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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • lovewitchh 𝒞𝒶𝓂𝒾𝓁𝓁𝑒 🍒 (@lovewitchh) reported

    i don’t really think it’s the time or place to flirt with people while they’re working. BUT i got a little tipsy the other night with a friend and wrote my # on my receipt because she was super cute and we just matched on tinder and i’m so embarrassed.

  • daeneryshive jessica (@daeneryshive) reported

    this tinder thing is not working out i’m deleting it

  • frankie_sutt0n Frankie Sutton (@frankie_sutt0n) reported

    I’m about to make a tinder account under a false alias as Dr. Phil and slide into DMs trying to help people with their problems

  • emlind_ emelie lindabaur (@emlind_) reported

    I have this problem where I match w boys on tinder and I fall in love with them and then I look them up on insta and find out they’re actually ugly and then all my dreams get crushed

  • jenn63432707 JennyJenn (@jenn63432707) reported

    I just liked the guy who ghosted next in tinder. I’m so curious to see if he has the ***** to message me. And now I’m working out my imaginary response in me head...

  • askanonpro Uwe Boll's Blackmail Vault (@askanonpro) reported

    There needs to be a tinder for meal hookups. Like I feel for sushi and my friends are lame and I match with someone who is having the same issue and we meet up and have lunch together.

  • JDanyale_ Jada 🌺 (@JDanyale_) reported

    Tinder wouldn’t let me and Kelob be great and banned my account.. we just want cheeks like everyone else on there so idk what the issue was. Lol

  • therealsharkb8 Charlotte Brönte (@therealsharkb8) reported

    Is this a common problem: I keep falling in love with the fish in people’s tinder profiles

  • ccregnier courtney regnier (@ccregnier) reported

    the one good thing ab getting broken up with through text is that i can download tinder again😎

  • mayelaurizar13 Mayela Urizar (@mayelaurizar13) reported

    Like how I STAY hearing guys say, “all girls do is take pictures when they workout instead of working out” when 60% of pics on tinder are of them in planet fitness

  • hydraulicHoney bella viva (@hydraulicHoney) reported

    I wonder if my bf knows all of his friends swiped right on me on tinder when he were broken up

  • onetrueoverlord The Viscount Guyliner of Capitalism Lane (@onetrueoverlord) reported

    I'd be open to the idea of Tinder Super Boost if it wasn't for the slight issue that it's THIRTY EIGHT ******* POUNDS

  • suicidepets KaratePlops (@suicidepets) reported

    Found ex on tinder with a "good time not a long time" bio which is fine totally fine I have no problem with that, just gonna go ahead& draft a friendly, helpful email about how dangerous it is to be a ***** pig ***** for what I assume are hundreds if not thousands of random scumb

  • misomisonii ⊙︿⊙ (@misomisonii) reported

    @NIKOATNlGHT bc i am already working on the other one off tinder 😤😤😤

  • _Track4lyfe_100 Trey Jamal (@_Track4lyfe_100) reported

    When I login into tinder I really be thinking there’s something in the water here 😰🤭

  • BDisaster76 🔞Missy ~ Beautiful_disaster76 (@BDisaster76) reported

    @LeBlanc_Chrissy @APAGunion Yikes! Havent been banned on tinder (yet but 🤞)but Ive had issues with bumble for some reason

  • igtsoy Chernobyl Radiotrophic Fungus (@igtsoy) reported

    men on tinder see the word “*******” at the top of my bio and think “a superlike and calling myself an enby will fix this”

  • Ikiry0 Joseph Scanlon (@Ikiry0) reported

    @KateDrawsComics A little before would have been lovely. Paper makes for good tinder if that initial spark for a fire is eluding you and the average Tory leaflet should have no problem inciting harmful forces.

  • Shadon1010 Shadon @ The End of the Decade シャドン (@Shadon1010) reported

    I see no issue with this, allows me to get in some quality Tinder time on my phone

  • believeInYosef Nas (@believeInYosef) reported

    @Tinder how tf! Do I delete my account. Tried several times to do just that but it keeps popping out error message: error deleting account! I want out!

  • believeInYosef Nas (@believeInYosef) reported

    @Tinder how tf! Do I delete my account. Tried several times to do just that but it keeps popping out error message: error deleting account! I want out!

  • MilquetoastQT MilquetoastQT (@MilquetoastQT) reported

    I hate looking at someone's Tinder profile and just realizing how broken they are. Sad. But I'm no repairman.

  • stuwillis Stu Willis (@stuwillis) reported

    @LeenaVanD One thing I’ve been thinking a lot about this year is why I see as an epidemic of male loneliness. Certainly a by product of toxic masculinity (amongst other things). Not your problem to deal with at all. But I suspect that’s why a lot of guys are on tinder or whatever.

  • _OH_Wells Jolly OH Wells 🎅 (@_OH_Wells) reported

    My tinder is blowing up hard. Of course after I take a promotion which leads to me working 20 extra hours a week.

  • Mayhemoverload Hannah Bandsterm (@Mayhemoverload) reported

    @I_amRansom Shouldn’t be voicing personal problems on the internet or hmm tinder 🤔

  • eGirlChels eGirl Chels (@eGirlChels) reported

    Lmfao I just texted my mom “the tinder boy” and was trying to send it to someone else. SOS HELP ME FIX IT

  • jordandouce47 J Douce (@jordandouce47) reported

    tinder algorithm is broken only 2s are liking me

  • supermetroidlol Super Metroid (@supermetroidlol) reported

    kinda smurfing tinder a bit, cba swiping these degenerates and feeling grossed out so i just paid the $15 or w.e to just manually sift through everyone who swipes me and only accept people who seem interesting and it's actually working well i think!

  • Swampyl josh becker in lowercase (@Swampyl) reported

    The problem with Tinder is that people who put that they like The Office in their bio get more likes than me

  • CR7Remastered 🇵🇹 CR7 Remastered Version 15 🇵🇹 (@CR7Remastered) reported

    Girls doing mf professional 2000€ photoshoots for tinder edited by universal studios and I'm out here with a broken camera and a huge ****** ****

  • l0singteeth soph (@l0singteeth) reported

    Telling a guy you matched with on tinder that you used to be friends with what happened between you and your ex and just crying all over again bc you’re okay and you’re leaving but you’re still so god damn broken and betrayed

  • erikamarie_d emarierodenas (@erikamarie_d) reported

    Bumble guys are so much cuter than tinder guys omg it's a whole new world out there. Only problem, I suck at making the first move 😭 hhhahahaahahhahaha shet nemen my shy ass iz shookt

  • PompousLL McLlama (@PompousLL) reported

    @CharlesTheETH Tinder does (not) fix this

  • brxttany britt (@brxttany) reported

    Frustrated bc I’m trying to make a tinder & it’s not working

  • Four04Wike Wike (@Four04Wike) reported

    @auser72307407 @PeterSweden7 yes but still hook ups existed already before tinder so the issue is not tinder in itself. Something already there enabled the popularity of it

  • melaniethebaby 🧚🏻‍♀️ O L i V E 🧚🏻‍♂️ (@melaniethebaby) reported

    the internet is so dangerous, it makes me want to cry. tinder and other dating apps has given me really bad PTSD and so now i have to talk to my therapist about a new issue in my life. men have literally damaged the way i think and feel and being touched in any way triggers me

  • MarielMakeup_x Mariël (@MarielMakeup_x) reported

    I just swiped left on my own picture on ig. This tells me 2 things. 1. I spend too much time on Tinder. 2. I probably have unresolved issues to swipe left on myself.

  • MarielMakeup_x Mariël (@MarielMakeup_x) reported

    I just scrolled left on my own picture on ig. This tells me 2 things: 1. I spend too much time on Tinder. 2. I have some issues to swipe left on myself.

  • EDDlEBRCK CEO of Jason Todd's thighs (@EDDlEBRCK) reported

    Also her tinder date keeps pretending his phone is broken so he only has one week left before I kick his ass for giving her false hope

  • ArroyoDaRumGod RafaelArroyo (@ArroyoDaRumGod) reported

    People keep trying to make the hookup app that Tinder was "supposed to be" without realizing the problem with Tinder is dudes.

  • soleuji unna (@soleuji) reported

    thinking about that time a ******* tinder said i was stupid for preferring lotr to harry potter because it doesn't acknowledge social issues in the same way

  • stfelix jake mcgloin (@stfelix) reported

    When Tinder’s not working...

  • TheDrummey The Drummey (@TheDrummey) reported

    @loloofthewoods @StephenJosiah13 Your main error here was not making one of your Tinder/Bumble pics your tax return.

  • freakkywoman FREAKY WOMAN (@freakkywoman) reported

    We gotta flat tire on the side of the highway in Denton Indiana so we getting on tinder to find some1 to fix it

  • CRYSTALVlSl0NS kayla chereice (@CRYSTALVlSl0NS) reported

    my tinder bio is “if ya’ll like chubby girls with commitment issues, i’m the girl for you” i can’t FATHOM why i do not have a boyfriend

  • Mtguy_Avoxo TSONGA GUY (@Mtguy_Avoxo) reported

    @BlackMarenene @Tinder Problem you don't want us abo dark skinny guys

  • cordialmaster cherriesandberries (@cordialmaster) reported

    Mad someone called Leona just matched me on tinder, broken ******* champion

  • bbwslxt Amy💋 (@bbwslxt) reported

    Need someone to make me a tinder on their number then let me login to it 💃 free video x

  • MollyMF BassBunny 🐰✨ (@MollyMF) reported

    @_maaddogg Okay I was just saying this the other day to one of my friends who is having the same issue. Apparently bumble has different types of accounts for either friendship, relationship, or business! Basically tinder for friendship

  • FuckYouThatsWho Paulie Reiger (@FuckYouThatsWho) reported

    I need some pickup lines for Tinder, cuz me asking for social security numbers is not working.

  • pnkvelour sass mouth (@pnkvelour) reported

    quick reminder that i have a baby daddy and i’ve made tinder more than once specifically looking for someone with hand tattoos to ********** me. please don’t ask me about your relationship problems. i cannot help you.

  • Vhotlhale_M B (@Vhotlhale_M) reported

    @FifiMokotjo @Tinder Not really, the app seems to have issues against me... people find marriages there , I’ve been on it for 5 minutes but I’m still not engaged

  • S42KL snek (@S42KL) reported

    @calmpaperheart Stop going on tinder and you wouldn’t have that problem

  • houlets luke (@houlets) reported

    how can you be a student or working class and vote tory when they’re purposefully building accommodation that has more in common with tinder boxes than housing just so they can save some £££. their profit margin is more valuable to them than our lives

  • MarcWinsland Marc Winsland (@MarcWinsland) reported

    Excessive testing creates false security, yes. But the biggest, clearest problem in this case is that the building appears to have been wrapped with the same flammable cladding as Grenfell. There are people living in tinder boxes which are frighteningly close to lighting up.

  • msgiannamariie 𝕁𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕝𝕖 𝔹𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖 (@msgiannamariie) reported

    One time on tinder this guy told me “you look like you have daddy issues” and I’m still laughing at that

  • lilkillchill im tired 🏳️‍🌈 (@lilkillchill) reported

    capitalist society problems: i want to download tinder but i dont have enough money to go on dates

  • Fanisa04382211 Fafi 🌹 (@Fanisa04382211) reported

    @Tinder I'm very disappointed at tinder just after I've subscribed to premium tinder got banned the same day (account under review). Since that day until today. Can I have my money back since the problem can't be resolved

  • lexyaugust lexy 💔 (@lexyaugust) reported

    I rlly want to suck a **** tn but my tinder stopped working

  • defnotcanadian Jada, leider (@defnotcanadian) reported

    @TacoBellCutie Looks like tinder's working for you 👀