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July 21: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 04:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (64.88%)
  • Sign in (20.07%)
  • App Crashing (6.02%)
  • Glitches (4.68%)
  • Messaging (3.34%)
  • Multimedia (1.00%)

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  • ColoradoHarmon
    Robert Harmon (@ColoradoHarmon) reported

    @San_person @AugurProject try removing the websocket endpoint address. If that doesn't work then head to their discord channel. Engineers will help troubleshoot the issue there. good luck!

  • snow_kun
    Tohfu 🐺 (@snow_kun) reported

    @citrusification Before i sid full time art i would work then come home, get food, and just plop down and doodle It was how I wound myself down so it kinda just happened. I would put netflix on the side and watch shows as I doodled or discord with friends and chat away

  • Valenti18021398
    Valentine (@Valenti18021398) reported

    @smallgamesrblx I lost stuff too and the moderators and that jam dev from discord doesnt want to help at all and they blocked me too,how is that being a good dev?

  • VirtanenAapo
    Aapo Virtanen (@VirtanenAapo) reported

    @discordapp Help my overlay ain't working with any game, I've tried re-enabling the overlay and trying with different games and settings, but it just won't show up

  • TheWatcherIsBae
    Philip (@TheWatcherIsBae) reported

    @MaddoxProTweets If this is the same one you were showing me in Discord, it sounds like it's absolutely terrible.

  • ScrivenerSweet
    David Sweet #46 (@ScrivenerSweet) reported

    @psychofftrading I have discovered that if I have discord open in the background I do not get any notifications at all. If I close down discord then all notifications are received. Very odd, but a simple fix!

  • NooberNerd
    NooberNerd (@NooberNerd) reported

    @discordapp It's work! by delete Localapp file. BUT Seriously, how is this happening anyway? And the way to fix is ridiculous. Not End-User Friendly AT ALL! This is Power User can do. You should try to prevent this issue. because I see there is a thread in reddit years ago.

  • detroitsmashs
    delu™ not deku (@detroitsmashs) reported

    I'm calling out to everyone at this very moment. I need all of your help. I need your energy, support, your everything. Be a hero. Help me defeat sans so I can be finished with undertale. If you have discord and @MegaSockz's server join the VC to provide moral support.

  • moffthemoff
    moffthemoff (@moffthemoff) reported

    Hey @gifyourgame i want my friends to post there gifs automatically on my discord Server. Can you ELI5 or Post a Screenshot where the option for the channel list is? They cant find it, they just see the link bot Button :( pls help

  • Cupid_ad
    Cupid Drasti (@Cupid_ad) reported

    @Fibilis I'm open to chat with friends a lot of times when I'm bored, but the internet at the farm is sorta down at the moment so that kinda sucks. I have to keep my laptop off for most of the week until the weekend. Also, are we friends on discord?

  • staritegaming
    Staritegaming (@staritegaming) reported

    @discordapp I have submitted a support ticket! :) lets get this bug/issue resolved together!

  • shibuyadistrict
    jackie @ FLING POSSE POSSE (@shibuyadistrict) reported

    i wish it was commonplace to exchange phone numbers instead of discords so we could have gcs on imessage and i could actually use it in class instead of lowering my brightness to hell and back to use discord. BUT ALSO that could inevitably pose much bigger problems so perhaps not

  • snoutu
    Nell's smells (@snoutu) reported

    I can't send image files on discord, I can't upload images to imgur, nor to twitter, or to FA, or anywhere else. No problem uploading video files that are tons and tons larger in size though. WHAT THE FUCK

  • brendandolan167
    Brendan Dolan (@brendandolan167) reported

    @discordapp my discord is not working!!

  • woah_its_walrus
    walrus (@woah_its_walrus) reported

    @Ay_Pandaa oh yeah it also made it to me_irl, the discord subreddit and a discord employee in the replies said he was gonna try and convince the rest of the team to put it in as an error message

  • legendaryramon
    Ramon (@legendaryramon) reported

    @cool_star05 @discordapp Its discords not you i had problems all day yesterday

  • cool_star05
    Cool_star05 (@cool_star05) reported

    Since yesterday I have problems with connecting! Someone can help me, please! @discordapp

  • evilpauwse
    evilpauwse (@evilpauwse) reported

    @discordapp Alright that makes since. I had enabled 2fa on my main about a year ago. Then yesterday changed it to my alt and today I'm trying to put it on my main. I thought this would have been okay. Do you have any estimate on what the cool down period is?

  • punctured
    punctured (@punctured) reported

    @discordapp plz help

  • redhillmum
    Chocolate Lover (@redhillmum) reported

    @AaronYTcrypto @SimplePOSPool They are having problems, they posted messages on Discord. Don't think it is a scam. Well I hope not. I don't have much there, others do.

  • GreatBoi04
    Bùi Nhật Linh (@GreatBoi04) reported

    @discordapp connection problems for me although everything else is fine

  • Danstrr
    Daniel Hall 🇬🇧 (@Danstrr) reported

    Sometimes when someone sends an image into our Discord server, it appears as a download and not an image :( pls help im sad @discordapp

  • DizKaleidoscope
    DizzyingKaleidoscope (@DizKaleidoscope) reported

    Discord is a terrible thing.

  • T1Appalled
    Zay (@T1Appalled) reported

    @LandO Streaming does absolutely nothing especially in this controversy. All you'd have to do is mute desktop audio & your mic on stream or even use software to mute only discord on stream. Don't want to exclude great players bc they down own the proper setup to stream.

  • shivs_DMMa
    shivs (@shivs_DMMa) reported

    stream ended ! Now I need to fix my discord's bot for tomorrow's play offs <;

  • JadeDeclann
    _/˭ dec (@JadeDeclann) reported

    @ryangmurray_ @discordapp actually so annoying how broken the app is and 0 support to fix it.

  • ryangmurray_
    winter♡ (@ryangmurray_) reported

    @JadeDeclann @discordapp I want to chat with the boss fix the problem discord

  • Zer0Xypher
    DeViLz (@Zer0Xypher) reported

    So after all the bugs reports and effort and support I give to @vigorthegame I get banned from the discord because I have a issue with the way teaming and fair play is dealt with? Okay makes sense.

  • GamingMistress
    Rose Whitcomb (@GamingMistress) reported

    This also means that moderators and admins need to step up and squash this kind of behavior. Don't give it a pass just because the person is well known in the Discord, because all that does is open the door to more terrible shit.

  • Skorksis
    Alpha Dragon (@Skorksis) reported

    @outpostzerogame On PVE servers (inlcuding all of the official) Turrets damage and kill other players. FIX YOUR RULESETS. Also your DISCORD server invitation links are expired. Stop using temp and make permanent Invitation links

  • elleryscelery
    ellery 💫 (@elleryscelery) reported

    @Pantality @discordapp @PlayStation ok but CONCEPT: in the final Nintendo Online service voice chat is powered by Discord which is why it’s been taking them longer than expected to introduce it

  • GrandsonNumber1
    David Long (@GrandsonNumber1) reported

    Putin help Donald illegally, or against our rules 1) to benefit USA Greatly or 2) sow discord on US soil

  • saofiqlord
    Saofiq (@saofiqlord) reported

    @discordapp currently having payment issues, and my nitro ends today. Will i get to keep the since 2017 badge if i re-purchase tomorrow? Would be a shame if i didnt. Also i must have gotten a record or something, rejected from hypesquad 3 times in total lol.

  • mwgnz_ebooks
    mwgnz_ebooks (@mwgnz_ebooks) reported

    I would love to be of service. I have blocked 1 one person on discord and now get roughly 80% less notifications.

  • SubparSamaritan
    Samaritan (@SubparSamaritan) reported

    @discordapp The Logitech applet has suddenly stopped working and showing up inside of Discord ever since updating to the latest Discord build. Is this a known issue? Any troubleshooting tips??

  • D4L_Beast
    Cam🥀 (@D4L_Beast) reported

    @Blaztizm @IFooiish @ProfessorWumbo what? everyone in Harvard shit talks eachother all the time thats not the issue, but he was shit talking a HOMIE $8s DISCORD for low amounts and said how 5 wasn't a big deal like hes some kinda hightier or some shit, plus im low on cmg bread and thats was repunzels last, thats y

  • HeyDrMathews
    Dr. Kaitlyn Mathews (@HeyDrMathews) reported

    @3_DLeadership That's another great thought. Discord breeds discord. However. Have you not seen someone who gossips because that is their perception of the only way they can grasp power/authority/relevance/importance? Could that indicate a problem of needing to engage/share leadership?

  • SneakOutNewYork
    Big Sneak (@SneakOutNewYork) reported

    anyone elses @SlackHQ not allowing them to click links? wont open in my browser. Slack always has issues with mac so im not surprised. Discord more reliable imo.

  • JV2017gameplay
    JV 🎮💙 (@JV2017gameplay) reported

    @discordapp hi for some reason one of the roles on my server is able to use @everyone when they don't have that permission. How do I fix this?

  • JosDiogoDaSilv1
    José Diogo Da Silva (@JosDiogoDaSilv1) reported

    @xbestfriend_bot I can relate with you on that. I myself feel a bit down when i barely get anyone to chat with. I even have to wait a few hours to wait for a reply. Even on Skype and Discord.

  • WellDarnIt
    Feel the magic (@WellDarnIt) reported

    @discordapp Hi it's taking me a really long time to connect to discord and when I do connect my friends don't seam to get my messages. Any help?

  • lordofvodkaxD
    Kristian Novorita (@lordofvodkaxD) reported

    @discordapp ever since the last update the app has been very demanding internet wise ,always eating away all data when from 4g in there any way to fix that

  • MacTheDev
    Mac (@MacTheDev) reported

    I'm writing a #Destiny2 Discord bot to help schedule raids among people. 3 options for the name, pick your favourite. If you have a better idea, just reply.

  • arbshortcake
    [email protected]🎆沼津夏祭り7/28-29🎆 (@arbshortcake) reported

    @dyreatic A single tear streamed down his face. "God damn it Ischy", he whispered, as his heart sank. He had been led astray. Face buried in his hands, Ice sat motionless as the sound of Discord pings occasionally rang in the silence of his room.

  • Glitxd
    Glitch (@Glitxd) reported

    I keep on getting new PM notifications but there's nothing in it... I don't know if it's a glitch, but if it's really someone who's actually trying to PM me, do tell me and I'll give you my Discord so we could talk there

  • Bicham_Party
    MC 에르 (@Bicham_Party) reported

    @discordapp My discord app is loading for almost 4 hour. How can I fix it? I don't have any network problem.....

  • iElectricYT
    Ali☇#PUTKERMITINKH3 (@iElectricYT) reported


  • Pro93Troll
    TrollGamerPro93 (@Pro93Troll) reported

    @discordapp fix your damn app..

  • DavidFW555
    PowerhouseG🌐 (@DavidFW555) reported

    @flowdriver i seem to have a problem with my discord , everytime i click on someones link it says no text channels available or dont have permission to do so or the link has expired , its quite fucking frustrating !

  • Marcobununu
    Syko (@Marcobununu) reported

    Hey discord your app's down*discord gets fixed*discord: