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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • cosmic_kirby CosmicKirby (@cosmic_kirby) reported

    @DunsparceDiglet @pcgamer I forget which youtube video I heard it from first. But a good chunk of Overwatch's balancing and meta problems would be easier to address if there was a Draft phase and no switching allowed. As it is, certain answer-all and answer-only characters are stuck.

  • Quiet_OW Quiet (@Quiet_OW) reported

    This is a Public Service Announcement for every Overwatch player

  • cavitehazel Lea (@cavitehazel) reported

    altho my Dead by Daylight game was a stressful one, Overwatch made it the opposite. also, tried Apex Legends it was hella fun but i'll have to fix the problem of it exiting randomly!

  • hoseokspout m♡호석&유타 (@hoseokspout) reported

    i wanted to play overwatch but my game kept lagging :[

  • PANDAHEROTV ライアン (@PANDAHEROTV) reported

    @Pandah_xD_ @7RingsSoon @essie_ @c1nwa @PlayApex Usually most FPS games like Overwatch for example gives you de-syncing when you are getting issues with your character, making it look like you teleport in random places but you're actually still in the original spot.

  • mkL_OW Mikael Skjønhaug (@mkL_OW) reported

    @raegarooni Who the players are or why they got picked up. My second problem is that the people reading the power rankings also don't know that it's either for fun or from someone who is uneducated in certain aspects of t2 Overwatch. 2/2

  • lewdkier 🔞Lewdkier_🔞 (@lewdkier) reported

    @BigBootyWitches Honestly, that was my first problem with overwatch in the early stages. I was afraid of maining. Then it became real later on. It's made so you dont have to be locked into one character. They gave us the option to switch heroes, I thought hero switching would be meta tbh.

  • popiiko NATIONAL IDIOT HOURS (@popiiko) reported

    i've lost connection from the overwatch server 4 times in the past 3 hours and this never ever has happened so consistently i can't tell if it's a problem with the ovw or :/

  • DailyMills cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    I'm real tired of Tom constantly making out with Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1'). We must fix this, hopefully with 16 year old

  • josh14364629 josh (@josh14364629) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent i have been playing a lot of overwatch recently and a lot of the time when i open a loot box it zooms in a lot more then normal please look into this and fix it blizzard thanks

  • excitedforjoker PLAY FFIX (Mason) (@excitedforjoker) reported

    Also to make matters worse with 2 pcs in a row not working at all after putting so much money into them, I hopped on PS4 Overwatch and got shit on by Widowmaker 4 games in a row. I'm so sick of her in every game, she makes the game unfun single-handedly and has 0 real counters.

  • ITerrorFunI Big John (Jaye) (@ITerrorFunI) reported

    Ok this is probs an unpopular opinion but hear me out, Quick Play in Overwatch is rigged "team balancing" is not a thing in quick play hell even sometimes in ranked it's the same, Blizzard need to fix this it's disgusting.

  • azninsect azninsect 🐞 (@azninsect) reported

    Dafran supporters are part of the problem with Overwatch #OWL2019

  • _Turul_ Dylan (@_Turul_) reported

    Glad Overwatch league is back, but Outlaws looks exactly the same as season 1. High level play followed by chokes and bad comp picks. Consistency is their biggest issue.

  • ScottEvil7 GiveMeTheFuckingMic (@ScottEvil7) reported

    @alexhauptmusic @ValisJohnny @BrittanySomeone @RantingF So long as they aren't shoving it down someone's face, I don't care. Problem is, there's no story in Overwatch. If there was story bits that explained how and why he's that way, that would be more than enough to justify it. Make them likeable through story and I'd give 0 *****.

  • TrippyJing TrippyJing (@TrippyJing) reported

    I've yet to play Overwatch since I bought it two years ago I was definitely planning to, but it was around that time my wrist started giving me problems and I stopped playing FPSes altogether my wrist is better now, but FPSes in general have fallen out of my rotation

  • brandondunlop1 Rusty92 (@brandondunlop1) reported

    @LemonKiwi_ The play overwatch dev team can't even admit that they ****** up with the original version of Brigitte, they told the community to get used to it and to just counter the broken hero. Yet here we are, Nerf after Nerf after Nerf, and she is still bullshit in the game.

  • TheArkMan Noah (@TheArkMan) reported

    I’m just trying to watch overwatch league but I have the worst service rn :/ #OWL2019 @overwatchleague

  • fuyang__ Fu Yang (@fuyang__) reported

    playing @PlayApex reminded me of the time when @PlayOverwatch was good and I played it until I was tired. Whenever I stream OW now i get exhausted quickly, but i managed to stream 10 hrs of Apex yesterday. i love overwatch still but its not as fun. fix your game / community:)

  • Paul_0702_ Paul (@Paul_0702_) reported

    @TrueDaddyIssues I have the same problem playing Overwatch

  • ShiroJiki SkydivingNude👉👉 (@ShiroJiki) reported

    @EkScarlett It sucks it's why whenever I get the urge to go back it's like nope it'll be ass once I return. Overwatch needs to fix itself 😖 props to people who play everyday

  • TTVOhIMissed 𝕆𝕙 𝕀 𝕄𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕕 (@TTVOhIMissed) reported

    Well I think it is now 100% official. I am done with Overwatch. You took to long to fix your game, I'm going over to Apex legends. They know how teamwork is supposed to be done!

  • RichMyst3r B-Rich (@RichMyst3r) reported

    If Blizzard blames me 1 more god damn time for the game not working right I will officially walk away from OverWatch. I love the game, but when the game says "Timeout connecting to blizzard services" and they do nothing but blame your end and not there's it pisses me off.

  • TechnoBozGaming TechnoBoz (@TechnoBozGaming) reported

    Sorry had to cut stream short so abruptly but my internet is having some issues -.- Will be back Sunday, 6pm GMT for more Overwatch though @RadiantEsports #Overwatch #SupportSmallStreamers #SupportAllStreamers #WeAreRadiant

  • brandondunlop1 Rusty92 (@brandondunlop1) reported

    @LemonKiwi_ People are tired of being ignored. If you think that people already haven't provided constructive criticism and ideas to fix Overwatch then you're either ignorant or an idiot.

  • giga_puddin Charlie 🏅🥇 (@giga_puddin) reported

    Unfortunately there’s no stream today, having some issues with my pc and with my overwatch

  • TalesOfTheLee BunNGunLee (@TalesOfTheLee) reported

    @ShinGokaiRed Trying to use the community as literal shields is a big problem. Not even adding into the fact that generally speaking, nothing about any of the Overwatch characters matters. They're all just picks in an arena shooter. Dude's not gonna spawn in and shout "Boy I love ****."

  • tIouelIie diamond (@tIouelIie) reported

    overwatch needs to fix their queue settings so im not being put into games that have already ended or that are about to end it’s annoying

  • UncleHox Rico Código de Homie™ (HHH) (@UncleHox) reported

    @illuganati Pretty much. I love that game. But I stopped taking it serious once I realized how broken the ranked system is. It's a good try. But needs improvement. Overwatch league is good bread tho

  • pnkhrs Edge Lord™ (@pnkhrs) reported

    If they make overwatch free to play they better make it where one person can have 1 acct or were gonna have an abundance of smurfs on PC and well the smurf issue on console have never been addressed smile 🙃

  • Vaelyos_ebooks Vaebot. (@Vaelyos_ebooks) reported

    Pugging Overwatch is a problem with your microsoft account

  • nutheadgee Nat the Self Insert Smut Writer (@nutheadgee) reported

    @stichomancery bigotry is a trip. I've been soft blacklisted in Overwatch because I tackle these issues in my fics, I call out their BNFs for their pretentious mining of SJW points. They really don't care and use social cap to ostracise.

  • FrostJager1 FrostJäger1 (@FrostJager1) reported

    @overwatchleague @PlayOverwatch we have a big problem with the Overwatch league sadly to say but people thought we are getting tokkes like the last season and its not the case so we THE community want atleast 100 league tokkens like the lastYear and the watchtime for europe isBad

  • JSpanazi Juan Spanazi (@JSpanazi) reported

    @RantingF The issue with Overwatch is that characters are being said to be gay or bi almost 4 years after the characters were announced to fill current year diversity quotas. This is no different than a writer saying your slash fic isn't cannon and never will be.

  • insomnimoni moni ✨ (@insomnimoni) reported

    @waifumochi don’t be fooled the balancing team for riot sucks and they keep making op champs and don’t really fix champs that are already op, but i stil enjoy it better than overwatch tbh

  • trevorh2000 Trevvy_h (@trevorh2000) reported

    @DrippToxic @BlizzardCS Another update, after watching all the games yesterday, on the website, going through my consoles overwatch "tune in" section, and on twitch on my ipad, about 5 hours of time, I got 3 tokens :/ Hopefully I get the rest later today, or they just fix it soon.

  • deanna_pokora Deanna Pokora (@deanna_pokora) reported

    Nothing says fun like @overwatch taking some SR when I couldn’t even connect to a game because of a game error 🙄

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • osireion stan 👾 (@osireion) reported

    can't play #Overwatch long enough to finish 3 games because I keep getting the "rendering device lost" error message. my PC isn't even overclocked or overheating anymore.

  • isaNeatSymbol Tomer (@isaNeatSymbol) reported

    Hello @BlizzardCSEU_EN! I have recently been having a problem, and the problem is that my team cannot hear me in voice chat, even though there is the sound that confirms my team can hear me. And my mic is working on other softwares, just not in Overwatch. Thanks in advance. :)

  • Primey_ *•.¸♡ 𝐵𝓇𝒾𝒶𝓃 ♡¸.•* (@Primey_) reported

    For 2019 they changed how you get Overwatch League Tokens. And the system is still broken. It's three tokens every hour, last night was 8 hours long and I had it opened for all 8 hours yet I only got 3 tokens.

  • elk Elk (@elk) reported

    @MonteCristo fair, i also have issue with the point between pre match prepping vs how much gets said, planned, and changed mid game in OWL or overwatch at any competitive level. if you didnt mean it that way thats my bad but its how i took it, the clip i saw could also be out of context 👍

  • Mid_NightJay FluffyWerePup (@Mid_NightJay) reported

    @PawsAndMaws Let me know next time you down for gaming need to do overwatch again, apex legends or smash I'm usually free alot if not working night shifts <3

  • Onontbeerlijk Pier (@Onontbeerlijk) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN play and download other games without any issue. It start when downloading Overwatch, than Battle net starts hanging and transfers the hanging to other apps at a point where not even taskmanager responds so it forces me to reset my whole PC.

  • IrreverentMark2 Mark (@IrreverentMark2) reported

    @RantingF This is the problem that overwatch faces as there is no narrative in the game itself thus no justification for the announcement that the character were gay. 5/

  • X_AngelStone_X BlackAbsinthe_ (@X_AngelStone_X) reported from Cahokia, Illinois

    Jeff Kaplan listen.... you disconnected me from my game before we even got a match...I restarted and, the bullshit is saying “Rejoin match” and, it’s not letting me join even though I WASNT IN THE MATCH TO BEGIN WITH. Fix it Overwatch Gods🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 #overwatch

  • ohnomoho Mohammad Hossain (@ohnomoho) reported

    Got kicked off my overwatch comp game just a while ago despite no internet problems. Another player also on my team disconnected despite no internet problems.

  • HeuristicLineup John (@HeuristicLineup) reported

    My issue with Apex is while yes, there is different classes who have different abilities... The overall game play feels exactly the same from class to class. Overwatch just absolutely kills it in that respect

  • WitnessGungame The Greatest (@WitnessGungame) reported

    @Txcker If I'm not working I'm either sleeping or glued to my TV. Lets play some Overwatch soon.

  • jessinsanityy 언녕Jessinsanity (@jessinsanityy) reported

    I honestly want to get better at Apex Legends so when the competitive comes out I can attend, but the game keeps crashing on me and I will have an aneurysm if I crash in the middle of a comp game like I have in Overwatch.

  • oliviancc15 liv gross (@oliviancc15) reported

    Me: *facetimes mara* Mara: *speaks to me in English and broken Korean while playing overwatch* @MLyonBrinkman

  • Knightingale917 Chelsea Irene (@Knightingale917) reported

    "You NEED to learn to aim as Ana. That was the problem." Yeah, not the 76 who couldn't get Pharah or the Zarya/ Winston tank combo against said Pharah. I'm so tired of people trash talking their #supports ESPECIALLY when the supports are the only one getting cards. #Overwatch

  • The_Icecrow OW Aquila (@The_Icecrow) reported

    Sombra shouldn't be in that state right now. She is the ultimate fun blocker hero. Even tho i love her cara design, i think she should je totaly rework if u want to fix Overwatch meta. #OWL2019 #Overwatch

  • BradWBurt Brad Burt (@BradWBurt) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Sombra is broken. I just watched the NY Excelsior use Sombra's ult in EVERY SINGLE team battle. Every one. That's ridiculous. Also, thanks for continually making Mercy worse and worse. Overwatch used to be fun.

  • youcrazyforthis JT Wulv (@youcrazyforthis) reported

    Overwatch League is proving Overwatch is pretty much dead for me now. Sombra is just a broken troll character.

  • Spankyhunter spankyhunter (@Spankyhunter) reported

    @ChurchofJaa I expect its just broken to start. Few times it took a day or 2 for the tokens to turn up. Im not surprised at the numbers. Not everyone that watches football plays it. I know a few ppl who enjoy watching overwatch but dont play it

  • Vantaban 💎 💎, 🦉 (@Vantaban) reported

    Overwatch really needs to fix their shit No DPS at all is really just. Sad to see They dominate the board and yet barely get used

  • MrDream923 Mr. Dream923 Proud Mac Main! (@MrDream923) reported

    I hope you guys enjoyed my rant on the female Overwatch cast on my last 10 to 12 tweets. If you thought I was a bit harsh on them let me know. I normally don't mind female characters as long as they aren't broken, but I think I legitimately don't like the ladies from Overwatch.

  • shilohmoe shiloh (@shilohmoe) reported

    that last game where nyxl tried to switch it up and played dps into goats and lost just shows how broken overwatch is. not only are u limited to what heroes to play but u cant even play an entire role. its so sad

  • murderandtiaras ♡Amber♡ (@murderandtiaras) reported

    @HeatherHimawari @PlayOverwatch Reaper is part of goats now which sucks. A lot of the changes overwatch is doing is just making it's way to goats. 🙃 They just have a lot they need to fix in my opinion

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  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202