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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

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  • evntdrvn Eric Sampson (@evntdrvn) reported

    @AzureTrenches @isaac_abraham @Azure @AzureCosmosDB “_we_ don’t have a capacity issue, _you_ do” 😂

  • AzureTrenches James Randall (@AzureTrenches) reported

    @isaac_abraham @Azure @AzureCosmosDB My favourite support response was related to Azure capacity issues. “We don’t have a capacity issue but we can’t give you any more CPUs”. Or words to that effect. I wished I’d kept it as the way it was phrased was truly Orwellian levels of doublethink.

  • roberts2727 Robert woods (@roberts2727) reported

    @Azure I am trying to do some labs this morning and need to know what region I can create resources in under a newly created free account. I don't care where, but the hunting and pecking just to get denied is not working. Please let me know 2 regions to use.

  • SPuradupadhye sameer puradupadhye (@SPuradupadhye) reported

    @Azure - Is there an open issue regarding virtual machines as we are not able to select size for the same while creating a new one

  • jgunnink JK (@jgunnink) reported

    @Azure, if you're listening you have a (seemingly) great cloud which is let down by your documentation. I applaud that it's open source (noting the GH logos at bottom of page) but its important to have good docs. I look forward to trying out other features of your cloud.

  • slayeromen Slayeromen (@slayeromen) reported

    Its hard with the 'Rona @MicrosoftUK @Azure but please take ownership and fix issues you caused w/ @OasisNomad back end so a handful of indie developers don't get harassed and threatened all weekend!🙏#LastOasis #lastoasislive

  • slayeromen Slayeromen (@slayeromen) reported

    Its hard with the 'Rona @MircrosoftUK @Azure but please take ownership and fix issues you caused w/ @OasisNomad back end so a handful of indie developers don't get harassed and threatened all weekend! 🙏#LastOasis #lastoasislive

  • slayeromen Slayeromen (@slayeromen) reported

    Its hard with the 'Rona @MircrosftUK @Azure but please take ownership and fix issues you caused w/ @OasisNomad back end so a handful of indie developers don't get harassed and threatened all weekend! #LastOasis #lastoasislive

  • TheCodeTraveler Brandon Minnick (@TheCodeTraveler) reported

    @isaacrlevin @ChristosMatskas @github @AzureFunctions @AzureCosmosDB @Azure @GitTrendsApp Hey Issac! I love the idea. The problem is paying for the cloud storage. The app is free & open-source, and I don't have a revenue stream to cover the cost of saving the user data in Azure.

  • gabrtv Gabe Monroy (@gabrtv) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @MaximRouiller @ebrouillard @Azure @nthonyChu DM me your support ticket number and I’ll make sure we get extra eyes on it. /cc @bilalalam123

  • ebrouillard Étienne Brouillard (@ebrouillard) reported

    Uploading files using FTP on azure webapps on Linux fails intermittently with err 550 or 530 in powershell script (webclient.uploadfile). Using publish settings credentials. Need help. @Azure @MaximRouiller

  • _Masaood Masaood Yunus (@_Masaood) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps @Microsoft Instead of shutting down #Cortana completely, you should open source it and let the world create their own #digitalassistant. Throw in credits for @Azure services and you will still make money off it. It is a win-win for all.

  • Michael_Wirtz Michael Wirtz (@Michael_Wirtz) reported

    i use the time to learn @Azure . can never hurt ... i hope ;-)

  • madhums Madhusudhan M S (@madhums) reported

    Had to use Azure for a project yesterday. Terrible experience!! @Azure should learn from @heroku

  • griffoncloud Paul Griffin (@griffoncloud) reported

    @3tornados @MicrosoftTeams @servicefabric @Azure @MattSnider This is why I hate having to endure the kubernetes zealots... If MS just did a better job of marketing the amazing framework that is Service Fabric

  • willidh Danny Williams (@willidh) reported

    @gilesdring thinking back to when you taught me that an IT Architect is a "Temporary Subject Matter Expert". This week I have been mostly thinking about @VMware Fault Tolerance, @openshift , @awscloud and now @Azure Kubernetes Service! Head hurts will all this context switching!

  • RyanOver 𝓡𝔂𝓪𝓷 (@RyanOver) reported

    I'm no Virologist but I believe with the use of Machine Learning and the Cloud, we can accelerate simulation by a lot, to help develop vaccines. @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @IBMcloud you guys have been oddly quiet. I know it's not a profitable business, but come on now.

  • TheShadow_999 The Shadow (@TheShadow_999) reported

    @BrunTheBear @MSCloud Nope, although that can happen, devs can easily send code that basically says, "Don't charge. You are irrelevant". It all depends on if they still want to support it

  • TheShadow_999 The Shadow (@TheShadow_999) reported

    @BrunTheBear @MSCloud But the updates create problems

  • BrunTheBear Brun Brun (@BrunTheBear) reported

    @TheShadow_999 @MSCloud Old PCs don't slow down (unless they've taken heat damage).

  • TheShadow_999 The Shadow (@TheShadow_999) reported

    @BrunTheBear @MSCloud It's the plan, most companies do this. Outdated PC slows down over time so companies like Microsoft and Apple make big updates on older phones that slow it down even more. This makes you want to pay for a better, more expensive PC. They write good code but not on the old PCs.

  • vileacademy Coronavirus is a Hoax (@vileacademy) reported

    @MSCloud **** microsoft and ****** bill gates

  • Borednew Electric Pink🎠 (@Borednew) reported

    @MSCloud crap I didn't minm

  • Tonloc44817041 Ton loc (@Tonloc44817041) reported

    @MSCloud M S makes it slow purposely

  • mike_pfeiffer mike_pfeiffer (@mike_pfeiffer) reported

    @DanWahlin @starbuxman @chanezon @DonovanBrown @ImTooOld4This @jeremylikness @brianlagunas @LBugnion @iamalexmang @noopman @AdiPolak @abhi_tweeter @chris_noring @DivineOps @ItaiYaffe @DanRosanova @MiriRod @Arvebro @_achu @rikhepworth @IsidoraKatanic @irina_scurtu @damovisa @AmyKateNicho @AbelSquidHead @film_girl @DanJSiegel @TaelurAlexis @coloradojules @brentschooley @cheenamalhotra @taraw @WirelessLife @ajcvickers @Publix @BestBuy @olivegarden @Siemens_Energy @Microsoft @ajohnsocyber @AzureAndChill @cjoakim @jeffhollan @Azure Late to the party but here we go: - Telemarketer - Pepsi guy - Radio DJ - Punk band guitarist - Tech support rep - Consultant/author/trainer @nocentino @buchatech @theJasonHelmick @staticvoidmain @concentrateddon @jsnover

  • COPi314 Colorado patriot (@COPi314) reported

    @BillGates @DonorsChoose Just donated. @gatesfoundation Just think - if you never had started @Microsoft probably nowhere near the mass use of personal computers like what we have today. No @zoom_us , Skype, @SlackHQ @Azure etc. #Telemedicine #telecommuting

  • Stelzi79 Stelzi79 (@Stelzi79) reported

    @csharpfritz @julielerman @docsmsft @Azure The only essential difference is that a Cloud Service charges you by compute minutes and/or actual measured metered stuff and generally not by month. Also every service is managed for you which make it generally more expensive if you need that services for longer.

  • Stelzi79 Stelzi79 (@Stelzi79) reported

    @csharpfritz @julielerman @docsmsft @Azure I needed some time to even grasp what problems a cloud service is supposed to solve for me. It was from the marketing and documentation materials not clear that a cloud service is (very oversimplified) a place where I can pay for hosting vms, some web services and a fancy portal.

  • Stelzi79 Stelzi79 (@Stelzi79) reported

    @csharpfritz @julielerman @docsmsft @Azure The main issue I see with all of the cloud services is that is driven by sales and marketing peoples. All the written docs is more geared to help sales to sell it to decision makers which are most of the times in our industry not the people with extensive developer knowledge. ...

  • KesR_RussianBot Kes_R - Russian Asset (2nd Class) (@KesR_RussianBot) reported

    @MSCloud Micro$oft garbage software is what is slowing my business down.

  • marypcbuk Mary Branscombe (@marypcbuk) reported

    @csharpfritz @julielerman @docsmsft @Azure they do such completely different things that you need to start by refining your problem definition; what is your data, how much is there now/daily and what do you need to do with it.

  • getmejames James Hancock (@getmejames) reported

    @davidfowl @sharad_chai @mattdkerr @as_w @Azure Everyone makes mistakes, has priorities. I get that. But the attitude I'm seeing from multiple departments, especially the .net team is insulting lately. Own it, fix it, and communicate instead of whitewashing and bragging.

  • getmejames James Hancock (@getmejames) reported

    @davidfowl @sharad_chai @mattdkerr @as_w @Azure /2 especially since the GitHub ticket for app service support of gRPC was updated this week saying there was no timeline available. Translation: we still don't have a clue. Not at all inspiring. Ie don't use gRPC + azure. Great message MS.

  • davidfowl David Fowler (@davidfowl) reported

    @getmejames @sharad_chai @mattdkerr @as_w @Azure It's going to get fix, it's being worked on, it's currently the case that your only option isn't a PAAS.

  • davidfowl David Fowler (@davidfowl) reported

    @getmejames @sharad_chai @mattdkerr @as_w @Azure For a DoS sure, not a DDoS, I'm not so sure. I'm not saying there aren't any mitigations to "help", but that can't be the deciding factor.

  • sql_williamd William Durkin (@sql_williamd) reported

    @jdanton @SQLRockstar @QuinnyPig @awscloud @Azure The "German cloud" in azure has a 30% premium on all things. But it has limited services, so might not help in this game, bit might be worth a look

  • marcjacobi 1.21 GigaBytes (@marcjacobi) reported

    @Azure #Portal is becoming a marketing dump. #fail You make it harder to find things. For instance: databases shows an screen with getting started noise but no data! #WTF #fail

  • rwelton83 Rob Welton (@rwelton83) reported

    @RamdasPotale @AzureSupport @Azure Had this same issue today in AWS in the US. Good luck!

  • BowelsPorker Magilla Porker Bowels (@BowelsPorker) reported

    @MSCloud Now is a great time for everyone to come back to work so we can upgrade to a new Microsoft system with more problems.

  • CaffGeek Chad Hurd (@CaffGeek) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure A site running in an App Service (D1) that I can't configure for because when I go to TLS/SSL it says "SSL bindings can be used in Basic plans and higher." ... which is a huge price jump from $12 to $70/mo...just for SSL

  • stiggle David Priestley (@stiggle) reported

    And again @Azure is unable to let me start a VM as its not got sufficient capacity in that region (UK South). It's 1 CPU and 4GB RAM - its not like its a big VM, and it was running earlier before I shut it down for a bit.

  • thibaultmol Thibault Molleman (@thibaultmol) reported

    @RealTurniplord @UbisoftUplay @foldingathome @OfficialPCMR @GoogleStadia @NVIDIAGFN @Azure Nvidia won't be able to help because they literally have waiting queues for people to play on those servers. And stadia runs on custom hardware and software based on Linux, which probably can't be instantly work

  • RealTurniplord Rob Pitt (@RealTurniplord) reported

    @thibaultmol @UbisoftUplay @foldingathome @OfficialPCMR @GoogleStadia @NVIDIAGFN Yeah, but if they officially asked them to help then it would have probability of them actually doing something than a standard person asking would. I imagine there’s a bunch of the servers doing nothing - even @Azure probably has a bunch of unused power. They should all help out

  • coderbyheart Markus Tacker 🇳🇴 (@coderbyheart) reported

    @david_losert @Azure Same here. Senior PM: Heyy, look here. Me: This is old, not working, and has mostly TODOS in it!

  • david_losert David Losert (@david_losert) reported

    @coderbyheart @Azure Yup, exactly that! And the most frustrating part for me was that MS Devs pointed me into directions (in Github Issues or Stackoverflow) that knowingly weren't working as well. Lots of wasted hours :(

  • coderbyheart Markus Tacker 🇳🇴 (@coderbyheart) reported

    @david_losert @Azure Pretty frustrating, basically everything I starts ends in another problem discovery.

  • waleeda79340627 DolshtaWaleed (@waleeda79340627) reported

    @Azure feedback hub and server and service and azure down right now and bad so much in windows 10

  • andrewgrosser Andrew Grosser (@andrewgrosser) reported

    Cloud provider @Hetzner_Online might actually be powered by hamsters. Can't scale up until you wait a month. Service only available 8 hours a day. #RaceToTheBottom #DevOps @AWS @Azure @GCPcloud

  • DestditBandera destdit (@DestditBandera) reported

    @Azure I do not understand you Bill Gates or Microsoft you treat us badly then well then you want to control the world do not **** I think you are a ******* psychopath with all your environment

  • rafal_fitt Rafał Fitt (@rafal_fitt) reported

    @NathanMcNulty @DebugPrivilege dear @Azure @IntuneSuppTeam : it is the 21st century, IPv6 is no longer crazy experimental hack. We need IPv6 support for AAD trusted locations.

  • antasyasoftware Antasya Software (@antasyasoftware) reported

    There's an ongoing problem with our azure subscription, and it has been lasting for 2 and half months. The issue couldn't be solved and the only response and update we get is that the teams are working on it. We are very #disappointed with the SR1494589921 @Microsoft @Azure @mpn

  • eoinmadden Eoin Madden 🌱 (@eoinmadden) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @JayVanDerZant This needs to be better communicated. Your status page is showing all green ticks, but we are being told by Azure support not to switch off VMs because there is a capacity issue.

  • pdev79 Paul Develter (@pdev79) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @JayVanDerZant Why are azure pretending this problem doesn’t exist. Even support told me that there’s capacity issues in uk and the Europe’s.

  • marty_norman Martyn Norman ⚡ (@marty_norman) reported

    @flytzen @Azure Uk and Europe are a particular problem. You could probably try Germany, it's an isolated Azure datacenter region.

  • richardlpbtn Richard Phillips (@richardlpbtn) reported

    Thanks @Microsoft @Azure Looking after your existing customers....NOT. Machines that shutdown overnight, not booting because no machine types available. Customer dead in the water.

  • GabrieleSolieri Gabriele Solieri (@GabrieleSolieri) reported

    @splaxi @braul @adria_ariste @jac_rod @Azure @AzureSupport Hi, I have issue in France Central

  • red_square red_square (@red_square) reported

    Hey @Azure, @GCPcloud, @AWS_UKI how about some assistance for small businesses who have a sizeable cloud spend. I know we don't register on your accounts but it could really help out

  • juanan169 Juan Antonio Tomás (@juanan169) reported

    @braul @AzureSupport @Azure Hi @braul, let us know if support guys give you a workaround, thanks!

  • pjmillerCLAS Peter J. Miller (@pjmillerCLAS) reported

    @MelissaKAFunke @m_a_gibbs @drserenalove @SeamusBlackley @jeffsand @DonovanBrown @ImTooOld4This @jeremylikness @brianlagunas @LBugnion @iamalexmang @noopman @AdiPolak @abhi_tweeter @chris_noring @DivineOps @ItaiYaffe @DanRosanova @MiriRod @Arvebro @_achu @rikhepworth @IsidoraKatanic @irina_scurtu @damovisa @AmyKateNicho @AbelSquidHead @film_girl @DanJSiegel @DanWahlin @TaelurAlexis @coloradojules @brentschooley @cheenamalhotra @taraw @WirelessLife @ajcvickers @Publix @BestBuy @olivegarden @Siemens_Energy @Microsoft @ajohnsocyber @AzureAndChill @cjoakim @jeffhollan @Azure @ConorWhately @Vicky_Austen @BorisChrubasik It’s criminal they never made it official. My medals still count #olympichero

  • ROOT_OR_DEATH Shailyn Ortiz (@ROOT_OR_DEATH) reported

    @crpietschmann @QuinnyPig @GCPcloud @Azure Same issue I have with azure, it's no aws. Haha #harmlessjoke