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  • pixelatedtko pixelatedtko (@pixelatedtko) reported

    @AdahopAlex I was browsing through that reddit just a moment ago. He still has some nice responses going too. 😒 He never presented a real argument. Definitely don't let him get ya down, Ada 😊

  • sporksticks Punching Nazis Is OK (@sporksticks) reported

    @MrAndyNgo Andy, we read your old reddit posts. Being a mascot for fascist groups isn’t going to make you feel better about yourself. Use that milkshake money, find a therapist you can trust, and fix your shit.

  • Hunter_Helsel Hunter Helsel (@Hunter_Helsel) reported

    I’m finally part of a scam baiting group on reddit. Time to waste scammers time and get them arrested or thier call centers closed down. Can’t tell you how excited I am for this.

  • official_revels RevelsOfficial (@official_revels) reported

    Lol I forgot I still had twitter for a week but Reddit is down right now so show me what you got twitter

  • Tacticutie Tacticutie (@Tacticutie) reported

    @JVanNoy3 @XboxSupport Just so you know, lots more people are reporting this same issue since yesterday on Twitter, reddit and the forums. Perhaps you can nudge people in our direction during a team huddle or something.

  • I_Kanndy mrs.einstein (@I_Kanndy) reported

    @xtiandela telkom same issue. they should really read what foreigners on reddit say about the bandwiths in kenya. Not good

  • R6Valor Thomas (@R6Valor) reported

    @saad25zaG @MentalistC_ Not saying it will be broken but I'm just saying it's a stupid change in an area they shouldn't really be touching, all to appeal to a Reddit meme. Some people get paid to play this game; stop making stupid alterations to it.

  • GregorTheScot Gregor (@GregorTheScot) reported

    @AnneMaaikie Twitter video player is down there with Reddit video player for the worst video players ever created

  • LeKilroy Kilroy (@LeKilroy) reported

    @iam_chappie I've never had a problem with the Tarkov community, on Reddit it's usually people posting map and ammo guides and such to help newer players. The issue isn't necessarily that you don't like Tarkov. Lots of people dont like hardcore realistic shooters

  • roddybuckets A Person (@roddybuckets) reported

    @Cosmis Xbox app video works really well for me I have big problems with some of the function decisions they've made. 3 years ago I paid for it and it was so awful on Xbox ,phone and ps4 I still watched reddit streams...

  • VuHNguyen5 Vu Nguyen (@VuHNguyen5) reported

    @ATVIAssist @Blizzard_Ent @CallofDuty @InfinityWard , @ATVIAssist and @Activision is ruining the experience for a lot of people. Just take a look at the 100s of reddit threads please fix this ASAP

  • shutupchanny 🌙 hurblegurble. (@shutupchanny) reported

    i'd loved to @ them but the hoards of sad individuals with the same reddit mindset would bear down upon thee before you could say 'nay'. if you can't check in on a game or deal with a few logouts due to simple human negligence, don't yell 'easyscape' at mods.

  • DanielMcArdle3 ShadowSnake95 (@DanielMcArdle3) reported

    @JonComms @isacthestarally Of course it is fine, we know that the hacked stream effected the performance of the game. Also no reviewer has mentioned any performance problems that reddit stated as fact.... Very strange 🤭🤭🤭 Almost like it was misinformation.

  • FuriusFu FouriusFu (@FuriusFu) reported

    @reneritchie i posted on reddit to help me decide if i should get an imac or a macbook - before 16” was announced. i wrote i’m leaning towards the imac and against mbp, listing all issues for me. someone wrote: just get a windows machine, because i am biased and so negative! go figure! 😄

  • unholybiblepod 🔥 UNHOLY BIBLE STUDY 🔥 (@unholybiblepod) reported

    @B52Malmet I was just wondering who was pissing and moaning about no Song of the South streaming option on the Disney+ reddit. I mean, username brerpepe1861 doesn't really narrow it down

  • unholybiblepod 🔥 UNHOLY BIBLE STUDY 🔥 (@unholybiblepod) reported

    Was just wondering who was pissing and moaning about no Song of the South streaming option on the #DisneyPlus reddit. I mean, username brerpepe1861 didn't really narrow it down

  • Quiara Q 🏳️‍🌈♿️ (@Quiara) reported

    @amaditalks I comment sometimes, but it depends on the topic. The comments there can be terrible and reddit is kind of shark-infested waters as it is. After nearly 9 years there, I’ve developed a sense of when it’s “safe” for me to interact.

  • lllBlu lBlu (@lllBlu) reported

    @BlueBurekas1 @dehznik @Virgurilla @CUctum @voilxo @kufis_mayer @HypixelNetwork its a reddit uhc server, with an actual community and we get max fill of 60/80 players which is really good for a 1.8 reddit uhc server (unless its arctic) also the admins do the coding and deving on hypixel

  • DeWolffR6 Joona Karme (DeWolff) (@DeWolffR6) reported

    @TaylorViii @CatiBana @KoolAidFarmer Exactly. The reddit community / content creators / memecommunity ,/ whatever you want to call it, has voiced their opinions about debris, sound etc. VERY clearly. It still hasn’t happened. So perhaps it actually is something that’s really hard to fix.

  • XlvieV (@XlvieV) reported

    sometimes when i open a reddit thread i like to scroll down to the bottom and read the most downvoted comments to make myself angry

  • BlameReaper Cracking them 90s (@BlameReaper) reported

    So yesterday my xbox account Reaperr It was unfairly communication banned for 7 days. After reviewing a Reddit post about communication ban glitches caused by a Looking for a group post bug, I assume my account is affected by the said bug/glitch. *Continuing in the thread

  • scoolman scoolman (@scoolman) reported

    @DisneyPlusHelp there is a major problem with the brightness of content on Apple TV 4K and Xbox One devices. I can’t reproduce the problem on my phone or Android TV. Others appear to have the issue too, there’s a reddit thread about it.

  • G1gabitGaming G1gabitGaming | Mixer (@G1gabitGaming) reported

    @laczarus @GamersNexus R* would never release the official numbers of people have an issue in the game. Regardless whether its 50%, 30%, or whatever number. It's way too much. Sure, that Reddit post isn't the best thing to use, but we don't have anything else.

  • richstone99 Rich Stone (@richstone99) reported

    @JamieBurtonUK New news team has only just finished their training - news stories recently had been all about X019, they wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t cover those. And when a huge reddit thread crops up on issues with the brand new Xbox controller we’d be doing ...

  • a_solo_tripper A Solo Tripper (@a_solo_tripper) reported

    I would worry everytime she came down... dont want to break my ****. via reddit I would worry everytime she came down... dont want to break my ****.

  • ChikSolo Katie (@ChikSolo) reported

    Anyway, seeing on Reddit that people were waiting for hours for DisPlus phone service, I decided to use WDW’s number to fix my account. Since my WDW lock out was the one I was most concerned about. Only waited 8 minutes. Plus the WDW hold music is awesome.

  • Witch_Jules Jules 🌙🧚‍♀️ (@Witch_Jules) reported

    @globelamp @gLoBeLaMpMAGIC @cocomuaaa @Whats_A_Claire Timothy: I don’t want people to attack me more, I already get hate daily. I do support you though and I’m here for you. I’ll tweet about it when the fire about the reddit story dies down 💕 You: bad friend. That’s makes you a bad friend. Ugh sad girl hours.

  • marieyikers marie (@marieyikers) reported

    @AFK_Arena Literally wasted 5k diamonds accidently because I thought its 500 diamonds per board, not per card. A lot of people had the same on reddit pls fix

  • Silent_Shadow73 Charlotte Katakuri (@Silent_Shadow73) reported

    Nothing worse than seeing reddit posts of people complaining about the length of this flashback. Its been 2 chapters, calm down

  • DVK006 DVK (@DVK006) reported

    Yesterday I discovered #reddit and now I have a problem.. #Internet

  • RandyLee9900 Randy (@RandyLee9900) reported

    @birtle_ Somebody posted a cat meme once on Reddit with the word human on it. I mockingly said I think you spelled hooman wrong. Got down voted to hell. Sarcasm doesn't come through on the internet very well.

  • ZeroZero2091572 Mandatory Threats (@ZeroZero2091572) reported

    @reddit improve techniques to repair damaged organs and skin. Some thing aging is just a matter of genetic mistakes, which may play a role, but there's also the component of organs breaking down from wear. Synthetic replacements for organs and blood is what would allow for immortality.

  • takisaragii jade ⋈ missing wonho hours (@takisaragii) reported

    damn reading reddit about the whole 🐰 situation and like obvs deep down I know he isn’t coming back (just realistically) it still feels like finding out all over again with all of his gradual erasure :(

  • DarkGhost88 dark ghost (@DarkGhost88) reported

    @InfinityWard @JoeCecot just to remember you the game still sucks ! Netcode , euh sorry there is no netcode neither a working hitdetection (registration). Pretty quiet about all this problems ! I know you prefer believe everything is fine, but go on reddit and see the reality .

  • thisshowirg ThisShowIsReallyGood (@thisshowirg) reported

    @Female_Ren i dont use reddit but oh god this sounds terrible.

  • VoidAbstract Alejandro Aguilar (@VoidAbstract) reported

    @_pv96 No mic doe I read something on reddit that there’s a problem with the cross platform chat

  • KarlAlznersDogs #SelltheTeam (@KarlAlznersDogs) reported

    @elisabeth I am one of the few that points out the expanding racism among black people in America is actually a real problem and that social media sites like Twitter and now Reddit allow those hateful voices but not others.

  • RichardHasse Richard Hasse 🧢☂🇺🇸 (@RichardHasse) reported

    @LiquidGensou @YangForPOTUS @SouthernersYang Well there's the obvious problem, Reddit.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • sgala Santi Gala (personal (@sgala) reported

    @NLSurfMan @firefox @mozilla @digicert @DuckDuckGo @reddit @imgur @RTLnieuws @dpgmedia_nl @TechCrunch @Oracle @CrucialMemory @SlackHQ Wonder if this was due to a problem in CDN deployment, rather than the end sites...

  • gender_it My White IS Beautiful 🇺🇸🇦🇺🇨🇦🇸🇪🇬🇧🇨🇭 (@gender_it) reported

    @dewkdewk @galaxyofcurls @Doppelganger011 @BadOldDays @KatieHill4CA I still have them all as does reddit and others. Ironically SHE uploaded all those pictures BEFORE she had marriage problems

  • TonyVuong97 Tony Vuong (@TonyVuong97) reported

    @makamutoo @RealLifeWookie @bt_uk Seems like a nationwide issue. On a few reddit threads regarding a game I play and everyone has figured out the common denominator is they all have BT

  • localhostsci localhostscience (@localhostsci) reported

    Social media platforms tend to crack down on temporary, “throwaway” accounts, but they serve parents on Reddit well, suggests new study (n=1,460), which shows that so-called throwaways can be good for adults who need to open up on subjects that might cause them shame or pain…

  • LinaOrSomething Lina (@LinaOrSomething) reported

    @excoundrel that's not the only issue people are complaining about though - there was a big thread on reddit about it, a lot of the game looks unpolished

  • Vusys Bryan Channon (@Vusys) reported

    Having the new @monzo design for a while now, I still don't like it. But it's not like it's nu-reddit levels of terrible. There's two things that stand out as bad though.

  • violue Untitled-1.psd (@violue) reported

    @rosiebeard It's wild, I never knew about period shits until a reddit thread. I didn't get that issue and since no one talked about it I had no idea it was a ridiculously common thing and now that I've typed this I've probably jinxed my own body.

  • Ritam92560836 Ritam (@Ritam92560836) reported

    @shrewm @RockstarSupport @RockstarGames Ya fam I tried every possible way from Rockstar forum,Reddit to YouTube,Google like almost every random way u could find regarding all these bugs and error issues for RDR2PC but nothing seems to pan out now it feels like it's a pre purchased curse that comes with the game😭😫😞

  • TimeBust Belial Lyka (@TimeBust) reported

    @showarider yeah ive had to tell someone in a (d&d-oriented, mind) discord server that they shouldn't be refreshing the reddit front page bc they were having breakdowns over people being negative about the game

  • NickNimmin Nick Nimmin #VidSummit2019 (@NickNimmin) reported

    @simarchy @irchagaming @TeamYouTube @robertoblake @BrianGJohnsonTV @timschmoyer The creator is the one who needs to contact YouTube. Usually sending a message to support from inside your dashboard, a message to @TeamYouTube or trying to hunt down a trusted flagger on Reddit or Twitter is what I recommend to people in situations like this.

  • gtdp Greg Roche (@gtdp) reported

    @RockstarGames This patch actively made the game more broken for me. My mouse cursor is stuck on the screen despite trying the hundreds of workarounds mentioned on Reddit from the many people who are affected. Some worthless poncho doesn't make up for this whatsoever. Utterly pathetic.

  • JensLilCorner Jens LiL Corner 🎃 Sexy Sexual Humanist! (@JensLilCorner) reported

    @BonzoixofMN @PurpleWOrange @LavenderLady0 @Br00keMcCormick @slothgrlslowly A third of those down votes where on that video before it went live. Someone posted that it had been linked to religious right thread on reddit so it looks like they spammed the video.

  • MrDannyloco DanVal (@MrDannyloco) reported

    @of_irish the statement saying they were remaking the models was not a lie, in fact it was down right fake. Famitsu was mistakenly translated by a reddit user in which a lot of people based their information from, nobody really knew what he said since most of us don't speak japanese.

  • colepscott99 Cole Scott (@colepscott99) reported

    @NoobeyGaming @JoeCecot I had to use them for the JOKR to get the camos, maybe the PILA is broken. I saw it on reddit and it worked, but I guess not on the PILA. My bad

  • janssonjesper Jesper Jansson (@janssonjesper) reported

    @jamiebishop123 I'm having these exact issues, my account on reddit is WeirdSwede

  • Virtual_Neuron Rosie Riveter (@Virtual_Neuron) reported

    @thehill Remaining #anonymous WAS the only real protection from #retaliation, but the #USA government, thru the likes of @LindseyGrahamSC & @Jim_Jordan, with help from @Twitter & @Reddit, made it clear that anonymity will not be tolerated & #whistleblowers will be hunted down & #outed

  • grimegrips evy (@grimegrips) reported

    actually ya know i change my mind abt gettin pokemon swsh i saw the reddit post abt all the issues w it & im super disappointed

  • MisterB3nn MisterB3nn (@MisterB3nn) reported

    @MarvinKapinsky @queenofxion Note that the BPT community is already established on Reddit and has settled down to be absolute poison. 'Country Club' threads were you can only post if you send a photo of your forearm to prove you are black, and recurring posts of outright hatred toward white people which

  • internetdove dove (@internetdove) reported

    @k_ylah it just be like that sometimes. if it's posted on somewhere like reddit you can send DMCA claims and they'll take it down

  • mohamedmsayed محمد سيد 📱💻 📝 (@mohamedmsayed) reported

    “This idea that unless you are suffering, grinding, working every hour of every day, you’re not working hard enough … this is one of the most toxic, dangerous things in tech right now, - Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit and Initialized Capital.

  • dekupaws dumb pubby🌿 (@dekupaws) reported

    nice insult without trying to get backlash lol i know your just trying to put me down bc i dont agree with you but go off i guess, mr reddit