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  • MMisslovely188! (@MMisslovely188) reported

    It's not Kool doing that shit in store you wanna act out p.s. go the club or party not the fukin apple store u get kicked out bruh how you going update,fix yo phone etc with out them talking shit bout yo ass! Shid clown Weibo

  • PeshekHannah
    Hannah Peshek✨♌️🍒 (@PeshekHannah) reported

    Me waiting 5 hours at the Apple store just for them to not fix my phone

  • Sea_G0d
    j (@Sea_G0d) reported

    Went to go get my phone screen fixed at the Apple Store today and the guy said “unless you’re over 18, I can’t fix this for you without an adult present” I haven’t shaved my five chin hairs so that we could avoid this confusion yet here we are

  • r1d3r
    r1d3r (@r1d3r) reported

    @MacGeekGab I had this issue a short time ago. Contacted Apple support and they had me download an iTunes update outside of the Mac App store. There is a support article about it but I don’t have the link at the moment.

  • kingzaii_
    Z I G G Y (@kingzaii_) reported

    Wish I had some Apple Jacks. If it wasn't so cold I'd run to the store down the street but uhhh

  • dannyman
    Danny Howard (@dannyman) reported from Palo Alto, California

    The Apple Store is like a DMV from a dystopian future where you have to call ahead to make an appointment to wait around in the Lobby of the Future to have a clerk mail your broken computer to Malaysia for repairs. So awesome.

  • CarterLNP
    Carter Walker (@CarterLNP) reported

    @bando_fl @LateNight_Lex No I had to get a new phone through my carrier that hadn’t been updated yet. Apple store seemed totally unaware of the problem the two times I took it to them

  • just1ny0ng
    Justin Yong (@just1ny0ng) reported

    Customer walks into the Apple store with an issue with their iPhone My Brain: Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Don’t do it Me: have you tried turning it off and turning it back on

  • HHKulture
    trvxzen. | AMAR 1/1/19 (@HHKulture) reported

    @Apple App Store is down, do something #apple #appstore #appstoredown

    hasen (@SIMPSXUCEGXD) reported

    baybrook’s apple store is so slow bruh ****

  • Barry134
    Barry (@Barry134) reported from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    The time I feel most inadequate as a human is when i am in an Apple Store discussing problems about my phone, especially in Shadyside.

  • HilaryOutThere
    HilaryOutThere (@HilaryOutThere) reported

    I might visit the apple store downtown. It’s 149 for out of warranty screen repair. Might be worth it to get years of use out of it without water issues

  • bollokbrain
    Christips❌ (@bollokbrain) reported

    So @apple have failed miserably 25th August 2018 to today nearly x3 months later 8 telephone hours to 7 different advisors X2 trips to an apple store x1 send phone away to Lutterworth x1 hour on with technical support software issue and I’ve still got to go to apple store.

  • chaoshopelove
    Kimmie 💫 (@chaoshopelove) reported

    @nannyanya This happened to me years ago. You’ll need to boot it up in recovery mode with a certain kind of cable and a second Mac to fix it. I had to take it to an Apple store. I don’t remember what type of cable it is though, so that’s not much help. :-/

  • Captain__DMan
    Dan (@Captain__DMan) reported

    @mitchachell @Optus You can do either. Optus is the retailer so is obliged to fix. Apple is the manufacturer so is obliged to fix. Apple store acts as an agent for Apple as manafacturer. Apple store can fix but not refund.

  • mitchachell
    Mitch (@mitchachell) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    Hey @Optus, if I’m renting my handset from you, but I’m having issues with it, do I take it to you or to the Apple Store, as Apple would likely replace the handset

  • MichelleLGa
    Michelle Garrett (@MichelleLGa) reported

    @LeonAndJune Just go to apple store, search for bbciplayer app (it's free). Download and off you go. Tweet if any problems - I'm 24hr tech support for my mum already" xx

  • cdmblogs
    cdmblogs (@cdmblogs) reported

    @bram_bos @ka010 plus -- let's keep track. Shut down affiliate program. Keep search money inside Apple. Hire away previously independent journalists, and absorb them into the App Store. Yeah, "progress."

  • IamRick8117
    whoopsighostburglar 💃🏻 zeke beats/minnesota (@IamRick8117) reported

    really aggravating @AppleSupport. my phone only came out 2 months ago, i’ve only had it for a month. now there’s something wrong with the truedepth camera & my face ID doesn’t work out of nowhere. I have to go all the way to an apple store to fix it. how ridiculous

  • zeesauce
    zainab (@zeesauce) reported

    Idk if it’s that one store or apple workers as a whole but that service was horrendous. Literally lazily trying to get rid of my problem by blaming me for YOUR damage. Best believe I’m not resting till they fix it for me

  • zeesauce
    zainab (@zeesauce) reported

    Here’s where it gets super dodgy kids! I take it into the apple store and explain my issue. The so called genius disappears for a solid twenty minutes to ‘take the bottom off’

  • yongIees
    (@yongIees) reported

    thinking about how i sent my kcon and yixing vids to my mac and deleted them from my phone and now my macbook is broken and the apple store said they might have to wipe it 😩

  • Full_Of_Fitness
    pod ‘Austin’, ‘1.0.1’ (@Full_Of_Fitness) reported

    @Grummz Apple charges the same fee for the App Store but they have the platform so locked down that there’s no other options

  • garrett_reider
    Garrett Reider (@garrett_reider) reported

    @thetruth3055 @AppleSupport @Apple Take a deep breath. Calm down. Do what the technician on an Apple Support call says and your iPhone will be fine. You might have to take it into the store. You’re talking to the official Apple Support Twitter account here so please take this seriously.

  • nptacek
    Nicholas Ptacek (@nptacek) reported

    @aionescu @lorenzofb @taviso @ryanaraine @martijn_grooten @matalaz @spgedwards It’s not enough. We’ve had to report malware in the Mac App Store and iOS App Store to Apple on multiple occasions to get them taken down. None of Apple’s built-in security was stopping users from getting infected.

  • shelbysavings
    Shelby Savings Bank (@shelbysavings) reported

    CUSTOMER ALERT! Shelby Savings Bank has become aware of an error with mobile deposit on Apple iPhones running IOS 12.1. We have corrected this error, and the fix is available in the most recent app update on the App Store. Thank you for banking with US at Shelby Savings Bank.

  • ThatKhid_Syd
    Syd (@ThatKhid_Syd) reported

    @QueenKandieee Girl that happened to me. Take it to the apple store. If you have warranty they take it and fix it for free.

  • nardyynardd
    NWO 4 LIFE (@nardyynardd) reported

    Yeah I have to go to the apple store. Phone gotta software issue smh.

  • markxmlx
    Mark. (@markxmlx) reported

    @MrNeffels @JGracio @dcseifert A12 Bionic SoC smokes the competition, you get Apple's excellent customer support with 5+ years of software updates. Not only that but no other phone maker has the retail presence that Apple has so if you have a problem you can just walk into an Apple store and get help. > OLED.

  • dismvs
    saint (@dismvs) reported

    do i go to the apple store tomorrow to fix it and potentially be phoneless until friday/saturday or just jump the gun and buy a ****** X because saving money is for baby boomers

  • eugeneso3
    eugene so (@eugeneso3) reported

    @GordonKelly My new iPhone 7, bought August 11, and in September occupied by unknown Apple ID lock on and erase rendered my phone worthless according to Altamonte Apple Store manager, AppleCare and Apple Support. They would not replace nor fix my iPhone 7 even though I showed them my receipt.

  • mltalton9
    Matthew Talton (@mltalton9) reported from Bradenton, Florida

    @AppleSupport Used to be an Apple loyalist. Latest support experiences (ongoing) have convinced me that customer support from @Apple is now about as helpful as the cable company. Hours on the phone and in store and I still have no solution. All this for a known hardware issue!

  • abicollins_
    abi (@abicollins_) reported

    cant believe ive just sat for 30 mins in the apple store to wait for my mac to update only to be told i fixed the problem i had by myself

  • _EasyWeeZy
    WeeZy 🌞 (@_EasyWeeZy) reported

    @xUk_Clan @ATVIAssist I tried to switch region: France -> US on my apple store, when I try to download then i have an error message: You can’t download the app Ok 😂

  • cutexezra
    EZZY (@cutexezra) reported

    @arthuroscar_ My only issue is that I have my display changed not by an apple store...

  • Joanne_Alderson
    Joanne Alderson (@Joanne_Alderson) reported

    @PearlsFromMyrna Tell Fran to take her microwave in to the Apple store, they will fix for her.........

  • ItsLiLTrappy
    LulTrappYola🏚🌎 (@ItsLiLTrappy) reported

    Jus broke my phone.... I am beyond ******* saudy rn it ain’t even funny frl frl I just have a black line going str8 down the ******* middle AND ITS BECAUSE JB MADE ME A FTFN HOODIE THEN CUT THE ******* HOOODDIIIEE POCKKKETTTT OPEN.... son of a ***** I’m going to the Apple store😐

  • UofH2017
    iJoedirt (@UofH2017) reported

    @MikeMeltser If so this is common. Apple claims to have fixed the issue but I’d assume that this occurs bc the bezel of the iPhone is so thin that LED lighting tends to get easily ruined bc of it. Just take it to the apple store and they will definitely switch it out for you.

  • dorjaebarbee
    dorjae (@dorjaebarbee) reported

    And yet I still didn’t go to the Apple store so they can fix my screen 😭

  • skero
    david (@skero) reported

    @MikeMeltser It sounds like physical damage, if you have Apple Care take it to an Apple Store and have the screen replaced. Re-seating the display cable could also fix the issue.

  • drjaytarolli
    Jay Tarolli (@drjaytarolli) reported from Redwood City, California

    TIL: AirPods can be reset to fix connectivity and battery issues in one earbud. I’m slightly ashamed I didn’t think of turning them off and on again before a 15 minute call to support and a trip to an Apple Store. Then again, they’re earbuds.

  • __xotiffany__
    Tiffany (@__xotiffany__) reported

    @youphoriahhh Yeah I would wait(if you can). Also, some computer stores sell on ebay & there's an apple reseller(store) in cola that came up when I was looking for somebody to fix mine

  • girlratedart
    princess ✨🌙 (@girlratedart) reported

    @AppleSupport tell me why I drove three hours to an apple store to get my phone fixed only for it to have the SAME problem not even 24 hours later. That makes a week straight of my phone having no service.

  • girlratedart
    princess ✨🌙 (@girlratedart) reported

    @Apple tell me why I drove three hours to an apple store to get my phone fixed only for it to have the SAME problem not even 24 hours later.

  • rose_jenova
    Jenova Rose 🌹 (@rose_jenova) reported

    @TheSacredJester I had an activation issue several years ago. Microsoft wanted me to reinstall my copy of Windows 8, upgrade to 8.1, then upgrade back to 10. I told the guy in the phone he was going to give me a new product key or I was going to hang up and drive to the Apple Store. I got key!

  • kayleebugg22
    Kaylee Miller (@kayleebugg22) reported

    The Verizon store tried to fix my phone and told me it was an Apple problem. But I don’t want to spend 2 hours on the phone with Apple support to fix it 😭

  • gremkinz07
    Grem (@gremkinz07) reported

    My laptop crapped itself and I accidentally called a guy from Apple when I was trying to reach the store I left my laptop at. The guy called me back a few days later saying that he looked over my case and could fix it for free, saving me $475

  • gremkinz07
    Grem (@gremkinz07) reported

    My laptop crapped itself and I accidentally called a guy from Apple when I was trying to reach the store I left my laptop at. The guy called me back a few days later saying that he looked over my case and could fix it for free, saving me $475

  • aliciaknight8
    Alicia (@aliciaknight8) reported

    @AppleSupport I have spent over a week dealing with a problem with my daughter's iPhone 7 which you shipped away for service. The rep at the Apple Store said I would have the phone back by today & I would get email updates. I haven't received anything in a week. #HELP

  • Eohytsan
    Supreme (@Eohytsan) reported

    @ghost_hustle Man you gone have my shit not working the same lOl Apple store 130

  • tsolete
    WHERES WALDO ? (@tsolete) reported

    @ARealCookie But hey the girl slow winding went viral at the Apple store it’s the internet anything can happen ... im about to start making videos bruh

  • _islandgyall
    (@_islandgyall) reported

    Wow I really need to go to the Apple store to fix this issues to update the new iOS 😑

  • SinDawgDuzIt
    ¢ (@SinDawgDuzIt) reported

    Having to go to the Apple store for a problem is like going to the DMV 😾

  • Singularitybook
    Singularitybooks (@Singularitybook) reported

    @jake_goudeau @j_steff44 @jivjov @klajoie316 @tmazz929 @g_war2012 @SandraDeeT @SenSanders @RepRoKhanna Your problem seems to be with the market mechanism of setting prices. You buy an Apple and the store gets the highest price it can, you pay the lowest you can. The alternative is central planning.

  • ImMarkBernhardt
    Mark Bernhardt | Experience Architect (@ImMarkBernhardt) reported

    @profkrg One of the designers here at the office said her iMac was getting flakier by the day last week. A coworker tried to upgrade to macOS Mojave late Thursday, on a day Apple had issues. A tech had to wipe the drive clean Friday, at an Apple Store.

  • eboncat
    Emmy (@eboncat) reported

    @faerywhimsy @BrookieRayWrite @jamishelves I think that’s a big part of the problem, the volume and style of publicity. I’m seeing more m/m books sold in the apple store etc, but far fewer trans, f/f or poly ones. They are definitely out there, but unless you know where and HOW to search for them they seem invisible

  • TeknocuNeOlaKi
    Seval (@TeknocuNeOlaKi) reported

    I asked them to help and to recommend a solution for this issue with e-mails to two different e-mail adresses. Also one of them these e-mail addresses was where i shopped Apple store’s e-mail address. @Apple

  • ChrisPHeller
    Christopher Heller (@ChrisPHeller) reported

    Cleaning my Mac keyboard before going to the Apple Store is like flossing before the dentist ... good effort, but they know I’m the issue... #upgradeyoursoftware

  • kellyk420
    kelly kimberly (@kellyk420) reported

    @MichelCombes @a_cropsey My iPhone X is a lemon apple knew it when they sold it it’s even been discontinued I bought my iPhone X from sprint they are refusing to fix it there self they tell me to take it to a apple store not one around me for 50 miles

  • RositaGee
    Rosa Garibaldi (@RositaGee) reported from Troy, Michigan

    @Jesus313 Some people we’re experiencing issues where their iPhone would ask them to reset their passwords. Some even lost access to be able to log in. The people at the Apple store said hopefully be resolved by tonight