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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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July 22: Problems at eBay

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  • jcp111
    john porter (@jcp111) reported

    @AskPayPal A Person other than me was banned from eBay and pay pal. They used my account without my knowledge. I have never done anything unethical but my accounts were "associated" and were also shut down. I have no one to talk with to explain the problem. Please help!

  • ThiKuBC
    ThiKu (@ThiKuBC) reported

    @ManUtd fans where is the best site to get old United shirts? Euro Cup 68, the green/yellow and the all-black with yellow trim from the 90's, the 98-99 home shirt? Don't really trust ebay because of potential sizing or false advertising issues.

  • SpideyParker92
    SpideyParker92 (@SpideyParker92) reported

    @Dominc_17 If you're that desperate for the CE, you're going to have to wait for release date and hope there are cancellations. Or you're going to have to buy from Ebay but pay $400 - 500. Not trying to be brash but please don't pile your problems on @insomniacgames, they're not to blame.

  • KandyPens
    KandyPens (@KandyPens) reported

    @marketemia we need to take your Ebay listings down ASAP. We do not allow our products to be sold on eBay. You are selling them for 40% off retail price.

  • markymoodle
    Marky Barnes (@markymoodle) reported

    @devinwenig @eBay I'm really looking forward to you helping me resolve the hacking issue I am repeatedly having your employees keep telling me they wont close my account for at least 30 days

  • b_manzenberger
    Brad Manzenberger (@b_manzenberger) reported

    @eBay when you send me a message to activate 100 insertion fee free listings and you still charge me for the listings you are committing fraud. I'm about to shut the account down altogether and avoid #feebay like the plague.

  • BrettCykala
    Brett Cykala (@BrettCykala) reported

    @therealcliffyb The problem with that is I find myself browsing ebay at 2 am.

  • esmithdc00
    Crypto Free Thinker (@esmithdc00) reported

    2/ Didn't keep a copy of the 1st Free Thought issue. Got outbid on eBay for one! Shows up once in a while. Contacted the buyer, offered to pay 2x, wouldn't sell. Still looking for. Think am going to make some thinker Ts.

  • sanraj2416
    ⚡S⚡A⚡N⚡ (@sanraj2416) reported

    @Portronics Hi, New bought POR 683 talky Bluetooth headset from Ebay on 5th July. It was working well with my iPhone till today. But suddenly it stops working.. Tried with 3 mobile phones. Nothing worked.. This headset not discoverable. It is not working. Kindly help. Thanks

  • Bookdonors
    Bookdonors C.I.C (@Bookdonors) reported

    Our Website is down at the moment undergoing maintenance. But don't worry you can still purchase from us on our Amazon, eBay and Abebooks stores. Just Google bookdonors and you will see the links.

  • hubanero
    hubanero (@hubanero) reported

    @KingsAntiques Good to know. I'll report you to eBay and see if your Confederate flag and hateful posts are an issue for them.

  • ellalovessassa1
    Coco (@ellalovessassa1) reported

    @eBay_UK still haven’t sorted my issue of a major over billing of over £300 for items I didn’t even sell!!! #ebay #ebayseller

  • BillyGrillo
    Billy Grillo (@BillyGrillo) reported

    @eBay @eBay_UK @AskeBay sat down @ electronics round table yesterday. 50 people (Buyers & sellers) Stated that eBay has Screwed up SEARCH so bad that they don't even use eBay anymore. These are REAL buyers. @devinwenig needs to be fired. If buyers won't shop then what R we 2 Do

  • certifiedrotten
    horrible narc (@certifiedrotten) reported

    Finally worked my way down to only having 2 tabs open. One is a Gundam stream, the other is Ebay vintage mountain bike parts -- I think I'm either making progress or barely treading water

  • Freepaperclips
    Angela 💘💭🐱 (@Freepaperclips) reported

    Could someone please write a "collector" Robin Hood who hunts down resellers and makes them pay for buying bulks of collectibles and reselling them on ebay??? Like this is the true unpunished petty crime of our time. $2000 my ass for a Funko...

  • NOVAMonHun
    Max Potion (@NOVAMonHun) reported

    @VengefulTorture I've always enjoyed fixing things. I dunno what it is. Sometimes I get the urge and I irresponsibly comb eBay and buy a bunch of broken stuff to try and fix it.

  • Blimpdawg
    Mike (@Blimpdawg) reported

    @AskPayPal hi I have an issue with my payment pending/ebay

  • AskeBay
    Ask eBay (@AskeBay) reported

    @Shaunie_Jade We want to help! In those cases, the seller has 3 full business days to work with you to resolve the issue themselves before eBay is able to step in. Is this still happening? Happy to check your options if you DM us with details ~Alvaro

  • puntthetaru
    TraLala (@puntthetaru) reported

    Oh look.. once again.. funko pop up shop has invalid errors when trying to add the item to cart and it sells out again. Enjoy getting yours on ebay from scalpers -_- Really not fun anymore... @OriginalFunko #ebay #scalpers #flippers #sigh

  • Rebecca_Ruesch
    Rebecca Ruesch (@Rebecca_Ruesch) reported

    @AskPayPal why is there no "issue refund" button on a transaction from ebay that I am trying to refund. Payment is from 20 days ago and has been received. why can I not refund it?

  • Elliefreemz
    Ellie Freeman (@Elliefreemz) reported

    @AskeBay can I speak to someone on an issue on my account. Not impressed with eBay

  • BillyGrillo
    Billy Grillo (@BillyGrillo) reported

    @eBay Is driving away buyers & sellers alike w/ constant change of its site, rules & look. We have had ZERO sales in the last month. eBay keeps these horrible programmers in jobs when nothing except helping sellers make a sale. Terrible CEO @devinwenig needs to go now. @CNN

  • Steven__C
    Steven C (@Steven__C) reported

    @ChrisShawEditor That was a random, cheap eBay purchase. Needless to say I do not have an 8-track machine to play it in. So far I’ve largely resisted chasing down Beatles / Apple 8-track tapes. That way madness lies, although I’m probably well past the first few markers on that particular road.

  • JeffGravat
    Jeff Gravat (@JeffGravat) reported

    What happened to @eBay site has gone silent with no sales, email, questions. Did they close down 4 the weekend? A once great site now just counting the days. Wenig has destroyed this company. Investors r unaware. False reporting holds up a house of cards. #MEGA make eBay great a

  • Fanilow19
    Casey Jones (@Fanilow19) reported

    SAME problems so will NEVER USE MY HERMES again & Seller blamed My Hermes for LOSING item 4 2 weeks to say use them . NO Answer . So know i cannot return Item for refund & ebay concierge has nerve to say it's not set up to favour buyer .

  • LifeIsBife
    The Good Life🇮🇹 (@LifeIsBife) reported


  • swickster62
    SeptemberBlue21 (@swickster62) reported

    @caterita2008 @LeonSansNom @ErikaSmith1921 @Gloria41Tenorio @EmmaPeel_Knight @MissRandiB @MissKobayashl @XaviXV @StandSpacey @KevinSpacey @KevinSpaceyCN @KevinSpaceyIt @supportspacey I'll send you the link when I find it. Google keeps taking me to eBay to buy that issue...

  • ITeinowitz
    Ira Teinowitz (@ITeinowitz) reported

    @AskeBay I am having repeated problems on ebay with sellers adding an unrelated very low cost item on their listings so they show up first on a price search. There are about 15 under "network cables." Can you fix it or at least add an easy way for ebay users to notify you.

  • bogveradze
    bogveradze (@bogveradze) reported

    @AskeBay my account (giobogve0) on ebay was suspended and blocked. What was the reason, I cold not get. How to resolve this issue?

  • tggleeson
    Tom (@tggleeson) reported

    @grodaeu Built my own using cheap components from GB based eBay'ers who appear to able to import directly from China (via Hong Kong) without bothering with customs & rules (like transport of batteries) using a forwarding address in NI. You can see how an open NI border may be a problem.

  • JT__photography
    James Tarry (@JT__photography) reported

    @breenster Raised to £130 and someone's offered £130 already. Which makes me suspect that, broken or not they 'should' be sold higher price. Arrgh. EBay stuff stresses me out LOL

  • WeeeRob
    Robert Walter (@WeeeRob) reported

    @shanselman I went to the Harmony Ultimate but was quite disappointed so went up to the Elite which is a big improvement. Still not as good as the One though. I bought multiple broken ones from eBay to cannibalise before eventually giving up on it

  • PacketHunt
    Kevin M (@PacketHunt) reported

    PSA: Wipe your drives before you sell your server on ebay. Password hashs, ssh keys, configs, binaries for your service, security configs, uac disabled, no av software, just a treasure trove of information. All for a service that see's several million users per month.

  • mrvaggos4
    Mrvaggos (@mrvaggos4) reported

    @AskeBay Hi ebay. Yesterday I sent an email to customer service because I have problem with my purchase. The item number is 123218839873. the subject is refund for an item. Please let me know if you received it. Thank you

  • jmgosney
    Jeremi M Gosney (@jmgosney) reported

    @marshray @Sc00bzT @TychoTithonus The interim laptop I've been using (which I'm about to throw on eBay) is 13.3" with a QHD screen. The screen is *nice* and I've no issues with readability, only real estate, and performance. While it has 32G RAM & NVMe SSD it only has a dual core i7 AND I WANT TO STAB ITS FACE

  • ancientgrimoire
    touches (@ancientgrimoire) reported

    If you take the total amount of money you spent of eBay whilst drunk and divide I by the amount of times you’ve tried to walk up the down escalator, that’s your iq. Mines 0.02 what’s yours

  • Trumpery45
    Justin (@Trumpery45) reported

    @CarbonBeachAM Because the thieves disable the cellular, and because the Tesla key fob is easily hacked by amplifying it’s range until the car opens. This is a common problem in Europe now. The battery will be removed and sold on eBay in modules.

  • MintamenaPie
    Jessie/Minty T minus 5 days to BronyCon (@MintamenaPie) reported

    @Deadparrot222 I own all of these basically but if you want to put them for sale down the road on eBay or other site, I could help you with their names <3

  • csirac2
    Paul Harvey (@csirac2) reported

    I mysteriously stopped being able to login to eBay recently, and it turned out that "[" (and probably "]") aren't acceptable in eBay passwords any more. I wonder if somebody fixed a horrible regex related bug recently

  • carys_arsenic
    Dean (@carys_arsenic) reported

    @mudcaulks That's usually the least on eBay they're not always watermarked. On one hand, I can understand them markin' it, but I ain't in the habit of carryin' a ton of clams on me to plunk down for an image I just wanna either keep for myself or use as a header/profile pic.

  • CardboardLifer
    Steven Judd (@CardboardLifer) reported

    Quick note for eBay sellers - Might want to block BLUEDAWGDEM. Had a terrible auction situation where she could not be bothered to read an item description. Terrible person to deal with.

  • uescalt
    uesc_alt (@uescalt) reported

    @johnblueriggs @LimitedRunDoug @PeteBiles There were a few issues with eBay resellers, I hear ;)

  • deepFlaw
    Jesse M. (@deepFlaw) reported

    whiiiich I guess means I’m just jumping on this eBay lot of all 5 volumes, which... is more than I wanted to pay all at once, especially given that few are discounted elsewhere, but given that it’s still barely more than MSRP and def. cheaper than tracking down...

  • DConsRetreat
    Transform & Roll Out (@DConsRetreat) reported

    @grhmthmsn Today I treated myself to a whole lot of Marvel UK issues I was missing on eBay :)

    Tom Simons (@T0MSIM0NS) reported

    @Temhoahreji @jedijulesMTG @LibrarianOfLeng @TrollAndToad Juzam actually went down from 1998 through 2014. I bought a near mint copy on eBay for $95 then. If the seller had bought from TT in 98 they would have lost almost 50%!

  • Sourpussbob
    Robert Castillo (@Sourpussbob) reported

    @tinymediaempire @MondoNews Then I’d like to see them acknowledge the bot problem and do something about it. Look on eBay after every one of these sales and there’s a minimum of 15-20 of whatever poster went on sale up right after they release. #stillsaltyaboutJaws

  • ContraCFA
    ContraCFA (@ContraCFA) reported

    @BlairReeves Selling on eBay is a PITA relative to Amazon or even FB marketplace. Time and effort I won’t get back. Delusional bidders, strange fees, slow and buggy website & mobile app, fraudulent comms.

  • sithrich
    Richard Woloski (@sithrich) reported

    @YogiKai @super7store I was hoping we could make it down there tomorrow but plans had changed. I’ll look for it on eBay on Monday

  • azimechproject
    Azimech (@azimechproject) reported

    *listens to the first few minutes of the latest Glitch Bottle podcast* Sowwy but the PGM from the Hellenistic Age isn’t cultural appropriation, you can’t compare it to say, white people selling peace pipes on eBay, the Magical Papyri was evidence of cultures ENGAGING w/eachother

  • aaronnjohn12
    John H & Aaron R (@aaronnjohn12) reported

    @AskeBay On the eBay app it shows all my past purchases from the last couple of years. I can’t hide them or remove them. When I log on to my computer and click on purchases it only shows me my most recent purchases. Is there reason why the app is doing this & how can I fix it?