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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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  • ▪ Playback Issues (42.42%)
  • ▪ Buffering (22.73%)
  • ▪ Crashing (19.70%)
  • ▪ Sign in (13.64%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (1.52%)

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Netflix Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires  ▪ San Antonio, Texas  ▪ Avon, Indiana  ▪ Waterbury, Connecticut  ▪ Humble, Texas  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Luján, Buenos Aires  ▪ Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires  ▪ Maracaibo, Zulia  ▪ Maumee, Ohio  ▪ Minneapolis, Minnesota

Netflix Live Outage Map
  • Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Avon, Indiana
  • Waterbury, Connecticut
  • Humble, Texas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Luján, Buenos Aires
  • Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires
  • Maracaibo, Zulia
  • Maumee, Ohio
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Netflix Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • YungLonelyBoi (@Joesenbergg) reported

    The only problem with the marvel Netflix shows is that they're so darkly lit you can barely see what's going on sometimes

  • Tim Weaver (@TimWeaver20) reported

    @reedhastings I used to teach customer service, they flew me around the country, and Netflix' is awful. #toobigtocareanymore

  • chapps (@chapps) reported

    @JamesAALongman @netflix Take any of Cage's movies, and that's how I feel about each one of them. Awful actor.

  • Lizzie Grace (@L1zzie_Grace) reported

    @ChadOConnellArt Cheers for the "worst witch" throw back. I need to watch this new netflix series now.

  • Rodrick Su (@rodricksu) reported

    @cascer1 @netflix Ok found the problem. The phone has unlocked bootloader.

  • Tony Aguilar (@1tuffgnarl) reported

    @StephenKing Dig OZARK. Have you checked out GLITCH on Netflix? Seems like something you could've written.

  • John Dugas (@duga_john) reported

    @laceymarai Wine, Netflix, and sleep fixes any problem

  • Melinda Haunton (@melindahaunton) reported

    Finally realised Mad Men is on Netflix and am re-encountering from s4 onwards (I've not seen the last ones). Roger Sterling is an awful man.

  • James 'Reaf' Miller (@WCReaf) reported

    @CPKlassen Pacing a big problem with a lot of Netflix series bc everyone's still trying to figure out how to do it well for the binge watch release.

  • Chris (@ChrisHudson__) reported

    My netflix commitment issues are beyond a joke

  • josh 🙃 WARP DOGS (@WarpDogsVG) reported

    I feel bad for Netflix sometimes. Their library is awful, but only because they proved a successful model that providers are leaving to copy

  • Hugh Jass (@brollitto) reported

    Netflix', what happened to Monday, was terrible.

  • Karrina Gibson (@kjgibson2007) reported

    Wi-Fi not working again = unhappy #benjamin who can't watch Netflix in bed

  • Made by Google (@madebygoogle) reported

    @AdiLitreBeer Hi Aditti, what app are you casting? Can you try casting another app like Netflix or YouTube to see if the issue persists?

  • 🌻 (@ashaanyae) reported

    Netflix cheaters are the worst

  • Ryan (@_malechai_) reported

    @Netflixhelps on my nexus 7, suddenly getting "there is a problem playing the video. please try again (5.2)". rebooted & reinstalled. help?

  • Mor | ☄ (@Nurse0nTheRight) reported

    @netflix how can I get my Netflix to work in Europe? It keeps giving me an error message

  • Covfephen Rivas 🌏☠️ (@sprjrx) reported

    @ken_wheeler so it's pretty weird: `Module build failed: Error: Couldn't find preset "env" relative to directory "/Users/srivas/netflix"`

  • The Destiny Saga (@RochardScott) reported

    @Uncle_Ruff The biggest issues with Marvel/Netflix are budget constraints, lack of concise,economical storytelling & too much solo shows.

  • Scott (@scottdougie) reported

    @Bevlar90 By far the worst of the marvel Netflix shows. But grind through it cause it leads into the defenders pretty much

  • Flow Master General (@Dan_Ford22) reported

    @hencespence @beccstrats @vulture Wrong. Her ratings on Netflix prove I'm not the only 1 who feels this way. You suggesting male ego proves you're making a feminist issue

  • Peter (@CDAadvocate) reported

    @FageMD @janephilpott @CMA_Docs Health issue made worse by pro drug propaganda feed to the masses by #Hollywood and @netflix.

  • Ryan Copeland (@RyanSamuelC) reported

    Hi @Netflixhelps I can't log into my account using safari. When I press the login button the login page just refreshes. Any ideas?

  • MightiestBeard (@MightiestBeard) reported

    @perlmeister1l This problem officially extends to Netflix. Just tested it there as well.

  • TRITAN TITAN (@tritan_titan) reported

    @shinobi602 WTF that cover looks terrible and he said it's from Netflix. This is fake for a fake cover

  • Mitchell Hallmark (@MitchHallmark) reported

    @ZachJMayer Yeah dude it's pretty bad. Worst of the Netflix/Marvel shows

  • katie (@_katiewilsonx) reported

    The biggest problem in my life atm = Netflix keeps buffering every 2 seconds

  • 🥒Rick (@LiteSkinWavyKid) reported

    @iRok_SNAPBACKS_ @youngsimba17_ @Marvel @netflix i agree. I dont think it was terrible but it was def last on my list. Dont let my opinion stop you tho. I still think its worth watching

  • Riley Auman (@junioraumanac) reported

    @rybuc1 Netflix and HBO blow most "cable TV" out of the water. Networks either make a cash grab, awful product or give up on a good one too early.

  • Josh Susser (@joshsusser) reported

    Dear @netflix: new feature feedback: 1) Skip Intro - I love it! 2) autoplay previews - THIS IS THE WORST IDEA FOR A FEATURE EVER!

  • Walton (@WaltonBuzzGT) reported

    @ChrisOverture @vulture @netflix The new ratings are awful and worthless. I have to go to IMDB.

  • Millie (@millieoc_) reported

    I pay for Netflix & Amazon Prime yet I'm sat here buzzing off my 🍉🍉 watching Time Team cos they've found a broken piece of Westminster Abbey

  • Mrs_Pinky85 (@mrs_pinky85) reported

    @vulture Then Netflix changed its ratings because she was terrible. Plenty of funny women out there.

  • TheCrazy1 (@psyckotik1) reported

    @netflix Iron Fist is incredibly bad... worst acting ever... made the series look like shit

  • OneRedCat Media (@oneredcatmedia) reported

    @HalifaxReTales @netflix I think the issue is being centred around The Hand, one of the most confusingly obtuse criminal organizations ever.

  • Alan Flanagan (@alanflanagan) reported

    Not enough story. Not enough story. Not enough story. Not eno-- When is Netflix going to admit that its model is fostering a huge problem?

  • J. J. Wright (@JJWrong) reported

    Marvel: What if we took all the worst bits of our existing shows & made our big team-up focus ENTIRELY on that? Netflix: We're listening...

  • Jason Linn (@bouncingbrick) reported

    There's some characters in the Marvel Netflix shows doing dumb things, but they pale compared to the dumbness of #IronFist He's the worst.

  • Sami Al-Haddad ☁ (@rootsami) reported

    @Netflixhelps Im getting error code: ui-800-2 ..

  • Matt Bowes (@matt_bowes) reported

    @Gregg_Beever Yes, that's the problem the critic I retweeted identified. Since many people only use Netflix, and there are few b/w films on there.

  • Jack Titley (@JackTitley) reported

    @brasshandwax My worst 6 word sequence: Netflix Original Comic book series adaptation.

  • Russell (@russellcjm) reported

    Problems that arise from not having a laptop: 1) I have to watch Netflix from my phone 2) I can't do my TOK works 3) I can't do my DN

  • audiomagnate (@audiomagnate) reported

    2.) any other app, including Netflix, Filmstruck or even regular YouTube. I was disappointed to hear that this is an "unknown problem" from

  • kimani chalo muchora (@kimanimuchora) reported

    Netflix needs to get rights for #Power ,the one episodes release format is just not working.

  • trinh (@htgawmurdock) reported

    Sara sent me her Netflix login details... my girl is hinting at future Netflix & chill?

  • Shannon McCarthy (@shhannonmc) reported

    Netflix and amazon prime not working :(( stuck watching four in a bed n come dine with me :/

  • Poppy Rose (@poppyrosemusic) reported

    man i'm pretty late to the game but i've got netflix and it is both the best and the worst

  • Stephanie G (@absolutelyfuzzy) reported

    Finn Jones for some of the worst acting in recent memory. I can barely get through Defenders let alone a whole standalone series #netflix

  • SW (@slytherin629) reported

    @geneeste He's the worst character I've seen in a long ass time. And Netflix seems hell-bent on justifying his existence.

  • e (@_erikah) reported

    the worst part about school starting back up is knowing that guilt-free netflix binge watching is coming to an end

  • Alena Moulton (@alena_moulton) reported

    @bethanyjordan01 Netflix had some issues. Episode 9 is now on there.

  • Istav. (@istavm) reported

    Anyone else's Netflix having problems?

  • john (@johnnycrewneck) reported

    @Pharaoh_Head @brohemienrapsdy But the Netflix live action remake looks god awful

  • Owens (@OwensTheWorld) reported

    @Chrissssyx @NetflixUK Netflix's worst decision

  • King of The Cool (@karanator6) reported

    @KJo112 For real? But it's on Hotstar and I only have netflix on my TV. Real problems.

  • Shellie Palmer (@palmershellie) reported

    @YoYingers @Channel4 @BritishBakeOff I have Sky Q and Netflix. Multiple choices! I have no issue with Channel four just their desecration of a good format.

  • Adrienne Marrone (@oz_scriptwriter) reported

    I can watch Netflix for hours without one glitch. Can't watch @Foxtel for more than 30mins without it dropping out 3 times. Rubbish.

  • Gerard Pallones (@geradgerard) reported

    I still can't fathom how bad that movie was. Literally everything about it. Why it's a 98% match just shows how flawed Netflix is. Terrible

  • stephen caines (@castabino) reported

    @Netflixhelps i haven't been able to connect to netflix for 2 days now. Error code ui-800-3. Please help...

  • RazörFist (@RAZ0RFIST) reported

    @Zengar Problem being the Netflix show was everything Mark Waid's awful Daredevil wasn't. It actually drove potential readers AWAY.

  • Richard Llewellyn (@richllewellyn) reported

    @Brycepearce @duncangreive @publicaddress Doesn't get broken out. But we reported +250k subscribers at FY17 last week, which (using Netflix measure of ~2.4 viewers per hh) is DGs no.

  • Gareth (@GarethSoye) reported

    We are just going to have to face facts - the @netflix @MarvelStudios series range from 'meh' to 'terrible'. But the worst sin of all is...

  • stephen caines (@castabino) reported

    @NetflixUK i haven't been able to connect to netflix for 2 days now. Error code ui-800-3. Please help...

  • Sander Ramsrud (@Total_Chicken) reported

    Propably the worst thing about living in norway is the fact that i have to wait about a week extra until Rick and Morty is out on netflix.

  • revolutionary girl (@alicewcastle) reported

    i like the defenders a lot but the Marvel/Netflix Problems™ are very evident by this point

  • Michael Hutchinson (@Hutchi_) reported

    @chrisgarton1 @NetflixUK I've cancelled my account for this reason. I've had numerous issue with Netflix lately, and I've not had one bit of help. Awful service.

  • Retweeted (@scott_thewspot) reported

    So Defenders on Netflix isn't completely awful, but considering it's his entire super power, Iron Fist still doesn't do very much fisting

  • Anthony Arizona (@AnthonyArizona) reported

    Dear teenage basement hacker. If you could spam @netflix about how terrible autoplay is on the ps3, that would be great...mmkay?

  • josune (@nanajosuneruiz) reported

    Books. Because you have t. look at something while Netflix is buffer ng.

  • ً (@uItmarkson) reported


  • PinotYouDidnt (@PinotYouDidnt) reported

    Once again, @netflix: Your movie selection is basically the worst. Believe it or not, I don't want JUST original shows.

  • Lizzz Farrell (@lizzz_818) reported

    @thehill I'm surprised the Secret Service hasn't figured out how to fix the problem. They must not have Netflix.

  • Mark A Latham (@aLostVictorian) reported

    Do I watch Defenders or not? Time is precious, and the Marvel Netflix shows have been uneven at best so far. Awful reviews from friends.

  • lavonneelainabighawk (@LavonneEBigHawk) reported


  • Big Shawn (@AshanteDennard) reported

    So my Netflix just "having problems"

  • Eric Malamisura (@emalamisura) reported

    @netflix @jolson88 It may actually be because defenders is terrible, I mean who thought putting Danny as lead character was a good idea? Like really? Danny?

  • sammie ondatje (@samantita_marie) reported

    Watch the worst doc on netflix about Stan how does anyone take this seriously #aliens

  • Will (@IsendreSiena) reported

    @_______ALEC Need a Netflix login

  • Slaughterhouse (@hTmSlaughter) reported

    @thisgirlstacr Yea that's the problem finding that person... they are also at their house drunk watching Netflix.

  • Sa 🏳️‍🌈 (@sa_roux) reported

    @Hypersmurf @felandaris @SamMaggs Nah, I have standards; I can take care of that myself just fine. (I really like comics!Danny, but Netflix version is AWFUL)

Netflix Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 100
  • 100017
  • 10013
  • 10025
  • 1006
  • 1011
  • 1012
  • 1016
  • 1016
  • 1018
  • -112
  • -115
  • 11800
  • 11800
  • 12001
  • 152
  • 301
  • 30103
  • 5008
  • AIP-701
  • AIP-702
  • AIP-703
  • F1
  • F7355-1204
  • F7363-1260
  • H7353
  • HTTP 404
  • M7031-1101
  • M7063-1913
  • M7111-1101
  • M7702-1003
  • M7703-1003
  • N8109
  • N8156-6013
  • N8156-6013
  • N8156-6023
  • N8211
  • NW-2-4
  • NW-2-5
  • NW-2-5
  • NW-4-7
  • NW-4-8
  • S7111-1957-205002
  • UI-113
  • UI-800-3
  • UI-800-3