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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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September 24: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 09:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • LegacyStarWars StarWarsLegacy (@LegacyStarWars) reported

    @NSkywalker525 @EA_DICE It may have been flawed but it was more fun to me & the occasional runners were never anywhere near as big a problem as the constant quitters with the new system! It's getting ridiculous at this point!

  • MrDashingDot DashingDot (@MrDashingDot) reported

    @BattleNonSense @Pestily @OnepegMG @VoltsIsHere @EA_DICE I absolutely agree. However in Tarkov's case the Ping does not give you an all bad experience. I have tried multiple Regions over the past weeks, measuring the update rates with Wireshark while playing. You do teleport sometimes, or the lag is huge, but its still playable

  • BattleNonSense Battle(non)sense (@BattleNonSense) reported

    @MrDashingDot @Pestily @OnepegMG @VoltsIsHere Playing at a high ping is not fun dying behind cover as a result of getting shot by someone with a high ping is not fun There is no perfect solution, but the main problem is that many game dev's don't even try to do something about it @EA_DICE is one of the rare exceptions

  • meatythwack Bill Nye the Hentai Guy (@meatythwack) reported

    @MrProWestie "We had some artifacting issues, so this will be released in Battlefield: Bad Company 3"

  • lonewolf37 henry sam III (@lonewolf37) reported

    @EA_DICE Instead of adding new content why not fix the game first, capital supremacy is still broken when there where NO HERO'S and villains capital supremacy was actually fun for a change.

  • cameron60466762 zombie11head (@cameron60466762) reported

    @AKA_ART_ @DeckardPayne Issue is that there’s already a battlefield 2

  • Emanuel22036392 Emanuel (@Emanuel22036392) reported

    @Gfreestudio @EA_DICE Of course. No lootboxes, you can buy only skins now. And there is much more content now. Yeah there are quite a few of bugs, but their trying to fix them almost with every update. And the game is constantly on sale now from 5-15 $. :)

  • valor_nash Valor Nash (@valor_nash) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @MrProWestie It’s not really a “joke” for laughters sake though when it’s the rival game (that’s still in beta), and it’s a bad look given the lack of support BFV has gotten, not to mention the cosmetic issues it has.

  • 2Dolagaming 2DOLA GAMING (@2Dolagaming) reported

    @AnthonyCSN I was having a lot of latency issues. There wasn't any team play it just felt like tdm on a big map. Snipers felt lame being able to 1 shot kids in the toe, like in battlefield you feel good for getting a head shot, in cod it felt cheap. Sorry man I know your loving it.

  • OnepegMG OnepegMG (@OnepegMG) reported

    @Pestily @VoltsIsHere I completely disagree with this. battlenonsense shows how lag compensation relates to ping with client side/server authoritative netcode (like dice did with battlefield 1) where high ping registers hits on low ping players. Ping is still something, just not the only thing.

  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported from Amsterdam, Provincie Noord-Holland

    @iShadi @ZhugeEX See, the problem isn't JUST that it's another launcher (Which is massively under-featured compared to the rest) Its also the way they do businesses The other launchers their exclusive games usually are first party (For example Battlefield on Origin) (c)

  • SpicesMc SpicyLad 🏳️‍🌈 (@SpicesMc) reported

    @Viking_Operator @MaRco__Polo80 If BF5 only had the Last Tiger as one continuous story instead of four separate ones i'd love it way more. Even though TLT has some glaring issues such as way too simplistic tank combat and simple level design, it had an actually decent story with well written characters

  • royallybun ʜᴇʀʟᴇᴠᴇ (@royallybun) reported

    She isn’t the smartest when it comes to tech. She is more battle smart then technology smart. Most of the time she just goes to Naah and tells him “I broke it fix it.” Naah definitely is the brains of the relationship, but she’s the smartest on the battlefield.

  • maxgAIER Max Gulker (@maxgAIER) reported

    @johnediii @aier @JulieBorowski That would be lovely, but if it is a problem it’s a challenge those of us opposing state intervention should lean into instead of ceding the entire battlefield to the green new deal crowd

  • ni_oldskool ni-oldskool GAWA (@ni_oldskool) reported

    @Nuka_Cola_101 Get battlefield hardline if you want to game with out throwing a fix

  • mally127 Craig Mallinson (@mally127) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 I think the problem lies with EA not giving developers the required development time needed to make a quality product, just look at BFV and Anthem.

  • FrostbiteCaps Frostbite Cinematics (@FrostbiteCaps) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 tbh, both games could have easily succeeded imo. The problem is that BFV released too early and it doesn't really have a clear vision (from what I can tell). I don't think it's fair to blame Battlefield's failures on Battlefront tbh. Both could have been great.

  • FrostbiteCaps Frostbite Cinematics (@FrostbiteCaps) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 I doubt it. The Star Wars Battlefront franchise is great. SWBFII is pretty polished tbf. I think the problem is more to do with Battlefield not knowing what it wants to be. You could argue that maybe the Battlefield team had less resources since SWBF needed resources too, but

  • ChukSorus Charles Randall (@ChukSorus) reported

    @Battlefield Can we get a patch to fix the last patch already. ******* amateur hour at Dice studios.

  • bowlingotter 1 (@bowlingotter) reported

    @DathTheGreat Yeah the killstreaks being present for what is essentially Battlefield Conquest seems like a huge balancing issue. Almost seems like they thought they could just plop BF's claim to fame in the COD gameplay model and it would work. Not so sure

  • willkenshin Willie Willz (@willkenshin) reported

    @charlieINTEL Revamp the whole game. Leave the guns but throw away the maps and next time, less buildings with less entry points and windows. Go back to Cod not become a battlefield. And fix the spawns ffs

  • DEMMINIRVANA 𝑅𝑒𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑔𝑒 𝐼𝑠 𝐴 𝐶𝑜𝑛𝑓𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛 🌙 (@DEMMINIRVANA) reported

    @InfinityWard Hopefully the actual release of this game feels like “Call of Duty” and not your competition Battlefield and Rainbow 🙂 ; fix the spawns, the overwhelming sound of air streaks, the foot steps of team mates/enemies, and last the rest of your bugs. Sincerely, Demmi

  • NewWorldShogun NewWorldShogun (@NewWorldShogun) reported

    @KLWHitmanPike @Battlefield Drop the live service.

  • Eganator2000 Lewyegan (@Eganator2000) reported

    @MrProWestie EA would be lucky to get my money for a Battlefield game now. Wasnt to into Hardline. Personally thought BF1 sucked and BFV gets seriously boring and is broken. It's likely I'll just buy a pre-owned version with the next battlefield game!

  • herlinghetti T Herlinghetti (@herlinghetti) reported

    @AOC 150 years ago my great-great-great grandfather was doing his best to run his bayonet through these people’s ancestors before they could kill him. Battlefield injuries got him discharged. These people are an affront to his service to the United States.

  • AmirBushehri79 Amir (@AmirBushehri79) reported

    @Treyarch @CallofDuty listen ur maps have a lot of sight lines u cant do shit if someone camps i know this year ur going to make the game like battlefield but hell u need to fix ur maps... too many sight lines

  • OG_Johnny_C OG Johnny (@OG_Johnny_C) reported

    @ItsKailTime Glitchy long distance sniper shots and plenty of lobby problems...overall gameplay feels more like battlefield than call of duty— oh and **** the tanks

  • ThePollus UniQue🇳🇱 (@ThePollus) reported

    @EA_DICE Please fix BFV

  • Gh0stivan1 Gh0stivan (@Gh0stivan1) reported

    Completed Under No Flag on hardcore a few months ago. Achievement reached 33%. Completed Nordlys on hardcore today. Achievement still on 33%, should be 66%🤔🤔 Do I have to replay Under No Flag due to the achievement problems in the last few Battlefield updates 🤔

  • ThePollus UniQue🇳🇱 (@ThePollus) reported

    @GFewings @surajit_das94 @MrProWestie @Battlefield But if no1 complains nothing will change. If we all just be quiet and not tell whats on our mind this stuff will keep happening. I have more than 600hrs in and play as much as I can. But there are so many issues and stupid stuff. A WWII shooter that doesn’t feel like WWII at all.

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun🍍🍍🍕🍔🍍🍍 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @kht120 Fair enough, I am actually quite content with the current TTK though I would like to see your TTK3.0 implemented. I dislike other BFs more in that department I think BFV does movement better but I don't have many problems with BF1, other than it being restrictive in some areas

  • anotherTDJakes @ black Billy Graham (@anotherTDJakes) reported

    @lakergirlsuell @RevJohnHMoore1 you hold a soldier accountable who comes off the battlefield with post-traumatic stress that has his medication not working and lock him up, no disrespect intended, there was a great divide in1994 Jim Crow crime bill, was homeless that was caught up,abused women self-medicating

  • Bee_4Time Ben (@Bee_4Time) reported

    @xB0r1CUax @GamingWithNuke @C9EmZ @InfinityWard Well they’re not missing anything from missing literally 1 day if that and if you feel that upset about not being able to play 6 hours if that of a ass broken MW beta you can always play battlefield it’s basically the same game lol.

  • MawejjeRogers Rogers mawejje (@MawejjeRogers) reported

    @AndrewMwenda Andrew, u shud also preach the gospel of tolerance to the minorities who hold power. We can't solve our problems nd yet the battlefield is not leveled at all

  • BuffJarom Buff_Jarom (@BuffJarom) reported

    My overall opinion on MW: Very good Ground war (32 v 32) however is nothing like battlefield. It's a direct downgrade. As a standalone gamemode it's ok besides various issues. But without actual major changes it will never be like battlefield. But I still had some fun with it.

  • turba_oficial TurbaGames (@turba_oficial) reported

    @EA_DICE Fix BF first, please. I bought it and it was expensive to me.

  • Gerykey92 Gergely Oláh (@Gerykey92) reported

    @nielsvaes still feels more immersive imo. it delivers what it claims to be no clowns and cyberpunk, or fortnite characters running around making the game looking like a complete joke like in BFV(claiming to be ww2). also no major technical issues so far 🤔

  • OSGHQ OSG PLATOON ♠(Ops Support Group)🔥RSP🔥NOW🔥🙏🔥 (@OSGHQ) reported

    @KLWHitmanPike @Battlefield Keep SP. Have good old fashioned RSP. Bring back premium and cancel live service. Loose time limited modes. Keep classic modes Conquest, rush, dom, tdm. BATTLELOG.

  • PopcornBunni 武田石喜 (バン2) (@PopcornBunni) reported

    @JFreshSplat @TuffTonyCom Battlefield. Glad Final Destination finally got slotted in the counterpick list after three games. It would be Fountain if it didn't lag on Brawl3

  • Amer13Harith Harith.Amer13 (@Amer13Harith) reported

    @FlakfireGaming @Battlefield They should really fix the high ping issue that occured after the last update it is really hard to play with +150 ping at its best....... And it would also be nice to add hair to the characters as a headgear.

  • ChickBrimney Brick Chimney (@ChickBrimney) reported

    @stumpjack @LeahVukmir @GovEvers Yeah, no. Wrong. Just because that's how you chuckleheads approach an issue does not mean that the nitwits do it the same. Weapons of war belong on the battlefield. Deer and elk rifles belong in the gun safe and you will get neither of mine. Stop being childish about things.

  • surajit_das94 Surajit Das (@surajit_das94) reported

    @GFewings @MrProWestie @Battlefield The thing is after BF4 dice isn't doing things right BF4 had the battlelog which had everything you could ask for bf1 didn't had a good server browser, bfv have a barely working anti cheat, no map vote, optimization problems..the simple game features available in bf1 isn't in bfv

  • CaptainMCMLVIII CaptainMCMLVIII (@CaptainMCMLVIII) reported

    Well that’s what we have with BFV, it’s so broken it’s not worth investing in.

  • Jaklar79 Jaks (@Jaklar79) reported

    @MWModernWarfare looking forward to Ground War in Hardcore with no MiniMap and no Killstreaks. The way it plays now is an absolute joke. Think I'll take a buggy and broken BFV compared to the current state of Ground War. Hope u guys can make some important changes.

  • JeepStuffz JeepStuffz (@JeepStuffz) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @gregorythickett @lilmissfiend It shows on weapons and vehicles but not in highlights. People talk about this issue on reddit and BF1 forums but still not been fixed.

  • vypermajik vypermajik (@vypermajik) reported

    @GoldenboyFTW The spawns were bad in the beta but a known issue. I didn't like the 20v20 and prefer Battlefield. Still, I'm day one for MW, just not sure which platform (console).

  • Gerykey92 Gergely Oláh (@Gerykey92) reported

    @MrProWestie problem is not just they spent resources on SP but also it was short, boring as f..k, every single moment built on clichés nothing new we haven't seen a million times. Same with BF1 SP. If that's what they can do they better not even try :/

  • virdinliatyler4 Tyler Virdinlia (@virdinliatyler4) reported

    @MrProWestie @Battlefield Honestly something must be royally fed for it be delayed almost 3 months now. Maybe they had a fix for something then something else happened and it's just spiraled out of control now to the point where they have to focus on the Pacific update before fixing it

  • DimmyBtw Dimmy (@DimmyBtw) reported

    @spencerm518 The biggest issue I have with the franchise in general s that it isn't consistent. This doesn't feel by miles like an MW game. More like Battlefield 4 in 2019.

  • dracodragon50 dragon (@dracodragon50) reported

    @MrProWestie @gamingveteran90 @Battlefield I just want them to finish all the current problems before moving too far on new content

  • RogueWunWun RogueWunWun (@RogueWunWun) reported

    @MrProWestie I mean, 4.4 was supposed help fix the game and it broke it even more. Hell, it even made Firestorm unplayable with the glitches and that was all I played. Zero faith that 4.6 won't break more than it fixes and 1 new map means nothing. Maining Bf1 for me.

  • firidus karin ⎊ is a da/shing mess (@firidus) reported

    @happinessdeceit the problem with that is hide's suicidal when it comes to kaneki. we've seen him jumped straight into battlefield (w/ barely enough training) at the tiniest prospect of finding kaneki. he literally bled himself to death dragging kaneki to safety; 136's basically him offering—

  • DomProdYT Dom Productions (@DomProdYT) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 Dice have proved that they cannot do a live service well in terms of Battlefield. But then you look at Battlefront 2 and they are doing right by that game in terms of adding new maps,modes,skins etc. So yes Dice can do it. But at the moment they are not doing it with BF5!

  • srmduke87 SRM_MD (@srmduke87) reported

    The biggest tactical error the Dems have made is allowing the GOP to choose the battlefield. We're fighting for democracy on TV instead of the halls of Congress.

  • franvarjagstar Ang (@franvarjagstar) reported

    @soledadobrien "... if you cannot create harmony, even vicious harmony — on the battlefield based on trust across service lines, across coalition and national lines, and across civilian/military lines, you need to go home, because your leadership is obsolete." #MattisBefore45

  • DomProdYT Dom Productions (@DomProdYT) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 No because the team the way i see it. Is big enough to work on both titles. The issues with BF5 was the marketing and lack of content. Also the live service. I would 100% pay for premium again if it ment we get regular content put out.

  • mistermegative John's Awakening (@mistermegative) reported

    @northerngamer34 So let me get this straight. You're upset because of the inaccurate portrayal of something in BFV, but I point out the inaccurate portrayal of something in CoD and suddenly it's a problem. Ok.

  • iceman_aaron Aaron_Iceman (@iceman_aaron) reported

    @JaqubAjmal Stop waisting your time and fix Battlefield V!!!

  • PSN_frt375 RedSun_NoeL #BEGA Élite Clan (@PSN_frt375) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE let's see in this new patch what new errors will come

  • ZimUSMC1 Zim Zimmerman (@ZimUSMC1) reported

    @Jimjimmy4sure @mchernick13 @punishedpine84 @Rohaan427 the problem with that is ..... it would make the libs argument that we don't need weapons that are used on the battlefield strong

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX