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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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September 18: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 03:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Matchmaking (65.22%)
  • Online Play (23.91%)
  • Sign in (4.35%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (2.17%)
  • Glitches (2.17%)
  • Game Crash (2.17%)

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  • GrownupInRoom
    TheGrownupintheRoom (@GrownupInRoom) reported

    One side is not to blame for ANY issue this country faces, nor is it accurate to say this issue id the fault of the left. Look the the man, he hurts himself more than anything else. Perpetual foot in mouth The man has no halo, so he gets no pity. You reap what you sow

  • DFizzlio
    Fizz-sama™ (@DFizzlio) reported

    @uhfrank It's a bigger issue in Halo because cosmetic progression is the ONLY progression. Adding paid "options" to that ruins the game.

  • RJScript
    Chris Beson (@RJScript) reported

    @Baziwan @Halo I’m pretty tired of having to play CTF to get to H4 Slayer, but I haven’t had any connection issues. Games load pretty fast for me.

  • IanZ321
    Ian Zalewski (@IanZ321) reported

    @is_meguca I agree about the higher up issue, she made a statement about the budget being changed by the owners, that was out of her control. Though I believe halo confirmed the person withdrawing deals was Kate, idk their sources but both of them (mykl and halo) seem pretty confident.

  • westcoastced
    Westcoastced (@westcoastced) reported

    @tefferlee Do you know whats going on with Halo 4 online play ? Not working for many people,....

  • GyoXDark
    Gyo (@GyoXDark) reported

    @BungieHelp This it's getting worse in every update. You never fix the real problems. @Bungie u are killing this game. I'm hoping Halo and 343 make something better then this... Really disappointed about the only game that I play. I put a lot time and money on you for nothing.

  • RevoltFluXy
    FluXy (@RevoltFluXy) reported

    @TheKinesisHCS @PimpsDontCry710 @Halo If they advertised for someone to replace Menke and fix the match making they'd also have to hire 15 people to read through the 50,000 applications they'd get.

  • ShiraiRyuZee
    Mr. Zee Najam (@ShiraiRyuZee) reported

    @HaloWarrior5 @iAmPimmiCue @eaphen @WCGamingTweets The multiplayer had glaring issues online. All in all was fun. But wasn't what I wanted from halo

  • XxPaul1708Xx
    Paul Downey (@XxPaul1708Xx) reported

    @Anthony70290367 @BDaniel1307 @Halo @XboxSupport alright i see if its happening on both and you tried reseting your console and network that may mean a issue with the game itsself. The Halo4 forums on halowaypoint would be the best place too post about this and get info /1

  • azmimgd
    àzmi (@azmimgd) reported

    @MailChimp Halo my account has issues that need to be resolved, I'm trying to do what I need to do but still no reply whatsoever, any help?

  • XxPaul1708Xx
    Paul Downey (@XxPaul1708Xx) reported

    @Anthony70290367 @BDaniel1307 @Halo @XboxSupport hey there, sorry too hear that we could do with some info to best help What exactly is the issue with a HAlo 4 ? Is this issue just limted too that game ? What steps have you tried too fix the issue if any ?

  • Apex183
    ✌Apex Chief✌ (@Apex183) reported

    Everyone jumping on Halo Infinite Microtransactions doesn't Halo 5 already have them as ReQ packs why is now a problem

  • ToeJamzz
    ToeJamzz (@ToeJamzz) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Aren't there standard UDP time windows for requests in matchmaking? Lots of games allow people to party up without issues. Overwatch, Fortnite, H1Z1, Halo, CSGO, League, etc.

  • Mootjuh0
    Mootjuh (@Mootjuh0) reported

    @TehSpearhead @BaileyJIII @HiddenXperia @zeddikins @LateNightHalo @fitton_jake It can be a real problem on low pop games though, and we can't reliably say that Halo has a high enough population to make it a non-issue entirely

  • MarcoMaxFan
    Marco L (@MarcoMaxFan) reported

    @JeanTodt @Bulc_EU @C_Najdovski @ERTICO @EU_Commission @Transport_EU @UN @UNECE @fia @ERTICO_CEO Road Safety whit @fia complete joke! Look at @F1 white the halo. @JeanTodt you, the #libertymedia are the ones hurting @f1 by not listening to the fans, and having horrible regulations in consequence. Mrs Todt, Slowly, I think you ar to blame for the problems with the Halo.

  • deathwish9x_XBL
    deathwish9x [pls gib Commodore 16 chips] (@deathwish9x_XBL) reported

    @Gamecheat13 @343Postums and after opening the Halo Channel I just get an error, no point in having it open a separate app to view them. I may as well just watch them on Youtube.

  • DoctorAllanGrey
    Lord President Grey (@DoctorAllanGrey) reported

    @RycasterOnline also the same company that completely removed ping bars from halo 1/2/3 in the MCC so you cant tell who's host (but oh i can feel the ******* lag), AND feels like its fine and fair to put people on 300ms ping in a lobby where their only choice is to just be a walking free kill

  • SebVrG
    DemocratieDirecte (@SebVrG) reported

    @Xbox hi, you before to fix bug with 343 and halo 4 xbox access ..!!

  • BDaniel1307
    Daniel P. B. (@BDaniel1307) reported

    @Anthony70290367 @Halo @XboxSupport there are some places arround the world that people is having issues with online, if you are form ukraine then you'll have to wait or try to talk to to support directely.

  • ZxarTheAncient
    Steven Zelechowski (@ZxarTheAncient) reported

    @XboxSupport @SyaaltRojas We are all having the same issue, we cannot play what we are paying for. Check the servers. There are pages on pages on the halo forums of YOUR customers not beong able to play onlone, and they are not happy at all. @XboxSupport

  • ZxarTheAncient
    Steven Zelechowski (@ZxarTheAncient) reported

    @Halo @XboxSupport DAYS later & Halo 4 online play is STILL broken with not one word from you to your customers, and the @XboxSupport status page keeps lying and telling us everything is okay. Please provide a status OR at acknowledge that you are working on it! #RETWEET #HALO

  • AmberStormmm
    ♡ ⓛⓐⓝⓐ ♡ (@AmberStormmm) reported

    @nightbarbie Hey barbie! i recently used the fountain on earth and went to check my inventory but it is stuck on "checking for corrupt halo" does that mean i got it or is it just a glitch ?

  • iiCaptnCrunch
    ii Captn Crunch (@iiCaptnCrunch) reported

    @Halo @XboxSupport DAYS later & Halo 4 online play is STILL broken with not one word from you to your customers, and the @XboxSupport status page keeps lying and telling us everything is okay. Please provide a status OR at acknowledge that you are working on it! #RETWEET #HALO

  • SuprX
    SuprX (@SuprX) reported

    @Hugoandisa @XboxSupport @Halo @343IndustriesFS @bungiewaypoint @xboxse @XboxServices yes, servers down problem, waiting for 343 info.

  • zupryzaenal
    zupry zaenal (@zupryzaenal) reported

    Dear @jabrasupport i have issue with jabra halo smart, this earphone suddenly paused by itself; so annoying. Could you help me to fix this issue?

  • AlienGamer79
    AlienGamer79 (@AlienGamer79) reported

    @RenOperative_ Yep. And let's be honest Gears and Halo in their current state won't cut it. They need something new. And I don't see their new studios doing anything to get new people on board either. I also agree on streaming. I won't subscribe to Now because of the lag factor.

  • BlogEvolved
    Blogging Evolved (@BlogEvolved) reported

    @AdamGy117 @cia391 @TDenningauthor @TheEld2 @KellyHGay @mforbeck It would be nice, but I wouldn't expect one soon. Since Halo is set in this galaxy, there is an obvious expectation that the Halo universe mirrors the real one. Problem is, we have limited data regarding the number of planets around each star, and if Halo commits to a certain...

  • 343Postums
    Tyler “Postums” Davis (@343Postums) reported

    @Reiku78 @TazzmanLive @TheHaloHub_ @ikgrubb We just verified that the terminal, ONI FILE: Honor Bound 2 plays fine for me in the Halo Channel. This is a terminal on the Halo 2. Can you check tell me specifically which ones you are having issues with today? We fixed a few of them a week ago I believe.

  • LuckyShotsMIX
    LuckyShots (@LuckyShotsMIX) reported from Portales, New Mexico

    Here’s the harsh truth.its expensive to make a game. Micro transactions help support the game. In Halo 5 you can purchase cosmetics or warzone items only and I don’t see an issue with that.

  • TazzmanLive
    HH Tazzman (@TazzmanLive) reported

    @343Postums @TheHaloHub_ @ikgrubb Error message from Halo Channel “Sorry we cant play that at this time. Try again later” or something along those lines

  • GravXReviews
    GravX (@GravXReviews) reported

    @TheSandmanNYC @SpigenWorld Im going to assume u less they fixed the problem with the curved outter edge that the iPhone Xs/max /xr will run into thr same halo effect as the x did with the full screen coverage.

  • uhhJeReMyII
    uhh JeReMy II (@uhhJeReMyII) reported

    Alright so I just had someone who doesn't even follow me send me a message saying "I was a little ***** just trying to get ppl to follow me to show off my shitty content" lmao I do these because I grew up dirt poor with nothing. Had two broken TV's that I fixed just to play halo.

  • TrueDraco
    Draco (@TrueDraco) reported

    @Halo I haven’t even mention the broken mechanic that is drops

  • IvanAlanLowell
    Tinker_Andronis (@IvanAlanLowell) reported

    @NoMapNoProblems @TheNBxperience "Dear digital gods; why must I make this jump over and over and over and over again, just to fall into it?" -Mario "I died again, and resurrected once more to the me 10 minutes ago. I wish I could move on my own, I wouldn't have this problem anymore." -Master Chief, Halo

    🌶 LGMR [TTV]🌮 (@ILFARAON12RF) reported

    @HiddenXperia you're blowing this way out of proportion man really disappointed in you its way too soon to critize 343s upcoming Halo Infinite i know theres been some trust issues in the past but i can see that they're trying to make it right this time around

  • Ellie31957098
    Ellie (@Ellie31957098) reported

    @mikayla_pokefan there is a glitch the halo isn't in my inventory maybe when its fixed?

  • Bones_CR
    Bones 💀 (@Bones_CR) reported

    @avgjoe227 Should be a thing honestly, wacky short-term events that are completely broken, Halo had a great version of this back in the day

  • CaptnIi
    iiCaptnCrunch (@CaptnIi) reported

    @todknutson @DoubleAA_Editor @Halo @XboxSupport Yeah, They get your gamer tag & you probably never hear from them again. if you call, they have you jump through all the steps to fix a problem on your console when the problem is clearly not with my console, because it’s affecting lots of people. Hope they fix it soon.

  • Vicinal0
    Is this the Dark Soul? (@Vicinal0) reported

    @Greenskull Did you have problems with Halo 5's system? For me personally it was ideal while still giving the suits what they wanted. If you didn't want to play the "pay to win" mode you just needed to not play warzone.

  • todknutson
    tod.knutson (@todknutson) reported

    @CaptnIi @DoubleAA_Editor @Halo @XboxSupport Yes, I'm getting the same problem, I've direct messaged @XboxSupport and no response.

  • juanmig79892725
    Juan.Miguel (@juanmig79892725) reported

    @nightbarbie barbie i got the light badge but i didnt got the halo whats the problem im gonna check again next time if i can get another badge

    Nevin Valker (@IIFUNKOII) reported

    @Halo @XboxGamePass Still can't even do a simple Coop game with one other person. 4 years and still broken.

  • Ellie31957098
    Ellie (@Ellie31957098) reported

    @watch_when there is a inventory glitch so i dont have the halo right now i will when the glitch gets fixed

  • RandyAdams55
    Randy Adams (@RandyAdams55) reported

    @fezziwig2008 @Roche In spite of all of your positive commentary on HALO, the stock is not working. And that is disappointing to me as a fellow shareholder. I read everything you post and you are firm in your beliefs, just hope the market will agree with you at some point, Fezz.

  • serosmith1097
    Selena ت (@serosmith1097) reported

    I’m done with halo. Every single ******* game that I have WON has not ******* counted towards my CSR, but losing DOES. I hVe literally dropped 2 tiers on both of my accounts Bc of this stupid ******* shit. @Halo fix your god damn shit

  • pslover89
    Greatness Awaits (@pslover89) reported

    @DaltinhoDah @thegrey616 @kidsmoove Halo 5 trash. MCC took 3 years to fix its broken remaster trash. 343 is trash.

  • DFizzlio
    Fizz-sama™ (@DFizzlio) reported

    @XRays_Insider PC gaming doesn't cost 5000 dollars and if you actually think that, you have mental issues. Xbox has no games, therefore I have no reason to play on one. I literally only keep mine around for 4k MCC and that's literally it. I love the Halo trilogy that much.

  • ktscott1026
    Kathleen (@ktscott1026) reported

    @paulkrugman Paul, I'm looking at this photo. Is that a broken halo behind BK's head or brain overheating or what? I just think it's funny. Maybe someone like S. Colbert will come up with something.

  • rmunderw
    richard underwood (@rmunderw) reported

    @kclemson @JenMsft @lenadroid @ajohnsocyber @julwhite @erinchapple @shannonloftis @k_wolfkill @PlutonForEver @Pr1ncessP1ggy @maryshokesolson @CJGluckstein @Halo @siobhanreddy @amy_hennig @donasarkar @Julie_LGreen @LauraCatPJs @Ninjaharlot @kindofstrange @Majartistic @Batgirl @oceanbound @SweetMicga @VirtualScooley @PaulaCqure @cyberhayden @hlewbel @theTrendyTechie @PeggyJ @AlyTay1 @CYarkoni @tara_msft @DynamicWebPaige I am finding the whole #shecanstem issue a bit disheartening. 50 years ago my academic peers in the STEM disciplines (90%+) were mostly female and we treated each other as equals. Seems we have gone back the way instead of forward.

  • ChefBettyFraser
    Chef Betty Fraser (@ChefBettyFraser) reported

    Hey fellow doggie parents, has anyone ever used a Halo for a pup with sight issues? If so, does it help?

  • Vantave
    🤘😔🤘 (@Vantave) reported

    @HiddenXperia Halo 5’s MT’s were really fine and people exaggerated the problem a lot. Its similar to Destiny, while the option to spend more money is technically there, literally no one does because it’s entirely feasible and easy to earn it all in game.

  • Vantave
    🤘😔🤘 (@Vantave) reported

    @TWWindham @TehSpearhead Same with most freemium games and same with Halo 5. As I said earlier, from what I’ve heard Warframe does not have a MT/P2W problem at all *however* adopting a freemium system gives companies a valid excuse to make P2W games, which is kinda the worst case scenario.

  • jeremyczuniga08
    Jeremy Zuniga (@jeremyczuniga08) reported

    @Halo can you guys fix Mythic Warzone Firefight? Can’t make it past the 1st round the majority of the time because the game isn’t spawning enemies fast enough and time runs out usually within 20 seconds left for the rest to start spawning. Stay Great!

  • Ca77yG
    calum (@Ca77yG) reported

    There's a guy going around on discord saying I hacked Halo Wars 2 and DDos attacked him

  • ngandopp
    patrick junior (@ngandopp) reported

    @LGE_EastAfrica Halo i have a phone that has a broken screen not functioning with just a simple one line crack, tried to look for replacement but couldnt get any localy, model lg g pro f240s

  • leepem15
    Blue Oddity Productions (@leepem15) reported

    @Halo @Xbox Please fix your shit. I'm sick of hearing about new game modes for Halo 5 a dead game, however, you won't even sort out MCC. Check the player count it won't lie stop kidding yourself, lads.

  • QuesoKun
    MoonieTunes (@QuesoKun) reported

    @DarkAnimePrince @GameSpot Halo 5 having them is a problem too.

  • DarkAnimePrince
    Minoru Utsugi (@DarkAnimePrince) reported

    @GameSpot I mean Halo 5 has them so I dont see the problem at all

  • JordanP_901
    Jordan (@JordanP_901) reported

    It’s really in poor taste to advertise postmates delivery service to those uf us outside of their halo of good fortune

  • RodPrideaux
    Max Schumacher (@RodPrideaux) reported

    @dean5578 @Halo Same problem here in South America