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  • CabanaSweet Chad McGibbon (@CabanaSweet) reported

    @jennyachiu You can likely find a stream on reddit. I’ve never had a problem and I use them often.

  • agustinpellizz3 agustin pellizzari (@agustinpellizz3) reported

    @it_meirl_bot Despite the terrible things they've done Reddit is not going to stop them, a multinational billionaire company against a website.

  • PookieHerman Lord Edd (@PookieHerman) reported

    @GregFPS Alot of Reddit is a delight. Few are terrible pieces of troll trash and hate. I understand the frustration certainly.Not you but many of these YouTube ee hunts are actually just people feeding them steps Reddit figured out and received no credit for. Such is the circle of life.

  • NikasAshes ♡ ~𝒩𝒾𝓀𝒶~ ♡ (@NikasAshes) reported

    @ginnyhogan_ @Notbaddon But he's holding it upside down *somebody woosh me i want reddit fame*

  • distaff Emily (@distaff) reported

    @Chaotic_Redhead They were crappy on my face but I'm pretty sensitive. When I went on skincare addiction on Reddit, they were down on the brand too so I was all YAY NOT JUST ME. BUT if it works for you(r butt) then it is good for you!

  • JulianAKAWindy Outcast Windy #SoaRRC (@JulianAKAWindy) reported

    Just kidding. They took it down cause i dont have enough karma in the sub-reddit 😶😶

  • MamboFloof Mambo #5 (@MamboFloof) reported from Leawood, Kansas

    Rip @PlayOverwatch if the pts patch goes live. Way to appeal to the loud midrank players on reddit and do a lazy fix. Forcing roles is exactly why LFG failed. Sometimes you need to switch. People change roles on attack and efenss, some dps don't hitscan, etc. Terrible choice

  • earaspi Photobot (@earaspi) reported

    When I am not #tweeting I find #myself going down the #reddit #rabbit hole. #nerd the #internet is a #dark place

  • birdtoyghillie bird (@birdtoyghillie) reported

    @wojo4hitz @hansonmusic @consequence @Under_Radar_Mag @pitchfork @teganandsara @DeltaRae @amandapalmer @anhorse You could write up a reddit post for /r/music. They have discussion/text post only days on Friday. It would be a good way to talk about what happened and bring attention to the issue.

  • welcome_chaos xXYoungPotatoXx is drowning💧 (@welcome_chaos) reported

    Also I post this on Reddit but Reddit telling me that it's was not working so I have to delete.👊😢

  • dailyroverr dailyroverr (@dailyroverr) reported

    My 4 year old cat's been having a recurring problem - Hi, people of reddit. Asking help for my cat. He's a 4 year old Siamese mix. Lately(for the past few months)he would sometimes grow a bump above his left eye and usually when I found out about it, it looked like he had sc...

  • DiddlyDoddly Sebastian (@DiddlyDoddly) reported

    wait hold on im cheating i refreshed the page after looking at reddit posts to fix it and it fixed itself

  • DavidRodLIVE MRKN DavidRod (@DavidRodLIVE) reported

    @BIuueey This was the problem. Ended up finding it earlier on reddit ✊🏼 thanks bro

  • dcwomenkicknass DC Women Kicking Ass (@dcwomenkicknass) reported

    The Taylor Swift Reddit is not down for Cats. LOL "Darling I'm a nightmare dressed a nightmare"

  • CindyScofieldx Kiwi. (@CindyScofieldx) reported

    like i have no problem to change to reddit. i've seen most of the memes i retweet on reddit before anyway. I JUST LIKE SPAMMING ON TWITTER TOO MUCH

  • adarxmin Adarxmin (@adarxmin) reported

    So I noticed #reddit doesn’t like me very much & keeps thinking I’m a bot. Which then hides any & all comments I make which makes me have 2 write 2 the mods 2 get it fix. This happened a few times now.

  • Nwnomad_ pnw_Nomad (@Nwnomad_) reported

    The trolly problem is Reddit

  • Paul_Bone Paul Bone (@Paul_Bone) reported

    TFW someone comments on reddit about some OS-level resource usage problem, and you want to reply, but you've thought about this for SOME TIME and your reply is more of a paper or thesis. So you end up just deleting the reply.

  • iwantmycigar iwantmycigar (@iwantmycigar) reported

    @BruteBrawler @RheingoldRiver @RiotSupport I played over 100 games with it (pre 9.6) and made numerous posts breaking it down and explaining it to other players. There was even a front page post on Reddit about how it was good on graves which explained the same. It without a doubt doesn't function how it did pre 9.6.

  • moonwarp Normal Everyday Fan (@moonwarp) reported

    @ArkhamChannel @slcmof The dude on Reddit won’t back down

  • agizzlefizzle12 al (@agizzlefizzle12) reported

    Saw this on Reddit and thought I'd share here. The biggest communication problem is that we don't listen to understand. We listen to reply. When in an argument, put your anger aside and actually try to empathize with the other person so as to defuse the situation.

  • MattHuismanNZ Matt Huisman (@MattHuismanNZ) reported

    @edwardhong527 Reddit still requires a login, but I suspect more users will have a reddit account than Disqus. Be nice if reddit had social login but oh-well.

  • DCrander Dhamon Crander (@DCrander) reported

    @Gnurrgard reddit Found your problem

  • coucouaaron Mother Suspiriorum Fan Account (@coucouaaron) reported

    Made the terrible mistake of going to Reddit and the Taylor Cat subreddit is already 5,000 posts deep 🥴

  • nerkcast Nerkcast (Commissions Open) (@nerkcast) reported

    @bonkish Just teasing, working on my own project, we talked about it FOREVER ago on reddit but Ive been no where ready to really show it to you yet. Im a slow coder haha

  • CassieFambro Cassie Fambro (@CassieFambro) reported

    Good news! Gluck confirmed there’s a glitch in Deegan’s Twitter; so the pervs aren’t who ruined her Twitter! If you want to see some of the perv messages, Reddit got a few of them. Still jerks.

  • syanelessia cianelle (@syanelessia) reported

    If yall wanna know what goes down for real in Starbucks and how terrible customers are... GO ON REDDIT

  • WayMikaela Mikaela Way (@WayMikaela) reported

    @SEJeff @reddit Just want to say that’s a terrible tank for that fish. It needs at least 5 gallons plus a heater and a filter.

  • WayMikaela Mikaela Way (@WayMikaela) reported

    @SEJeff @reddit Just want to say that’s a terrible tank for that fish. It needs at least 5 gallons plus a heater and a filter. #nomorefishbowls

  • StriderTB Jim Albright (@StriderTB) reported

    @jennafabulous I don't understand guys who want to date, but don't want to put in even a minimal effort. I'm sure they're posting in some dark corner of reddit about how all these women are jerks because they get turned down all the time. Zero self awareness.

  • CWXeon X30N (@CWXeon) reported

    @nzlatty @MarcFcLisse @DramaRLert Eye started it by commmenting on reddit --> leaking problems in the team, Remkoe didn't take the initiative, eye did. Because of Eye's "accusations", remkoe basically had to give a statement to defend metsa and himself. I'm not taking a side, just my observation

  • CWXeon X30N (@CWXeon) reported

    @nzlatty @MarcFcLisse @DramaRLert Eye started it by commmenting on reddit --> leaking problems in the team, Remkoe didn't take the initiative, eye did. Because of Eye's "accusations", remkoe basically had to give a statement to defend metsa and himself

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • WillyDaLang David Lang (@WillyDaLang) reported

    @BadflowerJoey Read Reddit or watch a Quinton Tarintino movie while laying down. Not that his movies are bad, but the have dialogue scenes can drag at times if you are laying down. Like the beginning of Inglorious Bastards

  • monintoho Monintoho (@monintoho) reported

    @yun_seaweed @discordapp Posted in another server where I was able to verify through reddit and the page it's self.

  • PXAbstraction Parallax Abstraction (@PXAbstraction) reported

    It's funny how every time I see a Reddit comment thread where people are bemoaning how there's no creative games any more and how everything's microtransaction this and lootbox that, I mention looking at indie games to find that creativity and get down voted. Every time.

  • thibaultmol Thibault Molleman (@thibaultmol) reported

    @lukerose02 @GoogleStadia @reddit A console that never breaks down and doesn't require 500$ upfront. You can play anywhere with a proper internet connection. Doesn't require sub to play online... yeah sure... that'll flop xd

  • babygotbooks87 First of her name 🦄📚 (@babygotbooks87) reported

    Went down a @truecrimegarage rabbit hole and saw the worst side of @reddit Legit traumatized right now... gonna watch #thehangover and try to calm down

  • WellKnownAlias WellKnownAlias (@WellKnownAlias) reported

    @DuvalMagic The linked thread contains a link to a reddit post about the FPS/stuttering/tearing issues that have been plaguing this since release, and that absolutely did not plague the original version.

  • T3Baron :Baron- T3 (@T3Baron) reported

    I'm in an argument on a 2brains discussion on reddit for the last few days now. It has come down to: if I don't agree with 2brain then "you are delusional and on the other team"! People, these Q shills are addicted, like ****** addict addicted.

  • miksubg miksu (@miksubg) reported

    @Sick_Nerd as if maxed ppl would have a problem with another buyable. thi is such a dumb reddit-tier accusation

  • thibaultmol Thibault Molleman (@thibaultmol) reported

    @hiccups1980 @geoffkeighley @GoogleStadia @MrPhilHarrison Not yet, but probably down the line . this is the answer they gave on their Reddit AMA they're doing just now. And yeah, you'll need to buy games again (just like if you switched from playstation to xbox)

  • itsthe1applefan Max🙂 (@itsthe1applefan) reported

    @HeyItsBilal On a reddit post, Fortnite said they are looking in to the issue

  • Martinedwards19 RedDevilish MUFC (@Martinedwards19) reported

    @CapAustria @GhostRecon Yes really. Seems a lot agree on the reddit. Why is the game made so casual. Give us no respawn to slow the idiots sprinting everywhere and give us a normal ttk. These games should be punishing. It's what keeps the crowd. Not this bullet sponging

  • SlyceCaik 🍰🔪💙🦊🎀 (@SlyceCaik) reported

    @Twitter Nobody wanted this. Reddit was courteous enough to let us change it. You’re forcing it down our throats and won’t listen to anyone. There was literally no need for it to change.

  • GirlHasNoName62 Hoppersexual 🚬🙃🥃 (@GirlHasNoName62) reported

    @LAVELLEZ @deadskulltweets @bbscreenshots There’s a terrible bully alpha pack situation going on in there and they’ve even got their own alliance too scared and chickenshit to do anything about it, it’s ruining the season and tbh the show. When even FB, IG, Reddit, casuals and Twitter all agree: it’s pretty bad 🗑😬

  • ThomasKWasTaken Thomas Kelleher (@ThomasKWasTaken) reported

    Just made a reddit account for Paladins! If anyone has audio issues or feedback please feel free to tag /u/HiRezWaddleD and I will do my best to respond. #paladins

  • scottk1350 Scott (@scottk1350) reported

    @TheOnion There was the sound of millions of heads exploding on 4-Chan, Reddit and YouTube, and then there was silence. Something terrible must have happened.

  • GG_s0nic Imy Hanako (@GG_s0nic) reported

    @ROCCAT Reddit without a doubt. People on Instagram have serious self-esteem issues it's unbelievable.

  • Thogar Tom Gardiner (@Thogar) reported

    @PitchforkAss @BaronDestructo @Twitter @instagram @facebook I've tried Reddit a few times over the past decade or so, but run into the same problem: Douchebags. So many douchebags seem to hang at reddit & I have no patience for that.

  • ARoughRider RoughRider #Dare (@ARoughRider) reported

    @Casperpool1 @yogscast I made this account in 2016 and you can't change your Reddit username, I know it's terrible, it hurts my soul lmao

  • _fvtmv Fatsⓥ🥀 (@_fvtmv) reported

    my relationship with reddit is unhealthy and i try to fix that by being on twitter more

  • tattarbarnet Astley Rick (@tattarbarnet) reported

    @Fatmetalcs @kemorusovic @wickedplayer494 Im not in mood to login on reddit to appeal on my phone. Just thought it was funny that just cuz he dont get the ”deal” he ban me. How many more have been wrongfully banned just bcuz he gets mad. 😁😁

  • JustinAlexP Justin Proulx (@JustinAlexP) reported

    @TinQ00 @jamiebishop123 I use the official @reddit app and the gestures are just kind of bad lol so you accidentally collapse threads without meaning to. It’s kind of annoying but it’s not something they couldn’t fix in the future


    DumbAsses At Twits WORKING At LOSER Tweeter Facebook Reddit Google YouTube All B.S. SOCIAL MEDIA Close Down ALL Our Accounts DareYou Pieces Of CRAP Working For PURE EVIL AGENDA WeKnowYourTricks Sleep With 1 EYE OPENED SAFER We Are COMING 100% Tic Toc😲💉💺🐺🐑😻🙊🙉🙈🔥😇🌎🎉🤠🏆

  • whoisthisgit whoisthisgit (@whoisthisgit) reported

    @AntasmaTehBat @Seahorsy Oh, how terrible, Reddit, the website I already hate.

  • MuaPeekaboo PeekabooMUA (@MuaPeekaboo) reported

    @Inglebodah @hulu_support @SparkitusRex That’s really weird...I was searching to see if anyone else was hacked by those two people and I found this post. There is fed something going on. There are tons of people on Reddit with the same issue.

  • EightySixHB 86HB (@EightySixHB) reported

    @CarrieG65 @beishmeister @famoros1 @sternshow @SIRIUSXM @KimEGoldman @confrontingpod @HowardStern Reddit is down the hall on your right.

  • ex_exjw Yeah I said it (@ex_exjw) reported

    Also it’s a tad bit irksome that the exjw governing body doesn’t want certain social issues part of the movement or to see dissent for image reasons but reddit is damn near a cess pool most of the time.

  • carmatrocity Carmen Hernández Andoh (@carmatrocity) reported

    Sometimes I wish I can assert my underinformed / unresearched statements with such bombastic conviction like so many dudes do on reddit, HN, github issue threads, and other forums. I have never seen women do this.