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  • bazdee08
    irishBaz (@bazdee08) reported

    @LedgerHQ Has ledger been contacting nano vault as there is many many people posting the same issues with no replies on Reddit etc.

  • Beingnaturallie
    Beingnaturallieme (@Beingnaturallie) reported

    @syg2222 Whole thread on Reddit breaking down the time line, whole story line fishy. I think they thought coming on TLC could get him to the US faster.

  • SecEventsPen
    Spence (@SecEventsPen) reported

    @yestinj @AppleSupport @Apple Spoke to a few other users! There is also quite a few thread on twitter and Reddit highlight my issue and a host of others!

  • herpderp83
    Mask-san is best-san (@herpderp83) reported

    @oystersearrings We all thought that, but Sonny's comments on Reddit make me doubt that. I think she was always supposed to be the "interim Ace" until Momo came back. Still no problem at all with her winning the GP, she's the last of the Threedom to do so.

  • skrish2017
    Shashi (@skrish2017) reported

    @HigherEdSurge @EdSurge Reddit has so much inappropriate, down right scary pages. One has to curate it carefully for ideal classroom use.

  • AliBambii
    Ali Bambií (@AliBambii) reported

    @Jordan_Sather_ I remember when Reddit closed down the Pizzagate subreddit right at the height of investigation - we all moved to Voat at that point, and then found out that the guy who runs Reddit is a keen member of cannibal forums.

  • newsgroundsbot
    news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Generickiwi
    Generic Kiwi (@Generickiwi) reported

    @TrippNZ Sure, like I'd buy a tasty, juicy sausage roll, sit at a table in the middle of the cafeteria, browse Reddit and casually scarf it down, then claim it was stolen... *cough*

  • Andrewa976
    Andrew (@Andrewa976) reported

    @ItsKlein_ @NuFo @RuneScape It's something that is hard to explain. If you really want to boil it down to an extremely basic level. It's a midevil clicking simulator but the quests, the community among other things are great. Though ignore some of the stuff from say Reddit.

  • RedditFPSays
    Reddit Front Page Says Bot (@RedditFPSays) reported

    Pao was not the only issue with Reddit, simply the face. Let's make sure we help to change this site for the better.

  • GymAllStarz
    Deron Morgan (@GymAllStarz) reported

    @A_dmg04 @Cozmo23 @DeeJ_BNG Any word on the Clan Engram not being available for Gambit rewards?? Multiple posts on reddit about this issue. Not happening with other engrams; just Gambit but it is a missed powerful engram for us. Please help!

  • celesp22
    Enterprise ESP Service Provider, LLC (@celesp22) reported

    @reddit Continue racial bias, Robb Wong Assoc. Admin. SBA non-reply to 5/30/18 Email. $50 billion EIS, subcontracting request GSA Timothy Horan conspired Bait & Switch with AT&T HR consultant Derek Zamagni creating HR issue to cover-up missing subcontracting Plan.

  • AndrewCFollett
    Andrew Follett (@AndrewCFollett) reported

    @JRubinBlogger At the rate you're going, #FakeNews journalists will soon be down to "sources close to somebody whose cousin totally swears he heard from this guy whose best friend's college roommate saw it on Reddit" levels of attribution.

  • HostileMakeover
    Alex:VLDS7 Spoilers (@HostileMakeover) reported

    @CriticalRole any idea what's going on w/ the show on the G&S twitch? I can't find it anywhere. Seems to be a pretty big issue according to reddit. #CriticalRole #IHateTwitch

  • Bettin_Brooks16
    Travis Brooks (@Bettin_Brooks16) reported

    @WhoDatMFE Most of the reddit streams page was down in the 2nd half of the noon games. People were outraged in the comments if you didn’t notice lol

  • MattBrennan82
    M. Brennan 📱💻🛠 (@MattBrennan82) reported

    @ManiSafiyari @Jakeashacks Not my fix, just what I found on Reddit I believe this is jakes fix

  • tonydacto
    Dacto (@tonydacto) reported

    @BjTechNews Exactly I broke one of the unwritten rules of being a sys admin and updated to the latest version too soon, next time ill wait 6 months before updating, 1802 was working fine but 1806 has alot of issues reddit has a forum on it and installing applications are also giving issues

  • TheFindOut
    TheFindOut (@TheFindOut) reported

    @ThaCooLoser I know I'm late to reply but FYI...some on reddit modded an older version of terrarium and it works just fine ( they removed the dev's access to shut it down)

  • cryptoriceball
    Jane Wang (@cryptoriceball) reported

    @shidan @blockchain Does Blockchain forget about their security issue in 2014 and made a bunch of users lose their funds too? The news is still on CoinDesk and reddit!

  • Aezuhfy
    Aezuhfy (@Aezuhfy) reported

    @HxmzaW I didn’t even know what reddit was until September of 2013. I played A UHC on some automated server. I wish I had played more reddit but my PC sucked and I couldn’t record. So I just kept played McPvP and soup and played Xbox UHC.

  • MasterJayShay
    JayShay (@MasterJayShay) reported

    @LastSonOfSparda @DetGRebirth They kinda are. The reddit is split down the middle.

  • Akam_jetlife24
    Akam ® (@Akam_jetlife24) reported

    @NotRlyLightskin Shorten my sentence down and use “have”, it will not make sense. I understand you’re suffering from profound mental retardation but give it a try. “Everyone on Reddit apparently ‘have’ a PhD”. That is because “everyone” is the subject. Bozo.

  • tacos_ebooks
    tacos_ebooks (@tacos_ebooks) reported

    Reddit is down so what can I do not have $800 for a ticket.

  • HWIDGcast
    Here'sWhatIDon'tGet (@HWIDGcast) reported

    Is there anything more pathetic than news outlets reporting fan theories from Reddit? Pure terrible Internet "journalism" at its finest. I'm talking about you @ComicBook

  • Lazy_Inferno
    Lazy Inferno (@Lazy_Inferno) reported

    @JagexAtlas @OldSchoolRS Yeah the idea of google pushing out updates one by one is great till you become the dead last to receive it. Saw a ton of ppl on reddit delete the app to try and fix it only to lose access rip. Hopefully you guys dont do these updates where need the update too play too much.

  • KopKhanLFC
    Haider (@KopKhanLFC) reported

    Swear down idec if she dies but it best not be the cheesy ending I’ve seen on reddit

  • admartinezjr
    Angel Martinez (@admartinezjr) reported

    Anyone else having issues with TestFlight? On my Xs Max it won’t let me log in, just says credentials invalid. Saw on Reddit there’s someone else with the same issue. Weird problem so wondering if others are experiencing it too?

  • JSMileHigh9798
    Jacob Smith (@JSMileHigh9798) reported

    @OrwellNGoode @Cernovich So would Reddit be shut down? Good grief. They can try. Won't happen, at least long term. Separate sites have those rights without oversight but censoring the entire Internet isn't good business.

  • oznapoznas
    Bear Down (@oznapoznas) reported

    @DBZDoll Reddit live stream.... Trubisky stinks under pressure, then just fumbled ball for no reason. About to be down at least 10 zip

  • ohnoseplz
    ohnose (@ohnoseplz) reported

    Living with a brother who is the epitome of r/niceguys and r/iamverysmart can be difficult. It is sad, he even uses reddit, yet he doesn't understand how terrible his personality actually is. I'm sure he at least once saw a post of either subreddit.

  • quadsignals
    Quad Signals (@quadsignals) reported

    @garanti 2-factor w/ SMS is not secure. First Reddit, now ATT. I've a Garanti account and been cringing at every login for a long time.

  • ShervonFakhimi
    Shervon Fakhimi (@ShervonFakhimi) reported

    Instead of watching the end of ATL-NO (can't get Reddit to work either) or watch the LA derby, I get... Cowboys-Seahawks! Yeah! Major First World Problems going on here

  • mikhailwastaken
    Mikhail (@mikhailwastaken) reported

    I know its like, popular to shit on the smite reddit, I generally speaking don't have a problem with it, but when posts asking for bug fixes get downvoted in favor of ones for ******* skin ideas I really have to scratch my head on that.

  • RedditFPSays
    Reddit Front Page Says Bot (@RedditFPSays) reported

    When I first saw this, it was at 17,000 upvotes, now it's down to 6,200? Why reddit? Answers are preferred...

  • elsassunshine
    Ava Marie (@elsassunshine) reported

    @alexisohanian My karma rating on reddit sucks. How do I fix this????

  • serenity121084
    Felicity Smoak Queen (@serenity121084) reported

    @I_Ship_Platinum Seriously, what the hell is wrong with him , I’m so sick of him and every single KC/LL and Reddit and Gail Simione am Antis comparing Olicity to real life issues , do they not understand how there words effect people

  • asjadFCB
    Asjad (@asjadFCB) reported

    Link me to the Barca game. Reddit is down for some reason

  • newsgroundsbot
    news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • RenegadePizaGuy
    Renegade Pizza Guy (@RenegadePizaGuy) reported

    @_Saeen_ So...Is there any proof that this was actually a money issue? Aside from the allegations and a post on reddit without any quotes or logs of conversations...where's the proof?

  • supremevino
    ᴍɪᴋᴇ 🦇 (@supremevino) reported

    Why tf is reddit not working

  • holyjb
    ‏ً (@holyjb) reported

    I look at too many memes on reddit, I have a problem

  • AnarchyFETT
    PJ (@AnarchyFETT) reported

    Ok Reddit enough is enough you’ve finally broken me. I will start using your mobile app.

  • NamesKev
    Kevin (@NamesKev) reported

    Reddit livestream is down because of course it is.

  • Rif_kingz
    Graham "Rifkin" Rogers (@Rif_kingz) reported

    I don't know how I stumbled down this rabbit hole (yes I do, reddit) but I spent the morning reading Mad Chimera World (manga) and it's ****** up, bizarre, and super NSFW but I can't stop reading it, help!

  • millerforthree
    KELS (@millerforthree) reported

    @allday_ajking @natashamackkK Reddit streams. Problem solved

  • MikeMcCareins
    mikey (@MikeMcCareins) reported

    When you find an HD stream for the Titans on reddit/nflstreams literally 30 seconds before the whole forum goes down >>>

  • V_Ball_Strohl_6
    David Strohl (@V_Ball_Strohl_6) reported

    Since reddit is down NFL Mobile is streaming Eagles Game for free. Im in luck! #Nocableinmyhouse

  • liampagetweets
    LP (@liampagetweets) reported

    Is Reddit down?

  • Chillinontop
    Baggington Chaseworth (@Chillinontop) reported

    Please fix reddit @alexisohanian

  • mwolter14
    Michael Ben (@mwolter14) reported

    Reddit is down?

  • GenieRizloh
    Rizloh (@GenieRizloh) reported

    Of course the Reddit nfl stream site goes down right when the game starts why does this always ******* happen

  • TKashim
    Your Neighbour Sad Sports Fan 🇯🇵 (@TKashim) reported

    so, the reddit NFL streams page is down...

  • ZachAJacobson
    Zachary Jacobson (@ZachAJacobson) reported

    Looks like the Reddit site is down. Probably a server crash.

  • urkle9
    Steve Yerrr (@urkle9) reported

    Why is reddit not working lol

  • guyusuf1180
    yusuf mannan (@guyusuf1180) reported

    So I just missed Carson Wentz first drive in 1 year because reddit decides to hav an internal server crash

  • aHTracT_
    Albion (@aHTracT_) reported

    Is reddit like broken?

  • owengoryspencer
    Owen Spencer (@owengoryspencer) reported

    Reddit streams are down. The feds got us. Shit

  • PurpleBandito
    Joe Billz (@PurpleBandito) reported

    Why reddit steams down smh

  • roheezy96
    💸Ro (@roheezy96) reported

    @QuanFlix_ Reddit down?

  • SrirachaDfs
    SrirachaDFS (@SrirachaDfs) reported

    Is reddit down right now?