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Tinder is a location-based social search mobile app that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. The app is most commonly used as a dating app.

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  • MeetScarHayes 👻 SCARE-lett Hayes 👻 visiting #BOSTON 10/24-27 (@MeetScarHayes) reported

    @yegbreannabelle Lol I download tinder like once a month for approximately 12 hours to get my attention fix & then I get bored & discouraged & delete it again 😂😂😂

  • CarlDodge Carl Dodge (@CarlDodge) reported

    @reagonald Being on tinder might be your first problem 😂

  • smoltrashs (@smoltrashs) reported

    So yeah I've hit the jackpot. I'm talking to that guy on tinder who's working with js 💀 now how to get some inside info out of him

  • emilynorton_ EMILY (@emilynorton_) reported

    I think my tinder is broken tbh, cos I ain’t getting any matches

  • emilynorton_ EMILY (@emilynorton_) reported

    Think my tinder a broken tbh cos I ain’t getting any matches

  • imakehersayYUPP muthafuckin Jones✨ (@imakehersayYUPP) reported

    @Tinder someone’s using my phone number on your site you better fix that shit very quickly. I don’t have a damn tinder.

  • jesus_drank your holy angels;) (@jesus_drank) reported

    whenever i see i guy on tinder with a grammatical error in his bio i swipe right to let him know that he should fix it so to answer your question yes i would say i volunteer within the community

  • RACH4_theSTARZ rachel coster (@RACH4_theSTARZ) reported

    ******* w MCM backpacks love to get on the subway before current passengers can get off, and walk super slow up the stairs from the L to the NQRW cuz they r swiping on tinder

  • filmscorematt matt milne (@filmscorematt) reported

    @AlexanderOgilv1 @etxberria55 Members are clearly drunk, high, ****** or run down more than they should be. There was a time when people would have a few drinks throughout the day, and being used to that it wasn't much of a problem. But we don't live like that now. You're either tinder dry or soaked through

  • fratbonsai grrrrrrrimey (@fratbonsai) reported

    everytime i finish a paragraph i reward myself w 5 mins on tinder bc thats the theme of tonight apparently and it is so not working for me

  • bootymeats e-clare (@bootymeats) reported

    @impercenator maybe ur tinder is broken bc i get so many messages my app crashes


    Also, your mans didn’t seem to have a problem with the way my body looks when he slid into my messages on Tinder. And I curved him. 🥴

  • hell_over_me_ K ➵ (@hell_over_me_) reported

    Hello so I think one of the nurses I matched with on tinder a few months ago (never met up but he never replied to one of my messages so the convo died) is working on the same ward as me 🙃🙃 idk if he recognises me lmao

  • GoodnessChrispy Chrispy Goodness (@GoodnessChrispy) reported

    @Tinder hi can someone help me with a problem I have with my account because I cannot receive the sms verification code for my account and this is the form I used to create this account

  • laura_oneil97 Serial Chiller 🎃 (@laura_oneil97) reported

    HahahhH I made tinder crash because I was swiping left too violently

  • lexxmarrr lexi (@lexxmarrr) reported

    there’s a guy who lives in my building who i think is absolutely stunning and i saw him on tinder and we did not match. i am - sad - angry - confused - distraught - broken hearted - grief stricken

  • ericmartynm Eric Mitchell (@ericmartynm) reported

    Haven’t even been broken up for 24 hours and I’ve seen my ex on Tinder. Oof.

  • asphodellic 💜✨ birdie ✨💜 (@asphodellic) reported

    i just want a gf/datemate who's into the same stuff i am so i can stop pretending to be cool and hip on tinder. the facade is pretty much broken when i have to explain what dnd is.

  • fullsunshine00 =^renee^= 🌿 SSD 📍 (@fullsunshine00) reported

    tryin to drop hints to this ******* tinder that i want her to invite me over so that i can watch her ATLA box set, but we’re both wlw so its not working

  • aShotOfSauza Narcia (@aShotOfSauza) reported

    Every time I match a cop on tinder I ask if my prior arrest record is gonna be a problem 😂

  • spaceiphany Epiphany 🌸 (@spaceiphany) reported

    @Tinder No problem 😍

  • Acense_ acense (@Acense_) reported

    @Tinder Can u guys fix my account cause I can’t add photos to my pf pic

  • MySweetTranny 𝘜𝘳𝘢𝘯𝘶𝘴 𝘎𝘪𝘳𝘭 (@MySweetTranny) reported

    tinder in the bay is so gross everyone is wannabe techies working for google or tesla

  • BrexitGet wise_cats_ugly_sister (@BrexitGet) reported

    @OptoSean Problem is , she charges too@much per hour for most of the guys on Tinder

  • Gio72245978 Giovanni (@Gio72245978) reported

    @Tinder please message me I have an issue

  • AKtheProgramHer 🧢🔟 CrackHerB4Brunch (@AKtheProgramHer) reported

    Fellas next time you feel like you down or depressed, make a tinder account and go on dates. Hear me out, just talk about your problems, pay for the meal, thank her for her time, then leave. Weight off your chest, clear mind, better days ahead.

  • highjournals Alister (@highjournals) reported

    @Sir_Merio Because it is f**king rampant on here with no sheriff to oversee any of it. Anonymous ditched the site in 2012 and every group I start gets broken or banned. It all comes from Twitter these days if you're not on Grindr or Tinder.

  • MisterStallion MisterStallion (@MisterStallion) reported

    @tinder literally all I’m doing is reporting fake profiles. They all have that same Snapchat. They’ve broken the app

  • hikemadrugz hike (@hikemadrugz) reported

    @alcooolemia Dar match com uma gaja militar 💀 fix your shit tinder

  • ericrivard95 Riv 🦅 (@ericrivard95) reported

    Is my tinder broken or am i just really ugly #thoughts

  • dollyvparto anna (@dollyvparto) reported

    Is my tinder broken or am i just gross

  • Mn_YC12 . (@Mn_YC12) reported

    Funny, bad, and broken. That's my tinder bio sorted

  • rosecolorboy 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮, ronnie 🍊 (@rosecolorboy) reported

    @parasnails_ ya that would be a big problem... i don’t even allow tinder to show me ppl under 20 like even 19 i’m like no thank u

  • parkavenueputa IMMATERIAL (@parkavenueputa) reported

    @tinder fix my account so I can go back to sucking ****

  • bswift_80 Brandon Barnes (@bswift_80) reported

    @Tinder ur company billed me 4 another month today (10-20-19) after I cancelled & deleted my acct. Pls help me resolve this issue with a full refund.

  • prometheuseok hoseok's apartment maid (@prometheuseok) reported

    @spideygguks Im actually more intimidated by guys, girls are comfortable but my issue is girls dont want to talk to ME whereas guys are always on my ass, like on tinder every guy i swipe right on is a match but i have almost no matches with girls 😭😭😭😭😭

  • CarleneHolton Carlene Holton (@CarleneHolton) reported

    Must've been a slow night on Tinder for this ****** 😂 it's not gonna turn into a Prince mate... Its a ******* turtle!!!

  • jenna_giselle 🌸 jenna 💀 (@jenna_giselle) reported

    soooo now my Tinder is banned, presumably because I posted one of these pics. my likeness really can’t exist anywhere without problems lmaooooooooo

  • elcome2ell mrs dalloway of the gun (@elcome2ell) reported

    so of course i told him it was totally fine, we could chill and he could come crash here. (his tinder profile says he's from brooklyn out here partying or visiting or something). and like around 2am he starts texting. idk what he texted but i do know he texted.

  • oscarbilde Zoe Layla (@oscarbilde) reported

    The problem with chatting with people on tinder in French is that if you meet, they expect you to like.....speak French.

  • baby_vizel Sailor V 🌙 (@baby_vizel) reported

    Being a broken person looking for validation on tinder and bumble was probably my all time low this year.

  • mialapensee Mia💫 (@mialapensee) reported

    Yo what’s the problem with guy on tinder just right off the bat telling me their penis size like wtf just don’t, like EVER

  • BurnsieMN Trevor Burns (@BurnsieMN) reported

    @BreeMinneapolis @zacharywefel I.....have honestly never considered this nor had it pop up as an issue. (but I've also never been on a blind or tinder'esque date so I lucked out I bet) That is horrifying though.

  • queerlyclear her? (@queerlyclear) reported

    I am so bad at making friends that I literally use tinder for friends and working at a music store in rural central Wisconsin means that literally anyone on tinder knows EXACTLY who I am and it freaks me out daily

  • jacksbooks Jacksfilms_Ebooks (@jacksbooks) reported

    I fixed a BUNCH of your twitter bios should I fix your tinder profiles.

  • namuluvr joonie (@namuluvr) reported

    I’ll shut up about my tinder boy problems now I’m sorry lol

  • hw_loveclub i love hyungwon (@hw_loveclub) reported

    tinder men are a REAL waste of time. that being said i'm committing to a date with work crush tomorrow even tho i almost anxiety vomited today at work thinking about him and the ~relationship potential~ ! love having commitment issues !

  • AchilleusRay Achilleus Ray (@AchilleusRay) reported

    @litescript The big problem with Tinder is survivorship bias. When it works, it works! almost never works

  • voxslug UC Santa Cruz Maven, powered by SI (@voxslug) reported

    Pregaming my tinder date by listening to *** town, then picking up on adam’s slow, monotonous voice. I am broken beyond repair

  • SeptemberGhoul Stevie 🐀🖤 (@SeptemberGhoul) reported

    I just gave my mum a crash course on tinder so she can understand the youth of today. She’s still happily married to my dad btw. She just doesn’t get these things 😂

  • isabellegrass mother (@isabellegrass) reported

    can any of you comprehend that i matched w my ex’s new ******* tinder over a YEAR ago when we were broken up bc i can’t ******* believe that this is my life

  • MrMenziN Menzi Ngcobo (@MrMenziN) reported

    Race isn’t an issue yet, we’ll for me at least. The first time I used Tinder I was getting matches left, right and centre.

  • GabeJamesGames Gabe But Spooky 🔜 #Pax U (@GabeJamesGames) reported

    Supportive is working on a Goblin Dating Sim, and when my father asked me about it he thought for months (until recently) that I was making a DATING APP similar to tinder but never stopped being supportive of it. That's love 😂💚 he even offered legal counsel for the TOS

  • Neondangel PinkDayze (@Neondangel) reported

    Facebook added a dating feature similar to Tinder a while back and I began giving it a try. Shit's super broken. Like, wasn't ready for release broken. At the moment, I can't even open notifications from it without the Facebook app crashing. I also can't read any messages rn.

  • olrawnder Lazysaurus who trapped a mosquito under water 🌈 (@olrawnder) reported

    Tinder, bumble, pubg, etc nothing seems to be working out for me to find new friends and connect with them. Could really use some help here twitter

  • lottie_aither Lottie Aither (@lottie_aither) reported

    I should not be banned from tinder for making a joke that I wanted a sugar daddy... @Tinder please fix this. Or tell me what I wrong. I didn’t even get an email.

  • beanjeanbei 🎃👻screamjeanbei@GK Cafe (@beanjeanbei) reported

    @takarajewels I honestly thought tinder would be an easy quick fix to get over someone else and boost my ego but it really made me feel worse LOL

  • veru_muller Veru (@veru_muller) reported

    Problems nowadays: - I ****** up my knee again - I ****** up my life again - I just made a tinder again

  • latelylll elisabeth (@latelylll) reported

    maybe my tinder bio IS working vegan sags keep messaging me i have never been happier

  • eloisew16 Eloise Williams (@eloisew16) reported from Miami, Florida

    no such thing as broken tinder