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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • joeyinsomd Joey R. (@joeyinsomd) reported

    @renegadevi @notaxation You are correct. The problem is give me another well received Microsoft exclusive that isn’t Forza, Halo or Gears.

  • neoronnie42 simon corbett (@neoronnie42) reported

    @aeonsofblight @Halo Think you missed the point. MCC isn't as bad as it once was. H5 online has been a broken mess for a while...sometimes it's fine, someday's it a mess.

  • ForgeJunky Forge.J (@ForgeJunky) reported

    @LateNightHalo I don't see the problem. I call halo CE "halo 1" I call halo 5 guardians: "halo 5" And I'll be calling halo infinite "halo 6"

  • ForgeJunky Forge.J (@ForgeJunky) reported

    @LateNightHalo I don't need see he problem. I call halo CE "halo 1" I call halo 5 guardians: "halo 5" And I'll be calling halo infinite "halo 6"

  • MrAssassin11 Mr_Assassin_11 (@MrAssassin11) reported

    @Royal_Drako If Mario was on Playstation, there would be no Crash Bandicoot. If Gran Turismo was on Xbox, there would be no Forza. If Halo was on Playstation, there would be no Killzone. It’s really simple.

  • thegaming_goat Dom (@thegaming_goat) reported

    @TyrielGamer @drakensson @Quantic_Dream @EpicGames no games crash on console every once in a while but if game crashes I just close the Application and start game again problem solved pc you need to look for a fix and plus you will never get to play god of war uncharted, spider man, halo, gears etc consoles are way to go

  • PigSement PigSement (@PigSement) reported

    @LateNightHalo I don't see the problem. It makes completely sense to call Halo Infinite "Halo 6" because it's a sequel. It does not make sense to call Halo Reach anything else because it's a prequel.

  • Call_Me_Crusty Crusty (@Call_Me_Crusty) reported

    @VeNoMzShibe @jensen68978 @fredocini @HiddenXperia I must be lucky or something because I had a similar conversation about Anthem load times. The load times are fine for me and Halo works properly. Idk why I’m being left out on all the big problems but I can’t complain haha

  • KevinKoolxHalo KevinKoolx (@KevinKoolxHalo) reported

    @mudkip454 Dude there was no way Halo 5 was going to br delayed. We can wish for everything and we should strive for that to push game devs to reach their potential. MCC was broken on launch but it best now. If it wasn't for the terrible launch we'd might not have MCC on PC or Reach now

  • loli_yam cha (@loli_yam) reported

    Damn when am i gonna fix my twitter acct halo halo nalang lahat hahahhaha should fix this soon 🤯

  • Zereffou Zere (@Zereffou) reported

    @Halo i have a problem with the insider program i don't resive the verification mail.

  • lisaananda18 OPEN BO SERPONG BSD TANGGERANG (BISA DADAKAN) (@lisaananda18) reported

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  • vengeful_vadam 🍕The Vengeful 'Vadam🍕 (@vengeful_vadam) reported

    @pixelflaregfx @Sumeetarbi117 @Halo @HiddenXperia @toa_freak @LateNightHalo @TheActMan_YT The only issue is that they don't always fly around on most maps. They'll initially fly out of the dropships for a bit, but once they land, they'll usually stay on the ground. Corvette's actually one of the few maps that I've seen them take back off into the air.

  • GamerChief80 GamerChief80 (@GamerChief80) reported

    @andycuzie @The__Goomba No because they ain't doing exclusives but also I wouldn't play halo or god of war etc if latency was an issue and disc etc. The service can stillcf#%k it all up for then and likely for now it will. Already a lot of disinterest now tbh.

  • mudkip454 Mudkip454 (@mudkip454) reported

    @KevinKoolxHalo My point still stands. There should have been better communication between the parties. You can’t expect a project that big to go smoothly, especially when you outsource it to a few random companies. Even if the game still shipped broken, Halo 5 should have been put on hold -

  • Willjstrobe William (@Willjstrobe) reported

    @encrypted000000 @GumbaliciousDef @IGN Halo wars and mass effect 3 should be enough to turn anyone away from digital oh well they fix the bugs give it time boom fallout 76 stuck with trash and paid to much and can't recoup anywhere near what you paid

  • KATEKATE_bobate klu (@KATEKATE_bobate) reported

    I’ve had 4 halo-halo’s in less than a week i think i have a problem

  • omaroji Mars (@omaroji) reported

    @karolasylar halo...~ Nah, actually I have no problem with it. In fact, I think it's cute.

  • spartan90511 spartan9051 (@spartan90511) reported

    @1337GameDev @Soulburnin They said halo infinite will be live service few months back.

  • evanescencebot evanescence bot (@evanescencebot) reported

    i fear my love i'll fix me / burned you live to break my halo

  • KevinSa07052659 Kevin Sand (@KevinSa07052659) reported

    With the broken halo Dropped by Lucifer I held a glass To magnify man's sin Such was the result That the sleeping mind Of the future eschaton Yawned with his eyes And looked for himself The end, it seems, is nigh. #vss365

  • JohnnyMonns JohnnyMonns (@JohnnyMonns) reported

    @SteveBirkner @TheRealYZ_ Name is pretty dumb, and imo obviously if they didn’t get big names then this don’t succeed anyway lol no halo no gta no other big names then forget it anyway. But lag seems to always be an issue

  • sherylselena Sheryl Freed (@sherylselena) reported

    @BNightsCRPS @ohsohappy2be @jennybean416 @DTLB58 @kristenlmac @NewLifeMedGroup @IntlNeuromod The only thing I can say that even comes close to that is if they are improperly programmed that they can irritate. It is an adjustment issue, and the sensations subside after the halo effect wears off.

  • IsleTRIDAD Islyyy (@IsleTRIDAD) reported

    Here I am a kid with a broken halo

  • chinodesuuu Enra (@chinodesuuu) reported

    @DevinUsername @Jdog4789 @KunaiWithChain_ @HiddenXperia The problem with the Halo community is they're so full of elitists and self-proclaimed veterans. Keep in mind 343i is composed of former Bungie as well so they DO listen and try to make up for the community.

  • Lancealot10 Lance☠Can'tHandleLifeRightNow (@Lancealot10) reported

    @Xbox It would be nice to win this so I can play Halo again. Because currently my fat XB1 is not working right to play games. ☠😿☠

  • Lancealot10 Lance☠Can'tHandleLifeRightNow (@Lancealot10) reported

    @Xbox @kblock43 I like the Black and white one in the middle. I also like the Black and Orange one too. My fat XB1 is not working to play games. I wish I could play my Halo games agian, but I can't afford to get a new XB1.☠😿☠

  • LusilverX Lusilver (@LusilverX) reported

    @glorious720p @Drtre81 I can imagine constant updates being an issue considering how strict Nintendo are about those. If anything, Switch getting an exclusive COD would make sense. Doesn’t make sense for Activision. It will for microsoft though. Halo and Gears will be on Switch to.

  • yohokaru Yohokaru (@yohokaru) reported

    @PhTmBlade I agree, but when it comes to reviews of games, metacritic is two clicks away and exclusivity is timed. Also, I believe that without EGS, Halo would not land on Steam, so any competition is good for quality of the service. But again, BR sucks ass

  • JCorduroy Jay (@JCorduroy) reported

    I do, however, think we'll see significant improvements and additions to the Online service come into effect if something like Halo, Gears, or Forza (being the big three rumors) are announced at E3.

  • AlanCSaunders Als10Point (@AlanCSaunders) reported

    @jelle7195 @gulag_timeshare You’re right. The guy on the left has been photoshopped into the pic - and it’s a lousy job. Look at it - he has a “halo” around his whole body. And there’s other issues with the job, as well. Look at the water around him vs the other guys. IMHO

  • AlanCSaunders Als10Point (@AlanCSaunders) reported

    @intheMatrixxx @8Revolt @POTUS Ummm IMHO, the guy on the left has been photoshopped into the pic - and it’s a lousy job. Look at it - he has a “halo” around his whole body. And there’s other issues with the job, as well. Also, look at the water around him vs the other guys.

  • AlanCSaunders Als10Point (@AlanCSaunders) reported

    @intheMatrixxx @POTUS Ummm, the guy on the left has been photoshopped into the pic - and it’s a lousy job. Look at it - he has a “halo” around his whole body. And there’s other issues with the job, as well. IMHO

  • Hyperstxrm Fʀᴀɴᴋʟɪɴ Bᴇɴᴊᴀᴍɪɴ Rɪᴄʜᴀʀᴅs (@Hyperstxrm) reported

    @MalkiaWaAnga @WakandanSavior — fulmination gave her location. His speed increased, cutting through the downpour whilst still drawing droplets meant to collide against him into the halo. With his body now above the gaping hole, Franklin rose both hands to introduce the broken overhead protection to —

  • VballinChick Sarah (@VballinChick) reported

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH. I just wanna play some halo and my monitor is not working :(

  • ExareGames Exare (@ExareGames) reported

    @aB_Silencer @OHesher @PeteNolen @Polygon Shit. They're already releasing Halo on Steam. They know their store is a failure on PC and buy getting people to subscribe to a service on multiple platforms its a more secure and predictable source of income. It's logical business. It's going to happen. Remember these tweets.

  • Erkor_Something Erkor (@Erkor_Something) reported

    My Halo 5: Forge client is also localized in German for some weird reason, and I can't turn it back. I thought it might also be a problem with the language change, but I can't be sure and nobody seems to have talked about that.

  • TGFStream Total Games and Films (@TGFStream) reported

    @MattDunnGaming @replicantpinky there still good games, i loved halo 4. Only issue i had with gears 4 was it was so short and that was the game that made me decide to stop buying games straight away

  • arranrs15 arran robinson s (@arranrs15) reported

    @Halo can you please fix the game so we can play coop online.

  • Pinkk_Fudge443 ❣❣💮🍫🍫 (@Pinkk_Fudge443) reported

    @nightbarbie Hi I'm a person who plays your game and I've had a problem. I did the fountain and the story said I got the St. Patricks Day halo.. But it told me I lost connection and to reconnect. When I did I checked my inventory for my halo and it wasn't there.. Help..

  • JimmyTMI Jimmy T (@JimmyTMI) reported

    @Xbox Let me know when you want me to fix Halo for you.

  • Tyler_is_1337 Tyler (@Tyler_is_1337) reported

    @jonshiring @GH057ayame When I was younger and would go stay the night at my cousins, I would refuse to play Halo because of their input lag 😂

  • davejohnblack David Black (@davejohnblack) reported

    Wonder if the rift s deal with Lenoevo was before or after the decision to use a halo strap... Also before or after the Sony patent issues and if sony knew about it... Seems a bit like Sony got tricked one way or another...

  • Dankheili Justin ☠️ (@Dankheili) reported

    Since Halo CE is basically being re-ported to PC as part of #MCConPC, I hope they fix the graphical issues that are rooted in Gearbox’s original PC port and add the classic weapon sounds that weren’t present in MCC.

  • Riptify Riptify (@Riptify) reported

    At home today so getting the chance to run internet tests all day. Looking like no issues right now, if all goes well today expect a stream tomorrow. Probably will be trying the new Apex update, then getting on Halo hopefully by the end of the week


    @caseofclubs I’ve heard Andromeda was the Halo 5 of the ME series lol. I haven’t played it. But like “this developer is garbage because their new game with a new way of doing things has issues” is a totally unfair mindset in my opinion


    @nillamamba Bungie released half a game with a cliffhanger ending that their fans legit hated for a long time, then came back and killed it with Halo 3. Live service is a thing because companies are trying to see if it works. Division vs Division 2 is a great example

  • nillamamba NillaVillain2.9 (@nillamamba) reported

    @KHAFFSUCKS It's all about "live service" games now. Halo was never that. Bioware screwed up because they didn't have a plan. They had an idea but the execution has been abysmal. No way a Dev under the EA umbrella should be releasing an unfinished idea. Division 2 ain't catching no heat...

  • PapaNoJohns PapaNoJohns (@PapaNoJohns) reported

    @slime_machine I feel like the main issue is these companies make timeless games, but then made sequels that gradually changed the formula too much that it didn't hit the same itch I don't want another destiny game I wanna be able to play Halo 3 with the boys on my computer across the country

  • lilmarkuk merrrrrrrrrrp (@lilmarkuk) reported

    @lucasmtny @Cryect @akaDiogoMarques @TechCrunch @benz145 wonder if that is why most others have said its smaller FOV too, this is the issue with the Halo designed straps they are way too loose for me, the lenovo one and PSVR especially, the PSVR for me is not usable if i have the strap at back further down it tilts the headset...

  • ArifMah48958702 Mahmood Arif (@ArifMah48958702) reported

    @JAVED0909 Mediocrity or ignorance, not a problem..Pretending to be knowledgeable is, that is how they befool people by.. Halo of Socrates, Einstein, Shakespeare etc over their heads... That sucks!

  • zoroakufurafu Hewwo on main (@zoroakufurafu) reported

    lrt i havent played halo online in a bit but when the offical servers (from the people who were working on it) were up an running that had people on it, it was actually really cool despite the issues it had because it was a weird halo 3 port and just afsgdhddk hhhhhh

  • TheJokester_MrJ The Jokester Mr. J🃏 (@TheJokester_MrJ) reported

    I woke up to this & I'm like.... .Well it's official no reason to have an Xbox now lol if Switch gets Rare Replay Gears & Halo too the only thing Xbox will be is a live service for achievements for Switch owners lol 🤷 I knew Cup head would make the jump eventually

  • Funny714_YT Funny714_YT (@Funny714_YT) reported

    I’m trying to get back into halo but MCC is giving me a big **** you every time I lag out from random disconnections and punishes me with bans ;-; I should switch back and forth between MCC and Reach for the hype of both games. Sounds fun =)

  • 66xBUDDHAMANE 佛鬃毛 (@66xBUDDHAMANE) reported

    @cloutkasket Devil horn beneath that broken halo


    I hate seeing people act like BioWare is somehow a bad developer now because Anthem had issues. Like, some of you clearly forgot Halo 3 wasn’t even supposed to exist and is the result of a developer having issues with a game and it really shows.

  • rattusspiritus Brother Rat TFF BOUND! 🐀👑 (@rattusspiritus) reported

    Like a halo of problems that’s been circling the back of your head but they took a wrong turn and all went in your left ear

  • David__Jetta David Jetta (@David__Jetta) reported

    @ProteusXL thru a streaming service, not natively installed on the PC. its still an exclusive. you can natively install Halo MCC, Sunset overdrive, Quantum break on PC, you cant with any PS game

  • Lev9732 WhenTheLeveeBreaks (@Lev9732) reported

    @Kaleidescoops @ske7ch @LateNightHalo @HiddenXperia The water issue I think was fixed in the MCC version of Halo 1 Anniversary.

  • cloutkasket jessie (@cloutkasket) reported

    i’m the girl with the broken halo