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  • Gary Thee SnaiI 🐌 (@GaryTheSnail204) reported

    @_watsoever I have been dealing w/ Save Game Errors since the 8th. I have kept a very close eye on everything on Twitter, Steam and Reddit

  • Bryan Burke (@IAmBPBurke) reported

    @MillsGamingTV Reddit is having the same issue. Haven't tried myself; but I believe it's when people try to generate the lineup.

  • eli (@SkellyBott) reported

    @NightbotUHC dont play reddit problem fixed

  • Salvatore Pane (@salpane) reported

    "I don't wanna be the person who wastes time trying to break down systematic racism to a stranger on Reddit, but..."

  • Manuel Wenger (@ManuCH) reported

    @wasabi_cloud @arqbackup Hey, CrashPlan is shutting down, you need to advertise your products on reddit in r/datahoarder ;)

  • Emma Southon (@NuclearTeeth) reported

    @SMDeeee @EwaSR @mangmangmang "honey we're having a lot of problems. So I started us a sub reddit..."

  • E-Spurs Mexico 🇲🇽 (@e_spurs_mexico) reported

    Was scrolling through Reddit & Chelsea fans are raving about Bakayoko & how he wanted to play despite injury. Well he was terrible so ok

  • …............. (@sodasncarrots) reported

    @ashleyfeinberg this is well known. See when the_donald tried to leave reddit for VOAT. They were ran out of the place for not being terrible enough.

  • Liva @ home (@GGs_Liva) reported

    @Le_Fauster I'm not pessimistic, never said I am. I just wrote down what often gets aknowledged by Twitter, Reddit, simply the media around smash :)

  • Jibs (@Dracarys_91) reported

    @eL_na_B yeah the script is leaked,check on reddit.No problem :)

  • Nagan McFagan (@RealNagan) reported

    @unclenevs reddit says dont look down....... i can't eat normal eggs so fucked if i know :)

  • A.H (@Alex_Helali) reported

    @ReubzK @Mummy_Kalz @Samsung @alienufoweird @Codex_18 it's a combination of software + server sided. Just give it a few hours. A guy from Canada just got it (reddit) so it's moving along.

  • Denis Tarno (@tarnodenis) reported

    @gaichuhie I gave you the link that I used initially. Now it’s been pulled down & redirected to reddit

  • megan (@mmegz_) reported

    i just went down a rabbit hole on Reddit looking up really dumb shit lol


    I had a little break down and a trigger right now on reddit. I'm having a nervous break down

  • Marco | 7 dayZ (@Marcohzz) reported

    @fuzeeeke @NoobstersUHC Is it a reddit server? If so, thwy arent even allowed to screenshare

  • Brian (giant brain.) (@brian_hanson) reported

    @colonydrop @RollingPirahna @PatzPrime terrible opinions... on reddit???!! i.... i have no words....

  • X Jefferson🎈 (@DAWGSofWV) reported

    @aaronkpatel @Brett_McMurphy Twitter need to shut down the reddit account then

  • Mike Vey (@vey323) reported

    Discussing the #McCain incident: based on my own experiences and that of vets on Reddit, a huge problem in the military is sleep deprivation

  • Kind (@KindCoffee) reported

    For a moment i got down that ppl are putting hate on a post i made on reddit..then i realized this is the path to greatness...

  • A.'Alas'.Ismail (@SargAlas) reported

    @AnimationMerc Problem is places like Reddit and online forums worship and praise data miners and leakers. As though they did an amazing thing :/

  • 👨‍💻 (@ginplz) reported

    @Office Their are a few people on Reddit that are also have problems with OCR on onenote using their iPad pro's. We'd all love to switch

  • The Engi-Crab (@_Anachronist_AT) reported

    @AmperCamper thanks for today. If i sounded harsh on reddit im sorry for that. Thank you for bringing this issue to the team and changing it

  • Jamal (@Jamstar529) reported

    @Ridd1e @ShirtPunch According to my friend, he found out on Reddit that they closed down

  • Freyia (@Freyia_14) reported

    @xCajunKAFIRx @DVATW Reddit and other blogs upload massive amounts of these which skews search results. Google isn't any where near our biggest problem.

  • Hayek's Ghost (@FritzHayek) reported

    @GoldbergSalem @smoothdelicious @KassyDillon I think he watched Ancient Aliens and never looked back. He went down the rabbit hole on some obscure forum on Reddit.

  • Sean Green (@xxxLAIKAxxx) reported

    My favorite part of Reddit is watching a clever joke get dumbed down and retold until it's spelled out 3 replies later.

  • Ichigo-Roku (@Ichigo_Roku) reported

    @Kane40_Be I'm talking about Android too, yeah only LLSIF for me. But on reddit I seemed like I was the only one having this issue on Android haha

  • Steven adam davis (@WrathDavis) reported

    @DeadByBHVR Lullaby for the dark not working on ps4. Many reddit users also saying this. Please hurry and fix this! Seems to be a NA problem as well.

  • Paul (@TheFauxDreamer) reported

    Ummm guys, reddit is down in Australia. So what do I do now? Sleep?

  • Lisa Asanuma (@LisaAsanuma) reported

    Reddit is making me want a mechanical keyboard and I feel like this is a dark (but prettily back-lit?) path to go down.

  • Erik Linden (@ErikLinden) reported

    @VorthosMike Google searching shows exactly one mention of 93/94 old school magic with "Minneapolis". It's a broken link to a Reddit thread. 1 reply.

  • Wizerbuff (@OliverElisabeth) reported

    Chappo Reddit threads are like prison yards: keep your head down unless you want a fight. And even then you're gonna get it.

  • jessica 🍞 (@my2k) reported

    @emilymaxima @lmdragun The problem I have exists with reddit's reaction and how little was done in the wake of it to prevent it from happening again

  • Slodka Idiotka 🎈 (@DesSuburbia) reported

    "Hey, its me, reddit guy, again. I heard you're having trouble w a glitch on this PC game using a controller? Have you tried not using a c"

  • DC (@ActionDonson) reported

    @juliettekayyem On Reddit, former members of the fleet/base commented. Blame was on an overall terrible culture at the base, leading to these issues.

  • Ciarán O'Brien (@Sarklor) reported

    @stunt_penguin We'll there's your problem, reddit has the *worst* side-effects.

  • Dan Grima (@danielgrima) reported

    @AbuseDepository @ZoeSaysStuff I haven't finished just yet. On episode 6. Reddit made out like it was terrible but I'm really enjoying it

  • Sam Bairstow-Morris (@samsterbm) reported

    @NexusSites Followed the fixes listed on the reddit page, downloads still not working. I'm not getting the "An error occured" message though

  • ♢ diamond dog (@SongstressAzura) reported

    /scrolls down Reddit /two MGS references in a row and not even on r/metalgearsolid Today is a good day

  • Jan Schill (@schill_jan) reported

    Whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will track you down... You have my Word. -from Reddit-

  • Uncle Iroh (@danny_allison) reported

    People on reddit theorising that Arya and Sansa drama is them playing Littlefinger except no it's just terrible writing

  • Maximus Crypto (@MaximusCrypto) reported

    @LuhgytOrDie Poloniex have a problems. They block transactions when they want it. And to many no resolved tickets - you can find on reddit.

  • Maximus Crypto (@MaximusCrypto) reported

    @LuhgytOrDie Poloniex has a problem. They block transactions when they want it. And to many no resolved tickets - search on reddit.

  • Garfield is Dank (@PhuckSea) reported

    @joseiswriting @ekp @NYMag But I'm not proud of her in any way. She was a terrible Reddit CEO and her lawsuit was total bullshit.

  • Hellojed (@hell0jed) reported

    seattle's subreddits are kind of terrible??? really bad??? I just hate reddit so much

  • Marcus (@IrrelavantTwitt) reported

    @ningattes wow aren't you a clever little reddit server admin

  • ╰( •́ ◡ •́ )つ──☆*:・ (@MissKokamon) reported

    If anyone has suggestions for calming the hell down enough to sleep so one doesn't stay awake till 5.30am on Reddit, I'm down to listen.

  • Raider Jesse (@EdmontonRaider) reported

    @arrrdeecee @jjerms12 @CharmingGrump @dr_w83 @jcdavis_1980 Reddit broke it down and it passed the "possible" test.

  • I'm Being Assaulted! (@Jovial_Hack) reported

    @MattAlwaysWrong Well it is a solution to your problem. Search "Reddit two arms broken" if you want to know more

  • MissFushi (@MissFushiGaming) reported

    New video at 8am tomorrow. unrelated: Help, I went down the Reddit rabbit hole again. I'm learning so much and also so wtffffffff

  • MissFushi (@MissFushiGaming) reported

    New video at 8am tomorrow. Help, I went down the Reddit rabbit hole again. I'm learning so much and also so wtffffffff

  • ( ↀωↀ)✧ ฅ (@Glittertooth) reported

    @__jackary too many episodes where the host kept editorializing about how terrible mentally ill people are, then I checked the sword and scale reddit…

  • no context reddit (@reddit_random) reported

    Sorry! Should I take it down? Haven't really been using Reddit that long so I get confused about things here and there.

  • Derek Stettler (@theDnDerek) reported

    @CateSpice I decided a long time ago that Reddit users just wants to make fun of people or put others down because their 12 year old mind is too feeble

  • its a zero cum game (@MOHOPSOUL) reported

    @nickisnixed idk fam i have like 4 accounts i got by trading thru reddit my friends list is An Issue

  • Wesley Hilliard (@WesHilliard) reported

    When you tell people on reddit why they are having issues with their tech, and you get downvotes because it makes them unhappy. Lol

  • Matthew Holland (@matthewh0lland) reported

    I keep trying with Reddit and I don't know why, it keeps taking down the stuff I try to post

  • Randi. (@randiyo) reported

    @CurtisMMorrison I liked Michelle until I realized what a terrible scumbag she was on Reddit

  • j a c k s o n (@headfallsoff) reported

    @WarrenIsDead i was like "wait was this always banksy written by reddit jesus christ. the chemtrails meant they all laid down and died, eat my ass"

  • L2M Entertainment (@L2M_Gaming) reported

    @geofounders Congratz! Please be a bit more active on reddit and share a slack invite please. site link is broken. Thanks

  • Alex (@ALJO_Killer) reported

    @ItsEpi The issue with reddit is that it will be explained 1000 times clearly and they still argue and disagree out of stubborness (ie Blackbeard)

  • I'm Batman (@Pray4TheBatman) reported

    @JayzTwoCents >reddit There's your problem right there. lol

  • sentences424 (@sentences424) reported

    IMWW runs for a reddit for a fucking disgusting logitech webcam software is terrible I also happening oh fuck OFF good bye

  • columbo (@_columb0) reported

    people actually have a problem with players having to use the bathroom during a game reddit really wants to make me kms sometimes ngl

  • Travis Gafford (@TravisGafford) reported from Los Angeles, California

    Reddit: "Bathroom Breaks are a major problem in league" Yeah, let's shove a catheter into these guys when they sit down to play.

  • jess (@kazbrekkher) reported

    listen i've read enough tifu posts on reddit to know that sticking your dick in fruit is a terrible idea

  • Gangnam man want sex (@Munkedyr) reported

    @ImWavetable @morphindom @YeaYaII calm down you reddit spastic i just asked because i didnt know

  • Not Bruce Wayne (@ruxtab) reported

    @farmertanbob @IrPsych @NursepollyRgn @Sarklor I read a terrible story on reddit about what a guy did with a watermelon...

  • Confidently Lost (@ThisChibiLife) reported

    There's a female fireteam on Reddit but idk how they get down. I'm not trying to get yelled at during my first raid.

  • H3rbieHerbs (@Herbi3e) reported

    @EAHelp Will do, you might want to recommend that to other people as well if they have that problem. I know ppl on reddit were having issues

  • Justin Meader (@justinmeader) reported

    @tipsy_writer @notclownporn You’re right: shut down 4-Chan and Reddit too.

  • First Amendment Girl (@pmcc0rd) reported from San Antonio, Texas

    .@reddit What will it take for you to shut down white supremacists on Reddit?

  • JewishGuyXD (@JewishGuyXD) reported

    @Sirjdubs stick to being an irrelevant emo reddit server owner.

  • [SC]ThisGingerKid (@ThisGingerKid8) reported

    @FutSpy @reddit Yeah its a lot harder and you cant really kick off glitch consistently anymore

  • InterYaSkriniar (@InterYaSkriniar) reported

    @FCInterJoe @Johnny____P @NimaTavRood No problem you have to pay best to pay for 6 months or a year but at least reliable streams and get to watch your team, or just use Reddit

  • Co.Co.Dive (@cocodivemiri) reported

    Spotted on Reddit: Had to break off my PADI OW course in Thailand due to equalization issues. Looking to finish it now, but I'm starting to…

  • r̸e̸d̸. (@rcdzy) reported

    @sansofhumor you have problems. like, seriously. How long did it take you to copy that off of Reddit/Tumblr/GenericMemeSite?

  • xLux 🛶 (@_xLux) reported

    @_ItsColinn It got posted to the Reddit for some reason I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down

  • Streza_eBooks (@streza_ebooks) reported

    face down Reddit forever