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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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  • Sign in 69.23% Sign in
  • Online Play 11.57% Online Play
  • Matchmaking 8.93% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 5.67% Glitches
  • Game Crash 4.32% Game Crash
  • Hacking / Cheating .28% Hacking / Cheating

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PolandChełm Matchmaking
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GermanyNordhorn Sign in

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League of Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • EL_Boulder Plum (@EL_Boulder) reported

    @Reeseo93 @bronzewillie1 @Pbaca09 @MaBoiKG @riotgames -and dropping out of school on the same footing as white people. It’s unempathetic and unreflective to point one’s finger and punish instead of trying to help by dealing with the source of the problem.(Final)

  • NguynTu20532273 Nguyễn Tuấn Anh (@NguynTu20532273) reported

    @drkou_lol @riotgames Nah he's still good. Not as broken as Aphe but stil fun

  • SimplisticKiro Korosion (@SimplisticKiro) reported

    @riotgames @TSMReginald BuT yOu CaN't FiX tHe ******* cLiEnT

  • FknVITA Querido Vittex (@FknVITA) reported

    @purrleterian @Yikes_its_Marf @dakotaohara_ @riotgames Dak talked about black champs and not black people playing, im not dumb, u just misslead what she/he meant. League has everything for everyone, if you don't see that you have a problem.

  • laughablehalo Laughablehalo (@laughablehalo) reported

    @riotgames Wtf are you doing riot you can't even fix your ******* client or your game and you're trying to defend rioting that's turned into a straight up theft and murder. Maybe that's why you're called Riot Games

  • DayshiDota Dayshi (@DayshiDota) reported

    @Liquid_MaNa @LeagueOfLegends Competitive online team games brings the worst of human reactions. It's a pretty ******* serious issue T__T A weak ago a dota 2 pro gamer threatened to kill me because I did wrong during the laning phase, according to him. Idk man... :/

  • Blamblas Loui Coleman (@Blamblas) reported

    @BaronVonScrub @Kampsycho @Ekkin0x @riotgames My problem is with the name and the name alone.

  • BaronVonScrub Baron Von Scrub (@BaronVonScrub) reported

    @Blamblas @Kampsycho @Ekkin0x @riotgames But again. Being colorblind also means turning a blind eye to issues that DO disproportionately affect a race. If you want to reach a world where being colourblind is fair to all, then you need to get everyone else on that wavelength too. Otherwise it's ivory tower syndrome.

  • BaronVonScrub Baron Von Scrub (@BaronVonScrub) reported

    @Blamblas @Kampsycho @Ekkin0x @riotgames Then you need to acknowledge not that any race is superior, but that there is a major flaw in the real world as compared to what you want it to be. You believe black lives are equal. The system does not. All BLM means is "Let's fix the damn system that's saying they don't."

  • geertjan98 🌹GigiFabulous🌹BLM ALWAYS (@geertjan98) reported

    @Ekkin0x @TheTsunaru @Regular_Guy4 @riotgames If we're playing that game, say that in Dutch, or German. Of course it's a ******* white French guy spouting bullshit about race issues in America, when y'all threw a hissy fit about marriage equality.

  • Blamblas Loui Coleman (@Blamblas) reported

    @Kampsycho @BaronVonScrub @Ekkin0x @riotgames Yeah, I'm not denying the problem, and it is a huge problem that some cops do treat people differently according to race. That said, I want people to move on from the violent past, not to dwell on it or seek revenge for it. People should be treated equally under the law.

  • Spirit0fRero Rero Reincarnated (@Spirit0fRero) reported

    @rotaryfn @riotgames Her ult can barely kill anymore unless it is right next to you. Her boombot is loud af and can be killed in 2 shots. Satchel charge does not 2 shot anymore and has a smaller blast radius. Grenade is now 1 every 2 kills and deals slightly less damage. Maybe broken on launch only.

  • JohnAHoldren Gallifreyan205 (@JohnAHoldren) reported

    @riotgames One day you worthless shits are going to fix the ******* league client

  • kapy1994 kapy (@kapy1994) reported

    @AnonymousShade @F0X35 @nate__piper @macawcaw123 @Assassin_Dave @riotgames I'm exposed! Too bad game ain't American but we get ****** up cause of your American issues...

  • AnonymousShade Men&Chains;) (@AnonymousShade) reported

    @kapy1994 @F0X35 @nate__piper @macawcaw123 @Assassin_Dave @riotgames A man from Bulgaria is trying to talk about American issues lmfao

  • DxHate HateYouDx (@DxHate) reported

    @riotgames Shut up and fix LeagueOfLegends #LeagueOfScums

  • Raxistaicho2 Raxistaicho (@Raxistaicho2) reported

    @dakotaohara_ @riotgames The game has like 3 males for every 1 female champ, let's fix that first.

  • Pilotafr Alonso Fernández Reveco (@Pilotafr) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends you just kill my main...thank you, I can't something more for a company that does not even fix it's' client

  • aggravatedtoast aggravatedtoast (@aggravatedtoast) reported

    @riotgames Free rp of 20 dollars to all summoners would be cool fix riot!

  • litneild Litneild (@litneild) reported

    @chnlyy @Ekkin0x @qtkai__ @MoreDevonte @st4nlux @riotgames This problem can only be solved by increasing wealth and education in black majority areas. Not burning them down. Riots are only making things worse but it is profitable for riot games to support because majority of twitter users support. Facts dont matter if there is a majority

  • osmaresdemarte George "não dê RT irônico, denuncie" Ulysses (@osmaresdemarte) reported

    @pietrocincoum @kivinobody @riotgames That's what happened to me! The joke is that they can't even fix the client.

  • yotunami lily (@yotunami) reported

    @angelaroseboro @_IBENI_ @riotgames fix the client

  • kapy1994 kapy (@kapy1994) reported

    @nate__piper @macawcaw123 @Assassin_Dave @riotgames Majority of the black are killed by black. And this cop killer issue is spread in your country cause your media is retarded and makes x1000 the drama than it actually is. 1 Case sounds like 50 cause of the time it goes around the media. Rethink your life.

  • G2Revelation G2Revelation (@G2Revelation) reported

    @Strawb3rryBoba @Virtuoso41 @riotgames Ok then i expect riot to go into all of the human rights problems. Just like what is happening in hong kong.

  • ARedHerring_ A Red Herring (@ARedHerring_) reported

    @Nekomus45092981 @Strawb3rryBoba @Virtuoso41 @riotgames That there is rioting does not diminish the fact that there is a systemic issue at play that people are protesting against, and Riot is choosing to throw their hat in the ring with support for that protest movement.

  • RaiSchnee Rai (@RaiSchnee) reported

    @riotgames I will ******* RIOT if you don't FINALLY fix the retarded freeze that happens after EVERY SINGLE MATCH ever since u added those pay2unlock milestones.

  • danielepokao Daniele Ricciardelli (@danielepokao) reported

    @riotgames In the meantime, fix your ******* game

  • Um_Devin_Ya TheWorldMayNeverKnow (@Um_Devin_Ya) reported

    @riotgames @MarcMerrill Can’t even fix the client

  • VinciusGuaxini1 Vinícius Guaxinim (@VinciusGuaxini1) reported

    I can't play 'cause the client is not working @riotgames

  • macawcaw123 kaywuh :) (@macawcaw123) reported

    @Assassin_Dave @riotgames You don’t have to be from a different culture to understand that when people are dying there is a problem. You questioned riots intent; you did not ask why companies are scared. If you were that confused you could’ve googled it within 30 seconds. Do not play victim here.

League of Legends Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 002
  • 003
  • 004
  • 004 7.6
  • 183
  • 1935
  • 21
  • 404
  • 500
  • 7
  • 950