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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Instagram problems in the last 24 hours

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September 24: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 12:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (30.35%)
  • Online Features (27.80%)
  • Sign in (26.84%)
  • App Crashing (12.14%)
  • Microtransactions (2.88%)

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • dhrangad
    Himanshu Dhrangad (@dhrangad) reported

    Hey I want my instagram account back. Somehow @instagram just blocked my account. I can't login to my account. How can I solve this problem? #InstagramHackEd #instagramers @kevin @mikeyk

  • IamNatelucky13
    Nate (@IamNatelucky13) reported from Knoxville, Tennessee

    @bamabob2014 It's not the kids fault. Try blaming the adults who raise them and everyone making them feel like a celebrity during recruiting. Hell, blame the adult men who creep their Facebook and Instagram while they are in high school. Parents,grandparents and recruiting are the problem

  • behrangsa
    βehrαng (@behrangsa) reported

    @__apf__ What if users are logged into Amazon, Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo!, Instagram, Pinterest or thousands of other websites? This feature is problematic. In public places, Sign in to Chrome should be disabled. For guests, Incognito is good enough. This feature is unneeded.

  • AficionadoYash
    Yash (@AficionadoYash) reported

    Instagram Says Not Working on 'Regramming' Feature

  • manellneto
    Manoel Neto (@manellneto) reported from Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

    @instagram Bugged! Can't publish gif anymore! When I try it stays uploading forever... Till it tells me to delete the stories.... Fix it pls... More people have the same problem and nothing is done

  • sociality_coop
    Sociality (@sociality_coop) reported

    Hello @buffer , we are trying to connect our Instagram account but we get this error "Whoops! Looks like you already have a Instagram Account connected" even though we haven't one ready. Would you be kind enough to advise?

  • ispazio
    iSpazio (@ispazio) reported

    @AhmetOkanTasci Yes the iCloud link expires. When it happens send me a dm on Instagram and I will fix

  • lucky66266345
    lucky (@lucky66266345) reported

    whenever i swith my account it just freezes up @instagram what's the problem.

  • UberTieGuy
    Colin 🤼‍♂️🦑 (@UberTieGuy) reported

    I’ve slowly come To hate the word “Iconic”. Like No....Noah Ciento not wearing clothes in public is not iconic. It’s just a dude with abs everyone is suddenly obsessed with because Instagram told them to be.....maybe my problem is just with Noah...or Instagram...when did I become

  • dreamforandever
    heth🌥🥀🌻 (@dreamforandever) reported

    Instagram was working fine about 5 mins ago and now anytime I try and like a post I get an “action blocked” message like wtfffff so frustrating!!

  • sxxvivx
    𝔰𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔦𝔣𝔞 (@sxxvivx) reported

    i'm having problems with Instagram notifications, i only get a notification when someone goes live... i don't get the dms, even my sister asks me to check insta dm, but if you judge me based on social media ******* bugs that's not my problem you could always call...

  • tahseen_tashi
    Tahseen Ahmad (@tahseen_tashi) reported from New Delhi, National Capital Territory of Delhi

    @instagram I am facing some problem with my account Can't like any post, can't comment or edit my captions Can someone please help me with it? @instagram

  • mbyo
    Mary Elizabeth Benson Jr. (@mbyo) reported

    @Mariska has broken instagram. The end.

  • infinitereality
    #sinfinitereality (@infinitereality) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @DistroKid URGENT HELP MUsic NOT WORKING ON INSTAGRAM!!! Is it down in general?

  • AnxiouslyMeBlog
    Anxiously, Me (@AnxiouslyMeBlog) reported

    @alicespake @instagram Apparently if people want to see your posts they have to actively seek them out & like them a couple of days/photos in a row before you'll appear within the first few posts on their feed. Don't know if anyone else has this issue but I don't even see your tweets until the next day

  • mohsxn_
    maeiz (@mohsxn_) reported

    instagram is is broken, i haven’t seen a normal post in months it’s just memes and videos

  • gothicyangel
    Official BABYDOLL (@gothicyangel) reported

    The @Instagram new tag system gets on my nerves. It is constantly goes wrong saying error & it is no good u saying I don’t have internet have tried it on various different phones & different WiFi & mobile data & can get other apps loaded. I wish u would sort this out! #instagram

  • killingskills
    Jaap Wiewel (@killingskills) reported

    Dear @instagram my 'add to my stories' when mentioned in someone else's story option isnt working, everything is up to date. (Killingskills) please help

  • YusufiyaTweets
    Yusufiya (@YusufiyaTweets) reported

    Hello @instagram can you please make new filters because @Snapchat are way more better at this point of time. One more thing kindly consider making a support page in @Twitter as users we need a channel of communication between us to solve our issues.

  • Anagonc60662581
    Ana goncalves (@Anagonc60662581) reported

    @instagram @headexplodie I’m still waiting for your reply and help to solve the issue of my hacked account!! #InstagramHackEd #instagramhacked

  • MarDixon
    Mar Dixon 🍰 (@MarDixon) reported

    @Cultur_e @AskACurator @mdehne34 @acediscovery @BradfordMuseums Thank you so much for this. Two quick notes: -@MuseumJim started @AskACurator in 2010 (then I took over -The reason there was less sign up is due to GDPR I didn't force the issue as I have in the past. The main people who signed up wanted to show their instagram/FB account :-)

  • BhookiIndian
    Farheen Raaj (@BhookiIndian) reported

    All this pretentious travel with friends taking Instagram photos is making me lose my reading mojo. First world problem, but help?

  • spyke6x
    Pyke (@spyke6x) reported from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

    @instagram super slow on the app since the last update... any fix coming up? It's been like this for the whole week

  • SeirraMasaad
    🌟SSeirra (@SeirraMasaad) reported

    The reason why im active in twitter is because I can read news ahead of time. Not only the current general issues but news about my friends emotions as well. Plus I deleted my instagram acc lulz

  • kaach_ka_panchi
    mihir gediya (@kaach_ka_panchi) reported

    @instagram hey I have an issue. My friend sent me a video and said to me send back it instagram. When i send him , instagram was disabled my account. I didn’t know about that video promote section 377. So i request to please enable my account -kaach_ka_panchi

  • Leaotigre
    Joao Cerqueira PLUS (@Leaotigre) reported

    New login to Instagram from Android Browser on Android

  • gotadream_
    Julia W. § (@gotadream_) reported

    The problem is not photoshop. The problem is what people do with it. The problem is that some of the most famous people on instagram are not natural at all and had beauty surgeries and how everyone hypes them up and wants to be like them.

  • IronyisHumans
    ᴺᵉᴼ (@IronyisHumans) reported

    @motorolaindia Yes! This problem happens only with Instagram. Other apps work fine.

  • pproblematic
    kes(corpio) (@pproblematic) reported

    and i’m not saying demi or mac should be disrespected. i’m glad ppl are takin drug issues seriously. but i’m annoyed at all the ariana stans who said really insensitive shit about peep in his moms instagram comments. if you did that shit, i hope you realize how disgusting that is

  • thenkem
    Nkem (@thenkem) reported

    @JamesLantern2 @kito_diaries Do you know something thats more regrettable... The guy in question is milking this popularity on instagram....having fun and Owning "The didnt caught me like a joke" He has been through a lot, but this is feeding the problem that got him arrested in the first place.

    vince noir kin (@TRlSHUNA) reported

    Instagram is so broken

  • sotaylorwaslike
    Taylor 🌥 (@sotaylorwaslike) reported

    i really been working on instagram. once i hit 3k it’s over. then 10k?? i’d be out

  • asiameoww
    a s i a Ⓥ (@asiameoww) reported

    Is anyone else having issues with following people on @instagram - it keeps telling me that the action is blocked... it’s highly annoying

  • krev_trav
    Twervis (@krev_trav) reported

    @RileyKeough Twitter has no problem with ******. Facebook and Instagram are against it for whatever reason.

  • Crowslanding_
    Jesus (@Crowslanding_) reported

    I can’t ask questions or do the hot or not thing on Instagram my app broken

  • thatSwahiliBoy
    Fred (@thatSwahiliBoy) reported

    @instagram why you not tell me Beyoncé has posted, Fix it

  • hannahgf108
    hannah? (@hannahgf108) reported

    the only girl who has ever broken my heart is the one that i just found on instagram after a year of searching for her, only to find out that she is in a relationship. a hetero relationship

  • kimberheard
    kimy. (@kimberheard) reported

    Seriously does Instagram has a problem with me the first account I had they deleted it completely when I only deactivated for 2wks now I'm having problems w my 2nd account I can't upload videos on my feed but I can on my Inststory. ****** up *****.

  • RevealOfMyArt
    nicole 🌼 (@RevealOfMyArt) reported

    Instagram needs to make a setting where you can move your pictures around so you can fix them when the feed looks out of order

  • kevgada
    केव (@kevgada) reported

    @instagram is there any issue going on with your app I have lost all my caption on my previous post ?

  • brokeplayboy
    〰️ (@brokeplayboy) reported

    So according to Instagram any skinny white girl can grow a fat ass thru working out lmao wtf is that actually true

  • YandereZombie1
    Daithi Aaron Radcliff (@YandereZombie1) reported

    @xCat93x @Vamplettes @kayyybearxo @BunnyAyu @TjRodo @GabbyCCosplay @Zerggiee @SSSuccubus @Ambookilluh @YandereJane Trust me if you look at her Instagram story it is on a whole different level trying to make it seem like everyone is the problem.

  • herronsaveryy
    lia | 181 (@herronsaveryy) reported

    My Instagram is broken # love that

  • YnesEstrada_
    Itss YNES dude ◟̽◞̽ (@YnesEstrada_) reported

    Instagram be hella slow it’s so annoying idk if it’s just my internet but like all my other apps are working fine

  • TheDuckZoneIG
    TheDuckZone (@TheDuckZoneIG) reported

    Phone has been broken, have missed three straight games. In the works w/ Instagram on gaining back access to my account, but they aren't budging. Hoping to be back soon & AS ALWAYS, GO DUCKS!

  • MollsisBored
    ✨Molls✨ (@MollsisBored) reported

    @instagram I have a unique issue to report that doesn’t seem to fall under either of your two intellectual property categories, can I DM for help?

  • BrookeK88
    Brooke K (@BrookeK88) reported

    @_ShowMeTheMony Well yeah I agree 100% but it’s more so the fact of people labeling themselves a photographer just because they got a camera. I saw someone do that on my Instagram. If you put effort into it and really work and enjoy it then I have no problem

  • carlalxv
    carla (@carlalxv) reported

    i hope people keep unfollowing me on instagram since they’re so uncomfortable with the things that i talk about cause they can’t wrap their head around the fact that there are global issues that don’t affect them but still require their attention

  • gabriesd_
    Gab (@gabriesd_) reported

    “they didn’t season the food” is not listed as a reason to report an account for abuse @instagram. please fix this.

  • Marthadontspeak
    Martha 🌞🇰🇿 Origins of a program (@Marthadontspeak) reported

    Oh my god, oh my god somebody help please. I think I just accidentally, through the pages of some old friends, just discovered the Instagram page of my molester. Problem is, he goes to another school, he was like 8 or 9 when he did this to me (for months; I had just turned 7),

  • sequentialstate
    Alex Hoffman (@sequentialstate) reported

    @FstewartT basically it seems that if you can find any artist working in riso printed photographs at any point on Printed Matter, their CV/Instagram/website will contain a lot more of the same, and collaborations with other artists

  • I_theGiovanni
    Daddy Long Legs (@I_theGiovanni) reported

    Yoooo my instagram isn’t working... I can’t refresh, post, send messages or anything :/

  • conveurse
    derel (@conveurse) reported

    Terima jasa ✓ Upfoll pasif twitter/instagram ✓ Uplikes instagram ✓ Benerin acc error ✓ Pasang ifttt/zapier, etc.

  • calibournelive
    Cali Bourne (@calibournelive) reported

    Instagram could solve all their issues if they allowed business accounts to charge to unsolicited DMs & took a portion of the profit. Think of all the potential services all types of business accounts across all niches could offer.

  • realqueenmattie
    6am Mac n Cheese cravings (@realqueenmattie) reported

    Does anyone have a list of Plus Size Non-Binary Influencers/YouTubers?? Like I'm writing a report as part of this project I'm doing (Instagram hints) and I wanna feature some + size non-binary in it and to discuss non-binary representation issues

  • PattiD05
    PattiD05 (@PattiD05) reported

    @hdepotonasale @haymakertv Well, I know there are people who will watch and then complain about how awful she is but they are part of the problem. We need to NOT watch. Sorry to the rest of the cast, but I will follow my favorites on Instagram. Haymaker needs to rethink this.

  • JThomas822
    Jennifer Ann Thomas (@JThomas822) reported

    From scrolling through my Instagram feed, it’s pretty clear that while I was working all weekend, everyone else was going apple/pumpkin picking

  • hannah415
    Hannah P (@hannah415) reported

    @instagram my account was hacked and your in-app support has been unhelpful. Also looks like I’m not the only one with this issue.

  • Isabele14367420
    Isabele (@Isabele14367420) reported

    I'm here to tell you to don't buy from @domedotcam, they don't have respect with their costumers. I bought a broke dome and I'm working hard to get my money back. Now I'm without the dome, and without the money!! They blocked me on Instagram and Facebook but they won't shut me up

  • Isabele14367420
    Isabele (@Isabele14367420) reported

    @domedotcam I'm here to tell you to don't buy from @domedotcam, they don't have respect with their costumers. I bought a broke dome and I'm working hard to get my money back. Now I'm without the dome, and without the money!! They blocked me on Instagram and Facebook but they won't shut me up

Instagram Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
  • 502
  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
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  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code