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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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February 28: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 12:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ape_apeee Dashiki 💕 (@ape_apeee) reported

    My music not working on Instagram

  • irrelevantabel ayebul (@irrelevantabel) reported

    literally all lana songs are not working on instagram how am i supposed to post ******* 😐 a hate crime

  • ErnestRosales_ Ernesto Rosales (@ErnestRosales_) reported

    @timber_terry @instagram Same issue after the last Update @instagram please fix it!

  • morensya faisalmo (@morensya) reported

    I'm not working this hard to make a post on Instagram

  • TaylerRStewart Tayler Stewart (@TaylerRStewart) reported

    @instagram hey nerds why isn't the music feature working

  • ClaireHughesss claire page (@ClaireHughesss) reported

    @instagram my account is disabled until march 4th because i was hacked & someone used my login for fake likes. i am very disappointed that i am facing the backlash when i did nothing

  • lostinpinkskies trashcan (@lostinpinkskies) reported

    why isnt my instagram working

  • sofiapjkm_bts Sofía⁷🐰 You're my #FILTER 🐥 (@sofiapjkm_bts) reported

    @instagram I am having a continuous problem with my Instagram account and this is that every video I post, from 2 seconds to 1 minutes, is uploaded without sound. And I haven't removed it manually!. And I don't know why this problem is and I would like to solve it urgently.

  • x_pharaxh Hatsune Miku Fan Page (@x_pharaxh) reported

    lil baby was so fine, her post made my instagram app crash

  • ErikOchoa ErikOchoa (@ErikOchoa) reported

    I just got an @instagram “this song is not available” error on my story and it won’t play the music. It’s happening on other people’s stories too. Wtfffff

  • bossedupannaa Anna 😚 (@bossedupannaa) reported

    instagram fix yo shit music ain’t workin “tHiS sOnG iS cUrReNtly uNavAiLaBle” 😤

  • mitchferg1 Mitchell Charles Fergus (@mitchferg1) reported

    My own highlights got muted on Instagram, not sure if it’s a server issue or someone’s trying to keep me quiet. Not happy.

  • gukkumin ˚✧₊⁎ jacy ⁎⁺˳✧༚ (@gukkumin) reported


  • gonzalezr_011 Edith :) (@gonzalezr_011) reported

    @instagram Or insta it says I can’t listen to music- it says its out of my region- fix it please

  • ayla_boswell Ayla Boswell (@ayla_boswell) reported

    Mercury retrograde acting up AGAIN. Instagram music isn’t working. 😒

  • calebxthompson Caleb Thompson (@calebxthompson) reported

    @instagram fix ur app plz. adding to the long list of features that don't work on my instagram is music in stories saying that whatever song chosen by said user for their story is unavailable. #instagramdown

  • calebxthompson Caleb Thompson (@calebxthompson) reported

    @instagram fix ur app plz. adding to the long list of features that don't work on my instagram is music in stories saying that whatever song chosen by said user for their story is unavailable.

  • alexismejia554 Mr. A (@alexismejia554) reported

    “this song is currently unavailable” error on my @instagram on all the story we posted few hours ago. #instagramdown

  • missstak ringtone (remix) ft. charli, rico, kkb 🇭🇰 (@missstak) reported

    instagram keeps telling me the songs im putting in the background of my stories are currently unavailable which essentially means that from now until an undetermined future point where instagram/spotify addresses the issue, i will have no coping mechanism

  • _Zeddex_ ⚡️Zeddex ⚡️ (@_Zeddex_) reported

    I know I haven’t been active like I was in the past but I’ll try to be this time. I’m just dealing with a lot of my own shit problems in life and I’m on Instagram more often than I ever was.

  • Dodger_Jess83 Ugh... WTF Dodgers. 💜💜💜 (@Dodger_Jess83) reported

    @ecvdblk @instagram Yeah Instagram’s music isn’t working for me either.

  • kyledlion Kyle D. (@kyledlion) reported

    i love when people we picture our imaginary life without any problems on instagram. but as soon as we get off it it’s just the world :/ why am i thinking of this in high school.

  • matthewmead1 matthew mead (@matthewmead1) reported

    @YouNow please put it back to the old update it won’t let me sign in with my Twitter account and I’ve had to sign in with my instagram account and I never wanted to do that that’s why I only had it connected to my Twitter account and not my Facebook account or instagram account

  • WestonMady 30 Reasons coming out March 6 (@WestonMady) reported

    Is Instagram having a mental break down or what cuz every song that people post on their story is not working for me like it says that the song is not available in my country @instagram plz explain I had to delete my story cuz of this

  • mumba_asf Khadijah🦄 (@mumba_asf) reported

    Am I the only one whose Instagram music isn’t working

  • filthyrichvito BloodyVito (@filthyrichvito) reported

    @instagram I have all my login info correct but Instagram won’t let me log in or continue with my Facebook help!!!!!!

  • ecvdblk Erick (@ecvdblk) reported from Los Angeles, California

    Wtf @instagram get it together, I put all this effort into picking songs for my videos and none of them are working...not even taste ! 😭

  • Afronostalgia Afro Nostalgia (@Afronostalgia) reported

    Why am I getting “this song is currently unavailable” error on my @instagram on a story I posted few hours ago but when my friends watch it, it plays for them. Now I’m getting that text on other people’s stories I watch #instagramdown

  • saltycaramelbby Dilpreet Sidhu (@saltycaramelbby) reported

    @inseperablechan On twitter it seems like some ppl are having the same problem ughslsnsbaka Instagram be tripping out rn they need to fix this adap 😤

  • SauceBossKing Adrienne🌺 又 (@SauceBossKing) reported

    @instagram Music sticker is working but it says that the song is unavailable on everyone’s story (that have posted a song). Fix that pls.

  • JoeyKette Joey Kette (@JoeyKette) reported

    @kevin please fix the Instagram music that is currently unavailable.

  • Celebritynewsyo 𝒵𝒶𝓎𝓃 ⚡ (@Celebritynewsyo) reported

    @TopStore12 hey @TopStore12 please fix the instagram++ unable to use it I think there is a problem with the ads just black screen appears rather than showing the advertisement

  • Kenotic1 Kenneth Mack II (@Kenotic1) reported

    @instagram Are you having issues with IGTV posts. Mine shows an error message. The format and length are accurate. Please rectify this. Thanks!!

  • rickybowenmybby lexi✨🤠 (@rickybowenmybby) reported

    i’ve decided im just gonna rant out my feelings and tell my problems to joshua bassett’s instagram dms bc he’ll 99% prob not see it ever but it’ll still feel like i’m talking to someone and that’s on unhealthy coping mechanisms😎

  • alexvnguyen Alex Nguyen (@alexvnguyen) reported

    Attempting to tidy up my Instagram. Working my way up from 2012... Oh the square photos, 15-second videos and terrible quality...

  • ChristianBene8 Christian Bene (@ChristianBene8) reported

    @instagram why isnt music working on insta stories

  • niksy2006 Nikhil Sinha (@niksy2006) reported

    @instagram I haven't opened my account in a long time, and when I try to login now it says I violated terms and conditions. I have completed the thing where I fill in my username, email and you review it. I just want to know how much time it would take for the account to work.Thx

  • alakik11 alaki🇳🇬❤️✨🌹 (@alakik11) reported

    So, anybody else’s songs not working on Instagram orrrr..

  • jungoobanana 아델린 adelin⁷✨ (@jungoobanana) reported

    If y’all didn’t know about these issues: Their original twitter acc was hacked before due to lack of security as well as their original instagram There was also an issue where one of the MVs had to be removed due to irresponsible staff whom decided to show old photos of

  • BestThingBot Best Thing Since (Bot) (@BestThingBot) reported

    Instagram is the worst thing since broken men

  • LEGGOGhostie LEGGO Ghostie 💜❤️💙💚💛 (@LEGGOGhostie) reported

    @instagram I mean... I hate posting problems like this in public, but there's literally no way to contact them. And it takes me hours just to catch up on EXID's updates, which is really disheartening. 😭

  • retquits 🌱 MK/RET @ COMMS (@retquits) reported

    i guess i gotta start considering whether or not i should make my own art instagram, or if that would just make the reposting issue worse 😔

  • Go_On_Volt Volt #StillWithKap 🧢 (@Go_On_Volt) reported

    Just saw the hottest #Browns take on Instagram and NOW I’m pissed off. “Browns OL problems are overblown. Sure, it could improve. But the problem is Baker being immature and not admitting he makes mistakes. I’d look at Jalen Hurts in the second round if I was Stefanski.”

  • wthnana ghetto stallion (@wthnana) reported

    Music ain’t working on Instagram that’s annoying

  • Dannydan189 Daniella🥳 (@Dannydan189) reported

    @judy19903 @Juicy_Ferg @its_gisselle_cx @GlambyCandy from bramtys tweet she said the issue was with all of them. maria also unfollowed daisy off instagram. so i think maria probably took it too far and left. but again, these are all assumptions

  • DansullivanDan dan sullivan (@DansullivanDan) reported

    @instagram when I post music to my story it says it’s not available please fix it please

  • JoeyKette Joey Kette (@JoeyKette) reported

    @instagram please fix the Instagram music that is unavailable.

  • lovelessgnrtn1 i 🌠 (@lovelessgnrtn1) reported

    @stateofmelodram His or his team's entertaining strategy is awful. He only working on twitter but even instagram users sometimes don't know twitter slangs. He will be flop and became like those twitter famous 🗿

  • hxydenw h™ (@hxydenw) reported

    hot take but if u have to disable instagram comments when posting about a broadway musical because everyone is protesting it in the comments,,,,,,,, there's a problem

  • seahorseforever http://🐛➡️🧠 (@seahorseforever) reported

    instagram music isnt working. i no longer have a personality

  • Jaylee_Draws Jaylee Draws (@Jaylee_Draws) reported

    The next chapter of #BicycleLove may be delayed by a week as I am working on its #Instagram & #Patreon page. Stay tuned...

  • starlessluna Brandon Hernandez (@starlessluna) reported

    @instagram I'm having all kinds of issues trying to log into my account. Like help.

  • svtswoozi seventeen threw us the woah (@svtswoozi) reported

    @ChoiceMusicLA as a company/public figure YOU are held more accountable for what you say than regular instagram/twitter users. that is just the way it is. you’re dragging this out and defending yourself when what you need to do (again, as a COMPANY) is issue an apology and move on.

  • delta77ms Wes Avent (@delta77ms) reported

    @wittywebhandle @spongeboob4life @StevenNash502 @WrestleTalk_TV @HeymanHustle You nailed it. Bray on SmackDown was an utter failure from the get go I never liked that idea. This was a quick way to fix everything. Goldberg was the sacrifice and people just cannot see that. Go to Goldberg’s Instagram and he said that somebody had to do so he is doing it.

  • onyinkwa2015 Onyinkwa Ongwae (@onyinkwa2015) reported

    @instagram please I seek help from you guys,I have tried all ways to log into my Instagram using app but I can’t manage it’s only browser that is going through (there was a problem with the request that’s what it’s saying)

  • ChevieToTheLevi Chevie to the Levi (@ChevieToTheLevi) reported

    @Banymasimo I LITERALLY googled “Instagram green image” thinking it was a loading issue hahahaha. Guess I’m just so used to tumblr app loading me solid colors instead of photos

  • _RobbieTGM_ Jolly RobbieTGM (@_RobbieTGM_) reported

    @instagram I am having problems with Instagram

  • ethankart Ethan (@ethankart) reported

    Working out on my hardwood bedroom floor listening to Doja Cat sing about her ear infection on Instagram live

  • youngkmochi 𝓔𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓮 🦊🌱💫 데식 뽀렙 (@youngkmochi) reported

    All of the members posted on instagram regarding this issue. What we can do is to send or comment words of support and encouragement to them. #WeStandWithTheRose

  • Sarr56647694 Sarr (@Sarr56647694) reported

    my @instagram account has been deleted, I am unable to login, I have emailed back with my photo holding the code sent to me, and my name and my username, but there has not been any useful response. I have had my account for many years and I don't want to lose my account and data!

Instagram Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
  • 502
  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
  • logging in
  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code