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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • App Crashing (15.02%)
  • Microtransactions (1.37%)

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  • yellingukelele MONO. | kris (@yellingukelele) reported

    i think that one of the main problems i have with straight men on tinder is the fact that i never know whether the pictures they post are supposed to be ironic or not

  • aie_chat GAYANCE (@aie_chat) reported from São Paulo, São Paulo

    even tinder is not working: no matches, no dates. I seriously think I'm cursed forever and ever.

  • Demian_Knight DΣMIΛN KNIGHT (@Demian_Knight) reported

    “I’m on Tinder to make friends.” Sure, and I’m on Pornhub to see if this plumber manages to fix this sink.

  • LydgSquidge Tickle Tits (@LydgSquidge) reported

    Contempt= ' I read your message on @Kik but was too busy to reply, I was on Tinder & Grinder right swiping, playing footie, getting my haircut, down the pub, working out, getting an ink, watching TV, sleeping, ******* but don't worry ***, you're next.' (4)

  • BruceHoult Bruce Hoult (@BruceHoult) reported

    @GaryMWatson @jangray I still use Usenet every day, primarily comp.arch. Long time since I posted MPW C error messages to comp.sys.mac.programmer. P.s. met gfs on Usenet in the 90s, and on Orkut 2004ish, but met my wife on Tinder. Guess I’m weird.,

  • InjaNinja9 Inja Ninja IX (@InjaNinja9) reported

    So I've told this recent guy I'm not into him because our interests don't match up. He's fine with that. Problem is, there aren't that many nerds in the Cascadia region of North America. I need to go to a comic or anime con at some point. Tinder and POF are failing me.

  • itsmeBradyB Brady Barnhart (@itsmeBradyB) reported

    @Tinder y’all better fix this

  • PandoraCries ᏢᎪᏁᎠᎾᏒᎪ ᎬᏆᎬᏒᏁᎪᏞ (@PandoraCries) reported

    Ok so those other times I thought my tinder was broken i guess I was shadow banned and I think it happened again

  • FrankieDooSpace FrankieGoupilLabelle (@FrankieDooSpace) reported

    @contact_high_ Well, I never tried Tinder either. For a time, I was thinking trying it… but I'm too busy "building my project" + I am a lost cause. That's fine though as I am trying my best to live anyway, everyday. Pushing through health issues.

  • lauren_smittyyy Łauren Łoucks 👽 (@lauren_smittyyy) reported

    Oh I'm sorry, I thought Tinder was a dating app.....not a "you're my therapist now, listen to me ***** about my mommy issues" app 😑🔫

  • PosadiStache Posadist Moustache (@PosadiStache) reported

    My tinder profile where I talk about not having abs but ibs is not working so well

  • myrna40557760 CyberSpunk (@myrna40557760) reported

    @jacksfilms Please fix my tinder .

  • evanmprosser ev (@evanmprosser) reported

    Wtf I think my Tinder is broken 😩😍

  • Wimlah ♡Queen La Queefa♡ (@Wimlah) reported

    @Bluestocking_a I've come across one of the team leaders from another team at work. I swiped left so fast! I've seen him on there a few times and ignored. Last week after 18 months working together he eluded to tinder and I still ignored 😂

  • gay_pnw An Otter-Body Experience (@gay_pnw) reported

    My soulmate isn’t messaging me back on tinder and I’m kind of broken up about it

  • itz_aboutjohn_ John (@itz_aboutjohn_) reported

    I’ve had tinder three times but I never went on a date because I was scared to actually meet a good person and up falling in love and then they end up getting bored of me and then I’m left heart broken, and I know my hear t can’t take another one !!!!! !!!

  • Shailux404 Kyle Shai (@Shailux404) reported

    Can’t match anyone in my “Likes” section due to a network error on @Tinder ‘s side. Why did I even bother upgrading to gold...

  • HRHPerrie hrh’s lil lib (@HRHPerrie) reported

    The issue is on tinder, all the boys are ugly and all the girls are so hot I think their catfishes

  • FL_Mayhem Forlorn Soul (@FL_Mayhem) reported

    @Tinder I think my app is broken, I never get any matches. Please fix

  • maddiroman Maddi Roman (@maddiroman) reported

    Okay so just wanted to share this one time I went on a Tinder date and the guy wore a shirt that said, “Bleach: problem solver.”

  • AsizzleSy 🙋🏽‍♂️ (@AsizzleSy) reported

    @KSeroma Lemme fix up your tinder LOL

  • rhiannonxsian rhia (@rhiannonxsian) reported

    trying to figure out which boy is in every group pic to see who’s tinder it actually is is a ******* math problem

  • CLMISHEL ُ (@CLMISHEL) reported

    elad: whats the problem open a tinder acc elad: oh you’re 15

  • yoghurtbabie 🍤 (@yoghurtbabie) reported

    thinking abt my tinder date that just straight up told me she had mommy issues .i hope we get married

  • Cpettaaa ❤Ceara'Mariah❤ (@Cpettaaa) reported

    Ayo why I’m msg this dude on snap from tinder n he was like “ yea I was working as a amazon delivery driver but I got fired Wednesday “ that was our 3rd msg bruh 😭😭😭😭😭

  • sebaldfan420 Ali G: Fear Eats Da Soul (@sebaldfan420) reported

    Working at Starbucks made me realize that all the rich girls of tinder who somehow have all been to China and have names like Aminé or Kleigh exist physically but, I'm still unconvinced they're real.

  • CheesyCheesy2 cheese (@CheesyCheesy2) reported

    @NatalieBobay @JeffersJordan My issue is more with going to a place that’s boring enough to accept coupons on a Tinder date, not using them

  • RemOscuro Rem Oscuro (@RemOscuro) reported

    @ThreeUK I am not Henry VIII. Henry VIII wasn't on Tinder. Anne Boleyn did not pop up. Therefore I don't do any of those. Please focus your attention on sorting out your customers' service issues instead of playing fetish roleplay with historical figures. Much love.

  • dagotron the milfed singer (@dagotron) reported

    You ain't allowed to swipe right on any black woman on Tinder if this is a problem for you

  • NotNavyAtAll Not Navy At All (@NotNavyAtAll) reported

    @jacksfilms No tinder can fix my single

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    And then it came to light that @tinder was banning trans... and women who said no... and no one batted their eye and kept working with them.. oh shit wait that time is now...

  • PreEvelynn Evelynn Ashburn (@PreEvelynn) reported

    @cristy_noir I've been banned from tinder too, twice. You should go look at my other posts about the issue if you want to know "why I'm even surprised". Just because things are shitty doesnt mean we shouldn't fight back or be loud when shitty things happen. Break shitty rules.

  • GottaLoveSUBO Stephen (@GottaLoveSUBO) reported

    Having long hair is a problem, I’m going bald. Too many emo girls like me on tinder.

  • serenitynowokay Joy Taylor-Simper (@serenitynowokay) reported

    @chrislhayes @UnimpressedTX Oh come on...Brad is on the campaign to fix the copy machine and pick up chicks on the free Tinder account they gave him. This is way out of his go zone.

  • St_artist10 Starvingartist (@St_artist10) reported

    @Tinder @TinderSupport Dear Tinder team. I have a major tech issue. Sent you an email with the description. Following the request ID:12384369. Thank you in advance.

  • St_artist10 Starvingartist (@St_artist10) reported

    @TinderSupport Dear Tinder team. I have a major tech issue. Sent you an email with the description. Following the request ID:12384369. Thank you in advance.

  • virtual_summer Summer “Call Me Dorkblade” (@virtual_summer) reported

    The only thing I like about Tinder is matching with IT dudes and asking them to fix my PS4

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    @jenna_talia1 I’ve said from the beginning ... I shouldn’t have had to make this account .. I shouldn’t have ... but the fact is ... there is a major issue with this app... and instead of tinder doing anything to fix it.. they’ve ignored everyone ...

  • ytinderbannedme Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    My last mistake was believing if I got enough stories like mine that tinder would care enough to message me, or fix it.. but again...

  • Bonafide_Nata Mami Champu (@Bonafide_Nata) reported

    All she did was take off her wig lmao...that’s nothing. I’m met some dudes on tinder who told me they were tall but were shorter than me in out here lying about their height. The real issue😂😂😂

  • SpecterGuardian [Small] Raven (@SpecterGuardian) reported

    SG: Did Vilgax ever get his tinder account working or is he too stupid for that

  • SteveJSmith46 Steve Smith (@SteveJSmith46) reported

    @JuliaHB1 Can't believe how far some people will go! Just because Tinder wasn't working for her 🥴

  • nevbow NEV (@nevbow) reported

    Been on tinder for 2 minutes and I've already been unmatched by someone for telling them I was part of "The Simulation", and made a daddy issues joke to a 36 year old ******* end me

  • ClareTipler Princess Crazy-Locks (@ClareTipler) reported

    Absolutely HATE things like tinder! I just don't get it1 I'd much rather have a strong circle of good friends than **** about (literally) I genuinely prefer celibacy to promiscuity, apparently that's unusual...personally I think it's the rest of the world that has the problem...

  • lucie_cupcake Lucie Cupcake (@lucie_cupcake) reported

    Why I had to give up tinder/POF anger issues were getting worse 😂😂😂

  • apotrafied in-house antiquarian (@apotrafied) reported

    @funnierhandle I don’t know how you do it. My five minutes of being on Tinder swiftly ended after I couldn’t manage all the spelling mistakes, egregious punctuation errors, and poor sentence construction (and I’m not even that grammatically fastidious on the Internet!)

  • erika_s14 Erika Streeter (@erika_s14) reported

    @erinsullivan95 @Tinder It's broken

  • someguymusing Dave, the oldest millennial (@someguymusing) reported

    @dougayoung Nah. Most have an internal overheating protection. If not, so long as you don’t place them by tinder, it’s just a machine longevity issue.

  • jayeiguess summer come back 😩😭🌞 (@jayeiguess) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP did you guys fix tinder I’m really trying to get my super likes on

  • cilianaire scrambled legs (@cilianaire) reported

    Tinder should have a feature similar to “rate my professor” just to rlly hammer home all of your insecurities and self esteem issues

  • katyaspetrovnas cailin ✨ #teammanila #teamnaomi (@katyaspetrovnas) reported

    @ the dude who came & sat behind me @ my dorm’s movie night & watched me on tinder & saw a girl and went “oh, are you.... I mean I’m not like.... but are you....” WHAT WAS THE REASON WHY’D YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME FEEL SO WEIRD I JUST WANNA GF OR BF WHATS THE ISSUE MY MAN

  • kanzashi_pin Kanzashi (@kanzashi_pin) reported

    The erasermight tinder fic new chapter has been updated!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA OK, I AM NOT WORKING ANYMORE FORGET IT BOSS.

  • Pandora_Boxxxx frank's jazzy belle (@Pandora_Boxxxx) reported

    The only problem I have with my Tinder age range is ****** be having kids

  • FUPAFREAK paloma 🐀 (@FUPAFREAK) reported

    I love actin up on philly tinder, bk tinder has been so slow for me lately sigh

  • SandyDanto Sandeep Danto (@SandyDanto) reported

    Tinder but for finding that special someone to blame for all your problems

  • VivyRoseC ViVy Rose (@VivyRoseC) reported

    @tictoc @mergoldenSMS Dude, if you have to pay someone to make you appealing on Tinder, you have much bigger problems in life

  • dimonpalo Dimonpalo (@dimonpalo) reported

    Tinder will fix all the problems 🤣

  • JeffreyDay101 Jeffrey Day (@JeffreyDay101) reported from Edmonton, Alberta

    Odds are that tinder and bumble servers crash tonight 😂

  • jacksfilms jacksfilms (@jacksfilms) reported

    Fix Your Tinder will be up tomorrow (somehow). Finally finished photoshopping 17 of your tinder profiles. If these don't get you matched then just give up

  • jeanniealaine Jeannie Rhinehart (@jeanniealaine) reported

    My tinder isn’t working on the most important day.