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  • ValleyOfCards Valley Of Cards Collectibles (@ValleyOfCards) reported

    @AskeBay @eBay I get this message "Please review your payment option including first name, last name and billing address." everytime I try to pay with any option. Probably the 10th time this has been an issue over last 2 months.

  • CATWALKAI ‏ً (@CATWALKAI) reported

    i'm an ebay seller and thank god never had any problems with my customers... but some of y'all on here treat photocard sellers like shit

  • Queener1971 Shaun (@Queener1971) reported

    @celliottability @OntariosDoctors @kidsmentalhlth @PHAgencies @HeartandStroke @OTRUnews @CAMHnews @OntarioLung Real Solutions is what we need; feel good policy restricting access to Adult smokers pushes them into a black market it's not a solution; Youth are NOT accessing at retail look at the violation data vs the size of the issue; DHgate, Fasttech, Facebook, Ebay, instagram, Kijiji.

  • Andronicus50 Andronicus (@Andronicus50) reported

    @eBay Could you please review my recent conversation history with buyer "estensivo1398" & let me know what you would like to do. Buyer was abusive, insulting, & threatening instead of resolving problem. I 'm unlikely to use Ebay again if issue is not resolved Contefanfo (Italy)

  • TheRealDecade TheRealDecade (@TheRealDecade) reported

    @unrooolie No but you can always search ebay I found a nice stereo but the ad said it was stuck on max volume but it was half off and that's a deal I couldn't turn down @unrooolie

  • Raging_Vapor Raging Vapor (@Raging_Vapor) reported

    @DuvoRed I think through this whole argument we forget to remember that social media and the internet is an issue as well because I know I’ve seen personally advertising on @Twitter @eBay @Snapchat etc for lot just thc or but also for Juul like pod systems

  • hollypryce Holly Pryce (@hollypryce) reported

    @creativelycat Have a look on eBay and see how much individual issues are selling for because sometimes certain ones sell for really high prices. But if it doesn’t seem worth it to sell individually, try selling them in batches.

  • CocoMuir_ Coco 👻 DQXI S 🎮 (@CocoMuir_) reported

    @kodekaldwin Yeah, they've set up more official "reselling" websites for things like event tickets or you can sell it back to where you bought it from. Ebay need to crack down on this sorta thing!

  • SchizoChris Chris (@SchizoChris) reported

    @phil_Maxwel I usually buy used/broken thinkpads from ebay and repair them, but its been so long and my GFM I set up to replace it hasn't really gotten much help so I'd buy almost any used laptop allowing photoshop, illustrator and indesign at this point.. 😔

  • VyteSC Vyte (@VyteSC) reported

    @TheMaltzAssault 2, but 2nd one has had issues almost the entire time I’ve had it but got it off eBay as one of my first monitors

  • ls121277 ls121277 (@ls121277) reported

    @mswro2012 @drahctirpmit Refurbished. Had a couple off eBay, been bang on and had no issues.

  • urasawagirIs ً (@urasawagirIs) reported

    need Ebay to just compile all of my overdue fines under my IP address into one fine so that I can just pay it all off and get unbanned bc as of right now I have 3 fines on 3 different accounts and I can only remember the login for one lol

  • Ecto_Husky Ecto 🇬🇧 (@Ecto_Husky) reported

    @SerebiiNet Seems like a huge let down for people who have been waiting for this store to happen! At least restrict one of each item, deciding which 6 things people want in a shop full of exclusives isn't going to be fun at all.....thanks ebay scalpers 👍

  • DaveShawICT Dave Shaw (@DaveShawICT) reported

    @laura_clitheroe @Bethan_Southern @MissEmily19 We looked for a while on eBay and found one with broken fridge that was being sold for parts, books are cool enough so we didn’t need a fridge! Just keep an eye out and grab a bargain! 👍

  • lucy44837753 lucy (@lucy44837753) reported

    @Right1Eze @eBay @PublicArtFund yeah i hear you would just he nice if a seller said yeah i can ship it to you via USPS or UPS like id be fine paying abit more the problem in south africa is that USPS goes to our post office and mail theft is rampent like its our post office thats just run by savages is all.

  • JordyP1993 Jordy Phillips (@JordyP1993) reported

    So Elland Road was mad at 9am. People buying stacks of programmes... Wonder how many of them will end up on eBay 🤔. (Yes I went down stupidly early just to get one, yes it sounds hypocritical and yes I still don’t agree with what they’ve done to our Centenary) #LUFC

  • angusgibbins Angry Goblins (@angusgibbins) reported

    Offered eBay buyer a discount. Sale was a terrible deal for me in the end but honestly just wanted it done.

  • Airgerald23 Gerald👨🏾‍🍳 (@Airgerald23) reported

    Looked at my memories on snap for today. It was a glitch on amazon on a $25 iron. Was coming up like 25 cents for one. Checked out 30. Lmao I was moving them hoes on eBay for $10-$20 a pop 😂😂

  • FarrisHoyle Maleficent Farris 🇺🇲🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 cwtchs (@FarrisHoyle) reported

    @stephenwhomst I got mine on ebay. Cheaper and broken in already.

  • Shaking_Earth Shaker 🍉 (@Shaking_Earth) reported

    There is one (1) singular copy on ebay but I can't lay down forty bucks for a CD

  • B_REInvest B-Lon Musk (@B_REInvest) reported

    Since they shut down ********, I got yo girl selling ***** on eBay

  • wtfdoyoucare4 NAME CANNOT BE BLANK (@wtfdoyoucare4) reported

    Contacted @ebay to ask them to take care of this problem they told me to open an unpaid item case and report the buyer. DUH! I've done it for every account that I know of but calling your nephew across the country makes it pretty tough to block that. When I offered to send

  • Right1Eze Eze's World Of Curio (@Right1Eze) reported

    @lucy44837753 @eBay @PublicArtFund I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I ship overseas and noticed that it gets a little slow. I always try and stay in touch with my overseas customers because communication is utmost in business.

  • JeffGravat Jeff Gravat (@JeffGravat) reported

    ISSUES @eBay. Apparent site down again. 1 sale past 24hrs, 1400+ items listed in $ for premium store, TRS w/ no issues to account. My acct. was THROTTLED $50K OVERNIGHT in 2016 & it has stayed their 3yrs even after DOUBLING INVENTORY! Reports prove it @FTC unfair Bus. Practice!

  • Vixensmith2 Vixensmith (@Vixensmith2) reported

    @mcalel_ This dsi is from eBay only paid $8 only problem faulty cameras

  • TheDCLBlog Scott Sanders 🎃 (@TheDCLBlog) reported from Celebration, Florida

    @CHRIS_MAGIC_DCL If it isn’t glued down it will be on eBay.

  • sdmike Mike (@sdmike) reported

    @SanDiegoJosh One way, while somewhat painful, is to look at the "sold" prices on ebay. The big issue is deciding how your card compares to the grade you're looking at

  • AshleyUncia Ashley: Fujoshi Princess (@AshleyUncia) reported

    @StevenLHess @ProfessorOtaku I can't see any of those eBay sales, my guess is shipping to US only, so my account won't show it to me. :P And that was kinda the problem, it's not SUPER common but also not rare, but uncommon enough that noone with Canadian shipping had it for a half decent price.

  • btmorgan85 👻👹🎃BOO-la'que🎃👹👻 (@btmorgan85) reported

    @SwampTalking Nice! I was all about those walmart comics for a while, but I fell behind because I was broke, and to get caught up was paying $10 an issue on ebay, and I just couldn't do that.

  • Nic_and_Andrea _AndreaHills_ (@Nic_and_Andrea) reported

    @LatersBaby08 Hi, the Royal Mail website will give you all information you need on prices etc. You don’t have to use eBay’s postage/pack link etc if that’s an issue. We don’t use it. The post office can help you with any queries too.

  • LukeDuffied92 Luke Duffield (@LukeDuffied92) reported

    @PokemonNewsUK @JoeMerrick U need to shut down people taking loada of stuff and selling it on ebay way over priced, its not fair on others and anyone who buys the stuff from those people r part of the problem too

  • Lostone1980 I can't think of anything spooky Darren [He/Him] (@Lostone1980) reported

    @JSWells @jonathan_cyr294 Ohh cool, now you mention covers, I may have seen some of those and it may not have registered, I used to read Dragon from 1990 to 1996, and later had a load of ebay brought back issues that dated back to about 85-86. That mag had some amazing covers.

  • M4Ximizando MAX #X019 [Mixer Partner] (@M4Ximizando) reported

    @keithkline @Xbox @shieldsjames @dprien I have pre ordered it in the hopes its durability has been greatly improved. My first one had to be repaired 7 times including problems with the grips, RB and LB buttons, and drifting sticks. Every 3 months I was on eBay buying RB and LB sets to replace the broken ones.

  • BairJosh Joshua Bair (@BairJosh) reported

    @garyvee I grew up with emotionally broken parents, a dad who sold drugs out of the house...and I grew up nothing like them! I'm working at getting my flip game going with Ebay and managing a furniture store. Your content pushes me 2 be better man. Pick me!! #137pm

  • SPNCreatives 📸🎃SPN @ AWA🎃📸 (@SPNCreatives) reported

    So @eBay is cool with charging almost $50 worth of random shipping fees for some small errors in my shipping information on some items. That's nice to know XD

  • ScarabOfficial Scarab (@ScarabOfficial) reported

    Can't login to #eBay. That's not helpful. It was bad enough they have had that crashing bug on the login page for a few weeks, but now not being able to login at all is infuriating. Why do all these big companies keep hiring cretins with no clue. Grr...

  • Garfield_1971 Devil's_Advo_cat 👿🌍 (@Garfield_1971) reported

    @Audiox2002 When I pad this sign, which is usually coming back from buying some car sight unseen from EBay, I always think. "I'm home. I don't care, I can break down now. I'm home". I'm not, I'm still over 100 mike's from home, but I am "home". And all my cars have been great buys! 😃

  • AndrewWrites AndrooOoOOOoo CunningHARM 🎃💀 (@AndrewWrites) reported

    @bnystedt @tbarribeau @kimberstreams But if you notice washed out colors or vague ghosting, you’re probably looking at one of the bad panels. Hopefully avoiding eBay will also help you avoid those issues! :)

  • LaraKingDraws Lara King ♕ (@LaraKingDraws) reported

    Wow Ebay, 3 time wasters in a row lol. On the other hand I love buying from it and rarely have issues.

  • AshleyUncia Ashley: Fujoshi Princess (@AshleyUncia) reported

    @Foone People on eBay want the stupidest prices for outright broken things.

  • PixelElixir Pixel Elixir (@PixelElixir) reported

    @chickendynasty @Eye636 A friend of ours won an eBay auction a while back and asked the seller what was up with the $75 shipping fee. He said it was an "error" and reduced it (cost $8 to ship). Pretty glaring error there.😂

  • taegischeeks jasmin♡ semi ia📚 (@taegischeeks) reported

    im sad and im trying to fix my sadness by buying sichengs version of regulate but ebay won't let me so im just going to cry

  • MasChivo Spanish (@MasChivo) reported

    @elgatogaming Hey @elgatogaming I tried buying from your site long ago but it kept sending to eBay to make the purchase! I ended up buying it and it worked for a little while but went from to working when it wants to just not working at all. Why can’t we just purchase from your site & not eBay

  • GFV47 Greg (@GFV47) reported

    @eBay please DM me. There was an issue with my account.

  • ghosturis zero ♡ (@ghosturis) reported

    @joaquinsjoker yup, i'm from finland so the struggle is real :/ i MIGHT buy a costume from ebay or something if it really comes down to that

  • StevenM_W Steven M. W. (@StevenM_W) reported

    This is the number one problem with @eBay and makes it impossible to use.

  • Surj24861745 Surj (@Surj24861745) reported

    @uksatplex Hi. I bought a lifetime PLEX from you on EBay but unfortunately it has gone down and just gives a code. Can you please reset. Thanks from Surj.

  • DarklordFredy Fredy_darklord (@DarklordFredy) reported

    @superNESjoe @MetalJesusRocks @superNESjoe I'd think it'd be cool if I got one. I think it really sucks what these people do on EBay. The problem is I just live in Germany.

  • nvdarsh Darsh K (@nvdarsh) reported

    @eBay_UK ebay credited me a voucher for over £40 that I had to request because they forgot to issue, I used less than £3 now I'm been told the voucher cannot be replaced, had I'd known this I would used this in full, CS offered to send me T&c's now when it should off been sent B4

  • SKSergei Sergei (@SKSergei) reported

    The item was clearly not new or sealed. After receiving the Xbox one x through Thegamecollection eBay the seal had been broken and the sticker on the front of the Xbox had been removed. The reply was “we do perform quality checks on a small amount of our stock.” Avoid them!!!!!

  • _LiamMarshall Liam Marshall (@_LiamMarshall) reported

    @JordanCarter10 Flog fako in box with receipt on eBay for 30 k no problem

  • Jeffward75 Jeff Ward (@Jeffward75) reported

    @Jimwils46079738 @AGAshleyMoody @GovRonDeSantis I agree. We would have to add Online sales though a Licensed company that uses real 3rd party Age Verification by State I.D. The online sales of Carts though Ebay & Amazon need to be shutdown asap. That is a big part of the issue now. Anyone can become an overnight drug dealer

  • silda_prayona Silda Prayona (@silda_prayona) reported

    Hello @eBay @AskeBay , today one of my buyer said that she cannot view my listing, it just show blank or error. But from my account, the listing is allright. Can you please check it. Thank you.

  • Mike_Rouse Mike Rouse (@Mike_Rouse) reported

    The #retrogames store near me has closed down :( I now only have eBay. Which is depressing.

  • amas1985 Abdulfattah Samara (@amas1985) reported

    @eBay it looks like I am switching to ebay after I have found that #Amazon do not care of their customers and will let you down on the fist issue you had with a seller @AmazonHelp #shieldVOC

  • ShellDozer Mike Spooner (@ShellDozer) reported

    Last night I was being tortured for hours on end - by the eBay reCAPCHA. On a positive note, I'm now much better at detecting single-pixel sets of traffic-lights. PS: I'm not kidding, the final login breakthrough *was* such a pixel.

  • SherlockPrower Sherlock Prower (@SherlockPrower) reported

    @krack932 It's understandable why people who bought a 60 dollar game in 2006 were let down by the product they received, but in 2019 when you can get the game for 10 bucks on ebay it's kinda childish to see people who still think it's the worst game of all time.

  • WolfSkullJack WolfSkullJack (@WolfSkullJack) reported

    @vhsrat @_pyewacket_ The problem is people BUYING them on eBay. If there wasn’t a market for it, there would be no need. I tried to keep my posters affordable knowing I could have sold them for 4 times the amount because I wanted them in the hands of real fans. It’s pretty gutting to see them on eBay

  • WolfSkullJack WolfSkullJack (@WolfSkullJack) reported

    @_pyewacket_ @vhsrat I’m having this problem with my Metallica posters too. Right now they’re on eBay for thousands. eBay scalpers are LOW.

  • AnimeFanofVT Jason (@AnimeFanofVT) reported

    I needed a replacement case for Akame Ga Kill, the complete series I got from Amazon, the case itself was broken.. so I needed to replace it.. looked on Amazon and Walmart.. I found them but they were in bulk packages.. I needed only one. Found one on Ebay, just what I wanted.