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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (57.25%)
  • Matchmaking (22.80%)
  • Online Play (10.09%)
  • Game Crash (6.83%)
  • Glitches (2.70%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.32%)

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  • L23_NikeSoldier Luis Palacios (@L23_NikeSoldier) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the game freezes and crashes asap. Been booted from 3 games in less than 30 minutes. 5 kills in 2 min the kicked. Really not fun.

  • xXSniederXx Keith Villanueva (@xXSniederXx) reported

    @PlayApex Getting disconnects before getting into champion select every other game is getting annoying. Please fix your PC servers...

  • richardgod9 Richardgod9 (@richardgod9) reported

    @PlayApex can you please fix the Australian servers they are very laggy at the start of the match. Thanks

  • NgoKimLong55 kimlong (@NgoKimLong55) reported

    @PlayApex Fix amd phenom

  • IlliterateCuck IlliterateCuck (@IlliterateCuck) reported

    @MitchyD @RahulKohli13 @PlayApex If @CameronN52 Is not invited we are gonna have a problem.

  • NateTheDoofin Doofin (@NateTheDoofin) reported

    Fix. The. Constant. Xbox one. Audio. And. Lag. Problems. @PlayApex

  • ShmittyVic Shmitty Vic (@ShmittyVic) reported

    @PlayApex I’ve discovered an unfortunate issue where this game doesn’t have a solo mode. I’m out

  • z_Chep クリスチャン (@z_Chep) reported

    @LoganRamsey1220 @Respawn Nahhh haven’t found a fix

  • effortlessqc Effortless (@effortlessqc) reported

    @PlayApex While you fix the crashes, can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a rejoin, ffs

  • Dune_Fan En dos ruedas (@Dune_Fan) reported

    @PlayApex Instead of ******* jokes can you ******* fix the game, three times in a row the game ******* crashes without any worning. FOR ***** SAKES PISSED ******* OFF

  • MiitchellMD Mitchell (@MiitchellMD) reported

    @ChanceFrags @PlayApex I agree but at the same time i want to ******* play :"( Still testing out fixes to fix my computer from crashing - disconnecting

  • Homer2k Will! YEAH that Will (@Homer2k) reported

    Just bought my sister 3 months of #PSPlus so we can play @PlayApex together........ I’m pretty sure I don’t have a problem with that game.....

  • xChaobra Chaobra (@xChaobra) reported

    Apex fix your game!!!!! I’m tired of my game randomly closing mid game! 3 times today!!! REALLLLY! @PlayApex

  • Lutzingtonn Lutzington (@Lutzingtonn) reported

    @PlayApex are you working on fixing the linking issue between console and EA. Can't get any twitch stuff. Ignoring the stat and level resets is one thing but it's another to not even give the option to log in to EA from the game. @EAHelp @VinceZampella

  • FatPokemon123 Riceee (@FatPokemon123) reported

    @PlayApex On Xbox One, I’ve been having the issue where I can’t connect to an Apex Legends server while on the same network as my party. Help!

  • nolan_martensen ItsNalan (@nolan_martensen) reported

    @Respawn fix your ******* apex bullshit game I’m sick of getting kicked while im in second place I’m ******* sick of the bullshit hurry tf up so your game is somewhat enjoyable

  • EliteFox44 Noah Shank (@EliteFox44) reported

    @PlayApex please either fix your game from crashing or make an option to reconnect as like a Respawn beacon or something...

  • RusselMcgreen Russel McGreen (@RusselMcgreen) reported

    @PlayApex Hey @PlayApex today while in the Apex I was pealing skulls as per usual. Unfortunately, to my surprise I had a reoccurring issue with the Peacekeeper. On multiple occasions I couldn’t look down sights or fire a shot off. Happens mid reload animation. Help

  • MYZTlC1 MYZTlC (@MYZTlC1) reported

    @PlayApex plzzzz fix your footstep audio I have consistent issues with hearing no enemy footsteps that are right next to me 😭😭😭

  • mrryswn miri (@mrryswn) reported

    @EA @PlayApex fix the party not ready bug!

  • TheologiesGB Lord Theory (@TheologiesGB) reported

    @PlayApex there's a Skulltown audio bug on Xbox whenever a lot of teams land there. Please fix

  • alexjamesmccoy fuckalexmccoy (@alexjamesmccoy) reported


  • PaulPzombie paul patterson (@PaulPzombie) reported

    just died from 2 shots of a scout at full hp/shields. this game is ******* broken beyond belief. @PlayApex #ApexLegends #PCGaming when is the game going to be balanced and not have thousands upon thousands of cheaters on brand new accounts. WHEN!

  • ARogueShinobi 尺丂 (@ARogueShinobi) reported

    @PlayApex please fix pc crashing...

  • ManoshPaul ManoshPaul (@ManoshPaul) reported

    Dear @Respawn , I love your game but please fix the random crashes on pc or at least let us know why it crashes so that we can take preventive actions from happening. Thank you.

  • indiiepvnk slvsh (@indiiepvnk) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* servers, dipshits

  • JimmiNutrin Daniel Clamens (@JimmiNutrin) reported

    @PlayApex I would love to play this very fun well made game but game crashes every game :(((((((((((((((( pls fix

  • WattyMcfly 👾👾Watson🎥🎥 (@WattyMcfly) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @PlayApex I never do this. I just really like your game. I keep getting kicked with a message saying, “Party Leader as Quit.” But we are all in the same room. So this isn’t possible. Please fix. @EAHelp

  • TobyCommaTron TobyTronヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ (@TobyCommaTron) reported

    @Respawn playing @PlayApex 2 games in a row I’ve gotten “out of sync with server” and the second error made me miss out on the rest of my squad winning, and my first win. Thanks for disappointing me.

  • Neyomn1 Neyomn (@Neyomn1) reported

    @HexorMarhetbar @PlayApex Thanks, I'll try that when I next hop on. The problem more specifically, is that if I go into a game with a full pre-made squad, me or one of my other mates will crash and its only ever with a full pre-made squad. Going in as twos then getting a random or even going solo is fine

  • LeowulfTV Leo! (@LeowulfTV) reported

    Welp @PlayApex is still completely unplayable for me with an RTX card. I thought these new @Nvidia drivers could fix things but nope. With a Vega 64 - not a single crash in five days of playing. I just want to use my main card in peace.

  • damian47147978 damian (@damian47147978) reported

    @PlayApex Y’all gonna fix that bug that take you out the game or nah bc it’s a struggle

  • Smokey907 SmOkEy (@Smokey907) reported

    @PlayApex Your game keeps crashing on my new computer! REEEEEEEeeee. Ha, please fix your support for 2080ti :( Ps: i love your game

  • NurseNeeners Nurse Neeners™🦄 (@NurseNeeners) reported

    @DieSkum9 @PlayApex Lmao, I know dude, don't worry, I'm just bringing the issue up cause that shouldn't happen. Issues they need to fix XD

  • simple_zen SimpleZen (@simple_zen) reported

    @PlayApex The game keep on crashing and so annoying like is been out for how long and it still has problems like come on now!

  • IcedOutHentai 💎𝘝𝘝𝘚 𝘋𝘐𝘈𝘔𝘖𝘕𝘋-𝘏𝘌𝘈𝘙𝘛 🖤 (@IcedOutHentai) reported

    @PlayApex If I lag out one more time y’all gotta run my fade

  • wayner_m8 Wayner (@wayner_m8) reported

    @Arbys @PlayApex Really arbys you guys get like no ******* service anymore

  • ReDiBuLouS Re-DiB-u-LouS (@ReDiBuLouS) reported

    @TIH_Vengeance @PlayApex Yeah the newest driver update I guess has been causing lots of issues I rolled back and have been blessed with luck and no issues

  • Trikshot_ZomB_ eric wells (@Trikshot_ZomB_) reported

    @PlayApex hey guys, just encountered a glitch where literally the floor was lava for my buddy, he had the out of bounds timer running whenever he touched the ground, respawned him about 5 times and it just kept happening, if he jumped the timer stopped but didnt reset, cheers

  • MRikeKat4 mason rike (@MRikeKat4) reported

    @PlayApex hey is there a fix it the out of sync with server. i keep getting booted from games and its unplayable. Ive tried everything i can thanks!

  • TIH_Vengeance TIH_Vengeance (@TIH_Vengeance) reported

    @ReDiBuLouS @PlayApex thats the thing, was happening before my recent update with it just one random crash.. not often but still lol

  • CIassz Class🍞 (@CIassz) reported

    @PlayApex plz sort out the audio issue its really frustrating

  • Raman_Oshana Raman (@Raman_Oshana) reported

    @PlayApex fix your game for the love of God. The random game crashes with no error message is an absolute joke

  • dacosta0535 Wayne Dacosta (@dacosta0535) reported

    @PlayApex When are you going to fix the game crashing issue... Nothing like having the best game you have ever had and then having the game crash!!!

  • 8bithacker Chris Holloway (@8bithacker) reported

    @PlayApex The face that Wraith has such a small hit box is ******* terrible. Fix your game.

  • DownwardThrust Downward Thrust (@DownwardThrust) reported

    @PlayApex I love it, but having the game crash 1 in 4 games is absolutely infuriating.

  • Apple_Artwork Apple (@Apple_Artwork) reported


  • dascoli83 MrDascoli (@dascoli83) reported

    @PlayApex can’t play with friends on PS4 keep getting error code

  • _Dittz_ Dittz 🌩️ (@_Dittz_) reported

    @ApexLegendNews @PlayApex @ApexLegendVideo @TitanfallBlog @ApexLegendintel @RealApexLeaks didnt know what page to tag but when is the game going to be updated/optimised for single PC streams.. all i wanna do is stream and play your game without lagging :(

  • TappDesigns Tapp (@TappDesigns) reported

    why does my game crash more then it used to before all these updates :( @PlayApex

  • NosebleedTime Nosebleed_Time (@NosebleedTime) reported

    @JavlaSfinx @PlayApex That seems to be a recurring problem with these games, they don't back their console counterparts. About overwatch, I've had to cut down how much I play due to anxiety and other issues and it sucks to not be able to enjoy it as much anymore due to things out of my control.

  • kaoskid11112 Ginjaboy458 (@kaoskid11112) reported

    @TheGodlyNoob @PlayApex Theres another server side lag thing where the whole game seems slowed down for some reason

  • JavlaSfinx Keenån Sfïnx Grekhynm🇸🇪 (@JavlaSfinx) reported

    @NosebleedTime @PlayApex Ive peaked in OW, been pro. Made my mark and cant really play it. Anymore due to personal health issues, im good at apex and i wanna compete fully once customs come out. Only problem is that @PlayApex needs to back console.

  • Dshattuck31 Daniel Shattuck (@Dshattuck31) reported

    @PlayApex the time it takes you to take your gun out after hitting a balloon is ridiculous!! Please fix thank you.

  • AltGGExile Exile (@AltGGExile) reported

    @PlayApex please fix game crashes my game keeps crashing

  • ZachO535 Zach O (@ZachO535) reported

    @PlayApex fix your audio problems please on console!!

  • SiyoanOnline Siyoan [Sigh-own] (@SiyoanOnline) reported

    @ZeraFrags @PlayApex But I'm the one knocking, that's the problem

  • ThatGuyRyanC 38-21 (@ThatGuyRyanC) reported

    I love your game, I'm level 74. But, i cannot stand that people actually have to downgrade their nvidia version to not crash on PC. Please just stabilize the game. Focus on that. Not new guns or anything else just stabilizing the servers. Thanks. @PlayApex

  • Kladdkakakan Kladdkakan (@Kladdkakakan) reported


  • RisenLazarus CLG Lazarus (@RisenLazarus) reported

    Some QoL changes I'd like to see from @PlayApex: - Auto-hover/select the hero you queue up with. - Fix the weapon swap UI so it shows the swap before you actually switch weapons. - Indicator for effective AoE of Bangalore's ult. - Setting for default firing type for Prowler etc.