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Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It was released in May 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Players on a team work together to secure and defend control points on a map.

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  • Neqtune_ Charlie 🎃 (@Neqtune_) reported

    predictions for tomorrow - Halloween terror will be disappointing, but have a few good skins. - Overwatch Switch Edition will flop. the servers will crash every 5 seconds. - Everyone will rig the reviews for ovw switch

  • Calyko_ C҉a҉l҉y҉k҉o҉ (@Calyko_) reported

    I’m sorry I’ve been barely streaming. I’m gonna try and fix that, but Overwatch is draining as hell. Hopefully we got one tonight after I finish an essay.

  • DANRDHRD Ben Michels (@DANRDHRD) reported

    @SSBUNews Most wanted is crash bandicoot. Least wanted is Tracer from overwatch.

  • Clovereign Clovereign /Lucky/ (@Clovereign) reported

    Welp, we cant finish a qp because the server keep getting an error. We are trap in a loop, send help. #Overwatch #playoverwatch

  • LaboratoryLlama HerMajestyTheLlama (@LaboratoryLlama) reported

    I just want my own propper lil setup so I can play Overwatch without lagging out my butt. #shelflife

  • sinnaminirae Rae 🎃 (@sinnaminirae) reported

    @MomentumOW @VolkeOW He can play Overwatch. That's not the problem. The problem is him streaming and becoming a public figure and having power in the community again.

  • ryrysomeguy Grownup TJ Detweiler but Spookier (@ryrysomeguy) reported

    @washingtonpost @Blizzard_Ent Overwatch is my favorite online game, but I cannot continue supporting the company after this. It's a shame, because I was going to buy Overwatch for my Switch this week. That's not happening now, and it won't until they see their error here.

  • HELLBRUISER N. S. Hellberg 🎃 (@HELLBRUISER) reported

    Everyone talking about losing money in Fortnite because it's over... Games. As. A. Service. Means that shit like will can happen! You pump a shitload of money into something. It'll go away. You don't own Fortnite. You don't own Overwatch. You don't even own Splatoon. Sorry.

  • MrsFlutterShy Mighty Kiwi (@MrsFlutterShy) reported

    @DarkShadows7538 @GameStop @FortniteGame Destiny 2 blows, overwatch 2 is sir need a lot, rainbow 6 is hey imma use this glitch in rank, no man's sky is not everyone's thing, dead by daylight not my thing, gears 5 be nice to find a match that's not full of AI, Wow hey let's suppress people, warframe I got nothing bad to

  • Aidenb1127 Aiden Burridge (@Aidenb1127) reported

    @WalidTheMouffin I have more issues with overwatch crashing than any other game. I can’t even play it with my current PC. Just the way overwatch is I guess.

  • Sev_WoW Sev (@Sev_WoW) reported

    P.S. Fix your game Overwatch, I have had frame rate issues and long load times to get into the game for months. I couldn’t even get back in after realizing my mistake because it took too long to load back in.

  • IndigoRed_ Indigo Red (@IndigoRed_) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @overwatch @ESRBRatings @PEGI_RATING if you tell someone to do something else, because what they're doing right now is not working, could in fact, be considered offensive by them, utterly and completely DESTROYING the original purpose of the Code of Conduct you wrote. which means, they can rightfully report you for

  • IndigoRed_ Indigo Red (@IndigoRed_) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @overwatch @ESRBRatings @PEGI_RATING ... turning "GG EZ" into a macro for a wide variety of "pleasant" messages, even though everyone knows that they're being condescending (insert derogatory descriptive term of your choice here) players. >play nice, play fair a rule that is most often broken by said people.

  • IndigoRed_ Indigo Red (@IndigoRed_) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @overwatch @ESRBRatings @PEGI_RATING which in turn, is the TRUE problem with Overwatch's toxic community. I can wholeheartedly say that I have major issues with people who condescend upon others, more so than individuals using crude or even harsh language. You've even acknowledged this yourselves by ...

  • SphericalEarh The Earth Is Round (@SphericalEarh) reported

    @BlizzardCS fix overwatch already sym is still way to op .4 seconds on dooms punch is slight inconvenience plus I just got banned for no ******* reason comp is terrible I’m losing sr left and right because welp the meta just please just delete sym and everyone will be happy

  • sawwny the black hashira (@sawwny) reported

    i sold my ps4 a while ago but I’ve been so stressed without it like... all I would play is Overwatch to blow some steam out and then getting work done wouldn’t be a problem

  • BorzoiAy Αmalie W (@BorzoiAy) reported

    That was a fun stream! Might do Warframe tomorrow as well unless i manage to fix the Overwatch lag 😁

  • getstunnedbitch Shield Bash to Victory (@getstunnedbitch) reported from Everett, Washington

    I don’t like burst damage (Doomfist) in #overwatch but I also don’t like burst healing (Moria & Ana) so it’s kinda making all DPS that don’t do insane amounts of burst irrelevant. #blizzard has a lot of balance issues to look at. Smh #moria #doomfist #mercy #soldier76 #gaming

  • yourstrulyskyla skyla (@yourstrulyskyla) reported

    overwatch is broken & fortnite is broken, what’s the ******* point of me having a playstation.

  • SlickRickOW SlickRick (@SlickRickOW) reported

    @masteriangamer Need a big content drop. Wont fix the problems, but it will get everyone excited for a little while. Maybe drop a few new hero’s all at once, and a bunch of cosmetics, maybe a new game mode/maps. Hopefully we get an expansion at Blizzcon “Overwatch 2” should be a paid expansion

  • SoaRKayjii SoaR Kayjii (@SoaRKayjii) reported

    I'm not touching my main account in this season, no decay, a shitton of people cheating, double shield, private profiles everywhere. I like to Play Nice and Play Fair like Blizzard says but Overwatch doesnt have that right now. Relaxing on alt accounts until they fix their shit

  • SoaRKayjii SoaR Kayjii (@SoaRKayjii) reported

    I'm not touching my main account in this season, no decay, a shitton of people cheating, double shield, private profiles everywhere. I like to Play Nice and Play Fair like Blizzard says but Overwatch doesnt have that right now. Relaxing on alt accounts until they fix their shit

  • BlondiePwnz BlondiePwnz (@BlondiePwnz) reported

    officially putting Overwatch on the back burner. This game has so many issues with it competitively and it's just become not fun. Role que is not what I thought it would be. The q times are so long... I just don't have patients anymore for this game.

  • MattWilliamson9 Matt Williamson (@MattWilliamson9) reported

    @JimSterling They are full of shit. They are not above exploiting african culture for their games like Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm, but **** us Africans if we think they would at least have the decency to open servers in our continent. Lag is terrible for games like that.

  • Chico_Dust_E Chico (@Chico_Dust_E) reported

    @AskPlayStation Hey your webpage that says all services are up and running is freaking full of crap. I can't delete messages, join or create a party, and I've been kicked out of every multiplayer game I've tried to join. Dead by daylight, call of duty, overwatch... fix psn!

  • TwiztGG Ollie (@TwiztGG) reported

    @ReasonYoutube @Natesonn @KarQGames @Aspen_OW @YourOverwatchYT @SamitoFPS @TillyTwitch @TeriosGaming @Kephrii @holiwhirl @PVPX_ @Fitzyhere @Metro_OW I didn't watch the video, I agree he should 100% have mentioned it and talked about it. From your sentence "keep pumping out overwatch videos" it made it sound like your problem was with him making videos period. I think this is mostly a misunderstanding.

  • stantmf Beau B (@stantmf) reported

    @VolkeOW He can do so not in overwatch, he has proven himself to not be trusted and letting someone who has abused his power before back in the system is an insult to people who have faced with such an issue before

  • Kyle_365 Kyle (@Kyle_365) reported

    @PlayOverwatch hi blizzard/overwatch Every time I log in overwatch I have a error that causes me to not be able to use comms. Has been happening for a while now pls help

  • roadhogstitties bash (@roadhogstitties) reported

    although good news i didnt lag at all so i guess it's an overwatch thing

  • NashJR96 Ryan Nash (@NashJR96) reported

    @CreamiiBB You know what the Overwatch devs will do to fix it... nerf other players 🤡

  • midnacine Bethany (@midnacine) reported

    Some popular games/series to protest now that Activision Blizzard is canceled: World of Warcraft Overwatch Crash Bandicoot Wolfenstein Skylanders Spyro Guitar Hero Call of Duty Candy Crush Diablo

  • FalexUnknown PhoenixArising (@FalexUnknown) reported

    @TheGameHamster I'm gonna upgrade the power supply, graphics card, RAM, and the processor. And I think it will be where i want it after i do that. I stayed up til 5 am this morning trying out different games on it. It ran Apex Legends , Dauntless, and Overwatch without any issues.

  • RealMightEMouse MightEMouse🔜 TBD (@RealMightEMouse) reported

    Doomfist is the most broken ******* hero in Overwatch. FIX THE ******* GAME AND NERF HIM

  • venuswrgn 🐺𝖂𝖊𝖗𝖊𝖜𝖔𝖑𝖋 𝕻𝖊𝖉𝖗𝖔🐺 (@venuswrgn) reported

    Boku no hero has the same body issues that Overwatch when it comes to female bodies It is exactly the f same issue. Big girls turns skinny legends

  • yebuuma buuma LF cute wink (blue) (@yebuuma) reported

    why is every overwatch player so unhappy all the time abt meta. i am overwatch player too but what would even fix it..... also r we just not getting halloween event

  • Dengekichan 🎃👻𝕯𝖊𝖓𝖌𝖊𝖐𝖎𝖍𝖎𝖒𝖊👻🎃 (@Dengekichan) reported

    @incognico__ It's a shame because overwatch was the only game as a service that wasn't jam packed with money exclusive content

  • XiordS Xiord (@XiordS) reported

    @TheWhisperShot @mkoelemen @Smoken_OW I dont know if its only me but i play overwatch to have fun, not to moan about a hero that isnt broken like moira shes fine. The real problem is doomfist.

  • aSnabbAnanas Axel Holgersson (@aSnabbAnanas) reported

    @TheExoElite8083 @Jerbsinator @sturamnator @Blizzard_Ent Why are you so mad, overwatch isnt as good as it was, it progresses too slowly and updates often cause more problems than it solves

  • pasteldogg 🦇warren🦇 (@pasteldogg) reported

    I wanted to buy overwatch yesterday, and so did my uncle, problem is I'm broke so my uncle bought it for himself and offered to let me play whenever I'm @ his place... Oh well better than nothing

  • STAR2D2_ STAR2D2 👻 (@STAR2D2_) reported

    I just got new glasses today and Overwatch literally looks like a whole different game. I think I found one of my biggest problems reguarding my gameplay...

  • GamingHeroTetsu Tetsuya Hikari@backlog hell 2019 (⁎˃ᆺ˂) (@GamingHeroTetsu) reported

    @frognymph @SoggyGod2 @PrinceSS_SSB2 @GtotheB1 I will answer your question though. Naturally, as a male myself, I've spent MORE time around "cis men", as you put it, than trans women. There's no denying that. Now, having said that, the trans women I DID encounter during my Overwatch days didn't have a problem with it.

  • dylanrj511 dylanrj51 (@dylanrj511) reported

    4v4 is a joke. If mercy is on the other team and revives someone you killed, the kill gets taken away. Blizzard fix that. #Overwatch #blizzard

  • NeKap Neil Kaplan (@NeKap) reported

    If I were and was still not in Overwatch, our bobe, would have a mighty big problem with that. #OhCousinJeff...

  • slayer0799 Zombie (@slayer0799) reported

    When @FortniteGame is unplayable because the game is lagging worse than a windows XP computer trying to run overwatch....fornite for the love of god fix your laggy servers please @Trapt35

  • 1upGaming1up 🎮 Creepy_Gaming🎮 (@1upGaming1up) reported

    As mad as I am with Blizzard I'm not going to do ether instead I'm going to not play their games for a while as them siding with china has Me worried for not just World of Warcraft and Overwatch but Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon as Blizzard is owned by Activision

  • ruby_ebook faker ruby (@ruby_ebook) reported

    fix overwatch mmr loss 2k17

  • puirtz Felix (@puirtz) reported

    @MisterAntiBully Dont worry theyll be working on a black trans overwatch hero. We all know that will fix it!

  • ATakenUsername3 Nobody (@ATakenUsername3) reported

    @ShiftyArchfey @EENlX @ThedosianC Well, it's not the reason I took that mentality, I just got tired of chasing after people who don't understand team work then blame me for all their problems. It's not my fault you tried to 1v5...******' casual Overwatch.

  • Damage_Mode Doc💉 (@Damage_Mode) reported

    @mischief_more So they stick to their values and the gamers of China never get to play overwatch...Last of us 2,countless other games. The problem here isn’t the game companies it’s China censoring everything. It’s a ****** system but that’s just how it is. (Not that i support blizzard anyways)

  • Primey_ Brian 🎃 (@Primey_) reported

    xQc said he isn't streaming Overwatch because of the whole Blizzard issue which is ******* sad. He should be allowed to stream whatever he wants but you know fine well this trash community will put him on blast if he does stream Overwatch.

  • Tuplet Jayna 「ジェイナ」 (@Tuplet) reported

    @UnknownEnby @jpVari @KaijuFunk @Kafzeil @CaseyExplosion The huge problem is that appeal and attractiveness are two different things. Animation can be ugly but have appeal. Think of the queen in Snow White in her old lady disguise. Appealing but ugly. Or think of some of the ugly characters in Overwatch like Road Hog.

  • GDAnnin Tracy 🌈🎃🍂🦇 (@GDAnnin) reported

    Let me rewrite all of Overwatch. Hand the rights straight to me. I’ll fix it. I’ll make the timeline make sense and make everyone queer. I’ll FIX IT

  • animelytical animelytical (@animelytical) reported

    @Darksoul9669 @NocteDK @BellularGaming @TaliesinEvitel Tali is idealistic, but wrong. And Pride is as off topic as Hong Kong independence in regards to competitive Overwatch. Never had a problem with it, but it just catches Blizz in another lie. This is a new standard that exists *because* they wanted to appease Chinese government

  • RealBenGilbert Ben "Several people are typing..." Gilbert (@RealBenGilbert) reported

    Yes, of course there are Blizzard apologists defending the ongoing very dumb situation. I also really like Overwatch. That doesn't make this a very dumb situation where Blizzard made a mistake then made a half-assed attempt to fix that mistake.

  • JeffMan1490 🎃Spooker JeffTendo👻 (@JeffMan1490) reported

    @ShellshockPrime Welp, looks like sales for Overwatch on Switch will be having problems.

  • Frappelychee Frappelychee (@Frappelychee) reported

    @Jerbsinator @sturamnator @Blizzard_Ent Overwatch is good in the sense that they don't focus purely on graphics & instead on gameplay yet still have good graphics, game mechanics & physics are well polished, it's still getting free updates. One big issue is matchmaking..70% of matches are so one-sided. 1v4 matches 😭

  • minivansocrates kylie webb, but not happy about it (@minivansocrates) reported

    i ******* called it just got on overwatch and support queue time was 9 minutes. theyve broken their own goddamn game, AGAIN

  • waifumochi ⋆˚。WaifuSpooki🎃👻 (@waifumochi) reported

    I feel like an ability that can one shot most heroes rather easily with a huge hitbox that is THAT inconsistent and buggy is frustrating to people that play him AND playing against him. The charge time wasn’t an issue. Nobody complained about that but thank you overwatch

  • jukedjuls juls (@jukedjuls) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent hey support hong kong, release the halloween event, and stop being ******* uwuw I am embarassed to be apart of the overwatch community as of recent. please fix things.

  • katszc Kats (@katszc) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce GTX980Ti for Overwatch (played mostly indie games before so had no need for a good card lul) Still serves me well, though 2 fans are broken, and if the last one breaks... *shudder*, am too poor for this sht.

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  • BLZBNTBNA000003E8
  • BLZBNTBTS00000028
  • BLZOWPAY10200162
  • lc-202