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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Sign in 41.94% Sign in
  • Online Play 22.58% Online Play
  • Game Crash 19.35% Game Crash
  • Glitches 16.13% Glitches

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Shawinigan Game Crash
Vilnius Game Crash
Meylan Game Crash
Luque Glitches
Zapopan Sign in
Draveil Game Crash

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  • bexchangewords Bex (@bexchangewords) reported

    My partner plays Path of Exile too and he just came up to me while I was busy and was like, “Let me show you my build!” and at first I was like hiss I’m not working but then it ended up being a necro that used cyclone and cwc and it was actually pretty neat. He can stay I guess.

  • deliants Marius (@deliants) reported

    @pathofexile spending the money i was saving for supporter packs on RMAH. a scam proof trade system will net you more money and players, not less. retention is a problem because people need full time traders

  • Pure_Relentless Rob Relentless (@Pure_Relentless) reported

    @The_OG_G4M3R @BlessUnleashed @pathofexile Chill, this game is new and needs time to work out the kinks. Every new game has issues at the beginning, give them time to fix things.

  • BlazeKisiragi Who am I, really? (@BlazeKisiragi) reported

    @ssshuckle This is the worst ive ever seen it. They cant account for the new ping and the game is destroying itself because of it It reminds me of path of exile and how they handle Lockstep, where you cant disconnect sooner than 6 seconds after logging or the entire game stops functioning

  • QuincyKingWins Quin (@QuincyKingWins) reported

    @veronicavoyeur Used to, but now if I need a fix of endless farming for nothing but power creep I stick to path of exile since she does it better

  • Edvoli Magdalena (@Edvoli) reported

    @pathofexile Huge lag issues atm. Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, all the same.

  • Epicaracacy Epic Bunny (@Epicaracacy) reported

    So in my attempt to fix my sleep schedule i actually somehow madeit worse. Still need to do my exercise and some house work before i can jump in. I’ll be starting cod till we finish the battle pass and then more konkeydong on Path of Exile

  • Noximos Noximos (@Noximos) reported

    @pathofexile Okay fix Sirus I died to instant Meteors today no time to think just teleported in and bam meteor smashing me into want to uninstall this game...

  • GIMMELAMPS The Moth Lord (@GIMMELAMPS) reported

    @1234598ad @pathofexile No nerfs, only broken stuff that got fixed.

  • Smowky4 Smowky (@Smowky4) reported

    @pathofexile Just fix your bs game

  • bluebigbanana1 heavyBanan (@bluebigbanana1) reported

    @pathofexile Fix shop on platforms ps4 and xbox please! It’s killing all gampley and u lost your audience.

  • SkyIncow SkyIncow (@SkyIncow) reported

    @pathofexile Fix your game b4

  • TSVStriFe Marcel A. Niemans (@TSVStriFe) reported

    @pathofexile Amsterdam server seriously have issues. I cannot connect to it for 4 times, then I'm finally in the game and then changing area's take atleast 2 to 4 minutes to change.

  • TheSlanyPirate SlanyPirate (@TheSlanyPirate) reported


  • Melon_Puffs Mommy Melon (@Melon_Puffs) reported

    Been having performance and crashing issues in the new path of exile league so I stopped playing. There have been a couple updates since I last played so I decided to give it another shot, instantly crash 5 mins in. Pls bro I just want to play your video game.

  • VojislavSkrbic Vojislav Skrbic (@VojislavSkrbic) reported

    @pathofexile just remove lag from europe servers no need to add anything.

  • massamjordan jordan (@massamjordan) reported

    @fink_isaac got me playing Path of Exile now and i can already tell this is going to be a problem

  • MikeMusic90 Neero (@MikeMusic90) reported

    @RikkeVartiainen @pathofexile it forsure is a broken build, but still it doesnt effect anyone else. Its not like its way faster then a typical Headhunter settup. it needed a nerf, but kinda dont agree on it being nerfed mid league when its not affecting the market or any player. its a semi multiplayer game

  • nocturnmafaka Vladimir Lysenko (@nocturnmafaka) reported

    @pathofexile fix servers pls, unplayable

  • ANicHamilton Amber Hamilton (@ANicHamilton) reported

    @Keelty98829045 @pathofexile Guardians are far from worthless. Also I've yet to see any facebreaker, zerker or otherwise, reach 10M dps without mirror tier gear in a league. Which is part of the issue with this build: you use cheap, common uniques, garbage rares and rolled your own jewels. For 50M+ dps.

  • greyson_west greyson west (@greyson_west) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the snipe bug please

  • GonzotheGreat19 Edward Takoch (@GonzotheGreat19) reported

    @pathofexile Just got screwed out of two maps tier2 was timed out from and game almost didn't let me back in. Tier 3, tried to enter portal, got Error failed to created portal to area or something like that, then all my portals disappeared and it said subarea no longer exists

  • AaronLauw Wei Liu (@AaronLauw) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the assailum helmet sound bug please

  • grenader3000 Nicolas Van Keuren (@grenader3000) reported

    @pathofexile Build must of been broken as f for ggg to nerf it mid league. From the sounds if it the build will still be broken. Not sure why the hate. A lot of good changes in this patch. Thank you ggg 😁

  • PacoCaminoo PacoTrade 🐂 (@PacoCaminoo) reported

    @Lacrapetta @pathofexile Feel like age for me and they dont fix it.

  • Salokniir Salok (@Salokniir) reported

    @pathofexile I hope this patch fix the optimization problems, i love the game but dying because of freezes is a huge let down.

  • PacoCaminoo PacoTrade 🐂 (@PacoCaminoo) reported

    @pathofexile Fix Cortex Map. 2 Years.

  • RoleplayerAngry Actually DPS PoE Builds (@RoleplayerAngry) reported

    @pathofexile @robbns_ looks like trade is back, but Live search is not working anymore!

  • Zerotre74 Francesco. (@Zerotre74) reported

    Hey @pathofexile I'm having continuous problems with lag spikes, changing server the it work fine for some minutes and then lag again, no similar problems with other games or before this...

  • VPM1997 Vinícius (@VPM1997) reported

    GGG @pathofexile fix the trade website, PLEASE!

  • TeferiMTG Teferi, Socialism Understander (@TeferiMTG) reported

    @majin_shinsa @VerbalDevil Yeah, the problem is the best deck rn is playing 4 copies of path to exile and you don't want to burn your whole hand just to get pathed turn 1.

  • DJWolfBot DJWolfBot (@DJWolfBot) reported

    @SSploon Trying to get back at some point when I'm not burned out. I was also trying to play Path of Exile a couple days ago, but shits ******* laggy and broken, so I just stopped playing until the fix shit and now I have to suffice with what I have atm.

  • moorlinguine julian (@moorlinguine) reported

    @pathofexile Having a lot of server lag issues

  • RoleplayerAngry Actually DPS PoE Builds (@RoleplayerAngry) reported

    @pathofexile I salute ggg for this brave move! Please nerf voices, one with nothing and stat stacking jewels too. And buff melee jewels, they are too weak. **** the metacucks, market flippers and all the delusional whiny abusers who thought that broken builds are fine. It must be fixed

  • Hotdogrr Guillaume Dogrr C 🍃 (@Hotdogrr) reported

    @bruno_surf07 @pathofexile they literally admitted their mistake, apologized about it and are trying to fix it, can you ******* children stop crying already no one cares

  • ViirulenceTV ViirulenceTV (@ViirulenceTV) reported

    @GregoryRamner @pathofexile They are calling it what they know players will call it because they want to get the hostility out sooner rather than letting it fester. They don't want a bunch of children trying to argue their point of 'It'S sTiLl A nErF'. The mechanics were not working as intended.

  • SilentTreat SilentTreat (@SilentTreat) reported

    @Noximos @pathofexile The problem it made just about everything not involved with the build pretty much worthless. The trade market was reflecting this.

  • Hakuryu89 Hiragana (@Hakuryu89) reported

    @pathofexile Ul fix this after a couple of weeks but not bosses bugging from being frozen for literal years 🙄

  • silvuxp Silvina Jezebel 🇵🇱 👌 (Sylwia 😊) (@silvuxp) reported

    @DasLewisYT @pathofexile They stated they wouldn't immediately fix it and based on that premise people went and spent currency on it, myself included. You know what they shouldo do next time, keep their mouths shut and just nerf it, or don't, but this type of shit ain't right.

  • Shaltil Shalti (@Shaltil) reported

    @bruno_surf07 @pathofexile Yeah because notable stacking being a gamebreaking problem on one out of 280 nodes while it works perfectly well with the vast majority of the rest is a stacking problem, and not a problem with that specific node Nice logic. Or lack thereof.

  • DasLewisYT DasLewis (@DasLewisYT) reported

    @Wyvernx666 @pathofexile They would have let it remain for the league if it wasn't so incredibly broken

  • DasLewisYT DasLewis (@DasLewisYT) reported

    @silvuxp @pathofexile The node is completely busted and needs an immediate fix.

  • Faded1414 :) (@Faded1414) reported

    @pathofexile All the people who took the ez way out playing a braindead broken build are triggered now

  • Dawes743 Dawes (@Dawes743) reported

    Just as I started enjoying and having fun with a build, which rarely ******* happens in path of exile, they nerf it to absolute shit completely shifting the market turning my investment into nothing. Understandable that it's broken, but since when did ggg kill builds mid league.

  • ViirulenceTV ViirulenceTV (@ViirulenceTV) reported

    @pathofexile Imagine people thinking that 'fixing a skill that isn't working as intended' is 'nerfing something mid-league'. Sorry that your build was built upon a broken, design broken not just overpowered, design and now it's getting fixed. Lmao

  • ZiiTwitch GGZii (@ZiiTwitch) reported

    @pathofexile Haven't played this league, first one I've missed. I'm sick of FPS lag, I'm tired of 3 month rushed cycles, I'm tired of the first 1-2months being a beta.

  • Alanhappylife Alan (@Alanhappylife) reported

    @pathofexile Cool, fix the trade

  • GreinerWesley weasel.grinder (@GreinerWesley) reported

    @pathofexile It’s behaving exactly how it’s supposed to, it’s just that stacking it is broken

  • KLSMTL K-Liss Photography (@KLSMTL) reported

    Fk this ur hot fixe worked for a day at max , now back to GGG's usual mega random lag meta or blight are unplayable even worst in elderslayer encounters not to mention if doin a full loaded map with meta+ perandus+ect forget it #LagFest @pathofexile @bexchangewords

  • RoleplayerAngry Actually DPS PoE Builds (@RoleplayerAngry) reported

    @Tytykiller_ @pathofexile We ArE InVesTigAtIng ThE PrObLeM

  • NenadVuckovic4 Nenad Vuckovic (@NenadVuckovic4) reported

    Hey @pathofexile I've been having trouble with poe all day long. Lag makes the game unplayable. I am directly connected to the net, and Apex legends is working fine with no lag, so i assume it's the servers. I live in Europe. Tnx in adv for looking it up

  • terminallynerdy Terminally Nerdy (@terminallynerdy) reported

    I think I am done with @WolcenGame for the time being. Gonna work on the review this weekend. Spoiler Alert: Crashes ruin the experience. And they KEEP happening. I am good on @pathofexile for now too. Think I am gonna start lookin at @LastEpoch for my ARPG fix.

  • ScuffedTheGnome ScuffedTheGnome (@ScuffedTheGnome) reported

    Had to cancel stream today, massive power outage that killed my router, Will have a new one tomorrow. Stream will return Tuesday with Path of Exile end game/mapping & maybe start a new ARPG if I can find one that looks fun, I hope everyone has a great night!

  • rouhi_tv rouhi 🐭 (@rouhi_tv) reported

    no one plays path of exile but i want everyone to know that there's a guy who very often makes up new builds that preform so many actions at once that they generally crash the server when too many people attempt them and i think that's very funny

  • HiqueHaas Henrique (@HiqueHaas) reported

    pls fix ur server asap @pathofexile

  • zzskl Sz (@zzskl) reported

    holy shit fix your game ***** @pathofexile

  • kanreol Kanreol (@kanreol) reported

    For the second weekend in a row, @pathofexile gets broken for me. Last one – buffer underflow, this one – lagging, rubberbanding, disonnects. And naturally, no hope for any fixes until Monday.

  • malasdair M. Alasdair (@malasdair) reported

    it's 5:40 AM and it turns out that beefing the fire is exactly enough work for exactly long enough to completely wake me up. it also turns out that the Path of Exile installer is unable to resume a download and will absolutely shit the bed in a heartbeat if there's a server issue

  • CrankyRaccoon Cranky Raccoon (@CrankyRaccoon) reported

    @pathofexile Stop selling crap and fix the damn lag.

  • theSaluteirl theSalute 😎7 (@theSaluteirl) reported

    there has been a couple of times I wanna play Path of Exile but the load on their servers has been more than expected so there are lag spikes at certain times, kinda poop for hardcore ) : don't wanna die broooo