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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Instagram problems in the last 24 hours

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January 24: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 01:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (29.15%)
  • Sign in (26.13%)
  • App Crashing (26.13%)
  • Online Features (17.52%)
  • Microtransactions (1.06%)

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Royce__Valencia Royce Da 6'3 (@Royce__Valencia) reported

    @instagram You put pics I don't want to see to the top of my feed forcing me to scroll far to find good posts. I can't be bothered so I close it before finding them. Your algorithm thinks the bad posts are all I want to see because it hides everything good super far down. Broken algorithm.

  • palenaroyale Alena🖤 (@palenaroyale) reported

    @instagram Here’s an idea to fix the rumors and make people happier about the feed. GO BACK TO CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. The personalized feed is bullshit and none of us want it

  • Lukascain95 Lukas (@Lukascain95) reported

    Most people are working out to become stronger, leaner, or to become Instagram famous. I'm just trying to make my stomach and legs small enough to not be embarrassed when I don't fit on rollercoasters.

  • lanidaniellleee 𝔏𝔞𝔫𝔦 𝔇𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔢 (@lanidaniellleee) reported

    @PalayeRoyale imma need yall to go to either Sacramento, San Francisco, or San Jose. i need to give yall a book project i’m working on its v important. (for info on the book project go to @ romanticroyale on instagram😁) < self promo yall

  • philip_king Philip King (@philip_king) reported

    @instagram The problem is your algorithm doesn't work, I have to scroll through to find the posts I'm most interested in. Just put it back to chronological order.

  • bible_grad Bible School Grad (@bible_grad) reported

    Facebook makes me hate others Instagram makes me hate myself Twitter makes me hate the world Glad to see social media working to unify us all

  • MysteryAdExec Mystery Ad Exec (@MysteryAdExec) reported

    is instagram broken or does my content suck

  • playtimebieber faith (@playtimebieber) reported

    HI if I don’t answer anyone’s texts it’s cuz my phone isn’t working so dm me on here or Instagram for now :///////////

  • PhuketTopTeam Phuket Top Team (@PhuketTopTeam) reported from Ban Bon Suan, Phuket Province

    Been a while since we got taken down from Instagram. Still working & hoping to get it back with some help from the @ufc @Randy_UFC Thanks to @JacksonWinkMMA for helping what they can. Fingers crossed 🤞🏽 @bisping @DominickCruz @criscyborg @JamesVickMMA #NoInstagramForNow

  • NotIsaiah11 spuɐɥ oʍʇ ʎɯɯᴉʇ (@NotIsaiah11) reported from College Station, Texas

    @ZacharyZork @CervantesLauren This is why I stopped using instagram, broken app

  • weastcoastonly miriªm (@weastcoastonly) reported

    bands working on their fourth album: 5sos: - 591 pictures - 234 instagram stories - announces everything - changes layout - has already started promoting it on social media and it's not even out yet imagine dragons: -#soon

  • EternalLuedizer Brandyn Evitts (@EternalLuedizer) reported

    @instagram fix your damn app for Android with each update it crashes more and more yet iPhones don't have this issue

  • karlnathanNZ Karl Nathan (@karlnathanNZ) reported

    @Sanguiphilia @instagram I hear you. I'm more pissed off that I lost my caption I created. I understand issues occur - but losing my caption is just Aaaaarggghhh!!! *STABBY MOMENT* :)

  • _lalaladonna_ Queen (@_lalaladonna_) reported

    Man I had my friends create my Instagram AND Snapchat account, idk my password or login 😭😭 lowkey just haven’t logged off in 4 years 😩😩

  • ____nurin rainbow cotton candy 🦄 (@____nurin) reported

    @farajsmn i think its digi not instagram. i faced the same problem too since yesterday and im using digi 😭

  • tweeterniss God&Country (@tweeterniss) reported

    @terri911065 @noway_nohow7 @irish_za Right now Facebook and Instagram have a bigger problem with videos like this and worse because its more rampant on those platforms [child p@rn] predation. Kids are seeing tragic videos of other kids being abused and trying to alert people but so far the platforms have not been 👇

  • x0heathyyy 𝖍𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 🍒 (@x0heathyyy) reported

    hey instagram idfk what u did but fix ur shit because i am being paid DUST

  • foreignGLO_ abigy4l (@foreignGLO_) reported

    @instagram Yea......but we never asked for allat. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  • MitsEvoX MitsEvoX | RL (@MitsEvoX) reported

    @Azfura sometimes it's just Instagram bro. try deleting the account that isnt working and logging back in. or reinstall the app.

  • Stephytron3000 Stephy (@Stephytron3000) reported

    @instagram my instagram isn't working

  • drewiztrex DREGIST (@drewiztrex) reported

    @manuedd @instagram I have this problem too over one week

  • drewiztrex DREGIST (@drewiztrex) reported

    @instagram Help! I can't login my Instagram account

  • smathur409 sunilmathur (@smathur409) reported

    @JioCare speed of Internet always slow Even if I run YouTube, I still have a problem, even if I run Facebook, even if I am running the Instagram, I still suffer the problem, even if I am still trying to do whats happening then that problem 8209980421

  • CalloutCompany Callout Company (@CalloutCompany) reported

    @BecauseImPK @instagram Retweeting for visibility. Tech companies like @instagram are notoriously bad about this. Their 'cost cutting' translates to terrible service for everyone else. Part of the issue is that they know there's no alternatives to their network effects.

  • ibrahimjunaidii ibrahim (@ibrahimjunaidii) reported

    @anghilex See @ftnnssr the problem is not the type of phone used, it's instagram itself

  • Azfura Cap’n Azfura (@Azfura) reported

    If anybody knows how to use Instagram well. I have my main account and a side account. My main account has a bunch of other options when I make a story (polls, questions, etc) and my other account doesn’t. How do I fix this

  • KatieeeSantry katie santry (@KatieeeSantry) reported from Pasadena, California

    @GlamLifeGuru PLEASE post a video or maybe an instagram stories with tips! I have it as well and my fiancé and I are going to start trying for a baby next hear and I’m so anxious I’m going to have problems getting pregnant!!

  • classyant_ ANTHONY 🔗 (@classyant_) reported

    Instagram is always sooo slow !

  • taylorSHUTup Taylor. (@taylorSHUTup) reported

    It’s not broken at all, but like, we must fix it!!! -Instagram

  • itsjamila_ Jamila Wright (@itsjamila_) reported

    Instagram has made me so judgmental. I hate working in digital marketing sometimes lol

  • Midnahx3 Midnah (@Midnahx3) reported

    @instagram My feed is constantly clogged by the people I engage with the LEAST 100%. If I even see a post from a close friend of mine It's day late, maybe even a week +. Fix your algorithms because you guys have gone full stupid.

  • SoyIvanSilva Ivan Silva ◬ (@SoyIvanSilva) reported

    @instagram Hello, I wanted to report a bug in "close friend" my iphone does not detect that my account has that feature enabled, but on other Android devices if it works, I'm not the only person reporting this problem, I hope your answer thank you.

  • russell_ambriz Russell Ambriz (@russell_ambriz) reported

    @UniverseIce Better fix they're Instagram bugs freezes all the time

  • KaveriRawal Kaveri Rawal (@KaveriRawal) reported

    @instagram so you only respond when money is offered to you, users can simply be told to get lost with their issues.

  • LindseyVetter Lindsey Porter (@LindseyVetter) reported

    Hey @instagram fix the glitch with instagram stories. The static noise is really annoying. You would think it would be taken care of by now with the amount of people who have complained about it. #fixit #getittogether #Instagram

  • annykkax Annykka Marie (@annykkax) reported

    @PLDT_Cares My Pldt home fx-id3 WiFi isn’t working properly. It only works when I search for YouTube and Google other than that like Instagram, Twitter and FB it won’t load.

  • AdAmoK96 adam🤴🏼 (@AdAmoK96) reported

    @instagram can you fix my acct I can’t do any of the new story features!!!

  • annykkax Annykka Marie (@annykkax) reported

    @PLDT_Cares My Pldt home fx-id3 WiFi isn’t working properly. It only works when I search for YouTube and Google other than that like Instagram, Twitter and FB it won’t load.

  • evergreentwete evergreen twetes (@evergreentwete) reported

    @ryangrim I think what’s actually happening with google is that search advertising works and display advertising does not. Facebook is a different issue. What’s happening there is people are spending a lot of time on instagram instead of reading digital media.

  • MissAmberMadrid Melanin Monroe (@MissAmberMadrid) reported

    Had someone on my Instagram voluntarily admit to enjoying pickle backs and smh. The world is far more broken than I could have ever imagined.

  • tyra_tm7 athierah (@tyra_tm7) reported

    The problem is, our virtual flirting skills fall apart in the flesh. By the time the first date happens, traditional conversation starters - what you do, where u're from, what you ate for breakfast last sunday - have already been answered by google and gap-filled by instagram.

  • FreshEggsDaily Lisa Steele (@FreshEggsDaily) reported

    @instagram If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Oh wait just broke it. Can you please FIX it! Chronological order please.

  • ryansugly ryansugly (@ryansugly) reported

    tumblr died, instagram broke, twitter is broken now too **** ima have to get back on facebook

  • nivenus Nivenus (@nivenus) reported

    @lovelylippie21 When I replied initially I was getting off a treadmill, which I use while updating my work Instagram since I have to use my phone to do that and it gives me an excuse to procrastinate a little while working out.

  • djzentura DJ Zentura (@djzentura) reported

    And @Instagram FIX YOUR SHIT!!! The Android App FREEZES CONSTANTLY at startup!!! #Instagram #InstagramFail

  • Xlilyvictoriax Lily 🍃 (@Xlilyvictoriax) reported

    @instagram JUST MAKE A CHRONOLOGICAL FEED OPTION. BAM. PROBLEM SOLVED! Holy shit we’ve only been asking since you got rid of it.

  • ANIME7JSTORM9 Neo J-STORM 🇯🇵🇻🇮ネオジャスト (@ANIME7JSTORM9) reported

    Yeah what is up with Instagram apps it keeps on freezing I deleted reinstall it and it's still do the same crap again I think Instagram is broken

  • Travaj12Johnson Travis johnson (@Travaj12Johnson) reported

    @CoburnJacob Coming from the guy who had to get rid of a diesel because he couldn’t handle it😂 if I post it on my Snapchat it can go on Instagram for everyone to see and I would never have an issue..

  • stupidOwO ark🥵 (@stupidOwO) reported

    I opened a video on Instagram w the audio on full volume and low ******* played! She had no problem scaring me and mom thought I was on the phone

  • luc9488 Luc Luxton (@luc9488) reported

    @gruber @ShawnKing I heard from a friend who had a photo selected for a previous “shot on iPhone” campaign that they they had ad agencies sourcing the content through Instagram and Flickr and were paying $1000 per image to the photographer so I don’t think legal is the issue

  • tpetes15 taylor (@tpetes15) reported

    Bought $10 teeth whiteners off Amazon and the instructions are in broken English and there's a slight burning sensation after each use but my teeth are appoarching "I edited this Instagram while drunk" whiteness so I guess I'll just keep using them until my teeth fall out

  • annykkax Annykka Marie (@annykkax) reported

    @SMARTPromos My Pldt home fx-id3 WiFi isn’t working properly. It only works when I search for YouTube and Google other than that like Instagram, Twitter and FB it won’t load.

  • annykkax Annykka Marie (@annykkax) reported

    @LiveSmart My Pldt home fx-id3 WiFi isn’t working properly. It only works when I search for YouTube and Google other than that like Instagram, Twitter and FB it won’t load.

  • annykkax Annykka Marie (@annykkax) reported from San Narciso, Central Luzon

    @LiveSmart My Pldt home fx-id3 WiFi isn’t working properly. It only works when I search for YouTube and Google other than that like Instagram, Twitter and FB it won’t load.

  • radianthyuna theo loves seventeen!!! (@radianthyuna) reported

    Instagram loaded at school today (which never happens) so I got to see Key and Seventeen and Red Velvet I spent a good 5 minutes just being like "wow I love them!" before I started working it was a good time!!!

  • WordGirlSam Jane Sellman (@WordGirlSam) reported from Overlea, Maryland

    @instagram What would be really nice is if you would notice the uptick in complaints about Instagram not working. Hanging. Sometimes not opening at all. And do not tell me to restart my phone. Address this.

  • KevingerardT Kevin Gerard (@KevingerardT) reported

    The thing is, I can listen to Kacey Musgraves Slow Burn in the shower, shopping for produce, walking to work, scrolling though a guy who ghosted me Instagram page and baby, I’ll feel...SOMETHING!!

  • JaqualliaB J 💋 (@JaqualliaB) reported

    My Instagram still be going slow.

  • brissydeb Debbie Massey (@brissydeb) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    Things I have done this morning instead of finishing a manuscript: 1. Checked Facebook - three times 2. Checked #Instagram - only once 3. Checkef #twitter - five times - I have a problem! 4. Ordered two books from #Amazon 5. Ordered a pair of shoes from #campershoes.

  • Shortneyyy Courtney. (@Shortneyyy) reported

    Bros is it just me or did Instagram fix the algorithm

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