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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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August 21: Problems at eBay

eBay is having issues since 12:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • KrisSoriano_ Kris Soriano (@KrisSoriano_) reported

    @leonardorb Been using it since middle school (flipping on eBay, grailed etc.) always problems with holds, customer service. Willing to bet anyone that has done volume has run into problems of some sort. Also save the age play for someone else

  • NoahPreminger Noah Preminger (@NoahPreminger) reported

    @rbkmusicofwine Thanks for saying that, Richard, although I don't have a problem with my music ending up on ebay or in stores.. My issue is that this particular critic sold my CD, still in the wrapping, PRIOR to release date (2 months away!)

  • f1ghtmyregret Kaileigh (@f1ghtmyregret) reported

    @JoelDTD @eBay i had a similar situation with an 18-55 macro lens. the girl i sold it to said that it’s not working with her canon SL1, which is what i have and it works fine. she tried to get her money back without returning my lens, but i eventually got it back.

  • mikells43 Keith Mikell (@mikells43) reported

    @MikeStobbe @JeromeAdamsMD Its bootleg china research chemicals and bootleg cartridges. They show nicotine vaporizers but its most likely ******** or JUUL. Juul has been a big problem in the vaping industry, Most real vapes are anti JUUL. You can buy bootleg cart packaging on ebay. 1/2

  • ReignbowFright Dekota ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@ReignbowFright) reported

    @calImealx @Airdorf @itchio I remember putting $200 down for a game on eBay when it was meant to be $20. Luckily no one else bid past $19 <___< I always let my husband proof read any payments I make now. Dyslexia is awful. :(

  • EliasRanz Elias Ranz (@EliasRanz) reported

    @RevoMarine that's not terrible. Yeah 2TB SSD is insane, but it was like $50 more for another TB so I was like eh... I was reading on r/homelab that people recommend that company, plus they have 100% reputation on eBay so there's that. $870 for that setup seems pretty reasonable.

  • C_Manuel9 Chris Manuel (@C_Manuel9) reported

    @HobbyConnector I’ve sent tons of stuff for trade to the USA 🇺🇸 I just add postage and have had no problems ...eBay sellers charge a fortune to ship to Canada its frustrating

  • Sunnyp81439327 Sunnyp (@Sunnyp81439327) reported

    @EmilGratte @Alienware Or go to eBay and buy it for 40 dollars. This will eventually come down in price.

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @AskeBay There are plenty of problems from logging in, payments and searching! But in good old fashioned eBay style, everything is working fine! You agents are all the same, bloody liars!

  • loomdart Crypto Loomdart (@loomdart) reported

    Ebay shut my account down for trying to sell dogecoin at a 300% premium in 2014

  • maryepworth Marv2Marv Featuring Marv Parrish (@maryepworth) reported

    IMAGINE being the man who paid me £3 for a "broken, parts only" phone on ebay, and is now upset that it doesn't work.

  • clement36912775 clementine kruczynski (@clement36912775) reported

    @eBay #ebay close my acc, without explanation. I had positive feedback, no ebay policy are broken. I am very upset!

  • shit_queen Me? diva girls united (@shit_queen) reported


  • BigC927 Cesar R. (@BigC927) reported

    I just randomly remembered that one trick people would do with high demand game consoles, they'd sell the box only on Ebay for a lot of money and hope no one noticed only the box was for sale (the description mentioned it was box only so technically no rules were broken)

  • ai6yrham AI6YR (@ai6yrham) reported

    @gershwinjoan @peteynmj Yes, that's when I started seeing more people doing "equipment swapping" on stuff--buying working stuff from me, returning different broken items-- I was selling on eBay, too. Leaders set examples.

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @Kate70941720 @eBay_UK eBay has been a problem for months. I am seller and my sales have dropped off like a lead balloon! I'm slowly getting into debt thanks to eBay's incompetent unreliable website!

  • clarabellecows sydneeohboy (@clarabellecows) reported

    do i spend $35 on a fix-it felix hammer on ebay or do i finally just. do something new this year.

  • Shad0wKnight40 Shad0w_Knight40 (@Shad0wKnight40) reported

    @GoatyTV Yeah that's the problem with people. Just go on ebay and bite the bullet. Not like you will ever lose value with it.

  • brian_da_starr FullSelfTweeting (@brian_da_starr) reported

    @lorakolodny @levynews @PlainSite I bet at this moment Lora or Ari are tracking down Walgreens, Safeway, Intel, HP, and eBay to see if they’ve had similar problems with their Tesla solar panels. That is the next leg to this story.

  • clairedoolin Claire (@clairedoolin) reported

    amazon is burning down ffs I’ll have t order off eBay now 😂😂😂

  • Inspirationeer The man who loved the truth (@Inspirationeer) reported

    Dear @eBay, When you have a seller that wants to sell, and a buyer that wants to buy, but there's a confusion caused by EBAYs mislabelling of a button, allow support to fix the problem. Don't tell the buyer the only solution is to cancel the purchase! #badcustomerservice

  • Retro_Brandon Brandon Logan (@Retro_Brandon) reported

    @GtoTheNextLevel I've been trying to track down a P2 gun for ages. I mean, yeah, I could throw down 100 bucks and buy one off Ebay but....I'd rather have some patience and hopefully get a better story out of it, lol

  • DavidWolfpaw DΛVID V3.1.6 (@DavidWolfpaw) reported

    @ebay I cannot believe that an account that I have not used in years is not eligible for deletion because it isn't up to a good enough standard to be deleted. Please message me with a solution as to how to fix this and delete the account and data.

  • rxyznn rayan (@rxyznn) reported

    i swear down ebay vexes me like no other

  • Foone foone (@Foone) reported

    @cvtsi2sd oh yeah, I've said that before about ebay. My shit memory and slow delivery times means that it's like christmas!

  • FizzOtter Fizz Otter (@FizzOtter) reported

    @nanographs Honestly there's a good market for even the boom stands alone on eBay. They are literally worth almost as much as the heads. You should have no problem liquidating what you don't need from this lot. Great score!!

  • SeekersEON Seekers (@SeekersEON) reported

    I am going to shut off my eBay account and go to @offerup @letgo @mercari_app to do business you guys are dont even want to listen to hear what the problem is.

  • camperry21 Cam Perry (@camperry21) reported

    @stevenjones88 @masta561 @IGN 25 credit for the new Madden is terrible. You can make much more selling to someone on eBay

  • mattwriter311 Matthew Holmes (@mattwriter311) reported

    I'm taking it slow because I have a lot of ebay items down the pipeline But I want to sell a lot of it and bank the money now while the going is good

  • A1salesNinja CMCollectibles (@A1salesNinja) reported

    @ebay @AskeBay @devinwenig There was a sale last month of $2,750.00 that you wrote was not valid. I have not received my FVF credit or promotional credit. My invoice is $400.00 too much for the month. Please fix!!

  • MyHecticLife82 MyHecticLife (@MyHecticLife82) reported

    @zen0vka You have an eBay problem, I have a Buc-ees problem 🤪

  • admiralhanson Iain S (@admiralhanson) reported

    @Ebbrell67 @James1288743250 I randomly found KM's old gaff, down near Stamford Bridge (thanks to the blue plaque) when on an eBay collection in the capital ...

  • Mnpctech Mnpctech (@Mnpctech) reported

    Had to remind myself again that when you sell a used (tested) CPU, GPU or Motherboard on Ebay, there's 75% chance the Buyer can't get it to work or will have broken something during the install process (sigh)

  • pink_of_cat pink of cat (@pink_of_cat) reported

    is there a plugin to fix the bait and switch pricing thing on ebay where it says its 3.99 but when you select an item it goes up to 14.99

  • eastern_branch Eastern Branch (@eastern_branch) reported

    @realtofupuppy I'm dealing w/this issue from the buyer end now, via eBay, FWIW, so it is a possibility. Tracking says item arrived, but I have yet to see it. Have also had items show up 1-2 days after tracking says delivered, apparently due to data entry errors by shipping co.

  • Alesketches al (@Alesketches) reported

    TBH ebay should punish sellers for taking down auctions One time i was trying to buy this set of funko pops but the seller kept deleting it and reposting it because it wasn't getting more bidders its like if youre expecting more money don't ******* put it up for auction

  • DisneyfanSteve Steven Gitler (@DisneyfanSteve) reported

    @ThemeWorld6 @DreamfinderGuy Ah. I missed the part about raising the list price. That doesn’t make sense unless it was just seller error initially. Declining offers makes sense because of how eBay does it.

  • Mystic_Rhythms 🎶⚛️🅂🅃🄴🅅🄴⚛️🎶 (@Mystic_Rhythms) reported from South Shields, England

    I've just received 2 pairs of Stonewashed Jeans and some Khaki Combat Trousers from Ebay and they fit perfectly. I'm finding T-Shirts that didn't fit before are now fitting me.... Only problem is that soon, half of my Clothes will be too big! 😁

  • kaz_Pinguist kaz@Pinguist! (@kaz_Pinguist) reported

    ebay Global Shocking Problem

  • JT__photography James Tarry 🇪🇺 (@JT__photography) reported

    @nerwin @analogfusion Hahah. Holy moly. That puts mine to shame. I just sold 3 broken Manfrotto tripods on eBay. 2 photos per one just a standard shot with phone.... I couldn’t even find the time to do that good . Mind you if you sell and get good reviews, it doesn’t matter which way you go I guess

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @AskeBay Unable to access Ebay Uk for more than 3 Hours now.Can get the home page but sign in fails not even getting to log in page. One browser says the site your are trying to reach is using outdated systems !!. 07:10 21st August 2019.

  • DeviousPL PL84 (@DeviousPL) reported

    @lauraferrygc @eBay Well done on fighting back and winning. EBay Global Shipping is a joke, don’t ever use it, each time there was an issue and the buyer hid behind international barriers to propagate their scam. I only ship domestically now, and it works fairly well with few scam claims.

  • LauraCali1922 Laura (ColossusCali) (@LauraCali1922) reported

    So mum thinks buying @THORPEPARK tickets off of eBay is a good idea... I have a terrible feeling about this 😅

  • richiestitches Richard Horton (@richiestitches) reported

    @JoelDTD @eBay @eBay fix this now plz or we go on strike.

  • joelsmith Joel Smith (@joelsmith) reported

    @brent_know Under normal use and cleaning most people don't see problems. I always seem to get the weird ones sent to me or find broken cap ones on ebay lots. I lowball the guy because no one else wants to attempt it. Some of these toploaders you can get $150 or more if you do the A/V mod.

  • brexinquisition donOne🔶 (@brexinquisition) reported

    Don’t worry Donald I’ve found this for you... GREENLAND Buy-it-Now on eBay Genuine country hardly used - unwanted Christmas present. Also got second hand United Kingdom - not working so spares or repair only - bargain price for quick sale!

  • vgh32 Video Game Hunter (@vgh32) reported

    @Hi3cchi Yep I don't have a fanbase but I do sell stuff on ebay and I want to make my customers items arrived safely and they are satisfied with my customer service especially if they have any issues.

  • behnood818 BENJAMIN (@behnood818) reported

    @theOGalexd @cvrlne I tried to sell advertising space on the window of my bedroom on eBay. I got bids but then eBay shut down my auction. @RonPaul

  • DaveyHolmes24 KDHIII (@DaveyHolmes24) reported

    @JoelDTD @eBay This is bullshit! You got played man. @eBay fix this

  • etheralwizard Etheralwizard (@etheralwizard) reported

    @ColorDarkest @Morgxn2001 Yeah. Sometimes computer parts take a month+ 2 arrive, presumably from China (but Amazon does not normally mention when parts are shipped from overseas, eBay does). Sometimes I tinker w broken laptops & fix them. Something to do to keep me off of the streets & out of trouble!

  • cosmickatamari cosmic katamari (@cosmickatamari) reported

    @Soulkilla15 @eBay @AskeBay I was able to issue a unpaid warning. And he says he will pay after he knows who did the soldering work... wtf it's literally in the description of the auction.

  • Rickac99 Rick Acosta (@Rickac99) reported

    @Super70sSports Growing up in the 70s, I used to look forward to the Sporting News to arrive every week. It was SportsCenter, the internet and eBay all in one. The ads were the best. I had this issue. Still wish I had it.

  • Xrcalo 🌻 Zrcalo Sveta | Catching up on commissions (@Xrcalo) reported

    @BlumWolf I overheat easily, so therefore I only wear partials. even when I do, I try to wear loose clothing to hide my skin. heck, if money is an issue, you can buy a pair of walmart paw slippers and paws off ebay.

  • SwamiGoods Swami Goods Store (@SwamiGoods) reported

    NOT ON CLOTHES PLS FIX ASAP @ebay @eBayNewsroom @ebaygr @eBayForBusiness

  • kevinrwarner renrawk (@kevinrwarner) reported

    @FitbitSupport No need to reply to this with a canned message. Fitbit does not listen. Many calls for an xl band...nope. I bought the last one I could find for my blaze on Ebay, used. Nothing on Amazon. Wrote to Fitbit about button issue, canned reply. Thousand of peeps had same issue. Ura joke

  • TcJayLee Jay Lee (@TcJayLee) reported

    @eBay @AskeBay really took down my feedback. Seller charges me for USPS priority but ships media mail to make extra on the loss of selling a cheap book. #eBay and the seller are straight crooks.

  • SilverEagleDev Silver Eagle 🦅🏳️‍🌈🌹🌻 (@SilverEagleDev) reported

    I was gonna fire up the XBox and play some No Man's Sky what with the new patch out and stuff, and I swear I couldn't find it anywhere around the house. Looked up and down, all over the place. Checked eBay. Sold it last month. DAMNIT.

  • CardTrader5 smallcardboard (@CardTrader5) reported

    @d2ksports @ngtcollectibles @eBay I am sure that this end of the market is not on eBay’s radar. There is plenty of other issues they are dealing with in the card market. My imagination runs wild when I see the irrational prices on the other end of the market.

  • perryareid Canadian Minister of Apologies (@perryareid) reported

    @lll_sin Had a youngin tell me he came upon some pristine, back issue playboys. He wanted to sell them on Ebay and was hoping to get big bucks for the "vintage" Pamela Anderson issue...."VINTAGE"... #punchedhimgood #hadtobedone

  • Totalleemac Lee Mac (@Totalleemac) reported

    @superveebs I think I'll have to go with EBay, as I've been unsuccessful tracking it down in my usual bookish haunts 😉