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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Death_Herself_
    Death Herself☠️ (@Death_Herself_) reported

    Dumb people complain about halo one more time, just quit playing. Problem solved. Halo Is a dead game. Quit acting surprised when a new update fails, play a different game ffs.

  • gainfulraptor
    LegacyWolffe (@gainfulraptor) reported

    Lessons I've learned from games Fortnite: You're never safe. There's always someone waiting to kill you. Halo: Teammate who? I'm only out for myself and kills. If I teamkill its another for me. Siege: Always look at a problem in every direction. Just don't find someone else.

  • JustJoj18347214
    Just Jojo (@JustJoj18347214) reported

    @iHuGi @MatPiscatella People trust his opinion more than ours. We don't need him advertising this shit game to people where the master chief collection was broken for months because they were trying to push Halo 5 pre orders.

  • jonoble
    Jonathan Noble (@jonoble) reported

    @gremski I'm used to it by now, but I've never had a problem with it since the first Halo.

  • JoshIsaiahjohn
    Fact (@JoshIsaiahjohn) reported

    @BrandoBomb @JesseGryphon @Halo I'm just going to assume you're a casual who has never even broken the champ barrier in anything, but slayer. Have a nice day and feel free to read the update.

  • JoshIsaiahjohn
    Fact (@JoshIsaiahjohn) reported

    @BrandoBomb @JesseGryphon @Halo Aiming and luck are two different things. When the bullets don't always hit where you aim then there is an issue called "inconsistency", and it's real. It isn't like H3, where you aim in ahead of them. It is, literally, that the bullets will not always go to to where you aim.

  • Jll7Chief
    🔫master chiefjll7 (@Jll7Chief) reported

    @SierraForge @HiddenXperia @toa_freak @RossGraham555 @NakaiCanon @GrimBrotherOne @Ultimate_Halo @franklez @LateNightHalo @Unyshek @camdoug1999 So am I. Hopefully 343I doesn't screw up shit like the last few games. Halo 5 ,wars 2 (in some areas) and the God damn awful MCC issue that they only started fixing it now.. Halo 2 anniversary should of been it's own thing. And the shitty ass spartan ops. (Sorry for the rant)

  • BrandoBomb
    BRANDOBOMB (@BrandoBomb) reported

    @JoshIsaiahjohn @JesseGryphon @Halo I heavily disagree but we can go back and forth all day. I know one thing everyone complained about how the br was a laser beam now they in my opinion fixed it even though I didn’t have a problem with the old br and I don’t have a problem with this br. They gave everyone...

  • BrandoBomb
    BRANDOBOMB (@BrandoBomb) reported

    @JoshIsaiahjohn @JesseGryphon @Halo I know you weren’t but If it was inconsistent nobody would be able to get a perfection. That’s when it becomes a problem. Personally I like the change and it seems you like the old better. But people complained about the old br and they changed it.

  • cescbe
    Cesar Beltran (@cescbe) reported

    When Vinnie hit that high note from Broken Halo last night @phantoms >>>>

  • bbfart
    Buffcoat and Beaver (@bbfart) reported


  • JannahMontanna
    J (@JannahMontanna) reported

    @Bey_Legion Diva, Halo and Broken-Hearted Girl

  • SuperGameR4Life
    Live.Game.Repeat (@SuperGameR4Life) reported

    @EA @EA_DICE The cut scene and menu HDR issues (halo effects) on PS4 and XBox One X are shocking!! Destroys what is otherwise a gorgeous game! Any word on a patch?? @IGN @KindaFunnyVids

  • BrandoBomb
    BRANDOBOMB (@BrandoBomb) reported

    @JesseGryphon @JoshIsaiahjohn @Halo And in swat it takes one or else it would have been 100% every weapon in swat is a one shot head shot every. The dmr the magnum the br that’s the game mode hit them in the head and you get the kill. My buddy had no problems shooting my head

  • Jericho7144714
    Just a Guy (@Jericho7144714) reported

    So, yeah, the X will be great for third party titles... That's nice, I guess. And, hey, I'm happy the X will allow the devs behind the Halo Master Chief Collection to fix that train wreck.

  • DecepticonCobra
    #1 Halsey Apologist (@DecepticonCobra) reported

    @Atthedriveintmv I mean, I still have my issues, but there accuracy wasn’t my concern, just the notion they are supposed to be for Halo 6. Seems like you were trying to pick a fight for no real reason, but whatever.

  • GladiatorSome
    SomeRandomGladiator (@GladiatorSome) reported

    @Exalt_Lucina21 Ok, your on Halo 5, that's your first problem. Not saying that the other halos had that issue, but still...

  • Skyofgreen8867
    odysseygaming86 (@Skyofgreen8867) reported

    @markfontana56 @Wargamer5588 @mombot For a old gamer like you if you forgot how games came out broken with zero content so microtransaction keep a game going for years so you always have something to try in get or win such games would cod battlefield gears halo csgo we can go on all day

  • Dobypeti
    Dobypeti (@Dobypeti) reported

    @halo4449 @Halo I don't know if they fixed H5F since then though (I got tired of its issues and no longer play it)

  • Beeferoni7
    Baafour Kissi (@Beeferoni7) reported

    @Xbox I got the xbox 360 quite late because I was a Nintendo guy, I really loved mario but then I saw a lot of mt friends playing xbox so my first game was Fifa 12, and Halo 3. Best campaign ever, the only thing I didn't like was how thr saving system was broken for co op,

  • BrutalityZR
    Brutality (@BrutalityZR) reported

    I am an Onyx skilled Halo player. My friend is not very good. We can’t play ranked together because while matchmaking may give us a close game, he’ll get slaughtered. There are no social options for regular arena gameplay, so I have to smurf. That’s a problem. @joshua_menke

  • SpartanlyProd
    Chad (@SpartanlyProd) reported

    @United_Halo @DaRustTV This dude seems like he's just following this huge "hate train". He's not providing his own opinions towards the issues of Halo, rather, he does not tell us his reasons for feeling this way, and also does not provide solutions to his own criticism.

  • Kasikili_
    Bob Green Jay Arra (@Kasikili_) reported

    @GeoWilliamN That’s the problem with doing it routinely, you induce expectations on the receivers side. Rather just say halo when you wanna actually talk

  • GlockItJacket
    Jacket (@GlockItJacket) reported

    @gordoncenafa Fair enough, i grew up playing crash with my parents as a kid and it was the last thing i played with tia before coming back, dont really care about halo or cod tbh, id only get it if it came with it. As for online i wont even pay for playstation either despite how many have one

  • EvilBells
    Bells Warren (@EvilBells) reported

    -adjusts my halo- might have a problem here

  • DragonFlame337
    DragonFlame337 (@DragonFlame337) reported

    @Xbox @XboxSupport @Halo I have a problem that I need to report and talk with someone about because this is a major problem.

  • bbfart
    Buffcoat and Beaver (@bbfart) reported


  • AMorrell14
    Andrew Morrell (@AMorrell14) reported


  • Vorked
    Vorked | Brandon (@Vorked) reported

    I explain that not everyone is having issues with the Halo 5 Overtime update. And then get explained why I'm wrong even though I ran a small local LAN with four Xbox Ones with said update. Okay, whatever.

  • ashley_divine
    AshleyDivine🖤 SFCon (@ashley_divine) reported

    I have three unopen pumpkin pie halo top in my freezer but I want to buy more...I have a problem

  • fluxxhidef
    Fluxx (@fluxxhidef) reported

    @daemoskisame @tteddyybear @SrRBPinto @Xbox Recently, I’ve been going back to Bungie’s old stuff like Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. Hell, I even reinstalled Destiny 1 because there’s so much more depth and stuff to do than D2. I’m torn between buying the new Osiris DLC and boycotting Bungie until they fix their errors.

  • Itszutak
    🇮‌🇹‌🇸‌🇿‌🇺 (@Itszutak) reported

    considers making an SL avatar that's the most broken rip I can get out of halo

  • ThatBookishBoy
    Michael P. Raymond (@ThatBookishBoy) reported

    I have been lead astray by @Foodkick !! Where is my Halo Top? Where is my jerky! I need my Kettle Cooked Chips! Don’t they know my depression doesn’t care about their poor customer service???

  • TheDogArmyE1
    Artsy Puppy (@TheDogArmyE1) reported

    @Halo Yeah, that’s great and all, but when are you gonna fix the FUCKING BALANCING?

  • Fedeguitar
    Fedeguitar (@Fedeguitar) reported

    @Halo I can't download the game since September update, please fix it!

  • lil_whitegirl__
    Kaci (@lil_whitegirl__) reported

    Broken halo that used to shine

  • Eraqulous
    Roni Alho (@Eraqulous) reported

    @Halo @Primordial117 Here is one more thing for you to fix, YOUR FUCKING SERVERS FOR HALO 5!!!!!!!! Im losing my mind over disconnecting so many times smh.......

  • REKINS_WeaqT
    WeaqT (@REKINS_WeaqT) reported

    @h1z1 Thats not a résolution problem, i have change it 3 times and i steel dont have halo

  • Arkie_of_Bemani
    [email protected] (@Arkie_of_Bemani) reported

    Were it not for a single 700 impression on auburn halo, it would be squarely the highest point average. That low vote was only because of the HS-FIX bug with LR2, so really the problem is with the BMS player and not my song :kappa:

  • REKINS_WeaqT
    WeaqT (@REKINS_WeaqT) reported

    @h1z1 No "halo" on my mate on br5, How can i fix hit ?

  • d34m2h
    Dakota (@d34m2h) reported

    broken halo’s that used to shine

  • FunnyWilfred
    Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • CianaStone
    Ciana Stone (Syneca) (@CianaStone) reported

    And that's me, that's me The boy with the broken halo ...

  • D_Mar_Fresh
    C. M. DeMar (@D_Mar_Fresh) reported

    @brandon1_jones @InfinityWard Sorry not into playing Call of duty Mixed with titanfall, nor the previous one call of duty mixed with halo. Keep it boots on the ground. Last two years of COD have been BAAAAAD and this year hasn't started off very well with server problems.

  • BrandoBomb
    BRANDOBOMB (@BrandoBomb) reported

    @BbrotherNumOne @Halo Disagree everyone automatically pressed y to switch to that thing it was and is no longer a problem

  • Van_HeLsingGG
    Phil Marcantonio (@Van_HeLsingGG) reported

    @PolarizeSK @Cornbread_XBL Nah 343 lost my respect in halo 4 which i did not own and mcc they just suck as a developer they dont listen like bungie or treyarch or Activision when there are issues snakebite even told me all pros get no say in the game which is sad

  • Van_HeLsingGG
    Phil Marcantonio (@Van_HeLsingGG) reported

    @lmport3d @NfiniteRedghost @EDamite @Cornbread_XBL Well the main problem is this change to another starting weapon that WILL end competitive halo i begin to step in no pro wants br starts and a vast majority of the community doesnt want it but 343 wants to force their agenda on us like it or not

  • lmport3d
    AJ (@lmport3d) reported

    @Van_HeLsingGG @NfiniteRedghost @EDamite @Cornbread_XBL That make sense tho, seeing how the pistol is single shot and the br is burst. It’s just a unnecessary change when the problem is content and general maintenance issues, just play and voice your opinion arguing a perspective is silly. It’s like halo reach all over again

  • xL3G3ND6
    Chaye Novak (@xL3G3ND6) reported

    @Nadestraight @PrsmaTV They weren't really new maps though, just reworks of current Halo 5 maps, which is where their main issues lie.

  • H5_Tony
    H5 Tony (@H5_Tony) reported

    If they can't fix Halo 5 , why do people think 343 would make Halo 6 better?

  • nsazkh
    syahira (@nsazkh) reported

    halo, reply me with lagu broken pls. english oki

  • Vetoed
    Vetoed (@Vetoed) reported

    Halo 5's biggest issues stem from the fact that most of the testing is done via local servers and low ping environments For instance the new BR *should* be an improvement skill-wise, but it just doesn't work online b/c it outputs constant damage. Slight lag spikes ruin it

  • TheVirosLeFirst
    Ilove343sartstyle (@TheVirosLeFirst) reported

    @Doctor_Reasons @Roniboney There's toxicity everywhere, Halo would have less if 343 told us exactly what they're doing, why they can't do certain things and why some things are just shit in general For example like saying why they couldn't fix MCC, it wouldn't been as bad if they said Xbone was just shit

  • gayjungbi
    no life without eunha's oh so sad (@gayjungbi) reported

    so the copy issue thing is still up do y'all want me to send you some halo-halo so you can chill

  • xxShawn
    Shawn 🌠 (@xxShawn) reported

    @Taxii__ it hasn't been not broken since Halo 4

  • puddingroots
    Ronnie @ nazuna but with a KNIFE (@puddingroots) reported

    sys is basically an angel i dont think the author realizes this tho bc he has no halo or wings there must have been a design error

  • Baconblade31
    Jake west (@Baconblade31) reported

    @GrimBrotherOne @Unyshek Please fix halo my dude it's kinda broke bring back HCS no one wants oddball please bring it back for the love of halo

  • PrachiS76391290
    Prachi Sharma (@PrachiS76391290) reported

    @KUNAL_JAISINGH Halo can not be done very Bdi Fan Who you can talk to you in the head come if you do not have any problem please sir.

  • LankyDragoon
    Alex Kreps (@LankyDragoon) reported

    Non Spoiler Reactions to JL: - They absolutely ruined the Flash. - Steppenwolf was one of the people who would lag-switch in Halo 2 CTF. - The movie wasn’t AS bad as I expected but it’s “leagues” away from being a “good” movie. - I’m optimistic for DC movies, sans Zach Snyder

  • EnigmaInWords
    Enigma (@EnigmaInWords) reported

    Could a time ever come When the broken halo Of innocence lost be Replaced by soft wings Of acceptance? Or are we simply not Wired for self love? #RavensVeil

  • Eli_X_Elite
    Eli FFA Elite (@Eli_X_Elite) reported

    @AKut47 @ClintHostile @CalmJTM @NotCLGSwiSH @MLGHoLic @MrcoLeK not playing halo till they fix the game. its so trash currently

  • raeganhuff_
    Raegan🌸 (@raeganhuff_) reported

    Broken halo’s that used to shine

  • RealTurniplord
    Turniplord (@RealTurniplord) reported

    @TrueAchievement yeah, I got that - it's being added to the rental service. Meaning it probably doesn't have a lot of players and they want to boost them by adding it to the pack - just like Recore and Halo 5

  • JesseGryphon
    Jesse Gryphon (@JesseGryphon) reported

    @NfiniteRedghost @Halo I'm fine with br starts, but the newly updated one just shoots to slow to really do much damage. There is also some hit registration issues going on as well. If they put it back to the old br, I'd be fine with that.

  • P_Arredondo51
    Blake Carter (@P_Arredondo51) reported

    I got a broken wing and a crooked halo

  • WeirdNorwegianV
    Weird Norwegian (@WeirdNorwegianV) reported

    Whyyyy @PlayOverwatch ?! My beautiful #Mercy ! You have broken her! Clipped her wings!! Stolen her halo. My poor, poor Mercy... #Overwatch

  • Genetic_BR
    Adapted BR (@Genetic_BR) reported

    @joshua_menke sir plz next halo give us a weapon that can team shot from across the map so you don't have this problem have no second weapon and a 1.2 kill time or 1.36 killtime Sprint with a limit and different respawn times for different game types for blance

  • DCNationSlade
    Zachary Uddenberg (@DCNationSlade) reported

    @Xbox_Addictt I agree. Going for another lightning in a jar title like Ori is just hurting the brand. MS biggest problem game side is a lack of risk and a disconnect with their audience. Where's the Halo or Gears of this gen?

  • sc_Slayerage
    Slayerage (@sc_Slayerage) reported

    @A_Wendler34 @IFrostBolt That would be an improvement, but not enough. Back in halo getting 12 sniper bullets per pickup was good but giving 6 bullets feels like nothing when there are so many counter play options. Taking direction from a game with vastly different gameplay will help, not fix.

  • BBrandxn_
    Brandon (@BBrandxn_) reported

    @joshua_menke @MLGmark @Tashi343i All I’m saying Josh is that Halo will die if you do not fix the settings, it’s fine if you don’t want to believe me, I’m a Halo player, I play everyday, i know what Comp Halo Community wants. And the biggest thing they want is for Halo NOT to die!

  • Naptime_EU
    Josh Naps (@Naptime_EU) reported

    @MvPiTBull @Halo Im just planning to buy a pc and hopping on that until they fix halo

  • NikolasLovegren
    FatalAbyss HCS (@NikolasLovegren) reported

    @iMatterall There might also be some bad code inside of Halo 5, I remember SpartanTheDog talking about getting blanks on the new private LAN servers. So blanks aren't a server issue. Although the servers are absolutely no help when it comes to the game.

  • BryceW1212Davee
    Mr. Nobody (@BryceW1212Davee) reported

    I’m retiring my Halo 5 career due to a back problem from carrying my team too much

  • PmL_Fateless
    Jay Miller👽 (@PmL_Fateless) reported

    @DJdingus @zeroFear_Saa I still play halo 2 regularly a game that's 12 years old and I still get ddos regulalry kids just can't handle losing.

  • _vvvanya
    yung vans (@_vvvanya) reported

    Permanent halo of flyaway hairs around my face, idk if they’re baby hairs or broken hairs but they are untameable

  • RicanLozada22
    Ramon Lozada (@RicanLozada22) reported

    @BungieHelp Cool. Fix the radar and people getting shot through walls. Should not be an issue since you guys created Halo right?

  • the1stwhoadude
    Tim B™ (@the1stwhoadude) reported

    @turtlebeach @Xbox Still have it. And the Halo edition green monster. Both run perfect. No RROD like errors.

  • kore_virus
    Kore Virus (@kore_virus) reported

    @JoelJ_Garcia @HardcoreMetal89 Try gears or halo. Using one game as an example of power is dumb like killzone for launch ps4 was running around 720p. This game suffers from coding issues and engine codes

  • XDeminox
    Brian Preston (@XDeminox) reported

    @Halo me: dude you're totally looking at my screen friend: no I'm not! me: *buys longer crossover cable. plays in next room* friend: *loses every match after that* i think the cable is lagging! me: it's a 14ft cable. not 14 miles. you just can't see my screen anymore. friend: whatever.

  • YoungPaulJeff
    Belgariad87 (@YoungPaulJeff) reported

    @Xbox Oh man that was so long ago I can't remember... Pretty sure it was SW KOTOR 1 though, followed by epics like Halo, Jade Empire, Stranger's Wrath, Crash Twinsanity, Republic Commando etc.