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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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August 19: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 03:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • biggypmusic Lord van den Hoorn (@biggypmusic) reported

    Dear @PlayApex @Respawn, once again, for the THIRD week in a row, the "report player" function isn't working. Fix it!

  • SamparkSharma Sampark Sharma (@SamparkSharma) reported

    What really needs to happen is this: @Respawn should fire all of its employees who actively participated in that Reddit outrage and issue a formal apology for such inexcusable conduct by members of its workforce. #ApexLegends

  • SamparkSharma Sampark Sharma (@SamparkSharma) reported

    What really needs to happen is this: @Respawn should fire all of its employees who actively participated in that Reddit outrage and issue a formal apology for such inexcusable conduct by its workforce.

  • maleurous Maleurous_Gaming (@maleurous) reported

    Just play the game of solos a couple minutes ago lost because the last three guys we're teaming I killed two though @PlayApex fix this or pull out the ban hammer

  • theBiryaniLover TheBiryaniLover (@theBiryaniLover) reported

    @PlayApex you shit head game.. Fix your goddamn servers!!!

  • DroidSc2 Nathan Carrasco (@DroidSc2) reported

    @PlayApex your abandon pentaly is a piece of shit. Just the like the lag in your game. It's hard enough finding good players but I leave if 1 teammate doesn't revive the rest

  • Idusushehwhehe1 Idusushehwhehejdudid (@Idusushehwhehe1) reported

    @PlayApex I don't care if ur adding new stuff Just fix the severed first or I'm done I've already deleted it

  • JordiEbola1 Kresta el Payaso (@JordiEbola1) reported

    @PlayApex Please, fix Havoc bug!

  • Rtistgaming RtistGaming (@Rtistgaming) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the ******* spectator shit I'm tired of leaving a game on accident because who ever decided it was a good idea to switch shit

  • DGK_ShoGUN Toryn (@DGK_ShoGUN) reported

    @PlayApex help me out with all these technical issues. No answers on the EA forum or Reddit

  • Kitaku19 KitakuPlayOn (@Kitaku19) reported

    @Y2K_WAS_REAL @ImperfectsWorld @PlayApex I'm not seeing any replies, so I assume your taking a breather, I also need to take one, If you were actually trying to trigger me, well could job, you did it, I know your having troubles with apex and stopped playing it already, and I have issues with it myself,

  • Officialne0tic ne0tic (@Officialne0tic) reported

    @ChrisVa66653765 @MeadX26 @TitanfallBlog @PlayApex Yeah, that is the problem... They will always try make every dollar they can from their games...

  • BigMan_kjh Kyle (@BigMan_kjh) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the respawn beacon by the cage id like to have a chance to get back into the match without the ship dropping me off 60 feet away from where im supposed to respawn major issue that needs to be patched

  • Trill_Soliloquy Brodie©️ (@Trill_Soliloquy) reported

    @PlayApex pathfinder is still broken. Y’all dgaf tho

  • iTengu808 matt kawasaki (@iTengu808) reported

    @KelsoUSMC @PlayApex Purchasing Apex Coins helps alleviate the errors 😋

  • AmberLoveBug84 Amber Ryan (@AmberLoveBug84) reported

    @DeclawedBoy @pcgamer And definitely not considering there is zero way to acquire even a minority of the components through standard gameplay. It is very much @EA trying to scam people out of money now that @PlayApex is on a downward trend. Problem is, this might have just killed it entirely.

  • codyisnutts2000 Manorr3dneck (@codyisnutts2000) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE SOUND ISSUE!!!!!!!

  • robertbernard26 HotSauce-SZN (@robertbernard26) reported

    @Respawn your game apex is so trash that their is a new game breaking glitch. You need Spotify to do the glitch. You can be anywhere on even if it OUT OF BOUNDS. YOU WILL LOSE ALOT OF PLAYERS BECAUSE OF THIS GLITCH.

  • PlzFixKallari Dakota Johnson (@PlzFixKallari) reported

    @Respawn and @EA, I have no followers, and I made this Twitter solely to ask epic games to fix what they did to paragon, but if you guys see this, sorry for the community toxicity. Apex is f2p and you guys gotta pay bills too. Whoever called players freeloaders and what not...

  • Adyn17963995 Adyn (@Adyn17963995) reported

    @FokarnAPEX @PlayApex That’s what you deserve after purchasing micro transactions in the first place, YOU’RE THE PROBLEM

  • WMurphyIV W Murphy (@WMurphyIV) reported

    @PlayApex 🖕🏻crashed late game again!! Fix yo shit!!

  • Kitaku19 KitakuPlayOn (@Kitaku19) reported

    @jasondowns94 @Veritas_89 @PhantomV20 @ImperfectsWorld @PlayApex You are the problem here, there are many like you out there who make games seem bad over the smallest things, just leave, go back to playing fortnite if you dislike this, no one is forcing you to do it anyways

  • ALLCALFNOASS 🅱𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔰 𝔤. (@ALLCALFNOASS) reported

    @Respawn fix your potato servers

  • seancahill24 Tottenham VARspur (@seancahill24) reported

    @Respawn I think this issue is one of the reasons I'm glad I never got into these battle royale games that are F2P. I'd rather have a game that cost a little bit to purchase, knowing the developer is getting that cash, instead of F2P and the devs feeling the need to squeeze every dime.

  • ChasedGod Chase Gaddy (@ChasedGod) reported

    Ok spoke too soon, three games in a row lagged out fix your trash servers @PlayApex

  • PotatoCanned Canned_POTato (@PotatoCanned) reported

    @PlayApex you made is soooooooo easy to accidentally quit matches and get penalized. I'm so tired out accidentally leaving matches and getting -6 to -10 RP. FIX THIS. I SHOULD BE DIAMOND BY NOW

  • johnspear1 John Spear (@johnspear1) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex I just wanted to let you know I love the game and all the updates but if my game keeps crashing after every game and in the middle of some, we are gonna have issues. I will take no crashes over new legends any day

  • ionikplague IONIKPLAGUE (@ionikplague) reported

    @PlayApex Fix pathfinder. He's so annoying with his hit box

  • dandestreams D&E Streams (@dandestreams) reported

    I back up @Respawn in this new issue. Not because im a die hard fan, honestly never heard of them before Apex. I back them up because they spoke freely about problems other companies won't call out their consumers about.

  • tyweathers5 TylerW (@tyweathers5) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix the Pathfinder hit box :(((( it’s ruining the game 😞

  • ObrienKade Kade OBrien (@ObrienKade) reported

    @PlayApex so when are you gonna fix the audio bug that been reintroduced in the last patch #fixapex

  • FocusRoyaal BrozÉ (@FocusRoyaal) reported

    Maybe y’all didn’t except so many legends but y’all really gotta fix or add these servers cuz y’all got issuuuuesss @PlayApex @Respawn ill work beyond that

  • Faptasia_ RUfanatic (@Faptasia_) reported

    @PlayApex Just has so many issues, shot through walls and doors, bullets not registering, melee not registering, no sound from behind until they're literally within melee distance. No thanks 🤔

  • redja231 Jared McKell (@redja231) reported

    @Respawn people are teaming up in solos with more than 4 or 5 people on a team. If you want solos to exist, you need to find a way to fix this, e.g. a report button, a ban, a requirement for solos, something to stop people from teaming up. It's ridiculous. Love the game but...

  • loodcrazyx BLoodcrazyx (@loodcrazyx) reported

    @PlayApex as much as I enjoy apex and don’t mind the monetary idea for this event, all I ask is to fix all these glitches! 1) When I’m firing and then crouch, it won’t let me reload, and when I landed on the ship, I hit a in game zip line I had an out of bounds the entire game!

  • IronRosePaPa Warcry4BACON (@IronRosePaPa) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn So this just happened. I know shit happens and all but this prevented a friend and I getting a chance at a second win for the night. This continues for like a full minute and as soon as the game ended the other team seemed to have no issues moving/shooting

  • _boooof Name (@_boooof) reported

    @PlayApex He what ******** is up with all the teaming on solos. Fix that shit. It wouldn’t even let me report. Fix your goddamn game

  • SteveStaxkz LemmeGetUhhh (@SteveStaxkz) reported

    @PlayApex got 3 errors in a row. Worst servers on ps4.

  • Jedichef72 mikko gruenzner (@Jedichef72) reported

    @PlayApex fix the PS4 ftl

  • GayTaterTots420 Mom I ate all the beans (@GayTaterTots420) reported

    @PlayApex what is the deal with the disruptor rounds you nerfed them 2 times and still everyone has 4 shots and they dead it’s op and you need to fix it I’m tired of it even when u nerfed it twice

  • Denvyy_ 🌊Denvyy (@Denvyy_) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE ******* AUDIO

  • PhycoticCyborg BRAYDEN MASTER (@PhycoticCyborg) reported

    @Respawn Can you please fix a bug in apex that has been in the game for forever now everytime when i turn my analog stick and ping something and my analog stick is still turned it dosent turn anymore so i have to realese the stick, im shur im not the only one that this happens to and dies

  • CalexySuper SuperCalexyGalaxy (@CalexySuper) reported

    @PlayApex I won't say there aren't toxic people on Reddit, that's silly. That being said, just because someone else is rude to you, does not make it okay for you to be rude back. Communicate without being condescending and fix the microtransactions. Done. Smile. Everyone happy.

  • km_sure Kyle Sure (@km_sure) reported

    @jeremy_767 @FortniteFunny @PlayApex Dude yeah I love paying money just to play as one of the legends it’s so sick. Fortnite’s stupid for making a game where they listen to most (not kids who complain) problems. Apex is so fun to waste money to be at an even advantage with others 😊

  • RealMattSolberg Matt (@RealMattSolberg) reported

    @PlayApex is unplayable. In the middle of every game I get the timed out error of "code:net". What a wasted double xp and and event weekend. Absolutely horrible.


    @PlayApex your game is still broken. Fyi. Leaf error 22 times today. Ya know, incase you ever decide to care about your community at all.

  • omara_4555 Omara_45 (@omara_4555) reported

    @OneTakeJack @DefyngYT @HMB_Billings @dellorlol @PlayApex What I’ve always have confused with epic games is that they’ve never added a ptr server to test stuff before they go live, look at Overwatch they always test stuff on ptr and when something is broken they remove it before it’s added in the real servers

  • BoyarGEE Globimaru (@BoyarGEE) reported

    apparently the Apex Devs ****** up and got onto beef with r/ApexLegends 😂😂😂 just fix the servers and cut the Store prices in half. You’ll still make money I promise @PlayApex

  • omara_4555 Omara_45 (@omara_4555) reported

    @DefyngYT @OneTakeJack @HMB_Billings @dellorlol @PlayApex Never said a community should be silent, I just said that moaning and crying is only gonna make the game worse, people can discuss issues without throwing an uncontrollable tantrum

  • ferociousxmikes wild🧪 (@ferociousxmikes) reported from Waianae, Hawaii

    fix ya servers pls @PlayApex

  • DefyngYT Defyng (@DefyngYT) reported

    @omara_4555 @OneTakeJack @HMB_Billings @dellorlol @PlayApex If a community is silent about an issue than how is it supposed to get fixed.

  • ashofcreativity James Streissand (@ashofcreativity) reported

    @PlayApex hear you guys are having some issues with monetization recently so hear me out I'll give you $60 for Titanfall 3 Or an Apex game mode with Titans. Seriously, hugely popular battle royale. Figure out how to put them in.

  • vixxxcv 𝕲𝖚𝖓𝖓𝖊𝖗 (@vixxxcv) reported

    @PlayApex fix your code, I shouldn’t be repeatedly dying by getting shot through a ******* wall.

  • SimpleAloe Aloe (@SimpleAloe) reported

    @JayFrechette Hi Jay, currently dealing with an IP issue at the LAN I manage. Multiple accounts can not access Origin to @PlayApex. If you could reach out to me when you get a chance, that would be super appreciated!

  • LilDevilDesire8 Lildevildesire😈 (@LilDevilDesire8) reported

    @PlayApex if I wanted to go into a solo game I would queue for solos. I am sick and tired of you disconnect BS people CLEARLY spend enough money on this game you need to fix your shit! #ApexLegends #APEX #apexlegendsseason2

  • BrandoRando222 BrandoRando222 (@BrandoRando222) reported

    @StazziAU @PlayApex Good to know. I hope they fix it soon

  • SupaGwalla They Kall Me Gwalla (@SupaGwalla) reported

    @FlawDaffy @PlayApex Facts well they need to fix some insane how much the trick u into spending then the game won’t let us sign in for like 7 hours

  • Christo71270343 Chris C (@Christo71270343) reported

    @PlayApex maybe attachments like disruptor rounds should have a minor trade off. Ex: disruptor rounds does increased damage to shielded enemies but decreases the base damage once the shield is broken. I don’t like feeling like I’m forced to use disruptor rounds or a teammate

  • Garang_M Garang M. (@Garang_M) reported

    @PlayApex please fix your game client 😣

  • skinnymskeisha Jalen (@skinnymskeisha) reported

    @PlayApex I feel like we are just dollar signs to the devs. cosmetics have been overpriced since day one and you need to fix it for real or else we will continue complaining