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Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. Originally a book seller but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media as well as its own electronic devices.

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December 17: Problems at Amazon

Amazon is having issues since 01:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (52.94%)
  • ▪ Sign in (23.53%)
  • ▪ Website Down (23.53%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ London, England  ▪ Mumbai, Maharashtra  ▪ Tomlins Terrace, England  ▪ Berlin, Berlin  ▪ Chennai, Tamil Nadu  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Danville, Georgia  ▪ Coventry, England  ▪ Vancourt, Texas  ▪ Beaumaris, Victoria  ▪ Bengaluru, Karnataka

Amazon Live Outage Map
  • London, England
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Tomlins Terrace, England
  • Berlin, Berlin
  • Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Danville, Georgia
  • Coventry, England
  • Vancourt, Texas
  • Beaumaris, Victoria
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka
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  • TBoanz3000
    Tony Benedetti (@TBoanz3000) reported

    Trying to open Amazon Video on my Xbox One and keep getting an error message with a code 5266. What's going on?? @awscloud

  • ErinlStone
    Erin Nichols (@ErinlStone) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yes, but my bigger issue is I originally ordered a mattress 11/24 for delivery 12/7, when it didn't arrive by 12/14, I reordered for delivery 12/16. Still didn't come so now we try for 12/20. I needed this by 12/7. I don't want a refund, I want my package.

  • FranksWildTweet
    Adam Majsai (@FranksWildTweet) reported

    Once again @AmazonHelp courier throws items over my fence where they sit on wet grass in the rain despite saying 'item handed to resident' Terrible service.

  • reallydalbarn
    100% Damien Allbran (@reallydalbarn) reported

    @jttrbglv Torrents! Isn't that really slow, or was I not doing it right? Which streaming do you use? You definitely have Amazon, right? I've found that you can find just about anything illegally streaming online without going to torrents. Then again, maybe it's more likely to be virus-y!

  • stevewhite14
    Steve white (@stevewhite14) reported

    @nowtvhelp still having issues with streaming on my PS4 , keeps pausing and it's not my internet as netflix and Amazon stream fine , gonna end up cancelling it at this rate

  • gkuruvilla
    George Kuruvilla (@gkuruvilla) reported

    @theaaronstrong @YouTube Yeah it's a total pain. I struggle with this at home. thinking of getting my kids Amazon fire tablets and locking it down to freetime only.

  • Ross_AlGhul
    Ross Al Ghoul (@Ross_AlGhul) reported

    @AmazonHelp Rebooted everything, 12 Mbps down 1 up. All other apps working fine, still getting the same error for prime :(

  • SmolMarie
    Marie (@SmolMarie) reported

    Wow, the Limited Edition of FE Warriors is currently the best selling game on, just because they cut down the price to 30€. It's now sold out and the only thing in the games category that sold better was 12 months of PS+

  • RagDollPieces
    TheRagDoll (@RagDollPieces) reported

    Thank you to @AmazonHelp for your A+ customer service. They did all they could to resolve the issue with the courrier. I can only hope Intelcom Inc. doesn't cause them too many problems this holiday season.

  • JesseJamesIW
    Jesse James (@JesseJamesIW) reported

    @AmazonHelp @amazon fix your video!

  • marbell379
    Mark Bell (@marbell379) reported

    @XboxSupport I would, but I’m not getting an error other than cannot connect. Network tests show Fine. Netflix works fine, Amazon Prime works fine. Just XBox live that refuses to accept I’m online.

  • TimothySmithSF
    Tim Smith (@TimothySmithSF) reported

    @AmazonHelp No, I shouldn’t spend 30 mins folding your totes and all the stuff in them. You should just pick them up when you drop off groceries. Have heard this complaint across the Bay Area and Amazon needs to fix it. Literally no other delivery service has this issue.

  • lEp1C
    lE p 1 C (@lEp1C) reported

    @AmazonHelp Hey I am having issues removing a bank account I no longer have on my Seller Central account. Can you assist?

  • HiighBeta
    High beta (@HiighBeta) reported

    @reviewero Haha you actually tagged Reed. I've stopped bothering after Jeff bezos dint help me with amazon issue :D

  • dsotoamazing
    Dan (@dsotoamazing) reported

    @BestBuySupport TY for the reply, but for a big name co., much disconnect how you address consumer issues. Asking your consumer to spend their time fixing the issue. Amazon does a better job. BB customer service online center directs doesn’t solve. Is disservice BB’s consumer goal? Hope not.

  • TimothySmithSF
    Tim Smith (@TimothySmithSF) reported

    @AmazonHelp They said wait 1-3 days (this is day 2) and that I could throw them away. However, I’m not willing to fill my very small trash can with your reusable totes. I don’t have this issue with Good Eggs.

  • reviewero
    Adi/Reviewero (@reviewero) reported

    @0e2fd3192c034ea @reedhastings @netflix it's not my net issues, amazon prime works find when netflix is doesn't

  • 2Texasbears
    Texas Bear (@2Texasbears) reported

    @Mickademous @N03mp4thy @PSolem @RonWyden I’m not a expert at all on this issue, but this will hurt smaller businesses and websites that aren’t large like Amazon! It would seem to me GOP supporters repealing of Net Neutrality are hurting themselves as well! They rely on the internet daily, just like everyone, maybe more!

  • Wynk2U
    Amie LeBlanc (@Wynk2U) reported

    @veryapetv An Amazon worker in the warehouse near me where a friend works had a heavy tote fall on him. He was taken to the hospital w/serious injuries. He never came back to work & no one knows what happened to him. The warehouse is a mess of safety problems, & more.

  • GadgetDevo
    Darren Gloster (@GadgetDevo) reported

    @PaulOBrien Been using both for a while and personally I think Amazon is terrible with responses in comparison to GH.

  • Oliviazira
    [email protected] names was a mistake (@Oliviazira) reported

    $200 is under cutting it by a lot too But the trickle down of commodities in the fashion world is Literally every where in every aspect of it but try not to attack people who get a base bag off Amazon k

  • richabrahams
    Rich (@richabrahams) reported

    @AmazonHelp Spoken to them. Complaint has been raised towards Hermes UK. Still not happy with being lied to. Why does Amazon still use companies like Hermes and Yodel? They are terrible and constantly do things like this.

  • jackweldridge
    Jack Eldridge (@jackweldridge) reported

    @Argos_Online waited in all afternoon for an order that never turned up - customer service blamed on a technical problem and refused to offer refund back to my card for the postage cost - very disappointing, back to amazon i go!

  • nevstokes
    Feliz Nevidad (@nevstokes) reported

    @AmazonHelp No, I can't sign in so that contact page is utterly useless.

  • Sara_June94
    Sara June (@Sara_June94) reported

    Well I am salty. Both items I ordered from Hot Topic for my sister in law didn't work out. One came in broken and the other one couldn't be fulfilled. Good thing Amazon prime is a thing and I work at Meijer so

  • ksatish17
    Satish Kumar (@ksatish17) reported

    @AmazonHelp Also.. I am in USA, but the order was for india address. Please call me to my given USA number for resolution. My parents are old age then can't argue with you to resolve the issue. Otherwise send me email that I provided.

  • TrussyTrekker
    Paul Truswell (@TrussyTrekker) reported

    @AmazonHelp Surprise element of this really special present for her has been ruined. Had to tell her what has happened as this such a serious matter. These things are very expensive! Feel terrible.

  • nevstokes
    Nev Stokes (@nevstokes) reported

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ @AmazonHelp *still* can't sort my issue and now give me a phone number on which they are no longer accepting calls. Pathetic. It's been weeks.

  • excerionsforte
    Norm Oven (@excerionsforte) reported

    @JeffBezos Fix the Amazon fake reviews problem

  • ucannotmakeitup
    Agnes (@ucannotmakeitup) reported

    @AmazonHelp No, not two separate account. Still one account. I could sign in, but when it comes to the seller account, it kept asking me to have a 2 step verification. Any way, I don't want to kill your delivery personnel. Boy, he could be my brother .. Don't want him to wee in a bottle.

  • lewington_katie
    #spreadthelove (@lewington_katie) reported

    @SE_BownsFiction @amazon no problem! Look forward to reading book two.

  • SimonScottuk
    Simon Scott (@SimonScottuk) reported

    I've just had an Amazon staffer,,,, " humbly begging my forgivness and understanding" Well I'm not having that bollocks. Madam, it wasn't your fault,,,, in any way. And Amazon shouldn't put you under pressure to say so. Grow up Amazon!!!! And fix the bloody phone volume

  • saikat817
    Saikat ⭐ (@saikat817) reported

    Club Factory can literally be one of the best shopping apps ever created but the ultra slow delivery service makes it disappointing at the same time! If somehow they manage to speed up their delivery service, damn people will forget Flipkart Amazon Snapdeal eBay in a heartbeat.

  • Floyd3592
    Harry Clapp (@Floyd3592) reported

    @NORDVPN1 installed ur app on my Amazon firestick but can't select 'sign in' function ('create account' only is available) can u assist?

  • Thalion_Korvhas
    Thalion_Korvhas (@Thalion_Korvhas) reported

    @Thats_Cat @amazon The last 2 years Amazon has had to give me for free multiple packages & monetary compensation because of unacceptable screw ups. I called UPS on the last one, & they say that Amazon is fairly regularly not flagging items 2 day when they are supposed to be, etc. I hope they fix it

  • Buddahfan
    Buddahfan (@Buddahfan) reported

    To register Kindle reader on W10 phones Enter ur Amazon email address then password U will receive an error message email & password not found Within a minute or two you will receive an email from Amazon with a one time password good for 10 min. Enter it in Kindle registration

  • Risuns_Tarquo
    Eleott Itym (@Risuns_Tarquo) reported

    Amazon’s newest Arouse Heaven arrived same the repay to a well-timed issue – largely thanks to I happened to petition an renew to the gimmick compensate beforehand it in reality arrived. I’m an bold enthusiast of the Torch, dating cover to its early life, so grip t ...

  • shmugglas1st
    Dougie Gillespie (@shmugglas1st) reported

    @AmazonHelp + @JeffBezos your rep said will have to check with sub-supplier, but took no responsibility for order being wrong, or putting the error right.

  • SecureThisNow
    My face is my username - Mr. Bill (@SecureThisNow) reported

    @Jenny_Alto Best to not use it. I have a similar problem with one and batteries are still available from Amazon for a reasonable price, so now deciding if I really need it to be portable

  • WireCrisis
    Martin Blanke (@WireCrisis) reported

    @0xAmit @amazon So you got ear buds *and* sailboat fuel? What's the problem?

  • TheLoveSock
    Gaz Ⓥ (@TheLoveSock) reported

    @danlesac @SoundCloud @Bandcamp My problem is my situation, so I can’t buy download music from Amazon, 7digital & others I’ve tried, because I’m a Brit but I live in the UAE, with a local bank account, so I can’t buy UK music from some, others won’t even let me log into them.

  • TheJoeFin
    Joseph Finney (@TheJoeFin) reported

    @amazon I love how there is a section on your website about missing packages but no option or ability to open an issue. My package was not delivered. I guess I'll buy from a physical store next time.

  • stutzerelli
    stutzerelli (@stutzerelli) reported

    @AmazonHelp Did all that. We are learning that it is down all over. Are you not telling us this?

  • TardifMaurice
    Maurice Tardif (@TardifMaurice) reported

    @AmazonHelp Your http link not working

  • DHarrison1221
    Daniel (@DHarrison1221) reported

    @AmazonHelp I'm not getting any emails - that's the issue

  • riikabob
    Rii (@riikabob) reported

    My Xmas shopping is pretty much whatever I can squeeze out of my Amazon gift cards. It's not much but it's better than nothing. It's been a terrible year but I want to at least try to end it somewhat nicely.

  • thingwhatwows
    Caff 🎄🦀 (@thingwhatwows) reported

    ... looks like it has scary ghosts." I look down at the Amazon app and she's pointing to Lore. "Yes, do not watch that."

  • ksatish17
    Satish Kumar (@ksatish17) reported

    @AmazonHelp before the deadline so the deadline won't be a problem. Once i tried to place a new pickup then i got the same message that deadline has crossed to return the item. First they bluffed twice that they have created the return pickup for Dec 18th. But once the order status (3/n)

  • projectedxyz
    Alex Mahrou ☁️ 📊 (@projectedxyz) reported

    @merv instead of measuring revenue of something that isn't commercially licensed, just look at who might be using spark and Hadoop and then measure those companies (Amazon, Google). I seriously doubt there's an Oracle or MS-SQL database server in they're basements as a secret weapon.

  • Eiirin_
    яеаl|ме🌊§ëå🌊 (@Eiirin_) reported

    How can people say I'm antisocial coz i don't talk to people!!??? i had like THREE human interactions today, i spoke to the Amazon delivery guy and the food delivery guy and also i went down to the dept store and i spoke to the checkout lady, i SPEAK to people okay

  • TrussyTrekker
    Paul Truswell (@TrussyTrekker) reported

    @AmazonHelp Hello again. Problem continues. Have just opened the package and contents to find the phone itself has been removed - it looks as though it has been stolen in transit. I took video of the unboxing as I was suspicious of what look like resealing tapes on the Hauwei box.

  • caffinefreedave
    caffinefreedave (@caffinefreedave) reported

    @AmazonHelp I don't know what is wrong with Amazon and the carrier. I got a notice that they couldn't deliver my package at 9:30 am . Well at 11:30 am I took delivery on my front porch like every order since 2008 . I hope this was just a busy holiday glitch.

  • NeezLouize
    Oni’s daddy (@NeezLouize) reported

    I’m a need gmail to crack down on spam mail from this fake ass Amazon website

  • XboxRican
    XboxRican (@XboxRican) reported

    @josefebus @amazon Try calling this number: (877)-727-2354 PacelPool Customer Service. Yo tambien llevo esperando un paquete de Amazon que viene por PacelPool. Apparently they are having "minor airline issues" I called and emailed them and they just tell me the same thing. Hope that helps!

  • KingLouiedj
    King Savage (@KingLouiedj) reported

    It’s crazy how @Iberogast_ is a natural supplement but it’s not sold in the USA. Fuking @US_FDA ...they don’t want us to win. If you have any stomach issues take this. Thank me later . Order it on amazon

  • PortiaRAY2
    Portia RAY (@PortiaRAY2) reported

    Annual pre-Christmas delivery problem with Amazon. Apparently they've delivered me a DVD which isn't out tomorrow! Item now due on Thursday. Either I will get 2 copies or more like none.

  • sanviz
    vishnu (@sanviz) reported

    @amazonIN Pathetic way of operations Amazon ! I raised this issue a week still not delivered product and refund. 406-0288980-2969921 No trust to @amazonIN Market place , happening third time, one with duplicate , second time without refund , no again the samething...

  • danielle_wiz
    Danielle (@danielle_wiz) reported

    Amazon hands down has the best customer service I have ever received

  • lookatbowen
    Mike Bowen (@lookatbowen) reported from Dartford, England

    @ErikvanDijk @Ripple Actually the biggest threat to bitcoin is ITSELF. It's 1st generation cryptocurrency, which in today's standards is too slow and it lacks scalability. #BTC #Amazon #XRP

  • sanviz
    vishnu (@sanviz) reported

    @AmazonHelp Pathetic way of operations Amazon ! I raised this issue a week still not delivered product and refund. - 406-0288980-2969921

  • jszumski
    John Szumski (@jszumski) reported

    Amazon needs to write a Mint plugin that auto tags your transactions based on the product. It's error prone to do it yourself and very tempting to just make everything "Shopping"

  • CasaDeVega
    Edgardo Vega (@CasaDeVega) reported from Annandale, Virginia

    @amazon has a huge problem with its delivery service. The number of complaints have climbed over the last three months. Found this out while complaining how packages keep being left in random places such as my flower bed, middle of driveway, garage doors, etc. #Amazon #logistics

  • Tyler_Steiner
    Tyler Steiner (@Tyler_Steiner) reported

    Also not working via @Amazon Alexa. But at least my 3 @tweethue light bulbs are working.

  • philmscribe
    Phil Clarke (@philmscribe) reported

    @AmazonHelp I've been through the troubleshooting steps. They do not apply. It also seems this is a recurring issue for others. Can you please give me specific assistance on this matter. Thank you.

  • SheBringsSorrow
    Angrboda (@SheBringsSorrow) reported

    Sits down to watch Midgardian television on something called "Amazon Prime". Starts to watch #JeanClaudeVanJohnson. "...that man warms #PopTarts in a little box* where the pop tart twirls around. I wonder if #Thor knows about this?"

  • BsIcall
    I Call Bullsh!t (@BsIcall) reported

    @FT Amazon and Google are monopolies that need to be broken up ASAP.

  • francescaa_rea
    Francesca Rea (@francescaa_rea) reported

    Just bought my dad an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas and I regret it already. He's just going to be yelling at it all the time and asking me to fix it. What have I done?!

  • DinahLiversidge
    Dinah Liversidge (@DinahLiversidge) reported

    @amazonfiretv hi there. Can you tell me if you have a Helpdesk in UK? My Amazon Fire box is slowing down speeds so having to watch movies on *pads.

  • Mr_Mack3
    Orange Soda (@Mr_Mack3) reported

    @kingofJellies54 @amazon Their delivery service is so fucked tbh. My parents said they've found their packages literally in the middle of the street 3 houses down before.

  • mannersisgreat
    Manners (@mannersisgreat) reported

    @AmazonHelp After 5 calls and 2 hours luckily a member of staff resolved this issue and made it right and will review the calls Front line staff lacking listening skills unfortunately

  • Tyrone_KB
    Truuuuuuu! (@Tyrone_KB) reported

    Christmas shopping on Amazon > walking behind slow people at the mall

  • trailnorth
    T.N. (@trailnorth) reported

    @AmazonHelp Wondering if there is any update on our issue. I can't imagine there isn't staff working the weekend who has the power to address errors and glitches 1 week before Christmas.

  • CharlieH1989
    Charlie (@CharlieH1989) reported

    @thaicole @zoton2 @DarkViperAU @DailyDove1 @TwitchSupport Now twitch has all the amazon money, I wouldn't imagine bandwidth is a problem. Also, the more people loading streams all the time might mean they can get more money out of advertisers.

  • MaxIsojarvi
    HappyWolf (@MaxIsojarvi) reported

    Login into #Amazon is even harder than curing cancer. Seriously

  • KyleYourFriend
    KyleYourFriend (@KyleYourFriend) reported

    @AmazonHelp None of those have been of assistance, as the issue is that the fire stick will not connect to your servers. I’ve restarted the fire stick, I’ve restarted router & modem, none of it has worked. irritating since we were told by your employees this would work right out of the box

  • turkoftheplains
    Turk Oftheplains (@turkoftheplains) reported

    @AmazonHelp Amazon Video has been constantly givng me "insufficient bandwidth errors." My bandwidth is very sufficient, and other streaming services never give me this error.

  • dpbaril
    David Baril (@dpbaril) reported

    Amazon app on Android - no longer plays nicely with LastPass. Anyone else? Reminder to self - just because you make a major change on your device, it is not necessarily the cause of the problem that happens the next day.

  • Joe2Gro
    Kopter Pilot (@Joe2Gro) reported

    @amazon @thegrandtour @MrJamesMay @JeremyClarkson @RichardHammond thanks for deleting the fat US Driver from #thegrandtour Session 2!!! Best idear realy! He was terrible! From #germany

  • weavespindye
    HGA weavespindye (@weavespindye) reported

    Don't forget to login in through Amazon Smile when you're gift shopping to help donate to HGA!

  • christinareece5
    christina reece (@christinareece5) reported

    @AmazonHelp They said the driver would come back today but I’ve just had the same message saying an attempt was made and it wasn’t, I’m stressed enough my mum passed away and I had to move Yodel found me Royal Mail did it’s just amazon logistics and DPD who have let me down

Amazon Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 1055
  • 1060
  • 2063
  • 4601
  • 4601
  • 5229
  • 5701
  • 7017
  • 7135
  • 7235
  • 7280
  • 7304
  • 9068
  • 9353
  • a network error has occurred
  • amzp-4
  • amzp-60
  • amzp-9
  • ap3011
  • app store error
  • at1002
  • delivery error
  • download error
  • drm error
  • drm error 3307
  • error displaying orders
  • error occurred while purchasing
  • exception 117
  • exception 119
  • exception 49
  • gift card balance error
  • kindle boot error 200
  • kindle critical battery error
  • kindle empty battery error
  • prime playback error