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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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December 12: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 09:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • torstein_miner Torstein Miner (@torstein_miner) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your ******* pubs already

  • KingMe63368355 KingMe (@KingMe63368355) reported

    @ReallyBeReal @SooXfar @PlayApex Also this game never felt much like a BR to me. Until now. It’s an actual god damn BR. Honestly I’d rather have broken longbow and disruptors than this lol. Or better yet broken pathfinder hitbox. Watson wasn’t out around that time.

  • bynxii BYNXˢ⁷ #NF (@bynxii) reported


  • Amyers10 Alec (@Amyers10) reported

    @PlayApex PLEASE , omg please anyone, literally anyone who works in the building, I haven’t been able to play since the update. Every game, and I mean EVERY game, L A G due to servers. Please I really just wanna be able to play. I had zero problems with lag before the update 😭😭

  • Boipicklechin1 Boi pickle chin (@Boipicklechin1) reported

    @PlayApex Where the f is sbmm fix

  • McAfeeMafia McAfee Mafia (@McAfeeMafia) reported

    @PlayApex FIX YOUR ******* GAME! I play pubs because it’s not supposed to be as sweaty as ranked. Jesus Christ. Fix it.

  • JaekGrin Jacob Harmond🔌 (@JaekGrin) reported

    Legitimately crazy to me that it’s less sweaty in gold/diamond ranked games than pubs @PlayApex. Fix SBMM...

  • ltsCapone Capone (@ltsCapone) reported

    @VinceZampella @Respawn @PlayApex Im hoping a update is coming to fix all this i don’t enjoy the game anymore i literally want to have fun and there is no fun left in the game. Please stop catering to noobs aswell.. the community would agree with the 5 things i listed..

  • sadyy17 carlos torres (@sadyy17) reported

    @PlayApex bruh fix your audio ques bruh

  • afflixtions 𝕬𝖋𝖋𝖑𝖎𝖝𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 (1.7k) (@afflixtions) reported

    @JeebusRL @FyaskkoTV @PlayApex It's a huge problem they haven't even addressed as of now

  • afflixtions 𝕬𝖋𝖋𝖑𝖎𝖝𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘 (1.7k) (@afflixtions) reported

    @MatoJeHard @AYthaCREATOR @PlayApex @NBA2K They need to do alot to fix what they've ****** up, SBM in pubs is one of them without a doubt.

  • YT_VixxN VixxN (@YT_VixxN) reported

    @SIMONTHEDUCK3 @PlayApex No problem just keep climbing 😊

  • jguzman_13 guzman 𓅓 (@jguzman_13) reported from Dallas, Texas

    @yaboiialeksey18 @PlayApex thought your TV was broken for a sec 🙃

  • mbilyou92 michael (@mbilyou92) reported

    @PlayApex fix report issues on console this aimbots are to ridiculous

  • ShooterShepherd LFT_ShooterShepherd (@ShooterShepherd) reported


  • Jayyskillz_ Pulse| Jayy The Grinder 🎄☃️😁 (@Jayyskillz_) reported

    @PlayApex fix your game

  • CodyGSK CodyGSK (@CodyGSK) reported

    @PlayApex matchmaking is broken or something. Out of the 8 games I’ve played, I’ve had 5 games with no teammate

  • tknispel7 Ty 🍍 (@tknispel7) reported

    SBMM only encourages 3rd parties and that's just awful. It's hard to play a game where you can't 1v2 a team must less 1v3. Then on top of that we don't have time to heal or loot. Please fix this !!! @PlayApex

  • AutobotPrelude AutobotPrelude (@AutobotPrelude) reported

    I’m calling bullshit that SBMM even exists in apex legends. I can’t hit diamond much less predator but yet my pub lobbies are fully of both. FIX YOUR GAME @PlayApex

  • patricksmeets Patrick Smeets (@patricksmeets) reported

    @mikeij417 @SickWitzKid @sc_Slayerage @diegosaurs @PlayApex It is. Hugely so. But that’s not what the top tier players want to hear. That’s not *their* problem, but this is.

  • toxicitylives1 toxicitylives (@toxicitylives1) reported


  • ctrljenn ᴇᴠɪᴇ ʟᴜᴠs ᴊᴇɴɴ 𖤐₊˚. (@ctrljenn) reported

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE my teammates on apex they’re all so stupid please fix SBMM I stg @PlayApex

  • willard_lee lee willard (@willard_lee) reported

    @PlayApex You literally can’t play this game solo anymore its a joke. Always get noobs on my team against sweats ridiculous. The sbmm has got some serious issues sort it out apex

  • KllShot000nz Te Mana-Lee P Noble (@KllShot000nz) reported

    Wtf is wrong with you @Respawn @PlayApex everyones complaining about the sbmm and ya'll implementing nothing just updates that glitch out the game. You guys pretty much now have two ranked modes instead of norms and ranked. @diegosaurs #freeapexlegends

  • el_phino TheAratare (@el_phino) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex please address the server issues on console side soon. Really a pain when you’re in the middle of a match after a few kills and suddenly you’re sent back to main title screen out of nowhere. Have to quit and restart game as well. Happens way too often.

  • SooXfar SooXfar (@SooXfar) reported

    Been solo queuing every single day since this game was released and never had an issue with it but these past few weeks have been so brutal with SBMM I genuinely don't know if I can play this game anymore. PLEASE @PlayApex just revert the ******* matchmaking. EVERYONE HATES IT

  • evilbladeuk Robert K (@evilbladeuk) reported

    If you play @PlayApex do not purchase #RTX @nvidia card. Safe money and hustle. #fuming now as latest drivers crash the game.

  • latifajessica Tiffa (@latifajessica) reported

    @QuinnBa06060859 @jadenwhite0 @PlayApex Definitely not a WiFi problem :)

  • thegoblin225 THEGOBLIN225 (@thegoblin225) reported

    @buzz1city @distressed_jort @PlayApex The problem is being in a laggy ass server because someone is your "skill" in an RNG game. Can't outplay lag

  • TheNolanG Nolan G. (@TheNolanG) reported

    @NRGgg @LuluLuvely She needs @Respawn to fix their game though.

  • BeardedCarnage Mike (@BeardedCarnage) reported

    Sadly true. I love the game @PlayApex I really do. But damn it needs content, it needs love. We don’t need $200 heirlooms. We need characters. We need map rotation. We need to do away with SBMM. We need more weapons. Cross play would be nice. Map changes. So much stuff to fix it.

  • kaila_autumn kaila🌹💕✨ (@kaila_autumn) reported

    @PlayApex please fix your game so these people can stfu lmao I beg

  • Zyklonclinic Dylan (@Zyklonclinic) reported

    @MannyHagopian @Respawn @thegameawards Titanfall 3 :( respawn quit ******* the money train. Make TF3. Or add a gamemode on apex with full parkour and double jump, maybe no armor. Maybe no abilities. Or movement only characters. Or make titans vulnerable during executions in TF2 because it’s abused and broken.

  • RealShysty Shysty (@RealShysty) reported

    @PlayApex How about you address the biggest problem in the game... sbmm

  • diecrash12 Diecrash12 (@diecrash12) reported

    @PlayApex Hello EA, I have a complaint for apex, my complaint is that the ps4 servers of apex are going very badly and I would ask that they fix that because they do not let me play games when I give it to them, the character stays still and starts to go to me the character tnhks

  • Vincius57228964 Vinícius Dias (@Vincius57228964) reported

    @MannyHagopian @Respawn @VinceZampella I'm actually praying for u to Win one status of Games Award. But.. please.. fix your Lobby and the problem due to Sbmm. Please. Don't Let Apex Legends Die

  • Destboom56 YoureABotTTV (@Destboom56) reported

    @ChasingFlSH @frozenfroh @mcadams226 @Halo_3128 @PlayApex The update they released for console is broken even with the extra time lol

  • Ghosty_g4mer 🐞Zainab Zombie | Gamer ☠ (@Ghosty_g4mer) reported

    @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog Please fix this ugly server .. the lag is unbelievable 😐😐😐

  • TheStarkz TheStarkz (@TheStarkz) reported

    @EA @EAHelp @Respawn @AskPlayStation Hi there! It's been 16 hours since my initial Tweet asking for you to fix this Trophy glitch on PSN. I'm not sure if it's a holiday where you are or what, but please look into fixing this absurd trophy glitch. I paid 90 bucks for the game!

  • JoshLopezfarm Josh Lopez (@JoshLopezfarm) reported

    @jhile8 @AustinGrim5 @PlayApex Thats half the problem 😭 apex the other half 😂

  • TheJacobThomas Jacob Thomas Jr. (@TheJacobThomas) reported

    @EAHelp can’t play @PlayApex because “Unable to complete EA acct sign in (code 100). Yet again

  • trey_parker777 Trey Parker ll cousin ll (@trey_parker777) reported

    @TermK47 @PlayApex y’all gotta fix this sbmm. People getting sick from this mess out here! Insanity!!!! Lol get we’ll soon coach

  • dhyman23 Dj Hyman (@dhyman23) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* servers

  • GregLand14 Greg Land (@GregLand14) reported

    @Respawn Audio Glitch Ps4Pro Fallen Order The audio stutters; background music stops for seconds at a time and then comes back. Audio is out of sync during cutscenes etc Version 1.05 update patch installed. I’ve reset the PS4 and updated.

  • Stove_Gaming Stove (@Stove_Gaming) reported

    @afflixtions @PlayApex Yeah I stopped playing 2 weeks ago. Just didn't enjoy playing anymore. Once they fix stuff, I'll go back.

  • GrizzyyG BDG | GriZzyy (@GrizzyyG) reported

    @diegosaurs @PlayApex one of your most POSITIVE content creators for your game dislikes how your SBMM is being run. Please Apex fix so we can enjoy Pubs again. This negatively affects way more than the top 10% of players!

  • dmartins58 wraith careca (@dmartins58) reported

    Sbmm is broken @PlayApex fixxxx this

  • dmartins58 wraith careca (@dmartins58) reported

    @PlayApex SBMM IS BROKEN *****

  • mxr_SoulSolus SoulSolus (@mxr_SoulSolus) reported

    @diegosaurs @PlayApex Yeah but when devs decide well can't stop cheaters it's okay just match them against our dedicated players who have the best chance of clapping them or will simply get griefed so our casual base can have fun and make us tons of money and rarely see a cheater, that's a problem.

  • oracleswan524 Close2Forty (@oracleswan524) reported

    @PlayApex please fix this.

  • BWalkerNFL Brendan Walker (@BWalkerNFL) reported

    .@PlayApex, I am the only one with this problem. After a match finishes and I go back to the lobby, I am unable to ready up with my teammates and to them it looks like I am unready even though I am not. It is frustrating having to quit out and ask for an invite EVERY TIME.

  • Z333NNNNN Bryan (@Z333NNNNN) reported

    @PlayApex it's no fun when SBMM is introduce. I'm unable to get more than 2 kills compared to season 2 when I'm able to get an average of 5+ kills. Pls fix this. This is casual, not ranked. It shouldn't be stressful and trying hard.

  • QQ_Asuna Asuna (@QQ_Asuna) reported

    @PlayApex @EA @Respawn @EAHelp It's gotten to the point now where they don't even like playing with me because essentially playing with me is like playing ranked but no reward you just get stomped non stop. This divide really hurts because now I am being shunned... Please fix SBMM :(

  • CanaanCooper Dub✡️💯 (@CanaanCooper) reported

    @PlayApex man y’all gotta fix these weak ass servers

  • y92s_27 y92s_ (@y92s_27) reported

    @PlayApex fix the audio in the game i can't hear the enemies around me why!!!!

  • ryrysnipeu Ryan (@ryrysnipeu) reported

    Haven't played Apex since the implementation of SBMM and don't plan on it. @PlayApex please fix your game. It's dying.

  • RyanBow03393036 Ryan Bowling (@RyanBow03393036) reported

    @PlayApex fix your servers. My God this is awful

  • Envy_me_always Envy (@Envy_me_always) reported

    @diegosaurs @PlayApex preach. I like the game they just need to fix some things.

  • SnipesGaming_ [Team Godvek] SnipesGaming_ (@SnipesGaming_) reported

    I honestly #Dislike #sbmm in #public lobbies yes there should be a challenge but not to the point where you can't enjoy a simple match @PlayApex I really do enjoy the game and i doubt this will be seen but I do enjoy this game and making #content just please FIX IT! #ApexLegends.

  • Bloodfallzz Cole James (@Bloodfallzz) reported

    @Cau7ioN_TV @PlayApex I don’t understand @Respawn issue here. You don’t need 2 comp modes, it’s ridiculous. NO ONE wants SBMM for pubs since there is already Ranked playlist. They need to take it out ASAP