Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

 Problems detected at Battlefield V

Battlefield V problems in the last 24 hours

Battlefield V Outage Chart

November 15: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 06:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (51.63%)
  • Sign in (18.70%)
  • Matchmaking (15.04%)
  • Game Crash (8.54%)
  • Glitches (5.69%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.41%)

Battlefield V Comments

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Battlefield V Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • DrATM_
    Dr ATM (@DrATM_) reported

    @EA please fix my battlefield account I pre-orderd your game battlefield 5 and I can’t even see my stuff and spawn please help me

  • K4S4TOS
    Kasatos | Lead Player (@K4S4TOS) reported

    not only did EA support help with the issue itself(WIP) but they did also allow my account to finally unlock the Kar98k. hopefully ill be back on the battlefield later today

  • haz_pots
    Hazpots (@haz_pots) reported

    @Battlefield @EA @EA_DICE Getting the double loading logo issues between rounds each time tonight. The first XP page loads, and doesn't stop. It then tries to reconnect to the next match but shows 2 of the BF5 logos in the top right. Game has to be restarted completely.

  • hughbrt_
    hughbrt (@hughbrt_) reported

    When #Battlefield releases and you can't play it because of game issues. Fml.

  • LimmitlessItIs
    Limmitlesss (@LimmitlessItIs) reported

    @TheMightyQny Red dead redemption2 Battlefield V Warframe Assassins creed odyssey Spyro Crash bandicoot I'll think of more during lunch🙂

  • BlueFlar3
    BlueFlare (@BlueFlar3) reported

    @2GGaming Only problem with this is that theres no stated option to do whatever stages in omega or battlefield form as a replacement for battlefield

  • LupePerrin
    Lukey_P (@LupePerrin) reported

    @EAHelp are the servers down can't log on to battlefield v

  • FanatiikkLIVE
    Kingfanatiikk (@FanatiikkLIVE) reported

    Back online again after this damn service interruption #bfv #twitch #SupportSmallerStreams #smallstreamer #SmallBusiness

  • Khoplin
    Daniel Berlin (@Khoplin) reported

    @ELazevnik @tiggr_ @EA_DICE Hey Ethan, we are aware of this issue and have a fix incoming :)

  • iiXiled
    Omen Xiled (@iiXiled) reported

    @RageM0j0 @511Flee @Battlefield BF4, 3 and hardline were purely fictional, BF1 was a mix of fiction and reality which was the intent They originally said this would be an accurate representation of WW2 which is the only reason the community has a problem

  • tanerlconaway
    ShadowsCreed (@tanerlconaway) reported

    @EA_DICE big issue. the game runs good but I dont feel any of the weapons power and so on force feedback to controller. THIS NEEDS TO BE WORKED ON. I can tell the game was degraded for original PS4 and upgraded to a extent on PRO. I hate half steps its why I dont own 4ktv & PRO.

    CHIBACON (@xXCHIBACONXx) reported

    @Battlefield you should probably at least fix some parts of the game before release instead of just shitting something out. The game looks nice, most maps are good and the customization is good but everything else is broken completely.

  • aNobleGuyy
    Tyler Noble (@aNobleGuyy) reported

    @Battlefield to bad i couldnt play the trial due to ea issues :(

  • OIM_22
    OiM (@OIM_22) reported

    @Ratselttab @MrProWestie @EA_DICE Problem is bigger. Anti air both mobile and stationary do little to no damage, they drop him to 40hp but he can auto repair to 80hp again. Which makes for them easy to bomb their counter AA. Then other planes can't do proper damage to them if they don't have upgrades.

  • JohnPepper3
    John (@JohnPepper3) reported

    @tiggr_ Loving BFV but packet data is still a major problem, even had servers crashing, all though gunplay is good its let down but bad servers

  • NintenGOD_
    NintenGOD(R.I.P Stan Lee) (@NintenGOD_) reported

    **** man Battlefield 5 reviews are good but Idk if they fixed MY problems with the game from beta

  • MonkeyFacex323
    MonkeyFace (@MonkeyFacex323) reported

    @EzraBurger @Battlefield @EA_DICE @EAHelp Find OriginWebHelperService (32 bit) on Task M. and end it. Then try Opening BFV, I had a similar issue on FIFA 19.

  • EzraBurger
    Ezra Burger (@EzraBurger) reported

    @FoliageClose @Battlefield @EA_DICE @EAHelp Ran the repair tool. Same result. Unistalled the game 3x and reinstalled 3x and received the same result. I also installed Origin twice during the process. Nothing. I have no clue as to why this is happening. I triple checked everything and ran other games no problem.

  • fury_toby
    Toby Fury (@fury_toby) reported

    @EA_DICE Why are streaks still broken, I've died too many times because I'm running around with invisible binoculars that I can't get rid of #whatdoyougetpaidfor

  • calder87
    Calder (@calder87) reported

    3 hours into Battlefield V. Nothing's crashed yet! Just a bug with sounds cutting out during a nasty firefight and some issues with models not following crosshairs correctly when manning some vehicle turrets. Having fun so far!

  • weazle23
    Wes (@weazle23) reported

    @JaqubAjmal #Battlefield is beyond expectation! Just one glitch: in Grand Operations on Arras map, a bomb refused to spawn after points A and C were destroyed. A small white icon showed in a shed, but no bomb materialized.

  • SuperNorse
    Original Jumpman (@SuperNorse) reported

    @amazon not sure if you’re awake but I’m getting an error when I try to redeem my code for Battlefield V. Not happy.

  • downie_derek
    Der/Great1124V0 (@downie_derek) reported

    @SpacexCowboyx @Battlefield @EA_DICE No problem buddy 👍

  • IoShiraifans
    Io Shirai 👑 Fans (@IoShiraifans) reported

    Good night guys going to bed Truly disappointed with Battlefield 5 all the game does is glitch I thought this will be better than Black Ops 4 Haha I was wrong

  • ByronVoorheis
    Byron Voorheis (@ByronVoorheis) reported

    @PUBG_help Please explain how battlefield is able to roll out a 2 gig update with no server down time for anyone. Yet PUBG always has to drop their servers during peak NA times.

  • Jethz
    Ex-Guildmaster 🦍 (@Jethz) reported

    Joining on friends is now even worse than in Battlefield 1. If the squad is full you will get an error instead of it just putting you in the queue to join the server. You also can't find the server they are on in the in-game server browser. They have to tell you the number.

  • IoShiraifans
    Io Shirai 👑 Fans (@IoShiraifans) reported

    Well guys going to do a game review Battlefield 5 So far the game is glitchy I had it crash 3 times on me Loud crash where it freezes $84 dollars cause I got the deluxe so far definitely not worth it

  • WolfGirl696
    Rachel Miller (@WolfGirl696) reported

    @OhNoPorkchop Sometimes, but I think I just suck at video games and that's the problem. You should see me try to play Battlefield it's a disaster.

  • R_Jones01
    Ronalðo (@R_Jones01) reported

    @Battlefield If they made modern day warfare then no one would have a problem with female soldiers at all. They shitted on their entire title pre-release for many more reasons...

  • yamham
    YamHam (@yamham) reported

    - Now that Omega and Battlefield forms have the exact same dimensions as their counterparts, we might as well legalize them for counterpicks (but ban the ones with music copyright issues from streamed matches)

  • 1Alienscomicfan
    Wilks ~△liens~ (@1Alienscomicfan) reported

    @Azu_Rayn @DolusMiles @TheQuQu Reminds me of every battlefield game. Launch always is having server problems and the excuse is always. "We didn't think we would have this maybe people"

  • Back2TheCountry
    Sick_N_Tired (@Back2TheCountry) reported

    @AskPlayStation Fallout 76 is just like Battlefield - Nothing but error code: CE-34878-0 when trying to load to play. @PlayStation is getting old with this crap. New PS4 Pro and nothing but this error all the time. Next go round it's time to switch to XBox, I've had enough.

  • Kaerobasi
    baddreamunit (@Kaerobasi) reported

    @Battlefield every time i inspect assignments while in-game on Narvik, the screen blurs and ALL controls are deactivated. I can't even quit to menu so i have to reset the entire game; hoping for a fix for this soon

  • johnhannsmith
    chris (@johnhannsmith) reported

    @Battlefield Just played a match on Passchendaele on Bf1, Mixed server. Team was losing all points within less than 50 tickets on either side. No auto balance triggered or worked. Please fix. @EA @EAHelp

  • IanAntirrhopus
    Loadmassah (@IanAntirrhopus) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE Aaaand fix the sticky grenades. They don't go as far as they should and the stick to things they shouldn't

  • Run2GunUDown
    Brother Run (@Run2GunUDown) reported

    @bdinn92 @TSweezo @PUBG_help i was on yesterday and today, DEFINITELY not dead. BF5 has lots of servers running for the trials and early access starts tonight. Tomorrow, PUBG will be SA, Euro and the last of the hc pubg players. Hope this does fix the players that sponge a clip but take no dmg

  • placki931
    Michał (@placki931) reported

    @StodehTV IS that true :O good, you convinced me, let's check it out. I had huge fps problems in BF1, nothing worked, even tho my pc is far above the recommended specs. BF5 looks super fun but i was hesitant because of those BF1 problems

  • ImBunnyHop
    Bunny Hop (@ImBunnyHop) reported

    Sorry for the 1/10 quality streams. I have no idea what the issue is. Fortnite is super stuttery, more so than BFV. So at the moment I can't stream fortnite. Really is a bad mindset when it comes to stream lately because of all the issues.

  • JengusG
    Wilky (@JengusG) reported

    @XboxSupport BF1 is free with gold, my gold is paid, but it won't work due to some gold subscription error. BF1 goes off games with gold soon. Got off the phone with support and they said they couldn't do a thing because of an outage, while all my other games/content work fine.

  • TheCryptoCamo
    Crypto Camo (@TheCryptoCamo) reported

    @Treyarch @CallofDuty Please just fix your connection. I have a 1GB fios connection and can play @FortniteGame @Battlefield etc with minimal/zero lag, but every other COD match is nearly unplayable due to the other team having host advantage. This needs priority! Everyone I play with says the same!

  • EthanBallTrash
    Ethan Ball (TRASHHHHHH) (@EthanBallTrash) reported

    Having some download issues with the BFV update, so I'll be live in like 20 minutes. Sorry for the delay lol

  • blstermaxx1
    blstermaxx (@blstermaxx1) reported

    @Battlefield dude there is a glitch in the game I am lv16 in assault but I cannot use 1916 for some reason

  • KidTattzws
    Josh the Saiyan (@KidTattzws) reported

    @EA_DICE literally fix your ******* game. This ***** Kylo knocked onto the ground and I got to hit him with my saber and as he’s laying there he’s blocking but god forbid if I try that shit it wouldn’t work #FuckBattleFront2

  • JohnBuc08179594
    Masshole Loggie (@JohnBuc08179594) reported

    @mingerschlag Food service Preparation of the Battlefield

  • Stoic_Chills
    Flora (@Stoic_Chills) reported

    @GelidusServus tea. She narrowed her eyes at her sister, trying to figure out what her sister's biggest issue was. "You seem to have no issues when on the battlefield, yet once there is a tray in your hands, all you can do is fall." She'd check the tea to ensure she doesn't overbrew it. -

  • TheDeXZoR
    DeXZoR 🇸🇪 (@TheDeXZoR) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE Ppl still get the Squad is full error is ther a fix coming for that or mabu just a Join the same steam buttem

  • Podel_YT
    Podel 🅥 (@Podel_YT) reported

    Only way to fix the fps when it happens is to restart the game. Seems like people have the same issue in bf1 but I never did

  • EzraBurger
    Ezra Burger (@EzraBurger) reported

    @gsammut72 In Battlefield V you need to click on video settings and then use custom settings, not preset. Then click advanced and now you should have access to frame limiter adjust accordingly. This should solve the problem.

  • Miller_TM_
    Miller™ (@Miller_TM_) reported

    @Tiggeruppercut @t8styham I remember specificly that the flashbang grenade launcher in Battlefield 4 would hard crash entire servers and any player in the server.

  • billsmith4lyfe
    Bill Smith (@billsmith4lyfe) reported

    @BryceWeiner I remember. If things go right this time perhaps SV and abc both die in a fire. When 2 bad actors fight the only reasonable course is to throw broken glass on the battlefield.

  • AmazinSuperHick
    Josh (@AmazinSuperHick) reported

    @Comrade_Kaizer Well when you fix your shit let me know. Maybe ill pull myself away from BFV long enough to play 76

  • rudymax
    Empty (@rudymax) reported

    @Zobtzler @xbuttonkill @EA_DICE I’m just saying it’s been acknowledged so telling more dice people about a problem they are already working on is frivolous

  • AmpFrog
    Vamp (@AmpFrog) reported

    @Escabreraen @Chief_The_Gamer @Jonny_Westside @THEWoodmasta @colinies Ah ok, I couldn't remember and I assumed that it'd save your last used ruleset. Sounds good then, assuming the saved rules are quick/easy to switch between. If we do end up stickin w/hazards off only tho, I don't see it as much of a problem. Every stage has a battlefield form.

    HE HATE ME (@BMF_JOHNSON) reported

    @CallofDuty please fix the sound in your game. At least reach out to @Rainbow6Game @ESLRainbowSix or @Battlefield to get some type of tips.

  • TheAculite
    Aculite (@TheAculite) reported

    Current issue - Old NVidia driver (416.16) allows me to use my 1440P monitor but can't play BF5 due to needing newest driver. Updated to newest driver (416.94) and the monitor no longer gets signal. Huh...

  • Kuky990
    Kuky (@Kuky990) reported

    The more I play, the more I see how broken #Battlefield is. Assignments not working properly. Guns won't unlock. Dying in one frame. Bombers unstoppable again. Weapon balance. Crashing. List goes on.

  • geoffkeene
    Zag (@geoffkeene) reported

    @TheElderFails Yeah, and while that game also has issues with scale (RO2 and xpacs were a big let-down for me coming from RO1) the pacing feels really good. You die, you gotta kinda return to the front lines and re-engage. Sometimes stealthily. I don't think there's much stealth in BFV.

  • The_US_Spartan
    Founder [EADP] Devan (@The_US_Spartan) reported

    @GI_Joey_ @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield Mine says it’s too early lol Xbox problems

  • hun7erGG
    UMBŖA 🇵🇱 (@hun7erGG) reported

    @EAHelp Origin website seems to be down. Can't login... I just want to buy @Battlefield Deluxe Edition!!!

  • ttorees9
    Hamza (@ttorees9) reported

    @EAHelp battlefield v shut down every game please fix that

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX