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January 24: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 01:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Sign in (18.05%)
  • App Crashing (5.94%)
  • Glitches (5.23%)
  • Messaging (4.28%)
  • Multimedia (2.14%)

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  • TFaultScrims TFault Scrims (@TFaultScrims) reported

    @yooo_astoria Control + R discord and it will refresh. If that doesn't fix it, then leave the server and re-join and it will be fixed :)

  • mothsecrets ru (@mothsecrets) reported

    @gonbechyan I’ll try help if you need any pointers or advice okay!! Im on discord at all times except when I’m sleeping :’D

  • JonnyApple445 Jonny Apple (@JonnyApple445) reported

    @Sir_Futuristic @paswer_ @discordapp Thing is though, bill is good. Quackity just messes around doing terrible videos harrasing games. No big loss tbh.

  • ZyiiHime ✨Reina "Zyii" Xanadu✨ (@ZyiiHime) reported

    Apparently @discordapp changed their ringtone for incoming calls and I swear I jumped 90 ft into the air help

  • Fennecsxx Fennecsxx (@Fennecsxx) reported

    The fact that @discordapp nor anyone over there has addressed the #DiscordUnbanQuackity situation is probably the most unprofessional decision. Ignoring your problems is no way to solve them, you know.

  • fukurouDAMN Pon 🦉 Fortune favours the bold•̀ ^•́ * )ᕗ (@fukurouDAMN) reported

    i now uninstalled some programs such as discord (which opens at the start and i cannot disable it/also opens chrome bc of some issue), and deleted 80gb of anime/movies.

  • Chilly1415 Chilly (@Chilly1415) reported

    @VRChat Please fix this, everytime I join a world it always says “VRchat not responding” and always screw up my discord

  • suvaoslo Peter❌ (@suvaoslo) reported

    @Diehard45C @IlhanMN @SpeakerPelosi @gatewaypundit The problem here is that this vile person Ilhan Omar knows there will be no backlash from her constituents. Like Maxine Waters she’s in a safe Dem area. The demographic reality means she will continue to sow discord & division without consequences. #ShitShowHasJustBegun

  • GoldenGamer_027 Golde Diamond (@GoldenGamer_027) reported

    @discordapp My Account Has Been Disabled for I Don't Know What Reason I Had To Make a New One Because of it. Can You Please Help Me I Had Discord Nitro For 2 Years On It And I Don't Want to Keep Paying It If I'm Going To Get Banned. No I Was not Doing Anything Wrong or illegal

  • Fennecsxx Fennecsxx (@Fennecsxx) reported

    For days in a row now, #Discord has been failing to save my login on Desktop. It never usually did this before. A reinstall would probably fix it, but I can't be bothered.

  • WillStarBailey Willstar (@WillStarBailey) reported

    @AlyBlack10 @Kaizo84332588 @Firlows @lucaStronks @discordapp @Piboons_ @QuackityHQ and banning Quackity will help and keep the furry community away from that said stereotype, but in reality actually "proved" that said furry stereotype by going against someone who used humor to trying to help stop connecting every furry to that said stereotype. 3/3

  • shrub_ziggurat Shrub Ziggurat (@shrub_ziggurat) reported

    @discordapp finally replied and my acct is back! Thank you! It was just an spam system error. Sorry I sent a few tickets instead of sticking to one. I still think it took way too long to reply, since there was money involved of course I'm going to be worried.

  • PixelGH3 PixelGH (@PixelGH3) reported

    And now for discord. This is a much better platform, and something more in line with what we should be using, but it has it's own problem: it's a messaging board

  • Candiifaec Sarah (@Candiifaec) reported

    @discordapp Please address this issue, I'm losing faith in a service I love. #DiscordUnbanQuackity

  • Darth_Nate_yt DARTH NATE (@Darth_Nate_yt) reported

    @QuackityHQ I could hook you up with my old discord account, I just found out you were banned and I want to help a fellow content creator out

  • natemkloon ファットネギ (@natemkloon) reported

    @discordapp FIX TTS OR IM GOING TO ******* KILL MYSELF

  • FoxRedGamer Red Herring (@FoxRedGamer) reported

    @discordapp Help!

  • miriouu tiny deku enthusiast🍦 (@miriouu) reported

    @dstroyergoddess no exactly. like i rlly have no problems talking to teens in fandom about general fandom stuff or sfw ships in settings where it's like controlled. like all age discord servers and shit. it's just. this account is not for babies!!! they deserve to have the same cool experiences

  • moonbun8 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕟𝔹𝕦𝕟♡ *𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘪𝘯 𝘞𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘟𝘪𝘢𝘯* (@moonbun8) reported

    I just went on a rant about Jiang Cheng on Discord, there's no stopping me. I love one broken stubborn man.💜

  • AmericaTheBea13 Coalition To End Income Inequality (@AmericaTheBea13) reported

    can get along even if opinions differ. The people need to hear from you. America needs your help." Can the call for quenching civil discord be made by someone who supports the cause of the unrest. What do you think. @krassenstein @EdKrassen @EWDolan @AprilDRyan @chucktodd

  • dkrevengance dk unleashed (@dkrevengance) reported

    i am not "breaking down' like the discord boys say either. this is my life, this is the normal shit. im always having a normal one, *************. this is the kind of shit i yell in the car with my windows rolled up is all. im normal

  • AmericaTheBea13 Coalition To End Income Inequality (@AmericaTheBea13) reported

    can get along even if opinions different. The people need to hear from you. America needs your help." Can the call for quenching civil discord be made by someone who supports the cause of the unrest. What do you think. @krassenstein @EdKrassen @EWDolan @AprilDRyan @chucktodd

  • PinkMist2k PinkMist 🐎🎯 (@PinkMist2k) reported

    @AstroTNT @2kILNCBA Talking about the league as a whole u clown this is just another good example I have seen it all over my timeline and SS sent to me from the discord. Complaining that your not playing and talking down on your team while they in a game def not a good look but keep proving my point

  • bottle_ghost Raspberry Bidet (@bottle_ghost) reported

    im trapped in a discord of white dudes talking about black crime statistics please help

  • Elias52450938 Elias (Satan spawn) (@Elias52450938) reported

    @discordapp Also, if you have a problem with quackitys raids, then just end your partnership with him. All his raids were not in discord, and the one video he did on discord was in no way a raid or anything offensive towards the furry community, despite the title and thumbnail.

  • loudkidwel Dennis Kidwell (@loudkidwel) reported

    @discordapp Pssst fix your notifications

  • GDtweetsYT ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ (@GDtweetsYT) reported

    @GlofishRBLX I think discord was down at the 28th.

  • Daniel_W43 Daniel Wilder (@Daniel_W43) reported

    @discordapp I dm’d you. Having some problems

  • Lutional_ Lutional • 루셔널 (@Lutional_) reported

    @ConfettiOW I think we're missing the bigger problem here. That guy's using discord light theme.

  • workingonitp Workingonit (animation series) (@workingonitp) reported

    @thebearanimates @discordapp Not really problems with it

  • CampfireHarvest camp (@CampfireHarvest) reported

    That said, I will be cancelling my discord nitro membership until we receive some kind of answer about this situation. Even indirectly. If you really want this issue resolved, I encourage you to do the same. Hit em where it hurts. @discordapp #DiscordUnbanQuackity

  • CampfireHarvest camp (@CampfireHarvest) reported

    That said, I will be cancelling my discord nitro membership until we receive some kind of answer about this situation. Even indirectly. If you really want this issue resolved, I encourage you to do the same. Hit em where it hurts. @discordapp #DiscordUnbanQuackity

  • CampfireHarvest camp (@CampfireHarvest) reported

    remember to remain respectful when tweeting @discordapp. Throwing insults and getting mad will not help the situation or make discord want to listen to us or take any action. #DiscordUnbanQuackity

  • zonedoutdad Crypto.Zod_[1₿TC=1₿TC] (@zonedoutdad) reported

    @Bartneyyy DM in discord and I’ll see if I can shoot it over. It’s a simpler dumbed-down version of ichimoku with the textbook signals built in (for dopes like me who can’t be bother to learn it 😆) Credits to @WhaleBearMan for sharing it with the Wolf Pack wayyy back during the bull run.

  • BlueFlar3 BlueFlare (@BlueFlar3) reported

    I need to be at least good at one thing in my life lmao. If you want to help me out and practice with me dm me on twitter for my discord, Im pretty active on discord and Ill respond pretty quickly if you wanna play or something.

  • NEXAlR Yousuf (@NEXAlR) reported

    @AskTurtleBeach pls help how to set up discord with elite pro 2 mixamp without my mic sounding trash

  • madden8021 Justin Laun (@madden8021) reported

    @discordapp Psst, How about Unbanning @QuackityHQ from discord @discordapp and get to the real issues... Loli and underage NSFW Servers need to be searched and shut down. Leave Quackity alone. #unbanQuackityHQ #BanLoliServers #BanUnderAgeServers

  • Luciditi_ skye (@Luciditi_) reported

    (2/2) @discordapp not acknowledging the problem will NOT make it go away. It's just gonna make it spread to more and more people. You're sinking to the level of YouTube with ignoring the problem. Just acknowledge it, fix your issues, and it'll go away.

  • IAmGeibi keefy beefy ❤️💕@ 🖤❤💙💚💛 (@IAmGeibi) reported

    @yanny_desu I just expressed my frustration to a Voltron Discord server, apparently she does use the Blue bayard but animation error when they were captured by Sendak the pink bayard was shown on the table

  • Luciditi_ skye (@Luciditi_) reported

    Another thing: If you actually read the TOS, you'd know that raiding games isn't in the guidelines. Raiding things on DISCORD is against the guidelines. One last thing: The mod that banned quackity, unfairly banned a lot of people, and talked down to them when they asked why.

  • fckyumean [matador] (@fckyumean) reported

    Finally remembered my login for discord lol invite me to some cool discords 👀

  • Sebas_Sal12 Sal12 (@Sebas_Sal12) reported

    Hey @discordapp i have a problem

  • gooktown offwhite jungkook (@gooktown) reported

    no lie thought we were memeing but my new league discord server just popped off help

  • Kaymyu 🎄❄️Sweet-Toothed Aristocrat❄️🎄 (@Kaymyu) reported

    Just did a clean sweep on my discord. People I didn't talk to or don't know and people I REALLY shouldn't have had on there in the first place. I'm sure there's gonna be more down the road but for now it's fresh at least for me.

  • Bean_Boie Bean_Boie (@Bean_Boie) reported

    @discordapp Please in an quackity. His ban was not deserved and it is a very easy problem to fix. All you would have to do is u ban him and make a quick apology and boom the controversy is over.

  • krissasaur - ̗̀ ★ WITCH BITCH ★ ̖́- (@krissasaur) reported

    @discordapp @OkamiIssho This is happening to me as well. the app just closes and when you open it again it makes you re-login and authenticate all over. Happened every 2 hours or so. It started after the last update I did.

  • chaotickentro Kentro (@chaotickentro) reported

    @discordapp Hey, ive been having an issue where when im in a call, at random times and sometimes in succession, the audio of others' voices becomes laggy and cuts out for varied seconds, and my voice is not detected at all. moments later, it fixes, but randomly lags again later.

  • mishmashmush_ mishmashmush (@mishmashmush_) reported

    @MagNickTEM @itslaurenye @discordapp I don’t understand what the issue is with pointing out somebody’s fallacies in pointing somebody else out. There’s actually no issue here at all.

  • bitekivibes Biteki びてき (@bitekivibes) reported

    i left most of my discord servers due to personal problems. if you think i am hating on you because of it. i am not

  • TfwNoOniGF Ginger Beer (@TfwNoOniGF) reported

    @discordapp found a fun issue resolution. For the past 7 months i've had the issue of joining discord voice and having it freeze. i'd then end processes for discord and start it back up, only for it to be stuck on "starting" I've reinstalled and restarted my computer for months

  • VI_Cadence Daniel Anderson (@VI_Cadence) reported

    @discordapp I entered the HypeSquad a while ago, but I haven't received a newsletter (Yes, I have checked my spam). I don't really have a problem with this but I just want to know what the problem is here. Thanks, Dan

  • excaliburwield 𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐮𝐫 𝀈𝀈ʙᴀᴛᴛʟᴇ ᴅᴀᴍᴀɢᴇ (@excaliburwield) reported

    (I love you and miss you. My discord is broken so IDK if you've been sending me messages but hope everything is well. 💛💛 )

  • trotwoodrose Cheyenne Rose 💥💥💥 (@trotwoodrose) reported

    @DFBHarvard We are stronger then ever. They will saying anything to cause chaos and discord. It's not working.

  • Dr50cal Josh Lucas (@Dr50cal) reported

    @Cryptiics @Kwite @QuackityHQ @discordapp As i understand it, he hasn't broken any rules whatsoever and thus his ban must by law be rescinded

  • kendallology KENDALL ♡ (@kendallology) reported from Chester, Virginia

    i tend to not put in effort to maintain relationships w ppl unless it’s extremely convenient/easy, and avoid conflict so much that i’m silent on issues that honestly need to be addressed...just bc i don’t want discord. which is horrid communication

  • ShippyBippy Shippy (@ShippyBippy) reported

    I think the thing that a lot of people don't get about the #DiscordUnbanQuackity thing is that the raids being brought up as a reason for the ban is not the main issue, it's the clear bias that's being shown in @discordapp's team, and the fact that they're ignoring everything

  • fourteenETA XIV (@fourteenETA) reported

    @discordapp @Tactix_se Discord also went down for about 5 mintues just now. The status board domain is returning with a domain not found.

  • RStackk Ryan (@RStackk) reported

    @discordapp fix ur shitttt😂😂😂

  • ehxohd XO (@ehxohd) reported

    is discord down or did I mess up my network settings

  • aka_onyxx ◬ Nick ◬ (@aka_onyxx) reported

    Gonna fix my discord server, start using twitter more.