Is Battlefield 1 down?

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield series, and the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4.

 Problems detected at Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 problems in the last 24 hours

Battlefield 1 Outage Chart

October 17: Problems at Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is having issues since 08:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (51.22%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (21.34%)
  • ▪ Sign in (19.51%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (4.27%)
  • ▪ Glitches (3.66%)

Battlefield 1 Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Beaumaris, Victoria  ▪ Brookings, Oregon  ▪ Lee's Summit, Missouri  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Monument, Colorado  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ North Vancouver, British Columbia  ▪ Ontario, California  ▪ Palma, Balearic Islands  ▪ Preston, Victoria

Battlefield 1 Live Outage Map
  • Beaumaris, Victoria
  • Brookings, Oregon
  • Lee's Summit, Missouri
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Monument, Colorado
  • New York, New York
  • North Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Ontario, California
  • Palma, Balearic Islands
  • Preston, Victoria
  •   Full Outage Map

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Battlefield 1 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • danielswims
    Dan P (@danielswims) reported

    @Battlefield @StoneMountain64 This happens in non testing mode too..need to fix that

  • thestevensmiley
    Steven Smiley (@thestevensmiley) reported

    @Battlefield Will spawn directly in front of them. Many people are abusing this bug. Please fix it asap.

  • Koolauchmitk
    Liam (@Koolauchmitk) reported

    @Battlefield hey, are you currently experiencing any server issues? I can't join any game at the moment

  • maximushibee
    William (@maximushibee) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the damn game first

  • ST6DanielNL
    Daniel (@ST6DanielNL) reported

    @Khoplin @Seckoon hey guys, can your team please fix the Ryzen 5 (1600X) stutters in BF1? 80 fps then suddenly lag every few seconds...

  • danielJamesH1
    Dan (@danielJamesH1) reported

    @AskPS_UK hi do you know why I get so much lag when playing @Battlefield 1. Bf aren't helping

  • rabbijoeinjm
    Yossie Bloch (@rabbijoeinjm) reported

    So what would fix MRAs? Give them MREs and ship them to an actual battlefield, or give them MRIs and find out what synapse is misfiring?

  • grumpytrucker78
    geoff harkins (@grumpytrucker78) reported

    @Graysrdbarbers @CallofDuty @Battlefield If my lag issue isn’t sorted soon my PS4 will be thrown at the damn wall !

  • XanaduKushy
    Jason (@XanaduKushy) reported

    @Battlefield @StoneMountain64 Literally since battlefield 1945 I been joining dead multiplayer games or games with only 2 to 3 people in it. Can you fix that?

  • DamienTaylor84
    Damien Andrew Taylor (@DamienTaylor84) reported

    @Battlefield the British royal marines did virtually nothing on that beach apart from issue orders from safety. The Aussies and Kiwis did it

  • VoyagersBeard
    Justin (@VoyagersBeard) reported

    I’m not sure what I did but #BF1 is running much better tonight. Not a single crash.

  • D7moni_97
    ABDULRHMAN (@D7moni_97) reported

    @Battlefield I said fix your game don’t make it worse you idiots! Fuck your game, I am going back to COD

  • danielJamesH1
    Dan (@danielJamesH1) reported

    @DazsBF @Battlefield Squad up we do and all that happens is lag lag lag. I've never played a game that has so many problems

  • danielJamesH1
    Dan (@danielJamesH1) reported

    @Battlefield Wouldn't bother always got lag these days so it makes the game Unplayable and unjoyable.

  • fLiPeRek21
    fLiPeRek21 (@fLiPeRek21) reported

    @Battlefield please fix respawn system, I died at least 1-2 times per match because I show up in a front of someone gun

  • KeenynMac
    Keenyn MacDonell (@KeenynMac) reported

    @Battlefield Fix hardcore mode, it's unplayable. Bring it back to how it use to be. Atleast up the damage 125% isn't enough. It's just core without a hud

  • wafarewarfare
    xXDubsh0tZXx (@wafarewarfare) reported

    @Luetin09 Yes its a issue especially in bf1

  • Rasori10
    Rasori (@Rasori10) reported

    @EA_DICE Daily reminder to fix or remove Star Card upgrades in BF2, cause the people with the most money will dominate the entire game.

  • greatgiff
    Brian Giffrow (@greatgiff) reported

    @Battlefield any tips on solving high latency issues?

  • ThatCreepyKnit
    ThatCreepyKnit (@ThatCreepyKnit) reported

    Do you think @EA is ever gonna fix #BF1 cause I don't think they really care. It shows in the game and their servers. #FML

  • EverVulpe
    Osmar Alanis (@EverVulpe) reported

    @Battlefield @BrokenMachine Broken, how do you feel about the naval heavy map? -AdmiralSprinkles

  • CraskN
    nick crask (@CraskN) reported

    @EA_DICE @Battlefield why why why are 40 player ops just GONE! No better fix? Where does all that expansion money go? I know where mine went

  • serpiko_
    serpiko (@serpiko_) reported

    @Battlefield common fix this I get kicked regularly from operations and it's not my Internet I have no other problems

  • _jjju_
    Julian Manolov (@_jjju_) reported

    @PatchTheGame I haven't worked on those in BF1 yet, but I've heard someone is working on fixing the transparency issues

  • TruthNRP
    Nick Truth Prescott (@TruthNRP) reported

    @Clayster at this point I feel like there’s a hardware problem with the consoles the stops the devs from doing this but Bf1 has pretty good rates

  • carlosvilla4805
    Carlos Villa (@carlosvilla4805) reported

    @EA_DICE how come you guys made it so difficult to unlock the Parabellum in Battlefield 1?!? Please fix this because lots of us are angered!

  • AJSikes_Author
    Aaron S (@AJSikes_Author) reported

    "Your hearing is a mess, but we'll waive it. You can get a commission and be responsible for other people on a battlefield." No problem.

  • JohnKeaneX
    John Keane (@JohnKeaneX) reported

    @EA_DICE guys since the last patch on PS4 team & enemies icon opacity is bugged. Is this intentional or accidental. Spotting not working now

  • danielJamesH1
    Dan (@danielJamesH1) reported

    @Battlefield don't bother helping I've had enough of your crap never played a game with such poor servers. Always got lag and you never help

  • SPECTRE_182
    SPECTRE (@SPECTRE_182) reported

    @Battlefield @Xbox Fix the spotting!! I’m sick of shooting my teammates cause I can’t tell who’s who. Cheers

  • Pridemizzle
    Daniel (@Pridemizzle) reported

    @XGamerV2YT @EvilDoggo @Battlefield The fact that Battlefront 2 is going to have free DLC just shows that the premium system is just not working for them.

  • the_chosen1_89
    Lou (@the_chosen1_89) reported

    @MrProWestie I wish with all the tech issues we suffered with for BF1. They make it up to the community with bonus content like BF4. Classic map/CMP :(

  • danielJamesH1
    Dan (@danielJamesH1) reported

    @EAHelp could you tell me why I always get lag when playing bf1 on PS4 it's really starting to annoy me

  • danielJamesH1
    Dan (@danielJamesH1) reported

    @Battlefield could you tell me why I always get lag when playing bf1 on PS4 it's really starting to annoy me

  • aeowulf
    Aeowulf (@aeowulf) reported

    @Battlefield How about you fix it so the game doesn't start with unbalanced teams?

  • PridezDv
    Shahrukh Ahmed (@PridezDv) reported

    @OriginalOcti @Battlefield Well we are going to fix it

  • EdSindemann
    Ed Sindemann (@EdSindemann) reported

    @Battlefield Hello. So I was logged in while 2017 bettlefest september, but didn't get a battlefest dog tag. Is it some error?

  • radiojoec
    Tater (@radiojoec) reported from Lee's Summit, Missouri

    What's the problem with the EA servers? @EA_DICE

  • HardCor3Gam3r69
    HardCor3Gam3r69#722 (@HardCor3Gam3r69) reported

    @Hammersboyjoe @AkUzEd @Battlefield i mean that's crazy why keep a damn glitch like that good lord

  • Hammersboyjoe
    (722) Hammersboyjoe (@Hammersboyjoe) reported

    @HardCor3Gam3r69 @AkUzEd @Battlefield it’s still the same glitch, he’s not cheating, and he’s certainly not modding. No one cheats on a 1 year old game that still costs £40+

  • Hammersboyjoe
    (722) Hammersboyjoe (@Hammersboyjoe) reported

    @AkUzEd @HardCor3Gam3r69 @Battlefield lag switch yes but you *can’t* aimbot or have walls.... not on next gen consoles

  • Duma4ne
    Dumayne (@Duma4ne) reported

    Worst servers ever in gaming history, 20 ping & getting latency errors on my end. Trash @Battlefield @Battlefield1XP

  • Martin_Gallegos
    Martin Gallegos (@Martin_Gallegos) reported

    @Battlefield Terrible spotting, lag AND you removed the elite class during deathmatch. Why ruin a good thing? Well, it's back to the ”other guys" Nov 3.

  • RSenteza
    Bi Polar King (@RSenteza) reported

    Played battlefield 4 for the first time really put off by the disc error problems on brand new disk Sticking to call of duty from now on .

  • djpazzer
    David Parry (@djpazzer) reported

    @BangerAndBody @InsurrectNews @Ole_Bonsey The only practical problem facing actually existing communism has been how to avoid getting squashed on the battlefield.

  • Duma4ne
    Dumayne (@Duma4ne) reported

    @1882sjs @Battlefield @BF1Support Lmao, best ping in my lobby & im being punished by lag compensation. Wtf

  • DakotaTalonCobb
    Kotada (@DakotaTalonCobb) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the ps4 bug where you get stuck on a space view of earth when you launch BF1

  • Gurujiiii
    Sameer (@Gurujiiii) reported from Beaumaris, Victoria

    @EAHelp stuck on a globe screen on battlefield 1 ps4. Restarted the game and console. Did not fix it.

  • ThatGuyDelta
    Christian Humphrey (@ThatGuyDelta) reported

    My treatments not working Im nothing to the girl I still love Im alone Im in pain. Won't be long until its all over. Bf1 until it kicks. ⌚

  • hassanjan1235
    Muhammad Hassan (@hassanjan1235) reported

    @Battlefield Fix bf1 latency issues

  • michaeldweiss
    Michael Weiss (@michaeldweiss) reported

    10. Booting ISIS from the battlefield is probably the most manageable problem, which is why US can talk of nothing else. But it’ll be back.

  • BR0_TV
    Zero (@BR0_TV) reported

    @EA_DICE BF1 has big connection problems. Needs fix

  • OriginalOcti
    Original Octi @Home (@OriginalOcti) reported

    @Battlefield A far distance, have become extremely translucent and difficult to see. Is this a glitch or was this done intentionally? I tried fixing it-

  • 86Camren
    Cameron (@86Camren) reported

    @Battlefield @EA New BF1 patch has made friendly/enemy icons basically invisible, making the game unplayable for many!! Please fix!!

  • gsammut72
    Gareth Sammut (@gsammut72) reported

    @EA @electronicarts @AMDGaming @AMD @LunarGInc How is it that BF1 still doesn't have a Vulkan fix driver?Have these Api's and don't use them

  • PMN4TheBannana
    TheTakenWasTaken (@PMN4TheBannana) reported

    @Battlefield the block from bfh. #1 source of kills and broken controllers

  • JaqubAjmal
    Jaqub Ajmal (@JaqubAjmal) reported

    @FBF6D9 @SteezeMcQueen1 @Battlefield For issues like that you need to reach out to EA support. @EAHelp

  • Derivve
    Derrivve (@Derivve) reported

    @Battlefield I updated the game and now there are no elite classes in teamdeathmatch for me . Please fix this

  • BunchoGamers
    BunchoGamers (@BunchoGamers) reported

    @Battlefield fix your lag.

  • JaqubAjmal
    Jaqub Ajmal (@JaqubAjmal) reported

    @iluminat3thesky @SteezeMcQueen1 @Battlefield @RedSpoder No, we are working on a fix. Hopefully next one if all goes as planned.

  • HuanXinLuz
    HuanXinLuz (@HuanXinLuz) reported

    @Battlefield I have never shot to my allies as much as before with this mess. Fix it now !!!

  • bigbenwertz
    Ben Wertz (@bigbenwertz) reported

    Gronk wears more body armor on a football field than our service men and women do on the battlefield.

  • thenumber91
    TheNumber91 (@thenumber91) reported

    @Battlefield BF1 is showing an image of the planet and not doing anything? Anyone else having this issue? Please fix!!

  • Meat_Christmas
    Halloween Meat Treat (@Meat_Christmas) reported

    @Ben8D8over I like it. Battlefield always had a spot-spam problem. Whatever they can do to lessen it is fine with me.

  • LuckyiiD
    LuckyiD (@LuckyiiD) reported

    Hey @Battlefield, I am experiencing issues creating a party in menus (before starting a game) in BF4. Quite sure I did it ~2 months ago tho.

  • TurtleFatt
    Gracie (@TurtleFatt) reported

    @Battlefield 1 was my first BF game and I’m sorry but I just can’t play this game with such lag. It’s just not fun anymore

  • X3loz
    Lennart (@X3loz) reported

    @NickelBF In that area bf1 is actually doing well. Performance is mostly fine, there are still a few issues with laggy servers and transparent icons.

  • X3loz
    Lennart (@X3loz) reported

    @NickelBF In that area bf1 i actually doing well. Performance is mostly fine, there are still a few issues with laggy servers and transparent icons.

  • BenjaminJohnNew
    Benjamin (@BenjaminJohnNew) reported

    @MarkMjdodds1977 Back to battlefield ? Having problems with servers nearly threw mouse out of window again.

  • Murtada_alsebaa
    Murtadais¥ (@Murtada_alsebaa) reported

    @EAHelp Hi greetings,, I have an issue with EA servers,, I can’t login via FIFA or BF1, could you please help me

  • Sandsnake123
    WickedxDevice (@Sandsnake123) reported

    @Battlefield What's up with your servers? Everyone has over 100 ping now. My test results are 277 DL and a 12 ms ping. Fix servers please?

  • Herculesger
    Hercules (@Herculesger) reported

    @Battlefield In order to acquire the BF1 Anniversary Dog Tags wee need to login between 12-16 of October,but at what time will it end?

  • TheBullzeyeKK
    Kaan | BOOllzeye 🎃 (@TheBullzeyeKK) reported

    @DANNYonPC @itsmek0k0__ @Battlefield inb4 copyright issues arise xD

  • bozzie_
    bozzie (@bozzie_) reported

    Battlefield 1's menu is completely broken, wtf

  • jkuehn50
    Dr. John T. Kuehn (@jkuehn50) reported

    AOD. IPB-intelligence preparation of the battlefield. A step from military’s MDMP that applies Sunzi to analyze the problem/mission.

  • VanderzeePaul
    vanderz (@VanderzeePaul) reported

    @Battlefield Why is it impossile to find a game on they shall not pass now? The snow maps are shit so its back to the base maps. You suck fix the servers

  • realstarblade
    Starblade (@realstarblade) reported

    @PoodleCorp @Battlefield Will there be a Christmas ddos on ur list

  • TheDude000001
    The Dude (@TheDude000001) reported

    @geekyranjit Can u pls tell on what servers do u play Battlefield 1 coz I'm having latency issues but in ur videos, u didn't have the issue

  • ipsygaming
    Ipsygaming (@ipsygaming) reported

    Anyone else in the land of Aus having disconnection issues with battlefield 1 servers? #Battlefield1 #Battlefield #xboxone #gaming

  • ipsygaming
    Ipsygaming (@ipsygaming) reported

    Anyone else is the land of Aus having disconnection issues with battlefield 1 servers? #Battlefield1 #Battlefield #xboxone #gaming

Battlefield 1 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX