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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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October 19: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 02:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • SynicalOFCL SG Synical (@SynicalOFCL) reported

    @iGnashtys @MercuryV1 @cameronflores4 @PlayApex I'm on Xbox as well. I don't see your problem on my end.

  • Leon73177806 Leon (@Leon73177806) reported

    @PlayApex since the latest update constant "code:net" errors. i literally cant play the game and cant find a fix anywhere. Loving it.

  • NatsiMaiMai NatsiMaiMai (@NatsiMaiMai) reported

    @Estus_Dee @EvonLovesDolce @D_Shadow317 @WinchTV @PlayApex Of you consider these things a big deal, then perhaps you have issues with them, this is common sense btw, go train your "mental gymnastics "

  • NatsiMaiMai NatsiMaiMai (@NatsiMaiMai) reported

    @sigmadream @smokeypalms @PlayApex Ikr, I wouldn't say im not the same as those giving the shit, but I do think that both games are great, they both have their own issues, but communites in general make the whole thing seem like a shit show between fans.

  • NatsiMaiMai NatsiMaiMai (@NatsiMaiMai) reported

    @sigmadream @smokeypalms @PlayApex Ikr, I wouldn't say im not the same as those giving the shit, but I do think that both games are great, they both have their own issues, but communites in general change the whole thing seem like a shit show between fans.

  • Headshotawat669 Headshotawat669 (@Headshotawat669) reported

    Dear @PlayApex if you don't fix the charge rifle I'm done play your game completely. That's all

  • sorasenpie Sora (@sorasenpie) reported

    @PlayApex @PlayApex pleasr fix SEA server :( I love Apex so much and only got 1 time to play every week :( (rubber banding so hard, even the menu) 😓

  • MEIDARA_UCHIHA Scathach (@MEIDARA_UCHIHA) reported

    When you going to fix the blue screen issues @PlayApex ... Tired of blue screening at last 3 squads....

  • islesblogger Michael Schuerlein (@islesblogger) reported from Springs, New York

    Just had a game logic error in the middle of a squad wipe. I noticed my XB1 frame rate was all wonky right around the same time @PlayApex 😕

  • NatsiMaiMai NatsiMaiMai (@NatsiMaiMai) reported

    @EvonLovesDolce @D_Shadow317 @WinchTV @PlayApex Or, you might be someone elses PSN lmao, you do realize people can sign in with your or someone elses account if they have the credentials

  • SomeStupidGoat SomeSpoopyGoat (@SomeStupidGoat) reported

    @R3d_Death @galwiththeart @iGnashtys @MercuryV1 @cameronflores4 @PlayApex Im on xbox and the game runs beautifully, I dont ever have problems. Its called an ethernet

  • DjCtavia DjCtavia (@DjCtavia) reported

    @PlayApex Time to fix your anti-cheat, players with 3k kills shooting through the floor hitting other players and firing with devoting making wingman damages, I think you should realllly take your time on your anti-cheat now, love the game, would play without cheaters. :)

  • Overpowered op (@Overpowered) reported

    a million aimbotters queueing eu predator. @PlayApex FIX YOUR GAME

  • BlakeBehrends Blake Behrends (@BlakeBehrends) reported

    @PlayApex bravo on your failure of a ranked gameplay system. Since your game has decided that it has to blue screen me at least 3 times a day if not more, It must have decided i really need punched today by error coding me in a ranked match giving me a penalty. Fantastic feature.

  • Thebushgod1 thebushgod (@Thebushgod1) reported

    @GnashtyLord @XperienceMaster @KrisPayne_ @PlayApex people collect discs of games they enjoy, I don't see a problem and they get stuff with it making the whole thing worth the money.

  • YouuriHelvetti Youuri HELVETTI (@YouuriHelvetti) reported

    @Respawn Zombie mode is broken ! Impossible to win as a zomb cause all the player have leaved... that a no way mode... pure crap.

  • EricBuksa116 Eric Buksa (@EricBuksa116) reported

    @PlayApex many daily challenges are not working with shadowfall. For instance today's complete 2 games doesnt count. Same with complete games with specific characters

  • watcherpaco pj (@watcherpaco) reported

    @PlayApex fix the spam pings

  • Ardynsama 🦇🎃 Spookdyn 🎃🦇 (@Ardynsama) reported

    @PlayApex please fix Mirage's legendary skin hair.

  • DarkAusterity Aaren Lancaster (@DarkAusterity) reported

    @TheInternetsShu @PlayApex Or maybe you just suck I won five games in a row without issue..

  • R3d_Death R3dDeath (@R3d_Death) reported

    @galwiththeart @iGnashtys @MercuryV1 @cameronflores4 @PlayApex It’s worst on pc when the game boots you in the middle of a game with the code shoe or when the who server is lagging

  • AdmiralTwitchy Doty (@AdmiralTwitchy) reported

    @PlayApex Charge rifle still OP. Footsteps are still silent. Loot issues in ranked. Insanely boring event. Event items cost too much and no way to actually earn the packages. Guns are still unbalanced. You guys are doing super well

  • Raptors_22 IAmRaptors (@Raptors_22) reported

    First circle im already half way dead dude. Teammates dont even wanna pick me up even when their by me. Fix your ******* game @PlayApex @Respawn

  • purpleshirt64 Purpleshirt64 (@purpleshirt64) reported

    @PlayApex if apex doesnt fix this issue i will expose the community and how you let people cheat

  • galwiththeart whats with art man (@galwiththeart) reported

    @iGnashtys @MercuryV1 @cameronflores4 @PlayApex Xbox is always lagging no matter who’s place I’m at so unless everyone’s internet just randomly decided “**** apex” I don’t think it’s our internet

  • Dust9zero ᵈᵘˢᵗףᶻᵉʳᵒ (@Dust9zero) reported

    @PlayApex wish u guys would fix ur daily's so they didn't require a specific legend that be great

  • SaineSSJ ttv-SaineSSJ (@SaineSSJ) reported

    I’ve had frustrating nights on @PlayApex, but tonight made me actually want to quit playing the game. So many issues this season that have slowly killed my zeal for the game. @SGH_RTs @ApexRetweets_ @Twitch

  • drksnz drksnz (@drksnz) reported

    Some very good @PlayApex ranked games yesterday with @MttzR and @eneLgy9 ! Almost back to platinum already! Stream is lagging like hell lately, hoping to find a fix real soon :( #apexlegends #twitchnl #obs

  • EffectFX James Sanchez (@EffectFX) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix your directional audio, particularly footsteps, I'm tired of not being able to tell where enemies are at.

  • BerserkKris Kris Berserk (@BerserkKris) reported

    @PlayApex Well i was gonna buy it but me and my friends we are having a lot of problems with pathfinders hitbox its too small, hard to kill the bastard

  • Ryan83923316 Ryan (@Ryan83923316) reported

    @PlayApex when will you guys fix that bullshit where you can't hear the Pathfinder coming behind you

  • Michael83908485 Michael Georges (@Michael83908485) reported

    @PlayApex The problem with this event is not enough rewards as a shadow. As soon as someone dies they leave. There was only one reward and that was win one game as shadow. Not enough to get people to keep playong shadows.

  • ToastyyMcLovin Nicholas (@ToastyyMcLovin) reported

    @07Wolfpack @GupyN @PlayApex I feel like all it would take to fix it would be to increase the time between shots. I dont get why its such a hard thing to fix.

  • HARP0onTwitch HARP0 (@HARP0onTwitch) reported

    The problem with the charge rifle in @PlayApex is that it is the ONLY hitscan weapon in a the game. You give us a p2020 that’s hitscan and everyone would be using it too. Even worse, you give us a hitscan weapon that you can put an 4 x 12 thermal on and deal 90+ damage per charge

  • Fearless4033 F/A Fearlesss| kenny (@Fearless4033) reported

    Still keep getting 1v2 in this stupid LTM @PlayApex fix ur shit I’m done with this game till u do

  • mr_nachooo Nachooo (@mr_nachooo) reported

    @PlayApex how about a hot fix for the shadowfall event. If you quit out of 2 shadowfall events you get a 1hr multiplayer ban. Game mode is being ruined by people who die as legends and quit out because they dont want to be a shadow.

  • ImmortaIII Immortal (@ImmortaIII) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE AUDIO!!

  • Cruxium Crux (@Cruxium) reported

    @PlayApex Gibraltar needs to get nerfed already. You guys keep buffing him making him annoyingly hard to kill. He doesnt need extra fortified health if he has a shield to protect him and a dome shield , plus his ult does way too much damage. Fix your game already lmao.

  • D_Lyon24 Dylan Lyon (@D_Lyon24) reported

    @PlayApex I'm so annoyed and tired of having these party/lobby connection issues!! Please fix it!

  • jon_kutz Jon Kutz (@jon_kutz) reported

    @mikesteinbeck83 @SGH_RTs @PlayApex @TwitchHost @SupportStreamz @SupStreamers @rtsmallstreams @SmallStreamersC @StreamerNetwork @s No problem!

  • langdonlail John (@langdonlail) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn just wondering why I have a glitch where it says I have a battle pass level and it doesn’t give it to me. 😭😭

  • Jessica_Michal SCOOTA GANG (@Jessica_Michal) reported

    @PlayApex if you would be so kind as to fix the issue of not hearing a single footstep when a whole team is behind me, I'll give you endless appreciation. I just got PK'ed in the back of the head by a person who there was no sound queue for... You break my heart.

  • RemnantPodFan JGRemnantIsLife (@RemnantPodFan) reported

    @dancinginfernal @snubbbo @Respawn I mean, these are objectively observable issues within the game. Titan classes are unbalanced, and have been ever since they put them in the game, and the maps were designed to accommodate Titans more, instead of finding the perfect balance between Pilot and Titan combat.

  • Freddy_Funkk Freddy Funk (@Freddy_Funkk) reported

    @BrayanS55447907 @PlayApex It’s a known issue happened to me also. EA support said to wait 24 hours for them to appear

  • bradleyspears1 bradley spears (@bradleyspears1) reported

    @PlayApex when are y'all going to fix that stupid ass punch glitch

  • DarkesWolf Ricky Vélez (@DarkesWolf) reported

    @PlayApex the Halloween event is freaking amazing however certain characters are too OP plus people quitting early really affects the experience. A small fix would be to disable ultimates just saying...

  • Mr_magnificant King-Adam (@Mr_magnificant) reported

    @PlayApex Why do I keep bluescreening in ranked man.... RIP, fix your ******* game...

  • GraysonSinning Grayson Sinning (@GraysonSinning) reported

    @PlayApex your experience on Xbox is horrible. Constant frame drops and stuttering... Fix your game.

  • noahlauter noahlauter (@noahlauter) reported

    @PlayApex fix your game. It keeps crashing alll the time. It’s crashed al total of 4 times today all in ranked. >:(((

  • Angel_Z3ro AngelZ3ro (@Angel_Z3ro) reported

    I don't usually complain about glitches but, @PlayApex please fix they glitch where it looks like people are still healing when they aren't.

  • realKhosty Khosty (@realKhosty) reported

    @PlayApex FIX YOUR SHIT there is literally a hundred cheaters in ranked right now I myself have reported 8 that’s are STILL playing, this piece of shit has just killed me and my team twice now in a row. I’ve never seen so many cheaters in a game this is actually insane

  • off2the_wallace Coty Wallace (@off2the_wallace) reported from LaFollette, Tennessee

    @PlayApex Too bad it’s broken. Literally won a game with pathfinder without picking up a weapon.

  • ariel35500984 Ãrįėł (@ariel35500984) reported

    @PlayApex Tbh I don’t like the mode there not good point of it the skins are lit but the game mode need better things like something so the shadows don’t take you down to quick. Fix I’ve been playing and like I’ve never seen the legends win they just die and die

  • GalaxyEclxpse Eclxpse (@GalaxyEclxpse) reported

    @xQueenGrimmRUx @BrodzTM @PlayApex No problem 😁

  • Wraithella Wraithella (@Wraithella) reported

    @LeotheLion25 @PlayApex Bullshit havoc and devo are broken af. I could kill you in under a second with either fully charged. That ain't balanced. As long as you can control the recoil (which really isn't hard) you can kill anyone faster than they can kill you lol

  • MercuryV1 Xoltan (@MercuryV1) reported

    @iGnashtys @cameronflores4 @PlayApex Never had a problem with the game lagging either. I barely even get code leafs now compared to the beginning of the 2nd season. As far as im concerned I think they earned the money I've spent on them.

  • Mr_Protocol Mr-Protocol (@Mr_Protocol) reported

    Seriously @PlayApex If you are going to put "Light Machine Gun" as two of my daily challenges. FIX THE DAMN LSTAR SO THEY ACTUALLY COUNT. This has been a problem since the LSTAR was added. Literally no progress on challenges because it's not tracking LSTAR.

  • SSJAtomz Anthony Atomz (@SSJAtomz) reported

    @Respawn fix your fuccing sliding in this game. Everytime I slide I stop halfway moving and lose gun fights because of it. Its annoying asf @PlayApex, Fix your fuccking game Please!!!

  • RealQuasi2 Quasi2 (@RealQuasi2) reported

    Just @PlayApex daily reminder to fix the crashes in game. Have a good one.

  • DavidC2579 Diccu (@DavidC2579) reported

    @PlayApex Hey, I found i bug in the game regarding the mastiff ill send u a clip if u want so you can maybe fix it