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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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December 16: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 12:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (49.74%)
  • Online Features (18.65%)
  • Glitches (15.80%)
  • App Crashing (15.28%)
  • Microtransactions (.52%)

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  • skoooobyy
    Skooby (@skoooobyy) reported

    Tinder is working quite fine these days 👀

  • ElizabethDeford
    big guwap (@ElizabethDeford) reported

    I need to set a reminder to delete my tinder before a get drunk because there is a constant cycle of embarrassment that needs to be broken

  • sNickwastaken
    sNickmas (@sNickwastaken) reported

    Tinder: something went wrong, please try again later Me: yeah, the problem is I made a tinder account

  • Dog_Forests
    Virgo King (@Dog_Forests) reported

    @dogshid I’ve actually been doing okay on Tinder lately but I will give it a shot eventually assuming I can figure out how to fix the issue

  • SirHenry_
    Henri. (@SirHenry_) reported

    Hahaha. I can imagine this would be a problem. So many people in relationships are on Tinder.

  • Diaz__TM
    Cool Cool 😎 (@Diaz__TM) reported

    "I'm on tinder to make friends" "Sure and I'm on PornHub to see if the plumber manages to fix this sink."

  • Mistichu
    Synergy Misty 🎅 (@Mistichu) reported

    I'm just using tinder to meet more people in my area.. The issue is.. The guys on Tinder don't really understand that. ME NO LOOKING 4 DATE

  • kurosujuns
    tyler (@kurosujuns) reported

    i used tinder Once, it's telling me i've got matches but its not working anymore..... coochiephobic i see.......

  • MaddSinclair
    Madison Sinclair (@MaddSinclair) reported

    @tokyoghost777 I don’t even know what I did! lol when OJ got released I made a tinder account for him and had no issues there. But I was on there being just myself!! Apparently I’m worse than OJ.

  • bookishbelle
    Zoë Gulliksen (@bookishbelle) reported

    But if you are anything like any of that: you are not broken. Steve and I matched on tinder 7/4/2014 and we fell in love instantly. It’s been 4.5 years and not a single day has gone by where I have thought that he annoys the shit out of me & or that I’m truly mad at him.

  • fiiireworks
    emma 💮 (@fiiireworks) reported

    guy on tinder was sayin how girls don’t know shit, moaned abt his mechanic and how he knew how to fix his car better and was like nah I’m right what would you know ur just a goth. honey I used to study mechanics and when I proved him wrong he unmatched 😭😂

  • ultrakeyla
    k (@ultrakeyla) reported

    my messages aren’t sending to this really nice guy on tinder but being sent without a problem to this guy telling me about his kinks oof god really be wanting me to be a ***** huh

  • AJGlancy
    Andrew J. Glancy (@AJGlancy) reported

    Either my tinder is broken or I'm not funny.

  • Anjals_simply
    Spooky The Game (@Anjals_simply) reported from Salou, Catalunya

    "El tinder es my candy crash"

  • allansberry
    al (@allansberry) reported

    me: “im gonna have trouble finding someone to marry me” my little cousin: “tinder” welp. problem solved

  • cooperchloe_
    Slut (@cooperchloe_) reported

    When I’m mindlessly swiping through tinder all I notice is just how ****** all these dudes eyebrows are and how I wish I could be the one to fix them because sheesh

  • MikeMorpheus1
    Mike Morpheus (@MikeMorpheus1) reported

    @dawnsaffron @maydaymindy9 Betting Tinder is not working out for him.

  • dblfluidity
    🕎dreidel bar-latke🕎 (@dblfluidity) reported

    someone tinder messaged me that they liked my twitter so the brand is working

  • Connlee17
    Connor 😛 (@Connlee17) reported

    I hate when my wifi is too slow to go on tinder

  • smol_lizzard
    Lizzard🦎Queen (@smol_lizzard) reported

    Start up idea: charge people $10 to let me fix their tinder since so many of you DESPERATELY NEED THE HELP

  • poetrevived
    agamousmilk (@poetrevived) reported

    I have more than 4000 of unread messages on facebook and more than a 100 on tinder and an empty working mail. So great!

  • NoticingKills
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿JayCM🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@NoticingKills) reported

    @Lorem_Ipsum___ @defendtradition @EmpireGenerator I'm talking about this mindless tinder culture we have. Yes sometimes they do produce offspring that ends up in a broken home and then more fodder for the state when they grow up troubled. I have spent much time around my peers and they are far too caught up in the now.

  • iJayxo
    Jay (@iJayxo) reported

    @ChefDomonique I’m going to have to download tinder it’s been a slow year and I see why now

  • ComeSiSiMe
    Sugar tits (@ComeSiSiMe) reported

    @Hotspicy_ I don’t think Tinder was the problem. 😂😂

  • geniealisa
    Genie Alisa (@geniealisa) reported

    Fellas if your bathroom does not have a working hand soap pump purchased this calendar year and a clean hand towel, get off of Tinder and get to Target.

  • vbontempi
    Bontempi (@vbontempi) reported from Denver, Colorado

    So @Tinder I tried your site for a month and didn't like it. I have it in my calendar that today is my last day so I plan to cancel. BUT YOU CHARGED MY CARD $29.99 ALREADY! I want my money refunded immediately. I still had today to cancel, it's not even noon yet. Fix this please

  • mandyjrc
    mandy cuesta (@mandyjrc) reported from Medgar Evers Houses, New York

    a California tinder boy from 2016 was blowing up my Snapchat messages and I was kind of annoyed but then I found out he works with computers and fixing macs when they get slow so he is my new best friend

  • BT_Hampton
    The Warrior Philosopher (@BT_Hampton) reported

    @2005TRoss @JKinnomar @TFLN He is working on the Tinder app coding.

  • MotocrossJustin
    Justin (@MotocrossJustin) reported

    “ Im on tinder to make friends only” “ Suuuuure, and im on xvideos to see if this plumber manages to fix this sink”

  • baadblackcat
    princess (@baadblackcat) reported

    Guy from tinder ended up not working but bright side is that: five more men have taken his place I feel like I’m on the bachelorette

  • palmdreamsmp3
    loveless bitch (@palmdreamsmp3) reported

    @cryptonloids i literally haven’t used tinder for months bc it gave me an error every time i try to log in and then it showed me this today lmfaoooo

  • Ciara87C
    Ciara Nic Sheáin (@Ciara87C) reported

    Very thankful for the men on tinder who put “recently single” on their bios. Went out with a guy once who had broken up with his partner of 7 years the week before. Pls leave

  • debaucherousdwb
    the debaucherous dweeb (@debaucherousdwb) reported

    Additionally: add the ability to rate your tinder dates and leave feedback. I know it’s a little black mirror, but that shit is a safety issue.

  • Jayzinq
    Jay (@Jayzinq) reported

    Gonna use this on my next tinder match. Will report back in roughly 7 working days.

  • Mozasaurus
    Moray Binfield (@Mozasaurus) reported

    @CatherineAD @aspearofdestiny I think my Tinder vending machine is broken, it never dispenses any matches 🤣

  • BillyReeWilliam
    Billy (@BillyReeWilliam) reported

    @Kal2280 Gundam has given up on tinder, women ask him to send venmo payments he shouts back at the phone. "You want some money develop a ******* talent!!" I dont see the problem I love showering women in bits and cheers "take these bits!!" I cry out in pleasure.

  • senatori
    Steven Senatori (@senatori) reported

    I see you guys finally started working on Bone 🦴, that “Tinder, but for dogs” idea you keep going on about

  • senatori
    Steven Senatori (@senatori) reported

    @stuartblair I see you guys finally started working on Bone 🦴, that “Tinder, but for dogs” idea you keep going on about

  • ZaitaDub
    Z (@ZaitaDub) reported

    @Tinder Fix your broken login please n thanks

  • LessThanEthical
    Happily Depressed (@LessThanEthical) reported

    Seeing the same person on Tinder for the second time but with a different name is the real reason I have trust issues.

  • MoistVaporeon
    Katie Laurie (@MoistVaporeon) reported

    I recently started using Tinder again but I keep accidentally ignoring people because the app is on my old phone and I've fully switched over to the new one now whoops I should probably fix that

  • tayyloorxo
    t a y l o r (@tayyloorxo) reported

    aj thinks her tinder is broken cuz she's not getting any matches😂

  • Damnhonest_
    it'spriyankAF (@Damnhonest_) reported

    @Tinder i need to talk to tinder account ...there is something wrong with my account ....there is no email or support for problem ...kindly ..come through..

  • Lowlifeyeesus
    Jon (@Lowlifeyeesus) reported

    yo some of the songs might slap and I been working on this for a hot minute damn. check out situation and playboy, I need to get off tinder and go on a date with charli xcx

  • MattMylleville
    Matty (@MattMylleville) reported

    I think my Tinder’s broken I don’t get any matches

  • redlinestop
    brandon 💗 (@redlinestop) reported

    gay tinder is so dry omfgg i wouldn’t have this problem if i lived in nyc 😔

  • redlinestop
    brandon 💗 (@redlinestop) reported

    gay tinder is do dry omfg i wouldn’t have this problem if i lived in nyc 😔

  • _justpoetic_
    Justin (@_justpoetic_) reported

    Just be good to each other and don’t do stupid shit. “No tinder.” Duh *****. Porn ain’t an issue. Promoting shame and pressure as a means of keeping a marriage is idiotic. And just use social media like someone who’s taken. It’s not difficult.

  • sondayn
    Alcohol & Oates (@sondayn) reported

    Roommate started playing "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" while i was absent-mindedly swiping tinder in the living room, haven't been owned this hard in a while

  • ItsTheVito
    MeVito (@ItsTheVito) reported

    @YaBoiMitch I already told you how to remedy your tinder problems broski

  • Meme5678k
    Amelia🦄🐙 (@Meme5678k) reported

    So first meg ran out of likes on tinder now her tinders band her...I think she has a problem

  • middy_ca
    midnight 🥶 (@middy_ca) reported

    I’ve been tryna match with an Asian ******* tinder for months. It’s just not working out for me

  • meggowaffles9
    shut up, Megan (@meggowaffles9) reported

    Tinder in southeastern ct is all navy guys but maybe distance won’t be an issue for them 🙄🤔

  • ytinderbannedme
    Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    I find it ironic how a magazine that is mostly gear to women sees no issue with the treatment women are getting on tinder .. lol thanks @Cosmopolitan you are a major let down..

  • fenwench
    Lisa Wade (@fenwench) reported

    @indiannalogan Tinder just has my name and photo. Location is by KM (in London). It’s mostly an issue that I have clearly not swiped on this person, yet they feel it’s okay to ignore my preference and approach me in spite of that.

  • asmalloctopus
    Shayla (@asmalloctopus) reported

    I regret every decision I have ever made in my life that has led to this being a somewhat regular problem I deal with (he's like the 3rd tinder person I never met irl who I recognized at work pls god don't let them recognize me thx I need to move)

  • karah_hope
    karugh boo (@karah_hope) reported

    okay **** tinder this shit isnt working anymore 😂😭

  • missnikkilexxi
    Nikki Rodriguez 🧁 (@missnikkilexxi) reported

    @TAYWILL206 @Tinder @Tinder FIX THAT

  • JiMurshad
    etchzy (@JiMurshad) reported

    My tinder is not working for like the past 3 years. Anyone got a fix

  • ytinderbannedme
    Why Tinder banned me (@ytinderbannedme) reported

    @hooptana @suppRessedesiRe @Tinder Trust me you aren’t the only one.. I have others who are prob more made then I am ... my issue is tinder refuses to even open a line of discussion let alone acknowledge there is something wrong with their app