Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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Battlefield V problems in the last 24 hours

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July 18: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 11:20 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Play
Game Crash
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Hacking / Cheating

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Ada Matchmaking
Guadalajara Matchmaking
Greeley Online Play
Concord Online Play
Dallas Matchmaking
Overland Park Sign in

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Battlefield V Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Rayner_JJ Flames Drinking Team (@Rayner_JJ) reported

    @FOGGYTEN2 @Battlefield Same issue

  • real_dumdum31 dumdum31 (@real_dumdum31) reported

    So Xbox servers definitely seem to be having some issues...LAME. Was just getting into some nasty @Battlefield with @Team_LRRP .

  • datLucky_dude Lucas Dias (@datLucky_dude) reported

    @HunterMLG_ @Drift0r Cod community is one of the worst that i ever saw, man lmao. It's the Battlefield community and the Cod community, a bunch of super angry dudes complaining about things that aren't even a problem, just hating and whatever lmao

  • rettiwT311 🇺🇸 (@rettiwT311) reported

    Death is but a contract. A breathless unconsciousness. A predestined battlefield of angles and demons. Ones souls fleeting box of self choices...Check yes [] or no []. All anticipating our timeline gun fire, hoping our marathons finish is broken not in a invisible construct!

  • JulianJanganoo Janganoo (@JulianJanganoo) reported

    Yo @EA_DICE @_jjju_ @Battlefield @PartWelsh your bfv game has a rampant cheating problem and they are winning. You don't want to lose this battle and hope Private Games is gonna save u. It's time to show up and bring the hammer down.

  • ZBrihoum The Blank (@ZBrihoum) reported

    Dude I'm ******* done with playing online, unbelievable lag, like y'all be raging at 60-100 ******* ping and I'm here getting 1100 on fortnite, 2000 on battlefield and 9999 on rainbow6siege, I'm gonna make a full dedicated video later on how much it hinders my content.

  • nogeenik1 NOGEENMAIL.COM (@nogeenik1) reported

    @ChiefMufasaYT PS About budget the pay to win mechanics where sadly not the only mistake it had exact the same problems as BF5 6 maps 4 or 5 game types offline (campaign was only intresting for die hard fans) all to gether it started 14 months b4 it got somewhere. Beyond 3th p its actualy okay

  • SBeitollahi Saeed Beitollahi (@SBeitollahi) reported

    @EA_DICE You need to fix the firestorm servers! They are totally on the nerve! It disconnects the server and after that, the firestorm playing button locks! So bad for a company like EA

  • Jackson86996732 The Persijac (@Jackson86996732) reported

    Or time increase. The ability doesn't work nor does the star card. Frustrating cuz I see people choke me as Vader and I'll be getting choked for like 3 seconds so it's clearly working just fine for them. Please fix. I don't play as Vader anymore because of this @EA_DICE

  • nathan_bak Park Ranger Nathan (@nathan_bak) reported

    @Battlefield hey I’ve been having this problem lately especially with tank when your about to get a kill the game lags for second, my internet is fine and everything please look into this

  • VeiIleux ☔️🎮 (@VeiIleux) reported

    @AllSkillSensei it’s so off it looks like battlefield I feel like they’re gonna fix majority of it after ppl start bitxhin

  • rensolo95 Ren solo (@rensolo95) reported

    @EA_DICE fix the ******* capital supremacy bugs I just got kicked during a game when i was on a kill streak this shit is so annoying either i get kicked or the game crashes and you guys dont do **** all to help the community

  • ImpossGameForce Impossible Gaming Force (@ImpossGameForce) reported

    Last week I could play BFV okay-ish on low. Now I am down to 30fps. This is getting out of hand... #fixyourgame This is not acceptable. #DICE #BFV #Broken

  • Siliku5_Gaming Siliku5 (@Siliku5_Gaming) reported

    @JamsaFIN @peterthemaniac @NiklasAstrand Problem is people that think that never played 2142. 2142 FELT like battlefield, just a little extra pew pew and floating carriers

  • Jukiooh Juki (@Jukiooh) reported

    @ekolimits I really don't mind WW2 setting, but BFV doesn't feel like that at all to me. I think that's the biggest problem.

  • ComradeAverageD Comrade🅰️verageD (@ComradeAverageD) reported

    @Adrian__NOR I'm sorry, but since you didn't call in we're going to have to write you up for a "no call no show". Yeah it's one of my main issues with BFV. Premium cost 50 dollars, but at least it didn't have all of this limited time trash :/

  • Yoshi9613 Yoshi96 (@Yoshi9613) reported

    @AKA_ART_ Man that really stinks to hear that is happening in Battlefield V, but hopefully they'll get this issue resolved very soon. (Although I never played BFV yet)

  • heraclio_juarez Heraclio Juarez (@heraclio_juarez) reported

    @Battlefield Cool, now fix the damn game.

  • FonisyGFX Sam 🇬🇧 (@FonisyGFX) reported

    Gonna quit BFV for no reason to play a broken game without content. Back when 5v5 is out or RSP...

  • arne_franke Nils_arne (@arne_franke) reported

    @NiklasAstrand Fix fking bfv worst game of all times

  • FlightAirYatta FlightAirYatta CXV (@FlightAirYatta) reported

    @MrMostafles @CapcomFighters That was super dope Akuma is the situational problem on the battlefield

  • viktorxedge Viktor Svensson (@viktorxedge) reported

    @Battlefield I really, really love Battlefield, but the recent problems have me turned off and honestly I don't know when I'm going back to it. Feels kind of sad saying it. 😢

  • James58489300 James (@James58489300) reported

    @EA_DICE They need to release a game right...... what 2 to 3 patches in a month that didn't fix nothing lol but will charge you for a character and skins that doesn't do crap but Rob peoples pockets........ dice threw away their crown just for cod to pick it cte not crap

  • Dshaburab Some Guy (@Dshaburab) reported

    @Battlefield Cool, fix the game.

  • __shibby shibby (@__shibby) reported

    @Battlefield Fix your game! :-/

  • Zucksmessanger Zuckmaster69 (@Zucksmessanger) reported

    @Battlefield We don’t want ******* skins PLEASE FIX THE DAMN GAME OR YOUR GONNA LOSE PLAYER COUNT

  • SilverEagle1047 Jared Frank Greenier (@SilverEagle1047) reported

    @MrProWestie @T4rvos @Battlefield @twoscotsmen I don't think so and in fact I think right now the only thing that's preventing it from feeling like a bachelor Battlefield is the performance issues and really some of the limited content but I feel like with the type of work that wouldn't Battlefield 1 we could truly have

  • Grynch999 Accountant Ocasio-Cortez (@Grynch999) reported

    @StefanMolyneux I have no problem with this. Women do no belong on the battlefield.

  • crissanonymous crissaNonymous [EmeraldGG] (@crissanonymous) reported

    @TGN_TANK I'd be afraid to get back into it. I was only just really getting the hang of it when BFV released (not that I play that broken game these days). I am pretty sure there weren't many playing BF1 the last time I did boot it up. Hope it goes well for you!

  • KateMclintock69 McClintock-wuz-here (@KateMclintock69) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @AKA_ART_ @MrProWestie Can't blame them that they already want to move away from BFV. Doesn't help its a drip fed game via an unfinished "Live Service" state.

  • KGlorylion KTG_2Castle (@KGlorylion) reported

    @MrProWestie Still never seen these issues but I also play less and less of bfv these days because I like the insanity that is bf4

  • ShadyOffTwitch Rick (@ShadyOffTwitch) reported

    @DavidSp26923216 @Battlefield TBH I think a lot of it is coming from the tryhard/PTFO or **** crowd within the “community”. Personally have no problem with however someone plays, within reason. Prone 300 metres from an objective isn’t the right way. Prone on an objective, no problem.

  • RootineAmbssdr Alex M (@RootineAmbssdr) reported

    @Battlefield Stopped playing, game mechanics are getting complicated. Don’t like the skins and it doesn’t feel like bad company. I’m sorry, but you guys need to go back to the basics. You’ve lost yourselves somewhere. Even the way the game plays feels broken.

  • Z26657057 Zair (@Z26657057) reported

    @Battlefield i don't want anything. Just fix the damn bug and hack first please........

  • Mattmarkling matthew (@Mattmarkling) reported

    @Matimi0 do you think bfv should get its own operation health so that dice can fix the majority of the bugs plaguing bfv

  • kingles10 Jay King (@kingles10) reported

    @KellieLyttle @FrostbiteCaps @p1anetmatt I think what we're forgetting here with BfV is that all classes besides medic have at least one gun that fires with laser beam accuracy. I don't see MMGs mainly as a problem, I think there is an issue with the classes overall.

  • IanoIRL Iano IRL (@IanoIRL) reported

    @Indigowd Don't like it for a number of reasons (balance being the main issue). But the last few weeks /months have shown that people should have the freedom to play whatever way they want, without stigmas or restrictions placed on them (in the #Battlefield community at least).

  • Musashi62001 Keith Adriance (@Musashi62001) reported

    @Battlefield Yes please fix your servers and fix the glitches I’m tired of getting shot behind boulders

  • luckyshark74 Michael Lantz (@luckyshark74) reported

    @Battlefield Cool, now please fix the game..invisible outline enemies, new map on better modes, etc. etc...

  • lettucewrangler Leek Freek (@lettucewrangler) reported from Columbus, Ohio

    @LyleBenjamin4 They mostly are. It's true the VA has a lot of problems, which is why M4A is using a Medicare model and not a VA System model. Frankly, M4A will basically fix the VA System, by making it redundant except for certain kinds of specialized battlefield injury treatment.

  • mrdaantje2 Daan (@mrdaantje2) reported

    @cenorexia @SteezeMcQueen1 @I__HOOD__I @JaqubAjmal @EA_DICE @BravoEntropic Theres more stuff not working than theres stuff that actually works properly in bfv haha. Had this aswell yeah

  • John200120 John Vakaráč (@John200120) reported

    @EvilBeastLord Because someone made dumb revive with a not working button. Old defibrilator/syringe worked better. And because bf5 is an early access game with full price tag

  • Powell170 Carl Powell (@Powell170) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the game, I’ve stopped playing it as it’s just to glitchy and the team balances are appalling

  • RogueMonkeyJr RogueMonkeyJr. (@RogueMonkeyJr) reported

    Just read through some of the comments on the latest #BattlefieldV ToW weekly challenge post by the Battlefield twitter, and holy hell the opinion of the game is unanimous. Literally 99% of the comments included something about fixing the game or that the game is broken.

  • MESSlNTV Messin (@MESSlNTV) reported

    @Battlefield Another shit cosmetic, now fix your game

  • Cruel_In10tions Cruel_In10tions (@Cruel_In10tions) reported

    @Battlefield Love Battlefield, fix BFV already. Please.....

  • AchmedBP Nudelauflauf9F (@AchmedBP) reported

    @Battlefield Too many sorry for you EA, keep releasing new contents but forgotting to fix your game. The other game just fix as long as they found a new bug.. and also, Your game full of cheaters in Asia, u did nothing... I want my money back seriously. Forgot all my achivment in BF1BF4BFV

  • 486dxDOS PowerPc (@486dxDOS) reported

    @Battlefield You had a great game until you started trying to mask the issues with skins and other events. Sorry to see such a good franchise go down the drain

  • teki0918 Teki (@teki0918) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE I found a issue that top menu isn't displayed on the screen Please fix this :(

  • MrJoshuaGray Joshua Gray (@MrJoshuaGray) reported from SeaTac, Washington

    @Battlefield Fix the game I paid full price for.

  • ItzJonas21 Jonas (@ItzJonas21) reported

    @Battlefield Fix ur game!

  • Dylan26226974 Dylan (@Dylan26226974) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the game then I might log back in

  • pjimenez109 Thatsmydawg (@pjimenez109) reported

    @Battlefield Stop adding and fix invisible players make TDM Maps bigger again stop making skins and just fix the damn game already

  • ComradeAverageD Comrade🅰️verageD (@ComradeAverageD) reported

    BFV massively suffers from this issue, but it's not the first and it won't be the last. Personally I think I will try to avoid most games like this in the future, because the stress they give me is unhealthy.

  • ComradeAverageD Comrade🅰️verageD (@ComradeAverageD) reported

    One thing I personally dislike about live service games is how they feel more like a job and less like a game. "Log on weekly, and if you don't play enough then you won't get the season rewards!!" It's nice going back to BF1 and not having to deal with this headache.

  • ErickDiaz99 Erick (@ErickDiaz99) reported

    @Battlefield fix your shitty game

  • annix_xbl Annix (Xbox Ambassador) (@annix_xbl) reported

    I need some help figuring out what to play next, give me a hand! AC : Origins, Battlefield V, COD WWII, Conker Live & Reloaded, Crash N Sane Trilogy, Diablo 3, Dishonored 2, Far Cry 5, FF 15, Kingdom Come, Nier Automata, Prey, cont. #Xbox #XboxAmbassadors #XboxGamePass #XboxLive

  • Sumobeerman Damien Arnold (@Sumobeerman) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the glitches, give new maps, getting boring now

  • Simmage99 simmage99 (@Simmage99) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @MrProWestie @Battlefield @twoscotsmen I think Battlefield could work in any setting. I think the biggest problem with BFV is the mostly unheard of map locations. If there was some maps of battles that people recognized it would bring the hype back to the game and stop the nit picking

  • AllenBoness alnbon (@AllenBoness) reported

    @Goshaden_ @Battlefield I’m having the same issues so you’re not alone. The crashing is one too many for me. I’ve gone back to BF1 and it’s running like a dream

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX