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January 23: Problems at Discord

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  • haiikyuu taako from tv🔥 (@haiikyuu) reported

    we finally got chrome at work and im trying to get discord to work because i can load the page but i cant make it past the login load.... i wonder if theyve blocked it....

  • SlyRaccoon Matt (@SlyRaccoon) reported

    @discordapp It's whenever I try login. If I clear out appdata and do a clean uninstall it lets me log in for 5secs before crashing. Then it goes back to the loading splash screen which fails 3-4 times then closes the app

  • widP_ ウィドP (@widP_) reported

    @Polsybee i think i had one a while ago but i muted it. i think its because you cant see message history and discord is a very well-made program that works all the time and never has technical issues

  • NatSukiDDLC___ NatSuki (@NatSukiDDLC___) reported

    help. im in a discord call and i want to leave

  • riksba iks (@riksba) reported

    @RiotSupport @Profetorum Most of the people in official discord have this issue.

  • soldatdindon Soldat Dindon (@soldatdindon) reported

    @INTERRO @G2Pengu Like bro what do you mean if you ridiculous that's awful and really annoying stop being toxic/agressive like that he is not complaining that much he just want to change something that must be change not only pro use discord and speak with teammates I'm in the same problem wtf...

  • antoto577 antoto577 (@antoto577) reported

    @discordapp After resetting my voice settings in the Voice & Video tab, the problem is still the same. In the browser version of Discord, I don't have this problem, the audio's level is good and doesn't change even when I'm in a vocal voice.

  • saltyhuman98 Yuuka✨ (@saltyhuman98) reported

    @discordapp we need your help! this user is terrorizing our discord server and the sister server!! the ID is 669976830266179599 coming back with new account and the server owner isn't there at the moment! Help us!!

  • 7ameZ_Stein jacob steinberg / 🏳️‍🌈 (@7ameZ_Stein) reported

    So uhh I accidentally had my hand holding down the alt button and clicked on one of the Discord servers I'm in, and Discord's web version opened up. I actually was so close to think that it was a glitch lol

  • jamtheoutsider soren🦉 (@jamtheoutsider) reported

    what they think, and that was a dumb move of me because this was toxic. I think what I am going to say will apply to everything, not just discord. If you have an issue with an administrator, it frankly is better to talk to them about it. Do not drop insensitive comments- 3/4

  • KlammathTV Klammath (@KlammathTV) reported

    @SplashGordonTV I use XSplit, so I'll need to research a noise gate/suppressor for it. I use noise attenuation on discord which seems to help.

  • UltiSimracer Alleric 'Ulti' Enslin🇿🇦 (@UltiSimracer) reported

    @davidperel Gonna dm you some thing on discord that might help.

  • hell122713 hellraiser122713 🎗🎵 (@hell122713) reported

    im realizing i am terrible talking to people thru video (twitch) and do better thru text (twitter, discord) YIKERS

  • sewercrab1 MM4000🇬🇧 (@sewercrab1) reported

    @discordapp Help I added 400 bots to my server oh god oh ****

  • THETIMEISMEOW3 Henry Brighton (@THETIMEISMEOW3) reported

    Reddit keeps going down at random. Oh well it’s still not as bad as Discord can get

  • MattttEdwards MΔTTIUS (@MattttEdwards) reported

    @TalkTalk @TimRChapman also having the same issues, twitch and discord to name a few that won't load for me. Your own website won't load for me either. I have reset our router numerous times and the PC - yet issues persist.

  • esotologist Esotologist (@esotologist) reported

    @ScottPresler China's shut down some cities but aside from that not much, WHO keeps almsot meeting. I follow an infosec channel on discord all about this rn so I get pretty in the moment updates.

  • MrGageroni Gage 🍇 (@MrGageroni) reported

    @discordapp This has seemed to fix the problem. Thank you!

  • Antagonisht ellery (@Antagonisht) reported

    @spaceypeachbun the problem is i dont know about clothes and i dont like doing any kind of research so either im going to make discord do it for me or i'm going to be like "he picked up a shirt. i guess it was red. it felt okay. all the buttons fell off"

  • OysterTech1 Oyster Tech (@OysterTech1) reported

    @officialmcafee Hey John, I kinda wish there was a mcafee Discord server for almost live updates on events. Though it would, ironically, probably be a huge security issue unless handled by an outside party. Your life is basically a movie, and its probably the best movie I've watched.

  • _Yokorose_ Yokorose (@_Yokorose_) reported

    @discordapp I am still getting issue with discord streaming . it crashes and reset my discord after 15 to 20 mins . i have uninstalled discord fully from my compture and done a fresh install and still does it.

  • peejmanalo PeeJhay (@peejmanalo) reported

    @PluggedNotify @TheSiteSupply please help a discord member out get a copy of this. 🙌🙏

  • ChiefKenway Chief_Kenway (@ChiefKenway) reported

    @discordapp wtf is with call...I know my internet is shit but still I keep getting disconnected automatically....Please help me

  • Hi_Helios Helios (@Hi_Helios) reported

    @ZiiTwitch @GearsofWar If its not coming to pc they wont care. reason Halo Online got canceled was bc MS was already planning on releasing them on pc. they would of lost money if they didn't shut it down there is more to it but not gonna explain over twitter :) could always join the Gears pc discord

  • vsa_saligia vsa[🔞] (@vsa_saligia) reported

    Ñoh forgot to add some of these I connected on my own immediately after reading, others were reinforced by a discord chat I'm in so like a bunch of people all see these issues

  • fourth_tomahawk Tomahawk Fourth (@fourth_tomahawk) reported

    ++ass to many people as well a emotional wreck in both here and discord servers. It was my fault for constantly bombarding people with my issues an emotions that it got outta hand. But I know that forgiveness doesn't happen now but as time goes on so I'll show that I can be ++

  • Nathalie150514 Nathalie (@Nathalie150514) reported

    @mmheretic @Kurisitaru To clear it up the Sundays were online. On discord. Yeah I miss it too. I could just tell everything I struggled with and it was so much easier to deal with problems. It's kind of off your shoulders. Yeah that's my guess too because other than that you are flawless.

  • Greymagic27 Greymagic27 (@Greymagic27) reported

    @CrizxyTV @MojangSupport Hi Crizxy! This was posted by Helenangel in the Official MC discord regarding the matter: 'Minecraft servers ARE NOT shutting down. This was a hoax made up by someone. We have no plans to shut down any servers & hope to bring partnered servers to PS4 in early 2020.'

  • NiklasAstrand Niklas Åstrand (@NiklasAstrand) reported

    @mstilly2 @DANNYonPC Talk to BFEE on Discord for help.

  • thalassashells soraka (@thalassashells) reported

    @cannibalvarus i’m sorry, i’m not home and won’t be for a few hours but if there’s anything i can do to help you feel better you can lmk!! i can be on twitter/discord on and off until then! oh and the steam sale i mentioned earlier starts in like 30 minutes.. i can check what’s available then!

  • Weaver_Naught Jessica Weaver (@Weaver_Naught) reported

    @discordapp I dunno, I tried releasing ten million fireflies into the server too but it didn't help

  • LeityMatthew Metagames.errata (@LeityMatthew) reported

    @sigmanuggets If my job allowed me to be reliable, I'd be very interested. My roommate wants to run a discord game, and I have no idea how they actually work, so I wouldn't be able to help him with it if he set one up.

  • magical_pride 📚 Light Novel Love Interest 💛 (@magical_pride) reported

    @thelawofnames No problem. I am bad at it myself. I try to use consistent names to help others but I know my Twitter handle and discord are a bit different

  • YaBoyTPotato TPotato (@YaBoyTPotato) reported

    Me in January 2019: discord is the future of networking and communication for gamers and online personalities. Me in January 2020: discord is terrible with all of its random crashes laggy servers

  • RootinVladmir Rootin'tootin'Vladmir Putin (@RootinVladmir) reported

    @discordapp Do you have a problem with this shit discord why ******** do you have 400 bats in your server

  • squarephreak Matthew Holloway (@squarephreak) reported

    @CodecMoments @clinicalandy I understand. I was just thinking that a Discord notification and copy of the link would help more people know when to jump on.

  • sortafakenews1 jejes bizar tax evasion (@sortafakenews1) reported

    @discordapp why i have to check email because of new login location its like 1 foot away from my bed where i logged in

  • CezoGaming Cezo (@CezoGaming) reported

    @Extra_O_SSB No problem then. If you ever do decide to come to waypoint just hmu on discord or something. (Cezo#4444). See you at xeno next week


    @JackPosobiec Nut case. This is an insult to many who suffer anxiety from real issues such as depression and family discord

  • Sparkyopteryx Uncertain A.I. | Commissions Open (@Sparkyopteryx) reported

    @NeoGeen @glassesserpent Discord channels by default, even if they're used as nothing more than a hub or staging ground for offsite activities, works best for me as I've been whittling down my social media presence more, and we all know as nervous nerds direct *** are scary lol

  • DanielN61841575 Daniel Njoroge - 2020:Shoot your shot (@DanielN61841575) reported

    @moneyacademyKE @StandardMediaKe @dailynation @TheStarKenya @citizentvkenya Thanks. But these are public institutions and we need clear, written public answers. I appreciate your initiative, but we need public answers to help us assess based on facts. Alot of discord in discussions is due to lack of provision of facts. And the lazy media doesn't help!

  • NekoBri 🦌 💜Brittany⁷ 💜🦌 (@NekoBri) reported

    @JoeZieja How rude!! I woke up to this... bad discord. >3< I should do my profile photo upside down for Claude. Lol

  • titusda79 Titus (@titusda79) reported

    @discordapp You contact Blade , you have a vampire problem , and I’m not talking about blade servers

  • Ryansixx2 Ryan Sixx (@Ryansixx2) reported

    @SugaDNA3 @discordapp Might be an issue on your end try to uninstall and reinstall sometimes works for me but discord is working fine for me

  • mitchyak01 Mitchel (@mitchyak01) reported

    @InventorBLADES problems fixed they had an update you can now have 10 classes and they added a crossbow also did you get my discord messages yesterday

  • LordSurge LordSurge (@LordSurge) reported

    @juiceDiem @PlayTemtem If you actually took the time to read over the known issues in thier discord server. You would have your answers. They are a small studio of 15 employees working around the clock. Give them a few days to work out the issues. Tldr: read the early access message on login

  • R2Cooks R^2 (@R2Cooks) reported

    @aycdjake It’s funny you say this... because last night he joined my support ticket and told me that Discord banning my server was a ME issue, not a BOT issue and offered no resolution other than buying a VPN just to login lol

  • GebbotE GEBbot(EN) (@GebbotE) reported

    O Friends, Friends! Cease your argumentation! Arrest your vitriolics! Abandon your discord! For I shall resolve the issue for you forthwith. Ho! And on such a fine day!(p.31)

  • vdberf Francois (@vdberf) reported

    @gininda_p we all know hes imune against the law. Like inciting violence against minorities and sowing discord , so it wont help

  • scoots3323 Yikes Charlie (@scoots3323) reported

    @discordapp after reinstalling the mobile app the issue happened again, but when I booted up the desktop app to see if the problem was there as well the custom status appeared on my mobile app again

  • ShawnaGofABPoli Shawna Gawreluck (@ShawnaGofABPoli) reported

    The irony of the UCP blaming crime & social discord around supervised consumption sites on drug use while completely ignoring that increased rural crime is also directly related to drug use & drug seeking behaviour. Maybe the problem isn’t the SCS. #ableg

  • AsphosU Asphos Underscore (@AsphosU) reported

    @sadboitwt @jOsUuT_BH @jOsUuT_BH I'll add you to a google doc where I'm gonna talk about Jigglypuff's broken aerials. Discord me your email and you can write a page on your main's broken strat.

  • Gmafz7 Gerardo Alonzo (@Gmafz7) reported

    @ibbbyd @PlayTemtem I'm having the same issue, I believe it has already been posted on Discord but I'm not sure.

  • beam_tyrant beam_tyrant (@beam_tyrant) reported

    If you are still unsure or just don't know what to do, hit me up on Discord or my DMs. I'll talk you through it. I'm passionate about these things. I've lost enough people to cancer. I've seen the poor treatment of vets, firsthand. Let me help you help them.

  • LoyalCafeMaid Maid in Mist (@LoyalCafeMaid) reported

    @TailyaLewds If you mean the CMTool, one of the easier places to start is getting poses off the discord and toying with them to adjust to your model. Bone manip is kind of trial and error but you get the gist after a point.

  • TropicIf [REDACTED] ➐ (@TropicIf) reported

    @discordapp I’m not getting notifications when people send messages when I have notifications enabled on the app and my phone settings. Please help

  • JackSmi35999763 Jack Smit (@JackSmi35999763) reported

    @discordapp the server is down again

  • TeddyHa01182744 Teddy Hall (@TeddyHa01182744) reported

    @DnDeej Bring snacks have fun not sure how to play I had a little DND discord place that somebody created one of my friends but after nobody showed for a couple days he shut it down but whoever asks I will tell our shaky start that we went through

  • TheRealJonteNR1 TheRealJonte (@TheRealJonteNR1) reported

    @CrusaderKings @discordapp @PdxInteractive To verify myself i need to press the emoji and when i do it nothing hapens help plz

  • RadcliffBria Bria Radcliff (@RadcliffBria) reported

    @deefizzy @YouTube You have to remember Twitch or Patreon didn't ban Kai. Everyone is really focused on Onision but there's still a huge problem. Discord also hasn't banned Onision or Kai's server and that's where they meet people. Youtube sucks, and I'm sure Twitter hasn't either.