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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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August 21: Problems at Tinder

Tinder is having issues since 12:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (42.34%)
  • Online Features (26.03%)
  • App Crashing (16.55%)
  • Glitches (13.38%)
  • Microtransactions (1.70%)

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  • EscheteA
    amanda.eschete (@EscheteA) reported

    I’m too anxious and awkward for tinder. I just rely on people to follow my socials and find out about my problems on their own.

  • bumbogbeag
    sickbabyGRL (@bumbogbeag) reported

    Hi I think my tinder is broken. I’ve only matched with 1 person all day

  • HolaLaLa74
    LaLa LaCrosse (@HolaLaLa74) reported

    @bvdhai This thread has inspired me to seek couple’s therapy with my spouse before we have problems! I’m too old for this Tinder fuckery. I would stay single and eat all the hot dogs!

  • ManberShmallery
    ✨Am·ber✨ (@ManberShmallery) reported

    @redhotsuz Yeah I was so livid cause I had my account for YEARS no problems. But I sent them an email one by one responding to every guideline and how I didn’t violate it to get them to admit it was because I’m a blogger and hey just stopped responding. So fuck @Tinder

  • KineticSquirrel
    Adam (@KineticSquirrel) reported

    Before I pass out for the night, a thought I had earlier: The magic mirror in Shrek basically saved himself from being broken by showing Lord Farquaad he had Tinder installed

  • kyle_mc_1
    kyle McMurray ™ (@kyle_mc_1) reported

    Keep telling myself tinder isn't working instead of dealing with the fact I'm just fuck ugly.

  • Maria_Alexe
    Maria Alexe (@Maria_Alexe) reported

    @Tinder I haven't been able to login since last night and this is a recurring problem. I would like a refund for my subscription. @tinderprobs

  • asyndetic
    GCU Six of Seven (@asyndetic) reported

    WHY AM I LOSING FOLLOWERS, was it the Tinder hunger games retweet. Was it analysis on that godawful Scots Merida meme. Was it the thread on Catholic Church accountability for the systemic child abuse coverup. Was it the retweet on the financial crash. Is it all the German. Was it

  • saifuldaniell
    chengcheng (@saifuldaniell) reported

    Tinder error: I thought the one that I like should swapped left. Patut lah yang chat aku semua makcik tua hmmm

  • paisleyrae
    paisleyrae (@paisleyrae) reported

    @Frederiko @Tinder @Uber @LinkedIn @waze @Spotify @instagram @Google @facebook we died of treatable diseases without medicine we pooped in our own drinking water without knowledge of bacteria we had avg lifespans under 40 without doctors we believed witches and bad spirits caused our problems without literacy, what's your point here, man?

  • ChappedMan
    Cory Chapman (@ChappedMan) reported

    I’m put off that with the inordinate volume of REAL world issues — not the least of which is a sitting @POTUS who’s committed treason — @ABCNews is giving time to some actress wannabe who duped guys on @Tinder. She is disrespectful and exploiting others for personal exposure.

  • ShadowsatDoor
    Shadows at the Door (@ShadowsatDoor) reported

    @horrolivia My whole dating experience has been the removal of an erroneous use of space (me) from the lives of others. So here's my Tinder bio and this should sort out your problem...

  • Will60287970
    Will (@Will60287970) reported

    @Tinder I’m having account problems. How can I contact you to get them resolved? I keep getting an error that states I have no internet. Failing to login via desktop aswell. All service status websites are not reporting any issues either :/ pls help want to get laid

  • GWhiteFitness
    Glenn J. White (@GWhiteFitness) reported

    @bvdhai First problem: Tinder

  • khennessy__
    Kevin Hennessy (@khennessy__) reported

    Dating is broken (tinder killed it). Housing is broken. When am I going to feel like an adult exactly? Living at home is driving me crazy, arguing with my mother like a teenager. And I'm in a "lucky" situation. I feel really sorry for ppl stuck renting in this dysfunctional city.

  • CreceliusArt
    Rebecca Crecelius (@CreceliusArt) reported from Anderson Mill, Texas

    @rolandixor @okcupid @Tinder @Zoosk @coffeeMbagel @elitesingles @PlentyOfFish That's part of the problem... I like alphas... The real thing... None of this Red Pill nonsense.

  • Unknownmemer12
    MyNameJeff (@Unknownmemer12) reported

    @AppValley_vip Can you fix tinder++? It doesn’t give me any + features

  • zo_schmo
    Zoe✨ (@zo_schmo) reported

    Well my tinder stopped working so my life’s over see y’all in hell

  • rickbert
    Rick Cochrane (@rickbert) reported

    "Swiper, no swiping!" - is it a comment on the immutability of innate character, or was it a visionary caution against hookup culture, Tinder, etc.? Maybe Swiper had addiction issues? Either way, the fact that he was a fox was jarring, everyone knows raccoons are shady af. #dora

  • itscarloswald
    Thoughts of Carl™ (@itscarloswald) reported

    @LeonardCowalski @JoshFritch I now see why tinder hasn't been working out...

    👻 (@HAUNTEDYETI) reported

    "Men desirable at 50" actually statistical error. Most men are never desirable. Jeff Goldblum, who lives in the Hollywood Hills and has 10,000 tinder matches per day, is an outlier adn should not be counted

  • J_R_Chapman
    hentai (@J_R_Chapman) reported from Falcon Heights, Minnesota

    @jape_king look here alex jones my tinder gold sub is a completely healthy way for me to deal with my commitment issues

  • Nicschultz32
    Nicolas Schultz (@Nicschultz32) reported

    When you think Tinder is broken but you really just ugly as hell

  • RaeBae06
    Rachel Martorano (@RaeBae06) reported

    Me: *is bored and on tinder* Mom: you swipe left too much Me: *shows her what I’m working with on here* Mom: just delete the entire app, damn.

  • Princesshaweyy
    Haley Allshouse (@Princesshaweyy) reported

    @kailannbb @elllieeeee @reitz_abby @Brycen_V @hannahea43 Well when you pretend you are 23 on tinder when you were 15 to do things with guys then you have ALOT of issues...

  • Brady11Canuck
    Life’s a dream worth living. (@Brady11Canuck) reported

    @BrianYVRmP @globalnews Deadwood, if we don’t pick it up it’s tinder for fires, Alberta issues permits and ppl go and collect bed loads for 5 bucks, why was it cancelled in BC? Could be wrong but my nephew says collecting deadwood is a crime in BC, is it BC’ers?

  • PineappleTrev
    Pineapple Trev (@PineappleTrev) reported

    Is anyone else’s @Tinder broken? I get logged out everytime, how am I supposed to find love like that??

  • KingPegs
    Oran Juice Jones (@KingPegs) reported

    So I been talkin to this chick on Tinder and pulled the "let's meet up" line finally. Problem is it turns out she doesn't live near enough to get to conveniently lol. I thought that was the case but she mentioned being in the area a couple times.

  • ArielFelidae
    Ariel Felidae👽😺👌 (@ArielFelidae) reported

    @JFGariepy The problem is that they are looking for trad women in nightclubs and tinder. Worse, when hitting on women they often use pick-up tricks, which utterly disgusts trad women, but does attract sluts. Hence, they get stuck in an infinite loop of dating the worst of womenhood.

  • tarabenabid
    tara (@tarabenabid) reported

    tinder drinking game: take a shot every time a bio mentions working out, eating food, or watching the office

  • KiwiT0M
    Tom M (@KiwiT0M) reported

    @jadeyk01 @GerardoSan95 @laramietj no. because blond hair is not commonly natural. therefore you can assume that person has insecurities and needs to hide who they really are through make up and hair colour. Likely use snapchat and tinder all day. Basic bitch blondes will cheat on you no problems

  • kmilideo
    Katie Milideo (@kmilideo) reported

    I was thinking about how working at a DV law center makes me want to delete my tinder, and almost on cue my coworker said "and people still ask me why I'm single." yas girl, same page.

  • helloxelene
    🍒 (@helloxelene) reported

    siapa ada account tinder pls slide into my dms, i have problem with tinder account hELP :(

  • BoltzmannBody
    Trillgore Kout (@BoltzmannBody) reported

    I used to have a rule that I'd never match with any person on tinder that put their zodiac sign in their bio, but I can't follow that rule anymore because like half the population of women on that god damn app believes in astrology. Are my principles that weak? Yes

  • frankenfloozie
    Frankie F ☾ (@frankenfloozie) reported

    @Kingstrokesxxx Relatable. Tinder won’t even let me sign up. It’ll say error if I try lol.

  • Adrianchavezlo2
    Adrianchavezlord107 (@Adrianchavezlo2) reported

    1,200 sugar baby you gotta use a bank and a credit card I don’t need your login strictly official #luxy #match #pof #mdate #tinder #meetme #scout #A4A #facebook #sugardaddy #college #sugarbabywanted #SugarDaddys #meetmillionaire #seekingarrangement #sugarbaby

  • bilbobaggins2k
    The Hairy Hobbit (@bilbobaggins2k) reported

    @Raphaelite_Girl @Tinder I bet they’ve all got mummy issues...

  • GeoffreySaucer
    Geoffrey C (@GeoffreySaucer) reported

    @JessLuvsDonuts @Frederiko @Chris_Ravary @Tinder @Uber @LinkedIn @waze @Spotify @instagram @Google @facebook Keyboard warrior. Do you think you come across as really witty, tough and brave? I hope not because you are none of those things. You are a coward hiding behind the internet who has some real hostility problems. Throw your phone out the window


    @dramebaazsaala @Tinder Me too y’all better fix this shit !

  • ShaneMulrooney
    Shane Müller (@ShaneMulrooney) reported

    I'm not pig ugly it's Tinder not working

  • Ace51275302
    Ace (@Ace51275302) reported

    @Tinder #Tinderdown NOT WORKING.

  • Ace51275302
    Ace (@Ace51275302) reported


  • dwsNY
    David Silverstone, Very Stable Genius (@dwsNY) reported

    @authorbear2 @Frederiko @Meloney007 @Tinder @Uber @LinkedIn @waze @Spotify @instagram @Google @facebook See, there's your problem - you were at a well-known, desirable place to work! I worked in college admissions for just a year, so I'm DEFINITELY sympathetic to using tech to pare the wheat from the chaff -- I'm just also wary of the over-use of tech missing a lot of wheat!

  • SimonBurkarl
    Simon Burkarl (@SimonBurkarl) reported

    @Tinder fix your servers!!!!!!!! I am paying for this shit !!??

  • GarethSmith94
    G SHORTS:) (@GarethSmith94) reported

    @Tinder Tinder Keeps Gliching out n UK APP is Bugged up!! Fix the issues And Updates! (RESET Server)

  • thorobad
    evil hag jr (@thorobad) reported


  • BrianSlonka
    Brian Slonka (@BrianSlonka) reported from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania

    Gotta love when you're literally about to get lunch with someone and @Tinder decides to stop working.

  • allyzasadny
    Ally Zasadny ✨ (@allyzasadny) reported

    My tinder is broken so idk if that’s a sign or

  • jasminedumpling
    Jasmine (@jasminedumpling) reported

    guy on tinder: i mass swiped and mass messaged I would never fuck you you’re ugly me: so terribly broken a mediocre white male from a third tier toilet school doesn’t want to sleep with me. sorry I mistook your all-American profile for decency, be well Brent (his name is Sean)

  • ishancarter
    Ishancarter (@ishancarter) reported

    @Tinder look guys atm I'm unemployed , I need you to fix your servers quickly so I can be ignored by all the women I match with #tinderdown #singlelife #cuddlewanted #tinder

  • volcanxc_
    k (@volcanxc_) reported

    @Tinder excuse me ur app isn’t working pls fix it

  • KizuRai
    Sophy (@KizuRai) reported

    @wholesome_slut @_ncxlv @venuschain My account actually got deleted on HER for some reason, like it just broke. I stopped using it then. It was a buggy mess; it would crash constantly too. Tinder's a little buggy but it has good UI. The people on there was what I had issue with.

  • boopeshwar
    •▬●๋•bőőpểکhwáŕ● ~~ (@boopeshwar) reported

    Tinder isn't working. Someone got to look on it #Tinder @TindrProbs @Tinder

  • antiromeoclub
    Alenochka (@antiromeoclub) reported

    Some guy hmu on tinder and was like "you look so Korean" I was like "ok lol tnx" and he was like "no problem, keep it up!" lmao wtf

  • kainessalvation
    jackie 💀 (@kainessalvation) reported

    @bunigorl the only girls I find on tinder are weedheads which wouldnt be a problem if that wasnt the only thing they put on their profile

  • MonkeyDNicko
    Roronoa (@MonkeyDNicko) reported

    @BeaTaguchi Tinder problems

  • misstwink
    Ashley (@misstwink) reported

    But he met the joint on Tinder. They didn’t exchange any pleasantries. She didn’t even have info in her profile. He was strictly going out with her for her looks. Does he not see any issue with that?

  • cayarena
    RAYA 🌻 (@cayarena) reported

    it’s too late but i’m just thinking now how tinder woulda been the perfect way to get the survey out for my dissertation.... i coulda offered dates if they completed it.... and it woulda covered the geographical issues.... god

    A SAD BOY (@ASADBOY11) reported

    @Tinder i need help tinder, whats It error a40303, and wich rules i broke?

  • ErikVasboe
    woah that was wild (@ErikVasboe) reported

    @verostardust I have a coworker that literally goes through tinder getting at least 5 girls a week to bang. He's romantically evil and will ditch girls whenever he feels like it. The main issue is commitment, the second one is cuz he had quite the shit expirence as a kid.