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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • londonanalytica
    London Analytica (@londonanalytica) reported

    Software as a service that connects data from hospital medical records with World of Warcraft top scores to extract insight about musical taste.

  • Gandalf_Did_911
    SpiltMyJuice (@Gandalf_Did_911) reported

    @TaliesinEvitel @Warcraft Tier sets felt interesting and drastically changed the playstyle of the spec, Azerite traits while some are indeed cool don't change up gameplay the same way tier, talents or even artifacts did. If Azerite traits filled this role I wouldn't have an issue with the system.

  • 1337K1Ng
    Alpaslan Kılavuz (@1337K1Ng) reported

    @AdrianVerban @Warcraft Legion class campaign missions meant something to our character as a gain/loss War campaign does nothing to my character I just go do some WQ like stuff and come back Assassinate that gather this follow this and that PvP scale is a problem even if you go 1v1-2 or in bgs

  • trellsky
    trell (@trellsky) reported

    Ahhh no more key deletion. RIP groups like mine that don’t have much time to play during the week. Deleting keys allowed groups to have a much better chance of seeing the dungeons they want to see at a high level. It was a problem solver for many players... @WarcraftDevs

  • OhmegaLaw
    Meg (@OhmegaLaw) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev What happened to the MAJOR class changes we were promised in 8.1 2 classes got, for the most part, number increases, this is very lazy and doesn't fix the problem at it's core.

  • sanatus21
    Sanatus (@sanatus21) reported

    @Warcraft Dead game is dead,they need to make whole new expansion to fix it If they can ofc,Most boring expansion ever released.

  • MnejingWoW
    Mnejingosaurus (@MnejingWoW) reported

    @watch_jdotb @WarcraftDevs BfA stands for "We're just gonna make arbitrary changes that make no sense and no one complained about while ignoring the actual issues." They're not even phoning it in any more.

  • OfficialPhazor
    Phazor (@OfficialPhazor) reported

    @TerrenceM_HS @Razer @Warcraft ive always had issues with my razer mice dying quicker then others, my corsair lasted a while, and when i moved away from WoW i didnt need the buttons which was nice.. my zowie fk1 still going strong after thousands and thousands of hours in FPS games

  • Young_Atlas94
    Nathan (@Young_Atlas94) reported

    Still waiting for a character service sale 🙃🙃🙃 @Warcraft

  • Yeetfist
    CoReRoded (@Yeetfist) reported

    @IlliosTV @WeakAuras @Warcraft Number tuning does not fix gameplay, unless one ability is buffed/nerfed so much it becomes viable/unviable thus changing the rotation. Regardless of any sort of tuning, gameplay right now just doesn't feel right.

  • Phatori1304
    Phatori (Loa of Protection) (@Phatori1304) reported

    @ReikCragshot @WarcraftDevs Yes always! But the main issue is if you got a bad key. You could delete the key and then run a dungeon. And it would give you a new key 1 lvl lower than the dungeon you just ran.

  • Canibehealz
    Canibehealz / Chadd, trying hard to survive (@Canibehealz) reported

    And @WarcraftDevs - Ancient Ankh Talisman doesn't fix the problem. Resetting the cd on Reincarnate when combat starts fixes your antiquated design. I don't want to be forced into a trait just to be a more viable solution for my raid team.

  • thehobbit94
    Emma (@thehobbit94) reported

    imagine being so disconnected you remove the ability to delete keystones instead of taking it as a sign that you need to fix dungeons/affixes @WarcraftDevs

  • Clownpiece420
    Sucy, 002's wife (@Clownpiece420) reported

    @Warcraft inb4 cherrypicked to shit questions only inb4 question about the location of thrall's cat getting equal time and weight to mechanical questions inb4 mandatory 30 minute block of questions about ******* pet battles and transmog instead of core mechanical issues

  • hayleybekah
    Hayley // Blizz (@hayleybekah) reported

    I just realized...28 levels later...that I named my velf rogue after a beer (Corona) 😂 It's not spelled the same, but it's pronounced the same and now it's all I can think about when I see it on the login screen, haha #Warcraft #DontEvenDrink

  • MattFossen
    The Cranky Tank (@MattFossen) reported

    From the 8.1 patch notes: "You can now speak to Archmage Timear in Dalaran above the Broken Isles to access Legion Raid Finder solo or with a private group." I've been waiting for this for a while, but if it's still not on the Legacy Loot system it'll SUCK to farm. #Warcraft

  • MartinOFanboyin
    Just Martin (@MartinOFanboyin) reported

    @Wowhead Yay for the rep bonuses for the allied races, but doesn't help the fact I grinded for two months for my void elves only to find out I can't make one because I haven't got a 110 alliance character. @BlizzardCSEU_EN @Warcraft please solve this issue.. it's disappointing.

  • Tyler_Frampton
    Tyler Frampton (@Tyler_Frampton) reported

    @Felaryn @Warcraft I hope my feral is better and they fix shammy up!

  • Blizzplanetcom
    Blizzplanet (@Blizzplanetcom) reported

    WoW PTR 8.1 (build 28724) was deployed a few ago. Login screen marks it as (Release x64). Patch goes live on December 11th. The hunt for the Hivemind mount will start shortly after by the WoW Secret Finding channel. #Warcraft

  • Kwepp
    Jacob | Kwepp (@Kwepp) reported

    @Valrysha @Warcraft What I mean by "Coming as one" is becoming one faction/no faction at all. - Trial of the Crusader didn't look like a very strong partnership. - Legion the Horde and Alliance were not on good terms at all due to the Broken Shore - Mists also had a faction war.

  • lachi1327
    Lachy (@lachi1327) reported

    @Warcraft #WarcraftQA Hello there, when are we going to receive the Aution House revamps the game needs. Last bandaids fix made it unfun and unrewarding for gold makers. Thank you

  • Flytanx_
    Flytanx (@Flytanx_) reported

    @Warcraft Answer real questions and not ones you pick and choose. It's annoying seeing you waste time with cupcake questions when in reality there are so many issues in WoW right now that need to be answered.

  • Vertical7Gaming
    Vertical Seven Gaming on Twitch (@Vertical7Gaming) reported

    @oburn88 @Bl4ckOps4 @StarCraft and @Warcraft don’t crash while I live stream. Go figure.

  • DrewVorheez
    Drew Alger (@DrewVorheez) reported

    Both @Fallout 76 and @Blizzard_Ent World of @Warcraft to me have the exact same problem for me, they don't have a long enough, engaging enough story lines when initially released. Fallout especially, please @BethesdaStudios spend A LOT more time on story so we can too.

  • Zephyri
    Sam Hogg (@Zephyri) reported

    @cokehyena @TitusLunter @ValentinaFilic I don't think doing original requests/commissions should be much of a problem, if you can find the market for them :) It was a private commission of Warcraft characters that got me my official work on hearthstone.

  • AdrianVerban
    Verban Adrian (@AdrianVerban) reported

    @1337K1Ng @Warcraft WoD wanted to do more than it could, BfA seems to be improving on Legion issues....Legion had a ton of issues if You put them on paper, but just as WotLK it was good because appealed to Warcraft 3 fans with Illidan+Gul'dan+Legion story

  • BuddyBarlow33
    Syphinb (@BuddyBarlow33) reported

    @towelthetank @gamerschoicetv @Warcraft That's what kinda customer Blizz wants..blind love for something so broken. Hopefully i'm not coming across as a troll because tbh i watch ya everyday but we went from a amazing xpac like Legion to this and it's not right, i'm not the only upset player right now either.

  • fournando_
    nando (@fournando_) reported

    @WarcraftDevs can you retards fix pvp gearing for ***** sake jesus christ

  • L33VC
    Techno Pagan (@L33VC) reported

    @Warcraft So I unsubbed 3 months ago. It's gonna stay that way now until you fix your game.

  • perksnpeeves
    Quintessence (@perksnpeeves) reported

    Haven't leveled it or altered it in any way. Just reverts to default color. Please just make these pets color-changers instead of unique on-learn appearances. It's not working as intended. @Muffinus @WarcraftDevs

  • GigiannaD
    Gigianna_Danae (@GigiannaD) reported

    @Warcraft There's a lag problem on the Dallas server.

  • darkpenx
    Darkpen (@darkpenx) reported

    So excited about future of Rated Battlegrounds and #WoWEsports. Hosted tournament just to start it up last night & received overwhelming support from the community. Over 40+ players and got help solving the UI problem. So much more to come from this RBG community #worldofwarcraft

  • SolineSnep
    Soline (@SolineSnep) reported

    @dogeyoko @Windows 2/ but this isnt the case. It seems some games that are processor heavy i.e #Warcraft and other older games while streaming can cause issues. But with #nvidia #geforcenow I dont have problems streaming. Course not every game is covered... idk if I want to risk

  • JennyFlynn_1986
    𝒥𝑒𝓃𝓃𝓎 𝐹𝓁𝓎𝓃𝓃 (@JennyFlynn_1986) reported

    So I managed to level 10 different characters to 120 before the first patch hits... not sure whether to be proud or if I just have issues but hey, it's a new milestone. #Warcraft

  • Zabian_
    Zabian (@Zabian_) reported

    Lost like 3 or 4 high keys this week due to bugs in the dungeons... @WarcraftDevs Please take a look at aggro and combat issues in Waycrest Manor and Tol Dagor. It's ridiculous, we've lost a few hours of our time from stuff like pulling through walls and being stuck in combat.

  • takeme2_nvrland
    Kayla △⃒⃘ (@takeme2_nvrland) reported

    Let me just say that @Warcraft customer service are legitimately amazing

  • Nixi1993
    Nixi (@Nixi1993) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Its pretty obvious you tried to deflate gold, which you have succeeded in so far. However, I think thats the wrong approach. I like the idea of having smaller currency numbers, but IMO the solution to that problem is adding something like platinum that's worth 1000g

  • ChronicGamgi
    Chronic Gamgi (@ChronicGamgi) reported

    @CorbiereDillon @wizzywiztv @mandalor_ruiz @LegendsOfAria @Warcraft has bad bugs in major patchs/expansions that they wish they had ironed out to for a product thats been out for 10+ years but anything given out to the masses always has unforeseen bugs/issues. Just the nature of humans coding games and not being perfect.

  • voodoo_shuffler
    Xingu (@voodoo_shuffler) reported

    Myke is a death knight with a fungus problem and Garua is a drakkari monk. 😁 #Warcraft

  • Bad_Dps
    Holidays Are Coming! 🚛 🚛 (@Bad_Dps) reported

    @TheAaronLeigh The problem they'll face is if blizzard get it into their stupid heads that atlas will encroach on warcraft territory Because blizz are paranoid right now, especially after the diablo immortal 🤬 up

  • Chris_Naabie
    🎄🐑𝕮𝖍𝖗𝖎𝖘 𝖙𝖍𝖊 𝕹𝖆𝖆𝖇🐑🎄 (@Chris_Naabie) reported

    Meh didn't stream today coz of that #Warcraft #BFA hiccup/ problem with the patcher/patching sigh

  • ToXiCUn1c0rN
    HypeR (@ToXiCUn1c0rN) reported

    @NedronPaladin @WarcraftDevs Oh yeah you right all problems in bfa just occured last night.

  • AeroSpaceStank
    The Eccentric Uncle Jun (@AeroSpaceStank) reported

    @rystrave @Warcraft I remember when it took 4 hrs to farm gold for monthly sub... funny how they counter that issue before a patch release

  • ChiRickyNomnom
    Rickyboy-boy-Proud (@ChiRickyNomnom) reported

    @hikons @ryanaeckles @Warcraft I’ve got same problem, but I also have another one. Maxed out characters on my account! -.-

  • Oldrin187
    Oldrin (@Oldrin187) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I straight up don’t trust this “bug fix” either. They are gonna scale down the number that the target did in their screen but in reality he did more damage cause his ilvl was lower and his damage was scaled. I’ve seen it in arena. Low ilvl should get melted by 375 but they don’t

  • ToXiCUn1c0rN
    HypeR (@ToXiCUn1c0rN) reported

    @WarcraftDevs How about you fix things now instead of throwing it all to ToV

  • thyphoidjack
    ThyphoidJack (@thyphoidjack) reported

    @Warcraft and lets NOT forget the questing that was fixed up. Whole new Q lines, no broken or fragmented Q's. or storing Q's in your bags for like 5 zones for 5xp points.

  • Grruffy
    andrew donaldson (@Grruffy) reported

    @WarcraftDevs How can so many peeps like pop except for the gear issue, then I see this wall of tweets, I think people would complain even if they were handed gold

  • Paralyzar1
    Justin/Paralyzar💯 (@Paralyzar1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs The fact that you guys don't even acknowledge the problems all of your pvpers are sending to you is just insulting to one of the most die hard communities in gaming. WoW pvpers get shafted every expac and you guys don't even give a shit, you keep adding casual pvp options

  • Paralyzar1
    Justin/Paralyzar💯 (@Paralyzar1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Too many balance issues to even want to bother pvping, i linked you a video of an rshaman afk in spirit form getting wailed on by a full cd warrior and taking 0 damage. Waiting 3-4 months for changes is just ridiculous when companies MUCH smaller dish out changes almost weekly

  • specefxtv
    specefxtv (@specefxtv) reported

    @cybergrindlol @WarcraftDevs Oh you're correct, I didn't put the two together of a 110 and a geared 120, sorry. They should just remove scaling. It's a solution to something that was never a problem. Superior gear means superior numbers. Either make gear matter completely or bring back templates.

  • notjaydee
    Jaydee (@notjaydee) reported

    @Enjoy321 @WarcraftDevs wait. You might be on to something. Maybe if I link my receipts from every character service I’ve bought with every complaint, I’ll get noticed

  • cybergrindlol
    cybergrindBS (@cybergrindlol) reported

    @specefxtv @WarcraftDevs A 110 warlock. I didn’t talk about warlocks being op. reread. A 110 warlock hitting that hard v 120s is ******* stupid. If you think you should just “l2p” to fix a 110 2-3 second killing average 120’s at 370+ you’re an idiot

  • specefxtv
    specefxtv (@specefxtv) reported

    @cybergrindlol @WarcraftDevs Warlocks are trash and shouldn't be 1v5ing anybody, even 1v2ing. For the trait to hit that hard it has to build up to that point. I think the trait is dumb, but it sounds like an exaggeration, or a huge l2p issue in those 5 people's part.

  • NoDoubtGetL0ud
    Kickin Out My Ass Beats (@NoDoubtGetL0ud) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Boy I'm so glad you reply to random retards complaining about dumb shit like this instead of the 900 other glaring issues with your game that people are leaving in droves

  • Scorpion242_DE
    Scorpion242 (@Scorpion242_DE) reported

    @Warcraft We thought the game had problems then, looking back now we were wrong...

  • anthony21722172
    I might go MIA (@anthony21722172) reported

    @Warcraft fix your shit game

  • Grimloche
    James Grimloche (@Grimloche) reported

    @Warcraft I liked when I got toasted by deathwing while questing in the barrens. And then discovered how broken my holy priest was and how unusable it was in dungeons. So, I quit WoW and didn't play it again until end of legion. And I'm getting annoyed again because azarite armor sucks.

  • Furrama
    J. Christine Leach (@Furrama) reported

    @arvalis The World of Warcraft birds hurt me. Please. Let their broken wings rest.

  • Gregbanks99
    Gregory Banks (@Gregbanks99) reported

    @BellularGaming There is so much you can screw up in a short period of time until you become toxic to your own community. Right now, doesn't matter what @Diablo, @Warcraft release, it would annoy most of the community just to see it, SPECIALLY when the identified problem is not addressed.