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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • aysaTNSG aysa🇭🇰 (@aysaTNSG) reported

    @comicsanalyzed It wasn't really the content itself. My major issue was that it was focused on new characters that you only kinda cared about while sidelining the series main cast. the actual episodes themselves weren't that well written and I wasn't engaged by the overall plot also **** halo

  • awooscape kyoutist (@awooscape) reported

    A broken halo with the protection of Zamorak.

  • retheauditors Francine McKenna (@retheauditors) reported

    “None of the issues mentioned above has tarnished Buffett’s halo for long, but the list of missteps grows longer.” Add newspaper group he had to pay someone to take off his hands and Kraft-Heinz ovepayment for investment. I would add Pritzker bailout Marmon Group.

  • blizbeast_pl AdamZ (@blizbeast_pl) reported

    @Mortiel @TimSweeneyEpic @PleaseCapcom @GOGGalaxy @EpicGames @GOGcom Fair enough. I disagree though. To me exclusives were always part of the service offering of a platform, was it Zelda, Halo, Killzone or Half-life. I suspect the cries are only because status quo is being challenged. Wonder how many people will cry about Alyx being an exclusive.

  • victoraenriquez Victor TheGoldenPoncho Enriquez (@victoraenriquez) reported

    @Tashi343i @Halo @HCS @DreamHackHalo @DeRsKeezY yeah saw him out there on a laptop, tech support dersky Pog. stream was great outside of that, short breaks and no audio issues, if we can just get the casters to get the team names right we'll be set Kappa

  • Dyna_Sean DynaSean (@Dyna_Sean) reported

    @minolta1034 Outside of the stupid clickbait shit. I really don't see a problem with his content. It's news, lore, and opinions overtop of gameplay, which is 95% of the Halo channels out there. Clearly, he's doing something right if his channel is still alive.

  • SaintBoswell Brady Boswell (@SaintBoswell) reported

    @Weakachu_ @HuNteR_Jjx Not doubting the crash, just generally upset that is how the Halo gods decided to end my tourney run.

  • OwenMRoe Owen M. Roe (@OwenMRoe) reported

    @VXLETT @1800xo my PC doesn't lose performance with both Photoshop and Illustrator open simultaneously, i could be playing Halo Reach and designing at the same time without issue also it doesn't launch into space whenever i open a big AI file

  • shaydoken Shay Miah (@shaydoken) reported

    @TGFStream HALO MCC was a disaster on launch. It took 343i 4+ years after release to get this game working. Microsoft and 343i knew the game had serious problems yet was rushed well forced to be released by Microsoft.

  • Cazy_EU Callum Crowley (@Cazy_EU) reported

    @PrsmaTV Its a joke how they need to sign in to xbox live, still remnants of that idiot who microsoft fired who wanted the xbox to always be online, its a shame how LAN events for halo were much better 15 years ago, we can only hope Infinite changes that

  • K1Cummings Keith cummings (@K1Cummings) reported

    @bt_uk @btsport Why do I pay for halo and you send an engineer who isn’t even BT who couldn’t fix my issue told me a load of crap that wasn’t true made my speeds worse

  • _iWoody Woody (@_iWoody) reported

    @Vengeful_Kisses Let’s just hope and pray that this problem doesn’t happen again... People already shit on Halo enough. We don’t need to give them more ammo.

  • CarmenLavrikova Funny Shit Official (@CarmenLavrikova) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • funniest_texts FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Troop_CoD Troop (@Troop_CoD) reported

    @GuyBlazeLive Go back to Gears 1, exe. If it's not broke, don't fix it. You see what happened to cod and halo when they tried to be something they aren't.

  • ParraleticEel The Parraletic Eel (@ParraleticEel) reported

    @NRL_FUCKERY Nobody likes an 😇 anyway! 😂 give me a broken halo any day.

  • FrozeMikey Mikey 🥶 (@FrozeMikey) reported

    @UnllimitedHQ @HCS @DreamHackHalo @TheOneSaiyan @Renegade_JW @Halo Too easy! I don’t know how the whole tournament is broken down but this is what I like to hear. I’ll be supporting all weekend in that case. Cheers 🍻

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @joshua_menke @justingrosjean @john_grosjean The problem with Mythic Arena is that doesn't has real merits to be appreciated beyond that it's -a mediocre attempt of- classic Halo. And it comes another problem when people wants Infinite to be like this.

  • ChrisDAnimation ChrisOfTheDead (@ChrisDAnimation) reported

    @IAmCoolGuyYT There's a good reason I've stuck to strikes and the seasonal PvE modes for the last 2 seasons. I just don't have fun in D2 PvP. Been playing Halo MCC for my PvP fix on and off lately. No SBMM, which I would prefer, in the modes I like, but most matches aren't nearly as bad.

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @joshua_menke @justingrosjean @john_grosjean The reason why liked it it's because it's classic Halo. Is not about something that "I don't think it works on paper". Classic Halo works for a reason, and if someone had problems to get it, it's because they doesn't know what they're doing (in a way it's almost incompetence)

  • QuantumZambiez QuantumF0X (@QuantumZambiez) reported

    I have been subjected something I still have no idea why it happened. I start a custom ********** map on Halo 5 (I love to mess with ppl on it). And this guy...this guy ******* spams his crouch like they on crack.. Meanwhile his ass begins to glitch. 1/2

  • DesignByZoe Zoë ✨BOOKING FOR MARCH✨ (@DesignByZoe) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @GlassVanguard @mxmorggo Nope, a broken halo motif that I like to add to some of my designs ✨

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @DeltaHaloCRcore I literally have spend the last three years of my life studying videogame design, and with that I was able to actually analyze Halo 5. And the conclusion is: it's good. Is not my problem if you don't want to see it and you pretend to know what obviously you don't know.

  • Menoa_linnea Glenn Kinzie (@Menoa_linnea) reported

    @XboxSupport Still can't sign in. Can't get on Halo Insider/Waypoint either.

  • TheDoctorDino Josh "Dino" 🦖 / Pray for Peace (@TheDoctorDino) reported

    Halo effect (sometimes called the halo error) is the tendency for positive impressions of a person, company, brand or product in one area to positively influence one's opinion or feelings in other areas. It is a type of cognitive bias and is the opposite of the horn effect.

  • ducain23 Ducain23 (@ducain23) reported

    Watching the DreamHack Halo Series Tournament have issues and so many people in the chat immediately blame 343 and start complaining how they have messed up Halo. I don't know how 343 devs deal with all this ignorance...haha

  • aGSpaaw Toby K. (@aGSpaaw) reported

    @Halo @DreamHackHalo @HCS Really this just ridiculous! I thought i have problems finding games in h5, but u showed me wrong. Wow.

  • Tails1232 Tails123 (@Tails1232) reported

    @Halo @HaloGear @HCS help its broken for me. When told me to log in for xbox live on the Halo 1 mcc It said sorry we connect. And when try to log in my Halo insider, it kept saying error. PLEASE HELP

  • PonzaLT Ponza / Gordon (@PonzaLT) reported

    The Halo tournament issues related to an Xbox Live outage really sucks. But then, I remind myself that we used to play Warcraft I on Macs, using a two-way printer cable or some shit, to get around networking issues.

  • Snip3down Eric Wrona (@Snip3down) reported

    Checked out the Dreamhack Halo stream at two different times today, both times it was having login issues and there was no gameplay. Technology has come so far yet we still haven’t been able to all plug our games into the same router and play on LAN like back in 2002, crazy to me

  • Lyra_012 Robert_Lyra (@Lyra_012) reported

    @LateNightHalo @JoshDavison309 I preffer playing with interesting weapons and at the same time being able to kill other people. My problem with classic halo is that only one gun shines and the others are just utilities... That's just not fun

  • LateNightHalo 😀LateNightGaming-Taras😀 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @Lyra_012 @JoshDavison309 The whole H5 sandbox is just a mess. The BR used to be too lethal and accurate and now that it behaves a bit more like a normal halo BR, it just doesn’t work in h5’s combat rhythm Starting a topic on why the BR sucks in H5 requires unpacking the core issues with H5 conceptually

  • Lyra_012 Robert_Lyra (@Lyra_012) reported

    @LateNightHalo @JoshDavison309 I think the main problem with the AR on halo 5 is the BR being shit now.

  • PrsmaTV Leuis (@PrsmaTV) reported

    If Halo Infinite doesn't have real LAN capabilities then we are going to be doomed. Yes this downtime is out of Dreamhack's hands but if we didn't have to rely on connecting to Xbox Live just to play, this issues wouldn't be happening at a "LAN" event!

  • GamerJlee GamerJlee (@GamerJlee) reported

    @kpmh2001 @Jason_X117 @ArdentPrayer @Grunt4500 I would be okay with that. The problem I have with the other AR's is not the loudness, but the sound themselves. Maybe it is Halo 3 bias, but I felt like it was the perfect AR, and I would not call it a peashooter when you can easily rush someone down, and combo with a melee.

  • SpxrkyCC The Professor (@SpxrkyCC) reported

    15mins of watching or playing halo and im instantly bored :/ oh and these tech issues still last for 30+ mins I see

  • DeadwingDork Claw wo Torimodose!! (@DeadwingDork) reported

    I love how after an hour of trying to play Halo MCC, we've had one match and the rest of our time has been tech issues. Good job Microsoft.

  • DustStorm Dust Storm (@DustStorm) reported

    @Gamecheat13 #DHANA Halo is having logon issues and they've been in delay for at least half an hour now.

  • furrygahbidge #1 Beastars and CATS Stan Account (@furrygahbidge) reported

    god i don't remember my xbox login for halo but tbh until they release more on PC i don't really care

  • LPxDC LPxDC (@LPxDC) reported

    My cold randomly decided to hit me pretty hard. Nothing a lil DayQuil and Vick’s won’t fix! See y’all in a bit. Halo 1 PC beta up first then Apex later!

  • Xero_Link TheXeroLink (@Xero_Link) reported

    @LateNightHalo @LifelessTooth @PrintsAmir @SacredIconHalo @Halo Sums it up. Halo 5 tried to fix way too much that was NEVER broken to begin with.

  • JetGrindFuture JetGrind (@JetGrindFuture) reported

    Loaded up Halo CE via the MCC beta and it's neat being able to play that on PC now too but hoo boy it's got some issues like vehicle aiming reset being so fast and cutscenes animating only at 30 FPS despite the world moving around at 60

  • sabrinamaria69 sabrina (@sabrinamaria69) reported

    @bt_uk Well we are paying for Superfast fibre BT Halo 1. And I can assure you the name doesn’t not stand up to the service. I have no clue what speed I appear to have but it’s definitely not superfast.

  • Ilovesoot Dave Ellis (@Ilovesoot) reported

    @ann18521217 @EscapeEUSlavery No charter flights. A parachute out the back of a transport plane at commercial flight height with a crash course you tube vid in halo jumps before the green light shows and rear doors open.

  • synvengencegame synvengence gaming (@synvengencegame) reported

    Alright, stream is happening if all goes to plan and nothing comes up. We will be attempting to play @Halo again, as long as we don’t keep getting random glitches that just respawn me for no reason. If we do have issues we might switch to something else.

  • Reiku78 Bobby Wallace (@Reiku78) reported

    @MendingMercy @LairdSVF @Grunt4500 My issue is they go after him for his thumbnails but let others who do way worse to get the " we gotta hate on Halo Follower" this month quota in.

  • ChesleyTripp Tripp Chesley (@ChesleyTripp) reported

    There is no greater pain than lagging out of Halo 3 two points away from winning the game

  • minolta1034 Jeff Wood 🎮 (@minolta1034) reported

    @HellraiserD7H Yes. The thumbnail is the problem. Making a fake Halo Infinite gameplay screenshot and putting it in the thumbnail is the problem.

  • OhChev Evan (@OhChev) reported

    some english dude on halo 3 once told me he wants my family dead in a horrible plane crash just because my cousin told him that if it wasn't for america he'd be speaking german right now

  • Thxl_ [T]hel_ (@Thxl_) reported

    @maddhattxr @BrandonLGG @HCS @Halo @DreamHackHalo That's not a pc or console issue, they should just go cross platform then

  • LateNightHalo 😀LateNightGaming-Taras😀 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @LifelessTooth @PrintsAmir @SacredIconHalo @Halo I'd just return them back to their normal design and have the enrage mode give them maybe faster projectile speed but not much else. H5 Hunters broke something that wasnt broken, sadly.

  • Phlum LunarLoony 👾 (@Phlum) reported

    Unfortunately, I fibbed about tonight's stream. It's not gonna be Crash Bandicoot.'s gonna be Halo: Combat Evolved. YE FLIGHT, no less. Cheers @Halo for inviting me!

  • maddhattxr Madd 3xB (@maddhattxr) reported

    @Thxl_ @BrandonLGG @HCS @Halo @DreamHackHalo More than 70% of halo players don’t have a good enough pc to play and they don’t have cross platform if they did I wouldn’t have any issue

  • toa_freak Ian (Halo Canon) (@toa_freak) reported

    @LateNightHalo @BadFunnyGuy Further, I don't think the issue here is necessarily "info dumps". Halo 2 has a lot of info dump scenes and is beloved by fans.

  • GeigerLoudon ŚŁÈÈP PÀRÀŁŸŚÎŚ (@GeigerLoudon) reported

    @Halo @MegaConstrux @HaloGear Yo that pelicans and warthog looking fine. The problem is I’m broke

  • anthonythezoro1 G17Anthony (@anthonythezoro1) reported

    *Sigh* this be my bad day i can't play forza horizon 4 me saying. why your do is for i try to online game. Games say.f u nobody like you friend go back halo lose. me say. Wow u r so rude i hope fix

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @Halo @MegaConstrux @HaloGear Tuffff but I'll be building the breakout fix

  • trading_upswing Upswing-Trading (@trading_upswing) reported


  • Cor3ntin Corentin (@Cor3ntin) reported

    @lefticus @hankadusikova afaik we rangified for_each_n, sample, clamp, there was a french nb comment for that, i wonder who wrote it Smiling face with halo shift_left and shift_right had issues and were not rangified

  • reallylameguy reallylameguy (@reallylameguy) reported

    oh wow halo ce is so ******* broken lol