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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 or GTA V) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 14 April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

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  • Game Crash (10.81%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (8.11%)
  • Glitches (5.41%)

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  • McMunchly
    Samuel Dassler (@McMunchly) reported

    Wanna play GTA Vice City: PC - deleted from computer to free up space (different user's account)- unavailable PS2 - composite cables are missing PS3 - can play PS2 discs! But my only PS3 controller is broken. PS4 controller can be used but, nonfunctional during PS2 mode Sucks

  • Asfieldi
    il Leone (@Asfieldi) reported

    Hey @RockstarSupport , when i wanna open the video editor in GTA IV, the games freeze. So obviously it's not working, and i can't make cinematics. How could I fix that?

  • Aiden55394247
    Freakybarley28 (@Aiden55394247) reported

    @RockstarSupport My internet sucks and im tired of grinding to get money when u lag out and lose cargo or vehicles i was wondering if there was a way to refund that money, thanks!

    FINESSE (@FlNESSE) reported

    Didn't get my login money ... I logged in everyday @RockstarSupport

  • Felo_Green
    FelixTheBarber (@Felo_Green) reported

    @RockstarGames one cares. Fix registration and AA glitch into free aim and give us bikers 2

  • prettyboydonn
    papiidonn (@prettyboydonn) reported

    @RockstarSupport I can’t join my friends because I always get the timed out locating session and when I join a regular session there’s only like 3 people in it, how do I fix this?

  • MontenaAdrian
    adrian montena (@MontenaAdrian) reported

    @rockstarsupport my rank was reset on gta online by a player PhatChopCones can you help fix my account

  • Dranalith
    Rawr rawr rawr ^,=,^ (@Dranalith) reported

    @RockstarSupport Great! Just had the stock market in single player glitch, and swallow £33 million of Michael's money. Now I've only got £250,000. So much for playing the stock market! :/

  • CEOSavageKing
    Savage_KING (@CEOSavageKing) reported

    @ThatManStan_ Faxts my Xbox just came on and let me sign in but It wouldn’t let on gta so I’m finna on my PS4

  • Endme_Dot_Com
    leave me alsone (@Endme_Dot_Com) reported

    @RockstarSupport are the servers down?

  • Tylerbaker0121
    tyler (@Tylerbaker0121) reported

    @RockstarSupport the store is broken I can’t buy shark cards?!?

  • TroutAntonio
    Antonio Trout(187) (@TroutAntonio) reported

    @Xbox You fucks!!! I was sooo fuckin happy the golden knights won and I wanted to play some GTA but I can’t even sign in, thnx for ruining my mood

  • thokozanigab
    Thokozani Collin Gab (@thokozanigab) reported

    @RockstarSupport pay attention to the servers you have for countries like South Africa because some of these networks problems can be annoying. Me and @Lindo101Lindo spent literally an hour trying to connect into the same session on GTA 5 online on ps3☻ #Help it's fine now.

  • LilF4TB0Y
    P4RR1SH (@LilF4TB0Y) reported from Thomaston, Georgia

    @RockstarSupport why are GTA5 servers down for the @Xbox One

  • LilF4TB0Y
    P4RR1SH (@LilF4TB0Y) reported from Thomaston, Georgia

    @RockstarGames why are the servers down for GTA5 on the Xbox One

  • 1vanilla_Bryce
    Bryce (@1vanilla_Bryce) reported

    @RockstarSupport I’ve got a problem. Could You be so kind and help me with it please?

  • GSheap
    GamersSheap (@GSheap) reported

    @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport Fix your game, 3 hours of work just destroyed the second time in a row just because of your servers not working right and the mission is buggy.....

  • chrisdopeboii
    Cristian ひ (@chrisdopeboii) reported

    @RockstarGames y’all please fix that stupid problem where they alway calling your phone while in the middle of a gun fight’s really annoying

  • CrazyCableGuy
    Gavin Bailey ⚽️ (@CrazyCableGuy) reported

    @WeaponWheelPod @JimmySpencerUN COD, GTA, GoW any many other violent video games are sold in UK every year. There's been ZERO school shootings since 2000. Games aren't the problem, your laws are.

  • xXcessyXx
    Cessy (@xXcessyXx) reported

    We cuss, we swear, we talk about adult issues and joke about things kids shouldn't hear until they're older. We don't bully or break any rules, we're just a bunch of adults. Last thing I want, is an angry parent coming after me, because I'm playing... I dunno, GTA V or something.

  • totalltim2
    Timothy Wagner (@totalltim2) reported

    @RockstarSupport Spent the better part of 5 hours making a race in GTA only to have Creator say cloud servers are not working.. Thanks Rockstar for your support...

  • MaheshDevadig19
    Mahesh.Devadiga (@MaheshDevadig19) reported

    @RockstarSupport I try to join online I'm getting this error Files required to play Gta online could not be downloaded from the rockstar games service Please return to Grand Theft Auto V and try again later. Can you Fix this Error Please.....

  • stassen_tom
    TS gameboy (@stassen_tom) reported

    @RockstarGames i have a problem, i am on the last gen consle and a modder put me in bad sport for 2 years 9 moths and 17 days. What do i need to do? Please let me know.

  • IIIBadAssIII
    BadAss #PS4 Accounts (@IIIBadAssIII) reported

    @savaixYT What's wrong with doing outfits with the creator glitch? Come on dickless. Let's hear from the master of GTA. Give us the insight into why you only turn up here when you want to post negative shit or when you are asking for something. Actually lets just ban your ass fucker

  • elliekvns
    ellie ☀️ (@elliekvns) reported

    @RockstarSupport y’all ever gonna fix the coke business glitch? It’s been nearly 24 hours and supplies are going down but no product.

  • kota7557
    Dakota Hoffman (@kota7557) reported

    @RockstarGames Fix all the Deluxes glitches So people can quit hiding under the map

  • _JamesChapman19
    James Chapman (@_JamesChapman19) reported

    @RockstarSupport was going to buy a shark card as I love playing GTA5, then i came across one of your infamous hackers/ griefers that despite reporting you never do anything about. You've just lost £60. When will you finally fix this?!

  • A2D2020
    A2tHeD (@A2D2020) reported

    @LuckySnaps_ @GTAOnlineCom @RockstarGames @SolidPointsGTA @P1Gamers @karrero2005 @The_YRA7 @ProjectsCityHD @babyyum96 Broken car mate

  • A2D2020
    A2tHeD (@A2D2020) reported

    @GTAOnlineCom @RockstarGames @SolidPointsGTA @P1Gamers @karrero2005 @The_YRA7 @ProjectsCityHD @babyyum96 @LuckySnaps_ Broken and the classic Dom better by far

  • ritchieplunkett
    Ritchie Plunkett (@ritchieplunkett) reported

    @JustKevYTP @NikPantis @mitchell001 @HowlJGames @Disconnected0_0 No particular order .Road Rash .GTA 1 .GTA 3 .Last of Us .Crash Bandicoot

  • Penka228Jorge
    UNITED RAZA (@Penka228Jorge) reported


  • speed_glitch
    ⎝⎝⎝Speedy⎠⎠⎠ (@speed_glitch) reported

    @RockstarGames Just stole my Deluxo and i don't know why. It's not in my Garage, it's not at MMI. I want answers! Others can glitch and do shitty things and you just stole my car. The Deluxo cost me over 4 million $...

  • SammuDhaliwall
    Sammu Dhaliwall (@SammuDhaliwall) reported

    @Derek_Leong_RPh You should do an audit of how many of these errors occur when pts are admitted/discharged after pharmacy closes. In the US, 80%+ hospitals have RPh 24/7 to help with this process. GTA? 5 hospitals max. Outside of GTA? 15 hospitals.

  • DanielVosselman
    Dani 🇳🇱 🏳️‍🌈 (@DanielVosselman) reported

    @RockstarSupport Why do the wrenches to repair my vehicles in GTA Online during GTA mode not fix my car? Could you please fix this?

  • DrFox_Official
    Dr Fox Loves Zeraora 5DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! (@DrFox_Official) reported

    I fixed GTA V on my PC:3 bye bye err_gfx_d3d_init crash bug @RockstarGames can you fix that eventually??

  • Dragerien
    The Golden Dragon (@Dragerien) reported

    @Worm @ZosolV You do realize you shot your argument in the foot right? Does GTA have an "All ages version?" You're arguing censorship for the sake of censoring. It can't just now become a problem worth censoring. Steam won't even bother removing asset flips and copyright infringing games.

  • hypogogix
    hypogogix (@hypogogix) reported

    @RockstarSupport Please make GTA playable without a group of 4. Matchmaking takes an age and I'd rather go play something else than wait for over an hour for multiple people to quit etc... Plz implement a fix. $$$$ all going to waste for you.

  • garrettvw3
    Garrett Nicely💧🌊 (@garrettvw3) reported

    @RockstarSupport im still haveong problems with online it says timed out loading session

  • GhostenGamer
    Ethan Brown (@GhostenGamer) reported

    @RockstarSupport I demand the amount that should have earned in that sell and to count the 21 players in the lobby that were present during the sell. Thank you and I hope we can fix this. Also this problem has occurred before to other people PS. the mission involved the brickade.

  • ThePaladinGod
    Rak'Shar (@ThePaladinGod) reported

    @XanderStabbity If they also included games like GTA or the witcher, no one would have a problem. But rn, Valve decision seems extremely biased

  • Someone1088
    Hi (@Someone1088) reported

    Hello @RockstarSupport I’m really annoyed currently because I lost my rank and so did others in my session (i was at Rank 13 I’m pretty sure) and when I tried to submit a support request it wouldn’t load could you please fix it.

  • Black_and_Smile
    ♚King x Knight♞ (@Black_and_Smile) reported

    We are hoping to acquire Watchdogs 2, GTA V, Crash Bandicoot and Skyrim soon.

  • krishanrathi07
    youth revolutionery (@krishanrathi07) reported

    @askGST_GoI rcm exemption are applicable on GTA service till 30 June .

  • krishanrathi07
    youth revolutionery (@krishanrathi07) reported

    @askGST_GoI if my transport fright 800 for a single parcle then I am liable for pay gst on GTA service.what is tax rate on gta ?

  • GamesCreativity
    Creativity Games (@GamesCreativity) reported

    Serving the GTA. Is it possible to get twelve roses for just $20? Top service but low rates. What's the URL? Any thoughts? 416 Flowers Florist

  • SebastianStoker
    Sebastian Stoker (@SebastianStoker) reported

    @TorontoStar This may seem great on first look, but this kind of solution is only going to compound the affordability issue in the #gta, as #speculators see there is even more money to be made and snap up more homes in the suburbs, forcing young families to look farther afield.

  • bilbothegreat2
    bilbo baggins (@bilbothegreat2) reported

    @RockstarSupport I'm having troubles joining a playlist for gta5 online I've done everything I can to fix the problem but it still won't let me join. Please help

  • obivapekenobi
    Dickie Carhartt 🤠 (@obivapekenobi) reported

    @RockstarGames fix your fucking gta lobbies. I mind my business and these random fuckers keep killing me for no reason. Make good sport lobbies

  • Retards_rus
    Xxskullcandxx (@Retards_rus) reported

    @RockstarGames I've been playing gta V since Xbox 360 and recently I got it for my Xbox one and I'm level 33 and can't access heist and I'd like to know how to fix this

  • onlyspeeddemon
    Onlyspeeddemon Gaming (@onlyspeeddemon) reported

    I have no clue why GTA V all this sudden is glitching me and it's my first time playing it today on PS4. The part where you fix Amanda's car and I tried several times. I might as well sell the game. Fix your shit Rockstar.

  • weaver_phillip
    Phillip weaver (@weaver_phillip) reported

    @GamerLinkApp u have a lot of beacons that have people doing a GTA Online money glitch with jest there so many every other one I read is do u want to do a glitch to many for one person to report

  • OpTic_exe
    🤑 (@OpTic_exe) reported

    I can play GTA in highest graphics @ 300 FPS, Same with the Witcher, farcry, cod. But I lag on Fortnite. Anyone know why?

  • MDangerously
    Mikey Dangerously (@MDangerously) reported

    @RoCKiNG__DeaD @DrewBarnes85 @WaveformRTs @exacutorz @RockstarGames Haha! No problem! I didn’t think that. I like to comment on #snapmatics that really grab my attention! Nice shot again!

  • Jesuszilla1
    Colin (@Jesuszilla1) reported

    @HermanGutenbur1 @Colteastwood @Dealer_Gaming @FehzdIRL @LordCognito @JFonzerrelli @XboxP3 Exactly: my bro has a PS4 and only plays CoD, Madden and Fifa. My fiance games with me on X1 but she plays mostly Halo, GTA and Mad Max. Gamers are too diverse for any 1 person to be the problem

  • Java_2017
    Java_2017 (@Java_2017) reported

    @samredeye GTA V seems to be really flooded with hackers. I can never find a game where there are no hackers. Tbh they need to introduce a system where players can vote to kick someone who causes issues.

  • invalidmccann
    lyn (@invalidmccann) reported

    anyone have a money glitch on gta for ps4

    Jordan Dundas (@F_O_R_D_NATION) reported

    @Kathleen_Wynne All of those things are great. But your robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s too many entitlement programs all at once. Meanwhile, our infrastructure is falling apart, hospitals outside of GTA suck, and our Education system has consistently decreasing EQAO results. Fix what’s broken.

  • Preston0308
    Preston (@Preston0308) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hi I’m sorry to bother but I have a big problem with my Playstation account and I would like to get this resolved by tonight. So six months ago I sold gtav and today I got it on the download and its asking me to delete my other gta. Can I get a refund I lost 30$.

  • DatHeightTho
    Arrancar (@DatHeightTho) reported

    Idea for a game: GTA style remake of Crash Bandicoot called "Cash Contra-Bandicoot"

  • shnrvr82
    Nintendo Hotline (@shnrvr82) reported

    The other issue here is that uncensored content is allowed on Steam (e.g. GTA and Witcher 3) so long as it has been officially rated by the ESRB or PEGI. If it has not been rated, it has to be censored. This policy has been enforced for at least 3 years now, so it's nothing new