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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • tinchampzon lei (@tinchampzon) reported

    issue nanaman fake fans and real fans jusq hahahsksjsdkdk buti naka halo ako sa fake fans 🤧

  • Honey00916746 thotbot (@Honey00916746) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @GlamLifeGuru @jamescharles This all drama started with tati trying to resolve her personal problems online which she could have easily tried to do in private when James tried to call him or messaged him. Tati you fake. I unsubscribe. This was a way for her HALO beauty to profit from.

  • BaggySpartan117 TheNobleWortMaster (@BaggySpartan117) reported

    @TheArchitect013 If the flood can survive after halo 3 then we've got a huge problem

  • LateNightHalo LateNightGaming 🙂 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @staryoshi06 They way it was pitched to me was “if you have a lighting bug in halo CE, you’d have to go in, fix the issue and then ‘bake’ the level which can take many hours if not days. It’s like re-rendering a video you’re making or having to re-download a game”

  • staryoshi06 staryoshi06 🛡 (@staryoshi06) reported

    @LateNightHalo Yeah, speaking of bug fixing, I remember hearing that fixing bugs would require a rebuild of the entire engine, hence why they haven't fixed various bugs such as the halo 2 dual wielding issue. This PC release will hopefully be a good opportunity to do that though.

  • zulaikha_sz Zulaikha 🌻 (@zulaikha_sz) reported

    Halo error : favourable : no improvement Horns error : negative ratings : demotivated


    @xxfishytomatoxx Those are f2p bro. No one would complain about that. They would just uninstall. No one complained about Halo being unfinished just badly developed and not listening to the community. But infinite as a live service looks to correct that. If don't correctly.

  • Justinnoel99 Noel🇭🇹 (@Justinnoel99) reported

    I’d crash so fast if I got halo in my car

  • Garuda_The_Ace Slayer (@Garuda_The_Ace) reported

    @heyitsashlley I only accept party chat Inv then I Inv u cuz halo is broken

  • verulavickova V. (@verulavickova) reported

    @dorkfaceblog Exactly my issue with the whole sugarbear thing. I could not care less if he promoted halo or sugarbear... the end point he promoted something he hasn’t tried for long enough to see results

  • SpartanTMartin SpartanTM (@SpartanTMartin) reported

    @SenpaiRigel They all look alright to me. Halo CE Magnum and Halo 3 was pretty good. Reach was a miss but with PC we can fix it

  • MikeFathom FathΩm (@MikeFathom) reported from Gahanna, Ohio

    @OmissibleTA @MicrosoftStore @Halo @Halo3Community @MetaMD__ @Never_Scope_In @gglabsofficial @BlackstoneLabs Yeah forsure but they will have your casual hiccup, happens most of the time on construct they always end up with OS or camo on the wrong spawn that was a common issue but my boy @Halo3Community knew the quick fix

  • AustenChaplen FT Warden (@AustenChaplen) reported

    @Xbox For Honor. Wish the devs would fix hitokiri and lawbringer.. His rework was awful. That and I just got onto halo 5. Don't let me down halo infinite!

  • AchicaMaldvey ً (@AchicaMaldvey) reported

    @ESTROMANUM Halo, Oolfie! It’s Achica taking the service, 😻

  • RainbowSquidInk 🦑🎱PROTEK MAH (squid) BAWLLZ!🎱🦑 (@RainbowSquidInk) reported

    -and while she got in the adventures, there was always this halo of protection around here where it felt like if she did get in trouble, there was some angelic thing that happened where she would either find the key to the problem or something. At least I felt that way.

  • BrendanLorLowry Brendan "Lor” Lowry (@BrendanLorLowry) reported

    @haruspis I’m actually quite interested to see, assuming Halo gets modding support, if people can rework Mombasa Streets in order to fix some of its problems of feeling too structured and cookie cutter

  • Fkx920 Fackxx (@Fkx920) reported

    @The_Dan1sh Ill be on Halo 5 and gears 4 today. Only games running decent, still having internet issues. Tech cones out Tuesday

  • gandabherunda Chetan Anantharamu ~ ಚೇತನ್ ಅನಂತರಾಮು (@gandabherunda) reported

    @1SH4N Even she doesn’t , no issues. Halo around HDD clan in Mandya had to be vapourised & she would be doing it spectacularly by winning Mandya

  • SAS_Raptor Mr Raptor (@SAS_Raptor) reported

    @343Postums I firmly believe you need to revert the last 'dodge' ban changes until a fix has been deployed for players being unable to connect prior to a game. No one should be punished for something that is out of their control. Makes us not want to put more time into Halo.

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    @haziqagha My issue is that I don't like Halo or Gears, and they're the only MS properties that seem to get any real investment. Most of Sony's non-open world stuff is solid one-and-done experiences.

  • tutorkag Mylakeon (@tutorkag) reported

    @InfoSecHotSpot MS launch ION Identity Overlay Ntwk Blockchain identity markers + Patch Wednesdayks Child! Halo Silo's - thruput G6 fix!

  • TaylorKopacz 𝓽𝓪𝔂𝓽𝓮𝓻 (@TaylorKopacz) reported

    @itsDaltonJamesM @ScottyTLDR The issues i had with Tati's video: 20 minute Halo plug The timeline of events in her story Not saying what she said is false, but it wasn't spoken as eloquently as James'.

  • GoTaB24 GoTaB (@GoTaB24) reported

    @jackbyrne77 @F1 If you drop the sport only because of the halo, the halo is not the problem. The problem is that you weren’t interested in the sport.

  • menggsu maine (@menggsu) reported

    boy with a broken halo

  • mazudillon Mazudillon (@mazudillon) reported

    @Halo yesterday my halo reach account was set back to recruit when I go into the armory I see my real rank and Spartan. I've tried everything to fix it but nothing seemed to work if you could help me out it would be great thank you

  • mrktjda Tej (@mrktjda) reported

    Boy with a broken halo

  • William29016575 William Pierce (@William29016575) reported

    Also, I peeped your threads and I’ve noticed that this network of vets has a tendency to talk shit about prior service. I’m sorry some of us weren’t HALO’ing into ******* tarawa with a K-bar and a poncho, but even us dump truck drivers did get injuries that ****** our shit up.

  • hasparus Piotr Pietrzak (@hasparus) reported

    @swyx @freeCodeCamp @glitch I used to really like Glitch, but CodeSandbox is just so impressive. It was even before it started using VSCode (the best thing Microsoft did since “Halo: Combat Evolved” :D).

  • Lakeshow_Manni Manni (@Lakeshow_Manni) reported

    @Xbox Halo 2. Mcc is broken when it comes to multiplayer. Wish i could relive the beginning of xbox live

  • ScribeShelly Shelly M. Burrows (@ScribeShelly) reported

    @dbwofficial @tomellis17 @LuciferNetflix @netflix "There's a smudge on your halo, brother. Better let me fix that."

  • StiberLucas Lucas Stiber (@StiberLucas) reported

    @XboxSupport I'm trying to play halo reach right now and I have the disc in my xbox one so I'm signed in before I start playing but since its an xbox 360 game, it let's me pull up the xbox 360 menu to sign in again and connect to xbox live but it's not letting me connect to xbox live even

  • Esko Rob Hultkrantz (@Esko) reported

    Was looking for a new book series to start and just found out that all of the @Halo books seem to be added to @audible_com earlier this year. Looks like my content problem for commutes is solved for the foreseeable future.

  • Brandilio_ Brandon Lesky (@Brandilio_) reported

    @ChrisRGun @GamesNosh The problem with Halo 4 is that it has required reading. It's fine to borrow elements from the books written about the universe, but they shouldn't present all these obscure details like the average Halo fan has any ******* clue what they are.

  • ChrisDAnimation ChrisOfTheDead (@ChrisDAnimation) reported

    @Beard_Grizzly I'd probably have issues like that with Halo 1, 2, 3, Reach and ODST... But I don't because I literally play them all every year.

  • ibejbean James Powers (@ibejbean) reported

    @LukeTheNotable You're out here getting wins like it's nothing. I've been playing since season 3 and haven't broken 50+ wins. Please go back to Halo so I don't feel bad.

  • 271Raptor Raptor-271 (@271Raptor) reported

    However I believe that this would cause a problem with the addition of variants that Halo 5 added. these variants could actually just be reworked to become armor details types like the several I've posts, OR simply change the design of the actual Primary and Secondary colors


    fix all hair treatment that he said, essentially, was bogus. No big deal. Only after Coachella, James uploaded a story to Instagram where he promoted Halo’s rival vitamin, Sugar Bear. Tati responded with a story of her own and stating how disappointed she was. It felt less

  • miss_j3ni Jeniffer Bravo (@miss_j3ni) reported

    @Aldouche_Bag @josuzzle @fofun3 @GlamLifeGuru It would’ve been forgotten. If no one said anything about the sugar bear and halo it would never have been an issue.

  • PrinceBlackCock Greg ☥ (@PrinceBlackCock) reported

    Me trying to fix my Halo 3 disc

  • radicaldreamin_ silveee; (@radicaldreamin_) reported

    i probably won’t ever be able to hear broken halo’s & not completely fall apart thinking about you, G. 💔

  • zoemboswell Zoe✨ (@zoemboswell) reported

    @JAMESorGERALD honestly man, dusted your halo off tonight. Jim’ll fix it 🙌🏼😂

  • chancerubbage chancerubbage (@chancerubbage) reported

    @mixmerik @Lord_Azoth @OKemado @FeanorDLT @sandrawayne99 @roxanasparrow @matias_gleza @VanMaddle1 @Comicsen8mm @JoMeMeCa @lordisasi @Eladioku @Danteneptunia @tdt_podcast @camelloscomics @Donkyjls @Future_Bat @PerroLocoMcFly In this situation there are more design problems than a hero’s facial appearance. That halo, as Starlin had rendered it, was not about to work with the cover logo.

  • lexlemon_ tyrannosaurus lex (@lexlemon_) reported

    i’m pissed I literally just ordered halo beauty. i have trust issues

  • GTagst GT (@GTagst) reported

    @EileanScathach @Joshua_Wareham @TheRealD1g1Tal @Uttrmost_orange @jasonschreier It's really the push for games as a service and post-launch content that hampers development for the next title. 343 was also working on salvaging MCC plus Halo Infinite has a new engine which contributed to their longer dev time on Infinite compared to previous entries

  • SlavDaRussian Slav (@SlavDaRussian) reported

    Literally nothing good out anymore. Every game has either 0 content or shit mechanics with the worst lag you've seen. ****, I miss MW2, and Halo Era where we got finished games.

  • hannah__nicolle hannah 🌺 (@hannah__nicolle) reported

    broken halo that used to shine

  • JohnShortcut Spanish Revenge Machine (@JohnShortcut) reported

    @W3411fV11 somewhat easier to remaster games/adapt them from an older gen to a new one, but doing all that on a Windows environment is crazy shit yo. And that's probs just one of the problems. I can already see keymapping issues with the newest ones (Halo 4/5)

  • UGC_Eric Eric Hicks (@UGC_Eric) reported

    As a tournament admin, this messing with people's internet or whatever people do to "hit someone offline" is annoying. I wish I were smarter and actually knew how to tell what was going on and who was doing it. Anyone give me a crash course real quick #Halo #MCC #trolls

  • InvisibleNeon ¿Valentina Nadal (@InvisibleNeon) reported

    @paoagm98 The thing with halo is the smallest of the issues with that guy ugh

  • VeNoMzShibe Robin (@VeNoMzShibe) reported

    @SeeiingStars @BaileyJIII @kevseapa @Gamecheat13 Calling it, not a single Halo 2 or Halo 3 gameplay fix on the PC release.

  • scottdc861 Scott Cooper (@scottdc861) reported from Greenwood, Indiana

    @RingGeneral @IndyCar @Hinchtown The halo wouldn’t have even been a factor in that crash. Roll hoop did its job just fine.

  • juanpabloybarra Juan Pablo Ybarra (@juanpabloybarra) reported

    “And that's me, that's me The boy with the broken halo That's me, that's me The devil won't let me be.” 🙂

  • kengkengcellona rkdgr8t (@kengkengcellona) reported

    The one with the broken halo

  • verulavickova V. (@verulavickova) reported

    Just finished the first ten minutes. My biggest issue with the whole sugarbear vs halo stuff is, that James promoted something he clearly did not try out. Which obviously has an impact on all of us because general public won’t trust smaller bloggers’ reviews if it’s a collab

  • kadence09247480 kadence (@kadence09247480) reported

    @nightbarbie my ROBLOX name is kadyshady and I really want the halo pls give it to me (problem won’t happen thogh😭🥺)

  • TheReclaimedOne Rata-Pat-Pat (@TheReclaimedOne) reported

    @SenpaiRigel @Grunt4500 @BrendanLorLowry @TheEld2 @LateNightHalo @DarStarEthan @scifi_fan_kat When I forget that the sequel to Halo 4 was actually a sequel, that's a problem with the story

  • srimatesh श्री ಶ್ರೀ 🇮🇳 (@srimatesh) reported

    @RituRathaur @SimplyJaya1 This is a serious problem with RW. They never can close ranks and give it back to LeLi. The halo of self-righteousness shines too bright and blinds them.

  • PilosopoKwatro P4 | #LabanBayan. 𝓗𝓸𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓸𝓯 𝓢𝓸𝓼𝔂𝓪𝓵. (@PilosopoKwatro) reported

    @Eirizu I'll read up to educate myself more on this. Food is a means to bridge not divide people. Also, omg, dami kong di alam tungkol sa issue na ito regarding the halo halo.

  • Temperistic Nick (@Temperistic) reported

    @343Postums Sorry to say, but your coworkers have no idea what they're doing because this isn't Halo 3. It's some sort of mod. I knew it was as soon as I found out that people couldn't walk in a straight line. That issue got fixed, but this shit is unplayable.

  • DeltaHaloCRcore Delta Halo Control Room-core (@DeltaHaloCRcore) reported

    @Boldfacedbroom @SenpaiRigel @EdBoy1337 Problem with that is it regresses his character arc to appease naysayers. I really just don't want to see Steve Downes sidelined because a few angry nerds want Halo 3 2.0