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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • Nwtrent nwtrent (@Nwtrent) reported

    @BlizzardCS @playoverwatch bots are broken in overwatch custom games, they keep getting stuck on things that do not exist and they become unable to move

  • PeterGodmez PeterGⓋdmez (@PeterGodmez) reported

    @Xeratrickyy I lag horribly on overwatch bit i have a 970

  • aleressaOW aleressa ٩(`꒳´)۶ (@aleressaOW) reported

    alright, i guess it's just time to abuse mccree to rank up now because jesus this buff is the most ridiculous thing they've done in recent times. mccree's primary fire wasn't the problem. guess ashe just isn't viable anymore either 🙄 #Overwatch

  • aleressaOW aleressa ٩(`꒳´)۶ (@aleressaOW) reported

    alright, i guess it's just time to abuse mccree to rank up now because jesus this buff is the most brainless thing they've done in recent times. the problem with mccree was widow being op as hell. guess ashe just isn't viable anymore either 🙄 #Overwatch

  • killerpillars FULLᴹᴵᴰᴰᴸᴱ ᴹᴬᴸᶜᴼᴸᴹIST (@killerpillars) reported

    I'm going to miss 3/4ths of next months overwatch season... I havent missed a single season since the day its dropped I'm heart broken

  • dsquirtle88 Damien Lee (@dsquirtle88) reported

    @PlayOverwatch on Xbox Im trying to join my friends but it says an error has occurred while accepting the invite #Overwatch

  • GTElephant Crash Translation (@GTElephant) reported

    That you can work your ass off as Ana, help the team full hold with only a single death, and yet still not get a Highlight, is broken. #Overwatch

  • hillasaur Hillasaur (@hillasaur) reported

    In the new overwatch patch McCree is so broken

  • ScatteredRose Corvo🐻 (@ScatteredRose) reported

    I'm almost plat on LoL but I keep lagging and disconnecting and even tho I keep winning now I'm tilted and I miss overwatch and final fantasy xiv💀

  • ManxRaider ManxRaider #ReworkMercy #boycottOverwatch (@ManxRaider) reported

    @ItsAstrobiology @PlayOverwatch I would like it if they made a multiplayer for this "Overwatch 2" and address all of these issues with that fresh start.

  • RishiAlwani rishi alwani (@RishiAlwani) reported

    @vkvTweets @AbabilP No resale value and weird refund policies are a problem for me despite having a fast enough internet connection. It’s good for some games I keep playing like Overwatch and Destiny, not so for single-player experiences IMHO.

  • Thilomite Thilomite (@Thilomite) reported

    I feel like people are hating on Overwatch just for the sake of hating on it. Hey buddy, simple solution to your problem: just don't give a **** about the game. there's enough others out there. But please let us enjoy this game. thank you.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Bensam123TV Sam Adams (@Bensam123TV) reported

    @PlayOverwatch You have a bug with Overwatch, where the game will use whatever graphics adapter the launcher is telling it to. So if the launcher is using your iGPU, the game will too. You should have a way to manually select the adapter in game to override. Pls Fix.

  • psychronautron Namespace Jargonaut (@psychronautron) reported

    The problem with Overwatch is when everyone is being chill...IT'S AN INCREDIBLE GAME. Just had a match where we lost in the most flamboyant manner possible (but almost won with our idiocy) was way more fun than winning b/c everyone just ran with it in their own way.

  • Ruby_Rose11 Ruby_Rose (@Ruby_Rose11) reported

    does anyone wanna be on my team for league of legends and overwatch (overwatch only on ps4) there are a lot of toxic people when I play league and I can't tell them to back off cause my keyboard is broken and I have to use on screen keyboard. DM me if you want to join my team plz

  • RussellLatshaw RTL3 (@RussellLatshaw) reported

    I remember at launch there was an air of strong defense against any perceived issues with Overwatch's characters and story stemming from it being partially reused chunks of a dead MMO. "They'll figure it out!" They have not figured it out.

  • RussellLatshaw RTL3 (@RussellLatshaw) reported

    I remember at launch there was air of strong defense against any perceived issues with Overwatch's characters and story stemming from it being partially reused chunks of a dead MMO. "They'll figure it out!" They have not figured out.

  • HeckinGeck1 PrincessEva1 (@HeckinGeck1) reported

    @Fitzyhere No, but I have an issue where I can’t use my scope with Ana.. :( it’s a feels bad day for #Overwatch...

  • jumpingham Jason Pinkham (@jumpingham) reported

    Random overwatch league pro: "I sure wish blizzard fixed all my problems" Bunch of commentors: "I know omgz0rs totes I can't believe the community is this bad" Every player in the game: "lol **** that let's throw" And then everyone wonders why blizzard doesn't "fix" things...

  • ZelizardV Zelizard the skittle (@ZelizardV) reported

    @PlayOverwatch please fix the problems with the competitive feature in Overwatch. I’m still stuck in bronze because of the throwers and smurfs that are there. This makes it unfair for people that literally deserve to go further in the ranks, but can’t because of these people.

  • ramizvani Ramin Rezvani (@ramizvani) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hi there. Having difficulty joining voice chat in Overwatch. Blizzard support told me to contact PSN to see if there are any issues w/ my account.

  • twoinchmeat Oozey Onfroy (@twoinchmeat) reported

    @MichaelWalnut 😳 my overwatch is broken help

  • Way2thedawnX713 Maxori Gaming! (@Way2thedawnX713) reported

    @BeatemupsWood Twilight Princess and the Mario Galaxy games to be ported on Switch, Splatoon 2 to have split screen local multiplayer, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts, and NieR Automata on Switch, Sora for Smash, Nintendo 64 Classic Edition, and better online service.

  • Mirsthy alicia grucci (@Mirsthy) reported from São Paulo, São Paulo

    "Unexpected Error Occurred" on PC/Overwatch. Fix pls @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCS_PT

  • GTTCataclystic Jared (@GTTCataclystic) reported

    @BlizzardCS "UNEXPECTED SERVER ERROR OCCURED" Overwatch, about 3 mins ago.

  • DrippyDrapion TheDrippyDrapion (@DrippyDrapion) reported

    10%pokemon 10% Minecraft 10% overwatch 10% smash 10% fifa 10% Zelda 10% Mario kart 10% fortnite 10% Spyro 10% Crash team racing

  • gothbrigitte angry | Communicant in 6 ⚡️ (@gothbrigitte) reported

    Gaming Fact #4 During the Overwatch development process, many employees working on Torbjorns in-game model started to experiences glitches in the system and even full crashes of their computers. They never learned why, but all problems stopped once his model was finished.

  • _Sethimus_ Seth🌴🏳️‍🌈 (@_Sethimus_) reported

    @eenviie be better. I miss playing it all the time. I don't play games anymore like I played Overwatch. I miss where it was without forced meta and lack of balancing due to what pro players want. I miss my game man :( It genuinely depresses me that it's so different and broken. I miss it.

  • _Sethimus_ Seth🌴🏳️‍🌈 (@_Sethimus_) reported

    @eenviie If someone presents hate to you for liking Overwatch, that's wrong. But if someone is upset about where Overwatch is, I don't see that as an issue. I love Overwatch. Like. It much to me. The reason I personally keep complaining about it is because I really want it to-

  • kalhmeras Kalhmeras (@kalhmeras) reported

    @_tagni @PlayOverwatch The omnic reveal was part of the archives, before overwatch was broken apart in the timeline... The whole explosion part of the story here, is in present day after the recall, so I highly doubt there is a connection, except if the cutscene of the archives was also in present day!

  • Jpximi Maxime 'Jpximi' F. (@Jpximi) reported

    A sad week for the Overwatch team. GGs to our opponent @marchmarmots and @mYinsanityCH ! You were stronger this time ! No worry we will fix it and come back stronger !

  • Aquilanus40k David Stevenson (@Aquilanus40k) reported

    @HammehLore Unless they fixed it, a lot of followers of the play overwatch account cant load the link as it's broken:(

  • milkteabun Bunn ✨ (@milkteabun) reported

    i wish game companies would stop working on their lore and just fix their unenjoyable game *coughs* overwatch

  • keijinoa yan (@keijinoa) reported

    overwatch please fix the link for the new comic so i can scream about my boyfriend baptiste :(

  • DigitalMaxine Beogh (@DigitalMaxine) reported

    The dril overwatch parody account that I followed in 2016 has switched to being the creators main because of problems and they're mostly just posting big tity ladies with names like "Namika" that I'v never heard of.

  • Celadonblues Being Foolish (@Celadonblues) reported

    @bluesparrowbaby I would ask her to play Overwatch but the lag from across the country would be an issue.

  • Perk_____ Perk (@Perk_____) reported

    First time using a computer instead of a broken laptop to play overwatch and I've already gone from silver to plat in a week lol

  • PaulGibsonDJ Paul Gibson (@PaulGibsonDJ) reported

    @YourOverwatchYT @PVPX_ Every time I've ranked up it's because I've tried purposely to improve something. Every time I've lost a load of SR, it's usually due to poor play, being rusty or slowly adjusting to a meta shift. I have a lot of problems with Overwatch but being the right rank isn't one of them.

  • NotXenoz Xenoz (@NotXenoz) reported

    Fortnite is completely garbage, console Overwatch is also pretty garbage, console ow is just full of top 500 xim smurfs, throwers, boosters/ddos’ers and weirdos. Can someone just drop a good game already Watch Dogs 3 is dropping in 2020 :(

  • Asroth_Kadoshim Asroth (@Asroth_Kadoshim) reported

    @GamerThyrst Damn, i would join you for Overwatch but Metallica is in Manchester tomorrow and need to get my headbanging fix!

  • magitekgaymer magitekgaymer (@magitekgaymer) reported

    Overwatch is completely fine, though. The PS4 Pro stays quiet regardless of how much I play. So I dunno. Hopefully the PS5 fixes this problem because I can’t keep buying a new PS4 Pro every half a year or so.

  • _FireNightHawk_ FireNightHawk (@_FireNightHawk_) reported

    @TamerRyu We need to play some Overwatch one day when I’m not working for you can laugh at how bad I am lol

  • kengrub Ash 🐣@post con death (@kengrub) reported

    One of those idiots posted it THREE times, then blocked me Overwatch and league are the WORST for this, I've never had this issue with anything else I've drawn for

  • apex_ow_pumpkin Allvater, gib mir Klarsicht! (@apex_ow_pumpkin) reported

    Overwatch skins regularly flashing their female character's asses at me, while the only ass I get to see in Apex is Mirage's and I got not problem with the later whatsoever.

  • isjusgaem Nuni (@isjusgaem) reported

    I’ve never played a game more broken or more filled with idiots than Overwatch. Myself included.

  • CaptPaladinLP x - Paladin-SPB (CPLP) 37 Years Strong! (@CaptPaladinLP) reported

    Finally re-installed Windows 10...I didn't mind Dead by Daylight not working, but if World of Warcraft or Overwatch didn't work..then there is a problem.

  • Crimson_MILF ~❤Gale Morgan❤~ (relaxing on TL only) (@Crimson_MILF) reported

    @MotherLizabeth (Its always Overwatch comp when I disconnect from the internet. Spretcum just isn't good.)

  • SpaceCowboy1890 Orisa Explains it All (@SpaceCowboy1890) reported

    The problem with Overwatch is the chance you get 12 people all actually trying in the same game is almost impossible. Leavers, throwers, disconnects. Most games are a waste of time.

  • JohnLemongrab lemonweeb (@JohnLemongrab) reported

    @crow_death yeah mostly, depends on the game, I really only game on PC tho. some games have a noticeable lag if I'm on NA (like overwatch) but some are fine.

  • Yusuf_OW Yusuf (@Yusuf_OW) reported

    No wonder everyone sees overwatch as a joke who wouldn’t bro they let brig release like THAT lmao literally the most disgusting dogshit broken shit to touch any game ever and she’s still busted holy shit blizzard is a joke @Blizzard_Ent yea **** u kid

  • BotlideOfficial Botlide (@BotlideOfficial) reported

    The failed fix into overwatch corn ! >:( 🤢

  • risouchu :3c (@risouchu) reported

    yeaaah it looks like overwatch is just...acting wild on me. i played one apex match and had no latency issues.

  • REEEEleks Alex Towne (@REEEEleks) reported

    56% Minecraft 18% Smash 12% Crash Bambercoont 10% Overwatch 4% Mario Kart Wii @Terroldssbu

  • itsyagooh YAGOOH (@itsyagooh) reported

    @TheJrHollywood @TheDivisionGame PC, i usually stream overwatch and apex with no issues but when i streamed the division there was quite a few skipped frames

  • nonbinary_fox lil tot (@nonbinary_fox) reported

    whenever an overwatch player doesnt like a certain ability of a character they just call it broken

  • mookensteinz Mike Michael McDengar (@mookensteinz) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN getting some pretty poor input lag on movement in Overwatch lads

  • GamersMUSE GamersMUSE (@GamersMUSE) reported

    @ragnarock4455 5% Spyro 5% Mortal Kombat 11 5% Red Dead Redemption II 5% SimCity 5% Grand Theft Auto V 5% Gran Turismo Sport 10% Crash Bandicoot 10% Stardew Valley 10% Skyrim 10% Overwatch 15% Elder Scrolls Online 15% The Sims 4

  • cozywhisker Honey 🌈 278 🏕🌿 (@cozywhisker) reported

    I keep getting kicked out of overwatch but my internet is completely fine, overwatch is the only thing having issues

  • NGU_QDAWGZ2797 QDOGGAMING (@NGU_QDAWGZ2797) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Fix comp in Overwatch. My team was just destroying our opponents and about a minute in somebody from the other team leaves and the game just ends. This happens way too often in Overwatch comp and needs to be fixed or taken out.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202