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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

 Some problems detected at Instagram

Instagram problems in the last 24 hours

August 22: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 03:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ App Crashing (30.00%)
  • ▪ Glitches (30.00%)
  • ▪ Sign in (20.00%)
  • ▪ Online Features (20.00%)

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Instagram Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Beech Creek, Pennsylvania  ▪ Belfast, Northern Ireland  ▪ Cádiz, Andalucía  ▪ Campana, Buenos Aires  ▪ Chippenham, England  ▪ Craigsville, Virginia  ▪ Diadema, São Paulo  ▪ El Gastor, Andalucía  ▪ Ferndale, Wales  ▪ La Calera, Córdoba  ▪ Lackawanna, New York

Instagram Live Outage Map
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Cádiz, Andalucía
  • Campana, Buenos Aires
  • Chippenham, England
  • Craigsville, Virginia
  • Diadema, São Paulo
  • El Gastor, Andalucía
  • Ferndale, Wales
  • La Calera, Córdoba
  • Lackawanna, New York
  •   Full Outage Map

Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Clingmarks (@clingmarks) reported

    @instagram my account was locked due to "unusual login attempt". But I never received security code email. How do I get my account back?

  • k.writ (@kathywr47863477) reported

    @TeamCavuto we don't need the Instagram issue right now.

  • C. bona Pedra (@RCcroca145) reported

    @Susan_Hennessey Thanks, burning a shitty person at the stake for Instagram stuff is not the issue. But Mnuchin using that plane in that way is a big deal.

  • Adam ( Sam ) Moyer (@sadamoyer) reported

    Hey @instagram go to you you revered, see there's is no reason my account should have stopped working, and fix it ya bum.

  • John Green (@johngreen) reported

    @StarleeKine I mean, how can someone married to the Treasury Secretary not foresee a problem with tagging luxury brands on instagram???

  • Stevie Franchise (@griffy360) reported

    @BeccaMVP @TCS37 @leeakrish Listen if chicks didn't make their Instagram private this wouldn't be an issue.

  • yung mitch (@supermitch8) reported

    @VZWSupport Feel like things such as safari, twitter, Instagram, etc. are loading relatively slow.

  • Kara Buller (@karabuller) reported

    Look i'm sure if Jackie O had Instagram, we'd have some issues "#olegcassini #bloodallover #devastated #smoking #fuckyouall" #LouiseLinton

  • ada (@damenxlaurent) reported

    been trying all day to go on instagram but it's not working on my phone for some reason :/

  • Josh Hirsch 🗣📱📸 (@JoshHirsch1) reported from West Palm Beach, Florida

    @johnhaydon @jomillergpc @NonprofitsFirst The problem is @NonprofitsFirst doesn't have a presence in Instagram. Would you use IG for a #nonprofit for just the stories feature?

  • thevillian_inglasses (@sh0wluo) reported

    @vitaminadee Your boo is working I think let me hit him up on instagram

  • it's a tooiebird! (@tooiedraws) reported

    If anyone would like to join me, I'm going to be doing some live video, working on books, on my instagram in a few minutes.

  • Len. (@PSmaylen10) reported

    @instagram I've tried to report a fake account on your website but it's still not working. Can you please contact me as soon as possible

  • Gen Fuller (@Gen_Fuller) reported

    Anyone else having issues with #instagram unfollowing accounts? @[email protected] what gives?

  • farmer boy rog (@neirehtregor) reported

    Instagram is mad slow lol

  • Patxta🌸 (@_patxta_) reported

    We believe that an error was made when deleting the account @_.rubiust._, we would like to recover it. No violation of+ @instagram

  • AA (@BlingCat) reported

    @instagram having issues with my business account. Reported problem several times over last 6 months but no resolution. Please help!

  • KT (@communik8e) reported

    I was using the Repost App to re-share Instagram content but it doesn't seem to be working properly. Any suggestions for something similar?

  • Some big guy (@Mrxcitement76) reported

    @instagram my account isn't working and your support center is terrible. Will someone contact me?

  • Tame Genius (@TameGenius) reported

    Been reporting every sponsored ad on @instagram as spam... (apart from my friends' bands)... this madness has to end... although I'm broken.

  • I'm a Dubb (@Histanic_) reported

    The instagram stock market bout to be slow for some females come 4:30pm when ppl leave that work Wi-Fi

  • jb (@8BallBonge) reported

    @cnedruban can't believe it dude. I always see this guy working out with flex Lewis on Instagram.

  • 🤷🏻‍♀️Ivy Mukerjee (@JellyIvy) reported

    @instagram @ianspalter 2 issues : 1. when I am tagging people in a comment it forms a group, 2. Why can't I delete that group?

  • Nicolas (@n_j_f_s) reported

    @instagram please help! can't login into my company account, the login page ask for a security code but the mail with it never arrive, help?

  • Adam Beckett (@Adam__Beckett) reported

    What is an @Instagram fight? Can I order one? #Mnuchin #trophywife problems.

  • Kate (@misskcrowe) reported

    @instagram lost login to business account, person who set it up is no longer with company - any suggestions? #HelpPlease

  • CadillacJak (@TheCadillacJak) reported

    Apperently Instagram isn't working today, I post pics and today and haven't even gotten 1 like lol wtf is going on #instagramdown

  • MelissaRodriguezyt (@meimeismakeup) reported

    @instagram why can't I link my Facebook page, I want to be able to sign in but every time I try it tries to link to an old fb page

  • 🌒 (@issabornsinner) reported

    my instagram been loading so slow.

  • You-Neek (@GeekChicLaithy) reported

    Can people stop posting 'instagram' VS ' reality' on their pages. Just post your reality pic and the problem goes

  • ܝܽܘܚܢܳܢ (@jeanchedid19) reported

    Am I the only one having issues with Instagram after the last update on iOS?

  • im just Rae (@Raeofsun_shine_) reported

    Support all women that are self employed not just the Instagram popular ones .every woman is working whether they get 10,000 likes or 1 like

  • Lil Debbie (@L1LDebbie) reported

    Support all women that are self employed not just the Instagram popular ones .every woman is working whether they get 10,000 likes or 1 like

  • Benjamin F (@knucklepushup) reported

    @hshane2112 @ChrisMurphyCT In any other administration, that Instagram post she wrote would be a huge issue, but it will be forgotten in a day.

  • St Pancras Int (@StPancrasInt) reported

    @KloutSupport Instagram account needs to be 'reauthorized' but whenever I do it, it says it is done but the error message is still shown..??

  • Cuicui (@antoinetagada) reported

    @instagram Do you know what could cause such an error?

  • Philela Singama (@ThatsCodie) reported

    I sign in on instagram not to post or upload but to like posts... my data nje goes namanzi

  • casper 2.0 (@ghostb0t) reported

    instagram is actually really helpful 4 me re: memory issues like, i assume, fall into the argument when it aint relevant either

  • Kil (@Kilmister1) reported

    Those couple people you want to delete from Instagram but you are just friends enough they will be upset if you do. 1st world problems.

  • Taylor saitabao (@saitabao_taylor) reported

    am tired with this mulika samo thing cz its slow on internet, nothing like 3g or 4g speed na pia hakuna instagram @chairlady #mutomo1

  • Claire Durrant (@MsClaireDurrant) reported

    Hey @instagram I'm trying to report an impersonation account but your website isn't working. Can you help please?

  • (@davidkellydotco) reported

    my #instagram account won't let me promote. nothing loads or there's an error message when you follow through with it.

  • (@davidkellydotco) reported

    my instagram account won't let me promote. nothing loads or there's an error message when you follow through with it.

  • Skrimpi salvaje (@ratarabiosa669) reported

    Instagram wont let me sign in :(

  • Elan Michael (@OutOfMiddleClas) reported

    @ShannanSiemens @jimcramer @SquawkStreet Isn't Instagram owned by Facebook? So what's the problem

  • Nehmé Hrajli (@ItsNehme) reported

    Days of the week stickers don't appear in my stories, tried to report the problem many times and still not working!! @instagram #Instagram

  • Рамазан аль-Батали (@Roman_Gordei) reported

    Guys from @instagram , you will solve the problem of spam attacks on users?

  • Jerusha Tano-Fett (@thedisneychef) reported

    *Reports someone stealing my pic* Instagram: "We see no copyright issue" Me: "Well that's last time I buy ad space" Insta: "Oh? Banned them"

  • (@Digitaldoughnut) reported

    @photoslurp No problem! Can't believe Apple have only just got Instagram! Where have they been!?

  • RJ_1893 (@RJ_1893) reported

    @instagram my account was hacked, I cannot login anymore. how can I get my account back?

  • phoebe 💓 (@phxbe_) reported

    @instagram My app won't let me log in, it keeps saying unknown network error occured, but all my other apps are fine. Can you help??

  • Clare E Adamson (@ClareEAdamson24) reported

    @Independent It's a selfie/instagram generation -Just hope she doesnt fall foul of the need to share selfie like others have and crash the plane mid-pose

  • Rachel (@QueenThrift) reported

    @npklip Yeah battery issues. I miss instagram mostly.

  • saranghajah (@saranghajah) reported

    @seoulsoos no problem!! @/_khelp on instagram might help u too they post a bunch of stuff

  • Buffer (@buffer) reported

    @LGS_Crestcom Sorry! I think the Twitter issue has been fixed, should be all set with # suggestions now. With the Instagram account selected (1/2) -Dave

  • Ben Everard (@_beneverard) reported

    @oliciv Instagram doing the same thing, error with their location I thinks.

  • Pretzl @M'era Luna (@PretzlCosplay) reported

    Luxury problems: I promised my bf to go for Sushi when we hit 30K on Instagram... but we 'watching' our eating then.... And then...

  • tranceplant (@dizziless) reported

    @instagram your option to report impersonation accounts is broken.

  • Azzy Hope (@azzy_hope) reported

    I broken up with kid_foxy if he sees this go on Instagram

  • Lei (@kittykatkahleia) reported

    How did Drake just calm down my nervous breakdown and fix my problems in an instagram story?????????

  • Big League Truth (@ScanlanCT) reported

    @stevenmnuchin1 @SenateMajLdr @GLIchamber It was working on the Instagram earlier...

  • Poncho (@AuthenticPoncho) reported

    Gotta slow down with the snap chat and Instagram that shit toxic

  • Дарья Лозовая (@Daloz96) reported

    @instagram my account has been hacked and I can not find ways for connecting with you about this issue.

  • sam (@_samanthaf_) reported

    @Optus Instagram won't load. As soon as it switches back it's fine. Yet no one else w the app has this issue

  • noah (@tightwadhilI) reported

    Are anyone else's instagram notifs not working when someone posts a photo

  • hadley elizabeth (@PLANETJINKX) reported

    i was 100% planning on starting/working on recent art projects i'm doing but i'm just in bed on instagram so there's that

  • alexa (@roussotiff) reported

    i'm trying to find the hot girl working @ a food truck near me on instagram sksjsjsksksk

  • Elijah Hightower🥀 (@Kingeh40) reported

    Yooo what's the problem with Instagram?

  • VictoriaM (@Vickimal) reported

    @instagram Fix the problem @instagram

  • Melinda Grace (@melindagracela) reported

    @instagram Please help me recover my inactive account!!! I'm stuck in a loop of error messages...#instagram

  • Tim Roberts (@TimbreRoberts) reported

    @KathysBeauties I see now it was jennimiller29 on Instagram, not Twitter. My error. Still: #GoJenniMiller29.

  • Lovely Rose🌹 (@lovelyrosebun) reported

    I'm so done with instagram having kids re-posting my friends hard working artwork for the benefit of having followers. Makes me sick.

  • ˗ˏˋhelenˎˊ˗ (@svIyiaplath) reported

    ugghfhfhfu i never thought i went thru this shit i was Cool Calm Collected and then Bam! i have instagram problems ughfhfhfh

  • Harrison Faigen (@hmfaigen) reported

    @Jon4Lakers My Instagram doesn't get that many likes but I don't think it's a technical issue

  • Jon Rettinger (@Jon4Lakers) reported from Lakeshore, California

    Instagram on my S8 freezes 20% of the time. Anyone else having issues? (Cue iPhone comments)

  • Sigaba (@Sigaba) reported

    Think you have problems? @Busyphilipps25 had a terrible day. Stop what you're doing. Install @instagram. Watch the story. It could be you.

  • Meagan Rose (@Pagets_Wife) reported

    @instagram @xkaterix3 Literally biggest first world problem but come on @instagram

  • Işaač Jåim 🍃 (@Chuckceed) reported

    I think my Instagram is broken

  • Japagun (@Japagun) reported

    @instagram my friends account was deactivated, how she can solve this issue?!

  • PsychoticRambling (@PsychRambling) reported

    @instagram Just today my instagram account was deleted! Please fix this, it's still a problem!

Instagram Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 24
  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
  • 502
  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
  • logging in
  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code