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  • NotJustVGs
    Edazer (@NotJustVGs) reported

    @mbowman @notaxation Yeah, I'm not on reddit either. This is how I communicate. I don't think it was especially grandiloquent. I could speak more plainly, if that's the issue. I don't think it's cool to shit talk people for legit no reason. Especially since you literally lied about his past.

  • showarider
    sú chulainn (@showarider) reported

    god new reddit looks fucking terrible

  • LightningShade0
    Lightning_Shade (@LightningShade0) reported

    @hoskingc It's true, though, that I overfocused on defending against this argument in my reddit comment and didn't write in a clarification. I'm thinking of editing my comment to clarify that yes, "like reality unless noted" can extend to women, too, with no problems.

  • muldoonx9
    Alex Hoffman (@muldoonx9) reported

    @EricBland5 I know we've adjust the footsteps a lot on PC, we'll probably do something about them on PS4 eventually, but probably once server and other bugs get settled first. And there is a PS4 director, but he doesn't use reddit or twitter.

  • Andrew_Grossman
    Andrew Grossman (@Andrew_Grossman) reported

    @reddit Your bug reporting page is down.

  • KryonikGaming
    Kryonik_Gaming (@KryonikGaming) reported

    @H1Z1 Having issue with failing to connect to server after every match. Gonna stash that in Reddit post too

  • lileesleen
    lileenleen (@lileesleen) reported

    @blkveIvets @taehyungsjimjam Classic kpop Reddit I had to go and login to like this

  • mayapraff
    Maya Praff 🔥 (@mayapraff) reported

    Also I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but reddit is an amazing source of help with medical issues/community with others suffering from the same thing you are

  • willdavies
    willdavies (@willdavies) reported

    @LegKickTKO @SecretMovesMMA @MiddleEasy Literally no barrier to entry on reddit, it's why SA is still the best, even though it's dying a slow death. I'll really miss it.

  • A3_Melle
    Melle K. (@A3_Melle) reported

    @namrewob1 @bludclouds @Arma3official @reddit @YouTube @facebook @instagram @bohemiainteract @Twitch Can understand that but currently i can not even predict wenn i will be streaming, would be nice to get some straight hours at work and not working awful shifts, just to setup a streaming schedule because i am just glad to play a game for a hour or so to relax.

  • BurnsZA
    Bernard Steele (@BurnsZA) reported

    @AnaKasparian @Playboy @YouTube Touché! Someone needs to add Ana’s video to the sub-Reddit ‘Murdered by Words’. She took that clown down. With facts.

  • ZombieSlagg
    Rob Weeks who? (@ZombieSlagg) reported

    @Dogsonthe4th No problem! I saw it on reddit and thought it was funny

  • slickmish
    CommanderCartman // Mishaal (@slickmish) reported

    @hmwsgx ever heard of r/incels? One of the nastiest places on Reddit that finally got shut down literally a community of men hating women LOL what losers

  • eyebagcollector
    lisa (@eyebagcollector) reported

    my entire reddit experience is basically commenting some variation of "men are terrible" in every post about a man doing something terrible and waiting for arguments to unfold

  • JasonCust
    ✭ 𝓙𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓷 ✭ (@JasonCust) reported

    @reddit @facebook @Twitter They all have their own issues with determining credibility but I believe the core common problem is people who have the knowledge to verify the content are drowned out by people who do not posses the knowledge to verify it. So do you qualify people to vote on particular topics?

  • dapianna1
    TruGOATsky (@dapianna1) reported

    @AJ3 @reddit Go to preferences and scroll down to beta options. Make sure the 2 boxes are unchecked.

  • ReeseCommaBill
    Bill Reese (@ReeseCommaBill) reported

    @Once_A_Metro Can you guys weigh in on this phantom Almiron yellow card? I posted it to MLS Reddit and they pulled it down for some reason.

  • teesabrat
    Teresa Brat (@teesabrat) reported

    @mybandowen The emo sub Reddit would explode if you showed up. There is a discord server for it

  • Code_Magick
    Brian Stanton (@Code_Magick) reported

    @elonmusk Pretty sure Reddit already does a good job of filtering the BS out of anything and checking authenticity. The only problem with that is most people believe what they hear on Facebook and Instagram and have no clue what Reddit is.


    @gravano78 @antischool_ftw Man you guys are putting all ur eggs in one basket. I switched exactly when Isaac did. It totally clicked in me too. That Reddit post was utter garbage. you all want what we want. Justice and to have some chains broken off our lives in this pyramid system.

  • tracybeanz
    Tracybeanz (@tracybeanz) reported

    @GTWchat @JoeHagmann @HagmannPI @HagmannReport @NDAlum89 I was the creator of the reddit. I explained all of that, and I appreciate your kind words. I wasn’t very active and there were issues with it. Disinformation is really bad here.

  • SlippinShkreli
    Slippin Jimmy (@SlippinShkreli) reported

    @PlayStationEU Guys, ATM it's not possible to preorder detroit become human from the playstation store (neither pc or ps4, even tried with different networks). Will you fix this before midnight - I want to buy it, but can't! Several other people reporting the same issue on Reddit!

  • yasscloud
    Stelllllaaaaaaaaaaa!🦕 (@yasscloud) reported

    be as passionate about me as reddit is about cutting down trees without permission

  • 3b00d_09
    Earthling (@3b00d_09) reported

    @DKEditing @EpicGames @PayPal Epic games support team is very bad. Try posting on the fortnite BR subreddit. People who post account related problems there usually get help cuz epic support responds to no one and people have to resort to reddit lol.

  • espurrs
    the magician (@espurrs) reported

    and the fact that i'm not the only person this happens to says something. there's always someone else bringing it up on reddit and such. so it's not just a me thing. why se hasn't looked into this issue, idk. but they really need to

  • Lazenbooby
    Mike (@Lazenbooby) reported

    @reddit PLEASE fix the "Opt out of redesign" option. I just browse through the site and some pages are new layout and then they change to old and back again. Let me just pick one or the other....

  • 99Humanity
    99Humanity (@99Humanity) reported

    @Peeverson @EpicNameBro pvp watchdog dev said on reddit he’s not going to bother, as it won’t fix the problem and any tool you use like that might get you softbanned anyway.

  • RealAc1d
    Teemu Hakonen (@RealAc1d) reported

    @ConanExiles It has been over 2 hours since server issues started , and no official post about it yet that you are working on it ? there have been post in multiple places ( steam forums, Official conan , reddit ) about issues where ppl cant load in to the servers. # 1302 server

  • tambourine
    ☕️ charlotte geater 🥞 (@tambourine) reported

    er, on reddit that is. it's an AMA. my brain is not working today~

  • Luca33509671
    Luca (@Luca33509671) reported

    @PUBG @Xbox On reddit is a picture With youre Real problems in pubg (Performance Problems)

  • gibberishista
    Gibberishista (@gibberishista) reported

    How this is an American problem; what Op in the extended Summary reddit.

  • Sallyoo
    Sallyoo #FBPE (@Sallyoo) reported

    @BBCRadio4 #youandyours Perhaps a topical 'consumer warning' about #Windows10April2018Update would be useful. Have a look at the really bad problems mentioned under that hashtag, in reddit posts, and in the Microsoft Community pages.

  • trevin
    Trevin Chow (@trevin) reported

    @NielsHoven 1/ my bet is if you look at the longer period, retention will be down. Reddit Redesign is still relatively new anyways. 2/ losing old users may not necc be a bad thing in many cases 3/ reddit is large enough to not look at a single metric

  • EdinJag
    Tom Hogg (@EdinJag) reported

    @cocteautriplets God that is so rude apart from anything else. You can ask for it to be taken down from Reddit or Imgur...

  • aquariusdreamer
    GangsterGeek (@aquariusdreamer) reported

    It’s not just on reddit. I encountered ageism in college. Sat down at a lab overhead girl at my table say “have you seen any old people yet?” I was invisible on campus not just for my size but my age. I never thought like that in my 20’s. Something really messed up with society.

  • aquariusdreamer
    GangsterGeek (@aquariusdreamer) reported

    I feel like I need to rant a little bit about ageism. I frequent reddit/relationships and I have to stop myself all the time commenting on ignorant people chastising posters who are my age or in their 30’s. It makes me sick. Anyone can have relationship issues, no matter the age.

  • SirRivian
    riv (@SirRivian) reported

    @Ekrance @EpicGames @FortniteGame I had the same issue when there was an accidental chargeback with Riot on league, and I paid them back and two months later I was still banned. Made a reddit post, it got to the rising section, Riot unbanned me few days later with an apology. Maybe Epic will do the same?

  • Styder11
    Styder (@Styder11) reported

    @JenuineTV The live chat during the reveal yesterday was so toxic. Reddit and YouTube comments are just as bad. It's Battlefield, not a documentary. And the general bashing of women... these people have issues.

  • ian_mcelravy
    R.A.T. Official (@ian_mcelravy) reported

    @marfedmoo @2_gryphon Is there a down-vote function? Oh wait, shit this isn't reddit. (Tbh twitter really should have one)

  • Pewtonium
    Daniel (@Pewtonium) reported

    @DF_Taimou @Microsoft Did you try to clean install your graphics driver? (with DDU) there are some threads on reddit that recommend that to fix issues with games after the april update

  • YourStepDadx
    Your Step Father® (@YourStepDadx) reported

    @MaroonKnight21 @BFBulletin @firstmeesw_2542 what community? have you checked BATTLEFIELD reddit? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, i agree with them though, sjwfield is a big let down

  • Falcon__3
    Chris Wright (@Falcon__3) reported

    @morganbird @elonmusk @donny0m Confirmation bias is a problem on Reddit. People seem to frequent subreddits that mostly upvote posts that confirm previously held points of view.

  • unabanned
    mugrimm (@unabanned) reported

    @Unplugged_wire @amlivemon @em_dash01 @elonmusk @JessicaHuseman @reveal The issue with reddit is not that people 'game the system' but rather that relying on the public at large to determine what's real or fake collectively is basically going to yield those results.

  • amylouisee_94
    amy phillips (@amylouisee_94) reported

    Is Facebook trolling? Can I like somethibg and also vote it up or down like Reddit? But why do we need both? Looks so busy

  • TheBlkPolitico
    The Black Politico (@TheBlkPolitico) reported

    @Justice4Alex93 @Local6 @reddit @OrlandoPolice @orlandosentinel @vboey All of them need to go down.

  • Dr_BoAbrahamsen
    Bo Abrahamsen (@Dr_BoAbrahamsen) reported

    Looking forward to trialing a new electronic audience interaction approach at some of the #ECTS2018 sessions where questions can be voted up or down reddit style in the app and the top ones used. Mikes still available.

  • combat_riceball
    Fi ♥ ~T~ (@combat_riceball) reported

    It just happened to me and there is no fix from Microsoft as of yet. An alternate fix that I am working on from Reddit/computercellar may take 6 hours. How the fuck will I even sleep.

  • SnarlMeg
    Smol Meg (@SnarlMeg) reported

    work is so slow lately all I do is watch EDC sets and browse reddit

  • A_Werchmeister
    Andreas Werchmeister (@A_Werchmeister) reported

    @lizaledwards Lol the Reddit post. How would they know it's not a 'good female character' from a 2 min reveal trailer lol. they irony and broken logic of these people is insane. Clearly they just be mean haters :(

  • MissLexisaurus
    Lexi 🏳️‍🌈 (@MissLexisaurus) reported

    I just fell down a #theOA rabbit hole on Reddit and now I need to watch it again! (For the third time!)

  • LocustwoodDrum
    Locustwood's Drummer (@LocustwoodDrum) reported

    ate m&m’s while reading innocuous reddit posts at 4 am. I have officially peaked. The game of life has been won. No where to go now but down hilll.

  • LocustwoodDrum
    Locustwood's Drummer (@LocustwoodDrum) reported

    ate m&m’s while reading innocuous reddit posts at 3 am. I have officially peaked. The game of life has been won. No where to go now but down hilll.

  • LocustwoodDrum
    Locustwood's Drummer (@LocustwoodDrum) reported

    ate m&m’s while reading innocuous reddit posts at 3 am. I have officially peaked. The game of life has been won. Know where to go now but down hill.

  • aykhazanchi
    Ayushman Khazanchi (@aykhazanchi) reported

    If you think journalism is broken, it is. But if you think there is no good journalism happening at all, then you're just blind or unwilling to find it. But go ahead, make another Reddit for Journalism. It's good PR.

  • bernielomax
    bernielomax (@bernielomax) reported

    @elonmusk @jennineak You are trying to solve a solved problem. It is called regulation for a free press. Just make newspapers less dependent on capitalism and access. Your reddit/verrit-thing seems to only solve the problem of your bad press.

  • _odinsdottir
    fetty wasp (@_odinsdottir) reported

    what is dis reddit. hahaha Fix the link

  • cacorriere
    Chris Corriere (@cacorriere) reported

    @ChrisShort I know hacker news & reddit probably have some good content but they spew enough crap (like this terrible advice) I don't bother with them.

  • emotionalBoyCry
    €motional_฿oy (@emotionalBoyCry) reported

    There is a poat on reddit where a lot of people say that there was a glitch, for sure we cannot demonstrate, and noone from the post recieved eth back, i assume Coss exchange gotta make some profits in a way ... if the correct one does not work

  • lady_sati
    Margaret (@lady_sati) reported

    Congrats to @batemanjason who shown himself to be so fucking terrible even reddit is dragging him

  • SombreroGG
    Sombrero (@SombreroGG) reported

    @BelgiumIsntReal Just confusing as fuck. The reddit posts breaking down information about game made me a bit happier about what is coming for the game but it just felt very 'COD'-esque.