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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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July 21: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 03:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Buffering (45.45%)
  • Sign in (21.82%)
  • Playback Issues (16.36%)
  • Crashing (14.55%)
  • Video Quality (1.82%)

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  • callumstweets
    Callum Gallacher (@callumstweets) reported

    Loving the @JerrySeinfeld Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee series on Netflix, but if you watch it, do yourself a favour and skip the Miranda Sings episode. Awful.

  • melissalap
    melissa (@melissalap) reported

    This Is How It Ends on Netflix is the worst disaster movie ever!! I’m so pissed. What happened? What was the disaster(s)? What? Just what?????? The most frustrating & unsatisfying disaster movie EVER. #netflix #thisishowitends #spoilers #theresnothingtospoil

  • callmehseabiscu
    my nama marcel (@callmehseabiscu) reported

    If you have a vrv account hit my dm I'll trade login for netflix or hulu

  • waffleflower
    𝙹𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚎 𝚅𝚊𝚗 (@waffleflower) reported

    @Helenlaird @patrick_fore @kimgoodwin (1/2) What a shame that you can’t watch! Well, it’s a skit and the show is on Netflix. Both issues are important but the original post is on one about a general observation of mansplaining. Asking “what about ___” tends to derail a convo and dismisses the original topic at hand.

  • FadeFu
    Optikal (@FadeFu) reported

    You know, the worst part about this new not Adam Sandler, Adam Sandler piece of shit? The "New Hampshire" accents. Maine fisherman = New Hampshire. Thanks for Father of the Year though, Netflix. Great way to spend that subscriber money.

  • sjcw_
    Sarah Wright ☯ (@sjcw_) reported

    Netflix has got such a random selection of shows u end up watching the most bizarre things. Babies behind bars? Yeah let’s give that a go. Worst cooks in America? Yeah I’ve got a few spare hours to give that a whirl

  • RootsGalDK
    DKAstro (@RootsGalDK) reported

    @Netflixhelps hi support team,,,,still nothing here. site error....cant get in....please help?

  • Soimmarky
    Marky Nations (@Soimmarky) reported

    @NetflixFilm @netflix I’ve only had two hours of sleep and have to pretend to be an active citizen in his adult world. Send help.

  • Tpinkfloyd
    SpecieWmSpencer (@Tpinkfloyd) reported

    @hiccupstix @Gizmodo did that. I am sure there are many right-leaning Netflix programs but the fact that they force the Left-leaning stuff to be seen is where the problem lies for me

  • joseph_laurieb
    J/L (@joseph_laurieb) reported

    At least I know now where @netflix stands on the issue of law enforcement. To allow someone the platform to actually compare ICE to ISIS (but I’m sure you all will say it’s a joke) is vile. A journalist actually had his head sawed off by Isis and you allow this?

  • lightiscxming
    oliver | 27 days ☁️ (@lightiscxming) reported

    y’all had to cancel Haters Back Off but this shit is fine? @netflix fix your shit

  • MattHolmes2
    Matt Holmes (@MattHolmes2) reported

    @ATTCares Before I do that are you aware of the issue I’m referring to? 4K channels have dimming dark issue. Streaming 4K on same tv like Netflix are ok. Only channels 104, 106 have this issue since the new guide update in Jan was released.

  • Veluuria
    Dylan Evans (@Veluuria) reported

    @NetflixNL hello- Netflix not working on Apple TV or on Ziggo horizon box. Is it just me or are you down?

  • AnnikaSeibert
    Annika Seibert (@AnnikaSeibert) reported

    Problems discovered while packing for school: 1. My pencilcase isn't big enough. I might have a pen-addiction. 2. I'd rather watch Netflix than pack.

  • Cobrahhhhh
    Cobrah (@Cobrahhhhh) reported

    @Jaoaoaoaoao I think I can deal with that for better quality. Netflix does that thing where two characters dialogues appear on screen at the same time despite their lines not really being all that close to each other and it aggravates me

  • VeniVidiResisto
    Veni, vidi, resisto (@VeniVidiResisto) reported

    @LeftismIsLies @TheDukeWindsor @justmethenurse Depends on the context. You can joke about anything, but joking about something isn’t as terrible as that thing. I joke about death and other dark things all the time, it doesn’t mean I enjoy death. I’d suggest Ricky Gervais’ Humanity on Netflix. He explains it well.

  • louddobrik
    daisy (@louddobrik) reported

    its so funny how netflix can make amazing shows but then two seconds later they come out with trash shows and movies (like this one) that try to funny or 'woke' but then crash and burn. netflix shows cant be just okay, its great or terrible

  • kettamean
    Ketta Mean (@kettamean) reported

    3 yo somehow turned Netflix to Spanish. I can’t fix it, but they don’t seem to care, so I’m hoping this counts as Spanish immersion.

  • jonesynator
    Dr L Jones Jnr (@jonesynator) reported

    @DWSmithofficial @virginmedia I went to BT - which is a horrendous error. Channels all over the place. Terrible, archaic, problems. But only costs £60 all in including line rental. But we use Netflix. Sky is like Disney land. All amazing. But u can’t be in two places at once so don’t get the value from it.

  • Maggie_Bies
    MagStax (@Maggie_Bies) reported

    I was watching a show last night on Netflix that freaked me the fuck out so I turned it off. But I turned in back on this morning in hopes that watching it during daylight hours will help???

  • nijatbey
    Nijat (@nijatbey) reported

    How @NetflixIT is so boring. Why did you collect all the lowest film into the portal? Also, there no opportunity to watch movies with English subtitles. The quality is the worst. I would like to watch Public Enemies. However, it's a Turkish tv-show. What's goin' on, buddy?

  • toastman
    toastman (@toastman) reported

    @Netflixhelps No errors coming up or anything. If I’m watching a film the picture just goes really slow.

  • nomadcat
    Nomad Cat (@nomadcat) reported

    Extremely lame how often @netflix bad code breaks service "There appears to be a display problem. Please ensure your monitor is HDCP compliant and is not mirrored using Airplay." Flaky junk code - and they don't care.

  • Hayley_mua
    Hayley Elizabeth (@Hayley_mua) reported

    This fucking Netflix “Insatiable” show sounds like a fucking nightmare. Why are we still allowing these narratives to be normalized? Why are we portraying a heavier girl being bullied, and resolving her problems by having her MOUTH WIRED SHUT? WHAT??

  • TayaPick
    Taya (@TayaPick) reported

    Omg. Livid. How it ends on Netflix is the worst movie ever. It doesn’t even have an ending. I’ve been had. Fuming

  • OhhhMistaW
    El Capitano (@OhhhMistaW) reported

    Anyone else having issues with Netflix?

  • FredWFA
    Fred See to Dead Sea. (@FredWFA) reported

    @Hulu has really been bringing the quality while @Netflix seems to go more for quantity.

  • Balind8
    DeplorableBob🇺🇸 (@Balind8) reported

    @SebGorka @netflix This is terrible. Ask any law abiding, tax paying, legal Hispanic on the border ..they want strong border policies. They don't want America to end up like lawless Mexico.....

  • excaliburkinga1
    King Arthur Pendragon (@excaliburkinga1) reported

    @POTUS @KAT40811334 Jim 63m Patriots & growing arent dumb neither are those DEMS WALKING AWAY This is NOT detrimental to anything or one but NETFLIX & LIBS They have no strengths They FIX nothing So they attempt to discredit thru lies deceit even murder PATHETIC LOSERS

  • procsprogrammer
    Gary (@procsprogrammer) reported

    Current download speed: 3 times what its supposed to be Current upload speed: Half what it was before . This explains why it takes longer for me to upload source code to the company repository... Decisions. complain & mess up netflix quality or allow uploads to be longer...

  • PattiSerafine
    PS Fina (@PattiSerafine) reported

    @OilfanUnwashed @SebGorka @Uncle_Jimbo @netflix You don't "think" at all...and therein lies the problem.

  • THEint3r4ct
    Sam Tindall (@THEint3r4ct) reported

    So I finally watched The Last Jedi since it is finally on Netflix, and idk what all the hate is about. It wasn't the best Star Wars movie ever made, but it def wasn't the worst. Solid special and practical effects, loved the red salt planet effect.

  • realdowntomars_
    mars (@realdowntomars_) reported

    This new show that is being released on @netflix tells the story of a girl who is bullied for her weight and decides to stop eating in order to get revenge. This is not funny or entertaining. This is going AROUND the problem.

  • stephschiavo
    Steph Schiavo (@stephschiavo) reported

    god this is absolutely disgusting. can you imagine all the young girls who might see this and think they need to stop eating so they can be “hot”? when i was younger, shit like this would’ve made me feel terrible about myself. do better, netflix

  • JeffCanAmLEO
    Jeff (@JeffCanAmLEO) reported

    @InfluenzedGamer Management at Netflix is making some terrible decisions lately. If they continue along their current course Netflix will fail. Just look at so many other huge corporations that have taken the same road. Wait for it.....

  • realDavidPena
    david (@realDavidPena) reported

    @Netflixhelps I turned the off on: iPad Air 2 (iOSv11.4.1 and Netflix Version: 10.16.0 (2161) 4.6.0-458) and iPhone 8+ (iOSv11.4.1 and Netflix Version: 10.16.0 (2161) 4.6.0-458) When any video plays, the subtitles keep coming back on iOS. issue not present on Safari v 11.1.1 (13605.2.8))

  • realDavidPena
    david (@realDavidPena) reported

    I turned the off on: iPad Air 2 (iOSv11.4.1 and Netflix Version: 10.16.0 (2161) 4.6.0-458) and iPhone 8+ (iOSv11.4.1 and Netflix Version: 10.16.0 (2161) 4.6.0-458) When any video plays, the subtitles keep coming back on iOS. issue not present on Safari v 11.1.1 (13605.2.8))

  • sv_cheats01
    Scott Montgomery (@sv_cheats01) reported

    @TheMistaGG I know you’re not a film critic or anything, but can you please pick apart the movie ‘Most likely to die’? It is by far the worst horror film on Netflix and there’s loads of plot holes.

  • wallaceporter13
    wallace porter (@wallaceporter13) reported

    @unseen1_unseen @BreitbartNews For Brennan, Netflix, and the Wapo hacks to be THIS unhinged and desperate, something awful must be looming. I'm a skeptic but could it be...The Storm?

  • wpvslol
    william pelletier (@wpvslol) reported

    @XboxSupport bi i just got a old xbox 360 and i cant get rid of the parental code it was a friend xbox and he gived me and he dont know anything about the codes so i rlly need help i cant even go on youtube or netflix

  • therealrenaud
    bryan renaud (@therealrenaud) reported

    @Davidspoken56 @netflix @Change Thats certainly part of the problem, but children aren't the only ones affected by toxic messaging like this. We all are.

  • JTudent
    Justas Tudent (@JTudent) reported

    @Edwin_Jackson @Change @netflix It really doesn't, tho. She loses weight because of a medical problem. Either way, there's nothing objectionable about it.

  • mjamesom4
    Mike Jameson (@mjamesom4) reported

    @nbc @netflix you may or may not care but we the viewers do. Please remove him from your company. This isn’t even the worst tweet. #ThesePeopleAreSick #pedowood #pedohollywood

  • clairethomas21_
    claire thomas (@clairethomas21_) reported

    Why and who thought this was a good idea?? This is a terrible message to send out to people @netflix @DebbyRyan

  • obsen8
    GK (@obsen8) reported

    It's time to turn back to quality @netflix Start with giving @Sense8 Season3 and even better #Sense8All5Seasons Support your originals shows and keep your customers Don't forget #NoSense8NoNetflix

  • yourgrammarohno
    Eugen Artig (@yourgrammarohno) reported

    @RoAnnaSylver The criticized original idea and your proposal, both sound really unwatchable. How about we let netflix produce these awful shows and show them what we think about them by not watching any of it. Could that be a solution instead of drawing more attention to it?

  • ___anish
    anish (@___anish) reported

    @Netflixhelps whenever i try to watch something on my laptop or other device, it keeps on saying that there is a site error

  • thatkkgirl
    KK (@thatkkgirl) reported

    I don't have Netflix, for some reason we can't get it to work here. This is going to be a MASSIVE problem if we don't get it sorted out soon.

  • vipulmehndiratt
    Vipul Mehndiratta (@vipulmehndiratt) reported

    @NetflixIndia @Netflixhelps Please look into this issue.

  • KodakSmile
    Karen Hill (@KodakSmile) reported

    Watching duck duck goose on Netflix and this just turned for the worst lol

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  • 301
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