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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Online Play (10.64%)
  • Glitches (4.26%)

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  • Darprog
    DarpSyX (@Darprog) reported

    @pathofexile I can't play properly play the game I'm getting disconnected to login screen every 2 minutes or less, what's going on pls help me out. Just bought a support pack and this is outrageous.

  • Squishypride
    Henry The Hooman😀👍🏽 (@Squishypride) reported

    I am done with Path of exile and its latency problems. Time to find another ARPG that isn't diablo.

  • Aaron_josephh
    Aaron 🦁 (@Aaron_josephh) reported

    @pathofexile I started playing on steam but do to all the crashes i was told to go to standalone now it's saying don't have a poe account anyway to fix this

  • Tranganyo
    Tranganho (@Tranganyo) reported

    @Dysenigrate @pathofexile It was bugged out and GGG was constantly delaying a fix, but it's working right now.

  • ColonelWambat
    ColonelWambat (@ColonelWambat) reported

    @pathofexile my buddy just did tiny's trial on xbox, so he started it and because of how laggy it is, it didnt even show the currency to him, so he couldn't even do it, please fix this and make items show right away, this is a simple thing that still hasn't been fixed on xbox

  • ColonelWambat
    ColonelWambat (@ColonelWambat) reported

    @pathofexile i understand u care more about the pc version but people do play the xbox version and it is in a horrid state of frame drop, lagg spikes, and 2-5 min loading into zones, please take some time to fix these simple things.

  • Jelipongas_
    Jelipongas (@Jelipongas_) reported

    I want to play PoE I want to play PoE I want to resolve for mi problem but You're so busy GGG Supporter I've got to play PoE GGG knows, GGG knows I want to play PoE #PoE #PathofExile

  • Jelipongas_
    Jelipongas (@Jelipongas_) reported

    I want to play PoE I want to play PoE I want to resolve for mi problem but You're so busy GGG Supporter I've got to play PoE GGG knows, GGG knows I want to play PoE #PoE #PathofExile

  • Tranganyo
    Tranganho (@Tranganyo) reported

    @Dysenigrate @pathofexile They were broken in standard but apparently it was solved today.

  • Summer_Sal
    Sal (@Summer_Sal) reported

    @Graves_CTR Truth. Over in Path of Exile and the community is SO positive. If the server goes down it's like, "They will fix it soon, all is well." I suppose there are two ways to look at it: 1.The community doesn't trust Blizz. or 2. Blizz lost the trust they once had.

  • Akax1337
    Akax Jenkins (@Akax1337) reported

    @pathofexile fix map tabs.

  • rainbabe42
    Rainbabe42 (@rainbabe42) reported

    @snowcucco Same issues here lol that storm won't let me play path of exile 😭

  • bigboss18750
    bigboss (@bigboss18750) reported

    @pathofexile hi team getting lag spikes on the Australia server, is this anything to with poe servers or an internet issue checked network/resource monitor and nothing from my end, i died due to these lag spikes, not good

  • Achloryn
    Too tired for a clever name (@Achloryn) reported

    @pathofexile i've had more disconnects and 5+ second lag spikes this week than i've had in the 3 or 4 years i've been playing this game. this is getting ridiculous

  • ToddSmi74996387
    Goldvains Gallery (@ToddSmi74996387) reported

    @pathofexile Fix your xbox shop you cant buy credits right now

  • Flinkerkobold
    Tom (@Flinkerkobold) reported

    @pathofexile please fix the prophecy chains and crafting rewards, been bugged for the last 3 patches and its still not fixed

  • zaric
    Zaric Zhakaron (@zaric) reported

    @archivedproject @DovahChim Path of Exile however is a free to play game, meaning the micros existing are the cost of entry. If you had to buy the game AND they existed, then I'd have a problem with it.

  • Claylex1
    Claylex 🎮 (@Claylex1) reported

    I'm gonna be streaming Shadow Warrior for the rest of todays streaming session since Path Of Exile is lagging REALLY REALLY badly.

  • JoPOWz
    Joachim (@JoPOWz) reported

    @pathofexile It has now been 3 days since you fixing an issue preventing me from trading led to an accidental account ban. Still nothing to the updated ticket or new ticket I raised with support. Please can you sort this out for me, very frustrating.

  • Cooleoso
    Nathanael Schultz (@Cooleoso) reported

    Trying to play some @pathofexile but between my internet issues and being sick. I’m stuck lookin at the login screen!

  • EkremPalabyk
    Ekrem Palabıyık (@EkremPalabyk) reported

    fix it pls. @pathofexile

  • EkremPalabyk
    Ekrem Palabıyık (@EkremPalabyk) reported

    fix it pls. @pathofexile

  • NeverSinkGaming
    NeverSink (@NeverSinkGaming) reported

    The filter release for betrayal went very smooth. Little to no anomalies ( large expansions are volatile ) and no major filterblade problems. Still: expect another filter update this weekend that fine-tunes everything! Everything short of perfection is irrelevant! #PathofExile

  • VanOri_YT
    Oliver Lützenkrichen (@VanOri_YT) reported

    Some company tried to claim old PoE Videos of mine, but since the forum and the Terms of Service are more than awesome I found everything I need to kick their claim :D I'm not even advertising... Love you guys! @pathofexile

  • Mr_Birdey
    MrBirdey (@Mr_Birdey) reported

    Having some internet issues. Really laggy and frustrating. Going to call it but we did start the starter cyclone chieftain. Will be back tomorrow full force. Normal time. 9:30 pm central US come watch the spinnyness unfold! #twitch #twitchtv #pathofexile

  • EkremPalabyk
    Ekrem Palabıyık (@EkremPalabyk) reported

    @pathofexile fix it.

  • EkremPalabyk
    Ekrem Palabıyık (@EkremPalabyk) reported

    @pathofexile fix it pls. im still waiting.

  • Akax1337
    Akax Jenkins (@Akax1337) reported

    @pathofexile fix map tabs. Empty remove-only map tabs have been there for almost a year now and more issues have appeared.

  • kevintay96
    My Info (@kevintay96) reported

    @pathofexile Having issues loading into the website on every browser I try css doesn't seem to be loading correctly.

  • Mholliday21Mike
    Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile plz fix all the bugs on Xbox can't see what specters to summon with left trigger and map tab and unique maps are gone

  • AnjerosanTwitch
    anjerosan (@AnjerosanTwitch) reported

    Tested several Path of Exile realms and 2 came out good - Texas (good) - Moscow (good) - Australia (laggy) - Japan (laggy) - Singapore (worst lag) I’m from SEA btw so this is disappointing. #Betrayal

  • chadhenrydavis
    Chad Davis (@chadhenrydavis) reported

    @pathofexile Login errors currently happening to everyone. Please fix before I have to go to work!

  • TheMoralSupport
    TheEmotionalSupport (@TheMoralSupport) reported

    @pathofexile getting an "Error 502" message when attempting to use website. Others are reporting issues logging in as well as other issues in game.

  • x3ro069
    gobbers (@x3ro069) reported

    @pathofexile Error League, great patch guys!

  • ItsLorgarn
    Lorgarn (@ItsLorgarn) reported

    @emilavara @pathofexile Thank you for reminding me. I need to fix a cloud spot where I upload all of my packages for people to download for free. It's coming!

  • Yajnaji
    Demon of the fail (@Yajnaji) reported

    @pathofexile Fix map drop rate. NOW!

  • Nuntius19927063
    Nuntius (@Nuntius19927063) reported

    @r_boyd09 @pathofexile Yeh the issue starterd way back in 3.0 alot of people have made forum posts about it but I haven't seen devs responding to any of the posts. It's a really big issue I don't understand why they don't want to give us a fix. It's like they are purposely ignoring the problem.

  • Anundir
    Christopher (@Anundir) reported

    @pathofexile Still no fix for the broken sacrifice chamber in Incursions. :(

  • Master_Zoen
    Kevin M. (@Master_Zoen) reported

    So, after going back and forth with Path of Exile's tech support due to a server issue I've been having, their "solution" equates to "just don't use that server". That's not a fix. :|

  • InkyPandaBear
    ./ 42 (Anna) (@InkyPandaBear) reported

    .@pathofexile Welp, it seems one of the new league quests is broken. I disconnected from a game earlier while dealing with a Syndicate fortification, and I got put back in the same game, but the Syndicate was gone with the quest still active.

  • r_boyd09
    Ryan Boyd (@r_boyd09) reported

    @Nuntius19927063 @pathofexile Honestly the only workaround I've found is to use a vpn, which is bullshit. I don't understand what the problem is.

  • SagnaCreations
    Lucas Marques (@SagnaCreations) reported


  • SagnaCreations
    Lucas Marques (@SagnaCreations) reported


  • Jelipongas_
    Jelipongas (@Jelipongas_) reported

    @pathofexile H!, yesterday I put a report with a problem I had with my account, they responded very quickly, but after that I have not received an answer, I would like to know if it will take a long time to find a solution for my problem

  • pirs
    sleep enthusiast (@pirs) reported

    @pathofexile fix your serverssss

  • germinathor23
    germinathor (@germinathor23) reported

    @pathofexile please fix the servers guys I cant log in and other people is playing :( brazil servers please!!

  • N1lslB0hr
    a_law_student (@N1lslB0hr) reported

    @pathofexile Altar of sacrifice not working in temple of atzoatl

  • JorshFernandez
    jorge fernandez (@JorshFernandez) reported

    @pathofexile I hope this fix the sao paulo servers in some way, cant login right now

  • Spectrumpigg
    Spectrumpigg (@Spectrumpigg) reported

    @Stahrjo @Marcelbox1 @pathofexile Never had the problem until 3.5. Defragged and verified integrity of files. Still an issue.

  • jaccamus
    Jaime Codoceo (@jaccamus) reported

    @pathofexile problems with Login ...really hard to get in.

  • GamingWitJT
    GamingWitJT (@GamingWitJT) reported

    @pathofexile can you refresh your api please! trades sites not working

  • germinathor23
    germinathor (@germinathor23) reported

    @pathofexile please fix the servers guys I cant log in and other people is playing :(

  • AntaryKw
    Antary (@AntaryKw) reported

    @pathofexile Yay now we need to wait some hours to play this again.... I expect they fix the Altar of Sacrifice

  • WilkMilkinson
    Chas Wilkinson (@WilkMilkinson) reported

    When you hear the notification sound of your first high currency drop and the servers for @pathofexile crash again. The real reason behind this leagues name choice has been discovered 💔.

  • Sansao_Z
    Édi Sansão (@Sansao_Z) reported

    @pathofexile So, this servers problem all day and all night go kill the game i think... play atention!

  • Sunshine5864
    Sunshine5864 (@Sunshine5864) reported

    @pathofexile Bragged to my WoW friends that I wasn't having any issues getting into and playing PoE and I was heaiding back to Wraeclast. Now I cannot get in!! "unexpected disconnection". *sob

  • MikolajLorek
    Mikolaj Lorek (@MikolajLorek) reported

    @pathofexile Dude... We're literally killing the Syndicate boss with my pal when wild server down appeared...

  • razvun21
    razvun (@razvun21) reported

    @pathofexile fix ur servers morons. it keeps on happening

  • korhayus
    SirFroggington (@korhayus) reported

    @pathofexile Pulling the server down at peak times in the states, shame :(

  • BrandonMatthewF
    MrFish (@BrandonMatthewF) reported

    @pathofexile From reddit: We're working on it! Sorry about the inconvenience. Edit: We have found the problem and are bringing the realm back up. There was a misconfiguration on a server that has been fixed and we'll make sure that doesn't happen again.