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  • kyss_jm BizTalkNomad (@kyss_jm) reported

    Honestly! @Azure is the shit! #AI #machinelearning

  • JohnKingBain John Bain (@JohnKingBain) reported

    @dhinchcliffe @dcallahan2 @Craw @sarbjeetjohal @NickBrackney @the_spinmd @hyounpark @mthiele10 @glennodonnell @tcrawford @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon #1rule, never use "rule of thumb". #2 rule, everyone fights in #fightclub

  • PatrickGoode Patrick Goode (@PatrickGoode) reported

    @Azure Long shot probably, but it would be super cool to be able to sandbox any #Azure service in @MicrosoftLearn ! :)

  • colpclark Col (@colpclark) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @tcrawford @mthiele10 @NickBrackney @CPetersen_CS @davidseidl @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @Craw @the_spinmd @hyounpark @glennodonnell @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @CTOAdvisor @joeweinman That’s actually quite a small number to claim “all” or “most.” I have experience in that world too, and have seen the good, the bad, and the mostly ugly. You may he describing survivorship bias; not discounting your experience at all. Just statistically inconclusive.

  • mthiele10 Mark Thiele (@mthiele10) reported

    @tcrawford @NickBrackney @colpclark @CPetersen_CS @davidseidl @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @Craw @the_spinmd @hyounpark @glennodonnell @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @CTOAdvisor Funny that we’re still using the “Car Rental” analogy. @joeweinman first used that in his book #Cloudonomics #Cloud it never grows old

  • NickBrackney Nick Brackney (@NickBrackney) reported

    @colpclark @mthiele10 @CPetersen_CS @davidseidl @tcrawford @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @Craw @the_spinmd @hyounpark @glennodonnell @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @CTOAdvisor Ahhh shadow IT. You're arguing the systems were flawed, and absolutely that makes sense. I think IT needs to become the broker for all cloud resources. That or we just keep having Developers who are unfamiliar with SecOps and IT Ops causing massive issues.

  • NickBrackney Nick Brackney (@NickBrackney) reported

    @tcrawford @CPetersen_CS @davidseidl @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @Craw @the_spinmd @hyounpark @mthiele10 @glennodonnell @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @CTOAdvisor I've learned the only absolute is "it depends". That said for me the biggest reasons to go. 1. you want to consume a native cloud service. 2. You have a lot of variance in the workload. 3. you're starting from scratch/small skunkworks and need to scale quickly.

  • mknz Neil Mackenzie (@mknz) reported

    @deepakp1328 @adbertram @SwiftOnSecurity @AzureSupport @Azure @docsmsft There is an edit icon at the top of the page which allows you to correct the page and make a pull request. Alternatively, there is a feedback box on the bottom where you can point out the problem. This is true of most #Azure documentation.

  • deepakp1328 Deepak panchal (@deepakp1328) reported

    @weqew @adbertram @IISResetMe @SwiftOnSecurity @AzureSupport @Azure @docsmsft @Microsoft Yes you are right we can fix it by ourself but it is just to notify the typo error.

  • Lost_Signal John Nicholson (@Lost_Signal) reported

    @tcrawford @mdkail @vGazza @matteastwood @sarbjeetjohal @CTOAdvisor @gdekhayser @rjhintz @mthiele10 @paulrteich @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @rwang0 @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J Pollinating better processes and culture are why healthy levels of churn and use of consultants isn’t a bad thing.

  • paulrteich Paul Teich (@paulrteich) reported

    @vGazza @dgiambruno @mthiele10 @matteastwood @sarbjeetjohal @CTOAdvisor @tcrawford @gdekhayser @rjhintz @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J #COTS to #cloud $SaaS for most horizontal apps is a data migration issue, esp for popular COTS apps, a one-time project perfect for slightly overpaid consultants. Migrating from custom biz apps is where they need internal dev skills or obscenely overpaid consultants.

  • tcrawford Tim Crawford (@tcrawford) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @CTOAdvisor @gdekhayser @matteastwood @rjhintz @mthiele10 @paulrteich @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J From experience, a customer’s loyalty is based on many things beyond what you’ve articulated. And their goal should not be to build less dependence on a single vendor. That is the same as saying: Avoid lock-in at all costs. I don’t agree…nor is it realistic.

  • tcrawford Tim Crawford (@tcrawford) reported

    @gdekhayser @CTOAdvisor @matteastwood @sarbjeetjohal @rjhintz @mthiele10 @paulrteich @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J They need to be somewhat in sync. However, they will never be completely in sync in practice. I was speaking from the corporate perspective, not regulators.

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) reported from Fremont, California

    @CTOAdvisor @tcrawford @gdekhayser @matteastwood @rjhintz @mthiele10 @paulrteich @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J A customer’s loyalty to a tech vendor mainly hinges not two factors, contractual bindings and workforce/talent/skills of those factors aren’t at play they don’t care about vendor loyalty — things change. Their goal should be to build less dependence on any one vendor. #WiseThing

  • noIPv6 sorry, no ipv6 here! (@noIPv6) reported

    @networkop1 @supertylerc @sus_admin @netmanchris the big ipv6 slackers that come to mind: - @gcpcloud (as you say) - @azure (getting better but a ways to go) - @github (there have been some recent responses alluding to upcoming support) - @verizonfios has been stonewalling afaict

  • CTOAdvisor Keith Townsend (@CTOAdvisor) reported

    @mattwallace @mthiele10 @rjhintz @sarbjeetjohal @matteastwood @paulrteich @mattwbaker @MarcusDavolius @mdkail @rwang0 @tcrawford @digitalcloudgal @VMware @RedHat @Azure @awscloud @dvellante @furrier @Kevin_Jackson @sallyeaves @Tyler_J_J @FactionInc @vmwarecloudaws Solutions like Faction + VMConAWS go a long way in reducing the infrastructure friction. I’ve found it’s always the application and processes that break. Infrastructure replication is a solved problem IMO. Or at least good enough.

  • aliennatn Nathan Johnston (@aliennatn) reported

    @taraw @b_radmn @BoschGlobal @adafruit @makerbeam @Azure I followed an old guide and ended up using an old version. There was a problem that caused the ESP to restart when the MQTT creds expired and a connection restart was attempted. I have it stable for now until I get the right library in place. Thanks for the link.

  • impraveen_92 PRAVEEN KUMAR (@impraveen_92) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @mindhuboffers My order includes .. Microsoft Exam Replay with Practice Test: MCP exam + Retake + Practice test. firstly , I have not received any communication of the Exam code . How to register . secondly , I received a code for the practice test but it does not have DP-201in the drop down

  • impraveen_92 PRAVEEN KUMAR (@impraveen_92) reported

    @Azure @mindhuboffers I bought Microsoft Exam from mindhub . I am not able to use it for the DP-201 exam . Please help me ASAP. Order #: 687061

  • korahmoun 🛑KAM🛑 (@korahmoun) reported

    @Azure you actually make my head hurt so bad at times

  • jaytempleton Jay Templeton (@jaytempleton) reported

    @obloch @Azure @RangaVadlamudi I did and it's awesome. Did a hack with a customer this week. Building a lab for it now.

  • ALLViVarkz ALLViVarkz (@ALLViVarkz) reported

    @Azure I want it to grow even more, integrate with Windows 10 X and other Microsoft services and invest primarily in supporting Startups, as they will support Azure's growth in the medium and especially in the long term. See the example of amazon and do better. That is my wish, dear MS.

  • isaac_abraham Isaac Abraham (@isaac_abraham) reported from Yaiza, Canary Islands

    @0xaryan @awscloud @Azure I'm not sure which bit of my tweets I didn't explain. I acknowledged that functions doesn't have F# support and that I agree it's an issue. Saying that Azure doesn't support F#, is, however, simply not true, or that there are no F# templates for Azure.

  • isaac_abraham Isaac Abraham (@isaac_abraham) reported from Yaiza, Canary Islands

    @0xaryan @awscloud @Azure Ok, so this is about functions. Yes that is a issue which I agree with and should be sorted. Functions is one (admittedly high profile) service out of about 200 on Azure.

  • 0xaryan Aryan (@0xaryan) reported

    @isaac_abraham @awscloud @Azure I raise issues and create PRs as much as I can, but this... It's not hard to put it there while creating the CLI. These are very basic things to consider. They ignored F#, because they didn't see any value to add it there. That's what makes me upset.

  • isaac_abraham Isaac Abraham (@isaac_abraham) reported from Yaiza, Canary Islands

    @0xaryan @awscloud @Azure Azure functions is really disappointing because they had F# support very early on, but now they've let it slide it seems

  • ashwinphadke1 Ashwin Phadke (@ashwinphadke1) reported

    @DhirajShrotri @Docker I never gave containers much of a thought, it earlier seemed like a lot of work, I guess things have improved There is alsodocumentation available to use ports from docker to run thise queries, however, I found using mssql package and @Azure data studio quite easy to configure.

  • Mark_Redman Mark Redman (@Mark_Redman) reported

    I am a huge fan of @Microsoft but @Azure @AzureSupport are letting me down. Not a happy customer. 😒😕

  • Iz_Here (((Iz_Here))) #DisloyalToTrump (@Iz_Here) reported

    @MSCloud Throw out your old hardware, buy new, & enjoy the unstable, unreliable, patched & still-broken #Win10! Or keep your old hardware that has plenty of life in it, don't reward @Microsoft for being massive fuckups, & take a spin on a modern #Linux distro. You can always go back.

  • hyounpark Hyoun Park (박현경) in the Bay Area (@hyounpark) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @mthiele10 @the_spinmd @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @glennodonnell @tcrawford @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon Sarbjeet, you're 100% right. Honestly, Google might not be able to catch up. But to have a chance, Kurian needs to have 0 internal obstacles to build a cloud market leader and a feedback-driven, customer centric culture.

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) reported from Fremont, California

    @tcrawford @i001962 @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @Yahoo @googlecloud @Walmart @Target No no no... of you keep taps on em, they even use to build new stuff faster because their own services can be slow to get to... I won’t disclose what I have seen and where, here... 🤫

  • i001962 Kevin McDonald (@i001962) reported

    @tcrawford @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @dhinchcliffe @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @Yahoo @googlecloud @Walmart @Target never is in quotes for that reason.

  • sarbjeetjohal Sarbjeet Johal (@sarbjeetjohal) reported from Fremont, California

    @dcallahan2 @i001962 @dhinchcliffe @glennodonnell @tcrawford @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon @Yahoo @googlecloud Some will never go to @awscloud, @Walmart and @Target, for example... Besides, we need a tier #1 cloud provider based on #SiliconValley; otherwise we will have a credibility issue 😉!

  • ballen_clt Bobby Allen (@ballen_clt) reported

    @dhinchcliffe @Craw @tcrawford @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon This its a real fear for enterprises. Google kills viable services with very little notice. MSFT just turned off support for 2003 & 2008. Enterprises are just starting to realize they'll have to get off of 2012 ... in a few years. CXO's move very slowly & need time to upgrade.

  • tcrawford Tim Crawford (@tcrawford) reported from El Segundo, California

    @dhinchcliffe @Craw @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon I have not heard that term before. But I continue to see ‘potential depreciation’ as a huge issue for enterprises when considering google #cloud.

  • tcrawford Tim Crawford (@tcrawford) reported

    @sarbjeetjohal @dhinchcliffe @dcallahan2 @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @Craw @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon Knowing what Amazon and Microsoft have done with their data centers and networks, I would use that to differentiate. They have all three done amazing things. For the customer, they all have a reasonable footprint globally at this point. #cloud

  • dhinchcliffe Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) reported

    @Craw @tcrawford @sarbjeetjohal @dcallahan2 @glennodonnell @NickBrackney @furrier @BillMew @Google @Microsoft @AWS @quartz @dez_blanchfield @evankirstel @rwang0 @NeilCattermull @imoyse @nigewillson @digitalcloudgal @Kevin_Jackson @Tech_Analyst_UK @DT @IanLJones98 @DigitalColmer @NevilleGaunt @DrJDrooghaag @schmarzo @channelsmart @QuinnyPig @mthiele10 @DaveBartoletti @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud @alibaba_cloud @sapcp @OracleCloud @amazon BTW, if I seem to be a #GCP bigot, I’m not. One reason: It’s the main #cloud I use to stay abreast on the #tech side and I’ve developed many services on it. So being #3 worries me when I know Google will never be accept that.

  • NationalAssemb1 National Assembly (@NationalAssemb1) reported

    @MSCloud Your I7 is outdated! I have been running I9 9900K 16 thread for a year now! Your Microsux Windows is horrible and obsolete as well as full of back doors for agencies to get into your private stuff! Virus protections needed.. Just awful! Run Linux and be free and secure!

  • bradygaster Brady Gaster (@bradygaster) reported

    @DamianEdwards @ChrisMarts @Azure @shanselman The app service team gave us good news yesterday but firm eta yet. Cc @bktv99 from the app service team who is working hard to help here.

  • Yeshuaschildren Biblical Historian (@Yeshuaschildren) reported

    @MSCloud Right! Upgrade to constant bugs in updates, year long Waites for fixes to major system failures due to upgrade failures and you can be assure to spend many dollar's on service while they have no fix. Then you can spend endless hours with Indian tech support you can't understand.

  • bleedo Lars-Erik Aabech (@bleedo) reported

    @AzureDevOps @logicappsio @Azure Of course two seconds later I found the service issue message. 😜😒

  • hvaoc λ (@hvaoc) reported

    @John34742540 @swyx @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface @jetbrains @gitlab @Dropbox @todoist @NotabilityApp @zeithq @digitalocean @vivaldibrowser @DuckDuckGo It just works every single time. I have tried OneDrive and Dropbox syncing the same content. OneDrive experience is broken. All these products just works because folks behind these products care deeply.

  • sebs303 Sebs (@sebs303) reported

    Really @Azure: MongoDB Atlas supports the 3.2 API that is a throwback to 2015 .... update please. It is bad enough as it is. I never thought I'd wish to be using #dynamodb again.

  • mogarick mogarick (@mogarick) reported

    @swyx @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface IMHO I think @onedrive is the Poor’s man cloud drive service. @googledrive is a superior option by far.

  • swyx shawn swyx wang🤗 (@swyx) reported

    @prodd14 @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface C# and Teams are glaring omissions, my bad

  • pl_wtf PL.WTF (@pl_wtf) reported

    @AzureSupport @notameadow @Azure Oh please... there are threads on your forum from like years ago where you say the same thing. I guess its a standard Microsoft response to pretty much any issue.

  • adammw Adam [he/him] (@adammw) reported

    @Daniel15 @ThomasAlcala @swyx @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface Them some fighting words (but also coming from the place as a Mac user that's never had to use PowerShell)

  • ThomasAlcala Animo (@ThomasAlcala) reported

    @Daniel15 @swyx @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface Yeah definitely. It’s kinda comparing C syntax to some new language’s, though, there’s a bunch of generations between them. And it sucks and is time consuming to learn new syntax for stuff that worked fine on any other shell. —help

  • swyx shawn swyx wang🤗 (@swyx) reported

    @Daniel15 @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface haha sorry I feel like there are so many dotnetters I alienate because I literally don't know a damn thing about it @dance2die is my goto dotnet guy haha

  • DesignByKyle Kyle 🤙 (@DesignByKyle) reported

    @AmNotADev @swyx @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface That poor soul

  • AmNotADev Raven (@AmNotADev) reported

    @swyx @code @typescript @github @onedrive @MicrosoftToDo @msonenote @Azure @Minecraft @Xbox @MicrosoftEdge @bing @surface I'll never succeed at this because they don't own a Figma/Sketch/Xd competitor. 🙈

  • isaac_abraham Isaac Abraham (@isaac_abraham) reported from Yaiza, Canary Islands

    @jorge_cotillo @Azure The reason we started work on Farmer is because tooling to help generate reams of code is IMHO a short term solution - you still have to maintain that code afterwards - it's just too verbose. It also locks you into VSCode, and even then the schema is often out of date.

  • DijkmanRogier Azurekid 🚀 42 and rocking (@DijkmanRogier) reported

    @henriksen @isaac_abraham @AzureTrenches @Azure Nice, a couple of weeks ago I created a pipeline task to do the same thing. Has also the option to set it as secure variables. Still working on support for other file types, but can already share the first beta version

  • kvaes Karim Vaes (@kvaes) reported

    @chton @github @Azure Just put the entire tire apart and inspected it. Rim and outer tire are flawless. The inner tire had a small puncture. No clue where it came from. And the tubeless sealing apparently did not help either. :x

  • kvaes Karim Vaes (@kvaes) reported from Heist-op-den-Berg, Flanders

    @chton @github @Azure Bursting is just bad luck... just like with a bike. That being said, since September.

  • angus_with AngusWithASilentG (@angus_with) reported

    @MSCloud 2/2 THAT kind of shizz seems to be what's slowing down my business and I seriously doubt adding MS cloud services is going to help squat since Office (broken) 365 (days a year) plus 'cloud' Active Directory and Exchange Server have actually seemed to make things slower & more F'd

  • stack72 Paul Stack (@stack72) reported

    @leastprivilege @isaac_abraham @Azure I tend to find I spend the time in json validation hell and never actually deliver anything ;)

  • davidpine7 David Pine (@davidpine7) reported

    @kylewelch @shahedC @twilio @Azure I noticed that too, I’ll have to fix that

  • shribr (((Ami Schreiber))) (@shribr) reported

    I would love to be able to easily download my web app from @Azure into a new @VisualStudio solution. I lost my entire solution after a hard disk crash (yeah, forgot to use @onedrive, my bad) and all I want to do is download the current live app without jumping through hoops.

  • julielerman Julie Lerman (@julielerman) reported

    Exploring setting up and connecting to an RDBMS on a cloud provider that I have never even looked at before. I love @azure but don’t want to live in a bubble!