Is TikTok down?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

 Problems detected at TikTok

TikTok problems in the last 24 hours

TikTok Outage Chart

March 31: Problems at TikTok

TikTok is having issues since 06:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 53.23% Sign in
  • Glitches 20.16% Glitches
  • Online Features 16.94% Online Features
  • App Crashing 8.06% App Crashing
  • Microtransactions 1.61% Microtransactions

TikTok Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
San Antonio de Los Altos Online Features
Bari Sign in
Tepic Sign in
Montoison Glitches
Mérida Sign in
San Antonio de Los Altos Glitches

TikTok Comments

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TikTok Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • kathrillhouse Katherine ‘The Depressed Talking Horse’ Allan (@kathrillhouse) reported

    This morning my boss asked me what I’ve been working on and I told them I‘ve been focusing on a TikTok account by a sheep farmer who has a llama named Patrick who thinks he is a sheep. I am my own boss.

  • ourladyofsrrows amanda (@ourladyofsrrows) reported

    I Should Be Employed. Working. Living. Instead. Instead I Lay In Bed All Day Singing The I'm On Vacation! Every Single Day! Cause I Lost My Occupation! Tiktok Sound

  • Gamewatchable Gamewatchable (1.7M) (@Gamewatchable) reported

    Found a secret method to make over $10,000 a month off of TikTok, nobody has done this yet and it’s already working 🤑📈

  • sheslexis lexi 🤍 (@sheslexis) reported

    My problem is i start scrolling on tiktok then i go to twitter and by then it’s been some hours and then it’s too late to respond😭

  • askeptibearical 🛡️Artosbearicalbuddhist🛡️ (@askeptibearical) reported

    @Audreyalexis my tiktok is now just like...awesome people talking about lots of real issues seriously or mildly facetiously..and like anime nerds being funny..and also talking about stuff like that.

  • type_nuIl bryant #⃝ (@type_nuIl) reported

    everyone is so dramatic in the replies...there’s no point in blaming a girl reenacting a tiktok and acting cute if she’s not the problem

  • hotchippity jenna (@hotchippity) reported

    My heart is broken I’ve fallen for a tiktok boy

  • abby__sams abby sams 🦈 (@abby__sams) reported

    @i_saritav Tiktok has been taking down or messing with videos that say or do anything related to disability or chronic illness lately so I'm working with some people on trying to get them to change this policy

  • blueyedkitten21 Elizabeth (@blueyedkitten21) reported

    @madeyewlook I have no problem with not wanting to promote it. I just get sad seeing these kids on TikTok bashing vaping. Yes it is bad for kids. But it is a life saver for some responsible adults. I just wanted to let u know some of the facts that’s all. 😁 still a fan.

  • sydney_radloff Sydney Radloff (@sydney_radloff) reported

    You have no problem wasting time on TikTok and Netflix when you’re supposed to be productive. PLEASE enact those skills now and stay home so we can get get on with our lives. Thank you :)

  • camilakinks sara (@camilakinks) reported

    @troyesivan Just pls do another tiktok live or ig live or wtv because sis this ain’t working for us

  • amongsthieves caroline (aries) (@amongsthieves) reported

    i wanna get tiktok simply to post my own dance routines to songs but the problem is ill want to record an entire minute for each song cos im overly confident in myself and my dancing abilities

  • alzbnz1 Bila (@alzbnz1) reported

    @PUBGMOBILE I have a big problem  Pubg give me pand 10 years and I never used any kind of cheating , you can check my account form season 2 I'm a famous play in pubg and I have account to proven my trust , INSTAGRAM: A252d1 Tiktok: a252d Plz just check  My account  579558287

  • alzbnz1 Bila (@alzbnz1) reported

    @PUBG_Support I have a big problem  Pubg give me pand 10 years and I never used any kind of cheating , you can check my account form season 2 I'm a famous play in pubg and I have account to proven my trust , INSTAGRAM: A252d1 Tiktok: a252d  Plz help My account  579558287

  • timpsz ♡ stef ♡ (@timpsz) reported

    Broken down and made a frappé a la TikTok and it was everything I could’ve hoped for and more

  • gamer_juice_ khalid is valid 💛🦌💛 (@gamer_juice_) reported

    My Instagram stopped working and I found this funny tiktok I wanted to share **** quarantine

  • tallulahtakesit ⛓⛓ (@tallulahtakesit) reported

    @ostaraskai It’s true! But kids with phones and unlimited access to social media can make accounts on any platform. Their is so safeguarding against lying about age. TikTok isn’t the problem

  • yasminehdz yasmine (@yasminehdz) reported

    tiktok is only a problem to me because my sister will not ******* sit still anymore😭

  • dasbell1 Dave Asbell (@dasbell1) reported

    @TomRivington You were looking for answers.. I made a suggestion. No TikTok... I’m working every day.

  • _marisaibarra Marisa (@_marisaibarra) reported

    I can’t do anything anymore without singing a song or doing a dance I learned on tiktok... this is an issue

  • itss_Renaa Serena🧘🏽‍♀️🦋🏳️‍🌈 (@itss_Renaa) reported

    Tiktok needs to stop comming for my daddy issues and making me cry...I JUST WANT TO LAUGHHH😫I DIDNT ASK FOR THIS

  • eah1966 elena | 🌹 (@eah1966) reported

    omg my entire fyp on tiktok are ones about @RealChalamet i think i have a problem 😳

  • lucidlibs libs 🦋 (@lucidlibs) reported

    online schooling is not working out. i take animal crossing/twitter/tiktok breaks every 5 minutes

  • zoeIynn zoe ♡ (@zoeIynn) reported

    my wi-fi isn’t working i can’t go on tiktok i’m so frustrated

  • melrose_walxo Melanie Walgate (@melrose_walxo) reported

    TikTok really needs to chill with all these recommendations of make up, clothes, etc... Got about 6 different carts full waiting to be checked out it’s a PROBLEM

  • uisimiyake Isi Miyake(#IM5) (@uisimiyake) reported

    @NeneOnitsha Tiktok is hard to navigate. I’m working on it 😂

  • jorgeisbaby alina | ex krenjamin (@jorgeisbaby) reported

    plz help me i don’t get benjis newest tiktok but It is okay I am jus a bit slow

  • hazelkrol ally (@hazelkrol) reported


  • DreaCooper67 Drea Cooper (@DreaCooper67) reported

    @kacydaniellle @Savv_US @supimkayla_ @Missrichrush @kyragflo @chrysanthhee see that's the other problem here - allowing your kid unrestricted access to age-limited sites like tiktok where they can even see this type of stuff (and much, much worse) to learn it in the first place. Your 5 year old does NOT need their own social media page smhh

  • imfallinagain fathma! (@imfallinagain) reported

    @casandra_21 people are going to know i spend too much time on tiktok when i login with my pink hair and coffee 👉😳👈

  • Madiiihahh maddy (@Madiiihahh) reported

    should I send the tiktok to yusuf or what, I’m ready to get my heart broken

  • xyagundam 🍳✨🔪 (@xyagundam) reported

    did a tiktok eyeball (hot) bath on slowbot clips, realizing why it makes my eyes burn. I panned a zoom-in during my 1st year film 101 capstone that had a slow mo. talk about distance. still remember the way the editing studio felt

  • leshobian mil²⁰¹³ 🐿️ (@leshobian) reported

    Tw//sensitive topics Tiktok is harmless it can't hurt u Tiktok : u depressed sht with family and daddy issues u probably want to e--d yourself and cry yourself to sleep plus you single af you were hrted soo bad by someone u trusted and loved Me : REEEE

  • anggurhitam__ t (@anggurhitam__) reported

    too much issues on twitter. lets move to tiktok then

  • MaliciousWolfXI Malicious (@MaliciousWolfXI) reported

    If you told me years ago I'd be quarantined while watching Jack Black dancing on tiktok I'd have asked to smoke whatever the hell you are smoking, and that ladies and gentleman is the problem with time travel.

  • uwupjw kollie🐶💜 | tired (@uwupjw) reported

    all I did for the past two months other than working was play pokemon go scroll through TikTok and be depressed I don't think that's what productive adult life is supposed to look like

  • Daniellelisa94 Dee (@Daniellelisa94) reported

    I feel like the number of drafts I have on tiktok has significantly increased since I’ve been working from home..

  • BlackSwanDomi 배진영 씨아이엑스🐬 (@BlackSwanDomi) reported


  • berghberghbergh erikBergh (@berghberghbergh) reported

    @gabsmashh TikTok is like working from home - pants are optional

  • chrryredlive cass (@chrryredlive) reported

    the show got cancelled so instead we have to make a ******* TIKTOK A ******* TIKTOK I SPENT MONTHS WORKING ON BACKGROUNDS FOR A ******* TIKTOK I AM GOING TO LOSE MY ******* SHIT

  • critical_disc Critical Discourse(⧖)Ⓥ (@critical_disc) reported

    @floozyesq Some of the saddest and most broken people on the planet are the people dancing and yukking it up with asinine tiktok videos, endless pictures of their ass and so on. Don't judge normalcy by the lunacy you see on the internet.

  • S0OB1Nie nap of a star (@S0OB1Nie) reported

    I saw this kpop trend in tiktok and wanted to do it but you gotta throw your lightstick in the air and catch it then you swing it your cam the problem is I’m scared cus I know I can’t catch it asdfghjkl

  • thelifeofj_stin Justin (@thelifeofj_stin) reported

    A few days ago I was almost exclusively working through the logistics of a hypothetical extremely violent revolution before I was distracted by TikTok. When I have nothing else to think about that’s what my personality defaults to

  • rea903 𝓡𝓮𝓪 ☆ (@rea903) reported

    Gotta look what I'm going to delete so I can get tiktok working on ky phone asap

  • haleymk_ haley💫| check pinned ✍️ (@haleymk_) reported

    @A24MADDEN TikTok would crash

  • _AyoMeech Zara Muvaa 💕 (@_AyoMeech) reported

    My slow ass learned the renegade tiktok 💃😝

  • camilaeffect camila but not cabello (@camilaeffect) reported

    i saw a video of the girl doing exercises on tiktok and i tried to do it BUT I ALMOST BROKEN MY CHIN

  • JordanBelote J o r d a n🌹 (@JordanBelote) reported

    I’ve been trying to learn this dance on Tiktok for like an hour and I’ve come to two conclusions. 1. Im slow as hell and 2. I can’t dance 😂😂

  • shayrylee15 Shay (@shayrylee15) reported

    I don’t mind the occasional TikTok video on social media, it’s whatever. But if you’re posting 12 different TikToks on your SNAPCHAT and I have to click through them all just to get through your story, there’s a problem. If I wanted to watch TicTok, I’d go on TikTok.

  • t_piazza24 𝚝 𝚊 𝚕 𝚒 (@t_piazza24) reported

    I’m going to need someone to explain to me how to make tiktok videos because this app is making me feel slow. Lol

  • iamambermx 𝔞𝔪𝔟𝔢𝔯 (@iamambermx) reported

    If you actually listen to health advice from unqualified people on TIKTOK u are the problem

  • brookefriesman brooke (@brookefriesman) reported

    I literally started balling my eyes out today at work because I’m not tiktok famous and I’ll be forever stuck working at nofrills listening to old people ***** about how we charge 5 cents for bags

  • mascarasrunning marley||stream calm🦋 (@mascarasrunning) reported

    I spend all day on tiktok now and it’s a problem

  • sadavarteauthor #simplysaying (@sadavarteauthor) reported

    If you still haven’t deleted #TikTok you are the problem. If you are still going to import from China, you are the problem. If you are still going to give your hard earned money to those companies which have investments from China, you are the problem. #ChinaVirus

  • lankansahara sahara🌺 (@lankansahara) reported

    Tiktok isn’t working how i planned 😪

  • stacyfoster_ $tacy (@stacyfoster_) reported

    not only is everyone quarantined and all stores are closed but I woke up and my phone decided to be broken and now I am left with NO TIKTOK for atleast 4 days because at&t isn’t open . #thankscorona

  • apoIIoes sage. (@apoIIoes) reported

    okay i’m sleeping esa’s sole advice to my problem was a tiktok reference can yori please respond please i’m be

  • mariiaaa73 MariaEster🦋 (@mariiaaa73) reported

    the first thing i do when i wake up is go on Tiktok 😣 i have a problem lmaooo

  • Chloeshoneyy ✨Mags✨ (@Chloeshoneyy) reported

    Made a TikTok of me working out for school. An ******* I used to have a crush on was like “fat this seems sus” how did I ever have a crush on him

  • missfreyac Freya ⭐️ (@missfreyac) reported

    Just in case anyone is wondering how I’m doing... the answer is not very well. I’ve just recharged to 20% and that’s it until I feel the need to spend 2 hours + on TikTok. This is going to be slow and steady process but I’ll get there with your support 👊🏼😂