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  • Keepingupwjm
    Jada Alexis (@Keepingupwjm) reported

    I spent $1,000+ dollars on this ******* phone to bring it to the Apple store every week...if I knew this phone was going to have so many issues I would’ve never bought it in the first place

  • Asros
    Brian Waggoner (@Asros) reported

    NBA Live Mobile app update is up in the apple app store, should be soon if not already in google play. Addresses some bugs, most notably the showdown low stamina issue.

  • Father2DaPrynce
    ✭ Mr. DC4L✭ (@Father2DaPrynce) reported

    My goddaughter's iPhone X had a similar issue. She had to go to the Apple store and have it replaced.

  • MissXouris
    Kaiti Xouris (@MissXouris) reported

    @BelkinCares I had a screen protector placed at the apple store in June, they are now having to replace the phone due to software issues. The belkin screen had to be taken off to send the phone away to apple. It cracked in the process, how do I get a replacement?

  • jinthevocalgod
    nicole (@jinthevocalgod) reported

    @hobismujer True macs last a long time and I’ve always got great service when I take it to the Apple store when I have a problem

  • KimberlyRowe_
    Kimberly Rowe Design (@KimberlyRowe_) reported

    I forgot how tough it can be to edit dealing with space issues. I really don't want to have to go into the apple store. A guy helped me with this years ago and I cant remember what he did for the life of me.

  • amyvdh
    Amy van der Hiel (@amyvdh) reported

    @DuckDuckGo @AppleSupport Upon restart Apple tried to shut down my Duck Duck Go extension. Why does Duck Duck Go seem to disappeared from the App Store?

  • kthbit
    𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒊 ☁️ (@kthbit) reported

    @VANTAEGl !!! According to my researches, it may be a software problem. If not, then we should visit the Apple Store and have them repair our phones skjdkdkdks that costs like a ticket to BTS’ concert!

  • bywordapp
    Byword app (@bywordapp) reported

    @fullstopnewpara Sign in on the Mac App Store with the same Apple ID you used for the purchase, then check the Purchased section. You should find Byword ready to install there.

  • gorejusts
    (@gorejusts) reported

    help!!! my macbook air keyboard and trackpad are not working what to do other than to go to the apple store @AppleSupport

  • RellyAB
    Relly (@RellyAB) reported

    Welp, the new iTunes update has screwed me. Can only login with a different Apple ID every 90 days so I can't login with my Japanese iTunes Store ID for updates etc to apps.

  • tclementdev
    Thomas (@tclementdev) reported

    Updating apps via the (Mac) App Store application is so terrible. I don't understand how anyone at Apple likes it.

  • lenberg
    Henrik Lenberg (@lenberg) reported

    I'm trying to find some app screenshots wrapped in iPhone X device frames in the App Store. Is Apple cracking down on these but letting the old devices pass through review?

  • pugdude1321
    Brendan Seidl-York (@pugdude1321) reported

    @bonestowolves If it’s an iPhone that’s less than a year old take it to an Apple Store and they might fix/replace it for free

  • BDScripting
    big_daddy (@BDScripting) reported

    @blakers37 @9to5mac @bzamayo The Apple Store will also erase your phone while changing the screen if there is an “error”. No third party shops that I’m aware of calibrate iPhones after changing the screen. I’ve worked on many iPhones from the 3GS through the 8 without issue.

  • LttleGel
    ღ 𝒢𝑒𝓁 (@LttleGel) reported

    Good news : Apple is replacing my phone for free [ all 3 microphones are broken and I’ve had this iPhone for like 40 days ]. Bad news : they don’t have any in stock so I have to wait and then go back to the store. Ugghhh.

  • dirtlifething
    Becs (@dirtlifething) reported

    @jacqbrush For sure, I’d be upset! I’ve generally had some really good luck with the Apple store itself... 9 times out of 10 they’ve just flat out replaced my items if it’s not going to be an easy fix.

  • cate_marie915
    catie ruscak (@cate_marie915) reported

    today i spent 4 hours in the apple store trying to fix my phone. they couldn’t fix it, but tbh i’m more mad at the fact that i missed happy hour bec of it

  • AlbertTong
    Albert Tong (@AlbertTong) reported

    @zer0se7en @MKBHD Yeah it’s annoying. I hope when I take mine to the Apple store they will replace the screen on the spot or a new device since it’s under warranty. Hard part is recreating the issue consistently to show them.

  • reecez124
    reece benevides (@reecez124) reported

    why tf is there no apple store in lubbock... 1-2 weeks to fix my phone when you ship it in?????

  • Rayterrill
    Ray Terrill (@Rayterrill) reported

    @gabpdx Omg that is terrible. Apple Store seriously has become the DMV. Smdh.

  • LeifMWright
    Leif M. Wright (@LeifMWright) reported

    @generichoe Your computer is just looking for the startup disk. It’s like a $100 fix at the Apple store

  • MarioGuzman
    Mario Guzman (@MarioGuzman) reported

    Never had issues with the App Review process but apparently my Apple Watch app is crashing upon launch? 1. Never saw these during app development. 2. Test Flight builds haven't produced crashes at launch. I tested updating from the current store build and as a clean install.

  • MapOnHand
    MapOnHand • 🎂 Day is 9/21 (@MapOnHand) reported

    @generichoe The fact that it can’t make up its mind what error message it wants to give you makes me think it could very well just be the software going goofy and could be easily fixed at the Apple Store, so I’d take it in to be checked

  • goddessofassxxx
    Goddess of Ecstasy (@goddessofassxxx) reported

    @generichoe I've had a macbook do this before. They may be able to fix it at the apple store. Basically it can't find its own operating system but you can restore it manually

  • MannGupta
    MannG (@MannGupta) reported

    @AppleSupport looks like ios 12 app store updates have a glitch! new apple media terms and conditions click ok- nothing happens! your testing team missed out on it! also if u click cancel and try again to update- it lets u update! weird!!

  • bunnyhero
    bunnyhero🐰 (@bunnyhero) reported

    so i went to the Apple Store to replace the broken screen on my iPhone X. turns out their post-repair calibration software doesn't work with #iOS12 yet, so they had to replace the entire phone, LOL!!

  • ricbret
    Ric Bretschneider (@ricbret) reported

    Well, MacOS Mojave actually has some features in it that aren't just pushing Apple phones (although there's still some of that junk.) I might upgrade. But what's with app store trying to push down Pages, Numbers and Keynote that require Mojave, which isn't available until 9/24?

  • zaleaax3
    zae (@zaleaax3) reported

    not to be dramatic but i would rather stab myself then come to the apple store for a problem.

  • hltlauren
    taylor (@hltlauren) reported

    My laptops broken & the closest Apple store is an hour away and I don’t have a car so life is really good

  • bigdudeart
    Wedge - “Refreshingly Chubby” (@bigdudeart) reported

    This apple store randomly started blasting “Its Rainin’ Men” and I’m down with that as an omen

  • aliendawgz
    Gabby (@aliendawgz) reported

    Went all the way to the Santa Monica Apple store to fix my computer before checking to see if it was open. It wasn’t open.

  • SatanAKATobey
    Satan a.k.a. Tobey (@SatanAKATobey) reported

    One would think that a nice, robust, mature, ten-year-old application, like Apple App Store, would download FREE updates without problems — — especially problems with simple functions like "LOGIN" — — BUT one would be wrong. #SteveJobsIsDead

  • parlerfranglais
    Michelle Killmer (@parlerfranglais) reported

    I'm upset bc: 1. Apple phone support, in the first 4 times I called, NEVER TOLD ME I COULD JUST GO TO THE APPLE STORE. 2. I went to the Apple store & they FIXED THE PROBLEM IN 20 MINS. Why did I have to call Apple 5 times to begin with? This could have been solved Friday night!

  • cpgmail
    ComputerPerson (@cpgmail) reported

    @AppleSupport iPhone 6. Updated OS12. On BellMTS in MB Canada. Apps from US update fine. All Canadian apps give message "The iTunes Store is Unable to Process Purchases at This Time" Logged out/in to Apple ID but problem persists. Was fine before OS12 update. Can you help?

  • timmylanders2
    timmy landers (@timmylanders2) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi there isn’t a section for support of the HomePod on the Irish site as it is not selling here yet as I said I got it in the Apple newyork store and they said I would have no issues here?

  • ncdad1
    BusBoy (@ncdad1) reported

    @1Password I think I need to get 12 first. I am forcing the update now. I think I have a slight problem in that I think I bought your product from your website and I am not sure Apple Store recognizes it ... will be checking.

  • Sal77
    Salem Alaton (@Sal77) reported

    Tech problems leave me weak and helpless. When the young Swedish guy at the Apple Store finished fixing my Mac I nearly collapsed in tears, kissing his hands and saying thankyouthankyouthankyou

  • IchiiGiki
    Peter Miller (@IchiiGiki) reported from Highland Heights, Ohio

    @TokyoPreneur @reneritchie Get that device a battery replacement for $29 at the Apple Store before the deal ends at the end of the year! I think it will be well worth it (definitely a hardware issue with battery dying that quickly).

  • nacinla
    Nick Cuccia (@nacinla) reported

    @AppleSupport I downloaded and now can't charge my iPhone 6. Charge indicator on but it's losing power rapidly; now down to 30% charge. Headed to Apple store. Great job, Apple!

  • nacinla
    Nick Cuccia (@nacinla) reported

    @AppleSupport I downloaded and now can't charge my iPhone 6. Down to 30% charge. Headed to Apple store.

  • nacinla
    Nick Cuccia (@nacinla) reported

    @abhayshah194 I downloaded and now can't charge my iPhone 6. Down to 30% charge. Headed to Apple store.

  • nacinla
    Nick Cuccia (@nacinla) reported

    @appleinsider I downloaded and now can't charge my iPhone 6. Down to 30% charge. Headed to Apple store.

  • nacinla
    Nick Cuccia (@nacinla) reported

    @nadiaamx I downloaded and now can't charge my iPhone 6. Down to 30% charge. Headed to Apple store.

  • 25_male_nyc
    27_male_nyc (@25_male_nyc) reported

    dez bryant saw the josh gordon news and took yet another iphone back to the apple store saying it’s broken and isn’t receiving calls for some reason

  • hassanahmed120
    Hassan Ahmed (@hassanahmed120) reported

    Just realized I don't have my phone with me for GPS to use for directions to the Apple Store. Doing this the old fashioned way by writing down the directions. Hopefully I make it okay, and at least I know the area pretty decently.

  • BVilivusonline
    Adam B.omb (@BVilivusonline) reported

    @JW_Bandit Took a few days for the battery to arrive, Apple store took about two hours to replace, $30, and they walk you through every step of it. Pretty easy honestly. Only issues should be your model being quite old

  • marshall_norman
    Marshall Norman (@marshall_norman) reported

    @_JHock They'll fix that for you at the Apple Store, you know.

  • freemcservernet (@freemcservernet) reported

    @M1dnightH Unfortunately, we are not planning on releasing any iOS app due to Apple's policies on app development (requiring a mac in order to use their SDK, requiring an iphone for testing and 2 factor login into apple store, and requiring a 99$ annual fee for being able to publish apps)

  • JasonYamaguchi
    Jason Yamaguchi (@JasonYamaguchi) reported

    @OpTicGaming @CouRageJD I got u jack ima go down to the Apple store later and vote for you on every iPhone, iPad, and MacBook there is there. I’ll even try to vote on the ipods for you

  • BigJohnnyArcher
    John Archer (@BigJohnnyArcher) reported

    @awp69 Entirely disagree with you. Apple’s response through CNET seems an attempt by Apple to suggest the issue there was a one off. So the correct follow up approach is to give an indication of how widespread people’s problems with ITunes Movie store are.

  • IAmDamonUK
    Damon (@IAmDamonUK) reported

    @sick__66 Same, I had a angry bloke yell at me because I refused to fix him phone, his phone was a nokia and it was in a apple store.

  • BillHolbird
    Bill Holbird, Jr. (@BillHolbird) reported

    @BelkinCares re: F7U027 charger pad for iPhone X Serial:3617AA162382. Purchased this charger with iPhone X about 1-year ago from Apple store on-line. Unit shows green light momentarily when plugged in but then goes off and does not charge the phone. Is there a way to fix this?

  • tweaked_hippie
    Crista  (@tweaked_hippie) reported

    @amrawilliamss @1Hakz_ Take your broken iPhone charger to the Apple store and they’ll replace it for free!

  • NFSSmith
    Scott (@NFSSmith) reported

    Carrier still not getting back to us about the iphone 8 plus signal & call drop issues. Had to go to their store. We're trying their last-ditch combo of network settings reset & SIM card swap. If that doesn't fix it, it's a trip to the Apple store next.

  • oyanglulu
    jichao ouyang (@oyanglulu) reported

    jcouyang starred apple/foundationdb apple/foundationdb FoundationDB - the open source, distributed, transactional key-value store C++ 8.3k 8 issues need help Updated Sep…

  • mcwm
    Mike Murphy (@mcwm) reported from Scituate Center, Massachusetts

    @AkshatRathi @svatikirsten @Apple o jeez Svati go to an Apple store, you should be under warranty -- it's a swelling battery issue they're having

  • navinratan
    Navin (@navinratan) reported

    @odtorson Nope.. and this is not only a problem with #apple I have had the same experience with @PrimeVideoIN .. movies are available on the store but when you play then in another country it doesn’t play.. geography restrictions!!!!

  • p1z4T
    #Esteban (@p1z4T) reported

    It's incredible the level of entitlement at the retail level. I had to go to the Apple store because a VIP has an iPad that was stuck in DFU mode. I tried to do a manual firmware fix nothing worked. For some reason manually installing the base 10.2 or 11.4 wasn't working *shrugs*

  • icarus_volt
    Ryu☆Rin (@icarus_volt) reported

    @TweakboxSupport I have an ipa file down the App Store Many new ios synology nas users want it but Apple ignores it Can I add an app?