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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • Game Crash (20.83%)
  • Glitches (12.50%)
  • Matchmaking (4.17%)

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  • AbyssWithin LightHasNoShadow (@AbyssWithin) reported

    @pathofexile Please FIX memory nexus portals blocking synthesized chests. You cannot open them cuz you cannot target them, only the portal.

  • Skylerryan10412 Skyler ryan (@Skylerryan10412) reported

    Continuous crash on #pathofexile on #PS4 this is getting rediculous I can’t even play it’s getting worse

  • miea_sin Fam4Gamers Sin (@miea_sin) reported

    Sorry Borderland techincal issues ... moving into Path of Exile. #poe

  • captdaf Potato: Chips Don't Lie (@captdaf) reported

    Kind of annoying: was streaming #TheWitness for 6 hours today until my PS4 dropped the connection. In the final room. Three times. Several hours later I'm trying again with @pathofexile but getting the same issue within 30 seconds. Modem says 5.7/1.0 Mbps down/up which is normal.

  • FrellingHazmot FrellingHazmot Ⓥ🏳️‍🌈 (@FrellingHazmot) reported

    @GbHaseo @pathofexile A good problem to have

  • VidderFandomic Jason Javier (@VidderFandomic) reported

    @pathofexile That's cool and all but... fix PS4 optimization. Game be crashing and lag spiking.

  • DeadFishTTV DeadFishTTV (Formerly known as Wrathnarok) (@DeadFishTTV) reported

    Everyone should avoid @pathofexile until they fix the damn thing. It blue screens too damn much. The developers are more worried about shoving their cash shop down your throat than fixing the game. Im so done and very dissapointed.

  • drkloco William Bryant (@drkloco) reported

    @pathofexile found out the issue flesh offering cant be on the x button because u cant open chest,open doors,or use portals @RetroGravy @bexchangewords

  • PlumpoLumpo Joshua Meehan (@PlumpoLumpo) reported

    @grufftech @FractalDesignNA @pathofexile Yeah, but you also have a problem.

  • VidderFandomic Jason Javier (@VidderFandomic) reported

    @pathofexile Fix PS4 bugs ffs

  • InsaneyHaney InsaneyHaney (@InsaneyHaney) reported

    @Pezcore_27 @pathofexile I’m not hype on any of their MTXs and it’s kinda lame they continue to pump them out and charge so much for them. Thier game has broken league mechanics from this league AND last league still. Let’s not forget about the optimization. I’m not impressed.

  • gergg13 Nazgul (@gergg13) reported

    @bexchangewords It's only been 6years and I've probably passed 6,000 hours on Path of Exile. I'm sorry for my chair, which is currently broken.

  • Oxygen2004 Zynthara (Chelle) (@Oxygen2004) reported

    @pathofexile The new patch on PS4 is causing horrible rubber banding lag spikes. It's not playable right now.

  • Oxygen2004 Zynthara (Chelle) (@Oxygen2004) reported

    @bass4002 @jonnyboi2525 @pathofexile I've just logged back in after the patch and it's not playable on PS4 right now, the lag spikes and rubber banding is awful. Just wasted sulphite in the mines. Grrrr

  • bass4002 bass400 (@bass4002) reported

    @jonnyboi2525 @pathofexile Agree. Lag spikes are doing more damage than real spikes.

  • jonnyboi2525 jon moody (@jonnyboi2525) reported

    @pathofexile Its great we got armour skins but can we get a fix to end gane lag. The games in an unplayable state on ps4. Literally making us lose progression and maps over and over.


    @SobranHumanos @resh_aykut @pathofexile Typical of pc gamers, yelling at console players to play it on pc instead of yelling at the companies to fix their god damn shit, if my PS4 can run rdr 2 flawless then it should be able to run a game with last gen graphics with huge FPS dips.

  • DanLavrenz Dan Lavrenz (@DanLavrenz) reported

    @xiidarkiix @pathofexile General review and personal experience say differently. Please state your problem instead of unspecified ramblings.

  • balormage Balor Mage (@balormage) reported

    @pathofexile I've ran into an issue. I keep giving Grinding gear games all of my money. What do.

  • IncredibleJ0ker TheIncredibleJoker (@IncredibleJ0ker) reported

    @pathofexile The ridiculous 3 minute load screens are ******* ridiculous. Plus the lag isnt getting any better.

  • resh_aykut Aykut Tövbéstation (@resh_aykut) reported

    @SobranHumanos @pathofexile I think the problem is here Grinder Gear Games have 0 experience about consoles. Thats why the game is suffering rightnow. Its okay but i also believe that the game will be fixed soon.

  • xiidarkiix xiidarkiix (@xiidarkiix) reported

    @pathofexile guys making money on the game is definitely great but please fix the game for console users. im currently playing on the ps4 only because my friends are as well. in the current state the game is unplayable end game even when running solo.

  • Zero_Starlight Justin Wood (@Zero_Starlight) reported

    @formlesstweets @AngriestPat @pathofexile Are you really asking a question like that when it's Pat. No but seriously he's mentioned that controller is a lot more comfortable for him due to wrist issues or something to that effect.

  • rxzrenan Renan Antunes (@rxzrenan) reported

    @pathofexile ps4 game is disconnecting whenever I enter the boss room of primordial blocks maps. Lost the map because of it, plz fix it

  • KingBerrako KingBerrako (@KingBerrako) reported

    @pathofexile Failed to connect instance,returned to play this morning and I can not even make a complete nexus but you fail in the first but sooner or later you get the game for lost connection in the rooms to repair this as soon as there are more boys with these problems today

  • RoleplayerAngry Angry Roleplayer (@RoleplayerAngry) reported

    @pathofexile Wow.. that's huge! I though that would never happen. Fix atlas conversion too please

  • rice651 StickyRice651 (@rice651) reported

    I jumped into an incursion in #pathofexile on PS4 and it crashed the shit out of my console. Not just the game, the entire console took an electrical shit on my carpet making my laptop crash also. It probably didn’t really, but I can hope, because POE is ******* awesome. #ema

  • IsThisZe Ze (@IsThisZe) reported

    @pathofexile "Our solution to this problem is to add a button that both updates the series of the Map Stash Tab to the most recent one, but also bulk-converts all of the maps in it into equivalent ones at the right tiers from the new series. " I'm gonna cry this is so good

  • Noob_n_Co1991 Noob & Co. (@Noob_n_Co1991) reported

    Tonight is very alright though I my first time playing Path of Exile is difficult I'm thinking about doing a stream along with a list of games I'll be streaming if I have a schedule I won't have any problems but I'll just wing it by streaming on my PS4

  • LaughlinThomas thomas laughlin (@LaughlinThomas) reported

    @pathofexile having issues with your points store page in game I can browse everything except the point buy page... the game displays "Failed to get catalog details call to commerce::getproducts failed with error-2141902591" how do I fix this so I can buy some stuff.

  • _GeeBee_ GeeBeeEVE (@_GeeBee_) reported

    @accessiblegamer @pathofexile Yea they have an issue with policing bot's as a F2P. I don't know if there's precedence with them addressing accessibility software.

  • VidderFandomic Jason Javier (@VidderFandomic) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the lag on PS4 version smh

  • TeddieYoung teddiejohan (@TeddieYoung) reported

    @GrafEncounter @Knavt @OnlyLehr @pathofexile Assuming ppl only login to check the item soldout or not. The now system... you have to online full waiting notification to trade/sell item .

  • Shin0me Shinome (@Shin0me) reported

    @pathofexile What a BS response after a month of hell. Just buy SSD guys...Oh wait not even an SSD will help since i know a lot of people with SSDs having the same issues i do. Also all entities that spawn other entities create lag spikes or freezes or fps drops. NOT just Betrayal. Cut the BS

  • resh_aykut Aykut Tövbéstation (@resh_aykut) reported

    @pathofexile PS4 optimisation is so bad. There is a lot of fps drops, lags and server issues , please fix it .

  • douglasbpierce dpierce (@douglasbpierce) reported

    @pathofexile not sure what you guys have done, but ps4 has turned into a lag fest since last 2 updates. Plz look into as its almost unplayable.

  • Dranrock Jonathan (@Dranrock) reported

    @pathofexile the most shit content this game has to offer sadly, getting 1 shotted even wtih cap resistances or because some random server lag.

  • RompeAss47 Emmanuel (@RompeAss47) reported

    @pathofexile Man idgaf about any updates fix ps4 lagg it’s 3hrs grinding Xp so you can lose all to a retarded Roberben lag

  • vanchelot Vanchelot ⚜️ (@vanchelot) reported

    @pathofexile I don't really like that "Your hardware is the problem" tone on that post. That COULD be a reason, but you're certainly doing something wrong becaouse it also happens on high end machines. Don't forget that!

  • JimRonnySorlie Jim Ronny Paulsen Sørlie (@JimRonnySorlie) reported

    To @pathofexile Been experiencing some ingang issues. Tons of screenfreeze, expecially during syngicated. And sometimes my char just freezes in place, I can blink away, but I can not walk! Is there a fix to this soon! It's kinda ruining the game experience :( #help #pathofe

  • JustinIsbell7 Justin Isbell (@JustinIsbell7) reported

    @pathofexile Hey peeps wanted to report a problem I keep getting on ps4. Items will drop but it won't show the name to let me pick it up I had to leave area and come back in to make them pop up. It happens a lot and I have checked my filters.

  • NexMetu NexMetu (@NexMetu) reported

    @LGG_Azazel @pathofexile *heavy sarcasm* I know right far out they should make a new league test new league mechanics fix bugs fix their tech debt and on top of that focus on the whole game as a whole every 13 weeks.

  • RompeAss47 Emmanuel (@RompeAss47) reported

    @pathofexile Ps4 lag spike Ben playing ps4 ever sense it came out and am not even going to get mad 90% of all games with bad server always end up in one way. irritation it’s like a passive that stacks ,I wish you the best.

  • Joschinskii UniqueFlower (@Joschinskii) reported

    @pathofexile Good to see that u are at fixing things and bugs and.. I HOPE.. i hope so much: That the next step ist the betrayal fix. Its so frustrating, if u get every time a 5-10 sec. lagg (= 100% dead) - that doesnt makes fun to play. :(

  • FergStudio Nick Ferguson (@FergStudio) reported

    @pathofexile Hey guys. Was wondering if the input lag on ps4 was gonna be fixed at some point. I find the game unplayable in its current state.

  • IN_Ico Antony McKane (@IN_Ico) reported

    @simplySylvan @anthemgame @PlayWarframe @pathofexile Oh I'm right there with you dude, that's why I got to full masterwork and then just put it down until they resolve or abandon it. I do hope they seriously delay new content until they fix the core issues or do a relaunch style approach.

  • xiidarkiix xiidarkiix (@xiidarkiix) reported

    @pathofexile please improve the trade market, the frame drops, the blue screens, the random party drops, the random disconnects on playstation. the worst issue is the frame drops, the game is literally unplayable with certain builds end game.

  • BusquetsCallum1 callum busquets (@BusquetsCallum1) reported

    @pathofexile Plz fix all the crashes on PlayStation this is ridiculous atleast 10 crashes a day

  • BrotherBrev Lee Mcgill (@BrotherBrev) reported

    @pathofexile died again to the terrible lag on ps4 not spending another penny till its fixed

  • RichyRozayJamal RRJ (@RichyRozayJamal) reported

    @pathofexile Fix you're game please 😔

  • Derpikky Nanahara🔰 (@Derpikky) reported

    @pathofexile Please please fix the brazil Server, is a joke.. i have to play between texas and brasil and im from CHILE, br should be better for me, but no.. i have almost 1k ms everyday

  • germinathor23 germinathor (@germinathor23) reported

    just open a T16 vaal temple map then servers go down come back 1 hs later and my map disapier!! you need to fix brazil servers @pathofexile and do something in that case!

  • AnonymousFnx phœnix (@AnonymousFnx) reported

    @pathofexile Please fix the SP server

  • marriedceo Alper (@marriedceo) reported

    @pathofexile Stopped playing cus of latency problem,how come other developers solvw the issue but you!!

  • Edub944 Eric Williams (@Edub944) reported

    @pathofexile Please tell me u are fixing the latency issues.

  • mrgummybear2018 gummybear2018 (@mrgummybear2018) reported

    @pathofexile We need the glitch gone on ps4

  • Claw0001 Claw (@Claw0001) reported

    @GrafEncounter @pathofexile Standard has a few problems - Atlas reshuffling, Legacy items that are out of reach and in general league mechanics enter standard after significant nerfs. If you want to have fun, you need to play the league.

  • DjinnerationTTV M̷H̷ ̷D̷j̷i̷n̷n̷ (@DjinnerationTTV) reported

    @pathofexile perhaps you can fix the damn game on xbox,,,, you say your fixing crashes but it crashes more every time you do any update literally unable to level due to freezing and losing xp alot of money has been given from MTX why cant you just do right by your players...

  • n0m3f1ltr4d0 estrela da manhã (@n0m3f1ltr4d0) reported

    @pathofexile Fix The syndicate

  • Tobi123Tobs Tobi O (@Tobi123Tobs) reported

    @pathofexile fix those daaaaamn lags PLEASE !