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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

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  • ▪ Playback Issues (10.86%)
  • ▪ Crashing (9.50%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (1.81%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires  ▪ Austin, Texas  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ San Diego, California  ▪ Hamburg, Hamburg  ▪ Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid  ▪ Makati, Metro Manila  ▪ Juriquilla, Querétaro  ▪ Montevideo, Montevideo  ▪ Canterbury, England  ▪ Bad Tennstedt, Thuringia

Netflix Live Outage Map
  • Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
  • Austin, Texas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Diego, California
  • Hamburg, Hamburg
  • Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
  • Makati, Metro Manila
  • Juriquilla, Querétaro
  • Montevideo, Montevideo
  • Canterbury, England
  • Bad Tennstedt, Thuringia
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  • nerixx_a
    nerissa (@nerixx_a) reported

    Okay so my two favourite youtubers (@harvinthskin & @AustinMcbroom @CatherinePaiz )didn’t upload new videos yet . And my mom’s watching netflix on the tv so I cant even watch the new episode of Riverdale yet . HELP ME IM BORED

  • OnlyMattCollins
    Matt Collins (@OnlyMattCollins) reported from San Diego, California

    Moderately disappointing to realize I relate to two quality 90’s/2000’s based Netflix series thru the concept of a main character wanting to confront their dead-beat parent lmao

  • KhotsoRams
    RA RA RA-AH AAAHH (@KhotsoRams) reported

    I woke up missing Desperate Housewives this morning. Netflix needs to reboot the series in a way that respects the quality of the show.

  • akasan
    AKASAN is relocating to the Wakanda Embassy JAPAN (@akasan) reported

    @bk5950 Thank you my friend but yeah I tried that are year ago when it first was a problem. Very frustrating it only happens when I use Netflix or my PlayStation, but that’s 99% of the time. I’ll try a different cable and see if that’s the problem.

  • benton_dan
    Running Dog (@benton_dan) reported

    @Gabby_L_M @DeadDem0nRider Yeah, like a high proportion of Netflix is terrible, despite living in the golden age of TV or whatever, so “watchable light comedy” is relatively high praise.

  • thetomska
    Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell (@thetomska) reported

    Just finished Altered Carbon on Netflix. So cool. Love the ideas, the universe, the characters. A prime example of how some stories are better suited to the runtime of a series as cramming all that into a 90 movie would’ve been awful. Recommended if you like sci-fi and violence!

  • dead_weirdo
    just Another Dead Weirdo (@dead_weirdo) reported

    @AdrianCJax Should read “With Little to No Help From China, As Expected.” This guy have anything to say about Luke Cage breaking Netflix? What was it I wonder? “Netflix All Fucked Up. Who Can Say Why? Anybody’s Guess, Really.” ffs.

  • _logik
    Abhishek Upadhya (@_logik) reported

    @enthahotness Netflix connection is not working at house, I've to go to friend's place to check important serial.

  • wlidfireafires
    wildfireafires (@wlidfireafires) reported

    Anyone has account on Netflix please? I’m poor help me

  • frostinglickr
    Some Crazy Chick (@frostinglickr) reported

    @Moltz @netflix It’s the WORST. My toddler keeps seeing scary shit before I can flip to the family friendly stuff! WHY CANT I TURN IT OFF

  • blkman35
    Canadian Raider (@blkman35) reported

    Anybody watch on my block on @Netflix? Some ole teenager type life bullshit but they dealing wit ole people issues to. Kinda funny to. That lil dude got shot at his home girls party.

  • Cindy_Ihua
    Cindy Ihua (@Cindy_Ihua) reported

    @RINZOID I believe this is the worst one. Netflix has awesome original series o. But this.... i just can't.

  • MilkE73
    Milk E (@MilkE73) reported

    @MelbourneBitter Cuntpig and Dryer was AMAZEBALLS. @netflix seriously need to serialise Cuntpig and Dryer! (Only problem is that autocorrect *really* doesn’t like writing “Cuntpig”.)

  • Zachfrasier3
    Frazz (@Zachfrasier3) reported

    95% of the shit on Netflix is fucking awful

  • lharsagna
    sprousehart (@lharsagna) reported

    There is problem playing the video. Please try again. (5.2) #Riverdale #Netflix

  • garcel1984
    Gareth (@garcel1984) reported

    @gr81disp @ParadigmSM @TheNotoriousMMA @netflix Maybe you should spend your time on your weight issues

  • Selenethoa
    Rithane, Destroyer of Man🅱️ood (@Selenethoa) reported

    A lot of the defense of Gervais' latest Netflix atrocity is that comedy has the right to push boundaries, that he's allowed to say things that are off-limits. The problem is *that's not what he's doing*.

  • Scott_Creator
    ADHD is mIsUnDeRsToOd (@Scott_Creator) reported

    @breemeetsworld @netflix I was fuming! There seems to be a major stigma in America about taking meds. In the UK it’s not such an issue, thankfully, but I DO think that the creators did this on purpose!

  • GodAllMighty12
    Guy (@GodAllMighty12) reported

    @the_moviebob @Jen_Seven Fair points. Though, in his defense - the pacing of that first season wasn't any worse than in the other Marvel Netflix shows, IMO. I blame the pacing problem mostly on the Netflix format.

  • ChurchChills
    Organization Leader: General Chikuwa (@ChurchChills) reported

    @Jet0o I heard the Netflix subs are awful. Thank goodness for Asenshi.

  • jjonghyungs
    julia 🌻 (@jjonghyungs) reported

    i need something good to watch on netflix.. help pls

  • ile_Wolf
    ile ♡ (@ile_Wolf) reported

    Oh yesss Sinister 2 is on netflix♡ I know it has awful ratings and is no where near as good as the first one but it was a good story. The characters, I could relate to them, I cannot say that about most scary movies 4/5 on my scary movie meter.

  • lindydonna
    Donna Malayeri (@lindydonna) reported

    @MavenOfMayhem @rickygervais @netflix What's also terrible is the Netflix messaging around it. If I'm put off by the hateful content, I'm somehow "easily offended"?!

  • VryDaGuy
    Vry (@VryDaGuy) reported

    @SeinfeldTV is Netflix quality at least. @JerrySeinfeld don't let @hulu play you

  • carren__
    CareBear (@carren__) reported

    Chelsey said this "on my block" show on Netflix was good. I'm so mad. It's terrible. I'll never get that time back

  • _DrakePatterson
    Drake Patterson (@_DrakePatterson) reported

    @netflix Please nerf this auto play trailer garbage. It is so terrible. It ruins my experience every single time. Believe it or not your human customers are more than capable of figuring out what they what they want to watch for themselves.

  • _mckennaa
    sosa chamberlain (@_mckennaa) reported


  • ScottiePimpin93
    $COTTIEPiMPiN'🤑 (@ScottiePimpin93) reported

    Bates Motel is the worst excuse for a show Netflix has ever made.

  • WutizDis_
    عبداللہ..👽 (@WutizDis_) reported

    Guys i need Netflix someone help ._.

  • subtextiel
    Dmitri 🐝 #WaywardSisters (@subtextiel) reported from Danville, Georgia

    - 10pm and I'm exhausted - I have one more episode to watch after this for this season. I'll crash then - turns off netflix when I said I would and preps for bed by 11:30 - still awake playing on phone at 3am

  • nivagneerg
    gavin green (real) © (@nivagneerg) reported

    @hayleyorrantia 'what do you mean there's a problem with netflix'

  • dauber
    Mike Dauber (@dauber) reported

    @KTmBoyle @netflix In fairness, many have been doing this for some time. But it’s a real issue and I applaud them for it.

  • DBow86
    David Bowers (@DBow86) reported

    @KTMatt74 @DSmith4pres Click is awful. Have you seen the new shit on Netflix. *oldshitwasgreat

  • Arnelalala_
    Nela. (@Arnelalala_) reported

    I've been rolling around for hours with the worlds worst stomach and head ache just wishing I lived at home so my mom and dad would bring medicine and heat packs to me in my room where I would be watching Netflix and sipping on tea while they asked me if I was ok...

  • BiornusBrunnus
    Bjorn (@BiornusBrunnus) reported

    @ginayashere just watched you on @netflix .. I told an ambulance worker I couldn’t afford them, would drive myself. They called the hospital and got the doctor’s permission to allow it. If some1 can’t afford to pay bill, shouldn’t pay even $1 else insurance won’t help hospital.

  • itsmikelarrry
    .Yeeskii. 🌿 (@itsmikelarrry) reported

    @_KingCormier Sicario, hustle n flow lol, crash, nerve, 3 strikes, but I would say “the invitation” on Netflix is pretty lit though lol

  • AmorVirk
    Roma (@AmorVirk) reported

    ✅ Mental breakdown of the month ✅ Finally getting over myself and opening up/ranting to Eli about it so he can stop worrying ✅ Ending it with eating ice cream & Netflix so I can go back to being distracted & ignoring my issues Alright so can my period end now or

  • potjie
    Potjie 💀 (@potjie) reported

    @Moltz @netflix I do find myself defaulting to Hulu’s god-awful UI more and more.

  • _fabiha
    Fabiha (@_fabiha) reported

    How come I can stay up till 4 am watching Netflix, but can’t go past midnight to study lololol #help me

  • baddstputadaily
    Mareea🌸 (@baddstputadaily) reported from Altadena, California

    Any suggestions on what to watch on Netflix? Help ya girl out

  • Ahmed_IX
    Ahmed Vampire (@Ahmed_IX) reported

    @sprsk Try super Netflix Extension for chrome, it's let u chose video quality.

  • ericdub
    Willenski (@ericdub) reported

    @FenetreApp Hey! I've been waiting for an OSX app like Fenêtre for a while, thanks for making it! It seems I can't stream Netflix through the app though - is there a fix coming?

  • the13ulldozer
    Mad Max with the Rad Rex (@the13ulldozer) reported

    @Nikki_deboer Metal Tornado isn’t on Netflix. Please send help.

  • Leena_Denise
    Kaelena Adams (@Leena_Denise) reported

    Netflix suggestions? Help.

  • XDeminox
    Brian Preston (@XDeminox) reported

    @netflix your latest #PS4 update is problematic. Difficulty unpausing, randomly cuts to black and goes back to the menu, pauses by itself.. you need to roll back that update until you fix it. everything works fine on Android still.

  • JaeB_so_nasty
    Joseph B Rivera (@JaeB_so_nasty) reported

    Jessica Jones Season 2 is the worst of the Marvel Netflix series yet. On episode 5 and I don’t even wanna finish it.

  • thorntonosity
    People Doing Things (@thorntonosity) reported

    David Letterman is terrible at interviewing people and his Netflix foray proves how especially uncomfortable he is with people that aren't white male comics. We were all just fine with the retirement.

  • ornstallion
    Stephen O (@ornstallion) reported

    Can’t believe the heart break is this bad We could’ve lasted forever. But not everything is meant to last. This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Goodbye Netflix, you took American dad from me and family guy. 2 loves lost, 1 remains. #broken

  • jrke1234
    Be Happy Everyday (@jrke1234) reported

    @netflix Really? you guys got rid of MacGyver, quality classic show you should bring that back. Who picks the movies ? dude let me pick some of the selections seriously need work.

  • EReeves12
    elijah (@EReeves12) reported from Bowling Green, Kentucky

    just watched the worst movie on netflix... “are you here” with zack galifinaskis please ever watch it, i could’ve made a better movie on imovie

  • shelbstaaas
    shelby little (@shelbstaaas) reported

    Okay but can seriously anyone help me out with where I can watch @AnimalKingdom from the beginning? I’m not going to start a show from the middle and Netflix, Hulu nor on demand has it!

  • AMF6686
    AMF (@AMF6686) reported

    @Awesome_Walter I think "decent" is REALLY selling it short. The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow have both taken a nosedive in quality, Arrow has been garbage for years, Supergirl is hit or miss at best, Agents of SHIELD is laughable, and the Netflix Marvel shows are hilariously overrated.

  • jordanhellmuth
    Jordan Hellmuth (@jordanhellmuth) reported

    Another episode of @GraceandFrankie keeps coming up on @netflix ...and I keep watching...and now it's 1:15AM...and I have minimal problems with my impending exhaustion. Because I love #GraceandFrankie so much.

  • ScoKop
    Scott Kopelchuk (@ScoKop) reported

    @Moltz @netflix They’re terrible. Why not just add normal trailers?

  • adnamaleigh
    a (@adnamaleigh) reported

    while I’m living for the fact that there’s a new season of Terrace House on Netflix....... I am truly offended that they changed the opening/closing theme song and will be taking it personally until they fix it

  • jordanhellmuth
    Jordan Hellmuth (@jordanhellmuth) reported

    Another episode of @GraceandFrankie keeps coming up on Netflix...and I keep watching...and now it's 1:15AM...and I have minimal problems with my impending exhaustion. Because I love #GraceandFrankie so much.

  • Derrick_MSU_106
    Derrick Lewis (@Derrick_MSU_106) reported

    @Jay_aka_Jordan Iron fist is the worst Netflix show I've ever seen. Luke kinda pettered out at ep 6. DareDevil, Punisher and Jessica Jones 1 are in a league of their own.

  • sierrr4
    sierra (@sierrr4) reported

    @netflix taking zootopia off of netflix is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to me

  • NeinoMichael
    Michael neino (@NeinoMichael) reported

    @GloriaAllred @netflix The corruption has taken my son from me why is no one trying to help me I need help my life has been destroyed and my heart broken 3107807837

  • Jay_aka_Jordan
    Jordan (@Jay_aka_Jordan) reported

    @Derrick_MSU_106 To be real fam I haven’t watched much of the Netflix shows, imma get back on my daredevil grind and get to punisher but I tried Iron Fist and Luke Cage and they need help

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