Is GTA 5 down?

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 or GTA V) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 14 April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

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September 24: Problems at GTA 5

GTA 5 is having issues since 06:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Río Turbio Sign in
Herne Glitches
Dagenham Online Play
Renens Glitches
Cassino Sign in
Cusano Milanino Online Play

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GTA 5 Issues Reports

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  • MorgSteve Stefano J|Morgante (@MorgSteve) reported

    @benny2394421188 @RockstarSupport I also have the same problem I wrote to the support but no answer.

  • lilkev763 kevin (@lilkev763) reported

    @RockstarGames please fix the current bugs.. 1. Weekly madam collection not showing or being able to sell. 2. Server spawn rates on animals has dropped alot. 3. Error msges/ kicked feom server. 4. Daily challange streaks keep reseting. I love the game but these need fixing.

  • Lacek84 Lackooo (@Lacek84) reported

    @RockstarGames Hey, in GTAV the engine sound of trucks/big vehicles are messed up on ps4 (maybe on other platforms as well), it's like I'm always driving them in 1st gear. Please fix this!

  • Nbanuelos14 Nat (@Nbanuelos14) reported

    Me everytime on GTA when I would crash everything

  • leonardSA Leonard SA (@leonardSA) reported

    @RockstarGames All you have to do, is fix the damn mouse bug Rockstar!

  • hiimanshhuu Himanshu K. (@hiimanshhuu) reported

    @RockstarGames Store not availiable ehen i click on "claim free game", error code 7000.xx idk

  • Ramses99033043 Ramses (@Ramses99033043) reported

    @RockstarSupport im having dome issues with those daily challenges; I been doing them for 2 weeks and them my streak disappears out of nowhere after every three days.

  • Geeedubya Gary Wand (@Geeedubya) reported

    @RockstarSupport I’ve been waiting for a week now and I still can’t get my 2 step verification issue sorted so I can access my account. Can I please have an update on ticket 15066694, I replied to your last email twice and have heard nothing since.

  • zdunn1997 Zane Dunn (@zdunn1997) reported

    @RockstarGames @RockstarSupport I love RDR2 but I have a major problem that needs fixing.. I open my map and when I mark something on my map, my game crashes. Please fix. #RDR2Online

  • e0juKQaeBCjMhMu huwi (@e0juKQaeBCjMhMu) reported

    @RockstarSupport Dear RickStar Support Hello, my account is blocked today, because my network problems caused data errors to be blocked.

  • BluePlaydohLIVE MrBluePlaydohLIVE (@BluePlaydohLIVE) reported

    @pcgamer Will only crash like GTA V

  • gilbertduarte43 Gilbert Duarte (@gilbertduarte43) reported

    @RockstarSupport help me fix the error glitch in Red Dead pleaseeeee I’ve played the hell outta this me and it has so much potential but I can’t stay in longer then 10 minutes and trust me when I say this I live in this game like I grind on it I’m on Xbox btw

  • Im_frank_Grimes Professional Mids Smoker (@Im_frank_Grimes) reported

    @SuaveCactus @zacksekuler It’s also strange that comedy is the only art we assign the idea of this responsibility to. It’s just like people who thought GTA was gonna make us school shooters. Assuming the intent of a joke you didn’t write is one the biggest issues of the “punching down” argument.

  • riyuchan22 LittleInari22 (@riyuchan22) reported

    @RockstarGames RDR2 keeps crashing on me, and making a weird noise. A fix would be much appreciated...

  • RealSJOBrien Stephen O'Brien (@RealSJOBrien) reported

    @RockstarGames I know you won't reply, but the disconnecting issues that have crept back into Red Dead Online are almost gamebreaking, again. #RDR2Online

  • femtocock Ded (@femtocock) reported

    @RockstarGames I killed my bounty with a dynamite stick while she was in a wagon and I couldn’t take her body out pls fix you ruined my #gamermoment

  • kpac_15 Kevin Pac 15 🇨🇦🇮🇹🇬🇧 (@kpac_15) reported

    @blue_jay_john @AndrewScheer Umm the actual problem is the mortgage stress test (aimed at YVR and GTA kill every other market in Canada. Horrible legislation. Ask any sane mortgage broker or realtor.

  • OfficialCyastic 💙 Cyastic 💙 (@OfficialCyastic) reported

    Its a good thing I keep roll backs saved for GTAV, or all my mod set ups would be broken AGAIN... Seriously Rockstar lol just make GTA VI, GTA V is already too big and cash cow-ey.

  • AngelSpikeOz Alexis (@AngelSpikeOz) reported

    @RockstarGames Fix your camp bug. It won't let me spawn it anywhere. It's not just me that has the problem. **** your game, Rockstar. <3

  • SaltyZalty 🖖 SaltyZalty ♑🎮 (@SaltyZalty) reported

    @RockstarSupport @drkane01 Hey just wanted to inform you that Rockstar won't do shit about it. If you end up getting compensated in gold for this issue please let me know. Thanks.

  • SaltyZalty 🖖 SaltyZalty ♑🎮 (@SaltyZalty) reported

    @RockstarSupport @qtip1976 Hey Anthony! I just wanted to inform you that Rockstar won't do anything about it. You just have to wait until it's convenient for them to fix it. Also, if you get compensated in gold for this, please let me know. Thanks.

  • DevinsTvLand Devin Aldama (@DevinsTvLand) reported

    @RockstarGames how do i get in contact with your customer service regarding a “package” you guys sent me

  • SaltyZalty 🖖 SaltyZalty ♑🎮 (@SaltyZalty) reported

    @RockstarSupport @doyouhaveapool They won't do anything for you man. Just stop playing until they fix it.

  • 91Sprat Sprat-91 (@91Sprat) reported

    @JeanetteReviews @RockstarGames If they fix this issue I may continue to play but I'm not jumping on to do stuff and have it taken away from me! @RockstarGames you guys suck!

  • xStonedGuyx StonedGuy (@xStonedGuyx) reported

    @RockstarGames rdr2 needs work! Game crashes a lot, camp problems after missions, died during a large local crypt sell and lost it all. And all this problem in 1 day makes for a bad game.

  • Boldasaur BoldasaurLIVE (@Boldasaur) reported

    @RockstarSupport constant disconnect from Online back into single player while loading into the world/ server. Please pass along to the proper department.

  • bam200522005 michael jermaine (@bam200522005) reported

    @RockstarSupport having issues getting online its loads story mode fine but wont load online it just freezes and i have to restart system im on the ps3 version

  • Aeris97 Aelvir (@Aeris97) reported

    @RockstarSupport I’ve tried those before but it didn’t really do anything, it just eventually stopped giving me the error, but this morning it let me on and stayed connected in both Public and Invite-only sessions. But I just got home from work and it’s repeatedly giving me the error

  • DimiTheCanadian Dimi 🇨🇦 Not @ TwitchCon2019 (@DimiTheCanadian) reported

    Me in GTA heading to the shop for a $300 fix up

  • Aeris97 Aelvir (@Aeris97) reported

    @RockstarSupport Been noticing I would get repeated error messages after entering an Invite-only session on GTA online several times in a row. But yet doesn’t stop until I enter a Public session from Story Mode, leave it to Story Mode then create an Invite-only. This is new.

  • ITzSnowYT ItzSnowYT (@ITzSnowYT) reported

    @strangerlul Issue is I don't play GTA Online but mk.

  • spike2382 michael stuckey (@spike2382) reported

    @RockstarGames @SynthPotato Fix your servers I have been disconnected 3 times now in about 2 hours and have lost multiple pelts that would have been used for the trader

  • duduSEP1914 du scolari (@duduSEP1914) reported

    @RockstarGames i downloaded. then couldnt get my password. then signing up again was a huge hassle. we are sick of logins, i have over 100, maybe 200. so i deleted it, just to get rid of one more login

  • Flamon_Roll Jeff Updike (@Flamon_Roll) reported

    @RockstarSupport ya gotta fix the issue with setting up camp in RDO. It just won't work.

  • BrianMcNail1 Brian McNail (@BrianMcNail1) reported

    @RockstarSupport keep getting error code 0x20010006. Have exited, cleared chache and even rebooted PS4.

  • bajablast25 mr. cool (@bajablast25) reported

    @froglacroix You literally have to do this in GTA IV cause the driving is so awful, if you go too fast you crash and wreck the car then you gotta restart the level

  • RockstarSupport Rockstar Support (@RockstarSupport) reported

    @bartjevdlans @GTA5ONLINE @RockstarGames Glad to hear that the issue is resolved. *MW

  • xReliqz OnRark (@xReliqz) reported

    @RockstarGames **** you and your useless ******* servers, almost out a year and still havent owned up to server issues.

  • IsaacRo49159985 Isaac Rodriguez (@IsaacRo49159985) reported

    @RockstarSupport hey guys. I’m on ps4. Getting a lot of issues with my camp getting taken down randomly. And then I’m unable to set it up again. Also my daily challenge counter keeps resetting. I have logged in to complete challenges everyday since the update. But have no bonus.

  • satiisfymysoul Lucia (@satiisfymysoul) reported

    Me everytime I take a car in my one of my boyfriends gta garages after I promise I won’t crash it

  • Spacegamblerjr spacegamblerjr (@Spacegamblerjr) reported

    @RockstarGames who cares when you cant play the game. Stop being so greedy. FIX THE DISCONNECTS. Dont tell me to port forward. I have done this and it doesnt help. Online is not free. If I have to buy the game to play online it's not free. ROCKSTAR ships broken games.

  • JackieDeanWest2 JAX (@JackieDeanWest2) reported

    @Hide_stampede @RockstarGames My daughter was having GTA V issues and they weren't any help either, told to report it a website.

  • TheApacheNinja Geno (@TheApacheNinja) reported

    @matthwatson Guam actually has a cell service called GTA so technically it's already there 😂

  • VeiledLullaby claire ⧗ (@VeiledLullaby) reported

    Can you /please/ fix your servers on red dead redemption online. @RockstarGames. They are actual shit

  • DeadCops1989 Necro (@DeadCops1989) reported

    @RockstarGames Fix the friggin buggy ass mouse controls, I have to relaunch the game like 10 times in order to get it to work.

  • PushedEar1 PushedEar1 (@PushedEar1) reported

    @RockstarSupport hello. Please could someone help with my issue regarding two step verification. I have logged a ticket but haven't had a response since Thursday. I'm unable to use my account on my laptop until the verification is removed

  • airpodgod69 Andrew (@airpodgod69) reported

    @RockstarGames please fix this crap. Can't pitch camp.

  • joeadam09522742 joe adams (@joeadam09522742) reported

    @RockstarGames are you guys going to fix the problems with camps were we can’t set them up it’s really annoying to have to jump into different sessions just to be able to set up a camp

  • Seahawksfan4lif DeathizComing4u (@Seahawksfan4lif) reported

    @RockstarSupport plz fix red dead redemption 2 . Trying to find animals in this game is very hard now . And big game trying to find is even harder. Trading business but no game to hunt wat to go rockstar

  • draculasIady val 🎃 (@draculasIady) reported

    @RockstarSupport I keep getting disconnected from Red Dead Online when attempting to join a session. Please fix this

  • rockthe2000smma Jordan Berry (@rockthe2000smma) reported

    @Sm0KiNGH0T_SaUC @AztecSkubzy @InternetSlums @RockstarGames @SynthPotato Yeah I don't know what ******** is taking them so long to fix a game breaking glitch. It makes my play through completely unenjoyable

  • Latin_Kidd92 Uhh idk (@Latin_Kidd92) reported

    @PaperbackLucy @GandyTheGreen @CoyoteDavis @LPR99_ @RockstarGames They know about these issues so pretty sure we will get compensated or have our streaks back, im still doing dailies

  • getlaidan aidan ツ (@getlaidan) reported

    some of u dudes need to know when to just let ur hair go. I swear y'all are waiting for a gta barber to come fix ur shit n it's not gonna happen

  • The_MaN_tHatCaN Caleb Jordan (@The_MaN_tHatCaN) reported

    @RockstarSupport I have opened a ticket for The_Gentle_man23 on PS4 about my issue with not receiving experience or money for now 7 or 8 bounty missions. I would like to have it resolved please. Thank you

  • le_shoc LeShocKingShred (@le_shoc) reported

    @RockstarGames Stop releasing content with debilitating bugs and server problems.

  • digital_firefly Danny (@digital_firefly) reported

    @Freyaka2 @RockstarGames It honestly makes me want to quit playing until they fix it. It sucks to put in all that time and effort just to have it reset every day... :(

  • jim_frisbee Jim Frisbee (@jim_frisbee) reported

    @RockstarSupport my streak just reset for no reason - can you please fix this

  • ShredderGG ShredderGG (@ShredderGG) reported

    @clancy_bandito @RockstarGames These problems gotta be addressed quick. If that’s the case a patch would need to be released soon. I’d expect a hot fix would do it though.

  • PaperbackLucy Lucy Sky (@PaperbackLucy) reported

    @GandyTheGreen @CoyoteDavis @Latin_Kidd92 @LPR99_ @RockstarGames The servers have wrongfully ended my daily streaks 3 times now in addition to the problems you listed. I want to play, but this is all driving me nuts!

  • FlapSack1 Big Al (@FlapSack1) reported

    @RockstarGames Please make the hat tipping emote accessible for all of the hats, it shouldn't be a hard fix, I just like the emote and I want to use it with all my hats because it's funny but I can't :(