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  • MeanestBossEver Ben Katz (@MeanestBossEver) reported

    @SlackHQ That's not actually quite true. SCGs can DM people they've previously DMed even if that person has left the channel. Either the ability to prevent a SCG user from DMing particular people or DMing all together would solve my problem.

  • MeanestBossEver Ben Katz (@MeanestBossEver) reported

    I’ve been a huge @SlackHQ advocate but I’m increasingly frustrated with the lack of control and customization. #1 issue is the inability to control DMs from single channel users. This is creating workflow problems and preventing us from expanding our use of Slack.

  • mgallizzi Matthew Gallizzi (@mgallizzi) reported

    @SlackHQ Howdy. I hope someone over there is aware of a hanging issue on iOS 13.1.2 on an iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve been seeing the issue for weeks and it’s rather annoying. The keyboard seems to lock up and everything hangs for several seconds within a thread. I only see it in Slack

  • callaghan001 Brenton O'Callaghan (@callaghan001) reported

    @koehntopp @talios @SlackHQ That's not actually @SlackHQ - it's @JAMFSoftware - corporate management software for your mac - what a terrible implementation though asking for a password like that - looks like a phishing scam!!

  • LukeChannings Luke Channings 👨🏼‍💻 (@LukeChannings) reported

    Hey @SlackHQ, I use Slack in Safari and web notifications are implemented and working fine. But Slack asks me to enable notifications EVERY TIME I load it. This is not hard to fix, and is extremely annoying!

  • roxanasoi Roxana Nasoi (The Hat) (@roxanasoi) reported

    @LulaEDUcate @SlackHQ Even if Slack claims they do not use or sell my user data for promotional purposes, the fact that it can instantly close an account used for mostly business purposes is something I cannot encourage. At the very least, you don't see your email accounts shut down with ease.

  • roxanasoi Roxana Nasoi (The Hat) (@roxanasoi) reported

    @LulaEDUcate @SlackHQ I typically stay away from using Slack (only use it for 1 client, but convinced him to move to email), mostly because of their ability to instantly close down your accounts if you login or reside in a country that's considered to be on the unwanted list by the US government.

  • dumpkopf 🕸🕷🎃 Patrickortreat Halloween Knights 🕸🕷🎃 (@dumpkopf) reported

    @kylelady @ajh0lland @jqnotjq @bdimcheff @sedward5 @SlackHQ @tomcove6888 Well it did burn down Kyle.

  • jqnotjq Jessica Boo Quiroga (@jqnotjq) reported from Ann Arbor, Michigan

    @bdimcheff @kylelady @ajh0lland @dumpkopf @sedward5 @SlackHQ @tomcove6888 It slowed down, we just need more participation

  • ajh0lland Alex Holland (@ajh0lland) reported

    @kylelady @jqnotjq @dumpkopf @sedward5 @SlackHQ @tomcove6888 Look, I tried to fix it and people got mad at me.

  • Gentlemen_Sam 2nd lieutenant Sam (@Gentlemen_Sam) reported

    @MicrosoftTeams hey sorry to bother you. Been tasked at my work setting up and trying teams and migrating from @SlackHQ however ran into a few roadblocks and I hope you might be able to help

  • Gentlemen_Sam 2nd lieutenant Sam (@Gentlemen_Sam) reported

    @alexandrak hey sorry to bother you. Been tasked at my work setting up and trying teams and migrating from @SlackHQ however ran into a few roadblocks and I hope you might be able to help

  • Gentlemen_Sam 2nd lieutenant Sam (@Gentlemen_Sam) reported

    @gannotti hey sorry to bother you. Been tasked at my work setting up and trying teams and migrating from @SlackHQ however ran into a few roadblocks and I hope you might be able to help

  • Gentlemen_Sam 2nd lieutenant Sam (@Gentlemen_Sam) reported

    @Anne_Michels hey Anne sorry to bother you. Been tasked at my work setting up and trying teams and migrating from @SlackHQ however ran into a few roadblocks and I hope you might be able to help

  • ardalis Steve "ardalis" Smith (@ardalis) reported

    TIL if I type a message in @discordapp or @SlackHQ like: hi everynoe! I can fix it by sending the command: s/everynoe/everyone (in discord) or /s/everynoe/everyone (in slack) and it will update it to hi everyone! without having to manually edit the msg! RT if you'll use it!

  • chris12bb chris12bb (@chris12bb) reported

    @SlackHQ My 2 fa is not working for a group can you tell me why

  • JonMitt Jon Mittelhauser (@JonMitt) reported

    @lleung @jlb13 @SlackHQ If you are talking your work laptop, you may be blaming the wrong culprits. 98% of my beach ***** are not from those but caused by McAfee and the backup crap (especially on VPN). Never have the same issues on my home personal laptop.

  • aleedac Aleeda Crawley (@aleedac) reported

    @SlackHQ Need support Ctrl1 not working as switch between accounts.

  • segfl0w Assel Meher (@segfl0w) reported

    @ArthurMingard @SlackHQ I support @imdsm idea! Sorry Arthur, having a DJ at @edgenetwork is a more pressing issue

  • mattein Matthias Einig (@mattein) reported

    @wictor @lauriepottmeyer @Rencore @SlackHQ @MicrosoftTeams @Karuana One thing I still don't get is the mess attachments create in the shared doclib in SharePoint, esp. when it was already used and channels & existing folders are called the same.. We solved that for now by moving the docs into a different doclib, but that creates other issues...

  • GuyInTransition prajeesh karat (@GuyInTransition) reported

    @SlackHQ partnership with @salesforce for Sales and service cloud. This is going to be interesting as @quip has come up with new features during #winter20 release. Future is going to be really exciting between @SlackHQ and @quip.

  • no_fear_inc Mario Peshev (@no_fear_inc) reported

    @mikeschinkel @SlackHQ @asana Yes, I disagree with the feature prioritization and what matters to them (keeping people on at all times instead of optimizing work) Our dearest @nhristov_ is hacking through the web UI to fix major UX glitches but we can't rebuild the entire UI

  • patrickcentral PK (2019) (@patrickcentral) reported

    @uxdiogenes @SlackHQ It’s the workaround I’ve considered, but given that the requests start from a public help channel, it’s yet another channel. I’m thinking of this like a ticket system with a “page these people” list.

  • diablorojo_7 Diablo rojo (@diablorojo_7) reported

    @SlackHQ I can't see threads on my slack desktop app(windows). Help!

  • kalgyimesi Kal Gyimesi (@kalgyimesi) reported

    @itchypaws @Webex @Apple @buckwem ... I was having the same issue until I found that fix on @SlackHQ channel.

  • bdimcheff Brandon Dimcheff (@bdimcheff) reported

    @andyfowler @Statuspage @SlackHQ yeah this is for _your_ statuspage into _your_ slack... I want someone else's statuspage updates in my slack (eg. I want to know if nutshell is down but I don't control your statuspage account)

  • zimmergren Tobias Zimmergren (@zimmergren) reported

    @EdingerKelly @DomKent @MicrosoftTeams @SlackHQ We had documents in Office 365 already, so we just created the structure we wanted and jumped right in. Some basic governance and policies for locking down who can do what, and we're good. No content migration from slack files. So far, so good. I still like it 😇🎉

  • zebpalmer Zeb Palmer (@zebpalmer) reported

    @SlackHQ my help desk admin has submitted a couple of tickets over the past six days. Current is 2469366.

  • browndesk47 guy person (@browndesk47) reported

    @SlackHQ Please, for the love of God, FIX your Windows 10 app. It's TERRIBLE and will block clicks off a portion of my screen (upper right corner) until task manager-force-closed shut. Very tempted to uninstall entirely. Incredibly unimpressed.

  • zebpalmer Zeb Palmer (@zebpalmer) reported

    Anyone else having stability issues with @SlackHQ Mac app last 10 days or so. Many of our employees are suddenly having to use web client or mobile due to lots of dropped calls, crashes, out emoji or channels disappearing, etc... Slack taking a beating in our slack help channel..

  • TravisKetchum Travis Ketchum (@TravisKetchum) reported

    @SlackHQ uninstalling Slack and re-installing seemed to fix the issue for me.

  • michellesanver 🌈 Michelle (@michellesanver) reported

    @CalEvans @Meetup @nomadphp @daycamp4devs @WordPress @WooCommerce @automattic @phpc @SlackHQ I’m going to say it’s risk vs investment. As a local UG I’d rather use a service than roll my own - It works until it doesn’t and then I’ll... use something else. Always rolling my own JUST IN CASE seems a bit extreme... 🤨

  • hasham2 Hasham Malik (@hasham2) reported

    Is it just me or @SlackHQ just went down for a while #slack

  • lsanoj Jonas (@lsanoj) reported

    Slack notifications on iOS seem broken. Getting old content in the notification instead of the actual current message. @slackhq

  • _oho Olivier HO-A-CHUCK (@_oho) reported

    @SlackHQ sorry to complain 4 a free service, but really your authentication system with multiple accounts creation every time is a nightmare

  • BeetleBryan Bryan Pollard (@BeetleBryan) reported

    @SlackHQ FYI an update from slack on my Windows 10 computer, Tuesday or Wednesday, jacked up my system. It looked like a coresync trojan, but ended up being Slack. I uninstalled (which fixed the issue on my computer), then downloaded a fresh copy then reinstalled. fixed #slack

  • razaanstha RaZaan Shrestha (@razaanstha) reported

    Feeling very weird problem with @SlackHQ right now

  • kunksed Raj Kunkolienkar 🧐 (@kunksed) reported

    @discordapp @SlackHQ @briannekimmel I'd pin down early mailing groups, Yahoo / AIM chatrooms, internet forums as Social Software 1.0 FB owned products (FB, WhatsApp, IG) gave us Social Software 2.0 Mobile first chat *platforms* which allow people to spin up independent spaces will take over.

  • iansltx eeeeEEEEEeeeeen Littman (@iansltx) reported

    @CalEvans @Crell @Meetup @nomadphp @daycamp4devs @WordPress @WooCommerce @automattic @phpc @SlackHQ @drupal @joomla @digitalocean Would be a little centralized, but ownership interests would be aligned and you'd have enough interested folks to share maintenance burden. As for logins, that's what social login is for...followed by prompting folks for their email before continuing so you have a way out. 2/2

  • bedikunal Kunal Bedi (@bedikunal) reported

    @SlackHQ I am getting white screen on my Windows 10 Slack app. Please help

  • robgreene Rob Greene (@robgreene) reported

    @SlackHQ HELP: Deleted a channel using the desktop app, and now it won’t let me do anything. Can’t switch channels. Can’t switch workspaces. Nothing. Web version still works fine. Restarted App. Restarted Computer. Deleted App and reinstalled. Nothing working.

  • spchaane 🇿🇦SP™_Master Of The Grand Lodge🇿🇼 (@spchaane) reported

    Hi @SlackHQ Please send me a direct link of downloading slack on Android without using @GooglePlay . It's always giving me problems when I want to download. @slacksupport

  • mattbroughton Matthew Broughton (@mattbroughton) reported

    @SlackHQ We found a temporary workaround of changing display settings from Extend monitor to duplicate, and then revert back. This seems to fix until restarting the computer.

  • JeffHarbert Jeff Harbert (@JeffHarbert) reported

    @SlackHQ Thanks, I'll give that a try, but no. It's affecting mouse actions in other applications. I can't click to minimize Outlook & I can't click anything or scroll in a web app we use. Closing Slack makes the problem go away. Strange, but very repeatable on 3 PCs. Started just today.

  • Online_Or_Not OnlineOrNot (@Online_Or_Not) reported

    OnlineOrNot supports @SlackHQ again! Hitting the "Add to Slack" button in your Settings will send your channel an alert when any of your sites go down, and another alert when it comes back up.

  • chrisholland Crypts Howlland (@chrisholland) reported

    @Crell @CalEvans @Meetup @nomadphp @daycamp4devs @WordPress @WooCommerce @automattic @phpc @SlackHQ @drupal @joomla eh ... login w/ twitter but still ... it’s all guna come down to trade offs, there’s room for all. Most meetups don’t get that many RSVPs and if you get more than X, then guess what, probably a company will be happy to sponsor for $X and pizza.

  • JeffHarbert Jeff Harbert (@JeffHarbert) reported

    @SlackHQ Looks like you've gotten similar reports already. Three PCs in my office running v4.1 have issues with clicking. Me, I can't minimize Outlook or scroll a certain web app in Chrome. Quiting Slack 'fixes' it. Everyone running lower than v4.1 seems fine.

  • CmdOptEsc Scott (@CmdOptEsc) reported

    @SlackHQ Workflows improvement, let us assign a workflow to many channels and still update in one place. I made a website issue reporter that I want to add to all client channels.

  • mySolutionsCL mySolutionsCL (@mySolutionsCL) reported

    Jira: edessa_grace That’s not why we built Jira. But that is why we build integrations, e.g. your teammate could rt click on that SlackHQ or gmail msg and turn it into a Jira issue if that’s how they prefer to work. #peopleandinteractions

  • EmilyThacher Emily Thacher (@EmilyThacher) reported

    @SlackHQ Love the new workflow feature! Two ways it could be even better for us: 1) If users could attach pictures in the form responses. I'd like to use a workflow to field bug reports, and screenshots are often vital to understanding the problem.

  • EdDiGeronimo Edward Di Geronimo (@EdDiGeronimo) reported

    @SlackHQ Sure, I'll email. I can tell you exactly what the issue is - Slack logs me out and requires a re-login exactly two weeks after the last login. So it consistently happens during a regularly scheduled team meeting.

  • crisl_at Cristian Livadaru (@crisl_at) reported

    @ryanbigg @SlackHQ @ryanbigg after you fix the pdf email attachment at all companies you can apply for a job at slack and fix this as well. But please pdf first.

  • l_wiltshire Liam Wiltshire 🔸🇪🇺 🐘 (@l_wiltshire) reported

    @yolcuiskender @SlackHQ That or an option to set a rate limit to prevent multiple quick messages. See alot of: > So > I have this issue > Here are some details > Oh, and I thought of this > Let me know > Here are some more details Sometimes 10+ messages to convey one sentence! Get's pretty annoying!

  • Nick_Craver Nick Craver (@Nick_Craver) reported

    @SlackHQ The checkbox of whether to send a message to the room when in a thread animates down over the text box itself. This has 2 effects: a) sometimes clicking into the Electron app *doesn't* click the text box, meaning you type into the room (default) instead inadvertently.

  • garthk garthk (@garthk) reported

    Not sure if it’s just our tenant, but @SlackHQ is not well. Images stuck blurred out, threads not loading, and — for the irony — unable to see their reply to old help requests or to raise new ones.

  • jacobbockelmann Jacob Bockelmann (@jacobbockelmann) reported

    @SlackHQ Having issues since 4.1.0 on OSX: Slack will routinely disconnect where I cannot send nor receive messages. My status remains green. This has happened at work and at home so I don't think it's a local network issue. Refreshing Slack fixes it.

  • danieloleary Dan O'Leary (@danieloleary) reported

    @iamjoshknox @SlackHQ Inconsistent requests in channels meant for people to get help with projects.

  • mhernand40 Marcelo Hernandez (@mhernand40) reported

    @SlackHQ Yesterday I received an update for Device Personalization Services and now the issue seems to be fixed for me.

  • bricin Paul Steckler (@bricin) reported

    @SlackHQ Sadly that is almost worse. Imagine Help desk. I want it in every channel. Copying would mean some channels are missed so users would have an inconsistent experience.

  • DaveSteckler Dave Steckler (@DaveSteckler) reported

    @SlackHQ No, Disabling Drafts is not the solution. Problem is channels get lost; cannot find them in channel list. When you have dozens of channels this is really bad UX (!) Keep the channel in Drafts, but keep it in the list, too. Maybe with an icon or color to indicate Draft status.