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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Tinder. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (45.78%)
  • ▪ Online Features (29.87%)
  • ▪ Glitches (11.69%)
  • ▪ App Crashing (11.36%)
  • ▪ Microtransactions (1.30%)

Tinder Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Mexico City, Mexico City  ▪ Seville, Andalusia  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Paris, Maine  ▪ Paris, Île-de-France  ▪ Barcelona, Catalonia  ▪ Miami, Florida  ▪ Mississauga, Ontario  ▪ Oregon City, Oregon  ▪ Oslo, Oslo  ▪ Oxford, England

Tinder Live Outage Map
  • Mexico City, Mexico City
  • Seville, Andalusia
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Paris, Maine
  • Paris, Île-de-France
  • Barcelona, Catalonia
  • Miami, Florida
  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Oregon City, Oregon
  • Oslo, Oslo
  • Oxford, England
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Tinder Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • quesoqueen1016
    mitchie torres (@quesoqueen1016) reported

    Okay so someone either mistyped their phone number at like 2:15 this morning (3 times), or is trying to steal my identity. I got 3 text messages saying “use ***** for your login code on tinder. (Account kit by Facebook).” I reported it to FB and Tinder through my web browser.

  • fxreverjb
    the best (@fxreverjb) reported


  • Twerkulies
    Meta-b0tz (@Twerkulies) reported

    I see these girls on tinder Whores She says she loves me dearly What a whore She let me fuck her ass I like it She leaves me with a text I'm broken She calls me late at night Drunk We fuck and make up Sad

  • ross4less
    ross (@ross4less) reported from Spokane, Washington

    I'm in a drought rn. I haven't found a girl who's into me in over 5 months and at this point I think I'm a lost cause. Not even Tinder is working. Farmers meet here I come.

  • cambeezy
    Claire (@cambeezy) reported

    Also I really need to see a dick pic to know what we’re working with here like, props to that dude from tinder who laid it out first thing “do you have a problem with small genitalia?” so we could all just keep it moving

  • p3t3r49principl
    peeters syndrom (@p3t3r49principl) reported

    @Tinder are you really serious as a company ? After the fact that your data stream is not even encrypted on mobile, you don’t even have a working support page ? The return value of the submit button of your page is ‘{}’ . My gosh ! Can you even do worse in programming ?

  • bmyers1123
    B-Money (@bmyers1123) reported

    “I’m not into hook ups but that seems to be all that happens between me and guys” well, your main source of meeting people is on tinder... and sorry to break it to you ladies but 99.9% of people don’t take that shit seriously.. sooo that’s your problem right there.

  • VictorB123
    BeleaguredCrosspatch (@VictorB123) reported

    @daffycrux @StarTribune CA didn't get any data any other application provider where you use your Facebook login doesn't get. They got the SAME data Tinder gets, same data any "Facebook integrated" app gets. Nothing different. They got access to your "friends" list, basically.

  • Aaron_Vlogs1
    Aaron Vlogs (@Aaron_Vlogs1) reported


  • kawaiii5ever
    💯% THAT BITCH (@kawaiii5ever) reported

    Aries season is off to a rough start with me, deleted tinder so I got no hoes, just got sick, working a bunch and I have no idea what’s going on in school. How about y’all?

  • ohnastybastard
    ONB 🐰 (@ohnastybastard) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Fix Tinder ++ meanwhile

  • ohnastybastard
    ONB 🐰 (@ohnastybastard) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Fix Tinder ++

  • SoulQuestion
    Tommy (@SoulQuestion) reported

    @Tinder I'm having some issues with my app. I was getting messages and couldn't read them. So I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it but now it won't go passed the logo.

  • arkforyan
    noah_foryan (@arkforyan) reported

    @Exkarma @Mikaela_Pascal We go to bars to get away from ppl like you who feel the need to explain why they hate men but yet have tinder accounts and have random hook ups.... so I guess you do need us oh yea and how are you gonna make that extra few dollars more we make for working :)

  • JordanZbegner
    jord⚓️ (@JordanZbegner) reported

    if we match on tinder, there’s a problem.

  • Tronkitty
    ☿ PoopieBRATgrl_4EVA ☿ (@Tronkitty) reported from Manchester, Connecticut

    LMAO some regular came in a goes “I super liked you on tinder two weeks ago what happened I’m so heart broken” I haven’t stopped laughing

  • jackconley94
    jack (@jackconley94) reported

    Maybe my tinder icebreaker shouldn’t be “what’s your deepest darkest secret or best poop story?” Doesn’t seem to be working

  • DarkLaughterTDB
    Dark Laughter (@DarkLaughterTDB) reported

    @bendreyfuss @kate_m_C, you're working for Tinder, aren't you? This reads like something you'd write.

  • roxannethompsss
    rockshman (@roxannethompsss) reported

    They stopped letting me into the boot with my fake because I matched with too many of the bouncers on tinder and they recognized me off of my profile if that's not a Roxanne problem I'm not sure what is ://

    ALANA (@LONELYLATINA) reported

    .... some guy I matched with on tinder the other day is working out next to me... and we’re the only ones in here I’m so uncomfortable

  • AriDavidUSA
    Ari David (@AriDavidUSA) reported

    How much [email protected] data does [email protected] mine? And who cares? We all agree to be “mined” in exchange for using all these apps for free. The issue is censorship: anything not prohibited by law should be allowed on all social sites.

  • HarrySambuceto
    Harry Sambuceto (@HarrySambuceto) reported

    @alexasdfghjkl @itzbry4n One person deletes his tinder and redownloads it and hooks up days after each break up, one has it because but never uses it because of the pain from the break ups. Which one is better, one takes problems out of context and asks other people, who’s the better one

    AK47 (@IMOKUSUK) reported

    @mblcta1 @jmllubber @DougKass @TSTRealMoneyPro Yeah, though were other factors at work in that 10% Feb crash. We had gone parabolic for a couple of months, and of course, the ridiculous vol-selling set-up was like tinder looking for a match. If it were all about QT, we never should have made parabolic new highs in late Jan.

  • Gaydarade
    masokisses (@Gaydarade) reported

    17 Either my Tinder app is broken, or femme-attracted queers are extremely bad at hooking up, and it's absolutely the latter.

  • OfficialPlaysTV
    Plays (@OfficialPlaysTV) reported

    @Bliingee We're trying to be the tinder of gaming... In all seriousness, sorry about that. it's something we're aware of. We've gotten a few of the issues taken care of, but not all. Should be soon. We never intend our client to be associated with spam. Thank you for your patience!

  • real_raphaelt
    Raphael (@real_raphaelt) reported

    @kairyssdal @fmanjoo Yep, and any apps that use Facebook as login verification (goodbye Tinder)

  • therift72
    Robert Morris (@therift72) reported

    2018 version of Rupert Holmes ‘Pina Colada’ song: dude gets bored of his missus, goes on Tinder and meets up with random bird who turns out to be his missus, who goes nuts and cuts his cock off. Working title: ‘Pinga No Longer Harder’.

  • billiebeta
    Grace on the Wire (@billiebeta) reported

    @ferdeline @jilliancyork Both services offer alternatives for access, though I can't confirm whether one can migrate from a Facebook social login to their standalone account logins, but Tinder and Trov both support local logins unassociated to Facebook. It isn't convenient but it isn't infeasible.

  • shitusername27
    ols (@shitusername27) reported

    Tinder is broken because I haven't had a match in ages and of course it's not me... *sobs into pot noodle*

  • MikeBigby
    celine dion fan (@MikeBigby) reported

    @UniqueDude2 My main issue is tinder is not really targeted at over 40s, should’ve gone with eharmony

  • MikeBigby
    celine dion fan (@MikeBigby) reported

    @UniqueDude2 My main issue is tinder is not really targeted at over 40s

  • Santsmagarci
    Santiago garcia moro (@Santsmagarci) reported

    @tlnderapp i want to put a claim my tinder account is not working well

  • Mr_Magic_Al
    Mr Magic AL (@Mr_Magic_Al) reported

    @AdmiralHandsom I should probably delete my Facebook as well considering I only have it for a @Tinder login, and even then no one swipes right on me making THAT useless as well.

  • jonas619sd
    J0NA$420 (@jonas619sd) reported

    @Tinder is tinder still down been having login issues since yesterday and no matches

  • Bea_John
    Bernadette John (@Bea_John) reported

    Cambridge Analytica is not the problem - platforms and Apps from Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram to Snapchat and Tinder are the real problem and need regulation.

  • yaywhite
    jay (@yaywhite) reported

    @hawillisdc Tinder sanitizes human interaction to such a worrying degree - combine that with the already existing problem that people can’t fucking effectively communicate through digital means and what’s left is a cocktail of dead empathy and disconnection

  • shruggingViolet
    Wren ⚧ (@shruggingViolet) reported

    I deleted Tinder! FYI, the app's very clingy about breaking up: "Are you sure you want to leave? Maybe we could just take a break? No? Then tell me what went wrong. Maybe we can fix it, and try again."

  • brilampert
    bri.☼ (@brilampert) reported

    I have this problem where sometimes I'll judge a guy by thinking to myself "oh yeah, definitely looks like the type of guy to pay monthly for Tinder". :/

  • Slatterrific
    Theresa Slater+ (@Slatterrific) reported

    I don't want to #deleteFacebook until my dating apps let me upload and login in without it @Tinder #feeld #3fun

  • Blitzforcez
    Blitzforce (@Blitzforcez) reported

    @ditharmoechtar Login Tinder.

  • ShyguyShiloh
    ☆ Mars ☆ (@ShyguyShiloh) reported

    Just had some fuckboy unmatch me on tinder for saying I was working on HW in the library when he asked what I was doing. Like sweet, I dont need that negativity, I got a degree to get bitch.

  • willperring
    DDC.159 #FBPE (@willperring) reported

    @Tinder can't log in on the app any more. "Something went wrong". Tried reinstall (android), problem still exists. Suggestions please? :)

  • sschullo
    Steve Schullo (@sschullo) reported

    @teacherfire1 It's complicated--I just went through this. I paid for a first date at a restaurant with a gal I met on Tinder, and I knew I was not going to see her again. Other 1st dates were coffee first and they paid for their coffee. I say no, IF first meeting. $ is not the issue.

  • kingdomcape
    🌊🌴 (@kingdomcape) reported

    @Tinder hi is Tinder still currently not working correctly?

  • NeelzBaby
    Chris Neely (@NeelzBaby) reported

    Girls got the strangest photos on tinder lol broken toilets wtf

  • neoxax767
    Neo Trinity (@neoxax767) reported

    @SkyNews websites and apps which use @facebook as a form of login such as @Tinder shld also come under scrutiny as to why they insist on having social media login as their mode of logging up instead of a simply and direct client sign up. A matter also for Info Commissioner.

  • dopetard
    Ankur Kumar @ 🇨🇳 (@dopetard) reported

    @C_H_Wood Yes, gonna test it by creating new stickers. Bummer [email protected] doesn't use something like this to circumvent unsolicited picture problem. They basically had to forgo the feature to send pictures because of this.

  • mackmikimack
    Miki (@mackmikimack) reported

    @Tinder your app is broken it says I don’t have any matches! Please fix this bug!

  • KGBclaire
    Claire Mason (@KGBclaire) reported


  • Adam_Jacobi
    Adam Jacobi (@Adam_Jacobi) reported

    @treatmespecial I feel like scial media is a healthier option than what was out there before. Do we really need Johnny Cash and Ray Charles doing supreme amounts of heroin out there? How many of those problems get solved by FaceTime and/or Tinder instead?

    mike the nice guy (@bwAAAAAAAAAGAAA) reported

    I just got a new match on tinder and I’m like why tho ??? I’m fat what the fuck I think tinders broken

  • Shannnonnb2
    Shannon Victoria (@Shannnonnb2) reported

    I was thinking about making my tinder bio “don’t have any daddy issues but we can pretend if you’d like?” Masterpiece or mediocre?

  • mistdew_fang
    fang (@mistdew_fang) reported

    @netflix @Tinder yeah right @netflix .. you are dedicated to cancelling original inclusive content with non-white and/or non-male leads or ensemble casts .. #RenewGypsy #RenewSense8 Are you the problem or the solution?

  • lolipop8104
    Francisco (@lolipop8104) reported

    @Tinder Why do you force users to sign with their facebook login data and giving facebook access to imense amount of personal data as we have recently seen. #DeleteFacebook #WheresZuck

  • webscoundrel
    your good friend sof (@webscoundrel) reported

    the college experience so far is seeing people lose their shit over squirrels (??), getting high on weeknights, working until you hit either depression or mania, complaining about the food, and running into your rapist on tinder

  • FrankieAram
    Francisco Javier (@FrankieAram) reported

    First beautiful guy I match with on Tinder after going on a 3 month hiatus tells me he's only looking for fun...nothing has broken me like this

  • kristaprince_
    Krista (@kristaprince_) reported

    ON GOD some of y’alls men get their heart broken once and think they a fuccboi all of a sudden. Sit down Arthur nobody cares that you wildin out on Tinder

  • LessIsMoh
    Mohammed Kloub (@LessIsMoh) reported

    Drove my roommate to a Tinder date and felt like a father dropping his daughter off. Told her to have fun and call me if there was a problem lmao

  • JayBaconStrips
    Infamous JayBaken (@JayBaconStrips) reported

    I think I might have to just shoot my shot in some dms and see what happens.... tinder and bumble both ain’t working for me

  • sanscrayola
    AX(L) on Restriction (@sanscrayola) reported

    Using tinder to try and find a gym partner that isn't a pussy is not working