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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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May 25: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 03:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Frogman1981
    Eddie Frogge (@Frogman1981) reported

    @BungieHelp Along with the Clan XP problem, it's not counting Heroic Strikes being completed either. I've played 5 the past two days and its counted 1 toward the Milestone...this game is getting to be even more ridiculous than before. What has happened to you all Bungie since Halo 3???

    COVEN_Produktions (@COVENPro_NERV) reported

    @majornelson the Crash Bandicoot games for games I didn't play the OG ones but the remastered and I want to see a Halo Reach remaster! #freecodefridaycontest

  • Synth_Halo
    Halo (@Synth_Halo) reported

    @reedandcaroline @TinSoldiere @VeryRecords What's your problem, deal done #BlindVision #HelloScience #HappyFamiliesToo :: Halo 🌓

  • marthaj44
    martha j💐 (@marthaj44) reported

    @destinysimon @Combat_Vet_ What about birth control failure or health reasons for not being able to take the pill. I guess your sanctimony means you never ever made mistakes huh. Never had problems never asked a friend for help. Mist be nice to be so perfect. Here's your halo

  • AlyssaEinDC
    Alyssa E. Hackbarth (@AlyssaEinDC) reported

    @Communism_Kills Sometimes real sugar is better than anything else.I have to start tracking my food because something is giving me issues. I only have Halo Top once in a while.

  • Communism_Kills
    Ashley Rae (@Communism_Kills) reported

    @AlyssaEinDC Oh, I can't do Halo Top because of the sugar alcohols. The problem with low-carb, low-sugar stuff is they add in things that are no bueno for people with sensitive stomachs.

  • opsdude45_ben
    Ben Taylor (@opsdude45_ben) reported

    @Halo Just fix halo 5

  • opsdude45_ben
    Ben Taylor (@opsdude45_ben) reported

    @Halo @Primordial117 Just fix halo 5

  • rhardingIV
    rovi 🇵🇭🇺🇲 (@rhardingIV) reported

    @zeddikins I can't finish Halo 4 solo because of a checkpoint issue on Reclaimer where the rest of the level doesn't load.

  • prabodh_ojha
    Prabodh Ojha (@prabodh_ojha) reported

    @Abhishe68429245 @Dr__Rainbow Why people are spreading so much of hatred against RSS, out of the curiosity. BTW seems like Abhishek is suffering with halo effect. @Dr__Rainbow please advise him a good doctor who can help to get over of this problem.

  • Van_HeLsingGG
    HeLsing (@Van_HeLsingGG) reported

    Halo 5 on wifi with 120 ping is literally hillarious i can get the first 2 shots on someone then i lag and im all the sudden fived. Love it.

  • milfshooter
    Milf Hunter 3000 (@milfshooter) reported

    the concept of making something worthwhile out of my life seems so foreign like uncharted territory or the bit of glitch map in halo 2 you have to do a ton of retarded stuff to get into just to see how far you can go before something ultimately fucks up

  • SilverSevenInd
    A Really Dedicated Duck (@SilverSevenInd) reported

    The Insurrectionists in HALO annoy me. They're humans, violently against the organization designed to keep all of humanity safe, and they blame all there problems on said organization.

  • SteezyGunman
    Steezy Gunman (@SteezyGunman) reported

    @_liveforkyl @joshua_menke Legit it's ok because no 1 from 343 even plays Halo to relise how how broken it is .they are either washed up pros or people who make bronzes look like champs.

  • WildWiredWeasel
    WildWiredWeasel (@WildWiredWeasel) reported

    @cownterspell Now that I think about it, this isn't the first game where marketing has portrayed the game inaccurately before. Halo 5, no man's sky... it's kinda getting to be an issue. I wonder if there's a point someone's going to have to call false advertisement?

  • Generalkidd
    General Heed (@Generalkidd) reported

    @LFTFJdog Reach theater mode is totally broken on Xbox One and gets corrupted so easily. Even Halo 3 theater can have issues too.

  • odneJ
    Grant Jendo 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@odneJ) reported

    @jrmcghie My problem with Gears and Halo is that they peaked around a decade ago, y'know? I like State Of Decay but I'm gonna wait a bit (if I get it at all) til 2 is patched a few times because it's unsurprisingly buggy as hell atm. As for the rest? Yeah, not my bag tbh!

  • alanhtx
    Alan Baker (@alanhtx) reported

    @seluxit have you shut down the IQE Halo server or just a technical problem at the moment ?

  • ibramusbah
    ibra (@ibramusbah) reported

    @JonnyyChase @joshua_menke U face proplem too. Every time we takle about heavy aim they said the priplem in ur isp. Even pro complain. We hope fix it in halo 6

  • liberatorx13
    John Hardy (@liberatorx13) reported

    Playing Halo MCC waiting for @Halo @343iCommunity to fix it any progress? I have all faith in you guys

  • Rajajun17812869
    Raja junaid (@Rajajun17812869) reported

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  • Rajajun17812869
    Raja junaid (@Rajajun17812869) reported

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  • HaloSleep
    HALO Sleep (@HaloSleep) reported

    @GarethSmitty Hi Garth, please call customer service at 888.999.HALO and they can speak to you directly about your product.

  • AustinDouthit
    Austin aka Azura (@AustinDouthit) reported from Valdosta, Georgia

    @Bungie fuck your piss poor excuse of a God damn PvP game mode nothing but God damn team shorting and the same two fucking guns. After Halo you guys have done nothing but fuck up!! Fix your fucking pvp

  • SolidXSteak
    E3 is dumb (@SolidXSteak) reported

    @ImTharen I didn't say paid service. By service I meant that Fortnite, and other F2P games are updated and changed regularly compared to games like COD 4 and Halo 3, besides DLC maps and bug fixes, are still the same now as they were a decade ago

  • martijn_nek
    Martijn Versleeuwen (@martijn_nek) reported

    @realguy567 Are they attached to the HALO? That was the problem with Ferrari.

  • davkrod
    ⛏Digger Dave😎 (@davkrod) reported

    @Eddie4174 @SkySportsF1 @CroftyF1 As I understand it, the problem was the way they were attached to the halo. Apparently they acted like an extra wing.

  • AIV2O5
    AJ (@AIV2O5) reported

    hey @F1 can you please fix the sync of the telemetry graphics on the halo with the video feed? the graphic is ahead and it’s very odd to see full throttle being applied when hearing downshifts.

  • Can__Elit
    Gene Piper (@Can__Elit) reported

    @pierre_sb5 @SauberF1Team @Formula1game @Charles_Leclerc @F1 can you show me a car that has a sponsor strictly on the halo and not on another part of the car please until then my opinion on the issue will not change...

  • GameTripperUK
    GameTripper UK (@GameTripperUK) reported

    @dangoad @ChillNaga @GamingStev3l @ShamelessMcFly @Scorchio_IRE @EstablishTheRun @englebert3rd @RetroBoyJon @MurpheousYT @rip_dean @kayjoon @GAMETelford @VariedDeadBeat Don't let Halo put you off. The biggest problem I found with it, going back, was that some levels were just copy and paste jobs, going through the same characterless rooms repeatedly. It's actually pretty embarrassing at times - it comes across as so lazy. Halo 2, not so much!

  • Kehmikal_
    Kehmi 🌞👏 (@Kehmikal_) reported

    PUBG killed themselves, I hate to say it but by not fixing issues and nerfing/buffing guns is the problem, it's your god forsaken servers that don't register a shot or blood shot that even Halo 3 could register.

  • Unekone2gChris
    Chris Librizzi (@Unekone2gChris) reported

    @MikeStuchbery_ I have this issue w/Halo.. nonstop feminism at the expense of historic accuracy..

  • kaedwards1208
    Kimani Adonis Edward (@kaedwards1208) reported

    @Elemental_BG Are you finally about to fix sounds halo shockwave and when

  • TRAPPEDCielo_
    Cielo (@TRAPPEDCielo_) reported

    @HaloHart_ Ok ok, no problem with that, halo :)

  • HusoKuro
    Husein Kovacevic (@HusoKuro) reported

    @Halo you need to seriously fix your multiplayer. Why are things like overshield still a thing

  • MalleusHaxan
    roulette dares (@MalleusHaxan) reported

    *HALO jumps from secret aircraft, rips through the atmosphere and deploys chute at 800ft- “I’M FUCKING HORNY” is scrawled underneath the parachute in bright red, alerting the guards before I crash into trees and get shot to death by an evil cartel*

  • DigiAtlas
    James Cobb (@DigiAtlas) reported

    @SnoozySnoozie I really had no issue with Halo 4, but man fuck Halo 5.

  • hanamuto
    ♡ frank castle (netflix) did nothing wrong ♡ (@hanamuto) reported

    this def takes me back and makes me so sad and angry lol. I gave up on halo specifically because I just wasn’t interested in subjecting myself to this toxic shit on a daily basis. and muting is a temporary fix and doesn’t address the real issue.

  • Arsenic1151
    Jacob Houghton (@Arsenic1151) reported

    @StateOfDecay Please. I'm begging you! Put the game on Steam! Windows Store has already broken for me and I can no longer play what is a fantastic game. Dont let this turn into Halo Wars 2 or Horizon 3 where I don't play because it takes over 12 hours of fighting to install!

  • stephnoob
    Steph (@stephnoob) reported

    @AnchoriteAirmed @_Haruda I used to play Halo (which, i don't think had comms so it wasn't really a problem there) and MW2 like A LOT. And I'm pretty sure every time I spoke in mw2 "ARE YOU A 10 YEAR OLD BOY OR ARE YOU A GIRL?" luckily i guess it was before the whole "GAMER GIRL" nonsense, but still

  • DoubleDee245
    Grant (@DoubleDee245) reported

    @Blun_Z My hearts already broken over supporting halo for years and the only reason buying a 360 over ps3 was for halo

  • Kazru88
    Nick (@Kazru88) reported

    @MikePDaTruth @LonemasterWho07 @XboxQwik @SDesai71 So a PlayStation logo at the end of a Halo 6 ad for example? No problem?

  • Lebronj68139427
    (@Lebronj68139427) reported

    @aguyuno @Battlefield A black man with a katana . Multiple women in the main story ( said by the devs ) .... just dont claim its fucking ww2 . No one ever had a problem with halo having a female protagonist .

  • PinkHairedCat
    a wild cat deer (@PinkHairedCat) reported

    @Zander_Jackal That's gonna be the problem getting the Halo 3 one. The rest should be easy, just expensive

  • Mikfet_
    Steev (@Mikfet_) reported

    Hey @Ninja with ur fame and spotlight, even tho u don't play it ne more, u should speak out to 343 to have them properly fix MCC and halo. H2c needs some fixing and attention. Your voice hold a lot of weight.

  • LittleMsCalico
    Cheyenne (@LittleMsCalico) reported

    @juvie_duvie my biggest problem is the fact they change shit drastically to something much worse, like don’t fix what isn’t broken? maybe? But it’s never gunna die lol, just like halo there’s still a population for dark souls and that franchise died. There’s always someone still playin.

  • tyler_fullarton
    Tyler Fullarton (@tyler_fullarton) reported

    @RacsoNone20 @RonFollower Oh yeah, totally, because halo 3's ending totally didn't have a massive plothole that 343 had to fix with a spin off dlc for hw2

  • MarcoMaxFan
    Marco L (@MarcoMaxFan) reported

    @Guillodietrich @JeanTodt @ITF_Forum @JeanTodt you, the @fia, and #libertymedia are the ones hurting @f1 by not listening to the fans, and having horrible regulations in consequence. @fia Mrs Todt, Slowly, I think you ar to blame for the problems with the Halo. helping to push halo out. This is complete joke

  • shadefacedNoona
    👑 Shade Faced Nuna 😍 (@shadefacedNoona) reported

    @Hedgegi @btsXburritos_m @ARMY_GUIDE101 They aren't default in my books, but simply put, money talks. The US entertainment industry traditionally spent the most money. But now kpop has bigger budgets & the US is starting to lag behind. Really, it's more a matter of halo effect meets economics. Imho.

  • StDxDreamer
    Dan, Dreamer 🛫 #H1PL LV (@StDxDreamer) reported

    The Halo graphic issue was resolved, the piece found through google images wasn't watermarked or sourced properly. Carry on.

  • ant_iuculano
    Anthony (@ant_iuculano) reported

    @rimlapper @SkySportsF1 The problem was not the mirrors being on the halo, but the singlet used to attach them to said halo. Since the winglet was removed they can't now outlaw this design since the FIA gave the teams the rights to pit motors on the halo a few weeks ago.

  • MarcoMaxFan
    Marco L (@MarcoMaxFan) reported

    @ITF_Forum @JeanTodt @JeanTodt you, the @fia, and #libertymedia are the ones hurting @f1 by not listening to the fans, and having horrible regulations in consequence. @fia Mrs Todt, Slowly, I think you ar to blame for the problems with the Halo. helping to push halo out. This is complete joke.!

  • mbbarnes80
    Matthew Barnes (@mbbarnes80) reported

    @PrinceUzzi @mikebara33 @F1 @redbullracing I’m a bit more used to it now. I just can’t stand idiots who don’t research properly. They said that the end result of the bianchi crash would not have been prevented by the halo. Do u remember that or did u conveniently forget it like a lot of other things lmfao

  • acoll37
    Vicious Possum (@acoll37) reported

    @Alejandroid1979 @LiveWirezGaming Furthermore, the Halo series of games have broken many records in the gaming industry. Also, you’re defending God of War as if I disparaged it in some way, which I did not. Again, go back and read my posts (slowly)

  • NateKyng
    GOAT Custom Graphics (@NateKyng) reported

    @NotoriousStephs Or you could be my devil who happens to have some wings too, and a broken halo around ya neck :P

  • Rajajun17812869
    Raja junaid (@Rajajun17812869) reported

    @HamdanMohammed Halo sir my work almunium irrigation flynet pant AC service lock door Dainik blocking my experience Dubai 5 years please tell me Whatsap number 00971582563845 00923023325940 Call me

  • DaBeardedXeno
    DaBeardedXeno (@DaBeardedXeno) reported

    Halo: little clunky but classic Halo 2: perfect refinement Halo 3: great story horrible controls ODST: fan service we deserved Reach: kinda pointless also that assult rifle is UGLY Halo 4: beautiful campaign but floaty controls Halo 5: controls like a dream but is horrible.

  • kushal_mehra
    कुशल मेहरा (@kushal_mehra) reported

    @kshetragnya The issue isn't them having an opinion. The issue is the Halo effect which gives them disproportionate attention. But people should be smart enough and use their own brain.

  • Hether54797160
    Hether (@Hether54797160) reported from Skipton, England

    So final fix of the week with Piers this morning please don’t tell me it’s not on next week because of the school holidays?? Counting down with my cup of tea great show but not big enough for the halo

  • brianna_m_pardo
    Brianna Morgan (@brianna_m_pardo) reported

    A broken halo that use to shine