Is GTA 5 down?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 or GTA V) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 14 April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

 Problems detected at GTA 5

GTA 5 problems in the last 24 hours

GTA 5 Outage Chart

December 17: Problems at GTA 5

GTA 5 is having issues since 01:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (60.00%)
  • ▪ Sign in (28.00%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (12.00%)

GTA 5 Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Meriden, Connecticut  ▪ Mexico City, Mexico City  ▪ Mölndal, Västra Götalands län  ▪ Morón, Buenos Aires  ▪ Nevada, Texas  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ Orangeburg, South Carolina  ▪ Prattville, Alabama  ▪ Rotherham, England  ▪ San José, San José Province  ▪ São Luís, State of Maranhão

GTA 5 Live Outage Map
  • Meriden, Connecticut
  • Mexico City, Mexico City
  • Mölndal, Västra Götalands län
  • Morón, Buenos Aires
  • Nevada, Texas
  • New York, New York
  • Orangeburg, South Carolina
  • Prattville, Alabama
  • Rotherham, England
  • San José, San José Province
  • São Luís, State of Maranhão
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GTA 5 Issues Reports

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  • JennDovah
    Jennifer Dunsirn (@JennDovah) reported

    @RockstarSupport made a ticket two days ago about not getting my festive sign in rewards. Still no reply

  • Kaston15
    Kaston (@Kaston15) reported

    @RockstarGames me and my friends have been having issues doing the heist. It keeps lagging us out even though we have a perfect connection. We've been trying to do the final heist but all it does is lag us out. Please let me know what's going on.

  • ZxNixon
    Zak Nixon (@ZxNixon) reported

    @RockstarSupport Current problem occurring on PC platform ; cannot load into an Online session. Unlimited loading then eventually get put back into story mode .

  • JaviRedss
    Javiera Rojas S (@JaviRedss) reported

    @RockstarSupport in escape to prison, in the third mission, a week ago when i downloaded the activity an error appeared despite restarting the device, I have ps3

  • JeramyTbell
    TBell (@JeramyTbell) reported

    @RockstarGames Fix the fucking loading times and the damn freezes

  • bayley_read
    Bayley Read (@bayley_read) reported

    @RockstarSupport Me and my acquaintance where playing a nice spot of gta 5 online playing some of the new missions released by yourself and after an hour and a half we finally are about to finish when all of a sudden. Bang! It says the host quit the game when he never! Fix now plz!!!

  • aafkevultink
    Aafke Vultink 🇪🇺 (@aafkevultink) reported

    @RockstarSupport @pdacosta login problem @ rockstar does not stand on itself... type in 'login problem rockstar'and it is raining complains.

  • FagoneTyler
    Tyler Fagone (@FagoneTyler) reported

    @Dat_Saintsfan I have 400k in gta. The most I have ever saved up is 1million.I have a spending problem. This money will help(my Xbox 1 account is barelcrib2345 let’s play)

  • WarHammer76
    SOV Ark RP Server (@WarHammer76) reported

    @RockstarSupport Hey y'all! Could I maybe get a sitrep on my account and why its not working. I haven't heard anything back in days!

  • bayley_read
    Bayley Read (@bayley_read) reported

    @RockstarGames me and my acquaintance where playing a nice spot of gta 5 online playing some of the new missions released by yourself and after an hour and a half we finally are about to finish when all of a sudden. Bang! It says the host quit the game when he never! Fix now plz!

  • aafkevultink
    Aafke Vultink 🇪🇺 (@aafkevultink) reported

    @RockstarSupport Problem in Rockstar download says gta on my playstation... annoying..

  • mokkigames
    Harvey_RS50 (@mokkigames) reported

    @RockstarSupport is there still a problem with the servers because my online heist progress keeps on resetting and im being kicked off the game. It cant be my wifi as my speeds are 40mbs and im absolutely fuming!!!

  • DriftinDonutsYT
    Kody ( ͡°³ ͡°) (@DriftinDonutsYT) reported

    @RockstarSupport Ever since last night GTA Online has been giving me network errors when trying to join gta online and the cloud service has not been working. What do I do?

  • h6_c7
    Prof.TnT (@h6_c7) reported

    @RockstarSupport my friend has a problem. every time he tries to play gta online he gets the error code 202 and he cant login on the official Rockstar Games webpage his sc is Quuzed

  • 19AHR99
    Ahr (@19AHR99) reported

    @RockstarSupport Cant logg into GTA it says "Rockstar Activation Code already in use" when i got the game today.... got it from G2A and i am sure its on rockstars side the error is.

  • SteveO_1973
    Steve Hennessey (@SteveO_1973) reported

    @StevenDelDuca Hopefully your focus can be turned to Clarington, the largest municipality in the GTA without commuter Train service. The 2024 timeline is pathetic. Choppy Choppy!

  • h6_c7
    Prof.TnT (@h6_c7) reported

    @RockstarSupport my friend has a problem. every time he tries to play gta online he gets the error code 202 and he cant login on the official Rockstar Games webpage his sc: Quuzed

  • aafkevultink
    Aafke Vultink 🇪🇺 (@aafkevultink) reported

    Anyone having #Playstation4 login issues with GTA? It is driving us mental cause it's not the connection. Any advise?

  • rooman_tim
    tim (@rooman_tim) reported

    @RockstarGames 'could not download files from the rockstar games service required to play gta online' how do i fix this?

  • Baloaded
    Black (@Baloaded) reported

    @RockstarSupport This problem happened to me and many many others before and it is very very annoying I’ve tried to help my mate in every way I can to fix it but nothing works please bring out a update to fix this problem

  • Baloaded
    Black (@Baloaded) reported

    @RockstarSupport Could you please bring out a update on ps4 to fix this problem it’s not his internet’s fault cause it worked perfectly fine for him before the doomsday heist update

  • Baloaded
    Black (@Baloaded) reported

    @RockstarSupport when my mate tries to play gta online since the new update he keeps getting the error message “could not download files requires to play gta online” it worked perfectly fine for him before and this same problem is happening to many others

  • emil_gaustad
    Emil Gaustad (@emil_gaustad) reported

    @RockstarSupport Fix Gta online for PC! Was doing the act lll finaly heist with My freinds and as we are to finish we got disconected from you’re online servers. We spent 1h on that shit!

  • Krimlon
    Nolmirk (@Krimlon) reported

    @RockstarSupport When are you guys planning on fixing this network issue? It is impossible to even get into a heist.

  • marshallsdew001
    Marshall Stanley Dew (@marshallsdew001) reported

    @KeX_420 @RockstarGames This shit happened to me they really do need to fix it.

  • JustCillian
    JUST Cillian (@JustCillian) reported

    @RockstarSupport Seriously fix your fucking servers, I just wasted a fucking hour on the last heist to have everyone in the whole game leave, This is absolute bullshit.

  • AWontson
    Alex Wontson (@AWontson) reported

    @RockstarSupport I am having issues navigating your website how do I submit a request?

  • pacem_CSGO
    James (@pacem_CSGO) reported

    @RockstarSupport My Criminal Mastermind was reset yesterday when we didn't fail or disconnect at all. Any help?

  • MrXermon
    MrXermon (@MrXermon) reported

    @RockstarGames When will you fix the problems with joining GTA V sessions? It takes more than 30 minutes to join a new session?! CPU, RAM and Network chill their lives...

  • KostersJay
    Jay Kosters (@KostersJay) reported

    @RockstarSupport It now says Alert could not download files from the rockstar game service required to play gta online

  • andrew_93
    ⚜️ Andrew Jackson ⚜️ (@andrew_93) reported

    @nb10752 @RockstarSupport Mate if you're still trying for 6 hours I think you've got a serious problem

  • harveybrown333
    harvey brown (@harveybrown333) reported

    @RockstarSupport I can’t sign in because It won’t let me change my email address to my new one. My Xbox gamer tag is : got everything6

  • GT_Joseph
    GT (@GT_Joseph) reported

    @RockstarSupport im having problems with my social club account please could u help me

  • RodolphePSG
    EC9 (@RodolphePSG) reported

    @RockstarSupport i have problem, i've bought a "deluxo" but i don't have "missile" can u help me?

  • JollyMilkShakes
    WreckFTW (@JollyMilkShakes) reported

    @RockstarSupport Why does the game say “you have insufficient funds to continue”. Previously I thought it was a glitch but after watching a YouTube video it says it’s for modded acoount but I don’t have a modded account I only have 1.8 Million?

  • Sebbi97
    Sebastian Artur (@Sebbi97) reported

    @RockstarSupport hey i have this problem you had like an offer for doing 3 gunrunning missions and 3 MC missions that you woud get 500K within 72 hours did those still havent recived the reward. Anyhelp woud be nice.

  • Jar_of_Swamp
    OSRS Jar of Swamp (@Jar_of_Swamp) reported

    @RockstarSupport my buddy just got his Criminal Mastermind duo challenge reset on the LAST setup mission before the Act 3 finale. Mine didn’t reset. Nobody died. It was on hard. Fix your fucking game Rockstar that’s 8 hours of our time wasted.

  • seegrashd
    SeeGrasHD (@seegrashd) reported

    @RockstarGames Pls Fix your Servers they are fucking broken

  • SmowHD
    Smöwé (@SmowHD) reported

    @RockstarGames @RockstarGames you should fix the startup crash

  • bram_hamers
    Bram Hamers (@bram_hamers) reported

    @RockstarSupport i always get these message "could download files form rockstar online game service return to GTA V" something i can do about this?

  • Bewarhassan5
    Bewar hassan (@Bewarhassan5) reported

    @RockstarSupport I still got problem with my acc it saying I don’t have money

  • DaalenStan
    Stan Van Daalen (@DaalenStan) reported

    @RockstarSupport plz help me with my problem on the suport site

  • Cuberus
    Claus (@Cuberus) reported

    @Skrub_viTNE @RockstarGames You know what really is broken? The prices...

  • JNorman_FFC
    JN (@JNorman_FFC) reported

    PS4 is broken... Great. I have another one but not with GTA on it. First world problems.

  • Verehimone
    Eemil (@Verehimone) reported

    @RockstarGames Fucking fix the avengers loading screen when u get to the back its fucking.disgusting it takes a year to load

  • nick_hertog
    Nick 🅥 (@nick_hertog) reported

    @RockstarSupport I just lost almost 700k due to "Saving failed" issue. I've made a request, can you help me?

  • GeenGamerNL
    KJ3LDO (@GeenGamerNL) reported

    @RockstarSupport I have a very great problem. Every time i try to join GTAV ONLINE i get a ALERT: Could not download files from the Rockstar Games Service required to play GTA Online. Please return to Grand theft auto V and try again later. How do i fix this?

  • blanewaters_
    Blane Waters (@blanewaters_) reported

    @RockstarSupport anyone fixed the money problem yet ? About not getting insurance and stuff

  • Anthony_bs_vids
    Anthony B (@Anthony_bs_vids) reported

    Cant believe @RockstarGames took away the pearlescent glitch so disappointing guess they sont want my cars to look good. @MrBossFTW

  • aarondavidnismo
    leo_car_spotter (@aarondavidnismo) reported

    @ImmaTabbyCat @Mooster1804 @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport At least we all know the excuse they’ll have, they’ll say the server issues were caused by what’s coming Tuesday

  • SteadCai
    Cai Steadman (@SteadCai) reported

    @RockstarSupport are the servers down??

  • nickm123456789
    nick moore (@nickm123456789) reported

    @RockstarGames Nothing like sitting n black loading screen for 3 hours after the preparation..setups .n acts 1 2 and 3 never got paid..n sits on loading screen 4 many issuses with this game ..I know Autodesk want me to come there and fix your game for you?

  • MemeMeisterJack
    Jack (@MemeMeisterJack) reported

    @RockstarSupport @BURG3RXBURG3R I had a similar problem, I bought a megladon, made a ticket and no one has checked it. I got nothing from the card, nor the promo money. My ticket is 11596346

    Rem Reaper (@REMYOBEY) reported

    realize it. I no longer have direct access to this social club account or its email I can only sign in via the xbox shortcut on the socialclub sign in screen. GTA 5 launcher social club sign in does not have and xbox option so I cant ply the game. I would have used my much newer

  • larssy1
    Lars Nijveld (@larssy1) reported

    @RockstarSupport Did not resolve my issue. Also tried setting Google Public DNS. Issue occurs on both PC and laptop.

  • larssy1
    Lars Nijveld (@larssy1) reported

    @RockstarSupport Unable to open a support ticket, both socialclub and the login page from within the support page won't open for me.

  • HannahHathway
    Hannah Hathway (@HannahHathway) reported

    @RockstarSupport I purchased the PC version of GTA V yesterday and I've finished installing the game itself but I'm having major problems with installing the Social Club. I'm on day 2 now and I was just wondering if there was anything I could do to speed up the process?

  • MichaelOuwehand
    Michael Ouwehand (@MichaelOuwehand) reported

    @RockstarSupport my GTA V account has been banned for 30 days and now is the ban ended and i have problems woth loggin in to GTA V. Username on GTA V: MichaelDeKing Can tou fix it??

  • Elgaucho7Cod
    Elbig (@Elgaucho7Cod) reported

    @RockstarSupport i've already done l1 r1 at startup my it's not working

  • AvGestel1
    Arnold van Gestel (@AvGestel1) reported

    Dear @RockstarSupport I can't buy armor. It says that my inventory is full, but it isn't. Please fix my problem!

  • felixxx256
    Felix L (@felixxx256) reported

    @RockstarSupport i have a Problem with the Double-Action Revolver, i was on way to the chest, the Host got disconnected. After connecting again i cant see the chest anymore. Can you help me with that Problem? Thanks a lot

  • JimGoodwine
    Jim Goodwine (@JimGoodwine) reported from Henrietta, New York

    @RockstarGames the Creator is broken again. When you go into advanced options props unsnap and you have to realign them manually which is a big pain in the ass. I would appreciate your attention on this matter ASAP. @Gtamen @PetayPanMoFo @GTASeries

  • teeeecky17
    ディオご | TecKyyyy (@teeeecky17) reported

    @RockstarSupport I'm having problems with my GTA Online on PC, when i log into online or try to join a friend it doesn't even give my PC a chance to make a connection to the server, this message just pops up in my screen " Unable to join the game as your save game failed to load.

  • sboygamer2003
    sboygamer2003 (@sboygamer2003) reported

    @ChaoticRavenger why every time i enter GTA online pc i enter alone in a lobby no hack no glitch

  • marvwend
    Marv (@marvwend) reported

    @Bish_bosh77 @RockstarSupport I have the same problem

  • FexeeZ
    Filip/ FexeeZ (@FexeeZ) reported

    @RockstarSupport My acc got hackt but I can still login true PSN and cant switch back the email. Please help me !

  • JoshRey29625056
    Josh Reynolds (@JoshRey29625056) reported

    @RockstarSupport I have a GTA online character at nearly level 200 and a while ago, when i tried to start the game it would crash before the loading screen even shows. Im on xbox one and have it downloaded digitally on my account.

  • Elgaucho7Cod
    Elbig (@Elgaucho7Cod) reported

    @RockstarSupport hello I can not access to gta online it gives me an error message: missing file to access a gta online (ps4)

  • wsgarage
    Capital T (@wsgarage) reported

    @Victoria59L @manny_ottawa @DrNimigan I don't mean to sound critical; but walk into any GTA emerg. waiting room and see the problem 1/2

  • oliversharpe41
    Oliver (@oliversharpe41) reported

    @Kmccarthyy_01 @Destin4GreatYT @RockstarGames Lol its not 'simple' it's an obvious money grab with broken mechanics.

  • VxG_Predz
    Luke Howard🤙🏼 (@VxG_Predz) reported

    @RockstarGames why is it on your game of gta v I crashed at the same point on the map and that my house crashes my game also, fix your shit

  • parth78000
    parth J (@parth78000) reported

    @RockstarSupport what is glitches and how i can find glitch

    LΛZΞRBΞΛM (@LAZERBEAM00) reported

    @uMadddt @RockstarGames What happenes yesterday? I couldn’t log in yesterday bc of server errors...

  • JustCillian
    JUST Cillian (@JustCillian) reported

    @RockstarSupport Please fix your shit. This is the 4th time we've attempted Save Agent 14 setup to have the same shitty problem come up at the end saying "Your Team left"

  • GoldwynnTV
    Goldwynn (@GoldwynnTV) reported

    @RockstarGames This is a login reward?

  • gamingbrixmark
    Gaming Brix (@gamingbrixmark) reported

    @RockstarSupport your servers are slow, and all your lobbies are almost empty. Problems all weekend on ps4.

  • Logan863
    Logan863_ (@Logan863) reported

    @RockstarGames red dead redemption servers are garbage. Fix it.

  • X_3P1C_SP33DY_X
    SpaceRaider (@X_3P1C_SP33DY_X) reported

    @RockstarSupport I cant get online on my Xbox one, it says "the rock star services are unavailable right now" however i have friends who can get on fine, is this a problem on my end ? Note; i have xbox live and a stable connection so its neither of them

  • Tgc811C
    Bus Stop Pervert (@Tgc811C) reported

    @RockstarSupport This problem still persists

  • chasemaddy1
    chase maddy (@chasemaddy1) reported

    @creeperx11 @Thomas_hether12 @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport Did you get video proof? Because if not they’ll think you’re lying and not reimburse you. Happened to me. Had a glitch that caused a bunker delivery vehicle to not spawn so I could only get half of the payout. They wanted me to play again to see if it happened and to record it