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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • LesinaMatteo Matteo Lesina (@LesinaMatteo) reported

    So I get that writing fanfiction isn't exactly something to be proud of, but I've been working really hard on an Overwatch story for the past year or so. The only issue is that it's gained almost no traction. At all.

  • FC360D Full Circle (@FC360D) reported

    Going to try Overwatch again to see if I'm still getting the annoying high ping issue

  • LilyClair6 Lily Clair (@LilyClair6) reported

    Anyone else’s overwatch server keep disconnecting. @realJeffkaplan1 keeps saying login failure. I play ps4. Help!

  • isiah_carvajal Isiah (@isiah_carvajal) reported

    Pretty sure my disk drive on my ps4 is broken so no more cod or overwatch till I buy it online 😔😔😔😔😔

  • Phazo_Prime PhazoPrimePirate (@Phazo_Prime) reported

    @PlayOverwatch and @Blizzard_Ent I will pay a $15/month subscription to not put players under level 50 in my lobbies. There, I just solved your smurf problem on console. Don't bother billing for consult, this one's on me. Thanks #overwatchsmurfs #smurfs #xboxsmurfs #Overwatch

  • itsonlyshelley shelley (@itsonlyshelley) reported

    Not me trying to play overwatch only for someone in my house to disconnect the WiFi smh

  • NSkydancer NevaSkydancer(Pippeh) [TeEm] (@NSkydancer) reported

    @UnicornyLithia I'm hoping so. PC DbD has always been my go-to game for PC stream because it normally doesn't give me issues compared to say Overwatch. And we upgraded router so my Down/Up speeds are way better, and thus Overwatch actually plays nicely while live now. So it was...cont..

  • starblade125 Jack Mitchell (@starblade125) reported

    Safety comes first, so it's understandable as to why the Overwatch League is cancelling these games. But the fact that this now means the Gladiators probably don't have another game until MARCH 28TH is a serious issue.

  • kcd134 Invisible Man (@kcd134) reported

    @FrossBite We gotta go outside to text HER and Mike out here playing Overwatch with no lag

  • MerryMetta METTA (@MerryMetta) reported

    10 games to know me: -Smash Ultimate -Garden Warfare 2 -NBA 2k20 -Overwatch -Crash Team Racing -Breath of the Wild -Mortal Kombat 11 -Mario Maker 2 -Sonic Mania -Undertale

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Nyptrox Nyptrox (@Nyptrox) reported

    @AstakzR @RattlesRL @ASC_Jez they like to suck money but investing in the game is a no no. Like rmm and server issues constantly being an issue. I never experience it in R6 or overwatch

  • GetMyLifeBack66 my life (@GetMyLifeBack66) reported

    @julicide @ATLFaZe @aBeZy @Cellium @majormaniak @Priestahh @SimpXO @JamesCrowder @RJTheSlothbear @Its_EasyMac You’re right, overwatch is on pc, one title that isn’t broken, and has an actual international fan base and player base compared to cod with their console and broken new game every year. You’re right you’re right 😂

  • NathalyTiznado Nathaly (@NathalyTiznado) reported

    @DeadByBHVR I'm from Chile, and play on PS4. I have a 30 minute ban already for "disconnection", since my internet connection is going well. In fact, at the same time my brother on his Switch plays Overwatch and has no problems. I bought DBD just yesterday, and this is disappointing.

  • NathalyTiznado Nathaly (@NathalyTiznado) reported

    @joaquinhooo @DeadByBHVR I am from Chile, I have PS4. I also have a 30-minute ban already, due to "disconnection", since my internet connection is going well. In fact, at the same time my brother on his Switch plays Overwatch and has no problems.

  • DioGomes13 YamiDiddz (@DioGomes13) reported

    OWL commentators: some techinal issues but we have a stellar IT crew to solve them fast Maybe they should put somr of those stellar IT members managing the servers so people atop loosing connection to servers all the time... #overwatchleague #overwatch

  • sloe82134532 sloe (@sloe82134532) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Fix your SUPER broken rgame please, there's so much RNG and random hitboxes and so many one-hit glitches, Overwatch 2 has no reason to be a thing, it's just a few things, WOOHOO, no one gives a f*ck, just please fix your game, I know @FortniteGame @PokemonGoApp won't.

  • KinTailFox Kintail (@KinTailFox) reported

    @Rustypielover I've had the same thing happen. Some people just need their keyboard fingers broken. You handled it like a champ though. Bet you B.O.B is up there in Overwatch heaven, looking down proudly cause much like him, you did something

  • PhoenixTears45 Stefan Morris (@PhoenixTears45) reported

    @Rustypielover We had a huge problem with him the Overwatch Community. He genuinely has something wrong with him. Report him and block.

  • _Lyrics_4 ☾♄☈♗ⓢ ♗ (@_Lyrics_4) reported

    Why don't you fix your broken ass game (Overwatch) so I don't have to play defense EVERY SINGLE GAME in QPC. It's seriously 7 out of 10 games. @BlizzardCS

  • TRIPTAMIN_ petry (@TRIPTAMIN_) reported

    @KingToeKnee01 @vi_vii_xiv_ @xkallibah @imnarwhalz @McQuackleton @PlayApex Stop picking on the wrong problems, people complain to much about sbmm and the map, I'm not saying these 2 things are not awful but the source of the problems are that they try to balance this game same way overwatch does.

  • SOFTADISM 𝙹𝚞𝚗𝚑𝚘. 💍 (@SOFTADISM) reported

    So Overwatch comp is broken. Cool.

  • xoMeryluna MERYLUNA ✨| Final Kombat (@xoMeryluna) reported

    thinking about streaming fallout 3 today and giving overwatch a break lol i need to hurry and fix my ps4 so i can start streaming mk again

  • suhlosers Soupkidz (@suhlosers) reported

    @BlizzardCS in overwatch I have in issue where in voice chat I can see people talking but I can’t hear them and my game audio is working just fine. Just need help

  • oxtonbot lena (@oxtonbot) reported

    IF THIS DVA SKIN IN MY SHIT Overwatch problems!

  • NoodleZ83 Emperor NoodleZ (@NoodleZ83) reported

    Technical difficulties.. Alice Mod is the problem so imma fix the game and give it error and trails, while you guys watch @solidstrifer gucci content. Don't worry ill be streaming in a hour playing Overwatch. I really need to test shit before streaming lol

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • Stryxus Connor 'Stryxus' Shearer (@Stryxus) reported

    Rainbow 6 Siege is now my full-time FPS. Overwatch is withering at an increasing rate and doesnt cut it for fun anymore. Iv been trying to convert to 6 Siege for 2 years now but it had many issues until now.

  • Pyrosonix Max (@Pyrosonix) reported

    My last 3 games of Overwatch: Throwing supports who werent healing on purpose so they lose. Aimbotting Cree with a mercy pocketting him and rez on cool down Throwing DPS who’s first words were shouting expletives at everyone and left voice. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME @PlayOverwatch

  • evanextreme evan (@evanextreme) reported

    @Kitch_OW the problem with that is that the gameplay of Project A is significantly more reminiscent of tac shooters like csgo than anything remotely close to overwatch, so other people are gonna be on a way higher ground level day 1 when switching

  • gothan6el ray (@gothan6el) reported

    @ericsamurmai i’ve broken two controllers from overwatch comp 😳😳

  • SugoiTheBoi Sugoi Senpai Sama (@SugoiTheBoi) reported

    @shockWilliams20 The memes were old like really really old memes like overwatch memes. Not to mention the amount of times I had to play the female role every time so yeah there was that too, my male character gets shafted while my female character is just blatant fan service.

  • CatgirlKazu CatgirlKazu (@CatgirlKazu) reported

    @AntonHand Such weird genre decisions. Hearthstone is a saturated market and Overwatch's genre had already passed into memory. The single player platformers and RPGs do make sense; they're fire and forget instead of live service. ... 2D fighter is a cool idea though. Make that one first.

  • PacificLucio theo (@PacificLucio) reported

    Power outage because of the wind. I'll miss overwatch league.

  • falsevacbancsgo falsevacban_csgo (@falsevacbancsgo) reported

    @CSGO @Happy1 @DreamHack All very nice @csgo but speaking of something else your banning system is broken or blind or your overwatch users are rusty or envious. I'm just trying to play at the best level, I'll fight to the end to get my vac ban removed.

  • TRIPTAMIN_ petry (@TRIPTAMIN_) reported

    @Xxxxxzombossxx1 @xNasuni @PlayApex As i always say, people pick too much on sbmm and the map but this is not the source of the problem, the source is this "overwatch way" to "balance" the game.

  • JohnJiao John Jiao, MD (@JohnJiao) reported

    @omgholycownoway @itmeJP I mean full disclosure I also felt happier after uninstalling Overwatch LOL but it was more an issue of needing to take a break from daily semi-competitive play

  • StaceyMitchells Stacey (@StaceyMitchells) reported

    torbjorn from overwatch said" I just peted a #outage!!! ughhhh i am dying

  • LilacFPS TheOTotoro (@LilacFPS) reported

    OCE Overwatch is the worst. Dont @ me. Also dps isnt the issue, its the ***** ass team lmao

  • Ryou_Misaki65 Daniel Gonzalez (@Ryou_Misaki65) reported

    @bigdv88 @LoneWolfXP @CallofDuty the difference here is that Overwatch Comp is utterly broken and just isn't fun, the game itself has gone down the shitter imo

  • HatakeRamona Ramona Hatake (@HatakeRamona) reported

    I love how #overwatch says theres no way to figure if youre intentionally leaving or if its a technical problem yet i lagged out of a ranked #apex game and instead of getting penalized, the system recognized the unintentional disconnect. thats dank.

  • sereniluna Sereni (@sereniluna) reported

    Not many things in this world get me pissed beyond belief, but overwatch disconnecting me from a competitive match because of “connection issues” AND THEN SUSPENDING ME FOR 10 MINUTES WHEN IT WASNT MY FAULT is definitely up there

  • SeaTonnes SeaTonnes (@SeaTonnes) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Overwatch Oce players are not getting put on oce servers please fix asap

  • strawberrydva 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓𝖑𝖎𝖌𝖍𝖙🍥 (@strawberrydva) reported

    Honestly overwatch fix the server shit I’m tired of loving sr when I’m close to ranking higher

  • WcfbK2IUQBBfzCh 吴彦祖 (@WcfbK2IUQBBfzCh) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Please fix Chinese Overwatch server

  • WcfbK2IUQBBfzCh 吴彦祖 (@WcfbK2IUQBBfzCh) reported

    @PlayOverwatch Please fix Chinese Overwatch server

  • XxpotatoxX5 Xx_potato_xX (@XxpotatoxX5) reported

    @Blizzard_ANZ hey I think something is wrong with my overwatch disc on my ps4, it keeps on not being able to sign me in and says there is an error logging in do you know anything I can do

  • Zeddby ZB (@Zeddby) reported

    love when I start lagging in Overwatch and my character starts doin the stanky leg while moon-walking

  • Ghoullife01 The-Ghoulish-Weeb 01 (@Ghoullife01) reported

    @ItsErikaTrap Only decent shooter would probably be overwatch COD MW I'd say apb but idk of it's still broken or not

  • DovepoolOW Dovepool (@DovepoolOW) reported

    @BlizzardCS How come when me and my friends (All NA East) play overwatch on Ps4, we’re being forced into other servers which is causing us to lag and constantly be at a disadvantage. Help please!

  • DabMasterDaniel Dab Daniel (@DabMasterDaniel) reported

    @Merchant_MTG @ZackAtksCards @SaffronOlive Embedding has been a long problem, hearthstone did it, csgo does it, leag does it, overwatch does it forcing games to be e-sports like blizzard was reported to doing and other companies doing it as well is the problem for that quick cash grab from investors and sponsors

  • bigdv88 Derek Valoroso (@bigdv88) reported

    @LoneWolfXP @CallofDuty overwatch has this and everyone still picks comps then doesnt try because they wanna have fun. it wont fix anything

  • LoLVixzy Vixzy (@LoLVixzy) reported

    How to fix S10: - Voice chat - Tank meta - Ardent censer buffs - Tournament draft - Enable DynamicQ - Players punishing inters by Overwatch system for high elo - Funnel being playable - Delete Clash - Disable autofill / Max 1 player off role - Enemy team nicknames in lobby

  • PaulieEsther1 PaulieEsther🔜PAX East (@PaulieEsther1) reported

    @R3V3RS3R @brianmariotti I know they need DBD's permission but last I heard DBD was a willing partner. The Nenderoid deal shouldn't prevent Funko from making DBD pops because Overwatch and Harry Potter have both Nenderoid figures and Funko Pop figures, so I don't think that can be the problem.

  • MaverickVortex Maverick Vortex (@MaverickVortex) reported

    @Kanenums888 I really can't deny that, the same happened with overwatch, cuphead, crash,etc

  • AjmanGG The McGregor of Esports (@AjmanGG) reported

    Overwatch is at its core a genuinely broken game, that has continuous balance issues in which the developers have zero clue how to fix. It will without a doubt be the finishing blow on an (already dying, the OWL is dying as well) game.

  • MrBubblesSpace Mr Bubbles (@MrBubblesSpace) reported

    I'm a bad gamer according to ninja, I've never broken a controller, or pounded my fist when I used to play Overwatch :( I always kept my cool and got a 60% win rate with Sym, worst gamer ever.

  • ToriLaC ToriLaC (@ToriLaC) reported

    @soIhardt I still don't fully understand why Overwatch was giving me problems with OBS while streaming/recording, but after someone's suggestion I discovered that opening OBS as admin fixed all of the issues as far as I can tell. Thanks for trying to help me out in chat before

  • penryn2duo Penryn (@penryn2duo) reported

    Also Overwatch 2 is just Activision-Blizzard's way of getting around "free lifetime content updates" and selling DLC. Absolute bullshit. If it were a standalone game that wouldn't be an issue, but it's just a paid update.

  • starhabitN Starhabit ✨ (@starhabitN) reported

    I think what overwatch needs to do is put more cosmetics in the game and do it more frequently. The game is boring nothing new is happening with the game other than updates on hero changes. I love that they are trying to fix their game but I also like seeing more items to get

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • bc-124
  • bc-152
  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202