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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Moe333Sippi مُحَمَّد صيدانِي (@Moe333Sippi) reported

    @instagram vulnerability. Successful login through unexpired email. "Secure my account" gave me access to change the password using the previous email and the ability to change two factor auth. #Security #Vulnerabilities #instagram #development #python #javascript #Facebook

  • c2dev2 Colin Devroe (@c2dev2) reported

    @gruber Scrolling on my Pixel 2 in Instagram is very good. No issues. Twitter is a little herky jerky - but could be fixed with one line of code (since it is a PWA).

  • parismarxoxo Paris Marx (@parismarxoxo) reported

    the working class cannot simply lay hold of the employed Instagram, and wield it for its own lipstick 😦

  • Wuddupdoee Sarah ✌️ (@Wuddupdoee) reported from Ann Arbor, Michigan

    Y’all my new addiction is deleting Instagram pictures. Every time I’m bored I just find new pictures to trash. It’s a problem

  • chrissyischaos Chrissy (@chrissyischaos) reported

    @Svetlana305 I see lots of posts about girls not liking when their boyfriends like other girls’ Instagram photos or whatever. I just find it strange that it would be an issue.

  • g_jaxc R (@g_jaxc) reported

    That why la Instagram is working .

  • southpole201 Michael (Mike) Morales (@southpole201) reported

    @TheSicFreak @pinkrosekisses No problem 😁. I spend good amount time on Instagram looking for Miku Nakano fanart, nekos and cats that can be memed 😂

  • Jason 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 (@Jason) reported

    We are going to stop our advertising spend and move it to Instagram and LinkedIn — they would solve this problem for us instantly @jack @delbius @sriramk I know 100-200k a year is just a blip for y’all, but the principle is important to me: support your partners not hackers!

  • bookgirlb Brandy (@bookgirlb) reported

    @DawnainHamilton Oh definitely. Our phones and everything are listening. My bf said his neck was sore and he had ads pop up on Instagram about how to fix it.

  • togasslut Tess (@togasslut) reported

    @instagram @isshehungry Fix your like problem. Likes will show up then be gone in a second. Fix your shit we all done an tired now

  • skylervcole Sky (@skylervcole) reported

    All I’m saying is if Dunkin kept up with the conditions of their stores half as much as they do their instagram I wouldn’t be working during a heat wave with NO AIR CONDITIONING but ya know just a thought

  • CryptoPahmp PAHMPIT2DAWASSIE🔥💥🚀🤑 (@CryptoPahmp) reported

    @StaceyHood @PadmaLakshmi 🤔Instagram needs to fix they filter algos for light balance asap cause RBG face look extra high res smooth clear & flawless while Padma is grainy & pixelated...

  • JenRenee45 (Wwe AshleyMassaro Fan ) (@JenRenee45) reported

    @instagram can you fix your app people you seen there tweets the log off can log in or you automatically do it but there not hacked and sign back in

  • immegancarney w i l d M E G A N 🦁 (@immegancarney) reported

    When your ex’s “thing” has 6 different Instagram accounts that she stalks you off of and messages you off of.. And if that’s wasn’t enough she is literally trying to be me... 😂😂😂 I can’t. You have serious problems psycho.

  • TheOfficialAdbi ◔ 𝔄𝔡𝔟𝔦𝔢𝔢𝔩 (@TheOfficialAdbi) reported

    I swear instagram needs to fix they shit 😂 , im over here using insta++ cuz the normal one crashes on me

  • immegancarney w i l d M E G A N 🦁 (@immegancarney) reported

    When your ex’s “thing” has 6 different Instagram accounts that she stalks you off of and messages you off of and she is literally trying to be me... 😂😂😂 I can’t. You have serious problems psycho.

  • gauldin_harley harley gauldin (@gauldin_harley) reported

    the problem w all of y’all is that you cannot stand the fact someone’s getting more than you lmao. if all this shit y’all talk wasn’t directed at people from your hometown, you wouldn’t say it. y’all ain’t got shit to say when some instagram model or one of the

  • emilysmemilly emily (@emilysmemilly) reported

    @instagram i have an account that was wrongfully deleted after an account told its followers to spam report it. no guidelines were violated. please bring it back and fix your guidelines. i’ve seen this happen to too many accounts yet the ones that post gore, porn, etc stay up.

  • dezisweetest Dez is emotional (@dezisweetest) reported

    "Instagram is working for me.." "OKAY @toriistrash WE GET IT YOU ARE SPECIAL"

  • dezisweetest Dez is emotional (@dezisweetest) reported

    "Instagram is working for me..: "OKAY @toriistrash WE GET IT YOU ARE SPECIAL"

  • JorgeRomero115 Jorge Romero💮 (@JorgeRomero115) reported

    @danielledebs @instagram I always see the posts. I don't really have problems with that.

  • horrorhailey 𝖍𝖔𝖗𝖗𝖔𝖗 𝖍𝖆𝖞 ✞ (@horrorhailey) reported

    please check ur instagram dm @Spencers i’m trying to check out using paypal and i’m having issues :(

  • mini_shit yo (@mini_shit) reported

    I just noticed I ****** up my spelling but I just woke up. I am going to be so pissed if instagram won’t fix its shit.

  • mini_shit yo (@mini_shit) reported

    @instagram please fix this it’s. (Also before anyone says “check your WiFi/reboot it”, that won’t work, I tried 9 times).

  • Selfxcarexbear1 Selfxcarexbearsx on Instagram (@Selfxcarexbear1) reported

    Hey everyone I’m restarting my self care account on insta and on here because my @instagram keeps glitching me out of my profile. I’ll leave within the week and return on a new account if this issue doesn’t get fixed! I’m so sorry to say this all! Please come back when I do 😓💓

  • mini_shit yo (@mini_shit) reported

    I haven’t been able to go on Instagram all day. Nothing will post or load. I can’t send messages or like people’s posts. @instagram, please, fix this.

  • kayjudez kayjudez (@kayjudez) reported

    @OrjiChiamaka6 Nope. It’s instagram tacha dat said they shud bow before her. Mike is free spirited n chilled . Tacha is wrong for her verbal abuse towards him n other housemates. It’s not a mike issue but a tacha problem

  • HpzMoodz hpz.moodz (@HpzMoodz) reported

    @instagram can y’all please fix the saved column on Instagram. It say we have some stuff saved but it’s not showing up in the saved folder

  • pubsquash1 pub squash (@pubsquash1) reported

    @instagram @isshehungry instead of getting rid of likes,,,,,,maybe just,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,fix the app

  • helloimerinn helloimerinn (@helloimerinn) reported

    @TweakBoxApp when can we have notficans working again on instagram

  • caps_ le cap (@caps_) reported

    To the Malaysian guy that tried to login to my Instagram i give you props for the attempt. Try harder next time

  • AlannaBennett alanna bennett (@AlannaBennett) reported

    I didn’t solve the script problem i was staring down but I *DID* read an entire Grey’s script for inspo and buy two pairs of suspiciously cheap probably unethical shoes straight from Instagram! Doing great!

  • friskywallaby 💜 𝕯𝖚𝖒𝖇-𝖍𝖔𝖊 🖤 (@friskywallaby) reported

    My ex room mate who likes to get black out drunk on 4lokos and say he’s superior in his broken ass V6 Camaro has a new photography Instagram and its ****** awful

  • lomlyena is ♡ (@lomlyena) reported

    i’ve been working on video edits for instagram today and dare i say they slap

  • BeAnEarthNut Robert (@BeAnEarthNut) reported

    funny how many times i have tried to use my phone to make use and download the twitter app, or the Instagram app from the #Googleplay Only to end up not getting Anything to download, then told there was an error of Any kind! i have tried at least 5 times and same results!

  • TorBaaf_ MorlehMorlam (@TorBaaf_) reported

    Okay so my Instagram just got broken wth did I just see

  • mrchrisfloyd chris floyd (@mrchrisfloyd) reported

    @ImogenGraceKing @mosseri @MattNavarra @instagram Mine has just started working within the last 2 hours. It’s clearly something that Adam who’s in charge at Instagram needs to sort out! Buggy app which stops you liking posts if you like more than 20 in a day! The app is about posting photos and videos, & liking them. Ridiculous

  • ntechventures NIKATECH (@ntechventures) reported

    Instagram will give users chance to fix accounts in danger of being banned Instagram will start issuing warnings for accounts that are in danger of being banned. People will also be able to appeal for the restoration of deleted content through the notifications, instead of …

  • LegendImmanuel Immanuel Legend (@LegendImmanuel) reported

    @AppleSupport I’m having a problem with my social media my phone got reset and no when I try to login to social media it won’t let me login except with twitter. Please help! And the other social media I’m having a problem is @instagram and @snapchat but my phone locks accounts.

  • TODDzilla_ Todd (@TODDzilla_) reported

    If you record a 40+ second video on Instagram and hit the SAVE button WHY in ******** does it only save the first 15 second long video. HOW in ******** does that make sense @instagram fix your serves and this shit.

  • AnahiMaciel6 Anahi Maciel (@AnahiMaciel6) reported

    @instagram @isshehungry Is my WiFi slow or is it instagram

  • m3diawh0re paola✧ ✰ 。* (@m3diawh0re) reported

    this youtuber came up to me at work and said i shouldn’t be working and should be an Instagram model and then did a pun joke because my cow hat

  • lokiodinscns aoibhe ♡ (@lokiodinscns) reported

    pls my instagram dms are still broken this isn’t ok

  • WitchMorgue — LENNOX 💋🏳️‍🌈 (@WitchMorgue) reported

    And if you do, I would love if you could DM me on here or Instagram to let me explain the BIGGEST problem I have with this...

  • WitchMorgue — LENNOX 💋🏳️‍🌈 (@WitchMorgue) reported

    And if you do, I would love if you could DM me on here or Instagram to explain the BIGGEST problem I have with this...

  • MIlhamP MuhammadIlhamPrayogo (@MIlhamP) reported

    i just checked on my instagram stories archive... and i actually legit NEVER post anything when im with my friend. if theres some: moment passed (reposts/group photos) my friend did it (w/ my phone) theyre busy (working/sleeping)

  • bebeslouis nicole ◟̽◞̽ (@bebeslouis) reported

    can my instagram sort itself out slow as ever

  • teamoncology Naoto T Ueno, MD, PhD (@teamoncology) reported

    People talk about a security issue with Facebook but Instagram is also owned by Facebook. When I tell them this fact, a lot of people are surprised. They probably should quit Instagram also if security is the top concern. Unfortunately, SNS has risks that do not go away.

  • SSB4FAN2014 on IG (@SSB4FAN2014) reported

    Unsurprisingly, my Instagram app isn't working so if any of my followers from there are viewing this, that's why i'm not replying or posting recently

  • kardinalzero411 OBA OF PITAKWA (@kardinalzero411) reported

    @AdeBanqie @ayomi_18 Sometimes we Nigerians are our own problem so since busola made the accusation about been ***** what happened to her going to court abi na for twitter and Instagram una wan judge de matter, so now the police is inviting them for questioning why are dey scared

  • MrFriendly1986 Ben Bartlett (@MrFriendly1986) reported

    @ZechBartlett @aaroneh09 @purplebertha191 @nweprowrestling No problem Zech. I Posted Pictures from last year's show on Instagram and @Nweprowrestling liked some of My Pictures and they started Following Me on Instagram and told Me that they are coming back on Sept. 14. It was pretty cool they took the time to connect with Me.

  • johnnymkelly John Kelly (@johnnymkelly) reported

    @TooOldTooStupid Hey! I don't come and bother you while you're working. Leave her alone. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go try to find her instagram

  • Pig_In_The_Suit Daniel Hobbs (@Pig_In_The_Suit) reported

    @instagram I need to talk to you about a problem with your app

  • animenosekai_ Anime no Sekai (@animenosekai_) reported

    @clout68199307 @instagram @mosseri Fuuuuuck, I'm also action blocked from Insta for more than 3 weeks, even if I did nothing wrong. They really have an issue...

  • AnastasiaShikov Alena Shishkova (@AnastasiaShikov) reported

    @instagram @isshehungry Please fix the bug “something went wrong try again, oops error occurred “ it’s been 2 months still can’t access my account 😭

  • Harith_AKA Muhaned (@Harith_AKA) reported

    @instagram @isshehungry Fix your support service and make us a way to contact the support team, your appealing forms are useless and broken! Why should a big company like yours has this pathetic kind of support!! This is appalling!

  • raniaamiera Rania💕 (@raniaamiera) reported

    Therefore I am saying bye to Instagram, for they clearly support disgusting acts like this without any problems and give no good way to report them for the things they say in DMs @instagram hope you get your priorities in order.

  • jmbcouture (@jmbcouture) reported

    @instagram @isshehungry i can't post anything on my story um hello fix that

  • UWFBopinions Husky Football Opinions (@UWFBopinions) reported

    @bartonkid @tmg_hou @tylrjm @madihawleyyy And no one deserves "flack" for what they say. Honestly if you really had that much issue with it, you should have ignored it. This is a lot of free pub for this small instagram girl. You're just drawing attention to her page

  • RunninDonna Donna (@RunninDonna) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @instagram keeps ******* with the story settings and now it’s not working. Again. 🙄

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