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Netflix Inc. is an American multinational entertainment company founded on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California, by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It specializes in and provides streaming media and video on demand online and DVD by mail.

 Some problems detected at Netflix

Netflix problems in the last 24 hours

Netflix Outage Chart

October 17: Problems at Netflix

Netflix is having issues since 08:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (38.46%)
  • ▪ Playback Issues (23.08%)
  • ▪ Buffering (19.23%)
  • ▪ Crashing (18.27%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (.96%)

Netflix Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu  ▪ Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid  ▪ Perivanes, Zacatecas  ▪ Jun, Andalucía  ▪ London, England  ▪ London, Ontario  ▪ Keep Hill, England  ▪ Kent, Washington  ▪ La Florida, Región Metropolitana  ▪ Lake Wales, Florida  ▪ Levittown, Pennsylvania

Netflix Live Outage Map
  • Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid
  • Perivanes, Zacatecas
  • Jun, Andalucía
  • London, England
  • London, Ontario
  • Keep Hill, England
  • Kent, Washington
  • La Florida, Región Metropolitana
  • Lake Wales, Florida
  • Levittown, Pennsylvania
  •   Full Outage Map

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  • Lord_Thantus
    Lord🎃Thantus (@Lord_Thantus) reported

    @TheMasterGmr23 I heard the non-Netflix Japanese Death Note movies are good. That said, the problem here isn't that it's "an anime adapted into live action," but rather that it's "Mob Psycho 100 adapted into live action," one of the few Japanese works that should only exist as 2D art

  • autumnkkeifer
    Autumn (@autumnkkeifer) reported

    They took one tree hill off of Netflix and I don’t think my hearts ever been more broken

  • _PocketSize
    Omi (@_PocketSize) reported

    I have a 4 hour break at uni and all I wanna do is watch Netflix but my headphones don't fit my mac and my phone is too low on battery help

  • Coffee_n_Dreads
    Kas (@Coffee_n_Dreads) reported from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “Never came back” wanting my help on papers, wanting my Netflix, accepting anything I sent... you’re petty... don’t front for ya new bitch..

  • HashbrownsLv
    Hash browns (@HashbrownsLv) reported

    @netflix my Netflix is glitching and now I'm starting to get a bunch of error messages. Today is movie night and I want it perfect. Help

  • MasarraMHD
    Masters. (@MasarraMHD) reported

    Marvel + Netflix = worst combination ever

  • MasarraMHD
    Masters. (@MasarraMHD) reported

    Marvel + Netflix = worst combination ever

  • RuudDevil
    Ross (@RuudDevil) reported

    @NetflixUK can you please fix the part where terminator 2 is on netflix and not genisys?

  • pjzepper
    GoJay$ (@pjzepper) reported

    @Netflix_CA Netflix has been down since last night... Is there a known issue?

  • andr3a11_
    Andrea (@andr3a11_) reported

    @KahlanKhaos @sailorgoeswild @hotshoes @BlippiOfficial @netflix The mpg Peppa pig are the worst! I haven’t seen them since I put restriction mode on. But my kids share a YouTube account..

  • supersmith2500
    SupErSmith2500 (@supersmith2500) reported

    @Netflixhelps more updates is causing your to become unusble and more unstable. why fix if it aint broken.

  • rubyimmortelle_
    Peta-Marie Philippou (@rubyimmortelle_) reported

    Considered Netflix but this heat stroke is that bad I just gotta crash. Summer does have its disadvantages ....

  • ricardo3478
    Timo Clark (@ricardo3478) reported

    @chelseahandler How much longer can Netflix support your terrible show?

  • JoRoan
    JoRoan Lazaro (@JoRoan) reported

    @craigmod When you run out of episodes, there’s also Chef’s Table: France. Might help with withdrawal symptoms until Netflix makes more...

  • WellRoundedNews
    WellRounded News (@WellRoundedNews) reported

    "RT _SeanDavid: Netflix Q3 earnings operating performance. Cash burn remains a problem despite strong subscriber growth. $NFLX …

  • liamjdowler
    Liam J. Dowler (@liamjdowler) reported

    @virginmedia The problem is consistent low speeds, couldn't even stream Netflix at the lowest resolution despite being on a 50mbps package.

  • mix_cf
    spoopy boi (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ (@mix_cf) reported


  • Aidie_
    Aidie (@Aidie_) reported

    @JoelAwesome @Wolfandword @netflix That's exactly how I feel.. When gaga is the best thing about a show, you know it's bad.. The cop is some of the worst acting I've ever seen

  • ichaaSe_
    Luke (@ichaaSe_) reported

    @doylechristoph5 @shari______ @amolrajanBBC UK netflix is awful.

  • Aidie_
    Aidie (@Aidie_) reported

    @JoelAwesome @Wolfandword @netflix Good to hear. I Added it to my watch list yesterday. Just gotta finish the God awful season on American horror story we are watching

  • YaGirlLingLing
    It's (@YaGirlLingLing) reported

    @netflix fix ur shit

  • JRPictures
    Jono-ween! Spooky! (@JRPictures) reported

    @PunishedHag Really doesn't help that the last season and this one are basically split up to begin with. Pretty dumb choice on Netflix's part

  • karlsjr_
    Karla Osorio (@karlsjr_) reported

    @netflix, the app on my iPhone has a glitch and doesn’t open. I’m not paying y’all for nothing! Help me!

  • SallyCinnam0nxx
    lauren ☭ (@SallyCinnam0nxx) reported

    Finding TOWIE on netflix is the worst thing ive ever done. I've watched so much, my dreams are literally playing out like a towie storyline

  • Canibehealz
    Chadd/Spoopybehealz (@Canibehealz) reported

    @healiocentric @kenjeong I'm having trouble getting my Community fix outside of youtube clips of the best episodes ever because they took it off Canadian Netflix. :(

  • jessikahm2
    Jess Manning (@jessikahm2) reported

    @Optus having issues with the Netflix app on Fetch TV. Have tried switching on and off but it just won’t load

  • JerichoReid
    Jericho Reid (@JerichoReid) reported

    Between American Vandal and Mindhunter, Netflix going some way to atone for the god awful Sandler abominations they unleashed on the world.

  • davidvileo
    David Vileo (@davidvileo) reported

    @netflix You have the worst selection of horror films.

  • youtubesboca
    — maddy (@youtubesboca) reported

    @RickyPorter i need new shows on netflix help

  • Sam_McCosh
    Sam McCosh 🌈 💜 (@Sam_McCosh) reported

    @lukebuckmaster Had the same issue, as have many other people judging by the numerous tweets I saw @ Netflix over the weekend. Bizarre

  • ayekaysha
    Keisha Marie👑 (@ayekaysha) reported

    I need some new to watch on Netflix. Someone help .

  • supremebootygod
    Daisy ✨ (@supremebootygod) reported

    Me and my friend watched it on Netflix and it was just terrible

  • nick_i_williams
    Nick Williams (@nick_i_williams) reported from London, England

    @amolrajanBBC @edvaizey Movie selection terrible. Amazon prime has better films. And most netflix series crappy after the obvious big hitters. Content has a role

  • keyofmgy
    Allison L. (@keyofmgy) reported

    It's 3:08 AM. @SlasherSeries Guilty Party just dropped in full on Netflix. I have work at noon. THIS IS A PROBLEM. #SlasherSeries

  • keyofmgy
    Allison L. (@keyofmgy) reported

    It's 3:08 AM. @SlasherSeries Guilty Party just dropped in full on Netflix. I have work at noon. THIS IS A PROBLEM.

  • ssashhlleeyyy
    sass🖤 (@ssashhlleeyyy) reported

    I re started vampire diaries and it’s the best worst decision ever bc now it’s 3:05 and I’m watching Netflix under my comforter.

  • louisafthale
    E🏹🌻-117 (@louisafthale) reported

    All I want to do is do my makeup and watch Netflix. My Netflix is not working and my makeup skills are shit

  • beavrson
    ice bvr (@beavrson) reported

    @F3K I'm not lmao I was on netflix and kept getting screen lag so turned off vsync and tested h1 to see if it had same issue like usual

  • AkihoIRL
    Aera (@AkihoIRL) reported

    My country does never experience Netflix, so I don't know what's the problem of it

  • jackphelpz
    pack jelps (@jackphelpz) reported from Normal, Illinois

    Finishing a show on Netflix is the worst feeling.

  • Sauce_Reviews
    Liz Que (@Sauce_Reviews) reported

    @LaLa_DeadInside GASP!! I recommend it. It's a guy and two robots goofing on awful, AWFUL movies! Netflix & Hulu!

  • Marwamoustpha
    Marwa Moustapha (@Marwamoustpha) reported

    @netflix @netflix mgmt must seriously do something. their ara translators is by far the worst. not even fir for a homemade video...

  • FaithfulBob
    Honest Bob ™ (@FaithfulBob) reported

    @SplackHER i need your ex’s Netflix login. Heard Chris Brown got a special

  • pxaxrxixs
    🖤 PARI$ 🖤 (@pxaxrxixs) reported

    sum1 lob me the netflix login

  • DaveLeeBBC
    Dave Lee (@DaveLeeBBC) reported

    Will Seinfeld break the terrible Netflix comedy special hoodoo? Am about to find out ...

  • ScottishSkin81
    James B (@ScottishSkin81) reported

    @mmmaxi @EricVespe @netflix Totally agree. Before their policy on blocking vpns came in (2016?), the Netherlands and Canada had the *best* content. Ours in UK is awful

  • newxscream
    Laura (@newxscream) reported

    Also why is there so many shit canadian tv shows on uk netflix no offence canada but dont i wanna know about ur worst handyman??

  • RewChamploo
    Rew Champloo (@RewChamploo) reported

    @Netflixhelps @netflix As well, the videos are random, not just one certain series or movie. Stops with errors. And it acts up randomly. I've already done each

  • 8traxrule
    8traxrule (@8traxrule) reported

    @Netflixhelps @eirikref Yet more proof that Netflix doesn't listen to its customers! They'll say "we appreciate the feedback" but never FIX anything!

  • RewChamploo
    Rew Champloo (@RewChamploo) reported

    @Netflixhelps @netflix Well I would use the app as suggested, but my issue is about the lack of support for last gen consoles (ps3, xb360, 3ds, etc.)

  • lauren_tashjian
    Lauren Elizabeth (@lauren_tashjian) reported

    it is so hard to find a new show to watch on netflix bc i literally don't have a sense of humor, so i can't find anything enjoyable #help

  • FancyPantsLand
    🎃Spookè🍬 (@FancyPantsLand) reported

    Thomas is moving to Netflix Still not gonna fix all the other issues

  • itsmazzledazzle
    Nick 〽assary (@itsmazzledazzle) reported

    The movies Netflix put on that shit are absolutely terrible. But God damn the original series bone me up #Mindhunter

  • TobyMoon_
    Toby (@TobyMoon_) reported

    Upsets me that the US Office isn't on NZ Netflix. Alas, first world problems.

  • ownsthenght
    sher (@ownsthenght) reported

    jane the virgin is great but i have a serious problem of skimming parts when watching shows on netflix nowadays

  • kyndalpardoe
    kyn🦇 (@kyndalpardoe) reported

    help what are good scary movies on netflix that aren't trash

  • Samuelchown
    Sam (@Samuelchown) reported

    @AngryJoeShow @netflix You can blame the terrible rating system on the Amy Schumer leather special

  • EatMyDiction1
    Dic 'r' Treat (@EatMyDiction1) reported

    @AngryJoeShow @netflix Not that they're all terrible but I noticed it's recommending original content they produced that received low reviews initially. Curious.

  • EatMyDiction1
    Dic 'r' Treat (@EatMyDiction1) reported

    @AngryJoeShow @netflix Pretty sure they nixed the 5 star system in favor of "recommended for you" so their terrible shows/movies still get watched.

  • Mike_Matei
    Mike Matei (@Mike_Matei) reported

    @usmjon @netflix It's awful

  • AngryJoeShow
    Joe Vargas (@AngryJoeShow) reported

    Its nice @Netflix is investing even more into Original content, putting its $ increase to use, BUT PLZ fix your broken awful Ratings System!

  • GKinnick
    Grant Kinnick (@GKinnick) reported

    The babysitter on Netflix is the best worst movie of this generation

  • avinash
    Avinash Kaushik (@avinash) reported

    @davidiwanow It is interesting, so the money will create a problem that does not exist today on Netflix. I.E Irritating users with "sponsored content.":)

  • Razzolate
    aaron (@Razzolate) reported

    help I've fallen down the rabbit hole of watching random documentaries on Netflix

    JIROU (@KATSUKlBAKUGOU) reported

    @kacchanii netflix is the reason why i have trust issues

  • _Mz_E
    Erana (@_Mz_E) reported

    @Markish_Gambino @PlayStationAU Mainly for Netflix at the moment? Do play games like Final Fantasy, COD and crash bandicoot tho too.

  • sam_ka97
    Sam 🕸🕷 (@sam_ka97) reported

    I have commitment issues aka I have about 12 shows started on Netflix and haven't finished any of them

  • welpshit
    Soccer Mom Sharron (@welpshit) reported

    @theresa90744 If this is a guy from a commercial Im a terrible person and only partake in binge watching Netflix so I do not get any commercial references

  • BullshitMike90
    Kenneth Noisewater (@BullshitMike90) reported

    @ericafett @netflix Did a lot of research into Ed Kemper before this show was advertised. An awful, brilliant, and very troubled man.

  • dannylavarco
    Danny Lavarco (@dannylavarco) reported

    @Netflixhelps It won’t even let me login to my account on my iPad. “There was a problem signing in please try again later” like really?! Come on now.

  • Mike_Matei
    Mike Matei (@Mike_Matei) reported

    @LIBERTYSWF @netflix They are literally the worst thing to ever happen pretty much

  • stansblues
    jenny lee (@stansblues) reported

    Dylan: Netflix? Me: It’s not working Dylan: Hulu? Me: Not working either Dylan: ... Me: ... Dylan: I guess we could just talk or something

  • luciano_pilia
    Luciano Pilia (@luciano_pilia) reported

    Terrible noche de Netflix

  • Mike_Matei
    Mike Matei (@Mike_Matei) reported

    Is there anywhere online to stream the unaltered Star Trek TOS episodes? @netflix seems to only offer the god awful remastered trash

  • Mike_Matei
    Mike Matei (@Mike_Matei) reported

    Is there anywhere to online to stream the unaltered Star Trek TOS episodes? @netflix seems to only offer the god awful remastered trash

  • notobsessednope
    An Excited YOI Fan (@notobsessednope) reported

    @accioharo @hanleia Never forget that it was Netflix that created that god awful Death Note movie.

  • GamesBeyondTime
    Bryant (@GamesBeyondTime) reported

    My biggest first world problem right now is that I am comfortable in bed and my controller is charging, Netflix asked, "Are you still...?"

  • LeLunchbox
    Larry Le Lunchbox (@LeLunchbox) reported

    @JoanieBaloney90 @chelseahandler She might want to refrain from insulting 1/2 the country, won't help her failing career,went from daily tv show to streaming wkly on netflix

  • alanna_caitlan_
    alanna (@alanna_caitlan_) reported

    @netflix I think I might be out of good romance and horror movies to watch- pls help 🆘

  • BrandonPrologue
    Brandon Ezell (@BrandonPrologue) reported

    @nmatares @netflix Also, you should fix this before @Stranger_Things comes out.

Netflix Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 100
  • 100017
  • 10013
  • 10025
  • 1006
  • 1011
  • 1012
  • 1016
  • 1016
  • 1018
  • -112
  • -115
  • 11800
  • 11800
  • 12001
  • 152
  • 301
  • 30103
  • 5008
  • AIP-701
  • AIP-702
  • AIP-703
  • F1
  • F7355-1204
  • F7363-1260
  • H7353
  • HTTP 404
  • M7031-1101
  • M7063-1913
  • M7111-1101
  • M7702-1003
  • M7703-1003
  • N8109
  • N8156-6013
  • N8156-6013
  • N8156-6023
  • N8211
  • NW-2-4
  • NW-2-5
  • NW-2-5
  • NW-4-7
  • NW-4-8
  • S7111-1957-205002
  • UI-113
  • UI-800-3
  • UI-800-3