Is Rainbow Six: Siege down?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Siege puts heavy emphasis on environmental destruction and co-operation between players through tactical movements, advancements, defensive positioning, calling out enemy locations and the operators chosen by the enemy team.

 No problems detected at Rainbow Six: Siege

Rainbow Six: Siege problems in the last 24 hours

Rainbow Six: Siege Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Rainbow Six: Siege. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 34.64% Sign in
  • Online Play 29.74% Online Play
  • Matchmaking 23.20% Matchmaking
  • Game Crash 6.54% Game Crash
  • Glitches 5.56% Glitches
  • Hacking / Cheating .33% Hacking / Cheating

Rainbow Six: Siege Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Javea Online Play
Cheyenne Online Play
Montpellier Matchmaking
Naples Matchmaking
Piacenza Online Play
Santiago Glitches

Rainbow Six: Siege Comments

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Rainbow Six: Siege Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • ReziqsMA Reziqs MA (@ReziqsMA) reported

    @Rainbow6Game can u fix your drone audio glitch, so annoying

  • MurKiR6 MurKi (@MurKiR6) reported

    @Ubisoft really needs to fix the cheater epidemic in diamond and plat elo in @Rainbow6Game.sad to see daily grind streamers lose intrest in siege because of cheaters. Steamers are the best marketing tool out there. Need a streaming mode and fix this epidemic or the game will die.

  • underscoreboi ____________ (@underscoreboi) reported

    @B3NNYMEISTER44 @ooolokko @NezCamilo @DylTheDementor @Rainbow6Game The problem with Wamai is that by design, je can never truly replace Jager. 90% of what Wamai can do Jager can do better

  • DailyBruce_ Bruce (@DailyBruce_) reported

    @UncleMoppy @Rainbow6Game Imma have to ask you to FIX UR CABLE MANAGEMENT!

  • jakeybabiee little baby who is voting for bernie (@jakeybabiee) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix Monty we were just in a 5 minute overtime trying to kill him while he hid in the corner please for the love of God nerf him

  • hadees_03 hadees.03 (@hadees_03) reported

    @Rainbow6Game you guys wanna fix twitch’s F2 a little bit. It’s a little tooo much recoil don’t ya think🤨

  • Kaine35036886 Kaine (@Kaine35036886) reported

    @Rainbow6Game listen, if I lag out of a match right before we win, give me the elo. I just lagges out of a match right before we won and I didn't rank up, and I got banned for 30 minutes.

  • skarpingG R. Kelly (@skarpingG) reported

    @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game how incompetent do you have to be to make a glitch where barricades literally do not open on your screen and you constantly rubber band and you have yet to fix it after 2 plus weeks it’s so sad

  • SimelsWill Will Simels (@SimelsWill) reported

    @Rainbow6Game plz bring back every map not (not in ranked playlist maps) like Tower, Plane, etc. and put them in casual, then turn day and night settings on for casual. That way, there’s a compromise and people trying to play ranked matches can play unranked. Problem solved.

  • kaiashnikovguuh Tyler S.N. (@kaiashnikovguuh) reported

    damn siege sometimes, crash on a winning match point and get an abandon sanction. gg, @Rainbow6Game

  • SnexHunt SnexHunt (@SnexHunt) reported

    @Grey96763063 @Shrewdcloud @elaischeat @Rainbow6Game Take the shotty wait for the grzmot to go off the around the corner while prefiring for ez kills and if you dont wanna play shotty then its not my problem if you cant control the scorpion recoil

  • StoneDaughton Stone Daughton (@StoneDaughton) reported

    @Rainbow6Game hey the other day me and my squad went to play ranked but got an error as soon as the game started, none of us could get back in and we lost mmr. We were trying to get a rollback but Ubisoft support didn’t respond

  • crashrandicoot SUPERDUPERRANDY (@crashrandicoot) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix your ******* servers so I can actually play a match that YOU KICKED ME FROM and can finish the match #fuckyou #terribleserver #garbage

  • Sai1nt_ Sam (@Sai1nt_) reported

    @voidi_dzn @Rainbow6Game Ubi: jager has a high pick rate and we want to fix it Also Ubi:*buffing ying so now she can flash and smoke an entire room*

  • USPatriotFREE . (@USPatriotFREE) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix the damn hit boxes on shields where they can't get head shot through an extended shield on montagne...

  • Nichola61958831 The Poorest Solution (@Nichola61958831) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I feel for the mass majority of players you're targeting the wrong problems. willing to dm for a normal players thoughts.

  • illmatiss Boppity The Doppity (@illmatiss) reported

    @Rainbow6Game If you get rid of jager's three-speed, we will have a serious problem and I will team kill every single game.

  • Brandon_Smyth_ Brandon Smyth (@Brandon_Smyth_) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Im sorry, but this is still one of the worst changes I have ever seen Ubisoft take this game. Jäger needs an ads removed, speeds not the problem. Buck will become basically usless in comparison to sledge, and taking the shorty away ruins site reworks -castles not viable evrywhere

  • cxsino_Gn Cxsino 🐑 (@cxsino_Gn) reported

    Why I'm I lagging out every single ******* round....@Rainbow6Game

  • braydonsaylor braydonsaylor (@braydonsaylor) reported

    @Rainbow6Game gold and low plat is just people using strike pack on ps4 please ban or fix it please

  • Fabianchiaromo2 Fabian chiaromonte (@Fabianchiaromo2) reported

    @INTERRO @Rainbow6Game That's the problem, more than half the player base is not coordinated, so You've thrown your argument out the window, nerfing under-used characters doesn't help the game, it just ruins the experience even further.

  • OkmullanOisin oisin mullan (@OkmullanOisin) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Hi there I have encountered an annoying error this season were I don't seem to gain any mmr from the games I win in ranked and a few of my friends also seemed to encounter the same issue I have video evidence to prove my case if thats any conciliation :)

  • FancysonYT Fancyson (@FancysonYT) reported from Elkhart, Indiana

    @Rainbow6Game sucks i have to repeatedly tweet you, but ya game ia ****** broken. I cant reconnect to a ranked match that i didnt even know i was in so now im gonna lose elo thanks to your dogshit servers

  • Crodarodes Christian Rhodes (@Crodarodes) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Please fix the problem with shots not registering and people being able to shoot through your sheild if you’re blitz or montagne. I am getting tired of this and I’m about to quit the game because I could be a way higher rank without these bugs. Please work on it ubi

  • Roberts1211 Roberts12 (@Roberts1211) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I stop the que of loading into ranked and it won’t let me reconnect to the rank match it has happened to me 3 times this season fix your ******* game

  • distuhnt1 distuhnt-.- (@distuhnt1) reported

    @AnxFishy @WolfiezGG Half of us don’t need aim assist.. also rainbow 6 doesn’t have aim assist either n their was no problem 😝

  • JimmayR6 justin.cball (@JimmayR6) reported

    Today I encountered a group of kids that were DDOSing... @Rainbow6Game please get this resolved as fast as possible. I have so much love for the game and console, but with all the problems that R6 Ps4 players have to go through is absolute hell.

  • Jason69098502 Jason (@Jason69098502) reported

    This game is garbage when you get kicked for no reason why do you get banned from rainbow six siege ranked matches if you have bad Wi-Fi it’s bullshit you need to fix that because I get banned for 24 hours straight

  • GrizVoltagePro Griz (@GrizVoltagePro) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Just ran into a glitch on siege. Was playing doc and went to pick up armor and before the animation started I cancelled and then proceeded to freeze in place. I could only ADS, shoot, and lean. Has only happened to me once.

  • Texility1 Michael Flores (@Texility1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game so me and a friend played a ranked match around 2 and a half hours ago and won, we didn’t get ranked up and we thought it was a big so we played another match and lost, we went down a rank and it proved that we didn’t get ranked up for the last match, please fix :(

  • Texility1 Michael Flores (@Texility1) reported

    @Rainbow6Game yeah me and a friend didn’t rank up when we won but when we play another and we lost we just were deranged like the game before didn’t happen, pls fix it :(

  • Phillly_Cheeze EzClap 🇨🇦 (@Phillly_Cheeze) reported

    @Rainbow6Game please for the love of God at least acknowledge that there's a problem with cheaters right now. I get that there a virus and I don't want you guys in danger but this game has literally been UNPLAYABLE... everyone is talking about it @TheGodlyNoob can attest

  • DavidSo34226382 David Son (@DavidSo34226382) reported

    @Rainbow6Game No, they start to ddos the server as they are planting and there is nothing we can do to stop them. I have video evidence.

  • BrackzyAndJay Jay. (@BrackzyAndJay) reported

    @UbisoftSupport i keep getting elo rollback notification on rainbow six but i dont actually get the mmr, you guys should look into this, alot of people are having the same issue.

  • Scapman Scaptron (@Scapman) reported

    @BiBoo_R6 @Rainbow6Game Just put your headset reversed, problem solved !

  • skekletor SkekletorR6 (@skekletor) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game I have a match for a league in 40 minutes, 9:30 EST so this is urgent. My internet DC'd for five seconds and I had to restart my UPlay. Now, all of my accounts recieve the "Account Suspended" error for too many login failures.

  • BiBoo_R6 Captain BiBooAF (@BiBoo_R6) reported

    Now 2 games in a row that my sound is totally **** up, its completly reverse, i hear people in my back when they are in front of me, people downstairs when they are upstairs, etc... PLEASE @Rainbow6Game fix your game !

  • SpiralzzR6 Spiralzz (@SpiralzzR6) reported

    @SucculentGustav @csky1032 @Supertigerxy @Rainbow6Game i mean some are though, it's not needed at all. they're not addressing the problem with jager which is his gadget, they need to nerf that not his speed/armor.

  • jeffreeythebest Jeffreythebest (@jeffreeythebest) reported

    The amount of hackers in Rainbow is sad @Rainbow6Game fix your game

  • ragnarrwolf Ragnarrwolf (@ragnarrwolf) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game @imOverlook just got suspended for 30 min for lagging out.

  • I_Rama_I_ Rama (@I_Rama_I_) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Hi fix your game please. I cant do the 2 step verification

  • The1AndOnly383 Santino (@The1AndOnly383) reported

    Enough with these nonsense buffs and nerfs. Fix Ash's hitbox. You've had nonstop amounts of time @Rainbow6Game

  • Despair_R6 Blu Despair (@Despair_R6) reported

    @Garfieldisdoc @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game It’s one of those spots where you can only see their helmet but can’t kill them by shooting them in the helmet. To fix this I normally repel upside down to get a clear angle. It sucks, but it’s siege

  • FancysonYT Fancyson (@FancysonYT) reported from Elkhart, Indiana

    @Rainbow6Game fix the ******* hitboxes

  • iswpe white guy (@iswpe) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix you dog ******** game I can’t hear shit

  • Mast3rGYT Brandon Rosales (@Mast3rGYT) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Ubisoft @Rainbow6Game hello again, I was playing casual and waited for frost to run out, and as you can see from the video, I could not hear the barricade breaking, which was about 3 feet away from me. Please fix this ASAP.

  • NaveauVictor Victor Naveau (@NaveauVictor) reported

    @Rainbow6Game you should really fix your ******* game 5 wins in a room a lot of players will delete the game soon because you can’t fix bugs and give the points that you took with your bug

  • Oppyyy2 Oppyyy (@Oppyyy2) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I'd like to add, that by taking away bucks nades the utility problem just gets worse. I'm not having a problem with exchanging them for a claymore, but in this "utility dump meta" setting it seems unreasonable. From the charts we also see that sledge is not in need of more play.

  • OkmullanOisin oisin mullan (@OkmullanOisin) reported

    @Rainbow6Game @JoshStedman9 Hi there I have encountered a really annoying error this season were after games I don't seem to get any mmr from the games I win in ranked and a few of my friends also seemed to encounter the same issue also I have video evidence to prove my case if thats any conciliation :)

  • Izuka__chan イズカ (@Izuka__chan) reported

    @Incognito_Bob @AceDoloX1 @Rainbow6Game I have. You say it wouldn't be a problem if his win delta was balanced but that's just hypotheical. No op would be that popular if he wasn't strong. It's not like people play jager purely for aesthetics. People play him to win. Once that decreases, less people play him.

  • abJeCt_gamIN Lust (@abJeCt_gamIN) reported

    @oo7PorscheMGSX @oBlazinn @_FlowJob_ @R6esportsNA @Rainbow6Game @ItsEpi @fromL Honestly @oBlazinn is right. I’ve hit diamond twice last Szn and in ember rise. MnK is a huge problem but that doesn’t excuse you for making a excuse that you can’t hit diamond because of it that’s ignorant. I slam MnK players all the time if your not good just delete the game

  • DupaTm MrDupaTM (@DupaTm) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game 2 today my entire team haven't got points (nor alpha pack throw) cause of syncing issue. Goddamnit, going to sleep now, it's pointless to play. I have 3022 elo tonight, hope I'll have the missing points tomorrow morning. I blame @KingGeorge

  • Vvctorr_ HJR- (@Vvctorr_) reported

    @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game i am legit stuck in a frozen lobby because of a cheater pls fix ur pathetic game no one gives a **** about ur stupid patch notes everyone just want the game to actually be stable and not overrun by cheaters jesus ******* man

  • IRonyKzOo IRonyKzOo (@IRonyKzOo) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Yo I’m playing on the ps4 version of siege and I can’t seem it get any renown or alpha packs please fix this

  • NaveauVictor Victor Naveau (@NaveauVictor) reported

    @Rainbow6Game I won three game in a row with 12-3-6 of k/d and they didn’t count but the loss after yes. Fix your game I ( and my friends ) are tired with this game and all the bugs it’s always the same thing with this game fix it, please it’s too much !

  • khaloood18_ Khaled 🗿 (@khaloood18_) reported

    fix rubberband glitch pls @Rainbow6Game

  • Leandro78692788 Leandro (@Leandro78692788) reported

    @Rainbow6Game fix Ddosing problem PS4: ddosers:Ash-_-XIII Ghatsy_boo WhyYouBullyV SYBO1 iTrY_combo1

  • Boygame40794864 Rocket Syncc (@Boygame40794864) reported

    @Rainbow6Game Fix hit reg

  • Boygame40794864 Rocket Syncc (@Boygame40794864) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game Don't give 2 shots fix hit reg

  • SaienceVanadium Saience Vanadium (@SaienceVanadium) reported

    @UbisoftSupport PLS FIX the ******* rainbow 6 servers i just played a game where i headshot 2 pople but they did not die becuse we all kept rubber banding back

Rainbow Six: Siege Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0xc000009a
  • 2-0x00000041
  • 2-0x00000067
  • 2-0x00000068
  • 2-0x0000B005
  • 2-0x0000C003
  • 2-0x0000c004
  • 2-0x0000e000
  • 2-0x00019001
  • 3-0x0001000b
  • 4-0xFFF0BDDC
  • 6-0x00001000
  • 8-0x00000001
  • 8-0X00000052
  • CE-34878-0