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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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▪ Berlin, Berlin  ▪ London, England  ▪ New Malden, England  ▪ Mumbai, Maharashtra  ▪ Munich, Bavaria  ▪ Manchester, England  ▪ Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg  ▪ Tomlins Terrace, England  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Irvine, California  ▪ Newcastle upon Tyne, England

eBay Live Outage Map
  • Berlin, Berlin
  • London, England
  • New Malden, England
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Munich, Bavaria
  • Manchester, England
  • Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
  • Tomlins Terrace, England
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Irvine, California
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, England
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  • thezanzi
    Zed (@thezanzi) reported

    @EdMcDonaldTFK DON'T ask the author to sign a stack of books "for the eBay crowd" DO ask the occasional absurd question at panels. Undecided if it's ok to bring a copy of book, all typos and copy errors underlined.

  • Thogstacker
    Matt Hiebert (@Thogstacker) reported

    @micah_chaim Since the 70s I only have a handful of completed story lines. All my arcs have missing issues. eBay helped but it just wasn't the same as finding them on the spinner rack

  • HaraldKvassheim
    Harald (@HaraldKvassheim) reported

    @old_rake @AskeBay @eBay Yes, not your problem how that family work..

  • andyclark1973
    Andy Clark (@andyclark1973) reported

    @andylewisuk @outonbluesix I picked up the recent band-endorsed re-issue, very nicely done. My 1980's 5 Hours Back re-issue is currently on eBay as a result.

  • Carolyn40530991
    Carolyn Johnson (@Carolyn40530991) reported

    In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.

  • factzmanifest
    Facts (@factzmanifest) reported

    In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.

  • Ripper71
    Ripper71 (@Ripper71) reported from Henderson, Nevada

    It was even auctioned off on eBay after the movie. It was a wheel of ka different from the book & graphic novels. The tv series would be different too. A movie, toned down to PG-13 for that matter, is going to be a small wheel of ka compared to others. Kinda true @StephenKing ?

  • flissMyShowcase
    Felicity Hanes (@flissMyShowcase) reported

    @RoyalMail I am not happy! I sold something on eBay. Posted it to arrive in plenty of time and after nearly a month it had still not arrived! I now have to issue a refund for the item at a loss to myself. This happens too many times with things that are posted from this area!

  • EndTimeSurvivor
    Surviving the End (@EndTimeSurvivor) reported

    @bytheteo Track down the owner but only because the look on their face at being confronted with them by a stranger is worth more than the eBay cash.

  • miggylol
    Miggy (@miggylol) reported

    I want to use my @ebay account to sell some stuff. I haven't used it in 10 years, probably. It lets me log in, to my mild surprise, but it also keeps routing me to outdated error pages. :\

  • Dottie1313
    Dottie~ (@Dottie1313) reported

    @eBay I am having a problem with a buyer on your site. The package is at the PO and he hasn't picked it up yet. I am being blamed for this and it's his fault. I would like a call from you please.

  • bjain86
    BHARAT JAIN (@bjain86) reported

    @eBaydotinHelp Why takes 1month to investigate issue,If I had returned item by paying my own money in shipping as eBay instructed, Now every time eBay people gives new xcuses for not refund. Seems they are trapping me

  • alissagrosso
    Alissa Grosso (@alissagrosso) reported

    @briaquinlan All good here. Had this happen to me in the past with other sites I was on - Amazon, Ebay, etc. and Verizon told me it was a security issue on my end not the websites. Had to call Verizon (my internet service then) to have them switch my IP address or something.

  • HiEverybody0910
    Andy Pokrajac (@HiEverybody0910) reported

    @AskPayPal @AskPayPal @PayPal @eBay Paypal never fixes the issue after I have provided valid documentation and service. Ebay is smart for leaving you. Stop lying with customer service online

  • jspring86az
    Jeff Springer (@jspring86az) reported

    I'm about to just keep these Size 11 Oxford tans, the lowballing on eBay is crazy. Selling sneakers is pretty awful, it's why I have so many pairs in my collection, it's such a pain to sell them and cut down. Selling phones is way easier.

  • monstersRdivine
    Tucker 🐡 (@monstersRdivine) reported

    In the market for an ice dogs hoodie. eBay best not let me down.

  • Skwarkeye
    Skwark (@Skwarkeye) reported

    @AskeBay The eBay iOS app stops working when it’s been in the background for too long. I need to force quit and relaunch the eBay app to get it to work. This has been an issue for a long time now.

  • PinkSeaVillage
    Jen - Crystal Dreams (@PinkSeaVillage) reported

    @_cckirby @_cckirby I will admit one issue we've often run into with ours is that half the stuff they're supposed to have in stock isn't... Like sometimes even the entire section is just no where v-v; And there's been evidence that they keep it in the back to sell on Ebay or Amazon :/

  • Imkathylea
    Kathy Ibbetson (@Imkathylea) reported from Spring Hill, Florida

    Wake up people. You can buy a gun at a flea market you can buy a gun on Amazon you can buy a gun on eBay you can buy a gun from your neighbor. Holy s*** this will not fix anything. There's one on every corner waiting for someone to offer you $5.

  • Theo6777
    Steven Theo (@Theo6777) reported

    @bexar_214 @SneakerAdmirals Might as well take advantage while you can.. the problem with ebay is alot of grails on there are overpriced to begin with, for the most part, so it evens out alot.

  • bryandesrosiers
    Bryan Desrosiers (@bryandesrosiers) reported from London, Ontario

    Why have an option on @eBay for No Returns, if it means nothing? Sell something in working order. Arrives at CX. CX has issues due to their incompetentence. But thats the sellers fault and is punished? Like fuck.

  • realbowman
    SerenityBow (@realbowman) reported

    @_living_well @eworcharas Overpopulation of kangaroos is apparently a thing down in Australia & in middle school I was enthralled with the cottage industry it spawned: kangaroo scrotum coin purses. eBay was a wild place in the early 00’s

  • Thomazure
    [Phan]TomGannon (@Thomazure) reported

    I figured out the problem: the PayPal address on my eBay listing was an old defunct account. And handily, there’s no way to change it after the auction has ended, like, say, the ability to send an invoice with the correct PayPal address on. Gee, thanks eBay!

  • CommanderGrog
    Christopher (@CommanderGrog) reported

    well, shit... the laser and a few capacitors need to be replaced. Not a very difficult fix, but the laser is something else. Off to ebay....

  • DirtJunkiez
    (Decky) #TheDirtJunkiez (@DirtJunkiez) reported

    @SacredDirt @Renthal_Cycling How the stem? Seen one on eBay cheap. No problems?

  • FaSC1NaTE
    Gabriel Boria (@FaSC1NaTE) reported

    @The_0ne_Savi0r @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay Keyword: back in the day. Back in the day we had simpler technology with less advanced games. It was of course easy to make a game with no issues. Even then it still had issues like previous cods, red dead redemption, LA noire. You don’t know what your talking about lol

  • Grogar
    Matthew Bennett (@Grogar) reported

    Spent 3 hours trying to get the 6 'untested' mobo's I bought from eBay to POST, to no avail. Going to continue troubleshooting one in the hope that it's been human error all night

  • The_0ne_Savi0r
    Ethan Jackson (@The_0ne_Savi0r) reported

    @FaSC1NaTE @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay Back in the day games came out finished. Just because recently game companies are coming out with broken games doesn’t mean it’s okay.

  • KuzxTeam
    Kuzx (@KuzxTeam) reported

    @thomas111113 @nferrari26 @DALG69 @Yassim_the_king @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay Hm, It's peak times atm and there isn't any server issues weird, I'm waiting still no issues.

  • ViralKiller1
    Viral Killer (@ViralKiller1) reported

    @maplintweet LOL these dickheads. "Closing down Sale!"...I goto see PG540 and CL541 ink prices...£42.99, twice that of eBay...glad u cunts going bankrupt, you deserve it #maplin

  • FightOnTwist
    Josh Webb-Thomson 🐝🦈 (@FightOnTwist) reported

    @JoeGoodberry So I found a 4K UHD 3D TV on sale at Best Buy for $1,400. It took us six months to win our claim and we had to go through PayPal, eBay, AND FedEx to win. All three had to issue a judgment. It was the worst buy ever.

  • FightOnTwist
    Josh Webb-Thomson 🐝🦈 (@FightOnTwist) reported

    @JoeGoodberry It’s actually a horror story. I had originally bought a 3D TV off eBay. That was broken and the guy tried to screw us. I was so heartbroken, my wife told me “if you can keep it under $2,000, you can buy one”

  • FaSC1NaTE
    Gabriel Boria (@FaSC1NaTE) reported

    @The_0ne_Savi0r @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay All games have issues when first released. Cod did, rainbow six did destiny did lol if you don’t realize that then you don’t know nothing about games to begin with

  • SashaRivne
    Oleksandr Samkovskyy (@SashaRivne) reported

    My login on ebay is Oleksandr. But I can not buy, because I get a message when I buy- "You need to verify your account to buy and sell again." Get a call now to get started. " When I activate "Get a call now", I see the following message - "Call now." - and then -

  • WhiteMageBun
    Yutius Sextius (@WhiteMageBun) reported

    >Buy something off ebay >send it back because it's broken >Ebay does nothing when selling doesn't give me my money back >Go thru @PayPal >Paypal closes the case in sellers favor without ever being able to get into contact with seller, and me providing proof I sent it back

  • vincent04762435
    GraveWotsit (@vincent04762435) reported

    @TedTed1997 @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay I had the same problem but wen I logged back in I got all the reputations I earned back have you tried that?

  • vincent04762435
    GraveWotsit (@vincent04762435) reported

    @Kamikatzy @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay There’s a video on YouTube saying there doing there best to fix it

  • jakebertrand23
    Jake Bertrand (@jakebertrand23) reported

    @thomas111113 @CarsomyrCrusade @Fransa171 @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay You mean a day..? What about PUBG? They have server issues after a year of being released. I still lag in D2 and CoD. Game pass is the only reason servers crashed. Chill TF or and be patient like the rest of us. Not like you're the only one with problems.

  • ChrisDThomas1
    Chris D Thomas (@ChrisDThomas1) reported

    @CptLuckyy @TheReliantX @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay Capt lucky got sat the fuk down...

  • tomzmyslo
    Tom Zmyslo (@tomzmyslo) reported

    @eBay what's up with your listing tool, I keep getting an error when starting a new listing. Meanwhile, your system status page says everything's working. C'mon!

  • Thomazure
    [Phan]TomGannon (@Thomazure) reported

    I’m so stressed out, sold a game on eBay and for some reason fucking PayPal won’t accept the guy’s payment. I really need this money. I cannot for the life of me find any reason for the error. I wanna punch a hole in the wall. Argh

  • newyearsdayboy
    Ian mcgovern (@newyearsdayboy) reported

    @atbskies @eBay_UK really no problem,if you want to try ebay 1st no prob,if you don't get it i'll sort it out for you

  • RaccoonsCave
    Raccoons Cave (@RaccoonsCave) reported

    @lewbybarlow Yeah. The problem is, everyone like us who is waiting for that to happen, will wind up trying to outbid each other on ebay, and the prices will stay artificially high for awhile. For this to work, there will need to be a lot more of them than there are of us.

  • jcleighrlfc
    john.courtney (@jcleighrlfc) reported

    @LeytherMatt @eBay_UK I don't know what happened tbh I couldn't log in & after a couple of attempts ebay froze it. I phoned them yesterday & everything was sorted. My laptop top got nicked just b4 mothers day so i thought that's what the problem was not sure now

  • LeytherMatt
    Matt Lawton (@LeytherMatt) reported

    @jcleighrlfc @eBay_UK It isn’t a problem with my account (I hope!), but attempted to buy from three separate ‘buy it now’ auctions and then received the emails from eBay that the seller is a compromised account

  • RachelOfAspens
    ❌red x❌ (@RachelOfAspens) reported

    hi i really love furbys and this bullshit is why people sell $5 broken snowballs on ebay for $$$

  • guts_opossum
    Your Favorite Cartoon Character (@guts_opossum) reported

    @FuzzPunkFursuit @USPS @eBay Ohhh though it looks like the auction has been taken down

  • wrstcrdcllctr
    Pete (@wrstcrdcllctr) reported

    @KarynMarinella @starr_racing @teamBJMcLeod @SpencerBoyd @LuptonDylan @KazGrala @keselowski @J_Allgaier @hrmn8ter @MeansRacing52 @MW55 I just bought a small NASCAR hero card lot off ebay. So it might not make it there for a few weeks cause it needs to get here first. That address is def the stop for the mail? Stupid question but just making sure before I write it down

  • SKinseyMartin
    Sara Kinsey Martin (@SKinseyMartin) reported

    It's snowing here, so I am spending my afternoon watching shipping videos on youtube relating to ebay. I am terrible at shipping so I am trying to get better. Got a new dance class starting tonight and they are expecting a large number of people so gotta rest up for that too.

  • InflatableDalek
    Stuart Webb (@InflatableDalek) reported from Kidderminster, England

    Whoops, had to delete that Ebay tweet due to listing error. Let's try again...

  • RetroDetect
    RetroDetect (@RetroDetect) reported

    @SNUKgaming the problem is college kids! theyre a problem because i see them regular gawping at cex retro like its the holy grail...they have no intrest in price, and ebay is dirty to them, they wanna look cool! being cool is priceless to them, they just handover the monies!

  • MikeJoh80612940
    deanrees (@MikeJoh80612940) reported from Hastings, England

    @AskeBay @BBCr4today eBay are not doing enough to block hundreds of scam ads appearing several times every day. You are just 'fire-fighting' trying to take them down, in the mean time ppl will get caught for thousands £. You need to do more... Urgently!

  • tweetburke84
    Burke (@tweetburke84) reported

    @AskeBay Hi, I purchased an item in January and paid in full. I contacted the seller on numerous occasions through eBay to inform him the item failed to arrive. He constantly procrastinated in addressing the issue and now the deadline to open a case has expired by 6 days. Help?

  • thomas111113
    Thomas (@thomas111113) reported

    @CarsomyrCrusade @Fransa171 @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay Doesn’t take other big companies this long to sort out some server issues....

  • tyrantofalbion
    🐓 (@tyrantofalbion) reported

    @jabe_humphries @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay You have to quit the game and start again! Everything will be there no problem. It freaked me out the first time but then I found the fix. The game keeps track of everything you turn in so don't worry.

  • SwedishBatChef
    Kyle (@SwedishBatChef) reported

    @fallout20_s @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay I had a similar issue. I sold a chest and all of my gold from yesterday was back

  • nferrari26
    Nick Ferrari (@nferrari26) reported

    @DALG69 @Yassim_the_king @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay I can get in with no issues. Servers are working fine for me

  • dunelmian5
    LilWeakBitchVEVO (@dunelmian5) reported

    wahey some cunts hacked my ebay and bought 3 grands worth of handbags and a macbook. that's like 4 months salary down the drain

  • Krispy_yamaseki
    Alex Zander (@Krispy_yamaseki) reported

    @EWQh2 @Matthew47681503 @SeaOfThieves @SpecialEffect @Xbox @eBay It's not peak hours. Wait untill 4 or 5 and you'll start seeing error codes again

  • melokookie
    Daenerys👑 (@melokookie) reported

    Dont let me down ebay!