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  • LsStat Six Sigma Arabia (@LsStat) reported

    @Apple @AppleSupport in her BD, my daughter left the apple store (boulder 29th) very disappointed and sad. She felt that staff are arguing with her dad and not trying to solve the issue. I think apple lost a future customer today

  • crustyplaydoh ✨menso✨ (@crustyplaydoh) reported

    i literally took four Xtra strong melatonin to stop me from ordering an uber to the apple store cus i was bored and got paid ***** I HAVE ISSUES

  • brandonmbender Brandon Bender (@brandonmbender) reported

    Just left the Apple Store and will be without a computer for 3-5 days. It sucks, the timing is terrible, but there’s nothing I can do. 😔

  • marcoarment Marco Arment (@marcoarment) reported

    App Store subscription scams are 100% Apple’s fault, with most of the problem being the design of the purchase-confirmation screen. Look at how little space is used to communicate the price, buried under a wall of boilerplate “policy” text, surrounded by huge calls to action.

  • CaesarDarias Darias News (@CaesarDarias) reported

    a copy of the receipt. Apple will then ask for your BANK ACCOUNT information to send you a refund. Alternatively, Apple will offer credit for iTunes or an Apple Store gift card. Oh, and despite multiple problems with the iPhone and Verizon’s service, Verizon will still hit you

  • Word2YourDaddy e l ι ѕ α в e т α . (@Word2YourDaddy) reported

    @LaVeinnaDoll I changed my passcode. . . I’m guessing while half asleep because everything I thought it would be, was wrong. Put in the wrong pass code too many times and disabled my phone. Had to take it to the Apple store for them to fix it.

  • myemtnlbaggage Brianna (@myemtnlbaggage) reported

    @taylrrjoseph I think ur supposed to go to settings>iTunes and Apple store>click the top where it has ur email>view Apple id>scroll down to subscriptions

  • adrianaaasolano adriana 🌙 (@adrianaaasolano) reported

    Insecure girls are crazy Lol i came to the apple store to fix my broken phone NOT to hit on your boyfriend you can RELAX.

  • wsrphoto Scott Knowles (@wsrphoto) reported

    They finally made good on the subscription on both devices, but I don't like paying $20 for something I paid $12 for a year. This shows me the problem wasn't the app but the company servers not checking Apple App store. Hope it's fixed for everyone.

  • BirchandKirby Birch Kirby (@BirchandKirby) reported

    @sprintcare July 10th was the 6th or 7th time I have called to fix this issue and because I spent almost 3 hrs on the call- they credited my account $50. Technical support said they would do a phone swap since the Apple store is in a different city. Wait 5 business days for your new phone...

  • MrJayBenz jamal (@MrJayBenz) reported

    Apple Store holding my phone unti 2:50pm to fix my screen. Today already sucks

  • MLHuberWrites Mechelle Stans Everyone On #AgentsofSHIELD (@MLHuberWrites) reported from House Springs, Missouri

    Me: *Eating apple turnovers* Cat: Meeooow Me: I don't have canned food for you. Cat: Meeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooow Me: Cat: MEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOW Me: Okay, I admit it, I'm a terrible cat parent and I'm *sorry*. Cat: Me: Cat: Me: Cat: Meow Me: Fine, I'll go the store!

  • lakerdominance K (@lakerdominance) reported

    @VZWSupport iMessage is not rec. photos. Having trouble logging into Apple ID. Apple Store reps temp fixed the issue by putting the phone on Wifi, logging out then back in. Also turned off iMessage. After leaving the store, iMessage went back to waiting to activate in settings.

  • flxraltyler em is sad (@flxraltyler) reported

    can apple fix the app store so i cam update my apps and download some

  • drandyphung Dr. Andy Phung (@drandyphung) reported

    Yes, but year round fruit availability is major problem. In wild, fruits usually last 1-2 months at max. But, we stored it, processed it, or ship it around the globe. Apple in store = 365 days. Apple in wild = < 30 days. 1 modern apple = 2.2 tsp of glucoses 😱

  • _sefunmi_ Peridot👸🏾 (@_sefunmi_) reported

    @fay_leah Go to iTunes Store, scroll down to Apple ID (Click on it and sign it) you will see it in d options

  • Naptural_Ry Ry (@Naptural_Ry) reported

    My phones been broken. And at the apple store all week. I haven’t told anybody but the 3 people. My bestie, my mom, and my ex husband. Everybody else gon have to think I’m dead.

  • artist_starry The-Starry-Artist (@artist_starry) reported

    My ipod really got fried yesterday. it wont turn on and ive tried charging it for the whole day to back sure it wasnt the battery. Screen wont even light up. Im really gonna have to buy a new one now because taking to the apple store is pointless. They never ******* fix anything

  • ZicoNaik Doc Naik (@ZicoNaik) reported

    The Apple store guys tell me it’s a rare problem where the speaker on the mother board is disconnected/ messed up. Can’t be repaired. BUY a new iPhone 7 in exchange for this one. Apple - This is not fair!!

  • Fartas28494956 Fartas (@Fartas28494956) reported

    @khloekayxxx Go to fix in an apple store XD

  • gb022621 Steve Ellis #StopBrexit #PeoplesVoteNow (@gb022621) reported

    @jbrowder1 @DoNotPayLaw Looks like the App may have been taken down.... can't find it on iOS Apple Store

  • starlordyy jake gyllenhaal enthusiast (@starlordyy) reported

    @EasierClxfford it should fix itself soon, if not take it to the apple store

  • AbbyCorneluis abs ♚ (@AbbyCorneluis) reported

    if one mo person gets mad at me about not answering or texting back, ***** u take my phone to the apple store n fix it I don’t have time 😩 haven’t even gone out for shisha im goin thru it

  • malverav mal @ artfight dream team 19🌕🌟🔮 (@malverav) reported

    lovely, tapas is cracking down on "mature content" thanks to the app store. they already has some tight restrictions on what was allowed but apparently that wasn't unchallenging enough for the people at apple #webcomic

  • paul_tharle paul tharle (@paul_tharle) reported

    I have a 3year old iPad! but the batteries is final when to 1 of apple store they said they couldn't fix it ,they said to purchase new one for $450,the moral of this story is anything is made in China is garbage

  • lizzzarddz yer a lizard harry (@lizzzarddz) reported

    @MaamPlease Don’t take it to the Apple store go to a bunk ass little hole in the wall place to fix it it will be like $70. Check yelp

  • Wooystun_101 Wooystun (@Wooystun_101) reported

    Repair nightmare #2: Apple Is now REFUSING to fix my macbook pro at their repair depot b/c I put “3rd party drive” in, being a 2tb corsair ssd. they said they might repair it at the store, if they dont im selling it for what I got it for, and getting a pc from a different company

  • PlagueRabid TheePlagueDoctor (@PlagueRabid) reported

    @Kurisuchaneko @PEROSAMA__ Buying an apple is basically buying a more cheaper oppo that is 1/4 the cost of it. Oppo: *Far more durable *Better camera *Similar or better size *Same or better ram *Same or similar or better Apple layout Only down side you don't get some of the app store stuff.

  • Archergs14 Archer G-S (@Archergs14) reported

    For anyone interested, I used Sign In With Apple for signing in and CloudKit to store user data. The app is planned for a late 2019/early 2020 release. It is a big one!

  • oranglaut bill adams (@oranglaut) reported

    @Jintoo2 @BawdenSnoek @MyTeamStorm @Marlsclayfield @Bryan700 @Twitter First I agonised over the justification of paying the much more expensive price compared to others but knowing what I know now I would have paid twice as much.Any problem I take it to the Apple store and Voila fixed. Same with my lovely iPhone 8. No I don't have shares in Apple.

  • MishieruChan M. Mishieru @ Anirevo (@MishieruChan) reported

    Just left the Apple Store after getting a sanity check for my MacBook. No internal problems, but I’m at odds about any future problems that’ll pop up.

  • oranglaut bill adams (@oranglaut) reported

    @Jintoo2 @BawdenSnoek @MyTeamStorm @Marlsclayfield @Bryan700 @Twitter My MacBook is nearly 15 years old and still as good as when I first purchased.Never had any issues excerpt a couple of self inflicted ones which were solved in minutes in the Apple store at no cost.Before that I had a couple of other brand Laptops that drove me nuts.

  • Remona_Leshay Remona Leshay ♠️ (@Remona_Leshay) reported

    I hate the Apple store but I hate this raggedy ass broken screen even more so I’ll be making this trip today

  • K82 the killer of dreams (@K82) reported

    @frankturner Dang it Boudie! The apple store can put your hdd into another comp. If not, I'll fly out to London and fix it personally. :)

  • KatieNedrow Katie Jo (@KatieNedrow) reported

    today I had to explain to the apple man in broken spainish how I couldn’t remember my phone pw and it’s been disabled for a whole day and he told me that there was another apple store 10-15 min walk the other way I could go to

  • clairehubble claire hubble (@clairehubble) reported from Manhattan, New York

    going on hour Two of being at the apple store trying to get someone to fix my laptop.... why am i being tortured

  • heydaalyeialif ھدیٰ (@heydaalyeialif) reported

    @MuzamilSheikhh Exact same issue with my phone. Now the sim isn’t working and it’s PTA approved. Went to the apple store and they said 1500 agar software ka issue hai jo ke nahin hai and then 5000 ka hardware check hoga, antenna wageira.

  • crimsontidenana Donna McKee (@crimsontidenana) reported

    @TweakBoxApp @TweakboxSupport POGO not working. Install spoofer from Tweakbox and when I sign in it takes me to Apple App Store to download.

  • Elroy_Jets dann I feel like MEECH (@Elroy_Jets) reported

    Actually let me smoke this blunt then go to the apple store cuz I know they gonna have my ass sitting there for a solid hour to fix this screen

  • acertainzest 🎶Joan🏳️‍🌈a certain zest🎶 (@acertainzest) reported

    @writergirlprob1 Well, the Apple Store guy said we couldn't do it by phone. Maybe I shouldn't listen to him, since he also said the warranty expired in June! But yeah we are prepared for the replacement/fix process to take forever.

  • SpectralHounds ⛧ do not encourage him ⛧♍ (@SpectralHounds) reported

    Its not even fall and i want the fall foods **** seasonal marketing i dont care if "thats when the fruits in season" its 2019 and the grocery store near me stopped carrying apple cider year round you think im supposed to just take this laying down

  • AdamLocklin Adam Locklin (@AdamLocklin) reported

    I've had an issue with Apple hardware or software every day this week. I can't wait to turn this machine into your store tonight.

  • philosopher70 Gregory B. Sadler (@philosopher70) reported from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Well, some technology issues strike again. Got a MacBook Pro laptop with a black screen, about an hour put in trying remedies, and an appointment with the Apple Store for tomorrow afternoon. Good news is: I can do most of my work on our iMac. Bad news: have to do it on the iMac

  • sea_biscotti Kitty Wa (@sea_biscotti) reported

    Software issue with my phone. According to @AppleSupport,its a known issue and will replace for free, even w/ no warranty.Went to the Apple store,they said nope.Either $$$ for a new phone or mail it out,where they might just send back as is. 😒

  • CashWalken #GoalGetter (@CashWalken) reported

    @del_frio @jip_spicoli I'm backing it up from icloud. But using my jobs shitty ass guest wifi. I had some issues last night at the apple store

  • metal_techhead metal_techhead (@metal_techhead) reported

    Omg the App Store keeps crashing on #iOS 13 beta 4. Please fix it #Apple

  • DemonBismuth bismuth (@DemonBismuth) reported

    @OwenStge read what the warranty DOES cover, put that down instead if u go to an apple store or webpage

  • NathanielKez N (@NathanielKez) reported from Dededo Village, Dededo Municipality

    I’ve been trying to fix my laptop for the longest time and I’m over on why we don’t have a legit Apple store on island with the a Genius Bar 😤

  • itsnikkigale Nicola (@itsnikkigale) reported

    @WMPContact That’ll save some embarrassment in future! When my watch decided to go on the blink it wouldn’t stop making 999 calls 😮 To be fair to Apple when they saw the problem in store the immediately exchanged for a new watch and deactivated the old one.

  • AndroidEducator ձռժгօﻨժ εժսcձէօг (@AndroidEducator) reported

    @ujudas_iscariot The reason you have to wait so many hours to get an appointment at the Apple store for service as because many people have issues with Apple they're horribly made. Qualitly and Apple areantonyms

  • AndroidEducator ձռժгօﻨժ εժսcձէօг (@AndroidEducator) reported

    @ujudas_iscariot The iphone is terrible quality if you go into and the Apple store most people have broken iPhone screens. The iPhone 4 had antenna gate the iphone 6 had bend gate. Apple products are crap. Like every Mac a Laptop keyboard. There is no quality.

  • ira_kesayangan Alice Ren (@ira_kesayangan) reported

    Visited apple retail store and my phone shuts down again, the sensitive of this bih

  • quezafe fernando adazeuq (@quezafe) reported

    @AppleSupport Customer service and problem resolution at its lowest. Had a very unpleasant experience in San Antonio apple store. Issue was never fixed. #disappointed #CustomerService

  • AngelicaYoongi1 Angelica✨💕 (@AngelicaYoongi1) reported

    @Taekenmoshi Going to the apple store and get it fix

  • kesschristopher Christopher A. Kess (@kesschristopher) reported

    I really need to switch to @Apple. At the least, they make both the hardware and software, so they'll own the whole mess, assuming you have AppleCare, obviously. But I can still drag the machine out to the Apple store somewhere and get somebody to fix it or send it back.

  • HeatherBurciaga 𝙷𝚎𝚊𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛 𝚁𝚊𝚎 (@HeatherBurciaga) reported

    I hate coming to the Apple store, my phone is just gonna stay broken

  • NSDelToro Ricardo Del Toro (@NSDelToro) reported

    @Er_Nope Yeah do whatever you can to get this replaced. Take screenshots and video recordings if you can to illustrate the issue. I suggest you call Apple instead of going to the store. The store was useless in helping me.

  • llackey23 Lee Lackey (@llackey23) reported

    @45gotFAT @Tommy_In_Bama Same thing happened to me - take it to Apple store - they can fix w/o resetting

  • TheRealNijah Nijah🎟 (@TheRealNijah) reported

    @irelieshaR Oh damn!!! Idk I’ve had mine since March and they’ve been good 😩 take em back to the Apple store they are usually pretty good at figuring out issues. Good luck momma

  • beerpongluis luis (@beerpongluis) reported

    @Apple My Face ID doesn’t work and the Apple store said they can’t fix it 😭 and wants me to buy a new phone #help