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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • nessianalonsus nessian (@nessianalonsus) reported

    @TESOnline Deffo not ready still figuring out workarounds for things that are broken of I can.stay connected long enough as any group activity I get booted repeatedly to the login screen might be time to return to warcraft. Its boring. But least it runs

  • ShoesRogue ShoesRogue (@ShoesRogue) reported

    @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs I haven't felt a since ounce of joy in @Warcraft since the Legion Rogue redesign went live. THIS. ISN'T. MY. CHARACTER. PLEASE. FIX. IT.

  • darkpenx Darkpen (@darkpenx) reported

    @SsdsLw @WarcraftDevs fix this please

  • Metsastraja Metsastaja (@Metsastraja) reported

    @Weesiwel But this is exactly my point. Leveling isn't time gating. It's the game. It's the WORLD in World of Warcraft. One of the problems is referring to it as 'leveling' as opposed to 'questing.' Without it you might as well call it Boss Kill and just have dungeons and raids.

  • CinaedhVik CinaedhVik (@CinaedhVik) reported

    @LuLaKJo I never got into wow or warcraft but starcraft 1... I had so many matches on that service just over and over again. I guess that reminds me of Quake and Unreal Tournament, too. I was a gamer once, back when I had time haha

  • JoshuaZeidner Joshua Zeidner (@JoshuaZeidner) reported

    @lex_node Again now you have the international problem. Any one of these International companies can Source their world of Warcraft gold part of their operation in another country and be exempt from these sorts of restrictions it's going to get really really confusing.

  • ArevirTTV 🇵🇷 Paulito ™ (@ArevirTTV) reported

    @IEatCray0ns @Warcraft I think we are taking on classic separately my friend.. I need PVP in my life.. world pvp looks so broken and fun

  • foodtimegaming Foodtime 🍕🕓 (@foodtimegaming) reported

    A #WorldofWarcraft #levelsquish wouldn't fix the core issue of leveling. The issue is 'not rewarding per level' not 'there are too many levels'

  • WilliamIveson William Iveson (@WilliamIveson) reported

    I just earned the [Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One] Achievement! #Warcraft

  • Shurigin23 Tracy Bennett (@Shurigin23) reported

    @BlizzardCS I give up Blizz no matter what I do I can't stop my comp from crashing during @PlayOverwatch or even sometimes during @Warcraft love both games but I can't afford what I assume to be the problem which is a graphics card so no competitive play for either prob banned :(

  • Zadck3 Zachary Storch (@Zadck3) reported

    @adambettcher @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs This right here is the other problem, they're sending surveys and discussing it on live streams and getting some positive feedback from a vocal minority with most people not even hearing it. (1/2)

  • _randolph_west R ⚧ W (@_randolph_west) reported

    @SynStalker @Kaegun If I learned nothing else from JU, it was how to read error logs. And that I’ll never be any good at Warcraft. But mostly error logs.

  • Tackett1986 Michael Kelly (@Tackett1986) reported

    @Leamardi @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft The problem with this expansion is it actively and outwardly encourages half of the player base to hate the other

  • cwwood032277 Christopher Wood (@cwwood032277) reported

    @BlizzardCS Is there a problem with submitting tickets for World of Warcraft because this week I have tried to submit 2 web tickets and after clicking submit they were not submitted to you because I normally get an email about you receiving them right after the submission.

  • hOnKiNg_MfEr hOnKiNg MoThErF*CkEr (@hOnKiNg_MfEr) reported

    @Warcraft You guys haven't done anything to fix PVP in ages why would anyone want to watch such a broken *********** of the same few metas over and over

  • Slushpuppy_TV Slushpuppy (@Slushpuppy_TV) reported

    @Deadlyslob @Warcraft I was a hunter back in vanilla so I was thinking of reliving that glory, they were actually helpful back then when aggro was a problem instead of just a tiny nuisance

  • ZuelaseGaming Zuelase (@ZuelaseGaming) reported

    @ElliottVenczel @WarcraftDevs @Asmongold @EsfandTV @sonii @Sodapoppintv @Ziqoftw @ChuckDewland @StaySafeWarlock The easy fix is just have it be in the 1-6 zones or give a broader dynamic spawn for the first week.

  • RestingPhoenix Phoenix (@RestingPhoenix) reported

    Squishing levels in WoW will be like painting over the mould. Levelling in WoW has way more core fundemtal issues outside Blizzard stripping away player progression making levelling up unrewarding. #Warcraft

  • BombasticWriter Cat In A Sock (@BombasticWriter) reported

    Yay! Friday! Now to stay up and catch up on #GoodOmens the fix my laptop, I want to play World of Warcraft!!!

  • us_armyrangers Ben FDR Bruner (@us_armyrangers) reported

    its either they all clock at 3.2 or one damn core will clock to 3.7, all im saying is I can pick up and play world of warcraft any time I want to without closing my distributed computing, but I dont want to play the hell game. Some problems include constant leveling eveb

  • MCB_Oro Oro (@MCB_Oro) reported

    @cameron8161 @MrBCWalker Look, being such a huge lore nerd about Warcraft, I'd be able to fix a LOT of ******* problems in that universe.

  • snowbloodtv Joe (@snowbloodtv) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Hate to tell you this but a level squish is not going to fix retail wow. As someone that's played since release week, I hate the idea and only see it ******* the game up even more. #warcraft

  • huinyeou 흰 여우 (@huinyeou) reported

    @selk_matthew @WarcraftDevs Fix your attitude.

  • Augustin1970 Mike Sawl (@Augustin1970) reported

    @WarcraftDevs What happened to WoW. I stopped playing shortly after 7.1 and the game was good, fun, and not broken. It was still a good , solid mmo. I was talked into coming back for BfA 7.15 and the game is broken all over. I enjoy playing it, but it gets old real fast when it's this broken.

  • selk_matthew matthew Selk (@selk_matthew) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Fix your broken classes.

  • Alessandrouw Alessandro Gomes (@Alessandrouw) reported

    @WarcraftDevs "This is broken, but in a future patch months from now it will work as it should have, however you most likely won't be doing this content anymore, as you will be focused on doing new broken content" WoW in a nutshell

  • Realmofthedeadx 黄泉の国 (@Realmofthedeadx) reported

    @Phearaldrood @Wickedsorrow_ couple Q&A ago by ion "The problem with World of Warcraft is that the max level cap has been raised a total of seven times (counting all expansions) and currently it's sitting at 120, which is too high for talents to feel meaningful." (about the level squish)

  • Tor3b Tore Brukstuen (@Tor3b) reported

    @tovello_ @ntys26 @Warcraft Yepp. It's all true or false in my book.. Of course not. My point is that GM Island is suuuuch a small thing that has no impact of the game. The game has bigger issues if you ask me. I stated my opinion. Feel free to tell how it matters for you, but I'm allowed to say what I feel

  • toychristopher toychristopher (@toychristopher) reported

    @Liftmw @WarcraftDevs Why not just... Give us something at lvl 100 to 120. They can fix that without squishing the levels.

  • Liftmw Liftea (@Liftmw) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Yes do it. Do the level squish guys. 100-120 feels horrible at the moment because we don't get anything. Reduce the level cap to 50 or 60 pls. This might also fix the stat squish.

  • Liftmw Liftea (@Liftmw) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I didn't get a level squish survey... but omg just do it guys. It's a great idea. 100-120 feels so disappointing atm bc there's no character progression. reset it to 50 or 60. thank you for listening to the playerbase. this might also fix the stat inflation :D

  • cafe_mellow ☽ ☆Lavvy☆ ☾ (@cafe_mellow) reported

    I've deleted the cache/WTF folder, scan and repaired world of warcraft, adjusted WIN10's theme from dark to light back to dark to see if that'd fix it, I have adjusted the windows cursor to see if that would do anything, I disabled all my addons, but still nothing.

  • methatkindaorc Name cannot be left blank (@methatkindaorc) reported

    @Howllec @Nixxiom @ElliottVenczel @WarcraftDevs @Asmongold @EsfandTV @sonii @Sodapoppintv @Ziqoftw @ChuckDewland @StaySafeWarlock I'm againt both but understand layering for the purpose of initial release then removing it, as blizzard said they would. So hopefully this won't be an issue in September or October whenever they decide to remove it.

  • Claritycraftz Clarity (@Claritycraftz) reported

    @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs If you want to try and fix WoW's leveling experience one thing you need to do is remove heirlooms and offer some kind of potion or something that gives you a buff instead as the lack of gear progression whilst leveling makes it so dull.

  • MattFossen The Cranky Tank *Commissions open* (@MattFossen) reported

    I'm not a fan of "squishes" (stat, item level, or player level), as they seem like solutions looking for problems, but since a level squish sounds like a foregone conclusion I guess that's that. #Warcraft

  • _ManThatYouFear BreakfastAtNoon with (@_ManThatYouFear) reported

    @Warcraft the issue is not the levels.. it's the speed of your content and lack of any community. Warcraft is nothing more than a Diablo MMO.

  • Justin_E_Lewis Justin E. Lewis (@Justin_E_Lewis) reported

    @Rantacular1 @MejinoA @Warcraft Couldn’t agree more. They’ve made the game entirely too easy. Hoping they fix that with BFA.

  • voiceofroxas Kyle Lamble (@voiceofroxas) reported

    @Ziqoftw @ElliottVenczel @WarcraftDevs @Asmongold @EsfandTV @sonii @Sodapoppintv @ChuckDewland @StaySafeWarlock **** lag and long queues. If I have a small window to play that would mean I don't play.

  • alex45221 Alex Ross (@alex45221) reported

    @WarcraftDevs delete azurite traits from pvp. This would fix so many things I stg.

  • Lady_Annieloy Annieloy🍃 (@Lady_Annieloy) reported

    Can't decide if I should play #warcraft or cuddle up in bed with the cats right now. I really don't want to sleep even if my body says it's a good idea. I got serious issues with sleeping when I have a cold now days. I have to have really high fever before I lisen to reason..

  • UNTRUSTFULL Zach aka untrustfull (@UNTRUSTFULL) reported

    @TheGammatrap @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent @SkarProductions Unfortunately not, my schedule isnt lining up however you better have the time of your life. And cost is no problem when it comes to master pieces.

  • HHUweHH Uwe (@HHUweHH) reported

    @Warcraft fix the horse / gryphon only mounts for alliance in BFA .. they are allready the dead/ bad/lowpop/broing and bad racial faction

  • Ziqoftw Ziqo (@Ziqoftw) reported

    @ElliottVenczel @WarcraftDevs @Asmongold @EsfandTV @sonii @Sodapoppintv @ChuckDewland @StaySafeWarlock Rather have lag and long ques than this for sure, on live everyone just ended up server hopping to get rares/mounts and bypass respawn timers. Vanillas social aspect is everything, layering directly threatens that

  • CNY_KFieLd Kevin_CNY (@CNY_KFieLd) reported

    @Asmongold @Warcraft I'd love to fix the problem for you but still waiting on my damn invite. @Warcraft cmon hook us up with beta invites. I ain't friends and family but I'm one of the best neckbeards you've got.

  • Enterta59564312 EntertainmentNihilist (@Enterta59564312) reported

    @Daisymomma3 @WarcraftDevs Everybody using water striders at all times instead of the cool-looking mounts they actually want to use (and possibly farmed a bunch for) seems pretty broken to me.

  • SezzRS Sez (@SezzRS) reported

    @SwiftyiRL @Warcraft Report it, they won’t fix it straight away.

  • mglei69 furry mate @ uni portfolio also trans rights! (@mglei69) reported

    i wrote a whole ass thread about me ******* up in world of warcraft and i totally just figured how to fix my problem easily. alright

  • berkreviews Jonathan Berkenfield (@berkreviews) reported

    @The_MovieOracle My issue with his theory, no one would make that argument about another piece of art. The movie needs to stand alone without the source material. If it requires massive understanding of a concept prior to the film it is either a niche piece like Warcraft or it's a weakness.

  • annafunk Anna Funk, Mother of Cats (@annafunk) reported

    @WillJ_Moon @Warcraft The only problem with doing that is it'll make the Legion intro feel like a freaking WALL, because the Broken Shore and the Artifact Weapon scenarios don't reward ANY exp. Skip broken shore unless you just want to see it again (it is soloable now)

  • GodTally Tally Old God of Shadows (@GodTally) reported

    @WarcraftDevs TwistingNether realm Boralus Zone insane lag to the point the game is unplayable if you enter Boralus here right now.

  • sassysouthern93 🌻Sassy Southerner🌻 (@sassysouthern93) reported

    Okay @TwitchSupport I’ve contacted and emailed you guys to fix my add-on problem with world of Warcraft and I’ve not gotten contacted at all!!! I just wanna use my add ons😭😭😭😭

  • Flashey_X Flashey X (@Flashey_X) reported

    @SanctusPlays @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft As in not working at all most of the time.

  • JimRonnySorlie Jim Ronny Paulsen Sørlie (@JimRonnySorlie) reported

    Fix your ******* stupid buggy shitty game... Omg Im getting so ******* mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Warcraft @LifeatBlizzard

  • FlamestrykeTV FlameStrykeTV (@FlamestrykeTV) reported

    @Twitch_Yine @SwiftyiRL @Warcraft It's beta who cares. Remember #nochanges.... Well this was in vanilla.... don't worry if enough people report it they will fix it

  • Kakkarotftw Magaman X (@Kakkarotftw) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I don't get how you had so many good features in Legion, scrapped them all, then replaced it with worse systems. I wish Ghostcrawler was brought back to fix this mess.

  • Kaiaphin_CtR 🏳️‍🌈Ally Kaiaphin_CtR🕊 (@Kaiaphin_CtR) reported

    @sawftytweets @Warcraft I keep staring lovingly at my bnet login screen....waiting...

  • ragzus Ragzus (@ragzus) reported

    @TaliesinEvitel @drdisrespect Indeed, over time we'd had to expand the meaning of gamer, it isn't really mobile games that are the issue its the way companies make them pay to win, imagine mobile games that weren't just micro-transactions, we could have warcraft 1-2, C&c etc..

  • Vewdew48 James E. Bowes (@Vewdew48) reported

    @BlizzardCS yes hello Im having an issue with getting disconnected between every 10-20 minutes from either Diablo and World of Warcraft checked everything on my end even my firewall .. it's all good

  • NiccoleAndrea Math - Maker - Teacher! (@NiccoleAndrea) reported

    @KatoJune @Warcraft @RichWCampbell Welcome to California and at will employment. An employer would be opening themselves up to potential legal action with every word said. The common goodbye is " it is just not working out" and you move on. Besides... Rich blew it. He knew it.

  • Phearaldrood Phearal (@Phearaldrood) reported

    Spent more time on the PTR last night. Bought a Benthic token, created a chest piece, then while trying to see the Azerite traits on it I was given the "there are no available azerite traits for your class" error. #feelsbadman @WarcraftDevs #Warcraft