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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • natnat_3000 natnat 3000 (@natnat_3000) reported

    My friend just told me she saw my dad on tinder. I can’t cope. My daddy issues are multiplying by the second

  • Njoyo13 Niccy Yoc (@Njoyo13) reported

    @Tinder your app restricted me for putting in my birthday in wrong and your support won’t help me fix it

  • casssandrarosee Cassandra Rose (@casssandrarosee) reported

    To them, Tinder could have got deleted but by the time they get back to my email and everything someone can show up again, already working on police part, just want tonight to be safe especially when you have family and random men on ur front porch..

  • eunsangvce eunsang. (@eunsangvce) reported

    me: hey you’re cute 😳 *: *: im hungry! tinder isn’t working....

  • casssandrarosee Cassandra Rose (@casssandrarosee) reported

    @whosyourplug Tinder could have got deleted but by the time they get back to me and everything someone can show up again, already working on police part, just want tonight to be safe especially when you have family and random men on ur front porch..

  • kaleidxsc0pe_ (@kaleidxsc0pe_) reported

    @Ferrgaliciousss i mean you never know that page could be catfishing a lot of people and it’s faster to spread the word through here just so everyone gets the memo if tinder isn’t working fast enough to delete her page .

  • casssandrarosee Cassandra Rose (@casssandrarosee) reported

    @Ferrgaliciousss Tinder could have got deleted but by the time they get back to me and everything someone can show up again, already working on police part, just want tonight to be safe especially when you have family and random men on ur front porch..

  • Ferrgaliciousss vanessa (@Ferrgaliciousss) reported

    I don’t understand why people come to Twitter with problems like this. Contact Tinder & contact the police, girl. 😒

  • emmaluck22 Emma Luck (@emmaluck22) reported

    A new wildfire has broken out near where I live. It hasn’t rained in a month and everything is dry as a tinder box. I hope they’re able to put it out before it gets closer but I have a feeling it is going to be a sleepless night...

  • DavidKaskey David Kaskey (@DavidKaskey) reported

    thread in the first place. But, I'm supposed to be hanging with another girl this week. Seems pretty dope. The funny thing all three have in common is, they're all 2+ year old tinder matches. So maybe it wasn't broken after all. I know bumble is. That shit is whack.

  • _riwlls ri (@_riwlls) reported

    he messaged me trying to deny the fact that he was actively on tinder while being in a relationship with this lady (she has a kid so i felt real bad). i just told him if he wasn’t then he had no reason to worry about it causing issues

  • andrewkurtser Andrew Kurtser (@andrewkurtser) reported

    This Tinder app just ain’t working!

  • JohnPierreMaeli A Huxleyan Nightmare (@JohnPierreMaeli) reported

    @blagojevism Man, stop throwing your tinder problems on the TL.

  • worldtravellove Nicole (@worldtravellove) reported

    In 2020, I'm not going to correct spelling errors on social media or Tinder. You know what I meant 😏

  • ajr0cha AJ (@ajr0cha) reported

    So this girl I was talking to for a longgggggg time said she didn’t want a relationship because she had commitment issues, She started dating someone a few months later, Guess who I saw back on tinder lmao. Oh how the tables have turned.

  • Franowwww 🌸 Fran 🌸 (@Franowwww) reported

    Me, solving my problems by following a tinder guy on insta

  • Palesa_xo k. (@Palesa_xo) reported

    This network is so slow and I'm downloading tinder, trying my luck 😢

  • ron_myers Ron Myers (@ron_myers) reported

    @CapriCornyCait @Sunflower_pixie The problem with answering Tinder messages is they could look like me...I mean, I wouldn’t **** me...but then I have high standards

  • pxllyxnn Polly (@pxllyxnn) reported

    All the fit people on tinder always end up just wanting threesomes and like .... yes I’m game BUT I have mummy and daddy issues .... I’ll probably catch feelings

  • JasonSwarby2 Naytrix (@JasonSwarby2) reported

    @SidemenClothing The TINDER discount code isnt working.

  • leahjbx leah🦄🔮 (@leahjbx) reported

    so its either my tinder is broken or nobody wants my ugly ass 🙂🙂

  • Nekrospike Nekro (@Nekrospike) reported

    @jedi_sith1 @ElektroVojvoda @Forkrul_Assail @DKo5 @MitchyD Yeah to be honest - it kind of puts me off. Some longstanding server issues providing the tinder, and the Iron Crown store to serve as the spark - we were going to get a flame at some point, but I've never seen a development team so respected drive such a wedge in so little time.

  • OswaldCoffeepot Oswald Coffeepot (@OswaldCoffeepot) reported

    Asked a lady from Tinder out on a date hours after she got back with ex she'd just broken up with. D'oh!

  • Abhishek_57 अभिषैक (@Abhishek_57) reported

    @aquamandamn Mostly Indian's tinder bio have these kind of error

  • edgelordgirl an onion bagel (@edgelordgirl) reported

    last day at the bagel shop and this guy I matched with on tinder MONTHS ago and ghosted MONTHS ago just asked if I was working cause he’s hungry there is nowhere to run he’s going to see me I’m gonna act as crazy as possible so he leaves me alone

  • megznewberry megz♔ (@megznewberry) reported

    the more these thirsty guys on tinder message me the more i wanna go sit on my friends face and suffocate him.. so in conclusion i don’t think the tinder thing is working for me 🤣🤣

  • AaronPhion Phion-Aaron 🌈 (they/them) (@AaronPhion) reported

    ...and I know Twitter isn't Tinder and everything, but my problem is that I'm relatively good with Twitter, but I SUCK at Tinder! Like, really suck! And not in a good way! Damn you social media and the qualities you need to be manouvered successfully!

  • AkashxDeepika Akash Kumar (@AkashxDeepika) reported

    Good looking guys complaining about tinder problems is not fair

  • Ditaaha Ditaa (@Ditaaha) reported

    @listeeex Tinder fix.

  • georooooogie george🔅 (@georooooogie) reported

    y’all i tried making a tinder and all i got were error messages. i’m destined to be single...

  • Menken98 ¿Menke? (@Menken98) reported

    Okay in Arizona I matched with like 30 handsome guys on tinder but I still can't get shit in LA, I'm officially not the problem

  • sasukesbbymama caitie (@sasukesbbymama) reported

    guys tinder bio just says "if u call me daddy u can never leave me. u cant just leave ur dad." and my sense of humor is broken bc it is sending

  • becccajane becco (@becccajane) reported

    gonna put my Venmo in my tinder bio to make boring men pay for my chiropractor to fix my back from always carrying the freaking conversation

  • PapaFredrico foreach (@PapaFredrico) reported

    @heckyessica If they all looked like @MsBlaireWhite there would be less of a problem. The ones I see on Tinder are not at all attractive.

  • animeh8r little b!tch (@animeh8r) reported

    how DARE my wifi stop working just as i start matching w the hottest of the gays on tinder

  • nataliessaa Coco (@nataliessaa) reported

    @alfieisonfire Gosh the younger gen ruined Tinder too, tho not a problem from me since I mostly don't swipe on Malay

  • king_mizzie King Mizzie NMT™️ (@king_mizzie) reported

    @killtravv @TheRealBirddy Tinder wasn’t working so I had to do what I had to do to make it do what it do

  • HamizanMalek HamizanMalek (@HamizanMalek) reported

    @fthahwhd Actually my friend had met her significant other through tinder. It was a trial and error but end up being together till this day.

  • N8WasTaken joe biden hate account (@N8WasTaken) reported

    now that I'm broken up I dont feel bad for downloading tinder but am I really gonna go to that place

  • warrengreaves1 warren hargreaves (@warrengreaves1) reported

    To whoever is using my burds photos on tinder consider your nose broken ya ******* wrong ain

  • Ramsestinoco Ramses (@Ramsestinoco) reported

    They should have an option on Grindr and tinder that says do you have mental issues ! Moderate or severe ***** !!! Ya crazy 😜

  • thesarahkelly sarah kelly (@thesarahkelly) reported

    @britnidlc I wouldn’t have a problem with couples being on tinder IN THEORY but in practice they never know how to behave

  • sxnniful 𝕔𝕙𝕝𝕠 𝕞𝕚𝕤𝕤𝕖𝕤 𝕓𝕥𝕤🥺 (@sxnniful) reported

    tinder isn’t working so, first person to like this I’m ur girlfriend 🥺

  • karasankus kara rae jepsen (@karasankus) reported

    The last time I went on a tinder date, the guy told me that I talked “surprisingly slow” and for something I never ever ever noticed about myself before, I am “surprisingly” really self conscious about it now.

  • myteacherafreak 18K NSFW 𝑫𝒊𝒄𝒌 𝑮𝒐𝒃𝒃𝒍𝒆𝒓 💕 (@myteacherafreak) reported

    ****** be coming to follow premium to ask me if I have a man. Lordt fix this shit NEEOW! Do I look like I’m tryna sit down and marry and have kids and shit. Y’all be looking to play Tinder clearly if there’s no inbox available to you outside of business it should tell you I’m not

  • ALSposter Leftist Shtickposter 🌹 (@ALSposter) reported

    The thugs didn't attack him because they were "licenced" to by words - they attacked him because they've been broken by a terrible system. Fixing this needs to be the focus of our efforts. You can't start a fire without tinder and we can't put out every spark.

  • lostinpinkskies fatim ☾ (@lostinpinkskies) reported

    help me fix my tinder profile

  • crxpricorn Lou. (@crxpricorn) reported

    I used to literally go on a date maybe every week or two from tinder and now the actual thought of meeting someone new to pursue them in that way freaks me out. Think I’m officially broken :))

  • keeleythekoala keeley (@keeleythekoala) reported

    ive made more friends on tinder than people I’ve dated from tinder, someone fix those stats

  • keeleythekoala keeley (@keeleythekoala) reported

    I honestly think I’ve made more friends from tinder than people I’ve dated from tinder, someone fix that

  • SkinPapi DirtyCuban 😈 (@SkinPapi) reported

    @AppValley_vip Can y’all fix tinder ++ cuz it’s basically normal tinder... I can’t have unlimited swipes or see the ppl that liked me ... nun of the ++ stuff works 😭😭

  • nutmeq ølive (@nutmeq) reported

    redownloaded tinder.... who wants some of my mommy issues

  • jackregan13_99 J.R. (@jackregan13_99) reported

    Honestly think tinder is broken, not getting any matches at all like

  • bunnyfoxes Bad Decision Maker (@bunnyfoxes) reported

    @YesIAmJasper Honestly I can live through the people saying stupid stuff on tinder, it's amusing to me and I dont take it to heart. It's the people who get me to trust them and then shit all over that that I have a problem with

  • votehaas Bill Haas (@votehaas) reported

    @__lavenderskies Yes tinder broken. Not me, but you be judge, lauren.

  • __lavenderskies 🍓 lauren 🍉 (@__lavenderskies) reported

    I'm not getting any matches on tinder so I'm going to tell myself it's broken instead of accepting I'm ugly

  • GryptoTheDog Grypto The Dog (@GryptoTheDog) reported

    @RobertHarju Definitely a tinder box. The govt even advertised it lol. I’m not a fan of any of the groups at the protests. But I do think it’s a major conflict of interest to have a police commissioner as mayor. Plus one of the top drop out rates of new recruits in the US. It’s not working.

  • RealRyai Marty (@RealRyai) reported

    Finally bit the bullet and just straight up deleted my tinder account, tired of playing into the problem. I'll just draw for the rest of my life and make dope shit instead >:3C

  • vineet_gaur Vineet Gaur (@vineet_gaur) reported from Mumbai Suburban, State of Mahārāshtra

    My phone was in pocket and someone the app was also not open but a tinder boost has happened Kindly solve this issue

  • shaaarlette Shaaarlettemzzz (@shaaarlette) reported

    @Tinder I’m having some issues with the app y’all need to fix it