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July 18: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 09:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • DeerNovara NovaraDeer (@DeerNovara) reported

    @discordapp I feel like others have this problem as well but I can’t find anything online about it. Discord mobile on iPhone won’t let me use headphones besides the Apple earbuds to hear voice calls. It’ll only play through the iPhone speakers, and the headphones aren’t an option

  • goldminer496 Jackson (@goldminer496) reported

    @Fearsome_Fire @Fearsome_Fire gg on getting your discord shut down/deleted/pruned

  • ZoomerX ZoomerX (@ZoomerX) reported

    If you think you logged in using the fake page: 1) Change your discord password NOW 2) Enable 2-Factor Authentication 3) Change your password on any other site or service where you used the same password. (PROTIP: Never use the same password multiple places)

  • ZoomerX ZoomerX (@ZoomerX) reported

    JUST TO CLARIFY: @discordapp was not hacked, nor is this a virus. This was a #Phishing site where users were sent a link to a fake login page. People entered their login details, and when they hit login, their info was stored in the attackers DB as part of the login process.

  • officialgoru goru (@officialgoru) reported

    @shopifybots @alexse15 Tbh it’s not cool getting black mailing, harassing and getting discord shut down for no reason.

  • SpongeyIDK .J.J. (@SpongeyIDK) reported

    nobody on discord is talking to me. please help

  • _Brend4n Brendan - PvPLounge (@_Brend4n) reported

    @ThyBossIsHere @PvPLounge Join our discord and make a ticket. I believe there was some issue with certain texture packs, but I'll need to see logs to check.

  • eviscreate i want to swim (@eviscreate) reported

    @twiliangel oh yeah rabbit died didn't it... discord screenshare or counting down to hit play LOL i guess

  • Just__Rodney Rodney (@Just__Rodney) reported

    @Third_EyePLAYS Your reliance on technology for entertainment has brought you to this unfortunate point in life. I was obsessed with Discord myself not too long ago, it was really unhealthy. I tried methods to help me stay off discord, and social media in general. I still use social media a lot

  • ZoomerX ZoomerX (@ZoomerX) reported

    Just to show that discord has no password requirements, these were valid passwords according to the release: ....... 0 12121212 12345678 111111111 111111112 password aaaaaa abc123 Not to mention a number of instances where the users password was their login email...

  • SekouSZN zay (@SekouSZN) reported

    @jacepohl @PistonsThoughts @NBA Got taken down a while ago, as well as the discord. Its league pass or bust

  • Momomoon20 Ariana Lazuli @ Art Fight 📌 (@Momomoon20) reported

    YES!! PROBLEM FIXED AND I WAS THE ONE TO FIX IT!!! by resetting the thing and re-installing corel, discord and OBS :V

  • Austiin11126809 RIP CAMERON BOYCE❤️ (@Austiin11126809) reported

    so I found out my discord info is on a website and I am so upset whoever can help me please contact me asap @discordapp

  • red_foxx15 Red_Foxx15 (@red_foxx15) reported

    @discordapp getting a 500 internal error trying to sign up for Nitro

  • anonymousparty2 Lycia (@anonymousparty2) reported

    @steelers88us You have already lost. You have made no point and you have badly used this platform to create discord where there was none. Please sit down- adults are communicating.

  • 1OriginalName1 Aaron Isoardo (@1OriginalName1) reported

    @discordapp Lost access to my account due to phone breaking issues with another app. I do not have the 2 step verification method codes written anywhere or even memorized.

  • FatherDrugBunny bunny •DAD• (@FatherDrugBunny) reported

    @AmyWillRaceAmy1 @SPazMnkE @Nicholas_DeOrio @EricMoranFilms @ImAllexx who in ******** were you talking to then lmao because i was watching her scroll on discord screenshare and she sent me the mobile recording later because i told her mobile dms are visually clearer. and it would help verify that they're real to have mobile + desktop.

  • CrestPlayz CrestPlayz (@CrestPlayz) reported

    @RealRockySolid @_Aphmau_ @JasonBravura @Macncheesep1z Hey @RealRockySolid I really really need a huge favor soo please if your willing to help me out friend me on Discord. My discords Ara#4310. Please I really really need help.

  • GoddessSassilia GamerGurl#402 (@GoddessSassilia) reported

    @SupItsZaire @discordapp @discordapp Im at the page right now, I would post a screenshot but I dont want to ruin the privacy of someone's login email. Please take a moment to consider the fact that this is actually real.

  • 0xC05 SYN (in Uni) (@0xC05) reported

    @fs0c131y @discordapp The group R0Y4LTY, started a phishing campaign and people fell for it. They used CSRF on the API Login. Discord blocked the API for the phishing server but they used another server. Their motive was to prove a point that Discord and it's users are morons.

  • xQueenJessiee QueenJessiee💞 (@xQueenJessiee) reported

    @discordapp hey! My boyfriend and I are in a LDR and we like to fall asleep on discord so we can somewhat wake up together. Problem is, my boyfriend keeps getting disconected somewhere during the night! I have no trouble with this! I'm using an ipad, he uses his huaweii phone.

  • ActivationTime Acti (@ActivationTime) reported

    @discordapp I go to edit a discord server settings and when i exit out of it, it takes 10 minutes to transition, the transition slowly changes opacity and i have to exit and relaunch. I've swapped between the app and website and it wont fix.

  • Bloodwhorne tremere hours💉 [162] (@Bloodwhorne) reported

    >intending to nuke discord this would be nigh impossible. literally the only way to NOT get your account broken into is to NOT CLICK SUSPICIOUS LINKS. ESPECIALLY from people you don't know. this is just more concerning bc IIRC the links looked legitimate due to CSRF.

  • youtounihiru ein's bastard cryptid boyfriend (@youtounihiru) reported

    is discord just outright not working for anyone else

  • 0xbanana Rico Platano 🍌 (@0xbanana) reported

    @coder_ella @discordapp "only 2k" - ONE login is a login too many

  • Bloodwhorne tremere hours💉 [162] (@Bloodwhorne) reported

    to mitigate this attack, all Discord did was block the attackers' IP. I don't know if Discord will fix this, but I sure as **** hope they do, because it's baffling that a service as huge as Discord doesn't have basic security in place.

  • Bad_night_star Hana Hazel @ Commissions Open! (@Bad_night_star) reported

    @NoahDrawz @discordapp I think theyre server's down, it happened to me too

  • NoahDrawz • 几ㄖ卂卄ᗪ尺卂山乙 • (@NoahDrawz) reported

    @discordapp hey uh- I need HELP- I’m trying to get into my account but my 2FA codes arent working- I’m on the verge of tears- uhhhh

  • Bloodwhorne tremere hours💉 [162] (@Bloodwhorne) reported

    so you basically login as normal and you suspect nothing happened because, hey, I'm on Discord now! the real one!

  • Bloodwhorne tremere hours💉 [162] (@Bloodwhorne) reported

    so, CSRF: if a website has a vulnerable "login endpoint", you can basically send legitimate looking links that redirect you to the real Discord login page. when you login there, your details get sent out to the attackers as well as Discord's actual servers.

  • bright_sol_ Erica Fitz (@bright_sol_) reported

    @TheSilphRoad Hey guys! Keep trying to link discord to add CD badges but I get error the site after coming back from discord SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1366 Incorrect string value: '\xF0\x9F\x8C\x9E#8...' for column `silph-web`.`user_logins`.`username` at row 1

  • AStartDiscord A+Start Discord (@AStartDiscord) reported

    We're aware of the thing that is allegedly going down on @discordapp on the 27th of July. We'll have more to announce on what steps we'll be taking to protect you lot before the 27th. Until then, be vigilant and if you see something, say something.

  • MeetInfinity Infinity (@MeetInfinity) reported

    We're aware of the thing that is allegedly going down on @discordapp on the 27th of July. We'll have more to announce on what steps we'll be taking to protect you lot before the 27th. Until then, be vigilant and if you see something, say something.

  • cybersecstu (っ◔◡◔)っ STU (@cybersecstu) reported

    @discordapp @Miss_Kuraudo @takedowntown2 There is another issue you have been made aware of, you need to take note of that.

  • VIIPhoenixIX Ⅶ(ⅦPhoenixⅫ)Ⅻ⚜ (@VIIPhoenixIX) reported

    @discordapp Hello, i have a problem with Discord. i was using it and after closing it, the file of Discord just says, "Update.exe needs to be deleted" i deleted it, and after deleting it and tried installing Discord again it just says "Installation has failed"

  • suspendedxan Mr. Torpington (@suspendedxan) reported

    @BruhMomentSzn @PapaJawnz We are just living in an overall capitalist society... minimum wage is tanked... eyes crusty pizza boxes all over the place discord all day all night musty **** parents disappointed capitalism the issue

  • 0124_lol Marshmalol (@0124_lol) reported

    terrible bad nintendo and discord

  • novacronums gaynondorf (@novacronums) reported

    sorry i'm like terrible at responding on discord lately i am in ~ * ~ isolation mode ~ * ~

  • 513663785 Carl Wilkins (@513663785) reported

    @xosoftware Man I got discord invitation expired error

  • RubiBubi39 RubiBubi (@RubiBubi39) reported

    @discordapp help :(

  • Supreme_leaderV V!$T@ (@Supreme_leaderV) reported

    @discordapp Message to all discord users: Don't log into discord until this issue is resolved, if you are scared of this stuff, now would be the time to log out of discord and enable 2 step verification RIGHT NOW.

  • anniejmonroe Annie J. Monroe (@anniejmonroe) reported

    @discordapp I've been locked out of my account and am unable to reset my password. Please help me, my discord is MARVEL#6969.

  • MCMineout MCMineout (@MCMineout) reported

    @RCCService @sharonw6s @FirewindENT @discordapp That's just the normal site though - try the API login endpoint which the discordgg(dot)ga owners said they abused

  • OJSquidChan Josuke and Celeste appreciation squad (@OJSquidChan) reported

    @alphonse_2245 Elderly people especially. It's a major issue with people scamming the elderly online. It's really sad that some people are losing their entire life's savings or prized treasured posessions. You can remake a discord account but stuff like photos of dead friends or relatives, nope

  • AlanTheBlank Alan (@AlanTheBlank) reported

    @TheCyberViking @discordapp and simple, 2 minutes of a fix

  • TheCyberViking \CyberViking:~# (@TheCyberViking) reported

    @discordapp @discordapp this is a serious issue, and I have a possible fix for you

  • ProTaylorsOffi1 Pro Taylor's Official PAGE (@ProTaylorsOffi1) reported

    And If Messages You Or Threatens You To Join Or Login To The Suspicious Discord. Tell Them To **** Off. This Is not A Joke. Even Discord Admins Told Us To Warn People About It. I Promise Me And The Discord Owner, Manager And Events Team Will Get Them Permanently In Prison Forever

  • ProTaylorsOffi1 Pro Taylor's Official PAGE (@ProTaylorsOffi1) reported

    DO NOT CLICK ON AN SUSPICIOUS LINKS EVEN IF THEY SAY ITS “Login for discord”. Don’t click on the URL, enable 2 factor authentication, and use common sense. and they are going to plan an attack.

  • fantoroVEVO fantoro (@fantoroVEVO) reported

    help how do I stop lurking in gcs and discord servers

  • AUSsaultBird AUSsaultBird2454 (@AUSsaultBird) reported

    @SamYoder18 @critiqlz @RealMasilator @discordapp @AndreaAnders12 No... It's because we don't want to leave our discord login tokens as low-hanging fruit for third party software that I can't verify the code behind... For all, I know it could be sending off my access tokens DB while looks great... Poses a minor security risk I rather not take.

  • ancientai_ ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ (@ancientai_) reported

    @0xC05 @discordapp site and server link down; not sure if this the same oneive been dormant in for the last few months or not

  • iiSensible iiSensible (@iiSensible) reported

    @discordapp Discord is down.

  • masturbettafish ֆӄʏ ʟɛɨʝɨռ (@masturbettafish) reported

    is discord not working or is it just my cell data acting up again

  • Jack13283919 Jack (@Jack13283919) reported

    @discordapp about july 27th why dont you just make discord have connecting problems so discord.gga gets trolled LOL

  • DJWhisperMC Twitch.Tv/WhisperFN (@DJWhisperMC) reported

    @discordapp The reinstall procedure fixed my issue. Thank you so much.

  • AttackOnGamez Britt 🎮 @Megaplex (@AttackOnGamez) reported

    I know one of the main problems that I have with big community discord’s is that no one talks about anything I like to talk about and I like talking about more things then I don’t This is why our discord is great we got convos about everything just gotta jump In!

  • Ozzyinspace Ozzyinspace (@Ozzyinspace) reported

    @discordapp Just so happens I'm logged in through my desktop, so that should help greatly!

  • IceNineDota IceNine (@IceNineDota) reported

    @discordapp Please help me out with my issue of having my account wrongfully disabled. I had already paid for a full year of Discord Nitro and really don't want to lose my account, but I've seen posts from people that submitted support tickets and never heard back.

  • HolyDazza Dazza (@HolyDazza) reported

    Sorry to everyone I was chatting with on discord, just lost access to my discord account, too pissed off to fix it gota head to work, sorry about that-

  • gamer_female Em J Games (@gamer_female) reported

    @BrozBnCgaming @slickrickgames I think the ccu are bugged at the min. Me and few others have the same issue. Normally the ccu goes up and down it’s stuck for days at the same number. I need to drop a message in discord about it. They were bugged a while back also.