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  • godlikeblock
    Ethan🏳️‍🌈 (@godlikeblock) reported

    @discordapp I don't see a problem

  • Aulayan
    Alan DeHaan (@Aulayan) reported

    @mololabo Shiiiit. Y'know, I love all my world wide Twitter and discord friends but... Maybe we should just shut down the internet.

  • Billybae10K
    Billybo10K @Isaac4Smash (@Billybae10K) reported

    @HFosizzle Fake. That guy's originally leak went around a month back and nobody believed it then. Doesn't help that some people on discord admitted to the whole thing being a troll.

  • djknigh7
    Supersonic Pigeons 2 (@djknigh7) reported

    @NoiceDrinkz He’s taken his Twitter(s) down. About a week ago he stopped interacting with us on Discord and said that he’s been thinking about leaving the community.

  • deadheaddraven
    DeadHeadDraven (@deadheaddraven) reported

    @discordapp I am trying to upload all my EGX photos to my discord but any that are in Portrait are show in landscape in discord - how do i fix this, half of my photos are sideways now - and that looks rubbish

  • DaiReaver
    DaiReaver (@DaiReaver) reported

    @Triceppps Seems like my discord isn't allowing the discord entry.. linked them up etc.. and obviously been there ages, but it's not working.. Will look into it more a bit later.

  • AlexGaming543
    Alex Gaming (@AlexGaming543) reported

    @discordapp my disord its update fail every much help

  • Q_Eden_GT
    Eden GT (@Q_Eden_GT) reported

    All I do know that if this site does get closed down, certain members would get almost uncontactable like Dr. Floppy, who has yet to adapt to Discord... If an archive of the forum weren't saved yet, I'm spending the next several days archiving highlighted pages and threads.

  • CaldyAnimesYTxd
    Agent 4 (@CaldyAnimesYTxd) reported

    @discordapp Help me fix my account. My brother hacked it. :(

  • Crash1000000
    Crash100000 (@Crash1000000) reported

    @MrGehab I found out what the discord problem was. I didn't get the authentication pop up. What I did was get rid of my discord from gleam and authenticate it. So yay, :) wont win, but happy that I found out what the problem was.

  • JonasTisell
    Jonas Tisell (@JonasTisell) reported

    @stetsonbryl Discord Spambots for raiding servers and such. Andi's service

  • bloodstainDew
    Dewsomniac (@bloodstainDew) reported

    I'm sorry for being an insensitive **** who needs to fake their happiness in order to make myself believe Twitter, Discord and etc. can fix my own mistakes, and most importantly, sorry to my friend that I don't want to mention for their sake-

  • downie_gaming
    Downie Gaming (@downie_gaming) reported

    @streamlabs It’s fine now. I already managed to get into discord and get a one on one call to fix the problem. Thanks

  • Ratatat16615266
    Tribunus plebis (@Ratatat16615266) reported

    @nytimes Hahaha, seriously!? "Sow discord on contentious issues... how do they do it?" Does the NYT have any self awareness at all? The NYT takes a radically partisan line on every social issue there is, the model for dividing people was developed by the mainstream media years ago.

  • thery4nn
    thery4n (@thery4nn) reported

    Hey @discordapp I've a problem with Discord - my keybinds (like toggle mute) as well as the Discord overlay are both not working ingame unless I run Discord as administrator. Any way to potentially fix this?

  • Gerry31D
    Gerry (@Gerry31D) reported

    @saoirsefanclub Looks like the time to sit down & sort things out to move forward has come & gone. There’s clearly discord between him & club & he’s not blameless. The way this is going he won’t be at Celtic much longer.

  • Gerry31D
    Gerry (@Gerry31D) reported

    @saoirsefanclub Looks like the time to sit down & sort things out to move forward has come & gone. There’s clearly discord between him & club & he’s not blameless. The way this is going he won’t be at Celtic much longer.

  • NotGhoulish
    〄 Ghoul (@NotGhoulish) reported

    Some tranny in discord scolded me for addressing Him as a He because he thinks he a Female lol I got no problem with that but sorry I don't wanna **** my brain up and address you as a She when you Have, or Had a ****

  • vicentegirona3
    𝓥𝖎𝖈𝖊𝖓𝖙𝖊 𝓖. (@vicentegirona3) reported

    @discordapp PD, i've never had a problem with skype, never. Discord servers all time red bars and down calls. ez.

  • memesupporter
    penguin friend 5 days! (@memesupporter) reported

    ok so whats up is that discord suddenly thinks im logging in from a new ip address and wants to send me a mail to confirm its me this wouldnt have been a problem if it wasnt for the fact that used my school email actually ive done that for quite a few things and. well.

  • FrootyGroose
    Coachi (@FrootyGroose) reported

    Screaming for help in the discord voicechat, but nobody is online to hear me

  • GalenGrantham
    Galen Grantham (@GalenGrantham) reported

    @IncogSweeto Oh yea man I gotcha covered. And if I can’t figure it out my discord is filled with other tech savvy folks who can help.

  • CoachBryce_
    Bryce (@CoachBryce_) reported

    @Timarien @TaangOW Have 2 keybinds for discord but scroll wheel is so broken because you can spam it more than any other key and just scrolling at a chokes will get you discords you wouldn't otherwise be able to put on people so you have a chance to get free info and threaten them.

    RangerTrue (@RANGERTRUE) reported

    @Artlocked @EraiViolett We were a 5 man try looking in the r/leagueoflegends discord it's a big help!

  • clowncorner
    GOMPUTER ENHANCE (@clowncorner) reported

    can anyone help me fix my discord bot i actually dont know how to code literally at all and i cannot believe i have even got him to turn on and respond to things

  • WheelieBinUK
    WheelieBinUK (@WheelieBinUK) reported

    @TheBNN_Official Do you happen to have a link to the new discord the one i found has expired and hadn't noticed the old was taken down, been afk lately!

  • _Mosch
    Mosch (@_Mosch) reported

    Is there a discord for console fortnite players? Wanna start doing some scrim matches and doing it in proper lobbies? Could anyone help #youtube @discordapp #console

  • StratusNova
    Stratus (@StratusNova) reported

    @AllPerspicacity @RockzillahTV @Twitch @Justice__Shake A different background for the other host would be a GOOD thing wouldn't it? I'm not sure what you're talking about with your accent. I never had a problem understanding you in Discord

  • SnakeOilBoi
    Bezerk 🇬🇧 (@SnakeOilBoi) reported

    @Nimbo_YT @discordapp i don't see a problem.

  • GamerZakh
    GamerZakh (@GamerZakh) reported

    @cupnoodlegaming @MahDryBread It used to be completely case-by-case but that was before the Path to Partner programme. You could still try emailing them directly because of your YouTube. They also heavily focus on community building stuff, so pointing to how you interact and things like Discord help too.

  • permafrostbite
    permafrost bite (@permafrostbite) reported

    @portchd @SNUKgaming @GamerGalsRT well, reverse compatibility is always seen as a plus. and there is also the other stuff too. though i wish they would have had a reverse compatibility for the PSP. then there is the friends list, skype (back when you used that before discord), the online service, and the ol games

  • GyllieBot
    GyllieBot (@GyllieBot) reported

    We just rebooted our NA agent as it seemed it was having issues connecting to Discord. We'd like to apologize if you had any issues the past few hours.

  • josephacena
    정태 (@josephacena) reported

    Hi @discordapp I'm experiencing glitches with the mac app. It shows that a certain name is typing, but I'm pretty sure that's not possible coz the person is offline. Please help. Thanks.

    MEXICO MAN (@MEXICO__MAN) reported

    @discordapp Your overlay is not working in diablo 3 for me but none of the troubleshooting methods are working...

  • DorchaUS
    Dakota Ward (@DorchaUS) reported

    @Tymaan_ Yeah woth this other guy. He needs some, link your discord if you are down.

  • MiqhtySoul
    Fact Soul (@MiqhtySoul) reported

    Won't be able to do much this week. Am leaving on a business trip. Back next week. Still be able to login to discord ect!

  • Dobiiwan
    Dobiwan (@Dobiiwan) reported

    @ParadigmErico we were talking about music earlier in discord. I think it just comes down to having taste in different things, cause it personally makes some scenes for me

  • BitcoinJerry
    Jerry French (@BitcoinJerry) reported

    @BitcoinTribe @BitcoinCom @cgcardona @bitboxearth @YokooAkane @Coins4Clothes @rogerkver @BitcoinCashKE @BitcoinCashVE @BitcoinSofia @CashBangalore Discord invite not working.

  • MrdiaItone
    Mrdialtone (@MrdiaItone) reported

    Looking for a good ps4 scrim server! @FindMeClan Please comment down below any discord servers that are good! -thanks @FortniteGame

  • JengaReinwolf
    Jenga (@JengaReinwolf) reported

    . @discordapp: "You have unread messages!" *scrolls down* @discordapp: "Lol, you wrote them."

  • Uwilmod
    uwilmod (@Uwilmod) reported

    @SNOOPWAIFU all the group chats I follow were through skype and discord, I don't use group chats on any other service

  • DrakeDragsaw
    Drake Dragsaw Rants (@DrakeDragsaw) reported

    @JackRamosFTW ay your discord link on your profile is broken you silly idiot

  • __Aurum___
    Aurum__ (@__Aurum___) reported

    @1kittysillykat1 I hate being in high school due to having to leave around 6:30 because I never wake up around that time lol thing is I wouldn't leave 5 minutes late if I don't lay down looking at twitter and discord for 10 minutes XD

  • TediousTubes
    TediousTubes (@TediousTubes) reported

    Guess who has had all his accounts hacked. It’s me my discord,Instagram and my YouTube channel has been hacked. Honestly I have no way to contact people and l tell them what’s going on I have talked to Youtube and they are trying to help me but my discord and Instagram Are ******

  • LeWeirdestBlerb
    nah, im gayer than Del in every way (@LeWeirdestBlerb) reported


  • VyonDae
    Dae'Vyon Riley (@VyonDae) reported

    @CresseliaWolf goddess I need your help this is me luffy on discord it deleted my account and now I can't go back to the group I was trying to put a picture on my account but it didn't work and I tried to go in the group on YouTube but it don't work can you friend me pls I need

  • unihms
    Uni☆유니 (@unihms) reported

    ahh... but discord really is convenient for scribbling down bits and pieces of ideas... and for memos..... and for wildly jotting down flowery pieces of writing that aren't really part of any story but me being really romantic...

  • cravecreative
    Nicky P. (@cravecreative) reported

    @Herox_Aramu I can't help you with that here unfortunately. I'm not a moderator. Perhaps it's just not the right place for you. Have you tried Discord? There's a ton of Q boards there. Check it out. They're probably more along the lines of discussion you're looking for.

  • grand_linx
    Grand_Master_LinX (@grand_linx) reported

    @Yuku_cono help was booted from discord

  • WolfOfTheGate
    Wolf (@WolfOfTheGate) reported

    @discordapp enjoy the service but the servers are acting up

  • kiisszen
    Arthur Abe (@kiisszen) reported

    @discordapp @Guachuleru i have the same problem, i tried every single tutorial in youtube and still not working

  • wontknowyou (@wontknowyou) reported

    @silentshotghost @pwned4ever Join the discord or follow @pwned4ever there should be enough proof for you there. With my experience, I haven’t had battery issues, random reboots, resprings or overheating.

  • Kagami_360
    kagami360 (@Kagami_360) reported

    @YugiohMemories I got someone into yugioh through linking my playlist of all the Yu-Gi-Oh Japanese intros on discord, and now she wants to know how she should watch Yu-Gi-Oh (what to skip and not skip) I am pretty forgetful and I thought that you could help, how should she watch

  • reformedsday
    Dawns (@reformedsday) reported

    I Am So Sad, Every Time I talk in @Kachuwu server, (My angle). I am harassed And people Say "wahh i want active chat", Why there are So many autists who have genuine superiority complexes oover discord . I am crying, Please Kachulu Fix Ur server I just want to Be one with them :(

  • CheshiredSmile
    C. Atrac (@CheshiredSmile) reported

    This account will be closed down/deleted on the 1st of Oktober along with other programs/apps like Discord and Steam. Thank you all.

  • jar042002
    thinker the wolf (@jar042002) reported

    @discordapp , every time i try downloading discord on my computer it says javascript error and wont let me use discord. Then it opens a weird file that is not even in javascript. I have tried using uninstall a program, to no avail. Can you help?

  • Kyatastrophe
    Kyatastrophe (@Kyatastrophe) reported

    @discordapp is there ever going to be a fix for links going invalid if you try to join them and you're capped? I now have no way to join a server and no way to contact anybody on it unless I make an alt account

  • ASAPCaldo
    Waldo The Apache (@ASAPCaldo) reported

    @VentureCoinist Hey I been trying to join the discord from the website link since the telegram is going down and it links to open through the browser and says opening the discord app but never completes

  • William_R_Hart
    WR_Hart (@William_R_Hart) reported

    @pizzaw0lf @jsaxonred It doesn't help that twitter is a shitty platform to have a discussion like this. Do you go on discord?

  • DarklyGH
    Kai (@DarklyGH) reported

    @BubbleGreenTae i was thinking Discord but notifications on Discord are so broken