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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • Artemishowl_ Artemis 🔜 CLASSIC WOW HYPETRAIN (@Artemishowl_) reported

    @SpartySmallwood @icyveins @WarcraftDevs My other stint about this is I understand people are going 'well streamers won't ever have this issue' but in 2005 no one was a streamer and we all managed just fine. There are 2 global channels in-game for use, and a world chat that seems to work fine as well.

  • Artemishowl_ Artemis 🔜 CLASSIC WOW HYPETRAIN (@Artemishowl_) reported

    @icyveins @SpartySmallwood @WarcraftDevs That's fine if they did I guess. I guess I just see it weird that Decursive is broken/isnt working while this is.

  • Derek_Sutton Derek Sutton (@Derek_Sutton) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft As we get close to the launch of classic, I simply wanted to say thank you. I may not be able to go home again; I may not be able to relive my teenage years; I may not be able to fix my past mistakes; and I may not get a chance to make other choices... 1/2

  • Game_Dev_Carto Carto 🎮 (@Game_Dev_Carto) reported

    Please @Warcraft / @WatcherDev block this addon, the lack of these tools is what made it what it was. I know there is the whole "don't use it" but you know that doesn't fix the problem <3

  • rooster_irl Rooster Gaijin (@rooster_irl) reported

    Dear @WarCraftDevs , please fix the Aerial Enforcer XZ-9 units. I can "hack" them but their pilot is not part of the "hack" and I am in combat until the "hack" runs out. Please include the pilot in the "hack"!

  • st0neh Alex Brook (@st0neh) reported

    @Khalabibtime @average_albino @el1berate @NickPolom @Warcraft Again, nobody is realistically going to play classic purely because there's no LFG. It's an absurd assumption. If that was their only issue they'd just continue playing the current game and ignore LFG.

  • debaucherie alix takada #AOLETMT (@debaucherie) reported

    @lufitoom @Artemishowl_ @Shapingus_ @icyveins @WarcraftDevs it'll be broken without a doubt.

  • ADVMediaNet Advanced Media Network (@ADVMediaNet) reported

    @krausierprime @luke_lafr @Warcraft @ColdSC See, Classic is a GREAT move but... my problem with it is it can never be expanded upon because... it already has expansions... and look what they've become. This is why I've been calling it a "dead end".

  • TheKiwiBirdie Kiwi (@TheKiwiBirdie) reported

    @Kolba_Yada @ChrisRGun The sad issue for both is that when you're forced to work on something forever, the staff tend to lose any care or passion for it. It's a job. Crank out product forever until product isn't popular anymore. Other examples would be world of warcraft or spongebob.

  • Crum1221 Zac West ⚔️ (Zew) (@Crum1221) reported

    @Hulkeen_ @StaySafeWarlock @icyveins @WarcraftDevs I'm saying anyone who actually gave this a decent thought, realizes it's not an issue.

  • intermemiator Intermemiator (@intermemiator) reported

    @NickPolom @Warcraft And the fact that was eventually baked in to your day to day gameplay. Along with the onset of WF/TF, personal loot, and patch-to-patch gear resets that's the main issue with LFG. This could only ever be a virtualized Trade Chat.

  • Akiraosc AsheronsFall (@Akiraosc) reported

    @icyveins Should be broken addon. @WarcraftDevs This is antithetical and a determent to social Vanilla gameplay.

  • Dredd_TTV Dredd💀 (@Dredd_TTV) reported

    @icyveins @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs please make sure this is broken by live. 🙏

  • LostViperX_ LostViperX (@LostViperX_) reported

    had to cut the stream ow stream short to deal with a family issue but i will be back in a couple hours, learning to play world of warcraft :)

  • Mamatowomen Cait McKnelly (@Mamatowomen) reported

    @Warcraft When my husband came home we would eat (usually in front of the computer) and login together and I would play for a couple of hours with him (he was a tank and I was his healer) before going to work.

  • Knightmare_TV SBG Knightmare🛡️ (@Knightmare_TV) reported

    @Foxicution @FortniteGame CoD is busted. World of Warcraft has their moments. Everything is FOTM. That's why things seem so busted. It's always going to be a balance issue. ESO busted. So many games are way more busted than FN.

  • rooster_irl Rooster Gaijin (@rooster_irl) reported

    Dear @WarcraftDevs , after watching the “Devs play WoW Classic” video, please fix all flight paths so they have motion again. The turns, the banks, the climbs and the dives all make the flight paths feel real! The removal of these motions ruined the immersion of flight paths.

  • Kalena71 Charlene Rider (@Kalena71) reported

    @troelsytwo @AttackFinch @Warcraft @PerfectStealth Ironically, that thought process will actually keep that server lag-free. 🙃

  • CGB_TP CynicalGamingBlog (@CGB_TP) reported

    @JRPG_Podcast I think they should shut the servers down and make Warcraft 4 instead, retconning WOW from existence and writing a proper story.

  • kevinslo1078 Mr. Predictor (@kevinslo1078) reported

    @FF_XIV_EN Scholars are the most broken healing class in the game it's absolutely ridiculous and why do you guys keep ******* with all the jobs like World of Warcraft, stop it you keep nerfing shit and then buffing shit and then nerfing shit what ********. Hey yoshi you're

  • Gnome_64 Evan (@Gnome_64) reported

    @goldfishgal2 @LudwigTheJust @Warcraft Sounds like arrows weren't the problem...

  • solaceinrage Joe (@solaceinrage) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Locks and shaman earth elemental have the same problem. Going from 500% threat on a mob to chasing it down an ai led goose chase is turning my hair white.

  • ceo_info marco mussoni (@ceo_info) reported

    coca-cola, average cost method, massively multiplayer online role-playing game, world of warcraft, bitlicense, cryptocurrency, grey market, terms of service ...

  • AllisonAngus Alex (@AllisonAngus) reported

    @Warcraft Only real issues I had with classic was that pet ai was garbo... (still is but I kinda just figured taming scrambled their poor brains) and I was really bad at managing my bags and ammo/pet happiness... excited to play it though, lots of good memories and long lasting friendships

  • Dejank92 Bloodlipz (@Dejank92) reported

    @Harmonyz12 @CadenHouse @Warcraft The problem is i eat those after the meal as a desert. 😂

  • lightsnipes ʕ ꈍᴥꈍʔ biscuit ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ) (@lightsnipes) reported

    Guess who payed for six months of World of Warcraft in advance then had their computer crash! :D

  • spicy_wasabaee Wasabaee the Rogue (@spicy_wasabaee) reported

    @CajunKingKuma @Warcraft Things are gonna get pretty shitty on this streamer server, yeah. I think we may have bigger problems to deal with haha

  • That1rpgdude Kyle (@That1rpgdude) reported

    @Midgettes @WarcraftDevs I was experiencing some major lag spikes today

  • hatter the hatter (@hatter) reported

    @thegoldqueen @WarcraftDevs Though I'm wondering if 'weekly 8 hour downtime, sometime 12-18' is already in the Classic Not A Bug list, it'll give them a whole lot more leeway to fiddle and fix.

  • Phatori1304 Phatori (@Phatori1304) reported

    Please @WarcraftDevs fix the damn tanks. Make them fun to play and not stressful/annoying.

  • Gatlonbat Mike (@Gatlonbat) reported

    @goldfishgal2 @MacNabOriginal @Warcraft “Ease” see that right there is the problem. As doctor Grant said “T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed, he wants to hunt.” We want the satisfaction of something earned. I don’t want things to be easy.

  • Gatlonbat Mike (@Gatlonbat) reported

    @goldfishgal2 @MacNabOriginal @Warcraft “Ease” see that right there is the problem. We doctor Grant said “T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed, he wants to hunt.” We want the satisfaction of something earned. I don’t want things to be easy.

  • goldfishgal2 Azurehue22 (@goldfishgal2) reported

    @llythree @CaleoGaming @Warcraft They can fix that. I think that definitly needs to be fixed myself. Mana should be an active resource that needs to be used properly, just as it was. Certain things were good. A lot of things were bad.

  • hotboydeluxe andrew. (@hotboydeluxe) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS woops probably should have been this account I tweeted at. please read this thread. cannot reconnect to the game after being disconnected. multiple error messages.

  • hotboydeluxe andrew. (@hotboydeluxe) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WarcraftDevs it just is perpetually logging me into the game server. got an error WOW51900328 before

  • Ahyoomoo Ayumu (@Ahyoomoo) reported

    @spicy_wasabaee @Warcraft Damn right! I'm already expecting long login queue... don't even know if i'm lucky enough to play that night, but let's hope so 😁

  • Rebdul Rebdull (@Rebdul) reported

    @Midgettes @WarcraftDevs It’s just a server issue. Server didn’t know where to put any of you so it dumped you all in the same place. It’s happening a lot today unfortunately

  • KaukidiLeo Leo Kaukidi (@KaukidiLeo) reported

    @Warcraft Hi, fix the instance servers please. Nothing is working.

  • Midgettes Cute Gnome (@Midgettes) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Also can't appear to *leave* my garrison (although we are still debating who's garrison we are at :D). We are stuck! Hearthstones not working.

  • The_NamesMatt Matt (@The_NamesMatt) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS Group finder is not working after NA reset.

  • ArchaosMad Archaos The Mad Bro (@ArchaosMad) reported

    @Draaaaaan @BoboTeLonka @ilidungoof @Warcraft I have absolutely no issue with being wrong on a factual level. Nobody knows everything and I will gladly take new info to heart and admit I was wrong but when people like self-righteous asshats, I stop caring about the facts and return the favour in kind.

  • YearningMCFinHC S (@YearningMCFinHC) reported

    @Wowhead @Jaydaa10 @pelinal1415 Shields. Better to prevent damage than to take it. Same reason why disc has been OP for years. @WarcraftDevs fix this stupidness. Either nerf shields or remove the mechanic. Never going to have healer representation if two so overwhelmingly dominate tier after tier.

  • sanquisdragon Patiently Awaiting (@sanquisdragon) reported

    @TheRealLeeMarks @SoujiroUchiha @Warcraft I never had an issue with my hunter. Except when I just started and couldn't feed cheese to my pet and it was pissed.

  • Bufarete Bufarete (@Bufarete) reported

    @RoyaleRecruit @Warcraft It's a time problem. WOW Needs hours a day. I have minutes... When WOW Mobile :D

  • troelsytwo Jena 🌿 (@troelsytwo) reported

    @AttackFinch @Warcraft @PerfectStealth I'm not gonna pick a server with the word "lag" in it.

  • BusyBroncoMed1a Dr. Terrible (@BusyBroncoMed1a) reported

    @AntagonizticAzn @Warcraft I’d rather have overpop go down to high or something and not have it be medium goin to low or dead later like these new servers might. The issue is they released these late. People have settled in with their guilds. Meaning anyone whose waited will not choose the new empty ones.

  • XbcTV Auras (@XbcTV) reported

    @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs fix essence grind on alts.

  • Ken417063De Ken De (@Ken417063De) reported

    o that was nice, that dc loop would have never stopped cause i wasn't under the world the knee deep in the cave entrance, had to spam the shit out blink hot ket to break the loop. DC players is clearly not your fix all. @warcraftdevs #warcraft

  • itssiuo Siuo (@itssiuo) reported

    @ChuckDewland @WarcraftDevs pala/shaman manareg is also way too high idk. maybe only a issue for certains comps

  • TrRepairs TRTechRepairs (@TrRepairs) reported

    @BlizzardCS HELP!!! My girlfriend added a World of Warcraft starter account, and now can't play WoW... but if I log in on her system... no problem!!!

  • eljesteljest David (@eljesteljest) reported

    @franalations23 @Warcraft Got THE same problem

  • Shapingus_ Cole (@Shapingus_) reported

    @ChuckDewland @WarcraftDevs Only a problem because of how slow-paced BFA PvP is. Like in past expansions, you could definitely be unsafe at 100%

  • SketchPens Heather (@SketchPens) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm still having issues getting on Warcraft. I get stuck on the loading screen. The bar gets to about 80%.

  • PhillipDandrid3 Phillip Dandridge (@PhillipDandrid3) reported

    @Warcraft my game is lagging bad i can't do anything

  • Mcphail25 Josh (@Mcphail25) reported

    @Warcraft anybody having issues with things not loading in wow

  • Cparrett84 chris parrett (@Cparrett84) reported

    @BlizzardCS I have been trying to play world of warcraft since 9 am eastern time and I have a battlenet friendslist full of people who are not experiencing any issues but yet the downdetector website shows a wow outage in georgia Alabama and florida.

  • texkimo_jane Jane Jansen (@texkimo_jane) reported from Chattanooga, Tennessee

    @BlizzardCS I hope your also looking into the world of Warcraft issues as well. I’ve not been able to get onto a character at all today. I was hoping to play as I’m off. But alas not so far.

  • Angistar6 Angistar (@Angistar6) reported

    @murlocscom I am interested, but I a question about the streaming part. I have 2 days set aside for other games when I’m not raiding; would that be an issue or are you specifically looking for just Warcraft.

  • Driftdrew Drew (@Driftdrew) reported

    Aye uhhhh @BlizzardCS imma need y'all to fix @Warcraft

  • SketchPens Heather (@SketchPens) reported

    I'm having the same issue. #Warcraft