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  • Gamingfiker678 {ⵄ}GaminFik678_But_Ded{ⵄ} (@Gamingfiker678) reported

    All I've had to do per say is get some help from some peeps at the official discord and I was good, sick, and nasty all in one! 👍

  • KukomiVids Kukomi (@KukomiVids) reported

    Not going to stream for the next few days as I need a break and I've got some stuff to get done, but I'll still be down for raiding (hit me up on discord if your interested) and I'd love to do a raid stream sometime. Until next time!

  • 4thMoonOfSaturn Dione-San (@4thMoonOfSaturn) reported

    My discord wont work help me out

  • KariariBot Kariari (@KariariBot) reported

    Kariari and the database have moved to a new service that they will now call home in an effort to increase uptime, speed, and lower costs. All guild and user customization has been transferred. Any queues running as of today have been reset. Report any issues on Discord.

  • frost11267207 frost (@frost11267207) reported

    Hey @discordapp, just asking a question as my mates and I are having some issues with the group call dropping simultaneously for members of the call, with no correlation between the people who are dropping (pls we just wanna play D&D)

  • NofRMas ኢንጂማ ማሽን (@NofRMas) reported

    @discordapp @VctrMt @calebyrr The only good thing about your company is the service it provides. Gamers don't flock to Discord because of your company's image. Your image is shit and I will never tell someone irl that use discord because of it.

  • JubySkylines 🍩 𝐉𝐮𝐛𝐲 𝐒𝐤𝐲𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 🍩 Commissions Open🍩 (@JubySkylines) reported

    How I function in discord calls Joins and couple friends I know in chat talk a bit Than more people I dont know join Friends still talk and have fun I shut down end up staying silent and eventually leave I'm a mess

  • SirAswomeMarcus Mākasu/ God of Balance/ SirAswomeMarcus (@SirAswomeMarcus) reported

    @discordapp Hello Discord, I have a big problem. You see everytime you update the “Done” button is on the upper left of the screen and I have a bubble there it would be great if you can move it to the center.

  • Skulora Taylor (commission open) (@Skulora) reported

    @beetljuuc I’m down but I’m not sure if we’re mutuals :b I do have you added on discord though.

  • Lunaresbun kitten cuddles (@Lunaresbun) reported

    @lKEREV If you ever need someone to vent about what's going on I'm here to listen :< either here or discord I hope your problems wash away soon amy;;

  • angelll_babie dion✨ (@angelll_babie) reported

    @ComeBackMalec @fiftyfiftymo help me check discord

  • 4AA4D3E3L 4AA4D3E3L (@4AA4D3E3L) reported

    @discordapp Help @discordapp :\

  • Ieostars ً (@Ieostars) reported

    i downloaded discord what do i do with it Help me

  • MeepMeepaaaaa meep (@MeepMeepaaaaa) reported

    @BlueFlar3 @soup_superin a friend on discord that i showed the problem to

  • margaritahe11 felon (@margaritahe11) reported

    okay i have calmed down and the ******* 100gecs minegala 2019 set discord sound got me,,,,,,i can't believe it i've listened to this set like 10 times

  • bikenesmith ✖️⛓ 𝑬 𝑹 𝑰 𝑲 ⛓✖️ (@bikenesmith) reported

    when you bring up concerns about the team cherik discord as a marginalized person who isn’t Good by their standards (aka permissive of casual homophobia, ableism, and antisemitism) you get ******* shouted down & invalidated & patronized by their mods, & blocked &/or booted

  • sed_nic0_kun nic0_kun (@sed_nic0_kun) reported

    @discordapp hello my discord app on my ipad is having issues and wont load anything even when im connected to wifi

  • MMAV67 Matthew Vargas (@MMAV67) reported

    @discordapp I can’t login to the discord app I even deleted the app and downloaded and still can’t login

  • Fanahticz Fanahticz (@Fanahticz) reported

    @Twinisin i wish usernamnes discord wasnt taken down

  • Kelp0w0 Kelpo (@Kelp0w0) reported

    Can’t help but feel scummy bc LDR’s suck and sure we got to vc but some things don’t feel the same anymore :) Can’t help but feel like shit when we text over discord bc I wish certain things can be done in person :) Loving this feeling going thru my damn head

  • MMAV67 Matthew Vargas (@MMAV67) reported

    @discordapp I can’t login to discord I even redone loaded the app still can’t login

  • AnonOnThePC Cyrus (@AnonOnThePC) reported

    @tylr_the_dstryr @Kekulism @ReimarPB @9001Liam @NECRO_XIII You will have to trust that they are working on a solution to do what is right. Discord is one of the biggest communication apps in the world right now, if they want to take something down it has to be investigated by police if they are soliciting children over the internet.

  • DelusionalGypsy Allix Grube (@DelusionalGypsy) reported

    @discordapp I'm using a bluetooth keyboard with my ipad but the enter key is not sending messages within that app after the most recent update. Need a fix for this please!

  • Arkzy_ AE Arkzy (@Arkzy_) reported

    Anyone tryna do anything I’m bored as **** I’m down to game or talk in discord

  • TonyisFire Anthony Cordova (@TonyisFire) reported

    Playing skibble io in discord with everyone and @theshashatwo dorm is about to burn down this is one for the books

  • greenlee_ben Hawk (@greenlee_ben) reported

    @XcloudTimdog I have seen both eps through my friend screen sharing on discord since the service isn’t available in the UK but damn that shows good

  • TiaTooLegit 𝐓𝐢𝐚🍵💊 (@TiaTooLegit) reported

    @averagetweets91 ok we need to fix this.. discord

  • daemonsanguis ✨ French Fuckboy ✨ (@daemonsanguis) reported

    // alright, twitter feed help a binch out. i need to pick between making a jaebum faceclaim, or a baekhyun faceclaim. they won't be available on twitter unless requested, they'll only be available on discord BUT PLEASE HELP ME OUT STILL I'M STUCK.

  • Miss_Intention_ Blue 🌙🌙 @ anyc hype (@Miss_Intention_) reported

    Tpn discord: tangled au where norman is maximus Me: no stop cursed bad absolutely terrible Tpn panel: emma is the knight in shining armor and norman is her horse Me: fk i have to accept normaximus now

  • goy_atta Atta Goy (@goy_atta) reported

    @ButtGoy I understand. Not many sites are safe to be honest though. We’ve had the discord going for roughly 1 year now and have had very little issues along the way. We have a good vetting process and only trusted people are allowed to post in the good chats. I appreciate the post though

  • thejulian139 thejulian139 (@thejulian139) reported

    @discordapp fix your stuff and stop responding with memes.

  • robbie_wilgosz Robbie Wilgosz (@robbie_wilgosz) reported

    @discordapp @Kira_Takemi Please tell me that is how the servers went down one time and that it’s not just a joke pls I need it

  • imthatbadtype02 idontwannabeyouanymore (@imthatbadtype02) reported

    @maro_breeze @discordapp Dude howd was you fix it

  • myaklife Jason Davis (@myaklife) reported

    2of4 hurtful, stop. Maybe when you attack another person or group about the worthiness of their views, stop. Maybe instead of being part of the discord that is tearing our nation apart, stop. Maybe no one person or group is right about all of the issues we face. Maybe we have to

  • Hxtrod RIZE Hotrod (@Hxtrod) reported

    LF1 to round out our squad - @Hxtrod, @Rxwxnd, @TwoTraitor. Low ping Decent mechanics Discord comms Positive attitude Prac as much as possible Don't care about placements, just don't be a bot and be down to grind / stay positive. DM's open

  • myaklife Jason Davis (@myaklife) reported

    2of4 hurtful, stop. Maybe when you attack another person or group about the worthiness of their views, stop. Maybe instead of being part of the discord that is tearing our nation apart, stop. Maybe no one person or group is right about all of the issues we face. Maybe we have to

  • AnyaOQuinn Kerosene Cryptid 🦊🔥 (@AnyaOQuinn) reported

    @spacetartpop if you need any help with this you can hit me up on telegram or discord cause at this point after fumbling about with it I have at least a system down for it, lol

  • capascary a CUBE in the dark (@capascary) reported

    @rokurourangetsu Awww yeah I get you. I'd suggest making a horny kny discord but I guess that wouldn't help the issue....

  • wordglass Mari Ojibwe Writer 15 days until we are evicted (@wordglass) reported

    Twitter-algorithm smashed into cybernetic silence by automation, you can still read my posts and chat with others who are interested in my work/writing. to cut down on the 5 or so bad actors out there my Discord server access is by invite only. DM me for a link.

  • SimplyAlexTM Alex™ (@SimplyAlexTM) reported

    got banned on @Jack_Septic_Eye discord server from a complicated issue but atleast i enjoyed the time i spent talking to people and mods we're atleast nice about it feelsbadman tho but imma try and stream tomorrow so i hope people will be there for that yeet

  • CainRourke Rourke Cain (@CainRourke) reported

    @jeshuastarr @discordapp @davecraige This was made in March and the same problem is still happening in November. Just sad really

  • Mogeko_bunn_sin The man with muse's (@Mogeko_bunn_sin) reported

    @RainSpectre From what i heard you were kicked from the WSJ discord service i don't r/manga will listen to you at this point xD

  • LeonLWatersII1 Leon L. Waters II (@LeonLWatersII1) reported

    I just wanted to take a moment to say this girst. I have been in a Sonic the Hedgehog discord server for a year now! Wow!😁 Now here is this: I had a terrible summer this year. Absolutely terrible. But This server was the best of the summer. Part 1 of 3

  • qqyyzzxxww robert / agatka (@qqyyzzxxww) reported

    discord isn't displaying what i'm listening to on foobar2000 this shit ain't working what do i do help im stupid

  • willowsystem Bitchtits Tits McTits 💚🐮😇🔞 (@willowsystem) reported

    @KdinJenzen I still use RT hybrid au art as my pfp on discord. I never left 2013 help me I'm stuck and the time portal I'm sending this message through is clo-

  • obeseaids (@obeseaids) reported

    please help! @discordapp

  • Maksitaxi1 Maksitaxi (@Maksitaxi1) reported

    @discordapp WHAT ******** IS THIS MOBILE UPDATE so many bugs **so many** shitty and more annoying to control interface overall a waste of time please fix

  • HollyTeaO1 🍬cotton candy mikan🍬 (@HollyTeaO1) reported

    @discordapp hey uo but discord won't connect with the internet after around 8 and its kind of annoying do you think this is a bug or a just a "i should probably go try and fix it alone" kind of thing-

  • the314reseller Andy (@the314reseller) reported

    @jkickz26 Someone else was having an issue joining earlier. If you're already in 100 servers then that's why as that's Discord's limit. If you're sure you aren't and it still doesn't work DM me and I'll send you a new one.

  • ______A_A_A____ ้Justin374 (@______A_A_A____) reported

    @discordapp ye working again ty, but weird cuz i didnt change anything and started not working for no reason

  • JohnontheRadio jam! but spooky (@JohnontheRadio) reported

    @ilikeyourhorse @discordapp fix ur monitors bc i WILL cry

  • Sinapptyk Dainty Goron Hands (@Sinapptyk) reported

    Pretty sure I just got kicked from Discord for chewing into my mic can't help it I love Takis WHOOPS

  • jrdunlap JR Dunlap (@jrdunlap) reported

    @KobeBeanMamba @mumziemula @lacednetwork @sneakerhuddle My DMs in discord are always open if I can help in any way

  • imthatbadtype02 idontwannabeyouanymore (@imthatbadtype02) reported

    @discordapp @Danjjkka I’m having the same issue and I tried that, didn’t work

  • GeeManGamesYT Hamood (@GeeManGamesYT) reported

    i feel like i should upload, but i have no ideas i feel like i should stream, but i have no viewers i feel like i should try vlogging, but i dont have a good camera i feel like i should connect with my discord, but that shit dead someone help me

  • G_r_i_f_f_i_nx1 Obama is real (@G_r_i_f_f_i_nx1) reported

    @discordapp hey, so idk if its just me but, whenever i open discord on mobile, it opens up the change log for some reason. Everytime i close it and open it, its not THAT big of a issue, its just a bit irritating and thought i should let you know.

  • ReemaTheRoamer Reema Roamer (@ReemaTheRoamer) reported

    I really like the dm and the game and the characters and i don’t want to have to try finding ANOTHER game so i’m stuck with these people that hit a LOT of my audio issues and frankly their discord etiquette is shit

  • Newtismo 🔥newtism🔥 (@Newtismo) reported

    @kindagoodmeal yeah i get that, i've a problem with coming off badly, just wanted to show that those messages have been coming around for some time now, and each is a "different person" with the same requirements, add on discord either for safety, or for money, whatever ********

  • WiseWoodrow Maxwell_Edison 🏳️‍🌈 ✌ (@WiseWoodrow) reported

    @discordapp fix the gun emoji u ***

  • DeviantK9 Cerberus (@DeviantK9) reported

    @TheShamrockFox I personally have the Razer blade pro and I love it. If the current year model is too much they offer brand new ones from older year models that still carry their warranties. I literally can run Destiny, Discord, BL3, and other things with no issue.