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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • djoglala Guy Smith (@djoglala) reported

    @Fallout Crashing when entering pharma. Damn elevator. Please fix soon.

  • M799Lucifer ZeusGaming (@M799Lucifer) reported

    @Fallout @Prawln Fix the crashing on xbox when I try to enter pharma new area it's not the xbox it's not effecting every one but is effecting quite alot of people removing cache does not fix .

  • Tauchaos Chris green (@Tauchaos) reported

    @Pjsprojects @Fallout @Prawln I did it 6 times yesterday didn’t have an issue... besides people being hopeless

  • JesseOdell10 Jesse Odell (@JesseOdell10) reported

    @BethesdaStudios Hello iam having a problem with signing in fallout76 on my Xbox one x how do I fix this

  • Mr_Freeziee Jake Secondo (@Mr_Freeziee) reported

    @Fallout every time I join Project Paradise, my game freezes! Fix your game!

  • xerostan Mr. Banane (@xerostan) reported

    @GuildCarver @Trident__ @Belinda_Ann1 @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Yep I am *putting ***** latex gloves* you seem to have a huge problem, you were dumping a shit for more than 8 hours. Stop wasting space, finish taking your shit and go ********** while you will thinking what you will reply about this or another useless thing. Nice Glasses *****!

  • Sven85D SvenD ( DevilSLS) (@Sven85D) reported from Westhofen, Rheinland-Pfalz

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout U really need to fix ur Last Update as soon as possible. NOTHING works like it should. Joining the Paradies Event is Not possible because at the Loading Screen the Game crashes. Opposum Challenges not working.

  • ausssbtrunks85 kenneth hardwick (@ausssbtrunks85) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Just went to get on and play for some reason not letting me sign in

  • SpikeFiremane Ed Goodwin 4th (@SpikeFiremane) reported from North Merrick, New York

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout One glitch I came across I hope you fix it’s the milking bhraman it doesn’t trigger the badge progression

  • Andrew063012 Game Geek (@Andrew063012) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Can you fix the frog habitat issue, the badge I'm working on is stuck on "craft a frog habitat" pretty sure I've turned into the crazy frog man In fallout because of how many frog habitats I have....

  • BigBizzle76 Brian Bennett (@BigBizzle76) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Fix the duping glitches, remove those items, and ban those players too

  • ZonkerBrainless (((wildly rational expectations))) (@ZonkerBrainless) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout yay paradise lost. And hopefully fixes to the 3 star wood armor issue. And fixes to the broken possum quests.

  • therealkiroe k (@therealkiroe) reported

    @Fallout ammo bug for Gatling plasma and Gatling laser please fix this turning cores to 1 shot and deleting them plus unlitmited ammo with 50 shots per fusion reload, also had items disappear !

  • ANpoundingAL Gage (@ANpoundingAL) reported

    @Fallout Shut up Bethesda. No sane person wants your trash freemium game. Fix your engine then we’ll talk.

  • DarkScatha m4ximoto (@DarkScatha) reported

    @Fallout the skull mask I've bought from your atomic shop makes my characters beard vanish...why is that I want my atoms back or a fix

  • Reapersouls4eva Reapersouls (@Reapersouls4eva) reported

    @Fallout are you ever gonna fix the mutations defeats the purpose of fighting ppl if they have all the good mutations where they heal instantly and do 40percent more dmg. Like people have 12 mutations at once makes the game boring.

  • RoyWrig69892234 Roy Wright (@RoyWrig69892234) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda It be nice if they fix the log in problem so i could play it's been 9 or 10 day i not been able to get on my 167 lvl character it really upsetting especially since I put money in to him

  • Remihondayoo Remi (@Remihondayoo) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout You better fix youre game good this time!

  • AlmightyAdam Adam Rios (@AlmightyAdam) reported

    @_TH3_SICKN3SS_ @JustinSalvato @Fallout @XboxSupport @BethesdaSupport Unfortunately this looks like an in-game error and therefore we recommend you contact @BethesdaSupport

  • ArceGaming Arce Gaming (@ArceGaming) reported

    @Bnorky_boi @Fallout Because if you think about it, these kinds of issues have been around for decades. It’s not an easy fix especially today with ridiculously tight time frame. Most devs get less than two year to make a game and release. Before devs could take as long as they need.

  • ArceGaming Arce Gaming (@ArceGaming) reported

    @Bnorky_boi @Fallout And you’re talking about bugs and glitches, let me remind you that bugs and glitches are standard for ANY game. It’s been that way since “videogame” even became a word. To me the problem is the consumers. No more patience, too much demands and never satisfied.

  • Darac94804765 Darac (@Darac94804765) reported

    @jameslar9 @JustinSalvato @Fallout @XboxSupport @BethesdaSupport I propose to wisit developers forums dear sir. Mybe there are pepple with same issue. Just a thought.

  • NathanB07787858 Nathan (@NathanB07787858) reported

    @Fallout You're game is shit fix it

  • hovdog Jeh (@hovdog) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout As long as it doesn't let those cheating ***** back in with the 4:8:2000 error we're good. Let them continue to cry on Twitter and Reddit

  • damasta1001 Docter Masta (@damasta1001) reported

    @OlderGamers @BethesdaSupport @Fallout they legit said after a week or 2 at launch there will be private servers for single player community just tired of all the broken promises and wasted money

  • BRUH5870 BRUH5870 (@BRUH5870) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Well that link is useless lol. I hope this fixes the carry weight issue

  • Joebno_Gaming Joebno Gaming (@Joebno_Gaming) reported

    @Fallout @Fallout76Photog I'm getting real sick and tired of getting disconnected and crashing from your game fix it already.

  • ThomasJNyman Thomas Nyman (@ThomasJNyman) reported

    @Fallout You have dropped the ball. 76 is terrible and you have abandoned the core consumers who enjoy your games for the open creativity it allowed them. your FO4CK2.0 is broken and won't let people upload... FIX YO SHIT!!!

  • Kizmitt00 13 (@Kizmitt00) reported

    @fallout @bethesda @ZeniMax_Online it's so cute to watch your social media staff bury problems that pop up which means they are in collusion with the staff members sabotaging fallout 76 bravo. @sony why we don't trust games with GMTools...

  • _Vault310_ Vault310 (@_Vault310_) reported

    My pipboy in Appalachia has better service than my phone. I want Vault Tec as my carrier... #fallout76 #fallout #ipayforthis

  • ItsCourierSix L.J. (@ItsCourierSix) reported

    @Fallout Please go back and fix a Fallout 4 Nuka World Glitch stopping me from getting ever Nuka Recipe, thank u

  • Deegan82623775 Deegan (@Deegan82623775) reported

    @Fallout @Saltygamer1001 Honestly trying to build camps in this came makes me want to cry with frustration. I'm always faced with "this item needs support" "This item in intersecting another" "This items radius overlaps something" DEAR LORD PLEASE FIX IT. And it's so hard yo place crops

  • masterkief_ greig🍋 (@masterkief_) reported

    @BN_Bandit @SuperJezus1 @Fallout It's been 7 months, at this point I do not give a ****. there was much bigger issues than the textures anyway.

  • baneofjustin Justin Sam (@baneofjustin) reported

    @Fallout fellas just take the game offline and fix all the shit

  • not_efster efster (@not_efster) reported

    i swear the stupid berkeley springs ms. nanny daily is CURSED. every time i pick it up, i can never progress in it or turn it in because i get a game crash or an endless loadscreen. i'm just gonna give up on ti forever #Fallout76

  • golumnman unknowngamer3000 (@golumnman) reported

    @Fallout So I'm having the issue where my charactor slot photos are gone and Everytime i try and use either 3 charactors it says disconnected. Already looked into and asked if I was banned but I'm not it's bin 9 days and I have yet to get past the disconnected from server loading screen.

  • ManUndercover4 ManUndercover #FuckPeta (@ManUndercover4) reported

    @Fallout Fix your shitty game you ***** brand. Next release a good game you stupid *****.

  • joebennett4321 EXTREME SHOCKER (@joebennett4321) reported

    @KalebGleason @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @bethesda @Oxhorn @JuiceHead33 I've been having big problems fighting The queen and imposter Sheepsquatch. It glitches and lags really bad. I don't even wanna do them anymore. #fallout76

  • Megachron5 MegaChron_55 (@Megachron5) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaSupport we just killed the scorchbeast queen with ~1-2 seconds left in scorched earth event. Queen dies then it says “event failed” and the queens body disappears before we can loot this. Fix this! It’s been 6 months!

  • lizottematthew matthew lizotte (@lizottematthew) reported

    @Fallout bethesda fix the drop rates on materials balistic fiber is harder to find then a month back because all it takes is 1 high lvl player to clear all areas that have balistic fiber and in turn it screws everyone else over that comes on needing it and are forced pay 2 play

  • GingerIsRacist Eric Gattrell (@GingerIsRacist) reported

    @xerostan @Fallout @Saltygamer1001 @BethesdaStudios They have told me it’s not a ban, it’s a server side issue that the developers are actively working on. It’s just not a priority as it’s a “small number of players “

  • NukaGirlNickyB NukaGirlNickyB(Endgame) (@NukaGirlNickyB) reported

    @FocusBoxHero @Fallout I don’t know why they can’t see and fix it like they make good armor but it’s not doing their job I wish I knew what armor can protect me from pvp I hate dying so quickly it’s like I never have a chance to fight back

  • NukaGirlNickyB NukaGirlNickyB(Endgame) (@NukaGirlNickyB) reported

    @FocusBoxHero This makes me mad as well like I’m starting to hate @Fallout because they can’t seem to fix this crap like no one should kill you if your not in pvp and not to mention if your in good armor then it should be harder to kill you but no there is so much stuff they need to fix

  • Xaxxus Brent (@Xaxxus) reported

    @Fallout Ever since sheepsquach update the game has been unplayable for me. Mouse seems to lag in menus, turning is slow and janky. Especially in ultrawide mode. I have a gtx 1080ti, this shouldn’t be an issue.

  • FocusBoxHero Dustin Smith (@FocusBoxHero) reported

    @ZeroFoxFK @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Hah. I know where I was at and how Dr_Octagon was able to attack me. Not the issue. I hate feeling like a tiny fly to other players in PVP. So 👍. The one shot is my problem.

  • ves_akimbo Ves Akimbo (@ves_akimbo) reported

    @ABSanyal @Fallout @Saltygamer1001 Like I said, I’ve never cheated in any game in my life. I played the game, and we both know that it had more issues than it should’ve had at launch. We deserved a fully functional game, and their reaction to people exploiting it is as bad as the launch itself

  • kimboe28 Smets Kimberly (@kimboe28) reported

    @BethesdaSupport cant get on my fallout76 sind saterday 4pm est. Keeps saying disconect from server. Did everything i can. Even hard reset on xbox. Next day still same problem

  • Remihondayoo Remi (@Remihondayoo) reported

    @Fallout U guys are the same crap the devs from ark are.. they cant fix things either!

  • Remihondayoo Remi (@Remihondayoo) reported

    @Fallout And another ******* day without the caps stashes spawning.. FIX UR GODDAMN CRAP!!!

  • ausssbtrunks85 kenneth hardwick (@ausssbtrunks85) reported

    @Fallout @Saltygamer1001 Need to fix glitch that when spawn at another players camp you get stuck in part of the camp

  • MrCrow101 Brandon McGuire (@MrCrow101) reported

    @Fallout I plan to pick the game up in November, I decided to give them a full year to fix it and hopefully it's not a waste of time.

  • Atreyu_Midnight Midnight_Society_Gaming (@Atreyu_Midnight) reported

    @Fallout @Saltygamer1001 How about fix into the fire crashing problem. Geeze.

  • ves_akimbo Ves Akimbo (@ves_akimbo) reported

    @ABSanyal @Fallout Honestly, it’s bothersome that I am a huge fan and just wanted a game that wasn’t BROKEN and pointing it out has made me a target for people to want to vent their frustration with the IP. Anyways, good luck with your Physics degree; the world needs more STEM and I applaud that 👏🏽

  • FilthyCasual626 FilthyCasualTG626 (@FilthyCasual626) reported

    @ii5niiPeR @Fallout Even with a new toon some are just straight up borked. Can't get Grafton Dam for Discover Locations In The Forest for instance. @BethesdaStudios needs to fix this if they want me to buy atoms, I need to get the ones I'm due... #Fallout76

  • TrashAssGamers Trash Ass Gamers (@TrashAssGamers) reported

    @Fallout still checking in to see if you are aware of the crash at belching Betty. I cannot advance the game in the Into the Fire quest as it crashes everytime I try to enter belching Betty.

  • TexeiraJohn John Texeira (@TexeiraJohn) reported

    @Fallout yay... another one of the new challenges NOT working... chemist this time.. syringer shots not updating the challenge

  • Joebno_Gaming Joebno Gaming (@Joebno_Gaming) reported

    @Fallout @Saltygamer1001 Please fix the disconnected from server crap.

  • _MrCabrera B (@_MrCabrera) reported

    @BethesdaSupport fix you Game! I just spent like an hour lunching a nuke for the dang queen. Your seconds away from killing it I get disconnected wth!!!!!!! How am I suppose to play!!!! #Fallout76 #FixIt

  • ABSanyal Amit Bikram Sanyal (@ABSanyal) reported from Bhubaneshwar, State of Odisha

    @ves_akimbo @Fallout @bethesda It's not Bethesda's problem if you skipped grammar lessons in school. No one is validating the problem. I have made hundreds of posts regarding the problems of the game on Reddit, including the original highly noticed post that started the outrage against repair kits.

  • ves_akimbo Ves Akimbo (@ves_akimbo) reported

    @ABSanyal @Fallout Like I said... it literally states that they need to fix it. Until they do, the game is LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE. @Fallout and @Bethesda could have put out a game that wasn’t so badly broken; blindly defending it and attacking PAYING customers does nothing but validates the problem👍🏽