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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • realnewspro The Real News pro! (@realnewspro) reported

    Tinder is working on a panic button for dangerous situations - Engadget 52780567146845

  • vicnntt 『R』 『A』 『F』 『F』 (@vicnntt) reported

    Yeah **** tinder, this ******* app is broken, only 2 match's in 3 months, bad programing for sure

  • Mr_Soni_Says ⚕️डॉ. गुलाटी 2.0Ⓜ️⚕️ (@Mr_Soni_Says) reported

    even tinder isn’t working, might have to go out and actually meet people idk

  • SATUR4TlON ana (@SATUR4TlON) reported

    working w my cowerker who i matched w on tinder a while ago bye i want to d*e its so awk

  • IoeyT_T ‏ً (@IoeyT_T) reported

    what if i make a fake tinder acc and link slow walk

  • Rashyness Aashish Jagasia (@Rashyness) reported

    @lionsdenkxip @klrahul11 @theathiyashetty won’t like the Tinder part. Better you don’t create problems for your captain KL

  • darkpeach_ali Ali🍑 (@darkpeach_ali) reported

    I installed tinder months ago but removed it but now I'm trying to reinstall it but it isn't working HAHAHA that's why i installed bumble instead hahaha ok see you girls 🥺

  • AstroJake Jake Taylor (@AstroJake) reported

    @LesterBuxton I've had this issue a lot before with guys on tinder who are in relationships but don't have it in their bio and it's very annoying after investing time into them

  • incrediblylwt reg is seeing louis (@incrediblylwt) reported

    @CARAMELNIAM THATS THE PROBLEM I HAD TO,,,, and not to be that butch but that’s why I felt pretty secure when I went on tinder bc you both had to pre approve of eachother to be able to start a conversation so u already knew if they were into it or not kinda thing

  • svallers Sara Valentino (@svallers) reported

    @JaneCaro @AndrewPStreet There are many issues with hazard reduction. There is a lot of fuel because there is a drought. Everything is really, really dry. Burning this fuel could actually cause an out of control fire. Even the trees (living as they are) are dry and tinder for a fire. 1/2

  • ChronicPeeBoner Roadin. (@ChronicPeeBoner) reported

    Changed my tinder bio and I got a message because of it. Problem is that the bio needs me to have a punchline but I didn't think that far

  • sagekeyah Nanabooboo 🌺 (@sagekeyah) reported

    My old boss actually told me I need to get out more and suggested I download tinder, cause it’s “working for me.” 😳

  • xKingxKuzcox 🦋KING F*CKING KUZCO🦋 (@xKingxKuzcox) reported

    @1800haoni the curb got in my way earlier and popped my tire 😔🤟🏽 I got a tinder boy to fix it for me but I hella watched him do it so next time I know

  • KillFeedXBL Ethan (@KillFeedXBL) reported

    @Tinder Okay, I’m having issues uploading any photos. It’s actually really irritating.

  • darkcuriou RealRick (@darkcuriou) reported

    @Laymanterms48 @pallee12 @SenSchumer I am assuming your the broken bot since you can't properly reply and only give a form response. Poor broken bot. Better luck scamming on Tinder next time.

  • xKingxKuzcox 🦋KING F*CKING KUZCO🦋 (@xKingxKuzcox) reported

    A tinder boy came to fix my flat tire and I felt hella bad bc I didn’t even hang out with him or nothin after and he texted me “don’t worry about it. I was able to meet you so it made it worth it” 🥺 maybe I won’t scam him

  • xKingxKuzcox 🦋KING F*CKING KUZCO🦋 (@xKingxKuzcox) reported

    A tinder boy came to fix my tire 🤪🤟🏽 pretty privilege

  • lelelelauren . (@lelelelauren) reported

    I need to fix my sleep schedule before insomnia Lauren decides tinder is a reasonable choice

  • maryargo__ Nani🎍🇨🇺 (@maryargo__) reported

    I see what the problem is...tinder doesnt realize i like ATTRACTIVE MEN.

  • BandaidLicker kaylee (@BandaidLicker) reported

    guys say “6’2” ish” on their tinder like buddy I’m 6’2” ish what’s your margin of error tho

  • 3_2_1_nothanks chloe (@3_2_1_nothanks) reported

    I continue to swipe through tinder and get new matches even though I know my app is broken and I can’t send messages. I think this is a metaphor but I’m not sure for what

  • Morganfwright Morgan ☠️♠️💜 (@Morganfwright) reported

    @SpikedKanine *stares at the queue of Horrible Horrible fantasy tinder listings people gave me sitting on my drafts* I actually could and its a problem

  • KALDEZZI kale (@KALDEZZI) reported

    i hate when i match and it says “______ likes you too!” like slow down there tinder i think ______ and i both have horribly warped ideas about who we are and what we have to offer due to the heavily curated nature of our profiles, which can only result in disappointment

  • membrantz Kene (@membrantz) reported

    @AppValley_vip Tinder not working

  • StevenNichols86 Steven Nichols (@StevenNichols86) reported

    @PhotoFettBH There's your first problem......... Tinder isn't for dating.

  • arman5671 Armani (@arman5671) reported

    After the banning of my tinder account I’ve had to take drastic action to fix my attitude

  • 145184 Joevenile (@145184) reported

    @itsginnydi Dont see a problem with starting to date off of shared interests, unless it's the sole basis of a relationship. Unless you already know someone you cant see personality. People asking that question probably dont know anyone to begin with (& tinder would be more dehumanizing IMO).

  • onceuponavoid Lyta (@onceuponavoid) reported

    I only just got tinder again and I'm already here, staring at someone's profile, quietly whispering "pls msg me first pls msg me first pls msg me first" and this is my problem

  • saramichaels Sara Michaels (@saramichaels) reported

    @stephen_james I feel like I remember one of your Tinder photos being fairly MySpace-y. I can see it working.

  • hannahchalliss angelia (@hannahchalliss) reported

    for a boy who I was trying to fix and help him get his shit together and then we match on tinder and he ignores me*

  • RoCoStan24 Vino (@RoCoStan24) reported

    @atIhawks @JustANormalHum1 He doesn't need some soft ass shit like Tinder He just needs to go to more parties/clubs/get himself out there If he an introvert, that's a different story, but from interacting with him behind a screen, he don't got that issue

  • ARYAREADYKlDS 𝒆𝒖𝒓𝒚𝒅𝒊𝒄𝒆 (@ARYAREADYKlDS) reported

    @NEVAEHLIED nevaeh i'm sorry i'm trying to meet my true love through a fish tank i forgot my tinder login

  • Mrzack123 sensitive pencil (@Mrzack123) reported

    Thought I had a match on tinder but it was an advertisement to fix my smile.

  • GoInterrobang hhgggx @ COMMISSIONS OPEN (@GoInterrobang) reported

    Finally branching out into Tinder again, because I'm queer and lonely and somehow feeling myself enough to try and fix the lonely part

  • adriannamhart adrianna (@adriannamhart) reported

    this tweet is for the bike courier i matched with on tinder and see every time i’m working. i’m sorry i ghosted you and now we have to awkwardly pretend like we don’t see each other whenever you come in.

  • koal82_cb koal82 (@koal82_cb) reported

    Tinder fix your shit I live in NJ, searching a 50 mile radius Sorry but Madrid and Glasgow are NOT 6 miles away 🤣

  • giantqueer devil incarnate (@giantqueer) reported

    you know i’m depressed when i’ve deleted tinder and bumble ... don’t even think p*ssy can fix me at this point😢😓🤒😟😔🥺🤧

  • kassalpatric Phil (@kassalpatric) reported

    Either my tinder is broken or I’m really THAT ******* ugly cuz I’ve swiped right to everyone for like 2 weeks and haven’t gotten A SINGLE ******* MATCH

  • moxie_444 Faith (@moxie_444) reported

    @natalieclaus_ This reminds me of when I got broken up with, and immediately starting seeing ads for tinder and bumble. A good reminder that advertisers see every single word I type 🙃

  • gumbolaya101 kek or cringe (@gumbolaya101) reported

    all my matches on tinder are 50+ miles away and my settings are on 3 miles this app broken as shit

  • sarahtilton13 big oof (@sarahtilton13) reported

    My only issue with Doggy Tinder is that there might be some kind of royalty around the word Tinder in an app so similar to Tinder. Time for some research

  • drhingram Helen Ingram (@drhingram) reported

    Universities need to talk about the ever-increasing gulf between their predominantly right-leaning working-class support staff (porters, cleaners, admin etc) and their mostly left-leaning middle-class academics. It’s a tinder box waiting to go up and sparking like hell...

  • SJSharpedo Tony the plaid wizard (@SJSharpedo) reported

    Todays mood is being inspired by pretending to be Snom on tinder and starting to better yourself by going out and buying weights so you start working out again

  • FakeDispatchBot FakeDispatchBot (@FakeDispatchBot) reported

    Diebold issues apology i got told this on tinder once. and, worse, i might have to slide

  • Shivam9672 Shivam Sharma (@Shivam9672) reported

    Hey @Tinder_India Valentine's coming and my tinder is not working. I'm feeling so helpless. #Valentines #tinder #tinderwhitescreen

  • tanganyicaa Big Tange (@tanganyicaa) reported

    @CaptainAsshole6 @BluntlyBlake Once again, Tinder is not exclusively for women. If there’s an issue with men swiping left, it’s a glitch and a problem with Tinder. I said what I said, Gay Girl.

  • Rico31160427 Rico, da Tico (@Rico31160427) reported

    Finally tried Tinder. A bunch of cows, hookers and drug addicts looking for money for a fix. So elegant

  • kokosrevenge hot italian stoner chick (@kokosrevenge) reported

    every girl i see on tinder i just wanna... i just wanna fix them!

  • laurhead Lauren (@laurhead) reported

    I tried to hook up one night stand on tinder bc I was heart broken a few weeks back LMAO and this dude won’t stop hitting me up 😅

  • TomGreenMC Tom Green (@TomGreenMC) reported

    1/2 So been on Tinder a while and my observations: 1. Got to post a photo out hill walking or an outdoors sport. 2. No bio just photos. Don't know general interests in advance just swiping on looks 3. Resting ***** face. Smile please. 4. Horseriding pic. Obv daddy issues

  • ryilesxx Ry (@ryilesxx) reported

    been wanting to make a tinder account dedicated to telling straight men to fix their nauseating profiles

  • Andyisahomo Fragile.masculinity (@Andyisahomo) reported


  • pixiebr4t 𝙡𝙮𝙙𝙞𝙖 🧚🏽‍♀️ PREMIUM SNAP $2.99 (@pixiebr4t) reported

    tinder n bumble be hurting my feelings on the same level as my mother does ... and that’s on mommy issues 🙈

  • HelplessHeroes HelplessHeroes (@HelplessHeroes) reported

    I think @Tinder is broken... nvm I think its my face!

  • psizzlie PARKER (@psizzlie) reported

    Boys. Whatever your tinder Bio is, delete it. It isn’t working

  • PaperBundle Brown Paper Bag (@PaperBundle) reported

    @SkyNewsAust Thought bubble muppet , how come areas that had hazard reduction two years ago , reburnt. The problem is the drought ,which makes everything a tinder box.

  • xallan97x Allan (@xallan97x) reported

    I’m convinced my tinder is broken because I haven’t matched with anyone in like 5 months

  • T_Bonezzz_ ☠️ Bonez ☠️ (@T_Bonezzz_) reported

    Sorry, but your Tinder password must include the following: • Fear of Rejection and Abandonment • Self-Loathing and Addictive Personalities • Physical Insecurities and Unresolved Daddy Issues

  • ZEZUS__ Zenn-essy (@ZEZUS__) reported

    Gotta start working on my “Tinder” portion.

  • heyits_Britney Britney (@heyits_Britney) reported

    Matched with my human resouces advisor for work on tinder. Does this count as an HR issue 😂