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Sea of Thieves is a shared world action-adventure video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10 and Xbox. The game allows players to take the role of a pirate, sailing the seas of a fantastical world either solo or as part of a crew of up to four players featuring both co-operative and player versus player combat.

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Sea of Thieves problems in the last 24 hours

Sea of Thieves Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Sea of Thieves. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (35.71%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (21.43%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (21.43%)
  • ▪ Sign in (14.29%)
  • ▪ Glitches (7.14%)

Sea of Thieves Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Fort Worth, Texas  ▪ Georgetown, Texas  ▪ The Gap, Northern Territory  ▪ Beech Creek, Pennsylvania  ▪ Candor, North Carolina  ▪ Danville, Georgia  ▪ Durham, North Carolina  ▪ Málaga, Andalucía  ▪ Manchester, England  ▪ Monessen, Pennsylvania  ▪ Munich, Bavaria

Sea of Thieves Live Outage Map
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Georgetown, Texas
  • The Gap, Northern Territory
  • Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
  • Candor, North Carolina
  • Danville, Georgia
  • Durham, North Carolina
  • Málaga, Andalucía
  • Manchester, England
  • Monessen, Pennsylvania
  • Munich, Bavaria
  •   Full Outage Map

Sea of Thieves Comments

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Sea of Thieves Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • IAmDewman
    Dewman (@IAmDewman) reported

    @SeaOfThieves so what’s the ETA on this Pastibeard Ethernet disconnect error? I’m tired of losing hours of loot bc I get booted randomly

  • Southrn04
    Sam (@Southrn04) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Any way for a glitch to make it possible for a 5 man crew on the galleon? Just had it happen.

  • dtrenz
    Dan Trenz (@dtrenz) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Cyanbeard errors are unbearable. I’ve lost so much time in the last week to this error. Fix your servers or I’m done with this game. It’s enough of a grind as is, without losing all of your loot to server errors.

  • ChutneyBoi
    ChutneyBoi (@ChutneyBoi) reported

    @SeaOfThieves why the fuck cant you make it more difficult for other crews to drop your anchor??? Also fix your pathetic servers

  • NyaronMan
    Cédric "Nyaron" ☠️ (@NyaronMan) reported

    @justin_gideon @SeaOfThieves Ok, so the fact that 3 days after the game was released forums, social medias and so on were filled with people crying for content is totally normal to you? You don't see the problem with the state in which the game was sold by the developers?

  • PuleoSanto
    Santo Puleo (@PuleoSanto) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @TheTomTalks Fix your fucking game , lag is insane

  • PuleoSanto
    Santo Puleo (@PuleoSanto) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Fix your fucking game , lag is insane

  • PuleoSanto
    Santo Puleo (@PuleoSanto) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Fix your game servers , is broken Lag is insane

  • HeatedVFX
    𝑱𝒂𝒌𝒆 (@HeatedVFX) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Please Fix The Black Screen When I’m Trying To Spawn In From A Fight.

  • RettGuigou
    Rett Guigou (@RettGuigou) reported

    @RareLtd @SeaOfThieves please fix your game, just had a Captains chest disappear after attempting to place on the bot. It did not even distribute to the water as others typically do. This game still has too many issues at this point seeing how a beta was included.

  • _tomcc
    Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) reported

    @TheLoneLocus @BAHUMUT_15 @Chupacaubrey @GodsRigh7Hand @SeaOfThieves @leMoesh But yeah "more content" would not fix the reason why people get bored and bounce off IMO. People are just bad at knowing what they want.

  • _tomcc
    Tommaso Checchi (@_tomcc) reported

    @TheLoneLocus @BAHUMUT_15 @Chupacaubrey @GodsRigh7Hand @SeaOfThieves @leMoesh Yeah, I kinda enjoy just doing fetch quests but it's kinda broken when playing solo... that does get boring. And I think they have a lot of stuff to fix, too... the fact that you have nothing to lose from being sunk, and missions being way too predictable mostly.

  • cars1985
    rick cognetti (@cars1985) reported

    @SeaOfThieves pls fix crashes in game server

  • MrFradette
    Samuel Fradette (@MrFradette) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Are servers down? Keep getting the Kiwibeard error :\ (NA- Canada)

  • kevingapime
    Blue2hark (@kevingapime) reported

    @SeaOfThieves that's nonsense PC gaming does that off without error message today helped me please

  • Aaron_cosplay
    Aaron flick (@Aaron_cosplay) reported

    @SeaOfThieves obviously don’t listen to there community and so many things are still broken and yet we waited years for this let us down rare sea of thieves is a let down

  • Loomy_Narti
    ˢᵃᵐᵐʸ ᶜ (@Loomy_Narti) reported

    @ButterHoneyMilk @SeaOfThieves Yes. I don't have a problem with the game at all. New content next month too. Should be fun.

  • vamparicmale
    James Wild (@vamparicmale) reported

    @LionHardt75 @SeaOfThieves Only works if you don't disconnect or switch servers while too far away.

  • vmenu
    Chris (@vmenu) reported

    @WalkieJVC @SeaOfThieves they fix this yet?

  • Fastback6768
    FASTBACK(W.D.F.C Just Game) (@Fastback6768) reported

    @LonemasterWho07 @Kotaku @SeaOfThieves Still enjoying it just got off a crew with two others. Yes some of the glitches, cheaters, griefers are a pain in the ass but I have no problem going solo. I'm at lvl's 31/21/20. Love exploring the sea, islands & caves can't wait till May DLC.

  • cod3dixon
    cod3dixon (@cod3dixon) reported

    @SeaOfThieves and i have not received any email about my order and when i sent an email to them i got no reply please help me resolve this issue

  • duhhnay
    Danae🍍 (@duhhnay) reported

    @SeaOfThieves your update made the game too dark and there's no way to adjust brightness. Fix pleaseeee

  • Swagabara
    Dan Ackerly (@Swagabara) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I was kicked from a game trying to sell my stuff and was given no error code

  • GarethKerrigan
    Gareth Kerrigan (@GarethKerrigan) reported

    @SeaOfThieves still a issue with the same ship coming back again and again and again at skull forts. I suggest if you sink them a second time they should change instances because it’s becoming a bit of a joke. Plus make scuttling a instant instance changer. Please :)

  • MsGunBunny
    Ashley/MsGunBunny (@MsGunBunny) reported

    @sot_apocalypto @SeaOfThieves @ShoutGamers @twitchraid @Quickest_Rts @TwitchRetweetsU @FEAR_RTs @1RTer @TwitchHelpers I'm having network issues :(

  • UtopiaFriki
    Utopía Friki ⚔🛡 (@UtopiaFriki) reported

    Please @SeaOfThieves fix Souls mission bug's. They ruin all Legend mission.

  • Angry_Picture
    c.s.s. (@Angry_Picture) reported

    @SeaOfThieves tired of getting spawned killed and griefed off boats by PC no lives. PvP is trash fix this nonsense....

  • THE_morticia
    kennlyB (@THE_morticia) reported

    @SeaOfThieves for 3 days it has shown the kiwibeard error. any suggestions?

  • ferret854
    Zac (@ferret854) reported

    @SeaOfThieves DISABLE cross-platform until you fix the pc hacking problem.

  • zRise_EU
    Kurt / zRise (@zRise_EU) reported

    @AreZ_LeGeNd @RonsonHarry @SeaOfThieves Login to the microsoft store with your xbox live login and download the game for free, its the same account so you already have the game.

  • Megorodd
    Spooky Megorodd (@Megorodd) reported

    @SeaOfThieves yea until they give you a copy paste "We are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it" for 2 weeks now...

  • lewis_waterman
    Lewis Waterman (@lewis_waterman) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I have lost all my money in sot and I had 30k so please can you fix this

  • LadyJadey09
    Jade (@LadyJadey09) reported

    @SeaOfThieves The game seems to be having issues today, won’t let me sail with the captain and other half of my ship and the shipwrecks don’t exist under the water! Sad times please fix it! X

  • the_schneides
    Sam Schneider (@the_schneides) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Is there a glitch in the game? I've been doing some solo sailing and now all of my gold and saved voyages are gone. I can't buy new voyages without any gold.

  • jyrnoapp
    Jyrno (@jyrnoapp) reported

    @SeaOfThieves love the game, but need my keybindings, any word on this fix?

  • Earth19_DrWells
    Dead Joke (@Earth19_DrWells) reported

    @DustinT_Douglas @SeaOfThieves I swear most of the merch available before the game release was pre order stuff no ? No one else seems to have had this issue that I've seen

  • leoghenry
    leo gonzalez (@leoghenry) reported

    @Justin_Hurd146 @RareLtd Yeah. Hackers in @SeaOfThieves are definitely a problem. Ruins the fun and honestly I don’t even want to play anymore

  • itspicklerich
    Richard Leighton (@itspicklerich) reported

    @SeaOfThieves will there be a patch soon to fix the key binding issues?

  • MatthewKiall
    Matthew Martin (@MatthewKiall) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I've completed the coditions for 5-6 different achievements this week and have no received them. Any to fix this? You can always trust the untrustworthy, #bemorepirate, Aye of Reach, Self Entitled, Did Everyone See That? And maybe The Greatest Race of All Time.

  • BH_One_Man_Army
    Brandon Hargett (@BH_One_Man_Army) reported

    @SeaOfThieves how do I report a bug / glitch that I fell under the map with a skull fort key I have a few clips of it

  • graystoke1800
    roz (@graystoke1800) reported

    @SeaOfThieves nothing to fix this at all! even though its been an issue since the alpha!! thankx for making me put your game in the bin, youv'e lost me for lfe rare! (pt2/2)

  • ColdsouthTwitch
    👀👀👀👀👀👀 (@ColdsouthTwitch) reported

    @ThirtyStone420 @aaa5f @n8tiveashii @ScatmanJ0hn @SeaOfThieves 1. Everyone understands you fine, they're just mature and understand that it isn't the real issue here. 2. Stop acting like anyone other than you wants this.

  • grambo1980
    Neil (@grambo1980) reported

    @DonPimpNutz @P1stolas @SeaOfThieves What? What’s your problem what I suggested?

  • illumiinaughtty
    Jesse (@illumiinaughtty) reported

    @SeaOfThieves why is my pirate getting stuck inside rocks and trees? I had to quit and restart the game, lost two hours worth of chests and skulls because of this glitch.#fixyourgame

  • aaa5f
    Fraser Barr (@aaa5f) reported

    @ThirtyStone420 @n8tiveashii @ColdsouthTwitch @ScatmanJ0hn @SeaOfThieves I’m a console user and I’m not having any issues with PC players. I’d rather keep cross-play active.

  • mantweetdat
    NormiePeasant (@mantweetdat) reported

    @radnbadmax @Notenshi93 @Quehl @P1stolas @SeaOfThieves It's come to this, huh? The old, "BRO, IF YOU WANNA...." Okay, bro. You win. The community of people I play and stream with are all wrong and our opinions invalid. I'll let them know your name and how your showed us the error of our delusion.

  • mantweetdat
    NormiePeasant (@mantweetdat) reported

    @MikeOxaphlapin @PillarOfAwesome @ShaunusHobbs @SeaOfThieves I'd rather have Xbox players gone. The whining is worse than any game issues or advantages gained.

  • VexedAnemone
    Vexed Anemone (@VexedAnemone) reported

    @BrianD_Campbell @Furioushell99 @SeaOfThieves I wish @Xbox @SeaOfThieves or @RareLtd would come out and just say yes or no to opting out of #crossplay. Crossplay is great in theory, but in practice it has real flaws which absolutely need attention. Fans are really divided on the issue.

  • AttackDonkey27
    SktCody (@AttackDonkey27) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I've logged on everyday for the past 3 days. I only get about an hour of play time bc my ship has 5-10 skulls and a few chest. then i die to skellys and my game crashes....your recent patch is broken.

  • johnmadhatterd1
    PLUR Nation (@johnmadhatterd1) reported

    @SeaOfThieves I did that... You still haven't fixed the problem...

  • cazaboi1
    Caza_Booyah (@cazaboi1) reported

    @CaptainRedb3ard @SeaOfThieves @PUBG No idea bud I’m still waiting on them to reply to me on what th actual problem with the GPU is

  • Wiskeycat12
    Wiskeycat12 (@Wiskeycat12) reported

    @SeaOfThieves hey guys, just to let you know my brother and I have been experiencing the Pastiebeard error, with the ethernet cable being disconnected on xbox 1. And my brother's ship vanished after docking at a outpost. Still love the game but needs more fixing.

  • varkelen
    Win4S (@varkelen) reported

    @SeaOfThieves There's still plenty of achievements missing or not unlocking, will there be a fix or should I report this somewhere?

  • IgobyDanny
    Danny Rivera (@IgobyDanny) reported from Durham, North Carolina

    @SeaOfThieves 2steps FWD 3 steps back. Weapon glitch was fixed last week. TY. 2day when I open charts I can't back out of them. I'm stuck. Played last night just fine. Not sure what happened. I literally cannot play the game now because of this.

  • Scorpio06061988
    Scorpio (@Scorpio06061988) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Griefers/Trolls r becoming more and more frequent. we NEED the ability to kick them from our crew, it's getting ridiculous and making the game Unplayable/No fun! #seaofthieves The Brig system is useless as they still gain exp for staying/they can glitch out of it!

  • VoodooBanditZ
    Mike (@VoodooBanditZ) reported

    @cbtb95 @ScatmanJ0hn @ColdsouthTwitch @ThirtyStone420 @SeaOfThieves Give the option to switch between xbox, or cross platform servers and enable keyboard support. Problem solved.

  • JoeyInducil
    Joey Inducil (@JoeyInducil) reported

    @SeaOfThieves you have the worst customer service, I've reached out to customer support about my account still having the Dafodilbeard error after successfully playing once and all three times your reps just stop replying after they recommend I "try logging in again."

  • TheoryGeorgiou
    Theory 💀 Georgiou (@TheoryGeorgiou) reported

    @SeaOfThieves Please I'm Begging you, fix the only spawning with sword bug. It's been weeks ive been stuck with this weapon. It takes forever to kill yourself to fix it every damn time I join a match.

  • SpicyTidePods
    Carson (@SpicyTidePods) reported

    @xr10txg1rlx @SeaOfThieves I’m just sailing I had the admiral eyepatch peg leg and hat then got it I’m not saying that’s the issue but it is a possibility

  • 5000rasmus
    Rasmus (@5000rasmus) reported

    @SeaOfThieves An idea to fix skull hoppers - when the skull spawns, don't allow more people into the server.

Sea of Thieves Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x80070005
  • AlabasterBeard
  • AllmondBeard
  • AvocadoBeard
  • BeigeBeard
  • BronzeBeard
  • CinnamonBeard
  • CyanBeard
  • DaffodilBeard
  • FluffyBeard
  • KiwiBeard
  • Lapisbeard
  • LavenderBeard
  • LazyBeard