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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • king_mogura King Bomber (@king_mogura) reported

    This BS is precisely why Overwatch has such a sterile oversensitive community. Reporting this is fair game, the dude was being a ****. But don't grandstand like this is some big moral issue. People are ***** online. You can't change that.

  • TechnoPupper lυĸe (@TechnoPupper) reported

    can my computer stop dying on me thanks all started when i tried to install the new drivers now windows is saying that they stopped the gpu from working cause it was causing problems or something like that i just want to play Overwatch 😭

  • uglybeetroot pee guzzler (@uglybeetroot) reported

    my uncle took the big desktop to go get fixed, didn't go and take it to get fixed, "fixed it" on his own, and it's still broken so... no minecraft or overwatch for me until next summer i guess. sick.

  • MKUltraLabel MK Ultra Recordings (@MKUltraLabel) reported

    @chrstphrblake @drvox If you're talking about GamePass or a similar service that's a great deal. I get that, but that's not what the terms "games as a service" describes as far as how publishers use the term. It means things like Fortnite and Overwatch with predatory mictrotransactions and lootboxes.

  • rxoymar ʎxoɹ (@rxoymar) reported

    that's literally not overwatch's fault tho lol this role queue highlights the problem which was, shocker, the players

  • unclepeaceme Unclepeaceme (@unclepeaceme) reported

    @lazyboneskuehn Thats just ignoring the problem which is bad to do and doesn't lead to the improvement in the game I love overwatch and want it to improve and I dont want to stop playing it competitively so I won't just stop playing it because of 1 problem

  • chxminie_ breeze✨ (@chxminie_) reported

    @bIuesidebabe I have all of them minus Crash Bandicoot (my brother wanted to buy that one but he forgot about it the next week lol) and Mortal Kombat Also I have the BO3, BO4, Minecraft, Diablo, Overwatch, Overcooked 1/2, etc etc So if you want, someday we can play together 🙇

  • olbeyblade_jpeg penny ::::) evans (@olbeyblade_jpeg) reported

    Solution to fix overwatch: get rid of that himbo with the bare feet

  • ohdamn1981 Not Today (@ohdamn1981) reported

    My success schedule includes setting my alarm for two times and still sitting on bed for at least fifteen minutes and maybe falling back asleep. I then go to work, come home, crash and probably play Overwatch. With this schedule, you, too, can be successful!

  • AZRAEL26854273 AZRAEL McAfee soldier (@AZRAEL26854273) reported

    @officialmcafee there working on cutting my communication stopping live streams cutting social media and phone service. I need full overwatch on

  • pornsempai Pornsempai (@pornsempai) reported

    @Lyezuh @PlayOverwatch Mute em thats what i do. Overwatch is an toxic game devs say they're gonna fix it. They never do. So either just ignore em or mute them

  • paxasteriae Pax Asteriae (@paxasteriae) reported

    So anyway, see if you can guess how much fun I had trying to update Tera before the server merge. Good thing I wasn't playing Overwatch or anything. So much for being top-rated for gamers. I dunno, maybe if the service was in ANY way reliable.

  • MumbleArts mumble (@MumbleArts) reported

    Like I honestly cannot think of what the problem is outside of an obscure update OR my headset is somehow faulty. Headset worked juuuust fine prior to about a week ago. I have noticed some audio problems in Overwatch but only after being connected in Discord, but now I can't even

  • GabbyDLP Gabby (@GabbyDLP) reported

    Every day I read a new tweet from an Overwatch DPS main complaining about role q. I sit here as a tank/support player literally not giving a shit because guess what, if the issue was reversed, those hanzo one tricks wouldn't give a **** if a Mercy one trick sat in q for 45min

  • StumblebeeTV Stumblebee (@StumblebeeTV) reported

    I really wish that they got multiple design firms with different visions to do these logos. These look like they came out of the same house. Overwatch League has the same problem... Seriously if you would have told me that these are eSports logos I would have believed you.

  • L0uWri Lou (@L0uWri) reported

    According to overwatch's new rank system on compet, I'm a better tank than dps. I've literally only started playing tank in the last week. The system is broken as hell.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • BOOMOW1 BOOMow (@BOOMOW1) reported

    The biggest problem with Overwatch is probably the idea that all hero's need to be viable. Some heros, especially the very low skill ones, should be niche heros.

  • BOOMOW1 BOOMow (@BOOMOW1) reported

    The biggest problem with Overwatch is probably the idea that all hero's need to be viable

  • ChrisLoneWolf95 Walter Broussard-Bar (@ChrisLoneWolf95) reported

    @Lyezuh @PlayOverwatch This is why I don't play overwatch anymore. In general. Cause of shit like this among with numerous other problems.

  • mrkristopher mrkristopher (@mrkristopher) reported

    Holy poop, I think I found a possible answer for my Overwatch "rendering device lost" crash. It might have been related to my mouse. Apparently there's ways for sensitive mice to create frame drop issues. I switched mice and things are pretty good at the moment.

  • rystrave Rystrave Jayne 🍕💤 (@rystrave) reported

    @Niftylul @SchwinnSJ @PMAJellies I don't think anything will "fix" overwatch unless people learn to get along and always work together. But it's the internet and that will never happen

  • Zoutalon tgrusvoocc (@Zoutalon) reported

    I’ve finished editing the overwatch video and I’m trying to watch the ******* thing back to check for errors, and it’s proceeding to gas my entire pc that’s how you know I put a metric fuckton of effort into it

  • GunPussyOnTheTL Johnny Fugggetaboutit 🔞🇺🇸🇮🇹🇸🇴 (@GunPussyOnTheTL) reported

    the reason i stopped playing overwatch because people dont PTFO and play semantics on why they should or shouldn't contribute if someone says do more damage and you ask why you're the problem

  • Elastik55 Michael (@Elastik55) reported

    I'm often asked why I have so many accounts in Overwatch. Two reasons: 1. Dodging Paris 2. Dodging Moira players @PlayOverwatch fix your shit.

  • lucioboosts jia (@lucioboosts) reported

    is overwatch still not working or is my laptop ******* with me

  • Tug_OW Daniel (@Tug_OW) reported

    another epic day of ranked overwatch! i sat behind two shields as sym, beaming their two shields! i’ve played the hero for a total of 25 minutes in my entire life and we won! versus @mL7support and @iddqd !! pls blizzard fix this ******* meta, i shouldn’t have to play mei or sym.

  • EylaPlays Eyla (@EylaPlays) reported

    @Lyezuh @PlayOverwatch Have had the same issue before! Overwatch is the worst for it, definitely. Sorry you had to listen to those unbearable pricks

  • InfaMissGoddess Stephanie (@InfaMissGoddess) reported

    @LiliaHasWings i have the issue where i dont like the game but cant stop playing it like i did overwatch =.=

  • localtransgendr local transgender socialist (@localtransgendr) reported

    anybody have an xfinity wifi login i can use... the internet has been out all day and i just wanna play overwatch :(

  • XradicalD XradicalD (@XradicalD) reported

    @Lyezuh Here's the problem, it's overwatch. I'm not going to pretend other games don't suffer from toxicity, but OW sure has a case for toxic environments. Not ever Gordon Freeman would walk near it.

  • ScubaJack4 Scuba Jack (@ScubaJack4) reported

    @fogiibear Yup. Nothing wrong with the idiotic role queue put out by the idiotic Overwatch management. Nothing wrong at all. Nothing's wrong at all. Nothing to fix!

  • AshleyKendra15 AshleyKendra15 (@AshleyKendra15) reported

    sorry for everyone that was there to see me play overwatch for some reason my system won't install it, I am going to try and fix it off stream. If I can manage to get it going ill stream it for a few with you guys!

  • MoiraODeorain13 𝕄𝕠𝕚𝕣𝕒 𝕆'𝔻𝕖𝕠𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟 (@MoiraODeorain13) reported

    "Hana I won't do anything to you..... You're in overwatch and I know you all have a problem on experiment on humans" She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest

  • Alientonx Alientonx (@Alientonx) reported

    I would actually love to play some Overwatch (with role queue!) or try out Apex Legends but I can't play on account of my right arm being broken, so I guess I'll just keep grinding Fire Emblem until I get completely sick of it

  • AlmightyAlexa Lexa (@AlmightyAlexa) reported

    Still don't understand why you can't join back in if you lag out in a ranked match... it's so convenient in Overwatch, so what's the hold up @Treyarch #BO4

  • unicorn_blazer Azandeee🍋🍋🍋 (@unicorn_blazer) reported

    @10_MinuteBreak no play overwatch or ima ddos you

  • Iwastheweather HURT Rainyy☔ (@Iwastheweather) reported

    The main problem is you still play overwatch in 2019

  • OWNemesis Nemesis Gaming (@OWNemesis) reported

    @BlizzardCS No its ok, I just logged in and got a warning. maybe you guys can atleast make exceptions for the issues over the last 24 hours in #overwatch. It really helps as these were issues that were out of the hands of your customers. Giving penalty warnings for leaving matches-not cool.

  • NoodleHouseAlex 🦄NoodleHouse🏳️‍🌈 (@NoodleHouseAlex) reported

    Overwatch is toxic as ****. So happy Blizzard can’t fix the fact the game hates factory overclocked GPUs so I cant play it anymore. 😂

  • fox_wine J. Lynne (@fox_wine) reported

    I kind of want to write a thing examining the number & variety of identity issues in Overwatch, but whenever I try to start I realize anew just how utterly unqualified I am to talk on the topic.

  • TOesports Toronto Esports Club (@TOesports) reported

    @XomnicC We left Overwatch/Blizzard Indefinitely. But we do take issue with the @blogTO stating defiant was the first professional esports team.

  • steeziesteve1 waroftheminds (@steeziesteve1) reported

    @overwatch @blizzard you guys need to fix your competitive system, people quit almost every game and I have to suffer the consequences with my rank being lowered...

  • JakeD244 Jake (@JakeD244) reported

    @ImDeophest Overwatch definitely needs more people to stand up for other people when they are getting flamed. It honestly shouldn’t be an issue but yet again, Overwatch community is filled with a lot of toxic people

  • Jazazamine Jasmine (@Jazazamine) reported

    @EeveeA_ I have this problem no matter what 😭 I have to use the rename and launch it manually method every time I log in. I'm not sure why that works, but I can't use the blizzard launcher at all with only overwatch. Appreciate you with this PSA though.

  • Reddou_Kun Eternally Hangry 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@Reddou_Kun) reported

    I'm really pissed off at how broken Competitive Overwatch has changed the system. Every game so far I'm stuck with DPS who don't know what ******** theyre doing.

  • no_funeral No Funeral (@no_funeral) reported

    @Orkchop dude i JUST updated it yesterday because of issues I've been having in Overwatch lol. Not that it fixed anything...

  • MisternoobPT Danny Jobs (@MisternoobPT) reported

    @EeveeA_ I have 431.60 and didn't know of that issue. Although it exists and affects overwatch, advising not to update to an update that fixes huge security flaws doesn't seem proper (even if they require local access). It would be better to upgrade and downgrade if there is any problem

  • fuchstraumer fuchs (@fuchstraumer) reported

    however: nuclear itself isn't usually the problem. humans are. respect must be given to these reactors, but i wouldn't say they're worth fearing. they just need overwatch, and shouldn't be left to for-profit companies to manage and oversee

  • picturepoetry82 Cailín 📸 (@picturepoetry82) reported

    So #Overwatch started the role Queue on PS4 & I love it! However, I feel there are more players not working together & others just keep leaving and we are being penalized. Praying for good games today, so I dont throw my controller, since many games since RQ have been horrible!

  • EeveeA_ EeveeA_ (@EeveeA_) reported

    PSA Nvidia GPU Users- Nvidia just released a new driver, 436.02- Do not update to that or 431.60 if you play overwatch as nvidia has confirmed "Render device lost" error is occurring frequently on them.

  • LabMattVEVO Lab Matt (@LabMattVEVO) reported

    Overwatch, the first live service I played, the last live service I played.

  • Lilkittenleon NullKat.wiftxt🌻 (@Lilkittenleon) reported

    Love when I try to search a topic on Google, I hit the forums and it's filled with "your controller is broken." Or "doesn't happen to me." Like, that's cool and all, but it's 1) NOT the controller as it doesn't happen in any other game, and 2) it's ONLY in overwatch.

  • fleaK1ng fleas (@fleaK1ng) reported

    my tv is broken and idk how to fix it :( no overwatch for fleas

  • freckledbabee Elf who hates life (@freckledbabee) reported

    The latest overwatch update was the absolute worst. -brigitte shield nerfed -sombra nerfed -sigma is cancer -dva is useless -222 is in training instead of quick play where it should be instead Until blizzard wants to fix their game, im not gonna continue to waste my time on it.

  • Andariya_ Lena (@Andariya_) reported

    I am on an odyssey again to fix my randomly occuring crashes and BSoD while playing certain games. Overwatch and Watchdogs crashed to a bluescreen over the last few months. Already had that problem a year back but it eventually stopped one day without me finding out the cause 🙄

  • Romanov_OW Romanov (@Romanov_OW) reported

    @JBrightt_ yea makes sense, if theres a 0% chance your resting and therapy stuff wont heal it 100% then **** it and use it if it doesnt hurt too much, but if it gets to a point where it hurts badly/unbearable outside of gaming as a result of overwatch and games, then thats a big problem

  • MysticNova27 Nova 🖤 (@MysticNova27) reported

    @Shm0ooo I was playing overwatch and even started shooting at cameras... I think we have a problem 😂

  • Brian_Maison Brian Maisonave (@Brian_Maison) reported

    @WoWcuppcaake Overwatch placements are so broken but congrats on poppin off and getting to a rank you deserve

  • RedscapesTV RedScapes (@RedscapesTV) reported

    One thing Role Queue can't fix in Overwatch is people not joining voice chat for the stupidest of reasons. Not having a mic seems to be the go-to excuse which boggles my mind in so many ways

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202