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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • MorseyBaby MorseyBaby (@MorseyBaby) reported

    @JediRyan_ @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @Xbox @XboxSupport Then the problem is game server to achievements server communication... sadly with Halo Wars 2 the only fix was wait until things were a little quieter and replay until the missing missions registered

  • MerrowMan1 The Merrow Man (@MerrowMan1) reported

    @LawngNose @VBladeRBLX @survivetheark lol it looks more like halo with each dlc. There are thousands of dinosaurs they haven't added. I wish instead of focusing on new content they balanced the current ones. or fix some major issues like dinos being able to mesh (against the rules for players though lol)

  • Civilwarfare101 Inderdip Lohtia (@Civilwarfare101) reported

    If a Youtube reply isn't written by an uploader I actively watch or by this one guy I have been actively talking to these past few months, then chances are the reply I get is going to be some REALLY stupid shit. I feel like quoting Cortana in Halo 2 when the crash land on the

  • vRinigade Binz (@vRinigade) reported

    Boy with the broken halo

  • Hector_Hellious Logan Holt (@Hector_Hellious) reported

    @ForHonorGame why is it I am still getting kicked from games and more frequently after 3 years. Fix your damn servers and shitty game. If I have to pay $60 for a game i expect it not to be a broken hunk of shit. I never had sever issues like this playing CoD or Halo

  • DinoSixOne Dino (@DinoSixOne) reported

    @BBCSport Any chance of a Jim’ll Fix it Badge from the moralistic halo wearing BBC 😤

  • FinalNecessity NicmeisteR 🧶 (@FinalNecessity) reported

    @Lootz117 @MHercie No problem man, when she first tagged me I thought she meant that you are also a South African Halo player that's why I asked at first but she might have just meant that you're another Halo player. No clue if that makes sense sorry for the confusion

  • Ishto_Sukule Ishto Sukule | Robert (@Ishto_Sukule) reported

    @XboxSupport How bout you fix that and maybe fix Xbox in general so I can finish a map on Halo 5 for my subs. Been waiting to finish this project for an hour now.

  • Elevation_420 Erik Diaz (@Elevation_420) reported

    @bulletkenny @XboxSupport @Halo But I can play Fortnite right now no problem

  • Elevation_420 Erik Diaz (@Elevation_420) reported from Santa Clara, Texas

    @XboxSupport why is @Halo 5 not working in multiplayer. Loads and right before game starts some kind of error

  • panddie1 panddie (@panddie1) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS crash!! wanna see how goofy he'd make for a fight!

  • Sherome_ Sherome Allen-Wells (@Sherome_) reported

    @PressStartKofi Halo MCC has not been broken for 5 years.

  • FrailPaleStaleM FrailPaleStaleMale (@FrailPaleStaleM) reported

    @umbryte @dykealectics Well that exactly it. If they had a choice id be one of the last people theyd help due to halo effects. I don't have an issue with healthcare. I only end up there for alcohol poisoning. Its the fact that people generally don't care about ugly people. In any sense hence loneliness

  • Nick_Marseil 🔸️ Nick Marseil 🔸️ (@Nick_Marseil) reported

    @LordAddictILP MS has two issues with Halo: 1 - That campaign better be fire, above and beyond Halo 5. 2 - Even if it's phenomenal MS has been trash advertising their games. Look at Gears 5.

  • SelkentYT Saad (Selkent) (@SelkentYT) reported

    @c2c_Rail Completely agreeable loosing a few hours of ticket service at stations which can't even sell two tickets at peak time for 3 extra days of Halo team security and a £10 mil investment in ticketing.

  • therealbroshif broshif_ (@therealbroshif) reported

    @OltionZoto1 @XboxSupport @Halo Did everything. Just waiting for the next 24 hours to see if enough info was provided one problem I think may prevent it. Is my payment history my bank has sent me 2 new debit cards to use and neither of those were updated to my Xbox live account

  • Omnipotent_Aim Omnipotent Aim (@Omnipotent_Aim) reported

    @BungieHelp after 70000 hours of gameplay accross halo ce until d2 i will not play your games any more. I. Dying from a heat problem and cancer and your players have made fun of me to the point. I have broken bones in both hands and i kept playing. I was the most devoted fan

  • OltionZoto1 M3tal Daz3 (@OltionZoto1) reported

    @therealbroshif @XboxSupport @Halo To access your Xbox Live account, you must know both the email address and password that you use to sign in to your Microsoft account. If you have lost or forgotten your password, you will need to reset it in order to create a new password. Important If you’ve forgotten both /1

  • ItszuBot Itszu Bot (@ItszuBot) reported

    digging through old halo maps for a month while i fix it

  • Gareth_S_CG gareth standfield (@Gareth_S_CG) reported

    @icklenellierose Halo reach did me ***** like this and iv never been able to fix it.

  • ThePiePieper ThePiePieper 💰🦆🎩 (@ThePiePieper) reported

    @garyvan1968 @JezCorden Oh yea, cus Gears, Forza, Halo, Ori, sea, ect ect are so bad. And Gamepass doesnt offer any value, and live isnt the most stable online service. Totally nailed it chief

  • michelleoljema1 michelle oljemark (@michelleoljema1) reported

    @DavidJollyFL As in “Sinister kid running to meet his maker. That’s me the boy with the broken halo “ ..😂

  • AMANOFGOD95 Hezekiah 💪🏾✌🏾🙏🏾✊🏾🏋🏾‍♂️🥩🍕🌮🍔🍟🎮🥙🌯🧀🍖 (@AMANOFGOD95) reported

    @are_strings I just said it was broken. And, look at it now. Of course, there's no reason for that, it should've been great on launch. And waiting years for it to be fixed is ridiculous. But, it's called the halo master chief "collection" they didn't remove features from the consumers.

  • AMANOFGOD95 Hezekiah 💪🏾✌🏾🙏🏾✊🏾🏋🏾‍♂️🥩🍕🌮🍔🍟🎮🥙🌯🧀🍖 (@AMANOFGOD95) reported

    @are_strings @CastSolid @Gilbertbelieve2 @xKINGxWOLFEx In the collection, which is where I thought all the content should be, multiplayer is gone from 2 and 3. Although halo MCC was broken, at least it had all the content.

  • SirHelpMeThe2nd HelpMe | #RemasterThousandYearDoor (@SirHelpMeThe2nd) reported

    @Warden39454086 @joshrockstark @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS No problem.

  • zyndeyqualarrin Zyndeyqualarrin (@zyndeyqualarrin) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @YurianYoshisaur @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash, Geno second

  • DSR_Joker Joker: Killer of Wonder (@DSR_Joker) reported

    @StealthyBanana8 @R_Blackson This is why when I talk about truly balancing a game I talk about Halo 3. H3 had its issues sure, P2P connection for starters. But the BR not being hit-scan and being the weapon the game was based around was a move of pure genius.

  • TsujigiriV vTsujigiri (@TsujigiriV) reported

    @JTrapz3 @se7enXxXx @Matthew53340488 @RealThunder402 If you can’t hit 6 shots in a row then that’s a you problem stay away from halo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 150 health only increased the TTK by 1 bullet on average but if you can’t hit 1 extra bullet then that’s sad buddy 🤣🤣🤣

  • funwithwords2u Courtney🗽 (@funwithwords2u) reported

    @MusicAndTruth @WilsonAdmiral @CryptoCK1 @BigelowSpace 9) If the Bigelow camera is in a box, that can also cause the Halo effect due to the light emitting from LEDs spreading out in a sharp cone shape, thus, reflecting light from the outer edges of the box back into camera. I had this very problem early on not realizing the issue.

  • __T_R_I_X__ Tista (@__T_R_I_X__) reported

    @System3oh3 @automatousbeing @H1_Missingno If u noobs would play halo te u wouldn't have this problem.

  • Common_Curtisy Curtis Granger (@Common_Curtisy) reported

    @Halo odst slayer has SUUUUCHHH broken spawns. Fix that shit please.

  • Omfg4201 Oh my fucking god. (@Omfg4201) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash

  • ADOTSMlTH angela (@ADOTSMlTH) reported from Las Vegas, Nevada

    phantoms rly got a whole new live set and didn't even play broken halo

  • David_The_Wavid Probl-o-matic™️ (@David_The_Wavid) reported

    @Strafe_Rebel Yeah but that’s the same problem Destiny and 343’s Halo had. You don’t put necessary story elements outside the game.

  • ChipPConner Chip Philips Conner 🇺🇸 (@ChipPConner) reported

    @DrShayPhD You probably have no choice except go to a pain management doctor. There is no pain worse than nerve pain. I've had a broken bones from ribs to leg, had babies, had an external fixator (halo) on my leg and NOTHING hurt me like nerve pain! It never lets up. Its a nightmare.

  • CarmenLavrikova Funny Shit Official (@CarmenLavrikova) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • funniest_texts FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • eCockpit89 Ethan Kleinwolterink (@eCockpit89) reported

    @PutCrashInSmash @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS On the bright side, if Crash is the final Fighter Pass DLC, none of this will matter!

  • OversizedSausa1 OversizedSausage (@OversizedSausa1) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashyNews @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash PERIOD

  • cameltoeinspndx Jason Rivera (@cameltoeinspndx) reported

    @72TraThomas It's really an issue of Yards After First Contact. When anyone approaches his halo, he flops to the ground like Vlade Divac.

  • Skully4705 💀y 4705 (@Skully4705) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @TerminalMontage @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash crash crash crash crash crash Crash crash crash crash crash crash Crash crash crash crash crash crash Crash crash crash crash crash crash Crash crash crash crash crash crash

  • SirHelpMeThe2nd HelpMe | #RemasterThousandYearDoor (@SirHelpMeThe2nd) reported

    @LukeDeltarune @WalmartCAGaming @TerminalMontage @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Same here! They’re the two characters that I think would complete the game. Geno for fan-favorite characters and Crash because of the fact that he’s probably the only video game icon that isn’t in smash yet

  • RachelVeer Rae • 信じて 🍕 (@RachelVeer) reported

    Dude what happened to MCC, my Reach disc has been broken for over a month. I miss Halo. I am Starved over here

  • SMAShswitchboi kawaiimood (@SMAShswitchboi) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Im not afraid to say it. Geno would be a waste of a character slot, sora is way more popular and crash is way more iconic. Stop taking drugs and acknowledge the fact that every character listed probs wont be in smash ultimate

  • LukeDeltarune DeltaLuke (@LukeDeltarune) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @TerminalMontage @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Geno > Crash Bandicoot > Sora > Master Chief If either Geno or Crash get announced I'd freak out

  • Grunt4500 🍁GRUNT 4500 🍁 (@Grunt4500) reported

    @ReallyGoodPromo It doesn’t work that way my man. Even 343 has a budget of both resources, money and employees they need to balance. Halo Reach coming to PC is absolutely the main focus on anybody not working on Infinite - and for good reason. It’s not unacceptable - it’s unfortunate.

  • DrNeoPCortex Dr. Neo Cortex (@DrNeoPCortex) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash, but ONLY because I want a chance at a cameo!

  • LoopyLoops8 Loopy 🦆 (@LoopyLoops8) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashyNews @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash

  • MellowYeller Mitchell Vivian (@MellowYeller) reported

    @CLT_Invictus @Halo @Tashi343i @joshua_menke @343Postums @TinyisDank had the same issue. Can't remember how she solved it

  • buckeyehater76 Allen ][V][ (@buckeyehater76) reported from Rockford, Michigan

    @misuperfan @MichaelSpathITH I just hate to think and can’t escape the notion that if our negativity has ever been part of the problem we didn’t do anything to make sure it didn’t continue. If they listen to us to remove a yellow halo then they hear us when get our pitchforks out of the shed.

  • vaultb3nder lmfao (@vaultb3nder) reported

    @EckhartsLadder I genuinely hope Halo Infinite gets as bashed as BF2 if the live service model is gonna be really bad.

  • TranceObsessor Aaron 🍺🏈〽️ (@TranceObsessor) reported from Westlake, Ohio

    @Xbox Any @Halo game on legendary difficulty. Good god those are difficult on legendary. So much trial and error in battles.

  • Maximum_Clutch Alex (@Maximum_Clutch) reported

    @SnakeBiteFPS They've confirmed every Halo game going forward will have a beta to avoid MCC launch issues

  • chhdukvxsuiv jamal (@chhdukvxsuiv) reported

    @Bungie @DattosDestiny Y’all ever gonna fix halo reach or y’all gonna be slobby ******* like ur mother an not do shit about it #shittygamedevelopers

  • nimcreed Nimrodcreed (@nimcreed) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Me: Ok ill pick Crash bandicoot his probably not gonna win since his up against master chief and so... Hole shit 60%.

  • convictedrhoodo 🇽🇰🇦🇱ChitinRhoodio🇵🇹🇭🇺 (@convictedrhoodo) reported

    @nix_lad Thanks for actually making that, considering I'm so sick of these soyt*rds and their fascination with hyping up games that arent even that great and calling them revolutionary when they arent, but imo the only good games on that are halo 2 and the og crash trilogy

  • NoirBrandon BrandonNoir (@NoirBrandon) reported

    @ResolvedMC7 @BeSway_ @Billy_Cage Update H5 with content that should’ve been there since day 1, sequel to a niche game they didn’t make, revert to a traditional art style for infinite, putting a broken game on pc, and revitalizing classic Halo tourneys. Controversy after another people still don’t trust them-

  • Thunderwing2004 Thunderwing (@Thunderwing2004) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS I voted for Crash but I’m surprised that Sora isn’t winning

  • DoorMattSFM DoorMatt (@DoorMattSFM) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @CrashyNews @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS crash.

  • Nenemashu1 Nenemashu (@Nenemashu1) reported

    @WalmartCAGaming @TerminalMontage @CrashBandicoot @Halo @KINGDOMHEARTS Crash 💓