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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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  • Syringo81 Titus Pantaleón (@Syringo81) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the ******* servers. Xbox is having huge lag spikes in game. Server connections breaking as well.

  • amrlmmn ikki (@amrlmmn) reported

    @Respawn please freaking fix your game. the whole ******* ranked lobby is full of aimbots and waller. ffs.

  • Jordy_c94 Jordy (@Jordy_c94) reported

    @PlayApex Look stop coming out with events just to make money and just fix the God dam game first before you think about money the sound is broken on it can't hear footsteps your sbmm is broken your ranked system is broken legends hit box IS BROKEN FIX IT MAN

  • progamer3639 DaveAssassin (@progamer3639) reported

    @PlayApex please add better servers playing on 100+ ping since day one and its always lagging

  • ThatMarvelGuy Dat1MarvelGuy (@ThatMarvelGuy) reported

    @PlayApex yo what’s up with the game crashing ALL the time get maybe 3 games in CRASh come man y’all killin me makin me want go back to Fornite Fr Fr

  • Nissy72212829 Nissy (@Nissy72212829) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix a bug when changing modes.

  • MatthiasIsGreat Matt (Phantxm4K) (@MatthiasIsGreat) reported

    @IKurenaiii @PlayApex Literally been doing an Infinite phase glitch that’s been in the game since at least November

  • L_richy44 Serosgaming (@L_richy44) reported

    @PlayApex crazy how I’m getting abandon penalty and losing my rank because I’m not brought with my teammates when the match starts. Fix your servers please this ruins the game

  • WalkthroughPart WalkthroughParts (@WalkthroughPart) reported

    @PlayApex What u mean by u fixed it, now getting more crash them before when i play the rank match . Now it over 300 minus by crashing. Please fix the bug 😡😡😡😡😡

  • rberrios55 Rob Berrios (@rberrios55) reported

    @PlayApex PS4 error messages, blue screens and errors on your games end should be differentiated from players who actually leave the game or dashboard please fix this issue

  • rberrios55 Rob Berrios (@rberrios55) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the dashboarding penalty mechanism, I have blue screened 6 times in the last 3 days and have lost 72 points all 6 times for a grand total of 432 points! That’s a whole platinum tier and an hour of time for something that wasn’t my fault!

  • DefynLyfe101 Kamuela Apo (@DefynLyfe101) reported

    @PanetonePC @PlayApex I’m having this same issue in 2020

  • TheDirtyAlpaca TheDirtyAlpaca (@TheDirtyAlpaca) reported

    @Respawn your servers still suck. fix the tick rates #ApexLegends

  • cgsnipes29_ cg (@cgsnipes29_) reported

    @PlayApex another 96 lost! Fix your trash game

  • kaleb14452132 (@kaleb14452132) reported

    @GamesDoesDarce @TheeKeyblade @PlayApex Are you mentally disabled how does. Getting good have to do anything with broken pathfinder footsteps

  • wayner2ll Wayner (@wayner2ll) reported

    @PlayApex Mine crashed three times before I gave up. One crash popup said my gpu disconnected.

  • nazoooook nazoooook (@nazoooook) reported

    @CNDPineapple @Silas20950035 @kaleb14452132 @PlayApex @GlitterXplosion @Lawler_RL @Jump_ The only problem I have with this game is their insanely trash servers that they don’t know how to fix. Absolutely garbage.

  • ahrens_tn AHRENS TN (@ahrens_tn) reported

    I have spent $500 on the game and still no aerloom. @PlayApex fix your shit. I play everyday. This is bullshit. My gamer tag is Ahrens_TN. Fix your shit. This is ridiculous

  • buddhasux Buddha (@buddhasux) reported

    HAHHAHAHAHA 2 out of 3 games i’ve played tonight my pc has crashed FIX UR GAME @PlayApex

  • TacosDeArepa TacosDeArepa (@TacosDeArepa) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE MOTHER ******* SOUND OMFG

  • Jacob_13hill JHILL (@Jacob_13hill) reported

    @PlayApex fix the ranked problems plz.

  • IKurenaiii Kurenai ♡ (@IKurenaiii) reported

    I still can’t believe you actually fixed a fridge in cap but not 100 other issues in your game @PlayApex

  • TheMartianHD Fat McCree (@TheMartianHD) reported

    Fix your ****** audio already @PlayApex like holy shit it's actually getting to the point where it is embarrassing to say I play this game. It's an actual ******* joke. you're game has gone to such bad quality I regret putting 1k hours into it. Stop with the events and fix shit.

  • elwilli21_diez .. (@elwilli21_diez) reported

    @PlayApex Would be great if u fix the damn server lag

  • Miberz1 Miberz (@Miberz1) reported

    @PlayApex Just uninstalled, won’t install again until you fix this game, lagging all over the place, jump into a pub game as a solo you stick me with a level 2 and level 36 with not even 12 kills between them then you fill everyone else with super sweaty preds with 50 k kills, peace

  • Goddess_Qc Faraܤ (@Goddess_Qc) reported

    @PlayApex please fix footstep audio

  • rhinoceros1349 Vector (@rhinoceros1349) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex I am literally ******* pulling my hairs because i cant play a goddamn ranked match without getting a blue error screen which makes me lose rp and on top of that im getting an 8 min ban for something i can do nothing about can you fix this already what the hell

  • BOF_KenK 𝙏𝙝𝙚 𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙩𝙞𝙘 🇧🇸 (@BOF_KenK) reported

    @PlayApex Solos should always be be playable. I have no friends. Please fix this. 🤣

  • soulreaver911 Randy Wizkid (@soulreaver911) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the game crashes it's so annoying keep getting banned in ranked

  • gigshot_ GIGSHOT (@gigshot_) reported

    @mikey031897 @PlayApex Yeah it was the skin that had some glitch

  • Axel17335605 Axel (@Axel17335605) reported

    @PlayApex Plis, plis, plis, fix your servers in console plox

  • ReadaIlaboutit Ms. Thing (@ReadaIlaboutit) reported

    Can you fix the Lag @PlayApex @EAHelp

  • Joaoped10011429 Joaopedro (@Joaoped10011429) reported

    @Respawn please fix my the error on my server on my nick it is bugging in game in game

  • TheNewD1vide onthedivide (@TheNewD1vide) reported

    @Respawn the servers are lagging on ps4

  • Lboogie0208 💜Lboogie0208💜 (@Lboogie0208) reported

    Please @PlayApex tell me why Bangalore's Rolling thunder takes twice as long to initiate over Gibralter and Pathfinder's hitbox has been broken from the start

  • tamagon487 (´卵ω卵 `)㌠ (@tamagon487) reported

    @PlayApex Fix footsteps!

  • Deleceeohso Hnry (@Deleceeohso) reported

    Fix the ******* lag you stupid ****** @Respawn

  • SlayLv LV-Slay (@SlayLv) reported

    @PlayApex fix your severs you braindead retards holy shit. No reason for people to get kicked mid game.

  • Pathfinder_Guy Seaofgreen200 (@Pathfinder_Guy) reported

    @D_Shadow317 @PlayApex Like the PS4 crashing issues.

  • ThatNoobShow1 ThatNoobShow (@ThatNoobShow1) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the god damn errors codes in ranked OCE. It’s unacceptable how often it occurs.

  • DEFY_Zeyalon DEFY Zeyalon (@DEFY_Zeyalon) reported

    @PlayApex Once again killed because of no footsteps with a pathfinder 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 lmfao y'all amaze me, Im starting to think its not because you wont fix your game. ITS BECAUAE YOU CANT

  • LuvDoujin DoujinLuv (@LuvDoujin) reported

    @PlayApex God damn it, please fix your servers, I love this game and I'm playing a lot of rank but it's getting annoying to not connect with my team or not even get forgiveness when my teammates don't connect, ******* please, find a way to fix this.

  • luckisthegame dami (@luckisthegame) reported

    Bro ******* fix the servers i almost won a game and got booted and i was the last squad @PlayApex

  • Wizardm4n Nick (@Wizardm4n) reported

    @PlayApex Game now crashes to desktop with no error. But at least my PC doesn't freeze up like before.

  • lord4eyes Nathen Studey (@lord4eyes) reported

    @PlayApex I love your game but damn need to fix the lag in fights on Xbox😠😠😠

  • scojo9 Scott Johnson (@scojo9) reported

    @PlayApex FIX: Footstep audio PLEASE GODDDD

  • Luixpadilla7 Luis Angel📯🧧 (@Luixpadilla7) reported

    @PlayApex fix your servers please😡

  • Bannisnap BanniSnap (@Bannisnap) reported

    @ItsJustJoanTV @PlayApex I fixed it. It let me sign in with my old username and made a new account.

  • rambolevel2 Revolt Rambo (@rambolevel2) reported

    @PlayApex Pls fix the ******* mmr

  • TrikeGaming Trike (@TrikeGaming) reported

    @PlayApex You should stop making trailers for event and start working on login error on ps4

  • Closo_Tezuka Meme Closo (@Closo_Tezuka) reported

    @scottjberry31 @alanortizeldios @gr3mrogger @PlayApex Because it’s cheesey and those players simply snipe and let their aimbot controller do the work for them. Look up videos of aim assist for pc, it makes snipers ******* stupid. Not saying those players are bad, they obviously have gamesense, they’re just abusing something broken.

  • D_Shadow317 David (@D_Shadow317) reported

    @PlayApex Panhandling again even though you neglect real issues with this game.

  • Ahmed_Akasha11 Ahmed Akasha (@Ahmed_Akasha11) reported

    @PlayApex Note: fix the server.

  • steveamiri amiri (@steveamiri) reported

    @Respawn I keep getting banned for blue screens fix your game

  • Jesse63053385 Jesse (@Jesse63053385) reported

    @PlayApex Apex your game crashes so much please fix that or I’m gonna I install

  • bynxii BYNXˢ⁷ (@bynxii) reported

    dying to shit players who just appear behind me out of no where. @PlayApex fix your shit

  • rhinoceros1349 Vector (@rhinoceros1349) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex Can you fix the blue screen problem man im just trynna play YOUR GAME not get blue screened 6 times a day when i only have like 3 hours to play

  • 10Elizha itsmeElizha (@10Elizha) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix the ERRORS!

  • kadirmihran61 Kadir Mihran (@kadirmihran61) reported

    @PlayApex Server fix!

  • julian02339412 YOUNG JØLL (@julian02339412) reported

    @PlayApex Fix that (code 100) shit, i’m mad af