Is Apex Legends down?

Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

 No problems detected at Apex Legends

Apex Legends problems in the last 24 hours

Apex Legends Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Apex Legends. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 57.14% Sign in
  • Online Play 23.35% Online Play
  • Matchmaking 7.14% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 6.32% Glitches
  • Game Crash 5.49% Game Crash
  • Hacking / Cheating .55% Hacking / Cheating

Apex Legends Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Union City Sign in
Rome Glitches
San Nicolás de los Arroyos Glitches
Ukiah Sign in
Barcelona Game Crash
Prague Game Crash

Apex Legends Comments

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Apex Legends Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Sensualmlg1 Sensualmlg (@Sensualmlg1) reported

    @Respawn When is this cheater issue going to be fixed , played 7 games of diamond / pred ranked . 7 out of 7 games aimlockers / wallhackers and spinbotters . You guys can learn something from Activision . Games are ruined this season and hope it gets fixed soon !!

  • VasTShadowZ ShadowZ GameZ (@VasTShadowZ) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex please fix the party leader quit issue with Apex Legends on PlayStation and Xbox. It's frustrating having to join a lobby every time a game finishes. #fixapex #ApexLegends

  • PermanentNinja1 Permanent Ninja (@PermanentNinja1) reported

    @PrimeTimeHammy @RiCarDoOoU_95 @PlayApex A lot of people stopped playing warzone with its error connections

  • ItsGpx Jacob | ItsGpx (@ItsGpx) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your ******* loot spawns.

  • KillaCam808 Cameron Alvarado (@KillaCam808) reported

    RESPAWN @Respawn Fix your game!! apex is HORRIBLEEEEEEEE ! @PlayApex


    @PlayApex pls fix the assist bug. I’ve encountered three different games when I did not get the assist when I should of. That’s a total of 8 KP not accounted for

  • Johnwoo08106286 Johnwoodard (@Johnwoo08106286) reported

    @PlayApex Maybe fix the ******* game first I couldn't give 2 ***** about some bullshit ass tournament when I still cant ******* hear people in game. ******* shit game

  • Johnwoo08106286 Johnwoodard (@Johnwoo08106286) reported

    @PlayApex expect people to give a **** about a broken piece of shit game what a joke.

  • mjyadig Marcus J (@mjyadig) reported

    @PlayApex please fix where I can’t pick up another shield on the ground if I have one of the same level or color.

  • J49214013 For3va - llBigEUll (@J49214013) reported

    @PlayApex sort it out seriously.. just completes the battle pass.. so I purchased 15.99 in coins. brought packs all I got was 1 gold flatline skin.... I have just grinded the flatline skins on the battle pass! Spent £70+ to get heirloom shards and I’ve had none! Fix this shit ffs

  • BipBop78513484 Bip_Bop (@BipBop78513484) reported

    @PlayApex hey guys is there anything I can do to my ps4 soo the game don't crash 🙁

  • VexxeyNA John 'Vexxey' Damato (@VexxeyNA) reported

    Just me or is Apex getting unbearably stale :( Couldn't help but rage tonight because it's getting so frustrating to play. I remember the losses more than I cheered for winning. I try not to play Solos so that way it doesn't piss me off like.. Help me out here @PlayApex Fix pls😖

  • Mareks78248422 PR3D4T0R (@Mareks78248422) reported

    @PlayApex Fix sbmm please its unplayable I have to warm up in ranked to play pubs smh

  • BillyHoWCR Billy Ho -'Legen...Wait for it...Dary' (@BillyHoWCR) reported

    @B0BA_PHETT @NiceWigg @Respawn @PlayApex Loot isn't its only problem. Still hate the layout of the map. It has its good points with access to high ground areas for snipers better than current map and better foliage cover for stealth movement... but map really is bad.

  • TR0PEZS 💮 (@TR0PEZS) reported

    Fix your servers @PlayApex

  • _flyguysteve flyguysteve (@_flyguysteve) reported

    @PlayApex Fix ya game like im tired of the errors and losing ranked points i saved a whole match where i got some error loading game logic and lost points

  • Two131 2B1 (@Two131) reported

    @PlayApex fix your issues Sound glitch Nades not in slot Sentinal wont let you heal Instant ability recharge Standing in a caustic trap as caustic. These are ruining your game. You are going to loose me as an influencer of your game as I am sure you already lost other players

  • n4ulquiorra exhausted (@n4ulquiorra) reported

    @Mia58410657 @PlayApex Cherry picking a bit when you have games like gta, gran turismo, crash bandicoot, the sims (ps2 versions) old need for speed. The way games used to be is so much better than current games and current games dont need to be so bad upon release its just lack of care

  • pluralaces PluralAces (@pluralaces) reported

    @respawn @PlayApex i even tried uninstalling & reinstalling the game, nothing is working, i have tried loading into other multiplayer games like the division 2 and have no problems, please help

  • AyyeUnruly Johnathan 'Unruly' Walker (@AyyeUnruly) reported

    @Respawn We need a reconnect feature when getting an error we should be able to join back as a banner to be respawned later. No need to make it complicated like connecting to our death box. Just a banner when you reconnect would be nice. please and thank you, love Unruly.

  • Mia58410657 Mia (weeaboo) (@Mia58410657) reported

    @siddarryl @PlayApex A better question, what bugs AREN'T there. Hitboxes constantly disappearing means gameplay is unbalanced, there was a glitch just a month ago that meant you just fell out of the world, and the actual mechanics are buggy as hell.

  • advance_dark AdvanceDark (@advance_dark) reported

    @Respawn can the blue screen error get fixed please, many out here would appreciate it

  • MarqueRobinson G.H.O.S.T! (@MarqueRobinson) reported

    As much as I love @PlayApex it still confused on how you still have so many things wrong with it ! You still get put into 3 player lobbies with 2 people .. still dive with the loud sound glitch and the list goes on ! y’all gotta do better !

  • MarqueRobinson G.H.O.S.T! (@MarqueRobinson) reported

    As much as I love @PlayApex it still confused on how you still have so many things wrong with it ! You still get put into 3 player lobbies with 2 people .. still dive with the loud sound glitch and the list goes on ! @ApexDevelopment y’all gotta do better !

  • scumbagjav dude the kid (@scumbagjav) reported

    @PlayApex can you guys please ******* fix Kings canyon shitty loot drops or like what

  • MarvelFire405 Captain 101_Marvel (@MarvelFire405) reported

    Hey @PlayApex there's a glitch in your game people are appearing behind you out of nowhere

  • FlashMcCyber Flash McCyber (@FlashMcCyber) reported

    @PlayApex fix the ******* matchmaking.

  • LMe4real LaMe4real (@LMe4real) reported

    @PlayApex fix skill based match making

  • TheGlFQueen Ms. Thing (@TheGlFQueen) reported

    @Power2Dyna @VortexApex1 @NorbedTheGreat @PlayApex If you know your not a kid then it shouldn't be a problem I can only judge by your childish responses

  • leonyjimene LUBU NASTY POWER (@leonyjimene) reported

    @Tristyn72628594 @PlayApex Still dead game is a game that hace to much error

  • Xelier2 Xelier_ (@Xelier2) reported

    @playapex fix your ******* game

  • Power2Dyna Minion DIO (i hate this profile pic) (@Power2Dyna) reported

    @TheGlFQueen @VortexApex1 @NorbedTheGreat @PlayApex also you are Raging yourself.....not in this Thread but you constantly spam stuff like "FIX THE ******* SERVERS"

  • StgTobigaming StgTobiGaming (@StgTobigaming) reported

    @PlayApex First fix ur fu...king serverlags !!!!!!!

  • Power2Dyna Minion DIO (i hate this profile pic) (@Power2Dyna) reported

    @TheGlFQueen @VortexApex1 @NorbedTheGreat @PlayApex give me GOOD reasons why Apex should get solos except shit like "BUT MY TEAMS BAAAAAAAAD" or "I HATE FIGHTING TEAMS" which are YOUR problems and NOT the games fault

  • CyborgNinja2330 Behnjamin Larin (@CyborgNinja2330) reported

    @Respawn i am enjoying Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. What I am not enjoying are all the bugs in the game. Enemies launching into the air, textures not loading properly, framerate issues and it's crashed and froze. #starwars #fallenorder #theforce

  • jaimico90 Eduardo Jaime (@jaimico90) reported

    @Respawn fix the ranked, people get out and do not penalize

  • jaimico90 Eduardo Jaime (@jaimico90) reported

    @PlayApex fix the ranked, people get out and do not penalize

  • Ladiee_Jay06 Jelly (@Ladiee_Jay06) reported

    @afflixtions @PlayApex No problem you got this


    @PlayApex the lifeline skin in the item shop doesn’t match please fix it

  • DevStreet1 DevStreet (@DevStreet1) reported

    The demise of @CallofDuty #CODWarzone will be the infinite amount of cheaters @Respawn @Activision. Hope they are working to fix this. @PlayVALORANT has a big opportunity

  • Austendee Austen Delnicki (@Austendee) reported

    @PlayApex Can you please fix your game from skipping when I’m in the middle of a gunfight and also make me not play with platinum when I’m in diamond

  • Ruslan90380742 Ruslan (@Ruslan90380742) reported

    @LibraQueen_87 @Samurai2k_ @PlayApex Your the one complaining about a non existent issue. If sbmm got removed then rank 500 would be placed in lobbies with rank 10s. That isnt really a fair game. If you cant deal with people on your skill level then get better lol

  • LaurentiuPirvan ωɽɑɩʈɦ (@LaurentiuPirvan) reported

    @PlayApex please fix ranked sistem its trash in diamond lobby they give me silver 4 against predators, please do something !

  • Angel48007209 Angel (@Angel48007209) reported

    @PlayApex Apex legends me and my friends are trying to play but they have a issue where they keep getting kicked out of apex, it started season 2 and got worse over time

  • abdulla42715080 abdullah (@abdulla42715080) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* audio

  • JonathanWJones Jonathan Jones (@JonathanWJones) reported

    @PlayApex fix. Your. Game.

  • Oxbow_ Oxbow 🇮🇪 (@Oxbow_) reported


  • Josh_the_Beard Josh_the_Beard (@Josh_the_Beard) reported

    @PlayApex Is there a plan to fix the grenade bug with update on Tuesday

  • AniketY01827829 Aniket Yadav (@AniketY01827829) reported

    Can You Please Fix The Lag And Remove The Hackers @PlayApex @IndianGamerSays

  • karshmi10 ابو راكان (@karshmi10) reported

    @PlayApex @EA Hi i have problem in my EA account i need support but @EAHelp dosen't help me!!

  • AniketY01827829 Aniket Yadav (@AniketY01827829) reported

    @TheKittleKat @PlayApex Can you please fix the lag and remove the hackers please @IndianGamerSays

  • LarryD_85 Larry (@LarryD_85) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex you guys seriously need to fix your damn ranking system...broke AF

  • peachs217 Erick (@peachs217) reported

    This is the 3rd day in a row I try and eat some “help” from @EAHelp about @PlayApex and how I get non stop code:net errors. Come on I have dropped around $40 on this game in the last week just to not be able to play it seems kinda shitty.

  • GGonMW Brismas (@GGonMW) reported

    I spent over 200 dollars on @PlayApex the least you could do is actually constantly monitor and update your game for the players who give you there money they physically work for I get it it’s all fun and relaxing in your beach house but fix the loot spawns more guns less attachm

  • ragnarock4455 All Knower of Final Fantasy (Semi-Hiatus) (@ragnarock4455) reported

    @PlayApex I'm done with your game. Cannot tell you how many times I've taken the advantage over an opponent only to error out immediately. Grenade kills 6 opponents, error out, break and kill an enemy with gold armor, error out, this has to 20th plus time in 5 seasons. I'm out.

  • MatchlessWall69 xbMCSox (@MatchlessWall69) reported

    @PlayApex Can you please fix your game, it wont let me login, and it will kick me off of my wifi and when I do login I just nonstop lag and its not my wifi cause I do just fine with all other my games, so can you please fix it, thank you.

  • Josh_kasalko Josh Kasalko (@Josh_kasalko) reported

    As far as ranked game modes go... @PlayApex has the worst RP system imaginable with the point system to rank up. So many issues...

  • LarryD_85 Larry (@LarryD_85) reported

    @Respawn fix your ranked mess of a game. Gold tier cost 24 RP to get in... I get 6 knockdowns and 900+ damage..finish top 5 and only move up 6 Rap. Broken ******* system!!

  • yeahhDEV DĘV💫 (@yeahhDEV) reported

    Having a great game and this server will lag you out for no ******* reason. Shit is getting ridiculous @PlayApex

  • RehnKjell Kjell Rehn (@RehnKjell) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn SBMM is destroying this game. Or at least fix it so a level 30 dont have to play against a level 500 with 7-8K/D. **** this shit!