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The Monster Hunter franchise is a series of fantasy-themed action role-playing video games developed and published by Capcom.

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  • Hacking / Cheating (11.11%)

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  • greywolf2484
    David Culley (@greywolf2484) reported

    @monsterhunter PC client connectivity is at an all time low for multiple users across most of the US and CA something to look into, is the issues appear to localized connection hop issues due to using a vpn allowing for at least 1 quest before disconnection of the users. HELP PLZ

  • cosmelucero
    ✨ Aeflus ✨ (@cosmelucero) reported

    @ZenoDrake @monsterhunter I see where that could of lead to those issues. Reminds when i first played pokemon red i couldn't read English so i never finished the game. Same with majoras mask. Now that they remade them i finally crossed them off lol

  • AcerbicDivine
    AcidicGoddess (@AcerbicDivine) reported

    @CautionCat @iiiiusuwuyw @arvalis @StegsReks @monsterhunter Already a massive problem here. MHW has no premium currency.

  • ZenoDrake
    ZenoDragon (@ZenoDrake) reported

    @cosmelucero @monsterhunter I too have carted many times. In fact I carted to almost everything when I started. I couldnt read so It lead to many issues.

  • ScourgeHH
    Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @HECKSCAPER @DervlX @monsterhunter Well, I see no problem with not paying them for making a simple drawing. The fact that your drawing was chosen and is in the game should be good enough. That is why I would enter.

  • Boo_Rad13y
    Boo Rad13y (@Boo_Rad13y) reported

    @arvalis @monsterhunter I'd say the incentive to get their weapon design in game Is fair enough, and anyone passionate enough to put work into this probably has the game already, lol Artist compensation should always be a standard, but again, for this context, Money/Other rewards isnt the issue

  • Llamasaurus69
    SolaireTheSunWalker (@Llamasaurus69) reported

    @arvalis @StegsReks @monsterhunter "taking advantage of their fans" "offering nothing in return" if picked you get your item in game yeah that's nothing in return I guess.There's always an idiot like you creating problems out of shit that isn't even a problem to begin with. I'm so sick of people like you.

  • TonyUzuki
    Antonio Cunningham (@TonyUzuki) reported

    Now I remember why I quit playing Monster Hunter World on PS4. 1) Flash pod don't work on command. It's not a problem on previous @monsterhunter games or on the PC 2) The broken FF crossover monster force multiplayer. I can only solo so I'm stuck with that FF music indefinitely

  • Maggot1106
    Luis Ramos (@Maggot1106) reported

    @monsterhunter hey! I haven't being able to play online on months... I can find some way to fix it! (error 5038f-mw1) is so enjoying

  • dan_31416
    Silence is Love (@dan_31416) reported

    @cosmelucero @monsterhunter Sadly they can’t fix the error 5098f-mw1. I really love this pic tho, Rathalos looks real to me. Very well done

  • Augustanna
    Anna Augustyniak (@Augustanna) reported

    @Rayan_Valstrax @StegsReks @arvalis @monsterhunter You took it out of context, as I said: "I have bills to pay and no one wants "pride" as currency." Show me which electricity provider, ip, pharmacy, or grocery accepts "pride" as currency - I'd gladly start doing my shopping there - that'd literally solve half of my issues [cont]

  • Silverfate003
    SolemnVisitor (@Silverfate003) reported

    @monsterhunter A whip so i can get my Castlevania fix

  • coolnat466
    Nat (@coolnat466) reported

    @monsterhunter Same here, I wanted the Winter tickets and was so disappointed yesterday........ I won't have enough tickets for the whole sets, just with daily login bonuses 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Fridgemuffin09
    Me llamo roberto (@Fridgemuffin09) reported

    @nergy_re @FaelimJG @KennerSeeve @monsterhunter Again, you're not understanding my problem with this change. Bye

  • FaelimJG
    Josh Grand (@FaelimJG) reported

    @nergy_re @Fridgemuffin09 @KennerSeeve @monsterhunter Literally no one said they don't have time for the event. We've said we just expected the event to go as long as Capcom said it would, so we scheduled due to that fact. You are arguing against points that no one has brought up as the issue.

  • XavierFull94
    Xavier Alexandro🌐 ザ (@XavierFull94) reported

    @KenSaiBurst @monsterhunter Can still be obtained by daily login bonus, so its ok

  • arcadezaber
    Arcadezaber (@arcadezaber) reported

    @monsterhunter Please can you give us an update on the monster hunter world ps4 servers in we seem to be having some problems staying connect to sessions. some of us are getting kicked after every game. Thanks

  • TomAkabaca
    Scotch Bingeington (@TomAkabaca) reported

    @monsterhunter Ive tried and quite like it but having lots of disconnect issues, is this normal because its putting me off buying the full game

  • cdbwdesign
    Collin Williamson (@cdbwdesign) reported

    @PlayStation @monsterhunter The link is broken

  • levyjl1988
    Josh (@levyjl1988) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @monsterhunter Winter Star Festival is not working correctly. On Xbox One, I am not being given daily bounties for Winter Star Festival tickets, but rather weekly wyvern bounties instead. Please assist!

  • michaelschaeff
    Michael Schaeffer (@michaelschaeff) reported

    @monsterhunter @monsterhunter can u please fix the disconnect errors for pc it’s quite annoying to play with friends and constantly disconnect

  • Jolly_FM
    Edwin Martinez (@Jolly_FM) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the PC version of MHW for gods sake. Less than 5 min in and the entire party gets 5098f-MW1 error. Getting real tired of it.

  • FoxeyeValkyrie
    FoxeyeValkyrie (@FoxeyeValkyrie) reported

    @MadBraxGamingYT @monsterhunter It was out later because they used us console people as test subjects so the game on PC will be good rather than rush it out and have a bunch of issues they'd have to fix down the road. As for the trials, sadly consoles get more trials than PC because..I don't know haha.

  • LagomorphaMage
    RiftMage! Get it?! (@LagomorphaMage) reported

    Dear @CapcomUSA_, before you dive too deep into @monsterhunter World: #Iceborne, can you please fix: 1. PC Optimization 2. PC Networking Errors 3. PC XBox One (and other) Controller Support 4. The rampant use of chainmail bikini aesthetics in female armor sets 5. The storyline

  • Fencerx
    Pablo (@Fencerx) reported

    @monsterhunter 20 minutes waiting in my lobby from MHGU 51-5654-4725-3064 and no one joins. Should've let MHGU out of Nintendo subscription service... Number of online players decreased drastically 👎🏼

  • mamunmohammad12
    Polo bears (@mamunmohammad12) reported

    @monsterhunter Can you fix the dc issue Pls. Thanks

  • AndPeroty
    Ânderson (@AndPeroty) reported from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul

    @monsterhunter "Piracy Is a Service Problem" Gabe Newell

  • ZR_TLC
    Zahard TLC (@ZR_TLC) reported

    @monsterhunter Please let me play with ny friends without any complication. Fix the MUST SEEN the cutseacn to play online It's 2018 not 2008

  • GrimXDtwitch
    GrimXD (@GrimXDtwitch) reported

    @monsterhunter PC lobbies are a blow up. Constant MW1 errors

  • BTNMasherDraco
    BTNMasherDraco (@BTNMasherDraco) reported

    @monsterhunter Y'all wondering where the free trial is on pc I'm wondering why it takes 4 months to fix a disconnection issue that's still around after an 8 month staggered release.

  • grimlock1001
    grimlock (@grimlock1001) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the decoration drop rates

  • ScourgeHH
    Scourge HH (@ScourgeHH) reported

    @ZVertone @KmiklDvintX @monsterhunter True, the problem is, usually, the decent people stay quiet and are contnet to just sit back, leaving the entitled people to be the only ones talking

  • PikzelPlay
    PiXL (@PikzelPlay) reported

    @KyosShenanigans @monsterhunter No problem 🙂

  • BurstBunny7
    e (@BurstBunny7) reported

    @cometastral @witchergame @CDPROJEKTRED @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox "completely ignored all the problems"

  • Alastar1
    Alastar (@Alastar1) reported

    @Ramez05 @monsterhunter So hyped for it myself! Right now. . .trying to find a good team to finish off AT Xeno. . . I can survive the full 30 minutes myself no problem, but seems like most of the hunters I join, can't.

    Nih@t (@PSYCHO_M4NTIS) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce I downgraded my gtx 1080 Graphic driver to the November update because the new update this month work my Monster Hunter World game with 15 FPS!!! Now with the downgraded November update I have 140 FPS! FIX IT SOON PLEASE!! @monsterhunter @NVIDIAGeForceUK @nvidia

    Nih@t (@PSYCHO_M4NTIS) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce I downgraded my gtx 1080 Graphic driver to the November update because the new update this month work my Monster Hunter World game with 15 FPS!!! FIX IT SOON PLEASE!! @monsterhunter @NVIDIAGeForceUK @nvidia

  • AzureSeraphim
    Irisu (@AzureSeraphim) reported

    @The_Living_Gale @MiyuKamiyama @monsterhunter I know they said that some levi's like Lagiacrus their skeleton ended up causing a ton of problems so it couldn't be fully put in

  • Mattoderp
    Matto (@Mattoderp) reported

    @cometastral @witchergame @CDPROJEKTRED @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox Yeah, except for the part where they fixed all the problems people have complained about, have continued to support the game and are going to continue supporting it for another few months at least and it's their best selling game of all time. Capcom totlaly ignored it. Yep.

  • Skald87
    Skald87 (@Skald87) reported

    @drakanous @monsterhunter Agreed, i believe it was done in the past for destiny or some game like that, so i don't see what the problem is. they could also make it a paid service and bank on it, i'm pretty sure people would toss quite a few bucks at it if given a chance

  • scintilla01
    Tommaso Bertocchi (@scintilla01) reported

    @GamingHabit101 @Daniel_Alves202 @witchergame @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox rdr2 is the most overrated bs ever made everything so ******* slow and boring aiming system is broken its just cured in the particulars.. like snow effect when u walk in and other little useless stuffs

  • vicmanueljunior
    Vic (@vicmanueljunior) reported

    @kelgogi @witchergame @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox @DeputyARUUU @JamaarPrather @MeltedPancakes @christfer Let's do it, just upgraded my internet service and I'm feeling good

  • Kamen_Pirate
    🇨🇦 🎄 Jolly Pirate 🎁 🏴‍☠️ (@Kamen_Pirate) reported

    @KamenGamerRetro @monsterhunter I'm just not a fan of World. Played less than 200 hours, didn't feel challenged. Armor/weapon design is dull. Updgrade tree is shite. Armor skills are irrelevent and so many other problems. All the things I liked have been QOL'd to death. Some cool stuff like open maps but meh

  • Yuyuke
    Will Kusleika (@Yuyuke) reported

    Initial, Knee-Jerk Thoughts on #MonsterHunter Iceborne: >expansion Please, Capcom, I'm begging you, don't treat this the way Western MMOs treat "expansions". I'm fine with this introducing G Rank, but if every future expansion just inflates the numbers there's gonna be problems.

  • slapmytweetbox
    💀Shadowlord Zer0💀 (@slapmytweetbox) reported

    @ort9404 @blitzn909 @monsterhunter I love the game, and have no issue buying the expansion, its money well earned. However, your statement that it doesnt contain microtransactions is 100% false. Emotes, stickers, layer armors etc. Defend the game, absolutely, but do so factually pls.

  • g_oneeightseven
    IX KingCobra V (@g_oneeightseven) reported

    @monsterhunter Fix the matchmaking please make it simple like other co op games

  • cometastral
    Comet (@cometastral) reported

    @witchergame @CDPROJEKTRED @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox But Monster Hunter World is such a bad game and Capcom completely ignored all the problems :/ guess I'll just have to replay TW3

  • sommerville_ty
    tyson sommerville (@sommerville_ty) reported

    @blitzn909 @monsterhunter It's an expansion that's is probably as big as the base game so no. They worked hard and deserve money. Dont buy it if you're not happy that you have to pay for it. Problem solved

  • DeviantWitcher
    Michaela Morrison (@DeviantWitcher) reported

    @witchergame @monsterhunter @PlayStation @Xbox Please fix Thronebreaker on PS4 or at least let us know you are working on a patch.

  • beamcannon
    Sean is...??? (@beamcannon) reported

    @Lvyathan @monsterhunter It's definitely not at the same time as consoles. It it was, it would be problem announcing it as such. We've seen this song and dance before.

  • 2nd_botledfart
    Don Don (@2nd_botledfart) reported

    @blitzn909 @monsterhunter I don't think you can even sue if you read the terms of service duh

  • Adamc1smith
    Adam Smith 🏳️‍🌈 (@Adamc1smith) reported

    @limboist @cybernetic_cat @blitzn909 @monsterhunter Jho, KT, Luna, Behemoth, AT's (for better or worse) and a slew of weapons , Armour's unique layered's and events with quests to boot. *Its not even a live service game*

  • cjy19981
    cjy1998 (@cjy19981) reported

    @monsterhunter It's really happy to see that bunches of events are coming up, but before that do please fix the connection issues before releasing them. It really feel bad to see the disconnected notification although the game start for like not more than 2 minutes, especially in Kulve Taroth m

  • blitzn909
    Francisco Tevez (@blitzn909) reported

    @monsterhunter I have no problem paying for the expansion. I'm not complaining, I love this game and want to see it thrive. Sure I'd like it to be free but I know they need the money to do so. I'm just saying there are people out there who would go that far.

  • m1ssberyl
    miss beryl (@m1ssberyl) reported

    @TAHK0 @monsterhunter Yeah it’s just so updated and fresh. I want them to fix how they do AT monsters tho, they’re not difficult in the way that I want ):

  • SubparSamaritan
    Samaritan (@SubparSamaritan) reported

    @VermilianBIO @monsterhunter The delay is what I'm talking about. This shouldn't be a problem, they just don't want to commit the resources needed to develop simultaneously. Other games-as-service games have had this figured out for almost a decade now, look at Warframe for example.

  • Event_Horizon15
    Event Horizon (@Event_Horizon15) reported

    @KremlikLoT @monsterhunter The "base" game was not up-to-date and had a ton of issues after their "delay to make sure it was good", it's obvious they're just trying to double dip again.

  • SnoxXGaming
    SnoxX_Alex (@SnoxXGaming) reported

    @monsterhunter Perfomance fix pls !!!!!

  • Adamc1smith
    Adam Smith 🏳️‍🌈 (@Adamc1smith) reported

    @Rayne_Astaroth @monsterhunter i would prefer a paid G rank DLC. more content / more baked. it would be a shame if it does drop and its just gives every monster the Arch tempered treatment. + its not a live service game apparently

  • lightskinander1
    andre anderson (@lightskinander1) reported

    @monsterhunter So like can we fix the Xbox issues ERROR 50383-MW1 like come on this has been going on since August.