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Reddit Live Outage Map
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Burswood, Western Australia
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Cambuslang, Scotland
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Colebee, New South Wales
  • Crystal Lake, Illinois
  • Doncaster, England
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  • The_EgyptianKid
    Karim The Dream (@The_EgyptianKid) reported

    @Spiffyboyk Over a century and posted the 36 page answer on reddit.. he’s just a genius and likes to learn on his own, no need for a University since he didn’t want to do anything with it. He was offered a nobel prize and a million dollars but turned it down bc he didn’t want the fame

  • AfroAjay
    Ajay08 (@AfroAjay) reported

    @GrandmaStreams no problem. I saw some of the popular streamers on Reddit include that disclaimer as of today so I had a light bulb moment...glad it's resolved.

  • Phantom_3D
    Magnus Ringen (@Phantom_3D) reported

    @tangleblog @reddit Mine is still stuck, but they say they have problems with withdrawel of all coines now. I hope Binance opens up for withdrawel soon!

  • sunil_kosuri
    Sunil Kosuri (@sunil_kosuri) reported

    Girl: What makes you sad? Me: The time when @reddit servers are slow.

  • LookItsBria
    BB-8ria (@LookItsBria) reported

    @stirfryedshana broken arms boy from reddit is what happens

  • schill_jan
    Jan Schill (@schill_jan) reported

    Why did the sitcom about airplanes never take off? Because the pilot was terrible. #jokes -from Reddit-

  • Azrhrt_TaekLove
    🌸 Nicky ♡s Taekwoon 🌸 (@Azrhrt_TaekLove) reported

    is reddit down?

  • iluffhomer
    iLuffhomer (@iluffhomer) reported

    Remove a post on reddit and don't include removal reason: People bitch that mods are terrible Remove a post and include a removal reason: Receive death threats. K.

  • CherryBombPcola
    Cherry Bomb Vintage Clothing (@CherryBombPcola) reported

    @CrushCrypto Also TERRIBLE 2FA BINDING ISSUES. Reddit and their own support is full of people complaining. No help from customer service no matter how many tickets.

  • ModeledBehavior
    Modeled Behavior (@ModeledBehavior) reported

    Gotta keep driving that Bitcoin price down for my scam to pay off. Please do not alert the reddit detectives of this tweet.

  • schill_jan
    Jan Schill (@schill_jan) reported

    My new thesaurus is terrible. And not only that, it’s terrible. #jokes -from Reddit-

  • SenrakOfficial
    Senrak (@SenrakOfficial) reported

    @playrust @FcpnchStds we broke bradley and heli (crossbow glitch) #rust #reddit

  • jleicester6
    James (@jleicester6) reported

    @Sozzinski @LBC That's not true. Far right extremism does exist as does far left extremism and islamic extremism. You just have to look at twitter, reddit and 4chan to see that. Now which of these are more of a problem is debatable.

  • daemon404
    Derek Buitenhuis (@daemon404) reported

    It's a shame Mozilla seems to refuse to issue an actual apology for their fake malware, and instead are taking the "we can explain it away" approach (along with weirdly defensive employees on HN and Reddit).

  • eeeduuups
    balkanian (@eeeduuups) reported

    @CatTheUndying I can feel the butthurt of thousands of reddit users all the way from here. They need to calm the fuck down and go back to groping their body pillows.

  • IIJustSupremeII
    Justice🇵🇭🇨🇦🇬🇭 (@IIJustSupremeII) reported

    @Gorilla_Unilad @LyesMTL "terrible servers sucks, but that's the reality of FIFA at the moment. Maybe EA will listen to our pockets more than our words" may have some sort of impact, especially if it's clipped and goes around Twitter, forums and reddit Not sure if you can say that tho since youre with UL

  • helen_it
    Helen Jacobsen (@helen_it) reported

    @Goshit_Nyurhat @SethAbramson There's also a bloke selling them on r/australia on reddit ... shipping times could be an issue, but he has a great variety of them.

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:Siblings of Reddit, what did you do as kids that you will never live down? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • TheMichaelFight
    Snowball Fight (@TheMichaelFight) reported

    @dpjsc08 Big thread on Reddit with lots of hours of play testing. It appears as no, they are not working.

  • RuffleJax
    Jacqueline 🌒Lunar Exalt With The Red Roses🌘 Bryk (@RuffleJax) reported

    ...and promising listeners that "your pathetic bodies shall be ground down to build a monument to the meaninglessness of life."" I want to laugh at this, but I've read certain sections of Reddit and used to be a regular on 4chan and also 2017 happened, so...

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:What’s your experience with mental health issues? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • Gaf123hd
    Gaf123hd (@Gaf123hd) reported

    @SWBFUpdates Well, whatever they say at this point they’re going to get backlash for it...once they explained the MTX issues on Reddit and they had the most downvoted comment on reddit.

  • MalwareJake
    Jake Williams (@MalwareJake) reported

    @T_J_Trent Dude, let it go. I cross posted something from Reddit. Clearly you didn't agree with the post, but it had no OPSEC impact (unless raising your blood pressure was an OPSEC issue)

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:Have you ever hooked up with someone you met inside of a movie theatre? How did it go down? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • barryflood
    Barry Flood (@barryflood) reported

    @thenagaico PLEASE reconsider listing on @hitbtc , take a look on reddit and twitter to review the issues there are with them at the moment. high fees, withdrawls not being processed, no customer support responses, accounts being locked and funds removed. PLEASE

  • gpdmckay
    Max Weltschmerzrry Xmas (@gpdmckay) reported from Cambuslang, Scotland

    @garry_architect Yeah like a mobo issue or suhin? Ask the reddit VLs mate. Just watch they don't try and turn you racist.

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:Redditors who have broken off an engagement, what was the reason and the fallout? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • JackLaMothe
    Husky Jack (@JackLaMothe) reported

    @CaseyExplosion Sleeping with Zoe Quinn is Ben kuchera head of Kotaku. When gamers natrually get intrigued by the scandal there is a mass movement of trying to shut it down discussions occuring. From neo gaf, to Reddit forums are shut down. Even /V/ on 4chan doesn't want it to be discussed....

  • WoelerGaming
    Woeler (@WoelerGaming) reported

    People on reddit giving terrible advice to others who are asking for genuine build advice. Because they value their own delusional “every class is equal in all roles” lies more than actually giving someone else decent advice. Repeating something 100x isn’t going to make it true.

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:What is a simple problem that only has complex solutions? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:Is there a person who you thought you liked, then realized relatively quickly you fucking hate them? What happened/how did it go down? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • LocoDiceGR
    LocoDiceGR (@LocoDiceGR) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN I dont need to report a bug, its a widespread problem, check reddit. Cheers.

  • schill_jan
    Jan Schill (@schill_jan) reported

    Damn girl are you a newspaper? Because there's a new issue with you every fucking day #jokes -from Reddit-

  • tmquarterly
    tm (@tmquarterly) reported

    God DAMN Reddit! You are so painfully broken. I can't do anything on that service, I swear.

  • Panteraa_77
    Ruben (@Panteraa_77) reported

    @caspercadiaN You know the more samples you have the more the average is likely to go down, right? Of course, it's still reddit and I'm definitely not defending them but you gotta understand that having an higher average on 20 samples compared to 1 is a bit irregular.

  • terenik_dimitri
    Dimitri Terenik (@terenik_dimitri) reported

    @Belmont_Boy I'm having a problem with the Automatic Variants patcher the problem is it "runs out of heap space" I checked the forums on Reddit it said to change the arguments with "-Xmx1024m" when I tired that it gave me a bigger error "Fatal error closing program"

  • Noahpinion
    Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) reported

    @MikeRTrice I feel like Twitter is the biggest problem, because you can @ people. Reddit is just a giant web forum, with some icky areas and some nice ones.

  • MikeRTrice
    Michael R. Trice (@MikeRTrice) reported

    @Noahpinion I think you can have multiple options. Interesting issue on Reddit is that GG in KiA seems to have moderated their stances versus Twitter even with anonymous accounts. Mostly out of fear that Reddit would come down on the community.

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:How do you feel about those who drive slow in the passing lane, or park in the handicapped space when its raining? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • Sekundessounet
    Sekundes (@Sekundessounet) reported

    So, browsing the reddit thread for #FFXIV 's last Live Letter, expecting to see a ton of people bitching about "not enough glamour slots". But, surprinsingly, the true issue there is that "commode" in the US means "toilet" and everyone is pissed.

  • TrueTanker
    CaptainTrueTanker (@TrueTanker) reported

    @KingFrostFive @iamcuriousblue @HowManyTor @CathyYoung63 Agree on that last one. Gamergate would have died in a week if there hadn't been mass censorship of the issue on Reddit and 4chan of all places.

  • SoiSaucer
    Pam-O-Rama (@SoiSaucer) reported

    @bethann78 Chris was getting the error everybody on reddit keeps talking about. But CS activated his card and now he’s all set!

  • ToplessTopics
    Topless Topics (@ToplessTopics) reported

    @KillerMartinis If there isn't one already, someone should write an in depth article in how "nice guys" go to places like reddit and 4chan to complain how women won't date them, then are radicalized into blaming women for ALL problems, and THAT blame extends to anyone who isn't a white male.

  • UbruiserD
    Bruiser (@UbruiserD) reported

    @SHGames love how you have a reddit thread for your shit game and then lock it so when the problem comes back you can’t comment. Every god damn day there is something different that’s broken. Can’t connect again. I’m sure you’ll get to it in January sometime

  • ReidMorehead
    Reid Morehead (@ReidMorehead) reported

    @reddit Poloniex has crashed; I believe. Or I have a log in issue. I have replaced my password multiple times in the last several hours, repeat error messages that are generated after inputting a confirmation number (maybe 25 time in the last 10 hours), Customer support line -

  • OpTicCODnCS
    OpTicCODnCS (@OpTicCODnCS) reported

    People complained that CTF was too slow. Now I see Reddit complaining that it’s too fast and 10+ flag cap games are just too much. I don’t get what people want.

  • HarrisM_
    Harris Masood (@HarrisM_) reported

    @arCtyC @FortniteGame Hey, i think a fix is needed for the in game fort nite menu on ps4 the frame rate is uncapped, and makes the ps4 sounds like a jet engine. I’m afraid this can cause damage to the ps4, alot of players have been complaining about this on Reddit And other forums.

  • shoutinshannon
    Shannon Peacock (@shoutinshannon) reported

    @Daily_Express Don't fall for it. It's just a bunch of trolls working to bring down the RT score. They're bragging about it on Reddit.

  • CarbineCat
    Prinzregent Karabiner von Katze (@CarbineCat) reported

    @CaseyExplosion I genuinely wanted to hear more about the ethical problems, but I also wasn't on Reddit or 8ch so I missed that hellscape. It became obvious eventually though. Shameful and embarrassing.

  • Kyan6985
    Kyan (キャン) (@Kyan6985) reported

    @IntoTheLongDark @Philminator Have the same issue. There's a post on the long dark Reddit with several other people having the issue as well. I'm on PS4 pro if that makes a difference.

  • rfoxtail
    Ronin Foxtail (@rfoxtail) reported

    Second @8Bitdo SF30Pro controller worked fine for a day and then it has the same error. All the LEDs cycle and it refuses to pair to anything or even shut off. Reddit has a several people with the same problem. I think there’s a defect somewhere…

  • Kaylin_McK
    🤶🏻Old Pizza🍕 (@Kaylin_McK) reported

    @emmj3 @KEthePE My brother claimed Reddit slowed down, but I think he was just teasing me...

  • JayIenBrownSZN
    @TransitionTatum Cam 🎄 (@JayIenBrownSZN) reported

    @Bapegod21 @JJ_Boston_ Google NBA reddit streams. Scroll down to Celtics.

  • Wickd18
    Boris Paspalev (@Wickd18) reported

    @Game_Dev_Carto why tell people on reddit to submit dxdiag and msinfo to the issuetracker to figh the fps problem if no one is gonna ever review them

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:What's a trait in yourself that you know is a problem but have never admitted to? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • MonkieMonks
    Monkie Monks (@MonkieMonks) reported

    @mdgress @jonathan_leigh @ChristyANJax @ActionNewsJax What a bunch of lies. Google "Reddit AMZL" it is a plague that is actively bringing Amazon down. Obviously legitimate, PROFESSIONAL carriers like UPS & FedEx are light years ahead of random people in random cars in the free-for-all circus that is AMZL "Flex"

  • MonkieMonks
    Monkie Monks (@MonkieMonks) reported

    @AmazonHelp [email protected] Investigate by Googling "reddit amzl" this is happening everywhere! I have already submitted everything in detail to the ESL reps that always handle such things. Not submitting more via social media. You have a mega problem on your hands & it isn't just me

  • Jear_bear99
    Jared Ebener (@Jear_bear99) reported

    @brewhoop There’s a link to the Rockets live stream of the game on Reddit. But I woudnt recommend it, Rockets commentary is terrible.

  • skullflowers__
    sσℓsтιcε (@skullflowers__) reported

    @StupidoLibtards @midwingradical @FlashResists @UsVsThemBlog @ALKMSTA @MalcolmNance Sitting here talking down to vets cuz you're a fucking moron. You're an absolute embarrassment lmao. Go back to whining about feminism on reddit where people aren't gonna judge you so harshly.

  • JVnells
    John Nelson (@JVnells) reported

    @EpicNameBro As I understand it from Reddit, the servers can give you bad frame rate and sound delay. The background noise gets laggy and stutters, and the frame rate drops horribly. It is an issue with the online. Although I can't hardly play online anymore...

  • FettyWrapps
    Javid Devenier (@FettyWrapps) reported

    @nytimes I don't get why reddit banned the incel board, a self help community that is all about dealing with these issues.

  • tubbyjew
    Jason Collins (@tubbyjew) reported

    @cvugrinec @BittrexExchange I’ve had no response.. Doing some searching here and Reddit I found though that the problem is much larger and there are tons of people without access to their funds... I just hope no one loses their money..

  • TheAllenGore
    Allen S. Gore (@TheAllenGore) reported from Crystal Lake, Illinois

    @iaherma @mashable The split seems to be more of a Millenial VS Gen X thing. Millenials who grew up with Prequels love it, Gen X who idolized Luke Skywalker didn’t get what they wanted/expected and have issues with it (at least on Reddit). Was still a great movie though.

  • RizeUpPodcast
    Rize Up! Podcast (@RizeUpPodcast) reported

    @kingcillo24 @Delisketo @rizin_STAFF They don't do any interviews on ANY shows on any level big or small. that is the problem. Helwani Show is a UFC show, but look around and you little to no interviews with any outlets. Kape never did the Reddit discussion, etc. Reminds me of WCW lazy talent just collecting a check

  • Turtle_andretti
    Vacant Hairline cuh (@Turtle_andretti) reported

    @SageTerrence Really? I'm never on reddit but bout time. Movie had some problems. I rate it a decent 7. Shit just makes less and less sense the more u think about it

  • DaveMatthewsBad
    thomas grabinski. (@DaveMatthewsBad) reported

    The Last Jedi is the spark that will light the fire that will burn down reddit.

  • serlindsipity
    Lindsey (@serlindsipity) reported

    @Xystence Always thought it was super interesting. Took the intro investools class back in the day but couldn't afford the fees. I found TT from the hot mess that is reddit's wallstreetbets sub. Someone mentioned it and I went down the Rabbit hole.

  • BestonPaper
    Best on Paper (@BestonPaper) reported

    Can You Answer:How old were you when you realized that Taco Bell is terrible? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • tsquared1
    Tsquared1 (@tsquared1) reported

    @Humdrumoleab @TX_Vet1 @Cowalsh9746 @reddit @JudgeJeanine Typical Dem strategy: accuse, mock, confuse the issue.

  • joncrowley
    jon crowley (@joncrowley) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    My issue with reddit is mostly that even when I click through for basketball highlights, it’s like one scroll before someone is making holocaust “jokes”. Toxic community.

  • BooksFoxxy
    Foxxy Books (@BooksFoxxy) reported

    @_ChristieC Thank you! I posted in Reddit and Facebook. If everyone picked 5 states and wrote down all the reps we would get more exposure than us only calling 1 rep. This could total 25 or more calls. 25 people x thousand of us=25000 calls!

  • Jobbinghappens
    Harcorehypochondriac (@Jobbinghappens) reported

    @pookleblinky Only problem is that L eats TONS of junk food. and says pseudo science like using his brain alot burns the calories. do you really aspire to be a reddit nerd? :-P

  • FSU_Justin
    9-1. #19 (for now) (@FSU_Justin) reported

    Damn reddit. Fix your website so I can scroll through all the comments to see all the salty ducks.

  • ThundahBirdy
    Scott (@ThundahBirdy) reported

    Arctic could be the most biased reddit server out there

  • reynolds1965
    Jack Reynolds (@reynolds1965) reported

    @RJ_Young @reddit On offense it would have to be Andrews to get that quick pass off when the blitz comes. On Defense OBO, we need to get pressure on the quarterback often, slow down the run, get them in 3rd and long situations make them have to throw and play catch up.

  • Kilo_bizzness
    Kilobizzness (@Kilo_bizzness) reported

    @BoredBish @OpPedoHunter_ So what's gonna slow it down and I'm being censored on Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Google. What would be the difference?

  • collectdust
    endora bullshit (@collectdust) reported

    @Nicole_Cliffe young reddit guys diagnosing npd in the women in their lives is a huge problem and i don't know how it gets fixed.

  • MWeezy04
    MWeezy (@MWeezy04) reported

    @19Shane91 I will try. I know Reddit has issues with YouTube posts but maybe I can circumvent them

  • the_moviebob
    Bob Chipman (@the_moviebob) reported

    Anyone got a link to the actual reddit thread where the "take down LAST JEDI's RT User Score to attack Disney campaign" thing is supposedly going on?

  • twittetrader
    Omar Ghaffar [LTC] (@twittetrader) reported

    @cryptocraig123 @CryptosQueen @novogratz ETH competes with other sidechain tech, like Rootstock (RSK), which can be used as a smart contracts platform on the blockchain, without the ETH scaling issues. RSK is still in testing. See Cryptochikun's Reddit comments for more. He knows, way, way, way more than this dude.