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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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October 17: Problems at Overwatch

Overwatch is having issues since 04:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (67.33%)
  • Online Play (17.82%)
  • Game Crash (5.94%)
  • Glitches (4.95%)
  • Matchmaking (3.96%)

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  • OrbitingMeU
    n 💜 (@OrbitingMeU) reported

    gamer oomfs should i get overwatch or should i stay boring and play gta and crash bandicoot

  • askagamedev
    Ask a Game Dev (@askagamedev) reported

    @1stBurgers So, for example, Team Fortress 2's microtransaction service is good (barring the gambling stuff that they are trying to eradicate). Magic: The Gathering's card packs are fine. Overwatch's loot boxes are fine. Even FIFA's Ultimate Team thing is (mostly) fine

  • euanwarframe
    euan johnson (@euanwarframe) reported

    Are smurfs a big problem on PC because on console it's literally every game for me. I've dropped from 3330 today to 3048 because every game I'm against a smurf or someone who is masters who dropped to boost one off there mates. So unfair #overwatch #overwatchhalloween #console

  • basebtw
    BISLEY (@basebtw) reported

    @hanjosi People way over hype the toxicity in these kinds of games. They all really suffer from the same toxicity problems at pretty much the same levels. League is certainly not much more or less toxic than overwatch.

  • GGDude00
    GGDude00 (@GGDude00) reported

    @trilllizard666 -Blizzard's brand new IP (Overwatch) after 17 years -Demon's Souls, Dark Souls trilogy, and then Bloodborne -Crash Bandicoot trilogy remake, along with a Spyro trilogy remake coming in a month

  • princessmika_uk
    pRincessmika (@princessmika_uk) reported

    Had a 4 day overwatch hiatus, which is now going to be broken after watching too many @Kabajisan videos 😢

  • RainbowSlimez
    Goji ✨💎 (@RainbowSlimez) reported

    HOHMYGOD playstatoon had an update on the system and suddenly my overwatch problem is fixed hallelujah

  • Capt28ftw
    Capt 🦑🦑🦑 (@Capt28ftw) reported

    @eNJayy12 @damn_milos @Rainbow6Game The issue with this is that it gets stale and there’s nothing to go for. R6 is already competitive in casual and comp and your not rewarded for playing comp so it gets stale. Same for overwatch, I was gm and ther then gold guns it just gets boring and rewards are garbage.

  • ruby_ebook
    faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • InitiaNovaGen
    ㅤㅤㅤ (@InitiaNovaGen) reported

    @discordapp I've also seen some as small as 9 characters just having "Overwatch" be the title So shortening or making it longer wont make sense as a proper fix

  • Justin_Std
    Justin St.Denis (@Justin_Std) reported

    @SSBMBoomyX 100% against aim assist. Top players essentially all have the same aim and the game is basically just decision making at that point. Aim assist is way to noticable and broken. honestly carries a lot of players. It just makes sense for it to be on pc just like overwatch is

  • EvenBIGGERjonNo
    👻 Jonno 👻 (@EvenBIGGERjonNo) reported

    I played Overwatch on PC from 12pm til 3:30pm then from 5pm til 6:30pm then played on PS4 from 11:30pm til 2am I have a problem

  • EricMoondog
    #DontLookAtMoondog (@EricMoondog) reported

    @GGDraenor Man we tried it ALL yesterday. Some people have an issue with Razer software so we updated that per Blizzard's suggestion. Nvidia driver up to date. Re-installed Overwatch. Thing is, Black Ops launches just fine. So now we're waiting for them to get back to us.

  • softpharah
    eli 🎃 (@softpharah) reported

    WHY does overwatch lag more on the eu server than the na one if i live in fFuckin europe

  • Chris_Naabie
    ☠🎃Chris the Naab🎃☠ (@Chris_Naabie) reported

    @sanquisdragon It was pointed out to me this was an old post that someone bumped it recently but yeah there is a ton of posts of people having lag issues today on EU side , funny coz I didn't have lag when I was playing Overwatch today

  • Chris_Naabie
    ☠🎃Chris the Naab🎃☠ (@Chris_Naabie) reported

    When you can play with no lag or latency problem with #Overwatch EU and have a huge latency spikes in #Warcraft #BFA it just gives me headaches

  • KiashiKun
    kashie (@KiashiKun) reported

    @GaychaEsports oh this isn't gacha games this is just overwatch....... it's just that before when i've bought lootboxes this hasn't been a problem, but suddenly when i decide not to, despite the fact they're supposedly 'the same' as bought ones i've been getting nothing but garbage- I WONDER...

  • is_meguca
    👻Spoopy Waina👻🇺🇸🇫🇮 (@is_meguca) reported

    @IagIadiators my PC is pretty good so I'm not too worried about that tbh; overwatch post-updates is really the only game that I get problems with frame-rate and even then I normally average around 150 fps and just have occasional frame drops

  • Snapaley_
    King of Trash (@Snapaley_) reported

    Also my new computer runs overwatch really well!!! No lagging or glitches or anything

  • TopTeerGames
    TopTeerGames (@TopTeerGames) reported

    @PUBG_help @PUBG Just take a whole week off, bring back region select and fix your issues. Im getting too good at Overwatch waiting for yall to get it together

  • DailyMills
    cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    **** Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1') tbh; they are We must fix this, hopefully with Album

  • YukonRedWolf
    Yukollided (@YukonRedWolf) reported

    I'm convinced that overwatch automatically pairs higher level of skill players intentionally with lower ones and rigs games by weakening weapons. Done with their bullshit matchmaking system that is beyond broken.

  • DivineFallacy
    Divine (@DivineFallacy) reported

    First time streaming Overwatch didn’t go how I planned cuz of internet problems. Def gonna try again sometime soon

  • Zer0K3wL
    Zer0K3wL😎 (@Zer0K3wL) reported

    @Gale_Adelade Guess my first dc's in like longer then a year in Overwatch is all result of huge ddos right now

  • xYeah_Jacobx
    Doctor Barber (@xYeah_Jacobx) reported

    Honestly paladins on the Switch is lit as ****, only problem is, id still prefer overwatch lol

  • MorganRPark
    Morgan Park, Boi (@MorganRPark) reported

    Each game site seems to have preferences about which service games they cover closely and which they don't. Destiny - Kotaku, Polygon, Forbes Overwatch - Kotaku (in depth), most other places R6 Siege - PC Gamer (hi), Forbes Fortnite/PUBG - Literally everywhere

  • LukeOfficialGay
    Luke🏳️‍🌈 (@LukeOfficialGay) reported

    Splatoon 2 plays flawlessly on my internet but Overwatch lags like hell every game Fix your game Blizzard

  • BoeschAlan
    Alan Boesch (@BoeschAlan) reported

    @XboxSupport i keep getting an outage message when i try to play overwatch. But when i open assassin's creed odyssey it let me play it what is going on

  • TobiassOW
    TobiasOW (@TobiassOW) reported

    I think as of now I am quitting Overwatch. The game itself is in a shitty state. Doomfist is broken as well as Brigitte and Sombra just being dumb since she can win a team fight just cause EMP's. I feel like the game rewards shitty downies but doesn't reward skill.

  • QSspades
    Bleh (@QSspades) reported

    This is Overwatch all over again but this time the game has ******* cross play so why is this still a problem.

  • mpiggott91
    Spoop-Dogg (@mpiggott91) reported

    My biggest problems with Overwatch competitive include the fact that the effort put forward is hardly ever proportionate to the results shown or efforts made by the rest of the team ; people dont bother to try and I often wonder why they just don't go to QP with their horseshit

  • _jungeunwoo
    DXΠΠXE (@_jungeunwoo) reported

    i see overwatch still hasn't fixed the problem where it takes a lifetime and a half to render in character models on xbox

  • DashieBotism
    Angsty Dashie Bot (@DashieBotism) reported

    When she's not home I get Overwatch, I'll main Tracer because people won't be able to tell if I'm lagging or spamming her time abilities.

  • vuzby (@vuzby) reported

    Hey everyone I wont be able to stream tonight sadly due to some personal issues but I will hopefully be live tomorrow for sure with overwatch and black ops downloaded and ready to go! sorry everybody :(

  • ColeTheCrazy
    SpOoKy Lúcio One-Trick (@ColeTheCrazy) reported

    @offhealz Overwatch is broken so

  • Kgthemanno
    Avocado Afficionado (@Kgthemanno) reported

    @discordapp I tried out the library mechanic and importing games from my computer to it, but some things like Dolphin and Overwatch aren't showing up. Any idea how I can fix this or is there no clue rn. I tried looking around for a game detector but nothing.

  • targetsalesbin
    Dane 🆓🚮 (Vote November 6th) (@targetsalesbin) reported

    @Bones_CR In D1, I did run into that issue of having that leftover currency and just buying more to even it out. Haven’t done that yet in D2. I don’t like the micro-transactions in D2 but I will drop $10 for loot boxes in Overwatch for every event that have.

  • WalrockHomebrew
    Walrock Homebrew (@WalrockHomebrew) reported

    @2cgaming AL isn't really comp in the way DotA or Overwatch are comp. It's not ranked (afaik) and there's no broadcasted team events. Comp D&D would be similar to an esports model, and would introduce similar issues into the game.

  • AnonGrizzly
    Jacob 🐻 (@AnonGrizzly) reported

    Overwatch's main issue is quick play and competitive not properly emulating how the game should be played.

  • GeordieBoySam
    Geordie Boy Sam (@GeordieBoySam) reported

    @illyriia1 Paladins was having screen issues and overwatch lagged as hell

  • Nilla_Gamer
    Nilla Gamer (@Nilla_Gamer) reported

    @LazarBeamYT @LachlanYT @mrfreshasian Hey guys I found a glitch in overwatch. Busan had a hole

  • ajmartinez4
    Andrew Martinez (@ajmartinez4) reported

    Really appreciate the person who asked me a question about overwatch & representation which succinctly got to the heart of my research namely that re-skinning meritocratic values with women and minority characters doesn't actually fix any of the issues caused by such a system

  • CrustationsPvP
    Crustations (@CrustationsPvP) reported

    since then, not a single person has been punished. @BlizzardCS needs to fix the way that reports work on Overwatch, as it's costing people hours of work and access to a game that they love. I will continue to appeal until I get my account back, or get banned from appealing.

  • ChubbzyWubzy
    ChubbzTV (@ChubbzyWubzy) reported

    @OMGitsAliA I have this problem all of the time especially with overwatch I have a 200 Mb download which takes like 10 seconds and then it takes like 20 minutes to copy it

  • KonathanKoestar
    1/300 ( ͡° ω ͡° ) ♠️ (@KonathanKoestar) reported

    I think my problem with fandom's like My Hero Academia, Voltron, and Overwatch is that a lot of the time they ignore most if not all of the canon in order to suit their own interests

  • Nakama_OW
    NaKaMa (@Nakama_OW) reported

    @MisfitsTviQuE The biggest issue of overwatch is what blizz want it to be. Thats why they introduce more and more heroes with ccs abilities, to lower the skillcap and allow more and more casual ppl to play the game. They are becoming Activision way to much and thats sad

  • DailyMills
    cw harassment squad (@DailyMills) reported

    Bumped into Josh (formerly 'Overwatch #1') today. They were trying to dance to kpop. We must fix this, hopefully with WILL I AM

  • andrearene
    VOTE NOV. 6! 🇺🇸 (@andrearene) reported

    @Sabriality This isn’t just an Overwatch issue but an esports issue overall sadly.

  • jjlibboyIsuck
    👻1998 SCARE JARE🎃 (@jjlibboyIsuck) reported

    last night I was playing overwatch on a communal computer next to one of the Chinese transfer kids and the internet was bad and his game was lagging so I go "oh that sucks your game is lagging" and he goes "haha thanks" and I'm just 😅😂

  • MrBunnyOwO
    Mr Bunny (@MrBunnyOwO) reported

    @Graceful2k @Swagmetra @impathy_ S being a ******* creep sorry I can't defend this bull shit if it was real no one in their right mind would post real ******* depression issues on the Overwatch console community on Twitter you cant be serious I'm down to be there for anybody but no the ******* fake weirdos who

  • TrackinggTimee
    Danny Phantom (@TrackinggTimee) reported

    @BlizzardCS I’m having an issue with Overwatch on PS4 since the event has started. Every time I press circle to go to a different menu, I have to press it twice to get to the destination. It doesn’t do it on other accounts on the PS4 (1/2)

  • omnicmeta
    OmnicMeta (@omnicmeta) reported

    FYI: Some users are having issues related with incorrect Blizzard's Overwatch online career profile. The issue manifests itself as data for old seasons, missing SR and player level, or incorrectly listing the account as private when it is public. @BlizzardCS @PlayOverwatch

  • TorageZ
    Torage (@TorageZ) reported

    I like how back in the day everyone was hyped about new overwatch heroes and constantly checking maps, code, etc. And now literally no one gives a **** cuz theyre expecting it to be broken

  • ZerowBlu
    Blu (@ZerowBlu) reported

    @maid_OW Think it has to do with the malleability of overwatch with its compositions. A map can be bad across the board for CS:GO eg. but there are enough permutations for overwatch to work a map somehow. Over pressing issues are usually fixed by bliz like 2CP and blizz-world

  • BananophiIe
    Bananophile (@BananophiIe) reported

    @BattleGroundYT @cod_player_Ps4 @Wishing_Whale23 @yungdagerdick69 @NoahJ456 It happens quite often on Overwatch too, it seems its a problem with the PS4 pro, happen to me often too

  • xTiips
    AKram 🙇🏼‍♂️’ (@xTiips) reported

    Please fix the matchmaking issues or i’ll delete Overwatch for ever @PlayOverwatch و يب هذا تهدييد 😤

  • AhrielleLive
    VampAhrielle 🧛‍♀️🦇🎃⚰️ (@AhrielleLive) reported

    Will be streaming as soon as can. Blops keeps giving me error codes =___= worst comes to worst - More Overwatch!

  • Flailmorpho_
    Spooky Succubus Alicia 💜 (@Flailmorpho_) reported

    problem is, the way overwatch is structured, being a tank isn't actually satisfying. You don't get a good measure of how much you're actually doing to protect your allies. Reinhardt's shield is terribly unrewarding, there's no active reward system for it

  • SnackOliver
    Zak Oliver (@SnackOliver) reported

    The new overwatch update is great— they nerfed Brigette by making the whole game lag when I do the good combo which seems heavy-handed but ******* I guess

  • soutenbori
    fresh meat (@soutenbori) reported

    i have to -schedule a time to talk to my overwatch teammates -sort out everything for the zine and try to get two of the artists to do pages no one wanted to do -keep my phone charged and near me at all times in case i get a call from gamestop abt my app -fix my vape

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202