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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • _Obsinate L0YALZ (@_Obsinate) reported

    Why have I spent the whole day trying to fix overwatch when I have tried all the solutions @BlizzardCS @PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_Ent

  • AceXSilver143 King Ace 👑 (@AceXSilver143) reported

    @Steven47750292 Both have dumb patches tbh but honestly apex will fix shit before overwatch will like still no patch for OW while apex was tuesday lol

  • CherrySparks95 CherrySparks (@CherrySparks95) reported

    One of my issues with Overwatch's balancing was that Widow and Ashe were given too much focused damage, and they took too long to introduce 2-2-2

  • thegamergeneric ❄️GamerGeneric❄️ (@thegamergeneric) reported

    I'm so excited to see how the new patch isn't going to fix the broken heros in game lmao overwatch is still going to be a shit show you're just going to have less protection now, good job everyone

  • CaidoIi Queen Caido 🍤 (@CaidoIi) reported

    @Flocculencyy Overwatch drama and Smite drama really be the exact same thing. There's always that ONE female who hates every girl they meet and causes nothing but problem for no reason other then to seem confident and it's honestly sad and hard to be around beyond anything else.

  • NierPitie Nier/Frankie (@NierPitie) reported

    Love that I never got a response and I’m still having latency issues. 👌🏼 I’m about to just give up on Overwatch and go back to Call of Duty.

  • dlbndr Del (@dlbndr) reported

    @TaskandPurpose Okay, now fix the glitch at the expense of the server, not the taxpayer. Reimburse those affected within 48 hrs. Put in place an overwatch system to monitor the server.

  • IrreverentRizzy Rizzy (@IrreverentRizzy) reported

    @Eclipsaa_ @PharaohOW The devs are constantly communicating with the fans. The problem is overwatch never found its identity as a shooter or a MOBA.

  • RADlOISM ˗ˋ (@RADlOISM) reported

    ✎ it started on my overwatch oc & for a moment i thought i was suspended or some shit. but it's probably another glitch.

  • saja_ow Saja (@saja_ow) reported

    First time I uninstalled Overwatch, hopefully not the last. Fix game pls

  • _Obsinate L0YALZ (@_Obsinate) reported

    I would love to play overwatch but can’t because it keeps failing to connect to game server. I have tried 10 different things to fix it and none have worked. @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent

  • Kenolabar Ken (@Kenolabar) reported

    @CaseMonster88 Actually Overwatch's success and Fortnite of course is what started this whole service games mess in the first place. But here's the deal OW was GOOD and Fortnite is free. Something literally no one else understands about the idea.

  • DevourTheSun Sean Castle (@DevourTheSun) reported

    @_jomos_ @ap3x_q @iddqd @tf2pine The real problem for me is power creep. Every hero has been buffed to oblivion. Even a non-meta hero like McCree has had a 25% dps increase, fan buff, ult damage rate buffed x2 and he's still bad. There's too much shielding, healing, damage and CC in Overwatch compared to 2016/17

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Cipheronice ✨ċıƿһєя✨ (@Cipheronice) reported

    I want to find more overwatch friends that I can play with on my Xbox. I could do pc but I have more lag with it sometimes.

  • GamerJoonie Kayla(Thinie/Pumpkin)|🎃🐉 (@GamerJoonie) reported

    Please fix the game and your Pro scene Overwatch so the players can stay longer 😭😭😭😭

  • NatsukiBestGirl Semor Buttz (@NatsukiBestGirl) reported

    @BeaverOTP Thats also how anything works, I’ve had fun playing some of the worst games I know because me and my friends messed around. Overwatch has problems and “you CAN have fun” is not a good excuse

  • za_monarch Monarch 🐝🐝🐝 (@za_monarch) reported

    @discordapp Please please please fix your app, my overwatch e-gf hasn't been able to send me "hey owo" in the last 20 minutes and its getting hard to cope right now. I think im going to panic

  • HououinKymeowma Tobias Colt (@HououinKymeowma) reported

    @Carterdickinso5 @Joe_Hutty @Joshunwin311 @TachibanaMunes2 @CallofDuty I didn't even really mind the Specialists..maybe that's because I'm a huge fan of Overwatch lol. As for issues are more.. map related with FPS issues I get for no real reason that I can see. Crash for example, Outside edges of the map, I drop to 20 fps.

  • hyecsy ivy ✿ GYUL DAY (@hyecsy) reported

    everytime i go back to overwatch i have like the capability to write a full essay on everything i like about it and everything still broken abt it

  • GH05T_ow キルア⚡🇮🇪🎄 (@GH05T_ow) reported

    Something the overwatch community needs to do and BLIZZ needs to do, Is properly give feedback. For example, r6 has the BEST social media acc for its consistency of giving feedback after a patch on the TS. With ow we scream our heads off waiting for all our problems to go away.

  • Zeta46132210 Saarbrücken (@Zeta46132210) reported

    @nooielol @BunnyHop ofc you can.. i got fcking overwatch banned cause i bhopped 10 times in a row and manage to get a noscope after.... since then i havent touched csgo anymore cause its a fcking gay ass game with this shittry overwatch cause they cant fix anticheat

  • Ardynsama Snowdyn ❄️ (@Ardynsama) reported

    So Overwatch 2 is even more broken than Overwatch 1 with OP abilities out the booty. Please just give us lore instead. 😂

  • NathanBotha2 Nathan Botha (@NathanBotha2) reported

    @CSGO So please fix your overwatch system and stop false banning people and fix the game, I expect a response back and my account un-baned so please fix it @CSGO

  • CalfCorset Corset (@CalfCorset) reported

    @OutOfManaStudio Never had toxic on overwatch but I just play that casual and ya there’s really toxic people in wow but I find they get dealt with for so many years riot would not enforce anything or deal with players there I even had customer service people say they won’t do anything

  • shinslegs 川村 (@shinslegs) reported

    Maybe if overwatch fix their awful meta, this wouldn’t happen

  • FredFudrucker Fred Fudrucker (@FredFudrucker) reported

    Overwatch DPS wait times are so broken

  • WynterNyght (@WynterNyght) reported

    Well I placed higher on my ALT than on my main. No surprise there but still people's thought process baffles me. Nothing you can do to Overwatch fix simple stupidity.

  • ReshiRed_ ℛ𝒆𝓼𝓱𝓲ℛ𝒆𝓭🌺 (@ReshiRed_) reported

    Not 100% sure, but I think I,m going to stream either Overwatch tomorrow and/or Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy in the evening. If not tmrrow, the content is going to remain the same or so. For the reference, I have not played a single Crash game in existence.

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • AniMonster91 AniMonster, Certified Mom Friend (@AniMonster91) reported

    @JustCallMeKota Dude, that sucks. No wonder we were having issues in Overwatch :(

  • Tekno560 Tekno テクノ 🐝 | Under 1 Month to PC (@Tekno560) reported

    @Slasher Overwatch can be close but yeah I agree But if you didn’t add rocket league then there would be problems

  • ResearchRonin Ronin Research (@ResearchRonin) reported

    @thinkdefence @RepSamGraves It proves another point too...Walls are just engineering inconveniences unless you have overwatch...Walls aren't the total answer... as the problems causing the migrations go much deeper...

  • dvstinjames ∂υѕтιη נαмєѕ (@dvstinjames) reported

    @MattLech @Blizzard_Ent @NBA As a lifelong gamer, this shit is always disappointing to see when they do it. As a guy who owns a Switch and is being advertised to get Overwatch, I have no intent to buy it until they fix this shit.

  • Sqaishey sqaishey 🍂 (@Sqaishey) reported

    for those asking it seems like the battery is broken. it’s not charging & keeps getting all confused in the dock. send help, i wanted to play overwatch on it tonight :’(

  • AnttonMonster Antsamon (@AnttonMonster) reported

    Played a nice and relaxing game of #Overwatch until someone picked Doomfist and I remembered how broken and unfun the game is 🙃

  • mizliz_ Liz Richardson (@mizliz_) reported

    Get your fix of Overwatch competition. I don't know about you guys but I am feeling the WITHDRAWAL

  • dampersquid222 Bruh (@dampersquid222) reported

    @Huh4000 @metroplex11123 @EAStarWars Dude, overwatch amd tf2 are literally hero shooters, that's what battlefront is too, nobody complains about either because there is no issue with the animation speeds. You're literally complaining about the most random things

  • dampersquid222 Bruh (@dampersquid222) reported

    @Huh4000 @metroplex11123 @EAStarWars Yeah, I have nobody else seems to have an issue with it. The animations in BF are basically like overwatch, some take longer than others bone never to the point where you should have an issue with it.

  • GabbyGuffey 🍊Gabby Guffey🍊 (@GabbyGuffey) reported

    @TillyTwitch I honestly have been feeling the same way with overwatch. I decided to move on to other games, at least for the time being. I hope they fix whatever it is that is making the game less enjoyable.

  • BotWithOpinions Video Game Opinion Bot (@BotWithOpinions) reported

    Aliens: Colonial Marines is only inexpensive because it has Blunderbusss and a horrendously designed Overwatch Standard Issue Pulse Rifle

  • veroicone Veronica Mars (@veroicone) reported

    Sooo no PS4 stream tonight, but Overwatch comp placements tonight and PS4 tomorrow night. PS4 isn't working atm and I won't have time before work to fix it :p

  • SocJusTrshMouth Social Justice Christmas Rabbit🛡️🛡️🛡️ (@SocJusTrshMouth) reported

    @pitzx2 for the first month of the service replacing humble monthly, a service that brought gave people overwatch, a hat in time, soul calibur VI, crash n sane, *******. darks souls 3, etc. to open and give us shadow of the tomb raider, and a bunch 9 other pieces of garbage. yeah it bad

  • Desilute 🐾 Lois 🐾 (@Desilute) reported

    I’m sick about talking about Overwatch on twitter, but it just blows how much this company doesn’t care about their game, they add new heros that just ruin the experience totally and don’t do nothing about boring and broken meta states The game is just so stale and boring

  • minela58402682 minela (@minela58402682) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN my overwatch game play doesn’t work, I can log in to the menu but when I choose a game it comes up: unable to join match and the server closes due to a unexpected error:/

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Ry3der Ryder @ 273 days left (@Ry3der) reported

    Overwatch 2 might fix some problems but lmao I ain't buying that

  • PocketHealing Josh (but spooky) 🦂 (@PocketHealing) reported

    there’s an adderall problem in the overwatch community

  • CallumCalTCOD Esskay (@CallumCalTCOD) reported

    @NoblesKoty @DeadByBHVR @KCMavsfan If your internet is so bad that on an often basis you keep disconnecting, maybe you should play single player games or fix your net. I used to have bad internet when playing overwatch and kept getting kicked, I now bought a long Ethernet chord and a better plan and have no issues

  • Instant_OW Instant OW (@Instant_OW) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent for **** sakes this new overwatch patch better make the game at least slightly better...ffs fix your trash ass game...youre literally throwing away your competitive scene..pathetic

  • OkeyJD CrazyBunni (@OkeyJD) reported

    @TitanfallBlog The only thing I have a problem with this is that majority of us are not pro players. So what if they suggest something that most of the population don’t really want. For example in Overwatch League. A lot of the changes that people didn’t like was because of the League.

  • PatrickTheBunn1 Patrick Rochester (@PatrickTheBunn1) reported

    @ps4pingpongpom @Symphony_Nights @AngriestScots As soon as Blizzard let's people merge accounts then I'd have no problem getting Overwatch on the other consoles but they lazy

  • xtreemmasheen3k Extreme Machine 3002 (@xtreemmasheen3k) reported

    @Gale_Adelade (those are all the factors off the top of my head that could possibly cause input lag in Overwatch)

  • OWLCommenter OWLCommenter (@OWLCommenter) reported

    @BrenCasts Shame on blizzard and the overwatch league for not providing Bren with the support needed to build essential life skills. Plz fix path to analyst!!!

  • Gale_Adelade TSM Gale (@Gale_Adelade) reported

    @xtreemmasheen3k Tbh with you the 9900k seemed incredibly weak for overwatch. At home I had an i7 6950x cpu that was running Overwatch 3x better and input lag was tons less than on my 9900k cpu surprisingly. I personally feel the 9900k is heavily overrated

  • techie_ta ThuanTa Clause (@techie_ta) reported

    @daxter23jak Flavor of the month. My time this year was mostly playing older games of service like Seige and Overwatch. But Apex Legends gets my vote.

  • Siothemememan Sio the meme man (@Siothemememan) reported

    @AgoniusOW This isn’t necessarily just an overwatch problem either. VERY few games have managed to remain as popular at launch as they are now. Only examples that come to mind are Fortnite and LoL. Games like Apex, PubG, and Minecraft have all suffered the same phenomenon.

  • VegaOverwatch Vega Overwatch (@VegaOverwatch) reported

    Ok so... Tons of contenders teams are out of the contendes due to payment problems. Because of this... People are saying that p2p is dead and saying that Blizzard is a shit company (which i agree on) Reality is... Overwatch p2p isn't dead yet, we'll have to wait and see.

  • VegaOverwatch Vega Overwatch (@VegaOverwatch) reported

    Ok so... Tons of contenders teams are out of the contendes due to payment problems. Because of this... People are saying that p2p is dead and saying that Blizzard is a shit company (which i agree on) Reality is... Overwatch p2p isn't dead yet, we'll have to wait and see.

  • Hylian88 Hylian (@Hylian88) reported

    @PixelThinks @WonderBop Ok so here is a huge disconnect, I would never ever ever refer to overwatch as an arena shooter lol, it encompass everything that arena shooters do not for me.

Overwatch Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • bc-101
  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202