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Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets". Twitter users are able to post from from various devices and platforms including the iOS, Android, Blackberry and via any web browser.

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June 18: Problems at Twitter

Twitter is having issues since 04:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Wick Website Down
Nottingham Website Down
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Federal Way Website Down

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Twitter Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • IDOLS_4U 백주 (@IDOLS_4U) reported

    @TwitterSupport @TwitterKorea @Twitter My account (@IDOLS_4U) just got shadow banned for a few days ago. I have done nothing. 1. Search Suggestion Ban. If I tried to send mention to everyone else, it DOESN'T appear on. Please fix this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.

  • Koomasters Koo: Torbjørn 🌈 (@Koomasters) reported

    @DerekOfTheDykes @TwitterSupport Twitter is broken. 🤔

  • vigilant_always Always Vigilant (@vigilant_always) reported

    @OneLoneWolfAnon @KarinTanagila @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @KD__Kuffars @KDKTargets We are a team. You're important part, even more so than me. Nothing goes down on one report. Your support is appreciated. 👊👊🍻😎🖖

  • jcw911 JCW (@jcw911) reported

    You are not an MEP! @TwitterSupport please make this person fix his account.

  • TedTruex Ted Truex (@TedTruex) reported

    @RyanAlan33 @jack @twittersupport - TrollBOT. Violates TOS. Check for multiple accounts. Fix your software.

  • BABYSPICEGRL lola ☆ (@BABYSPICEGRL) reported

    really want to dm this cute boy right now but i CANT BECAUSE MY STUPID DMS ARE BROKEN @TwitterSupport fix my shit PLEASE🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Mellecon GOP Pouncer (@Mellecon) reported

    Seriously @TwitterSupport I want to know how many of these are "I am Jew" moments, because this seems to be the ONLY time I Have a problem and I am NOT JEw.

  • Mellecon GOP Pouncer (@Mellecon) reported

    @Real_Fhqwhgads @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack IDK, I tried to go back and it only showed me "problem" accounts which means I'm extra following

  • BbRj10 Bb Rj (@BbRj10) reported

    @canesin @Johnny_Nashbro @TwitterSupport @nashsocial @verified @jaredctate got the same problem. Unbelievable. I hope one day a new kind of twitter and fb will be build by some good people based on blockchain , decentralized and respecting morals and ethics.

  • amasonic Mark Amaza (@amasonic) reported

    @sholawa @TwitterSupport Exactly. That's another problem

  • rushna24 Rushy💁🏻‍♀️🥀 (@rushna24) reported

    @TwitterSupport I’m having problems viewing videos. When I click on them they won’t upload, plz help!

  • SimplyPut_Lex Cuzzo (@SimplyPut_Lex) reported

    @TwitterSupport 🚨🚨Here it go. Fake account gon take it down. This ain’t Wes fr!

  • WebHunter76 Christian L. (@WebHunter76) reported

    @TwitterSupport I'm having an issue and I'm going in circle with your automated system, could someone reach to me directly, I'm using my personal account but this is for a business accounts.

  • Floidberger Froderick Fronkensteen (@Floidberger) reported

    @Spider_Man_2O99 @SyronJAG @Lupinfan83 @TimothyKruzic @PepperMonster @krispynoken @animenyc @vicmignogna @AnimeMatsuri @TwitterSupport The women aren't the problem, pal. It's you harassing them.

  • rizzleperizzle Richard Perlicz 🇺🇸 🗽 (@rizzleperizzle) reported

    @OctoberFerguson @tyrion1 @MARIELinBOSTON @TwitterSupport @Karen_Williams6 Yeah but it's nice to have a little context. Twitter is terrible at that.

  • undisputedNC undisputedNC (@undisputedNC) reported

    @rhonda_harbison @CathyJoeGPT @TwitterSupport same here. very broken English though. may be a bot account

  • LoraFisherPOV Lora Fisher 🌎 (@LoraFisherPOV) reported

    @rossiej67 @_marieexxx @hallman_lizzie @janellenextdoor @lesleannnnnn Until @TwitterSupport shuts you down 🤣

  • bechibandito 🧸 (@bechibandito) reported

    @skiitsamma @TwitterSupport this guy is against men being with men, please take down this account. We don’t need bad energy on this app.

  • naye9796 nay (@naye9796) reported

    plz unlock my accounts. many people can't receive my mention and retweet. plz solve this problem as soon as possible. @TwitterSupport @TwitterKorea

  • SteveAvaya Steve Forcum (@SteveAvaya) reported

    @CherylDHacker @dez_blanchfield @Twitter @TwitterSupport I also had this same issue where my mentions weren’t displaying properly on my notifications. Sadly @Twitter and @TwitterSupport never respond to any messages and I had to start over with a new account...

  • atommccree Atom McCree (@atommccree) reported

    @kayvz @TwitterSupport @Adufe_ga @TwitterSafety @Twitter I'm having a similar glitch where my reach seems limited vs past years drastically. Hashtagging seems to not activate and I may be in the quality filter accidentally I did issue ad verification but glitches continue

  • strongestdove 𝐒 𝐀 𝐍 𝐒 𝐀. (@strongestdove) reported

    ||; I followed every single guideline. Fix it @Twitter @TwitterSupport

  • MarthaD30392679 Martha D (@MarthaD30392679) reported

    @TwitterSupport Very frustrated. Created a new account profile for non-profit. Can’t login. Keeps requesting that I verify I am not a robot. Do so, and nothing. BUT, I can get emails from you. Can’t contact anyone. Reset password too.

  • michael_szumega Michael Szumega (@michael_szumega) reported

    Hey @TwitterSupport & @TwitterLive @twitter There is STILL something wrong with this platform because many of us cannot see chat on all live broadcasts. Please be advised that this issue has been happening for the past 4-5 days in succession. #TwitterProblems

  • Lunerina Lune✨ (@Lunerina) reported

    @TwitterSupport Fix the search suggestion shadowbanning.

  • RebeccaCann23 Rebecca Cann💕 (@RebeccaCann23) reported

    @TwitterSupport Please reply to my tweets and fix my like/retweet problem.😔

  • LordBryon4 #LetsGoMets (@LordBryon4) reported

    @TwitterSupport Give me back my account @8MyHeart69!!! You guys are acting like bullies I CAN'T GET THE EXACT URL'S FROM LUMEN. My God the tweets have been taken down!!

  • GregorStev Gregor (@GregorStev) reported

    @TwitterSupport I need help, your automated systems aren't working and there's no where I can get an answer to my problem.

  • Lewchube_ Lewis (@Lewchube_) reported

    @TwitterSupport yea but are you gonna fix your broken support system tho

  • kelssray Kelsey Ray (@kelssray) reported

    @Bearded_uk @TwitterSupport I hope it’s not real! she tweeted again saying that her account for suspended for 12 hours bc of it, but idk why they wouldn’t take the original tweet down

  • jksingularty jess ♡ (@jksingularty) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterSupport FIX MY DMS

  • vwisual Bian (@vwisual) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport, my main account @dxuke mention's cannot seen by others, please fix it asap

  • BachaoIndiako Hindh In-situ🇮🇳 (@BachaoIndiako) reported

    @jack @TwitterIndia @TwitterSupport @manishm345 - What exactly is the problem with twitterindia. Can some1 explain why twitter is selectively targeting an individual who has nothing to do with community/religion but shares historical facts. @rsprasad @rammadhavbjp

  • mdjw27 #3 (@mdjw27) reported

    @TwitterSupport People can't see my mention and alram. please solve this problem as soon as possible

  • v2WWuE9v2QgsRSa #3 (@v2WWuE9v2QgsRSa) reported

    @TwitterSupport People can't see my mention and alram. please solve this problem as soon as possible

  • Morgo_82 Morgan (@Morgo_82) reported

    @YEGlifer @TrevorRobb_ @TwitterSupport I did the same. The even worse issue here is the morons that want to believe it as truth will and then they’ll spread that bullshit.

  • lisaguestGTM Lisa Guest (@lisaguestGTM) reported

    So apparently following resisters is "suspicious activity" per twitter. It's either that or the update I just installed has issues. I had to do the robot captcha thing for the first time to verify I'm not a bot. News flash @TwitterSupport: I'm neither spam nor bot.

  • SpottedNot Adrienne ⭐⭐⭐ 🚂🇺🇸 🎥🍿🍺 (@SpottedNot) reported

    @RickSpratley @threadreaderapp Looks like @threadreaderapp is still in spam jail. I reported as they requested and got a standard "spam happens" response. Don't think @TwitterSupport @jack plans to fix it. Please unroll for website link.

  • NavyWifeAlison ⚓️Navy WIFE🇺🇸Loves Life⚓️ (@NavyWifeAlison) reported

    @_PA_KAG_girl @TwitterSupport Thank you. That’s not what I’m seeing. More censorship head games. They tell me I’ve broken a “rule”.... I have not. They never say what rule either.

  • agabus98 One Disgusted John, Deplorable Bot (@agabus98) reported

    @TwitterSupport From IPhone XR with any app, I am unable to tweet, they are failed, BUT they show up in twitter app as a draft. I have been unable to find the setting or fix. Please help. There's something I'm missing. Thanks.

  • CrusadeAtheist 🐱🙏🔥 Atheist Crusade 🔥🙏🐶 (@CrusadeAtheist) reported

    There are a few people that have followed me that I am unable to follow back currently. My ratio is within reason so I'm not sure the problem. I will follow back ASAP. @TwitterSupport @jack

  • k_ovfefe 🇺🇸 BUt mUh MueLLeR tiMe⚒️ (@k_ovfefe) reported

    @Shem_Infinite They've got me on a follower freeze again & my engagements are way down. They don't even try to hide it. @TwitterSupport thanks for nothing!

  • lucuksekali 👑 d i n d a open gayz (@lucuksekali) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport, my main account @love4innie mention's cannot seen by others, please fix it asap

  • lucuksekali 👑 d i n d a open gayz (@lucuksekali) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport, my main account @theadorafble mention's cannot seen by others, please fix it asap

  • lucuksekali 👑 d i n d a open gayz (@lucuksekali) reported

    @TwitterSupport, my main account @theadorafblehello mention's cannot seen by others, please fix it asap

  • lucuksekali 👑 d i n d a open gayz (@lucuksekali) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport, my main account @jaemping mention's cannot seen by others, please fix it asap

  • mcgilh StrongWomenLoveTrump (@mcgilh) reported

    @HeLikedTurner @PetrusLundqvist @TwitterSupport Me too. I’ve had this issue going into my 2nd week. Is it the iOS upgrade or shadow banning.

  • cyberfunk_ unholy ghost (@cyberfunk_) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport, this feature is broken at the Android App, please fix it so people don't think I'm a morron who don't untag people unrelated to the conversation

  • Kfuller8870 Kevin Fuller (@Kfuller8870) reported

    @NavyWifeAlison @TwitterSupport it's just a Glitch..showing you're following 22.7K on my end...and you're lucky when I had to do the verify thing the other week I lost over 500 followers...just Twitters ways of saying we don't matter to the bigger picture...#MAGA

  • siddhant4545 Siddhant Jain (@siddhant4545) reported

    @mankasinha @PMOIndia @RailMinIndia @PiyushGoyal @TwitterIndia @Twitter @TwitterSupport How can this tweet be promoted one. There is a bug in your system. Fix it.

  • danielpmcdermot Dan McDermott (@danielpmcdermot) reported

    @George58867811 @reneritchie @TMobile @Google @TwitterSupport I would add there has to be a path to escalate in an edge case. Off shore script readers apologizing profusely, reading empathetic catch phrases but with no knowledge or access to someone who can fix a non-routine problem is support in name only and all too common.

  • Jademarisa Jademarisa (@Jademarisa) reported

    @TwitterSupport Can't. Unable to play the video. Been happening for almost one week now. Before that I could play and hear every video on my browser, which I haven't changed. Maybe your settings did. Won't change browser because a error of your own.

  • ItsFuriious Furiious (@ItsFuriious) reported

    @SmokezKR @RRanvey @TwitterSupport think these tweets are broken above

  • BTShaaan Luna° with Luv (@BTShaaan) reported

    @Bangtan_Cabello @BTS_twt This happens to me almost always pls fix it @TwitterSupport

  • bournetobeme Bourne American 🇺🇸👭🦋🇺🇸 (@bournetobeme) reported

    @escapedacult @OPCGhost @LuluLemew That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m still under their radar, but I find it fascinating to click down the rabbit hole of the obvious 40-50 person pods of trolls and follow their theme assignments. @TwitterSupport is derelict of basic duty.

  • thejamesmax James Max (@thejamesmax) reported

    @Mxv021 @TwitterSupport It’s not odd at all when a group is using @twitter and blocking in this way. I have no issue with being blocked for the appropriate reasons.

  • LadyNadiaEssex Nadia Essex (@LadyNadiaEssex) reported

    @kimmyoswald @TwitterSupport @TwitterUK Terrible. So sorry you had to go through that. X

  • Sifar_ruh_ MISHRA 😊 (@Sifar_ruh_) reported

    @shuklapalak1 @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterIndia plz look into this matter as soon as possible. @shuklapalak1 never used any kind of foul words, her posts are very clean so plz check her posts and lift the shadow ban asap because she is facing so many problems because of this.

  • hayan_gen ウンサル (@hayan_gen) reported

    @TwitterJP @TwitterSupport @TwitterKorea Plz unlock my accounts. Many people can't receive my mention and retweets. please solve this problem as soon as possible

  • HCFrost01 Harley Frost (@HCFrost01) reported

    how do i fix my lay out @TwitterSupport