Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 down?

Star Wars Battlefront II is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise from 2017. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and seventh overall, and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series. Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

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  • Game Crash (2.33%)
  • Glitches (1.74%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.58%)

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  • Nighty_Jericho king._.sixx (@Nighty_Jericho) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix your ******* game

  • DarielCummins Dariel Cummins (@DarielCummins) reported

    @EAStarWars please fix Anakin. Ever since you released him, people quit hero’s vs villains so much more and it makes the games less fun because of how over powered he is. Take away retribution or tone all his abilities back.

  • camo1204 Sledge (@camo1204) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE I literally have people leaving the game because they’re on the Dark Side because Anakin is that broken. Remove him from the game completely and give people credits as a sorry for ruining the game with Anakin

  • SirMcgrabbin Mcgrabbin (@SirMcgrabbin) reported

    @Lady_Rahne @EA @EAStarWars With them pushing the idea that there is no multiplayer so hard, I am inclined to think that this is an error on the PSN page. #cautiousoptimism. I would not be opposed to a Devil May Cry V like system though.

  • HigH_velocity01 Gavin (@HigH_velocity01) reported

    @LouisDIM @DarthShea42 @RaiosRogue @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Nah I'm pretty sure people hate EA because they're one of the biggest problems in the industry

  • funfettiKitty dunce wife (@funfettiKitty) reported

    Battlefront 2 is really fun when its not lagging to shit seriously @EAStarWars fix your servers

  • Inigo_RO_ iÑigØ_RØ (@Inigo_RO_) reported

    @starwars The Broken One @EAStarWars

  • Lone_Husky 🅱️att 🅱️urdock (@Lone_Husky) reported

    @NelsonGuild @planandmuneh @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Lol thats your problem then in the first month they added loot boxes and immediately got rid of them and the game was going up and down in enjoyment but now its at a higher point

  • Shotwell25_ Jefferson Steelflex (@Shotwell25_) reported

    @dontbelikenoah @Adapter32431004 @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Oh I see. It’s only for Xbox members, seemingly ones with gold. Not a thing on pc, and is broken on PS4.

  • enerxizer Enerxizer (@enerxizer) reported

    @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Huh a broken game won probably due to it being £5 on ps4 and £6 on xbox the games awfully broken and unplayable rn

  • BattlefrontWars Star Wars Battlefront II.V (@BattlefrontWars) reported

    @NelsonGuild @planandmuneh @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Despite its issues it has improved a ton. It still doesnt touch the original, but for as cheap as it is it coukd be as good at Elite Squadron.

  • Huh4000 John_J (@Huh4000) reported

    @Shotwell25_ @Wato2809 @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars The game is trash. Clunky broken mess.

  • NelsonGuild 🥀Monroe🥀 (@NelsonGuild) reported from Bozeman, Montana

    @Shotwell25_ @planandmuneh @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Boi shut up 😂 I just said I haven’t played it and that ea just gave me trust issues with their games, might be good now might not, wouldn’t know cuz I haven’t played it in forever.

  • NelsonGuild 🥀Monroe🥀 (@NelsonGuild) reported from Bozeman, Montana

    @planandmuneh @PlayStationAU @igea @EAStarWars Haven’t played it since a month after release prolly...EA just gave me trust issues😭

  • _waxythemoth_ ooga booga (@_waxythemoth_) reported

    @Subtech117 @EAStarWars @XboxSupport I've checked all my other games, the only time my Xbox almost crashed was during a game of apex, but I was only for a few seconds and I was back in, and I did reinstall it, still had the problem

  • TannerDaKoolCid Tanner (@TannerDaKoolCid) reported

    @JebTheLad @EAStarWars I doubt it’ll be Anakin at the beginning. You must really wanna slaughter younglings lmao It’s most likely the main antagonist during order 66, or maybe his master as he was a padawan. And by the way the saber was broken like that, I’d say it was dual bladed.

  • Gunslinger416 🌈🦊 (@Gunslinger416) reported

    @EAStarWars @twesthause It's 2019, regional lag shouldn't even be a thing. Get your company to the 21st century already.

  • Gunslinger416 🌈🦊 (@Gunslinger416) reported

    @EAStarWars @twesthause Fix your Absolutely horrible garbage can worthless servers.

  • SteveFr79062386 Steve French (@SteveFr79062386) reported

    @Xbox @EAStarWars If any idiot preorders this they deserve the broken game with little content they will get on release day. The stripped content will then be sold back as expensive paid dlc, you have been warned.

  • Jonny_Murdoch Jonny Murdoch (@Jonny_Murdoch) reported

    @EAStarWars fix anakin

  • _wilkuh_ Skinny_Pingus (@_wilkuh_) reported

    @EAStarWars You guys have been the problem for so ******* long Dont start acting like you're the solution

  • notsoscienceguy Joshua Campbell (@notsoscienceguy) reported

    @Huh4000 @Sheshounet @EAStarWars Microtransactions weren't an issue for me. So what it was a major deal with everyone else

  • Mestyyy matt. (@Mestyyy) reported

    @EAStarWars You guys created the problem. Shut up.

  • William86019998 William James (@William86019998) reported

    @chairdoorman @EAStarWars it was "improved" but the core gameplay mechanics were build around the starcards and the starcard around the microtransaction. Even if the microtransactions are gone, the problem remains within the mechanics...

  • Huh4000 John_J (@Huh4000) reported

    @notsoscienceguy @Sheshounet @EAStarWars No it's the complete opposite. Star cards aren't that strog or OP and you could earn them by playing for 1 a few days. Thats what everybody did. The game to me is the biggest problem. it's terrible like I said.

  • Huh4000 John_J (@Huh4000) reported

    @notsoscienceguy @Sheshounet @EAStarWars Understand that I don't give a shit about microtransactions. It wasn't an issue for me. The game bothered me. It's terrible.

  • SteveFr79062386 Steve French (@SteveFr79062386) reported

    @NikkiFit97 @EAStarWars @saiyambansal100 Damn right it is. Broken with lack of content at launch. Lots of expensive DLC.

  • AFTeksuo Teksuo Hikari (@AFTeksuo) reported

    @EAStarWars When you have to tell people we wont be adding loot boxes, you have a serious problem. You created a system that players absolutely hate and only caters to your greed and shoehorned it into every game possible.

  • camo1204 Sledge (@camo1204) reported

    @guillaume_mroz @EA_DICE @EAStarWars please just take even a year off to fix every single hero glitch in Star Wars Battlefront 2 it’s literally the only way I ever die and is the reason why I never play your game anymore. Please fix them so I can enjoy playing

  • kenyizsu Kenyizsu (@kenyizsu) reported

    @EAStarWars Dear Communications Department. I have no problem with you, and I applaud your daily bravery to get out here. Please tell your CEOs that gamers give them a three-step program: 1. Shut up. 2. Piss off. 3. When they get there, piss off again. Thank you!

  • shadywack Shadywack (@shadywack) reported

    @antiklausprime @EAStarWars The good ol corporate "The problem isn't us, it's everything else!" approach.

  • YTShadowMenace Shadow (@YTShadowMenace) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix your broken character otherwise known as Anakin Skywalker please in Battlefront. If you aren’t working on a fix for his op af kit then **** you.

  • beeyothtv2 LIBTARD HUNTER (@beeyothtv2) reported

    @EAStarWars it really says something about ea when they literally market a thing that shouldn't be a thing in 60 dollar games, remember ea were the people who pushed forward live service loot box bullshit. And they still **** the sports games genre

  • CambriAlexandra cambri (@CambriAlexandra) reported

    @EAStarWars sooooo like why is Anakin super overpowered and such a little ***** in the game. He took all of bossks health from one stupid ability. Can we fix that 😂

  • ysbiwrrodraeth Ysbïwr Rod'Raeth (@ysbiwrrodraeth) reported

    @LJensen1984 @CheddarEsports @EAStarWars Yeah that's the main issue, they released several games with tons of DLC (Mass Effect and Dragon Age)

  • o_MrShadow_o o Mr Shadows o (@o_MrShadow_o) reported

    @Lambent_Lucky @EAStarWars @EA_DICE I agree with you on this I just wish the heroes and Villians were closer together of realign than months and months apart that’s my only problem

  • gomezkevinps231 Alvarez_Gamer14j (@gomezkevinps231) reported

    @EAStarWars i believe when you cure for cancer and the failure of all the games since using frostbite 3 engine codes or at least fix it.

  • that1_human That1Human (@that1_human) reported

    @Not_Mandalorian @Snarky_Agent @EAStarWars So what if its a guy again nobody but you people care IT WAS respawn and EA choice and the went with a guy. If you have a problem with other studios making the protaginist a guy do something useful in your life and make a game about woman then now

  • AAlover420 Matt (ThanosDestroyer) (@AAlover420) reported

    @EAStarWars I hope it fixes the server lag

  • DankBowls3 Marcock (@DankBowls3) reported

    FIX ANAKIN @EA @EA_DICE @EAStarWars #FixAnakin

  • nibriddan nib 🏳️‍🌈 (@nibriddan) reported

    @EAStarWars EA doesn't make games like that. EA only makes games as a service, always online rushed drivel.

  • OwenfMonaghan owen (@OwenfMonaghan) reported

    @EAStarWars FIXXXXXX ANAKIN this is literally the reason why people say your game sucks is cause of stupid shit like this I have a fully upgraded ren and a fully upgraded going up against a level 16 anakin and we still lose like cmon that’s just stupid as hell fix this bullshit

  • Jonny_Murdoch Jonny Murdoch (@Jonny_Murdoch) reported

    @EAStarWars pls f***ing fix Anakin he’s still far too rediculously overpowered and it’s ruining the game completely. Please please fix this. I don’t even want to play the game in this state

  • FocusOnTheIdea Focus on the Idea⭐️ (@FocusOnTheIdea) reported

    @EAStarWars Too little. Too late. You don't get rewarded for doing what you should have been doing all along, just because you intentionally made things worse before. You made the problem. YOU are the problem. You don't get praise for "fixing" what YOU broke.

  • DankBowls3 Marcock (@DankBowls3) reported


  • DalanDziggel Dzigg (@DalanDziggel) reported

    @EAStarWars Hopefully they fix the connection it’s so annoying

  • Shinobi_DFA DredgenShinobi (@Shinobi_DFA) reported

    @TheHissingMeat @CaptainRogers75 @Harmonator_The @sad_papa @Xayanami @Gio_Cx7 @suprememig @Xbox @EAStarWars @Respawn That's assuming it has any issues at all. Whether a game or good is up to that individual (s) that play them. If thousands of people get enjoyment out of a game it is good for them. Same goes for a gam considered bad to some individuals. Emoji's and bad wits betray you.

  • cornwell_casey Casey Cornwell (@cornwell_casey) reported

    @EAStarWars you guys wanna fix the improved zoom on the DC-15LE my reticle doesn’t appear when aiming.

  • Nick_Mc_Nugget Nicky (@Nick_Mc_Nugget) reported

    @EAStarWars @PlayStation Accept the micro transactions terms of service to continue

  • Shinobi_DFA DredgenShinobi (@Shinobi_DFA) reported

    @TheHissingMeat @Harmonator_The @CaptainRogers75 @sad_papa @Xayanami @Gio_Cx7 @suprememig @Xbox @EAStarWars @Respawn 1) I only pointed that out because that argument can go both ways as some people experienced issues and some did. 2) while you can claim p2w, if an extra .5 of second is an excuse to claim for losing a match, that means you most likely lost fair and square.

  • JLJscribbles James Lee Johnson (@JLJscribbles) reported

    @EAStarWars @JacobGrimoire Trusting the force isn’t my problem. I don’t trust Disney or EA.

  • Davey_Boy86 David Johnson (@Davey_Boy86) reported

    @EAStarWars Full character customisation and I’m in... Your promise of no pay to win leaves a lot of people sceptical. Free copies to test by the non believers would be a start. There is a massive trust issue with EA that needs rectifying....

  • DYB_Creations DybCreations (@DYB_Creations) reported

    @EAStarWars **** you! You’ve already scammed people out of $60 and then another $60 and then another $50 to complete the second broken game!

  • OnlyAwesomeGame Booqufis (@OnlyAwesomeGame) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA @DICE_FireWall can yall fix kylo's frenzy cauze i will spam the button and not latch to like any1

  • Haldrie Robert (@Haldrie) reported

    @EAStarWars We'll see EA but nobody trusts you anymore and that mistrust is well earned at this point. Launch the game on @GOGcom and I might consider it because no way in hell will I ever be buying anything via your horrible Origin service no matter how much I might want to play it.

  • Nighty_Jericho king._.sixx (@Nighty_Jericho) reported


  • TheHissingMeat Broken Enthusiasm (@TheHissingMeat) reported

    @Shinobi_DFA @Harmonator_The @CaptainRogers75 @sad_papa @Xayanami @Gio_Cx7 @suprememig @Xbox @EAStarWars @Respawn Battlefront 2 at launch was a buggy, broken mess, and then you have the p2w lootboxes (which they honestly tried defending 😆)

  • luffy824 Robert Gulley (@luffy824) reported

    @foxfrown @Sammygpi @Snarky_Agent @EAStarWars While you are right about saying they can't say she's wrong because it's her opinion, People can deem her decision to be "foolish, stupid, or ill advised" because it's not smart to dictate your decision on a game on something that doesn't even affect anything or is a small issue.

  • its_lilRanga 22 Bust (@its_lilRanga) reported

    @MrBananaHammokz @EAStarWars The duel mode in revenge of the sith on PS2 doesn’t hold up by the way. You play it now that you are older and more experienced at games and you realise how broken and unbalanced it was.

  • JohanSchouten3 Johan Schouten (@JohanSchouten3) reported

    @EAStarWars I hope to finally fix the connection options.... If not fixed, I'm not patience. I'm getting tired of it. Just fix the connections issues, error 216, etc. *waves hand*