Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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March 21: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 02:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (48.98%)
  • Sign in (21.22%)
  • Matchmaking (15.92%)
  • Game Crash (7.35%)
  • Glitches (6.12%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.41%)

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  • ComradeAverageD Comrade🅰️verageD ❼ (@ComradeAverageD) reported

    @The_1uan @xXChampersXx @Battlefield @EA_DICE @CriterionGames It made me jump when it happened lmao I remember a while back the UI lady said they can only make the UI so small, but this hasn't been a problem in any previous Battlefield (as far as I can remember). But like I said I hope you enjoyed my pain, because it's pretty amusing 😂

  • oliverCAndersen Oliver 🔥🌪 (@oliverCAndersen) reported

    @bfadwenture @EA_DICE @StodehTV I was gonna say that it's a good thing I'm also an american citizen then, but then I remembered that USA has some issues right now that I would like to avoid 😉

  • STFU62324195 STFU (@STFU62324195) reported

    Bf5. These NUTTT z. why The Flabbergasting Flying phucktardness can't they put a resupply station in the MF air. And eliminate the airplane spawn camping problem. Ya ****

  • Mattdayman3 Matt dayman (@Mattdayman3) reported

    @oliverCAndersen @MrProWestie @EA_DICE @StodehTV No wonder the game is broken you have kids programming at Dice you look about 10 years old😂😂😂😂😂

  • coco_williams14 Cory Williams (@coco_williams14) reported

    @BenWalke there are still some major bugs to fix with @Battlefield

  • thfc123uk Andy Higgs (@thfc123uk) reported

    @WeAreOneEU @lloyd_rm @itvnews Thank you for your service what a joke did he go to war no did he protect his comrades on a battlefield no , he’s just another trecherous MP who lining his pockets you idiot

  • KileyWood20 Kiley Wood (@KileyWood20) reported

    Firestorm looks like it's going to have the same issues as BFV except in BR form. I didn't see a loot menu in any of the gameplay, but I hope that's in there. It will be interesting to see the speed of gameplay in an open lobby.

  • 6Gstom [LeVi]tom (@6Gstom) reported

    @soulja164 @EA_DICE Nothing like a good dice patch to fuxk things up I think they do it deliberately so they can continue there live service which is updates it's not content

  • i_schiggy Chris 🎮🇩🇪 (@i_schiggy) reported

    @MrHustlerHD @Battlefield @Xbox @BFBulletin @DIVISION_722 No problem dude! Everytime 😎👍

  • Subject_Madderz Madderz (@Subject_Madderz) reported

    Hey @Battlefield!!! Just so we can all have a crack at it, you think one map and free BR content this weekend, would not only help find issues, but it'll even boost sales! #JustaThought #BattleFieldV #BattleRoyale #JustSaying #HelpingOut

  • MWConrad96 Matt Conrad (@MWConrad96) reported

    @AtomikDrop I have an 8GB Radeon RX 580. I clean my computer out but physically and in all my drives and I got it all to work. My problem is with other games like forza, gta, and battlefield. It’s simply not enough

  • KranoLogicWorks Krano Logicworks (@KranoLogicWorks) reported

    @JesusMSantiago8 @dillzilla99 @RetardedWormPer @Gabadabs @MarioSniper01 @dmarcusbaus @Old_Mate_John @MelonMatt93 @kidsmoove They do though, Hardware restricts do effect what you can do in a game. Look at Battlefield 3, or more recently Stellaris, as an example of how games must be restricted to run on consoles. They aren't the most successful service anyway, steam has more users then both of them.

  • slurpee0815 Oh Really (@slurpee0815) reported

    @Battlefield @CriterionGames Can't wait to get constantly oneshotted cause you can't figure out how to deal with the massive cheating problem that BF5 currently has.

  • PacNbowls PacNbowls 🇺🇸🚻 (@PacNbowls) reported

    @Battlefield So when will you fix the campaign tank skin bug, not really a hype when you still got bugs on the actual side of bf. Please dont put more time in the BR side of it.

  • iPotatoes DJ (@iPotatoes) reported

    @Battlefield Looks like major balance issues on the way, but at least this is an interesting take on br games.

  • pigchampions tuesday gravy (@pigchampions) reported

    @realk3nny @RexMegasaurus @DWildemuth @KatiePavlich Blah blah blah. The guns used in our last 10 mass shootings were all legally obtained. The problem is easy access to battlefield weapons.

  • MrBananaHammokz MrBananaHammok (@MrBananaHammokz) reported

    @AcODST117 @Battlefield The problem with the early COD versions was the few frames of invincibility they got as they were dropping. This one could be completely be a non issue, just have to see.

  • BillyEatWorld BillyEatWorld - Back in 🇦🇺 #BattlefieldV (@BillyEatWorld) reported

    I had no idea this problem was so wide spread. It's literally killing a lot of the biggest veteran channels in the #Battlefield community.

  • lloydicus Lloyd Bailey (@lloydicus) reported

    Whilst Battlefield Firestorm does look pretty fun, I’ve played enough Battlefield 5 to know it’s gonna be a *********** of bugs and balance issues.

  • JajsaArthur Joni Mandel (@JajsaArthur) reported

    @realjamesjolson @SenMcSallyAZ @benshapiro Won’t give respect to his service. He should have been charge with Treason. The only reason why he wasn’t charge with Treason was because of Nixon and his father. He was name songbird not because he sang well because he didn’t know how to STFU in the battlefield.

  • nsjoedntgivafk1 nsjoedntgivafk (@nsjoedntgivafk1) reported

    will somebody fix me my mind is a tormented battlefield

  • ololowa_ Ололоша_ (@ololowa_) reported

    @Battlefield @BattlefieldEARU Compass in the Firestorm gameplay videos looks awful. The main problems is that you are showing degrees numbers only at direction that you are watching. Non-English players like me have really bad orientation using the names like NORTH, WEST, EAST

  • ReducedRose ReducedRose (@ReducedRose) reported

    @DAdStanich @Battlefield Maybe this will get you interested! My main problem with BR is the ttk but this looks good af

  • SmileB4DEATH_ SmileB4DEATH_72K (@SmileB4DEATH_) reported

    @DLCGNinja I love apex but these issues and the ignorance from the devs just makes me not want to bother, lets hope BFV is good

  • Confession_Bot Online Confessional (@Confession_Bot) reported

    22 days ago, I body slammed your broken gf on a battlefield

  • ihatetourism L.Ron Chikatilo (@ihatetourism) reported

    Dice are actually launching their BFV BR gamemode before even considering their geo problems in their first release MP maps. ******* lol. No wonder your staff left

  • plennox2013 Philip Lennox (@plennox2013) reported

    @EA_DICE Looks like you might need to fix that update,that was rolled out. I can't get into a populated game since

  • Keemstar_ebooks Daniel Keem (@Keemstar_ebooks) reported

    Streaming BF1 servers down again tonight . It's not sick, I don't get unmonetized! This #FastSpiningWind looks

  • JaqubAjmal Jaqub Ajmal (@JaqubAjmal) reported

    @MIKI_DK1 With this much feedback, I think its best to make a thread on BFV Reddit. My job is to work with issues that the game has, and in some cases feedback, But this is too much for twitter.

  • real_rocketman Rocketman (@real_rocketman) reported

    @Battlefield Also please fix blank screen spawn. I’ve stopped playing at the moment as lack of new map content it’s getting boring.

  • AnalDash Noah Lamberg (@AnalDash) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield @CriterionGames @edstub207 I wonder if I'll be able to fly this one and not crash in the first 30 seconds

  • ValleVaan ValleVaan (@ValleVaan) reported

    @Battlefield fix the autoreload please! the m30 drilling is useless as it now reloads automaticly after you shoot 2 shots when you still have one barrel loaded! cant prevent it anyway from reloading! super ******* annoying. make autoreload optional LIKE IT SHOULD BE FROM START!

  • Keemstar_ebooks Daniel Keem (@Keemstar_ebooks) reported

    Streaming BF1 servers down for the closet if u

  • ksmashlego KSmashMC (@ksmashlego) reported

    @JaqubAjmal I need assistance major bug. PS4 AUS. I am playing SWBF2 and BFV but I keep crashing, I’ve rebuilt database and reinstalled them twice. It’s weird because it’s fine for like 5-10minutes then I get loadout issues (not seeing vehicles / players / guns.) and just simple crashing.

  • LemonKnightYT Bailey (Or Lemon) 🍋 (@LemonKnightYT) reported

    @AMSEL_ART @Battlefield The multiplayer is awesome. It doesn’t deserve the shit it’s gotten in my opinion, the gun play is a lot better too. The only problem is the lack of maps but personally that doesn’t bother me

  • P4wnyhof P4wnyhof (@P4wnyhof) reported

    @Scuba_710 @Battlefield Messing something up is ok - The response from the dev is important then :D If they fix it fast we gucci If they take years welp - Back to @PUBG xP

  • NewsInfamous Infamous News (@NewsInfamous) reported

    @Battlefield Here’s hoping this new mode comes with improvements towards gun play ,along with other issues that makes people want to go back to playing BF4/BF1.

  • MadMike7I Michael King (@MadMike7I) reported

    @Battlefield Sign in to confirm your age lol I’ll just watch it on the app

  • Frank_Young_MRT Frank Young (@Frank_Young_MRT) reported

    @dra9master66 @Battlefield @EA_DICE There has been a post in official forum, I even send a video to dev, but they still cant(may even want to) fix it. When you got this kind of dev team, it's hard to give constructive feedback.

  • Taurevanime Taurevanime (@Taurevanime) reported

    @1_160_IN_CDR With M230LF coming around there finally is a weapon light enough with a meaningful accurate HE payload cartridge that said mold can be broken. But the one truth remains, HE is the real dominator on the battlefield.

  • Keemstar_ebooks Daniel Keem (@Keemstar_ebooks) reported

    Streaming in BF1 servers down for the hoes Haters G T F

  • baz00ker RnD GetMoustache (@baz00ker) reported

    @OriginInsider @EAhelp FIX your damn launcher already, been stuck for a month on offline mode, can't even play @PlayApex or @Battlefield !! Its a serious problem, can't find nothing to fix it T_T PLEASE HELP <3

  • Recon_4ya Johnathan (@Recon_4ya) reported

    @Kenturrac @PermaConfused @Hexfurion @MrProWestie As long they're not rude with profanity or hostile and give good feedback of changes to be improved then there is no problem for them to express their concerns on this game. I kno devs are tired at times of hearing criticism on BF5. So they just mute/or block ppl

  • figureight Lex ❁ (@figureight) reported

    The biggest problem with Battlefield 5 isn't the game, it's all the cretins that play it. Played a game of Rush on the attacking team and half of them were sat at spawn sniping lol.

  • Sunnyracc SunnyRacc🍥 (@Sunnyracc) reported

    @MarbleDuck @Wolf_Hunter4466 @DANNYonPC @Luisetel20 @DRUNKKZ3 I hate that DICE appeals to players like this. The it's "ReAliStIc" kind. Claims that BF4 visibility was a bigger issue yet has a K/D below 1. And would you look at that in BF5 their K/D is higher, i doubt their skill improved since it's still mediocre

  • OldGrimeyGaming OLD GRIMEY GAMING (@OldGrimeyGaming) reported

    @Battlefield So you also continue to nerf semi-auto rifles and ignore the quickscope sniping problem caused by double mapping ADS & Steady Scope in custom controls. Now snipers get more advantage distance & zero sway at aim, they also have reduced fear of mid range rifle fire from semi-autos.

  • trumblonie trumblonie but with aviators (@trumblonie) reported

    @bave1Gr11 I think bfv is very broken in general. 👀💦

  • L_Heath01 Lee Heath (@L_Heath01) reported

    .🙏🇺🇸🤔 I’m shocked & betrayed by your comments. How many Americans have fought, bled, & died on the battlefield but are & were never acknowledged by their sacrifices. Veterans highly decorated are being buried without anyone attending the service. McCain was honored properly.

  • Incog_Nitro INCOG_NITRO (@Incog_Nitro) reported

    @Battlefield @EA Will hope without lag and rubberbanding and bad hitdetection like #apexlegends 😅

  • SteveSmorrison1 Steve Morrison (@SteveSmorrison1) reported

    @AdamParkhomenko What he should have said: “John and I had serious disagreements over policy, but I would be a very small man if I said he was not deserving of great respect for his service and courage, both on the battlefield and in Washington. Oh, also this: I resign.”

  • uhhhhahhhhohahh uhhhhahhhhohahhh (@uhhhhahhhhohahh) reported

    @JaqubAjmal When really it needs to be turned up to 100%. Battlefield 1 didn't have these audio and visibility problems. Nobody, but a very small, very vocal minority on reddit asked for these huge buffs to passive playstyles that lower the skill ceiling.

  • uhhhhahhhhohahh uhhhhahhhhohahhh (@uhhhhahhhhohahh) reported

    @JaqubAjmal The game rewards that sort of gameplay, and actively hinders any sort of movement and aggressive play - that's what past Battlefield games have been about. The visibility problems have seem to been glossed over. The previous fix was like the slider was turn from 0% to 1%.

  • IIDREDDIIpsn iidreddii (@IIDREDDIIpsn) reported

    @Battlefield Still no fix for the black screen of death when starting a match...

  • CanoyBoy40 Steven Mathew Canoy (@CanoyBoy40) reported

    @EA_DICE SWBF2 wont let me connect. is says im “offline” Im in a party with a friend who is playing and i keep getting error code “721”. I hard reset my xbox and router. Even cleared my reserved space. This shit is trash.

  • Thereapper69 Random.Internet.BOT (@Thereapper69) reported

    @Hunte316 @BlackDay518 @RAQGQ @Battlefield I know they haven't really fix anything really,this why I went back to play bf4

  • nathan_bak Park Ranger Nathan (@nathan_bak) reported

    @Battlefield hey I’ve had problems connecting to servers on PS4 since yesterday, my WiFi is fine and membership is still up, but my friend was playing yesterday just fine

  • AlexTheNerd3 AlexTheNerd (@AlexTheNerd3) reported

    @CrafterYTube @MrProWestie @SilkOCE @Battlefield Stuka is basically a more slow dive bomber, meant to only be fast when diving). I get what you mean, I think the biggest problem os when it comes to the fighters (spitfire vs bf109) and well.. that useless second verision of the blenheim, with only 8x40lb bombs (~8x20kg)

  • CrafterYTube Crafter (@CrafterYTube) reported

    @AlexTheNerd3 @MrProWestie @SilkOCE @Battlefield You don't have to have 8 cannons on the BF109 to fix assymetrical balance. All we would need is to match the damage output and manouverability for certain plane types. I'm not suggesting we change them into some unrealistic hybrids that didn't exist ;)

  • AlexTheNerd3 AlexTheNerd (@AlexTheNerd3) reported

    @MechGyver_ @JaqubAjmal As explained before by @EA_DICE, it's not really possible with the live service model.

  • AlexTheNerd3 AlexTheNerd (@AlexTheNerd3) reported

    @CrafterYTube @MrProWestie @SilkOCE @Battlefield ... issues regarding balancing seems to be getting fixed (mostly the new planes) Before you start saying that everything can be fixed by removing asymetrical balancing, I would like to point out it would feel pretty weird playing with a bf109 and 8 cannons on the wings.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX