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  • cincinnatiman0
    James (@cincinnatiman0) reported

    i have more hrs on servers then microsoft own people and i know what i talking about get cheep server 100 off ebay put ipfire on it learn use it learn what prots open what to close it is our jobs to stop them as no one else do it for us u say u dont do any thing wrong what point

  • davezilljr
    Dave Zill (@davezilljr) reported

    @newegg - The incompetence of your sales/account department is appalling. Placed a order through Ebay on the 8th, you canceled it because of a "verification" issue (instead of contacting me) refunded my money, I reordered on the 12th with the same bill/ship address.....

  • annafjmorris
    Anna Morris (@annafjmorris) reported

    @BBCiPM Broke down in tears today while trying buy replacements for my broken Christmas tree lights, could only find brutally ugly LED ones in primary colours: I later baught enough traditional fairy lights from ebay to last me for the next 80 years.

  • mari_ness
    Mari Ness (@mari_ness) reported

    @HaralambiMarkov Oh, and they couldn't find the Scalawagons of Oz. I had to track that one down through eBay. But in general, they've been great.

  • RussBrookes1981
    Russ Brookes (@RussBrookes1981) reported

    I've experienced some bad customer service in my life, but the way @LeasingOptions have dealt with @EJBrookes83 has been terrible. Car delivery delayed so suggest we buy a car off ebay in the meantime!

  • 2xWhisky
    Mike Litoris [Crypto Trader & Hodler] (@2xWhisky) reported

    @Darrangedd Should have waited will after xmas, prices of BTC will be higher, and switch prices should go down after xmas, might even get one on eBay as an unwanted xmas gift.

  • mimonnieV
    mimonnie (@mimonnieV) reported

    @AskeBay I recently ordered a lot of things on eBay. Once I had confirmed my order the page said error, when I refreshed the page it said the deal was successful. 5 days have gone by and money hasn't been taken from me nor have I received an email that confirms my order.

  • Taitamco
    Taitamco Muddy Sands (@Taitamco) reported

    good luck with some of the "delivery companies" used for @eBay in France Seller pretends to write one thing @ebay BY E-MAIL confirms otherwise Of course the bad guy is the buyer... Maybe consumers organizations in France or DGCCRF could have a look or at least list problems

  • juelzkeyte
    Juelz (@juelzkeyte) reported

    @boohoo_cshelp hi guys - have an issue with my ebay return. Sent returns to you on 7/12 no confirmation received. ive now added tracking info to ebay account and im getting messages saying my orders have been dispatched? So confused

  • FatLassRuns
    Abi S. (@FatLassRuns) reported

    @JustBeautyuk They haven't been helping, that's the point. It's getting ridiculous now. Communicating via ebay messages. Issue ongoing since 18th October!!

  • Carolyn40530991
    Carolyn Johnson (@Carolyn40530991) reported

    In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.

  • ThaFlyingYrkshm
    Tha Flying Yorkshireman (@ThaFlyingYrkshm) reported

    Selling an item on eBay, accepted an offer last Wednesday (within minutes of it being offered) & they still haven't paid. Chased multiple times inc asking if there's any issues, nothing. Had to raise it with bloody eBay which means I'm possibly missing out on a last minute sale

  • MidoriNoHonoo
    Midori🇬🇧SithPosts (@MidoriNoHonoo) reported

    What the hell? My Ebay account... doesn't exist...? I went to brouse it in the app, but was logged out for some reason, tried logging in but it kept saying wrong details when I entered my password, i tried reseting my password but just got an error saying email not recognized..

  • HunterDPhoenix
    Hunter Phoenix (@HunterDPhoenix) reported

    Remember when Ebay was a good place to find a hassle free bargain. Now it’s a good place to find a whole lot of bullshit problems & some of the biggest arseholes you’re likely to encounter on the internet

  • toonedin
    Tom Coppinger (@toonedin) reported

    @martylyricfm Oops. Better take that toe down off of Ebay.

  • wikimoose
    wiki moose (@wikimoose) reported

    @JetBlue Gone because they went to BOTs, 2 of which are selling on Ebay for over $300??? With no notice about the $140 in carrier charges & taxes. Take down Ebay'ers so winners aren't stuck w/fees on top of auction win. Maybe next time offer 2 real Amazon members=Prime Members, win/win

  • haruuhime
    🌨 cozy clam 🌨 (@haruuhime) reported

    finally had time to sit down and order a ddr pad! managed to find a preowned foam pad on ebay for $35 and the same one goes for $85 new so i hope it works ok!

  • eBaydotinHelp
    eBay India Help (@eBaydotinHelp) reported

    @jitenderkkr To cancel the order please click """"More Actions"""" in the item listing, and then select """"Resolve a Problem."""" Select """"I Want to Cancel a Purchase"""" from the list of potential problems, and then click the """"Contact Seller"""" button. eBay opens [1/2]

  • cptbuckybarnes
    #1 seb & chris stan (@cptbuckybarnes) reported

    @urbandoll It might be slow but with my eBay sales & Mercari sales to get them all scanned on time & on their way I go in to to the post office with my stuff & watch them scan it in

  • Gompthorn
    AAAA (@Gompthorn) reported

    Samara Transitional Dual Reclining Brown Sofa with Drop Down Table Living Room $935.90 on eBay

  • maxcmenzies
    Max Menzies (@maxcmenzies) reported

    @eBay Your coupon earlier today was generous but it sucks having to place an order over the mobile app. Phones are terrible in every way. Bad for our mental health, bad for our cognitive abilities, way overpriced, and sucky for viewing different options and making a good choice.

  • iBrxdyy
    B R A D Y🏔⌨️🖲🐉 (@iBrxdyy) reported

    @Formations__ Dude type in XiM 4 in google search and click the eBay link and scroll down

  • Mmmpieee
    James Zhang (@Mmmpieee) reported

    @steviezollo @SovCryptoBlog biggest current world problem $BTC is facing - @amazon & @eBay: "Let's start considering accepting $BTC, how much are transaction fees again? $35?! ...."

  • MorgDoesDisney
    Morgan (@MorgDoesDisney) reported

    @mainstmagic Yes. I’m assuming that it’ll be crazy to get them at first and people will sell them on eBay for three times the price... and then they’ll be available with no issue.

  • misscutechan
    daddy's lil good (@misscutechan) reported

    This Christmas might just be saved by @googleexpress this year. AGAIN I have had a horrible experience shopping on EBay, I don't know why I keep letting myself go back, and Amazon doesn't have what I need in stock. Please don't let me down Google!!

  • mikemarbach
    Mike Marbach (@mikemarbach) reported

    You know, I don’t feel bad for dude in commercial that has the iPhone problems and switches to galaxy. Guy can just take an iPhone 7 and toss it in a drawer. No trade in. No eBay or craigslist. Nothin. A drawer.

  • FutureTomorrow_
    Future Tomorrow (@FutureTomorrow_) reported

    @AskeBay If this was done to compete with @amazon @eBay still does not get it. More over, Amazon solves problems. Ebay on the other hand leaves the sellers to bare the brunt of those problems. Sellers on eBay have very little wiggle room and poor sales as their reward.

  • Dat3rdAccount97
    TheHypeIsReal97 (@Dat3rdAccount97) reported

    The one problem with Looking for Twist N Turn TNT Barbies on ebay is that you get a lot of 70's 80's & even 90's dolls listed as TNT because they all share the same/ similar body mold with the same copyright date on them,though there are some pretty good 70's/80's dolls listed RN

  • boliviantorch
    George (@boliviantorch) reported

    Annoyed ebay took down my listing to swap a small amount of 4-HO-MPT & TMA-6 for a tigers bellybutton

  • AskeBay
    Ask eBay (@AskeBay) reported

    @TheNathanNS It looks like the case was opened on eBay, but due to the problem issuing the refund you will want to process that through PayPal, as the funds are located there directly. Then you can let us know that was done so we can help with the dispute! ~Destin

  • rz_145
    scoob (@rz_145) reported

    @BritishVogue I subscribed on November 13th starting with a December issue, but I’ve only just been sent my first print and it’s January’s issue? If I’d have known you’d fail to send me a Dec print, I’d have gone out and bought one in store. Now they’re sold out, or £40 on eBay

  • FutureTomorrow_
    Future Tomorrow (@FutureTomorrow_) reported

    @AskeBay @LoneWatchmen You're wasting your time. @ebay admitted to me this year they changed their policy on multiple accounts (insert BS lie/reason here). They're losing sellers and buyers. Suffice to say it would not be shocking if we learned they also now have zero problems with shill bidding

  • FutureTomorrow_
    Future Tomorrow (@FutureTomorrow_) reported

    @AskeBay Do you know how many times I've called and complained about this and vocalized the issue here on Twitter? When people care they take action to address concerns. #eBay has one of the worst track records in this regard. Just the worst.

  • MinkseyP_727
    Melek (@MinkseyP_727) reported

    Is there a way you can check delivery of gk874621445gb @RoyalMail so I can get my money released from eBay please. Tracking down all weekend. Nightmare

  • MinkseyP_727
    Melek (@MinkseyP_727) reported

    Track and trace site down all weekend. Means payments held by ebay from sellers as can't prove delivery. My money stuck in limbo furious.. @RoyalMail

  • Beknazaroved
    ed (@Beknazaroved) reported

    @PostmatesFleet shitty way to deliver goods. Having an issue with a customer who ordered tobacco and no way to contact the Fleet customer service. Ebay of food delivery? SAD!

  • kangmanny
    Kangy Mangy (@kangmanny) reported

    @JJABBAL lol that's the problem you take a lil break come back 2 loads of shit.. Yh His love for BB is out there but my God that was the wrong thing 2 do esp that the costume is diff on ebay lol

  • acrossunvrs
    Chelsea (@acrossunvrs) reported

    I haven't gone down an eBay old band merch rabbit hole in awhile, I am. And there are at least three things I want.

  • ElfQuestNerd
    ✨🐺💖Mandy💖🐺 (@ElfQuestNerd) reported

    @warhev @elfquest i imagine they'll allow a limited number of items to be signed. when i got to meet them in 2013, the limit was 3 items per person. i imagine it'll be something similar this time. i think they prefer to keep the number down to help prevent re-sales on eBay immediately afterwards.

  • KGraceHill
    Grace won't shut up (@KGraceHill) reported

    @kfhall0852 How can rhey possibly make this claim? It was a gov't server w warnings that emails were going to be monitored. My work email is monitored, if my boss wanted he could show my emails to an outside party. I got a talking to when I once used my wk email for sometbing I won on Ebay.

  • antman5921
    Ladies High Fashions (@antman5921) reported

    It's Sunday,grab a cup of coffee and come shop at my ebay store and make me an offer on my ebay listings. I never turn down a fair offer so bring me your offers.

  • TravelerJade
    Jade Smith (@TravelerJade) reported

    @TeaPainUSA I guess he never occurred to him that those companies support net neutrality because it's good for business? Google, Amazon & eBay make MILLIONS from their affiliates who sell products on blogs. If those blogs are relegated to the slow lane, they will lose a ton of money.

  • JayClinton89
    Coptimus Prime (@JayClinton89) reported

    How do you deadass open an eBay return saying “ they’re uncomfortable” yeah not my problem

  • noahfelps
    🆒 (@noahfelps) reported

    Goodwill on Coursey started pricing things based on eBay and I’m more upset than I probably should be. Then again, $23 for a broken vintage CD player is ridiculous.

  • kaelstial
    Kaelstial (@kaelstial) reported

    @clothesmindedpg @AskeBay It's not just selling that is an issue, sellers keep getting ripped off by shady buyers and ebay is their deal house.

  • FaizaanMahmoodd
    Faizaan Mahmood (@FaizaanMahmoodd) reported

    @AskeBay Hey Ebay, the seller has understood the problem and refunded my money.

  • MalcSeventyFour
    Malc SeventyFour (@MalcSeventyFour) reported

    Well, I may have just bought a Master System. After repeated attempts to fix the one I already have, I finally got fed-up enough to just splurge out on another one on eBay.

  • g_guttah1
    george (@g_guttah1) reported

    How do I speak to a representative, I have a big issue I need resolved @eBay

  • futurewas8bit
    Rod Hull (@futurewas8bit) reported

    @zx_wife @chris_jh @thejanbeta @tynemouthsw All ebay plus4's are broken... C16's make a safer bet if u ask me. More space for cooling, and believe it or not, a better PSU

  • ShellsmanGaming
    Shellsman (@ShellsmanGaming) reported

    @WitaCCG @eBay yeah I think if this relist doesn't work I will.. terrible and the 'contact support' doesn't suggest anything either just forums lol

  • TheLazyGirlUK
    The Only Living Elf in New Cross (@TheLazyGirlUK) reported

    EBay is giving me the rage. I'm trying to buy a jumpsuit for Christmas but clearly so is every other size 14 female in the UK who uses bastarding EBay. Next person who outbids me, I shall hunt them down.

  • Smooth_Orator
    Shyne Coldchain Jr. (@Smooth_Orator) reported

    Suffice it to say, a bunch of niggas begging for money with Cash Apps in their bios and openly treating dating like Ebay bidding for pussy, probably not the folks you wanna learn anything from when it comes to dating. Just laugh at the stories and learn via trial and error.

  • JustinChase1
    Justin Chase (@JustinChase1) reported from New York, New York

    Majorly down on $EBAY in 2018. Tried to sell two iPhone 7’s. I’ve been through 6 unsuccessful auctions - all due to fraudulent buyers. Each time I need to call and have EBay relist. Right now the biz is broken.

  • ShihTzuOnYou2
    🎄 Dan (@ShihTzuOnYou2) reported

    @alucardjr69 @videogamedeals Samsung Pay method would be better but more steps. How long do they take to send the eBay gift cards? And is it ALWAYS $75 gift card for $65? Never bought from them. If it's pretty quick, that with the $50 eShop for $42.50 would be better hands down. Also RedCard is a credit card

  • JHannaMUFC
    John hanna (@JHannaMUFC) reported

    @AskPayPal I just purchased an item on eBay the seller has cancelled and he says his PayPal is not working. How can I get my refund?

  • DekuTheProHero
    👊Izuku Midoriya👊 (@DekuTheProHero) reported

    @king_bakugo @DekyuMidoriya @Heroicsism @_Dxku_ @PetiteDeku @TopHeroDeku @sicklyheroics @shortbabegirl33 @StrxngMidoriya @DekuDekuPunch He coughed as everything had happened so quickly. First th eBay was shoved to the ground with a loud *Thud* as he began to feel lightheaded after that and dizzy from the chemicals being poured onto him. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he looked up. “P-please Kaachan stop!”

  • LesTwigg
    Les Twigg (@LesTwigg) reported

    @VirtualAstro If Ebay clamped down on people running their own auctions up (or their mates) it wouldn't be quite so necessary to bid in the last minute....

  • Sooners1889
    Sooners (@Sooners1889) reported

    @hjsbaker You don’t. But I only buy from UK sellers and have never had an issue, but then I know what to look for. You’re protected on eBay in any case, and if you see a pair of Adidas EQT BNWT for 20 notes, you become suss.

  • saikat817
    Saikat ⭐ (@saikat817) reported

    Club Factory can literally be one of the best shopping apps ever created but the ultra slow delivery service makes it disappointing at the same time! If somehow they manage to speed up their delivery service, damn people will forget Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal eBay in a heartbeat.

  • AskeBay
    Ask eBay (@AskeBay) reported

    @ELDNGrl Hmm, it’s something on their end then. I’d encourage you to tell them what you’ve found out and advise them to contact eBay if they’re having issues paying. If they don’t pay soon you can cancel the transaction/open an Unpaid Item claim. Thanks Emily! ~Velvet

  • AchrafAmil
    Achraf Amil (@AchrafAmil) reported

    @anilsharma0902 @agrawal1412 @nexus_line @LGUS @eBay @LGIndia @LGDeutschland @LGUSAMobile @googlenexus I'm facing the same problem, any news please?

  • deathgripley
    Uke Skywalker (@deathgripley) reported

    sits down and frowns i literally am incapable of buying a 25brl item on ebay bc itll take ten years to get here and ill feel like i wasted all my money on nothing!

  • stan_gate
    Stan Gate (@stan_gate) reported

    Note to Mike Ashley. If you stick the club up for sale on eBay, even they and paypal will knock you down by 34% in commission from your original ssking price, so just sell up now eh? #NUFCtakeover

  • LoveMusicGlasgo
    LoveMusicGlasgow (@LoveMusicGlasgo) reported

    @girlfantastico @eBay Everything in our eBay shop is also for sale in the shop at Dundas Street. Come on down.

  • Rushlock
    Rushlock (@Rushlock) reported

    @DJBahamut @TheGiftedonFOX @arthuradamsart Yeah, I like seeing the listings for buying back issues from places like @MileHighComics before there was ebay. Though seems they aren't even active online now :D

  • c1ynch
    Clynch (@c1ynch) reported

    @SophieWinwood When searching on eBay its quicker to work down than it is to work up, because the low prices are 45 pages of BS

  • AngelstereoEd
    EL (@AngelstereoEd) reported

    @umaynotagree My experience with EBay has always been terrible... worst customer service in History.

  • ELDNGrl
    Emily London (@ELDNGrl) reported

    @AskeBay @eBay @eBay_UK help - customers trying to pay for items they have bought from me r getting an error message stating the seller isn’t receiving payment at this time. What does that mean?

  • vickizdp
    calamari CJ (@vickizdp) reported

    @tryp96 No problems :D but not all the Korean magazines are available on eBay, just some. I couldn't find the army magazine that sg's in

  • maxle_a
    Max Andrews (@maxle_a) reported

    Bought an @IKEA desk on @eBay. Dude only gave us one of two boxes (at the time, not knowing it was two boxes). Advert has since been taken down and now we can’t contact said dude. Bad deal. Bad deal. Essentially paid to remove someone else’s junk for them.

  • FaizaanMahmoodd
    Faizaan Mahmood (@FaizaanMahmoodd) reported

    @ItsJackT_ @eBay I barely use Ebay, very rarely in fact. I remember buying a computer GPU that's about it. 7 months down the line this happens.

  • columjquinn
    C Q (@columjquinn) reported

    Does @eBay_UK have a widespread problem of buyers noy paying for items they've won at auction? I have had FOUR non payers on Five sales. An 80% rate is beyond bad. Little or no repurcussions for bad buyers is the problem #ebay #nonpayment

  • Wardotron
    Norris Mucksquirter (@Wardotron) reported

    Uh oh. Think I’m about to get my pants pulled down by someone on eBay wanting to cancel an order that I’ve already posted.

  • Carolyn40530991
    Carolyn Johnson (@Carolyn40530991) reported

    In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.

  • ElliottGriever
    British Christmas Bringer (@ElliottGriever) reported

    @ShotgunAnthony @UKWRBLX I better not see it on Ebay, THEN WE’LL HAVE A PROBLEM.

  • ultsyeoI
    c (@ultsyeoI) reported

    I'm just hoping after a couple months the bt21 pillow hype will die down and there won't be a limit of how many you can buy and someone will sell it on eBay or something not at a crazy marked up price ☹

    Uneswar Kujur (@UNESWAR) reported

    Ebay Refund problems- I order Original Lava BATTERY PaisaPay ID:46250339454 dtd 27/10/2017 but we have not received the parcel and not received eBay Guarantee and customer care not support this issue And courier status is item delivered.kindly take necessary action REPLY

  • chiddickstree
    Paul Chiddicks (@chiddickstree) reported

    @geneastories @EntertainerToys I know that's the problem with eBay if something is in high demand the price will increase hope they find something else that they are happy with x

  • FactUpYou
    Weird Things to Know (@FactUpYou) reported

    The first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer in 1995. The buyer was a collector of broken laser pointers.

  • ferrouswheel
    Joel P (@ferrouswheel) reported

    @mpchlets @dysinger Sure, but it was meant to be usable by anybody, with browser integration. I gave up because major email providers don't believe your server if you forward email from facebook/ebay/etc. Even if you use correct SPF.