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  • TheFrakFiles TheFrakFiles (@TheFrakFiles) reported

    @nahhman @discordapp On iPhone, don’t have this issue. Mine isn’t updated to latest iOS and discord app isn’t latest version. Let me update app and see if issue comes up. The change log should only show first time after update in my experience

  • Omodughaye Theo (@Omodughaye) reported

    @gloria_adagbon U talk too much & mostly senseless talk. Stop speaking frm UK. Come down. Let ur work do the talking. U r just an opportunist who would go to any length to vomit lies & sow ur evil seed of discord. I wonder hw they said u r a married woman. U talk like a bee & behave like a rat.

  • Taxett Taxett (@Taxett) reported

    It's always fun when @discordapp logs you out from the app on iOS, so you try to log in, but when you go and get the 2FA code from another app, it throws you back to the login screen. It's especially fun if the code expires in the meanwhile. Happens every dog damn time.

  • bubblccum ˡᵒᵛᵉʳ / studying. (@bubblccum) reported

    how do you use discord. help.

  • AntstreamArcade Antstream Arcade (@AntstreamArcade) reported

    @TesseractUnfold 😂 That's pretty impressive! I feel like we should throw it out to the Discord group and see what happens. Coming soon: Take Down TesseractE

  • amairariveros 𝐃𝐀𝐌𝐍. (@amairariveros) reported

    Is discord down again

  • PPancakeprince [[P.G Streamer]] Pancakeprince (@PPancakeprince) reported

    @BizzleMoments @Reaper8655 @SupStreamersRT2 @TwitchSIE @SmallStreamersC I should consider fixing up my discord for things like that. That sounds like an amazing idea it might help me. My mods help but it's nice to know I'm not the only one in the ask first mindset!🤗

  • ArtyFantastico Reggle (@ArtyFantastico) reported

    The vibes just weren't right ig B'( I made a big deal about it in the discord im in (sup guys, whats poppin) about me changing it, to the point i thought i was an *******. It feels like I led em on and i feel terrible

  • xJohnnyDevil JDevil (@xJohnnyDevil) reported

    @streamlabs I'll get back to you with a screenshot once I get home. It says it cannot connect since the app isn't safe or something like that. I've been asking on your Discord, the helpers said it's an issue with Youtube and you're trying to work with the for a fix.

  • peppersteaku ponzu-steaku (@peppersteaku) reported

    is discord down again

  • AkamaiBypass ice cream (@AkamaiBypass) reported

    okay setup adept, did everything, tried logging into my gmails and it just doesnt work even with the fix they have in discord... so annoyed rn

  • Kattilul Lea Katti (@Kattilul) reported

    @ARIANARCHIST Update: Note: If you do not have access to your backup codes, we are unable to remove 2FA and you will have to create a new account. Discord cannot remove 2FA or issue you new backup codes. LMAO

  • Yuunarii Yuunarii (@Yuunarii) reported

    @HardwareDani Nah I don't dare fiddling with it myself. Tho people on Discord told me it's probably a dead drive. Gonna take it to the shop I bought it from to see whether they can fix it.

  • Yuunarii Yuunarii (@Yuunarii) reported

    @ImmyChann People on Discord told me it's probably a dead drive. We're gonna head to the computer shop I got the PC from today to see whether they can fix it. This computer is barely a year old so it'd be pretty bad if it were to be unfixable.

  • haechiee pro haechan | READ PINNED ! (@haechiee) reported

    it's only been 30 min since i deleted the app and on impulse i went to press on twt but ended up openig discord this became a PROBLEM. anyway gn

  • YumeSupernova YumeSupernova (@YumeSupernova) reported

    @fooplankton I’d be down for it! JJBA art Discord sounds fun. The DevArt JJBA community is sadly lacking.

  • jksimon80 Kenny Simon (@jksimon80) reported

    @AOC You are a cultural Marxist, sowing unwarranted discord among millions, God help you!

  • zkt33 Abu3abd_ (@zkt33) reported

    @discordapp hello , we have a problem with new update in Arabic language , before the update when we talk in the chat the words comes from left now with new update its came from right and its not good because we are used to left not right side and thank u .

  • RedFox_Nightfox RedFox Nightfox 🦊 (@RedFox_Nightfox) reported

    My only recorce is to shut down my PC entirely via power button and restart, as when discord locks up, any attempt to close it speeds up the process of my entire system freezing. This has been going on several times a day for the last few days, since an update.

  • RedFox_Nightfox RedFox Nightfox 🦊 (@RedFox_Nightfox) reported

    It's definitely the discord app on Windows desktop causing the problem, and I can tell exactly when it's about to act up. It's always when I'm going through the various servers I'm a member of, checking rooms that have new messages, and if the images don't load everything goes 💩

  • RedFox_Nightfox RedFox Nightfox 🦊 (@RedFox_Nightfox) reported

    @discordapp I keep having problems when browsing the various servers I'm on, where sometimes when loading images, the Windows desktop application will lock up, and cause everything else to slowly freeze, leaving me with only my mouse moving.

  • AEASYK1LL AEASYK1LL[#B42Empire] [#GSF] (@AEASYK1LL) reported

    @DaniDawnstar And the same to you. I'm always there only a message or discord call away.. anytime.. even if im in the hospital or at work also.. and I'll do my best to help you get that empowering smile back from those trying to take it from you. You don't have to suffer alone either. I'm here

  • SuperAshie SuperAshie (@SuperAshie) reported

    Is discord down again

  • crawfyssj5 Richard Crawford (@crawfyssj5) reported

    @BellaOnTwitch @RehabHigh I had issues with streaming siege mate, ended up being the xbox game bar being enabled... I disabled that and also disabled discord overlay and it worked perfectly after that 👍🏻

  • your_friend_izz izz (@your_friend_izz) reported

    "Wrong, abrasive, pedantic: the holy trinity of terrible" - an SEE scolding some pedantic tryhard on discord.

  • markyfanacc Jon 🐕 (@markyfanacc) reported

    @shibacentra @BeWellBehaved I didn’t turn down the discord noises and that hurt my ears

  • BigHxney Princess Bumblebutt(18+)🍯 (@BigHxney) reported

    If my Twitter gets taken down, I'll still have Discord.

  • JaydenLorentzVA Jayden @ Galar Region!! (@JaydenLorentzVA) reported

    @PatMikeVA I'm gonna start making an effort to talk to friends more often, I turn into a shut-in sometimes 😂 I'd totally be down to talk more, or do group discord calls with other people too!

  • Pink__Vixen Pink__Vixen (@Pink__Vixen) reported

    I know there is someone out there who figured out how to stream with Elgato & obs with perfect gameplay audio, their favorite headset connected, and they're streamelements connected with a PS4 console! Please retweet to help me find who that is! Discord seems to be hopeless!

  • DevilAzaseed เอ เอ๊ (@DevilAzaseed) reported

    @discordapp hey discord There is a problem, slow performance, server migration is slow. Can't see friends list, right corner , I don't know if I'm the only one.

  • The_Shadow_Hog Shadow Hog 🦔💎🦊 (@The_Shadow_Hog) reported

    @CorwinB87 Actually, I am in this retro computer Discord that might (or might not) be able to help you troubleshoot random old computers like that

  • AntstreamArcade Antstream Arcade (@AntstreamArcade) reported

    @TesseractUnfold 😂 Thsys pretty impressive! I feel like we should throw it out to the Discord group and see what happens. Coming soon: Take Down TesseractE

  • SammyMariano11 Sammy Mariano (@SammyMariano11) reported

    @discordapp aha UWU owo -=- WUMPY is havwing a weally hawd time UWU fix discord lil monkey elves working really hard UWU haha discord btw 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😝🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • mtouse96 Michael touse (@mtouse96) reported

    @discordapp The call is gone now and i didnt have the same issue with the group call. Every time i left and came back to the DM of the friend it would show him in the call even though he wasnt. I did try a phone restart and app re-install which didnt do anything.

  • charfucker sarahbot alpha (@charfucker) reported

    whyyyeyyyeyyyeyy can't i am not even notice discord was down cause i was in a loved one has been diagnosed with

  • Icel Aviv M. Icel 🚀 (@Icel) reported

    @discordapp it's nice that you fixed RTL language support for desktop, but it still broken on mobile. Also, you stopped updating changelogs on the blog.

  • _bloomlaters Tally! who loves Bella (@_bloomlaters) reported

    Y’all are really need to stop with the TLJ discord or whatever, I’m so so tired of seeing it everywhere. I love Star Wars but Y’all need to calm the shit down

  • Venimex ☭☀BonjwaSupernalFlash🌙♒ (@Venimex) reported

    @timcanpeep whats the bot called btw. like for discord. i do wanna look into it so i can try to help at least

  • DesiringFali JacksonOfficial (@DesiringFali) reported

    @discordapp I have groups, information, friends and much more on that platform that I NEED access to and disabling my account doesn't help me in anyway, especially as a server owner for many groups.

  • lavavhe ❤ 𝕕𝕒𝕧𝕖 ❤ (@lavavhe) reported

    @PEACHYMARS tried dming u on twitter, didn't work. sent u a dm on discord about it not working :0

  • Iamuss760 Iamuss76 (@Iamuss760) reported

    @prest4n The problem is, that you say the game isn't pay to win, and you literally punish people in the discord for saying it, when it literally is!!

  • jakeohenderson Jake Henderson (@jakeohenderson) reported

    @discordapp I really need help , I’m a big fan of your app and love being on it, I own a server with over 100+ people and have nitro , I was recently disabled for a reason of unknown and I can’t believe I did anything as I was at school all day please help my tag is fcbjake#0069

  • auxchar Auxiliary Character (@auxchar) reported

    I bet getting pinged on Discord would be less annoying if there were a dedicated notifications page to track them down and deal with them like Twitter notifications.

  • The_eFrostyy eFrostyy (@The_eFrostyy) reported

    @judelas I'd totally be down man!* Hit me up on Discord! * - eFrostyy does not endorse this comment as any promise of skill, survivability, or tilt-proofing in regards to his gameplay skill. Gameplay results may vary.

  • NecrotikP NecrotikPain (@NecrotikP) reported

    @femfreq If you're dumb enough to donate to this obvious scam (like who the hell ask for 25k to open a free service like Discord) than you need to be placed in a mental facility because it's obvious you're lacking upstairs.

  • SauceLope SauceBaws👑 (@SauceLope) reported

    Discord is down AGAIN are you ******* serious

  • ragubottle my toe itches. (@ragubottle) reported

    @MuriendoDeFeels discord ain’t down bc casey and i are talking abt dumb shit.

  • LiquidWindRBX Marielle Falk (@LiquidWindRBX) reported

    @prest4n I cant even do golden pets anymore, i did a bug report on discord but still havent got any help.

  • BachPatu Pat Cook (@BachPatu) reported from Englewood, Colorado

    @blueamcat @XboxSupport @discordapp As such, this thing looks like it's been #Haphazardly THROWN TOGETHER & (Especially coupled with the #Discord outage issues) has become NOTHING BUT a #MitigatedDisaster at this point as this DOES NOT look like it's #ReadyForPrimeTime

  • veinhype Veinhype 🇵🇷 (@veinhype) reported

    Sometime this month we all gotta sit down in discord or something and Discuss top 10 NBA moments on and off the court this decade. It needs to be done.

  • pennymikuwu 𝐬𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐞𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐫 (@pennymikuwu) reported

    ik we’re tryna be serious but i all of a sudden have hotel room service stuck in my head because ive listened to it so many times (thanks discord)

  • FatedTim Tim: but with new logo (@FatedTim) reported

    @Alpharad I see so much of the Ridley discord in this clip, only thing missing is down taunt into down air

  • CTrooper99 Clone Trooper99 (@CTrooper99) reported

    @SerpentAU @discordapp Okay i will help

  • whalesstan Ava Is A Respectful Stan To All Of You ily (@whalesstan) reported

    Just took down all of my fanfiction. I wish I would’ve known it made everybody uncomfy! Entire discord server is getting rid of their books. I’m proud of how quickly this community is fixing their mistakes.

  • danido99 danido9 (@danido99) reported

    @discordapp Fix right to left chats

  • dongjucore lia⁸⁰⁸ ☆ ebg 📌 (@dongjucore) reported

    help how to use discord

  • Jihyoscumrag 2cm⤵ *[itzy 1.22.20⚡] (@Jihyoscumrag) reported

    might make a discord gc who's down

  • TOmega79 Naito 2 Belts (@TOmega79) reported

    @Julian_NXT @_laTodd There was 5500 fans according to Luchasarous in the AEW Discord that i chatted in. The capcity was 8000 so despite it being 2,500 down it was loud in the buidling because the noise came from the fans that were all moved up. As a presentation on TV it came off fine.

  • imbludabadee1 im blu da ba dee (@imbludabadee1) reported

    @Neko_Mizus @snugunim someone told me they threatened to shut down their discord so now i'm confused.

  • RileyEasterArt Riley Easter 🦍 (@RileyEasterArt) reported

    @EmberWickArt If i join a discord and this happens I usually leave or stop posting. It's nice to hear the things that work but it needs to come with some real help.