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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • YepWeOut I Work at Junes!!!! (@YepWeOut) reported

    Daily reminder (Xbox slander edition) -Halo is Trash n a fake competitive shooter -Gears has broken mechanics people exploit smh -Xbox one barely gonna outsell OG Xbox Lol -All the extra shit U had to buy wit a early model 360 -Y’all ****** Still playing Xbox in 2019

  • WebHead0950 Unmasked Spidey (@WebHead0950) reported

    @SuzuranShiraho @Halo @Zeer0P @misplacedyank @HCS Let em take there time. They got a lot to fix. I wish it could happen over night too. I just don't want another Halo 5..

  • ThreesTrees Trees (@ThreesTrees) reported

    My biggest issue with life. I wanna play Halo but I hate using a controller. Makes me feel limited. Please get on that @Halo @Tashi343i

  • Xist3nce_Dev 💤Sleepy Entity💤 (@Xist3nce_Dev) reported

    @waywardstrategy I'm minorly intoxicated so sorry for the broken English there. But yes, there hasn't been another RTS to do that well in a long time. Halo Wars had some good ideas, but didn't execute well on some of it. That and it wasn't on PC yet, where the main community for RTS games lie.

  • WWEDivaPerfect Syrsa (@WWEDivaPerfect) reported

    I have a problem. 12 hours straight of Black Ops 4 and Halo mcc. I'm addicted.

  • GusThoughts Gus (@GusThoughts) reported

    @Halo @misplacedyank If y’all could fix the glitched Halo Wars 2 achievements, that’d be grrreeeaat.

  • BxSouljah Aaron Miles (@BxSouljah) reported

    @Kotaku This article fails to mention the COMPLETE radio silence from 343 regarding MCC from 2015 - 2018. Let's not pretend that Microsoft could've advertised Halo Infinite to their consumers if MCC was still a broken mess.

  • jcarson69830396 jcarson (@jcarson69830396) reported

    $HALO Clinical trial issues at HALO #FAIL it appears

  • EdwardWestSumm1 Edward West-Summers (@EdwardWestSumm1) reported

    @Atlanta962 I don't have a problem with Cyborg showing up, my 2 problems are 1. They've Already introduced Geo Force, Halo and Forager. Katana and Metamorpho will be showing up soon. That's 5 characters already. Cyborg showing up just feels kinda random when they are supposed to be...

  • mudkip454 Mudkip454 (@mudkip454) reported

    @Arc_Trooper_48 @LateNightHalo @Kotaku @KevinKoolxHalo That’s still not an excuse. Leaving MCC broken while running off to cater solely to new fans is a slap in the face to us classic fans. Also, DICE actually fixed BF4 in a few months, which is far more reasonable than 4 years. Lastly, if anything Halo 5 NEEDED a delay.

  • notadriene adriene 🌸 (@notadriene) reported

    @shernaboto Tell me why I read it as “broken hah-los” like halo-halo 😩🤣

  • JazzFrog2873 3v4 industries (@JazzFrog2873) reported

    The current ranking system of mcc is a piece of shit, bring back h3 ranking system and fix the battle riffle @Halo

  • IJayMasterI John Forbes (@IJayMasterI) reported

    Trying to go for the achievement to beat the halo 2 legendary campaign in under 3 hours is extremely difficult, because I have to rely on luck that I get a checkpoint. On top of that enemies have inconsistent spawns. I hope y’all fix these issues soon. It makes me not wanna play.

  • NellVoid Null Void Blank (@NellVoid) reported

    the girl I was really bad at the new halo but it turned out I was just playing with lots of lag.

  • K1ngB0b0fB0b KING BOB! (@K1ngB0b0fB0b) reported

    @Ace_Combat_Fan @NotNKVD @IGN @IGNJapan IGN gave halo five a nine you can see they don't play the games they just look at them and give em a random number, yes ace 7 has a lot of flaws ie he even dies to guns but shows a rocket hit. And the preorder plane was kinda not working on launch. The game is still amazing

  • Paragon_Quenton • moody blues • (@Paragon_Quenton) reported

    @BigB1ackdolphin @BondCold I actually really like Fortnite’s creative mode, it’s exactly like halo 3 forge mode. I want it to blow up. My main issue in fortnite is the building. It’s rampant and it needs to be limited. I don’t really need to elaborate further since you both hate it too but yeah shit sucks

  • 2epub 🎥 Repub (@2epub) reported

    So I play my first game of Halo Lag out lol then get banned for lagging out Thats tragic

  • DL12MS117 Master Chief & Cortana (@DL12MS117) reported

    @Kotaku @Halo Some said the truth, some understand why it took them so long to fix the game, but most just making quick assumption!

  • Pogocane Pogocane (@Pogocane) reported

    @LouisLeVau His funniest take on a Halo stream was "I hate how some anti-SJWs take themselves so seriously, it's exactly what I hated about SJWs", I'm pretty sure "taking themselves seriously" is the smallest problems with SJWs, if that was their biggest flaw then no one would care

  • PrashastOnline Prashast Singh (@PrashastOnline) reported

    I'm really surprised that #MissionImpossibleFallout didn't get nominated for best cinematography. From the halo jump to the helicopter chase to the crash portions where the characters & vehicles rotated instead of the camera, it was really astonishing. #OscarNoms

  • NeedsReach MccNeedsReach (@NeedsReach) reported

    @WebHead0950 @Halo @sxsw @MicrosoftStore @HCS @SXSWGaming It’s 30 FPS on the original game, the original games servers have recently been almost unplayable with lag outs, with reach in MCC it would be easier to access for people who don’t want to use their old reach discs. Plus more people would play it if it was on mcc

  • bensastian R 🐍 (@bensastian) reported

    @smokeymud @LiveWirezGaming Yep and Halo deserved good remasters, not broken messes that take almost 5 years to function properly.

  • TheRealRich5 TheRealRich (@TheRealRich5) reported

    @NintenDaan I wait to buy games a year after they’ve been out I save money get more games for my money and get more time to play them since I’m not buying back to back new releases. I only buy new games if it’s elder scrolls or halo everything else I buy is mainly retro ..problem solved 😆

  • PSaberteam Project Saberteam (@PSaberteam) reported

    @VeNoMzShibe @KornnerStudios Film Errors happened in OG Halo 3 too. I still get them.

  • paul_snively Paul Snively (@paul_snively) reported

    I remember discovering this in Marathon. But it wasn’t a glitch. It was Jason Jones (Halo) showing off the 2.5D engine & its physics vs. where DOOM was at the time. That’s right: Mac gaming was better than PC.

  • biodive65533938 bio diversity (@biodive65533938) reported

    bio diversity (@biodive65533938) 1/22/19, 9:35 AM $HALO Is going down Halo has trial issues..

  • toa_freak Ian (Halo Canon) (@toa_freak) reported

    I can't vote, but allow me to voice my support once again for this merger. Two Halo wikis creates a number of problems for the community that don't have to be there, and merger potentially means much more editors to get the single wiki up-to-date (as both are currently behind).

  • shaydouken Shayesta Miah ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄ (@shaydouken) reported

    @Kotaku 2014 broken and now fixed 😂 Both Microsoft and 343i knew the game was broken and yet still was released to the public. 343i needed 5 years to fix. Bonnie Ross named AIAS Hall of Fame Inductee for 2019 😂 I’d replace 343i with id Software for future HALO games.

  • Scott98261963 Scott (@Scott98261963) reported

    @LateNightHalo @mudkip454 @Kotaku @KevinKoolxHalo I love Halo, it's been my favourite franchise forever, but none of this changes the fact it was broken at launch. I know about game dev too, and a thing called testing, which obviously wasn't carried out to a suitable degree.

  • KristoRails Kristo (@KristoRails) reported

    @MarKSNiZ1 @MKViableManatee I would rather try and fix something that is more urgent: AFKs. They are everywhere. Hardcore playlist, social playlist, I've even made several posts about it on halo waypoint and said it would be a great to have a "Accept game" system, similar to CS:GO and League of legends

  • HellJumper_YT HellJumper (@HellJumper_YT) reported

    @pixelflaregfx @Kotaku It was broken for four years, and during those four years, we were left completely in the dark, while they tended to Halo 5 Guardians, a game that came out after MCC. When you release a broken game, you deliver the experience you consumers paid for before you move onto another.

  • VeNoMzShibe Robin (@VeNoMzShibe) reported

    @HellJumper_YT It's sad the human race it's intellect decreases by the years. Halo 3 is still unplayable to game physics/mechanics extend. And EU basically cannot play the game with the network routing issue. 🙃👌

  • WAFEgency OPEN AGENCY (@WAFEgency) reported

    @WAYVLucass Halo lucas, wafe OA free uname, fix dn, no gdm, no point system coba kepoin kuy - byul

  • ColesyNW Colesy (@ColesyNW) reported

    @HellJumper_YT @FavynTube Halo pulls off the long TTK and I don't have a problem with it because it is executed well. I don't play this game anymore but R6 Siege pulls off a very short TTK in my opinion, and it has little effect on skill gaps.

  • ScottAttula Scott Attula (@ScottAttula) reported

    I don't think people realize that every (first party) game on @XboxGamePass is now essentially "games as a service." Support a la @Halo MCC or @SeaOfThieves creates tons of value for the consumer to keep the service. In between updates, they have the rest of the library.

  • pr0spector88 big F250 with tons of busch light cans in the bed (@pr0spector88) reported

    if halo 6 tries to be a "social issues tackler" I will be on the worldwide news.

  • NoisyBoi87 NoisyBoi87 (@NoisyBoi87) reported

    @Halo love lagging out of games, it happens so much now, idk what yall did to halo5 but yall are ruining it

  • LeMonikaRe Mochi~ (@LeMonikaRe) reported

    even peppermint halo isn't gonna fix this headache

  • MattEatsMochi m a T T (@MattEatsMochi) reported

    @xbrixbrix **** I missed it. Felt like it was still Sunday cause of MLK. I guess I'm gonna get me Halo fix solo

  • DecepticonCobra Official #1 Dr. Halsey Fanboy and Apologist (@DecepticonCobra) reported

    @EffortlessFury Indeed. What often gets lost in dust however is that even Halo 4's biggest critics come from the lore community. We saw the problems and wanted them fixed.

  • AMzinho_ AM IS FAR FROM HOME (@AMzinho_) reported

    Problem Bad romance Single Ladies Halo Work Just Dance

  • YoungLink242 TheYoungLinkSociety (@YoungLink242) reported from Crawfordsville, Indiana

    @NayrmanBSC My biggest problem is that Halo keeps dying every few episodes. I no longer really care about what happens to her because I know she'll be fine.

  • SSDD_ArchAngel John lancaster (@SSDD_ArchAngel) reported

    @Unyshek @Halo @ske7ch We just hard reset our xbox's and it seems to have fixed the issue. By the way <3 the modern aiming.... Its sooo smooth

  • JazzFrog2873 3v4 industries (@JazzFrog2873) reported

    Broken to halo 6

  • harleyy_mikaela MiKaela 🌙 (@harleyy_mikaela) reported

    that old broken halo fell right off of her head

  • BxSouljah Aaron Miles (@BxSouljah) reported

    @SenpaiRigel @Moses_FPS I don't really care anymore tbh. My favorite Halo game on MCC continues to neglected, broken & ignored; and if you people really think Infinite is going to have any resemblance to a classic Halo game....well then you haven't been paying attention.

  • InhumanlySavage Inhuman (@InhumanlySavage) reported

    @Rengar_RK 💰 problems G. Trust me, I would love to play H3 and grind with you. I watched the event, I miss Halo. Just can't afford it right now.

  • durrsly Quadralien (@durrsly) reported

    So after spending way too long trying to run Halo 1 on my Chromebook I discover that it is completely impossible because the integrated graphics driver for Linux doesn't support specific features Halo requires but doesn't tell you it's missing, just giving a generic crash instead

  • NoisyBoi87 NoisyBoi87 (@NoisyBoi87) reported

    @Halo yall really did Halo 5 *****, not much hope for infinite based of of what yall did to H5, screwed it up, ignored the server issues, ignored the population decline, ignored all the problems in game like blank melee's and shots not registering, then yall just left it to die.

  • DoctorCode2 DoctorCode (@DoctorCode2) reported

    @46n2design @CodePen no it's not inuseful but there is a synchonisation problem between the mouse speed and the halo

  • NickPfitzner Rugby Dictator-In-Waiting (@NickPfitzner) reported

    Addit: went to NZ recently, paid with @Bankwest Halo everywhere I could. Minds were blown. I even made someone's day - they were looking a bit down in their service job at a tourist attraction in #Rotorua but after seeing Halo do it's thing, they were smiling happily #tech

  • CSterlingWalker Christopher Walker (@CSterlingWalker) reported

    @Russellmania621 That's not a brace... that's hardware to keep his leg stable. Those pins are drilled into his leg bones. It's like a head halo for people with broken necks. He's not playing in 2019, and probably never. Just get better Alex, screw football. #Redskins #HTTR

  • DestroWod Destro WOD (@DestroWod) reported

    @LateNightHalo mode in Halo period. So im enjoying playing it here and there now. Thanks to gamepass too i guess so the player base is still decent even all these years and broken times. But i do hope next time they so something like that, they do it right from the start.

  • InuHanyou1701 InuHanyou1701 (@InuHanyou1701) reported

    I bought MCC because I love the Halo campaigns but I have never touched multiplayer. I’m glad 343 has put in the hard work to fix it. There are plenty of devs out there who put out a broken product and never fix it (looking at you Tindalos).

  • mudkip454 Mudkip454 (@mudkip454) reported

    @MemeCryptum @Kotaku @KevinKoolxHalo That’s still excuse for what happened my dude. It’s always smart to focus on the product that’s already out there before making a new one. In other words, fix MCC before building Halo 5. Quality over quantity.

  • Rookie_0DST Rookie /Devon (@Rookie_0DST) reported

    //I found a halo CE shotgun glitch if you meele and shoot the shotgun shell wont be pumped out. ._.

  • iKiwed Eric (@iKiwed) reported

    @WisdomGirlPower @APtheNerd @Kotaku This doesn't excuse the time lost for this big project at the beginning, of course. They lost years, but at least they came back to fix this mess, and usually fixing is harder than destroying. It's a matter of being patience, just like with Halo Infinite.

  • RednekGamurz RednekGamurz (@RednekGamurz) reported

    @MARGlNALPROOF Basically a fan made fix/version of Halo 2 Vista, which fixes a few bugs and allows for servers to be hosted and played on again since the original online for it was shut down years ago.

  • haleyreann Haley Hill (@haleyreann) reported

    Her Halo is broken but there's fight in her eyes

  • peppermintLee Leesha (@peppermintLee) reported

    so far and that's a problem. AND I'M SO SICK OF HALO DYING IN AN UNNECESSARILY GORY FASHION. We get it. The chick can't die. Stop it. Every episode she's dying in some stupidly bloody or violently way and then people who know she can regenerate act surprised that she's still...