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  • ouroboros_outis Ovcharka (@ouroboros_outis) reported

    @dqiuxtoe This is one of the definitive heuristic features of the reddit prole class They have no functioning OODA loops, it is all report cards and issued directives all the way down until one slightly fishy directive throttles them out of their stupor

  • carriuncensored it's 2020 and kids are still in cages (@carriuncensored) reported

    I fell down a Reddit hole and ended up reading about this dude who had to have his foot amputated because of a motorcycle accident. And he ate his foot. I think that's enough internet time for me today.

  • Saadeghi Pouya (@Saadeghi) reported

    Reddit app is so slow I'd rather use the website 😪

  • Lyra_GP G-P (@Lyra_GP) reported

    @hegdeil I just went on /r/all and just scrolled for ages Sometimes I'd find a sub that seemed interesting and just binged all the way through it (this is how I learned I liked Snakes) I get very...obsessive, paid off for building SmashUK, but was a real problem with reddit

  • rileshasstyle 𝔯𝔦𝔩𝔢𝔰 / 𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐡 𝐠𝐨𝐝𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐬 (@rileshasstyle) reported

    @baby_spyce I just started using reddit and I'm running into so many problems. I know once you got it down though there's lots of opportunities so idk 😩

  • WeziChipeya Wez(Squishls) (@WeziChipeya) reported

    I think my reddit is broken-

  • TheRyanSorge Ryan Sorge 🏳️‍⚧️ 🌹 (@TheRyanSorge) reported

    @Sherman1332 @CalFederalist @Baldguy39034520 @KnowsPapi @JoshDoss6 @scrowder Issues in that the numbers are inflated and the data, when presented without context, can give people the wrong message. In context and with those things taken into account it does support my stance, yes. And for the last time, the reddit posts literally link to the studies.

  • MSlags Matthew Slagley (@MSlags) reported

    @Activision Xbox players can’t access the Ghost bundle once we’ve bought it. Seen some Reddit threads about it. Please fix that’s why we pre-ordered!

  • CorporationF CorporationAFK ♀ (@CorporationF) reported

    @MystiqueLoba @OzRlate1 I haven't changed my email password and I haven't received any notification. I think this is a glitch. Now I am just worried that I did something stupid cause I tried to do something I read on Reddit and chose the new account option instead and I started a new adventure 😨

  • firebomba read rookies manga plaese 🥺 (@firebomba) reported

    i have to admit it would be incredibly funny to do a fake reddit post about developing feelings in quarantine that goes viral, and then two weeks later do a followup post about how you've realized you had nothing in common but hormones+proximity and are now broken up

  • smhassan87 Has (@smhassan87) reported

    I made a terrible MMA video edit and trying to upload it on Imgur to show off on Reddit. But Its taking hours and not getting uploaded.

  • TURN1NGRED hannah ☀️ (@TURN1NGRED) reported

    why are people writing full essays on this reddit like calm down

  • SelfXplanatoryy S̷e̷l̷f̷ X̷ (@SelfXplanatoryy) reported

    I had originally got the file via Reddit but have lost the link and page to the creator thus I have no clue who to credit and this is a very big thing in the community so please understand where I am coming from. I have been searching up and down

  • cataclysmiceve1 HWHFTM 13 is up now! (@cataclysmiceve1) reported

    @ninjahyperion And “inhibiting the topic of discussion” because it’s controversial is an interesting phrase, because it’s typically tossed around by edge lords on Reddit who want to be philosophical because they’ve never actually had to deal with the problems and disadvantages that—

  • ImPimpingMoms bioniq (@ImPimpingMoms) reported

    @MojangSupport please for the love of god fix ps4 Minecraft. Bedrock is horrid, it’s garbage it’s terrible I feel like I’m about to puke everytime I’m on it. Bring back the old Minecraft and update that, look on reddit thousands are complaining about how atrocious it is.

  • notapuppet87 Kevin (@notapuppet87) reported

    @JasonKander I always like Reddit having up up/down vote and wish Twitter had that.

  • Reeborn4k Reborn (@Reeborn4k) reported

    @PhotosR6S @XO8Exe They are simple and I would play it if A) the game wasn’t stale B) they listened to anyone other than gold streamers and reddit C) they knew how to fix a game. So they keep making defense stronger woooo time to uninstall. Been a good 5 years

  • thisolpatriot Man Faced Stink Bug 🐘🐘🐘🇺🇸🇺🇸 (@thisolpatriot) reported

    Website, I uninstalled the app out of anger and I am glad I did! @reddit you are better than this: Do something and take down r/BadCopNoDonut! You have made a user genuinely upset! Good riddance!

  • datnewnewtype fuck around and see what happens (@datnewnewtype) reported

    @AITA_reddit i'm glad the women of reddit are showing up to give us their own brand of terrible

  • igwoomy2 igwoomy2 (@igwoomy2) reported

    @quffu if you genuinely enjoy the games i have no problem with that, but the sudden appearance of fnaf memes has just made me cringe a lot recently. reddit has pretty much ruined minecraft for a second time and i really dont want them to start their shit up again with fnaf

  • butterfIyrising Y2MI (@butterfIyrising) reported

    I wish this was like reddit where in could thumbs down posts

  • chrryboyhunter cherry (@chrryboyhunter) reported

    @ezrapluto yoo i been saying ppl who use reddit are terrible I've never met a good person who used reddit unless its for useful things like identifying plants.

  • saltysnacksXD xD saltysnacks (@saltysnacksXD) reported

    @TheGodlyNoob this is what happens when silvers develop the game, then allow other silvers to test it and then go to reddit and read the silvers opinions, all to attain the confirmation bias they desire to go ahead with it. not many plat+ go to test server or reddit anymore.

  • radartpad nc (@radartpad) reported

    @cqlle @ThatDramaBitchQ @bjornscl I haven't been having any issues with it. Before buying my switch I saw Reddit discussions over joystick drifting. Switch lites have a bigger chance of developing drift but it's also possible with regular switches.

  • OnlyJustSagan 📖JustSagan Private📖 (@OnlyJustSagan) reported

    @hues_of_mercury @backup_radio He admitted to it on Reddit. I'll see if I can track down the post.

  • astrikewhereyou Indeed! (@astrikewhereyou) reported

    Throw down with the Vex on Venus. The next day, Bilbo the Twitter Cat gets corrupted by Cayde's tombstone, and then posts on Reddit about it.

  • k_smash44 Kara (@k_smash44) reported

    @ThingInABook @EBGamesCanada A reddit user is also having the same issue. Doesn't make sense I called my CC company and no issue on their end

  • HarrisMcJoggerr Harris Joggerr (@HarrisMcJoggerr) reported

    @owlplus002 @NickJFuentes Pronouns in bio and Bojack horseman banner. Reddit is down the hall and to the left, weirdo.

  • TheRyanSorge Ryan Sorge 🏳️‍⚧️ 🌹 (@TheRyanSorge) reported

    @JesseSTurner @JoshDoss6 @Baldguy39034520 @scrowder A reddit post that analyzes and deconstructs the presented data, yeah. No different than if I were to type it all out here, it would just take several dozen tweets. And no, the redditor broke down the study itself and why it doesn't say what you think it does.

  • baby_spyce Baby Spyce (@baby_spyce) reported

    @HPriestass No they didn’t ban me out right. But I did realize because I have advertised elsewhere on Reddit that meant I couldn’t participate on the sub. Which I just think is a bit ridiculous. Especially in a fetish community where that stuff has neeeeever been an issue

  • BoganTypical typical_bogan (@BoganTypical) reported

    Shiva down friends! About 4 weeks too late but we did it reddit

  • cmhrrs Connor Harris (@cmhrrs) reported

    Real race-is-not-to-the-swift hours again. 100 new followers for posting a lousy Reddit screenshot; meanwhile, months of hard work on policy issues actually in my area of expertise gets me nothing.

  • 04nbod Nicola Boden (@04nbod) reported

    Twitter, is there an archive of Outpost Gallifrey. Someone on reddit is asking for the Rose episode thread and the login requirement means the Wayback Machine doesn't work #DoctorWho

  • MamaElle_ vegeta sama (@MamaElle_) reported

    Time to go down the reddit rabbit hole

  • NotePlanApp NotePlan (@NotePlanApp) reported

    @jgctweets Ah yes! The problem with Reddit is that it needs to be longer in-depth post. I cant push multiple tweets like here. But I started writing up something :) Thanks!

  • daniel54889071 daniel (@daniel54889071) reported

    @RiotSupport @Hanibal_lecterT you don't anymore have boards ,reddit is kind of not fine in the interaction with quick problems and bugs , is hard to search and see what problems others occur , i honestly feel really pointless that you close boards ,since was were organise space , better than reddit!1000-times

  • tomqman tom quarterman (@tomqman) reported

    @NianticHelp Pokémon go does not work on S20 ultra, searching reddit shows other S20 users are having issues

  • Bofishkills Bofishkix (@Bofishkills) reported

    @Chainge60 @OhCodwhy @cipherkai I mean alot of rr's especially non-reddit need dedicated montage makers, a tough issue that needs addressing, and intro makers as not as much in demand are still needed and some like Pely as of recent are overworked.

  • x3dr1x XXDRX (@x3dr1x) reported

    @aj_obiwan Yea, go on Plex reddit and look for server. Tons of people are giving access to theirs for free

  • HoffOccultist James (@HoffOccultist) reported

    @thespikefeeders @ghirapurigears Could be a side effect of the anonymity problem with the internet. It's just super to dogpile if there's no consequence for it, so you get some mob mentality. Same issue with Reddit's voting system, etc. It can get tiring with multiple pings a day, but people need to mute more.

  • SpiffyNeoStar Kantankerous (@SpiffyNeoStar) reported

    Also today I'm learning that reddit seems to not like standard deck techs, as my postings there got instantly down voted. Just some food for thought for other video creators.

  • gabskis gaby (@gabskis) reported

    @valerwine @RamonPagan24 You told me to check out a webpage & now I will probably go down a reddit hole and not respond for another hour, actually I’ll throw an extra hour in there to make it spicy

  • GenghisSperm Genghis Khan Sperm Shot (@GenghisSperm) reported

    @notsofast Ya, use to talk to the CMC owner on Reddit and he was really fair, would bring up issues with things back in the day he would look into it and correct it. Highly doubt that going forward.

  • thankyourainy Rainy Grace ⛈ bday 4/19 🎂 (@thankyourainy) reported

    So an angel on reddit helped me solve my frizzy hair issue. You would think after all this time I’d have it down. Not quite. Almost there though.

  • arkbizchat back to real life... (@arkbizchat) reported

    @Ero_rose_ @EmilyPreponXO when you see the trends listed on the right side of the screen, there is a down arrow with options. it isn't technically named "down vote" like reddit, but you can score it as "low quality"

  • PokeMANandWIFE ✨ Poké Man & Wife ✨ (@PokeMANandWIFE) reported

    @xDWhiteTiger That’s still not terrible. I’m really looking for someone with 400+ but no luck yet and Reddit gets swamped with messages so fast

  • mattwr Matt Wright (@mattwr) reported

    @JustinLawGuy @associatesmind @radleybalko The Reddit poster said it was sent to him and 25 other residents. Either a terrible joke or something really odd.

  • GarboPito Pitão Φ (@GarboPito) reported

    @bvrnthewitch U just solved a lot of problems on reddit

  • Ekzavior EkZavior. (@Ekzavior) reported

    @MKBHD Come on we need some laughs in this terrible time off suffering.... Already binge tiger king on Netflix and Reddit.

  • saeseenet Alex 'Saesee' (@saeseenet) reported

    @chartyios @reddit Tried to enter my email but the form is broken or the destination page doesn’t respond.

  • jessjmooney Jessica J Mooney (@jessjmooney) reported

    @YoniVL @redditships Well never meet someone who has issue with ************ so of course I’d asked for advice aswell, she may not have close friend talk about this so that why she went Reddit, I’d agree she need speak to him about it. But don’t get why their shame for her sneaking advice and support

  • JakedLunch jacob i. (@JakedLunch) reported

    @bm0504 reddit is terrible full stop

  • nonsummerjack 『null』Don't trust the WHO or Communist China (@nonsummerjack) reported

    @DuckyChannel Considering I found a Reddit thread from 2 months (!) ago about the same problem, I get the feeling that I'm not going to get any help on this. I just hope I can return it now...

  • Raynebow_Rayne Ben Solo IS Immortal. (@Raynebow_Rayne) reported

    @jeckel125 I just tried to go there. No luck. Sigh. Someone openly posted my links there and I wanted to ask them to edit their post to remove the links - so the files dont get taken down. Oh well. I guess 4 months of work gets to go down the drain because reddit structure sucks.

  • braiglove Braig's mullet @ 11 days until FF7R ☄ (@braiglove) reported

    @xenosaga7 Saw on reddit that his stream was taken down

  • gilsonUWP Gilson Santos (@gilsonUWP) reported

    @xboxinsider I have a problem with my Xbox Game Streaming Invitation, i have the email, i was playing normally, but now i can't play anymore. Reddit Support never answered me....

  • ddyl4n dylan 🌎☄️💕®Ⓙ (@ddyl4n) reported

    i hate reddit because i type extremely long paragraphs to tell people how delusional and out of touch with reality they are but then i just backspace everything and press the down arrow button lol

  • benshikari benSHIKARI (@benshikari) reported

    @NianticHelp @Squachbob Just to add there is a whole community on Reddit who are able to confirm this is an issue affecting EVERY Samsung S20 device which would signify a pretty significant issue.

  • mike_thefourth Mike (@mike_thefourth) reported

    @saputawsit @winstonrudkis @LeoPalhano @ggreenwald @JoeBiden @BernieSanders Talk about bullshit! I can't believe you're posting a Reddit comment as evidence. Maybe you should've kept reading because the first reply to this was, "Most Margins of error are 3 to 5% in a poll so the 4% makes no sense what so ever. These people pretty much make shit up."

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.