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  • shim_loo Whitney aka Shitney (@shim_loo) reported

    I downloaded an app I thought would be interesting (anonymous tech industry reddit essentially) Still vile and terrible, dont know what I was expecting

  • OneOfManyOfOne One of many of One (@OneOfManyOfOne) reported

    @kimmie03061543 @Jadeyb_123 @Kik @kin_foundation Wait, I am wrong. Someone pointed out the error I made. The Reddit post about debunking a CoinDesk article was about something unrelated to the story of Kik being shut down. Kik is indeed being shut down.

  • sainokys Sainok (@sainokys) reported

    @Memeberrys @AntonioChavezSN I don't use facebook. Yeah reddit has its issues, but not every sub community is an echo chamber **********. You're complaining about censorship but you're using twitter right now...

  • itisminic minic (@itisminic) reported

    @greeseballs i think reddit is the problem

  • OneOfManyOfOne One of many of One (@OneOfManyOfOne) reported

    @Jadeyb_123 @coindesk @wsfoxley @SEC_News @kin_foundation @Kik It better be real! lol The statement made from the official Kin Foundation's Reddit account is legit. The CoinDesk story is false. Kik is not being shut down. We can rest easily tonight :)

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Naam_Hai_Bulla random dude (@Naam_Hai_Bulla) reported

    Someone on Reddit broke down City's and United's signings. Total money spent since Ferguson's retired vs number of players signed and also vs number of signed players still at the clubs Fascinating that City on average paid 2 million more per player compared to what United paud

  • imboredatwork44 Bama-METAL🦊BM2019 ATL & LA🦊 (@imboredatwork44) reported

    @RainbowAnna89 They were making a statement in KC. Uptown looks like a very weird venue with seats halfway up. Reddit has been bashing the venue. They came back and owned it! I wish i scheduled Dallas. Texas is gonna throw ******** down! Texans. No need to say more🤘🦊🤘

  • The80ProofShow The 80 Proof Show (@The80ProofShow) reported

    Memo to people at the airport: Get off your ******* phones, pay attention to where you are, and watch where your walking. That instagram selfie, or reddit post can wait. Saw a guy nearly fall down an escalator that he wasn't even trying to go down simply because he's an idiot

  • onesicklad pharmacy sign (he/him) (@onesicklad) reported

    Why tf can I load videos on Twitter with my slow af data, but reddit won't even load a text post correctly whilst being connected to high speed wifi

  • thepizzaknight_ Emmanuel 𓂀 🏊🏽🍕 𓅓🇬🇭🇺🇸🇬🇧🦄 (@thepizzaknight_) reported from Manhattan, New York

    Joined the Radiate app to help find a ride to Lost Lands and boy are the group chats just wild down there, I mean it doesn’t come close to Reddit but🥵. Y’all better keep that energy at LL because I’m finna turn freak mode on😈

  • lyragal lyragal (@lyragal) reported

    @JustASmolIndian @PeteButtigieg yep. just came across it on a reddit thread, and it was jumping up and down at me.....

  • Xythar XVthar (@Xythar) reported

    lol reddit is melting down over the challenge quest bug in fgo na they're one-time quests and we have over a week left to do them, chill

  • ChukyUnfazed Chuky Unadulterated (@ChukyUnfazed) reported

    @EzraelAni The fact that it is primarily a discussion board , the accessibility, ease of use and load times is the paramount consideration for such a site. If they start loading the site with features that are not necessary, it will slow down the site. Quora, reddit are in this category.

  • Kjhudson6 Kjhudson (@Kjhudson6) reported

    @Beluba please leave alone the shot creators and fix them I’m getting full whites and I’m taking smart shots fix them no one is liking this update at all. And please don’t get your suggestions from reddit

  • Alberio RIP TotalBiscuit (@Alberio) reported

    @BitchyAmi From what one of the China server (I think) players said on reddit she's really useful late game but is a bit weak for a while. I'll see how it goes!

  • BorinUltimatum Borin (@BorinUltimatum) reported

    @StormBladeDadi @roffle900 @launders This spots actually been here for a while, was a top clip on reddit a while back. I'm not saying I personally wouldve spotted this as soon as they did, but I might've checked this after a couple people went down.

  • aquaberryevola aquaberry evola (@aquaberryevola) reported

    @LOGOSEFFECT @SLAVIKHONKLER Damn bro area 51 memes are literally peak Reddit put down the shovel before you bury yourself smh 😔

  • soIoveys rin 🏳️‍🌈 (@soIoveys) reported

    lrt im literally the scoliosis reddit rando........I’ve never broken a bone but also have titanium rods inserted on either side of my spine

  • AijaMarie2 Bernaner (@AijaMarie2) reported

    @MCW_Disruptor @washingtonpost Incognito mode. Reddit is pretty good at breaking articles down if you want to wade in there. Also, support newspapers. They are dying (although I'd say subscribe to smaller orgs that do amazing reporting first). We need a free press. Journalism or candidates, money is effective.

  • trashbagbvby 𝔱 𝔦 𝔞 ˚✧˳⁎˚✧ (@trashbagbvby) reported

    “im on reddit slash big **** problems”

  • Sailboatstudios ☭ FunksBoro ☭ (@Sailboatstudios) reported

    Currently going down the Friends rabbit hole for an insightful article or Reddit thread centered on Phoebe because I’m bored and sad

  • wiklrleaks wiklrleaks (@wiklrleaks) reported

    @reddit the traffic page on redesign is still down down down.

  • Astronomikal1 Paradoxe, The Great (@Astronomikal1) reported

    I fell down a thread of women posting nudes for validation on there. It is a wild place. They got threads where people would legit do anything to make friends and feel liked. Send money, send nudes, all of that shit. Reddit a crazy place.

  • Cammiluna Cammi 💚 Late Knight Plagueposting (@Cammiluna) reported

    @PRGilland It's hard to put my faith in Reddit users, but Nintendo also never officially addressed the problem and techies confirmed the control sticks are the same quality. You can't trust launch day switch lites regardless.

  • TheDemisingEnd Clayton Moeck (@TheDemisingEnd) reported

    Welp, glad the hunt is over. Sad thing is I couldn't help or do the ******* easter egg yet because no one tells anyone what's going on, and Reddit is so slow. Why make a Reddit post about the map when you don't even update it every hour if need be. I checked it 4 hours ago

  • TheANIM06609813 The ANIME GUY (@TheANIM06609813) reported

    @MuffinManDan1 Huh the Rwby sub Reddit has that problem

  • realCryptoDog Rupen P. (@realCryptoDog) reported

    Can fix the nastiness on Twitter. They just need to do what I already suggested and what it appear Reddit does to some extent. They give people Karma. Block people below certain Karma threshold from participating.

  • LifeInRatUtopia D.E. (@LifeInRatUtopia) reported

    There's just something terrible about sarcasm. It's Reddit. It's bugman, effeminate, ghey. I'm surprised this doesn't get talked about more often. Most of the time the sarcastic response is the easiest one. Not much wit there. A lot of automated formats for sarcastic replies

  • PyroInsane 🔥 Blaine 'Pyro' Biehle 🔥 (@PyroInsane) reported

    @simplySylvan @GGLuxy Ok. I couldn't find anything on the problem other than really obscure Reddit posts. :/

  • guy17468382 guy (@guy17468382) reported

    I mean yea its cringe but ultimately it just comes down to le random reddit humor, its not actually supposed to make sense

  • MaxCheerios 🧬 maX 🧬 (@MaxCheerios) reported

    @Studzin0 I wanna play a lot but I would edit a lot too so idk and Im picking between the Ryzen 3900x and i9 9900k, I was 100% Ryzen till I heard some people having issues on Reddit also jayz made a vid that made it Ryzen look so@bad

  • wcbuecker William Buecker (@wcbuecker) reported

    Rudy is quoting Hannity I’m pretty positive by tomorrow he will be posting Q Reddit posts Rudy Giuliani The lawyer to call when you want your speeding ticket to be plead down to first degree murder

  • JohnJCooke John J Cooke (@JohnJCooke) reported

    Hey morons, even when your terrible wifi does let some data through, reddit is still blocked... What a useless company you are.

  • sodafluff simon A (@sodafluff) reported

    @ianjamesyoung70 Not gonna b released in Canada. According to reddit, self installing Google apps doesn't gain full functionality. Causes problems with other apps like Netflix.

  • bAdmArk Mark Buckman (@bAdmArk) reported

    @TMobileHelp @NevilleRay Nothing is ever done! This has been ongoing for four years! @NevilleRay promised me in a tweet that congestion would no longer be an issue before the end of 2018. Here we are, almost 2020 and the issues have only become worse. The second Reddit post I shared provides addresses.

  • Flexuner Mazerick (@Flexuner) reported

    @gamer_ammo @Asmongold @OctobersYT @zackmcilreavey You have no idea how he got it, so **** off with your agenda shit and go back to reddit. Octobers won the roll for it, Asmongold wasn't even in the raid group. If you have a problem with fairness and efficiency then go cry about it on reddit as usual.

  • Dexters_Library Dexter's Library (@Dexters_Library) reported

    This meant to say DirecTV not reddit. But now my wife's phone is with her, which I thought she usually takes her work phone with her, but anyway now it is Reddit because I don't have the app. But alas it's not working. Anyway still can't wait to watch Mitch Shitbiscuit.

  • TheBennettK Bennett Karoll (@TheBennettK) reported

    @JP_TheEug Per reddit he fell down the stairs and had just gotten knee surgery

  • smonkerino Cory! (@smonkerino) reported

    @uzacc774 it's literally just a reddit comment thread down there

  • ThumbWarriorDX ThumbWarriorDX (@ThumbWarriorDX) reported

    @gogreen18 Reddit is nearly just as bad of a problem as Twitter. It's just that it's a ********** problem. Not a mob problem, or as I like to call it: a Hatecirclejerk.

  • WorstChaldean River Olivarez [!Lugh Event!] (@WorstChaldean) reported

    @ransabot //My art has gotten reposted on a certain Reddit forum so much, but the mods refuse to take it down because apparently having 'Don't Repost My Art Without Permission' isn't convincing enough to have it removed.

  • GulfAudioCo Gulf Audio Company (@GulfAudioCo) reported

    @PortlandPolice I saw something on Reddit about a street racing crackdown so I figured I would let you know Beaverton hillsdale highway between the 76 gas station and the nectar ********* dispensary would be a good place to crack down on it

  • damn_it_david Kreayshawn Mendes (@damn_it_david) reported

    @GodofConquerors @XMenMovies you've spammed that before. it's a bunch of other YouTubers's stuff mashed together. I've also seen your links to reddit posts with few upvotes/ comments. not swayed. you have failed to address the actual problems with the movie that made it what it is before it was even marketed

  • iguananon Nurse Igua (oΘωΘo) (@iguananon) reported

    listen all i want in life is for yall to tell me about your paranormal experiences, thats all! dont make me go into reddit to get my spook fix, i DONT UNDERSTAND HOW IT WORKS

  • ottpak Dan (@ottpak) reported

    @MeLauraC Well thanks for that insight. I don’t frequent reddit so I didn’t want to head down the spiral that it is but definitely eye opening. 😳 I’ll think twice but almost want to go just to observe now.

  • tylerxdean ty ✨🏳️‍🌈 (@tylerxdean) reported

    This is hands down the stupidest thing I have read today and I just spent an hour on Reddit so that’s saying something

  • ElReyAzaz ElReyAzaz (@ElReyAzaz) reported

    Discovered the Seinfeld Reddit last night. Had to stop myself or risk getting lost down a rabbit-hole. Every time I’m on Reddit it seems exactly the type community of which I (sh)(w)ould be a part. And yet... I have a similar relationship with Dr. Who.

  • Otterautism Otter jesus aka سمور يسوع (@Otterautism) reported

    Please check the reddit thread as well. This is so frustrating. Please fix this ASAP. It's a mindbogglingly bizarre issue and it's clearly a problem on your end because I'm not the only one experiencing it.

  • xaastr0m xaastr0m (@xaastr0m) reported

    @AndySites @psnicto @WrelPlays I'm getting tired of all the hacker threads on reddit. People do not believe that something is being done. I would love to see a server broadcast that person X has been banned permanently. Yes I know what the policy says and it is counterproductive.

  • kinkymatthewx MatthewX (@kinkymatthewx) reported

    @SmirkingHades @IibrasIut Nah not distance it was an issue on reddit many people are complaining about it

  • cptdee94 Daniel (@cptdee94) reported

    @The_LA_Wanderer lol dont have or do reddit but heard theirs alot of people that feel the same way. Idgaf about myself getting ****** out of a seat but when you have dozens & dozens of people going up & down for 30 min looking for a spot and getting denied space, that's what bugs me.

  • carlfish Charles Miller (@carlfish) reported from Poznań, Województwo Wielkopolskie

    After all the terrible posts being shared from Reddit’s relationships forum, some blessed relief.

  • robblackwellAB Rob Blackwell (@robblackwellAB) reported

    I'm embarrassed my wife took our issues to reddit. In the future, I will try to be less focused on the pure genius of Hegel. (Who was right about everything)

  • megasky_shaymin SolarShinx (@megasky_shaymin) reported

    @_Kowai_ 300 stones Top grossing amounts in this celebration LR Teq Broly missing SSJ Blue Shenron scouter sprite issue(even if it doesnt reach the lvl of TUR SSJ3 broly) Since GL has discounted multies we shoudnt complain about top grossing(some JP players on reddit say)

  • OrangeRob Rob Sherman (@OrangeRob) reported

    @Skeezard >reddit there's your problem

  • sentences424 sentences424 (@sentences424) reported

    I have had a reddit for pillows so rip windows helium boy coming soon though piece of time is terrible I am lying, don't

  • g4bey ᵍᵃᵇᵉ❌🧢 (@g4bey) reported

    @LeonTG_ @cipherkai I seriously would consider having a separate Arctic 1.7 server tho at some point with just traditional Reddit style of basic gamemodes and vanilla terrain because from what I remembered even though sure, the plugins were far from ideal it was still a lot of fun

  • KodivkCity Bih🌻 (@KodivkCity) reported

    talking to Reddit about my problems >>

  • slightlygilded Jess Zak (@slightlygilded) reported

    @Xfinity @gp95__ I'm having the same problem! a bunch of people are (on reddit/twitter posts). @comcastcares says they are getting a lot of people contacting about data spikes but cant do anything to fix. i was gone over the weekend and came back to 150gb more in usage. Clearly it's not us. 😡