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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • Sign in (75.00%)
  • Game Crash (12.50%)
  • Matchmaking (6.25%)
  • Online Play (6.25%)

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  • Wesley07003740 Wesley (@Wesley07003740) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the lower bracket twinking servers please I’m on a 6 hour que and no bg.

  • NikolaVint Никола Тодоровић🇷🇸 (@NikolaVint) reported

    @Warcraft “I N’Zoth will fix the game!”

  • lilmacphisto LegendaryLilmac (@lilmacphisto) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Fix the Flight Masters Whistle that STILL (Despite your claims to have fixed it in you bug reports) takes players to locations that don't have Flight Masters.

  • zzapee zzapee (@zzapee) reported

    @Velanare @SluttyNelf @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs Apparently it's against the Terms of Service to exploit game files.

  • DSumlum Dubbelspolaren (@DSumlum) reported

    by the way warcraft 3 on PTR right now is full retard this new balance team is completely out of tune with the entire balance history of the game. they are throwing the game into CHAOS. the worst part is that anyone even remotely capable at the game can see the problems...

  • ValkyrieWoW Grim (@ValkyrieWoW) reported

    @Necroxis9 I think it looks similar to the Greymane and Saurfang statues they came out with last year. I'm just not sold. I've always wanted to go to 'Warcraft' Blizzcon but man I'm just tired of them right now. Not loving BFA because of many of the issues I had with Legion.

  • UB_Aiden Aiden (@UB_Aiden) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Hello I think arena is bugged, fought a protection warrior, DK, rDruid. Probably a mistake that a tank was allowed inside arena. Please fix, ty.

  • Archimtiros Archimtiros (@Archimtiros) reported

    @LlaroldLive @Agromat_WoW @WarcraftDevs Again, that's also a matter of tuning. That trait being wildly OP in PvE (and probably PvP) is also an issue - we already established that. I don't know why you feel the need to act like a douche about this.

  • effluxwow Efflux (@effluxwow) reported

    @Gekzs @stergey @WarcraftDevs Having the same issue on my disc priest :(

  • Gekzs JUSTIN 🦎 (@Gekzs) reported

    @stergey @WarcraftDevs Hi, my mana bar has also been bugged for like a month now and just doesn’t work. Can you please fix it :) @WarcraftDevs

  • stergey Clos 🐨 (@stergey) reported

    Hi, lava burst has been bugged for like a month now and just doesn't work. Can you please fix it :) @WarcraftDevs

  • Juniordaslayer Junior (@Juniordaslayer) reported

    @bethanievera I want @EA to buy @Blizzard_Ent so they can fix @Warcraft.

  • Eladonir Eladonir (@Eladonir) reported

    @WarcraftDevs The trinket from the new raid called "Idol of Indiscriminate Consumption" puts people in 15 yards in combat. It is disrupting roleplayers by forcing them to stand up, and people can't mount either. Fix please.

  • Swiftfur52 Swiftfur Area52-US-Horde (@Swiftfur52) reported

    so @WarcraftDevs mythic+ is broken this week. Two keys in the last 24 hours have had me (healer) and at least 1 other person stuck in combat for the whole dungeon. Death reset it the first time (until next combat) but second it persisted the whole key, through death. ML and SOB

  • RakaelTowers Rakael 💫 (@RakaelTowers) reported

    //I have the same problem playing Pokémon Go as I do playing Warcraft. Running out of bag space. 😠

  • soulsobreezy Soul (@soulsobreezy) reported

    I think the only actual problem I have with the statue is that it's just Warcraft themed, and Blizzcon has evolved to be so much more than just a place for Warcraft fans

  • rickz_w Rick_W (@rickz_w) reported

    @WarcraftDevs One server fix pls <3

  • Wesley07003740 Wesley (@Wesley07003740) reported

    @Warcraft Hey @Warcraft I was just wondering why y’all switched twinks from leveling bracket cause now are que time is 3 hours or no que please fix tired of not being able to bg on my ***** plus if they wanna level they have dungeons bg is for pvp please fix

  • floofyscorp ☘ jess 🌸 (@floofyscorp) reported

    @jericawebber world of warcraft used to have this problem with ****** quests, but the way they do it now is the NPC moves at whatever speed works for them and if the player gets too far away the NPC will stop moving(and yell at you, usually) until you get close enough again

  • JustinSurrattCA Justin Surratt (@JustinSurrattCA) reported

    @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs you guys really need to fix this, even dead it still sent me back to Boralus as Horde and still I couldn't move at all. This has made my character completely unplayable and I just hit exalted on Proudmore/Zandalari. Trying to unistall and reinstall to see if it-

  • KorkragTheOrc Korkrag (@KorkragTheOrc) reported

    @AlexanderKrizak @WarcraftDevs Miss Gnomes face in that first picture says it all, she has reacted for me, I need not say a thing. Except agree and hope for a fix.

  • ozysaidwhat Shane Falco (@ozysaidwhat) reported

    canceled my @Warcraft subscription.. fix your game, stop neglecting pvp and unbalanced classes ffs

  • AskRubenHow2Bet Ruben (@AskRubenHow2Bet) reported

    At 6 PM earlier today customer service agent said the truck was 2 miles away... and they'd be here by 9 pm😱... 530 seconds left & counting... (I told her "When you talk to them ... pretend they're playing Warcraft & Game of Thrones Conquest & on Twitter all at same time") 2/X

  • Lons Lon Harris (@Lons) reported

    @DevinColson I’d probably go “Warcraft” or “Tomb Raider” (the newer one), but they all have problems.

  • becca_bam b e c s 👑 (@becca_bam) reported

    @BlizzardCS really makes it hard to keep playing @Warcraft with all the bugs and lagging 😒

  • YepezunoSoul Alejandro Yepez (@YepezunoSoul) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix f:))ing dh dcs already please, has been a while now (:

  • EndarSs Tom Bramler (@EndarSs) reported

    hey @Warcraft3 im super hyped about the changes you make to wc3. But for the love of Elune I cannot stretch this enough. You N-E-E-D to fix arranged team, it's your main problem with warcraft 3 right now! Atleast adress it, don't ignore it! @Blizzard_Ent @ATVI_AB @BlizzardCS #wc3

  • tnstormreaver Tyler Miller (@tnstormreaver) reported

    @CookieandGames @PlayWoWClassic @Warcraft I mean classic was good, but had glaring class balance issues that weren't addressed until wotlk. A good community goes a long way though.

  • lydscrawleyjpg lyds♣️ (@lydscrawleyjpg) reported

    Trying to play World of Warcraft but it’s lagging sooooo much and I hate it

  • Valnoressa Valnoressa (@Valnoressa) reported

    I should point out that I think the rest of the set is fantastic. If they fix those goggles it'll be my go-to set on my gnome hunter forever. #Warcraft

  • ttvTurbo_Frank Frankie Minniti (@ttvTurbo_Frank) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Why not just use the Outpost idea from BFA or reuse the Waygate system for the Draenor garrisons to let people unlock portals they want. It'd solve everybody's problem, and give people a little bit of customization to their playing experience.

  • disboxed Disboxed (@disboxed) reported

    Haven't been able to stream on #Twitch for more than a week. Can't do challenges in #WorldofWarcraft, and unable to try new games I've got. @cableONE phone support said it's and area outage. Weeks of this is getting old real fast.

  • ForestMagus BlackForestMagus (@ForestMagus) reported

    @TheSacredIsle Idealism. Look. I, like many others, are getting tired of places getting shot to Hell because the Incel problem. A recent study has been done that shows 1/3 of American males can't find a gf. These young men need to be taught to be men and put away the World of Warcraft & toys.

  • suzieking85 Web DM Emma 🔜 #DnDLive2019 (@suzieking85) reported

    5 Jobs I've had: Summer Camp teacher World of Warcraft customer service (3 days) Database Administrator Writing Consultant Front office admin/homeopathic school "nurse"

  • stoleyaunicorn Jasmine why (@stoleyaunicorn) reported

    @Warcraft please, please fix the m+ chest loot. This is the fifth week in a row I've received loot that was either a downgrade (ilvl 407 doing +11/+12 keys) or not suitable for boomkin spec. i love wow but this is just really disappointing.

  • Eiwo_wow Eiwo (@Eiwo_wow) reported

    @WarcraftDevs When you haven't had a disengage disconnect in a while but then you're let down

  • MethodPotter Chris Potter (@MethodPotter) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Your game is broken

  • KhorthJewelry Khorth Jewelry (@KhorthJewelry) reported

    Hi there, the problem was solved, the ban was lifted, we are able to send you the charming pieces of Warcraft Universe again!

  • bovi_hs Raphael Flotzinger (@bovi_hs) reported

    @MarcosVq @Myob_Myob @Warcraft thats the problem though, it's just not the case. the effort i put in my alts is a fraction of my main and they are almost on the same lvl. it's not catchup gear for alts, it's competitive to gear from harder content for everyone. 1/2

  • bovi_hs Raphael Flotzinger (@bovi_hs) reported

    @MarcosVq @Myob_Myob @Warcraft i don't think lfr is the problem, but the game has a lot of free gear from weekly m+10, darkshore-wf, worldboss. my 8/9 mythic main has 412ilvl(417 bagged), while my 4 alts have 409-412(414bagged) having done no raidcontent except for first boss mythic with randoms.

  • Blightmob Blighters (@Blightmob) reported

    I get so annoyed when I see people say "guardian druids are fine". @WarcraftDevs the recent changes to FR are not welcomed, please take the time and read your class forums. There are a lot of good post points out problems with the class.

  • WorldofMoudi Dr. Moudi (@WorldofMoudi) reported

    Aight [#warcraft] PTR servers down. Update inc!

  • ST4TiK_za ST4TiK (@ST4TiK_za) reported

    @TimoshN @WeakAuras @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev To call for nerfs or buffs is somewhat more complex. Today we are faced with the same balancing issues that pve vs pvp used to have, but only now its raiding vs m+. There are more tuning forks to eat from the same dish.

  • k0suna 💎K0suna💎 (@k0suna) reported

    @Jyggazaam @SullinED @Lord_Wolfie @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs If you think this is a problem of "It's furries complaining they didn't get the furry race." you are being a bigot. 2/2

  • GL0RYHAWK TinyJazzHands (@GL0RYHAWK) reported

    @CloudCityFB @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft @PlayOverwatch @StarCraft @Diablo Suuuuure you do. You have "stopped all use of Blizzard products since the abomination at BlizzCon" yet you still follow the ******* customer service account of all things. "Still have a glimmer of hope" my ass, you're just here to whine like everyone else instead of moving on

  • scintilla01 Tommaso Bertocchi (@scintilla01) reported

    @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs @ckaleiki great job, Nerfs Void Stones and pve gear will be finally fixed, one less problem to go!! (i suggest to push a fix like "pve gear active/passive effects are reduced by 50% in pvp")

  • ReTroSni3Ps Roar SnI3Ps (@ReTroSni3Ps) reported

    @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs I keep disconnecting from your world of Warcraft servers and Issues on your end or is it my end because im getting pretty fed up with the game right now, so please fix it immediately. Thank you very much

  • ZeeFrank42 ZeeFrank42 (@ZeeFrank42) reported

    @BlizzardCS The Worgen starting zone in world of warcraft is a broken mess. Npcs bugging out, Quest breaking, horrible delay on loot. To top it off the final quest is unbeatable and resets over and over.

  • ZeeFrank42 ZeeFrank42 (@ZeeFrank42) reported

    @Warcraft The Worgen starting zone is a broken mess. Npcs bugging out, Quest breaking, horrible delay on loot. To top it off the final quest is unbeatable and resets over and over.

  • mooklepticon PaJamas (@mooklepticon) reported

    @GrinbolU @BlizzardCS Lol, this is the wrong account, my dude. This is just customer service. Talk to @WarcraftDevs.

  • naxuda_ naxuda (@naxuda_) reported

    @WarcraftDevs i know how to fix pvp / the maledict problem, okay listen okay listen. Remove the CD on dispel. BOOM. Saved the game. Mana still matters because if you spam dispel you go OOM, but maledict doesn't stay a ridiculously unfun thing to play against and isn't as op.

  • MatekaSarah Sarah Mateka (@MatekaSarah) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @BellularGaming Giving all mounts water-walking to fix the waterstrider "problem" is the equivalent of buffing every class when one class is too powerful. Not a good response.

  • KaiyokoStar ☆Miss Kaiyoko Star☆ (@KaiyokoStar) reported

    @Tihealy Maybe rando dragon from the lore and isn’t the correct phrasing. My personal experience with Warcraft pre WoW was WC3 and it felt out of no where and I imagine that’s the case for a lot of others which caused a disconnect.

  • LightsongGamer Hopeful Lightsong (@LightsongGamer) reported

    This lag...... is really vexxing me. #Warcraft

  • ThisIsRekal Rekal (@ThisIsRekal) reported

    @Tihealy @KaiyokoStar I think the issue is a lot of the lore in Warcraft was in the books and games before WoW. And a lot of people never read/experienced those due to WoW was just that addicting to play. There was no reason to go back to research this unless you had a big interest.

  • Goku1g GoKu1g (@Goku1g) reported

    @ChuckDewland @WarcraftDevs Might need to alter that clip a little, the issue doesn't happen till right at the end bro :( need more of it lol!

  • spottedyinge Spotted Yinge (@spottedyinge) reported

    What would make @gogcom GOG Galaxy REALLY awesome (other than allowing people to login) is if it had built-in support for Win/DOS emulation on Mac. I'm trying to get Warcraft 2 working on my Mac right now but I have to resort to online forums and hacks. This is 2019... come on.

  • CrusaderGalve Crusader Galve (@CrusaderGalve) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft In my opinion, WoW development has leaned too far in the direction of second-to-second gameplay, execution. The appeal WoW had for me was always the super-game: planning, travelling, thinking, problem-solving, and using these to make meaningful progress.

  • nite_moogle Russ Petersen (@nite_moogle) reported

    Today is the first day of paternity for baby #2 and I spent my shower thinking about family problem solving instead of Warcraft solving for the first time in ... a while. My brain already feels better. Take vacation, friends.

  • Aron42826365 Aron (@Aron42826365) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Another look needs to be taken at wintergrasp. Vehicles need to only be allowed to damage towers and walls. Too much of an advantage is taken by players who get vehicles and just chase players. Please fix this.