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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • zzibaim
    M.I.A (@zzibaim) reported

    Idk where my CDs are, i couldnt find them but.. 1. Halo 2. Sweet Dreams 3. Broken-Hearted Girl

  • bonnie1020RBLX
    Glory to Erusea (@bonnie1020RBLX) reported

    @HaruspexOfHell I told him it was lag, he got mad, said I didn’t know what I was talking about and never played Halo ever I proved both points wrong and he blocked me “Halo Legend” “Esports pioneer” But he doesn’t understand lag He legit thinks his internet is perfect and unfailing

  • jdgroover
    JD Groover (@jdgroover) reported from Nashville, Tennessee

    First award show tonight. Super excited. Honor to accept awards for Broken Halo, Up Down, 5 More minutes and Fix a Drink. @SeaGayleMusic killing the independent game!!

  • YouGot2BeKitten
    The Worst Cis White Male (@YouGot2BeKitten) reported

    @mineifiwildout Pretty sure. There was like some glitch you could do on original Halo where you could see inside Chief's helmet and it was a black model inside. Ever since then I thought everyone just went with him actually being black. As far as I'm aware he's black.

  • AmiiGaming
    You want pictures of Spider Man? (@AmiiGaming) reported

    @nightbarbie @yuuichi_zc Hey Barbie! I’ve had a glitch twice, and it’s really bugging me. I go to do the fountain, and I get told I got a halo! But after I close the text, I didn’t get a halo. This time, I got diamonds. It gets my hopes up so much and then crushes them..

  • Foxfckr
    Raven (@Foxfckr) reported

    @vero_yal Not unless it's made without that as an option. Ie, old Halo, Crash Bandicoot, Red Dead, Far Cry don't have a female player option.

  • NyxRose
    ᴇǫɴx | Emily (@NyxRose) reported

    @ESVDiamond @AskJoshy I'm not sure how widespread it is today, but I know there was Adderall usage/abuse during the old MLG / Halo days, especially in the pro scene. It was almost normal. But the community was tight-knit, so nobody wanted to snitch. The issue is real.

  • doeyjk
    Bubbles (@doeyjk) reported

    Broken hearted girl, if I was a boy, Halo.

  • TomRyanOGRE2
    Tom Ryan (@TomRyanOGRE2) reported

    @MajorHamburgers @Moses_FPS @343Postums State of Halo 1 MCC is what this was an example of (obviously an extreme example). The skipping has in fact gotten much worse. No other game has lag displayed in skips as poorly as Halo1 MCC currently. There are so many other problems that obviously were not displayed in clip.

    KHAFF (@KHAFFSUCKS) reported

    @chibirobo12 @BADASSfnGAMING @Zango86 @DrifterJayFR Bungie is totally capable of making a balanced PvP game, but has inexplicably not done so since the beginning of D2, and the balance issue has declined further since the release of Forsaken. Because of that, I really don’t see them going the Halo route with the game.

  • abzhuofficial
    Gender-Bending Russian Informant: (@abzhuofficial) reported

    @B5od_Gaming @g_farrell1 I get that mistakes can happen, but when things like this happen frequently, that's when problems start, not to mention as I have said, I had to find out why Halo 3 didn't work properly after digging deep and asking around. Please do better next time.

  • SQUIFFY_v2
    🍽️ 😴 🎮 🔁 (@SQUIFFY_v2) reported

    @SeaOfThieves This is a problem in @MSStudiosBlog games, they are putting lore in other forms of media. Meaning if you only play the game your not getting the full story, #Halo does it as well. Shame really, as some fans don't get the chance to experience the extended universe and so miss out.

  • Moses_FPS
    Moses FPS (@Moses_FPS) reported

    @343Postums @TomRyanOGRE2 He's the greatest halo player of all time, I'm pretty sure he knows what lag is... He never said it wasn't lag, he said the game was in a worse state

  • HaloSleep
    HALO Sleep (@HaloSleep) reported

    @jerah Thank you for reaching out. Please call customer service at 888-999-HALO.

  • wkerslake
    𝕎𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕂𝕖𝕣𝕤𝕝𝕒𝕜𝕖 (@wkerslake) reported

    @tha_rami The last couple of TR’s have a used mix of Crash cams and the Halo fall-away to imply the necessity for fleeing at speed, typically with additional things falling in front of the player on brief run-outs. Avalanche in Rise as an example.

  • Nolatus
    Nolatus (@Nolatus) reported

    @Chazzoboii @VeNoMzShibe @ZRTROOKIO Hmmmm interesting, personally speaking I see no issues with halo 5 or with MCC I guess it’s just the fact that there’s no one to play with half the time but I don’t blame them for not playing halo with games like Bo4, Gears, and Fortnite nobody wants to play the older games rn.

  • Nolatus
    Nolatus (@Nolatus) reported

    @Chazzoboii Hey can you do me a favour can you in your next tweet about why halo sucks and how 343 ruined it can you make a list about why it’s bad and what you think they should do to you know fix it instead of just saying “Halo is Dead”

  • 1an69
    \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ (@1an69) reported

    @evvok Halo grab boat. Need your service here

  • GraceIessLady
    Amy (@GraceIessLady) reported

    @BlackOps4INTEL Last time I'm buying one of these games. This is exactly why the Halo franchise lost so many people with Halo 5 and they didn't even OFFER split screen. No issues with ANY OTHER GAME.

  • betabluediary
    Fatma (@betabluediary) reported

    I bought a necklace that has a guy holding baby jesus, ignoring what it actually means, but only because i saw a father carrying a baby and he's so cared for that he grew a halo, i felt like i own it, i own what i'll never have and i'll carry it, daddy issues paid for that

  • gamestoriesbot
    Game stories bot (@gamestoriesbot) reported

    Halo empowered me to fix my father's amateur dramatic society

  • perEvron
    Evron XIV (@perEvron) reported

    @xxthelvadam711 @SuplexFPS @DeathlyGod330 @mage918 @Halo He wrote it, then he deleted. My first answer was to that tweet but I got an error notification, that's why i switched to his other tweet

  • MtnDewMlg
    Spoop Dogg (@MtnDewMlg) reported

    Halo 3 elephant glitch on Sandtrap

  • DivanteScrolls
    DivanteScrollsTweeter (@DivanteScrolls) reported

    @Halo You better somehow fix Halo 5's story with Halo Infinites story. Halo 5 has the worst story in the series. Also Cortana should've stayed dead in Halo 4.

  • Ultragamer2020
    Dark Detective (@Ultragamer2020) reported

    And I mean best for beat for beat shot for shot. The did the exact same thing the Red Vs Blue seasons 1-5 using halo 1 hd. It would be nice to see RWBY do the same but... It might add a small problem the production.

  • moonymota
    malucar (@moonymota) reported

    and that's me, that's me the boy with the broken halo that's me, that's me the devil won't let me be

  • mikeBithell
    Mike Bithell (@mikeBithell) reported

    problem 1: Copyright. That gun in Halo belongs to Microsoft. They sure as hell won't give me the mesh to have it in my game, or use its name, or mention Halo at all in my marketing. You owning a crypto key to it doesn't allow me to interface.

  • DennisDedde117
    DreddCool (@DennisDedde117) reported

    I have a problem evolving the Achilles armor and helmet in Halo 5. It doesn’t neccessarly make you a better player, it just doesn’t make any logical sense what SO ever🤔

  • MajorHamburgers
    MajorHamburgers (@MajorHamburgers) reported

    @ZachtehCEO which would still sell decently (because it's Halo) but would very quickly have population problems and even more drama. Like @Ac7ionMan said a while ago on stream, people don't really want "classic" Halo, they want to be 16 years old again, and that's all there is to it.

  • ivenprillwitz
    piper (@ivenprillwitz) reported from Helmstedt, Lower Saxony

    @Halo pls fix the NAT problem in Halo 5. Lots of 7/8 lobbies after connecting to lobby.

  • xLEAMGx
    🇺🇾Luis🇺🇾🏆🎮 (@xLEAMGx) reported

    @CFProduct @jsblackfrost84 @kidsmoove Your problem is that you say the games are shit, and you have to say that you don’t like them. There’s millions of people that love Halo, Gears, Forza, Ori, SoT, SoD2 and games to come.

  • Timenim1
    Timenim (@Timenim1) reported

    I order the shooter bundle online from @GameStop and all the cases and artwork we're tattered, the Halo 5 was so scratched up it wouldn't load. There are far better sites to buy from this holiday season and their customer service sucks ass! Stay clear of them

  • iamjuliofranco
    Andrew Franklin (@iamjuliofranco) reported

    @microtechknives I'm having an issue with a recently purchased Halo VI

  • SpectreRobin
    Robin (@SpectreRobin) reported

    @ramzie99 You might be one of the first people who said destiny had a story, let alone a coherent one. And crucible was just a watered down Halo. My issue with that game is like many live games it takes a year, but then charges you only to@reset everything and start from scratch.

  • K4tz3nFr3und
    Katz3nFr3und (@K4tz3nFr3und) reported

    @HiMrECHO3 @Ixbran @ZhugeEX 343 made the broken mcc and garbage halo 5. 343 should be closed.

  • XVIIIGarcia294
    Hornet Lord (@XVIIIGarcia294) reported

    @LordkeybIade @G27Status When I was in a game coding class I made an top down halo game the only issue is I couldn't finish it cause I was to slow, spartans shot energy for some reason and the teacher worried me cause he couldn't remember to grade my other games

    TDK (@TDKFPS) reported

    Adderall has been involved in esports since the beginning it would be interesting and informative to hear @Ninja address this issue as it played a huge role in his Halo career but obviously he will deny it. 😂

  • mega_shepard
    MegaBusterShepard (@mega_shepard) reported

    @LichJim That's a big problem tbh. Not that Steam is going anywhere right now but still it's worrying. As for Halo. Combat Evolved has better campaign but Halo 2 has the better multiplayer

  • ThatGlasgwGamer
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 That Glasgow Gamer 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ThatGlasgwGamer) reported

    @Stub182 The biggest issue I have with Microsoft is the lack of decent IPs beyond Gears and occasionally Halo.

  • zainabgaffoor
    zainabg (@zainabgaffoor) reported

    I think I do reverse halo effect and maybe that's my damn problem.

  • Trxsh_Gxd
    Banana Fries (@Trxsh_Gxd) reported

    @AlphaFoxWarfare @116_unshmd @MancSoulja @jameslabree Nobody in their right minds should expect PS level exclusives considering it took PS a while too. But the fact that MS is pushing for more than just halo and gears of war is good, problem is the results will only show in the next gen of consoles

  • CodedLikeLyoKo
    SnypeZ (@CodedLikeLyoKo) reported

    @ToxicNuke_ Yea I had no problems with it either I gotta see how this new halo is tho

  • RevanAxel
    Axel Revan (@RevanAxel) reported

    @Lythero God I missed Halo customgames. Never had a problem like this before though. God I remember such fun custom maps like Demolishion Derby, Fat Kid, Zombie survival, maze, garbage disposal.. ahh the memories.

  • CarmenLavrikova
    Funny Shit Official (@CarmenLavrikova) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • funniest_texts
    FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • DarkSky024
    YachtLife SouthFlorida (@DarkSky024) reported

    @Halo your games load like crap, “ATTENTION”NO SERVER FOUND! FIX YOUR SHIT

  • NJScott97
    Noah James (@NJScott97) reported

    @GearsofWar @GearsViking @Vududaddy Unable to find a match, match error, suspended for 26 minutes. YOUR COMPANY IS DOG SHIT, YOU WISH YOU COULD MAKE A GEARS GAME LIKE EPIC GAMES COULD. It's like when 343 took over halo. You are the embodiment of "mom said it's my turn on the xbox" a mentally slow little sibling.

  • chizimbienu
    TJ (@chizimbienu) reported

    I have a problem lol. Halo.

  • King_Gojira
    jake (@King_Gojira) reported

    @Alastair_Neill @Kuuix @Moses_FPS i just hope halo 6 isn’t going to a “games as a service” type like halo 5. that shit was absolutely maddening.

  • Alastair_Neill
    Alastair - HaloFollower (@Alastair_Neill) reported

    @HellJumper_YT @JohnW884 @FavynTube I’ve seen the video, it’s not massively constructive for 343. They’re doing what fans want and then they find new things to be upset about. First ‘the art style is what makes it Halo’ then they change it and suddenly there’s ANOTHER issue. It’s rather frustrating.

  • nzBrowncoat
    Browncoat 🎮🏇 (@nzBrowncoat) reported

    @Magwikk @Halo LOL. Gimme it all! . Jokes aside, thats the problem tbh. They haven't filled the void the @Halo is leaving. What is their other Tent Pole franchise....thats the problem.

  • DetGDMC
    Hyped for DMC5 (@DetGDMC) reported

    @AnsgarTOdinson @Jase_face @Halo oh man yea i use to hate that crap i remmber one time i was able to throw a sticky grenade & i don't know if it was a glitch but i stuck it to one guys head & another ran into him and they were stuck together and i got them both lol i wish you could have recorded stuff back then

  • Jase_face
    Jason Sardo (@Jase_face) reported

    @AnsgarTOdinson @DetGDMC @Halo The one with jet packs and active camo was unbalanced. That was the issue dude!

  • DetGDMC
    Hyped for DMC5 (@DetGDMC) reported

    @Jase_face @AnsgarTOdinson @Halo 343 shill i will talk about whatever the hell i want to talk about you got a problem then step up on the side of the street like a man and give me an address other wise STFU

  • DSR_Joker
    Joker AKA: Death, the destroyer of worlds! (@DSR_Joker) reported

    @MetalHedSpartan All @Xbox stuff is, I had this issue with some random company claiming Halo: Legends stuff. Pass it on to @franklez, so 343 know someone is gaming youtube to abuse their copyright.

  • urlocalcatalyst
    ;hz (@urlocalcatalyst) reported

    The wings behind my back aren't meant for flying, still i lift everyone. The halo on my head They're aren't glowing, Still it guided us around. The payback i demand, for when i've fallen down, down, down. No i never was an angel, I'm just broken.

  • DoMaNaded
    Ernie D. Hernandez (@DoMaNaded) reported

    @ZachtehCEO I gave up after explaining and making a video of bad spawns in Halo 2, input lag, shot registration, and no west coast dedicated server. They said my spawn video didn’t prove anything even after comparing rather high rng spawns vs OG halo 2.

  • jpc96_designs
    Joel aka Jota (@jpc96_designs) reported

    @MeindertAcdaF1 @VanGamerenF1 @GvanderGarde @robertdoornboss @RobKamphuesF1 @TomCoronel @TimCoronel @PatrickMoeke @ipakvis @Charreljalving Halo is not necessary, the problem here is that the mainhoop is not as tall as it should be

  • jailenagags
    j.alien🦄 (@jailenagags) reported

    Bijj dont fkkin tell me that we dont have the ryt to judge u, like halo, whattya did is not worth of the respect ur askin, and dont even start tellin people to stop makin issues bout you when basically those arent issues anymore.... 🙊🙈

  • HiLondon4
    Hi_London (@HiLondon4) reported

    @nightbarbie @nightbarbie @cybernova my light halo is missing! I got one last night and it’s gone now!!!!!! @nightbarbie please fix this I’m soo sad :( my user is sammy_hamker2 I love all your games Mwah!