Is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

 Problems detected at Fallout 76

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November 17: Problems at Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is having issues since 05:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (34.15%)
  • Online Play (29.27%)
  • Game Crash (17.07%)
  • Glitches (12.20%)
  • Matchmaking (7.32%)

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  • TJnTX
    TJ n TX (@TJnTX) reported from Fontanafredda, Friuli Venezia Giulia

    @Fallout Every time I play I get disconnected from the server numerous times. Very frustrating. Hopefully this issue is resolved in the upcoming patch.

  • Le7halVengeance
    LethalVengeance (@Le7halVengeance) reported

    @nexisxero @Fallout I have the same issue but I found that if i quickly double press the play key it works, im on xbox so I quickly double press X when im next to the holotapes and its been playing them

  • SOut7Paw
    Simon Machin (@SOut7Paw) reported

    @OnyxFearx_x @TheDivisionGame @Bungie @Activision @Fallout I literally facepalm every single time I see a mug pre-order a game that they know nothing about, it's utterly utterly ridiculous. Particularly after the lie they sold us with the firsts E3 gameplay reveal. Can't fix stupid.

  • JoshShore3
    Josh Shore (@JoshShore3) reported

    @Fallout I have a issue I’d like resolving. I Attempted to rank up the grim reapers sprint perk card twice. After selecting the card the first time I realised the rank up option was grayed out so I tried to rank it up agin and it was still grayed out. Two perk points now lost.

  • therealnoogar
    Noogar (@therealnoogar) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda as everybody else I request you to fix the bug on the quest "Bureau of Tourism" : it is impossible to repair the token dispenser since the BETA. I'm playing on PS4 btw.

  • therealnoogar
    Noogar (@therealnoogar) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda as everybody else I request you to fix the bug on the quest "Bureau of Tourism" : it is impossible to repair the token dispensair since the BETA. I'm playing on PS4 btw

  • lslsosksjsj
    Lslsosksjsj (@lslsosksjsj) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the building limit

  • dirtybearyo
    #SIcortéz (@dirtybearyo) reported

    @Ops235 @Fallout It's says the opposite you **** muffin... All games have day 1 or week 1 patches these days... All Live service games have performance issues 🤣🤣 go back and suck on Fortnite teet mr trolly mctrollerson

  • BClemijf
    Fabio Clemenz (@BClemijf) reported

    @Fallout I really like to play the game but why do ppl get hated when they say they found a bug i think the devs need to know which bugs they have to fix. I have discovered 4 quest bugs so i can't play those quests anymore and one of them is a main quest.

  • pittman_ra
    Jacob Pittman (@pittman_ra) reported

    Would be nice if you would fix the server connection issues. Every time I build a new base I get disconnected and lose EVERYTHING that I spent two hours building. Come on guys. @bethesda @BethesdaStudios @Fallout

  • praetorian13c
    John Marecki (@praetorian13c) reported

    @Fallout fix your freaking servers... we are tired of doing mission almost complete if them and then having to do it over again from scratch while losing all of our resources.

  • AWOL_MrWhite
    AWOLMrWhite (@AWOL_MrWhite) reported

    @bethesda Possible new or known bug, Friend not showing up in my friends list and tryed to re-add them but not working #Fallout76

  • e_DIABLO_b
    e_DIABLO_b (@e_DIABLO_b) reported

    @Eldabbo86 @Ops235 @crazyguy1588 @Fallout Right, plus, theres so many ways to fix that. Like overwatch for example, I just searched reddit for overwatch discords and found a bunch of really cool people to play with. And when Destiny became free on PC we all downloaded and now I have a clan there too. Its not hard

  • HusmanMusic
    Husman (@HusmanMusic) reported

    Ohkay, just had my first crash in #Fallout76 on ps4 after 4 hours, which is no biggy, but now the game won’t start anymore, help😅! @bethesda

  • TsandraOnTwitch
    Tsandra ™ (@TsandraOnTwitch) reported


  • Eldabbo86
    Ben (@Eldabbo86) reported

    @e_DIABLO_b @Ops235 @crazyguy1588 @Fallout The hate for fallout 76 is unreal.. I was full against buying this game when it got announced, but I went and bought it... I love it! Few technical problems, but it's a given in game nowadays.... If it got delayed people would moan! It will get patched, relax

  • Martin88796902
    Martin (@Martin88796902) reported

    @Sleep4arceus @derekthebard @NewWillinium @Fallout Stimpaks really aren't a problem, right now I'm level 35 and they drop everywhere, I literally have 46 standard and 7 super and didn't craft or buy any of them

  • crotemp
    CROTemplaR (@crotemp) reported

    @ly0nardo @nexisxero @Fallout It's only a bug when you press different look for pipboy keybind "V" on PC, if you revert to original look player will do insert the tape animation and tape will play normally. I got the se issue so I just swap before I pick it up. Hope it helps.

  • RogueDragonGMNG
    roguedragongaming (@RogueDragonGMNG) reported

    @BethesdaStudios We love you and we love your games, but please for all that is good in the wasteland, please fix the bugs in Fallout76. Now we can't party up, there are quests you can't even complete. At least give us some hope that this is being addressed. sincerly, A Fan

  • indoorjew
    IndoorJew (@indoorjew) reported from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout hey dont you think 4 scorch beasts spawn camping you is a bit much i cant run more then 30 feet before getting destroyed im out of ammo and my armor is shattered i can only spawn where i died you gotta fix this why is there so many damn Scorch beasts

  • liviliam
    Liam Miller (@liviliam) reported

    @666Mesothelioma @Fallout Not had a single thing I would call a problem. Come across a couple of glitches but nothing game breaking, it's better with friends but it's still great solo.

  • theshitminded
    Blayne White (@theshitminded) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Oh imagine this still trying to get people to accept your piece of trash that you decided to launch fully BROKEN. Never buying a Bethesda game again. Might as well call yourselves bungie so you can **** us as a group.

  • techiefive
    techiefIve (@techiefive) reported

    I'm so damn tired of spending time and resources taking over a workshop in #Fallout76 just for the game to crash and lose the workshop. Fix your shit @bethesda

  • mbmurray97
    Michael Murray (@mbmurray97) reported

    @Ops235 @Fallout Dude it shows the realize there are problems with a big ass MMO and are putting in the effort to fix them. They don’t know what to fix until it breaks. Keep up the great work @Fallout

  • AllPaladins
    Tof Gaming (@AllPaladins) reported

    @Fallout I cant Complete Quest Personal Matters (Kill Evan) that ghoul is already dead and cant kill again. Please Fix

  • michaelsposato2
    michael sposato (@michaelsposato2) reported

    @DCDeacon @Fallout Most people aren’t enjoying your game myself included cos is stash problems maybe a temp fix of lowering junk weight or something along this lines

  • Inertpenguin
    Insincere 🇺🇸 Signaling Guy (@Inertpenguin) reported

    @Fallout Another server crash within 15 minutes of trying to play again. My connection is fine for literally every other online game. I have zero issues and I raid in MMORPGs. I can no longer recommend fallout 76.

  • bbadicali
    velociraptor 🦖 (@bbadicali) reported

    Fallout 76 I like your new game but PLEASE fix your shit. Grouped quests don’t work (firebreather quest) and the game freezing at random moments is awful. @BethesdaStudios #Fallout76

  • FabioBongiovan6
    lol #FF4 (@FabioBongiovan6) reported

    @xSELFLOATHINGx @bethesda @Fallout There will be a Patch on the 19th that will Fix that. Take a look on their website

  • phantomlordg
    Jaybles (@phantomlordg) reported from Clydebank, Scotland

    Positive & negative opinions from a large sample of viewpoints (#MetaCritic) is a great way of balancing up whether a product (#Fallout76) is great or not. Problem lies with the FACT that many people can't get past their own HATE or LOVE of the #game / franchise.

  • DanielMarker8
    DanielMarker (@DanielMarker8) reported

    @Ops235 @crazyguy1588 @Fallout Im having no frame rate issues on my PS4 pro

  • beard1000
    Tim S (@beard1000) reported

    Trying to get into #Fallout76 but I'm just not feeling it. I'm going to give it some time and see if they fix some qol stuff. The thing I'm not sure i can get past is how old it looks... Like damn it feels like I have bad eyesight playing it.

  • GriffynGrayson
    Griffyn Grayson (@GriffynGrayson) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Okay, you really need to fix the issue of dissappearing bases in Fallout 76. I was quite disheartened to find out a base I spent two days on was deleted after the game disconnected me from the server. - Sincerely, Anyone who makes a base in F076.

  • Mr_Satirical_
    TJ (@Mr_Satirical_) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @BethesdaSupport @Fallout not sure where to report this bug, but think it's a pretty important fix. In Fallout 76 I picked up a salvaged assaultron head and when I tried to load it with ammo it didn't respond, so I tried to fire and it shot my entire supply of 570 fusion cells 🤣

  • CK250381
    Christian (@CK250381) reported

    @bethesda @Fallout Not very well - i need far more room in my camp !!! Plz guys fix this !!! Plz!!!

  • 0gnjen
    Ognjen (@0gnjen) reported

    @DCDeacon @Fallout First time that all major issues reported by the players will be adrressed in early patxh. This is good sign from Bethesda. Please continue to listen players feedback.

  • FavioP96
    Favio (@FavioP96) reported

    Fallout76 is THE buggiest piece of crap AAA game ive ever played in my ******* life, now that ive said this i really want to enjoy it, i see the vision and the potential, but there is so much that is ******* broken, that i hit my ******* limit and that has never happend b4

  • GojiraRites
    GojiraRites (@GojiraRites) reported

    Great day on #fallout76 but shitty how one guy trying to use the fact that he watches a friends videos can ruin it. Especially when they followed us and would not stop shooting us to bait PVP. Only major complaint about 76: fix pvp.

  • Roknoceros
    Rocknoceros (@Roknoceros) reported

    @demonicsora @ScottyDontTwit @Fallout Only problem is charisma balancing but maybe they could add another color for “friends” so you could track them better

  • Roknoceros
    Rocknoceros (@Roknoceros) reported

    @mattyvik @Christi90792971 @jasonborneagain @Fallout I had this problem in the beta but now that I stopped hoarding useless items I’m all good (still can’t wait for that stash increase)

  • PalkovicJack
    JackPalkovic (@PalkovicJack) reported

    Wow, @Bethesda is actually responding to requests on the PC side. Let’s hope they can get the performance issues and bugs fixed and this game may be going places. #Fallout76

  • TrippnHippie92
    TrippnHippie92 (@TrippnHippie92) reported

    @Sirdork730 @Fallout Check the stored tab in the camp. I had this problem hope it helps

  • Game_Phreeks
    Fully Melted Gaming (@Game_Phreeks) reported

    I'd love to play your game, but it's crashed on me 6x today. I feel like this is fallout 3 with slightly better graphics ..same frame rate drops, same game lag, same long load screens..same glitches.. Thanks for releasing a half done game. #Cashgrab @Fallout

  • rcromwe11
    Richard A Cromwell (@rcromwe11) reported

    @EDanielJohnson @DCDeacon @Fallout True firing would be a bit much but it’s obvious that they designed an over complicated system that is causing huge problems. At the very least they should not be working on this aspect of the game.

  • araub23
    Andrew Raub (@araub23) reported

    @Fallout @edgypotatoe maybe we can finally fix the token dispenser 😂

  • Ozkari911
    Oskari (@Ozkari911) reported

    @Fallout So I ran a little test today. I played the game normally for 2 hours and counted every bug and glitch I experienced while playing. I averaged about one every 5 minutes. Some of them were the same bug happening while few were broken quests. You have some work to do..

  • APootin
    Stan Oosterdijk (@APootin) reported

    @Ops235 @Fallout Yea why would the fix bugs wtf hiw dare they

  • saththesergal
    Sath (@saththesergal) reported

    @Fallout Am also a bit angry because this stupid glitch has eaten at least 3 large generators and 2 adhesive farms.

  • budbennett1
    Warren (@budbennett1) reported

    @Fallout Hey, The token machines in “Bureau of Tourism” are glitched and broken

  • Inertpenguin
    Insincere 🇺🇸 Signaling Guy (@Inertpenguin) reported

    @Fallout Even if you can't fix the server crashes, something so I don't lose so much progress please. I've lost hours worth over the past few days from server deaths. This is seriously ruining my enjoyment of your product and it was never an issue during Beta.

  • JessyLeger
    RisingGear (@JessyLeger) reported

    @FO4News @Fallout @Bethesda_UK @BethesdaStudios @bethesda That toilet is the perfect metaphor for the game itself. Broken and covered in shit.

  • Inertpenguin
    Insincere 🇺🇸 Signaling Guy (@Inertpenguin) reported

    @Fallout Another server crash, another ton of progress lost. PLEASE FIX. The way you have things set up now, it's like the game autosaves not nearly often enough, I have no control over when it does, and I'm given no warning, PLUS I die randomly and lose all of that progress.

  • James_verdi
    Jaime Illescas (@James_verdi) reported

    @frostygreennugs @Fallout @BethesdaSupport I have the same problem. [Incident: 181115-002474] XBOX ONE

  • James_verdi
    Jaime Illescas (@James_verdi) reported

    @Shomberlon @Fallout @BethesdaSupport I have the same problem. [Incident: 181115-002474]

  • jonesn1886
    Jeff (@jonesn1886) reported

    @Fallout so my camp got uprooted on it's own and all of my crafting benches are gone...just gone. Not in my stored items, disappeared. Fix this please!!!!!

  • saththesergal
    Sath (@saththesergal) reported

    @Fallout There is a nasty glitch that makes it so your camp can arbitrarily disappear along with ALL THE BENCHES AND MATERIALS IT COST TO MAKE THEM!! sorry for the caps, but I am hoping the devs actually read it and not skim over it.

  • walkoffbote13
    @Quarth442 (@walkoffbote13) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda Can anyone help me with a game bug, a lot of my stuff is chrome like my pipboy, outfits, and guns are all chrome it was fine at first but now I’m starting to see chrome everywhere is this a problem on my pc or a game bug I really need to know. The pics of chrome are on my profile

  • DjClutz1
    Kevin Sheridan (@DjClutz1) reported

    @Fallout on ps4 some how i can't team up with my mate and his camp keeps disappearing how so we fix this issue

  • Lady_Alenko
    ThatGamerMum🇦🇺☢ (@Lady_Alenko) reported

    Have been having CTD issues and texture glitches. Hopefully running a repair of game files helps. There's 3.9GB download. I just want to plaaaaaaaay!!!! #Fallout76

  • ArchRockK
    E. DragonKing (@ArchRockK) reported

    @Fallout hey! Can you fix this bug. I got a 610 bounty for defending someone else's property. Never hit a single building or anything and only shot the enemies. I'm on Xbox