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  • NooberNerd
    NooberNerd (@NooberNerd) reported

    @discordapp It's work! by delete Localapp file. BUT Seriously, how is this happening anyway? And the way to fix is ridiculous. Not End-User Friendly AT ALL! This is Power User can do. You should try to prevent this issue. because I see there is a thread in reddit years ago.

  • PDog119
    PariahDog119 (@PDog119) reported

    @outlawjamboree @jenniferm_q Reddit has this problem. They solved it by marking comments that have been edited.

  • iSwiggity
    Swig (@iSwiggity) reported

    @Zeke_Meister @JPires01 @CjCtobin27 @iDropz_Bodies My phones autocorrect is broken as hail. But you get the point the reddit post says anything you say is FaZe

  • datLucario
    duende (@datLucario) reported

    @SaffronOlive it makes me glad we don’t have “THIS MAN LITERALLY ROBBED MY HOUSE” levels of discourse every time someone makes an unintentional error at a GP that reddit post is so hyperbolic I keep having to remind myself it isn’t satire

  • theMD12
    MD🤫 (@theMD12) reported

    @TDMaiste13 @Loomin__ @OpTicMaNiaC Do you not have the ability to comprehend that the a dev literally just said in a reddit post addressing the issue that “there is NO EVIDENCE to suggest to us that Idropz_bodies played the competition using a mouse and keyboard” are a mighty amount of dense dude

  • beastcoastmac
    gay dumbass (@beastcoastmac) reported

    after reading the reddit post for yesterdays new issue i was || this close to being like 'hmm maybe hes a todoroki' about dabi but now im back to not being convinced thanks reddit

  • BBendy_Straw
    BBendyStraw (@BBendy_Straw) reported

    Shoutout to @reddit for forcing me to change my password and then proceeding to be down all day (・.◤)

  • pandoras_ebooks
    Pandora's Bot (@pandoras_ebooks) reported

    reddit is down, everyone else talking about Big Pharma, but why doesn't anyone talk about panicking:

  • gumnos
    Tim Chase (@gumnos) reported

    @romanzolotarev @reddit coming through correctly for me here on @firefox. Temporary glitch?

  • seutsi
    Steph (@seutsi) reported

    @CassMoneyLive @haymness Im no fan of Reddit but I wonder if theres a subreddit for exactly this type of problem? Explain a vague plot and people might recognize it o:

  • KabukiCris
    KabukiCris (@KabukiCris) reported

    Woke up to the reddit servers being down and to an email for #MTGArena being down also. Thought the world was ending forba sec

  • cshalluck
    Christopher Halluck (@cshalluck) reported

    @ECMcLaughlin Try getting educated. This man has done more for you and children all over the world than you know. Do research on all the pedo rings being brought down. ISIS caliphate imploded. NK denuking. Msm controlled by bad actors - do research on Twitter and Reddit

  • dezisdope
    Dez #QueerWithShears (@dezisdope) reported

    The animal hides would make me squeamish if I saw them fresh off the animal. But dude didnt seem too phased by it. He has more of an issue with her interest in medicine & her big bed. If u already talked to ur homies why are u posting on reddit? He wants attn. He corny af.

  • tombombodil
    Tom Galvin (@tombombodil) reported

    I downloaded the low-down and realized I already Reddit #haikuchallenge

  • sapphicaquaria
    erin (@sapphicaquaria) reported

    TW: mentions of r*pe - - - - - - - - Idk, part of me is really uncomfortable with the fact that people are trying to "hunt down" the queen who did it, as if it's some kind of game and they'll get a reward for finding the person. Obviously, the reddit user didn't want to say who

  • Brian_Pilgrim40
    brian (@Brian_Pilgrim40) reported

    @DJBearlicious @RT_com Someone on reddit said that it's to potentially help human trafficking victims from being locked down there

  • troyjfields
    Troy Fields (@troyjfields) reported

    @CaseyNeistat @LoganPaul If this was Reddit I'd down vote.

  • smittie61984
    Smittie™ *insert blue check* (@smittie61984) reported

    International Multibillion dollar corporation CNN black mailed some random reddit user for a meme. But some whack job alt right idiot does it to someone famous and suddenly there’s a problem.

  • cocodivemiri
    Co.Co.Dive (@cocodivemiri) reported

    Spotted on Reddit: Charity Cleanup? | I live in Minnesota, and there are lakes everywhere. I try to go fishing every few weeks, but the heat has made fishing slow this year. I am terrible at fishing, so I know I am doing it wrong, but when it gets hot I will snorkel around …

  • SamDriver_
    Sam Driver (@SamDriver_) reported

    @Mother3Forever @frozenbinarydev I think you're referring to /r/kotakuinaction "the main hub for GamerGate on Reddit", recently in the news when the founder tried to shut it down after realising what a cess pool it is. It currently has 97.1k subscribers.

  • dethmuffin
    Pat LaBine (@dethmuffin) reported

    "But the problem is not management, the problem is people.". I guess it's possible for Reddit to drop some nuggets of wisdom once in awhile.

  • Little_Elissa
    Kiramay (@Little_Elissa) reported

    @reddit please just let me use the scrollbar. The second I even think about touching it whatever I was reading closes down. Please why do you hurt me this way :(

  • blinker
    Beth Linker (@blinker) reported

    Is it terrible that one of my main uses for Twitter is to read Reddit without actually having to read Reddit?

  • BrataGeorge
    Brata George (@BrataGeorge) reported

    As my cum dribbled down my girlfriend’s chin I looked her in the eyes and said, “Do you like that?” “No”, she replied, “what the fuck is in this sandwich?” #smile #reddit #jokes

  • 411_Octavian
    Octavian (@411_Octavian) reported

    @SplatableLink @Golditale Reddit,Twitter,Instagram,Amino, Facebook, tbh there’s a lot of places. Discord Server List is also a neat idea to post.

  • Deboryn123
    Debra Sullivan (@Deboryn123) reported

    @TManitowoc @reddit 'K. I've messaged deadhead again, but it doesn't seem like he cares about any of it. I don't see anything improving on that terrible sub, ever. Ten yeas from now puzzled, pickled and MMMDI will still be sourly spinning the exact same script.

  • easychz
    👽 (@easychz) reported

    shameless reddit is slow. they’ll talk about this in two days

  • PharosArchitect
    brian murphy (@PharosArchitect) reported

    @bstategames Hey guys, servers are down for everyone that I have talked to and Reddit seems to concur. What's the word?

  • kelsey8494
    Kelsey Mason (@kelsey8494) reported

    @hunterlynae7 Call my mom, dad or bob. My mom and bob calm me down and my dad makes me laugh which helps take my mind off things. Maybe trying something like going on reddit and looking at r/funny or something similar could help if you can’t call anyone? So sorry that happened! =(

  • RussWildeJr
    Russell Wilde Jr. (@RussWildeJr) reported

    Another day, another @MLBTV stream not working. Reddit streams it is! #PinstripePride

  • JacobBWR
    Jacob (@JacobBWR) reported

    Yr problem is reading the relationship advice reddit

  • RS6MC
    zenko (@RS6MC) reported

    @archyb0t If you wanna make a good server without cheater you need a client like cheatbreaker , on badlion client you can cheat... Me and other people of community have a looooooooot of ideas ! Im ready to help you and the community , just make a temp forum or reddit 4 some idea

  • MachMinotaur
    smoothbrain bourbon™ (@MachMinotaur) reported

    @latro_io @RS_Benedict maybe this is what reddit is actually FOR taking people with broken brains and weeding them out

  • perculia
    Data Hunter Perculia (@perculia) reported

    @ArakaraLCE The staff discussed it actually a few months ago - there are some definite benefits but we're concerned about some of the problems that come up on other communities that use that system, such as Reddit.

  • Sp0pyRectangelz
    RedReCtanGLEsInDaDarKNESSaReSCaRY (@Sp0pyRectangelz) reported

    @Xenopzz @GGXupdates @neuwirththomass He literally only has to leave the room, walk away, then come back, and they'll stop being aggro'd, or use a command that makes them stop aggroing you It's so easy to fix, the Reddit is even saying it He needs to read chat more and take things more slowly, overall be less rarted

  • SwimBrief
    SwimViking (@SwimBrief) reported

    @ethologos @SimmonsBart @hargrump @86prick @bhfreebh @Veganella_ @PlantBasedTeach @LauraHillsLamb @Tanabata69 @dlifein @GrahamCD62 @dmdnndjjdj1 @Rycet66 @quietly_enraged @caveman_vegan @shashiiyengar @herbivore_club @SteakAndIron @fleroy1974 @Echo4Lief @FoodStop29 @nutrition_facts You really need to switch from twitter to reddit if you are gonna start down that atheism road. Lol

  • revisionistv
    Quell🔅 (@revisionistv) reported

    Reddit's like a hell where most everyone has all your same problems but about 20% less insight and vision than you have, or maybe it's just me

  • agen7stream
    Agen7stream (@agen7stream) reported

    @BearBeam13 @ShaddyDaShadow @UNRECOMM3NDABLE @ThatBShar @Xaviant @TheCullingGame Yeah if you really played culling 1 in its hype it was absolute gold their only fault was changing too much too fast. Tryin to appease the reddit complainers. Culling 2 isn’t representative of what they can do when they sit down and collect themselves.

  • jordani_b
    JD (@jordani_b) reported

    @Doomchinchilla I'm just trolling ya friendo besides your shitty reddit posts I don't think low of ya. Pls get your rest and login soon fights not over bb. Let's have a good weekend and show the rest of Eve what the game is about

  • AshleyStoleYrGF
    Ashley (@AshleyStoleYrGF) reported

    @alienmelon the creator even shut it down and the reddit admins butted in to get the subreddit back up. such a hateful site.

  • urdumb4replyin
    Sickler (@urdumb4replyin) reported

    Your problem with your girlfriend is that she's cool, and interested in things holy shit, reddit is exactly what I think it is

  • kaludiasays
    Klaudia Amenábar || seeking FT jobs, check pinned (@kaludiasays) reported

    I love how the far right took down James Gunn like he’s some pillar of the left when we didn’t even like him in the first place thanks for doing our job for us, dumbass reddit bros

  • JohnnyisTsunami
    Johnny (@JohnnyisTsunami) reported

    @MenacesTV yes a reddit post from the guy who didnt pay us, very good defense. So you think this is how our meeting went down in your head "Hey guys i'll offer you absolutely nothing!" "Okay sweet!". Thats what you actually think happened?

  • diasg4you
    David Reiter (@diasg4you) reported

    @BloodMoonAcolyt Dude, you are are just opening the door to slander claims. Why are you willing to put yourself for something you clearly haven’t researched, but believed Reddit and other Tweets, oh right, because you want to part of the problem, not a solution.

  • serenariel
    Serena Riel (@serenariel) reported

    I took down my tattoo share on reddit :') people are fucking rude.

  • Jenny_Trout
    🏳️‍🌈Jenny "Hummingbird Truther" Trout (@Jenny_Trout) reported

    @j_zimms "Help, reddit, I'm dating a witch who has a bonkers giant comfy bed!" THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM! THIS ISN'T A REAL PROBLEM SOMEONE HAS!

  • TravisLFoster
    TL Foster ©️™️ (@TravisLFoster) reported

    Reddit: "Your voice is shit, and you are doing free podcast you fucking idiot." Me: "I would have done that podcast regardless, so what are you talking about" Reddit: "Woah, why are you being petty and punching down"

  • strnglrk
    rob spaczeks (@strnglrk) reported

    @007Bistromath I wish I had a witch gf with a huge bed. Reddit is terrible btw

  • MrCullen
    Sayonara is Japanese for "Go Die" (@MrCullen) reported

    @DarkOverord My brothers been complaining about perfornance issues since 8.0 as well and he was running it fine on DX 11 afore. And looking at reddit thers a lot of instability issues going on too. Blizz fucked up

  • maddoxcomplex
    Pilot Jones 🌊 (@maddoxcomplex) reported

    so i’m going to have to go off grid for the moment. offload my twitter and reddit apps and do some self work. please don’t take it personally if i don’t respond to texts. i love you all. now is just the time to focus and figure out whats really the root of my problems.