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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • mohawk_hitman marcopolos (@mohawk_hitman) reported

    @Halo I can’t even play your game it keeps freezing at the menu screen like common I paid to play not waste money on the game I can’t play at all I’ve done everything to try to fix it but no luck 🥺😭

  • TosselTv Tossel 👑 Tossopia (@TosselTv) reported

    It's extremely sad to see Halo eSports fall apart. It's like watching a slow car crash.

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • EthanJelloPrice Ethan Price (@EthanJelloPrice) reported

    @IGN Good exclusives other than Halo, and maybe Gears. And it doesn’t crash 3 days a week

  • marchofthenorth March (@marchofthenorth) reported

    Videogame franchises as fast food Mario - McDonald's Sonic - Burger King Crash - Wendy's Halo - Arby's Meanwhile Spyro is like that one really good Slurpee you had that one time, but it's really hard to recapture.

  • TJ_StudioYT TJ Studio @ 🎁 January 23rd 🎁 (@TJ_StudioYT) reported

    @DRS_umati Just be aware of the Oculus Quest headset's lack of comfort due to its front-heaviness compared to PSVR, but there are mods you can look into to combat this problem, such as replacing the stock strap with the Vive deluxe audio strap, but this GO QuestVR halo strap is something-

  • Raven4940 🔮 Angel of Azarath 😈 (@Raven4940) reported

    I haven’t had this issue until this week and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I wanna say it’s Halo but I’ve streamed Halo before with no issues in the same location. I just don’t know where to go from here, I always have tech issues and I can’t never figure out how to fix them

  • ZS_Fox James Mueller (@ZS_Fox) reported

    @HaloSupport Hey, Halo 5 online ranked CSR or whatever is broken, no one is ranking up or down along with other online server issues. I am almost certain the community would like an answer to the problem but most importantly a confirmation that you are working on it. Thanks :3

  • peachfella f e l i c i a (@peachfella) reported

    broken halo n stolen wings on my back

  • ohffssshutup Just here for the tea🍵💋 (@ohffssshutup) reported

    Halo taco is nothing but a band-aid for a ****** up base coat. Glitter masks all the issues, just ask any stripper.

  • SomeClassyFool Stu Copland (@SomeClassyFool) reported

    Just adding on here, you can’t rly enter the platform market without a killer app. Nintendo had its tried and true, PS had Spyro, Crash, MGS & more. Xbox came in swinging w/ Halo and followed up w/ Gears on the 360. You need big exclusives to jump into this race.

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @toa_freak @jamesackerson2 @DecepticonCobra @NakaiCanon @IRISHGAMER1461 I don't think that's a problem, since Spartan Ops was planned to be the nexus to Halo 5. We all know that Escalation is what Spartan Ops was going to be if it had not been cancelled.

  • IamWisdom BusyMom Finance (@IamWisdom) reported

    @Puddock3000 @BTCare I'm not renewing, however I'm currently paying £46.99 for Halo 1. I've been having buffering problems all week. Complained they said to upgrade to Halo 2 for £49.99 with a new hub. Smh!!!

  • Corrupteddiv divX (@Corrupteddiv) reported

    @AnveEloum @npdgames > 343 ruined all the lored. Not true. In fact, Halo is bigger, consistent and credible since that 343i is at charge. The problem is that things relevant to the immediate story, shouldn't to be attached to external media. And looks like that 343i learnt its lesson here.

  • Wonderboyo Harry Channon (@Wonderboyo) reported

    @DavidSsandman @Moses_FPS Realistically it's not always apples to apples with issues such as these (funding allocations) but offering a $5k purse as a prize pool to TOs in lesser regions (AuHALO, Insomnia, Europa halo to name a few) for the sake of having scenes simmer until infinite seems more logical

  • DrBhavinJadav Dr. Bhavin Jadav (@DrBhavinJadav) reported

    @rkh_md It’s hyperprophic with halo around the proximal part of the nail, means the metaphysis is rattling. Correcting it on nail is possible but unnecessarily tricky. This out and strong plate fix will get it to heal. Don’t attempt realignment- just increasing stiffness.

  • buttercupuffs boo (@buttercupuffs) reported

    halo halo how to fix your sleep cycle

  • LoriShemek Lori Shemek, PhD (@LoriShemek) reported

    @TimW031 You are fine - it is the oxidized, processed omega 6 that is the critical problem in most packaged processed foods, fast foods etc. Many people have no idea they are ingesting unhealthy oils such as the one with the 'health halo' canola oil.

  • Doodood22912940 Doo doo doo (@Doodood22912940) reported

    @CaribVros @RellGames Can you fix halo dance ;-; It does not even hit where you want it to and I have max accuracy

  • FrAnubis_ Franubis (@FrAnubis_) reported

    @DrudeBlackheart Oh, had forgotten about Benjaming, only have their Halo 2 in my library lol Gonna have to fix that~ AFAIK, there were two versions of So Cold, one of them was called "Aurora Borealis" or something. Spotify does love to omit that info,....

  • ContinoDonny DC (@ContinoDonny) reported

    @romanklan @RomeGoLARGE @PMS_Jordan If anyone is “miserable” over video games then clearly the issue is way beyond video games. As far as exclusives going to pc, I’m all for it. I’ve been an Xbox gamer since the OG and I never even considered Halo not being exclusive, nor did anyone one else. It’s all narrative.

  • JJ_R3ACH Zaphkiel (@JJ_R3ACH) reported

    I literally can't complain because I relatively enjoy every halo and dont care what we are playing but imagine being like "yall need to fix your game!! But here's my $20 for that dlc next month"

  • DJJub47 DJ Jub47 (@DJJub47) reported

    @ReignofBane @SacredIconHalo @Halo Though what I meant by inconsistency was the inconsistency of style. In Halo 4, we started out with the normally confident Chief, finally coming out of his cryotube, but slowly and slowly breaking as Cortana is dying, and by the end, he's a broken man, suffering from the loss...

  • QuackDaddy92 Quack (@QuackDaddy92) reported

    @LightningStarSC CP6:Issac from Golden Sun CP7:Jonsey from Fortnite CP8:Crash Bandicoot (For @PimpAlCapone) CP9:Decidueye cause everyone stopped ttalking about him CP10:Bandana Dee from Kirby CP11:Master Cheif from Halo

  • ganbariley riley/ライリー (@ganbariley) reported

    My first order of business in this mod is address the issue of the Halo 2 battle rifle. Oooh boy, the Halo 2 battle rifle. I don’t even know where to start with talking about how badly it’s balanced.

  • StayySuckaFree 🇯🇲 Emelio 🇬🇧 (@StayySuckaFree) reported

    @Halo please fix the garbage queue times.

  • zachary_carlson Zac Carlson (@zachary_carlson) reported

    @Halo rank system is not working properly. Been winning all day and haven’t ranked up at all.

  • JackyCharette Jacky (@JackyCharette) reported

    @Jason_X117 @SacredIconHalo @Halo I'm in the same boat with you! My issue with the halo 5 story is that if chief and Locke didn't exist in the story, the same plot points would still play out. I'm sure 343 are gonna make a kick ass story for infinite!

  • Gwanatu Nicholas Sutrich (@Gwanatu) reported

    @KisatoVR @hardcorevr @benz145 @oculus For us, the Halo design is easier to put on but falls off easier when playing games where you bend over to pick stuff up. Works fine in stuff like beat Saber and pistol Whip, though, so not all active games have issues with it (again, at least for us).

  • misandrism Halo scenery (@misandrism) reported

    itd be funny to meet an anger management therapist for adolescents just to hear the shit they deal with, like if they know what getting teabagged in halo means, and what coping methods they suggest for it, and if they know anyone who can fix my xbox that i smashed with a hammer

  • HaruhiAkizuki Springday Autumnmoon (@HaruhiAkizuki) reported

    No joke, my first exposure to Devil May Cry was from the episode of Arby and the Chief where Master Chief is playing DMC4 because Halo 3 was lagging because he's torrenting too much porn.

  • jeshikari jessie (@jeshikari) reported

    @AMCTheatres just saw Just Mercy at the AMC in White Marsh, MD and the projector was broken - there was a huge yellow Halo taking up half the screen. I brought this to attention of staff who KNEW about the problem and did nothing... Of all the theatres to put this amazing film.

  • Mctweetstwat3 goatlicker420 (@Mctweetstwat3) reported

    @ElyseWillems Definitely Halo infinite, want to see how if they truly did fix mistakes or not

  • LarryRosenthal Larry Rosenthal (@LarryRosenthal) reported

    @sonyahaskins @benz145 @oculus @EchoGames Rift s Mic issues are a problem, constant cable reattaching. Would be nice for a fix. Audio for me is fine. The halo headband is much better for hrs of immersion than the quest or go. I added 20$ knuckle straps to the controllers to solve the other major ergonomic issue.

  • TokenTweets SameToken (@TokenTweets) reported

    @Grunt4500 Embarrassingly, my younger self uploaded this to YouTube in 2006 titled “Best Halo Glitch”. As a result, I cringe when I get to this part.

  • dannygoslingLFC Danny Gosling🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🦁🦁🦁 (@dannygoslingLFC) reported

    @nabeel_324 @Rickty20 @ButtRoaster @IGN Halo and Crash literally were exclusively made to compete with other company's properties and sell hardware, just because you dont understand competitive economics doesn't make it true.

  • double_one7 DoubleOne7 (@double_one7) reported

    @Halo can you please fix the audio issues in the master chief collection on the Xbox. There are still many times when audio cuts out entirely and it needs to be fixed.

  • thesunlitseraph 𝙼.𝚊𝚛𝚌𝚒 ™ (@thesunlitseraph) reported

    Okay I love #HaloReach n all but when it kicks me from que because I was idling BECAUSE WHAT ELSE AM I SUPPOSED TO BUT SIT AND WAIT FOR A GAME then there’s a problem >;( @Halo

  • Raccdoom Cesar (@Raccdoom) reported

    @cursedgamechat I was so heart broken for days after beating halo reach when I was in middle school lol

  • frendazoned Astolfofan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    please fix the halo audio i want to shoot alien

  • Stoelwinder85 Amar Stoelwinder (@Stoelwinder85) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @MorseyBaby @XboxSupport Yes I believe so but after reading I know the problem I think the game is halo master chief collection and it says that it the game is end 2020

  • Sstuu2plus1 Sstuu3 (@Sstuu2plus1) reported

    Thinking about how poorly balanced Halo 4's heroic mode is. Take a game where all the enemies already have an issue with being way too spongy, then increase that health, up the damage so that the only viable method of fighting them is at range, while also making ammo more scarce.

  • Stoelwinder85 Amar Stoelwinder (@Stoelwinder85) reported

    Yes I believe so but after reading I know the problem I think the game is halo master chief collection and it says that it the game is end 2020

  • lilbigmouth_ Lilbigmouth (@lilbigmouth_) reported

    @implodedBRAINS @SpaceEngineersG Plus the copyright issues. And the map author sucks at Halo. 😊

  • ReallyMilkkyWay 天の川 #BullshitMafia (@ReallyMilkkyWay) reported

    @Last_Gambit @crazyduckzxc The only reason why they failed MCC and (a huge chunk of) Halo 5 is because of the lack of content and broken key features. That’s mainly due to developing both their games (in the span of 1-2 years) at the same time. The only major project 343i has right now is Infinite.

  • Last_Gambit LastGambit #CallofDutyZombies (@Last_Gambit) reported

    @_Jac_Obi_ @Khxpri_ no halo mcc sucked from the beginning now it doesn’t count when they “fix” destiny 2 didn’t suck

  • Prophet_Bean Chairman James 占主席 (@Prophet_Bean) reported

    @Lunettes_oo @ThingsWork They could hire the same people to age young actors when shooting parts when they got old. Problem remains that old people having the advantage of big name halo effect continue to take opportunities away from young actors to improve their craft or make a name for themselves

  • EthanMention Mention Ethan (@EthanMention) reported

    @Player2Alpha @TechNitrous @CypherV0 @SHO_Halo @Halo @Showtime @schreiber_pablo @nataschaandsons @bentleykalu @katekenners @AzmiShabana @DannySapani @oliveisgrayy @CharlieBMurphy you are so ignorant and completely ignore what the ***** actually going on. Noone has a problem with black people, they have a problem with lore being broken after all these years. If johnson went black to white we would all be angry but that time you would be on our side so stfu

  • Lobo_OW Lobo (@Lobo_OW) reported

    @PixelPodium Look you think that I’m some far end of the spectrum away from you but I’m really not. I have no problem with women in games like ow, league, halo, even the newer battlefield games. But battlefield stated that their games are not historically accurate, and that’s why it’s okay

  • bad_mojo14 badmojo 🐼 (@bad_mojo14) reported

    The highlight of my PAX south experience, was watching a cloud based game streaming service fail drastically while an attendee tried to play halo reach on it #PAXSouth

  • Zenry0kuZenkai W@t@$h1 W0 D@1$uk1 De$u K@ (@Zenry0kuZenkai) reported

    @DeadScrewKaz I could say they are carbon copies of each other outside of a select few like Borderlands, but it wouldn't do my disappointment of the genre service. Also, Halo and Fallout are alright. At least the stories of those games keep you around.

  • New_Legal_ the 🆕 LEG🅰️L ® (@New_Legal_) reported

    @T1mCurrey @IronClawGaming @ScarlettTies Again it’s not about how many has sold when Halo 3 is still being played more than the last of us. You do understand that right. So if they still playing halo 3 which came out before last of us that means they still using the service.. cashing in.

  • katyxbooo kat ✨ (@katyxbooo) reported


  • ki55myg1rl tedd7*!! #WeTrustX1 (@ki55myg1rl) reported

    HALO i habe problem someone kto sb zna na cruelty free makup.

  • onecosmicbeing GetafixtheDruid (@onecosmicbeing) reported

    @payal_choksi Yes. No compromise possible when one speaks truth and the other chooses to lie. Compromise would require the truth teller to meet halfway, meaning, tell half truths, and the liar too wd have to tell half truths. Thus both wd become liars. (emoji not working, picture me with halo)

  • Ardarostig1 Darragh (@Ardarostig1) reported

    @zerowondering Crash Bandicoot- A reputable leaker said so. Master Chief - E3 is probs when Halo gets to Switch Monster Hunter- Girl representation and Sakurai is a big MH fan. Plus E3 double bill Xenoblade Char- Cuz of remake Captain Toad- to push new Cpt Toad game. Sora- Big E3 announcement.

  • Persona5_fanboy The Snazzy Sean (@Persona5_fanboy) reported

    this will be me if the Halo MCC on pc doesn't fix the bumpmapping issues with Halo: CE

  • Twinwar Travis Winward (@Twinwar) reported

    @Halo Okay I don't know what the hell I need to do, or who the hell I need to talk to in order for you losers to fix this game. Spawn points are still broken in Halo 1, also in Halo reach. The map rotation in Halo 1 and Halo 3 is a complete broke. Fix this shit. #lazydevelopers

  • glorious_bard Anne | Desperate Bard | THE Snek (@glorious_bard) reported

    @Steph_Sinister the boy with the broken halo... oh brother, so dramatic

  • CarmenLavrikova Funny Shit Official (@CarmenLavrikova) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.