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Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix. The game was first released for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 in July 2015, with ports for Xbox One, OS X, and Linux being released in 2016.

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  • Game Crash (22.73%)
  • Glitches (10.23%)
  • Sign in (4.55%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.14%)

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  • Mrsmart75 🎮 Mr.Smart75 🎮YT (@Mrsmart75) reported

    Rocket league on switch is a bit of a mess now with crossplay crashes in the middle of games and sometimes those errors cause the game to think there's no internet

  • StoutVevo Toucanz (@StoutVevo) reported

    @RocketLeague why is comparative so broken that I dont get a teammate ever the y always quit can you have a lot as a place holder please for the love of God I beg I almost smashed a monster because of this shitty competitive mode

  • AustinS29265007 Austin Shepard (@AustinS29265007) reported

    @PsyonixStudios I know it might take awhile but can u guys please look into fixing the problem where players don’t join a match because if customizing a car or because they’re anywhere else but the home screen, Thanks

  • xln_amber Amber (@xln_amber) reported

    @NISM0_J0E @RocketLeague The XP isn't the issue. The MMR *is*, however. Playing 7 minutes of overtime just to have 0 change in MMR after a win is pretty awful lol.

  • jessemuhfugnV Jesse 🦞 (@jessemuhfugnV) reported

    @RocketLeague Apple. No Problem if you picked anything else.

  • sebbiess seb (@sebbiess) reported

    @RocketLeague FIX YOUR ******* GAME

  • Matheus63338073 Matheus Levi (@Matheus63338073) reported

    @PsyonixStudios @rocket South América servers are having packet loss issues. Not my internet, because all players are packeting.

  • myappya MYAPPYA (@myappya) reported

    @ShawnLong85 Mine was fine until I had to send it in for a repair, now I have the exact problem you’re describing. You Can check your ping in Rocket League and mine jumps from 70’s to 200+ Such a great console

  • tndrbud The ThunderBUD Studio (@tndrbud) reported

    @PsyonixStudios Fix your servers. This laggy nonsense is BS

  • AquariusRL Aquarius (@AquariusRL) reported

    @WildscionRL @cross_rl @RocketLeague 1/2 You cant just move 1 rank around cause that'll just create a ripple effect that is good for no one. It could work if they completely overhauled the ranking system like in season 4 but without other changes or hard resets the same problems will happen.

  • AquariusRL Aquarius (@AquariusRL) reported

    @WildscionRL @cross_rl @RocketLeague Expanding the rank doesnt fix the problem. You need a permanent fix. Which can only be done in a system that scales or through hard resets.

  • wegotthescoop Linda Vaughn (@wegotthescoop) reported

    Psyonix really need to fix SnowDay in Rocket League.

  • NorthG_RL NorthG (@NorthG_RL) reported

    @Igor12814 @RocketLeague They can make something different dude the color isn’t the problem

  • WildscionRL Cole (@WildscionRL) reported

    @cross_rl @RocketLeague Which could help mitigate the problem

  • SaintRL8 Rob Sweeney (@SaintRL8) reported

    @RocketLeague I like them but my issue is they look very similar to the sprocket wheels from the rocket pass.

  • Spazboy9 EntropicSpaz (@Spazboy9) reported

    All I want to say is that #RocketLeague is pay to win. I was Champ 3 for a few months and I've always been playing on a 12 year old TV. I got a new 144hz monitor and bam hit Grand Champ. @RocketLeague please fix Kappa.

  • xxlouiexx2 xxlouiexx (@xxlouiexx2) reported

    @RocketLeague bro I can’t play my game on Xbox it takes me straight off fix it

  • xln_amber Amber (@xln_amber) reported

    @NISM0_J0E @RocketLeague Granted it is a single game and not that big of an issue but if this happened several times in a row then I would be much more frustrated lol

  • Vijaykrishna_oh vijay krishna1996 (@Vijaykrishna_oh) reported

    @RocketLeague Used to get 28-32 ping in ASM servers as I live there but now I'm getting 180-200 ping and have to queue in ME servers as they give me constant 60-80 ping which is fine. Many players have this problem in Asia regions.

  • Saint_NerdGhost Saint Ghost (@Saint_NerdGhost) reported

    @ImDevnn @tidalarc @KiLLeRx82810 @charlieINTEL @RocketLeague @Rainbow6Game You think BO4 is bad because it’s different, well deal with it. If you have a problem with it, go to Activision to discuss it or don’t buy the game and don’t talk shit about it

  • LyNxObscure Jamie Langley (@LyNxObscure) reported

    @xln_amber @RocketLeague Your app must be broken you’ll never only get 0 mmr check their patch notes

  • NISM0_J0E Joe (@NISM0_J0E) reported

    @xln_amber @RocketLeague U always get your xp. Keep an eye on your xp bar, its going up. Its just a display error.

  • twitch_konner KONMAN1107 (@twitch_konner) reported

    Feels good to be back streaming, I’m going to stick to PS for a little I’m still having issues with my PC stream so a lot of COD and rocket league!

  • SKYDuNK3R_RL Michael Welden (@SKYDuNK3R_RL) reported

    @RocketLeague @NinjaWizard37 This is broken game! We can only hope it gets sold or remade by a company that will actually take care of it.

  • asfan91 John Cook (@asfan91) reported from Brentwood, California

    @WreakHavoc925 He has xbox one. He's been on a Fortnite fix since May or June, but before it was Minecraft. He plays Roblox. Got FIFA19 for xmas. Hasnt played it as much. Plays Rocket League sometimes. He gets really loud and hyped when he plays over his headphones and mic lol

  • LmfaoAustinnn Austin Gallant (@LmfaoAustinnn) reported

    @RocketLeague My opinion. not bad wheels but my issue is the diamond and champ look literally the exact same, same animations just different color, usually champ is rewarded a little more by having more animation or something else to make it look a little better for getting the higher rank. :(

  • gaming_cpZebra cpZebra (@gaming_cpZebra) reported

    @AuriginaI @Mr_Capes18 @PsyonixStudios @RocketLeague Like @Mtpromises said, majority of us have fibre lines, so unfortunately that is not a fix, and well like you said it's dedicated servers. :)

  • kronkorkenpirat Kronkorkenpirat (@kronkorkenpirat) reported

    @Toavols @JolteonRL @RocketLeague The problem extends to lower ranks as well. I know I'm not nearly as good as when I first got to champion, yet I'm able to hold onto the rank. Despite playing maybe 30 matches per season and literally getting worse.

  • jessekaineloui2 ToxicxxWarrior Rl (@jessekaineloui2) reported

    @PsyonixStudios fix you’re ******* game I should be champ 1 right now but noooooo you’re ranking system is shit don’t add a new crate ******* fix the ******* game before you add shit man **** I’ve played 10 games I’ve won all I’m still not going up a division I should be champ 1

  • BeasyFox Patrick Fox (@BeasyFox) reported

    @RocketLeague Love your game. But for Christ’s sakes fix the servers. Pings are ridiculous.

  • Toavols Toavols LFT (@Toavols) reported

    @JolteonRL @RocketLeague Cuz obviously RL is avoiding the issue, perhaps having a more accessible gc titles encourages the average player to grind and play more. Idk

  • madluk_ JGG | madluk (@madluk_) reported

    was gonna stream rocket league but having audio issues with this headset. Probably start weekly RL streams next week

  • Nordinjr7 Nordin (@Nordinjr7) reported

    @RocketLeague Can we get some grand champion wheels pls and a hard reset because i play rocket league like 3 years at the beginning but im done with my teamate on grand champion plss fix this by the hard reset so everyone can go back to their own rank and its fun to grind then

  • MartyrDog0 Dogo (@MartyrDog0) reported

    @H3llfearsme @RocketLeague And ill tell u something, unranked is broken and ****** up too, im top 100 (or i was last week) in unranked mmr and thats bullshit bc u cant relax or u get demolished... I have to tryhard more in unranked than in ranked -_-

  • FahadAlbanna Fahad Albanna (@FahadAlbanna) reported

    @RocketLeague I am having the worst connectivity issue with rocket league, and the problem is its only on rocket league. FIX THE LAGG

  • JacobLouxx Jacob louxx (@JacobLouxx) reported

    @jer__d @Hank_tv @RocketLeague @brolo397 Rl focuses on the items more for crates and rp because most people care about that, while most competitive people don't care what they get they're just competitive and want to win, rl has always been like this, so if you want "decent" stuff trade/buy, otherwise not their problem

  • St_Ar89 Steffen (@St_Ar89) reported

    @RocketLeague hey, dont know, if its just me, but your Spring 2019 Update page is not working.

  • MsY_Mangler MsY MANGLER (@MsY_Mangler) reported

    @RocketLeague Um error 404 Page not found..... FIX PLEASE!!! I really want to see when the season will finally be over!

  • qlientsammy Sammy! (@qlientsammy) reported

    @RocketLeague error 404 page not found

  • Hank_tv Hank (@Hank_tv) reported

    @jer__d @RocketLeague @brolo397 If you're playing for the reward wheels you're playing for the wrong reasons my man. The only one I could see being an issue is the GC titles but they already said you only get the title for whatever mode so someone who hit it in rumble wouldn't get the normal GC title.

  • Kavoyo Kavoy (@Kavoyo) reported

    @Pear1882 @tmlmu @RocketLeague Yeah, the problem is the MMR inflation as a whole.

  • ItsAnUglyGuy Vincent Michalek (@ItsAnUglyGuy) reported

    @RocketLeague hitboxes are broken, matchmaking system is broken, and servers and the lag is broken. Your game isn't fun to play anymore.

  • S0uZz4 César 🏈🔥 (@S0uZz4) reported

    @RocketLeague my biggest anger and miss 3 matches to min get the diamond recompence, the only problem and that I fall platinum.

  • Flingueur52 Kévin Leclerc (@Flingueur52) reported

    @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios Please fix the servers 🙏🏼

  • jeffywolfkings Jeffrey Wilkinson (@jeffywolfkings) reported

    @RocketLeague @PsyonixStudios your crate animations take 10 years to load, and subsequently open on ps4. Please fix this, highly annoying:) thanks.

  • GanerRL Ganer (@GanerRL) reported

    @RocketLeague please fix voice chat or remove it, its 100% pointless as it is right now

  • RealNameRed Red #Hype (@RealNameRed) reported

    Some kid tried to DDOS me cus I beat him in rocket league

  • xbossofxbox 🤜XBOSS🤛 (@xbossofxbox) reported

    @Grauer6453 @fifeirodocanal @EACoreySA @EASPORTSFIFA That’s what they have been doing for past 5 years.. but their base model is broken from the menus to the ref coding, handicap, kick off glitches plus everything else.. rocket league is almost a perfect game with competitive esport which works. This version of Fifa is BROKEN

  • TheCashCastro Devin Castro (@TheCashCastro) reported

    @RocketLeague @Jazwares @Target Fix your dumb ******* ranking system it’s garbage why do I have win 8 games in a row to get promoted just to lose 4 in a row go right where I was u people suck

  • TheCashCastro Devin Castro (@TheCashCastro) reported

    @DreamHackRL @RocketLeague @NRGgg @Cloud9 @dignitas @TSM Fix your dumb ******* ranking system it’s garbage why do I have win 8 games in a row to get promoted just to lose 4 in a row go right where I was u people suck

  • that1magicdude Dylan Hollifield (@that1magicdude) reported

    @RocketLeague For some reason my controller is being forced to use the "steam input beta" option now (that hasn't existed prior to me having these issues) and when I select "view/change bindings" it brings me into Big Picture mode and trys to get me to change my bindings there.

  • gabriel06096033 sp3k playz (@gabriel06096033) reported

    hey @PsyonixStudios fix your casual matchmaking, if I’m in plat put me in a game with other plats or diamond players, I’m tired of playing with bronze and silver 1 players who don’t even pass the ball, it pisses me off

  • Triplecs223 Triplecs 223 (@Triplecs223) reported

    Just solo que d 2s and vs a champ 1 and diamond 3 and got a Plat 3 team8. Literally a Plat 3. I was champ 2 until I lost 13 - 2. Wtf rocket league. 1st I get champ ranked players that can't do anything and now I'm actually getting Plat 3s. Such a broken system.

  • RL_Boost Cherry [RL Booster] (@RL_Boost) reported

    Top 100 player in 1s and 2s offering a boosting service #rocketleague

  • RealHedwigBlack Hedwig Black ⁶𓅓 (@RealHedwigBlack) reported

    **** the lag on rocket league. Can’t play a single game without fat kid lag. #rocketleague #lag #fatkidslag

  • SinisterKidd17 I Quit (@SinisterKidd17) reported

    Lol I’m listening to the rocket league sound track at work I have a problem. I blame monstercat.

  • CavsGarbo Go Browns (@CavsGarbo) reported

    @Huffer_24 Rocket League has been played on espn already, 2k has too many issues honestly but cod has a shot

  • TylerOlthoff Tyler Olthoff (@TylerOlthoff) reported

    @RL_Support the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League keeps crashing on me when I’m trying to play ranked matches. This causes my account to be banned for a certain amount of time. Please fix.

  • TylerOlthoff Tyler Olthoff (@TylerOlthoff) reported

    @PsyonixStudios the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League keeps crashing on me when I’m trying to play ranked matches. This causes my account to be banned for a certain amount of time. Please fix.

  • mrsean8615 Sean Payne (@mrsean8615) reported

    I love getting banned from @RocketLeague for having my game crash🙃