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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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  • a1exalynn Alexa ☀️ (@a1exalynn) reported

    Yo I was so hype to watch Secret Obsession on Netflix. But it’s literally the worst movie I’ve ever seen 😩

  • pinkbluepastel pinkbluepastel (@pinkbluepastel) reported

    @olvtn @musicnewsfact @Adele @taylorswift13 @ladygaga 😂 of course any sales starting 2010 counted but the majority of sales of those albums were in 2009. Beyonces entire discography was also counted but nobody bought it lmao flop flop. The gift 50k debut 😂 😭 💀 Live album total flop not even the Netflix special help Carters flop

  • mcmanus17 D McManus (@mcmanus17) reported

    @Wildsau @CraveHelp I 100% agree... I can stream Netflix 4K and amazon UHD with no issue. Can’t even get Crave to stream at anything close to 1080P on my TV.

  • Siderico Siderico (@Siderico) reported

    @Darcwolfe @SethMacFarlane Yea this is a problem. I was using Hulu to watch Orville all along. All of these extra services are scaring people away from the streaming market, and limiting the ratings. Hulu and Netflix are still the most popular I think though.

  • phoebeunzueta Phoebe 🌻 (@phoebeunzueta) reported

    @netflix I have a great idea, I think for Christmas, the Fab 5 should do a special holiday makeover on the Grinch because let’s face it, he desperately needs their help

  • MartinKSmith Ken. (@MartinKSmith) reported

    @AndieTweets No idea who he's playing or anything, but I can see why some might have issues. That said, I'd only have issues if it was within the main MCU. The netflix/tv shows barely count, which is sad, but whatever. Let him play whoever he's playing.

  • ShinobiLewis Tarik (@ShinobiLewis) reported

    @luwoppp Lmao that's everyone's issue but beyond that it's good. Both Fates are on Netflix, start with Zero first then Stay Night. Yea I gotchu

  • PushaStee Mysterio’s Fish Bowl (@PushaStee) reported

    The worst part of killing Netflix verse is we’re now that much farther away from robot arm Misty Knight

  • mourragui Suikon Mou'AD (@mourragui) reported

    @number_one30 anyone who has old netflix account and want to update payment contact me o can help

  • Volkerswagon Joshua S. Volkers (@Volkerswagon) reported

    Technically they already were with SHIELD and the Netflix shows, but they’re so divorced from the main MCU story that they felt more like distant cousins rather than an actual part of the family. The Disney+ service will finally fix that.

  • twin229 Chris Gamboa (@twin229) reported

    My theory on #Blade: Cottonmouth was always a half-vampire but only after he died to Mariah were his powers awakened and so no continuity error exists between Mahershala Ali playing both characters exist. Ofc it's more likely Disney will write the Netflix shows as never existing.

  • Ame0226 AME💖 (@Ame0226) reported

    😭😫😭😫 it's like @hulu doesn't want me to finish #veronicamars and start the newest season. Nothing but error messages on Hulu all day long but @netflix is working great so guess I'll find something on there ☹

  • stanningprsnlty meliah too (@stanningprsnlty) reported

    why is twitter not working well rn what is your issue, netflix already hates me, so unoriginal

  • b00ch Michael Butron (@b00ch) reported

    @SenninSage @moneyrumble Only problem I have with marvel is how they treat their shows. Anything Kevin feige doesn’t touch, marvel Netflix, agents of shield, etc are treated like they don’t matter. The same actor as two people proves what I thought

  • flordefandom Flor - Gary Omens 🏴 (@flordefandom) reported

    Okay, now I'm confused if they're all movies, tv shows or whatever (if they're tv shows then it fixes the accessibility issue, but the exhaustion still counts. Like i still wasn't able to finish the msrvel Netflix stuff)

  • lyrjcaokano deanoru lockdown shh (@lyrjcaokano) reported

    @eclipticmyg the problem w them is that they dont consider the tv shows in netflix and abc/hulu/freeform as part of the mcu it's so frustrating bc the shows do everything they can to connect to the mcu movies

  • uniquechick8810 an okay bitch (@uniquechick8810) reported

    Listen Disney+ might be it...Netflix better fix up

  • kimnamjoonsicle lil hobi 🦕 (@kimnamjoonsicle) reported

    @netflix please fix this

  • devonvictoriia Devon (@devonvictoriia) reported

    @netflix please my heart is broken thanks to that finale i need ANSWERS

  • _leesc 𝒏𝒂𝒕𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒆 ✨ (@_leesc) reported

    secret obsession on netflix is AWFUL. 10/10 would not recommend, but brenda song is so nice to look at.

  • Johnny_Dice_ Johnny_Dice 🇺🇸 (@Johnny_Dice_) reported

    @DineshDSouza California is so lost. I just watch @JerrySeinfeld new @netflix show with Eddie Murphy and they could not avoid joking about the homeless “twice” because there is no avoiding issue. Yet their priority is the term “manhole”

  • TheChantz Chantz (@TheChantz) reported

    @KevinxCastle Same! I hope they help out like the Netflix actors and bring em into the MCU! This game really out of nowhere!

  • TheUnknownCiti2 The Unknown Citizen (@TheUnknownCiti2) reported

    @KevinAllenSmith @C_GraceT @netflix Couldnt help but notice all these people obviously still have Netflix

  • AWeidelman hot pancakes (@AWeidelman) reported

    @patricjdennis Agree 1 million percent. I heard Blade is gonna be on Hulu. So I need to but Hulu to watch it. Worst thing ever. And Netflix were retconned. Spider-Man 3 and Guardians were my only hope. Fantastic 4 was confirmed but not spoken about. Thor and BP are the only characters

  • mgcm729 Ronin729 (@mgcm729) reported

    @tformerfan @Batmancanseeyou @MartyMcTweet And he was the only reason to watch that piece of shit show. The second he died, the quality fell off a cliff. It ceased to be entertaining. He would make an awesome blade. **** the Netflix show

  • belyeezy4sheezy Dr Wet Koala (@belyeezy4sheezy) reported

    @APEntertainment @AP @netflix Feels terrible because she got caught.

  • MsAnnie26 Ana Temblador (@MsAnnie26) reported

    Watching @BrendaSong's new Netflix movie #SecretObsession... lordy this is why I have trust issues lol

  • Franky_Babylon Franky Babylon (@Franky_Babylon) reported

    @HBfromKC Netflix had to. They don’t own the rights to the characters, so to continue their show they would have to pay a substantial fee to Disney who now owns its own streaming service. That’s Netflix’s problem; they don’t own enough original content and it’s costing them to make it.

  • balorsomega shane (@balorsomega) reported

    @xlilybluelily im more of a netflix marvel stan but i agree that mcu stans didnt show the netflix universe that much love when it has produced quality shows but i want them in mcu just because i miss them

  • GibberishFeed Michael (@GibberishFeed) reported

    @sepinwall Now wait a minute... he’s already Cottonmouth. Clearly an error, Fiege would never purposefully mess up continuity with the Netflix Marvel series. No sir.

  • Sara_1979 Sarah (@Sara_1979) reported

    @Lysianne9 I have NO idea. Netflix ALWAYS gives me the original version, even if Prime has the same film. *shrugs* Not clue, just hate it. German dubbing is teh worst.

  • MalSimon Malcolm J. Simon (@MalSimon) reported

    @_plainjames06 They should just focus on making quality streaming shows. (Daredevil on Netflix never disappointed)

  • juancitoneves1 Juan Neves (@juancitoneves1) reported

    This is easily the worst thing to come out of these announcements. I love the Netflix MCU and it ******* sucks that they're not canon.

  • odincson 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞 (@odincson) reported

    so i guess netflix marvel universe was never part of mcu bc mahershala playing blade is a huge consistency error

  • ColeyDavis7 Coley davis III% (@ColeyDavis7) reported

    @reallifeofjq @will64655873 @JayExThree @H2Oman209 @DreamerLaura522 @J_oshHill I'd watch out Netflix tends to lean left when it comes to documentaries. And yeah I was a 3%er for about 6 years I moved to a spot were they didn't have a branch, so I started my own. With no member fees it will soon be all donations to help build our armory and get more to join

  • Rob_In_WI 🌈 Travis Pineapple 🌈 (@Rob_In_WI) reported

    @bbhrusty @CEs_Mustache Yeah, that's pretty solid. I guess the issue I'd have is I tend to watch Netflix on several devices myself

  • daniellejaytee Dr. Danielle (@daniellejaytee) reported

    The movie “Swiped” on Netflix is an all-time terrible movie. Like one of those ones that gives you secondhand embarrassment for everyone involved but you just can’t turn it off.

  • DrewJepperson Drew Jepperson (@DrewJepperson) reported

    @FightOnTwist Really down on the idea of Jane coming back as she's the worst part of the Thor movies for me. Blade is awesome but this solidifies that the Netflix shows are booted from the MCU which really upsets me. Either way that casting is pitch perfect

  • iamjacobblank ˗ˏˋ Jacob Blank ˎˊ˗ (@iamjacobblank) reported

    @ChiraptorT Real moment: If I do minimal fact checking (googling "KC General Store"), the correct name pops up immediately. Low quality captions ("craptions") are a really shitty way to treat the deaf and HOH community and are very common on Netflix.

  • kc_brovlawski Kiel Congiu (@kc_brovlawski) reported

    @h21strickland @SplendidShep @IGN The movie directors have never said the Netflix series were canon to their universe, only the writers of Netflix chose themselves to add MCU easter eggs. They're not canon and never technically have been. These have never been connected, so there isn't issue w/ things like this.

  • SoncieB theSHEyouSpeakOf (@SoncieB) reported

    Pihu is the worst movie on Netflix right now like wtf

  • davidslavick David Slavick (@davidslavick) reported

    @DustinTL @DragHris @Heidi__Matthews @Logicforleft201 @netflix If it was an attempt I’d have liked to see him land the joke. The problem is it was tough to see what the intention was.

  • JohannaHerndon Johanna Herndon (@JohannaHerndon) reported

    @APEntertainment @AP @netflix Feels terrible that she got caught.

  • elite_gz jaime brooks (@elite_gz) reported

    besides it just being a cool idea generally, the other great thing about marvel announcing that mahershala ali is playing blade is that it means the terrible marvel netflix shows aren't canon

  • diejavus not z (@diejavus) reported

    my netflix is not working praying for everyone who uses it we’re all in this together

  • laurengrimaldi_ Lauren Grimaldi (@laurengrimaldi_) reported

    Netflix has really made some awful sci-fi movies

  • LoveAlyse23 Carebear👸🏽 🐻 (@LoveAlyse23) reported

    Netflix really cancelled One Day at a Time, but made this awful ass movie Secret Obsession

  • Kinowolf Luis Medina 🇩🇴 (@Kinowolf) reported

    Bro Shang-Chi, Doctor Strange, and Blade on some Mighty Avengers stuff. That dredges up an ANCIENT concept I had for the Netflix Defenders “Phase 2” (one of the fatal errors of the concept, not embracing the thematic phasing).

  • FandomDeclassi1 Fandom Declassified (@FandomDeclassi1) reported

    @TheOrville @hulu It’s a real shame this is happening. I’ve had nothing but problems with Hulu. #TheOrville deserves better than an unstable streaming service that frequently crashes. It’s deserves something Amazon Prime or Netflix. High quality sci fi deserves stability.

  • brittonius2 I Am Brittonius (@brittonius2) reported

    @netflix why is literally every show or movie I select to watch starting w/p fail but when I try to watch @PoseOnFX there's an "unexpected error." 1st world problems for sure but I'm no less annoyed I can't rewatch a show on a service I pay monthly for

  • DragHris Dragris (@DragHris) reported

    @DustinTL @davidslavick @Heidi__Matthews @netflix This is a fair critique. I respect this. He was trying to be all things to all people and not piss anyone off. He has been chastened unfortunately, and any misstep will cause a deluge of awful oped's against him the way that happened to CK. As a result his set is not as funny as

  • warriorrae YayRae (@warriorrae) reported

    @APEntertainment @AP @netflix Of course she feels terrible but not because she did it. She feels terrible because she was caught. I don’t believe her crocodile tears

  • weeabob ボブ (@weeabob) reported

    @Clankity i'm still mad they killed him off in the middle of the 1st season and replaced him with the worst villain of all the netflix shows

  • DustinTL HelloFidelio (@DustinTL) reported

    @DragHris @davidslavick @Heidi__Matthews @netflix Yes but from what I gather, he’s projecting his frustration poorly. Comedy is allowed to be mean, immature and transgressive, Ansari seems to be terrible at actually executing that well.

  • ByeWeather weather_bye_hater$ (@ByeWeather) reported

    the air quality index is 160, hazardous and you should stay home and watch netflix

  • DragHris Dragris (@DragHris) reported

    @DustinTL @davidslavick @Heidi__Matthews @netflix I have no issues with that, but that they used this critique against Ansari, not being as intelligent as CK's set comes across as somewhat hypocritical.

  • cassieee_06 Cassandra Smith (@cassieee_06) reported

    Binge watching is a serious issue... what do I do now that I’ve finished the seasons on Netflix....

  • DougzInBoston I'm wicked good (@DougzInBoston) reported

    @dmcomics @Marvel I don’t have Netflix either. Cancelled it for lack of quality content.

  • MatthewStidman Matthew stidman (@MatthewStidman) reported

    @thatgrltrish I hate this. Poor people can't afford another streaming service. Their greed in creating their own instead of continuing partnerships with hulu and Netflix is just awful. DC streaming service is guilty too. Missing a whole lot of fans with this .

  • coopercooperco fka ☕ (@coopercooperco) reported

    @Corv90 I wanted to like both daredevil and Jessica Jones but they all suffered, I thought, from the typical Netflix show problem of stretching too little story over too many episodes

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