Is Overwatch down?

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

 Some problems detected at Overwatch

Overwatch problems in the last 24 hours

Overwatch Outage Chart

April 22: Problems at Overwatch

Overwatch is having issues since 02:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (48.25%)
  • ▪ Online Play (27.27%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (11.19%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (7.69%)
  • ▪ Hacking / Cheating (3.50%)
  • ▪ Glitches (2.10%)

Overwatch Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Beaumaris, Victoria  ▪ San Antonio, Texas  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Austin, Texas  ▪ Ivry-sur-Seine, Île-de-France  ▪ Istanbul, İstanbul  ▪ Rome, Lazio  ▪ Ottawa, Ontario  ▪ Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg  ▪ Tucson, Arizona

Overwatch Live Outage Map
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Beaumaris, Victoria
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Austin, Texas
  • Ivry-sur-Seine, Île-de-France
  • Istanbul, İstanbul
  • Rome, Lazio
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
  • Tucson, Arizona
  •   Full Outage Map

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Overwatch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • AkitaStudio
    Akita Studio (@AkitaStudio) reported

    I don't know what to do about Overwatch at all. Constantly losing because no one can coordinate while the enemy team has some of the most broken coordinations? It fucking sucks.

  • RedBeardcoe
    RED BEARD (@RedBeardcoe) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hello Trying to contact the technical support for overwatch in french and english for an hour now and impossible to send ticket or to have a chat. Are we supposed to be stuck with our problems or is it possible to have someone to talk to? Thanks for your intention

  • MatthewHarrisUK
    Matt Harris (@MatthewHarrisUK) reported

    @RichtofenMinion I say that they are going back on their Overwatch-y game decisions. I also mentioned earlier in the doc that BO3 had similar issues at least where campaign is involved

  • _Katsuowo
    joѕн. (@_Katsuowo) reported

    @PlayOverwatch When are we addressing the problem with Console players and the bug with sticky/muddy Analog sticks? The problem only exists in Overwatch, and my controllers are fine. There've been multiple forum posts, by hundreds of players. Have any of them been adressed?

  • Bargain_Brand
    Top 10 Anime Betrayals (@Bargain_Brand) reported

    I think Gabe must've started Blackwatch the way he started Overwatch; the world is fucked up, fighting nebulous forces that can't be fought conventionally, but applied violence and intelligence gathering might fix it. just replace skynet with terrorists and organized crime.

  • CrowMS
    🏳️‍🌈disgraced pizza communist🏳️‍🌈 (@CrowMS) reported

    overwatch has a pretty severe matchmaking issue huh. Match quality seems to be 100% garbage every single time.

    power ranger twink (@BARGH3ST) reported

    =_____= love when i try to reboot overwatch to fix the lag n it still kicks me off the server uuughhh

  • WB813Tampa
    WBTampa (@WB813Tampa) reported

    @NerdsPwn Hey I bought a few things from u guys, I really like the overwatch alert gimmick, but want to customize it a bit and having issues, u obviously dont have to write it for me, but anyway u could point me how to make it 3 lines/chevron shape? I know basic css, but lost

  • ilIumizoldyck
    jordan (@ilIumizoldyck) reported

    I wish I could actually play overwatch but my constant lag makes it entirely impossible

  • crasspants
    Crasspants (@crasspants) reported

    @Rachel_Destross @JetGrindFuture Spiderman is in HIGH SCHOOL. it's my same problem with Orissa from overwatch, who is a cop robot with guns built by a genius 13 year old. Teens shouldn't decide who dies.

  • BionicPIGtv
    PIG (@BionicPIGtv) reported

    Just had someone make me tell them what silver damage was. So I tell them 10.7k. He says LUL NO ITS NOT CUZ IM GOLD AND HAVE 10.5 like the people in Overwatch are so pathetic they have to lie to make themselves look like someone else is the problem.sad

  • ProgrammedLeoh
    HArdcore Acolyte (Endorphins Mix) (@ProgrammedLeoh) reported

    @SparkxFalcon Then my guess is the amount of power out into your games. It’s only happened once for me and it was for Overwatch. I haven’t had any issues since

  • _absolute_3
    abs (@_absolute_3) reported

    @BlizzardCS #overwatch Hey, every time I try to open the game it gets stuck in windowed mode. When I click full screen, it just reverts back to windowed mode. How do I fix this?

  • SkywardDong
    SkywardGonz (@SkywardDong) reported

    I think my biggest problem with the idea of overwatch league, is that overwatch is really boring to watch, anything I see the pros do I can see casuals do, I don’t want to watch these people do things I can do myself, I wanna see wacky cool shit that I can’t do

  • OmgSickTurtle
    Jay (@OmgSickTurtle) reported

    @lunarcelll @overwatch fix your Fucken game, how the fuck is this mercy one trick in diamond

  • FattFarah
    Fatt Farah (@FattFarah) reported


  • ToasterSquadcst
    Toaster Squad (@ToasterSquadcst) reported

    1 tricks are a bigger issue in OW then a potential roll queue. Let’s not have that second one. #Overwatch

  • kxfer_
    Lev kxfer (@kxfer_) reported

    @OW_ARES Haven't played it but if it is damn overwatch is so broken

  • eonyears
    Eon years (@eonyears) reported

    @PlayOverwatch if I'm having connection errors while playing who do I contact about the problem because it only happens when I'm playing OverWatch.

  • domcamatic
    dom(o) (@domcamatic) reported

    @akshaison @Marxinco overwatch is gay culture now. fix the entire league for only gays. muma can stay.

  • vittorio300
    Louis Velayo (@vittorio300) reported

    Expected that @OutlawsOW will win but didn't expect @DallasFuel to make it a close match. Good improvement for Dallas all n all but a still a problem to close out games :( #OWL2018 #OverwachLeague #Overwatch

  • TimmyWestside
    Timmy @ Dapper Day (@TimmyWestside) reported from Lakeshore, California

    My best Overwatch games consist of teams that communicate, try to put together a cohesive team comp, and try to fix their own faults in game.

  • y0sarawr
    Sarah (@y0sarawr) reported

    Just got randomly logged off of Overwatch mid-game @BlizzardCS. Issues are popping up like mad like this lately.

  • Grapefrootz
    jas🔮 (@Grapefrootz) reported

    @skytimelife If Microsoft put care into Xbox ones I could see it but I literally have so many issues with mine and I have to hard reset to even play overwatch every few months and it’s just not the better system

  • thekev1983
    K-Dubs (@thekev1983) reported

    @cheefih @IGN Yes but thats not the issue for me. For me, it doesn’t appeal. Its something you play over and over again. Same thing with PUBG, and overwatch. No story just the same thing over and over again.

  • HernonJoel
    Joel H (@HernonJoel) reported

    If this new Hanzo rework is broken/OP then I'm quitting Overwatch

  • DailyMills
    cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    FUCK Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1') tbh; they are doing pretty normal things really. We must fix this, hopefully with Shower

  • xXGamerManXx123
    Gamio (@xXGamerManXx123) reported

    Hearing all of this news about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 not having campaign mode. To be honest, i don't really care. I would like them to focus on multiplayer, except for the fact it has been leaked bo4 will be like overwatch? @Treyarch need to fix this before the game release.

  • TLKRanger
    TheRealTLK_Tv (@TLKRanger) reported

    Overwatch needs to fix their banned system you cant banned someone from chat for being toxic. Its just the person you are talking to is 1. shit at the game so you are yelling at him 2. he does not know how to play his hero 3. he is just trash

  • MultifandomDude
    Multifandom Dude (@MultifandomDude) reported

    ok so blizzard's authenticator has been broken for like 1 month now and its still not fixed how am i supposed to get overwatch help

  • hazelblad
    hazel ng ☆ (@hazelblad) reported

    i bought a coffee on the way home from school as like “maybe if i feel awake, i’ll feel motivated to work!” but uh it’s not working, i’ve had my eyes glued to overwatch videos for the past hour

  • ruby_ebook
    faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • DividingAzure
    Raguna The Bloodedge (@DividingAzure) reported

    My god... Sorry about thw lag XD Someone else is using the internet for some Overwatch download.

  • rbemrose
    Powerlord (@rbemrose) reported

    @BlizzardCS I just had two Overwatch Retribution All Heroes games in a row bug and not spawn the encounter where enemies break through the door and windows about a third of the way through. Is this a known issue?

  • xImInHxmanex
    Criminal Damage (@xImInHxmanex) reported

    But sadly, it makes keyboard and mouse even more broken on overwatch console, so once again the information cannot be shared to avoid ruining the Console experience.

  • WholeHogOW
    Cooper Johnson 🇺🇸 (@WholeHogOW) reported

    We lost are first game of Overwatch Open Division 0 - 4. We will try harder. I didn't play great but it's mostly team issues.

  • DailyMills
    cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    fucking Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1'). We must fix this, hopefully with Biopic

  • cazjuice
    Justin Caswell (@cazjuice) reported

    I have an extra day off next week. Gonna fix my credit card and get a chromebook. Than im going to write about why my favorite overwatch teams/players suck.

  • MadysonDutton_
    Madyson 😈🌹 (@MadysonDutton_) reported

    I actually can’t. No matter what I do my overwatch continues to disconnect me from my comp games it’s so annoying @PlayOverwatch

  • LethalTeap0t
    TeapBEEP (@LethalTeap0t) reported


  • Tilda_5SOS
    ✖️Tilda✖️ (@Tilda_5SOS) reported

    @PlayOverwatch I keep getting disconnected and often get stuck on maps. There is no problem with my WiFi connection and it seems to only affect Overwatch. It has been like this all day. Do you have any idea what might be causing this? I can’t play! :(

  • direhellswan
    Gay Gem Girlfriend (@direhellswan) reported

    The problem (for me) with Overwatch is that I don't care about playing to enjoy the game, but playing to get the shiny cosmetics.

  • PapiReapy
    Big Dick Papi Reap (@PapiReapy) reported

    @JOHN_IPEK @GuzzoYT Nah nah Overwatch WAS great but with every new update for the nerfs and other stuff ruined the People in the game and its just a broken game at this point tbh

  • thechriswilko
    Chris (@thechriswilko) reported

    You know I have issues when I'm betting on people playing #Overwatch #OverwatchLeague Go #TeamLAValiant

  • So_Ethereal
    Ezereal 🇪🇺🌍 (@So_Ethereal) reported

    @MOOOHVMED @NinEverything Nintendo seems to be willing to keep all these online games secrets, they apparently want them to be launched in September with their online service. So Overwatch/Paladins/Fortnite at E3 and released in September wouldn't surprise me.

  • HoherM
    Marcus Höher (@HoherM) reported

    @BlizzardCS @XboxSupport any Word on lag on overwatch on xbox?

  • seanspticeyefan
    A Cardboard Box (@seanspticeyefan) reported

    @PopularMMOS Yeah you can fix the problem by playing a better game like overwatch

  • xFalios
    Bartosz Ryba (@xFalios) reported

    @GAMIVOcom Hi, i just have problem. I buy overwatch goty on gamivo, and i get mail "out of stock". Can i have code with new seller, please?

  • CasulGenjuMain
    Jacob Fredrick-Rock (@CasulGenjuMain) reported

    Winning 8 out of 10 placements as Zenyatta getting gold healing and damage or elims majority of the time only to get 2146. Guess I need to git gud. The matchmaking system can't possibly be broken in Overwatch.

  • hamstersteeth
    i want 2 disappear (@hamstersteeth) reported

    nice I can't even play fortnite and overwatch bc I'm lagging so much

  • 1BlackWingNB
    BlackWingNB (@1BlackWingNB) reported

    Hubert Moszka Im callin u out on ur shit. If I can run Overwatch & VRChat @ 60fps on IG theres no excuse 4 there not 2 b IG support w/ SCPSL Both VRC & scpsl r UNITY games & OW is a much higher end game. If u got time 2 make a 1 day joke update u got time 2 fix the crashing on IG

  • BradyThorson
    Goski (@BradyThorson) reported

    i could snort an 5 grams of cocaine and overwatch would still make me want to kms. @PlayOverwatch your game is not fun anymore. pls fix it for the love of god

  • SusDolphin
    Lar (@SusDolphin) reported

    good morning to everyone except the devs at Overwatch who won’t fix competitive

  • TushiiTiger
    Tushii (@TushiiTiger) reported

    @NyeupeSungura The problem with Overwatch is that you cannot buy seasonal items and you have to wait a whole year to get another chance, which is very wrong and I myself am also annoyed by that. It’s a marketing strategy, and sadly it’s something Blizzard are now known for.

  • mccree_updates
    mccree (@mccree_updates) reported

    I Have overwatch lag so bad its like quantum break

  • BewareTheCatMan
    Jolly Cat (@BewareTheCatMan) reported

    The problem here is that instead of taking risks they're just chasing a trend. Also I doubt their team can pull an overwatch like game off

  • Tekoraj
    Cardi D (@Tekoraj) reported

    I just don’t understand!!!! I pay my bills and my @GetSpectrum is still having issues. I just wanna play my #overwatch b4 work!

  • uwujuri
    juri (@uwujuri) reported

    overwatch is fucking broken

  • DailyMills
    cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    Guys, Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1') is fucking. We must fix this, hopefully with Culling

  • realh0r1z0n
    Xavier "h0r1z0n" Durwin (@realh0r1z0n) reported

    Overwatch is like around 15-30 framerates for me on this laptop that I am currently on and I have a lot of input lag in it too, which is infuriating to play with. Same thing with Fortnite as well. I might have given myself a "curse" for playing TF2 but oh well, whatever man.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202