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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • Sign in 49.69% Sign in
  • Online Play 25.79% Online Play
  • Game Crash 11.32% Game Crash
  • Glitches 6.92% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 5.03% Matchmaking
  • Hacking / Cheating 1.26% Hacking / Cheating

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Oxford Game Crash
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Varese Online Play

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Overwatch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • kooksgarden amelia⁷ (@kooksgarden) reported

    worst overwatch maps: - paris - that one map in space its so bad that i dont even bother remembering the name of it. that map is the reason i cry myself to sleep and its also the reason i have daddy issues

  • BarikBot Epps (@BarikBot) reported

    @OBSProject Studio has had problems for me displaying games using game capture, with or without the new nvenc. Overwatch wouldnt display without running obs as admin but now other games arent even displaying with admin.

  • LuvIyLace Elise 🍑 (@LuvIyLace) reported

    @MoneyMerks @Bungie Lol I mean I can run apex, division, fortnite, overwatch and others without any issues so this one should be the same..

  • TenbiFN (10 Bee) (@TenbiFN) reported

    I want to go pro in valorant, i love csgo and overwatch so seeing that game is a fresh breathe of air. I wanna gain new viewers and eventually stream variety. FN has gotten so stale and disappoints me everyday, Aim assist is the biggest issue, getting triple dinked is not fun :(

  • TheRielChaz Chaz Riel (@TheRielChaz) reported

    @ProTheKamikaze New glitch. Makarov won’t continue through the airport. So after 5 minutes the squad kill you after he says, “I have no time for cowards.” It has been 1 hour of game breaking glitches and I turned it off. Moving onto overwatch.

  • Furstuckify David Botash (@Furstuckify) reported

    @WishYaLuckk Yeah i just switched to overwatch after 2 years of not playing, so amazing playing a game thatis just FUN, and has a pretty much balanced sandbox and servers that actually work, right now i cant even play d2 without getting error coded or contacting servers every 2 secs

  • moIostan gen🍉 (@moIostan) reported

    bruh overwatch lagging again

  • Vaelyos_ebooks Vaebot. (@Vaelyos_ebooks) reported

    Pugging Overwatch is a problem with your microsoft account

  • ngocthanh3459 Jonathan EThaniel (@ngocthanh3459) reported

    it's just me or my Overwatch got a weird thing it's like a bug and i don't want that anymore i got the one problem in my overwatch do you guys got the same problem like me

  • BlameTC Blame the Controller (@BlameTC) reported

    @TeamYouTube almost all the info is in my tweets, you guys flagged my video for "dangerous pranks and stunts" and if you look at the video for even 10 seconds you will see thats nonsense. its showing new items for a hero in overwatch. my ad accuracy shouldnt be hit for an error on your end

  • Fakecousin_josh Fake cousin josh (@Fakecousin_josh) reported

    @AwesemoDFS All eSPORTS is like that. I play overwatch and smurfing is a huge problem.

  • JakeCEnglish Jacob English (@JakeCEnglish) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport In addition to previous Tweet. When it takes you nearly 10 minutes to find a game in Quick Play, and about 10 minutes just to get to the homescreen. Fix your servers. I can play PUBG, Warzone, Overwatch and any other game with no server issues.

  • IAmProj3ct 🐺 Proj3ct (@IAmProj3ct) reported

    @DODG3YD3AL3R @Blizzard_Ent yeah dude, I uninstalled everything and then restarted PC and Router! Installed Overwatch fine but COD is still the issue!

  • IAmProj3ct 🐺 Proj3ct (@IAmProj3ct) reported

    @iSimsy @Blizzard_Ent Connection issue apparently when I try to download COD but I literally just downloaded Overwatch Perfectly fine!

  • justaweebyy spe3dy (@justaweebyy) reported

    I really want to play overwatch but the playerbase is the problem

  • dangboyo Fartboy Slim (@dangboyo) reported

    Overwatch would be 10x better if they just got rid of the tank role. Role select and the comp character bans is overkill. Make Rein, Orissa, Winston and DVA support and Ball, Roadhog and Zaria are dps. No Goats issue because you have to pickle either shields or heals not both. Ez

  • RustyFJames Francesco (@RustyFJames) reported

    @JorbyPls @PlutoRL Overwatch has only a limited quantity of slots for avoid (i believe it's 3 or 4), of course it would be broken if it was unlimited. I think that can work in RL as well

  • HOWMANYEGGS ScramAWham (@HOWMANYEGGS) reported

    Horrible as a short introduction to fix the overwatch dating sim

  • Diss_Ex0 Exodis (@Diss_Ex0) reported

    @PlayOverwatch dude I was watching a highlight so cause i didnt get the play i deserved, and then i got queued for a game and it didn't load so i had to close overwatch and open it back up and now im suspended for 8 hours. please fix highlight system lmao

  • CyrilTheMadGod Cyril Roberts (@CyrilTheMadGod) reported

    @pukingguile All I can think is "good overwatch is adding another character that will be broken

  • B78mJ5FRZnApN8X 崔普 (@B78mJ5FRZnApN8X) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent deal with the plug-in users of COD16, especially in Asian servers, cheating issues are way out of control!!! I don't wanna see such a great game end up like overwatch in Asia, goddamned

  • littlefoxbat Ashley (@littlefoxbat) reported

    @BlizzardCS It's been over an hour...still can't get on. My internet is fine. Keep getting the BC-101 error and can't log in. #overwatch #ps4

  • DLG0211 dianaaaaAAAAHH!! (@DLG0211) reported

    I'm so sad my computer is broken because I can't play overwatch and apparently they put googly eyes on the players 💩 Why must I miss out on this

  • PartyLlama1 Rat Princess (@PartyLlama1) reported

    @ArchonOf The problem is Overwatch lmao They've retconned so much that every new character just sinks them further and further There IS no actual lore anymore and every character is shit and feels awful The game punishes you for trying to have fun.

  • ThatObeseRodent eric (@ThatObeseRodent) reported

    So can overwatch fix their servers....please

  • QCullihall Quirky_Cullihall (@QCullihall) reported

    Overwatch severs are broken pls fix @PlayOverwatch

  • Starkiller_115 William Pope (@Starkiller_115) reported

    Would be awesome if #Overwatch could stop randomly kicking players from comp matches for literally no reason. Been trying to log in for the past hour after being disconnected. This is the only game that this is an issue

  • annihilation80 Vayne (@annihilation80) reported

    @Scattersilk @SorceressStory @OpenFortress of course the fat ugly tranny is the one with a problem against an overwatch hero looking more feminine than it.

  • GreenDragonGirl Just Carla (@GreenDragonGirl) reported

    @sushimustwrite @BellaLeigh_ My only problem with April.Fools is how cruel some of the jokes are. And since most morons arw "Im.pregnat. April Fools" A lot of us are cringing because theyre the people going "I have the virus. April Fools." Google eyes on Overwatch skins are great. Fake virus news... Not.

  • mcsteven6x Steven Sanchez (@mcsteven6x) reported

    @samiryanne Two me that's the only mistakes they made. My personal issue was the constant character tinkering. I'm not down with the constant "Overwatch-type" nerfs and buffs. Just leave the characters alone. 4 and 5 never did that and they were the best in the series.

  • T_E_T_W_A_V_E Tet - Quarantine day 14 (@T_E_T_W_A_V_E) reported

    @SmugGodHennyB @DearDiarheha @CaptainB_Z It's the same thing that I see in the video game side of things. people have reports of bad treatment of devs and horrid hours, and as soon as that starts picking up in the media they suddenly announce that an overwatch character is gay and woosh, all issues forgotten.

  • DragonTaria Lady Aralith (@DragonTaria) reported

    @AnsgarTOdinson The problem with randoms like this is that they don't detach themselves from their own prejudices. Given the art style in Overwatch, expect some zaniness. I mean this seriously; look at the Reinhardt for example, a very buff old guy in some really heavy powered armor.

  • cherubmagie anie ˚* ❀ (@cherubmagie) reported

    i went on overwatch and saw that they all had googley eyes and i was SO CONFUSED AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE MY GAME KEPT LAGGING TOO but it's ok i searched it up it's for april fools (still march 31st over here tho smh)

  • TheRybka absolutely not (@TheRybka) reported

    @barton_evan22 because you said yet a smol btw You can buy a UK overwatch key online for like $20 and just make another Nintendo account and in the create screen say ur in UK then login to that account to into that account to redeem the code after that u can just use ur original account

  • MintyNintyDog Ninty (@MintyNintyDog) reported

    @chalkeater_ @es_lanoche @WendySnowRadish People's problems with female character designs in Overwatch is that literally all of them have an hourglass figure (pretty sure it's an intentional design choice), while there is a lot more variance with the male characters' bodies.

  • JustOneMorePauI Paul but self isolating (@JustOneMorePauI) reported

    @darimations @chalkeater_ @es_lanoche @WendySnowRadish "Overwatch does this consistently" point out the other character who is "woman but robot" and explain why you have no issue with zenyatta who is "man but robot" or the fact that the majority of men in Overwatch are also conventionally attractive.

  • Feuergeists Jack Morrison’s SugarPapi (@Feuergeists) reported

    The servers in Overwatch are so broken. I haven’t been able to finish any of my games because I get a server error. Blizzard would be on this shit if it were the ow league...

  • TrueBennett True (@TrueBennett) reported

    @IvanPentchoukov @drawandstrike We need a non-government watchdog group for FISA overwatch. No DeepState can be trusted. They also need to NOT be members of the Intelligence Community, because the PROBLEM IS the IC culture! They’ll naturally insist that no one outside of those groups is smart enough to do it.

  • Zentumn1 Zentumn (@Zentumn1) reported

    Don’t you just ******* love it when you play overwatch for 6 hours and spend 10 minutes searching for a game then only play that game for about 10 minutes. Like ***** I got 3 ******* hours of gameplay to try get clips for the next montage. Ffs overwatch fix servers @PlayOverwatch

  • MyChemicalGSpot sheriff of emo town (@MyChemicalGSpot) reported

    Overwatch put ******* googly eyes on the characters for april fools but wont fix the goddamn game I hate it here

  • mmtanti ɪʀɪꜱ🦋 aus📌 (@mmtanti) reported

    i have a overwatch glitch where i have a lootbox but the game refuses to let me open it 🙃

  • amberc0215 Amber C | Xbox Ambassador (@amberc0215) reported

    @VT_Thoughts @XboxSupport I would suggest talking to Overwatch support directly, I have seen this issue personally as well the overwatch team was quick to help me with this issue!

  • amberc0215 Amber C | Xbox Ambassador (@amberc0215) reported

    @VT_Thoughts @XboxSupport I would suggest contacting overwatch support directly. I have personally seen this issue as well.

  • pokebattlerDUKE laharl plays 3 dreadroot (@pokebattlerDUKE) reported

    @HgMorbi I was just bad at overwatch now I can take her out no problem with soldier 67

  • GokuBlackUI2 Emperor Ghidorah2334 (@GokuBlackUI2) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent I think my overwatch is glitch or something is happening because I see weird eyes on the charecters and my chat keeps typing I stuff don't even put

  • CoffeeQX CoffeeQ (@CoffeeQX) reported

    I wanna like this game, really I do but it just feels so tailer made for one tour of player cause it just a mash of CSGO and Overwatch. But I do understand that cheating in the upper levels is a problem

  • Shuuyin Fat Raccoon Princess (@Shuuyin) reported

    Nice april fools joke putting googly eyes on all the characters xD. You almost made me think my game was broken LOL #Overwatch #JeffKaplan #AprilFools

  • p1nkmercy amanda (@p1nkmercy) reported

    @DMFDan02 @SkinsMercy @Giovann38876438 @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent Nobody said it was Overwatch's problem. Asking for the skins to come back for people who weren't able to get them hurts absolutely no one yet anyone who asks gets ruthlessly attacked.

  • weeslife420 Bradley james white (@weeslife420) reported

    @BlizzardCS overwatch has a problem everytime i play it shows the characters with gooly eyes no joke whats going on with that

  • Shuuyin Fat Raccoon Princess (@Shuuyin) reported

    I hate when the lag on overwatch starts rubber-banding. It doesn't always happen, but when it does it can really **** with my Lucio wall riding.

  • evortanium Eva (@evortanium) reported

    *overwatch us: please fix the game blizzard... them: huehuehue googly eyes 😎🤩😆🤣

  • Mumboejumboh Mumboejumboh (@Mumboejumboh) reported

    @WendySnowRadish There are so many actually legitimate issues with Overwatch and this is the hill you choose to die on.

  • TowerXVI1 Deme (@TowerXVI1) reported

    shitty supports is one of overwatch's big issues why she ain't be that

  • MartinA34161048 Martin Alejandro (@MartinA34161048) reported

    @rushid930 @WendySnowRadish I mean yeah but overwatch isn't really the game with the most complex characters so i still don't see the problem

  • RyanStabler2 RyanStabler (@RyanStabler2) reported

    @PlayStation Can someone help me out how do I fix where it will stop saying the overwatch free trial is not available bc I got the game when there was no free trial bc I bought overwatch for $60 2 years ago and it was fine until 3 days this started happening what do I do

  • RyanStabler2 RyanStabler (@RyanStabler2) reported

    @AskPlayStation Can someone help me out how do I fix where it will stop saying the overwatch free trial is not available bc I got the game when there was no free trial bc I bought overwatch for $60 2 years ago and it was fine until 3 days this started happening what do I do

  • RyanStabler2 RyanStabler (@RyanStabler2) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent Can someone help me out how do I fix where it will stop saying the overwatch free trial is not available bc I got the game when there was no free trial

  • NWTreeOctopus Dr. Kraken (@NWTreeOctopus) reported

    @sethescope_ It would be easier if you didn't play Overwatch with someone who has "Seth" as their username but doesn't use that as their real name. I put 100% of people's struggle on Overwatch username-related issues.

  • darimations dar (@darimations) reported

    @chalkeater_ @es_lanoche @WendySnowRadish It's not a "problem" as much as it's just utterly boring and safe to alot of people. Like the original concept designs had so much character and this is just like "woman but robot" when we could've got another design like Orisa. And Overwatch does this consistently.

  • RoseAGZ Rosé (@RoseAGZ) reported

    I can’t even begin to fathom how happy I’ll be to able to boot up my pc and play league, cs, overwatch, cod, play online smash. Hell even fortnite or Minecraft man. Use discord. Use YouTube and watch a 10 mins from start to end not a 10 min vid that takes 40 mins cause of lag.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202