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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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Overwatch Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Overwatch. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (43.48%)
  • ▪ Online Play (21.74%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (13.04%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (13.04%)
  • ▪ Glitches (8.70%)

Overwatch Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Smithfield, New South Wales  ▪ Valencia, Valencian Community  ▪ Dubai, Dubai  ▪ Jerusalem, Jerusalem District  ▪ London, England  ▪ Matsudo-shi, Chiba-ken  ▪ McDowall, Queensland  ▪ Montevideo, Montevideo Department  ▪ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  ▪ Singapore, Singapore

Overwatch Live Outage Map
  • Smithfield, New South Wales
  • Valencia, Valencian Community
  • Dubai, Dubai
  • Jerusalem, Jerusalem District
  • London, England
  • Matsudo-shi, Chiba-ken
  • McDowall, Queensland
  • Montevideo, Montevideo Department
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Singapore, Singapore
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Overwatch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Nasarog74
    Nasarog74 (@Nasarog74) reported

    @herrmansen @Polygon @HND_Overwatch That Jeff Kaplan knows that Overwatch has problems of course.

  • MocktriaI
    (@MocktriaI) reported

    @BlizzardCS Any problem with the Xbox overwatch servers? I’ve been getting LC-202 but my Xbox live connect is fine

  • cazjuice
    Justin Caswell (@cazjuice) reported

    fucking fix competitive match making in overwatch this is horrible.

  • josefcd904
    Not Spooky Joe (@josefcd904) reported

    I was 6 seconds away from finishing and winning a game in Overwatch.........why did it have to crash then

  • BetwixtOnigiri
    Mina (@BetwixtOnigiri) reported

    @PlayOverwatch overwatch is crashing a bit i just got a suspension on competitive play because of it :( please fix this soon

  • lordryanjohnson
    Ryan Johnson (@lordryanjohnson) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent you guys have broken overwatch with your new updates and shit. WTF. Thre are so mny throwers & hackers and I guys do nothing.

  • polarwarmth
    spook-ie (@polarwarmth) reported

    @BlizzardCS I know the restarting works because I’ve used that before but I get this error every single time overwatch updates, and restarting (cont)

  • polarwarmth
    spook-ie (@polarwarmth) reported

    @BlizzardCS every single time I go to update overwatch i get the 840 error, is there any fix to this?

  • Netzeinhorn
    Steuernachzahlung 🕷 (@Netzeinhorn) reported

    There is "how to stop tilting in Overwatch" guides on youtube and I'm o.O? If this is a problem you probably shouldn't play, just saying...

  • 42taichan
    Shinitai (@42taichan) reported

    @YuinoSery Now he plays Overwatch and I've to wait because if I try one more time to fix it, I might shove the Switch up his ass in rage.

  • TheBayleighAnn
    Bayleigh Harrison (@TheBayleighAnn) reported

    @ParkerCopeland8 @TheBrodRoad @gameinformer It was a joke. Some games may have an issue. Games like overwatch, SOW, battlefield, and COD, you’re earning weapons and loot that’s useless

  • Valshen
    Garth Ghoulden (@Valshen) reported

    Why does overwatch have such a leaver problem? Playing Junkenstein's Revenge and Ana player s just keep leaving.

  • GamingRadar101
    Gaming Radar101 (@GamingRadar101) reported

    @Brandon_Y_Lee Mine works fine..? Although windows did crash my computer while I was playing overwatch because "I needed to restart my computer to update"

  • ChillNaga
    Chill Naga (@ChillNaga) reported

    @Morltha @JimSterling Base GTA works fine, balanced, no issues there. GTAO Mts not an issue to me. Overwatch MTs are benign non-p2w low quality bad.

  • iampauldevine
    Paul Devine (@iampauldevine) reported

    @Narull i pretty much know Blizz CFn to a tea, however AU is bad atm, i have enterprise issues with same problem, I just happen to play overwatch :)

  • louisliuhx
    刘海兴 (@louisliuhx) reported

    @BlizzardCS overwatch au server down pls fix it

  • ChillNaga
    Chill Naga (@ChillNaga) reported

    @CheapyD @JimSterling Why are you defending a company getting unearned cash ?_?. Overwatch contributes to the problem. 'Others are worse' is not a good look.

  • giygasblues
    giygasblues (@giygasblues) reported

    pretty sure gfx card is dead. comp would crash with overwatch, then another higher end game. then crash with no game.

  • SupaPandaWu
    Alexander Wu (@SupaPandaWu) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN I can’t go online on the desktop app and can’t login on Overwatch

  • vinsenng
    Arthur (@vinsenng) reported

    @BlizzardCS hey, i have a problem. Overwatch latency 300ms but my actual net said 30ms

  • JoeDin2056
    Joseph Dinsdale (@JoeDin2056) reported

    @comiXology what happened to #Overwatch comics. No update in a while. Then you jumpped from issue 10 to 14. Where's issues 11 to 13?

  • SchoolOfMovies
    School of Movies (@SchoolOfMovies) reported

    @MrFlabyo @combinehunter @XavierFoxShandi Is it OK to hate lootboxes and the nature of how they are pushed and still not have that much of a problem with Overwatch?

  • CLimbago
    Chris Limbago (@CLimbago) reported

    @XboxSupport my son is trying to play Overwatch but cannot login and “I account has been banned or suspended login error LS-403” comes up

  • djjyn
    Jyn (@djjyn) reported

    Overwatch just casually crashing multiple times every day I play it. Fix your AMD related issues already ResidentSleeper it ain't AMD's end.

  • de_vorno
    de_vorno (@de_vorno) reported

    @Blizzard_ANZ What's going on guys? Overwatch servers for NZ/AUS are rubbish today - constantly getting connected to US servers!! Please fix

  • megahbite
    モスラ Megan 🦋 (@megahbite) reported

    I played Overwatch for the first time in 3 months and it was fun again! Until the same glaring problems that made me quit popped up :(

  • JohnAquilan
    John S (@JohnAquilan) reported

    @BlizzardCS Australia connection to overwatch servers are >150ping. Is there a problem?

  • Bun_Tail
    Bun (@Bun_Tail) reported

    with how often we have issues with the AU server in Overwatch, i'm well past done being polite about it.

  • LucasguyLucas
    Lucas McMillan (@LucasguyLucas) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Aussie overwatch servers are pinging high 300! plz fix!

  • signed_ow
    Signed (@signed_ow) reported

    your client @PlayOverwatch made my overwatch crash at the beginning of a game. i join back in less than 10 seconds to see a competitive ban.

  • harelashman
    Harel Ashman (@harelashman) reported

    @AskPS_UK I recently purchased Overwatch for PS4. having huge lag and disconnection. on PC works great. how do I get a refund?

  • CritterFarm
    Creepy🎃Critter (@CritterFarm) reported

    I think my biggest problem with Overwatch's design, especially after seeing stuff from the artbook, they played everything too safe.

  • YangTheFox
    Vivifurian (@YangTheFox) reported

    I was doing AMAZING as Zarya and I was like doing the works foe my team and then Overwatch closef because of an "error". Then the game just restarted. I'm...........sad.

  • CoffeeCatArt
    SpookyCoffeeCat🎃 (@CoffeeCatArt) reported

    overwatch lag is making my dick super flaccid

  • skyshaymin
    witchy (@skyshaymin) reported

    literally all i do anymore is play overwatch or talk about it i have a problem lol

  • MatthewMarsh97
    matthew marshall (@MatthewMarsh97) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent why is overwatch broken I got kicked out out of a game and then it gives me a leavers penalty wtf is wrong with it broken asf

  • AntiHyperLink
    Nick Girdy (@AntiHyperLink) reported

    Overwatch and Mr. Terrific. Make that a show and fix #Arrow. I don't hate either of those characters, it would just be nice.

  • ThatEmperor
    🐈🐙🐈🐙 (@ThatEmperor) reported

    bns and overwatch were lagging so bad bc i couldnt update my graphics card on my old os lol

  • m0xyOW
    ᵯ⌀×ỵ (@m0xyOW) reported

    playing overwatch and trying to win with a broken mic is actually impossible and so tilting.

  • feraligtr
    scary felix 🎃 (@feraligtr) reported from McDowall, Queensland

    did overwatch actually fix the lootboxes or was that just jeff kaplan’s ultimate lie

  • alansari_q81
    م. عمر الانصاري (@alansari_q81) reported

    @BlizzardCS My OverWatch game is not working since the last me Maintenance on PS4, it still tells me I need to update, but there isn’t one on my Not.Sec

  • MlMlKYUS
    jamison junkenstein (@MlMlKYUS) reported

    I'm tempted to just uninstall overwatch and see if it fixes these problem bc this sucks

  • MlMlKYUS
    jamison junkenstein (@MlMlKYUS) reported

    ugh can overwatch stop being so broken these fucking fps drops along with th audio distortion is making this shit impossible

  • Spika94
    Spikà★ (@Spika94) reported

    There was a few issues here and there, but it was for the most part balanced. Right now, Overwatch is a fucking mess of a game.

  • CordaRico
    A$AP Cord (@CordaRico) reported

    Got back on overwatch. Mercy is broken. Nice.

  • FiscusPj
    Fisci25 (@FiscusPj) reported

    Never mind I guess, Dead by Daylight is having an error so I'll stream Overwatch instead maybe?

  • bronsonj19
    Camper (@bronsonj19) reported

    @PlayOverwatch but there's a huge divide that's keeping me from being able to make the impossible climb out of the rank. #Overwatch #problem

  • l1nk1tweet
    analman249 (@l1nk1tweet) reported

    can blizzard fix fucking overwatch for once? the game is trash rn

  • zenabiz
    Anthony Andrews (@zenabiz) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN keep getting "error starting game" when trying to enter comp on overwatch. anything up with the servers?

  • supernintenho
    BEE | Mels (@supernintenho) reported

    @J1tails the biggest issue is the one that are pay 2 win, but overwatch is fine since like they don't matter

  • xMandarintea
    Trash baby (@xMandarintea) reported

    Overwatch needs go fix their POTG algorithm, why show me killing a Widow and a Barrage double kill instead of the full triple kill?

  • krazyfrog
    k (@krazyfrog) reported

    @BlizzardCS Lag in Overwatch on PC has been terrible for weeks. Maintenance has fixed nothing. People keep complaining. When will you fix?

  • cetaillefer
    slime witch (@cetaillefer) reported

    been thinking a lot about the star wars battlefront design and how something similar could be adapted to overwatch to fix the "mercy problem

  • jlgarr86
    Bk Blindside (@jlgarr86) reported

    @melkor2301 @zBrusco @BitesizeK @shadow_sb @oShfty @BungieHelp I have no problems with content or replay ability in other games I play :/ Overwatch has nearly no content whatsoever yet it's steady.

  • darth_ow
    Darth_OW (@darth_ow) reported

    A huge problem in overwatch right now is that people think support heroes must have a main healing ability.

  • AnderWriter
    AquamAnder (@AnderWriter) reported

    Games will be moving towards a game as service model instead, something more like Destiny or Overwatch. I wouldn't expect many new games

  • ya_boii_victor
    nate (@ya_boii_victor) reported


  • Krashy
    Joseph Sanchez (@Krashy) reported

    Oversimplified: Whats wrong with Overwatch esports? "Biggest problem I have with it is the lack of mechanical skill needed to play the game"

  • BrentonPoke
    Brenton Poke (@BrentonPoke) reported

    @BlizzardCS No, I wanted to talk about support characters during an overwatch tournament. Fix your twitch channels.

  • PlatinumPengwin
    PlatinumPengwin (@PlatinumPengwin) reported

    @DanStapleton I agree, but if i point to a few that are important to me and they have issues, its bad. That said, titanfall 2 used dlc and cosmetic microtransactions in the best way possible. If every game was like that, id be good with it. Even overwatch had lootboxes, but cosmetic only.

  • danguhhh
    oopsie spoopsies 🎃 (@danguhhh) reported

    I’ve never had any problems with my connection playing Overwatch on PC and of course I end up losing internet in one of my comp games -.-

  • trekerdude
    Jeremy Ramos (JP) (@trekerdude) reported

    I have raged uninstall #Overwatch for the 2nd time. I think this might be it, I might actually stop playing this game. Matchmaking is broken

  • MajorTomHD
    Tom 🚀 (@MajorTomHD) reported

    @Beth_Robyn_West @ZIRICOCHETIZ Buy overwatch, be a mercy main and then you'll see. My service record is still very good. If I figure out how to take screenshots you'll see

  • ebrahim1youssef
    Ibrahim.Youssef (@ebrahim1youssef) reported

    @PlayOverwatch good morning I have problem in overwatch I can't play the game because they said I'm banned or blocked for no reason

  • EC_DanielFloyd
    Daniel Floyd (@EC_DanielFloyd) reported

    @Sodakick It's less a popularity issue than a profit potential one I suspect. Lots of well-received SP games out there, but few earning like Overwatch

  • JMynceTM
    JMynce™ (@JMynceTM) reported

    @AMD When is the Overwatch crash and stability issue going to be finally addressed? So many patches and still not resolved! #gaming #AMD

  • yuhanggg98
    yuhang✌ (@yuhanggg98) reported

    @BlizzardCS That server connection is lost. Restarted overwatch and blizzard app multiple times, nothing seems to be solving the issue 2/2

  • BiGGTofflemire
    Benjamin Skub (@BiGGTofflemire) reported

    @BlizzardCS A friend's Overwatch (PC version) freezes whenever she tries to save some highlights (not all). Known issue, or enough details?

  • SeaTakeMe
    SeaTakeMe (@SeaTakeMe) reported

    @pixelsombra Overwatch is way too toxic all of Blizzards games are, when you get called a cunt for not healing someone enough as Mercy there's a problem

  • RileyBrowne6
    Riley Browne (@RileyBrowne6) reported

    @BlizzardCS @cuteblueeyes73 Can I get some steps for how to fix my overwatch if that’s possible

  • OsseteGames
    Ossete Games (@OsseteGames) reported

    ...But last time it happened I entered #Overwatch forum and found that many other people is having the same issue and it's not the ISP.

  • lunarboy
    Roger Wong (@lunarboy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Overwatch is not working for me on PS4. Says to update the app to use the network features, but I don't see an update avail.

  • DarthPiggyPlayz
    Austin (@DarthPiggyPlayz) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent plz fix your servers for overwatch

  • thebattran
    tran 🦇 (@thebattran) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    i actually hate this lmfao i can't even play overwatch anymore after the third or fourth game i start lagging bad and dc'ing

  • GeorgeEAsh
    Georgie (@GeorgeEAsh) reported

    I hop on my computer and before I know what's happening I'm joining an #Overwatch match. I have a problem.

  • Sonicmarioboom
    SanicDaHergedog (@Sonicmarioboom) reported

    Overwatch where the issue is always coordination. If something is going wrong and you're doing shit, blame coordination.

  • KarkatVantez
    Victor Gutierrez P (@KarkatVantez) reported

    So I want to buy Overwatch but here’s the problem... #PlayOverwatch @PlayOverwatch

  • PaladinNumber21
    Josh (@PaladinNumber21) reported

    So when are they gonna fix #overwatch ?? Askin for a friend

  • https_chris
    chris (@https_chris) reported

    @BlizzardCS please fix your matchmaking for overwatch. past 10+ matches ive played my team couldnt even get 20 steps past spawn

  • TrafalgarsBae
    🦇вυттѕтαℓℓισи🦇 (@TrafalgarsBae) reported

    I think the is Overwatch update has made my game a little laggy but okay, sure they'll fix it soon

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202