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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • ▪ Matchmaking (90.00%)
  • ▪ Online Play (10.00%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Beech Creek, Pennsylvania  ▪ Folsom, Pennsylvania  ▪ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma  ▪ Springfield, Illinois  ▪ Barcelona, Catalunya  ▪ Toulouse, Occitanie  ▪ Tulsa, Oklahoma  ▪ Vancourt, Texas  ▪ Vancouver, Washington  ▪ Walkersville, Maryland  ▪ West Palm Beach, Florida

Halo Live Outage Map
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Folsom, Pennsylvania
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Springfield, Illinois
  • Barcelona, Catalunya
  • Toulouse, Occitanie
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Vancourt, Texas
  • Vancouver, Washington
  • Walkersville, Maryland
  • West Palm Beach, Florida
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  • zeosnip
    D Letourneau (@zeosnip) reported

    @SkySportsF1 Paint the Halo instead of the helmet, problem solved

  • MarcoMaxFan
    Marco L (@MarcoMaxFan) reported

    @Formule1 @fia Mrs Todt, Slowly, I think you ar to blame for the problems with the Halo. Everyone thinks the Cars look schit. I thank you for totally destroying @F1 #f12018

  • epsilon_2012
    Epsilon (@epsilon_2012) reported

    @Motorsport @adamcooperF1 Get rid of the halo. Problem solved.

  • Seanluka
    Goop Mane (@Seanluka) reported

    Y'all won't screenshot your halo 3 service records

  • GeorgeMonk17
    George Monk (@GeorgeMonk17) reported

    @astevo99 @_MarkGunn_ @ArsenalReport @TeedeeNK @SkySportsF1 The halo is designed to be strong enough to withstand that impact without it breaking. Unfortunately, the halo doesn’t stop debris hitting drivers, like massas crash

  • astevo99
    astevo1989 (@astevo99) reported

    @_MarkGunn_ @ArsenalReport @TeedeeNK @SkySportsF1 Sure the halo would of had a negative impact on that crash! Could of damn near decapitated him with the halo in that situation!

  • jackbyrne77
    Jack Byrne (@jackbyrne77) reported

    @autosport @latimages Please I’m still trying to get used to the halo as Alonso has told me I would (it’s not working @alo_oficial), without having to worry about this!! #nohalo

  • HusX2
    Huseyin (@HusX2) reported

    @adamcooperF1 The halo had created so many unnecessary issues. Impairs vision, car weighs more than a bus, loses the perception of fear that is central to fast racing and above all it is ugly. Moto GP drivers have nothing but a couple of layers of protective clothing...

  • DisasterpieceTV
    Ace | Disasterpiece (@DisasterpieceTV) reported

    @FortniteGame is now officially just as broken on xbox as Halo MCC is

  • HannahFloody
    Hannah Floody (@HannahFloody) reported

    The problem with halo top ice cream is that because the entire pint is only 280 calories I feel I must consume the entire thing

  • Billy_Cage
    ZippingRocks! (@Billy_Cage) reported

    @LFTFJdog It's a shadow of what it used to be, but I suppose I envy you since you never saw an issue with where Halo was going. To me, it all started since H4.

  • TheRealDefiled
    You-Know-Who (@TheRealDefiled) reported

    literally on halo all day everyday and no one invites me smh. so whats the problems here? spit it out

  • SirProvidence
    Teiler (@SirProvidence) reported

    Soo I have a sad problem . :c My brother traded me a white halo while searching for a match; it started as the trade finished. After the match we checked both our inventories and neither of us had it... Is there a fix to this [email protected]_Support

  • BrownSound29
    Joshua Alfred (@BrownSound29) reported

    @Halo @ske7ch @GrimBrotherOne I'm seeing an issue where I can't get a match on the HaloWC playlists for whatever reason. (The others are working just fine)

  • skylarwill32
    skylar williams (@skylarwill32) reported

    broken halo’s that used to shine

  • ThatGuyDemi
    DemiGodReviews (@ThatGuyDemi) reported

    @iChargeBanshees Even Halo 5 and Gears 4 launched with no issues.

  • undead3xvi
    Undead 3XVI 🇨🇦 (@undead3xvi) reported

    @iChargeBanshees Gears 4, Halo 5 those are even Microsoft games that launched with very little issues. lol

  • MarianeYvonne
    Ma'at (@MarianeYvonne) reported

    @JenLuvsReviews Tati's ceramide study "clinically proving" this "magic" for "everyone" was done on people with "dry to very dry skin".. LOTS of room for improvement. STRETCH that to "everyone under the halo". One problem among a TON, many much worse. No return, no liablity.

  • Luke_TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable (@Luke_TheNotable) reported

    @Halo Please don't try to fix Halo 5's story with a novel.

  • MarcoMaxFan
    Marco L (@MarcoMaxFan) reported

    @DavidKalfa @fia @JeanTodt @RFIsports @F1 @FIAFormulaE @dakar @ONU_fr @JeanTodt you, the @fia, and #libertymedia are the ones hurting @f1 by not listening to the fans, and having horrible regulations in consequence. @fia Mrs Todt, Slowly, I think you ar to blame for the problems with the Halo. I thank you for totally destroying @F1

  • Krustylicious
    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 🏁🏎🏍🚗⚽🏉🎾🎧 (@Krustylicious) reported

    @GrantHarvey10 @f1broadcasting @F1 halo isn't an issue.. Dodgy typefaces used for timing is more or less painful to read

  • bencommentator
    Ben Evans (@bencommentator) reported

    The outrage on Twitter today about F1 music, tv graphics, on demand service etc - personally more worried that cars ugly, regs mean I'd win if I was in a Mercedes & halo detracts from essence of single seater racing

  • OverTheBill1
    OverTheBill (@OverTheBill1) reported

    @Hands0meDrag0n @MulehornGaming @PlutonForEver @Halo I know a guy @_KennyD21 that like pro level at anything he touches...he touches PUBG a lot...I may re buy if they keep making it run better. I saw frame issues and clipping in PUBG but holy deal fortnite lag teleporters are way worse ask @ClintKubala lol he loves em!

    backwoods (@BACKW00DSxLEGIT) reported

    @SkyforgePS4 pleass fix the new event i got the new halo and when i clicked on it it disapeared i cannot equip it at all it doesnt show up [email protected]

    backwoods (@BACKW00DSxLEGIT) reported

    pleass fix the new event i got the new halo and when i clicked on it it disapeared i canot equip it at all it doesnt show up [email protected]

  • DrunkenHalo
    Drunken Halo Podcast (@DrunkenHalo) reported

    @BadHaloShow @Matawann @PodcastEvolved @Halo @GrimBrotherOne We took full advantage of the target locator glitch over at Drunken Halo

  • XanaxLord
    FrOsTy (@XanaxLord) reported

    @NGloer @SippinTech Dabs bitchass still plays halo mcc like its 2013 and hangs out in “hacker” parties with a bunch of kids ready to ddos u cuz ur not paying for their bots

  • DRG_2Boss
    Dad (@DRG_2Boss) reported

    @Gamecheat13 @HaruspexOfHell @toa_freak @LorTarkam @HiddenXperia @GrimBrotherOne @ValeIRL Knowing there was a few weeks between Halo 2 and 3, I’m a bit more accepting of “how did X get over to Y by the start of H3.” I feel like those are nitpicky problems and not really plot holes. All the issues with the flood you/Ian pointed out are pretty big issues though.

  • RobMccloud1
    Robertmccloud1🇺🇸 (@RobMccloud1) reported

    @wlcmdistraction @Pokezard I do not know the guy, I just have a problem with saying it is just another halo or gears which by the way it is not.

  • LorTarkam
    Brendan “Lorhardt” Lowry (@LorTarkam) reported

    @Gamecheat13 @HiddenXperia @GrimBrotherOne @toa_freak @HaruspexOfHell @ValeIRL That’s a poor excuse for shit AI. Halo 2’s Brutes having a broken berserk mechanic doesn’t excuse the fact they became trash tier in the next game. Plus, Halo 2 Brutes were easily countered by 2-3 headshots no matter the difficulty lol.

  • Eltra_Phoenix
    Eltra (@Eltra_Phoenix) reported

    @Aikable_ I got my 360 around 2012 (Halo 4 and Ghost Era) so I definitely didn’t play it during the ‘good times’ but a few months ago I tried to play it and I just couldn’t. Maybe I was use to the One’s controller or something but it was broken, the Tubes were op and constant BS.

  • brburstshot
    Richard Ortega (@brburstshot) reported

    @Elumnite yeah thats when it all went downhill from there sadly. wish 343 would give in and remake halo 3 minus the fails of connection issues etc from mcc

  • JenLuvsReviews
    Jen Luv (@JenLuvsReviews) reported

    I'm starting to get comments on my Halo video something like, "I know you're just going to delete this and block me." No, gurl. I'm not. If you call me a fat pig, I'm going to delete and block you. I have NO problem with people disagreeing with me. I've had it happen to me.../1

  • DeuceyBadAzz
    Jhonny Bravo 😎 (@DeuceyBadAzz) reported

    @WayTooLoose @DaOBeeZY @thade22 Mainly had this problem on Call of duty. Halo wasn’t half as bad imo

  • Flippncute
    Shannon (@Flippncute) reported

    Your halo's slippin...might want to fix that.

  • PeteHaughie
    Pete Haughie (@PeteHaughie) reported

    @AdrianChen @irwin I think my 700 year old mother might have a bit of an issue trying to call me in the middle of a Halo 5 firefight what with all the swearing.

  • _amyymarie
    amy lacascia. (@_amyymarie) reported

    I’ve got a broken halo that used to shine

  • WouterN16
    Wouter Nagel (@WouterN16) reported

    @Jamesallenonf1 Exactly this is my biggest "problem" with #halo. Drivers lose their "identity" and are very difficult to recognise (apart from their starting numbers). This is open wheel racing. Fans wish to see the helmets of the drivers!

  • zoomosis
    ozzmosis (@zoomosis) reported

    @ChrissieM Yeah. I'm not keen on the design and am still hoping they'll look to using an Indycar-style windscreen in future instead. I'm curious if the halo will cause any crashes due to visibility problems, especially in the wet.

  • Jonwolf81
    Jon_uk_81 (@Jonwolf81) reported

    @glum_bucket People wanting the state to solve a problem created by the state. An unearned Halo surrounds many people who can't be criticised as that is now called "Victim blaming."

  • Eric_McF
    Eric McFarlane (@Eric_McF) reported

    A massive detonation shook the earth and he fell back, momentarily deafened. He pulled himself up to see a halo of orange fire outlining the house then the crash of falling debris as bricks and roof tiles rained down on those below. #1linewed #amwriting

  • pizzadinosaur
    Pizza Dinosaur ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 (@pizzadinosaur) reported

    @Jed05 Don’t worry, Halo 6 will fix everything in 2022

  • ValksyLG
    Valksy (@ValksyLG) reported

    Would not normally buy in since pricey AF for what it is but…finally get round to asking question - Is “Halo Top” ice cream as problem? (ie does it have things in it unacceptable to get away with extremely low kcal/fat content). Answer seems…nope, s’fine.

  • DanyxAC
    ToryLanezVEVO (@DanyxAC) reported

    @technohexen i haven't played the game enough to know precisely what improvements would honestly make it great, but i know for a fact that there are issues with some level design. also, from what i could tell, multiplayer basically played like a worse halo

  • technohexen
    riley!!! (@technohexen) reported

    @DanyxAC i played a lot of halo in middle school, then graduated to tf2 in high school i tried playing destiny 2, but there’s so many problems i have with how they do their content

  • DefunctGames
    Defunct Games (@DefunctGames) reported

    @bradgallaway And will the next Halo follow suit with Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 and be on that service at launch? I'm guessing not. It's an interesting gamble, but I'm dubious it will work. MS is in a weird spot right now.

  • _kimsera
    saraellyssa (@_kimsera) reported

    why in the world am i still trying to pick out faults and weaknesses halo there are bigger problems out there, use ur brain!!!

  • TaylorRaven23
    Tay ➳ (@TaylorRaven23) reported

    Her wings are broken, and she never prays, and that old halo on her head has seen better days 🎶

  • Krautty_Jr
    John Hyrum Kraut (@Krautty_Jr) reported

    @SeaOfThieves The only other game I ever got this excited for was Halo 3 and 4. Neither had this issue at launch. What can we do as a community to help the process move faster?

  • MotorCityVicki
    - V. (@MotorCityVicki) reported

    @Loveeyourchaoss @GlamLifeGuru Halo, though -- zero issues. Tati says that one of the directions she gave her team was to come up with something that is easy on the stomach, and my personal stomach thinks they nailed it! YMMV, but I could not be happier.

  • RobotNinja110
    Spencer Fraser (@RobotNinja110) reported

    @SeaOfThieves i see on here multiple people saying bigger titles dont have this issue and that it should all be resolved during alpha and beta stress tests well lets list some BIG titles that had server issues upon release day shall we? COD WWII overwatch fortnite friday the 13th halo 4 and 5

  • pdfbt40
    Martin Elliott (@pdfbt40) reported

    @NeashamKris @ESPNF1 @JennieGow @NorthHertsSam The thing is, FIA actually made sensible changes following the Bianchi crash. Reduce the RISK level by enforcing the rules about speed in bad conditions & YF + VSC. But because its not a physical item (HALO IS inadequate for +100g) no fuss/explanation was made.

  • MartinStrumpfer
    Martin Strümpfer (@MartinStrumpfer) reported

    @ScarbsTech @jameswharton @TheBishF1 That is where we should be heading @JeanTodt and @fia ! Be true men/women and apologise for your mistakes and fix the #F1 #Halo. And put @ScarbsTech in charge of laying down the rules!

  • Krustylicious
    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 🏁🏎🏍🚗⚽🏉🎾🎧 (@Krustylicious) reported

    @RobLMyers the halo as much as its ugly in gen1, i have no issue with. I don't want to see another Henry surties (spelling - long day) again . but yeah the logo and tune is just generic corporate crap

  • KmartShoppers
    Mo B (@KmartShoppers) reported

    @Troxipy I love halo but it always takes 343 too long to fix things. 3years later nobody cares anymore

  • BinaryVixen899
    [One Heckin' Cute Vixen] ACL (@BinaryVixen899) reported

    Halo 5 was like, a really good game in theory but turned out to be a problem riddled mess when it actually was released and I’m still flabbergasted as to why exactly.

  • Starrapter
    Starrapter (@Starrapter) reported

    @Hogan51632 Halo 4's was a highlight for me. My main problem was the lack of Master Chief and too much Locke.

  • autisticartyom1
    Artyom (@autisticartyom1) reported

    Halo 2's campaign has pacing issues, the level design is linear as hell, hard as balls on legendary, and a shit load of glitches. Halo 3's multiplayer maps were vanilla compared to Halo 2's maps, besides a few of them, and the campaign could've been longer.

  • Robvolver
    Robert E Bishop (@Robvolver) reported

    @Moses_FPS I've lowkey always had this problem, just always supported them cuz they supported Halo. :\

  • JerBeep
    JerBeep (@JerBeep) reported

    @atPeteDodd "5 hours of content" isnt an issue. Halo 1 has 5 hours of content and I've completed that game a few dozen times. If it's fun you keep playing. This game doesn't look fun.