Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 down?

Star Wars Battlefront II is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise from 2017. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and seventh overall, and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series. Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

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  • Matchmaking (39.72%)
  • Sign in (13.48%)
  • Glitches (2.84%)
  • Game Crash (2.13%)

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  • johnjairorosale
    lukeborne (@johnjairorosale) reported

    @EAStarWars fix your piece of shit Only empty servers because? Because i live in CA and that's mean's nothing? 5 fucking days of empty serves 5 FUCKING DAYS

  • Gaggapudding
    BUY MY MERCH (@Gaggapudding) reported

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 is still broken as fuck. Good job, @EAStarWars

  • TimeisMine_
    Crypto Junkie (@TimeisMine_) reported

    @EAStarWars Hands down one of the worse games I ever played. Lag is unfucking real, spawn is horrific, players glitch like Fett and jet pack that sometimes works, chewie and not slam charging, he just runs aimlessly, Vader getting stick in choke hold. The list goes on. Complete garbage

  • TimeisMine_
    Crypto Junkie (@TimeisMine_) reported

    @EAStarWars Just when I thought it couldn't get worse, lag is now horrific, chewie doesn't roll or charge slam wtf are u devs doing

  • marshj1977
    James Marsh (@marshj1977) reported

    @EAStarWars Obviously not. Dont suppose you could fix the UK server too? (Maybe try rebooting it / turning it on?)

  • Odinsonmp3
    Odinson (@Odinsonmp3) reported

    @EAStarWars So when are we going to hear about the broken x2 multiplier? It's been a while.

  • marshj1977
    James Marsh (@marshj1977) reported

    @EAStarWars Does this mean you are fixing the empty games? Are you also going to fix the queues for entry to a game your group is in, so that they work and dont always just say "position 1 in queue" Would be nice to have a working game again!

  • udana30
    roskamorals (@udana30) reported

    @EAStarWars Is there a reason why my dc15le scope keeps switching after a death, and is there a way to fix this ???

  • Dahvoun
    Intellectual Dumbass (@Dahvoun) reported

    @VGVagabond @goochEman @IwanEvers1992 @Asyraaf__ @EAStarWars It’s hard to find matches because matchmaking is currently in the shitter and the Ping Site glitch exists, good lord you people

  • TimBreuerThe2nd
    Tim Breuer II (@TimBreuerThe2nd) reported

    @VGVagabond @goochEman @IwanEvers1992 @Asyraaf__ @EAStarWars It's hard to find matches because the matchmaking is broken.

  • TweetYou82
    Nana K. Collins Jr. (@TweetYou82) reported

    @EAStarWars Damn this whole game must have been on maintenance since launch because the service and quality has been crap!!! #bringbacklucasarts

  • niall_watts
    Niall watts (@niall_watts) reported

    @EAStarWars What's going on? It's still not working. Must on the loading screen and won't change

  • niall_watts
    Niall watts (@niall_watts) reported

    @EAStarWars why is it still not working?

  • mattboii300
    Mattboii (@mattboii300) reported

    @EAStarWars Just finished a heros VS villains and someone was underneath the map really sucks that I can't enjoy my game because of players like this please fix @EAStarWars

  • 0bnoxiousGamer
    Professional Noob (@0bnoxiousGamer) reported

    @EAStarWars Bet it still won’t fix shit.

  • Arved17
    Arved (@Arved17) reported

    @LethalLightnin @LazyLambGaming @Active_s1 @HarryEvanz1310 @EAStarWars I am from germany and I have the Ping glitch too

  • Asyraaf__
    Asyraaf MZ (@Asyraaf__) reported from Kampung Sungai Tekali, Selangor

    @EAStarWars You guys could put the server down for 3 days and no one would even care tbh. #DeadGame

  • LethalLightnin
    Lethal Lightning (@LethalLightnin) reported

    @LazyLambGaming @Active_s1 @HarryEvanz1310 @EAStarWars might be an Australian thing only it becomes unplayable when you get the glitch this game has the worst match making I have seen in a long time hope it's fixed soon

  • LethalLightnin
    Lethal Lightning (@LethalLightnin) reported

    @LazyLambGaming @Active_s1 @HarryEvanz1310 @EAStarWars do you have the ping glitch?

  • Evan92677538
    Evan (@Evan92677538) reported

    @EAStarWars My Keyboard and Mouse are not working on the pc. They seem to work everywhere else but SWBF 2. Can you please tell me a solution. Thanks!

  • NP_GamingYT
    NolanGnRYT (@NP_GamingYT) reported

    @RenAngsty @Mandalorian_cpt @SWBFUpdates @orthohex @EAStarWars @EA_DICE doesn’t mean it can’t be broken

  • ErzenDesign
    ErzenDesign (@ErzenDesign) reported

    @saraheneedleman @EAStarWars @EADICE @EA In 2018 EA DICE Doesn't event support their own games, so many amazing companies out there now. It's easy to say pass on anything DICE EA ever does. Hey here's an idea Fix @StarWarsBattle2 then we'll talk.... @Disney

  • Actorsstudio277
    Todd E (@Actorsstudio277) reported

    @EAStarWars @BenWalke @DICE_FireWall Please Please pleaaaaase. Redo the speeder issue. It's really unfair for people playing the objective (2nd one on Kamino for example) to keep getting killed by a 200 credit spam starfighter. make them as much as a hero.

  • brandon2345631
    Brandon (@brandon2345631) reported

    @BenWalke @MrDaftPrawn @SBressers @TheTwistedJedi @starwars @EAStarWars @EA_DICE Have the team fixed the problem where people can still shoot if they have been forced push etc

  • 20MinTimeLimit
    ChrisMorrison (@20MinTimeLimit) reported


    xXAWALTxX (@xXAWALTxX) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars @EA_DICE Will the incoming community transmission fix the empty lobby issue?

  • DubC81
    CDubz81 (@DubC81) reported

    @EAStarWars Why would we want to tune in to view mores broken promises and failures on EA’s part? Just kill the game already. Put your focus in to BF V so that doesn’t end up another disaster like BF2. Get it together EA!

  • DubC81
    CDubz81 (@DubC81) reported

    @EAStarWars Why would we want to time in to view mores broken promises and failures on EA’s part? Just kill the game already. Put your focus in to BF V so that doesn’t end up another disaster like BF2. Get it together EA!

  • MarkLeeds007
    Mark Leeds (@MarkLeeds007) reported

    @ST_Ungulant @BenWalke @theStarWarsHQ @starwars @DICE_FireWall @EAHelp @EAStarWars @EA_DICE I really love this game... just a little frustrated with the bugs. I will continue to play. I have been playing religiously since the November launch and have never had an issue like this. I have a pretty large squad of friends that I play this with...

  • marshj1977
    James Marsh (@marshj1977) reported

    @EAStarWars Working servers please - still having real problems getting a damn game!! (Yes all of the ports are open - i even bloody dmz'd the xbox!) FIX PLEASE

  • big_pigeon
    TheBigBadPigeon (@big_pigeon) reported

    @EAStarWars Do you know how to auto balance a game? Well if you don't I would suggest handing Battlefront 2 to Valve, as they can ACTUALLY PUT A TEAM AUTO BALANCE IN THEIR GAMES. I LOSE SO MANY GAMES DUE TO LACK OF TEAM BALANCE IN GALACTIC ASSAULT FIX THIS!

  • Nyg131021
    Nyg (@Nyg131021) reported

    @layne_rice @SwanyPlaysGames @EAStarWars Even if we were the most positive ppl they would do nothing they are trash developers who can’t even fix a x2 multiplier THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING why won’t you idiots get it through your head

  • AlexB_2905
    Alexander Bergmann (@AlexB_2905) reported

    @EAStarWars hey guys, unfortunately your August patch seems to have broken the game for me. I can start the game but the game responds neither to my keyboard nor my mouse input. I'm jsut staying in the main menu, not able to click on anything. Hope you'll look into that!

  • brandon2345631
    Brandon (@brandon2345631) reported

    @Matthew7502 @phishadm34 @EAStarWars Yeah but we have no idea if there is new blasters new star cards and what gets broken

  • brandon2345631
    Brandon (@brandon2345631) reported

    @Maul666Darth @EAStarWars I’m still waiting for them to fix lukes force powers since launch

  • Maul666Darth
    DarthMaul666 (@Maul666Darth) reported

    @EAStarWars Dennis did you fix my lightsaber toss yet? It hasn't worked perfectly since the beta :(

  • momisan0411
    モミ (@momisan0411) reported

    @EAStarWars Bug fix right now! Is the new content still not?

  • Mattimex2
    Mattimex (@Mattimex2) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars so my broblem with the keyboard and my mouse not working in the game still hasnt been resolved and the EA help team isnt answearing to me in DM anymore. I've spend almost 700 hours in this game (SWBF2) and i cant play it, also i lost the double xp weekend

  • Mattimex2
    Mattimex (@Mattimex2) reported

    @EAHelp @EAStarWars so my broblem with the keyboard and my mouse not working in the game still hasnt been resolved and the EA help team isnt answearing to me in DM anymore. I've spend almost 700 hours in this game (SWBF2) and i cant play it, also i lost the double xp weekend help

  • Mattimex2
    Mattimex (@Mattimex2) reported

    @EAStarWars so my broblem with the keyboard and my mouse not working in the game still hasnt been resolved and the EA help team isnt answearing to me in DM anymore. I've spend almost 700 hours in this game (SWBF2) and i cant play it, also i lost the double xp weekend. Help me

  • _Johnbreda
    John Breda (@_Johnbreda) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars Vet tip... wait about 8 month before you start playing and maybe with a little luck the bums @EA_DICE will give us a new map and a couple new characters... possibly fix some bugs!

  • zach38069581
    zach (@zach38069581) reported

    @EAStarWars the credit payouts are total shit right now. fix the fucking game with your small ass team.

  • jtodd8200
    John (@jtodd8200) reported

    @EAStarWars This game is so broken right now it’s almost unplayable!! Locks up constantly, can’t leave a match and gets stuck in limbo, heavy class still broke af, and tons of lag lately. Fix your damn game!!!

  • TIE_Guy_YouTube
    TIE Guy (@TIE_Guy_YouTube) reported

    @TrillionaireLoc @mcmarsh @EAStarWars Yeah I went from playing 3-4hrs every single night to none at all. I’m on PC so the player count is lower but still, I never ever had an issue getting a GA game. I’ve tried every fix and have it running on multiple machines, none can get a game though. I’m at a loss.

  • Chris_Drake93
    Christian Drake (@Chris_Drake93) reported

    @EAStarWars I'm over here trying to play your broken, unbalanced game and I'm so annoyed with the lack of content and something as simple as Era Playlists or more affordable customization. You really want me to spend $20 on ONE in game item? At least make credits easier to get.

  • marshj1977
    James Marsh (@marshj1977) reported

    @mcmarsh @SWBFNewsFR @EAStarWars @DICE_FireWall Same again tonight by the looks of it - what a waste of money. I really wanted to love this game, but it is just plagued with problems. I bet half the crash logs dont even get generated or sent because it just seems crazy that these issues still havent been fixed!

  • TimeisMine_
    Crypto Junkie (@TimeisMine_) reported

    @EAStarWars Bug: Vader still caught in choke hold (hand raised) after it ends. Lag unbelievably terrible. Chewie charge slam, he runs aimlessly but never slams. Baba Fett, jet pack sometimes DOES NOT WORK. Instead he just jumps. Palpatine, when attacked sometimes spin DOES NOT WORK.

  • deefrettiwt
    NiNi (@deefrettiwt) reported

    @EAStarWars Yeah boehoe poor fellows your map design is terrible your spawn points are terrible this game offers nothing more then battlefront 1 and made it even worse without the jetpacks no co up with a friend online this game is trash better fix your battlefront 3 game

  • frawlzfans
    frawlzfans (@frawlzfans) reported

    Alright lads I know the games tanked but if you fix the bug where lose all sound that would be great @EAStarWars

  • Dutchmen2711
    Timmy_with_the_d (@Dutchmen2711) reported

    @EAStarWars @BenWalke issues with purchasing credits in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is there a fix?

  • palpssenatee
    mr palps (@palpssenatee) reported

    @EAStarWars @BenWalke There’s a glitch in Ewok Hunt where the timer stops and it won’t select an ewok

  • Appositives
    SE™️| Appositives (@Appositives) reported

    @EAStarWars I can't buy nothing in getting a error code 1603??

  • markwhiteside
    Mark Whiteside (@markwhiteside) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars I’m getting error code 1510 when trying to open my daily crate today. Never had this before, is it a known issue?

  • chris_brazier
    Chris Brazier (@chris_brazier) reported

    @EAStarWars Star Wars Battlefront 2 doesn't work. Can't join any online games. Nothing wrong with my internet connection or PlayStation. Your game is broken

  • TIE_Guy_YouTube
    TIE Guy (@TIE_Guy_YouTube) reported

    @mcmarsh @EAStarWars Matchmaking has been broke for me for 3wks now. I’ve sunk almost 700hrs into the game, Epic’d out everything, unlocked everything without any P2W. Now after that work I can’t even play the game lol. Every fix in the book, up to and including reinstalling all 70gigs. Sad times EA.

  • OldSimsPlayer
    Jenn S (@OldSimsPlayer) reported

    @EAStarWars anyone else having issues getting on or trying to find a game? PS4 no one on? even assault no one on!!

  • TimeisMine_
    Crypto Junkie (@TimeisMine_) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix the spawning issues in HV u fucking scumbags

  • Ethan66339370
    Ethan (@Ethan66339370) reported

    @EAStarWars There’s more content in this mobile game then the “ Bestselling Star Wars HD Game Franchise Of All Time” This can be a great game just fix the bugs and add a map from the old game once in a while and some guns then you would make at least 70% of the community happy @EAStarWars

  • angrygayrodian
    trov (@angrygayrodian) reported

    @Viper_215 @EAStarWars The devs don’t need permission from Disney to fix game breaking glitches and balancing issues

  • ChunkyMilkMmm83
    _ESS83_ (@ChunkyMilkMmm83) reported

    @EAStarWars Twitter is fucking cancer, my god. If you guys have an issue, you should unfollow EA Star Wars and stop complaining.