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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • twitzzsszz disclosure_ (@twitzzsszz) reported

    Me : Be a productive today Be a problem solving Be a inisiative Also me : Just sit and watch dota whole day #TI9

  • laquino0307 procrastinator (@laquino0307) reported

    @S13epWalk3r @dabidni @TimsDOTA @kukudota I didn't even said china is the source of evil. Other than dota, there are bigger issues involving china. No apology was made.

  • itismymagic Sandeep Chatterjee (@itismymagic) reported

    @DOTA2 Please make this game playable in 21:9 aspect ration the user interface gets totally broken in 21:9 hero gets get cut off and many other things please fix it.

  • xerxex Xerxex Dong (@xerxex) reported

    @TimsDOTA @kukudota Feel pity about that but all your twitters just intensify the conflicts instead solving the problem. I'm chinese dota fan and I do enjoy the TI. The replies full of shitty talk just proved that haters are existed in the world everywhere.

  • tonio020 tonio (@tonio020) reported

    @Chokyo90 A lot of practice, need to see what you are doing wrong and try to fix it. The team that won last year dota 2 biggest esports prizepool tourney said that they got burned from all the practice they had but it paid off. They also got betrayed by some of his teammates but it wasnt

  • laquino0307 procrastinator (@laquino0307) reported

    @Wang_Yiru45 @_oneoktaka @dota2fanboy2 @Weibin96 @FishcakesTaste @TimsDOTA @kukudota After all the hate and disrespect you have given filipinos, outside dota, you chinese people dare to act like that. Filipinos have bigger problems with chinese than dota.

  • laquino0307 procrastinator (@laquino0307) reported

    @Wang_Yiru45 @_oneoktaka @dota2fanboy2 @Weibin96 @FishcakesTaste @TimsDOTA @kukudota After all the and disrespect you have given filipinos, outside dota, you chinese people dare to act like that. Filipinos have bigger problems with chinese than dota.

  • LandsVerader Lands Verader (@LandsVerader) reported

    @TheNameIsVortex @horadeluxe @NiPGaming @dota2ti @PWRD_DOTA2 @DOTA2 Hating doesn't solve any problems, just shut up and solve your own problems

  • SirDjon_ Djon (@SirDjon_) reported

    @GibinatorGaming I am up for dota 2 or Csgo. But ping and region will be of slight issue.

  • ivandcc Ivan David Castro (@ivandcc) reported

    @therealcliffyb If your game has a problem with cheating and hacks then that's on you, Valve has VAC and games like Dota 2 and CS:GO has very minimal problem with hackers, also that's like 1% of why your game failed

  • IsaacAsiimof AlanSIngular (@IsaacAsiimof) reported

    @TimsDOTA @kukudota As a Chinese Dota fan, although I don't think TNC deal well with kuku's issue, it's not OK to stick to it all the time. I would say sorry for those impolite guys, even though it's useless.

  • TanKer_Koator Cosme Adrover Tomàs 🍁 (@TanKer_Koator) reported

    @BelvedereDota @wnevets @NahazDota They don't need to address it exactly that just something like. "And remember to be respectfull with all players and teams that came to play TI and let's enjoy Dota" would be sufficient. If the problem is so big then Kuku shouldn't be allowed to play in the first time.

  • nockey3 🏳️‍🌈uɐʇɐs lᴉɐɥ🔥 (@nockey3) reported

    I do love how anyone thought at any point that the crowd at TI9 wouldn’t just cheer for great Dota. Obviously they are going to support the home teams more and anyone who has issues with that is just a ******* idiot. #TI9

  • jason_e_cruz Jason Emmanuel Cruz (@jason_e_cruz) reported

    Mom made me delete Dota. For once I think she made the right call. Until I got the train issue sorted out I don't think I'll ever have enough time for everything if I'm playing 1-2 games a night.

  • omarglee JINGJONGPINGPONG (@omarglee) reported

    Liquid going to **** lower bracket like they did in last 2 TI because their plan B always work but dota is broken, so broken dota will be win by broken meta like OG. It just a battle of puzzle.

  • TheGarethWoods Gareth Woods (@TheGarethWoods) reported

    @TechGirlZA @Kenpach1_za @DOTA2 Problem is it's not a meritocracy so you're not as good as your last performance. Which means youre even more vulnerable to nepotism and "offended" fans

  • danzoriel Koda || Chaengie (@danzoriel) reported

    dota's queue is broken

  • lestois Jimneut (@lestois) reported

    @Migstletoe There's nothing that a old Dota can't fix. 😊

  • Catslayer_999 Aditya Singh Rawat (@Catslayer_999) reported

    Those crits by @Arteezy came in such a crucial time. Came back from a deficit of almost 10k gold at the 15 min mark. Damn. Keep playing with this 'No Satanic. No Problem.' attitude! #EG #EvilGeniuses #TI9 #Shanghai #dota2

  • Roboknopp Peter Knopp (@Roboknopp) reported

    @strafeapp #TI9 is the worst time for your app to crash after start up. Began after your last update. Please fix. #ios #dota2

  • SamInPrint Sam Trilling (@SamInPrint) reported

    the problem with TI is that I get too caught up in playing games of dota and trying out the strats to watch all of the games live

  • WeAreBrisbane WeAreBne / Benny (@WeAreBrisbane) reported

    At those times, I think to myself: wow, it’s great that Dota doesn’t really have this problem. Everything can be countered, and everything can work. It comes down to timing and execution as much as it does picking an “OP” hero, or building some “OP” item.

  • benhorst Ben "please care about other people" Horst (@benhorst) reported

    @DOTA2 I love you. The earthshaker arcana icon (for the top of the screen) is very very hard to parse visually. No silhouette. I know you probably can't fix shipped one. Please consider it. The pros always use them. Makes viewing harder.

  • DazzlynReed Dazzlyn (@DazzlynReed) reported

    all of the arcanas and shit in dota look super good but god do they have readability problems i didn't even know there was an earthshaker in this game until i saw a fissure go off

  • jezzipin Jezzipin (@jezzipin) reported

    Great to see @DOTA2 is still broken. Placed in punishment bracket purely because of toxic teammates reporting me for playing the game. By far the worst community in gaming #valve

  • CSGOEmpireV2 Monarch (@CSGOEmpireV2) reported

    @Luiiiis17 Hey, we’re having unexpected issues with Dota, H1 and Rust. We’re working on fixing it. CSGO withdrawals are still working.

  • giovannovisk Giovanni (@giovannovisk) reported

    @steam_games @dota2 fix your ******* game

  • ClutchCityKyle Kyle Hagerty (@ClutchCityKyle) reported

    As a public service to my followers, only one of which (@MattGoppert) cares about DOTA and #TI9, I will keep my hype tweets to a minimum over the next few days. It will not be easy. Please no spoilers, I'm watching on delay.

  • ClutchCityKyle Kyle Hagerty (@ClutchCityKyle) reported

    As a public service to my followers, only one of which (@MattGoppert) cares about DOTA and #TI, I will keep my hype tweets to a minimum over the next few days. It will not be easy.

  • zhangshiyuan92 Shi-Yuan Zhang (@zhangshiyuan92) reported

    @Gassensmith The reason why I am asking for toxicity is the ~2k fold increased loading amount of TEMPO than Gd-DOTA. With the increased magnetic field, I would imagine at least 6k higher loading to achieve the same r1. It might be an issue for toxicity...

  • TimMEsports Tim Masters (@TimMEsports) reported

    @GGNydrA @Matthieist Weird segue, and not in the slightest. i can tell you FPS games that have the same problem dota has, this isn't about genres, and never was.

  • keith6667 keith (@keith6667) reported

    @DOTA2 New immortal for Monkey King Out alrdy.. this is nice.. but, please Fix the Bug at arcana Monkey King thats really weird to see that bug

  • vysuals Bryan | Vysuals (@vysuals) reported

    @RobbieRayIII @Twitch the issue is I’m not trying to stop all twitch emails, I just don’t care about Dota and it’s stupid that they think everyone does

  • twt_dota TWTDOTA | (@twt_dota) reported

    @Real_KhairunNas @Kymrzk yeah the only good thing about LoL is their PR, they have way way better fan service than dota, but thats it, gameplay wise, game mechanic wise dota is far ahead.

  • stoqnpetrov7 stoqn petrov (@stoqnpetrov7) reported

    @dota2ti @DOTA2 Fix that BUG...

  • nbalajhi Balajhi (@nbalajhi) reported

    @SonyLIV Hi I am still waiting for your support regarding the issue I raised where I am unable to watch live events. I have an active premium subscription. Couldn't watch last day of 2nd Ashes test. Tried to watch a live event this morning 'Dota championship' but couldn't.

  • Nick2HOshi n1ckst4r (@Nick2HOshi) reported

    @DOTA2 Please fix ingame Main Event predictions

  • TiizBa Tiia M (@TiizBa) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix the goddamn achievement for TI9's main event predictions, it doesn't count the right answers in! #dota2 #valve #TI9

  • gauravfindme Gaurav Prasad (@gauravfindme) reported

    @DOTA2 @dota2ti can you do something its lagging to much in-game watch matches of #TI9

  • PremiumPerineum Промежная темнота (@PremiumPerineum) reported

    @dota2ti @DOTA2 Please FIX Predicttion achivments in compedium, not works!!!!! does not count the play-offs achivment!!!!!!!

  • LikomEstrera Likom Estrera (@LikomEstrera) reported

    @dota2ti @DOTA2 Pls fix in game predictions i correcty predict 4 predictions in 2 games of vp and lgd but it did not count towards my achievment

  • nbalajhi Balajhi (@nbalajhi) reported

    @SonyLIV Hi, I just tried to watch 'The international Dota 2 Championship' live event. Same problem. I logged out and logged in again to no avail. I am able to watch all recorded events like highlights etc. but not live events.

  • LikomEstrera Likom Estrera (@LikomEstrera) reported

    @dota2ti @DOTA2 Pls fix ingame predictions for the main event achievement its not counting at all wasted 2 game already

  • hobisbuns rossy (@hobisbuns) reported

    @DOTA2 so the prediction count doesn’t work AGAIN Fix your freaking game, thank you #TI9

  • angharadyeo thank u, radley (@angharadyeo) reported

    @Tezamondo @DOTA2 @bonerman_inc @lisyk @idontknoandrew this looks like the opposite of a problem

  • NoMomItsDubstep Humpalumph (@NoMomItsDubstep) reported

    @dota2ti @DOTA2 Can y’all fix the audio

  • xOverhaul FLOOFY | Overhaul (オーバーホール) (@xOverhaul) reported

    I don't understand people sometimes. My friend rages super hard at randoms in Casual in CS:GO or Turbo in Dota 2 if he deems they're wasting "his time". Idk man, I think you have bigger issues than someone wasting your time if you're getting this mad over casual modes in games.

  • heineken735 Tyler Troutman (@heineken735) reported

    @dota2ti @DOTA2 Can we fix the audio yet

  • ThePowerOfAura Bobby St. Pierre (@ThePowerOfAura) reported

    @ShadezzLoL Buffing counters instead of hitting outliers is how u achieve dota levels of absurdly broken 65% winrate for 3mo champs, and make league more about champ select than about gameplay

  • weareuntied Jelin Song (@weareuntied) reported

    @DOTA2 @dota2ti Hi,there is a problem that your last update which have trove carafe 2019 don’t have Bing ‘kiko’ Quan’s signature trove carafe

  • MJDerges MJ Derges (@MJDerges) reported

    @Abi_387 I am desperate to try it in a pub. Like I dont think I've ever wanted to try anything in dota more. I need to know why its seemingly broken

  • ZeddPogs ᴄᴇᴅᴘᴏɢs ᴄᴀᴛʟᴏʀᴅ (@ZeddPogs) reported

    Damn, dota2 lineup with Morphling on pro scene looks to broken lmao! Bring back old morph lol 😂😂

  • Dizbabie DizGold (@Dizbabie) reported

    Elo what's your problem if Dota put walls around her. Why are u pissed and pained like this.

  • Aryotron4 pjer (@Aryotron4) reported

    @CorvixWasTaken @EloSlut @ausaja_ no jugnle and no adc in dota all problems solved

  • awpprincess Sharlit 🔥 3dayz #ezoo (@awpprincess) reported

    Going to shower and actually do a little gaming off stream. Not working on content. Not upgrading stream. Plain gaming. See you all tomorrow, Monday 10:30PM EST for my Dota stream. #selfcare #gaming

  • MericGaming MericGaming (@MericGaming) reported

    @WagaGaming @DOTA2 This is why it's bullshit ATM and they must fix it because u either face low rank players or u get to play with them and it make no sense non so ever

  • RoamingTachanka Lord Tachnka (@RoamingTachanka) reported

    @Rainbow6Game If Ubisoft did the battle pass like Dota’s Compendium where 25% of the money would go to esports prize pools I wouldn’t have an issue with it

  • naufalcaesarrr 💣 💣 (@naufalcaesarrr) reported

    Please do something about matchmaking @DOTA2 . The matchmaking is broken, I am 4,4 drop to 3,8 coz always team up with legend player even I'm an ancient 7. Before this new system, i'm doing just fine and never team up with a player that below my medal. Pls fix it:(

  • supremisiss Bodie Hunt (@supremisiss) reported

    @Secret_LeonGids These things take time, it’s been months and months for Ubisoft to fix bugs let alone communicate with T1 orgs to sort these types of things out, also T1 orgs might not even have time to do that communicating to sort it out because of their schedule (dota, LOL, ect)

  • ainsuhadaahmadd Ain Suhada Ahmad (@ainsuhadaahmadd) reported

    @aizatnazmiacai @qbalharun Kebahagiaan nya dota then I will let him be with dota for the rest of his life. No problem