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  • agentK Kai Koenig (@agentK) reported

    @nicktmro @thelivo Problem ist that even a better repair program on Apple's side won't fix one of the core issues: you'll have to part with your machine for a couple of days. Then being in a country where there's no Apple store makes it even worse.

  • fassko Kristaps Grinbergs (@fassko) reported

    @krzyzanowskim A. I couldn't get a time in Apple Store while living in Berlin 2 months. B. They won't fix unless it's bought in Germany, at least that was said to me.

  • Gozufucker69 Gozu (@Gozufucker69) reported

    why is APKure so ******* slow when it comes to getting FGO updates apple store and shit have had the new update up for like a hour and its STILL not on apkure

  • Woogie87 Woogz™ ❤ (@Woogie87) reported

    I’m gonna need the Apple App Store to limit these apps on their updates... some of these apps trying to update like every day. Calm down Beyoncé.

  • r_em_y Rémy (@r_em_y) reported

    @nixcraft And maybe not having to go to Apple store every 6 months when *oh lol it's coming* i dont remember one of my PCs having hardware problems, for 10 years doing CS. Ok now you can buy those super cool Asus zenbook : they are 2 years ahead of shitty apples

  • AndrewYee2 Andrew Yee (new account - follow again!) (@AndrewYee2) reported from Manchester, England

    Had service battery warning on MacBook for several weeks. Not got round to going to Apple Store/replacing battery 🔋. But last 24 hrs my MacBook is almost usuable w/ how slow it is. Always plugged in but battery power percentage keeps going down. Was 61%! Just rebooted - says 4%!

  • OutSpokenQYT MV (@OutSpokenQYT) reported

    I’m going Apple store tomorrow to fix my own laptop. So I can reboot my computer and start the whole installation process again

  • glitteryoongi_ saff (@glitteryoongi_) reported

    can apple actually fix up my left airpod is not working again now i’m gonna have to go out of my damn way to go to the apple store after school and get a new one 😡😡

  • Dexxxzzz JOHN (@Dexxxzzz) reported

    @JaedenDoran @dianehake I went to Best Buy and the Apple Store but they have them locked down where it's hard to feel

  • kalianefayepoet kaliane loves the jobros (@kalianefayepoet) reported

    @ashkarose like i can't fix it unless its connected to wifi but my phone wont connect unless it unlocked, my laptop doesn't support itunes, and the nearest apple store is 3 hours away from me sooooooo

  • alianazri Alia Nazri (@alianazri) reported

    Hoping that it won’t take hours for the apple store geniuses to fix my laptop.

  • Meeooowwww96 mama kirsten 🤷🏼‍♀️ (@Meeooowwww96) reported

    @_brittney_kay apple said the servers are down. your imessage, facetime, and app store won’t work.

  • servalsays george 🚀 (@servalsays) reported

    @yavin_iv *enters apple store* i think my phone is broken, it keeps showing me pictures of handsome people

  • fspacef Farhan Farooqui (@fspacef) reported

    Apple developer fee seems like a relic of the past. We should be breaking down barriers to entry instead of making App Store submissions like college applications.

  • Sarahashley_s SarahAshleyShivlall (@Sarahashley_s) reported

    @mxlxo Go to your settings , go to iTunes and App Store , go to your Apple ID click view sign in and go to subscriptions then cancel away girl !!!

  • jeromegravesbm1 Jerome Graves (@jeromegravesbm1) reported

    @MsAvaArmstrong I will never forget the ***** nasty campaign CNN led to get INFOWARS deplatformed from Facebook, Twitter, and the Apple Store for apps. The biggest liar of all wanted to destroy Alex Jones, & INFOWARS because he was over the target on so many issues they couldn't compete against.

  • jentothefer Papa Frita (@jentothefer) reported

    @Luvvie Sounds like they’re trying to offload power from the graphics card, which is what they thought my issue was too. Call again and ask for an appointment at the Apple store. Tell them the keyboard is hot to the touch and it’s only been on for 5 minutes. They’ll replace it on site

  • miyadaweirdo hi nick gurr (@miyadaweirdo) reported

    Apple are y’all servers down cause my App Store not working

  • liluziha ocoochiemaru (@liluziha) reported

    why ******** is strip that down playing in the apple store plshelp


    But in the millenia mall food court waiting for the apple store people to fix my phone just autocorrected jahseh to jahshe and i went with twitter ******* and it's working out great.

  • karlieacheson Karlie Acheson (@karlieacheson) reported

    It is my third time in the Apple store with the same broken phone in two weeks. Ready to buy an android

  • partysmashers98 Party Smashers (@partysmashers98) reported

    @AppleSupport I have the power beats three. They’ve broken. I went to the apple store located in Lenox square mall and they directed me to the website but I’m unable to find the directions to use the warranty.

  • MichaelFlaum Michael Flaum (@MichaelFlaum) reported

    @Luvvie Something is broken. Go to your nearest Apple store and have it checked out or replaced.

  • Emzy_17 Emmsey ⭐️ (@Emzy_17) reported

    @bcfcmg Storage, it keeps telling me I have 0 space when I’ve deleted everything, literally! 🙈. The Apple store told me back in March to update it and it worked fine, now the problem is back and I’ve updated it- still being stupid! 😥

  • LucretiaThomps6 Lucretia Thompson (@LucretiaThomps6) reported

    Well my diva has been doing so good with taking care of her iPhone 📱 until now , so now we have to go stand in this long a$$ line at the apple 🍎 store 🏬 because I accidentally knocked it down but where is the screen protector now it’s a new screen thank god for apple 🍎 care

  • babyhoneh taylor ❥ (@babyhoneh) reported

    So like I broke my iPhone. So if you need me I’ll try my best to socialize. The thing is called the “green line of death” and I need to go to the apple store and get a replacement. If I have warranty then I get upgraded or sum and if I don’t I get down graded. Send help.

  • gringanovelera gringa novelera (@gringanovelera) reported

    I am at the @Apple store in Lincoln Park to try to fix something. The people who work here are perpetually rude, and almost anti-customer service. I’m never buying Apple again after this. @AppleSupport @apple #applelincolnpark

  • criticaldrm namjoon’s blonde hair 🌙🇳🇬 (@criticaldrm) reported

    my computer screen is messed up and the brightness doesn't work but i'm at the apple store now so hopefully they can fix it while i'm here

  • coldfusionMBE All hail Stan Lee (@coldfusionMBE) reported

    @tweetbot I was going to tweet you about an issue with the Tweetbot app on OS X but it looks like the issue is at Apple’s end with the Mac App Store.

  • ShinyHunterSam_ Shiny Hunter Sam (@ShinyHunterSam_) reported

    Took my watch to the apple store I hope they can fix it 😭 I did buy a Broken Bonds pack and got another free promo Snubbull so that was cool at least!

  • CelTech67 TonyBhoy (@CelTech67) reported

    @moo_ted @NotoriousBAG_ @chrisconnelly77 I dont normally go all apple products but if you're buying an hdmi converter best get a genuine one from Apple. It's dearer but worth it, keep the reciept and if there is any issue you can take to apple store who will test and replace if faulty.

  • Abowman121 Alex Bowman (@Abowman121) reported

    @onebigdog @Apple So I took it into my local Apple store and they found out the module on my display had stopped working, and they replaced it for free since I was still under warranty, apparently this is an issue with some iPhone X models. Take it to Apple and see if they can fix it for you.

  • parakram777 Parakram Chauhan (@parakram777) reported

    @AppleSupport @Apple Hi I have iPhone XS purchased from India. Recently when I traveled to Dubai, it developed an issue due to which it was replaced at Apple store. I need a replacement of deviceas am unable to use FaceTime but Apple India isn’t supporting the same. Pls help

  • parakram777 Parakram Chauhan (@parakram777) reported

    @AppleSupport @Apple Hi I have iPhone XS purchased from India. Recently when I was travelling to Dubai, it developed an issue due to which it was replaced at Apple store. I need a replacement of device due to the same reason but Apple India is not to doing so. Pls help resolving

  • goLIGHTAMATCH Rick Joseph (@goLIGHTAMATCH) reported

    @eDukeDW Nah… no applecare. And I also tried tweaking my Energy Saving settings. In the past, I believe my "heat sensor" was faulty. It would put my mac to sleep thinking it was overheating. Sounds like the same issue this time around. I'll drop by the Apple Store tomorrow.

  • Britt_Sapphire Britt 🔜 electric forest 🧚🏻‍♀️🦋 (@Britt_Sapphire) reported

    @prettypipess I have lol, I try to keep it so it’ll work the best way possible, I don’t have a Apple store close at all, but I think I do have insurance, & I haven’t even had it a year. It happens every time, the last 3 times it’s always been an software issue

  • thepandaily Pandaily (@thepandaily) reported

    Content aggregator @qutoutiao was briefly removed from Apple’s China App Store, media outlet 36Kr reported. The app was removed on May 18 and restored on the morning of May 20. Qutoutiao had reached Apple and is actively investigating the cause of the issue. #China24x7

  • Bound2B_ Yungho ⚔️ (@Bound2B_) reported

    @Apple @AppleSupport y’all are literally no help! My iMessages been down since Thursday I’ve waiting 4 hours at the Apple store, was told to then call tech support. Now that I’ve called tech support they saying go to the store. 🤬

  • 4MeSheWILL Fat Thor (@4MeSheWILL) reported

    @ashleyrobin That sounds crazy. Like a provisioning problem. I would def go to the Apple store.

  • Demolisher_007 Adam (@Demolisher_007) reported

    @accessbank_help I’ve been trying to set up a payment method on Apple store and I keep getting an error message, I called your customer support and they suggested I change my location but that didn’t work either because an address is required and I only have a Nigerian address.

  • DStvNg DStv Nigeria (@DStvNg) reported

    @gbengasagba check your due date, clear error messages easily, at your convenience. Download from Google or Apple Store../3

  • crazyrichjason Jason (@crazyrichjason) reported

    I took my iPhone to the Apple Store Genius Bar, and he reset my settings to see if it’d fix my issue. Then he said “Don’t worry, your data’s safe, all your photos are still here”, tHEN PROCEEDED TO GO INTO MY CAMERA ROLL AND SCROLL THROUGH AND HE ALMOST SAW MYBFWOBKVOWFVRDVOCJSAJ

  • Nomadgames Nomad Games (@Nomadgames) reported

    @MarqueeK Hi Mark, unfortunately, we're still getting reports of the error code on the App store and we will be contacting Apple to get an update and understanding of why this has happened. We'll be updating on our social channels when we get more information

  • crazyrichjason Jason (@crazyrichjason) reported

    I took my iPhone to the Apple Store Genius Bar, and he resetted my settings to see if it’d fix my issue. Then he said “Don’t worry, your data’s safe, all your photos are still here”, tHEN PROCEEDED TO GO INTO MY CAMERA ROLL AND SCROLL THROUGH AND HE ALMOST SAW MYBFWOBKVOWFVRDVODJ

  • Jessibaby_67 Flannel_Girl (@Jessibaby_67) reported

    @ImRocknRobin @sprintcare Everything just went green a few minutes ago. Apple was having issues with iMessage, FaceTime, App Store and a few other. But everything is green now. I’d check for updates and restart your phone.

  • DreaMonae_ Drea 🥰 (@DreaMonae_) reported

    @punchpapi iMessage, the Apple Store, FaceTime and everything else Apple related was down for about 2 hours.

  • 1AbbyRoad Abby Barr (@1AbbyRoad) reported

    The IMessage and App Store are down which I guess means Apple got... ... ... Game of Pwned. -bows-

  • BrayThaDon_ Braylo Brown (@BrayThaDon_) reported

    These folk said iMessage, face time and the App Store are down 😂😂 apple is the ******* wig man

  • Eddynelson6 EddyGraphic (@Eddynelson6) reported

    @JaeDrip @electra_team I just fixed this issue by logging out of the Apple ID in the App Store and logging back in.

  • Nsfw_momoka ♡【 ももこ // ❀ 】( ˘ω˘ ) ♡ (@Nsfw_momoka) reported

    @Apple hey your new update made my phone and my best friends phone unable to text and call anyone or eachother you had us FaceTime on Instagram tryna figure it out together. 😂😂😂😂😂 we dead ass was gonna hop into the apple store tomorrow and complain. But we fix it 🤔🤔🤔

  • thenick902 Nick (@thenick902) reported

    @_xoxo_dianaa apple support says that they are having a imessage, facetime, & app store download global outage. they are working on it and trying to have it fixed by the morning. if u turned your ft off and turned if back on, it should be activated by the morning.

  • monicaleesings Monica Saxton (@monicaleesings) reported

    tried to facetime my boy only to find out facetime, imessage, the app store, and literally all of apple is poopy right now so we tried snapchat video calling and OOF facetime you betta fix yaself.

  • morgggaaannn18 morgy 🌻 (@morgggaaannn18) reported

    iPhone are great until Apple shuts down & you can’t FaceTime, send texts, or get on the App Store.

  • HeyNickJohnson Nick Johnson (@HeyNickJohnson) reported

    @reneritchie Wow called Apple support cuz none of my apps from App Store were downloading. They suggested factory reset or reset network settings.. then I see your tweet and it’s a full blown issue atm!

  • lgbtmullen tyler (@lgbtmullen) reported

    facetime, the app store, and imessage are all being screwed up tonighr... apple goin down strx

  • deffnotkelsey kelso (@deffnotkelsey) reported

    @crucialstates i went to the apple store and they said “its a software problem in the iphone 7s only but we cant do anything for you”

  • DEVi8 Chris Cifonie (@DEVi8) reported

    Any ever have the issue of not being able to download apps from the App Store. I can’t download anything on my iPhone or iPad. I’ve tried sign in out, hard reboot, power down / up, and rest all setting and nothing worked. Why dose Apple suck so bad at online services

  • milanoisnotcool sila (@milanoisnotcool) reported

    my App Store isn’t working but I just read some tweets from people experiencing the same problem and now I don’t want to bother the apple support team oof

  • makavelix513 6🥴 (@makavelix513) reported

    @tiarajena apple store down too son😭

  • Ndv334 Tanya 〽️arie✨ (@Ndv334) reported

    @Souknowits_REAL So from what I understand, iMessage, App Store, Apple Music, & FaceTime are all down.