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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes  ▪ Austin, Texas  ▪ Belfast, Northern Ireland  ▪ Carmel, Indiana  ▪ Channahon, Illinois  ▪ Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México  ▪ Cottonwood Heights, Utah  ▪ Craigsville, Virginia  ▪ Dilsen-Stokkem, Vlaanderen  ▪ Fulwood, England  ▪ Goose Creek, South Carolina

Halo Live Outage Map
  • Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes
  • Austin, Texas
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Carmel, Indiana
  • Channahon, Illinois
  • Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
  • Cottonwood Heights, Utah
  • Craigsville, Virginia
  • Dilsen-Stokkem, Vlaanderen
  • Fulwood, England
  • Goose Creek, South Carolina
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  • nj91173
    Bronson (SpoonerBoy) (@nj91173) reported

    @Zatorski13 @Halo @Microsoft That seems like a you problem considering you not doing research and didn't know this game was split screen. Also if this is the only reason you got an Xbox One, you're dumb.

  • TheStuffOfMemes
    Laurie Richards (@TheStuffOfMemes) reported

    Ahhh i now realise that maybe that Halo 5 teammate who kept betraying me the other day did so because my online service tag is ACAB

  • TheVissiionary
    TheVissionAiry (@TheVissiionary) reported

    @343IndustriesFS Swear if y’all put that bull shit Banhammer crap in the game. I’m NOT BUYING HALO 6. And fix the damn team killing

  • steadjonat
    Jonathan Stead (39) (@steadjonat) reported

    @AndreSegers i think the issue is it hasnt changed you could drop a halo 5 map into halo ce (or vice versa) and it wouldnt seem out of place.mechanics havnt changed that much either the squad stuff in 5 was a good idea but i dont do multiplayer anymore

  • Lightning_Hoof
    Lightning_Gaming (@Lightning_Hoof) reported

    @BungieHelp You guys would never have to keep the servers down for over 3 hours when you were working with Microsoft and had HALO going. You had a big support from Microsoft when it came to server maintenance it would only take what an hour to do back in the day right

  • dondom95
    Meme. (@dondom95) reported

    @AndreSegers Interesting Sucks cus technically Microsoft has a open partnership w Bungie & could get them back to do Halo again after the Destiny 10 year deal ends Issue is: Bungie isn’t as good as they used to be + lost key members

  • GenesisRider
    Genesis Rider (@GenesisRider) reported

    @UberNick_ Explanation: At the exact instant BEFORE you fired the rocket you teleport-lag to the left (the direction you were moving in before lag spike hit). The rocket explosion “masks” this & makes it hard to see due to your death. I haven’t seen lag that bad in Halo 5 for a long time.

  • EnriLogan5
    Enri (@EnriLogan5) reported

    @bendragon14 @RobinGaming @Xbox I think the problem is most of those games (if not all) can be purchased in your computer, and since most are indie games you don't need a heavy PC to play them, but is going to be a problem when even Gears and Halo release on PC

  • RFreeba
    Rafreeb (@RFreeba) reported

    @emigre80 @KaylaraOwl @10MinutesaDay4U He certainly is! One of those accts was MINE and my kids acct too. He was trying to wear a halo about that issue and I am still pissed that his so-called "investigative bombshell" harmed so many. ALL while lauding Snowdon and privacy rights. He's a fraud.

  • DrewsomeMusings
    Drew Haha (@DrewsomeMusings) reported

    @MoonPie Kind of a broken chocolate-y halo if you ask me

  • dhchait
    Daniel Chait (@dhchait) reported

    You circled 3 things in your screenshot: First impression error, Groupthink, and Halo-horn effect. Maybe let's go through them 1-by-1:

  • librardnazi
    ross bob (@librardnazi) reported

    @Supyie22 @Djxyz0 @MoreConsole @cgbarrett The issue is that the game has halo shooting and destiny maps. Halo had a fine ttk because power weapons were frequently usable, and actually tipped the scales

  • logangrimnar112
    logan grimnar (@logangrimnar112) reported

    Well the problem seems to have fixed itself, got 5 games of halo 4 SWAT and dominated every one on the old 360. Then checked xbone and it's working

  • Real_Snivy_con
    happy pappy (@Real_Snivy_con) reported

    @MeiCrusader Try not to break him, figures like that are easily broken, i.e. halo figures and their smol pieces

    sec3opincno (@SEC3OPINCNO) reported

    @KidKolumbo @Halo On line coop on my Xbox one not my internet is better (faster no nats issues etc) Xbox one more powerful. But I got the exact same laggy experience. Like exactly the same as why I stopped playing campaign on x360.

    sec3opincno (@SEC3OPINCNO) reported

    Popped @halo reach in to do a little campaign coop and experienced the exact same lag I experienced the last time I played it on Xbox 360 must be my disk?

  • navithefairy24
    Navi (@navithefairy24) reported

    The Halo 6 Beta better be taken into a lot of consideration, because I don't want them to redesign something everyone is used to again. Let the pro players design their own experience off from the universal one. That's how we fix this problem

  • navithefairy24
    Navi (@navithefairy24) reported

    I just can't bring myself to come back 100% to Halo 5. It's changed too much just for the sake of change. Not because there were actual issues.

  • stuhenshall
    Stuart Henshall (@stuhenshall) reported

    @CAGames every Halo Wars 2 update on Xbox One X deletes all campaign save data for a lot of people. Please fix

  • Aletdownofstate
    Marc Rigg (@Aletdownofstate) reported

    Just drove the SF70H with the halo in VR. No visibility problems whatsoever. So that's that debunked (not that it wasn't already.)

  • motherfist666
    motherfist666 (@motherfist666) reported

    @bungle day 1 destiny 1 and 2 player, 4 v 4 was a stupid decision, come on, you guys made mother trucking halo! You can fix this!

  • kiritogaming111
    Kirito (@kiritogaming111) reported

    Hey guys wanted to do a live stream tonight but sadly my computer again was sadly messing up for eve online... to much lag. I need a better GPU or a better computer in all to make better videos. Tomorrow i will be recording with a friend on halo 4 or halo reach. Hope you enjoy!!!

  • Stargamer_space
    Doktor Diabolic ✖ (@Stargamer_space) reported

    at least 1 login pack, 2 warzone packs, 1 arena pack and a gold pack every time I play an hour of #Halo 5 . That's loot crates done right. & I'm not even any good.

  • CarlyRaeClick
    Carly Click (@CarlyRaeClick) reported

    @Microsoft my boyfriend didn’t get the achievement completing Halo CE on legendary. Fix this pls

  • MemphisJDJ
    Jeremy Johnson (@MemphisJDJ) reported

    @XboxSupport Halo 5. Warzone unavailable. Matchmaking not available. Not just for me and not just for my network. Not an Internet issue. Open NAT.

  • barkw00d
    Aidan McCabe (@barkw00d) reported

    @AgroGames @LateNightHalo because that's LITERALLY IT. It's literally the EXACT SAME PROBLEM Halo 5 suffers (But in H5 you only have Achilles)

  • DustStorm
    Dust Storm (@DustStorm) reported

    Anyone else just run into Halo 5 networking issues?

  • nick_mcavena
    NFL2k5DaGoat (@nick_mcavena) reported

    @MrGoldenSports @ToKeNasty @cookieboy1794 anyone xbox servers down cant sign into madden, NHL, halo, COD WW2, halo and fortnite seems to be the only servers wroking.. #xboxservers

  • 11Carolrocha
    Gehenna (@11Carolrocha) reported

    So God, if you are real, I need your help Because this girl has stolen my heart with her broken halo. And I can't deny, she's so damn fine.

  • Abe_Gonzalez4
    Abe Gonzalez (@Abe_Gonzalez4) reported from Roma, Texas

    I’m so obsessed with halo reach I put the entire soundtrack in my playlist. Do I have a problem? #rememberReach

  • MemphisJDJ
    Jeremy Johnson (@MemphisJDJ) reported

    @PlutonForEver @quinndelhoyo please fix this game! @XboxP3 #HALO @XboxSupport

  • antigolfboyz
    gage ⛳ (@antigolfboyz) reported

    @Halo i know you guys dont give a shit but Halo MCC is still broken. Has been for 3+ years.

  • Itszutak
    🇮‌🇹‌🇸‌🇿‌🇺 (@Itszutak) reported

    @RainBlackKat @TheTrashbang it took me 6 months but I figured out most of halo's shader functionality by blind trial and error

  • Lleighvack
    Tristan Wilson (@Lleighvack) reported

    @Phantom_zt7 @LateNightHalo What else is wrong about this method is that the developer can dangle those "fan service" type things in your face to keep you around, but in a game like halo where it's core identity is so crucial to the game, keeping that out of main game is detrimental

  • MythicTyrant
    The Tyrant (@MythicTyrant) reported

    @BobyFrank11223 That seems to be the case. That's the main issue with being labeled as a "Halo channel". Personally, I'd like to branch out and do other things while also still creating Halo content.

  • Phantom_zt7
    Phantom ZT7 (@Phantom_zt7) reported

    @LateNightHalo I agree 100% but the adding of maps, certain new modes, fan service weapons and vehicles for warzone was good.Forge improvements were the highlight of it all. But none of makes up for the flaws you've pointed out. Halo 6 needs to address those problems. If they had a working

  • LateNightHalo
    LateNightGaming 🎮 (@LateNightHalo) reported

    @Phantom_zt7 Halo 5 completely threw its progression system into a slot machine, prioritized adding more slot machine items into the game over actual bug fixing AND didnt even have simple modes like infection until more than half a year later.. Halo 5 made me HATE Games as a Service

  • Remco_Tj
    Remco Tjallinks (@Remco_Tj) reported

    @F1 If the Halo would have saved Jules Bianchi, it is worth it. But the forces for which it is designed are far less then a 200 kmh crash with a towtruck or shovel. It would be better to ask for safety measures on towing equipment then bully F1 drivers.

  • TheLosBurger
    Los Burger (@TheLosBurger) reported

    Can someone explain what’s happening? Lagging out of 5 of the 10 matches is not ok #HALO

  • KnightLightz
    Caleb (@KnightLightz) reported

    So I’m not raging but can @halo please fix the servers. Nothing but blanks

  • cia391
    Chris Aiken (@cia391) reported

    @haruspis @toa_freak Well you know Osiris could have formed right before Operation Athena happens. Or they they treated missions like "just another mission" and didnt get close due to Locke being like that. Halo 5 changing their dynamic. Cause what cant giant mechas not fix.

  • VengaBusDriver
    To Bill Brasky! (@VengaBusDriver) reported

    @ChrisRGun I am super interested to see how they are going to attempt to fix that trainwreck. someone had an idea of a Halo 4.5 with a few chapters taking place after Halo 5 as well. Old Gamplay wont be back, but the artstyle might

  • TheUKDemocrat
    AndrewKelman (@TheUKDemocrat) reported

    A tiny bit surprised to see the backdrop to @jordanbpeterson's talk in London last night was a massive projection of his head with a halo surrounding him. Blair's perceived messiah complex caused him no end of problems, to say nothing of allusions 1984.

  • EdBoony
    孫 悟空 (@EdBoony) reported

    @Slicktactics I downloaded their free weekend since DBFZ was broken, and so was Halo

  • FunnyWilfred
    Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • Amplicityy
    Austin “Amplicity” (@Amplicityy) reported

    @Nemassist Not so much if 343s fault Xbox services has been facing issues like yesterday with servers of games like cod and halo

  • Jason_Vassallo
    Jason (@Jason_Vassallo) reported

    Late night thoughts, how is that Bungie was once praised as the people responsible for Halo and pretty much the seeds of xbox live, and now can’t do a fucking thing to fix Destiny. You’ve done it all wrong Bungie. You can’t even fix your “acclaimed” game

  • NuveIous
    Nuvelous (@NuveIous) reported

    @CombatEvolved8 @Primordial117 @Unyshek @GrimBrotherOne @ske7ch @HCS @Halo Just trial and error my dear friend.

  • Sparkygirl18
    Cristina (@Sparkygirl18) reported

    @everynightriot Yay!!! People in the comments kept saying where's Fortnite while you were playing Halo. There was a battle going on in the comments lol THAT was fun!!! XD I was cheering for Halo. Because its Halo. You had that guy in Fortnite but no the lag had to be there.

  • MrHighHopes12
    Mr High Hopes (@MrHighHopes12) reported

    @Halo Are the halo servers down cause I can’t do anything.

  • Log1kzTFK
    Log1kz (@Log1kzTFK) reported

    @_habooya @Halo Dude they're so awful. Everyday. The ONLY game we have issues with. I just wanna know what I can do to fix it besides paying more per month

  • itsnovialia
    Novianti Aliasih (@itsnovialia) reported

    @SonicLiveAsia Halo! I have problems with my health, yes I have a sickness that basically makes me have a limit on doing my regular activities. Being tired is like a threat to me. And I already bought the Paramore ticket because Paramore is one of the reason I'm still here today

  • marioparty87
    Mario Saenz (@marioparty87) reported

    this beta taking over 30 minutes to find a damn match @BandaiNamcoUS Fix your crappy servers, as if other games like Halo or battlefield don't prepare for their betas, zero issues with finding matches in any other beta!!! Release a demo instead! @Rhymestyle let them know

  • ValeIRL
    Empress Rae (@ValeIRL) reported

    Halo 5 is so broken wtf.

  • LuluKura
    Kura (@LuluKura) reported

    Oh same problem for Uno /lays down. I guess I could Angel Halo first and then decide...? 40 boxes is approximately a bit less than 84000 tokens... With EX+ at what was it, 70-ish tokens for solo it'll take about 1000 battles give or take a number of Hells? Hmmm.

  • Log1kzTFK
    Log1kz (@Log1kzTFK) reported

    @Halo fix your fucking servers

  • WordsHaveEyes
    The Words Have Eyes (@WordsHaveEyes) reported

    @FavynTube Crash bandicoot 2 was the first game i ever played, but it was halo 2 that did it for me <3

  • OptimusLudius
    Efrain Jr. (@OptimusLudius) reported

    @Halo fix your servers!

  • shuuuushin
    shin (@shuuuushin) reported

    halo dentist san pls quickly fix my braces i gtg home before 12

  • Cdiesel77
    Charles (@Cdiesel77) reported

    @XboxSupport Is Halo 5 having issues? Trying to get a swatnums going and it's long matchmaking or just crash and goes back to the main screen?

  • Diinferni
    sad lil mami 💧 (@Diinferni) reported

    Is anyone having problems rn playing halo ???? Or am I the only one?

  • dylan10castillo
    dylan castillo (@dylan10castillo) reported

    @Halo plz fix matchmaking

  • Log1kzTFK
    Log1kz (@Log1kzTFK) reported

    Why for Halo no sign in? :(

  • KaliNikhol3
    Kal (@KaliNikhol3) reported

    broken halo that used to shine

  • FingazKnowsBest
    Jake William III (@FingazKnowsBest) reported

    @XboxSupport having problem playing Halo 5 multiplayer online, message coming up saying “unable to match”.. please help

  • CrustyMugiFag
    Mugi.weeb (@CrustyMugiFag) reported

    @Halo @Xbox This is bullshit like seriously I can't play it on the last day because Xbox can't fix their shit with social and gaming I can't play at all

    John Gamez (@AWSSOMEMAN52) reported

    @Unyshek tell 343i to fix the servers for the game modes in the ranked playlist in Halo 5

  • DarkerVengeance
    Ryan (@DarkerVengeance) reported

    @_CamerynBrooks {laughing} at least the broken halo was put to good use

  • FlinkJordan
    Jordan (@FlinkJordan) reported

    Hey fix Halo 5 3 days of nit being able to get matched in a game. Come on now dont start acting like all tge otger game, where you have to wait 20 mins or 30 mins between each round. Shameful.. perhaps we should stop buying your products! #343Industries

  • MidniteRavyn
    Kristi Sustrick (@MidniteRavyn) reported from Las Vegas, Nevada

    @debcameron60 @jackiebarbosa @SeanTibbetts87 @PennyAxa @rdlln @Eeik5150 @Providence1775 @ChadCottle @PragmaticBent @dvibrationz @Charlesthornt @orna_verum @robster16a @vlynxy1 @High_Priest_Dog @Mullerornis @The_Real_BiM @EBatterson @StandBackUp2 @Good_Lt @jandrew62956555 @luv2research @TakeThatEpi @GuyWeeb @PainesReason @onnlucky @intelligent50 @deist_interests @hauxton @PaulDOlivier @AllistairGraham @revresbo1 @Jesus_is_G_d @C_82l @Conspiracy_dog @KenGardner11 @nchave01 @xiongtx @vlynxy @John_S_Olson @JaTapps @Redirect2learn @EveKeneinan @wallstreeter43 @Empirical18 @0x526978 @KittenKoder @thanksmach @5317006 @phyzayo I would like to add that I HAVE in fact seen firsthand Government discriminate regarding much needed SSI when my friend had his neck broken and was in a "halo"... He was turned down, yet the 300 lb woman in front of him was approved upon first application. He paid in, she hadn't.

  • 1Kazon
    Kazon (@1Kazon) reported

    @Halo fix your servers

  • saviiiliu
    savi liu (@saviiiliu) reported

    @myGovau halo, i am an international student and i applied a tax number in the MyGov. I want to sign in but i forgot my secret question, so how could i do now?

  • jeffjcastillo
    Jeff James Castillo (@jeffjcastillo) reported


  • JakeHalifax
    Jake (@JakeHalifax) reported

    //I got returned to the lobby in Halo 5...due to INACTIVITY! It isn't my fault I got hungry in the middle of my game. 343 fix your shit!

  • ImSoTizired
    Patrick Bell (@ImSoTizired) reported

    @Halo Why can’t I search on your game? Are the servers having issues?

  • Vapourion
    Kyle ☾ (@Vapourion) reported

    Day 2 of Halo being almost 100% broken

  • JuanCritical
    Juan (@JuanCritical) reported

    @HandsomeNoXi I used to always use a female in halo reach cuz that shit was broken

  • DakuPanSinghh
    DakuPanSingh (@DakuPanSinghh) reported

    @XboxSupport fix halo 5 matchmaking plez

  • Zero0912
    Miss Chanandler Bong (@Zero0912) reported

    Am I the only one having issues with @Halo matchmaking? Keeps giving me the "unable to find a match" error. @Xbox @XboxSupport #Halo5

  • PrimeProYoutube
    Prime Productions (@PrimeProYoutube) reported

    @ske7ch I’ve been having issues with the Halo Wars 2 Achievements for awhile now, are there any plans on releasing a patch to fix them?