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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Sign in 25.71% Sign in
  • Online Play 17.14% Online Play
  • Game Crash 14.29% Game Crash
  • Glitches 8.57% Glitches

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  • KLB725 KB (@KLB725) reported

    @Lutharr101 @oONEMANARMYo @JosephT66838960 @Mstr__Meme @EK1GamingTV ya, I remember when Halo did a ban and the same thing happened. When people pushed back on twitter, devs could list the instances in which they abused a glitch or ruined an activity.

  • Pxt_woah •rise• (@Pxt_woah) reported

    @ScamRoyaleHigh Items you need: Nocturnal kitty ears, lucky halo 2020 My user:rise_potato , Scammer:lSashxl I unfortunately don't have photo proof because my phone is broken and I have to use my tablet and my tablet didn't have battery the time I was trading.

  • L3KGaming Lethargic/Kitten (@L3KGaming) reported

    Halo specifically has had TERRIBLE problems with trend chasing. Infinite must stand on its own as a HALO game, not the next big twitch game or esports giant. The best thing halo can do is stay true to its identity.

  • kitsunychang lolicon fan (@kitsunychang) reported

    Halo mcc contacting server forever problem

  • BaronBotany James Listberger (@BaronBotany) reported

    @Halo @XboxGamePassPC @MicrosoftStore @Steam Please, please, please fix the original ported graphics, the nostalgia just isn't the same. Apart from that, love the decision to release on pc

  • lmao53067780 lmao (@lmao53067780) reported

    @Royale_Melody Yeah understandable, but the only issue is eh.. Do you give robux first or I'm giving halo first.. ngl I'm affraid of risks oof

  • Apone6981 the80'sKid (@Apone6981) reported

    @Alexmai10086759 Except Xbox gamers will put their hands on Halo way before you can touch the indefinitely pushed back Last of Us 2. Maybe they are trying to fix that snow... Because it's shitty as ****. 🙄

  • ShadowWindWL Wind @ PixelPoly (Modelling Mecha Soon) (@ShadowWindWL) reported

    @scuttle06 @pixelpolymc @MCPEDL Not include it Because when I do the halo It will lag out or crash Because of the texture

  • ClarePratt2 Clare Pratt (@ClarePratt2) reported from Champaign, Illinois

    The halo deck can’t be broken and running amuck, it hasn’t been invented yet! #metvstartrek

  • Brandenkreed Yogibear🐻 (@Brandenkreed) reported

    @XboxSupport halo servers are broken. I continue to get kicked for games with no real reason. NA/Pc

  • Articblitze1 e (@Articblitze1) reported

    @ShydereRBLX @5_StarCruise if i were you, and someone wouldnt trade their halo for the diamonds, i would just move because 500k is definitely worth it and if they arent gonna be fair then thats their problem luv xx

  • XShadow_QueenXx オーシャンティアーズ (@XShadow_QueenXx) reported

    @mallowcorn My dms are broken but I would like halos for my Halloween halo 2019

  • eujottap joão 🔥 (@eujottap) reported

    @anthunesarth Broken-hearted girl. Halo.

  • alpha_wolf319 alpha_wolf319 (@alpha_wolf319) reported

    @SenorPug26 @thcasisu @JayDubcity16 I'm sure many will cry. I won't care much. Halo most likely won't hit PS nor Forza, but it isn't possible years later. Crash was Sony and is now on everything. Megaman was nintendo but is now on everything, contra, castlevania, metal gear...etc.

  • S2N_LORDFIST Darek (@S2N_LORDFIST) reported

    @go_jro @ducain23 I just feel like the standard style of be is meh. Rub away from a storm or gas and in fairly open map using famous map locations from old games etc. If Infinite were to have one, I'd want something purely uniquely Halo. Have Spartans/Elites crash down on Zeta Halo to secure

  • Amielouhayward Amie_Lou (@Amielouhayward) reported

    Bt_uk your diagnostic test service may be able to help my to distinguish the problem. But we pay for halo and all its bullshit. How did I get a little box to keep me online if I do not speak to anytime (trying to allow calls for more important apparently)!!!!!! 🤬🤬

  • TheeMadSpartan ☣The Mad Slayer☣ (@TheeMadSpartan) reported

    @Latex_Princess @Halo No problem with that!

  • Zejik Zejik (@Zejik) reported

    @Arrrrash I plan to make A new video today talking about the problems with Resistance multiplayer. Then I will probably start doing some mod showcases for the main game. To be honest though. I would really like to be playing Halo, but I just cant take It with this lag right now.

  • cassie_halo 👼🏻Cassie💘HALO GIVEAWAY (@cassie_halo) reported

    @IdkWhatTofPuth Sure no problem. I mean they might be able to find somebody, but since light halo is more 'popular', they might have to add something.

  • 9999emails nope (@9999emails) reported

    @Halo @HaloSupport before the update that added halo one to PC H3 was fine then it’s like u optimized it to take advantage Of motion blurring effects like raytracing on pc n such for the Xbox one X no other halos on MCC are experiencing this FPS issue.

  • 9999emails nope (@9999emails) reported

    @Halo @HaloSupport The in game lag in MCC H3 Xbox I’m talking about happens every 3 to 5 seconds just from looking around or moving forward or jumping up n down n constantly drops 2-8 frames every 5 secs it’s not online lag I assure u. its only in H3. b4 the H1 pc update H3 ws ok

  • 9999emails nope (@9999emails) reported

    @Halo @HaloSupport I can’t post on the way point forms anymore OK I don’t know what else to say maybe you’re making H3 run too hard for the old Xboxz its the core gameplay does not feel smooth like it does in other mcc halo games it feels sticky address this an fix it ASAP! nowww

  • 9999emails nope (@9999emails) reported

    @Halo @HaloSupport Look something happened to the framerates in H3 for MCC xbox when I look around and jump up n down frames drop constantly for no reason it’s only in H3 Reach is fine I even tried H3 MCC offline in a custom game n the fps still consistently studders wtf not lag.

  • ThisFireBurns__ Liam (@ThisFireBurns__) reported

    @TrueAchievement Easy fix: achievements should not have to be verified online. Go back to how 360 did it. Missing out on a very difficult achievement because of a millisecond of connection drop is unfair. My friends lost his halo 2 LASO achievement because it wouldn't sync at the end.

  • TheeMadSpartan ☣The Mad Slayer☣ (@TheeMadSpartan) reported

    @rocketwerfer @Halo No problems man!👍

  • MonkeysxMoo35 Stephen (@MonkeysxMoo35) reported

    @VentureJones @SithVenator Oh they don’t forget about it. They just try to justify it with “They’re back by Microsoft!” As if the last several Halo games that had problems didn’t happen. Or Gears 4 & 5

  • potatosinham OXI ;) (@potatosinham) reported

    @MonkeysxMoo35 I don't see BR as an issue whatsoever. I avoid those areas of halo some people stick to the past and others want it some other different way. Those are the loud ones but not the one making the actual game and community. Glad 343 only let's real fans and real testers to build Halo

  • TheGrahamv Braydon (@TheGrahamv) reported

    @ArdentPrayer I dont see the problem with a free to play Halo BR, as long as they arent sacrificing other content like Black Ops 4 did with the campaign I think it could really bring a new fan base to h Halo.

  • monty_anesu The Legend # Monty# (@monty_anesu) reported

    Halo guys im 20 recently married my 70 year old wife. She has the kida. my problem is that her two children are not giving me respect that i deserve as their father. Last night the other one aged 30 refused to give me the remote.

  • dollspiral ATLAS (@dollspiral) reported

    i only eat celery and halo top, please worship me, my sense of self-worth is so broken that I need validation from strangers online to survive even tho it hasn’t helped me to stop destroying my body or actually get better teehee

  • Lila97417940 Lila #flyhighlizzy (Farming 140k diamonds *sobs*) (@Lila97417940) reported

    @Mariaellax well i want to farm 150k diamonds for my dream halo but the teleporting system is so slow that i can't farm and i can't sell my stuff since i'm collector / love my stuff i keep getting stuck on the starting screen and can't even do the login reward, wheel, and fountain :(

  • LazarusR3X Lazaro Cortes (@LazarusR3X) reported

    @ArdentPrayer I think a Halo BR would be fantastic. The problem is whenever 343 hops on a bandwagon, they go hard and try to replicate other games formulas. Just like they did with H4 MP. They need to craft a formula that works with Halo.

  • SnakeBiteFPS Paul Duarte (@SnakeBiteFPS) reported

    It’s 2021 You just vacationed for the third month in a row because staying in your home for more than a week feels like quarantine You have both seen AND played Halo Infinite. Aim assist isn’t broken on PC The esport road map has already been released Life is good.

  • spartan90511 spartan9051 (@spartan90511) reported

    @404Streak @Mudkip454 According to information 343 weren’t allowed to fix half bugs on mcc until 2017 after halo 5 dlc content was all done. If I remember correctly was interview with 343 worker in 2014 apologizung because told had to work on halo 5 instead of finishing mcc

  • SabinaBaniya1 Sabina Baniya (@SabinaBaniya1) reported

    @a1acarte well, good handwriting does not create a Halo effect, it makes easier to spot the errors without trouble to eyes.😂😋

  • bbvlla death (@bbvlla) reported

    @RosieMoonie I have the same problem I can’t seem to find anyone wanting to trade and then say that they want 5 halos for it! And it’s my favorite halo as well :(

  • INightcoreyt Royale high (@INightcoreyt) reported

    @nightbarbie ❌READ IMPORTANT❌ me and my friend traded some stuff in Royale high including the 2018 winter halo. After we traded it it got lost, none of us got it. Please help me/us fix this problem. I hope you see my message.

  • Kenney_Mboya Kenney Mboya, PhD (@Kenney_Mboya) reported

    @KenyaPower_Care Halo KPL muliamua aje na iyo stima yenyu. Tusahau milele yani it takes more than 5 days to fix power issues. Anyway I'll never remind you again it's a waste of time. Mufanye vile munataka cc @ketercharles @KenyaPower

  • Tim_Sliwa The Real Tim Shady 🇺🇲 (@Tim_Sliwa) reported

    @MendingMercy @ArdentPrayer No the problem is trying to be like other games and failing at it. Just like when they made the 1st jetpack for halo, or added sprint. They did it to compete with cod and failed at it.

  • namtox Dave (@namtox) reported

    Microsoft has already come out and said Halo Infinite, easily their huge marquee launch title is cross gen. After a while nobody seems to care. Breathe of the Wild, was also a cross gen launch title, yet again that part of it wasn’t really a problem for the genera public.

  • Yuuto10000990 RH Halo Log (@Yuuto10000990) reported

    @RosieMoonie @ChrispyC_ To be fair, while every one is expensive some will be more than others, however i agree with what you said in the photos bc the issue in specifics was people taking advantage of peoples extreme want for the halo to get something for themselves

  • EdPeterG EdPeter (@EdPeterG) reported

    @ArdentPrayer My problem with that is, that it's out moded. Halo's player base on PC dropped because it's not an up to date offering. I think infinite almost needs one to have a chance in hell where multiplayer is concerned

  • Ninja_with_no_L Ninja with no L (@Ninja_with_no_L) reported

    @LsJerre @moistpeaches_ @saywallahbruhh Idk, but even if the tech is 100 percent sound... it doesn’t matter if the player cant perceive who dealt damage first. Same issue back in halo 3 iirc when it came to awarding one player the win in an AR spray + melee fight. Players won’t believe it based on their perspective

  • XxXPastelXxX ☁︎︎Yandere_Pastel☁︎︎ (@XxXPastelXxX) reported

    @Nightbarbie Can you help me i got scammed for my winter halo 2019 and 15k,miss lady rose,and easter accs bc of some kind oof glitch that make you items invisible on trades i rlly want my items back im crying now.

  • OtherMM M&M (@OtherMM) reported

    -Dante from Devil May Cry -Rayman from Rayman -Crash from Crash Bandicoot -Master Chief from Halo -Scorpion from Mortal Kombat -Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden -Doomslayer from Doom -Shadow the Hedgehog from Sonic

  • AvaAlfonso Ava (@AvaAlfonso) reported

    I see some people saying they haven’t been wearing make up during quarantine & their skin isn’t doing well. Mine was ok just some lil problem areas but then I remembered I had Halo Beauty vitamins and after taking them for 3 days my skin is glowing. They work so well for me.

  • __booger discoticbooger (@__booger) reported

    @FirstMediaCares halo gengs wifi sy mati dan tv gajelas on and off i need y’all to fix this shit

  • Zodiboii Zodiac (@Zodiboii) reported

    @Halo fix mcc u ******* retards

  • LateNightHalo LateNightGaming-Taras🙂 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @masters1337 @ArdentPrayer I’m in the same boat. My only concern is 343’s ability to deliver on top of the current Pandemic :/ H5 had issues with misaligned prioritization which led to the smallest halo game at launch since H2. Lord knows how small Infinite would be if BR was a focus.

  • GamingUnderFire Former Gaming Podcast (@GamingUnderFire) reported

    @DaddyTrax Halo should focus more on what made it great. The things that it did well that they got away from. Halo stopped being unique and became like every other shooter. Adding a BR would just continue that trend. I wouldn’t NOT play it, but don’t think it’s the fix the series needs.

  • RicardoLaBestia Ricardo Garcia 🐯 (@RicardoLaBestia) reported

    @IbaiLlanos Halo Spyro Crash Call of Duty

  • defaultxr modula t. 🪱 (@defaultxr) reported

    your halo is covered in soiled cloth. you will pay for your crimes of a past life. crash & burn, as your flames reach the sky

  • Kromski1 Polak i Kanadol 🇨🇦 🇵🇱 (@Kromski1) reported

    @tequilasheila10 @Lumberist @jeannetix Ive never got into halo, even when i had the Xbox360, had the red ring issue and end up getting a ps3 after that. Now ps4

  • Flynnbot1983 flynnbot1983 (@Flynnbot1983) reported

    @DanaliMusik @AMANOFGOD95 in 2017 this was a valid argument and even then it was flawed, Xbox has good games their problem has been they don't nurture IP not names Halo/gears/forza that "looks" to have been addressed so I don't know how long this will be a valid argument

  • KingXMiller Miller (@KingXMiller) reported

    @LiquidTitan Last time I check every console has this launch problem, the series x if its backwards compatibility be strong day one will be excellent because Halo gonna get old really quick

  • toloverugoat toloverugoat (@toloverugoat) reported

    Halo MCC gun sounds didn’t turn out very well in the PC port. Need that fix ASAP

  • EgNiight juju (@EgNiight) reported

    @Halo Can you guys fix the loot system on halo5😂😂😂 Literally the worst i’ve ever seen

  • ADKIc3mAnX Luis Gonzalez (@ADKIc3mAnX) reported

    @JoeGoodberry @Xbox @Halo @XboxP3 @ske7ch @XboxSupport @Microsoft Yes, I am. The problem isn’t an electrical problem though (I’m an electrician). The problem only occurs when there’s a lot of action in Halo CE. I’ve tried to recreate this in Halo Reach, 2, 2A, 3 and 4 but nothing happens. I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled too.

  • Breezy_Potter 999Breezy (@Breezy_Potter) reported

    @Ninja You used to be a halo pro though So this ain’t saying much. I agree for many scenarios aim assist can be broken but the fact pros are getting discredited of there skill because of using a controller is pretty wack.

  • Spargsy Ben Spargo 🍕 (@Spargsy) reported

    @HaloRespawn @drdisrespect @Halo I’m not much of a BR fan but part of me would like to see Halo try it. Only issues being I don’t want time being sucked into that so the rest of the game suffers. I’d rather have a full game than a BR with tacked on modes