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  • starbella222 Nad (@starbella222) reported

    Ok, i was super sad abt it but i tink ill get over it. Im gonna avoid reddit n twitter like a plague until sunday cuz i can take it if my players fall but i cant stand arseholes. Anyway like i said, they still need to work out some issues n theyll learn frm tis #SKTHWAITING

  • LeonWheatXIV Leon (@LeonWheatXIV) reported

    @edtealeaf @bufoodyne and generally, the experience people have on reddit is most NA/EU server. it's not exactly the same for JP server.

  • DoctorFio Fiorinol (@DoctorFio) reported

    @himynameisfox I'm permabanned because the admin can't handle banter outside of his own server. Not allowed to say bad things about their server outside of it. After which they tried witchhunting friends over a reddit post I didn't write and hollered about taking legal action over a public pic.

  • DoctorFio Fiorinol (@DoctorFio) reported

    @himynameisfox I'm sure the MCH channels are fine. The problem isn't the guide content as much as the users surrounding their overall community. They seem fine with witchhunting people, and much like Reddit, moderation is selective. The admin gets roughly 250 a month from Patreon.

  • Sunnynagam RedditJokeOfTheDay (@Sunnynagam) reported

    Daily Reddit Joke: The government has been shut down for more than 15 days.... We can all legally leave.

  • vitranium miles (@vitranium) reported

    Since when ******** did giant close down what did I read on reddit

  • DoctorFio Fiorinol (@DoctorFio) reported

    @Haroldsaxon7 @himynameisfox The admin of The Balance started a Discord server to get FFXIV "community leaders" together to "unfracture" the community. This would include Reddit mods. Some personalities told them to shove off. Nothing good will come out of this IMO.

  • emiin_v Emiin (@emiin_v) reported

    @Haroldsaxon7 @MuhKuh15 @_aranea @Fiye @roefizzlebeef @BrovskiBouqloir Innocence in motive and action are not necessarily always bound to the justice system - consider your current issue with the reddit moderators - there will be no court of law in regards to this, however your reddit image proof is what you use in your defense. Law is not required.

  • owkira97 owkira97 (@owkira97) reported

    @Singtel_Zack @SingtelSupport ask u can see in the reddit threat commented below, many have this issue. It’s clearly not a modem and ONT issue. Please tell me what you’re going to do to fix it

  • Guadko Evolto/Got Melts for GSSRG, End me (@Guadko) reported

    A legitimate ruler descend from the Heaven. However by the reddit translation using the royal "we" instead of royal "I". It creates problems of legitimacy, the ruler will appear to be weak in the eyes of subjects

  • kevinbertao Kevin (@kevinbertao) reported

    @SwaggXBL MW2 was fun, but it was broken and completely unbalanced and if it was released exactly the same today everybody would be crying on reddit about how it’s the worst cod ever made.

  • BlackLodgeAgent Agent Cooper (@BlackLodgeAgent) reported

    No one helps because they think everything’s fine. Yeah nah, we’ve all laid down in the street at 7:30AM on a Monday hoping some high-powered suit from Midtown crushes your head like a grape when he gets too close to a curb. Totally fine. Just solve it with Reddit memes & booze.

  • FrogAvalanche Hoppers (@FrogAvalanche) reported

    @mona1961talks @marth_burton Well, tbh, M… I sat it down then started reading Reddit whoops lol

  • SenseiHooks bread (@SenseiHooks) reported

    I’m laying down cuddling with my cat and scrolling through reddit, and I saw a post with a cat in it and for some reason I showed it to my cat as if she was gonna have any sort of reaction to it other than sniffing my screen

  • RyanMeese Ryan Meese (@RyanMeese) reported

    @haleighbroucher Reddit seems to think that guy is a terrible fox owner since those foxes hate water and the ears are back/his posture apparently shows he's very stressed and uncomfortable here/generally owning this type of fox is a terrible idea

  • BrendanDarr Brendan Darr (@BrendanDarr) reported

    @JessicaMcCloug1 I watched the Hulu and the Netflix docs and went down a reddit rabbit hole all on Monday. I crave Fyre Festival content haha

  • Marcos30482633 Marcos (@Marcos30482633) reported

    @OMGItsBirdman Sincs you are at 1 million I feel like you don't deserve it because you have man on you name so I will be unsuscribing and making an article om Reddit so I can take down your career

  • jy_que JyQu3 G (@jy_que) reported

    Fun fact...I’m always looking for a reddit rabbit hole to go down about aliens .....

  • MediaKlepto Alisandrea Fox (@MediaKlepto) reported

    @TimberNYQ Yeah it just kicked back in for us too. Reddit was reporting it was mostly (if not exclusively) TWC/Spectrum customers on the east coast US having the problem, so who knows.

  • AlexAnotherOne Alex (@AlexAnotherOne) reported

    @donewman I also check all the recipe websites manually. I have a problem. Reddit does have better porn than other websites. Especially since the death of quality Tumblr content in that area.

  • redinferno124 Son Dillon (@redinferno124) reported

    @xLOOPS73x @JFonzerrelli @TheQuartering 7. The prices for skins in this game are absurd. 8. The game was and still is buggy as hell just like another overhyped gem that released this year. The game suffers constant crashes and hang ups no matter what platform you play on. Go search reddit, things are still broken

  • MattMatthaz Matt Hazell (@MattMatthaz) reported

    @sillyanniegirl @John_Carnage1 @hiikiikomori @Asmongold thats pretty terrible banter. laughing and shouting "you suck, ******* idiot haha" but to each their own. I mean hes more about getting reddit attention than being a friend. But no i've been a follower for years, I mean asmon at one point had enough and chewed him out so.

  • MattMatthaz Matt Hazell (@MattMatthaz) reported

    @sillyanniegirl @John_Carnage1 @hiikiikomori @Asmongold thats pretty terrible banter. laughing and shouting "you suck, ******* idiot haha" but to each their own. I mean hes more about getting reddit attention than being a friend

  • akidnamedPAT Patrick Bates (@akidnamedPAT) reported from Burbank, California

    Reddit, fix my life.

  • Gina_Monsey Gina_Monsey (@Gina_Monsey) reported

    I think my problem is that I put too much energy into reddit comments and there's none left for other writing! That, and forgetting to rehydrate. Two big sins there

  • GraveyardThrill 💋🔪Goregeous 🔪💋 (@GraveyardThrill) reported


  • ChrisDeeeco Chris (@ChrisDeeeco) reported

    @EASPORTS_MUT @EAMaddenNFL 9-0 both mine and my mates game has frozen on game ten, absolute farce. Three flipping hours down the drain, and three of the most boring I've had in gaming. There is something wrong with this desync issue. Posted on reddit and I've never had a madden disconnection in two years

  • hacerstudios Hacer (@hacerstudios) reported

    @LazarBeamYT Sorry to bother you again. We talked on reddit. I don't want to sound like im pestering but it's been 4 days and you've uploaded 3 new vids to your channel yet the credit on a video you reacted to is still not there. Can you please fix this.

  • sjoutsold yunho love bot (@sjoutsold) reported

    @gothicminho youre literally up in flames on the hill while im not even ON IT bc you keep using shit from ******* livejournal and reddit as your "proof" you look like a college student writing a dissertation and using wikipedia as their source. sit down.

  • caycoors ᏨᏘᎽLᏘ (@caycoors) reported

    My @reddit has been broken all day and idk what to do with myself

  • itsryannxox ryann🌹 (@itsryannxox) reported

    the dark souls reddit community is so intimidating. like i just need a good sis to drop me a shit ton of souls and not expect anything from my terrible character in return

  • Thesaints147 thesaints147 (@Thesaints147) reported

    @GrandOrderBot figured reddit was being slow for 7 hours cause why not

  • StoutFN_ id stout (@StoutFN_) reported

    @MonsterDface someone explained on reddit that once a month in oce they do a custom private server of people not killing each other just messing around

  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported

    @DanMinigun i kiiiinda need it asap if it isn't a problem :p might help u too in the long run ;) ( following an idea of reddit)

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Altex_8 Altex (@Altex_8) reported

    @JdbCosplay Don't let Reddit get you down. Your cosplay is sick <3

  • MavSlander Dirk's son (@MavSlander) reported

    Hawks reddit talking more Dennis, must be a slow day for that garbage ass franchise

  • TheHaithi Pawinder Bassi (@TheHaithi) reported

    The smite reddit is such a weird place bro. Like you make a post about servers being ass or the UI being ass and it will get taken down for spam meanwhile there is a post just shitting on dm and weak3n and none of the mods give a ****

  • AmyAzeEng AmyAze Eng (@AmyAzeEng) reported

    @Havoc16492 @proxcee @DRUDGE_REPORT @DRUDGE @reddit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 It's so amazing now, how no one wants to caught with their MAGA hat on🤣🤣. The mind job is, a wall was never the issue, nor was Mexico. The demand for drugs is here in these UNITED STATES. The problem and solution resides right here, not Mexico.

  • skotterbutt Skotter (@skotterbutt) reported from Bellevue, Washington

    @Bread_kun122 Reddit seemed to think it was an arrest for jaywalking, not for running from the cops. You run from the cops in any context, you’re lucky not to get a full beat down.

  • CloRz_ CloRz (@CloRz_) reported

    a stranger on reddit is really letting me vent and listen to my problems. I need this so bad

  • Havoc16492 Havoc1649 (@Havoc16492) reported

    @AmyAzeEng @proxcee @DRUDGE_REPORT @DRUDGE @reddit U know its logical & in depth. Where your struggle is u can’t balance the reality of the problem & the blatantly obvious solution against your deep help leftist belief system & what u are told to think. Call it cognitive dissonance or what ever it’s psychologicaly unhealthy

  • JacobViiper Viper (@JacobViiper) reported

    When I go on Reddit everyone who did what I did to get my account back worked for them and it’s not working for me. Legit losing absolute fool. Always happens to me lmfaooo

  • Dulcamarra Dulcamarra🎈⚕️ (@Dulcamarra) reported

    @Indicativ_ I have a lot of haters on Reddit tbh but I apparently found a way to shut them down before they even post.

  • GeorgeLouisCook gerg (@GeorgeLouisCook) reported

    guess i've fallen down the reddit rabbithole

  • BrookGriffiths5 zyzx (@BrookGriffiths5) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Issue - 1-30 % packet loss on weekends (probably high server stress) Platform - Xbox (Most likely other platforms too) EU servers Frequency - Atleast one whole day from Friday - Sunday My friend also has this issue and apparently lots of people on reddit aswell

  • Havoc16492 Havoc1649 (@Havoc16492) reported

    @AmyAzeEng @proxcee @DRUDGE_REPORT @DRUDGE @reddit Inability to attract law enforcement talent will be a problem for much longer. Jim Comey decimated the reputation of the FBI. Tariffs happen because we were already getting screwed over. Working to get unscrewed makes more sense than just bending over & taking the ******.

  • Biffingston Angelus_DLion (@Biffingston) reported

    @LanceRGoebel @slpng_giants @alexisohanian @karaswisher @AOC @reddit And yet they've backed down before when the press was bad enough. I guess it has to do with how persecuted Hoffman is feeling that day. (/u/spez, the CEO.)

  • M1k3ol BattleMike: Anthem Incoming (@M1k3ol) reported

    @kingtolapsium @JFGnorD Ah well, in all honestly, we're disconnected from reddit, even if staff has access, it's not an oficial channel, we just support feedback through it I prefer single issues main threads on forums

  • LanceRGoebel 🤔Lance R. Goebel 📚 (@LanceRGoebel) reported

    @Biffingston @slpng_giants @alexisohanian @karaswisher @AOC @reddit Legal trouble is a pretty good definition. But trouble with the press is difficult. First, it's less predictable. Second, it isn't unified in any meaningful way (I.E., a lot of what WG does would get them in terrible with Breitbart, and that doesn't bother them).

  • ViewtifulGaz Gaz, but like, a Global Game Skeleton (@ViewtifulGaz) reported

    Unsubbing the KH reddit. Muting KH things on twitter. The shut down begins now.

  • SilverFoxZone Silver Fox (@SilverFoxZone) reported

    Can't believe Sly have closed down reddit soccer streams. Where else are you supposed to find working ace stream links these days (obviously asking for a friend)...

  • Shock_RL Shock (@Shock_RL) reported

    @VirgeRL @Kovalo I don’t think his name should hold that kind of weight because he isn’t known for coaching, he is known for a flick and reddit clips. That’s why I’m saying it’s easy for kids who see him put a turtle goal on reddit to think to buy coaching, which makes the price an issue for me.

  • jabhome A Columbian Patriot (@jabhome) reported

    @madebygoogle Here is the Google forums thread discussing the issue. Also on reddit. Buyer beware.

  • VictoryEnsured Kaila (@VictoryEnsured) reported

    @Calliethulhu the whole discussion is pretty garbage everywhere atm, I got someone calling AOC an "authoritarian collectivist who wants to turn the US into Venezuela" earlier on reddit. How far down the conspiracy well do you have to be to believe this sorta shit

  • RichardPell4 Richard Pell (Saw) (@RichardPell4) reported

    I remember back in June/July there were people on the Reddit so naive talking about how DoA was going to move away from the DLC onslaught. I said they were being conned. I was down voted. I was right.

  • pbarracl Paul Barraclough (@pbarracl) reported

    @simzy39 @DarrenPw1875 @ZieEnricoT @SMcCullah @Utoday_en @reddit @ApolloCurrency @CoinBene @BitMartExchange Are you about 12 years old! All you do is hurl insults around! How stupid can you be to invest money into something and then go on the internet and **** it off and talk it down! Duh! If you have an issue with a project, get in touch with the product team and ask them.

  • danielkyells Damnyell (@danielkyells) reported

    @CrzyShroom instead of looking for a broken character, look for a character that feels right :0) you should maybe define what kinda playstyle you enjoy.. I like that triangle from the crazyhand reddit that categorizes the characters into zoners, trappers & grapplers, that could help you out!

  • Eyes_N_Heart “Midway” Max Tajerstein (@Eyes_N_Heart) reported

    @Cramordap Reddit and a friend's cable login #brokeboi

  • ValisJohnny Johnny V (@ValisJohnny) reported

    @GodlessKafir @ekp @anitasarkeesian She'd probably shut down Reddit' 3 biggest subs if she was still in charge.