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Reddit Live Outage Map
  • Cambridge, England
  • Danville, Georgia
  • Edmonton, Alberta
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Portland, Oregon
  • San Antonio, Texas
  • San Francisco, California
  • San Marcos, California
  • Savegre, Puntarenas Province
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  • 40TheVHchiller
    Julian (@40TheVHchiller) reported

    @RadFemme74 @Poo_Cake @PSYCH_HYPE @eugenegu @reddit Reddit sure did shut down r/fatpeoplehate real quick

  • traceygaughran
    Tracey Gaughran (@traceygaughran) reported

    @Lollardfish I miss the old LJ days. The only thing in existence that still feels like that era of the internet to me is Reddit—which yeah, has its own host of issues, but its simplicity (message board format) and its old school internet style anonymity is something I really cherish now.

  • klept0
    klept0™ (@klept0) reported

    So it appears the admins of @reddit can't rectify gold issues or even point you in the right direction. I have emailed goldsupport(at)reddit(dot)com 11 times requesting my credit or a refund of my BTC but they get zero replies.

  • Li0nix
    Juergen (@Li0nix) reported

    I think kucoin get hacked! There are so many people reporting about withdraw problems. Just take a look at reddit #kucoin #hack

  • alt_kia
    Kia‏☆ (@alt_kia) reported

    /r/darknetmarkets got taken down by reddit deciding to pander to the most moralistic of meddlesome normies, press F to pay respects

  • io_eof
    io (@io_eof) reported

    @kathyfrancis56 @warriorfactor @MrPercivalB @rudo_botha @SusTransOptions @Byclemore @alantodd54 @JaiCooper1 Anecdote: From typing to Americans on reddit, it seems there are plenty who think others should wear a helmet but, when I raise the point that Australia has *mandatory* helmet laws - they often quickly back down from going as far as to suggest that they should be mandatory.

  • achmatsamsodien
    احمد (@achmatsamsodien) reported

    @muinsaiyed Reddit? That's the problem right there home of hyperbole. Beyond all the hypotheticals and exaggerations human beings are still the driving factor behind it all. We have the choice to determine the direction it goes in. You have an unhealthy obsession with the Singularity lol

  • DrJohnnyACE562
    LAVAR NEVER LIES. TRUMP ALWAYS LIES. ♠☠️🇳🇬 (@DrJohnnyACE562) reported

    Serena can marry whoever she wants. But the fact that she's trying to bring up Black issues because she didn't get something she wanted brings everything else into queue. White supremacists congregate on Reddit and you married its founder. So no, you missed the Freedom Train.

  • jettybigcash
    NintendoDolphinDude (@jettybigcash) reported

    @theo_2k2 @ItMeIRL I'm. Reddit user. Basically this image is supposed to trick people to think that the image is loading. That's the loading sign in the middle.

  • Reverb256
    Reverb 🇨🇦 (@Reverb256) reported

    @MarkOWalsh @HedonismGaming @prageru @Cernovich Reddit carefully goes only as far as it can get away with. If they actually did shut down all those who disagree with them, it would be a ghost town within a month.

  • bruitberries
    i still am replying to tweet just not tweeting (@bruitberries) reported

    @_ItsColinn reddit will be broken forever if things dont change

  • Chuks03
    Chuks Gabriel #savedroidICO (@Chuks03) reported

    @aelfblockchain linking reddit not working

  • SummitMonts
    William Montes (@SummitMonts) reported from Houston, Texas

    @SkyBalto @FortniteGame @EpicGames @Chris_Attalus @NathanMooney @Flak @EdgarDiazJr @DarrenSugg Bro it's a big issue on the game, we should make a forum for this in reddit.

  • MyT_Mouse76
    Body Butter Woman (@MyT_Mouse76) reported

    Teen Mom Reddit moves so slow now after all that nonsense that went down last year.

  • fly_hund
    Doggo von Richthofen (@fly_hund) reported

    @vgr reddit is terrible and 4chan is strangely seasonal, just that you only ever know afterwards when it was 'in season'

  • Astrobia
    Astrobia (@Astrobia) reported

    @sglov3r @Exkarma Actually, on closer investigation, the reddit post might be copied from 4chan. I don't want to go any deeper down the rabbit hole than that but twitter is definitely late to the party.

  • nongmoheaux
    pepe silvia (@nongmoheaux) reported

    America: where the feds invade your privacy via any and every electronic device to properly target you for ads, but don’t do a single fucking thing about white terrorists with mommy issues who are orchestrating deadly plans via iPhones and reddit forums.

  • NetrunnerNobody
    Nobody @ GDC 2018 (@NetrunnerNobody) reported

    Reddit's slow and continuous censorship continues to get more and more blatantly odd the more they continue to do it. Shutting down violent communities is obviously one thing, but... targeting shoplifters? Gun enthusiasts? Cigar and alcohol buyers/sellers? This is ridiculous.

  • kathleenjanine
    sludge ball (@kathleenjanine) reported

    @lisasaurstomp oh my god thank you for the laugh you are awesome did you put it on reddit yet but also fuck whoever left that thing on!! A very similar thing happened to me at the JFK airport when I hurriedly tried to go up the down escalator

  • _michaelee
    Michael Lee (@_michaelee) reported

    @badxleena @reddit That is lame. I don't even understand or know how to use @reddit when I'm on the page. Looks like a source code for a programer. That sucks that someone is pretending to be you. @reddit need to shut this down ASAP. If people want the goods, they need to join MFG.

  • RadFemme74
    Lauren Pleska 🏳️‍🌈 (@RadFemme74) reported

    @BGamer18 @Poo_Cake @PSYCH_HYPE @eugenegu @reddit Who said anything about the government? Also why not go to the people who run it and tell them they need to fix things up because what they allow is inexcusable?

  • ZacGorowski
    Zac (@ZacGorowski) reported

    Most of the major social media platforms are now just terrible (i.e. Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit)... But what else is new?

  • delicopsch56
    delicopsch56 (@delicopsch56) reported

    @bennd77 @reddit Man some of y’all were slow. ;)

  • delicopsch56
    delicopsch56 (@delicopsch56) reported

    @bennd77 @reddit Man some of y’all were slow. ;)

  • riptideprolab
    1️⃣3️⃣ (@riptideprolab) reported

    @Whorrorer @wizards_magic Sure no problem. I also don't post much on reddit myself, but I do lurk for information.

  • Nov2018BlueWave
    Denise #FBR 🌊🌊🌊 (@Nov2018BlueWave) reported

    @zeusbubbs @mariegiavanna @POTUS @TwitterSupport Stay away from Reddit. They'll feed you red pills send you down a rabbit hole and you'll wind up coming out with a tin foil on your head and you'll be diagnosed with red-pilling. I did my part to help. Hope it does. Have a good life. Blocked.

  • foojita_
    jessica 🌪 (@foojita_) reported

    a reddit thread about people having to put their pets down is the worst thing to do before bed.

  • TheGodlyNoob
    Noob (@TheGodlyNoob) reported

    @Jytus_r6 @Billboard_Eric They're trying to fix it, but the fix is predictable recoil and guess what was reddit's reaction to that... So now we're stuck with guns that don't shoot where we're aiming at because "it's unique xdxd" - reddit.

  • BourbonNerd
    Jess Rogers (@BourbonNerd) reported

    @scotchology1 I just never got off my butt to use reddit to swap, now it's been shut down. Now I'll have to buy things to try them, which is also fine.

  • ursoft
    Ricardo Rodriguez (@ursoft) reported

    @ArdorPlatform Hi, is there a Discord channel for Ardor? I tried the link in reddit but is not working. Cheers.

    GOOD TO SEO (@GOOD_TO_SEO) reported

    Reddit shuts down thread from user claiming to be suspect...

  • Chesstu
    Chester (@Chesstu) reported

    @suprgt82 @reddit Down now too :(

  • AgresivLeafsFan
    AggressiveLeafsFan (@AgresivLeafsFan) reported

    @anthonycumiacm Duude you're such a fucking loser LOL!!! You throw money around and think you'll be beloved like Sinatra. Even your deadbeat pedo brother talks shit about your sobriety issues on the reddit you hate so much! Are any of you Cumia's loyal to your family members? LOL

  • WadroFoster
    Wade Foster (@WadroFoster) reported

    @reddit terrible choice of policy changes today

  • Lord_Benzuko
    Benzuko (@Lord_Benzuko) reported

    @kayderellla This was the problem with mine, it had the same issue and I ended up on a reddit page that actually helped.

  • Destructicus54
    Gojira destructor (@Destructicus54) reported

    @Gamecheat13 Reddit's broken as hell.

  • matma
    Matt Arnold (@matma) reported

    @ScottWamplerBMD Wow, is that even real? I had issues with The Last Jedi, but I didn't call anybody about it. I just post passive aggressive memes and comments on Reddit like a normal human.

  • EastMorningStar
    The MorningStar (@EastMorningStar) reported

    Reddit banned r/gundeals along with a bunch of other stuff that was illegal. There is only one problem with that line of thought...

  • Aburch5
    Alex Burch (@Aburch5) reported

    What’s with shutting down r/gundeals. Please explain. @reddit

  • lumbridgecity
    lumbridgecity (@lumbridgecity) reported

    Two days and my #bitcoin withdrawal from @QuadrigaCoinEx is still pending. #trouble No tweets about the issue, no comment on Reddit... just the ‘pending’ status on a BITCOIN transaction #doubletrouble

  • Swamphunter12
    Swamphunter (@Swamphunter12) reported

    @kungfuman316 Today: >reddit bans subreddits relating to alcohol trading, ammunition deals and airsoft (toy gun) sales >YouTube announces lock down on gun-related videos >these obnoxious fucks MMM BOY I AM NOT IN A GOOD MOOD.

  • KeevesReanu
    Ethan Vought (@KeevesReanu) reported

    @Nicole_Cliffe How dare Reddit shut down my subreddit r/Doin'Crimes

  • PhilJankowski
    Phil Jankowski (@PhilJankowski) reported

    @GrahamMOliver you sent me down a 45-minute reddit rabbit hole

  • rumworm
    your golden boy (@rumworm) reported

    i'm still not over this it's like. did you think i couldn't turn you down? did you read past the first sentence of the reddit post that told you to do this???????

  • CutthroatClan
    Christy (@CutthroatClan) reported

    @JagexAsh Seen quite a few reddit posts about possible insecurities with osbuddy and there was a recent issue with an ip leak from runeloader although I think it was related to just 1 person. Regardless I'd actually prefer a ban on clients so some players don't have advantages over others

  • EdwardJDickman
    Edward Dickman (@EdwardJDickman) reported

    @MLChristiansen @xpletiv_deleted Reddit just shut down their gun deals forum. It was just a collection of links to other websites. Timing seems suspicious.

  • joelfernandez95
    Joel (@joelfernandez95) reported

    @Joely319 @Clayster @EpicGames It's been a week since it's happened. At this point I'm going to just file a fraud report with my bank and let them deal with it. Cause Epic is terrible at responding and my reddit posts keep getting taken down by mods.

  • IsletaLeon11
    Isleta Leon (@IsletaLeon11) reported

    @draginol @Dogar_And_Kazon My issue is that you ostensibly make games but as far as anyone can tell you spend your working day fighting on Twitter, Reddit, and whatever boards you can find, and that probably doesn’t help your image. It’s an observation - you don’t have to do anything with it.

  • jay13x
    Jay Annelli (@jay13x) reported

    @SamFateKeeper I think the problem is that you don’t get to choose to engage most of the time. I can choose to follow or mute you, or mute conversations, but sometimes it’s like whack-a-mole. And it’s easier to avoid on Twitter than a forum or Reddit.

  • Jensen315
    Derek (@Jensen315) reported

    @TheFlopFish @Chase_K150 @EASPORTSNHL @BardownMcAvoy @Bmarch63 @Barkovsasha95 @heds77 @dewyy8 @EAHelp reddit is saying Xbox has received CS packs, PS4 still down though. You guys are almost there!

  • xkillyouridols
    No Life King (@xkillyouridols) reported

    @KotzenderMuffin Reddit is a terrible place sometimes

  • Trunen_GPGaming
    GhostProtocolGaming (@Trunen_GPGaming) reported

    @rakijapapi @Fearq8G @Rainbow6Game I believe this is the case in a lot of issues, but even with the last update to PC apparently people can still do the glitch. Reddit users having been posting about it today

  • treasureXgoblin
    sir hiss (@treasureXgoblin) reported

    @jamwhambam Also ME TOO I’m sick of spending all my time lying down looking at Reddit and playing a painting by numbers game on my phone with a stylus cause my hands hurt too much

  • RVT01
    Laur Trueman (@RVT01) reported

    @RealLilleeJean @djrothkopf @reddit @alexisohanian @imgur just ask @reddit - and their owner @alexisohanian who did nothing. A huge thank you to @imgur who took care of the #cyberbully issue immediately when #reddit and @fastly did nada

  • OmShivaJanice
    Janice Witt (@OmShivaJanice) reported from Savegre, Puntarenas Province

    @HarleyRouda @KellieResists @eugenegu @reddit @Twitter @facebook Agreed... Terrorist! But he’s white, so what can we do? We’ll label him mentally ill and then go on with our work of hunting down unarmed black men and killing them... Is there no end to the evil we (as a country are responsible for). #BlackLivesMatter

  • justanamebro
    Justanamebro (@justanamebro) reported

    @pasdeen10 @Brammertron If the color white hurts your eyes, then lower your monitors brightness already lol... As if this wouldn't be a problem on twitter, reddit, google etc. You have it set too high, clearly.

  • flyinsaucier
    Ryan Saucier (@flyinsaucier) reported

    Reddit banned beer trading subreddits because that was the problem.

  • LevCTT
    LevCTT (@LevCTT) reported

    @geekyglamorous Thats what everyone says but, not all of it's Twitch. There are people in the Twitch community who are a problem in RL. Or they keep it DM's or Reddit posts. Twitch is a different beast than Youtube but, I get what you mean

  • kiwifails
    Kiwi 🥝 #mood (@kiwifails) reported

    Man, shout out to /r/xxketo on Reddit for helping me realize some of the issues I'm dealing with are completely normal. Like being so GOD DAMN itchy.

  • cr15b
    Chris Barrett (@cr15b) reported

    Reddit shills/conspiracy theorists are annoying. Look, I'm only here for my RPDR fix, wuddya feck off trying to row.