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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • AndrewAnimusa Andrew Isselis (@AndrewAnimusa) reported

    @xxSharqy @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ "Lmao" Damn, a broken record, repeating the same word when they cant think of something to come back with.

  • Damon_Art Damon Fonger (@Damon_Art) reported

    @GraviteaUK @VerboseVagrant @xxSharqy @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ Yeah I have no problem with it. I payed 50 for the digital deluxe. If anything they’ve showed me that I’m going to get more than my money’s worth. I’ve put 400 hours in and if you think about it, that’s only 1 and a half cents and hour, definitely worth the money

  • BlaiddCysgodol Blaidd Cysgodol (@BlaiddCysgodol) reported

    @I_like_Lady @monsterhunter I had no problem with the characters, I mean I wasn't emotionally connected to any but I didn't dislike any

  • mr_gubbins Gabe (@mr_gubbins) reported

    @dbz5533 @Facu_ap115 @monsterhunter Easy fix, make one with a thunderjaw for PS4 and one with a scarab for Xbox

  • TeilleoWolf Teilleo (@TeilleoWolf) reported

    I'm seriously considering canceling my Iceborne pre-order. There are no issues with the bow. Why the hell are you going to take the one thing I love away. I started the game with bow. I beat the game with bow. I spent months of my life with bow. DON'T NERF!! @monsterhunter

  • Gatsu10 The artist formerly known as Chandler (@Gatsu10) reported

    @Zenschy @EPC18300676 @SimplicityMarx @monsterhunter I'm hyped af, because it's skeleton looks like Lagiacrus, hope they solved that issue

  • AncienTambour L'ancien tambour (@AncienTambour) reported

    @TheDijinn @Zamtrios @monsterhunter ***** fix me the shit you use as eyes

  • xXShadow2Xx xXSHADOWXx (@xXShadow2Xx) reported

    @MickyRaiden @TUPI842 @monsterhunter @GHectorM @sidesketch @Mogura_AC @enkrai No problem

  • CanucksHouse W (@CanucksHouse) reported

    @DanielAwesome73 @monsterhunter @Arekkz People were using it in a way they didn't envision. I totally understand where they are coming from as creators but the item was hardly broken. Would still get Quest fails pretty regularly when facing strong monsters with randoms

  • HowlingDoom Ghost, Addin Corpses (@HowlingDoom) reported

    @TheDijinn @Zamtrios @monsterhunter I figured it wasnt Mizutsube due ti the head shape. Also due ti the fact it shares Laggi's skeleton and that has been giving them problems since World.

  • Ghetto_Gamer_ GhettoGamer (@Ghetto_Gamer_) reported

    @monsterhunter As much as love playing MHW I will not pre-order the Icborne expansion until the servers are fixed. I am constantly being disconnected. Please Capcom fix this!!!!

  • MorganHay3 MorgDaddy (Youtube Hobbyist) (@MorganHay3) reported

    I wonder how broken it would be if the Zerg Swarm ever got their claws on a Gore Magala to spread their infestation even faster or infused their brood with Nergigante genes to produce those ungodly black spines! Good thing @Blizzard_Ent hasn't done a collab with @monsterhunter.

  • Faisa07ll Faisal ali (@Faisa07ll) reported

    @monsterhunter Very bad servers Every day I get an error mw1-50252

  • zentea Thane Wilson (@zentea) reported

    Some of the leaked weapons for Iceborne are disappointing... seeing all the cool designs was part of the fun of MH... Iceborne doesn’t seem to be fixing this issue. Pretty disappointed so far, would LOVE to be wrong when the full game drops. #iceborne #monsterhunter

  • enuffxsaid1 Dirty Biscuits (@enuffxsaid1) reported

    @Reshkrom1153 @Mimefighter @TareqDarwish2 @monsterhunter I mean if they would of worked on the pc version first we would have this problem

  • Weird407 Just me (@Weird407) reported

    @DanielAwesome73 @monsterhunter this wasn't the best research I ever done so not 100% sure. but if they wont add new monsters to world (besides iceborn) you would think leavibg lagiacrus to the modding community would be a nice alternative if it would cost to much to fix the issues.

  • whitespoon18 Matt N Games (@whitespoon18) reported

    Thinking about getting back into @monsterhunter seems to have updated alot sense I last played been a few months im just tired of these games not working right

  • fuckthiswxrld wyverine (@fuckthiswxrld) reported

    @monsterhunter @SD_Shepard Monster hunter please fix error5038f for the love of Jesus Christ, sometimes I can't play online for that error 1 years passed and u don't fix that :(((

  • SiriusWhiteII Sirius white (@SiriusWhiteII) reported

    @monsterhunter Would be nice if the game would actually worked! It keeps kicking me from other players quests. I'm hardlined and never have problems except with this game in co op.

  • IceBreak_23 Rodrigo 💣ボンバーマン (@IceBreak_23) reported

    @LordKhezu @monsterhunter @SD_Shepard i did easy with no problem, i was using poison haha

  • Zentorien Zentorien Original (@Zentorien) reported

    @monsterhunter xbox mhw servers are broken again

  • Eruza_Voirin 🌸Eruza Sukãretto🌸 (@Eruza_Voirin) reported

    capcom usa should take some lessons about how to fix a game or a series, its amateur work for the moment. #MHGU #MonsterHunter

  • PunishedVenomMa Punished Venom Mom (@PunishedVenomMa) reported

    @monsterhunter We were streaming last night and we had NO festival stuff and we werent given the option for login bonuses. Very odd

  • Lord_Link LordLink (@Lord_Link) reported

    @monsterhunter Would love to enjoy it if it wasn't broken right now.

  • Deathsminotaur Jn (@Deathsminotaur) reported

    @monsterhunter Be nice to actually be able to do the events, rather than just getting error code: 400-mw1 on Xbox one every time I try to do events. 2 days straight, so much for any autumn harvest gear.

  • ChaosTwister Chaos Twister (@ChaosTwister) reported

    @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ I aint gonna start playing again till you fix this whole mess with no hunting with friends unless you have all seen the cutscene/ no redoing quests. You guys majorly ****** up what made monster hunter fun @capcom

  • iDucTV Ðûc ツ (@iDucTV) reported

    @KirbsterSW @monsterhunter Yeah and the expansion it’s coming for PC in Jan 2020, and from what I’ve heard from a friend and reading it’s like as big as the original game. I have no problem paying for it, also dude, are u excited for @CyberpunkGame

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @Balenci02 @mcmillen @monsterhunter Yeah, well if all armors are turned into layered armor, that problem would be fixed. Also, yeah, it is really well done. maybe you could do a google search like "aqua with a burger" and maybe you could find the original post.

  • Liba40524407 Soy_todo_mecánicas (@Liba40524407) reported

    @monsterhunter Impossible to unlock gold crowns , it's frustrating , of course , I will not buy the new dlc until you fix that ... Giant gold crowns are bugged.

  • NergaLLuxeS Esteban Cordero Claudio (@NergaLLuxeS) reported

    @NCHproductions @monsterhunter Only problem is I think the guys in the movie are army. Army don’t wear green berets, much less Americans I think. Of course I could be wrong and they actually are British green berets, being actual British or American officers who are Green Berets. But that’s a lot of maybes…

  • iiAm3z Az (@iiAm3z) reported

    @monsterhunter fix your server’s this is the 4th day and i cant join any session!

  • Johnny57981467 Johnny (@Johnny57981467) reported

    @monsterhunter can yall fix the animation of the dual blades dance so that when we perform it we can roll out of it if we not hitting the monster and not b stuck in the animation please! It would b a huge help for dual blade users! #iceborneready

  • afiqhzwn_azman afiq (@afiqhzwn_azman) reported

    @monsterhunter fix the goddamn 50382-mw1 on console please. Been like a year and 8 month now still persist on ps4. Cannot matchmake with randoms.

  • Sazzzandora Célinoooooo (@Sazzzandora) reported

    Just had the disconnect of doom right before finishing #kulvetaroth @monsterhunter 😭😭

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @NotNipp @monsterhunter Yeah, but if they try hard enough, they may be able to fix that. XD

  • SunnyKnights15 Sunshine明 (@SunnyKnights15) reported

    @sommerville_ty @mc_sket @monsterhunter I play on the pro and it's fine, no stutters and ive never had it crash at all. Plus we get more content overall so who's really winning :p

  • ChandraShamal FreeZe ($olitude & $erenity) (@ChandraShamal) reported

    @monsterhunter Yeah it seems like y'all don't care about Xbox players because we're still experiencing the "Failed to save game" glitch is still not fixed literally before y'all a huge expansion...I'm excepting a lot of bugs in ICEBORNE....

  • Robert_Is_Style Robert Mist (@Robert_Is_Style) reported

    @monsterhunter can you fix the Kulve Terroth siege. I'm tired of myself or other people getting kicked out of the hunt.

  • TreeisTri トリステン (@TreeisTri) reported

    @Uyits_kaan @monsterhunter No since Ps4 has exclusive content which would cause certain issues

  • aquilestraigo6 humberto (@aquilestraigo6) reported

    @uhMayzedHD @ScourgeHH @illendyourlife @Uyits_kaan @monsterhunter Yeah but the PC port is delayed which it could cause problems between cross-platform, and that's the game content, not to mention the mods people installed, I'm sure they can work around it but it would be an extra load of work for the devs, which seems really improbable.

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @KamixSam @DiezaRattman @Breezy_DC5 @monsterhunter Yes, but making such large and genre altering changes, just to please a small minority is unnecessary. Unless a large majority of players see it as an issue, then it is fine the way it is.

  • ScourgeHH Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @DiezaRattman @KamixSam @Breezy_DC5 @monsterhunter While there are some that do agree with you, the vast majority like it the way it is, or want it more extreme. I just don't see the problem. Why can't you just have girl armor for girls and guy armor for guys and pick based on if you want cute or warrior style armor sets

  • OutlawGrams OutlawGrams (@OutlawGrams) reported

    @monsterhunter well, another failed to save game glitch. It was short lived. Lmao.

  • KamixSam Sam (@KamixSam) reported

    @ScourgeHH @DiezaRattman @Breezy_DC5 @monsterhunter Or just let ppl use layered armor sets for everything and this wouldn’t even be a problem 🙄

  • Qun2S Nguyễn Sỹ Quân (@Qun2S) reported

    @monsterhunter Useless CAPCOM,small indie overrated trash company,can't even release Iceborne on Steam before ******* December,force us to wait 4 months for their shit show just to get a broken port as always. Monster Hunter team is bad when it comes to developing,they can't even use RE Engine

  • ZeeIx_ Mitschmus Alpacus (@ZeeIx_) reported

    @Zebs888 @Bean_Boie @Desmilion @monsterhunter I think the problem is that they multiple times said they are working on catching up the PC version with the console but now when it's at the same level for once it's immediately put back again.

  • LinkedChief Gank (@LinkedChief) reported

    @MischievousMimi @Truedeviant324 @Umi88 @monsterhunter It would be inexperience with making the game on a platform they aren't used to at all. Also considering that nearly every single game with any type of online connectivity is going to have massive problems in the first couple weeks because of all the traffic

  • C0linWilliams Colin Williams (@C0linWilliams) reported

    @bubblekitsune @monsterhunter You just need the item from "a flash in a pan", twilight tickets you get from login bonus and the 24 hour limited bounties.

  • Varileztra Varileztra (@Varileztra) reported

    @LinkedChief @MischievousMimi @Truedeviant324 @Umi88 @monsterhunter Yea, game runs completly fine..months after its release The first 2 weeks after release on pc were abyssmal and a completel catastrophy. I lost a 100 hrs savefile to data corruption after a disconnect, because the game did not even auto-sync into the cloud. Worth the wait i guess

  • Bangyi_ Bangyi (@Bangyi_) reported

    @uhMayzedHD @TrueNateDogg @monsterhunter Of course it runs better when the rig that average people use to play games are better than the average console but that doesnt mean the port is good. If a high-end pc has fps issues than it's a bad port and weird that other companies are able to deliver their games at the same

  • LinkedChief Gank (@LinkedChief) reported

    @bardockobamq @monsterhunter It's just two completely different work teams and flow. There's nothing to port over to PC if nothing is made in the first time. They're getting everything right before they start porting so no problems arise in the release

  • MageOfBatle Urcovered (@MageOfBatle) reported

    @monsterhunter Feel bad for those PC peeps, but better to push it back and have it be ready then get it early and have it be broken. Keep in mind that the Monster Hunter team is still getting used dealing with PC as the MMOs were handled by other groups

  • MyMetalLaw Turanga Leela (@MyMetalLaw) reported

    @Reshkrom1153 @Poringez @xenosylveon @monsterhunter Oh wonky mouse support, screen space reflections not working but consuming resources, no DOF option, bad antialiasing implementation, bugged full screen support, multi gpu crashes, teostra's supernova bringing fps from 80 to 20, thunder effects causing stutters, etc...

  • MyMetalLaw Turanga Leela (@MyMetalLaw) reported

    @Reshkrom1153 @Poringez @xenosylveon @monsterhunter Well let me introduce you to the low-res textures issue that wasnt fixed until a few months ago, no ultrawide support, no 1366x768 support, z-prepass ******* up the game with some gpus, very bad performance on VERY HIGH END machines, absurd cpu utilization, etc...

  • Navylian [Navy~] (@Navylian) reported

    @JavierMc_Style @monsterhunter The game is already ported, there is no sense of 4 months. Unless you forgot intentionally the PC version only for releasing the console version sooner (thats seems the problem sadly...)

  • Vendel27 Vendel (@Vendel27) reported

    @monsterhunter I hope you really fix all the bugs, optimization and problems that has the pc version that time Take all the time you want... But work it better than the first one for god sake lol

  • uhMayzedHD Joel™ (@uhMayzedHD) reported

    @TrueNateDogg @monsterhunter Doesn't matter if it the same game every new that come out go through testing reason when a new dlc comes out there always optimization patch a few weeks later and bug fixes they making sure a simple monster roar or avalanche slide don't crash the game

  • pighunter3 pighunter (@pighunter3) reported

    @mcinvoker @pcgamer @monsterhunter You should be happy they're taking their time with the PC version of the game instead of releasing it a buggy broken mess. Ya you have to wait a bit longer but you'll get a better experience in the long run.

  • aytunstoppable Ashanti Terry (@aytunstoppable) reported

    @monsterhunter If you guys want to do service to the PC community the very least explain why we have to wait to January. It can be one of arbitrary middle of the ground explanations if you want it to be but to not tell the community anything is killing your market value.

  • Reshkrom1153 Reshkrom1153 (@Reshkrom1153) reported

    @MyMetalLaw @Poringez @xenosylveon @monsterhunter Without context you're describing every single game. Seriously, look up "(multiplayer based game) server issues" and you'll get a bunch of results.