Is Apex Legends down?

Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

 Problems detected at Apex Legends

Apex Legends problems in the last 24 hours

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June 19: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 10:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Sign in
Online Play
Game Crash
Hacking / Cheating

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Torreón Matchmaking
Shelbyville Matchmaking
Rocky Mount Matchmaking
Fairfax Matchmaking
Pompano Beach Online Play
Calgary Online Play

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Apex Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • IamDesdin My name is Trev (@IamDesdin) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix your buggy game with terrible servers. Thanks.

  • Colson_W FIG (@Colson_W) reported

    @PlayApex fix your Xbox servers

  • dshoute_d Daniel (@dshoute_d) reported

    @PlayApex so did you guys Crash or somthing. was in the middle of a hot firefight and and boom it said server shutting down.

  • austenallan Austen Pohl (@austenallan) reported

    @PlayApex Your game plays like shit ever since you put these useless dragons in it. Fix it.

  • Koala91_ 🐨EJH🐨 (@Koala91_) reported

    @PlayApex fix the servers please

  • sharmindran22 sharmindran vijay (@sharmindran22) reported

    @PlayApex Pls Fix the lag brothers!!!

  • BarcaNation1 BarcaNation (@BarcaNation1) reported

    @PlayApex I purchased the final judgment skin for the prowler but it does not show up in game. I own the lightwoker skin as well which does show up, I got it in an apex pack. Plz help fix this glitch. #apexsupport #help #Apex


    @PlayApex fix ******* loot distribution, ******* clowns. also wtf am I getting forced to AS servers when I play OCE!

  • davidalmadabz david almada (@davidalmadabz) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the servers please!!! So much lag!!!

  • oni_berserkir Aeson furman (@oni_berserkir) reported

    @PlayApex OK you really need to start banning people for a couple hours to ******* lag across the goddamn screen that is considered cheating

  • The_TacoDude Masked Man (@The_TacoDude) reported


  • zemyztique 💃 i am the alpha 💃 (@zemyztique) reported

    @PlayApex Apex, baby. PLEASE fix the issue with the elite streak not counting/resetting. I am forever stuck at “level 0” when I should be realistically at like 5 or 6. Come on now.

  • NineAcreArchery Doug (@NineAcreArchery) reported

    @TwitchEsports @PlayApex @ddkesports @nathaniastv @Jump_ Xbox by the way. Millisecond of lag at the start of every fight it seems. 200mbps Internet.

  • PaiSand 💢 PaiSand 💀 🎶 🌱 🐝 (@PaiSand) reported

    @PlayApex first match after almost a week of not playing because of the insane lag. One crash, one cheater. Awesome.

  • MalasMind SoaR Mala x HoH (@MalasMind) reported

    @Tennp0 @PlayApex I currently play Apex before the gym because I get so pissed off at how broken it is that it makes me go harder during my workout from all the anger

  • Tennp0 FaZe Tennp0 (@Tennp0) reported

    Hi @PlayApex. Please disable Path until you fix his hitbox. The amount of stress just from seeing this one character gives me ptsd. I can't shoot him and the only thing I can do in my head is RUN. Thank you.

  • pmserj MG_Serj (@pmserj) reported

    @Frbxs @PlayApex **** apex lol the mechanics in that game became garbage haha every oother movement i do is a constant lag

  • Hybridify S7 Hybrid #SoaRHybrid (@Hybridify) reported

    @ImNspire @PlayApex @Respawn Please fix shotguns @PlayApex @slaypiece

  • KayMagicc K (@KayMagicc) reported from Lewisville, Texas

    @PlayApex Y’all out here breeding dragons while we still getting server errors...

  • codenameunk CodenameUNK💮 (@codenameunk) reported

    @EA fix your @PlayApex servers

  • Fisher_LFC Conor 🍕 (@Fisher_LFC) reported

    @PlayApex If you could sort out all your issues with hackers that'd be swell, but obviously you won't because you just don't care

  • Fisher_LFC Conor 🍕 (@Fisher_LFC) reported

    @PlayApex If you could sot out all your issues with hackers that'd be swell, but obviously you won't because you just don't care

  • AndersVz bette neger (@AndersVz) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* game. Unable to connect to ea servers

  • IamCheesin Kevin Porritt (@IamCheesin) reported

    @PlayApex fix your servers ffs dying 30 seconds after I run into a building is UNACCEPTABLE

  • TKurelko tricia kurelko (@TKurelko) reported

    @PlayApex gibralter is broken now way should it take a whole clip just to break his shield (not dome) and then another clip to try taking out him depending on his armor.... frustrated

  • BrennanNBassist Brennan Norris (@BrennanNBassist) reported

    @Respawn You should change your name to Reload. Because that's all I do when I'm playing #ApexLegends FIX YOUR GAME!

  • THEOFF17 THE_OFF (@THEOFF17) reported

    @PlayApex You urgently need to correct the bug that is occurring on the consoles, I repeat that it is a case of urgency, because every 5/4 gives the error!

  • Reign_Havok Christopher Havok Sells (@Reign_Havok) reported

    @PlayApex ...if you can't fix the lag don't bother with season 2!

  • Hybridify S7 Hybrid #SoaRHybrid (@Hybridify) reported


  • Hybridify S7 Hybrid #SoaRHybrid (@Hybridify) reported


  • 98thKevo Mega ToxicYt (@98thKevo) reported

    @irkful @PlayApex Oh and while they're fixing that dont forget that every shotgun has atrocious hit reg just saying totally not a problem that a whole weapon class isn't viable

  • chromefox15 Austin G. (@chromefox15) reported

    @ConnorSkinner15 @PlayApex Yo, I got the same issue, can't figure it out.

  • bawfy_ Bawfy (@bawfy_) reported

    @irkful @PlayApex Riding dragons> fighting a broken pathfinder

  • irkful rebecca♡ (@irkful) reported

    @bawfy_ @PlayApex used to games being trash and worrying about dragons and gun skins instead of you know, fixing a game breaking issue.

  • 343thereal 343therealG (@343thereal) reported

    @_moyparra @Respawn @Respawn was the shooting through foot glitch intentional because I’ve been getting eliminated by so many people by getting shot through the door when it’s closed if not could you fix it in a upcoming update

  • BlastsXD Blasts (@BlastsXD) reported

    @WACKOFPS @PlayApex @apex_intel Legit apex is more broken than ever at this point constant out of sync servers, pathfinder hyitbox still broken and now this... not too sure you were complaining at the time tho 😂

  • _tonishehaj Toni (@_tonishehaj) reported

    Can y‘all like fix code:leaf already please @PlayApex


    @PlayApex @Respawn Game is broken.. Can't sign in..

  • CEOZachariahGTM hiring new talent (@CEOZachariahGTM) reported

    @PlayApex are yall aware we cant sign in

  • turtle_gray GrayTheTurtle (@turtle_gray) reported

    @XboxSupport Xbox I’m just tryna play some ducking @PlayApex fix your shit dawg

  • danburke5879 Danburke5879 (@danburke5879) reported

    @PlayApex FIX YOUR SERVERS!!! I love the game but it’s near unplayable. I have a high end pc and strong WiFi so I know that’s not the issue.

  • influenced42 Dallas Garcia (@influenced42) reported

    @PlayApex kinda sucks that the only game worth playing is even more broken when you were supposed to fix it...

  • danburke5879 Danburke5879 (@danburke5879) reported

    @PlayApex Plsss Fix your servers!!! I love the game but it’s unplayable!

  • Bigdude0444 Luis Berrios (@Bigdude0444) reported

    @cwayne8848 @PlayApex The EGS and Fortnite itself are two separate issues. I have not seen Fortnite change in any way for the worse in the 2 years I've been playing (Day 1 Founder). The EGS itself is trash and was always trash, but Fortnite has been relatively unaffected BECAUSE it's their lifeline.

  • will___t StockSnackers (@will___t) reported

    @_moyparra @PlayApex Apex is down!! Servers down

  • ParanoidMcduff Paranoid McDuff (@ParanoidMcduff) reported

    @cycnyn @otrekatsya @PlayApex I think its xbox live.....getting a lot of weird error codes when loading games the first try, like it can't connect

  • enviousequation Jordan S (@enviousequation) reported

    @PlayApex Apex packs over 100. Sitting at level 727 (based off the broken apex tracker) still not one legendary skin for any character. Though I got 3 good weapons in my first 100 levels. Just nothing to play for except fun

  • pdub_211 Parker Warling (@pdub_211) reported

    @abelmister @XboxSupport @PlayApex @PlayStation The sad thing is @PlayStation never has this problem....

  • abelmister Abel_Arreola (@abelmister) reported

    @XboxSupport yo wtf! I left work early to come home and play @PlayApex with @pdub_211 but now some weak as server issue is making that impossible! This is some @PlayStation network crap!

  • TcantGe ITcantGETworseJETS (@TcantGe) reported

    @_moyparra @PlayApex Is anybody else having problems with loading Apex up

  • morris_kobe Frobe (@morris_kobe) reported

    @PlayApex fix your game

  • KillianTragess1 Killian Tragesser (@KillianTragess1) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the servers 🙏

  • ChilliChilliBro CHILL-_-OUT (@ChilliChilliBro) reported

    @nero3979 @TwitchEsports @PlayApex @ddkesports @nathaniastv @Jump_ Yeah.. all the time crashes from the game or a problem with entering the game ..

  • TonyTra82424468 Tony Tran (@TonyTra82424468) reported

    @PlayApex fix the lag on console for god sake and stop focusing on needless sh*t lik the dragon

  • KillianTragess1 Killian Tragesser (@KillianTragess1) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your ******* game

  • revistedmonk3 Christian (@revistedmonk3) reported

    @PgHgrav @killer4life1449 @SosaHen17 @otrekatsya @parzzivaal @PlayApex also you have a problem admitting your only good at fortnite because you no life the game

  • revistedmonk3 Christian (@revistedmonk3) reported

    @PgHgrav @killer4life1449 @SosaHen17 @otrekatsya @parzzivaal @PlayApex i think you have a problem not to trash talk people about how bad they are at a game they don’t even play

  • PgHgrav PGHgrav (@PgHgrav) reported from Robinson Township, Pennsylvania

    @killer4life1449 @SosaHen17 @otrekatsya @parzzivaal @PlayApex I think you just have a problem admitting you’re trash at fortnite

  • hipo05057437 hipo (@hipo05057437) reported

    @PlayApex whats going on now why does this happen every season when the game says my data cant be loaded is this a problem for anyone else like really this is frustrating as hecck for this to happen constantly

  • ChilliChilliBro CHILL-_-OUT (@ChilliChilliBro) reported

    @_moyparra @PlayApex Fix game pls. Ps4