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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Discord. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Connection (58.04%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (12.50%)
  • ▪ Sign in (12.50%)
  • ▪ Glitches (8.04%)
  • ▪ Multimedia (4.46%)
  • ▪ Messaging (4.46%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Springfield, Ohio  ▪ Vancourt, Texas  ▪ Wichita Falls, Texas  ▪ Winnipeg, Manitoba  ▪ Canton, Mississippi  ▪ Forrest, Australian Capital Territory  ▪ Georgetown, New York  ▪ Houston, Texas  ▪ Inverness, Florida  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Metairie, Louisiana

Discord Live Outage Map
  • Springfield, Ohio
  • Vancourt, Texas
  • Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Canton, Mississippi
  • Forrest, Australian Capital Territory
  • Georgetown, New York
  • Houston, Texas
  • Inverness, Florida
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Metairie, Louisiana
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  • RachelFeet
    Rachel Simpson (@RachelFeet) reported

    Hey @discordapp, I'm having audio issues using Discord via Chrome on my Acer Chromebook. My mic is working, but my audio is delayed in voice chat. Any suggestions?

  • Styx666Official
    Styxhexenhammer666 (@Styx666Official) reported

    @keyboardmeanie I am part of no community, and don't use discord. Others' drama I consider to be usually retarded and I encourage them to let all side issues drop. Beyond that I am uninvolved.

  • april_lashmett
    April Lashmett (@april_lashmett) reported

    Just asked on discord and it’s down for 3 hours

  • Pm_460
    Sam»Pm460 (@Pm_460) reported

    @discordapp I really hate to be annoying but I'm having an issue with mod permissions in a server that I am. Nothing has changed outside of me updating discord to the current discord. Could anyone please get back to me? Thank you.

  • TeaWhyy
    .beN (@TeaWhyy) reported

    @discordapp Hey can someone help me with an issue I'm having please?

  • KawaiiCakes_
    Jaydon.🍓❄️ (@KawaiiCakes_) reported

    is discord down

  • MineBapt
    Baptiste (@MineBapt) reported

    @discordapp hello, i have a problem with my account,i reset my phone with google auth in, and so i don't have anymore the possibily to connect to my account with double factors authentification and i can't delete the DFA.

  • Jordans_OK
    ❄️Winter Jordan❄️ (@Jordans_OK) reported

    Yo @discordapp fix your app

  • StoryBrooooke
    brooke (@StoryBrooooke) reported

    so the doni discord is broken again :( maybe this has something to do with online members? its nearing 5k members online and most of the members are having issues :( @discordapp

  • 3Nd_R1m
    3Nd_R1m ☃ (@3Nd_R1m) reported


  • LootahPaytah
    Lootah Paytah (@LootahPaytah) reported

    @AdamPfeiffer2 If you still need some help your can hit me up via Discord tomorrow. Just ask if you want a server invite.

  • GingerPimpernel
    Adam (@GingerPimpernel) reported

    @BryanIsNotFunny Hey mate, I know there's nothing I can say or do to really help as such, but was gonna say anyway, if you're still doing your stream tonight, feel free to plug it in the Discord again. I might not be about though because of works night out.

  • TheAcituanbus
    Acituanbus (@TheAcituanbus) reported

    @discordapp There's this one guy that keeps making alt accounts to join and spam my server. We keep banning him, but he just doesn't stop. It's been well over 50 accounts now and we don't know what to do. Can you help?

  • _RealProgress_
    inevitable progress (@_RealProgress_) reported

    @ClauserLotus Thank you. I proudly stand by my tweet. I'm not sowing discord, though. I'm actually pointing out that endlessly going on about how terrible your opponent while FAILING to come up with a compelling alternative on YOUR part is a bad strategy. I'm giving good sincere advice.

  • NotMarth2
    Kaito (@NotMarth2) reported

    @arisatominako @bairfootwaifu It's a glitch I find that it happens most often when I open heroes up while in a discord call. You can tell if it's gonna do the glitch if Alfonse's face gets split in half on the title screen

  • The4thGenGamer
    Josh (@The4thGenGamer) reported

    I should upload a video... I’ve just been in bed all day on Twitter and discord LOL help

  • AJBasso_Inc
    AJ Basso (@AJBasso_Inc) reported

    @discordapp When I start typing an emoji or a username, when the autofill appears and I click it to complete the emoji/name, when I start typing the next thing, the letters I'd started typing for the prior emoji/name reappear. Is this a known issue?

  • doki_joki
    🎄🎄 Merry Jok-mas @ HOMIES WE ARE (@doki_joki) reported

    @KaytonOfficial Burn down discord

  • Pouncerr
    Coleman (@Pouncerr) reported

    @Ashtooyellow Well if youd love me and check discord we wouldnt have this problem

  • AwesomeTweetr
    Colin Cabana (@AwesomeTweetr) reported

    Alright everyone; I have decided to shut down CC Vlogger effective at the end of Term 2. This decision wasn't made lightly, but it is something I have to do. I will be starting a new series AFTER the shutdown, featuring skits, vlogs and product reviews. QnA on Discord.

  • BoatbomberRBLX
    Boatbomber | Zack | #NetNeutrality (@BoatbomberRBLX) reported

    @_SkylarBowen dude hmu in discord i'll help you fix these DataStores

  • NormieNerd
    Pepe Patriot (@NormieNerd) reported

    @discordapp I'm having an issue where the volume of voicechat is ridiculously quiet, we're talking "YouTube videos could blow out my speakers, but I'm hearing my loudest friend like he was whispering half a mile away." I've tried restarting Discord and my PC, neither worked. help

  • TheFierceBiest
    SouthernEnforcement (@TheFierceBiest) reported

    @3dsboy08 I bought Synapse about 6 months ago, or 5, it was named Raindrop, and now, Ive been kicked out of the discord, and on your website, it wont let me do anything, even though Im a buyer.. Please help, I spent 23 dollars

  • Sheepystuff
    Shivering Sheepy ❄️🐑 (@Sheepystuff) reported

    I participated in a Steam game Secret Santa a Discord group I’m in was hosting, and the games are meant to be scheduled for the 23rd; naturally, my Secret Santa had an error and I got mine just now haha!

  • Crazydude732
    Thomas🔥 (@Crazydude732) reported

    @discordapp we need lots of help here. There is this guy who is joining my friends server and posting really innapropriate pictures. if you can please delete the account "naked#5670", please do.

  • Shams_Sim
    Shams (@Shams_Sim) reported

    @1453_1923_2017 @clownshooos @Reuters Feeling lonely is better than being dead! It also doesn’t address the issue at hand. What if any difference does it make if the embassy moves?? It will only lead to further discord and destabilize the region further

    «nertylle» (@NERTYLLE) reported

    @discordapp the pinned tab has been extremely slow/laggy for me since approximately the second to last update. is that a personal issue or have others experienced it as well?

  • Aurora2698
    Aurora (@Aurora2698) reported

    managed to fix my discord microphone settings. now i can talk even more properly than before

  • maxmikelol
    SIA (@maxmikelol) reported

    I wrote an email to your customer service in regards to inappropriate images that were sent to my son. No one responded its unprofessional and definitely unsafe for my son. So i will be deleting the account. Parents beware of Discord. @discordapp

  • Infpthedreamer
    Co (@Infpthedreamer) reported

    @discordapp Hi ! I'm having issues opening links in Discord on my MacBook pro, it doesn't work anymore :( Any help please ? I'm using Google Chrome.

  • unisys12
    Phillip Jackson (@unisys12) reported

    @DestinyTheGame @discordapp Looks like I didn't have to take it offline after all. Just upgraded the service to higher tier. Will see how that goes.

  • BibaGuyPerson
    Winner winner fidget spinner (@BibaGuyPerson) reported

    @cheeeeesepotato Reddit (at least /r/tf2) has been on decline with giving feedback. Presumably due to over saturation with SFM posters. I've joined multiple SFM Discord servers, and I don't have any better luck there. DeviantArt is not being much of a help either.

  • Myab032
    myab03 (@Myab032) reported

    I think my Discord notification is broken

  • watch_ezilii
    Ezilii (@watch_ezilii) reported

    Hey @nightbotapp When trying to get the bot to rejoin @discordapp I'm getting an Internal Server Error nothing specific.

  • SantaShae
    Marshmallow (@SantaShae) reported

    @discordapp why can I not see who's moving me discord fix

  • KirbyKurbii
    HappyJesusDay (@KirbyKurbii) reported

    @discordapp My status keeps changing itself to "Do Not Disturb" mode. Is this an issue on my end? I have the mobile app, would that have anything to do with it?

  • MyDadIsAGuest_
    south african embassy (@MyDadIsAGuest_) reported

    @EyeSaccc i joined his discord and he is talking about his whoel relationship issue to 20 other people in VC what a madman

  • BassBasilisk
    🇬🇧 Bassmas Basilisk (5 Days) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@BassBasilisk) reported

    @RoyalNavySeals @spicy_knight Oh well. If she wants I can hope into a call with her on Discord and try and help her?

  • Kokuho_
    Kokuho (@Kokuho_) reported

    @Ember_be @discordapp OK. The issue is known at VOO. They are currently working on it but have not yet identified the cause of the... breakdown (?) (sorry. bad english. thanks google trad)

  • Barko_tL
    Burko tL (@Barko_tL) reported

    @Nvghts @MightBeReign nvghts you need to fix the mic for the discord sessions

  • _Arzach_
    Arzach (@_Arzach_) reported

    @discordapp The problems between @VOOetvous /Belgium and @discordapp seem solved.

  • GunTurned
    GunTurned (@GunTurned) reported

    @discordapp @Jadoho1 whenever i see this gif i want to help the little discord guy get unstuck, and then he does it himself

  • x_Nevi
    Nevi (@x_Nevi) reported

    @discordapp @Toseb_ same problem from my side ! I'm at VOO too

  • SaZh047
    FurY SaZh047 (@SaZh047) reported

    @discordapp Problem is fixed :D

  • FuCkEdUpAn0N
    insignificant (@FuCkEdUpAn0N) reported

    @discordapp Help! I'm locked out of my account. I just sent a report message thing (says phone number is invalid) and I'm really anxious. Please let me back in. I'm 100% human.

  • cockatielcutie
    Candlenights Cockatiel! (@cockatielcutie) reported

    @princessproto I’d be happy to help you get set up with either; pretty sure transferring a domain between registrars is going to incur a small cost though, usually a year’s renewal on the domain. just a heads up. we can hash it out on discord if that works. DM me and i’ll add in the morning.

  • metawohoo
    Metawohoo (@metawohoo) reported

    @discordapp @Ember_be Same here, Voo/Belgium. I'm cut from other websites too, such as my ovh hosted server, so I assume they're having more general issues.

  • Toseb_
    🇰 🇪 🇳 🇿 🇺 (@Toseb_) reported

    @CreepersManiacs @discordapp everybody got the same problem. They have to restart their servers

  • Mklz01
    Mk (@Mklz01) reported

    @discordapp @Ember_be Same problem

  • _Kyuna57
    Kyuna [Sha]💛🐧 (@_Kyuna57) reported

    @China_et_ShK @discordapp @Ember_be Yes , i have got the same problem with Voo ( Belgium )

  • SaZh047
    FurY SaZh047 (@SaZh047) reported

    @discordapp @Ember_be Same problem, from Belgium with VOO as well! @discordapp

  • VeryNiceKunt
    VNK (@VeryNiceKunt) reported

    @guardiancs @Vakerosss @RoelensDam @discordapp @Ember_be Same issue, and same ISP :/

  • CreepersManiacs
    Damien Müller (@CreepersManiacs) reported

    @Toseb_ @discordapp i got the same problem!

  • Stormfire__
    「Novice Dreamer‎」 (@Stormfire__) reported

    @discordapp Tried on another PC, same problem. All sites refusing to load and giving me the same error.

  • Vakerosss
    Vakeros (@Vakerosss) reported

    @RoelensDam @discordapp @Ember_be exactly same problem and voo too :/

  • Stormfire__
    「Novice Dreamer‎」 (@Stormfire__) reported

    @discordapp Can't do that either. Literally none of the Discord sites won't load for me. Whenever I try to, it just gives me a connection_timed_out error, saying the website took too long to respond.

  • TonyFloppy
    Floppy / Floppery (@TonyFloppy) reported

    Hello @discordapp are your servers down? I can't even acces to the website :/

  • GamerConfident
    Guyconfident (@GamerConfident) reported

    @the_vatch yo vatch.. the menu and site are down for a while now. do you have the link to the backup discord?

  • RoelensDam
    Roelens Damien (@RoelensDam) reported

    @discordapp @Ember_be I've got the same bug... But i can't access to your website to fill a help request :(

  • venstreUten
    uten 🌻 (@venstreUten) reported

    @Naan_Binary_ discord mods: @.everyone listen up folks j20 is going on so i want you all to be careful and not say anything violent because discord will give their logs to the fbi and-- me, kicking the door down: TELL HER HOW THE IRA MADE YOU RUN LIKE HELL AWAY

  • emiann1
    CanceriousMan (@emiann1) reported

    @KaktusWasser my username on the website it emiann12, On the old website that is down now, I had premium, I also left the discord long time ago because I thought I wouldn't need any type of support anymore. Please send me an invite link to the discord a

  • Toseb_
    🇰 🇪 🇳 🇿 🇺 (@Toseb_) reported

    @discordapp Allooooow ? Servers are down. App and website aren't working !

  • MootoosamyBryan
    Thana (@MootoosamyBryan) reported

    @discordapp Discord is down ?

  • Stormfire__
    「Novice Dreamer‎」 (@Stormfire__) reported

    @discordapp Hi, a few minutes ago the Discord desktop app stopped working for me as well as the main website. This happens on both my laptop and my tablet, and the site isn't blacklisted on either of them. Any way I could get help ? :c

  • Kane40_Be
    Kane (@Kane40_Be) reported

    @HarryPulley can't even post on discord, looks like it's down xD

  • RealLordFrieza
    Christmas FreezyPop (@RealLordFrieza) reported

    @OmniVegito @discordapp @Skype Sorry. It’s just frustrating cause I’ve seen partners point these issues out before. Overall though discord is pretty smooth. But on a really regular basis people cut out on one another.

  • MoPlayzYT
    Mo Playz (@MoPlayzYT) reported

    @discordapp I need help with my account, I cant see messages from bots and I'm not sure why

  • 2005umututku
    Umut Gülmez (@2005umututku) reported

    @discordapp Discord İ have a 1 discord bot. But my discord bot hacked. I need the help please

  • RikFitz
    ÷rikfitz% (@RikFitz) reported

    @AP What a waist of time, paragraphs that basically repeat nothing statements with anticipated tone revealing nothing at all and then alluding to old broken record statements providing the American people with a hope of discord (Which is disgusting) falling grossly short of news,sad.

  • FuzzyOnOFW
    FuzzyOnOFW (@FuzzyOnOFW) reported

    @The_Dooo @YouTube i need help i got banned on dooocord ur discord server i did nothing wrong tho

  • marton_dev
    Marton (@marton_dev) reported

    Lol basicaly every @discordapp serger, where i was owner got shut down in a night withouta ny emails. Please discord, can you tell me why? We cleared every cheating releated things from our servers... You could just sent us a message hat you want to change

  • CorgiBruzer
    Corgi Bruzah The III'd of boredom (@CorgiBruzer) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Are servers down? I Keep getting told that i am offline even tho im talking through discord? Plz Help?

  • OfficalBenG
    Ben (@OfficalBenG) reported

    @HiltonHotelRBLX @pie_dnc @BabymarioRBLX Can you get a HR to message me about a rank issue on @discordapp Username:BenGamingTech212YT#9660 thanks

  • universeisback
    Haylee (@universeisback) reported

    @discordapp My discord app wouldnt let me send any photos and so, i deleted it (i tried the 'ol delete and reinstall) and it says that there's an error so i cant install it?? could you help please?

  • Hiddenpop1023
    Hidden (@Hiddenpop1023) reported

    @discordapp I mainly used the one server that my friends and i use, which is where this problem occurs along with DM's. A similar problem also occured where one of my friends posted a link and it froze mine and another friends discord. We both use the desktop app, if that helps.

  • Necrit94
    Necrit 🎩 (@Necrit94) reported

    Yesterday we sat down with our Discord crew and we might have figured out something about all 5 remaining Darkin.

  • Hiddenpop1023
    Hidden (@Hiddenpop1023) reported

    @discordapp ive been having an issue recently when it comes to posting. when i post something in a chat or DM, discord would seem to freeze but voices and the picture loading animation still plays. only started happening after the newest update.

    YDOFFI (@YDOFFI) reported

    @discordapp My luncher Discord is broken CAN you help me ?

  • DantasHost
    DantasHost Na Área (@DantasHost) reported

    @discordapp hi help-me, my acc messagen *THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN DISABLED*, active me acc plis?

  • OpakuDaStarlite
    100% αηgєℓ (@OpakuDaStarlite) reported

    @KingMikalus2 @ThatGirlOpinion She believes in egalitarianism and most of her arguments are the same as most skeptics. Also if you actually looked at some of Jeff's post on that discord you'd see why her defense of him proves where she stands on the issue.