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  • KingMew22 Mew (@KingMew22) reported

    @Potater_69 @FreshJoonyuh @Mattiplication @SypherPK Sit down, Lets talk about that Reddit watermark (i have a meme of this on my phone but i dont have my phone with me)

  • BlkLuxeLife Christian Sismone (@BlkLuxeLife) reported

    @Codishaa It really has honey. I see all these reddit post on here and Im like ok this isn't exciting or energizing. It's gross. Take your inner issues offline and fix it. I would be embarrassed.

  • obviouslyadri adrianna (@obviouslyadri) reported

    I read a reddit page that said “bang it on a table and it will fix itself”.....and it fixed itself...I’m....oh my god

  • zlombobomb professor micropenis (@zlombobomb) reported

    Sorry I was late for my interview I got distracted watching a video on reddit of a bunch of cards falling down

  • broderick Ryan Broderick (@broderick) reported

    On a recent trip to the Boston area, I was talking to a bunch of 20-something guys from my small town. They get their news from 3 places: -Bill Simmons -Joe Rogan -Reddit Beyond the Bernie endorsement, there is a big problem happening here that journalists need to deal with.

  • furuderikas tory disrespecter (@furuderikas) reported

    @scaIdingwater the problem is it’s reddit

  • misDOScentavos “New door me, please, God!” (@misDOScentavos) reported

    I am reading reddit commentary on MAFS and people are really coming to Michael’s defense. The issue here, whether she addressed it poorly or not, is that he shut down and ran away; clearly indicating he didn’t care to resolve the matter. #MarriedAtFirstSight

  • ThinkyWinks Thinky (@ThinkyWinks) reported

    @KEEMSTAR How could he be "caught" if he intentionally fed misinformation to the Reddit mob. It's not his fault they report it then get mad when it's not true. If they wanna take him down, do it with informed investigation. Nothing wrong with ******* with ur trolls.

  • ArmyVetHoyle91S William Hoyle (@ArmyVetHoyle91S) reported

    @Cstreet523 @accnetwork Bruh, they still don't even have the ACC Network down here in Houston. Lol. I have to find links on Reddit to watch most of our games these days.

  • newsgroundsbot news_generator_bot (@newsgroundsbot) reported

    reddit is down. go outside and play.

  • Karmaaka919 Karma (@Karmaaka919) reported

    @alle1304 @Iyahvillanueva3 Not to sure about the fandom now but back on amino during v4 & v5 that actually was a problem with most discussions about the show turning into ship argument, but that was only on amino and I have no idea what Twitter or reddit were like so I can’t speak for them

  • luminositarium 𝓂𝑜𝑜𝓃𝒷𝑜𝓌 (@luminositarium) reported

    @earthcoven i’m going down a deep hole of occlumency theories on reddit now because of this 💀

  • someguywcancer Zach (@someguywcancer) reported

    @IraGilligan @taxtherapist505 @JWellsCFO @reddit @turbotax And my just dropped off the login stuff to see if her W-2 is ready

  • robin_jbrooks Jessica Kania, DVM (@robin_jbrooks) reported

    @AlexisKaya One thing I noticed is Twitter algorithms are constantly randomly shifting your follower numbers up and down by a couple numbers. I don't know exactly why this happens, but I've seen similar things on other websites (ex. reddit posts accumulate a downvote for so many upvotes)

  • MYENlGMA bethany (@MYENlGMA) reported

    I posted on reddit about demi's new single and the mods took it down for the topic being "stale" WTF

  • KatyMontgomerie Katy Montgomerie 🦗 (@KatyMontgomerie) reported

    This is typical TRA bullshit. Some half baked study with only 20,000 participants and not one opinion from a parent on an internet forum called IHateMyTransKid dot com and no comments found by searching "most down voted" on Reddit. I bet they didn't even include any basic biology

  • SneedyKetler Sneedy K. (@SneedyKetler) reported

    @KevinMKruse @MarshaBlackburn I believe the word is “compunction”, Kevin. Today a Reddit user was discussing how after a serious illness or death of a child, antivaxx mothers will DOUBLE DOWN on their beliefs that vaccinations are harmful. This is a similar artifact of cognitive dissonance w/o compunction.

  • FergadelicFTW Billy Shears (@FergadelicFTW) reported

    Imagine posting one question to @reddit for support and forgetting a tag so reddit removes your post and tells you to fix it but when you fix it it tells you "you're doing that too much, try again in 8 minutes" even though you havent used reddit in months and you only posted ONCE

  • Ineedmytech David Jackson (@Ineedmytech) reported

    @veshmewmew @anycubic3dprint You can find the firmware from a post on reddit. I think they took it down to make the newer printer (photon s) sell better. The article is titled "Anti Aliasing has been released for the photon!". Good luck!

  • Japanesehandout You hate to see it (@Japanesehandout) reported

    @Blake_Peace @charlieINTEL For Xbox there is a fix on MW’s reddit but ps4 not really. U can try rebuilding database or reinstalling the game completely or both and it might work

  • kindyno Kindyno (@kindyno) reported

    @EmptyBrooke @GentlemanRascal Looks like there are a couple of updates on reddit. One where the wife doubles down and one where, after finding out the internet thinks they are trash, she apologized and asks to not be taken to small claims.

  • henkkuli Henri Grand Cayman Limited Tweet Trust LLC (@henkkuli) reported

    [opens reddit] "anyone else concerned with a comcast outage in the swing states right as the impeachment trial is" [closes reddit]

  • OtterPrimary PrimaryOtter (@OtterPrimary) reported

    @SpiritAvenged boogiespuppet (the alt account) is a madhouse. He maniacally tweeted at a rate of one tweet a minute for an hour before he posted his latest (pre-recorded) video to youtube where he basically tells reddit to shut down S&T for harassing him. The tweets tho, insane.

  • blotchkat Blotchkat (@blotchkat) reported

    @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit I don't think he actually talked to her at all. Besides, he already said the girl who turned him down was 4'11". This all seems like what someone would write if they never actually talked to anyone and they got all their information about people from others on Reddit.

  • GoldenPunkkk 100 Punk Gecs (@GoldenPunkkk) reported

    my longest relationship was 5 months what is wrong with me where i get broken up with and this girl goes to reddit to try to save her relationship lmao

  • jedrek jędrek kostecki, interneciarz. (@jedrek) reported

    @lovanwink I once posted on reddit about the problems of being tall at 6'5" - finding clothes, shoes, chairs, beds, cars, etc - and they were not having it.

  • Keikers43 Kpet1010 (@Keikers43) reported

    I hope @boogie2988 seeks some sort of police intervention with you guys and gets actual slander charges on the Reddit mods for @RSamandtolki because this is the lowest I’ve seen humanity fall. @Boogie2988 keep your head up. Stop falling victim and let’s take these guys down.

  • YongruiTan Tan Yongrui (@YongruiTan) reported

    @AShukuhi FB blocked my posts like Reddit in fact :( maybe the hashtag #maze is terrible for them

  • jesseysnipenl Jessey? (@jesseysnipenl) reported

    @dt_map I downvote almost every osugame post I see that reddit is terrible

  • giselatl gis🌙 (@giselatl) reported

    @mjostew r/plantclinic and r/plants on reddit can help you save them!! 99% of the time is a watering issue lol

  • Securityconcern Kamil Beylant 👽 (@Securityconcern) reported

    @johnmcnair777 @destroysuper @pureACandDW Pedomisstood ran a very successful and mild mannered anti-c MAP info account on Reddit for many months but it was abruptly deleted. The top-down approach mentioned, approaching management, might be an interesting alternative.

  • Yannick_Veys Yannick (@Yannick_Veys) reported

    @shl Yes! Or visit Reddit and see what people are talking about you could fix for them. Visit Craigslist to see what people are looking for. Focus your attention to topics you already know something about.

  • JessicaMariePS Jessica Marie PS (@JessicaMariePS) reported

    @Alex_Micati @KayAyDrew Butt wait, there's more! When butts of a feather walked together, they all flew the poop. That last Ass me Anything Reddit thread went really far down the ********. (Hopes noone is easily offended, butt cannot resist)

  • RisingDoughs BreadMama (@RisingDoughs) reported

    @alfiefelix what i find interesting is that not ONE reddit comment includes anything on MKULTRA victims. britney was abused by her father and given over to the satanists who run the show. they all think it's just an individual issue with no connections to a bigger picture. WEAK!

  • britishfvcker Jack (@britishfvcker) reported

    After MONTHS of not being able to add anything to my Instagram highlights I searched for the problem on Reddit and fixed it within minutes. Reddit solves everything

  • DripSeason14 eggman stan (@DripSeason14) reported

    @lundwall_alex @SynicleJester @boogiespuppet Well this time reddit is not wrong at all. All lies of boogie have proof attached to them, this isn’t some shit “haters” pulled out their ass. Boogie doubling down on said lies only makes it worse.

  • Shrm1n8t0r Juice Man /Fuck The Glazers (@Shrm1n8t0r) reported

    I have been on reddit lurking trying to find out what's going on , but it ain't the same GenericUnitedFan I apologize I got mad , I had terrible few weeks . I let down people I cared about . You guys mean alot to me , it's weird I know but I really enjoyed your company

  • thechriscreech Chris Creech (@thechriscreech) reported

    @JennMGreenberg @ErinMHarding @HarphamPeg @DefendTheSheep @StefanMolyneux There is a whole Reddit thread of people deciding if there is a venue or if this is a massive grift. In my opinion, it's a grift if there's a venue or not. Buncha dudes with major issues telling women what they should be.

  • Zetsubonito 𝘈𝘬𝘪𝘳𝘢 𝘛𝘴𝘶𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘺𝘢 (@Zetsubonito) reported

    @shiroganecos "Looking through Reddit trying to find idiots or spelling errors-"

  • MisterNautilus AJ (@MisterNautilus) reported

    @redditships I swear to God if I scroll down and see a bunch of people scrambling for a way to make the man the villain in this like what usually happens on Twitter/Reddit I am gonna lose it

  • Elmahdi6Ahmed AMZ (@Elmahdi6Ahmed) reported

    @boogiespuppet Just delete Twitter and reddit u have a problem dude

  • Anabsurdturtle Ian (@Anabsurdturtle) reported

    @boogiespuppet Boogie, all you need to do is stop. Take the money you have right now, sit on it. Leave Reddit/Twitter/Youtube until things calm down. You just keep digging holes for yourself when it's as simple as just not responding. I myself dont have Facebook or Insta for this exact reason.

  • Anabsurdturtle Ian (@Anabsurdturtle) reported

    @boogiespuppet Bro you need to put the phone down and just stop using Twitter/Youtube/Reddit for a little bitm Every time you open your mouth it just gets worse and worse. You've created an entire fantasy in your head and you're losing it, bud. Take 2 weeks off and let people forget your mess

  • TerryHB_ Terry (@TerryHB_) reported

    Reminder of the Gears 1 PC night taking place today at 7pm GMT! All the information and invite to the Gears PC Community Discord server is in the reddit post attached!

  • miguelM_9_ Miguel Martín (@miguelM_9_) reported

    It took me A LOT of time (almost five days since I started on Monday) because I had to start from scratch a few times. And I had to ask lots of people in github and reddit. Finally, credit to the guy on Reddit who helped me with the very last error I was fighting.

  • EdEddnEdgar Marquette Park Veteran (@EdEddnEdgar) reported

    Reddit is definitely the place to go for answers regarding any topics lol. It’s helped fix my credit and answer about my GI housing benefits

  • _Njox Nix (@_Njox) reported

    @dt_map No clue, I don't use Reddit often, I only follow what is posted over Karthy's server, so I see stuff sorted by new basically.

  • davidweinerlite David WL (@davidweinerlite) reported

    @DragonflyJonez Primetime games start at 10:30 ET and the league’s streaming service is expensive and bad. Not to mention reddit got shut down

  • Threadweedle James Allen (@Threadweedle) reported

    I don't mind reddit being down, but when can my life be down

  • masonrothman Mason Rothman (@masonrothman) reported

    2/ Here is a example. Take any video, gif etc. you see someone, or yourself post on Reddit and tell the bot to slow it down/speed it up to X speed. No need for you to download software or go to some site, etc.

  • NotVeryCreativ7 Not Very Creative (@NotVeryCreativ7) reported

    @grammartable I hate this question very much. It's the bane of my reddit time: "Oh, but lay means to put horizontal", yeah so when I lay down I put myself horizontal... "No, because lying down has purpose", so does sleeping.. "No! purpose not from the lying itself"... Lay just feels right.

  • TrueChristianYo TrueChristian (@TrueChristianYo) reported

    @boogiespuppet so that's your play. all this transparent foolery to get the "hate reddit" shut down. you are such a joke.

  • Breveline1 Breveline (@Breveline1) reported

    @Jack_Septic_Eye Good to know. Well, on the off chance you or anyone else here wants to add me, I doubt anyone would impersonate me. But my -real- Discord is Breveline#6237. Feel free to add me, whomever. It's lonely. There's no one there except your reddit's discord server and Parsec Games. lol

  • miraleighh Miranda Leigh (@miraleighh) reported

    @KEEMSTAR He says reddit is always trying to bring him down and yet, here he is actively trying to ruin himself. Irony.

  • haphwei Tama (@haphwei) reported

    @yusaismine @levelierlerias Im not in the fb group, but I feel that reddit recently has been slow kill I just camp on pixiv nowadays--

  • gamerplusEU gamer-plus (@gamerplusEU) reported

    @trancy_goose @CORSAIR Before you throw insults around you might want to check facts, there are a lot of threads on reddit and corsair forums in regards to Mic issues on the void headset being quiet and robotic hence a fix is needed.. Also mike he is fine bloke

  • TheMegCulver Meg Culver (@TheMegCulver) reported

    Do I regret falling down the reddit rabbit hole for more than an hour when I should be asleep..... yes Do I regret reading every single comment under the Amra iconic rant video..... absolutely not That shit had me dead af! 😂😂

  • xykato xykato (@xykato) reported

    @GaryTheBot2 @JennaForTruth @wisewinston How does one downvote a tweet when the only options are to leave it unliked (the default option), or to like it. On Reddit, yes, you can move someones comment score up and down based on upvoting or downvoting, but twitter only stays the same or goes up by "likes". So do tell...

  • _baldtires (@_baldtires) reported

    @ZackKlapman @TamerlaneBlog its like the reddit commenters always trying to find the errors in my posts--that GOTCHA moment nah buddy, that correction is going in the final version! Thanks!

  • boogiespuppet boogie2988 alt account (@boogiespuppet) reported

    It's not finding my voting records or addressed that's the problem. It's making it super easy for it to be found via that reddit that is. They broke reddit policy and if someone reports it they will most likely have to pay for it. But I will just talk about it on YouTube