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February 22: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 05:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • z1k0zOnTwitch z1k0z (@z1k0zOnTwitch) reported

    Hey @discordapp Fix yo goddamn service, both me and all of my friends are lagging, it takes like atleast 5 seconds for our messages to send and sometimes they dont even send, so please fix this problem before you get the glock.

  • cyberpunk_dad Juno (@cyberpunk_dad) reported

    having issues with sending messages. taking a while to send through @discordapp

  • lucaytpols1 LucaYTPols (@lucaytpols1) reported

    @discordapp fix your api >:(

  • CrystalHennesyv boom boom boom (@CrystalHennesyv) reported

    I think discord is down

  • chiri_uwu chiri (@chiri_uwu) reported

    @discordapp fix ur shit pls im trying to talk to people

  • eatoxygen Portersona (@eatoxygen) reported

    Why is discord’s search system so broken

  • SirPinecone666 Pine (@SirPinecone666) reported

    @discordapp discord’s down AgAin

  • _gianfn gian (@_gianfn) reported

    discord is broken dm me for 2v2

  • youiberry iris 🍡 #JACKPOT (@youiberry) reported

    discord is down again wtf

  • GoldenGodNick ProfessionalSadBoi (@GoldenGodNick) reported

    @buckeye___ @discordapp I also have a few servers down

  • Eclipse_Glitch Eclipse (@Eclipse_Glitch) reported

    @discordapp I think your site is a bit broken again taking longer to send messages pls fix this

  • Samos89 Obiwanshinoobie 🔜 Vegas (@Samos89) reported

    @TheHaleyBaby @getvindictive Yeah :/ I know twitch banned him ages ago and I think @discordapp took one of his servers down. But he’s still active and being a predator on YT and Patreon

  • HangarOfPuppets Hangar of Puppets (@HangarOfPuppets) reported

    @discordapp Your servers are broken.

  • S1r1u5_ Mohan Sri Ramakrishna (@S1r1u5_) reported

    Something weird is happened with pragyan CTF, CTF site is down, someone able to create channels in discord server, admins were removed and finally discord server is deleted 🤔

  • KokidiusNSFW Kokidius 18+ (@KokidiusNSFW) reported

    Also im not experienced with discord servers at all so feel free to help if you'd like to heh

  • warlockingsRBLX The Honorable warlockings (@warlockingsRBLX) reported

    @Reset363 I offered to help you. You don’t even reply on discord anymore. If you care to listen to my advice - since I know what I’m talking about - contact me back. I’ll continue contacting you and backing you.

  • 1HeroGaming 🦸🏿‍♂️The One True Hero 🦸🏿‍♂️ (@1HeroGaming) reported

    @Xiuroth I'm not going to come into your discord and spam my twitch channel. It's your discord. And if I spend time getting to know you and your community I'm going to help build you up. If people notice I stream its because I interact with them and they ask me.

  • Adrian72016 Adrian Matt (@Adrian72016) reported

    @ThePandaBeersy @CHIPzoom @discordapp I’m sure if you ever got in an elevator it would probably go down too, since you all you do is eat and play 24/7, it wouldn’t hold.

  • ThePandaBeersy Beersy (@ThePandaBeersy) reported

    @Adrian72016 @CHIPzoom @discordapp You come in here trying to tell other people how to live their lives with no evidence or clarity as to why except your "woke" attitude. Don't try to take an elevator your ego will just bring it down. Get ******** outta my mentions. 👍

  • rfoxtail Ronin Foxtail (@rfoxtail) reported

    @LordHayati @Flotianchroma I’d vote spotty internet. If my internet is down, I’d be like “Shit I guess I’ll play on my Switch or something” whereas spotty internet involves swearing over discord with packet loss making it sound robotic to my friends.

  • MajinBanzai1 🥩Zai バンザイ🍖 (@MajinBanzai1) reported

    @HyenaMerc Of course, that's totally fine! It becomes a problem when people repost my work on a Discord RP server with no credit at all... and then refuses to stop, which is what happened here.

  • Adrian72016 Adrian Matt (@Adrian72016) reported

    @clownkure Views nor subs don’t matter. It’s about the message that people should understand. And that’s: discord is awful, boring, bland, colorless, terrible, horrible, garbage, bad, horrendous, etc. People need to stop using it.

  • AvaisHereee AvaisHereee_ (@AvaisHereee) reported

    @discordapp the gifs aren’t working for the pfps nor the chat please help and fix this for mobile

  • seolendipity Seolhyun. 🦋 (@seolendipity) reported

    Tonight's Discord provides all the songs I used to listen together with that particular someone and I can't help but to feel gloomy all over again. I am: (TRYING TO BE) FINE. 🙂✊🏻

  • Huggle_Kitten huggle/ember ash (ceo of dumb crap eternal virgin) (@Huggle_Kitten) reported

    @BlueFolf problem is i dont rly use tg that much im more of a discord guy XD

  • AwareBodrum lovebodrum (@AwareBodrum) reported

    Im having a laughing seizure on discord I can't stop pls help.

  • tink_tv_ Tink (@tink_tv_) reported

    @Flyvefisken2 @Zanixx212 @evothedude @Malygirl3 not joining someones discord has nothing to do with not in alot of my friends discords..and they never complained...again another reason this is a you problem.

  • ZeffinBird ZEF? Is that ZEF? (@ZeffinBird) reported

    A friend pointed out someone using art I'd commissioned on F-List - I've had some problems before with art theft so just a general reminder - I don't have an F-List - I'm in like 1 public discord channel - My telegram is listed on my Twitter

  • Drifty13503939 Drifty (@Drifty13503939) reported

    @discordapp I dunno if this is a problem on my end or your end but every time I go on ANYTHING (Home Screen and other apps) Discord crashes almost instantly and when I open it up again it crashes again. THEN I reconnect to the call I was in. I could really use some help please.

  • Flash_Hound Flash Hound (@Flash_Hound) reported

    For those who've connected a @discordapp server to @Patreon, there's an issue where you'd have to do that connection for each tier (if you have 2+ tiers). I've reported it to @PatreonSupport already since it might be a broken feature.

  • dcf400bb933e432 Butterboy (@dcf400bb933e432) reported

    @marcellofalcon2 Yeah ******* discord doesn’t help

  • BotCookers BotCookers (@BotCookers) reported

    It was not fake stock, four users were able to join. Sorry if you had problems, I will try to fix it for tomorrows restock. It will be at 6 PM EST in a discord server that I will tweet at 5:30 PM EST. See you then!

  • thisiskeithb KeithSpace™ (@thisiskeithb) reported

    Someone kept trying to login to my Discord account (hurray for 2FA), but since I rarely use it, I just deleted it. If you see my name/avatar on Discord, it isn’t me.

  • DavidRo03389232 David Rogers (@DavidRo03389232) reported

    @MattRog20591413 @CBSNews I agree. I don't think they want to help any particular candidate, just sow discord.

  • FlareInvierno Invierno Flare (@FlareInvierno) reported

    Yo my discord broke. Like, completely. I can't even install it again. Help @tojakr_!

  • ConnieTreeCow Conifer (@ConnieTreeCow) reported

    @WhalePsychotic @discordapp oh ffs people should know by now that those things, if real, would not be circulated in the form of a copypasta. discord would issue an official email. also I'm disappointed but not surprised that you got this from madhav as he is not the brightest crayon in the box

  • ShandilyaVagish Vagish Shandilya (@ShandilyaVagish) reported

    @discordapp I received a nitro gift from my friend but on that time my nitro was activated. But now my nitro is ended but i cant found the nitro gifted by my friend. And it is not activated also. Please help me fast as you can... I am in very tension

  • Txy09260671 Txy (@Txy09260671) reported

    @Bethink_RBX @Bethink_RBX me & my sister tried a dup glitch and it worked the first time but we tried it a couple of times before contacting ur dev team and all, and it didn’t work, if u want to contact me and want more info about the glitch, my discord is tay!#0128

  • Ben15419911 Ben (@Ben15419911) reported

    @1r0n1c_1337 @iotatoken Maybe try out the iota discord channel. I am sure there is somebody to help you out.

  • _FiveM (@_FiveM) reported

    @Xx_Gamer26Xx yes, support goes here. wait, no it doesn't! go to the forums or the discord for help

  • kimberlyeab kimberly e.a.b (@kimberlyeab) reported

    @themoontonite Discord is a himbo and can't help himself :c

  • NytroArt Nytro (@NytroArt) reported

    Of course Discord is having connection issues cause why the hell not

  • ScientistBird Nix (@ScientistBird) reported

    Important for anyone who follows my YouTube channel: my ex's discord server where some shit went down with her and my other ex is set up so my YouTube videos are automatically shared there - I have no way to turn this off as I was kicked for not wanting my ex to be on the server.

  • Diedre09 Diedre Bibbs (@Diedre09) reported

    @Charvettebey @fl_bama @SenSanders @washingtonpost He said he didn't want to potentially disclose sensitive information. The help is disinformation to sow discord in the party. Research and not believing everything you read online is the way you fix it.

  • TheFloofArtist Floof (@TheFloofArtist) reported

    @M3moryIsK3y It started as a light-hearted comment with a friend on Twitter over my misunderstanding of a situation that happened on Hei's Discord that has since been resolved with him. The problem is that this guy, who was never at any point a part of it, keeps bringing it up.

  • NinjasCreations Chelle @ Commissions OPEN (@NinjasCreations) reported

    I was thinking about making a Discord server, Telegram channel or another kind of group to help streamline the collab commissions system instead of doing it one by one or through an email group. I want people to be able to see even more artwork than just the examples on the doc,

  • crankupgrindbee crankupgrindbee (@crankupgrindbee) reported

    @jadislion10 @discordapp This is a thing happening to a lot of people!!! Pls fix it :( I’ve already reach out to support

  • femleth ・゚:* ✾ silver eyes w/ big bro (@femleth) reported

    today i accidentally woke up cody by calling him on discord and i feel so ******* terrible , , ,, ,

  • vinoemunizioni Vivernu ★ 🇮🇹🇸🇾 (@vinoemunizioni) reported

    @bluntdesu @lucketechtips Cub art is ********** and the Discord admins shit the bed. It's disgusting. Tbf though I don't see furries defend cub like anime people defend lolicon though. SJW furries are broken clocks they go after zoophiles, cub, lolicons, etc.

  • jordynbell02 Jordyn Bell (@jordynbell02) reported

    @discordapp My friend can't hear me, but I can hear him. He isn't muted and Discord acknowledges me speaking. Please help.

  • Toplop12 Darecker (@Toplop12) reported

    @discordapp pls my account is disabled no staff want to help like can I not verify myself by adding the yt account that I made videos on for Darecker to this, my e-mail is deleted so I can’t verify it’s me any other way please help me :(

  • tervis2000 Tervis2000 (@tervis2000) reported

    @boltgrrl what a shame that you choose to continue to play right into their hands by sowing discord and waxing philosophical about the supposed aims of a foreign country when there are actual, real problems Americans face on a daily basis. good luck to you!

  • PrestonFrankl18 presto (@PrestonFrankl18) reported

    @discordapp my discord server is not working

  • MeikuraSan 🌺メイクラ🌺 (@MeikuraSan) reported

    @LilyKhan786 @discordapp @DevMax445 @69jamiewhite no problem cutie!

  • thinkingemoji__ Nick (@thinkingemoji__) reported

    Discord error messages

  • LuniPixel Luni Pixels Official (@LuniPixel) reported

    "The Luni Pixels discord server has been shut down due to unproper roles and not really knowing how to make or take care of a server. I am very sorry for this short notice, as I can be very dumb. Someone else can probably make the server instead with better roles and-

  • jxinty1 jxinty (@jxinty1) reported

    @duolingo hey there is said on the app invite your friends and get 1 a one week free trial i invited my friend through discord and it’s been about 20 minutes and I still haven’t got a free week yet please help.

  • DarthStridious Darth Stridious (@DarthStridious) reported

    @RatloopCanada Discord link not working

  • Name12657021 Name (@Name12657021) reported

    @discordapp Now it is all good. I've experiencing lag issues lately, yesterday was the same thing, but it was for a short time, but I'll keep you updated, if something happens, thanks!

  • KittyVanWhiskas Kitty~ (@KittyVanWhiskas) reported

    Eh Help I think the person I am writing with on discord atm thinks I am a V rp account and I can't handle this