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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massively multiplayer online survival game developed and published by Bluehole Inc. for Microsoft Windows. The game was released for early access in March 2017.

 Problems detected at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds problems in the last 24 hours

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Outage Chart

December 18: Problems at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is having issues since 09:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Game Crash (38.64%)
  • ▪ Sign in (36.36%)
  • ▪ Online Play (18.18%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (4.55%)
  • ▪ Glitches (2.27%)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Denver, Colorado  ▪ Oneida, Tennessee  ▪ Palma, Balearic Islands  ▪ Sacramento, California  ▪ San Diego, California  ▪ Valencia, Valencian Community  ▪ Warszawa, mazowieckie  ▪ Depew, New York  ▪ Falkland, Scotland  ▪ Georgetown, New York  ▪ Istanbul, İstanbul

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Live Outage Map
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Oneida, Tennessee
  • Palma, Balearic Islands
  • Sacramento, California
  • San Diego, California
  • Valencia, Valencian Community
  • Warszawa, mazowieckie
  • Depew, New York
  • Falkland, Scotland
  • Georgetown, New York
  • Istanbul, İstanbul
  •   Full Outage Map

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • _thiagoprebello
    Thiago Rebello (@_thiagoprebello) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @Xbox just fix the fps and this fucking server. pls...

  • chrismbolton
    HMR RUSTYHAMM3R (@chrismbolton) reported

    Honestly you need to fix the game crash and dashboard its absolute aids @PUBATTLEGROUNDS

  • Ultraspartan
    Ultra (@Ultraspartan) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS can we please have a fix for getting in vehicles, every time i get in vehicles it puts me in a seat that is not the driver seat, even tho i either stand by the seat, its quite annoying and has gotten me killed a bunch of times

  • nedsunnus13
    nedsunnus14 (@nedsunnus13) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS hey when are you going to fix the bugs on battlegrounds on Xbox one please fix all of them

  • Sir_Skrallex
    Sir_Skrallex (@Sir_Skrallex) reported

    Anyone know if there was an update over the past week for @PUBATTLEGROUNDS on @Xbox ? The input lag/deadzone on the controller was sooo screwed up

  • Tza_Il
    Tza (@Tza_Il) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @Xbox Plz fix it whats u doing ? Fortnite for free give more update and patch at toi wirh ur shitty game at 29$

  • Ozsiix
    Ozzy (@Ozsiix) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS WTF is this with Macro users .. fix ur Anti-cheat come on!!

  • Fyzico
    Fyzico (@Fyzico) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix the fucking constant crashing on the xbox. Its beyond a fucking joke u cunts.

  • Spartanise
    T O T O A F R I C A (@Spartanise) reported

    @PUBG_help @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS All were on target, that’s my point, what’s the issue here, he should be dead.

  • tristanstrand
    Tristo (@tristanstrand) reported

    This game isnt worth $30 in its current state on Xbox One. Crashing, terrible lag and awful graphics. @PUBATTLEGROUNDS

  • ThiiCKRedBoNE
    LADY ViiXXEN (@ThiiCKRedBoNE) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Please reset stats on xbox when the game release, I died so many times do to lag out randomly and that’s a problem.

  • ThiiCKRedBoNE
    LADY ViiXXEN (@ThiiCKRedBoNE) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Please reset stats on xbox when the game release, I died so many times do to lag out randomly and that’s a problem.

  • kennyGTI87
    kennyGTI87 (@kennyGTI87) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @Xbox 1mill lol probably down to 100 know cus of the games shit performance, updates in next couple months? Give it a year on xbox still wont be fixed, this game will take alot longer to fix cus bluehole dont know how to make a finished/ polished game

  • King_Champ_OG
    Trapholics (@King_Champ_OG) reported

    @Phoenix__Wizard @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Shut yo pussy azz up. Stop taking up for this broken azz game.

  • PUBG_help
    PUBG Help (@PUBG_help) reported

    @fezioH @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Which region are you playing on? Are you still having this issue? -D

  • just_ryyn
    Ryyn (@just_ryyn) reported

    @KFChica @CheshireRatail @KipAliOfficial @fuckhcaes @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I think he meant friendly fire is part of this game. And yes this is right, but the actuall teamkilling Problem with randoms is frustrating, because they don‘t fear the consequences ...

  • ACrusadeTV
    AvengingCrusade (@ACrusadeTV) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS You know, it would be nice if my game didn't crash every other game. That would really make my day. (XB1)

  • dNathOnline
    dNath (@dNathOnline) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS great game guys can you fix the crashing kicking out of the server

  • AnasKhaled01096
    AnasKhaled (@AnasKhaled01096) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS hey i still talking about the voice chat issue in some region and net provider the voice chat only wrok for me when i use vpn i know it's my providor problem but im asking you pleas for fix cause they will not help me with it ....

  • PhanxXxPharaoh
    Phan Pharaoh (@PhanxXxPharaoh) reported

    @TwittalessJim @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Soon. I was trying to figure out the game a little before streaming it and I had exams but that’s done with so I just gotta fix my sleep schedule so I can stream early or just stream late. Idk.

  • DFSilluminato
    Josh Deluca (@DFSilluminato) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Can you please fix the crashing on Xbox one? It’s become a huge issue and it is becoming super annoying. How is it a game crashes this much

  • Tontonflower
    Anton (@Tontonflower) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS live server lobby not working, too many logins and cant invite people.

  • SpeedyOnPC
    SpeedyOnPC (@SpeedyOnPC) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Don't worry about making new maps etc settle on fixing the first map and the hackers issues it's literally every game and the elastic bandin

  • SpeedyOnPC
    SpeedyOnPC (@SpeedyOnPC) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS You need to fix these hackers up its every game??

  • TheRealMarkyPea
    The Loose Cannon (@TheRealMarkyPea) reported

    @TheDeathKwonDo @PUBATTLEGROUNDS It’s ok on the Xbox x, but not great. Their rep is safe if they fix it for sure

  • USApanic
    Panic (@USApanic) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I love crashing after doing really well and coming back to a message that says i'm dead. Please fix this

  • USApanic
    Panic (@USApanic) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS lol this is laughable.... except all the crashing and frame lag

  • andikaartak
    deka (@andikaartak) reported


  • JoshuaBDay
    DayDay (@JoshuaBDay) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS for the love of god, fix the damn issue where we get booted from the game on Xbox.

  • lemontreegaming
    OSCAR (@lemontreegaming) reported


  • TheDeathKwonDo
    Karl Bennett (@TheDeathKwonDo) reported

    Bought @PUBATTLEGROUNDS on Xbox to play with friends and it's almost unplayable on the original XboxOne. Can't even get a refund from Amazon as its a download code. I hear the build is a June PC build. Fix this shit, guys, before your rep is forever ruined amongst console gamers.

  • n7_g3
    G3N7L3MANJACK (@n7_g3) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix your Xbox release

    John Dailidonis Jr. (@STEEL33EYE) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS whats with the lean glitch to negate auto fire recoil? fix this BS!!!

  • peschel_jake
    Jake Peschel (@peschel_jake) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS can you retards fix the fact that players can be downed and killed from your buggy game by getting somehow stuck in a wall.... honestly it's a huge issue and needs to be resolved.

  • JordanShelton20
    JordPlays2Much (@JordanShelton20) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please give information on inventory and game crash fixes please nothing worse than dying to these after spending the hole time looting just to unfairly give it to someone else !!!! Other than that the game is in surprising good condition for a game preview!

  • WeefreemenYT
    Tom Pickering (@WeefreemenYT) reported

    @ReeceybTV @PUBATTLEGROUNDS <3 Sorry not sorry Vexed are brilliant, just need to find the solution to your current teams issues and smash it out

  • The_Leprecon
    I Am Leprecon (@The_Leprecon) reported

    @NotoriousXIII @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I've only played 2 matches had some internet issues, new gateway shipped this morning :D hope to play it good when it arrives.

  • t_griz_
    Davey Wavey (@t_griz_) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix the game where it doesn’t crash anymore on Xbox

  • AaronMcGraw
    Aaron McGraw (@AaronMcGraw) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Are you going to resolve the frame rate issues with the Xbox one or did I waste 30$?

  • SmeltedArmor
    Michael Hammond (@SmeltedArmor) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS The game on console needs aim assist. We need safe area and brightness in our settings. Fix the fps issue. Fix the lag and hit registration. I understand it's a game preview but good god it's been on pc for awhile.

  • griff_adams
    Griffen Adams (@griff_adams) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS my game keeps crashing and it is using a lot of my RAM, i have never had this issue before, and have had the game for a long time, and suddenly I cannot play a single game without crashing, on PUBG and Test server.

  • xdivyang
    Divyang Patel (@xdivyang) reported

    @personhi @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I am having the same issue but they rarely reply on this problem. I also have tweeted many times but all i get once is they are working on it. Issue persist even after multiple patches

  • Angusdewit
    Angus de Wit (@Angusdewit) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS hello, can you please fix the freezing glitch on Xbox, it happened twice in a row for me.

  • JadeAkoya
    akoya (@JadeAkoya) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Fix your fucking game it crashes all the fucking time.

  • darcymckenziee
    Darcy McKenzie (@darcymckenziee) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS my game keeps saying bad_module_info and it crashes, idk what that means and can you try and fix it.

  • SVA_Zurp
    King_Zurpii (@SVA_Zurp) reported


  • TripleChinTyler
    Flick Man (@TripleChinTyler) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Couple things. 1. Let us choose which map to play. 2. Please fix parashooting. 3. 17 tick servers? Really?

  • PoorLi1TinkTink
    PoorLi1TinkTink 🏒 (@PoorLi1TinkTink) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Fix the thing that makes you get dashboarded every time there is like 20 players left

  • JoshHarmon93
    Joshua Harmon (@JoshHarmon93) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix xbox gameplay... please i love this game but come on... it just closes on its own sometimes

  • DinoKiller117
    Javier Gonzalez (@DinoKiller117) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS FIX YOUR XBOX ONE PORT! Me and all 3 of my friends crashed within 2 minutes!!!! FIX IT! ITS ANNOYING

  • KingJustinSays
    Justin T. (@KingJustinSays) reported

    Fix whatever kicks you out of matches on xbox one. That needs to be first on the list. @PUBATTLEGROUNDS

  • Chief_Nanoux
    Andrew Knight (@Chief_Nanoux) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS will issues with Xbox Version quitting unexpectedly mid game be fixed in the next update?

  • Megamunchy
    Andrew Melick (@Megamunchy) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Yo, please fix the damn desert map so that the circle doesn't end on one of the impossible to climb cliffs. Its a shit show trying to get to the top of a cliff just to be killed by the circle cause its impossible to climb. what a joke.

  • Benjami74779483
    Benjamin (@Benjami74779483) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I love the way y’all don’t have a report button or anything for people who cheat:) already disappointing ruins the game when the game maker lets people who cheat play on and people who play fair get the worse end of the straw fix your fucking game thanks

  • 00SH
    Japac (@00SH) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix xbox version constantly kicks everyone out and then you reload dead. This game is broken

  • danieldabsalot
    daniel ⚡️⚡️ (@danieldabsalot) reported from Lakeshore, California

    PUBG on console is beyond broken and unplayable. Why you guys released this bad of a game is beyond me @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PLAYERUNKNOWN

  • Tahanify
    Jősh タハン (@Tahanify) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Please please fix your game, it was a 2v2 and my mates game crashed and we lost, this happens to often on Xbox

  • HoopCrowKrueger
    Hoop Crow Krueger (@HoopCrowKrueger) reported

    It would be great if I could change the fugly character that I ACCIDENTALLY created in @PUBATTLEGROUNDS without having to pay for it. #broken #bullshit

  • stephenshook1
    stephenshook (@stephenshook1) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PUBGpartners Xbox isn't stable and on top of that fix the dam game for Xbox it said I fell when I was glitch on top of my team u need to fix the game. Get a update out for xbox

  • soulzrmine
    donald brommer (@soulzrmine) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS any idea wen we can get lag out fixed for xbox one. Tired of getting kicked off game

  • YosKur19
    Yosua Kurniawan (@YosKur19) reported

    Hey @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I know you guys have been busy and all with the new map and PC1.0 coming out, but you guys really need to take on these cheating problem fast cause it make the game unenjoyable

  • babydangy
    babydangy (@babydangy) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Are the server problems currently? Two friends and myself have been trying to get into a squad game for about 15 mins and it won't put us into a game on Xbox.

  • dillon_bursell
    Dillon Bursell (@dillon_bursell) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Xbox servers are haveing really bad lag and disconnect errors

  • allenbraun761
    Allen Braun (@allenbraun761) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Every other game my game freezes. Fix it.

  • Its_Fernando17
    . (@Its_Fernando17) reported

    fix your fucking game! keeps kicking me out!!! @PUBATTLEGROUNDS

  • Zylux_
    Zylux (@Zylux_) reported

    @gerstner14 @mattcoyne45 @reed96647532 @RedlineR24_ @StefaGTW @ktravis25 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS That’s your opinion though. My opinion is PubG is broken and needs fixing, and in its current state, Fortnite is 10x better.

  • ReapersPwnage
    ReapersPlayhouse (@ReapersPwnage) reported

    @xbox @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @XboxP3 @XboxSupport how is it OK to release pubg on xbox in the states it's in...? You legit disconnect every 2nd game if not every game... it's actually pathetic

  • michaeIionheart
    Michael Anthony (@michaeIionheart) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Keep getting the error message in game "Network Lag Detected" please fix.

  • michaeIionheart
    Michael Anthony (@michaeIionheart) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @Xbox Keep getting Network Lag Detected while playing PUBG on xbox. please fix

  • CapnMikeM
    Mike Mahoney (@CapnMikeM) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @Xbox Feedback: fix frame rate or whatever it is that literally makes me nauseous. Doesn’t happen with PC but on Xbox, I need a barf bag. Sadly unplayable at the moment.

  • personhi
    Yedii (@personhi) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Soooo you gonna fix those loading screen crashes too? Still cant play the game cuz of it.... stiiiilllll no fix...

  • TheRealRXL
    fred mertz (@TheRealRXL) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix the issue on xbox where if 3 people try to squad on american servers it NEVER finds a 4th person...EVER. we just sit in the matchmaking menu

  • jordanINtampa
    jordan larason (@jordanINtampa) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS why haven’t you fixed the mid match disconnect yet? Every game for the last 12 hours of squad I have played, one of my group DCs.

  • Murder_Chris
    Chris (@Murder_Chris) reported

    @PUBG_help @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I don’t think it’s my controller because it happens now and then. I’m just wondering if there’s a way to correct the glitch when it happens or just deal with it until a patch comes out.

  • kelley_kayden
    kayden kelley (@kelley_kayden) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I shot a guy with a shotgun to the head and two taps me with a scar on Xbox pls fix hit try and shotguns in the game

  • JusticeHaarstad
    the_shrimpster (@JusticeHaarstad) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS pubg on the Xbox one needs fixing because whenever I'm in a match my game with randomly crash and I die

  • _MOnKeY_D_S
    MDS (@_MOnKeY_D_S) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS battlegrounds crash reporter !!!

  • puddingpack98
    Jason (@puddingpack98) reported

    @OfficialNiCO95 @JordanHaynes34 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Agreed tbh. Lagged out at 4th place because of a crash

  • FireAstro
    Astro Fire (@FireAstro) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Please fix the crashing of the game on Xbox one the game as been great for me except for crashing randomly.

  • DezNik45
    ZeRo Nik 👌 (@DezNik45) reported

    @ItzTRiG @PUBATTLEGROUNDS it is in xbox game previews meaning like its legit in alpha like it a new born baby so its gonna have a lot of problems for a while