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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massively multiplayer online survival game developed and published by Bluehole Inc. for Microsoft Windows. The game was released for early access in March 2017.

 Problems detected at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds problems in the last 24 hours

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Outage Chart

March 22: Problems at PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is having issues since 07:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (52.63%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (21.05%)
  • ▪ Online Play (13.16%)
  • ▪ Glitches (10.53%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (2.63%)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Phoenix, Arizona  ▪ Pitman, New Jersey  ▪ Georgetown, New York  ▪ Gijón, Asturias  ▪ George Town, Pulau Pinang  ▪ Columbus, Ohio  ▪ Houston, Texas  ▪ Hyattsville, Maryland  ▪ Jefferson City, Missouri  ▪ Kaman, Maharashtra  ▪ Kenmore, Washington

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Live Outage Map
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Pitman, New Jersey
  • Georgetown, New York
  • Gijón, Asturias
  • George Town, Pulau Pinang
  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Houston, Texas
  • Hyattsville, Maryland
  • Jefferson City, Missouri
  • Kaman, Maharashtra
  • Kenmore, Washington
  •   Full Outage Map

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Issues Reports

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  • DylWyman
    Dylan (@DylWyman) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Idk what people mean by “runs bad on Xbox” I don’t have problems with it

  • Goldblaze_SK
    Goldblaze (@Goldblaze_SK) reported

    @snips86x @Ajinkya59263274 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Yeah. I don't know why some people have issues yet others don't. I assume with that spec, you have PUBG on an SSD. Do you?

  • Alex70004838
    Osiris (@Alex70004838) reported

    @Exalt_Lucina21 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS How's it not playable? They fixed the crashing and framerate issues. The game works fine for my friends and I

  • respectisOaF
    Josh Gardner (@respectisOaF) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS how about instead of ADDING MORE STUFF, you should FIX WHAT IS OUT. Game is still complete shit on console.

  • tSteezyx
    Tyler (@tSteezyx) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Again introducing shit no one asked for, how about fix the bugs in your game that have been around for quite awhile instead of pouring resources into shit ppl don't want.

  • JohnBreakfast93
    Johnny Poonjabi (@JohnBreakfast93) reported

    Emotes and now events. @PUBATTLEGROUNDS trying so hard to catch up to @FortniteGame when they should be solving the hacker problem, and optimizing their game.

  • lmedinas
    Luis Medinas (@lmedinas) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PlayPUBGMobile Any chances to add another login option besides Facebook and Guest ?

  • mix_sar
    MixSar (@mix_sar) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS make the game so no one in the same team can kill his teammates, team killing and report not working, it sucks!!!!

  • saulmrt
    Justus (@saulmrt) reported

    @RiSkAtE_ @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Otherwise matchmaking would be a problem on the Testservers at least.

  • TheRevealer1g
    sean (@TheRevealer1g) reported

    @rushkatipo @Lakers714 @Chrisdafauq @Christianbx_ @PUBATTLEGROUNDS No, Don't blame Nvidia for Blueholes incompetence to actually fix their spaghetti code, 144 fps is not a bench mark on how the game feels. The game is a turd and you've accepted that is how it should run.

  • Temperistic
    Nick (@Temperistic) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS you guys didn't fix shit with the lag or the shot registration with this patch. WTF is wrong with you people?

  • Gaming_HighGuy
    HighGuyArk (@Gaming_HighGuy) reported

    @ese__john @PUBATTLEGROUNDS It does it on pc as well still. But they have also made it more of a rare occasion. I and ppl I play with, crash 90% less after the last couple of updates.

  • ese__john
    @ (@ese__john) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PUBATTLEGROUNDS When are you guys going to fix the Xbox when it kicks you out for no reason it’s getting ridiculous fix it

  • SirOMGitsYOU
    Peter (@SirOMGitsYOU) reported

    @PUBG_help @PUBATTLEGROUNDS It's happened again, 4th crate in a row now I try to open it it says the item is being delayed won't let me open the crate again so I restart my lobby and I don't get any items.. fix it pubg it's broken af.

  • MannysFinest
    MannysFinest (@MannysFinest) reported

    @TheMetzMan @Chicken_Scout @Michael69675634 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS oshit i forgot about that lol.. well works for me dont have any problems guess he as potato pc.. and guess im the dumb fuck now

  • cyborg174
    Samuel Siouffi (@cyborg174) reported

    @BixbeYT @PUBG_help @PUBATTLEGROUNDS are you sure of this? Feels more like a serverlag issue tbh.

  • ToastyWaffles62
    ToastyWaffles62 (@ToastyWaffles62) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS you wonder why your losing players to fortnite, probable cause their game doesn't crash every other match -_-

  • Dond205
    Darnell (@Dond205) reported from Northport, Alabama

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix this issue...pardon my language but still fam..please fix this

  • mr_draiman
    Павлушка-ватрушка (@mr_draiman) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS The game is broken as fuck. Who car cares?! Just make more useless content.

  • ShockRockers102
    William Liu (@ShockRockers102) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS My game wont launch after the update. Tried everything and it still wont launch. I get a blank screen whenever i launch it. Can you fix that please

  • _NerdBits_
    NerdBits (@_NerdBits_) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Region Blocks - Fix your cheaters - stop wasting time adding new things when old things are broken. No wonder @FortniteGame is top on Twitch

  • TSM_aimPR
    TSM_aimPR (@TSM_aimPR) reported

    @KillCue @TSM_Break @TSMSmaK @poopieQueen @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @WTF Check the date of the video, that sound issue is fixed now

  • skim57magnum
    Skim (@skim57magnum) reported

    @MilkyDae @H1Z1 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS got the error alllllll day too, ALLLLLLLLLLL DAY.

  • Chicken_Scout
    Senior_Mango (@Chicken_Scout) reported

    @TheMetzMan @Michael69675634 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Releasing a broken game is different to priorities.

  • sixsadsouls
    Justin 💀 (@sixsadsouls) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Seems alright, needs FPP though. TPP aside from the obvious issues feels really sluggish.

  • Sidvicious315
    SID HERO (@Sidvicious315) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS All I am saying is that gamers have taken this opinion thing to far and developers were never supposed to make a game this way or fix it that way because there wasnt a backlash, we got what we got, creativity is key to amazing games and negative gamers are crapping all over that

  • xMacaveli
    x_Macaveli (@xMacaveli) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Fix the Xbox servers yeah!

  • AdrianDenogean
    Adrian Denogean (@AdrianDenogean) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS can you guys ever update your game without breaking it at the same time. This lag is fucking insane

  • AdenCooney
    Aden.C (@AdenCooney) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PLAYERUNKNOWN You should fix how a lot of people are crashing when they launch the game me included

  • BaneslayerTV
    Baneslayer ✨ (@BaneslayerTV) reported

    @Edwardweiwei @domfunaro @superhoon10000 @Elos_357 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS that would be nuts, like 100 ppl dropping at school or hacienda, but we all know there would be sooo much lag, dsync... just straight out chaos

  • EctoSama
    Le Gros Ecto / Louis (@EctoSama) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Fix your game before copying the rest please

  • Michael69675634
    Michael Hatch (@Michael69675634) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS How about fixing all the broken stuff and getting a good anticheat before adding more stuff that is surely broken. Priorities

  • alliraandarchie
    Allira and Archie (@alliraandarchie) reported

    @PUBG_help @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I’d love the play the game, but I’m still experiencing the game crashing on start up with just a black screen. Not responding in Task Manager, been a week now. I’ve tried literally everything to fix it. And I’m not the only one! Since the 24mb patch update...

  • IGWulf
    Cass Shoemaker (@IGWulf) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix your god awful game blue balls, the amount of cheating going on is unplayable the death cams show every person just cheating constantly stop being cheap and buy a anti cheat program you tards

  • Vonzalsa
    Friggia (@Vonzalsa) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Why on the test server... you already know there isn't any problems with 8 man squads....

  • InsidePUBG
    Inside Battlegrounds (@InsidePUBG) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ON TEST SERVERS? Its a separate game mode no one cares if there are a couple issues just put it on live

  • SirAntonioC
    Anthony (@SirAntonioC) reported

    No character silhouette on xbox one inventory. Never has been. How about you fix that? @PUBATTLEGROUNDS

  • KJayNOLA
    KJay - GWG (@KJayNOLA) reported

    crashed 3 times today in the Top 10 but y’all launched a patch to fix crashes and it worse, HOW??? @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PUBGhelp @PUBGsupport

  • jope07
    Joshua Pepper (@jope07) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I crash more with your most recent update for xbox one x....thanks!

  • AshGotJuice
    MBMOE (@AshGotJuice) reported

    Fix y’all lag problem @PUBATTLEGROUNDS

  • Li1ag
    Mark Liwanag (@Li1ag) reported

    @PUBG_help @PUBATTLEGROUNDS We need FPP for new event mode. not crappy players hiding behind walls to look around corners. FPP ftw. Also, can't invite friends more than a regular squad for the 8-man, we gathered our 8-man to not even able to play together.... FIX

  • AzraOG
    Azra 🏝 (@AzraOG) reported

    @ins_retro @PUBATTLEGROUNDS So bad we got 2nd cause of me being in storm and lagging out. And you driving and lagging out

  • AzraOG
    Azra 🏝 (@AzraOG) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS mobile lag outs and lag are horrible right now @ins_retro

  • itravelmucho
    iTravel (@itravelmucho) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS if you are lagging/stuttering and running @nvidia Freestyle...Disable FREESTYLE its causing memory leaks and other issues resulting in LAG. #now back to adjust these horrible colors in #PUBG

  • QuincyMcQuinc
    Quincy (@QuincyMcQuinc) reported

    @PUBG_help @PUBATTLEGROUNDS I have no problems playing something else.

  • CalebGr04225437
    Caleb Gregory (@CalebGr04225437) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix your servers please this is upsetting I look forward to playing everyday and I can’t play because there down

  • omgnevermindlol
    🇲🇽Cao Ni Ma🇲🇽 (@omgnevermindlol) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix your servers. This is probably why fortnite is doing better.....

  • Rok0s
    roko ! (@Rok0s) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @PLAYERUNKNOWN can you please fix your fucking game and stop adding shit emotes and clothing! ben sitting here for 10 minutes and your servers are to busy. no wonder fortnite is wiping the floor with your product. PS add a map selector cause the desert map is ass

  • That_Kid_8898
    Spiderman (@That_Kid_8898) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS How can you make hundreds of millions and still not have solid running servers? How much of this money are you going to just sit on while your game needs so much damn work? Cause it seems like none of it is doing this game any damn good. please FIX YOUR SERVER

  • MadClockmaker
    Mad Clockmaker (@MadClockmaker) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Are the servers down? Why are we getting "servers too busy"?

  • anthonytran207
    Anthony T Tran (@anthonytran207) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS servers down?

  • SleepZ45
    Jared Flavell 🚀 (@SleepZ45) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS be good if y'all could fix that getting stuck in objects bullshit at the beginning of matches! I've done been stuck in walls, mattresses, racks, crates etc etc #PainInTheArse #Bullshit

  • Rnsforr3a1
    Joseph cruz (@Rnsforr3a1) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS are the servers down ???

  • _Rvp_19
    🎍Noctis (@_Rvp_19) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS are servers down? even after the update i cant connect.

  • Daltonwind
    🇺🇸 (@Daltonwind) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS servers down? Lol

  • chasehall314
    John Buchanan Sucks (@chasehall314) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS please fix the game. # 1 priority should be fixing the lagging out problem. #2 should be to make make objects appear from the start

  • Redha1o
    Redha1o (@Redha1o) reported


  • TheBloody9
    Logen 9Fingers (@TheBloody9) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS Server down. Test server down also. Why can’t you guys get your act together. Totally bush league.

  • ParitSakaiSolja
    Salty PUBG Player (@ParitSakaiSolja) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS i got my chicken dinner on duos yesterday, after that the game crash and i checked no achievement for dynamic duo. Why?

  • chaseaboling
    Chase Boling (@chaseaboling) reported

    @PUBATTLEGROUNDS fix your cars on iOS