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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

 Problems detected at Instagram

Instagram problems in the last 24 hours

Instagram Outage Chart

December 17: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 02:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (39.73%)
  • ▪ Glitches (34.25%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (13.70%)
  • ▪ Online Features (12.33%)

Instagram Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ New York, New York  ▪ Venice, Veneto  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ London, England  ▪ Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso  ▪ San Diego, California  ▪ Cheshire, Connecticut  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid  ▪ Mansfield, New Jersey  ▪ McDowall, Queensland

Instagram Live Outage Map
  • New York, New York
  • Venice, Veneto
  • Los Angeles, California
  • London, England
  • Viña del Mar, Región de Valparaíso
  • San Diego, California
  • Cheshire, Connecticut
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
  • Mansfield, New Jersey
  • McDowall, Queensland
  •   Full Outage Map

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • j_deena
    Jinan Deena (@j_deena) reported

    @zeitzaytoon Thats why I deleted instagram.....gpt so sick of that. Lack of diversity is also an issue, and no body positive images either.

  • quonky
    Cosmic Amanda (@quonky) reported

    @michesf @instagram This has been a huge problem for me lately on all the platforms.

  • JinDenver
    Axial Tilt: The Reason For The Season (@JinDenver) reported

    People who complain about being broke but post instagram shots from the bar all weekend every weekend are my favorite. Pro-Tip: if you whine about being broke and ALSO start every Monday with “ugh this weekend was way too much” then your problem is you.

  • stillricosuave
    ivdub89 (@stillricosuave) reported

    @MoffWilhuff @IGN She does have a funky nose I've always noticed it. Idk but I think ign was desperate when they put her on the fix. At first I didn't mind her but if you look at he Instagram and twitter she's full of her self she's annoying.

    King Dreu (@KINGDREU21) reported

    Instagram Isn't Working!

  • TayvaMartinez
    Tayva Martinez (@TayvaMartinez) reported

    I had never seen “Instagram makeup” in person, only on Instagram, until this past week. Working a night shift I see plenty of it now and holy fuck, it’s even worse in real life.

  • SydGolic
    Sydney Golic (@SydGolic) reported

    What do people like Instagram storying more? A) Them working out, but not really working out because they are on IG instead. Or- B) Cutting open their eggs benedict during weekend brunch.

  • missmaddybeth
    Madeline Franklin (@missmaddybeth) reported

    Okay Instagram redo time... I need VSCO filter suggestions! (Yes I recognize that this is the most basic girl problem I've ever had, which is saying a lot, but still!)

  • lateral_muqeem
    Mohammed Abdul Muqeem ツ (@lateral_muqeem) reported

    @instagram Fix my poll feature bug ! My Instagram is updated!!!

  • HishamSMG
    Cham (@HishamSMG) reported

    @rileyreidx3 @instagram try different phone ( ios to android ) to login

  • lateral_muqeem
    Mohammed Abdul Muqeem ツ (@lateral_muqeem) reported

    @instagram I reported tons of times on Instagram. But still I’m facing the same issue.

  • lateral_muqeem
    Mohammed Abdul Muqeem ツ (@lateral_muqeem) reported

    @instagram My Instagram poll feature isn’t coming on my Instagram. Will you just fix the bug?

  • Zaitoven_
    Zαί ⚡️ (@Zaitoven_) reported

    My instagram loads so slow bruh, and I’m over it.

  • AshleighMallett
    Ashleigh Mallett (@AshleighMallett) reported

    Instagram needs to fix this explore page nonsense ASAP

  • claureaaa
    claurea ☀ (@claureaaa) reported

    I still feel that u don't just discuss about my personal problems with anyone else. I'm old enough to decide who I wanna be with & I don't need your negative comments like my appearance is fake and stuff (when I'm just using an Instagram filter) lmfao everyone's using it fk off

  • david_twice
    David 😃 (@david_twice) reported

    @instagram your app working bad on slow android devices. Please fix it soon

  • SparklingBlue
    Sparkling Blue Lights (@SparklingBlue) reported

    Can someone who has an iPhone and uses Instagram help me with a problem?

  • natemeeds
    Nate Meeds (@natemeeds) reported

    I’m going to start sharing more photos on twitter, typically I just stick to Instagram. I don’t know about you but I think I might need my news, comedy and sports broken up by art. I need a tone shift because I feel like the current note isn’t sustainable. So, I’ve got pictures.

  • goodforhs
    marta #TeamLouis ◟̽◞̽ | 147 (@goodforhs) reported

    QUESTION: am I the only one who is having problems with Instagram ? it doesn't let me like/heart anyones pictures.

  • fadetoblack23
    Dave (@fadetoblack23) reported

    Either there are issues with Instagram, or my account has vanished.

  • KloutSupport
    Klout Support (@KloutSupport) reported

    @Daniel_SGille So sorry I do not have a time frame for when that will be fixed. We are working with Instagram to get it corrected. So sorry for the inconvenience

  • _realsmith
    It's Lasalle (@_realsmith) reported

    @bvmbvmb They will try to pay you with broken promises and instagram likes

  • unkonfined
    ʋиκσиғιиɛ∂ (@unkonfined) reported

    Among other things, your notification system is broken @instagram. Has been for some time now. Buggy.

  • volley_design
    Volley Design (@volley_design) reported from Trowbridge, England

    @instagram why can’t you edit your posts when their posted anywhere? Won’t let change the caption constant error message

  • luxxeh
    Lux | CupcakeGrenade (@luxxeh) reported

    @Rez_GS Between going back to school for my masters and working, I doubt I'll have time for anything. Maybe twitch in the summer. I'll keep up with my Instagram too. But I think I'm done with youtube/twitter for the most part

  • chelsyyyx3
    Chelsy Bognot (@chelsyyyx3) reported

    Instagram will forever give women an unrealistic expectation of what they should look like. I thought I was pretty secure with my body and then these women are here with their tiny waist and juicy bubble butts. After working in the cosmetic surgery world, 95% of it is FAKE.

  • httprebecca2002
    Rebecca💜 (@httprebecca2002) reported

    Someone dm me, I'm bored, my phones broken so I can't post on Instagram (my fan account on insta is dolanz.beanz if you wanted to see my stuff lmao) and I've lost my streaks on Snapchat :(

  • ThatAngryRobGuy
    Rob (@ThatAngryRobGuy) reported

    I closed down my Facebook account earlier this year and I've never had a Snapchat or really know what it is to be honest, so I won't have any problem closing down my Twitter and Instagram accounts if they start charging due to the #NetNeutrality vote. #JustBeingHonest

  • D_LuckyLoveLife
    LuckyLoveLife (@D_LuckyLoveLife) reported

    @_princessmiiaaa I feel like all the algorithms are slow right now. Maybe it's just the holidays. Growth has been like molasses the last two weeks. I am not on Instagram. It sounds like an insta-nightmare.

  • hugotrex
    Hugo T. Rex (@hugotrex) reported

    I just uploaded another photo of me to Instagram and it is not here even though we are connected! Pooh! The problem with old age right?

  • Stinalotte
    🌈💪Rainbow Valkyrie Stina (@Stinalotte) reported

    @casitstoobig I don't even have to go on AO3 anymore, I just browse Instagram for my OT3 fix

  • lizardbard
    hey elves, it's em, ya boy. (@lizardbard) reported

    Now that I'm on break I'm back to interning for a little and working on a commission or two. I have some projects for myself planned as well and more pages to crank out so I'm not done working yet! I'll still be pretty active on here as well as Instagram

  • stinkydogboi
    the last good taco 🌮 (@stinkydogboi) reported

    @ArcoShep @instagram Why is the internet so broken

  • Rafael_T
    rafael torrens iii (@Rafael_T) reported

    @instagram Way TOO MANY adverts, guys, way too many; to the point of annoyance. Fix the algorithm, please

  • HNotters
    Harriet Notley (@HNotters) reported

    Currently experiencing Twitter problems on my phone! Please use FB/Instagram/email or wait until I get to a computer! #firstworldproblems

  • LifeofLanny
    Hot Lana (@LifeofLanny) reported

    There was a problem with my Instagram account so I rage deleted the app and now 10 seconds later I’m so bored

  • mykissathings
    buttcheeks (@mykissathings) reported

    dear @instagram don't promote your ig in my push notifications until you fix the feed order ugly

  • VinnySanches
    vinny. 🦄 (@VinnySanches) reported

    keep your man off my instagram, bitch, 99 problems but ain't one a damn bitch

  • womanonthefloor
    🍸 (@womanonthefloor) reported

    @Harry_Styles I can fix your Instagram feed, I told you but I KNOW YOU NEVER LISTEN

  • Tamixoxo
    Mara (@Tamixoxo) reported

    Well no longer on Instagram to see how him ago do a live fi address the issue

  • OGdukkerino
    remoteoff (@OGdukkerino) reported

    tbh Instagram should kys. i have had shadow for fucking 2 months, and i didnt post anything offensive. im not only one who has this problem i know many other good instagram pages that get frequently shadowbanned. #please #remove #shadowban #instagram #fix #your #policies

  • israhulkumar
    Rahul Kumar (@israhulkumar) reported

    @instagram Is there any possible way to contact your help centre.Do you have a help id on which i can email my problem?

  • Hiedikins
    Hiedi Rollings (@Hiedikins) reported

    @StuRap @instagram Stu, am I right in saying this seems to be have been a problem for quite some time now as in retrospect I'm sure my struggle with it goes way back albeit on iPad and my phone?

  • Hiedikins
    Hiedi Rollings (@Hiedikins) reported

    @StuRap @instagram WOW & I thought I was the only one! I've deleted so many images with this very issue & have been shocked, well frustrated as to how many of my art pieces don't, well can't seem to be posted on Instagram without looking horridly pixelated, without definition & indeed blurry!

  • tatestone26
    The Artist Formerly Known As Sir Tate Runyon 🎄 (@tatestone26) reported from Candor, North Carolina

    picture this: it's 2012. your planking picture just got over 20 likes on instagram. you're nervous that this popularity is going to cause issues. there are pizza rolls in the oven. the end of the world is near.

  • InTheFX
    Ed (@InTheFX) reported

    @instagram Can you please help. I have a serious problem to report

  • bettsdilaurnts
    tiff 🍂 (@bettsdilaurnts) reported

    @instagram perhaps fix your video quality and stop making them out of sync !!!!

  • VoiceofBrendan
    Brendan Joseph (@VoiceofBrendan) reported

    The problem with Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds not being chronological is seeing news stories from 4 days ago listed as BREAKING! Damnit, I thought the cow was loose in Philly AGAIN for a minute. #DoBettrSocialMedia

  • collabor8app
    Collabor8app (@collabor8app) reported

    Brands spend over $1 billion per year on #instagram working with influencers

  • GrandeBeautiana
    it's gul #TheGift2 (@GrandeBeautiana) reported


  • zcynub
    lord richard cranium (@zcynub) reported

    @chrishemsorth No problem!!!! Can't believe my endless scrolling thru the Instagram explore page actually paid off

  • johnthejack
    John Peters (@johnthejack) reported

    I keep getting messages that I'm having problems accessing a couple of sites, including Instagram. The account name is... pyscho_ Oh dear. Hehe.

  • philippaulburns
    Philip Paul Burns (@philippaulburns) reported

    Overheard outside the westside plaza. Lassie (circa 11 years old) to laddie (circa 11 years old). "Oh my gawd Ciaran, it was just a like on Instagram...get OVER it" Wee man was heart broken.

  • MartinBelam
    Martin Belam (@MartinBelam) reported

    @jlsinc I remember once at the Mirror we had a very late problem with the front page and basically ended up with "this person publishes picture on Instagram" as the main story instead of "that person finally exposed as serial paedophile"

  • WendyJohn8
    Wendy John (@WendyJohn8) reported

    @buffer Calling all advocates! #BufferSupport The Buffer Instagram queue isn't working. Have posted a few time today but no banana!

  • bobbert_
    Rob (@bobbert_) reported

    @davey I call people out on it all the time and usually get either an eye-roll emoji, the comment gets deleted if it's on Instagram, I get unfollowed or blocked, or just get one of those bullshit excuses about it being 'slow traffic' etc.

  • gxrethclarke
    Gareth Clarke (@gxrethclarke) reported

    Anyone else having an issue with following people on @instagram , saying the action is "blocked"?

  • actingdrew
    𝑒𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓇🤶🏻 (@actingdrew) reported

    Can Instagram fix their explorer page? I wanna be able to click on a pic and scroll down as usual, not automatically go on their page...

  • pepijy
    Marlene (@pepijy) reported

    uHM ITS ALMOST 3 in the morning but i am angered bc of the instagram issue. A woman/girl can do WHATEVER THE FUCK she wants to do with her pics and her body, no one absolutely no one has the right to tell them what to do and what not to do. How r u going to argue that someone-

  • winnieee2727
    Vni Xiao (@winnieee2727) reported

    @instagram I have 4 accounts on instagram, three of them have the entry for highlight story, but one of them does not!!!??(I have the newest version app) It even doesn’t have the entry for story archive. Plsssss help me with this. My account with problem is vvvvvni27

  • StuRap
    Stu with a You (@StuRap) reported from Forrestdale, Western Australia

    Come on @instagram fix this blurry images on iPad thing will ya. It’s ridiculous. Lots of complaints and no solutions from you anywhere

  • NehaArefin
    Neha Arefin (@NehaArefin) reported

    @instagram the problem with your algorithm is: 5 days old news is coming to me now. See the problem?

  • helen_cadden
    Helen Cadden (@helen_cadden) reported

    @instagram Got new phone & had to re-log into account. No luck at all! Used all advice on "help" but repeatedly coming up with error or blank page!

  • AstroSkyRanger
    AstroSkyRanger (@AstroSkyRanger) reported

    Slow clunky Unresponsive head to instagram AstroSkyRanger

  • NehaArefin
    Neha Arefin (@NehaArefin) reported

    @instagram Can u fix your feed problem first??

  • lensofmike
    Michael McGimpsey (@lensofmike) reported

    Conducting some more research into Instagram hashtags. My use of them sucks hence engagement with my posts sucks. I’m going to fix that.

  • ashleighgxox
    Ashhhh❤️💫 (@ashleighgxox) reported

    @erikacostell FIX UR INSTAGRAM

  • KEY9481
    Azul. (@KEY9481) reported

    FIX.THOSE.TIMELINES. @instagram

  • jenkneee
    Jennie (@jenkneee) reported

    hey could @instagram stop adding useless new features to story and focus on fixing the bot spam problem??? explain to me why I've gotten 26 follow requests from fake accounts just this week

  • Slice4Noah
    Noah (@Slice4Noah) reported

    Alright FB page is back up and running. Just tweeted a post from my Instagram only problem though is that the image isn't showing up. Oh well I'll figure it out like always #content #learning

  • AngelicaSajo
    Angel (@AngelicaSajo) reported


  • Swarupama
    Swarupama Chaturvedi (@Swarupama) reported

    @LiveLawIndia I believe obscenity is defined in law, whether putting photo on Instagram constitute obscenity that should be the question if someone prefer appeal against this order. Its the relevant issue of the present society, specially when we see everything awkward presented on TV.

  • katherinecheri
    kat🎄 (@katherinecheri) reported

    I made a new Instagram then deleted it an hour later cause I have commitment issues

  • Insightbymo
    Maureen O (@Insightbymo) reported

    People will promote anything on Instagram for a quick buck. One of the reasons I left & not in a hurry to go back to that platform. Like....working out is that difficult?? Y'all would rather do unnecessary shit to your body BUT workout.

  • effyisboring
    elffy (@effyisboring) reported

    i just liked a picture of someone on instagram from A WEEK AGO @instagram fix this you bitches

  • lalisaning
    lalisa ✨ (@lalisaning) reported

    @instagram can you fix your logging problems. i legit can't login to my fan acc and personal acc. why do y'all hate me that much. okay thanks bye

  • _dexterni
    S. (@_dexterni) reported

    Cute boy hasn’t liked the most recent Instagram picture yet - can this be reported as a problem? Asking for a friend.

  • jayzzlyrics
    Jay Z (@jayzzlyrics) reported

    "Might crash ya internet And I ain't even into that When I was talking Instagram Last thing you wanted was ya picture snapped"

  • Harshitakhndl
    Harshita khandal (@Harshitakhndl) reported

    Dear @instagram This is veryy disappointing that 12 days ago i sent you a mail mentioning my problem in accessing my account but sorry to say not a single response is give till date. You guys are sending me mails regarding other matters but not dealing with my problem.

  • Carrieeeeee__
    Baby Bajan 😌 (@Carrieeeeee__) reported

    Dear @Instagram I personally don't care who else commented on this Person's post tbh. Please to fix this.

Instagram Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
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  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
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  • login
  • network error
  • security code
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