love looking for an image I found yesterday to send to the discord while also scrolling down through the hundreds of images I downloaded in a horny rage last night

  • DrewDozer Dozer (@DrewDozer) reported

    @ArtisticADCNA going sleep, to help me sleep i just check ur dead discord

  • ChillCombo ChillCombo (@ChillCombo) reported

    @SquadsMC Discord is not working

  • darkstarz731 starz💕 (@darkstarz731) reported

    @discordapp The App Store is currently down that’s why :/

  • Zours123Bae cheeseman (@Zours123Bae) reported

    @discordapp Happened a few times before but nobody commented on it so i diddnt really care. When i reconnect it works but its just a bit annoying to have somthing happen because of an issue that wasnt my fault :/

  • JakeTheJoestar Competitive Mario (@JakeTheJoestar) reported

    @fbimangetaway Well glad you weren’t going for that, but sad to see ya stressed. Mostly on discord if ya ever want to vent fyi, and gl with your issue

  • Luke_Freet1 Luke Freet (@Luke_Freet1) reported

    I joined MauLer's discord server at 8:00pm. I have been stuck in a continual conversation since 8:30 about how shit RWBY is. It is 11:50 and the topic has not died down. I have found a new home.

  • tsusergaming Tanner H. (@tsusergaming) reported

    @discordapp @the_realdel Discord, they literally just said they already contacted the support team... I’m having the same issue with the phone, it feels like they don’t really care..

  • brailleknights Knights of The Braille (@brailleknights) reported

    @OldSoul116 @BlindTemple We use Google Hangouts, which is free to use. We’re just waiting for Discord to fix its accessibility issues.

  • alohaleane gileane (@alohaleane) reported

    we're legit video chatting on discord someone plz send help

  • Scamthememelord Scam (@Scamthememelord) reported

    @jpplf50 @discordapp I've been having the same issue for the past few days, and using Canary doesn't work either.

  • LauthTais Twais (@LauthTais) reported

    @Kryspian2 Once you wake up, please do send a message my way. Discord preferably. I don't want to dig into anything and come of as nosy, I just don't want you to feel alone, and I just want to help and be a friend you can always go to and trust

  • nathanielrsuchy Nathaniel Suchy (They/Them🏳️‍🌈) (@nathanielrsuchy) reported

    Oh no iMessage Servers are down, whatever shall I do, it's not like @discordapp isn't a suitable replacement 🙃🙃🙃

  • Dogdude1012 Dogdudette101 (@Dogdude1012) reported

    @discordapp Why is mobile for discord So slow and laggy i have good wifi the app is just acting all weird plz fix this I wanna be able to use discord correctly without wanting to punch a wall every time a message gets sent twice

  • CarrackVon Grima (@CarrackVon) reported

    help my discord voicechat connectivity is being very not nice, help

  • JollyAnchorKing Jolly Anchor King (@JollyAnchorKing) reported

    Why is every single pokemon community awful, I tried to join the discord of my fave channel and it was a terrible experience. I really wanna start ny own pokemon community so there's at least one bearable one.

  • pekosaba bird ? (@pekosaba) reported

    @chessmistress go on discord help me pick a bikini

  • itzCampz Alivia/Campz (@itzCampz) reported

    Anyone wants to help me edit my discord just need 1-2 people

  • DaRKNeSsZ_ NoRMaN is my NaMe (@DaRKNeSsZ_) reported

    People nowadays are so fuckkin stupid. Joined @LiquipediaNet discord chanel and ask for help on getting a tournament. Even the TO site have their discord chanel invite. Just do some research man. @SLTV

  • LevvyUwU Levvy (@LevvyUwU) reported

    @discordapp hey, i can’t buy nitro on mobile, says its not connecting to app store. how do i fix that

  • uFa_Wired WIRED (@uFa_Wired) reported

    hey fam, I need help I factory reset my pc, now when I try to install @discordapp on my desktop this pops up "installation has failed" can any of yall or lovely discord staff help </3

  • RorytheKangaroo RorytheKangaroo (@RorytheKangaroo) reported

    My internet is down for a while so I won't talk on discord...

  • LunaSalt1234 Luna (@LunaSalt1234) reported


  • italia42399751 italia (@italia42399751) reported

    @discordapp Hey, so my friend was recently locked out of her account. She is confused and wasn't familiar with any rule that was broken. the username is lyla#5922. If you could check back the history of the account that would've gotten her locked out that would be great.

  • Meme_L0rd_420 Th33vilL3mon (@Meme_L0rd_420) reported

    @discordapp I need your help with a hacker issue please.