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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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October 17: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 04:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (57.93%)
  • Online Features (15.86%)
  • App Crashing (14.48%)
  • Glitches (11.38%)
  • Microtransactions (.34%)

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  • Coutsey
    die kleine Maus (@Coutsey) reported

    @SynonymForWet Any remote chance he had of this working was destroyed when he said “tinder hoes”

  • IvyDewig
    IVY 🧚🏼‍♀️ (@IvyDewig) reported

    i can’t log into my tinder anymore i think that’s god telling me to slow ******** down

  • carlycarbonate
    CあRLY (@carlycarbonate) reported

    @pastelcathedral i was broken before tinder but tinder didn't make my life better i will tell you that much.

  • Kev_Inkredible
    Kevin Jimenez (@Kev_Inkredible) reported

    Either tinder is broken or I’m just not that cute 😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • DarkMoonShining
    Taudrey Hepburn (@DarkMoonShining) reported

    @MrCryptoCoins @pennypjones @SaxyCelt @Stonekettle @Tinder And you say southern folk are slow....

  • SkeeterDixon
    skeeter dixon (@SkeeterDixon) reported

    Guys tinder bio: “I’m a little broken right now so I’m just using you as a distraction from this shit hand life dealt me “ Me: same buddy same

  • LincolnHarrison
    Linc (@LincolnHarrison) reported

    Never had Tinder and I'll never get it either, just contributes massively to the problems this generation has and in my opinion you're a thirsty little beg if you use it

  • TarekMorsi7
    Tarek Morsi (@TarekMorsi7) reported

    In this context, in his book, The Tinder to one of the officials in the Intelligence Committee of the US Senate said to him: "I tell you the truth we don't agree with the White House on this issue, but they don't want linkage between bin Laden and the USS Cole

  • jadaradix
    James (@jadaradix) reported

    @JamesSNW90 You are part of the problem James (I did this too and I hated other people who did it. I don’t deserve Tinder)

  • __Tasha____
    T (@__Tasha____) reported

    So I’m talking to this guy from tinder that’s wanting to arrange to meet for drinks and he manages to make one of THE biggest grammatical errors I have ever encountered 😂

  • BeccabooGoodwin
    Becca Ann (@BeccabooGoodwin) reported

    @josiahcarter_ Part. 2 Ross while also seems threatened by a strong woman would be a better boson from his problem solving, Patience, other than his flustered time on the tinder. a different character but refreshing and thoI wouldnt eat it the food looks 👍 ashton tolerable so far.

    am-bah (@AMBRFYFE) reported

    why do I keep confessing all my problems to random people on tinder someone take my phone away

  • Brody_Bug
    Brody 🧛🏻‍♂️ (@Brody_Bug) reported

    But he's working at a law firm now so he doesn't have a ton of time to hang out or get to know me in that way, so I figured I would just let it be and download Tinder and figure it out from there

  • Stevenpg92
    Steven (@Stevenpg92) reported

    Goes to bed... wakes up, been banned from tinder that or there is a very big problem with #tinder

  • benifit7
    BENIFIT (@benifit7) reported

    @TweakBoxApp can you fix tinder++

  • KarlMarxFanAcct
    dyl (@KarlMarxFanAcct) reported

    super cute tinder girl ignored my message how dare she do that after I already pictured her solving all my problems and planned our entire lives together

  • peaceknj
    ㅤً (@peaceknj) reported

    tinder isnt working i might have to stop 😔

  • stephbmoc
    steph (@stephbmoc) reported

    so come to find out cute tinder boy is in a weird situation and is trying to fix that situation by talking to as many girls as possible

  • Ronne_Cook
    RonDawg (@Ronne_Cook) reported

    @Lovinthefood The ****** part is this isn’t even tinder. I’m meeting him so he can fix my mirrors on my car😅

  • Fuctupmind
    Mike (@Fuctupmind) reported

    I'm out of swipes on tinder, and YouTube is broken. Help.

  • reyesmj_
    (@reyesmj_) reported

    “oh my gosh ate, you’ve been single for so long... why don’t you try tinder” - tita pearl trying to fix my love life today

  • thedahammel
    hôle pīcs? yæ, i hãve heard of thęm (@thedahammel) reported

    for me right now tinder has NOT BEEN WORKING ALL DAY and I’m WIGGING OUT

  • paperlilies_bot
    paperliliesbabe bot (@paperlilies_bot) reported

    Leno as i see my issues with two tinder boys at the forehead and i want to know older men to die.

  • maladeleine
    maddy (@maladeleine) reported

    just passed a sign in downtown dexter advertising something called a “meat raffle” which is what i firmly believe tinder should have been called

  • hyenascribbler
    🎃Spooky Butch Bugs (she/her) (@hyenascribbler) reported

    I’m thinking about remaking my Tinder. Idk. On the one hand I’m at a disadvantage because of the whole, matching by physical attraction part On the other hand, I shouldn’t have to worry about physical attraction being the biggest problem in my interaction with someone if I do

  • HollowPassings
    ☆Andy Bartholamew☆ (@HollowPassings) reported

    "I couldn't find a ****-hungry, desperate, **** with daddy issues". Well, you see, my friend, Twitter is full of people who fit that description. Tinder is for dweebs. There, I said it. Bring on the hate, people.

  • JrussoUK
    Joe Russo (@JrussoUK) reported

    @MrJoeMccauley I came off Tinder because people would try and speak to me and I just don’t have the time. As I said to my uni pal, I’ll probably die alone clutching a Glasgow Uni timesheet I couldn’t submit due to tech problems.

  • northtexhotmess
    North Texas Hot Mess (@northtexhotmess) reported

    Deleted tinder and now I need something mindless to do when it’s slow at work.

  • tweetlauf
    Lauf (@tweetlauf) reported from Brooklyn, New York

    did anyone else know that the counterculture to arranged marriages is to marry someone who you've also never met before except you pick each other off a like tinder for marriages thing this isn't a joke. I'm blown away that the not knowing someone wasn't the issue.

  • ghoulgirl__
    김미진 (@ghoulgirl__) reported

    i have tinder and daddy issues what do now

  • yorkshire2002
    Queen Bee (@yorkshire2002) reported

    @Tinder Hi, i'm experience continous issues with logging in. I'm getting an error (A:40303)

  • BushyLegsDan
    D A N (@BushyLegsDan) reported

    Tinder isn’t working out for me because out of like maybe every 20 girls, I’d swipe right once. And for every swipe to the right, they’re probably wayyyy out of my league which makes the chances of getting a match even lower.

  • JackMorse00
    J boogie (@JackMorse00) reported

    @TweakboxSupport @tnttaolin2 Fix tinder

  • BellXHun
    Muireann (@BellXHun) reported

    Please remind me that tinder and hair dye will not fix my life

  • carolmutua1
    carol Muta (@carolmutua1) reported

    When you are building a startup, it’s difficult. Particularly, a startup that is expanding at the rate of Tinder. You have to give 100%, and you have to be committed. Solving the problem has to be personal or else you’re going to disintegrate.

  • sabot_3000
    sabella bot (@sabot_3000) reported

    Is this real life experience in the tinder system FIX IT NOW.

  • MB23391709
    MB (@MB23391709) reported

    @Tinder worst customer service ever. your useless folks ar unable to resolve a simple login issue.

  • bee_jvy
    BJ Bumanglag (@bee_jvy) reported

    Tinder, idk how you do it, but it’s working 😁. And yes, I used tinder.

  • WGCampo69
    Geoff CAMP (@WGCampo69) reported

    @BartonCCSCA Fixed it now let me loose on Stefan's tinder account and I will get that working properly too

  • WillisZZZ
    Willis (@WillisZZZ) reported

    @baaalqis Use tinder lah, problem solve

  • Evallis
    Evallis (@Evallis) reported

    @tinder You really gotta fix the swipe bug. Doesnt matter if I like or nope swipe, I get the same 200 people in my area every day UNLESS I super like, then they are removed for the pool.

  • officialcalacc
    cal vin (@officialcalacc) reported

    install tinder...for become more broken...

  • chrisgvrciv
    chris (@chrisgvrciv) reported

    tinder on my phone is literally broken and never work the app hates me @tinder i hate yall

  • hekat0s
    hailey 🦇 (@hekat0s) reported

    convinced you have to be some sort of broken and maladaptive to have tinder so it is just imperative 2 my health that i delete again

  • cherrysberries
    Cheryl Howard 🇨🇦 🇩🇪 (@cherrysberries) reported

    @NotmissScott @AltGr_Q @riayn Yeah, I have the same problem with the app too and uninstalled it years ago. Yet there days, I'm in the habit of work/home/friends leaving little opportunity to meet new people. So trying Tinder for a week or so to see what happens ...

  • Holly_Warfield1
    Holly (@Holly_Warfield1) reported

    I wish my @Tinder would start working again. I’m getting real annoyed having 0 matches.

  • laura_luna
    Laura Luna (she/her) (@laura_luna) reported

    Y’all. I knew this was an issue in the bay when I was on tinder up there and people’s profiles actually said they only dated people that used deodorant. I was like 👀👀👀

  • IanTheNiceGuy
    Ian (@IanTheNiceGuy) reported

    How is tinder working out for y’all real question here

  • JordanGray88
    Jordan Gray (@JordanGray88) reported

    @Tinder having issues on your Android app... it wont load my messages and when it does (after 5+ minutes) I cant reply without crashing the app.. tried logging out, uninstalling app...

  • anothervicee
    taylor swift liberal queen (@anothervicee) reported

    my d*ddy issues are acting up...... might redownload tinder to try and compensate

  • dexnxd3vil
    Tart Nenashh 🍍 (@dexnxd3vil) reported

    A year ago i decided to give my number to this guy on Tinder. That was the greatest decision i have made so far. All of guys I met just another broken promises but he is indeed different.

  • Aug_6_1996
    Justin G (@Aug_6_1996) reported

    Tinder is not working out so well for me 😂💀

  • brileybennettt
    bri 💛🐥🌼🌙☀️ (@brileybennettt) reported

    *talking to my neighbor about boys and them not working out for me* “do you have a tinder account, I think you should get one”

  • AlvinTanYOLO
    Alvin Tan 陈杰毅 (@AlvinTanYOLO) reported

    Whenever I tell people I'm quitting Tinder to focus on my startup, they all sound very happy. "That should slow that bastard down, making us all feel and look bad." But really, if the startup even halfway works...

  • gvedak
    Gaurav FIRMINO #1 FAN (@gvedak) reported

    @ATLBravesGirl12 @SirLEFTYDuro What's great is when I pitched this EXACT IDEA to some of my developer friends before we started working on it I pitched it as "Tinder for athletes"

  • charlottejays
    charlotte (@charlottejays) reported

    Anyone else’s tinder broken or just mine

  • emilyhancockkk
    E M I L Y (@emilyhancockkk) reported

    “My tinder is broken I’m not matching with anyone” 😭😭😭😭

  • madisenrc
    M🕸DISEN (@madisenrc) reported

    When the teacher I'm working for wants me to sub in his class long term bc we bonded over tinder <3 this would literally only happen to me lmao

  • danielxravens
    ... (@danielxravens) reported

    @TweakBoxApp the notifications for the tinder app doesn’t work or is that just a problem on my end

  • OhItsMocha
    YungPillowLips (@OhItsMocha) reported

    Toughest part about not working at Starbucks is that I have to take it out of my tinder bio, which means my matches will go down at least 27%