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March 21: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 03:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (45.67%)
  • App Crashing (14.96%)
  • Sign in (13.39%)
  • Messaging (12.60%)
  • Glitches (7.87%)
  • Multimedia (5.51%)

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  • ovrezyt baja (@ovrezyt) reported

    my son is crying because i can't screenshare with him while im in afghanistan. please try to fix the audio bug soon @discordapp

  • KieranOPoole Kieran Poole (@KieranOPoole) reported

    @discordapp Hello, I've been having an issue with discord mobile on my Galaxy Note 9, since a few weeks ago it takes me multiple attempts to connect to a voice chat with clicking the conmect button and it not doing anything. It takes 4 or so attemps to properly connect :(

  • AdAKaR83 AdamKarkuszewski (@AdAKaR83) reported

    @dstanle19214955 Hi Dave. I need help with servers for RF2. I want to rent one like ASAP. Please contact me via DISCORD

  • JakeTheSnake_YT Jake (@JakeTheSnake_YT) reported

    @discordapp He broke terms of service on. A server he didn't make, getting us removed. The person who made the server is ForbiddenCatpie#7483. He has done nothing wrong.

  • nuny4ever nader alshhrani (@nuny4ever) reported

    @discordapp Thx I hope to fix this problems fast 😅

  • anyssa_field anyssa field (@anyssa_field) reported

    i agree, the people who messaged me outside of the discord asking for “f4f” needs to learn how to network. if y’all need help with networking just tell me, let me help

  • RSWiki RuneScape Wiki (@RSWiki) reported

    @Vlumondoxa I couldn't tell you what the issue is. Maybe @discordapp can help.

  • demon011055 Igor (@demon011055) reported

    @discordapp @ovrezyt Fix Audio please

  • xPIXEx PlXlE (@xPIXEx) reported

    Ugh all my discord bots are down

  • Preschitaa Preschita (@Preschitaa) reported

    @chrislovebigmac Oh my god bro that really hurts i hope you won’t be depressed and stuff and i wish you all the best for the feature stay strong 💪. If you got any questions or need help just DM me on discord I’ll be there for you dude. I don’t know what to say about it really really sad 🙏🏻😔

  • CUH_BIGJOHN StraightCheeks (@CUH_BIGJOHN) reported

    @apex_intel Yo I’m down for this discord

  • ioitta ioitta (@ioitta) reported

    @marisolareen @discordapp even thought you claimed it was to make the app more convenient, look more people have the same issue. please return it back to the original call functionality where we can switch to the earpiece.

  • FaythFullV2 Jonathon Barlow (@FaythFullV2) reported

    @_FluKeR Im the low tier you have never killed me or beat the team i use to play with ok keep talking trash im done with this you my friend has a serious ego problem and you might be a little bit insane if you think you made Arial or anyone in your discord lmao

  • plmdeNamjoon Vanessa surtou com a selca || BTS IS COMING 12/4 (@plmdeNamjoon) reported

    @gigglegguk @taaesty you are trying to make something common into a problem and instigating discord in fandom, people are just happy for a photo as rare like that, nothing too much.

  • XMRMZZ mz (@XMRMZZ) reported

    @PazAIO @QuanFlix_ @DropsByJay @BotBroker @FifaladsUK @yeezyworldwide I asked on the discord for help and DM you for the gmail issue. No one helped. Lol 😂 So I decide to dispute. Haha 😂

  • DarkFireBlitz Blitz (@DarkFireBlitz) reported

    hey @discordapp sorry for the bug but i think my discord API might be broken cause i tried to uninstall and reinstall make a new account to test log out and log back in restart my wifi router and still its just broken please its kinda weird and i am only in 18 servers btw

  • Caitlyn8787 Caitlyn Z (@Caitlyn8787) reported

    Hey @discordapp your capthaca is annoying af and glitchy af, too. Yes, I know i have a new login bc I had to login on the PC and the phone to get it to work properly I have 2 accounts and this makes it REALLY annoying to switch. PLS FIX IT!!!!!

  • God0Emperor David (@God0Emperor) reported

    @discordapp So there's a problem w/ discord, sharing application screen doesn't share sound. tested it with several browsers.

  • ultrapoof Ultrapoof (@ultrapoof) reported

    @discordapp DISCORD! (Hi) its kina an option but I cant come up with an icon design..(have any ideas) iv ben trying.. could you help me with it, its for my name. (Ultrapoof) Its ok if you say no to it dosent matter.

  • thegodzeuss Zeus (@thegodzeuss) reported

    @discordapp i tried screensharing my screen with my girlfriend but i don't have sound with it help please

  • DarkSword710 Adrià Ortiz Martinez (@DarkSword710) reported

    @discordapp So I was in a server with some friends which today disappeared completely. This is not the first time this happens to us but the last request I sent to the help center got marked solved without any response. Admin's got 2 step verification but got sent nothing. So WTF

  • mauritian_strug 🇻🇦MauritianStruggle🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@mauritian_strug) reported

    @VonLemmings It's a quick measure to keep in contact if discord gets the servers taken down

  • damnitschae s (@damnitschae) reported

    DarkFireBlitz discordapp Damn. Well I had this problem too, for me It worked after a day (I think). So sorry, I can't help you. :/

  • CentrixDE Timo (@CentrixDE) reported

    @teamspeak I'm also a long time user of discord now. I loved it once, but since Teamspeak seemed to stop providing new features or content updates I switched to discord once I was fully satisfied with. The problem with Teamspeak is the same like the problem with the Internet Explorer 1/2

  • CryptoJaneDoe Lizzy Boredom (@CryptoJaneDoe) reported

    @RottenTacoRD2 @freewalletorg I know. I'm sorry. Stay away from them. Get the mods on Discord to help you out.

  • CorsBH CODE CORS (@CorsBH) reported

    @DippziFN i'm down me me discord if u want 2

  • KitkatQuadricep Kitkat Quadriceps (@KitkatQuadricep) reported

    @discordapp Having problems with the sharing of your app on W10. The screensharing works fine, but there's no sound, even when it's enabled in the settings. Looked around the intrenet for solutions, but couldn't seem to find any that worked. Restarting and reinstalling isn't it

  • FinAIO_ Fin (@FinAIO_) reported

    @ExporeAIO drop broken discord invite

  • TristenFerguso5 Tristen Ferguson (@TristenFerguso5) reported

    Someone help me & give me a dummy guide to @discordapp

  • FrenzyJW F/A Frenzy (@FrenzyJW) reported

    @TheVitalize @Chargah @Nioxist @3Krip Im down to run F/A PS4 Looking For To3 / To4 Can travel to Anaheim and locals near PA Saug / Ruin / Battery USE DISCORD I have a spot in @Kinetic_Leagues Season 2

  • FrenzyJW F/A Frenzy (@FrenzyJW) reported

    @Elementz_TA @NFearEsports @ScrimFinder @CoDFreeAgentss @ShoutRTs @FindingClans @FindMeAClan Im down to run F/A PS4 Looking For To3 / To4 Can travel to Anaheim and locals near PA Saug / Ruin / Battery USE DISCORD I have a spot in @Kinetic_Leagues Season 2

  • demon011055 Igor (@demon011055) reported

    @discordapp Audio is not working yet, please fix it.

  • The_IconicTyler IconicTyler ➡️TwitchCon1️⃣9️⃣💯 (@The_IconicTyler) reported

    @theroddimus I agree. The problem is Twitch isn't enough (for most people). To grow you HAVE to be doing these things and more than you would need to on other platforms. Twitch needs a better system. But luckily we do have things like Twitter, discord, Instagram etc.

  • TheGamer2323 Jeremy (@TheGamer2323) reported

    @IGetSugarWalls @TheKingOGx man aint even in the discord no more so that will be no problem for my boi. He a changed REFORMED man now

  • Para0234 Para0234 (@Para0234) reported

    @discordapp Hi, I'm the developper of a small web-based game, and I saw that in order to be "Verified", one needs to have a company. The problem is: I'm completely freelance without anything backing me up (I don't make money at all from the game, so I don't need a company).

  • DUKEJUKES ⚪️ (@DUKEJUKES) reported

    Someone please help, gng discord has not seen daylight in 60 days, every waking moment we look foward to $w, we have auctioned off our gng mansion for more rolls, the days ahead look dark

  • FuryLeaks Fury - Fortnite Concepts/Leaks (@FuryLeaks) reported

    @YummyAlpha I had the same problem as Tasty some weeks before, I might know how to help him. He needs to accept my discord FA. The support of twitter is kinda dumb actually. He has to tell them it was really just a joke and proof that.

  • raehering Rae Hering (@raehering) reported

    @discordapp I'm trying to connect my Patreon Creator account to my Discord server but the Patreon bot is not showing up under "Roles." I'm not sure if you can help me - I've contact Patreon but haven't heard back yet. Thank you!

  • fhyrrain 💙 luu~ 💙 (@fhyrrain) reported

    a-also if anyone wants it can gib on telegram/discord, need more opinons and broken eardrums c:

  • Evil_Wolf_Snipe Jim (@Evil_Wolf_Snipe) reported


  • Pasixable Pasi (@Pasixable) reported

    @discordapp @muzzletghREAL I have the same problem

  • CupcakeHime SweCapucakee (@CupcakeHime) reported

    @discordapp Idk if it's discord's problem , but when i share my screen and the sound doesnt share even when i have it on :/

  • Emperor_Potara 🔥Saiyan👑Emperor👑Potara🔥 (@Emperor_Potara) reported

    @Twitter @YTCreators @YouTube @TheVGMLover @xXScarletRubyXx @Stevie_ROM @discordapp @reddit @GamemusicReddit everyone I tagged could have impact from this Article so please help us if you care about the internet!!!

  • FuryLeaks Fury - Fortnite Concepts/Leaks (@FuryLeaks) reported

    I could help Tasty, I got banned from twitter someday too. Same reason. I sent him a Discord FA, he just needs to accept my discord FA

  • HeyItsXennix 💞Hey Its Xennix💞 (@HeyItsXennix) reported

    Alright, for those of you still having issues with the Discord link, just copy/paste it into the “Join Server” section

  • KranoLogicWorks Krano Logicworks (@KranoLogicWorks) reported

    @JesusMSantiago8 @MarioSniper01 @dillzilla99 @RetardedWormPer @Gabadabs @dmarcusbaus @Old_Mate_John @MelonMatt93 @kidsmoove Steam already did have competition though, Origin, GOG, Uplay, Discord, and a few others. Problem being steam offered better services then those platforms and was more open with it's storefront, so people levitated towards that. Epic is just trying to battle through exclusives..

  • BlueCrew86 Jay C [FFC] (@BlueCrew86) reported

    I think I'm getting to a point where my primary mode of involvement with @discordapp for @FocusedFireChat is through creation of webhooks. So yeah - if there is anyone out there needing help with creating automatic posts in their server, just let me know...

  • Fallout2Forever Let's Talk Grimm Fairy Tales (@Fallout2Forever) reported

    @Artemis_Amazon @LetsTalkKamala @LetsTalkShulkie Thanks. I joined the Rebirth discord. It's got the same problem though. It's dead.

  • agendershipping Agender Shipping Disaster (@agendershipping) reported

    Maybe it's just slight paranoia, but it sorta feels like someone in a discord group im in is being unnecessarily aggressive and trying to make me look stupid or something like that lately And I don't want to talk to them if I can help bc of this

  • Justin_Soliday Pokemon Master Jad (@Justin_Soliday) reported

    @discordapp I’ve done all of that, and just repeated the process. Still having the problem

  • DebunkBullshit Debunker No. 1 (@DebunkBullshit) reported

    @erinbiba #Firstworldtwitterproblems LOL. Prob 1, having no followers. Prob 2, too many followers. Prob 3 ignore all followers. Prof 4 Turn into an advertising robot. You could migrate some of your fav users to a separate chat medium like discord/slack/etc. Itll help foster good convos. 👍

  • largeskeleton Quee(r)n (@largeskeleton) reported

    @sympolite Okay so I was in a discord call and I smelled it before I saw it and the left side was engulfed by fire and my screen is also broken off the hinges. Rip.

  • ProHorseBOI Aden Weinberg (@ProHorseBOI) reported

    @rshishere @TeamYouTube Not working discord link

  • kouklapoiitis Elefteria (@kouklapoiitis) reported

    @discordapp Screenshare audio not working even though the volume is set at full

  • Mr_JoshROBLOX Mr_Josh | ROBLOXian (@Mr_JoshROBLOX) reported

    @UpdatingROBLOX its just that idk if i have currently any copyrighted material (I only uploaded decals, NEVER audios) Can I have help! Contact me, my discord is Mr_Josh#5108

  • ZayMulTweets ZayMul (@ZayMulTweets) reported

    I seek help so much on Discord and Twitter but receive no help I might as well just give up trying to receive help...

  • RPGMiniBoss Ekaterina (@RPGMiniBoss) reported

    Trimmed down my discord server list massively and blocked some people on twitter that weren't fair towards me in this. Just block out the noise

  • Real_ModelFox ModelFox Mapping (@Real_ModelFox) reported

    @DarkFireBlitz @discordapp Damn. Well I had this problem too, for me It worked after a day (I think). So sorry, I can't help you. :/

  • ilya_urt Urt (@ilya_urt) reported

    @discordapp @muzzletghREAL same problem

  • EditorLonely LONELY EDITOR (@EditorLonely) reported

    @discordapp @muzzletghREAL not working for me too