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  • odyzeous ᴘᴇᴘsɪ (@odyzeous) reported

    is reddit down for anyone else

  • draconisignis Carla (@draconisignis) reported

    Lmao Reddit is down

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • DenisCampbellll Denis (@DenisCampbellll) reported

    I commented on a reddit post talking about disney strongarms small theaters into shutting down or only showing Disney movies ever and it got downvoted and everyone told me "that's just how business works" lol

  • brentbenz Brentbenz (@brentbenz) reported

    @AskPlayStation @Stibbs @ExpanicRalph @joshtweeterson PSVue has a buffering problem at the moment. It’s all over Reddit. It’s very hard to watch when it buffers every 15 seconds.

  • jdfthetech jdf the tech (@jdfthetech) reported

    @castrojo @LinusTech the first problem was asking reddit . . .

  • alexhoban10 Alex Hoban (@alexhoban10) reported

    The reddit streams are really letting me down today 😔

  • HamletEJ Jay (@HamletEJ) reported

    @JeffAHamilton Yeah, I've thought this the whole time. I general, I worry the way that reddit (among others) organizes people into gigantic mobs that take on a life of their own beyond the importance of any particular issue they supposedly care about.

  • evelynxart EvelynX ✨ (@evelynxart) reported

    But I have yet to post anything to reddit and not receive heaps and heaps of negativity, hateful comments, and just toxicity. Nothing really pleases the community, and it is something that was wearing me down as a learning artist. I don't have a realism style -

  • MrPooni Glen Coco (@MrPooni) reported

    @Smiggy9 @wholecelium @seanhaslett As I said earlier, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now. If I don't receive a satisfactory response, I'll simply issue a chargeback on the transaction. If you're genuinely worried that they are in the midst of an exit scam, I'd suggest sharing your concerns on reddit

  • codeandcoffee1 sb0658 (@codeandcoffee1) reported

    @HarmlessYardDog Upside down text is the only way to get anything of value posted on Reddit without mods or Bots autobanning it. I like to use pics of potatoes to confuse the bots more.

  • MrKayD Fianu. (@MrKayD) reported

    I go on reddit to remind myself that if fans wrote scripts a lot movies would be terrible.

  • Silaslang Swan Lee (@Silaslang) reported

    @WorkWombatman That Plex 4k issue still is not resolved even though it says it is, talked with you on reddit a bit and also I have submitted several more reports and am also working with plex devs. The "Plex" OS fix caused DTA-MA files to just crash plex to the homescreen and more buffering

  • thefoxgirl_ Kyla Diane Epp (@thefoxgirl_) reported

    @vengeful_jarl Whats frustrating is he is a good friend of ours. He knows that this is a super touchy subject for us and constantly an issue. My husband does plan on speaking to him but he doesnt know we know his reddit handle

  • sinnerflex Daniel Haun (@sinnerflex) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield Vehicle spawn bugs on panzersturm tank joining and ,,normal,,vehicles are invisible. Light bugs on panzersturm, Spitfire are bugging . I must start my ps4 the times becuase the endless loadscreens. Server disconecting... the Rest is on reddit.

  • GunDogg9942 Gunnar (@GunDogg9942) reported

    Some users on Reddit tell me that the grip gear can be ***** or the teeth can be dulled. Welp, the teeth were dull. So back to Amazon I go for grip gears. Another $7 bucks later I get the item that I though would solve my issues and I could print properly again.

  • ScottLinnen scott linnen (@ScottLinnen) reported

    There is a race on. And I do not mean 2020. It's a race between the responsible men and women we elected to power who must take the mantle and govern swiftly. Or lose this Republic to white-Nationalist conspiracy theorists & NRA militias stockpiling their vans down by the Reddit

  • Typhonatemybaby Adam Sith Institute (@Typhonatemybaby) reported

    So uhh, not only has grimes gone fully down the 2014 era tumblr/reddit NRx fascist rabbit hole and become a full techno libertarian idiot, but she's also managed to produce some of the most boring and stale song lyrics I've ever seen.

  • hhhaaaqp Hugh (@hhhaaaqp) reported

    @JoeBrunoWSOC9 @wsoctv I have no problem with the event, but because of the disruption to campus classes should be cancelled. An update for the protest was just posted anonymously on UNCC Reddit.

  • wjmaggos William Maggos (@wjmaggos) reported

    @Evolving_Ego If the arguments could be rated up/down ala Reddit, a quick glance might make the bullshit instantly obvious. And it would avoid most of the accusations of bias that plague sites like Snopes.

  • NaParamore Obey Para (@NaParamore) reported

    @OldManEffect @TitanfallBlog Yeah, ever since I Was told they update more on Reddit I Go on it like every few hours to check. Like for Example The Frames issue wasn't really stated until a big uproar was happening with it. They prefer just to sort of not say anything and its kinda not the way you wanna run

  • amzluk aaron (@amzluk) reported

    ncaa reddit stream is down!!!

  • KelliNDunlap Kelli Dunlap @ GDC (@KelliNDunlap) reported

    Majority uses convenience sampling - using easily accessible participants. Going to reddit threads for people who self identify as having problems. “Like researching needle use outside a needle exchange.”

  • Sarsion John Dowdles (@Sarsion) reported

    And now Reddit's down. Slowly eroding away my procrastination outlets. Don't make me go to the chans.

  • Luffytarou RioLu (@Luffytarou) reported

    @SSBSpirit @TSM_Leffen It’s not a competitive smash reddit. It’s just a reddit dedicated to smash in general. Still a terrible sub reddit but clarifying it a bit better

  • pjholden26 PJ Holden (@pjholden26) reported

    You know this went down as the biggest roast in the history of Bear Reddit

  • daxypad daxy (˵ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°˵)ノ⌒♡*:・。. (@daxypad) reported

    @vivisprincew yes i hate her ass! no jk i stole it off reddit someones cd came in broken kskskksks

  • RobDeb RobDeb (@RobDeb) reported

    Im sending this tweet from 2020 where this show is seen as a seismic game changer of comedic arts. it oblitered the ignorance of so many people reddit had to close down. book this show!

  • Dingram_Geekboy Daniel Ingram (@Dingram_Geekboy) reported

    @ArseQueef I can’t remember where it was on Reddit, but there’s a room with a door and levers on the walls, when a lever is pulled the doors lock and the roof starts slowly lowering, down until about a foot from the floor, it then stops, slides up and the door unlocks. Not harmful but funny

  • HighwayBob Rob (@HighwayBob) reported

    @NordVPN When Reddit provides better and more useful information than support that's a problem.

  • Leask muad'dab (@Leask) reported

    @MarkOStack I joined reddit to make one (1) post in the edmonton subreddit discussion of ramen places, forgot my login & have never once considered going back

  • Rincewind102 Rincewind102 (@Rincewind102) reported

    @landfillmp3 The reddit comments on this issue are pretty much the same tbh, everyone is on the fence

  • delldroid Delldroid (@delldroid) reported

    @shroud You went down the reddit rabbit hole and have been there ever since 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • HighwayBob Rob (@HighwayBob) reported

    @NordVPN Please ask your support staff to actually read r/NordVPN on Reddit. I find it annoying that other Reddit users are providing solutions to issues when support can't

  • mcpaincx Mark McPain 💎 (@mcpaincx) reported

    I love making posts on Reddit and watching my Karma go up and down. Reddit is so predictable. #Lulz

  • mrkampmann Mr Kampmann 👨🏻‍💻 (@mrkampmann) reported

    @CBarrows @reddit Tackling the big issues on reddit.

  • 2DM_Jim TwoDrinkMinimum-Jim (@2DM_Jim) reported

    Person on Reddit about the Epic Store: "Epic opened their wallet to Remedy that's why. It's all good though. The high seas await." That'll really solve the problem bud, stealing the game instead. People need to stop using this as an excuse to pirate shit. Grow up already.

  • DarkWolf262996 Conor (@DarkWolf262996) reported

    @hpsbrom @JamesFavreau5 @EAStarWars abviously the people that liked my response, calm your shit, its just my opinion, i want something to play while my internet is down or just want the time away, from online knobs, if you watched sylos channel he said it was rumored, i dont have reddit so calm tf down

  • Guymanguy1337 ߷ (@Guymanguy1337) reported

    @TeemoTheScienti How about just dont use the tf2 reddit, Problem solved.

  • MisLeDx MisLeDx (@MisLeDx) reported

    @Fallout Fix your event. After 75 completions I have not seen a single person with any of the 5 "rare" aka "impossible to get" masks. There's a Reddit post with over 1.2k upvotes since yesterday on the subject. Get on the ball before you have a pissed off community yet again.

  • Trump_ton Trumpton (@Trump_ton) reported

    @paul_montague @KirstenTElliott As with all data, it can be interpreted in a number of ways. For me it suggests an attempt to take down the server and I'm sure I could find a Reddit thread promoting that plan But it could also be that remain uses the techniques of the alt-right I guess ...

  • jaimesbricnne jaime lannister (@jaimesbricnne) reported

    when is reddit gonna calm down..... "brienne is a targ" ok

  • TimG57867 Osemekhian Jatto (@TimG57867) reported

    @TSM_Leffen Twitter and Reddit, by virtue of being standard, open social media platforms, will never be ideal places to store and share information. Content is buried fast and agendas, misinformation, personal strife, and toxicity bog them down far too much for them to be practical. Sorry.

  • blakey_harold harold (@blakey_harold) reported

    **** you, you money grabbing, greedy pillocks - sort out the referees union before shutting down Reddit streams etc

  • PlayerDOTexe PLAYER SLOT AVAILABLE (@PlayerDOTexe) reported

    The Alt key on my Razer Orbweaver stopped working. I was about to ask for help on reddit when I recalled an ancient technique that might fix it. Bashing it over and over again until it works again. Like new. It did the trick.

  • alli90 Alli Flanagan (@alli90) reported

    @Taz_Crazy_ManTV Yeah, there are entire Reddit threads dedicated to that same Access Violation error. From what I've seen, there isn't a fix yet, but I'm sure the devs are working hard to get it sorted. 😊

  • mrburkemath Chris Burke (@mrburkemath) reported

    One problem with reddit (among the oh-so-many) is the random pics people post when they run into celebrities and I have to scan the comments to figure out which one is the celebrity and who they are...

  • coolgarydotnet Gary (@coolgarydotnet) reported

    @coffeeandquests There's usually some Reddit post about bundles when they come out and they're usually terrible lol

  • JaqubAjmal Jaqub Ajmal (@JaqubAjmal) reported

    @MIKI_DK1 With this much feedback, I think its best to make a thread on BFV Reddit. My job is to work with issues that the game has, and in some cases feedback, But this is too much for twitter.

  • stillbaint Kenny Stillwell (@stillbaint) reported

    @claycoledc Reddit soccer streams got shut down 😭😭😭

  • IFrAgMenTIx FrAgMenT 👻 (@IFrAgMenTIx) reported

    @Dr_Wolflow @ProxyXAimee @Pyro7380 I also noticed that. A year ago Reddit was a fine place to share art/quality content. Now it seems like only derp/meme stuff and things like „am I the only one that...“ flourish on the r6 reddit. I once had my ela fanart taken down cause the comments were so rude and offensive.

  • imXil3 Bobby (@imXil3) reported

    @akaKillZoNe @heytred They are aware of the issue and are working on a fix according to their post on reddit. Armor nor weapons are scaling correctly.

  • news_ego MriDontKnow (@news_ego) reported

    @Fortnite so my forums and reddit is not working but how about this for creative make mannequins that you could put any skins of item on them

  • anonrax Anonymous (@anonrax) reported

    @Anon_Emy Actually saw something on reddit about this the other day, those who were upvoted were saying how good the pills were while the ones who warned about side effects were down voted 🤔

  • stejmurphy Stephen M (@stejmurphy) reported

    @1GaryGannon Ran out of space. The strikes are across the mainland Europe. Hugely in Germany where Wikipedia is down in protest. Reddit too and other social media channels. Unfortunately Ireland has no voice on this yet. But we'll keep reaching out to the elected officials. Hoping

  • FriendNintendo Nintendo (@FriendNintendo) reported

    @Merc_CR Border shrink is ass, arrow velocity is a necessary evil to stop *****'s submarining. Low player fills are a nightmare for players who wanna snowball, I don't believe cutclean is recommended by the server over vanilla but I could be wrong, Agree on the monopolizing reddit aspect.

  • LDNmanV V 🏋🏾 (@LDNmanV) reported

    @jedinurse_cindy @Ebzo No problem! I usually listen to stories by the following channels: Mr Nightmare Urmaker Let’s Read Corpse Husband Doctor Horror Lazy Masquerade Be Busta The channels usually narrate stories written by Reddit users 😊

  • RhysBaird rhys (@RhysBaird) reported

    Just seen on Reddit there to google “Florida Man” followed by your date of birth and see what comes up. 72 year old man tries to run down neighbour with tractor. Never change.

  • moontreezone adult billy, donkey legend (@moontreezone) reported

    @ctrlmalt At my place Reddit is blocked, which sort of seems reasonable, except when I’m googling a problem there’s always some juicy info in a reddit thread that I can’t read. Very annoying

  • Uruk_Hai2222 1st Uruk Hai (@Uruk_Hai2222) reported

    @MrBarooRS @kjthoward_RS @RuneScape Yep... Also one of the issues is that there's barely jmods on RSOF anymore. Everything seems to be running on the hands of FMods. I mostly see JMods post stuff as a new thread that has already been posted on Reddit just because RSOF is an "officisl source" for information