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Reddit Outage Chart 05/29/2020 21:20

May 29: Problems at Reddit

Reddit is having issues since 08:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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CanadaOttawa Website Down

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • APSob216 Alexandra (@APSob216) reported

    I’ve never done this before, but I just fell down a Reddit RABIT HOLE. I truly feel like I just returned from an alternate reality.

  • Daferzz Dan (@Daferzz) reported

    @pixieb4e @hollandcourtney 😆Ok. Give Reddit a break. Have fun torching your crime infested cities down

  • inwondermint Inwondermint (@inwondermint) reported

    @IAmKrishanPatel @SenhorRaposa It could be something perfectly fine and adequate and Twitter would have issues with it. The Gettysburg Address would’ve been seen as too short on this platform. Reddit and other platforms are similar. Social media just destroys things.

  • Sev_Templar A Blunt Sharpie (@Sev_Templar) reported

    @MikeAtlas7 @HerrenPlays @clarkir @SayNoToRage Iirc the artists hate that sub Reddit because posts pertaining to their work (and tagged as such) is often taken down.

  • AlmondJoyx Taylor Joslin (@AlmondJoyx) reported

    @play_pso2 The issue is because someone on reddit said Ship 2 was the ship to be on and everyone is following that advice. I've been on ship 1 since Xbox Launch and now I've moved to PC and I've had 0 problems. If you haven't spent any money just come to Ship 1 we are cooler anyway

  • Pinkcatboi Pink And Gay (@Pinkcatboi) reported

    @EstyRedMagery did you try to look up on the pso2 reddit for a fix theres a bug list with fixes

  • NaughtyLucyArt Lucy Orange @Siren (@NaughtyLucyArt) reported

    @goldentot So I went through all the steps to just make sure. It launches with PSO2 tweeker no problem even with the changes made via following the reddit guide. I'm getting micro stutters here and there, but nothing bad. This was testing in 3 blocks that were filled up

  • Nullight Nullight is renaming (@Nullight) reported

    I will tell you the list of accounts that might shut down as a result of the name change Memelight - YouTube Shitposting channel that didn't gain too much attention OfficialNullight (reddit) - Can't rename it. Snapchat - I will try to work something out here.

  • Developer_Moon JoAnna (A.K.A Moon) (@Developer_Moon) reported

    @Solnako I know a lot of people who were having trouble with the launcher, you can probably find the error on Reddit and have some solutions there! I believe there is a Thread called the PSO2 Mega Bugfix Community that has a lot of solutions to different issues. Hope you can fix it! 😣

  • crumpetit crumpetit (@crumpetit) reported

    @ashleyfeinberg Social media companies are teetering between a carrier and a publisher and wants to be the best of both worlds. Missing in this debate is the one site that actively enforced content moderation siphoned to volunteers, logistic problems & tiresome inaction from admins - Reddit.

  • _marystcloud Kayla St. Cloud (@_marystcloud) reported

    She might be trying to appeal to pedos, but a few years ago I fell down a reddit rabbit hole & found out about this community of ppl that have are turned on by wearing diapers & having their diapers changed & acting like babies

  • context_outside OutsideContextProblem (@context_outside) reported

    @strangetruther From my Reddit page! That’s why I replied with a smile....I some terrible joke about pearl necklaces as is my wont/duty.

  • GhoulyGust Code Name Nikki. (@GhoulyGust) reported

    @PlayBreakout hello devs ive been suffering perpetual connection loss i post on reddit discord and even on this twitter page but i get no help how can i fix this issue i have over 100 mbps connection.

  • jjetsjetsjets Hollandaise Sauce. (@jjetsjetsjets) reported

    @__iustin @mevlutkvt @reddit Your responsibility as a citizen is to vote. Herr derr the government is bad, well do something about it. We are the government, just need to fix it.

  • coL_noxious Noxious (@coL_noxious) reported

    @Count_Zakula @JeffHoogland Then maybe you just haven't been exposed to the level of mental gymnastics I have, whereby people point to the MECHANIC as a core problem rather than the power level. It's the most commonly repeated drivel I read on Reddit & Twitter.

  • Kieeeeern Kieeeeernobyl (@Kieeeeern) reported

    Seriously, I would have unfollowed me too. ****, I'd post on reddit about what a stupid **** I am! I don't want to bring anymore negativity, especially my bullshit problems that really don't amount to anything at all. It's just really not worth it and I feel dumb about it

  • Kieeeeern Kieeeeernobyl (@Kieeeeern) reported

    Just deleted my entire meltdown, but don't worry, if you ever want to read it all again, I'm sure reddit got screenshots. I just kinda felt with all that's going on, I really don't want this to be yet another source of negativity. There are too many REAL problems in the world.

  • plasmarob Dr. Plasma's Whitepills 🇭🇰 (@plasmarob) reported

    Reddit is hell's forums. At judgement day it will go down into the pit too if the servers aren't already hosted there.

  • DaveTheDirty73 DaveTheSociallyDistant🇬🇧 (@DaveTheDirty73) reported

    @4RingDiablo @YouTube @PlayStation was on Reddit, apparently there's a sync issue after the last ps update And Sony are working on a new update within the next 24 hrs Be strong lol!!

  • BajamothBlast Behemoth Ver. 1.4.0 (@BajamothBlast) reported

    in pso2 was able to get my jetboots skin but like, cant change blocks, cant log off now otherwise cant get back in, checked the reddit shits even more on fire because the forums are down

  • YaBoiFrey Frey (@YaBoiFrey) reported

    @GamerGooodies @goldentot Rip Tates mentions btw but ye i managed to do some giga hackerboi **** (not really thx reddit) and im actually in now without problem, just gotta get on ship 2 but its full

  • acemarke Mark Erikson (@acemarke) reported

    That doesn't completely stop the twitch-reflex to open up Twitter/Reddit/Discord, but it at least adds a barrier that makes me think about it first. Once I actually get _started_, I can focus and crank out the content. It's the "get started" part that's the issue.

  • jerikalayne jerika layne (@jerikalayne) reported

    a white guy on reddit just called me the N word (well, a "house N word" to be more specific) and demanded to know what my problem is with white women. whew boy is he in for a huge surprise.

  • David57197440 David (@David57197440) reported

    @ArielEdelstein2 @ZubyMusic and on top of all that, because a lot of what gets posted does not get taken down (in other words censorship), Reddit really does serve as a neutral platform. I’m not an avid user myself, but there’s more to it than just alt-right ideas if that’s where you were heading with this.

  • frozenfroh David (@frozenfroh) reported

    By the way this wasn't meant to put down any M/F ship or shippers, the issue is not that I have my pairings I like too that are M/F, what I meant is that reddit gamers tend to say "ew cringe" towards anything that isn't hetero Not to start a ship war

  • bosepheris Bosepheris (@bosepheris) reported

    @Seshpenguin @hylxx @globalnews If they stated in their TOS that they will fact check, then that would make them a publisher, and they lose the section 230 protections, which means they CAN'T be a social network platform. You must be really slow, or illiterate. As to Reddit, they are doing the exact same.

  • reddit_AMA reddit AMA (@reddit_AMA) reported

    @CommodoreBTC They de-platformed themselves to support their side project. Reddit never shut it down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • FreddyFranco_ Freddy (@FreddyFranco_) reported

    @peteasterisk You might not have noticed but there is a general problem with ship2 atm. It is a general server problem and as you search through twitter/reddit you'll see pictures of the block list which is at 10 blocks total atm so over a hundred blocks less than normal. will soon be fixed.

  • DogsRNice DogsRNice (@DogsRNice) reported

    Twitter users on their way to tweet reddit moment on something dumb from reddit while ignoring the fact this site has the same issues

  • _vivalapanda VivaLaPanda 🌐 (@_vivalapanda) reported

    @NKorgi Nah, I think Discord/Reddit admins suck, but mostly because top down moderation on large platforms is inherently really really difficult. Community moderation is the only viable model. Though Discord would need to introduce a way to IP-ban users