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Twitter is an online news and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets". Twitter users are able to post from from various devices and platforms including the iOS, Android, Blackberry and via any web browser.

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February 16: Problems at Twitter

Twitter is having issues since 06:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Website Down (62.09%)
  • Sign in (22.22%)
  • Errors (15.69%)

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • daniel_wwf daniel_wwf⚡ (@daniel_wwf) reported

    Noob, it is a copyright issue. @TwitterSupport

  • mattdesl Matt DesLauriers (@mattdesl) reported

    Ugh — seems to be happening again and the option to fix this has been removed from “Content Preferences” setting. 😑 The algorithmic timeline makes Twitter unusable. @TwitterSupport

  • jkelovuori Jukka Kelovuori (@jkelovuori) reported

    Hey @TwitterSupport fix this and all the others who now got a search suggestion, search and a thread ban because of this!

  • jkelovuori Jukka Kelovuori (@jkelovuori) reported

    @Twigolet @CaeruleanSea @FBaeyens @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @markse68 Yup. He has been shadowbanned too @Twigolet. @TwitterSupport fix this!

  • NinaIvAndrews Nina IvAndrews 💎 (@NinaIvAndrews) reported

    @SamesCarolyn @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack Yes, it is true. Many people notice that. They also prevent you of making Like-clicks on some tweets. I was thinking it was my bad internet connection... but when a Scotland Yard detective mentioned the issue in his tweets, then it was clear where the roots of the problem were.

  • Tony60079613 Tony V (@Tony60079613) reported

    @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport I thought there was a rule saying you couldn't come back to twitter if your twitter account was suspended. I know of a group of about 50+ users that have had there accounts suspended multiple time but they keep on coming back causing problems

  • furioucs ciy/xit (@furioucs) reported

    Dear twitter @TwitterSupport, my main account @yugheiv mention can not show up on other notification tab, please fix it asap. Thanks

  • chanyoeel lock (@chanyoeel) reported

    my acc @skhyunzn's follow notification didn't show up in other mention tab. please fix this problem asap. thanks @twitter @twittersupport

  • todaysnate natan1o1 (@todaysnate) reported

    @TwitterSupport fix your settings for notification,its acting dumb.thanks

  • Crypto_Progress CryptoXRP Analysis - XRPodcast #XRP / #ETH / #BTC (@Crypto_Progress) reported

    Yes, unfortunately,it seems that @TwitterSupport does not take into account what we say sometimes. I already had a problem when my account was suspended temporarily whereas I did not do anything bad. I wrote to them. They did not reply. I think they should ask human , not robots

  • NoTaeminNoLife 한여름🔥스밍더WANT🔥 (@NoTaeminNoLife) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterKorea Plz unlock my accounts. Many people can't receive my mention and retweets. please solve this problem as soon as possible.

  • cokolatoslate lala (@cokolatoslate) reported

    Dear @TwitterSupport my side acc @kyecri mention's can't be seen on other mention's tab. please fix it asap. thank you!

  • canyzol dewa (@canyzol) reported

    Dear @TwitterSupport my side acc @kyecri mention's can't be seen on other mention's tab. please fix it asap. thank you!

  • cyutieq JFB! byá. (@cyutieq) reported

    Dear @TwitterSupport my side acc @kyecri mention's can't be seen on other mention's tab. please fix it asap. thank you!

  • gudeay ilaf (@gudeay) reported

    Dear @TwitterSupport my side acc @jecnierl mention's can't be seen on other mention's tab. please fix it asap. thank you!

  • mustard_elon Elon Mustard (@mustard_elon) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterDetroit @TwitterSupport For real you guys need to fix it because It’s when ever I log in to my account open the twitter app or try to retweet or tweet at someone I can barely use my goddamn account

  • fxkrrst sacil (@fxkrrst) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport my friend's ( @liwsac ) mention didn't show up on other account's notification tab. please, fix it. thank you.

  • bloodmoon1_ bloodmoon (@bloodmoon1_) reported

    People can't see @0901blume mention and alarm. Please solve this problem as soon as possible. @TwitterSupport @TwitterKorea PLEASE SOLVE THIS PROBLEM

  • Mainefly Micah (@Mainefly) reported

    @AReynaldosG @Twitter @TwitterSupport Thanks, but there’s the problem, I am iOS

  • toshibam2 toshibam (@toshibam2) reported

    @TwitterSupport hey staff, when i try to direct message someone now on twitter when they are not following me, i get a feature locked error, so what could be wrong then

  • AudreySAutrey Audrey S Autrey (@AudreySAutrey) reported

    @canadiandaws83 @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack I have to admit, I don't fully understand shadowbanning. Seems to be a real problem for members of the resistance.

  • RobKovach999 ☮☥Robert W. Kovach✞♓ (@RobKovach999) reported

    @TFCHooligan69 @TwitterSupport Then @Twitter is still dealing with problems! @TwitterSupport PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RobKovach999 ☮☥Robert W. Kovach✞♓ (@RobKovach999) reported

    @TwitterSupport Wish to report that, I believe no one is seeing my tweets, I think that problem from last week is happening again.

  • Way2gosassy Connie (@Way2gosassy) reported

    @VJShordee444 @TwitterSupport I'm sorry I don't have a fix for you...

  • SansMerci86 Bella (@SansMerci86) reported

    Dear @jack @vijaya @delbius @twittersecurity @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @Twitter, I'll be blocking this 👇 individual's accounts after this tweet but please note I'm also leaving my tweet on. I refuse to engage w/ this troll. He has a problem, he can report to authorities.

  • taeglet Lea. 🦄 ✨ (@taeglet) reported

    @TwitterSupport My account ( @renprodithe )'s follow notification and mention didn't appear on the other notification tab. Please fix it as soon as possible, asap ! Thank you.

  • djangoxfett Django Moore (@djangoxfett) reported

    @TwitterSupport Still having the same issues, though. Hmm. Still getting the can't receive messages at this time popup/not seeing all likes/not being notified when I get a DM/not getting push notifications from the accounts I have tweet notifications turned on for.

  • lapittenger from the desk of Maris Crané (@lapittenger) reported

    @MasterJeb @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @TwitterMoments @jack Lol if you talk about it you'll get banned because the platform is broken

  • HinduAtheist007 Vedic Sanatani (@HinduAtheist007) reported

    @lemonchuslee @Salahuddin1100 @sumitkv1 @iimtnoida @noidapolice @Uppolice @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterIndia Islam is the root of all problems. It's one of the most disgusting thing to ever happen to humanity.

  • shuhupa . (@shuhupa) reported

    Hello good day @TwitterSupport my main account (@jisozo) the mention didn't show up in mention box other account, please fix it asap.

  • van_rockbrkr Dad/HockeyCoach (@van_rockbrkr) reported

    @markse68 @BradRodu @ucanquit2 @theNCI @Twitter @TwitterSupport People who got locked out and shadowbanned for liking or RT'ing Rodu's tweet. @davemanuel0 @bonusmaxi @Jake2001 @jkelovuori @JasonSobchak @Jckv201 @markse68 @FBaeyens Fix this @TwitterSupport!!!

  • stylemercury libby ♠️ (@stylemercury) reported

    @TwitterSupport hi my dms r broken

  • chajeol JFB yorev (@chajeol) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport my friend's (@sehuz) mention didn't show up on other account's notification tab. please, fix it. thank you.

  • SUGAKAIS 𝒻𝑒𝓁𝒾𝒸𝒾𝒶 (@SUGAKAIS) reported

    @oofseokjin @jimindefsoul @TwitterSupport FIX THIS !!

  • agreatgadsby Tammy Gadsby (@agreatgadsby) reported

    @HeWhoLovesWords Damn @TwitterSupport and @jack we NEED to be able to edit! Ask Mark how he did it for @facebook. I'm sure they'd help you with this issue.

  • autisticb4mmr Solveig ⚧ - Autistic Acceptance Worldwide (@autisticb4mmr) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterSupport So @Twitter @TwitterSupport Basically, I can leave feedback that says "The directions don't work" but I'm really not sure how that's useful information if I can't tell you what about it doesn't work. It's not going to be helpful if I can't specify the issue. You know this. :/

  • autisticb4mmr Solveig ⚧ - Autistic Acceptance Worldwide (@autisticb4mmr) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterSupport Hey @Twitter @TwitterSupport ... I assume this is a bug, too... but when I go to your help center and I find an article that's supposed to give me instructions on how to fix a problem... And when those instructions don't work... If I can't tell you why, things won't get fixed.

  • DJWeedPizza DJ WEED PIZZA (@DJWeedPizza) reported

    @BLabelPro @DaveMuscarella @Twitter @b000giebear @TwitterSupport Fix the Allie Kat suspension

  • lightdark_ 🌞 (@lightdark_) reported

    @TwitterSupport My account (@4YUNA03)'s mention and follow notification can't be seen on other's mention tab. Please fix that problem asap.

  • kameroncarter 𝖇𝖆𝖇𝖞𝖌𝖎𝖗𝖑 🧸 (@kameroncarter) reported

    @TwitterSupport if i mute a tweet i shouldn’t still be getting notifications for it. FIX THIS. that shit so beyond annoying lol

  • aintyrtae JFB? Bwian brx (@aintyrtae) reported

    dear @TwitterSupport, my main account @kmthyg_ mention's cannot seen by others, please fix it asap

  • SamesCarolyn Carolyn Sames (@SamesCarolyn) reported

    @LWC_GypsyDancer @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack Not cool, not cool at all! We’re on here to be social yet @Twitter seems to have a problem with letting that happen. All about control. 😐

  • Jane_S1970 Jane Smith (Karma) (@Jane_S1970) reported

    @SamesCarolyn @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack Not sure if you'll get this, but I have that same issue too. I logged out of all my browsers and did searches for my page and found nothing. Sometimes people I am friends with don't see my tweets at all.

  • jkelovuori Jukka Kelovuori (@jkelovuori) reported

    @CaeruleanSea @FBaeyens @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety Something's broken. And @Jake2001 has the same fate as me. @TwitterSupport please fix this error!

  • RalphScenic vmmiller (@RalphScenic) reported

    @themintviscount One day I'll go through all my tweets to @Twitter and @TwitterSupport over the years and count the times that I've got no response. They've never responded once to a problem. Not once. It's like Twitter doesn't care.

  • DisINGFirebrand Disingenuous Firebrand (@DisINGFirebrand) reported

    @Artful_Apathy @INGFirebrand @TwitterSupport I have no idea what, if anything, @TwitterSupport actually did. It was just all of a sudden fixed one day. Based on the number of people who have had this happen, I have to assume it’s a big that they either don’t want to fix or don’t know how to fix.

  • chajeol JFB yorev (@chajeol) reported

    hello @TwitterSupport my friend's (@krystlah) mention didn't show up on other account's notification tab. please, fix it. thank you.

  • corstiger8704 Christopher Smith (@corstiger8704) reported

    @BLabelPro @Twitter @b000giebear Fix this @TwitterSupport ! @b000giebear is a legitimate account for Allie Kat who is a professional wrestler! #FreeAllieKat

  • amberthecat2009 Amber the Cat (@amberthecat2009) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterSupport please reinstate my account @skysmith1997 you blocked it because I was under 13 when I made it in 2009. I’m 21 now. There’s no reason to ban my account NOW when I’m of age and have had it for years without issue.

  • tommyHotpockets 𝗧𝗼𝗺 𝗦𝗶𝘀𝗮𝗻 (@tommyHotpockets) reported

    @ScottMStedman @MuellerSheWrote @jack @TwitterSupport The craziest thing is identity verification is a solved problem and costs around $0.50 per, possibly less at twitter scale. If they are so cash strapped they could just charge for it.

  • cr6te Crate (@cr6te) reported

    @goofyssam @itscdoe @lakechnl @vnvah @Meztyq @TwitterSupport @Twitter My cousin is slow.... So stop saying the word it very offended to me


    @TwitterSupport bruh I can’t see my DMs fix this mess now

  • user14201 Craig (@user14201) reported

    @jabbawonger @GSpellchecker @JakeStoney2 @MrAndyNgo @Twitter @TwitterSupport It's already down. Twitter has locked the account and put it in read only mode until the tweet is deleted by the user.

  • itscdoe Mass CDoe 🛸 (@itscdoe) reported

    @goofyssam @LumiTheWhale @TwitterSupport @Twitter Not really.. you are posting pictures from my Instagram zooming in because you have nothing better to do 😂 your life is terrible

  • RAINYDAY4U Christina Davis (@RAINYDAY4U) reported

    @M_Livius_Drusus @Jbrady710 @asmac61 @yard597 @brenstappmorgan @Use2BaCopyKat @JudieGegg @BotSentinel @TwitterSupport Well you just send them a little email there's a little envelope and you should be able to do it for me computer...i can send from both of mine...hope this gets shut down immediately apparently they dont like what we have to say lol!

  • slutrings 𝐢𝐬𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐚 (@slutrings) reported

    @TwitterSupport fix my dms

  • __troyallen troy (@__troyallen) reported

    My GC notifications aren’t working and my DM notifications aren’t either @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack please fix this

  • JimmyMacRadio JimmyMacRFR (@JimmyMacRadio) reported

    @verified @Twitter @TwitterSupport @Jack Please close down Twitter handle @RebelForceRadio now and return it to the control of REBEL FORCE RADIO LLC with verified status.

  • Elcolerico Semih Sönmez (@Elcolerico) reported

    @TwitterSupport Why do i get 'cannot load tweets' error while on wifi. All my other apps work perfectly but not Twitter.

  • _carvalho_leo Léo Carvalho (@_carvalho_leo) reported

    @cuducos @TwitterBrasil @RosieDaSerenata @okfnbr @TwitterSupport We continue waiting a positioning about this issue!