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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • Online Play (25.00%)
  • Matchmaking (20.00%)

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  • VillenMillenion
    VillenMillenion (@VillenMillenion) reported

    @MaxiGerlich @NessaCSGO @FACEIT @humphreyCSGO i never had problems on faceit with dota, csgo was a completly different exprience thought xd

  • JonKaroll
    Jon Karoll (@JonKaroll) reported

    *sigh* I really like Heroes of the Storm but the lag is quite bad so now I have to shift to League of Legends, since that’s slightly less toxic than Dota 2. On the other hand, Warcraft III Reforged! Woohoo!

  • skyleviathan_
    kaitlyn (@skyleviathan_) reported

    @dragovorn the issue is that you're playing dota

  • dragovorn
    Andrew Burr (@dragovorn) reported

    If Persona 5 comes out on Switch I'm actually going to be upset instead of happy, I've already bought it on PS4 and its been on my "to play list". Issue is I can't find the time to go downstairs and actually play it, if I had it on Switch I'd be playing it between Dota queues.

  • william_partin
    will partin 🎒 (@william_partin) reported

    @Cnut_real Missed this! They do seem to help a little, but I don’t think they do much to address the underlying issues in dota, which is that dota needs real governance but valve is not incentivized to provide it.

  • mdiluz
    "Marc" Di Luzio 🕹️ (@mdiluz) reported

    @thenaughtysquid tbh I think the issue was always gonna be that its a paid game. It's such a hard sell! Should have given it to, say Dota Plus subs for free or something to start

  • Xeleveneleven
    . (@Xeleveneleven) reported

    So annoying, tilting when i playing dota like i have heavy problem in my life, seperti sesuatu yang memaksakan

  • Yuujers
    Eugene 'Yuuj' Tseng (@Yuujers) reported

    Well now that HotS is officially a dead game, its time to either relearn League of Legends or DotA 2. Still need my MOBA fix

  • RenzRobles06_
    ~ (@RenzRobles06_) reported

    I need to fix myself , kahit sa dota ang lata

  • oddgems
    Faisal Sohail 🏝️🤘 (@oddgems) reported

    @DOTA2 is officially broken! I quit. This recent update sucks, don't destroy this awesome game. #dota2 #worstUpdateEver

  • Cheese00387099
    Cheese (@Cheese00387099) reported

    @DOTA2 Hi. If i use low/men effects quality, then i can't see Sandstorm border. Pls fix this, ty.

  • LUCIF3R98
    Alex McKenna (@LUCIF3R98) reported

    Shame I can no longer play @DOTA2 after 5 years playing the game just because of what seems to be a unfixable bug. Gone as far as formatting my computer and it still refuses to not crash after 5 minutes. Well it has been a fun one...

  • Slasher
    Rod Breslau (@Slasher) reported

    @RalfReichert @mbCARMAC Over saturation and too much content definitely isn't as big of a problem as other issues in the industry - like an entire game's esport dying due to lack of revenue or viewership - but it's still there. Valve's reigning in the Dota 2 circuit has helped that ecosystem.

  • Fyndolf
    Fyndel (@Fyndolf) reported

    @Liam_HotS @endemicesports u used 8-10h into a game that was already having rly low views and players instead of focusing on games like LoL or dota 2, i mean theres none to blame besides u be happy ur dream got crushed early enogh for u to fix ur life

    MASIH KHAN (@MASIHKHAN3) reported

    @MobileLegendsOL its always lag even when i can play dota fine at 70 to 80 ping mlbb always have spikes playing at 100 then suddenly its 400 then circle goes on

  • adarel
    Emily, Dread Wolf Lover (@adarel) reported

    @ChefEff @Discord @EpicGames Consumers have choices aside from Facebook and Apple. And I think Apple has issues for sure. But Steam has had a monopoly and on top of that, Valve ******* crowdfunds its Dota2 prize pool RIDICULOUS. It profits from other people's work. It generates markets to exploit. It's awful

  • MatadorOW
    Steven "Man of Many Nicknames" T (@MatadorOW) reported

    @runforestrun23 @Grummz They didn't get the IP, they got the Devs/community members who made the original DOTA. Dota2 is called just "DOTA2" It's NOT called "Defense of the Ancients 2" That's to avoid the IP issues

  • sapphic_plant
    💖✨☠️ marble tooth and claw ☠️✨💖 (@sapphic_plant) reported

    @bombsfall God I was so excited for this game because I wanted my Dota 2 fix without subjecting myself to playing Dota 2

  • Variecs223
    Variecs (@Variecs223) reported

    @panick1n @Thooorin That's not exactly true, Originally it tried to address most of the problems the games like LoL and Dota 2 have. It tried removing the obnoxious lasthit mechanic for example (which resulted in the game becoming super dull and laning phase no existing) (1/2)

  • axel_valim
    Axel Valim (@axel_valim) reported

    @DOTA2 @dota2updates @dota2reddit @Cyborgmatt okay so, when you use slark and there's an enemy arc warden's illusion (ult) dies near you (after you hit the illusion once or more), you get 1 permanent agi, even if the illusion's duration is over, you still will get 1 perma agi FIX

  • darkscorch62
    starshimmer (@darkscorch62) reported

    @SirActionSlacks I am so like distraught aboyt the announcement i mean yeah i played league and dota but i always found myself back at heros at some point... and now Activision has killed it cuz even blizzard wouldent kill it. I put the blame of all recently issues from Blizz on Activision.

  • sart_sc
    Sart_SC (@sart_sc) reported

    @Maxyusc @StarCraft @LeagueOfLegends @DOTA2 That was definitely an issue, yeah. HotS had great potential to AT LEAST challenge LoL/Dota (probably not overtake though), and Im trying my best not to be biased there. But they've ****** over their pros time after time, and have let some dubious things happen in the scene (1/2)

  • RempahRz
    Rz (@RempahRz) reported

    @DOTA2 hi, i cant equip thefatrat music pack after latest update, please fix. thanks

  • AmeerHMadi
    Ameer Madi (@AmeerHMadi) reported

    @bmkibler @PG_rayC Welp it's not their fault sadly hots came way too long after mobas like lol and dota 2 took over the genre and every other game got destroyed or overshadowed to smithereens. Its just too late. I quit league for hots due to toxicity and unbalance issues, so sas to see the only

  • RunicKnight25
    Runicknight (@RunicKnight25) reported

    Its same problem with Microsoft closing down Age of Empires Online. Closing down a good fun game over shitty mobile phone games... Why can't we have games last forever. Its not fair that Dota 2 and League of Legends continues on while Heroes of the Storm doesn't....

  • PinoyGameStore
    Pinoy Game Store (@PinoyGameStore) reported

    @GraydonIIIVO @PlayArtifact Money isn't an issue, the issue is the current business model is hampering a great game We're what we call whales in Valve's most successful game called #DOTA2. (Over 15,000 USD on Dota 2 alone) There's no need to emulate Hearthstone's grind when the Dota 2 model exists.

  • MathiesSC
    Nana Misa 【ナナミサ】(229/300) (@MathiesSC) reported

    as heroes is now dead--its great that no one on their design team ever actually spent any amount of time playing dota, so they had the experience of dealing with problems that dota had already solved 6+ years prior it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion

  • DoubleUHarrison
    Will Harrison? (@DoubleUHarrison) reported

    @runycat I alway found HOTS to be the least toxic of the MOBAs. In my literal first match against real opponents in DOTA, a team mate told me to kill myself because I picked the wrong starting items. DOTA and LoL have some major community problems.

  • TheWonderCow
    Ryan 'Gorgon' Jurado (@TheWonderCow) reported

    My biggest issue with Artifact is that there's no compelling casual-competitive experience. Either you pay WHENEVER you want to play competitive or you play long, meaningless, no-stakes wastes of time. In this way, it fees as contrary to the Dota experience as is possible.

  • hendyaguung
    Doko (@hendyaguung) reported

    @redditdota2 the moment dota started to suck and broken

  • ForbiddeNSama
    Abhiyuday (@ForbiddeNSama) reported

    @HathwayBrdband this is very un-epic. 😡 Me and my mitr @BansalAyaaN can't play dota because of your shit service errr fix his problems ASAP else 1v1 me in csgo errr 👏👏

  • MarsCaturix
    Mars Caturix (@MarsCaturix) reported

    My relationship with Dota is a complicated one. I enjoy watching its esports, and like playing it occasionally (nearly all ability draft) and hate playing it the rest of the time. This disconnect stops me from ever treating it with the attention I had previously given DG. :x

  • tobangga
    wirangga (@tobangga) reported

    DoTA's 7.20 patch is broken #2018In5Words

  • DullTwig
    finals stress nap (@DullTwig) reported

    @violetdeer66 Oh that's super weird, I don't think I've run into that issue but like dota has a lot of jank so the reinstall should fix it lol, and audio jank does happen a lot with like buying items/locking in heroes/like anything with sound in the pre-game screen tho jsyk

  • violetdeer66
    An Outcry (@violetdeer66) reported

    @DullTwig It's only happening in dota so it's not an issue with the computer I don't think

  • Inso_
    Inso (@Inso_) reported

    I dont deal w/ SFV so I cant speak on other things they have planned but regarding internal ads, as long as it's SFV related content and not intrusive I dont see a problem. Dota2 has been doing it for skins and compendiums since forever so I dont know why capcom waited until now

  • Bayuarief12
    Bayu arief (@Bayuarief12) reported

    Pls fix my internet 2 day no dota :( @FirstMediaCares

  • Fanus09171447
    Fanus (@Fanus09171447) reported

    @KheZzu_ @DOTA2 @IceFrog All their staff moved over to @PlayArtifact to try save it,so Dotas very extensive bug list will just remain as such since theres no proper management and they dont have money to employ more people so.Also no one there knows how to fix bugs in source2 since they just keep coming.

  • lrncegnzls
    Laurence Gonzales (@lrncegnzls) reported

    @gr8diZaster @PlayArtifact @wykrhm @DOTA2 Meanwhile dota 2 cant even provide a decent update time and cant even reply to issues about the china drama asap. Lmao

  • Sad_Pancake
    Steven Daniel McKenna (@Sad_Pancake) reported

    @bradshoemaker @dannyodwyer I feel like we can give a pass to a game like Dota that is Basically a live service and constantly evolving

  • BeingKrennic
    Director Krennic (@BeingKrennic) reported

    Well, I can say that #Steam works perfectly on #Linux so far. Successfully installed #DOTA2 and tried that out. Going through the tutorial, which has its problems, but glad I am, because the control arrangement isn't what I'm used to.

  • SafwanIskandar_
    _Bangwan (@SafwanIskandar_) reported

    @Hoii_Mijan Maybe router or maybe nak kena call unifi maki, tapi dota okay je.. dia bila connect phone je problem i dont know ******* why defuck kan

  • TheRealRaxyz
    Raxyz (@TheRealRaxyz) reported

    @Nerfnow So yeah, it's no DotA, but it seemed to have paid off enough to make it worthwhile. We'll see it if they ever issues an official statement on it

  • Skizzors
    Skizzors (@Skizzors) reported

    In other news Dota went okay tonight, Rocket League was okay, and Smash was legit as always. Wanted to stream but something else now isn't working that I'm going to need to try and fix today >_>. Stay tuned for more news on that.

  • SwagLordH
    Hatem Hammad (@SwagLordH) reported

    @DOTA2 umm... RIKI BASE DAMAGE BUFFED BY 3, THIS WILL SURELY MAKE HIM RELEVANT COMPARED TO ALL THE OVERBUFFED HEROES THAT ARE CONSTANTLY GETTING FIXED :) HAHA. MEMEZ! KEK! EKS DEE... I dont think buffing a hero that relies on his passive for damage is relevant, fix his kit.

  • daibzer
    daibzer (@daibzer) reported

    @EpheyDota @DOTA2 they think es still broken, you have to see the bug as a passive nerf

  • kyledegez
    Kyle Monsale (@kyledegez) reported

    @DOTA2 Dota is broken

  • ansar_Az
    ansar (@ansar_Az) reported

    Celcom please have a good internet service, ik stress out trying to release with playing some dota

  • Viccroy
    Viccroy (@Viccroy) reported

    @HavokCryptic @FortniteGame @DOTA2 Those are broken systems then. I don't doubt that @EpicGames is capable of implementing this system without any issues.

  • AntoDioto
    AntoDio (@AntoDioto) reported

    @i99dota @DOTA2 I also had that issue

  • satasd31
    Space (@satasd31) reported

    @DOTA2 Yo ********, can you fix the ranked match-making. The allocation of players into teams is worst I have ever seen. I've been playing this ******* game for 6 years and nothing changed. Start to fix the ******* RMM system you shittards or make the game "pay to play"!

  • Paulygonn
    ☃️🎁🎄🎮Paulygonn🎮🎄🎁☃️ (@Paulygonn) reported

    Man @DOTA2 is in a rough place right now. Five patches for the patch already & still the game is broken as shit, not to mention a complete hero imbalance. Yeah time for a long #DOTA2 break, have tons of other things I want to play anyway.

  • william_vergara
    William Vergara (@william_vergara) reported

    @DOTA2 when are you going to nerf pangolier. He is broken!

  • SWORD666
    Strings (@SWORD666) reported

    @Purificationone in my opinion , fight fire with fire just make all the champions equally broken that would be a real balance instead of trying to get the same champions on the same Level of power , that is what Dota2 have done basically

  • holtalanm
    Alan Holt (@holtalanm) reported

    @Loving_Angel77 @Slasher @Cylints i agree with you. one of the underlying problems is the insane negative consequences there are for leaving a game sometimes. like, in some of the more popular games that i love you get perma banned for leaving too many games *cough* LoL *cough* DotA. it is stupid.

  • Bro_Im_Slow
    Virgil Caine (@Bro_Im_Slow) reported

    Everyone I know who played/plays dota2 that isnt Asian comes from a broken home or was molested

  • Scarecrow720
    Viktor (@Scarecrow720) reported

    @garbagebcn @DisguisedToast As a player I don't care how the game is watched, because i'm playing it xD. I Dota for example but it's too complex for me so that's why I dont play it. The problem is that a lot of people like me dont want to pay for a game that we may don't like

  • frendazoned
    lanlingwangfan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    Like i actually would love to know what ******** is going on at the valve offices that dota is in such a terrible just technical state so much shit is just Not Working

  • JavierFlores006
    Javier Flores (@JavierFlores006) reported

    Fix crash when launching game please @DOTA2 @wykrhm

  • ProfClockwork
    Admiral Clockwork (@ProfClockwork) reported

    I should be happy that its not distracting me, but Dota 2 is straight up broken on my end. Can't connect to the game coordinator upon starting up, and when it does connect the game crashes. @DOTA2