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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Expat_Matt
    Expat_Matt (@Expat_Matt) reported

    @DavidAFrench Act 3: As is, except instead of malfunctioning bomb macguffin, it's malfunctioning Cranston device macguffin. Cranston & Co. HALO jump into Frisco to fix it . Boring son is there with boring family too for extra drama. Plan works Godzilla kills MUTO, much catharsis for Cranston.

  • IOUpayback
    IOUpayback (@IOUpayback) reported

    @RealmRoyale Has there been any play at the idea of natural regen for all players and re working Engineer, Warrior passive? Example sort of like Halo Armor regens after x amount of time and keep health potions. I feel it would help the issue of poaching and vultures.

  • akmis11
    mishraai (@akmis11) reported

    Halo @AmazonHelp The EMI option doesn't show up for HDFC cc. Next your India customer service bluffs and drops the call. DRIOS THE CALL. Worst customer service ever.

  • KillstreakG
    KillstreakGamer (@KillstreakG) reported

    @XboxSupport Having problems with backwards compatible titles (Halo 3 specifically, haven’t tried any others) not working on my Xbox One X. Basically seems to be ignoring the disc in the tray, won’t get me the prompt to download the update to play the game. Any fixes?

  • Vert_Buster
    Vert (@Vert_Buster) reported

    @NilkadNaquada @envinyon @DumbCerb Halo 5 from what I've seen kinda fixes my issues with movement in those games Too bad the campaign is apparently a dumpster fire

  • elvapss
    Annt (@elvapss) reported

    @Log1kzTFK @HCS @Halo My shot is always at 70. But only with magnum. Also my controller is broken so... :'( We'll try tomorrow fella!

  • NoisyBoi87
    NoisyBoi87 (@NoisyBoi87) reported

    @Halo how are u supposed to win games when opponents just eat shots, when your shots don't register? Please fix these connection issues

  • Sinfvl2
    Sinfvl (@Sinfvl2) reported

    @343Postums I was really excited to play halo 3 hardcore, once the issue is addressed will it be added back again?

  • xSaLoT
    It's an Art Form (@xSaLoT) reported

    @MaxiPaguera @CinnamonClwn @FortniteGame Skins don't make a game. The gameplay makes the game along with devolper support. Need to fix a lot of issues they have in this game. But it's a lot better then Halo 5

  • j0j0awesome
    Jojo Andarsen (@j0j0awesome) reported

    @Elements_RBLX halo chaos will be broken man, so dont add plz.

  • oneshotwunder
    Awkward Flash (@oneshotwunder) reported

    @Halo Please fix the ctf refuge. you can cap the flag when your own flag is not home.

  • Kaddykadz
    Kadz (@Kaddykadz) reported

    @GlamLifeGuru please work on your halo beauty customer service team they need to take lessons from other companies the attitude is disgusting

  • ItsNatura11y
    john Perez (@ItsNatura11y) reported

    @FinalNecessity @Pupsky @Halo That’s the problem, no standards. Just put halo on it and you’ll buy? Smfh. I don’t typically care to debate opinions but my god dude, got pros ripping there hair out playing h5 and the population is so low that you have to pick the right time of day to get a fair match.

  • NextGenPlayer
    Paul Hunter 🎮 (@NextGenPlayer) reported

    @iChargeBanshees There’s actually a bunch more good Xbox games I didn’t mention like Sunset Overdrive, Gears 4, Halo 5. Problem for me is some of these ones are good but not very memorable. Stuff like God of War, Zelda BOTW, Mario Odyssey, and Uncharted 4 stand out way more to me.

  • Ultorskoss
    ultorskoss 🇨🇦 (@Ultorskoss) reported

    @MLGACE The closest Halo 5 match I ever saw was when Frosty dropped the win with a fuel rod double reload glitch. The base mechanics of H5 suck mate.

  • ButlerIves
    butler ives (@ButlerIves) reported

    NINtrotrospective dinners: 1 halo/wk x 29 weeks. Next="Broken". 2 spots left. pm me

  • Benny_J666
    Benny J. R. (@Benny_J666) reported

    @bonelordd He talked about how halo had high ttk and wasn’t a problem in the replies but in halo you couldn’t FLY OR TELEPORT OR SPRINT OR MOVE IN GENERAL lmao

  • haruspis
    Alex 🦉| Haruspis (@haruspis) reported

    @LorTarkam @Halo @ske7ch @GrimBrotherOne @k_wolfkill @PlutonForEver @franklez @SteveDownes117 @reelbrucethomas No, you're right on the money there - it's the Forerunner perspective in a nutshell. They don't see (until it's too late) how THEY'RE the problem. That THEY'RE the cause for the wreckage around them.

  • lFI3RY
    FI3RY @ NOLA (@lFI3RY) reported

    @Hypocriticalx @MLGACE I mean its hard to not complain when you had a company hire people that hate halo to make a game that literally killed the franchise, then try to bring it back off our nostalgia and literally have the most broken game of all time for 4 years, then release an incomplete buggy game

  • karl_bucus
    karl_bucus (@karl_bucus) reported

    @HeheWaitWhut @crappyoats @hungerlordjrjr Curious: do you not see the point? Or are you willfully ignoring it? If the former, your bubble is thick. If the latter, you're part of the problem. Not only for our nation, but when it comes to selling progressive policy. Congrats! I hope your burnished halo is worth it.

  • Xeromythic
    Xeromythic (@Xeromythic) reported

    @bakenGangsta @EG1Trey Because there’s no sprint in Halo or CS:GO. You have to understand that sprint is enabling people to run away from losing gun fights. This was an issue in halo 4 as well, the first halo to introduce sprint on demand

  • BeyondJoseph
    Joseph (@BeyondJoseph) reported

    @HaloNebraska @HiddenXperia @Halo @TeamBeyondnet - Game is broken. - No observer mode. - No stat tracking API.

  • Cinesnark
    Sarah (@Cinesnark) reported

    @EmansReviews The problem with video game movies is not usually lack of ideas of creative interest. It's usually business-end boring shit about who gets which piece of the pie, etc. Torpedoed HALO back in the day, and Assassin's Creed only got made because Ubisoft ate the development overhead.

  • PerAxelHagne
    Per Axel Hagne (@PerAxelHagne) reported

    @jrwhite59 @FookThis Used to play Halo at my friend’s house when i was younger, then this red circle appeared. It was a nightmare! My friend’s mother made it worse when trying to fix it, she simply put a wet towel inside the machine. #killittwicetomakesureitstaysdead

  • AlanEdw58236339
    Alan Edwards (@AlanEdw58236339) reported

    @MakMayek So it’s ok to report the actual facts when it suits you ? The 12 of your choir boys who beat up the man in central Melb is stiring racial problems ? Take off your halo & work to get these thugs off the streets .Do something USEFUL !!!

  • thyReaperMC
    RΞPR 💀 (@thyReaperMC) reported

    Simply put, Halo's social popularity "issue" is that the shepherds slaughter the sheep because they don't know a wolf from sheep.

  • James_Boop
    James (@James_Boop) reported

    @Blackangel3942 @SenpaiRigel @toa_freak @HaruspexOfHell @HiddenXperia @LateNightHalo @vengeful_vadam @ArdentPrayer @VincentGat @LorTarkam @DecepticonCobra @TheReclaimedOne And as a person that played old FPS games, such as Quake and extremely complex (even more that Halo i dare say) team-based FPS's like TF2, Halo doesn't need to be utterly broken in weapon statistics, or balanced as fuck to the point you can't get away with doing cool stuff.

  • superisabel76
    C. Isabel Brain (@superisabel76) reported

    @tsujigo Ballad of Halo Jones... Robo-Hunter... M.A.C.H. 1... Well, maybe that last one might be a bit of a problem.

  • Mczack11
    Mc zack (@Mczack11) reported

    @MajimajiKenya @OtileBrown @VeraSidika Ile siku tutaacha kufuta mashai ya watu and focus on ourselves? that is the only day you will see where the problem is,kila MTU apambane na halo yake @MajimajiKenya @GhettoRadio895 @VeraSidika @OtileBrown #Brekko

  • PacCka_
    PacCka 🇵🇷🔱 (@PacCka_) reported

    @CrypticAshes Idiots say everything is dying just because they don’t play it. GoW isn’t gonna die for a very long time. If Trash of Duty is still going and Halo is still going, GoW has no problem being successful.

  • honeyitsmarm
    lady🌙marmalade (@honeyitsmarm) reported

    Quick rant: Halo ice cream does nothing for me. If ice cream tasted like that, I would have NO problem sacrificing that treat. However, Halo ice cream is fake ice cream and I have no desire to consume that imposter. #happyicecreamday #angrytweet

  • X_MarieFlores_X
    Hannah Marie👅 (@X_MarieFlores_X) reported

    Her halo is broken but there’s fight in her eyes

  • BMolinet2
    Banned Molinet (@BMolinet2) reported

    @SuperMarioT_YT If they updated the game to fix it, it would be like the Halo MCC of Sonic games in the way that the game had a very rough launch but later on it gets fixed and even if the launch was a mistake at least the devs responsible for it cleaned their mess.

  • Toadfan5
    Carleton Cobb (@Toadfan5) reported

    @vgdunkey Well your first problem was playing halo reach instead of throwing it the trash.

  • eel_mutt
    its weird and pissed off (@eel_mutt) reported

    i love how shitty nerds get mad about how “broken” a game is when they end up in a server with people who don’t speak english my first online PVP was a pirated version of Halo: Combat Evolved and literally none of the servers were from the USA and I always had a blast. git gud

  • TheGame2417
    Rick (@TheGame2417) reported

    @BlizzardCS WOW is crashing. Lag unplayable. Shu'Halo.

  • HoqueAndy
    Adnanul Hoque (@HoqueAndy) reported

    @NovacuIite @Trainwreckstv So much sweat, trial and error, nonstop gameplay with the xbox cooling down lol, but in the end of it all he managed two good halo playthroughs on heroic difficulty without any major hiccups! I watched his halo stream from day 1 thru 2 and i felt nostalgia. Props to trainwreck!

  • TozaTheBear
    Toza 🐻 (@TozaTheBear) reported

    @FattyAtLarge Halo has the same problem.

  • Burtlebe75
    Bobby R Wagner Jr (@Burtlebe75) reported

    @BlizzardCS massive ingame lag in argus and broken shore on Shu'halo

  • ducain23
    Ducain23 (@ducain23) reported

    @squidzrule @Forge_Labs @Halo @ForgeHub I have the same problem on one of my racetracks. I've tried all the tricks to fix it but nothing works :(

  • NathanelThomas4
    Nathanel Thomason (@NathanelThomas4) reported

    @GrimBrotherOne Not a problem dude!! Me and my buddys are extremely hyped to return to a halo ring!

  • thatACDCguy
    Reace Niles (@thatACDCguy) reported

    @Nintendan I actually loved the gameplay changes to Halo 5. My problem with it was the story and characters were easily the weakest of the series, and while the game was stunning at times, it had inconsistent performance, with enemies regularly dipping under 3o frames.

  • _BangBiscuit
    🕶️ ffs™ (summer btw) (@_BangBiscuit) reported

    the problem is, i keep getting all these free Halo packs.. but there's nothing left for me to get out of them :(

  • FallenJoran
    FallenTitanStreams (@FallenJoran) reported

    Despite the issues, I'm eager to jump back in for my Halo fix. I'm wondering if I should get the MCC or not? Maybe some recommendations on what Halo games I should look into?

  • LorTarkam
    Brendan “Lor” Lowry (@LorTarkam) reported

    @Jessabirdy For over a decade, fans have been at odds about the very different ways Chief was depicted in the series' media. Halo 4 was criticized for making him "emo" and that bothers me b/c in my mind the team behind it was simply trying to merge the two halves together, solving the issue.

  • TiberiusAudley
    TiberiusAudley (@TiberiusAudley) reported

    @Gas_HCS @TheSimms I've been saying for a while that despite how good he is at Halo (he's incredible), Royal 2 is the problem on TOX that Splyce is abusing.

  • Reiku78
    Bobby Wallace (@Reiku78) reported

    @HiddenXperia @heytred @TheSimms You must not pay attention to gears because its in alot more problems then halo.

  • Log1kzTFK
    Log1kz @ NOLA (@Log1kzTFK) reported

    Another problem in Halo: we gonna watch Tox either lose to Rec and then Rec chokes against splyce. Tox beats Rec and chokes against splyce. Or Rec comes out on fucking fire and sneaks the W.

  • heytred
    Tyler Owens (@heytred) reported

    @minimightymouse I usually do too, but the problem is I want to interact with Halo fans. That's half the fun for me, but when I try and just see people beating down the franchise I love, it kills my motivation to even take part anymore.

  • LorTarkam
    Brendan “Lor” Lowry (@LorTarkam) reported

    @DecepticonCobra @S2BlueTeam @Batchford_ @LateNightHalo @Unikraken @TheEld2 @HiddenXperia @toa_freak Pretty much what I went on to say. I fully believe this is an issue they created and then ignored. The reason 343 gets flak for Chief is because they had the balls to try and fix it. Halo 5 being awful doesn’t help

  • Log1kzTFK
    Log1kz @ NOLA (@Log1kzTFK) reported

    Another major issue for @Halo Online is solo queuing. The lack of population forces you to play with lower tier teammates

  • robrymond
    Rob Rymond (@robrymond) reported

    @IrelandMichael @gamesTMmag @assassinscreed @CyberpunkGame @TheDivisionGame @Halo @GamesMaster I have most issues back to issue 10 and rarely did they feature lists constantly

  • BirchElite
    Andrew Birch (@BirchElite) reported

    Halo 5 servers down ?

  • VarnerStephen
    Steve (@VarnerStephen) reported

    So, Halo 5 is an interesting problem because while it does a number of things right it totally bungles a number of others and i have a hard time drawing a line from the strengths of Halo 4 to what they ended up with in 5.

  • IrelandMichael
    Michael O'Connor (@IrelandMichael) reported

    @robrymond @gamesTMmag @assassinscreed @CyberpunkGame @TheDivisionGame @Halo @GamesMaster It's only a drop I've really noticed in the past six months. I've been collecting and reading since issue 1. After seeing that almost every page in this issue up to the reviews was a preview "list", it's the first I won't buy. If this continues, I'll probably drop it completely.

  • IrelandMichael
    Michael O'Connor (@IrelandMichael) reported

    @robrymond @gamesTMmag @assassinscreed @CyberpunkGame @TheDivisionGame @Halo @GamesMaster Whole issue is a mess. I said a few months ago that I felt the quality of the mag was dropping significantly, especially in regard to articles. It felt like every 2nd article was a low effort list... ...and a HUGE portion of this issue ends up being a literal list of previews.

  • VarnerStephen
    Steve (@VarnerStephen) reported

    So, Halo 5 is an interesting problem because while it does a number of things right it totally bungles a number of others and i have a hard time drawing a line from the strengths of Halo 4 to what they ended up with in 5.

  • WJHMU1992
    Billy (@WJHMU1992) reported

    @DavidVonderhaar fix the halo servers for fuk sake you bald cunt

  • Nadestraight
    Nadestraight (@Nadestraight) reported

    Played 50 minutes of Halo 5 and didn't gain or lose CSR, ended the stream because that is really frustrating and there's no point in playing. Seems all my team were experiencing the same issue, so I'm convinced the game is broken.

  • FunnyWilfred
    Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.