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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • ReefTV Reef (@ReefTV) reported

    Latency is on par with most other online ARPGs but the netcode is ******* awful. 200ms ping in Wolcen feels like 500ms on Path of Exile. Hits don't register, Boss attacks are near impossible to dodge due to lag. This game feels like it's still in beta..

  • DasLewisYT DasLewis (@DasLewisYT) reported

    @Truenight_Kappa @pathofexile I heard it's got a lot of problems withservers and such right now

  • camsteh cams (@camsteh) reported

    so, wolcen seems disappointingly shallow and, when i tried playing online, there was enough lag to everything i did to make the experience unpleasant still better than path of exile

  • Shaltil Shalti (@Shaltil) reported

    @danysannn @pathofexile @pLg_SA 3.10 as in 3 point ten not sure where the problem is x) then 3.11, 3.12, and then either 3.13 or 4.0 I'd assume. Probably 3.13. Beta for 4.0 was supposed to start late 2020 if what was said at exilecon is still going

  • gctuck82 Geoffrey Tuck (@gctuck82) reported

    @Crixis_ @SeppukuHD @Dextobust33 @WolcenGame Path of Exile, could log in during the first 4 days of launch. Diablo 3, could log in eventually during the first 4 days of launch. Wolcen, servers down for 3 of the first 4 days of launch. Yep, exactly the same Kappa

  • TorNis7 TorNis Entertainment (@TorNis7) reported

    @Xedus @Phalinx666 nah, I am aware, and once again, dear lord, nobody is going to miss them. Most of their corporate shit is just pure comedy instead of video games. That being said, most of my contacts that I know are focusing on PC games on that service, like Path of Exile.

  • FentBlaster Coofer (@FentBlaster) reported

    @FiiiiRe1 @Exorius2 @_YoDawgg @WolcenGame Also from the top of my head, one measure to reduce these problems would be to do what Path of Exile does: Implement a queue and let in only as many people as you can handle, while scaling up your servers to deal with the load.

  • JustAMadRat Vinny Tpr (@JustAMadRat) reported

    My main issue with mmos is no matter what mmo it is it always ends the same way with a boring grind loop Like i love path of exile but maps are just a head ache to deal with none stop

  • Phatarr Nuganator (@Phatarr) reported

    @AaronMetal22 @AskPlayStation Yea I think there is something wrong with PS4 right now honestly because I can download them halfway but they stop I downloaded Path of exile with no problem it’s just the bigger games I can’t download like Apex or Call of duty

  • chiggathegreat1 Joseph Hill (@chiggathegreat1) reported

    Let me win so i can run @pathofexile with less issues

  • DigitalXAK Digital X (@DigitalXAK) reported

    @pathofexile When I login my player will be stuck, cannot move around and the analog stick just selects players, then after a while all actions in game are sped up and I get kicked for doing actions too quick. Like it is catching up. PS4 Pro using Ethernert in UK.

  • hoopah13b mark hooper (@hoopah13b) reported

    @pathofexile fix your ps4 port!!!!

  • Edub944 Eric Williams (@Edub944) reported

    @pathofexile please please please fix this game for console!!! Ps4 sirus awakener level 8 is unplayable. Game repeatedly lags to 1 frame and when it finally gets back you're dead. Pls give an update on how u plan on stabilizing this

  • Kirk25497149 fletcher (@Kirk25497149) reported

    @pathofexile With it being one of the laggiest most broken mechanics until it was fixed. I'm sure plenty of people have died.

  • natesoup smashifique (@natesoup) reported

    @pathofexile NA servers latency spiking all day, feels bad, please fix D:


    @pathofexile I’ve reported an issue a few times on PS4 now. When entering the Black Core to kill the black hearts and Malachai at some time during the battle (usually after Malachai’s health is less than 1/3) the game crashes out. Happens every, single, time.

  • bexchangewords Bex (@bexchangewords) reported

    @LunaWolve @pathofexile We currently have hundreds of microtransactions in progress. Sometimes it takes a year or more from start to finish to get them all the way through the development cycle. Sometimes they're scrapped at the last minute due to unforeseen issues.

  • GhhostWalking Tillar (@GhhostWalking) reported from Rowlett, Texas

    Hey @pathofexile fix your goddamn servers. If I get one more d/c in the middle of a boss fight I’m gonna punch a hole threw my monitor.

  • Istand4anthem IstandforAnthem (@Istand4anthem) reported

    May have to jump on blackout and smack around a few problem children in some cash games! About to come collect on dat ass, then jump right back on some @pathofexile and continue my grind. I may be casting spells and fighting dragons but I ain't sitting in the lobby!

  • ItsYojimbo YojimbOhlort (@ItsYojimbo) reported

    @pathofexile I can get behind this. One problem I’ve always had with barrage was you couldn’t see the skill at all in the middle of a fight.

  • Introdile 🍞🦙💕 (@Introdile) reported

    i really wish i knew why my keyboard keeps randomly cutting out on eso i had this same issue with path of exile and it's not my keyboard's batteries cause it works perfectly when im not tabbed into the game

  • linuxpaulm Paul M (@linuxpaulm) reported

    So my Stadia experience Vs GFN: GFN gives terrible graphical blurring, input lag and complaints of spotty connection on Path of Exile and Guild Wars 2 Stadia gives me none of this. I can play games like Destiny 2 and Borderlands 3 for hours with no issue

  • iamkristrammell Kristopher Trammell (@iamkristrammell) reported

    Holy lag @pathofexile, made it to the endgame on here and tried a map and lagged so bad I died from it. #PS4 #PlayStation #PathofExile

  • EvaGebezis Eva Gebezis 🕷 🔶️ 🇪🇺 🇬🇧 🏳️‍🌈 🇵🇸 🌍 (@EvaGebezis) reported from Lancaster, England

    @pathofexile The game keeps crashing and exiting to xbox home screen. Every 20 mins or so. Only since last patch. Usually crashes during intense graphic fights. Seems like a memory problem. Literally unplayable.

  • jonlim Jon Lim (@jonlim) reported

    @NVIDIAGFN @RCNconnects For what it's worth, I tried three games that had three different platforms: Fortnite, Path of Exile, and Cities: Skylines. Single player, non-twitchy games seem to be alright, but if your connection is spotty or slow at all, probably not the service for you.

  • GabrielFooxy GabrielFooxy (@GabrielFooxy) reported

    @pathofexile Game still with a weird bug! every time games crash all my portals just vanish! i just lost a Bonus objective + Awak objective on T15 Ghetto map because this! ( My only one, buy at zana for Chaos and Alchs ) don't have a choice if the games crash is not my fault =/

  • Parzival1423 Nikko Smit (@Parzival1423) reported

    @heart801 @Anundir @pathofexile So far I’ve been good and honestly haven’t encountered it the whole league. It’s only rng after 20 total stones btw. You can get unlucky for several maps but I always get it. If it’s been like 10-15 map, just reset your HO. This patch will also help fix a bug with this, top note

  • NaeRyda NaeRyda (@NaeRyda) reported

    @pathofexile i dont know, but this issue seams a lot more game breaking that some Immortal Syndicate warnings issue, just saying.

  • Anundir Christopher (@Anundir) reported

    @PhlopObst @heart801 @pathofexile Maybe it has something to do with my quitting the league after my 1st Sirus attempt. I had an invis boss and all sorts of other frustrating issues like him trapping me in the stairs with the maze twice and a blocked entrance. I was pretty annoyed when I finished that fight. :)

  • PhlopObst Kads (@PhlopObst) reported

    @Anundir @heart801 @pathofexile Failed my first 4 or 5 awakeners, never had single problem spawning influences or getting 2nd/3rd procs. Maybe you already have the stone in the zone youre trying to get a new stone.

  • Future_Warriorr l2eckoner (@Future_Warriorr) reported

    @pathofexile Thank you for this, but can we also get a fix for the DIE! Beam that has bricked so many of my awakener runs because my fps drops to 0.

  • greerpaintpanda SA_Greer (@greerpaintpanda) reported

    @FragManSaul @Zizaran @TarkeCat @DatModz @pathofexile In general that’s my idea of the problem. I seem to like the armor based builds and I’m thinking armor isn’t nearly as effective as evasion based builds.

  • AndyParis10 Andy Paris (@AndyParis10) reported

    @pathofexile Just wanted to say update 3.9.2d fixed a lot of major issues for Xbox One. It was so severe I wasn't able to play until this update was released. Thank you and you have my support again.

  • TheMattMan5 (Long) Trader (@TheMattMan5) reported

    Sorry guys I died in path of exile Hardcore last night. Crypto always goes down when I die. I'll fix this shortly $BTC.

  • JohnAHoldren Gallifreyan205 (@JohnAHoldren) reported

    I dream of a day that @pathofexile will fix boss invisibility bugs. Really love Alt-F4ing out of a Sirus because my comp froze. Coming back in and getting Die from the middle of nowhere because I can't ******* see Sirus.

  • ThisIsBadgerPoE Badger (@ThisIsBadgerPoE) reported

    Somehow dropped two saviour swords in a row in my last two Sirus fights... I think I've broken @pathofexile

  • TheSlanyPirate SlanyPirate (@TheSlanyPirate) reported

    Hows the ps4 crash fix coming..... oh wait that patch a meme it wont come because u guys dont care @pathofexile

  • KasperZZ Kasper (@KasperZZ) reported

    @subcide @transromano @tha_rami Yeah micro transactions done right are not a problem: look at a game like Path of Exile. Free to play and all the things you can buy are cosmetic. Brilliant example of a successful business model.

  • PotatoDoor24 Potato Door (@PotatoDoor24) reported

    @pathofexile You know the flamedash effect would actually be alot better if flamedash itself didn't lag out at countries far away from servers,I live in dubai and flame dash works only 60% of the time at 150ms, 40% of the time the server will cancel the action

  • smit9352 John Smith (@smit9352) reported

    @arock0627 @pathofexile If you think your "omg ryzen 7" fixes this games issues, you're a fool.

  • smit9352 John Smith (@smit9352) reported

    @arock0627 @pathofexile If you think your "omg ryzen 7" fixes this games issues with real builds, you're a fool.

  • pebsnsuede BrianHeather Freeman (@pebsnsuede) reported

    @pathofexile I have been having problems the last few days when playing on xbox one. I will get dashboarded for no reason and will get disconnected to the title screen as well.

  • FFSnipe FFSnipe (@FFSnipe) reported

    @Oxtna1 @WilliamGoosen @pathofexile well what GGG CAN do is get their employee priority fixed. they have shit loads of employees who do MTX (releasing stuff all the time) yet it takes forever for bugfixes. Fire some MTX people and hire more people who can actually fix the game.

  • Unearthed110 Mitchell Phease (@Unearthed110) reported

    @NZFGC_Tawhs @Reno_is_free @CVRSELORD @VRTLbacon @ncea2 Yeah, played a little over the past couple of months and it's straight pants. I lag in Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh and Path of Exile, it's dumb haha. It definitely could be worse, but I'll wait till I get back to my 100+ mb/s back hahaha

  • Alexicon13 Alex Leckie-Zaharic (Alexicon1) (@Alexicon13) reported

    @Prawln @pathofexile Well if I ever see you're streaming and I'm not working, might jump into game and figure out what on Earth I'm supposed to be doing

  • 504ERROR2 Nasdrovia (@504ERROR2) reported

    @pathofexile yo i lost my guardian to the crash when you change char

  • EisenheimEze Game Over (@EisenheimEze) reported

    @pathofexile i have 150ms in Sao Paulo Server. Normally 30-45ms. I have lag spikes and high latency. I can't play, i die a lot of times. I lost a lot of currency , because the server kick me out and the map dissapear.

  • Im_Leche Leche (@Im_Leche) reported

    @pathofexile When will we get discounts for stash tabs.. broke ppl problems #imbroke

  • MFathering Magic: The Fathering, Lovestruck Beast (@MFathering) reported

    @staffmat Path or STP would solve 60% of White’s problems. Hell, I’d even take a 2 mana version: Planar Exile: 1W Instant, exile target creature. It’s controller chooses 1: - Gain life equal to that creature’s Toughness. - Place a land card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped.

  • MaeCompeau Kayla Mae Compeau (@MaeCompeau) reported

    @pathofexile I play on PS4 and my game crashes constantly, I'd say every 20 to 30 minutes and it doesn't matter where I am. What's most frustrating is getting close to the end of a Labyrinth only to have it crash and lose all of my progress. This has been happening for days..

  • inksauce_twitch Incredible Sausage (@inksauce_twitch) reported

    @pathofexile Maps are really laggy today. Super lag. I'm on Texas server. Lots of stuttering

  • csaki01 Csaki🌒 (@csaki01) reported

    The Internet connection is coming and going today... and it crashed Path of Exile... If I had tried to work today I bet Game Maker would have booted me out every time there was an outage.

  • YSDPoe yuri (@YSDPoe) reported

    @CrazyMadCoder @LordKitetsu @brandonkav2 @pathofexile you are retarded ... I never said that the error was caused by GGG or someone else, I do not blame anyone for my mistake, learn to interpret the text !!!! I just asked if I would lose the Shape portal or not ... simple.

  • Shaltil Shalti (@Shaltil) reported

    @Charalanahzard @UnlimitedBitsG I mean, a couple years ago the very concept of f2p / games as a service was reviled Now they still (mostly) are, but things like Warframe, Path of Exile, League of Legends / DotA2, Fortnite, etc, have shown that the model can work pretty damn well if executed properly

  • lateralus84 Brendan (@lateralus84) reported

    @DarylWalknhunt @pathofexile I texted him and asked. Here's what he said.. "It's the Y button on the title screen before you login. That brings up the options menu which has pull down tab with all the gateway choices"

  • lateralus84 Brendan (@lateralus84) reported

    @DarylWalknhunt @pathofexile Should be a pulldown menu on the main login page, I think. Where ever you saw Washington DC, you can change it there.

  • IamPyres Monster Girl Connoisseur (@IamPyres) reported

    @pathofexile Glad it isnt just me getting the character screen crash

  • Irati1995 Irati EvilRegalKnight (@Irati1995) reported

    Playing Maps on #PathOfExile while being a Necromancer in the PS4 is a tactical game. There's so much lag, that by the time I understand whats happening i either died or i killed the boss, theres no in-between. @pathofexile

  • smit9352 John Smith (@smit9352) reported

    @MrBeldin @pathofexile For sure! Mine isn't that stout but it's no slouch. It really saddens me that they can continue with QOL fixes but ignore the biggest problem of all... Performance. @pathofexile

  • MrBeldin Mr. Beldin (@MrBeldin) reported

    @smit9352 @pathofexile If even my i7/32GB/RTX2060/SSD gaming beast drops down to "seconds per frame" level with medium-ish settings, there is only one direction to point the finger at to find the problem. It's the horrible game design choices that are way above PoE's engine capabilities.