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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • Sign in (25.00%)
  • Glitches (14.29%)
  • Game Crash (10.71%)
  • Matchmaking (7.14%)

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  • JadTermsani JadT26 🤔 (@JadTermsani) reported

    @DOTA2 ffs fix your matchmaking system .. you make 10 million dollars a day FIX YOUR MATCHMAKING You only match me with ******* monkeys

  • parquesomedia Parkes (@parquesomedia) reported

    @Andy__SPG @S1ntec @RiotMAXtheX @Shakarez It's a different game and has way different ways to play. Go watch Dota then. This is not a problem. The only weird thing about this situation is they aren't making it across every region.

  • empty_roses spiderverse in SSBU 🥊🕷 (@empty_roses) reported

    once fortnite dies, none of these companies are going to give a shit about the game and that's the problem i have with this stuff. it's a far reach from established esports like LoL, dota, or csgo which don't necessarily grovel for mainstream attention as much.

  • si_Benga Bhatara Poetra (@si_Benga) reported

    @darma4ward @evaaputri Error 404 : dota 2 not found

  • Valkimedes Makoto (@Valkimedes) reported

    @dotmops @AdmiralBulldog I don't think dota is close to die. The problem is the lack of punishment. People feel save to ruin games.

  • NomadPhilip Phil Russell (@NomadPhilip) reported

    @ForHonorGame may have its issues, but anyone can see that the development team is at least trying. At least throwing shit at the wall to see if it sticks. @SMITEGame is sitting on its laurels, seemingly happen to be third place behind the titans of @LeagueOfLegends and @DOTA2

  • AlonzoeulB Alonzo Blue-Davidson (@AlonzoeulB) reported

    I have like 80 hours on Dota 2 now and it’s only because of Auto Chess. I have a problem. Please save me

  • neozero497 Elliott is katsucrunching! (@neozero497) reported

    @CodeNewbies Rn my slowest is at home actually, and it doesn't effect much except i can't play dota due to latency issues. OVer my life. I once had a 14.4 kb modem. Yeah. That was awful.

  • xander_421 DaFuq World? (@xander_421) reported

    @PlayApex Dear Apex Game please help me get a good ping in yout game im playing from Indonesia and usually i got a good decent ping in other game like csgo lol pubg and dota but why my game lag so much is it because the ping or the loss idk

  • TheMelvinMan TheMelvinMan (@TheMelvinMan) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends The no farm top meta is actual garbage to face.... conquerer makes tanks literally impossible to talk, the game feels like its falling apart... Why does DOTA2 seem like a better solution, the gold generation is seeming to be an issue

  • PounceitCS Francis Gerard 👑 (@PounceitCS) reported

    @opskinsgo 1.CSGO because that's the only game I am descent at 2.Dota 2 I used to play it but now I suck 3.Apex Legends is a really fun game the only problem is I'm not that good

  • AyushmanOnion Ayushman (@AyushmanOnion) reported

    @DOTA2 too many boosters :C Valve pls fix

  • knoddy7 Knoddy7 (@knoddy7) reported

    @POTP2015 @Leafeator 120% this. Was going to post this exact comment. Not a problem that exists only in Dota. Anonymity makes people feel bullet proof and they just let rip

  • RitcherRosell Anhedonia (@RitcherRosell) reported

    Unable to counterplay and gets a haste effect from 0 minute broken hero asf. #nerfIo #dota2

  • JBriner6 Joey Briner (@JBriner6) reported

    Been trying to talk to someone from @riotgames @RiotSupport for 5 days now to get a problem solved and still nothing. I’m about 5 minutes from perma switching to dota

  • KrunoBB Kruno Bb (@KrunoBB) reported

    When are you going to fix this garbage game @PlayHearthstone Rexxar LUL. @DOTA2 ftw.

  • nobunaga1708 NOBUNAGA (@nobunaga1708) reported

    @wax_io @superiorkram this guy always stream dota 2.but he have a broken mic. so yeah he needs it.

  • dudukdibelakang Tida berprestasy karena (@dudukdibelakang) reported

    @Foggeddota They havent fix the tiny toss + buyback bug yet. Plz fix it @IceFrog @DOTA2

  • slawJAOS Zach Dylan (@slawJAOS) reported

    @Steam_Support hello. im having problem with steam & @DOTA2 for a couple of weeks now like steam going offline suddenly, takes so much time to launch steam and "unable to download the network configuration from cdn". already uninstall and reinstall steam, check updates, etc.

  • qO________o Patrick Quijano (@qO________o) reported

    @FiX_gfx @BTSGoDz @Cyborgmatt @followNoxville FiX dota2 fan Pog ey

  • baladec_ David Turner is kicking and punching in SFV (@baladec_) reported

    LRT, honorable mentions but have been done before: BotW: stalker/far cry 2 Hitman: it’s polished Hitman The Witness: it’s highly distilled Myst R6 Siege: it’s still highly based around traditional multiplayer Dota 2: wanted to list but it was released in 2013; game as service

  • VRFist VR주먹 (@VRFist) reported

    The problem with Dota right now is that people get away with too much. They can intentionally screw a game, they can boost through the ranking, etc., and it can’t be punished.

  • drybones_5 🇺🇸 Drybones🗽ム (@drybones_5) reported

    @KaijuKestral I have Cities: Skylines, but I practically haven't played it. I got it either on launch or early access and it had a lot of issues initially and I was used to SimCity 2000 and 3000 and I didn't feel like learning how to do non-grid cities so I didn't play. too busy playing dota

  • StupidPorque John BertonCelli (@StupidPorque) reported

    @KyleLiford @SMITEGame I enjoy the 3rd person gameplay. I’ve tried dota and league and they’re fun but I just found smite more enjoyable. I used to hate smite with a passion until I started to take the time to understand it more and ignore most of the toxicity in the community. Games broken butstillfun

  • PolarTheBear_ Polar (@PolarTheBear_) reported

    Just played a NUTS game of dota 2 auto chess ended with lvl 3 kunkka and lvl 3 lycan, those units r so broken if u get the upgrades

  • ibrhmTanyalcin Ibrahim Tanyalcin (@ibrhmTanyalcin) reported

    The game is broken,I was appalled when I took a look at replays of skywrath/tinker etc.Detecting hack is not rocket science,store m.pos last 5 seconds at 120fps,find the point w/ highest curvature (ds/dt) & compare,if detected >n jumps,BAN. @DOTA2 #gaming #gamedev #programming

  • AllisonBulan tofu ~ (@AllisonBulan) reported

    Dota plus, netflix premium, spotify premium renewed!! No more problems hehe

  • Neeto_Makar Connor Makar (@Neeto_Makar) reported

    The internet in the house is so garbage I cannot play Dota Auto chess without lag. This is why I sleep all day, actually the worst ever.

  • bayleavessss *** (@bayleavessss) reported

    i want play cod, dota, dn, ad, fn. but my keyboard is broken. f

  • ZrkJeee ᴅᴇᴇᴊᴀʏ (@ZrkJeee) reported

    Dota is broken😏

  • DC_Romo DC Romo (@DC_Romo) reported

    @Khaldor But really i need concrete answers about ranked. Sure theres changes coming but the game has always had a game knowledge problem and qm doesnt teach u the same game as ranked or what ud see in hgc. Dota n lol had similar issues. They need to i corporate this into some fixes

  • signouttt jhonferry- (@signouttt) reported

    Dota 2 is broken as hell 🤣

  • slahserdota Lasse Zacho Malver (@slahserdota) reported

    Timbersaw is the most broken hero in dota, and the reason is his passive. Reactive armor needs to be redesigned (perhaps made into an active ability).

  • LittlePrinceVon Dwight Von Alaan 🎾🎮 (@LittlePrinceVon) reported

    no hopes for Dota 2 and Mobile Legends, attitude problems. sad SEA SERVER

  • MSayudha Muhammad Sayudha P (@MSayudha) reported

    Dude this happens to me just now. I almost restarted my dota because i think its error

  • ReskillestYT Reskillest (@ReskillestYT) reported

    @mal3ficarum Same thing happened with cod br. The problem is : i play fortnite caus i like it but not caus people stream it. Same thing for overwatch or dota 1 or counterstrike. I have my own idea about games,the sad thing is that 2000 generation follow streamers games like a bunch of sheeps

  • jozanelabacana1 かねき (joty) (@jozanelabacana1) reported

    FORSALE: ME ISSUE: dota player

  • roboRammy bleep bloop 🤖🦊 (@roboRammy) reported

    If you see me screeching in frustration 15 hours from now, it's because my internet is still broken and won't let me play Dota

  • TaufiqulHkim 7pek (@TaufiqulHkim) reported

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix my internet ASAP. i need internet to play dota! Ffs!! @streamyxMY @unifi @helpmeunifi

  • thewickedavatar Anime Girl (@thewickedavatar) reported

    my main issue with dota honestly is that games can REALLY go long sometimes idk how baby me played it for so long

  • InvictusFrags Invictus (@InvictusFrags) reported

    @real_dumdum31 Crowdfunding like DotA might be the only hope because dice doesn't seem like they care about esports. So like I said the biggest issue is who will be paying all the players.

  • Towards_Entropy towards_entropy (@Towards_Entropy) reported

    @strangecosmos I would say driving is a harder problem because you have a lower tolerance for mistakes. It doesn't matter if your StarCraft/DotA model makes mistakes as long as it wins in the end. If your self driving car makes mistakes, you end up with damage/injury/death

  • MercMercuryy Merc (@MercMercuryy) reported

    Speaking of Dota, I've been wanting to try the new Auto-Chess mod (mostly because of @Last_Grey_Wolf), but every time I boot the game up, I get a "Lost connection to Steam" error. I should probably be thankful that the Dota gods are letting me stay free from their clutches haha

  • Le_Raitt Lê Rai (@Le_Raitt) reported

    I use a phenom ii x4 965 black edition 3.4ghz - playfully games like PUBG, Overwtach, Dota 2, The Elder Scrolls Online ... This same old processor performs well even in the current games. But you do not want to fix it. Then **** you. I'll continue to spend my money on Steam!

  • Le_Raitt Lê Rai (@Le_Raitt) reported

    I use a phenom ii x4 965 black edition 3.4ghz - playfully games like PUBG, Overwtach, Dota 2, The Elder Scrolls Online ... This same old processor performs well even in the current games. But you do not want to fix it. Then **** you. I'll continue to spend my money on Steam!

  • Le_Raitt Lê Rai (@Le_Raitt) reported

    @TitanfallBlog I use a phenom ii x4 965 black edition 3.4ghz - playfully games like PUBG, Overwtach, Dota 2, The Elder Scrolls Online ... This same old processor performs well even in the current games. But you do not want to fix it. Then **** you. I'll continue to spend my money on Steam!

  • JoeHudson49 Joseph (@JoeHudson49) reported

    Try have a single game of Dota without blaming your team for your loss, being so convinced YOU are not the problem that you play some shitty chess mini game instead

  • ASAPox Long Live A$AP (@ASAPox) reported

    Amazing Dota ruined by racism. ******* disgusting. Hopefully @ausesportsfed stand up against the comment and ensure an example is made. Racism in Australian esports is an issue and comments like those need to be taken seriously.

  • gu3st Dustin Dawes 💤 (@gu3st) reported

    @AndroidSophia @JaysonsRage DOTA does it well too. First leave in a week is typically unpunished which allows you to have real life or internet connectivity issues without penalty. subsequent leaves send you to low priority queue and then add wins required in low priority to escape.

  • TheFrempo Frempo (@TheFrempo) reported

    Mouse is broken, won't be streaming dota till Friday at the earliest

  • OofMcoofer OOF MCOOFER (@OofMcoofer) reported

    @DOTA2 Stop the rewards and fix yo damn inventories

  • Ice_Cristall Mr. NukeNuke (@Ice_Cristall) reported

    19. Hitman 20. Heavy (Team Fortress 2) 21. Doom Guy 22. An Elder Scrolls guy 23. Crash Bandicoot 24. Minecraft Steve 25. Gordon Freeman 26. Chell 27. A left 4 dead person 28. A Worms Charecter 29. A Dota 2 Charecter 30. Rayman 31. Shantae 32. Peper (Lego Island)

  • miraldshawn Akiba,- (@miraldshawn) reported

    Dota is broken

  • fahmiwenger 🤦🏼‍♂️ (@fahmiwenger) reported

    @pakoitepeng @ammarrabbani97 dota still not broken yet

  • shin_swing_ SHIN PRSWING (@shin_swing_) reported

    Dota is a fine weapon and not broken at all.

  • thegeorgefan George Fan (@thegeorgefan) reported

    I have a problem. A playing-dota-auto-chess-and-I-can't-stop kinda problem

  • ametovski_adem Adem (@ametovski_adem) reported

    I didn’t know that Terrorblade could be a PROBLEM. #dota2

  • giridharvc7 Giri (@giridharvc7) reported from Sholinganallur, State of Tamil Nādu

    I wish I had tried DOTA2 much sooner and did not spend so much time in League of legends. Dota 2 already seems to address our all the problems that are in league currently and the over all game is much fleshed out.

  • serchieeeef Alan Mance (@serchieeeef) reported

    NO ISSUE! NO ISSUE! Intel Core i5 Windows 10 Pro 64bit 4GB ram 320gb HDD Intel(R) HD Graphics 2gb videocard 7h - 8h battery life Original Battery and Charger Good For gaming(dota2, CsGo, GtaSanAndreas, ROS) MS Office installed

  • yuf666 y ' (@yuf666) reported

    Dota is D-a O-nly way T-oo forget A-girl who makes me broken