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  • ShEeNaCmCk
    Sheenac McKenzie (@ShEeNaCmCk) reported

    @ThreeUK Just spent 44 mins speaking with 3 different people in your company all who tell me that you cannot simply exchange the broken phone YOU provided me with a working one. I have to actually go to an Apple store so they . . . 2 of 3

  • _champangepapi1
    JAMES (@_champangepapi1) reported

    @beatsbydre what do I do if my beats x don’t want to turn on? I had this issue since I bought them just didn’t have the chance to go to the store or take them to apple, they keep blinking red and white colors sometim a just red and somethings both

  • AnggaJahat
    Angga Jahat (@AnggaJahat) reported

    All New iTube Store Jalan Raya Kuta No 100 Kuta Bali 0361767140 Get help with Apple services or software. Speak to our Apple expert now. Whether by phone, chat, or email, we’re ready to help you with all of your Apple product questions and issues. ricky zainal

  • Alshie
    Alan Wallace (@Alshie) reported

    Couple of years ago having multiple Apple ID’s in the Mac App Store was a total nightmare, then it worked fine, just login to correct account when you click update. Now on High Sierra - nightmare again. Yay.

  • octoberus
    Wayne Robert Hudson (@octoberus) reported

    OK Apple: FIX Store links so that users with old phones and ipads can order new devices online!

  • RussBroom
    Russ (@RussBroom) reported

    @CNET So with the mass of padding removed, this article can be cut down to “take it to your nearest Apple Store and show them it's dead”. Well thanks for that...

  • Comparativist
    Trey Menefee (@Comparativist) reported

    7. So this time I say “f it, I’ll just go to Apple for the repair.” ~HK$3k, but it has a warranty. I chat with Apple Support online and am surprised they say they can fix it at the Apple Store “while I wait.” But keep saying I need to do a backup.

  • GOODenEvrything
    gentlewoman tone (@GOODenEvrything) reported

    frustrated cause my phone is giving me problems and i literally do not have the time tomorrow to go to an apple store.

  • refrshingapathy
    Rick (@refrshingapathy) reported

    @crownsedge @oddboijpg That being said the employees there who would come to the Apple store I worked at down the row were super cool and gave us free samples. Too bad I didn’t have a bath to bomb

  • vaderwan
    ben solo (@vaderwan) reported

    my bunny is being a lil aggresive bc we dont have toys or hay for her to chew yet (my parents r coming from the store rn tho) and i gave her an apple slice and she shut up and sat down and is now calm im crying

  • teddersky
    meg (@teddersky) reported

    Finally its not on canadian apple store @onerepublic fix this

  • ShankarsnghR
    Shankarsingh Rajput (@ShankarsnghR) reported

    @RailMinIndia there is no IRCTC app for apple iPhone in App Store, app is only in android phones,lots of people facing problem in booking train tickets , please fix this problem and develop IRCTC app in Apple iPhone App Store,

  • __blyse
    B. (@__blyse) reported

    @chaoticbrutal_ I really don't know... like I had myself convinced about the X but my friend was like no you should do the 8+ and now I'm just... not convinced about anything. I can't get to an Apple store to look at them before I'm supposed to get my upgrade and I have commitment issues save me

  • drsnazzy
    Pops (@drsnazzy) reported

    Well, I lasted about 6 months back in #Apple's nightmare of an ecosystem and #iOS. Turning in a mint iPhone 7+ for a new Pixel 2 this week. Things I won't miss: - Overhyped camera - Slow, noisy portrait mode - Clunky UI - "In app purchases" w/ no post-sale support from App Store

  • yuvraj282
    Yuvraj (@yuvraj282) reported

    @Apple ....Huge disappointment from billions of dollar profit making company - Apple. Went to Apple Store, Edmonton, AB, 🇨🇦 for my issue with iPhone X. I was so thirsty and asked for a water and they simply said NO. From a richest company I can expect a better answer.

  • phandalins
    NOAH @ STAR WARS HELL YEAH!!!! (@phandalins) reported

    my fever hasn't gone down and i haven't been able to sleep but my dad is going to the store to get me apple juice

  • SueAWoody
    Sue Woody (@SueAWoody) reported

    @AppleSupport The latest update has caused my battery to not hold a charge. Been to Apple Store twice and they won’t even admit there’s an issue. The internet is full of these type of issues. Why no fix or acknowledgement? What am I to do?

  • jedimogwai
    Michael McDonald (@jedimogwai) reported

    I’m at the Apple store with iOS11 issues with my iPhone 7 that they admit is because of the software, not the hardware. They’re telling the dude next to me they can’t diagnose his phone properly until they put iOS11 on his phone. Such horrible lies they tell their customers.

  • PromThesis
    Sissy Fuss (@PromThesis) reported

    @ChrisMatyszczyk When I went to an Apple Store, the two employees I talked to both suggested the iPhone 8 over the X. They said if you have small hands or carpal tunnel issues you simply can’t use the X one handed.

  • kidrol1
    kidrol (@kidrol1) reported

    @Apple Updated my iPhone6s at night, next morning it’s dead. Apple store=an internal hardware problem and I am 53 days out of warranty! You do NOT stand behind your products&I will never purchase another Apple product again&will tell everyone I know! Thanks but no thanks!

  • RejZoRSheep
    RejZoR 🐑 (@RejZoRSheep) reported

    @MidSnacker @ButtBoob Problem with gab is that fuck ass Google and Apple banned them from their store. Meaning it's shit to install and maintain. And app is very limited and clumsy at the moment...

  • ashryanbeats
    Ash Ryan (@ashryanbeats) reported from New York, New York

    How are people getting SD cards plugged into these new USB-C MacBook Pros? Apple Store person said I need two dongles to do this. I also see single-purpose SD–USB-C dongles on Amazon. Not which sure which way will cause fewer problems.

  • DeteljEatsPaint
    Detelj (@DeteljEatsPaint) reported

    went to the apple store. picked up an Iphone X, googled throatfucking. put it down. Merry xmas.

  • TakeMeToTheCape
    AC25 (@TakeMeToTheCape) reported

    @Apple @AppleSupport - website was down for online help, now on hold for 20 min when Apple called me. Can't schedule a store appt unless I go through these channels, as told by rep. Hoping you can provide a better way to get some support! Thx!

  • alanjamieson60
    Sextagenarian (@alanjamieson60) reported

    @DutchNewsNL youth claims he was attacked by 4 Moroccan youths. Rushed to hospital with broken leg and broken arm. I dispute his claims. He said it happened last week? About 8pm, no location given, claims he was near an Apple store, true or false? please help

  • chrisbabb
    chrisbabb (@chrisbabb) reported

    @MARTASERVICE I left a review in the Apple App Store and going forward will be encouraging everyone I know to write honest reviews of your app. Perhaps open, honest and direct feedback will motivate someone to fix the issues.

  • Matt9543
    Matt Magoon (@Matt9543) reported

    I'm very much in the mood to drive down to the apple store right now and buy the iphone x

  • flyofangels
    えれな 🎀 12/18 Initial‘L (@flyofangels) reported

    @_omajinai_ @Chrissiax I agree! I haven‘t had that kind of problem so far but I strongly recommend going to an apple store and having it checked!

  • harishkumar3091
    Harish Krishnan (@harishkumar3091) reported from Milpitas, California

    @TMobileHelp @JohnLegere Hey Dan, Sent you a DM with details. No, I’m referring to a tmobile website where apple retail store associates its device with tmobile when they enroll in apple upgrade program and this site is down since 2 weeks.

  • octoberus
    Wayne Robert Hudson (@octoberus) reported

    OK Apple: FIX Store links so that users with old phones and ipads can order new devices online!

  • UniverseTimes
    The Universe Times (@UniverseTimes) reported

    @getongab So a real app can’t get featured? but a fake one is no problem. ?! Someone in the Apple App Store is messing with you, this could be a key to figuring out how to get the real Gab app on there. Wishing you guys the best!

  • astrobabies_
    lil (@astrobabies_) reported

    @joonsmin i had this problem a while ago with my old iphone 5. i had to go to the apple store because literally nothing worked to fix it. they did some magic stuff and poof it was fixed. that’s the best option i got. i hope this helps! good luck!

  • neilwilliams87
    Neil Williams (@neilwilliams87) reported

    @AppleSupport fair play, utterly waste of time at Apple Store for help with an iPhone. Didnt care less about my situation or problem which has left me without a phone, unless I pay an extortion amount of money a week before xmas and 10days before my wedding. Never again

  • es_logan
    Tom Logan (@es_logan) reported

    @AppleSupport I'm trying to contact by phone Apple Store Sol (Madrid), from a tel. number they gave me in a email for following a HW issue. I called 4 times, waiting more that 20 minutes with no success. May them call me back, please? This is not serious.

  • crypto_major
    MajorCrypto (@crypto_major) reported

    @binance_2017 Do you have app available for US based subscribers? Can’t down load in apple App Store

  • DrHallba
    Ben Hall (@DrHallba) reported

    @EvoPhD @Cyberplasm Honestly, macs been a bit mixed for me. current one replaced a 2011 model with a known defect Apple acknowledged in the U.K. after declaring them vintage. Slow and crashy for a while and ended with me getting full refund by quoting UK consumer law (from Apple website) in store.

  • Piroko_Project
    ピロコ@定時に帰りたい (@Piroko_Project) reported

    @mike_br @Spiritsnare Went to Apple store, waited 3-ish hours for walk-in Genius Bar, they couldn't fix it so they gave me a new replacement phone. They're sending my iPhone X to their EFFA team to check out what's wrong :V

  • kingdonomics
    No☦️ Kingd❤️n👌🏽mics (@kingdonomics) reported

    @kimchi_918 @RealAlexJones @infowars Why was @getongab banned from Apple Store and Google Play? This duopoly has 98% of market share. What alternative has not been shut down or isn’t bought and controlled by 1/5 Silicon Valley oligarchies?

  • arya_starke
    mandy (@arya_starke) reported

    @MikeChannell So today I went into the apple store prepared to use those descriptors and instead I blurted out "my ipad is trying to liberate itself from it's screen!" and after they laughed, they actually replaced it, no problem

  • Piroko_Project
    ピロコ@定時に帰りたい (@Piroko_Project) reported

    So my iPhone X froze overnight and even DFU recovery couldn't fix it. Had to get a replacement from an Apple store but now all my online accts that use 2-factor is fuxed :V

  • octoberus
    Wayne Robert Hudson (@octoberus) reported

    OK Apple: FIX Store links so that users with old phones and ipads can order new devices online!

  • Wolf_six
    Michelle O'Brien 🦇 (@Wolf_six) reported

    Using my new phone - mostly. Still can’t fully sign in to my Apple ID. I’ll bring it to an Apple store and have them deal with it.

  • RWTravelers
    Real World Travelers (@RWTravelers) reported

    @AppleSupport Thank you. I already did, but the problem couldn’t be resolved through the chat support option. I have to take it into an Apple Store.

  • morganmcmichael
    morgan mcmichaels (@morganmcmichael) reported

    Ummm...made an appointment to fix my computer at the Apple Store get into the store no appt ..... 4 hr wait ....

  • pestowitch
    jen | (@pestowitch) reported

    @heartrendor We don’t have an Apple store in my town and we also don’t have the department store I bought it from so lololol idk how to fix it

  • PhoebeSparks
    Phoebe Jo Freeman (@PhoebeSparks) reported

    Do u ever feel like ur dying a slow & painful death & then u just realize that ur in the Apple store

  • graysflicker
    g (@graysflicker) reported

    @revivedoIan The screen on the inside is cracked you need to gat it fixed by the Apple store or by any shop that is certified to fix Macs

  • HeyokaTeacher
    heyokateacher (@HeyokaTeacher) reported

    Shout out to Nicole at the #Verizon store on Elida road, #LimaOh. After weeks of hassle, multiple contacts with both #Apple and Verizon, and a fruitless trip to Columbus, she fixed my dad's iPhone security issue that we were told couldn't be fixed. @AppleSupport @VerizonSupport

  • Howard_Skidmore
    Howard Skidmore (@Howard_Skidmore) reported

    Terrible svc at Apple Stratford City. Travelled an hour to get to the store. Waited for an hour (past my allocated booked 17:15 time). To be told, “you need a new battery, we’re too busy to repair it today”. :( #EpicFail #CustomerServiceFail @applesupport @AppleNews @applenewsuk

  • mineifiwildout
    tan (@mineifiwildout) reported

    im at the Apple Store with a Samsung Galaxy S3 taped to my chest n a glock .40 wit a dick tucked waiting for someone to try n test me if yal don't hear from me after today jus know some shit went down n ima need help posting bail

  • Stephbaabeeey
    Stephanie (@Stephbaabeeey) reported

    Does anyone know where I can fix my screen besides the Apple Store because they take forever

  • imloyloy
    Loy Loy (@imloyloy) reported

    @nppymsk Cons of a Mac: it'll cost you. BUT! You pay for build and consistency. You also pay for top notch support. If something's not working you take it to a Apple store. If it's current gen it's 9/10 swapped for a brand new one instantly.

  • butcherdrown
    tdb (@butcherdrown) reported

    number of days it will take to fix my trackpad: 5 number of dogs currently in the apple store: 6 you do the math

  • Reee_haaa_mmm
    Ri (@Reee_haaa_mmm) reported

    @AppleSupport This morning I tried to plug in my charger and it wouldn’t work. Aka the original problem I had back in July. I just bought a new charger when I got my computer fixed so I know that can’t be the problem. Once again I’m 2 hours away from an Apple store.

  • Reee_haaa_mmm
    Ri (@Reee_haaa_mmm) reported

    @AppleSupport And I drove another 1.5 hours to the Apple store in Montgomery md. That guy was the first helpful person I encountered and he told me he didn’t know why I was having so many trouble with the Apple stores bc it was an easy fix. He fixed my laptop and it worked fine.

  • Reee_haaa_mmm
    Ri (@Reee_haaa_mmm) reported

    @AppleSupport I bought it in December took it to an Apple store in July because it wouldn’t charge, they shipped it out and sent it back to me, it worked for a day. I called Apple support and they couldn’t tell me what they did to fix it so I had to drive 2 hours to the closest Apple store

  • diegopetrucci
    Diego (@diegopetrucci) reported

    So this morning I went to the Apple Store. The key started working normally again yesterday evening (sup murphy). Luckly I had a video of it not working, but still. The apple genius guy took my word for it. They are going to replace all the top part.

  • ReworkdDrawings
    JingleWorkd (@ReworkdDrawings) reported

    @ItsInkTea Oh shoot, well, only advice I have is to just leave it in rice until you think it’s good, that worked for me, and I’m pretty sure apple has ways to fix it too but everything at their store is way overpriced

  • ReworkdDrawings
    JingleWorkd (@ReworkdDrawings) reported

    @ItsInkTea Yeah good thinking powering it off, just leave it in rice until you think it’s good, pretty sure apple has ways to fix it too but everything at their store is way overpriced

  • klingonguy
    Lawrence M. Schoen (@klingonguy) reported

    Took V to work for a few hours at the mall. Chaos, everywhere, but easier to land and work for the duration than to leave and come back. I had a couple minor glitches w/ my laptop, so I braved the Apple store. Problem sresolved in 2 minutes!

  • SLovesAutumn
    Hela (@SLovesAutumn) reported

    @zenatonin That’s a mess. Go to an apple store for them to fix it all. You just said you hated it.

  • rollingkimstone
    Kimberlee Nicole (@rollingkimstone) reported

    I washed my phone last night, because I'm really great at being a sane individual, so I got my ass up EARLY and went to the Apple store to fix that up right quick.

  • chocolatierLL
    Lance LeVine (@chocolatierLL) reported

    A dollar store by my apt has sign in window: "we now have fresh fruit!" What is that, apple cores & peach pits?

  • educated1398
    aa (@educated1398) reported

    @AppleSupport My IPhone x screen was broken, the nearest Apple Store to KSA is in UAE, can I ship it through DHL to fix it? Thanks

  • octoberus
    Wayne Robert Hudson (@octoberus) reported

    OK Apple: FIX Store links so that users with old phones and ipads can order new devices online!

  • mill3000
    Nick Kathrein (@mill3000) reported

    @lnplum @kylealden that is because Amazon pulled their products from their store after they created a competitor. Apple has the same issue work Amazon. They wouldn't sell Apple TV or put out the app on Apple TV. This is way more Amazon being competitive then Google.

  • stephenodonnell
    Stephen O'Donnell (@stephenodonnell) reported

    In #apple store in Westfield London - refuse to fix my iPhone screen despite fact it hasn’t been dropped. Avoid iPhone 8 Plus rubbish. Hi

  • edochimenti
    Edoardo Chimenti (@edochimenti) reported

    @binance_2017 Hi @binance_2017 I have a problem. The App is not available from italian Apple is possible??

  • TagNotate
    TagNotate (@TagNotate) reported

    TagNotate (MacOS) now back on the Mac App Store. Bugs ironed out. Apple's PDF framework still broken but we've worked around it. Please spread the word. And as always, we need reviews on the App Store (both MacOS and iOS versions)!

  • PKthinks1
    Paul Kerr (@PKthinks1) reported

    @Apple @applesupport #Belfast @applesupport_1 dissapointed by advice from Apple Belfast store, advice re ipad stuck in charging cycle +>restore mode (after failed update) +almost accepted advice that i must replace for £290 error 4013 (cant fix) at home #reiboot solved in seconds

  • zakihime
    prosecutor 서이라 (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ (@zakihime) reported

    @wanwansforehead Maybe you can just go to Apple store to check if it’s the software problem? There would be 50% chance you get a one to one exchange

  • kayleyrayew
    Kay❤ (@kayleyrayew) reported

    @EmmaLynne12 are u serious? i have a replacement phone at the apple store i could get but i think i’m just gonna buy my upgrade so i don’t have to deal with the problem

  • tweetozgal
    TweetOzGal (@tweetozgal) reported

    @Foxtel hi there trying to update the app in apple app store says this item no longer exists???? Is there a peoblem your trying to fix?

  • octoberus
    Wayne Robert Hudson (@octoberus) reported

    OK Apple: FIX Store links so that users with old phones and ipads can order new devices online!

  • SiiShell
    sii-sons greetings 🎄🎅🏻🎁 (@SiiShell) reported

    @emis_okay the thing is it is refusing to restore via iTunes either so i think its gonna be a trip to the Apple Store. the iPad is long out of warranty though (it's from 2013) so idk if they'd even fix it :((((

  • patrickriedy
    riedy (@patrickriedy) reported

    at the apple store getting my macbook fixed & the genius is trying to be matchmaker to be friends with other mog because he has the same issue & “you guys both have stickers on your computers”

  • octoberus
    Wayne Robert Hudson (@octoberus) reported

    OK Apple: FIX Store links so that users with old phones and ipads can order new devices online!

  • TDevontaT
    Aries Baby 4/14/92 (@TDevontaT) reported

    @MarcoRangelW Well if you've tried a similar photo on another iPhone X , you should take yours to the Apple store and have them fix the problem

  • Yalujb
    Yalu Jailbreak (@Yalujb) reported

    @TrevorSone @arbeedarbeed10 Thanks for your kind words and hit me up whenever you experience issues with anything iPhone or jb related. Can't really figure out what's blocking iCloud from backing up. Maybe you should try contacting an Apple Store employee?

  • bhatiapankaj7
    Pankaj Bhatia (@bhatiapankaj7) reported

    @AsurionCares Well it’s not the case at any apple store. They do have them in stock as i checked but the problem is you guys don’t wanna offer me that option. #worstcustomerservice