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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Glitches (28.94%)
  • Online Features (22.36%)
  • App Crashing (14.85%)
  • Microtransactions (1.84%)

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  • emilywoodby
    Emily Woodby (@emilywoodby) reported

    Hey @Instagram fix your algorithm it’s very annoying ok

  • MissKellyPayne
    Kelly Anne Payne (@MissKellyPayne) reported

    I have no Facebook Instagram Tumblr Pinterest if you see my work pics clips on any of these sites it's stolen report it or let me know. If you've enjoyed my stolen property you too are part of the problem. Sadly I'm finding out many of my so-called BIG fans are thieves.

  • amirlembri
    mir🦋 (@amirlembri) reported

    I wanna know how Cardi B deleted all those post in like 20 minutes but the moment I try to delete 5 going on 6 Instagram says “ error “

  • ringfordknight
    Hunk Agendist (@ringfordknight) reported

    @F_OutMyDMs Profile says Chicago and you do not havr a single photo without an instagram thot filter, I think I found the problem

  • tonyisontwtr
    tony (@tonyisontwtr) reported

    I think this guy is on crack. Although @googlemaps is extremely slow to launch, even on my S9 plus. I think that is because Google maps is trying to be instagram and yelp at the same time, almost overshadowing maps and making navigation look like an afterthought.

  • Ted97810507
    Ted (@Ted97810507) reported

    @sprint I saw a post on Instagram and it seemed to work. Fix your fucking service in Godley Texas, I don’t even have service at my house and I live in town.

  • MandyCakesHeart
    Mandy Slug 🦖 (@MandyCakesHeart) reported

    Reading @instagram posts, #13RW, we have no problem with the fandom, just questionable about the show. We all have our opinions, it’s nothing personal. We don’t dislike other fandoms or disrespect them, ok? @netflix #RenewEverythingsucks

  • iammudan
    ℱαɪʀʏℳuᴅαɴ™ (@iammudan) reported

    @tim_cook U deactivate ur Instagram for 45 years @sassychris1 my slap same login.

  • ljketobeyou
    mimi 🖤 (@ljketobeyou) reported

    @Milzzzy @iamraydiaz its weird for older men to comment on 16 year old girls instagram that shes a ”dream girl”, if u cant see the problem ur part of it.

  • tomathen
    tom🔥 (@tomathen) reported

    Always love when Québécois people go on about how much they hate anglophones and then post Instagram stories with broken English captions lul

  • aayeePincus
    Psychadelicist (@aayeePincus) reported

    Dear @instagram , can you pls make it so that I don't get a notification that someone has started a live video. It wierds me out when I accidentally click on it and start watching Mary Shimkus do her fucking makeup. Pls fix or I will take legal action.

  • natedern
    nate dern (@natedern) reported from New York, New York

    Hold up, i just checked Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit but I’m still as sad as I was before i did all that - what gives? Is my phone broken? someone please advise thx

  • khaled
    Khaled π (¬_¬) خالد (@khaled) reported

    @katienotopoulos Instagram was ruined for me when they stopped using Foursquare for location data. Facebook location data for my region is messed up, I see cities hundreds of miles away Can’t add anything to fix the data And of course old locations won’t show new photos now.

  • khanyi_silem
    F L O T U S 👑🎓 (@khanyi_silem) reported

    But hei Charlie Pugh said it; I’m facing the bottle For all of my problems These instagram models Are nothing but trouble She going away now I’m going for throttle Oh these instagram models I said, they nothing but trouble

  • poopitsliv
    olivia (@poopitsliv) reported

    I can’t stop following female dancers on Instagram and it’s a problem bc they really out here living the life confident as shit and looking good as hell

  • gregorykingjr
    Greg King (@gregorykingjr) reported

    @Lesdoggg @Twitter @instagram No, they do that for a reason! People will like something and the author will go back and change it to make it into something else!!! The REAL issue is the public puts so much credence in the bullshit that's posted on social media!

  • 1AnnT14
    Pizza Is Life (@1AnnT14) reported

    @Lesdoggg @Twitter @instagram I don't have Insta but what if someone edits a Tweet that you retweted or liked to something offensive? I think that might become a problem with editing Tweets.

  • embellishednjh
    gabby💫|tODAY (@embellishednjh) reported

    why is instagram always broken this is why twitter is better

  • brokencodebot
    Broken Code Bot (@brokencodebot) reported

    This might be broken now that Instagram removed the /media endpoint

  • Lesdoggg
    Leslie Jones 🦋 (@Lesdoggg) reported from New York, New York

    Hey @Twitter y’all got a lot of stuff you need to improve on. Check out @instagram learn some shit!! I should be able to post and edit my post without having to delete the whole post to fix it. Too much damn work! In instagram I can do it all at one time. LEARN!!

  • S_E_A_N__B
    Seán Buckley (@S_E_A_N__B) reported

    Why do people put their Instagram on private? Is that the new cool thing? If you wanna go looking at my filthy mug, go ahead, that’s your problem!

  • adreanndunn
    Adreann Dunn (@adreanndunn) reported


  • strange_vegan
    Kristina Komárková (@strange_vegan) reported

    It's midnight. I have to learn a lot for tests. I just created my Harry Potter life on Instagram. Why am I doing This? #problems #school #test #HarryPotter

  • anxiousbees
    hive (@anxiousbees) reported

    @GlamandGore given all of the issues with @YouTube and @instagram etc, what would your advice be to someone just starting as far as balancing your passion vs trying to establish a successful platform?

  • A_Ngrybirdsteam
    A NgryBirdsTeam//Nathan A. (@A_Ngrybirdsteam) reported

    I kinda really hate that ever-sense I’ve started working at McDonalds, all I see ads for on twitter Instagram and Facebook, are ads for that place!

  • LoveJadaLee
    Jada Lee Bertalmio (@LoveJadaLee) reported

    @ComitalZander @ComaCrow @JessicaValenti @mrkraft Your Instagram link is broken

  • ilovemesomesara
    Sarz 💫 (@ilovemesomesara) reported

    I have made the same report to @instagram at LEAST 10x and have never gotten a response and my shit still isn’t working. Absurd.

  • SleepyHipsters
    SleepyLoser (@SleepyHipsters) reported

    My name is Anthony Bourdain and I'm tired of my Instagram not working.

  • TensionAnita
    Anita Tension🎈 (@TensionAnita) reported

    So I notice the Instagram poets have reached a new low, using their mental illness and personal issues as a crutch. What ever happened to talent? What ever happened to privacy? Should I add all my faults in my bio too?

  • love_evelyn3080
    Evelyn Alvarez (@love_evelyn3080) reported

    working on 2 device to unblock instagram

  • JazminnWalker
    Jazz (@JazminnWalker) reported

    Like @instagram what if someone accidentally uploads something that everyone isn’t supposed to see and they’re trying to deleted it but due to the fact that their internet service is slow they have to sit and wait until it uploads then delete

  • DrewMaynard27
    Drew Maynard (@DrewMaynard27) reported

    @CashShow_Trivia I want a skip card! I always get wrong gones! Mix it up. And let people sign in with Instagram and Twitter instead of Facebook. That’s my suggestion!

  • moregamespls
    Ross 🇬🇧 More Games Please (@moregamespls) reported

    I'm about to hit 6,000 followers on my #boardgame Instagram and I feel like I should give something away to celebrate. Only problem is I'm broke! There's got to be a publisher out there who's feeling generous! Can you help me find someone to do a give away with me?

  • ToplessTopics
    Topless Topics (@ToplessTopics) reported

    @4gra @instagram @Twitter Good news is your comment scrubber is clearly working, just checked Youtube for the first time since I uploaded my comeback video and almost all the comments were actually pretty positive!

  • Seabait
    Marko (@Seabait) reported

    Back on Twitter again saying Instagram is down and checking if other people have the same issue. #Instagram #Instagramdown #InstagramIsDown @instagram

  • 4gra
    gra (@4gra) reported

    @ToplessTopics @instagram @Twitter Yeah, I remember it working. My guess is that it was done defensively to drive traffic into instagram.

  • ToplessTopics
    Topless Topics (@ToplessTopics) reported

    @4gra @instagram @Twitter Except Instagram posts USED to share properly to Twitter, but they made some change where it doesn't work anymore. And the fact that it's been this way for years now shows it's obviously not in their interest to fix.

  • heyheyregina
    Regina (@heyheyregina) reported

    Don’t share a Facebook, don’t share an Instagram, just get a divorce. Obviously, one of you cheated and all trust is lost, passive-aggressively having joint social media accounts is not the answer to your problems.

  • tomasvds
    Tomas Van Den Spiegel (@tomasvds) reported

    @thiam_nafi @instagram @samkerkhofs Can you fix this?

  • JeffCahill20
    Jeff Cahill (@JeffCahill20) reported

    @EamonnHolmes My God you are a plum...over payed over rated gimps who care more dancing round on Instagram than scoring five yard free headers in cup finals...yea it's the manager whos the problem!!Cop on

  • IamDaroderickS
    Daroderick Sallie (@IamDaroderickS) reported

    Is anyone else having Instagram Algorithm problem? Is anyone else Instagram account showing a lot of spam pictures under different hashtags and spam accounts? #Instagram

  • hamaaay
    Thamy (@hamaaay) reported

    I can’t comfortably skip someone’s instagram story without accidentally voting on their polls. How do we fix this :)

  • Skyttlesnbits
    Imaan Khan (@Skyttlesnbits) reported

    If you’ve been keeping with @NatGeo on their @instagram with planet vs #plastic yet you don’t #recycle you’re part of the problem. Every straw you throw, every bottle to toss into the trash... I hate you. #planetnotplastic #recycle #plasticpollution #saveourplanet

  • NadinePraml
    nadine praml (@NadinePraml) reported

    @Influenster I am on Influenster but for some reason won’t let me add my instagram to my account says I have another account open can someone help me with this problem!

  • LongsightBlue
    🦈 (@LongsightBlue) reported from Manchester, England

    @sam__morgan you’re an absolutely shirt journalist working for a rag newspaper. I absolutely hate United but your article about Mourinho deleting his Instagram account because of abuse is pure and utter lies and a complete fabrication.

  • morganvlaj
    morgs (@morganvlaj) reported

    is instagram like working for anyone else???????? bc like it aint for me

  • meganannrose
    megan (@meganannrose) reported

    @kharyp nobody deserves this, we get to scroll through twitter, instagram, facebook and think about this issue, comment on it. well guess what, they can’t anymore. they’re dead because still, nothing has been done

  • LaviHendin
    Lavi Hendin (@LaviHendin) reported

    @marliesiaortiz @instagram You can use your email as well to try and login

  • PatzerSuper
    SuperPatzerMaster (@PatzerSuper) reported

    follow me on instagram same handle. i have no images. my plan is to put interesting chess puzzles or positions, maybe some fairy chess problems with unorthodox pieces (you know, for the logicians and the mathees)

  • existentialblue
    angry punk rock & metal (@existentialblue) reported

    meh i quit instagram but it’s not working i still feel ugly

  • paramorized
    love, nafla (@paramorized) reported

    @instagram FIX MY SHITTTTT

  • carriehasson
    carrie (@carriehasson) reported

    @oheyitsnico1 @spencerpratt @Snapchat @taylorswift13 @instagram Thanks and done but still @Snapchat get it together! You don’t have this issue on @instagram and with millions of followers it doesn’t make sense to slow down content sharing

  • TLBJames
    TLBJames (@TLBJames) reported

    Is this thing working? Because half my cross-posts from Instagram seem to have disappeared into the ether.

  • marliesiaortiz
    Mar (@marliesiaortiz) reported

    @LaviHendin @instagram But when I try to login and put my user name it says no account exists with that username

  • julesw22
    Julie W (@julesw22) reported

    I figured out the problem with getting my Instagram started! I'm JulesWoz22 on there if you care to follow. I've only got one pic post. Give me awhile, I'm new here (there) :)

  • hannah_xo
    Dot (@hannah_xo) reported

    so i cant login to my instagram, but i can login to twitter which i havent in forever??? ok

  • indigxdreams
    Alyssa (@indigxdreams) reported from Palmdale, California

    I would post more pictures on Instagram if my outside camera wasn’t broken.

  • redKomrade
    Tovarishch (@redKomrade) reported

    Hey @instagram... @oneplus 5T stories are showing a little bit zoomed in. As you can see in the screenshots I've taken, the texts and hashtags are shown cropped of screen. I think it's a problem about the screen ratio, OnePlus 5T has a 18:9 screen ratio and most phones have 16:9.

  • chamachameleonn
    Camille (@chamachameleonn) reported

    @instagram yo doo I hate having to press play on videos. I keep thinking it’s my WiFi that’s slow...

  • LeisureSuitLinz
    lindsay (@LeisureSuitLinz) reported

    lol I'm locked out of my secondary Instagram account because of a "suspicious login attempt" (me logging in with the correct password on my computer. Their security codes aren't sending. SUPER.

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  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
  • logging in
  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code