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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • daot99 Jeff (@daot99) reported

    @EternaLEnVy1991 Youre a pathetic loser who takes its own frustration to others. Kicking players will not win you TI because the main problem here is you. You suck at dota and you cant even accept that. You dont listen to people when they tell you you suck because youre an arrogant person.

  • Peksudota Peksu (@Peksudota) reported

    My game is getting stuck on loading screen when i play pubs, i have to restart dota everytime but it doesn't dc me on game before 20sec into the start of the game. Any1 else with this problem/ any tips how to fix it

  • frzk97 klawd. (@frzk97) reported

    This was a thread about Dota 2 and its roster inconsistency, and an idea that might solve a little of its problems. #dota2 @ESLDota2 @DOTA2 @BTSGoDz @followNoxville @Blitz_DotA @ODPixel @keepingitKyle @TobiWanDOTA

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    @Daymngle @NahazDota I can't speak for Nahaz & I'm not personally against commenting on players' character in itself. But I think there's a way to do it professionally. I would agree Dota has a problem of analysts being too afraid to criticise, but I don't think that means we should attack people.

  • Zvangi Erdem (@Zvangi) reported

    @NewshamDota @DotACapitalist @BTSGoDz @pinocalub @followNoxville Classic dota scene. Nobody talks why they were kicked or why you kicked them and everybody talks shit in Twitter. This is not a government like problem just tell people the truth so people can cheer for right people not for scumbags. Be transparent please.

  • GemIndies IndiesGem (@GemIndies) reported from Mulyorejo, Jawa Timur

    Playing @OpenAI and it’s very hard to play. The problem is : 1. Not communicating with team 2. They can insta any target item or spell 3. And predicting 80% winning when the game just started. My tip is, don’t play with random. Coz you gonna look dumb #dota2 #openai #games

  • IamDraciel Toni (@IamDraciel) reported

    Pubg mobile doesn't care about service. They will bring new dress and skins. This company doesn't care about customers. I don't think that it will stay long. Look at CS-GO and Dota 2.

  • Panzer_Zand Panzer (@Panzer_Zand) reported

    @Dyrus First world problems. I feel like im stuck in a 'Have all these games but dunno what to play' state of mind. All I've been playing is dota and even that is rarely.

  • ashrlff Mir (@ashrlff) reported from Kampong Haji Mohamad Sariff, Malaysia

    Dota is broken

  • magemiralles MaGe (@magemiralles) reported

    @DOTA2 fix dotatv

  • bilalpha Bilal Asadi (@bilalpha) reported

    @AP_2196 @viniciuszz @7ckngMadDOTA Dota doesn't need 100 Mbps speed I play with 0 lag 60 ping with 4 Mbps connection.

  • aakashn Aakash Nerurkar (@aakashn) reported

    Hey @ESLDota2 @ESLMenOfWar @EsportsMurphy yesterday the White markers at signing sessions were not working, can u plz make sure they are fine today. Really really want the autograph on my mousepad. #ESLOne #ESLOneMumbai #mumbai #Dota2

  • VirtualPistol aussienick (@VirtualPistol) reported

    @Misfits @SwaggerSouls There's a DOTA 2 LAN finals at Lido Cinema hawthorn if you wanna gate crash it.

  • CounterTurner Cesar Alvarez (@CounterTurner) reported

    @7ckngMadDOTA The fundamental problem is that the game is not popular enough. There are too few people playing Dota for high rank matches to both be even and have a reasonable queue time. The only solution that gives both is to basically double the playerbase.

  • jsnxyZ Jason Andrade (@jsnxyZ) reported

    @_colibrisa @PaulChaloner The problem is its a big country and only urban areas, for the most part, have dota players. Collectively, there are many dota players in the country, but not all can afford to go to Mumbai :(

  • WIJdude333 Duck Q. (@WIJdude333) reported

    @danekevincook valve probably saw your videos and doesnt care because they want to fix artifact so players dont say it's complete garbage because valves good games died for a ******* dota card game

  • TXThitz 𝐭𝐚𝐞𝐡𝐲𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐞 (@TXThitz) reported

    let ppl play what they want. if they want to play dota2, then ok. if they want to play ml, then no problem w that. Stop proving that this one is better and that one is a trash.

  • JimmyMourani Jimmy Mourani (@JimmyMourani) reported

    @wykrhm Still can't fix DotA by banning boosters and account buyers .. nice

  • dmodoto lolnator (@dmodoto) reported

    @IceFrog @steam_games @Steam_Support @DOTA2 PLEASE NERF LION I AM BEGGING YOU HE IS BROKEN **** THIS GAME ITS SO ******* TRASH

  • MrNener James 'NeeNaw' Nener (@MrNener) reported

    Dota just isn't as enjoyable as it once was. It's over saturated, with a lack of communication from Valve regarding issues within the game. And the toxic community doesn't help. I feel like I need to be forced to play with friends these days.

  • followNoxville Ben Steenhuisen (@followNoxville) reported

    If we truly want positive change within the Dota 2 ecosystem it, we need to rally together and push for common goals. The problem is that too many actors like the system as it is, and the remaining actors lack the unity to group up.

  • dragondropdota dragondrop (@dragondropdota) reported

    Lots of good points in here that I can only agree with. I am still turning some cogs in my head about some topics, but lemme just throw in a few thoughts right now: I think the issue of sustaining growth of Dota and the role of commentary in that pursuit needs to be

  • OMSKdota Vlados OMSK Ivanov (@OMSKdota) reported

    @JJLiebig @TobiWanDOTA @DOTA2 well if TO think that way and won't change it i feel sad because that isn't enough for a healthy coverage IMO i feel like lesser(-10/20% prize pools is actually a decent solution to that problem but i guess nobody will do that (at least while valve dictate such a gigantic pools)

  • Georrr_ge George (@Georrr_ge) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @JJLiebig @DOTA2 The problem is: there would be less rants and disappointed comments if they communicated about their plans and reasons behind different decisions, like *that one company with many leagues*

  • Georrr_ge George (@Georrr_ge) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @JJLiebig @DOTA2 And of course, Valve does nothing to help. They're just sitting aside watching the scene cripple with problems. Dota has already lost a lot of mainstream attention, I think this TI won't have more than 1 million western CCU in peak.

  • maximus538 Max Marion (@maximus538) reported

    @andrey_kurenkov @ilyasut @ylecun Okay, I get your point. All the bot did was "beat" a "very hard problem." You can see Dota as an arbitrary landmark, both in terms of skill + problem. I too wish we could better measure "intelligence gained." It's clearly not just loss or win rate

  • maximus538 Max Marion (@maximus538) reported

    @andrey_kurenkov @ilyasut @ylecun If it had failed, we'd be talking about limitations of RL, complexity of other problems vs Dota, what new architecture do we need, etc... but it won, and showed that we haven't hit the limit of RL, nor the "throw compute at it" strategy.

  • XaRiLeY [LITS]Dean Riley▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 (@XaRiLeY) reported

    I generally love MOBA Games and was determined to try and learn Dota But there's such a high amount of negativity at low level and smurfs its just impossible, But This is a problem with most games and new players are pushed away and the move on, Soon there will be 0 new players

  • ScyCat4 Scy (@ScyCat4) reported

    halfway thru mother 3, 60 % thru a cool rom hack, 40% thru another rom hack. Nah I wanna play more Dota some1 fix my brain pls

  • BikiniBodhi BikiniBodhi 🦀 (@BikiniBodhi) reported

    @SternabR6 @SuzakuR6 @Maxiter94 @notlesto I mean look at most other popular games atm. Overwatch's Balance is going Haywyre. Apex has HUGE cheating issues. Fortnite completely disregards their competetive community. League disregards their entire community. Dota is super hard to get into as a new player.

  • Sunbro98 Tyler Wilson (@Sunbro98) reported

    I play dota again when naga is fixed and the matchmaking isn’t broken UwU

  • HattonGames Hatton Games (@HattonGames) reported

    @STEPAAANEK Cheating isn't really a problem in Dota like it is in CS. Reporting is mainly used for people who ruin games with toxicity or straight up feeding/afk. If you get reported enough you'll be either muted or placed in the low priority queue (with other naughty people).

  • tianosss ITIAN (@tianosss) reported from Bungahan, Calabarzon

    @_mikekiel -ilovethis game -bading sa dota -broken lagi

  • JoshyTut JCBaggayan♡ (@JoshyTut) reported

    ❎Suicide is not a solution to your problems ✅Playing Dota is the solution

  • marvels_the The Modern Marvels (@marvels_the) reported

    @OmegamanDota @SharkButler Do you have any concepts in Dota that you don't like. For example, I know he's loved and a mainstay now, but I will never like Rubick. I think it's really broken to be able to take another characters spells and use them even better than they can. I just don't like that concept.

  • ElysiaSakura JB@ShinyColors1stAnniv (@ElysiaSakura) reported

    That said, people do love to mix up both issues as if they're intertwined when in fact they aren't and shouldn't be. It is possible for devs to add accesibility options without sacrificing the core difficulty of games that are supposed to be hard. (Looks at DotA2.)

  • dan_s_becker Dan Becker (@dan_s_becker) reported

    @paul_scharre @OpenAI DOTA isn't a toy problem. @gdb posted this because it's hard Maybe harder than designing good simulators or generalizing from imperfect simulators with lower dimensional state spaces But it's appealing because it's pure optimization, not because it's the best path to real value

  • catherineols Catherine Olsson (@catherineols) reported

    I agree that "we lack simulators for meaningful problems", but I also don't think that that makes Dota "irrelevant". To me it's like basic/translational medical research: All basic / no translational => no actual patients treated All translational / no basic => no innovation

  • stoopidnerd Cryptonerd (@stoopidnerd) reported

    @gdb your vision and your action does not match. what good have you done to humanity other than trying to make OG the best dota team to feel bad. why are you not focusing on more bigger issue that can help save humanity such as food, environmental problem, etc.

  • heineken735 Tyler Troutman (@heineken735) reported

    Hey @DOTA2 the micro stutter lag is now a known issue. Im going to have to stop playing until it's fixed. The game is literally unplayable right now

  • jiansrauhl 🌟 𝔩𝔢𝔵𝔦 🔪💔 (@jiansrauhl) reported

    i cannot watch ari's set because my boyfriend is playing dota 2 and i can't stream because he's gonna lag because he's got shitty wifi

  • RahmtinR Rahmtin Rotabi (@RahmtinR) reported

    @gdb @OGesports What you are doing is like having 5 clones of notail that deterministically behaves through the game, e.g. If notail1 is gonna through the stun I'll keep my stun. Fix your baselines and obey the rules of the game and comeback. Don't make the dota scene a place to make money.

  • RealKenIchiro kehezo (@RealKenIchiro) reported

    fix your ******* game @DOTA2

  • iamjaysureka Jayy (@iamjaysureka) reported

    @TheSpiritJuice @markimbriaco @believeskt @Slasher Yes but it will be. It works on the basis of trial and error. In testing,if the hero dies because he made a certain move,he will never make that same move in those conditions. Obviously dota being the game it is,there will always be unique situations in match,but one day it will

  • paTRICKYpatrick Patrick Yim (@paTRICKYpatrick) reported

    The sound levels are pretty low during the draft analysis even with volume nearly maxed on tv. Had a hard time hearing @Arteezy and @SumaaaaiL . Please fix! @WSOE @DOTA2

  • denytriaditya Denicrispy (@denytriaditya) reported

    When he said Dota in this debate, Fix. I'll choose him #DebatPilpres2019

  • CalvinKoekemoer Calvin Koekemoer (@CalvinKoekemoer) reported

    @DOTA2 **** your shit ban low priority system, your shit toxic community that can't wait 5 min for a disconnected player due to an outage and your shit game I've supported since dota 1! All the money I've spent on your shit game was in vain! Thnx and goodluck staying relevant!

  • Hotsi_18 Hotsi (@Hotsi_18) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA @MarsMedia @DisneylandParis @Blitz_DotA @Foggeddota @GranDGranT @ODPixel @DotACapitalist @keepingitKyle @SheeverGaming @SirActionSlacks @BTSGoDz @tsunami643 RIP... Won't be watching this tournament! We need @TobiWanDOTA at the desk screaming of joy and excitement ! Calling the epic plays! Dota life just isn't the same without our BOI! My heart is broken..

  • SnowVortex95 Filip Alempijevic (@SnowVortex95) reported

    @emiel1981 @ZenCupid @DestinLegarie There should be games on both sides, but lets be honest, a lot more games fail to deliver always online experience, than single player, thats the reason why you had to pick some games which are almost a decade old like dota and cs go, I can name a lot of failed games as a service

  • sendogan_16 Şendoğan (@sendogan_16) reported

    @DOTA2 ma dudes wtf with morph r bug whole match ı stucked with shadow demon and my ultimate button ''R'' didnt work fix it !!

  • StarPlaysGames Star-Demon (@StarPlaysGames) reported

    I don't think I'll be getting a DOTA compendium this year. Reasons: 1. Last year's was so grubby for money. 2. They haven't really addressed core issues in the last year. 3. I play DOTA less and less as a result. 4. I watch DOTA less and less.

  • hamtarox joe lau (@hamtarox) reported

    @PUBG_Support pls fix your broken game...every 10seconds network lag detected !! the game cant play literally!! i play other game like overwatch..cs,dota n no such issue

  • joff_reinoso Joffre Reinoso Lopez (@joff_reinoso) reported

    @DOTA2 Two consecutive matches with intencional feeding. Come on devolepers how many time do you need to fix matchmaking. I know you can code a way to keep tracking of this kind of bad players. Its not only a simple legend 2 that is talking about this pro gamers as well.

  • vo1floatings vo1_floatings (@vo1floatings) reported

    @FortniteGame continued... what happened to listening to the community like how u fix n vault the infinity blade after listening to the community prob no ones gonna see this but if u continue to do your shit the community n your whole game will die like pubg dota halo listen to the community

  • BerdManTwitch BerdMan (@BerdManTwitch) reported

    @PUBGBets_net yoo i have item in my steam inv and its dota 2 200 dollar item and this i am trying deposite and sites isnt even sending me offer :D can you fix that

  • dusha_golubec Baban (@dusha_golubec) reported

    @rs2vietnam Ok boys. Your game have some broblems. And they make me angry 1. Then you keep down and try to stend up and run. The character don't run, hi is slow and it looks like he is stuck in somthing 2. I can't use my mic in 50% of games. (In CS:GO and Dota it works) Pls fix and feedback

  • HawtKoffee Michael Shilliday ☕️ (@HawtKoffee) reported

    @boneyaard my only regret is that these aren't the whole 1st chapter. We're printing these as test issues for Geequinox on short notice. Chapter 1 ended up a bit bloated and that's mostly my fault. Also I have a bunch of Dota sets I need to wrap up. Not enough time in the day.

  • SunWukong_D2LoL The Monkey King (@SunWukong_D2LoL) reported

    @MysticCumshot "Oh, this aint Dota-" Fourth wall has been broken.

  • RamiroStuardo Ramiro Stuardo (@RamiroStuardo) reported


  • carlosrobles355 Bosco (@carlosrobles355) reported

    @DOTA2 fix your servers