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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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December 07: Problems at Halo

Halo is having issues since 10:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • zIS3ANIz_Mixer zIS3ANIz (@zIS3ANIz_Mixer) reported

    @Halo I spent a whole day downloading the master chief collection to play Halo Reach to get some shitty error about my network when all my friends are on it I've rebooted my Internet and xbox nothing will work yet again another **** up from 343

  • RKrandor Suh_Dude.exe (@RKrandor) reported

    @Halo @XboxGamePass @MicrosoftStore @Steam Fix the campaing input lag

  • tazzmanyu tazzmanyu (@tazzmanyu) reported

    @Halo Fix the issue where the game freezes after pressing the start menu

  • AyyyShenanigans Josh (Shenanigans) Potocki (@AyyyShenanigans) reported

    @TowerTtv @Snip3down @macboarder12 with that kind of thinking is what killed halo.......dont fix mousw and keyboard. Tell people they have to use a controller instead. Watch how fast Halo dies again.

  • MisterDallas MisterDallas (@MisterDallas) reported

    @CupkaCupkake @Halo I haven’t had too much of an issue with the audio. The crouching system is butt cheeks. The fact that I can’t walk and crouch at the same time makes no sense to me. The leveling/unlock system just confuses me. I have no clue how that works

  • drawesome86 Harrison F (@drawesome86) reported

    @Halo, 1. It's great to be playing Halo again. 2. I'm experiencing that audio crackling problem plauging some users. 3. Even dropping from 60fps to 59fps feels like a huge lag spike. 4. I'm not mad or anything. I really, really hope an incoming patch fixes the issues.

  • Adentixy Adentixy 🥧 (@Adentixy) reported

    Welp Halo MCC would be a waste of money for me, it freezes on start up or more like when i get to the main menu, if anyone knows a fix hit me up #HaloTheMasterChiefCollection #HaloPC

  • Monkyliker2 Monkyliker (@Monkyliker2) reported

    @Halo Fix the audio

  • stagrunner low poly corphish from pokemon rumble (@stagrunner) reported

    @RadSimisear @Halo Iirc they said in one of the monthly updates that it’s something they wanna do! From how they worded it it definitely seemed like cross platform play is coming, they just need to sort other issues out first

  • TheMissJae MissJae_HGG (@TheMissJae) reported

    I want so very much to Stream Halo reach for yall, but with all the audio issues it has it would be shit. I do however have the game on xb and am very tempted to stream from there. I am working on it as I would need to figure out my chat on the XB. We shall see what happens.

  • Theo_Davinson Theo (@Theo_Davinson) reported

    @Pillowz_Lyfe @DarcyHair @Skyshadow782 @Halo @ExtraLife4Kids @Xbox @WatchMixer Problem with firefight is it gives a similar amount of xp but takes longer than a normal multiplayer match

  • reversalis Belle en Rose (@reversalis) reported

    @UnrealEngine I would like to see you show off a new Unreal Tournament ~ Halo is irrelevant, CoD is dead set to crash and burn, so the time is now ~

  • Moses_FPS Moses FPS (@Moses_FPS) reported

    @BeSway_ it's not a pc vs xbox issue the game was made 10 years ago for xbox 360, balancing inputs wasn't something they were worried about we'll be fine once we're playing a Halo game made with both controller + mkb in mind

  • iGTX Shreyan Goswami (@iGTX) reported

    @wuodland @Halo @ErifNogard @Microsoft Correction I didn't crash the chopper it was shot down by covenant bogies.

  • lukedbarnard Luke Barηard (@lukedbarnard) reported

    Well done to 343 Industries for proving, yet again, they don’t know how to build their games properly. @Halo Reach campaign levels don’t load, there’s always connection issues in multiplayer and enemies constantly glitch. What a waste of our money, again.

  • Primey_ Brian (@Primey_) reported

    Big surprise. Above 60fps in Halo Reach is broken and I don't mean the mouse input. I don't expect it to be fixed anytime soon. I knew it felt odd.

  • BlueFury47 Gary (@BlueFury47) reported

    @Halo @XboxSupport @xboxuk Just hoping to make the relevant folks aware of this problem. I really wanna play Reach again & hope a fix is incoming! 👍

  • NickuVee Nick Vee (@NickuVee) reported

    @nyuFGC Halo 2 will be the real problem. Aim assist is more like an aimbot in that game.

  • KrypticYaes Kryptic (@KrypticYaes) reported

    Bruh.. My childhood Halo Reach comes back and my ISP just decides to no longer function when i need it. @iiNet Please fix these Victoria issues. 🙏

  • NuggetUppercut Justice is learning guilty gear (@NuggetUppercut) reported

    @Halo yall need to add more optimization options my pc has issues keeping at 60 on forge world maps on the lowest settings

  • terutend0 PADORU PADORU (@terutend0) reported

    I have enough funds on my steam to afford Halo Reach but the audio issues might drive me nuts and I’ve heard mixed opinions about Reach

  • oljvn oljen (@oljvn) reported

    Halo MCC is still broken as **** wtf is this shit

  • oljvn oljen (@oljvn) reported

    Nah man halo reach MCC swat is broken as ****

  • Barton4756 Barton (@Barton4756) reported

    @imsaltYT Halo is broken with game pass atm so oof

  • geshl2com GoldenEye Source Rocks! (fan page) (@geshl2com) reported

    The problem with today's games. Yes. Even you halo. Or it shouldn't be a problem since halo (the good ones) are years old now like GoldenEye. Is they DONT run on everything. Even set to low. 2017 gaming pc. It should at least run like ps2. 30fps. Decent graphics. But no... sad.

  • _HicksBoson Joe Wilson (@_HicksBoson) reported

    Gee wizz I wish Halo Reach on PC was playable and not entirely broken every time I try to open a menu 🤙🏻

  • ZigZackW Zack Wilhite (@ZigZackW) reported

    My problem will always be that I try to play Halo the same way I play CoD

  • sa8oteur 👻 Annoyance 👻 (@sa8oteur) reported

    so i'm sorry why the hell doesn't halo reach have subtitles dURING GAMEPLAY. cutscenes yes, but during gameplay i cAN'T HEAR A DAMN THING. it's annoying and really dismissive to those that would need it more than i do (i just have audio processing issues)

  • aaronshack64TV aaronshack64TV (@aaronshack64TV) reported

    It’s hard to be immersed in the Halo world when the sound isn’t mixed properly. Hope we get a fix soon. I know remixing the entire game can’t be an easy quick fix.

  • Not_Brizz Brizz (@Not_Brizz) reported

    @343Postums @HaloSupport @Halo Not sure if it's been a reported issue already but every-time I reopen the game my rank is reset back to 1 in Team Hardcore.

  • ARC1276 A Social Engineer (@ARC1276) reported

    @ChrisRGun I mean, I've played Killzone 2 and 3. They both had everything you mentioned, except the community was a lot smaller. The problem was that Sony wanted Killzone to be something it wasn't: a Halo Killer. That's what hurt the game so much, it was being compared to something it wasnt

  • LazyestBane LazyBane (@LazyestBane) reported

    @Mengo923 @BadGamingTakes The only issue with Halo's story telling is that the later games depended too much on the exspanded universe and the assumption that you've read/watched/played all of the spin offs.

  • JoeLongBalls JoeLongBalls (@JoeLongBalls) reported

    @Luxn_Fragaria I feel it, sadly by the time I booted back up apparently the 24/7 crash list was swapped out, still got halo, soul calibur, and tekken to make up for rough COD sessions though

  • BiinnyTV Biinny (@BiinnyTV) reported

    Another broken day playing Reach. Seriously why hasn’t any workaround been figured out yet. Just remove the forge maps... @Halo

  • Grunt4500 🎄A very Unggoy Sithmas ☃️ (@Grunt4500) reported

    @pansycacke07 The truth is, there is a good number of Halo fans who didn’t like 4/5, and you need to respect that. Clearly the problem isn’t 343, but it was the direction they were taking. Halo is back on top again, and there is no cost in the long run.

  • _FlyingWalrus_ Henri (@_FlyingWalrus_) reported

    So I have problem with Halo Master Chief Collection not shutting down and it turns out that according to Steam I have been playing Halo for the last 83 hours straight

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @Grunt4500 That's the cost. And no one will admit it. No one will admit that the problem with the franchise is not and never was 343, and the things they did with Halo 4 and Halo 5, but the "fans". Keep living your lies. We're all drowning in blood (4/4)

  • AimPunched Joe N. (@AimPunched) reported

    Thinking about it, what's the point of even having Halo on PC if everyone plays controller, and higher framerates cause lag. @Halo

  • Kevier_P Kevier (@Kevier_P) reported

    Bruh Halo Reach on pc is crazy. It does have some problems I will admit but god damn I forgot how much fun Halo is holy shit. ALSO GRIFBALL IS STILL THE BEST MODE

  • JettTheWolf Jett (@JettTheWolf) reported

    Had a blast playing Halo with @SoberDOGS tonight. But seriously, 343, FIX YOUR DAMN SERVERS!!!!!! #HaloTheMasterChiefCollection #HaloPC #Halo

  • WhatsEasyMac Wyland Enn (@WhatsEasyMac) reported

    @spowers_au @rieper47 @OuterWorlds Try Doom, Wolfenstein, Halo, or F.E.A.R. if you wanna have a good time shooting things. Gran Turismo, WipEout, or Crash Team Racing for good driving/racing games

  • YureiOtaku Yūrei Otaku (@YureiOtaku) reported

    Finally got the xbox app to open halo so I hope the bug issues im having are fixed. Maybe halo tomorrow.

  • dennigalla Dennis Gallagher (@dennigalla) reported

    @ske7ch I think something needs to be done about the DMR in Halo Reach on PC. There are a plethora of pressing issues with the game, but the DMR being a starting weapon for all players absolutely destroys the meta on open-field maps.

  • Seglegs - Realistic fight with Satan (@Seglegs) reported

    drove a near-broken Mongoose to the enemy base in Halo Reach and stole a mint-condition replacement. they were stuck with the bad one

  • TawnyFluff Well well, look what the cat dragon'd. (@TawnyFluff) reported

    I don't remember Reach's multiplayer being this broken. It's actually making me feel better about Halo 5. :/

  • MousheyJacob Jacob Moushey (@MousheyJacob) reported

    @KijiArt I know I’m late to the party, but I have one to add. His name Jerus Ahad Corote Dequota Eben T’aluk. He is a blue tiefling with horns that come from the back of his head to form a broken halo. His aesthetic is that of an Arabian gentleman, and he collects masks. Lanky boi.

  • NaahhSonn Dash (@NaahhSonn) reported

    @Halo Getting fatal error notifications when trying to load up firefight on a PC. Is there debug info i can send and where can i send it to

  • RatherMalicious Ryan (@RatherMalicious) reported

    My internet is slow and laggy I got banned from playing Halo Reach multiplayer for a little because the game thought I was lag switching. I cry.

  • DavidDWrightSr1 David D Wright Sr. (@DavidDWrightSr1) reported

    taking guns especially side arms from SOLDIERS is like taking away.... Moses' staff an Angels Halo the Mad Hatters Hat Mary Poppins umbrella the buzz out of the bee How flippin STUPID!!! FIX IT IMMEDIATELY!

  • Monkyliker2 Monkyliker (@Monkyliker2) reported

    @Halo @ExtraLife4Kids @Xbox @WatchMixer Fix the audio

  • Gamer2159Sam Youngmeatyy (@Gamer2159Sam) reported


  • HydnAln Hayden Allen (@HydnAln) reported

    WOW!!!!! @Halo!!!!!!!! accidentally kill a teammate who walked in front of my nade and I get kick when it’s his fault.... fix this bs

  • Win98Tech Windows 98 Tech Support (@Win98Tech) reported

    Halo 3 outsold COD4 by 1.1m copies and shooters chose to ripoff COD4 so i think the gaming industry is broken and we should probably burn it all down.

  • EmmjayxRawr Emperor Markiel (@EmmjayxRawr) reported

    will buy halo again later(if they fix it) but that Easy Anti-cheat is trash

  • _kaibob kaibob (@_kaibob) reported

    @ThatPhageGuy My game also won let me into pvp matches so I feel like Dylan wasted his money. My sound doesn’t work on campaign (known issue) and I can’t connect to competitive (known issue) this sucks (@halo @halo @halo)

  • _kaibob kaibob (@_kaibob) reported

    @ThatPhageGuy Nah like no matter what it’s doing the discord format so since halo follows old rules it shows up as th3ka1b0b#### sooo I’m trying to fix it. The service is out rn so nothing is working

  • yoshi45IIl Andrew (@yoshi45IIl) reported

    @dontisc @LocalGondCup Donti is doing a halo reach any% speed run with the poop glitch skip

  • TheFearsomeRat TheFearsomeRat (@TheFearsomeRat) reported

    with just how shit parts of the Reach launch have been (not counting lag), I don't have high hopes for Infinite anymore, at the very least that game is gonna be mediocre, just honestly Reach while it is my favorite Halo game, it's launch into the MCC was just disappointing.

  • craftycougarr Pamela Moranchel (@craftycougarr) reported

    @JeffreeStar Shit y’all got halo beat with customer service..... no shade just damn facts!

  • QuentinTrantino Q (@QuentinTrantino) reported

    @XboxSupport my halo: master chief collection isn’t working. Whenever I boot it up, it gets stuck on the loading screen and stays frozen. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling and it’s still giving me this issue