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Path of Exile is an online action role-playing game developed and published by Grinding Gear Games. It is a free-to-play title supported by microtransactions. It is available on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

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  • wowjason62606 Jason Taylor (@wowjason62606) reported

    @XboxSupport why cant I connect to online games like anthem, or path of exile. It's not my internet before you ask everything works except your service...

  • bigphilua Sergii Filonenko (@bigphilua) reported

    Was having a pretty good run atthe Labyrinth in @pathofexile and then it just gave another classic "random disconnect", after which it kicked me out of the Labyrinth and I basically lost about an hour of progress. This feels really bad. Like, really-really bad.

  • DonTheCrownTV DonTheCrown (@DonTheCrownTV) reported

    @Bergerbrush @pathofexile @Zizaran It's broken on maps too

  • jani_valimaki Jani (@jani_valimaki) reported

    @Hivenst @pathofexile Now i know why you dont see the real problem here.

  • ASFleischman Andrew Fleischman (@ASFleischman) reported

    @AviWoolf This is why Path of Exile's currency economy is so clever. It's a bunch of shifting currencies, which are well valued according to their practical use. They cracked this problem before D3 even came out.

  • iCeD00D Scott (@iCeD00D) reported

    Anyone know a fix for @pathofexile crashing every time I use a portal! Using #steam version of the game..

  • Josh71882 Joshua P Brown (@Josh71882) reported

    @pathofexile I'm having a lot of connection problems today witch is not normal is anyone else losing connection

  • Raflord_ Guga Kuerten 110% (@Raflord_) reported

    @pathofexile BR server is down pls fix :)

  • WhosArcade carlton coker (@WhosArcade) reported

    @ArcticShadow123 @pathofexile Cerification is on Sony, however I'm pretty sure that's no longer the issue anymore. I think they were cashing in on blizzards Diablo backlash to get hype, but now they can't deliver as promised.

  • janprusak Jan Prušák (@janprusak) reported

    @pathofexile I suggest changing the "Prophecy fulfilled" notification to be smaller/more transparent/on the right where activated prophecies are. The current state is a problem because it blocks the most important part of the screen.

  • Kaytwo_LIVE Kaytwo (@Kaytwo_LIVE) reported

    @KCatzilla @pathofexile @OldSchoolRS @riotgames Those games have a healthy, supportive core players that stick around because they are valued and can generally put trust in the devs that they will at least TRY to fix bugs and balance parts of gameplay before it devolves into a shitstorm.

  • MaskedFighter_X X (@MaskedFighter_X) reported

    **** being a #Gamer right now.... I haven't started #kingdomheart3 yet.. Still playing #ResidentEvil2 Learning #ApexLegends and playing the #pathofexile Betrayal League... #DMC5.... Trying to keep up with #EveOnline and my fightstick is broken so I can't play #DBFZ or #SF5 :(

  • THEMAN04200 THEMAN0420 (@THEMAN04200) reported

    @pathofexile The problem with this game is that console do not get that a unique unique drops the drops that you need to finish your build I was on Xbox I never got the drops I needed to finish my build I just got sick of it and I got off because you will not get what you need to finish

  • Reeeeeeeeeeeasd Bing (@Reeeeeeeeeeeasd) reported

    @pathofexile Like lets be real You guys arent really going to do anything in a week.. Usually patches that "fix" the league take 3+ weeks.

  • Josef_Zugor Josef Zugor (@Josef_Zugor) reported

    @TarkeCat @bexchangewords @pathofexile If not, pls fix

  • IceAzures Alan Albright (@IceAzures) reported

    Its been confirmed that tomorrow will be when my CPU fans come in and then I can finally go back to showing you guys my theories! :O But until then I am here fiddling with my thumbs >.< #pathofexile #supportstreamers #TeamGodvek #broken #computer #sadface @DanMadcap @Kuzzor

  • dufflebagus Chris Locher (@dufflebagus) reported

    @crecenteb I've been having trouble trying to get into any game that is trying the "looter shooter" formula. They all just make me go back to Path of Exile for my loot fix.

  • StephanPretori6 Stephan Pretorius (@StephanPretori6) reported

    @pathofexile In March! Uhm we are having certification problems! We definitely release early May.

  • HermanManly Herman Manly (@HermanManly) reported

    @pathofexile Stop with the phys conversion please... if anything fix it or nerf it, phys spells are getting really boring

  • smol_demi demi (@smol_demi) reported

    i wonder if @pathofexile would consider making a verification checkmark, same as partners have on Twitch or twitter for community content creators. that would solve issues like this for the future. #pathofexile

  • BWrfwd Worfwood (@BWrfwd) reported

    The idiot doesn't realize that people don't have a problem with F2P games, the problems is games with really terrible monetization. People like games like Warframe or Path of Exile and are even willing to pay for in game shit, so maybe the problem is someone else...

  • planetpuppet1 Planet Puppet (@planetpuppet1) reported

    @pathofexile Here is a thought dont announce a release until you know your releasing. PS4 has one of the largest install bases and prolly not the community to piss off if you want to succeed. The excuse of certification issues we now know was BS. Just say the game was not ready.

  • Techtronic Techtronic (@Techtronic) reported

    @phwesam @pathofexile I'd rather have less bugs at release than suffer thru 100 patches to fix all the release bugs and I'm pretty sure they'd lose more players by releasing a buggy pile of shit than they might by delaying the release

  • PZychedelic pZychedelic (@PZychedelic) reported

    @pathofexile We don't want new content. We want existing problems addressed, fix the ******* trade system already else you will again have 15k steam players 1 month in the new league you dumbwits. Gheez, this hamsterwheel content patch loop sucks.

  • divisor_mcquoid Blackheart (@divisor_mcquoid) reported

    @pathofexile Fix the Blood Guard Lightning warp Visual, the skull is appearing backward during the animation. People don't buy anything until they solve it.

  • MysnwizDaniel daniel (@MysnwizDaniel) reported

    @TheBeveSuscemi @SkillUpYT And as far as cut content.....this is a live service game...what live service game had “all” of its content at launch....none! It’s expected after some time content will be released...destiny ..division ...Warframe...path of exile ..all live game do that...he acts like it’s crime

  • bfeijob BEROTECTOR (@bfeijob) reported

    @bexchangewords @pathofexile bex my game is not opening pls fix

  • jlgarr86 Bk Blindside (@jlgarr86) reported

    @Starry_26 @dhtaste @BazelJho @pathofexile If you're on console it's about time you realize that it's not always on the developers trying to port to your platform. Sometimes it's Sony or MS themselves who are the problem as I'm sure you're well aware of.

  • Nerdher74047587 Nerdherd (@Nerdher74047587) reported

    @YasudaTV @pathofexile Honestly I believe there is a unknown deal with xb or this delay I've read alot that the ps4 was the same one xb had but there's was fixed but the ps4 version is taken this long to fix when both systems tech is similar

  • germinathor23 germinathor (@germinathor23) reported

    was doing a T12 map for challinge,have a zana too but servers crash log in again and portals are gone!ok I open another T12 to go and complete the challinge again 2 sec latter servers crash again!bye portals 2 times in a row wole amazing gaming experience!well done @pathofexile

  • william_roeben Nerly Senor Citzen (@william_roeben) reported

    Well, I think this may be the last time I try recording PATH OF EXILE. 10 minutes of recording GONE when the game CrashesToDesktop again, and the video failed to finalize because of game crash so NOTHING was usable... It keeps doing this, this game.

  • CristianFerrar3 DatGuyFerra (@CristianFerrar3) reported

    @HsElgarr @pathofexile It's honestly mind-boggling to me that they don't have not even an in game system to trade but we still need to use premium tabs and a browser service, it's so annoying to spend hours looking at a browser screen while gearing up


    I guess I'm done with @pathofexile until they fix the particle bullshit causing extreme lag for no reason. Game is literally unplayable. Glad I spend hundreds of hours in the game just to figure out the end is ******. Sigh...

  • MrMorgenstern_ Mr. Morgenstern (@MrMorgenstern_) reported

    @griddark I would also disagree to compare data-traffic of Path of Exile with a game like Anthem, Destiny 2 or any other game alike, which evoles around live-service. But maybe I'm misinformed and it costs all the same. Possible.

  • TomHglund Tom Höglund (@TomHglund) reported

    @pathofexile @pathofexile Fix your support, been waiting for over a week for a simple response to unlock my account..

  • Supermathie Michael Brown (@Supermathie) reported

    My Windows gaming PC uses offline redirected folders. Sometimes games have a problem. Problem with @StarCraft 2 and contacted @BlizzardCS: "Sorry, we don't support networks." Problem with @pathofexile and contacted them: "Oh! We'll get that problem fixed." Keep being awesome!

  • Warrendr23 Dakota Warren (@Warrendr23) reported

    @pathofexile every day at about 7:30 est your game becomes pretty much unplayable with the amount of server lag on all 3 us servers even, plz fix ty.

  • Atlas305 Atlas305 (@Atlas305) reported

    @bexchangewords @pathofexile Problem Child! I didn't know anyone else liked that movie!

  • BobSchtinkwater Baron Von Hamburger (@BobSchtinkwater) reported

    For a game always online, connecting to a server and if you disconnect from that server you're ******, will hope they iron things out. Too many Path of Exile flashbacks to getting disconnected, lag spikes or servers dropping.


    goodbye old shitty death metal recording that i will never fix or re-do. i promise that Path of Exile will do its best to live up to your legacy.

  • GazQwerty Rhondda (aka moolyftw) (@GazQwerty) reported

    @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile It looks fun, but the demo is riddled with technical issues. I'd just wait.

  • DennisLeeKentJr Dennis Lee Kent Jr. (@DennisLeeKentJr) reported

    @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile I would wait just a few hours on Anthem. TONS of issues currently. I've lost dozens of items because of the game freezing at load screens

  • TheKeeper122 TheKeeper122 (@TheKeeper122) reported

    @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile Pretty solid after a few hours, seems the server problems are fixed for the most part.

  • eskvadrata eskvadrata (@eskvadrata) reported

    @pathofexile game is down, pls fix

  • arcticvampire arctic.vampire (@arcticvampire) reported

    @pathofexile unexpected error... sad

  • KecskeHunter Clayless (@KecskeHunter) reported

    @thesecretgerman @Beautyfor_ashes The Forest. Gwent homecoming. Basically any Path of Exile expansion that had 100k+ players login at the same time. Ring of Elysium. Conan Exiles. Dying Light Bad Blood. Insurgency Sandstorm. Post Scriptum. If you know nothing about the gaming industry, dont even talk.

  • DamianImperius ImperiusDamian (@DamianImperius) reported

    @Dax_x98 Lindsey Graham, Theresa May, **** Cheney, and the glitchy ass code that makes Path of Exile randomly crash.

  • Klemmys Klemmy (@Klemmys) reported

    @pathofexile sadly i had to chose to stop playing a few weeks into betreyal cus of the server lag. poe best game present time, so this is rly depressing to me. used to play 12+ hours a day. rip

  • noticemepsysin Psysin (@noticemepsysin) reported

    @pathofexile @bexchangewords Migrate all option is currently not working at this time. Do not know if it is affecting all players.

  • drankplank Trashposting (@drankplank) reported

    @KayCypher @pathofexile Having the same issue, so probably on their end

  • pfaieta Paolo F (@pfaieta) reported

    @pathofexile There's something up with the servers. The game is unplayable. Lost a map due to lag. Tried both WSH and TEX realms. Same problem. Everything else works. #FixIt


    @pathofexile The one I don’t see is “sound drops out when in Sarn Encampment carrying over to any map or act you enter”. Causes me to have to reset the game to fix audio issue.

  • JudgementalBear Matt is not funny (@JudgementalBear) reported

    @pathofexile so about those broken remove only map tabs.

  • JacksonDeans Ronald Jackson Deans (@JacksonDeans) reported

    @pathofexile is there anyway someone can help me update my account email, i think your support team is very busy or the email system is not working, they initially replied right away and just asked for proof which i gave, but now i havnt heard back in 2 days, tyty

  • JudgementalBear Matt is not funny (@JudgementalBear) reported

    @pathofexile fix map tabs.

  • Mholliday21Mike Dr fat finger (@Mholliday21Mike) reported

    @pathofexile fix the map stash in standard still can't put maps in increase sulphite spawns increase incursion spawn fix lag

  • StezNotStez Jake Secemski (@StezNotStez) reported

    @bestpinoza @ZiggyDStarcraft @pathofexile The problem is that it's not a Stygian, Delve, Shaper or Elder belt so it isn't good enough to be someone's final-build belt, but it's way, way too good to be a stepping stone belt. So it won't sell for multiple exalts, but it's much better than belts on the market for less.

  • OtterSeaborne 2 dragons in coat (@OtterSeaborne) reported

    @anarchopupgirl I mean, I have addictive behaviour problems, as my 6K hours in Path of Exile prove. But substances aren't one of them, not least because most of them do weird unpleasant shit to my brain on even minor exposure. Still have to work out how the booze cravings started though.

  • osteej teej (@osteej) reported

    @YoniDoes Got Into this game on the Xbox version just to find It runs like shit near end game for console 😭 great game though but please @pathofexile fix the Xbox screen tearing

  • PZychedelic pZychedelic (@PZychedelic) reported

    @pathofexile Now fix the ******* trade system