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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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September 24: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 07:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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▪ Chesterfield, England  ▪ Portland, Oregon  ▪ Vitacura, Región Metropolitana

Halo Live Outage Map
  • Chesterfield, England
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Vitacura, Región Metropolitana
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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Rob (@WizKayy) reported

    @He1NsKe @JerKy26 @Parasite @SupAustyn Did the titan shield die? Shits literally so broken. Halo has triple the skill gap atleast just because all of the stupid shit

  • Westyy (@Westyy_en) reported

    @HillF1 More difficult for sure, this is one of the many I'm against the halo. In my opinion, it's going to cause more issues then it will solve.

  • Politically Gay (@TotalSratLez) reported

    Srsly cryin and the only thing that can fix it is halo top ice cream sos

  • Stephen Groves (@MonkeysxMoo) reported

    @TheEld2 The image in the cutscene and what we do see of High Charity in Halo 3 implies a majority of the crash remained above ground

  • Taylor Hill (@CliffDiverBOA) reported

    @LateNightHalo I actually like the art style of 343's Halo. Just everything else is a problem for me. Not so much in 4 but 5 is awful.

  • American Patriot (@skipper95_v) reported

    @HaruspexOfHell @MetalHedSpartan @BelgianBoolean I want to have hope for Halo, not see it go the way of medal of honor or crash bandicoot.

  • karla🌹 (@squishy_uwu) reported

    Dork is my service tag on every halo Except like.. 3 and CE

  • nathanial geographic (@nathanialjg) reported from Portland, Oregon

    @GaryBuh Everything comes out for everything is the problem - it looks like destiny is on both? Halo is a draw, but I hear they haven’t been as good?

  • A Yung TriHard (@Aquillifer) reported

    @LateNightHalo Personally for me I like looking at concept are pieces and the halo reach screen got my fix on that, halo 1 and 2 I liked the menu in center

  • Ball Nation IND (@True_Baller_01) reported

    @Xbox @Halo @WatchMixer I was on Xbox one and Cortana came on and made me lag on 2k and we blew a lead cause my lag. Can I get my W back?

  • Benjamin Satrasook (@BjSatrasook) reported

    @Xbox @Halo @WatchMixer is it just me and my friends xbox ones not working? wtf is this

  • Team PreGame (@PreGameLobby) reported

    @Microsoft @XboxSupport @xboxlivenation @Xbox We really appreciate you guys making halo 3 Backwards compatible. But the lag is Terrible!!

  • ZSZ (@zatussy) reported

    Knowledge from p'sonal experience/ common sense(5 error) Overgeneralize Premature closure Halo effect Selective observation False consensus

  • NotError (@Error_Code___) reported

    @TheHALOMemes Halo 2 was broken trash great story but halo 3 was a upgrade in every way

  • John Williams (@TYPOGRAPH1C) reported

    @OpTic_Alpaca @DavidSsandman Well there’s your problem right there. You’ve been playing Halo 4.

  • James Betts (@Noble0286) reported

    @HiddenXperia I'm not the only one who is having problems. Halo 4 was dropping to like 9 fps, and felt like a constant 300 ping Sluggish af

  • Icey (@icey76) reported

    @HiddenXperia @LorTarkam @EDWSnip3down I've never really had a problem with Halo 3 MP lag...I just hate that I can't play the bc multiplayer tho. Apparently I "don't have gold"

  • Blood Steve (@skaggs_bradly) reported

    @Halo can you guys fix the problem on hw2 where it's telling me to buy all my leaders again when yet I have the season pass?

  • NeXiuM (@NexiumThaGreat) reported

    My halo 3 mythic disk does absolutely nothing when I pop it in , anyone have this problem ?

  • ⚙ Brandon ⚙ (@GoWMills) reported

    @Zuxhh @XboxSupport Oh then maybe that's why I was lagging every game on halo 4. Literally unplayable last night

  • elektrophoenyy (@elektrophoeny) reported

    @XboxSupport hey i have a problem with my halo 5 forge. After some time i can't see any game. When i open halo5 forge there is a message 1/2

  • Monstercide (@Monster_cide) reported

    @ProximittyCE Tweets like these and players that are Hyping up a old game is the reason why 343 cant and wont fix anything or produce a good halo

  • Fawn Tallontire (@FawnTallontire) reported

    @Jonnyarsenal @boyd_d1 @lbcbreaking @LBC Halo. I know. My point is I stopped using them at night due to bad customer service to myself or should they still have my custom??

  • Delano T. (@aSayberTaylor) reported

    @JWaIkk For those playing halo 3 BC on xbox one to take away "frame lag", just set your xbox one display settings to 720p, not 1080. @Moses_FPS

  • IX ICON XL (@Adrian_Da_Icon) reported

    my halo 3 BC is getting FPS lag ffs. im using the downloaded h3

  • Traumitivity (@Sxbbe) reported

    @Halo There's a glitch with my friends account that he gets rare gear when he makes a new account.And on Halo 3 for some reason I lose armor

  • Robin #believe (@VeNoMzShibe) reported

    @MintBlitz @ske7ch @Unyshek I have the same issue i need to put my halo 3 disk in my xbone 15 min straight to let it work.

  • FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • DCMusicCRO (@DCMusicCRO) reported

    @jack_beem Halo Houston we have a problem

  • Kharisma Caesar (@KharismaCaesar) reported

    @DanCommunityID Halo sir/madam. I was just doing online selection of danone mt star and have a problem in doing the online test (1)

  • Tarzan (@MLGTarzan) reported

    halo 3 is so fun i just wish it didnt lag

  • Callum | Havrk (@Hxvrk) reported

    Halo 3 came out on September 25, 2007 and currently has more players Online than Halo 5... Are you seeing an issue here 343i !?

  • Josh Menke (@joshua_menke) reported

    @OnlyRelative @Tashi343i @Halo Not seeing anything on my end. Any other general ISP issues?

  • Donald Kight (@DWKight) reported

    @XboxSupport Is the Marketplace issue the reason for me not being able to install my Halo CE Anniversary disc?

  • DAVID🤘 (@MetalHedSpartan) reported

    @WillNorbvry @Dee2theBo @Halo Damn well it worked for me... sorry to hear that I hope they fix it :/

  • TheCrazyGuy (@AzureGamingHD) reported

    @Maccusha @JamieMoranUK @JezCorden Gameplay wasnt a problem with Halo 5, it was the story. all they need is a good story, one that focusing on MC and not the other spartans.

  • Hunter Schline (@BxbyJ_) reported

    [email protected] Y'all are killing Halo. Instead of focusing on weapon tuning when we have good setting, fix the servers so I can actually play.

  • Daniel R Evans (@OnlyRelative) reported

    @Halo @Tashi343i Second day matchmaking seems broken in lobby and search....

  • Skyjockey (@skyjockey2011) reported

    let me open halo wars 2 god dammit. It keeps giving me errors.

  • Snipercat (@SnipercatTV) reported

    So far the only Halo game that has empty server is Halo 1 unfortunately, but the other Halo's, you should fine a game no problem! :D

  • blayne babik (@Dee2theBo) reported

    @WillNorbvry @Halo Same shit happened to me. Hope they fix it...

  • Cesar Alvarez (@CesarAlvarezHD) reported

    @Halo @Xbox Good thing cuz TMCC is shit and you won't fix it!

  • Will Norbury (@WillNorbvry) reported

    @Halo DLC don’t work, fix it.

  • Chandler Walrath (@HCS_Takedown) reported

    @KtmSimba @TireIron_ @iJust_Improve @MrcoLeK @JR2__ @jaxxJS @Conerd_ @Eli_X_Elite @HCS @HCSHUB @Halo @343iCommunity You honestly believe I'm not gonna read you calling me out like I'm the problem and not expose you? Please Learn.

  • Thieves (@Thievos) reported

    @AnonFriction @ChiefCanuck @Halo Clear the cache. Should fix it instantly.

  • Vorked | Brandon (@Vorked) reported

    @AnonFriction @ChiefCanuck @Halo You may also have to power cycle. I know Xbox has had cache issues, before.

  • Meghan Capps (@Meghan_Capps) reported

    I have 5 pints of halo top in my freezer. Would say I have a problem but ice cream is never a problem

  • Legundo | Michael Ⓜ (@Legundo) reported

    @ChiefCanuck @Halo Try the Mythic disk, no problems here.

  • F/A Kourages (@Kourages) reported

    @JuicyCV Problem is that 343i is trying so hard to make the future halos there own game that they forgot what made halo essentially halp!

  • The Woolly One 🐑 (@SheepScientist) reported

    @NineLeavez 343's main problem is delivering products of inconsistent quality and neglecting a lot of the things that made classic Halo great.

  • Cheyenne Koepke (@cheyennekupcake) reported

    her halo is broken, but there's fight in her eyes

  • Mister Jones (@MisterFS_) reported

    How does Halo 3 run worse on the Xbox One than the original 360? Between the lag and modders I have yet to play one good match, @Halo @Xbox.

  • KFC Crispy OG (@OGPatriick) reported

    I returned to Halo 4 only to see "My Lag Is Bad" snipe "Prince Noctis372"

  • Blueinfinite3310 (@BluCalvin) reported

    @Fatality_S2 @Halo Yeah I had that problem but it fixed it self. But I can't download custom maps from people's file share.

  • Mahmood2Clutch (@Noel_Kreiss_) reported

    @EsportsKnighty @TuckerTheTankCE @FazeL_2 @Cornbread_XBL @MrcoLeK Don't get how people are complaining. If you played halo 4 thru halo 5, you should have no issue playing 3. Better maps, weapons, etc

  • Yellow Snow (@YelloeSnoe) reported

    @Shadiente @470reb @TUBULARFOOL @MartGB_ @Halo @Xbox But even when I did touch it I didn't get the problems you listed.

  • VladTheImpala (@thelordofdarkn3) reported

    @Xbox you see the problem with making the halo dlc free is that you need a credit card. Why need one of those when it's free?

  • McLem0nBac0n (@McLem0nBac0n) reported

    @Skitelz @Xbox Nah, the problem is that they poorly executed it. They pushed out Halo 5 bfore they could finish. The game had potential, but ruined it.

  • Leo (@LeonineGamer) reported

    @DeRsKeezY I was trying to use the File Share to move content for @Halo 3, and could upload but not download. Any hope for a fix?

  • COYBIG 🍀 (@iTzBlainee) reported

    @Halo @Xbox Downloaded all map packs for h3 but when on the game it says I’m missing dlc anyone else having this problem?

  • Blueinfinite3310 (@BluCalvin) reported

    Is anyone having problems downloading maps on Halo 3 on Xbox One? @Halo

  • shirley kuan (@shirley_kuan) reported

    @lte_me Halo my cousin's fibre internet router has a problem. Once the yellow cable is touched, the internet light goes off.

  • Lilac (@ChuuniApologist) reported

    So is Halo 3's dlc not working on Xbox One for anyone? I have it all but the game says I'm missing it. Help pls.

  • Sam H (@SamH112358) reported

    @MsportExtra hard to judge the Halo yet. I'd say the dirty air/unable to follow a car issue, it's unlikely we will see a HAM/VET battle the whole season

  • Petrie (@Save_Brendan) reported

    @Halo @Xbox Yeah but what about the MCC, is that just gonna remain a broken mess?

  • Hafiz (@hafizevp) reported

    @TelkomCare Halo useetv saya error. Keterangannya : "There was an error setting the binding on your IPTV STB..." mohon bantuan

  • Adrian (@AdrianFtheHalo) reported

    @timholmesdesign @HooperF1 True, but Force India might even struggle to make the halo for the cars due to financial issues

  • Nick Stewart (@NickStew1212) reported

    @BenjaminDigby Yeah I had problems with halo, when I was 12 and that was the only game my parents let me play. Nearly as good as Minecraft.

  • Ryka | MrEpic (@EPICowns2001) reported

    @Halo @Halo Please, people still play Reach and to be honest it's annoying, constantly lagging and just doesn't feel the same, please remaster.

  • Deus ex Mackina (@jaidatruck) reported

    @spotted_menace I'm struggling to make a Halo/Toe pun work, and frankly I'm just going to push the broken parts at you and let you go nuts with it.

  • Blueinfinite3310 (@BluCalvin) reported

    @Halo @Xbox Am I the only one having problems downloading Halo 3 maps from other gamer's file shares?

  • Chasis (@micmar4rch) reported

    @Xbox Anyone else experiencing lag in Halo 3 matchmaking? Every game I play there's always a huge lag spike.

  • FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Austin (@Yo_Saff) reported


  • Austin (@Yo_Saff) reported

    @XboxQwik having issues with Halo 3 DLC back compatibility, can't seem to manage download in store, "player missing content" in game. Thx

  • Brandon (@bwenzel97) reported

    @Halo I can't even play halo 3 as i have all DLC but most game modes say I'm missing them is anyone else having this issue

  • Payg Bitz (@PimpsDontCry710) reported

    @VinLovesTitties Probably doesn't help that it's an issue to find it searching Halo 3 in store, and issues with accounts all day

  • Monster (@Sxdl_Monster) reported

    Join a game of halo 3 and people are lagging everywhere

  • Jeff Eaton (@CNC_Tethis) reported

    @aegies MCC has a save game glitch in Halo 4 for me. 343 won’t be fixing that anytime soon.

  • Colton (@Colton_Reed_17) reported

    @NaviLlicious I so far haven't had issues with Halo 3 yet, but I remember Halo: Reach being unplayable!