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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • BitSkinsCom (@BitSkinsCom) reported

    Dota 2 issues appear to have been resolved on Steam. You should now be able to withdraw Dota 2 items with no issues!

  • abrahamd Peripheral (@abrahamd) reported

    It just occurred to me that the secret service has probably developed opsec protocools for esports so baron can play dota

  • abrahamd Peripheral (@abrahamd) reported

    @RussellSquirt @ByYourLogic I wonder what kind of opsec rules the secret service make baron follow on his dota account

  • ZohaibSaigal2 Zohaib Saigal (@ZohaibSaigal2) reported

    @Sheiikhster *temporarily broken up with dota* 🥺

  • AeinMg AeinMyoMg (@AeinMg) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix the item bug thanks.

  • sickdegen Traveler (@sickdegen) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix ure fuking buggy game.

  • Kerrumm Owen (@Kerrumm) reported

    @alxcsgo I dont know anything about the dota2 scandal but in my opinion if you match fix you should be permanently banned.

  • Jive_Turkey89 Jive Turkey (@Jive_Turkey89) reported

    @Chickzama Leme in there with discord mobile on dota inside a big warehouse I swear there wont be any issues

  • Martin_RGB MartinRGB (@Martin_RGB) reported

    The issues with Dota 2 items seem to finally be resolved! Please @valvesoftware never make me go a day without opening cases again.

  • heyygec Gec (@heyygec) reported

    Everytime mag first place ko sa dota underlords mag crash ang game wtf

  • diignty dav (@diignty) reported

    yea nice the ping is normal for dota, but the amount of packet loss for apex legends suddenly increase more than 10 just now, how do u fix this gooptix

  • Murshad007 Murshad (@Murshad007) reported

    @DOTA2 Create lobby Failed, Due to Maintenance Error.

  • aliaswastaken_ eyyy (@aliaswastaken_) reported

    @TV2_Henriksen @Androdk @Farzouille @neLendirekt @CSGO It's weird, but not surprising that VALVE didnt communicate with the CSGO pros after the first DOTA2 match fix happened. VALVE had a clear stance to the players after solo got initially banned than unbanned.

  • farislahudin_ Faris Lahudin (@farislahudin_) reported

    @afwinfzy fix it with dota

  • BitSkinsCom (@BitSkinsCom) reported

    Dota 2 transactions are currently having issues across Steam. For this reason, some withdrawals of Dota 2 items may fail, resulting in the offer being cancelled or simply expiring. We suggest waiting until this issue is resolved on Steam's end to withdraw your items!

  • buff163 buff163 (@buff163) reported

    @roob691 @mxwong_ @Fatmetalcs You can retry, but it will fail likely. Let’s wait for dota2 fix this issue

  • mxwong_ Max 🇭🇰 (@mxwong_) reported

    @roob691 @Fatmetalcs @buff163 Same for me, I asked buff support and they said it was a problem with dota trades

  • buff163 buff163 (@buff163) reported

    Dota2 trading service has been unstable in recent days, we can only wait and retry

  • daggial Daggial (@daggial) reported

    @MonteCristo "...DotA 2 balance road of everything being broken" watchu mean

  • bobmurane Robin Prksh (@bobmurane) reported

    @Cyborgmatt @DOTA2 Why not Dubai, U.A.E Super place and I'm sure there won't be any visa issues. All the best 👍🏼

  • InkwellValentin Trickle Down Raegonomics (@InkwellValentin) reported

    I can guarantee that if CSGO or DOTA had a hacking problem THIS bad, then Valve would IMMEDIATELY be jumping on it and patching as much as they could OUT of the game so they could prevent any bad press from the amount of scripters and hackers running around in their game.

  • XenonCS Diego Sanchez (@XenonCS) reported

    Buying Dota2 Items / Inventory If anyone quiting i can provide a cash out service Just Dm me Paypal / BTC / Bank transfer #Dota2 #dota2sell #dota2item #dota2cash #dotaselling

  • HrMartinussen Henning Martinussen (@HrMartinussen) reported

    @valve @DOTA2 how hard can it be not to update the game coordinator in prime time in EU. Do it at 4 o'clock in the morning instead or maybe ask netflix how they do maintenance without taking servers down. #servmaintenancefordummies

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    There are far too few actors in the Dota 2 scene who are able to consistently take an objective, long-term view on things. This has been part of the problem for a long time and is part of why improvements are always so episodic.

  • MonteCristo MonteCristo (@MonteCristo) reported

    The combination of terrain manipulation and a resurrection on one character in an FPS is potent. Either this character is broken or Riot is going down the DotA 2 balance road of everything being broken. Regardless, as someone who survived the Mercy meta, rez in FPS is awful.

  • blueoysterspike Miguel (@blueoysterspike) reported

    @jesstephan @BenS_MTG i mean... other esports such as Dota and Hearthstone have leaderboards constantly being updated. This doesn´t seem like an actual issue.

  • deneamonk Denea (@deneamonk) reported

    Getting 6k+ ms only in wow, other games like dota2, Netflix and other stuffs works just fine. Addons are up to date, even gets the same issue whit no addons installed. Removed cashe, flushed dns, renewed ip. So any idea on what to do to resolve this issue @BlizzardCSEU_EN

  • henrydota2 henry (@henrydota2) reported

    pangolier is 100% the most broken dota hero

  • AhLuizF Luiz Fernando (@AhLuizF) reported

    @leozahri_ Ragnarok, Dota, NFS Underground2, Crash Bandicoot

  • Dimmizer Dimmizer (@Dimmizer) reported

    @lexywolze You look great.. don't let some random 12 year old or some dude in his mom's basement get you down.. league is seriously thee most toxic game next to DoTA.. even Riot has said they have a massive toxicity problem.

  • slaywee Slaywee (@slaywee) reported

    @DOTA2 Can you please fix Troll ultimate, I want to hit enemy of my choice but he start to follow another hero and kept following them to their base ffs

  • GeoHerminne OhGeorge (@GeoHerminne) reported

    @SKYserves My connection is okay. It's the latency issue when i play DOTA and PUBG. Idiots

  • FshayC David (@FshayC) reported

    @DOTA2 if you give slardar bash -0.2 sec it would be 100% better than +25 mana on sprint. now he just keeps crushing lane with mid game mana issues

  • sc14s Jeremiah🌹🏴🚩Russian bot giving you healthcare (@sc14s) reported

    @NoahGuy0 Yeah one of the reasons I stopped playing it altogether was it's just unfun to play with randos who are gonna flame you for not being a professional gamer. Had the same issue with DotA

  • yuzushohei aaron (@yuzushohei) reported

    nothing has broken me more than knowing i have a dota item worth roughly $600 that i cant sell because i got it as an in game drop

  • dwickyarief KQ (@dwickyarief) reported

    @redditdota2 W33ha isnt the problem, it’s kuroky draft and tActic which lead them play like tier 3 SA team, dota have changed so much and he still drafting like he did in 2017 wtf

  • gamecombination Game Combo Bot (@gamecombination) reported

    Picture this: Dota 2 but with the writing of .Hack and the UI of Broken Age

  • followNoxville Ben Steenhuisen (@followNoxville) reported

    @ThanksChamchuks @Phillip_Aram I'm not bitching for the sake of bitching, but thank you for your concern. Many decisions in Dota 2 history have been made by Valve in a very brash "we'll iterate to fix it" approach instead of thinking things through to prevent bad things happening.

  • FFMirhi Frank Fields (@FFMirhi) reported

    @Heen1337 I actually think this issue is incredibly simple -- traditionally, league viewership is much worse than tournament viewership because of viewer fatigue. Any conversation to longer seasonal tournaments in DOTA will mean fewer views and fewer sponsors.

  • FFMirhi Frank Fields (@FFMirhi) reported

    @Heen1337 I actually think this issue is incredibly simple -- traditionally, league viewership is much worse than tournament viewership because of viewer fatigue. Any conversation to longer seasonal tournaments in DOTA will mean fewer views and viewer sponsors.

  • m_raoul raoul mangoensentono (@m_raoul) reported from Stichtse Vecht, Provincie Utrecht

    This will be a long Dota pause for me. The game match making is broken. I am done. #dota2

  • GetDonutss Donuts (@GetDonutss) reported

    @milesrout @Cyborgmatt @KrikorianNoubar @wykrhm @DOTA2 > no visa issues > took 5-6weeks to get visa JuSt dO iT EaRliER!

  • carolina_dota2 Carolina (@carolina_dota2) reported

    @AnimeAssLover Whats the secret to breaking the video game addiction. Went from playing dota all the time to Final Fantasy XIV. Curious what you did to fix it

  • KrikorianNoubar Noubar Krikorian (@KrikorianNoubar) reported

    @Cyborgmatt @wykrhm @DOTA2 I believe Canada would be the best option, no one has visa issues to go to Canada.

  • JeanClaude19972 John Clyde (@JeanClaude19972) reported


  • Cyborgmatt Matthew Bailey (@Cyborgmatt) reported

    @CarniVoreX_ @DOTA2 I would say that there is a large possibility that a TI hosted in the USA in this current climate would most likely endure a lot more visa issues than prior events.

  • Akali1654 ArmAtmans (@Akali1654) reported

    @DOTA2 Can u fix the fking game ruiners not the heroes ty.

  • _sargeras_ Arthas (@_sargeras_) reported

    @DOTA2 Good job with killing this game. Nerf everything and problem solved.

  • ostrem_jerry Jerry Ostrem (@ostrem_jerry) reported

    @surevanc @mbCARMAC Didn't realize 4 internationals were hosted. Problem is that Dota 2 is actually way larger than CSGO. Look at streaming statistics for both of them, Dota is about equal to CSGO for Western audiences. But China / Asian markets favor Dota by a wide margin.

  • DNova0 Shin (@DNova0) reported

    try dota if you want mental problems XD

  • Thechickenatet1 Thechickenatethecow (@Thechickenatet1) reported


  • Surely_Ilham Muhammad I. Surya L (@Surely_Ilham) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce @akbarabdans1 my pal told me how to fix my skill on Safe lane in Dota 2, now he is the one asking for it

  • al_eldorado El Dorado (@al_eldorado) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA Overall looks good with 3BO3 per week for every team. As well the number of the majors decreased to 3 in total and thus was a big problem for all the professional players which was very hard to follow up all that tough schedule. It looks promising and getting to watch Dota daily.

  • mimosapoodica - (@mimosapoodica) reported

    @dugzino @MulesMorales @NorRobaayah @GetDonutss @The_Fermi @DOTA2 I think they play their major/tourney on internet cafe and the internet went down. I think its because their place/city have power outage.

  • ArsomEria Hendrie Santio (@ArsomEria) reported

    4. However as dota pro scene is not foreign with the regional concept. There is still some issue that could leave the first intention hanged for the best.

  • JidLouise Jade Louise (@JidLouise) reported

    @Heen1337 @DOTA2 Plus if they have more competitive games, budget is also the issue 😐 same budget but widely disseminated. 😐

  • GiantKiIIing Naz (@GiantKiIIing) reported

    @LewdsnReviews Yeah the Tier 2/3 teams dont see the light of day in DOTA tbh and that's a big problem

  • SunBhieDota SunBhie (@SunBhieDota) reported

    Some of you may not understand the very cause for concern here, especially when you consider already impressive prizepool that is dota esports. And it can’t be explained in 280 characters. But I assure you, this is a big problem for everyone involved. There need be a dialogue!

  • AlnajjarOmer Omer ALnajjar (@AlnajjarOmer) reported

    @DOTA2 Link broken for me

  • GetDonutss Donuts (@GetDonutss) reported

    @MulesMorales @The_Fermi @DOTA2 Hmm yea i guess thats a small problem, but they play pubs all day i doubt its that bad.