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  • mjselvig
    Fredrik (@mjselvig) reported

    @ItMeIRL This just shows how terrible the official Reddit app is

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What are the dangers of telling your employer you suffer from Mental Health issues? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • AreYouNig
    KAY LAWE (@AreYouNig) reported

    So fucking sick of the causal opinions on reddit. Come to the neopets forum where shit goes down and there are HARD FACTS

  • c1bones
    bigSCARYBONESseason (@c1bones) reported

    @hallzie_is_dead @PUBATTLEGROUNDS If you can't reach the main screen it could be something else I forgot what I had to do entirely but there's a fix on reddit

  • Madkaz2020
    Alberto69 (@Madkaz2020) reported

    @NobodyTheFirst @Spaldo4 @DannyboyUpstate @stepheneronan @realDrMehr That's actually a pretty good idea. At least Reddit has the down arrow (don't get jealous twitter)

  • cm_stead
    Chris Stead (@cm_stead) reported from Lakeshore, California

    "A metroid is just a gonad in the category of emo-funk tours. What's the problem?" - reddit user on Haskell

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What very simple problem has no one invented a solution for yet? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:People who just splash water on your fingers and walk out of the bathroom, what the fuck is your problem? #askreddit #reddit…

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:Why do friendships die out? What are ways to fix them? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • kat_wardlaw
    KAT🕸 (@kat_wardlaw) reported

    Fell down the reddit rabbit hole which lead to elsagate and I'm honestly so scared

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What's the most terrible thing you've ever done? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:If money wasn't an issue, what would your Halloween costume be this year? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • lissaguillet
    SunshineGrrrl (@lissaguillet) reported

    With reddit, a user can post an article, statement/question, or image. The people viewing the forum can then push the article up or down.

  • AK_Zidane
    Boudz (@AK_Zidane) reported

    @MaestroJuve21 I'm following reddit and twitter. Tv is more and more useless. The official Calgary elections site is also down or slow to update

  • BigTim9_
    Tim Mathias (@BigTim9_) reported

    Finally broke down and downloaded the Reddit app. My life is over

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:Who is an objectively terrible person that you have some respect and admiration for? Why? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • NickHax
    🎃🥑 Ogrecado 🥑🎃 (@NickHax) reported

    @matthewballen Yeah, it was on Reddit today. I can try to hunt down the original if you need me to.

  • XCodes
    XCodes (@XCodes) reported

    @leonardjfrench @reddit Oh, that's the problem! The NFL players are doing it for free!

  • _willingwell
    WaifuCast|Orufus (@_willingwell) reported

    @shininiaSRD Its for people who abuse upvoting and over self advertise. Youd be shocked how big of an issue that is on Reddit.

  • amoongazer
    A moon gazer (@amoongazer) reported

    @LPontheleft I'm deep down the Reddit rabbit hole right now & I would like to suggest an ep. on the making of The Wizard of Oz. #ShitsCray

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What song is ruined by terrible lyrics? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • DescryGG
    Descry (@DescryGG) reported

    I actually got down-voted to shit on reddit for saying a game is optimised poorly and posting my specs & claimed I was "humblebragging"

  • Damien73994895
    Justno (@Damien73994895) reported

    @RiotSupport Are you aware of an issue causing settings to be reset? There is a thread on reddit, seems to be happening to multiple people.

  • mzzazn
    Jade | Mzzazn (@mzzazn) reported

    @reddit Hi, I can't post anything (even about this issue) or send a PM: error-Care to try this again? I don't see any captcha loading. help?

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:Men that won't go down on women, why? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • Strawf1sh
    Patrick Milligan (@Strawf1sh) reported

    @thomas_parlin Ah, see there's the problem. I don't use Reddit.

  • derekSzczepanek
    Derekszman013 (@derekSzczepanek) reported

    @SmittyOnMLB @TParmalee @reddit Not according to Sean Mcad am. He said on T&R that the Marlins have financial problems & basically need somebody to take on his salary.

  • Dafnenitas
    Dafne (@Dafnenitas) reported

    5am start and I'm still on Reddit! Mobile down and go to sleep Dafne! NOW!!

  • DylanWyatt17
    Dylan Wyatt (@DylanWyatt17) reported

    @its_hulkking @ItsEpi They said on a different reddit post that castle fix is the mid season reinforcements so next week and it's self explanatory!

  • mozfart
    willo (@mozfart) reported

    @tweethue Thanks! I think its a widespread issue for a lot of users. reddit, homekit forums, etc are riddled with threads about this.

  • DerpyDose
    🎃SpookyDose🎃 (@DerpyDose) reported

    shit uhc sever: *does bad* 1 kdrs: DOWN WITH REDDIT REEEEE

  • Graser10_eBooks
    Graser10_eBooks (@Graser10_eBooks) reported

    stop being down reddit i need to go to gym and come back and ur sweaty af but everyone's gone and ur locked out all day w00t w00t!!

  • Cxmmeron
    🍁SHEBA, BABY🍂 (@Cxmmeron) reported

    @MrDojo_ Reddit and someone on tumblr posted it but took it down. I shouldve screenshot

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What’s a problem that only 90s kids had to deal with? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • RayAllenInMN
    Anonymous Sources (@RayAllenInMN) reported

    @AppleSupport It’s new since I got my iPhone 8 plus. A couple other users on reddit are mentioning this issue too.

  • DMdandanfieldng
    DeadDanFiendish (@DMdandanfieldng) reported

    @newbiedm Yeah, it hit reddit pretty quickly and was taken down just as quickly.

  • drunkcorpsint
    Drunk Corps Int. (@drunkcorpsint) reported

    Pioneer update: an eagle-eyed Reddit user tipped us off that the percussion staff page is now down on the Pio website. All others still up.

  • ZachSkov
    skov (@ZachSkov) reported

    I love getting downvoted on reddit for telling someone they should still try Destiny 2 on PC despite some of the problems...

  • JasonNeilSports
    Jason Neil (@JasonNeilSports) reported

    @Hodulbass @sfdeltas @ussoccer Oh since becoming part of the broadcasts for the Deltas I have learned that about NASL Twitter snd Reddit. It can be terrible.

  • bettyandthejets
    Beatriz Saenz (@bettyandthejets) reported

    You know you have a problem when your boyfriend tells you to get off Reddit. Lulz.

  • Jen_S_Thornton
    Jennifer Thornton (@Jen_S_Thornton) reported

    @hulu_support @reddit The new Hulu format/version seems to coincide with Hulu constantly crashing on my Roku. Is there a fix for this? My versions are up to date.

  • kukamaru
    scary space ghost (@kukamaru) reported

    shutting down reddit woouldnt be the greatest loss

  • Fusilero1
    MSF Fusilero (@Fusilero1) reported

    @judehyung Front page reddit translation: dionne is literally Hitler and edg burnt down my house and kicked my dog

  • IEXiiGE
    exiige (@IEXiiGE) reported

    @ItsEpi this guy is bragging all over reddit about doing the castle glitch. If you look at his past posts you can see his username in-game>

  • nasaaids
    cryptogoober (@nasaaids) reported

    @Betodruid80 @mvs_org @kyoshiro7904 @reddit Hold on the crystal ball is down atm

  • NeimanTV
    Bubblegum neiman☄ (@NeimanTV) reported

    @ruffythelion Reddit is a slow poison. It's symptoms dont show until it's too late.

  • ggTeaTime
    Mamoon Sabri (@ggTeaTime) reported

    Reddit apparently can't compliment casters without trying to put other casters down *shrugs*

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What company's slogan would be terrible for another's? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What’s one environmental or animal related issue that needs better laws? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • Enichan
    'Shark Hugs' Eniko (@Enichan) reported

    Reddit advice threads 9/10 read like "I know I'm wrong deep down but please validate my poor life choices"

  • iAdam1n
    Adam I (@iAdam1n) reported

    Has anyone tried using Prometheus with iOS 11 SEP (not using a 6s) and got error 11? People on Reddit claim it’ll happen but want to check.

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:What is the terrible noise you absolutely hate? #askreddit #reddit #questions #US

  • NOYoichi
    YO-1 (@NOYoichi) reported

    @repeccas I hope that it's a driver issue. Looking at a Reddit thread, some say install an older driver since the new drivers have issues with sierra

  • Amoirsp
    Amoirsp (@Amoirsp) reported

    @lmtless_SKYE_ After the error code debacle (see reddit) about buying gc, I got it working and bought until card said no. Now I can pocket until new suptix

  • ajlamesa
    Anthony LaMesa (@ajlamesa) reported

    People say Reddit is terrible, but I actually think it's the most helpful place to seek information on the Internet. Maybe more than Google.

  • caynetwentyone
    Cayne (0-16?) (@caynetwentyone) reported from Mount Vernon, Ohio

    @reddit Yo, fix your app! I’m sick of not being able to scroll through posts because I eventually are forced back to the top.

  • Aleph_27
    Filippo Cussigh (@Aleph_27) reported

    @LSXYZ9 if he stepped down because of reddit criticism (that hits almost everyone and would last a couple of days), it's not reddit's fault

  • Liquid_Matt
    Matt Elento (@Liquid_Matt) reported

    The reddit thread titled "TSM and their botlane" is bad analysis but so many upvotes... Seems like anything that puts TSM down is upvoted.

  • LSXYZ9
    Nick De Cesare (@LSXYZ9) reported

    @RivenBadChamp I think the speed at which him stepping down occurred was amplified by the reddit posts, absolutely. Do I know for sure? No.

  • chayemor
    JMR (@chayemor) reported

    @DaisyEin Brutal. Why don't you post it on Reddit? Also contact Facebook and ask them to shut it down. Ask friends to post comments warning (1)

  • weeaboo
    goku lover (@weeaboo) reported

    @WackTheKing the only time reddit ever cracks down on horrible abusive or pedo subreddits is after news articles get written about them

  • weeaboo
    goku lover (@weeaboo) reported

    @WackTheKing and you really can’t say reddit cracks down on it either, they openly promoted a lot of this stuff in the same way

  • schill_jan
    Jan Schill (@schill_jan) reported

    "Orion's belt is a terrible waist of space". Terrible joke. Only 3 stars. -from Reddit-

  • jeremyschwarz
    Jeremy (@jeremyschwarz) reported

    @sonnnyofficial So you know how we are Redditors that use Reddit? There are Chivers that use The Chive which is a dumbed down version of Reddit like 4chan.

  • christssnt
    Chris Toussaint (@christssnt) reported

    ... versus mindlessly bashing it with no criticism on how to fix it. Reddit is a great way to connect with the 2K devs (fyi).

  • DavidGX
    DavidGX (@DavidGX) reported

    @_icze4r A good portion of the current weird issues are due to the new bot being bad and dumb. A guy who works at Google has said as much on reddit.

  • davidofmidnight
    david (@davidofmidnight) reported

    @BryanLunduke @reddit If your code allows for spambots, then your code is the problem, not the license.

  • Viral_Load
    The Viral Load (@Viral_Load) reported

    LPT: Your employer’s HR department is not your friend. When people post on Reddit about problems at work, I see comments about contacting t…

  • BeardClubforMen
    Beard Club for Men (@BeardClubforMen) reported

    "Hi. First time on Reddit. I'm growing a beard since June and I have made 2 small trims. Overall it grows so slow. I have very thin sides a…

  • CoralineAda
    resting witch face (@CoralineAda) reported

    Can someone with SEO experience help me fix my top ten google results? There’s a fucking abusive reddit thread on there now.

  • OTaH95
    OTaH (@OTaH95) reported

    @UbisoftSupport Seen a couple of peolpe on reddit with same problem

  • askredditQ
    REDDIT (@askredditQ) reported

    Can You Answer:Auto mechanics of Reddit: what’s the most annoying problem that you see on a regular basis?

  • Subzero_81
    Subzero (@Subzero_81) reported

    @Visobacb @slaveriq @eeveefrost Damn, that sucks. Contacting Reddit directly and the cops? The thread opener surely is behind some vpn's but at least get the stuff down

  • rathunter3
    Rathunter! (@rathunter3) reported

    @RespectableLaw @robtaylor12 4Chan/Reddit (both of which have child porn problems), are pretty damned creepy sometimes, yes. I agree the compilation is creepy.

  • allanray_08
    Allan Ray C-137 (@allanray_08) reported

    @PunchTheLies @PinoyAkoBlog @leahnavarro @mila_d_aguilar @MrFrankBaraan @IpeLustre @_QuePasaChica_ @RenHu2 @SyLicoNgaAko @jerichorayel @owlinthemoon @EmilioDJacinto @KatarHol5 @teta_limcangco @DanSantos8 @donthebasher @wondergirlash @xenohemlock @FilY0 @LivesMatterPH Wow. Reddit is a community for valuing valid arguments. This needs to be voted down.

  • jdtattoo77
    Yoel (@jdtattoo77) reported

    @SjaRjadottir @AP Yes, we do tend to move on quickly, but Vegas was 24/7 for a week straight. This was way down my feed and not anywhere on Reddit, FB etc.

  • Sarahrain68
    🦋💕 RAIN❣🦄 (@Sarahrain68) reported

    @neverletyoupart Shut down i read many docs & emails & anonymous postings on reddit clearly pointing to pedophile its also fact hilary released a major

  • satyapramodh
    Pramodh (@satyapramodh) reported

    @donasarkar @stanzillaz reddit solved this issue. may be look into how they do it?

  • SportsWithJoel
    Sports With Joel (@SportsWithJoel) reported

    @gogophobio @jakehosen @AppleSupport @Apple Yeah phobio is a terrible company. They are doing this to many people, just search reddit to see.


    Dealership workers of Reddit, what vehicle in your brand has the most problems?