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Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield series, and the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4.

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Battlefield 1 problems in the last 24 hours

Battlefield 1 Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Battlefield 1. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (51.72%)
  • ▪ Sign in (26.44%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (17.24%)
  • ▪ Glitches (3.45%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (1.15%)

Battlefield 1 Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Alovera, Castilla-La Mancha  ▪ Apodaca, Nuevo Leon  ▪ Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province  ▪ Birmingham, England  ▪ Cedartown, Georgia  ▪ Cutral Có, Neuquen  ▪ Finleyville, Pennsylvania  ▪ Gateshead, England  ▪ Imperial Beach, California  ▪ Indianapolis, Indiana  ▪ Jacksonville, North Carolina

Battlefield 1 Live Outage Map
  • Alovera, Castilla-La Mancha
  • Apodaca, Nuevo Leon
  • Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires Province
  • Birmingham, England
  • Cedartown, Georgia
  • Cutral Có, Neuquen
  • Finleyville, Pennsylvania
  • Gateshead, England
  • Imperial Beach, California
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Jacksonville, North Carolina
  •   Full Outage Map

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  • daynevasconcelo
    Dayne Vasconcelos (@daynevasconcelo) reported


  • theshep
    Steven M. Shepard (@theshep) reported

    hey @ea, I'm glad you have a fully broken Battlefield in your library, namely Hardlines. Why does it launch through a browser? Makes no sense.

  • cm_vela
    CM VELA (@cm_vela) reported

    @MarkSharpeFL I didn’t know transpo and planning were battlefield plays in Tampa. That’s a scary and disconnect approach.

  • I_AmWillS
    Wingle Bells 🔔🔔 (@I_AmWillS) reported

    @SHGames Was enjoying WWII at the start, now it's more broken and guns are unbalanced and I'm just not enjoying the game, needs fixing or there's no way I'm getting the season pass or even going to carry on playing, Battlefield 1 is much more fun

  • G4rve
    Garve Scott-Lodge (@G4rve) reported

    The Highland Council may have had good reasons to turn this down. The Scottish Govt may have had good reasons for allowing an appeal. But whatever the reasons, it seems to me the proximity to the battlefield isn't an issue, nor that it's agricultural land.

  • Fuck_youEA
    j (@Fuck_youEA) reported

    @D3H1DR0N @Chubbs_HQ @EAStarWars Again...on all seems great, in reality it doesn't play out to 2v2 or 4v4 add in the numerous factors that can slant either of those numbers and that team wins...AGAIN heroes dictate the outcome of the entire match, which should not happen..same problem with BF1

  • dxnzar
    dan (@dxnzar) reported

    Fix your bf1 servers ffs @EA

  • papaalphatango2
    Patrick Mendoza (@papaalphatango2) reported

    @CallofDuty your catering different regions, not just US, fix the damn server in asia, unlike @Battlefield 1 you can select region where to play

  • leonm694
    Leon (@leonm694) reported

    @DICE_FireWall @EA_DICE can you give some insight as to why dice and ea are completely neglecting bf2? Ignoring the community and introducing weekly event which are completely broken. You guys need to start talking.

  • Wires1985
    Adam Birks (@Wires1985) reported

    Are @Battlefield 1 servers having some issues? Loads of latency issues. When looking at player list no one has under 180 ping with most in the 250+ range. Been on every game I've played today.

  • blairmerryladds
    blair merry ladds (@blairmerryladds) reported

    @EA_DICE is there a secret reload for the M1917 involving you hands being invisible or is it a glitch

  • darrienjw
    Darrien J(ingle) (@darrienjw) reported

    Biggest problem in Battlefield 1 is easily inability to hear enemy footsteps. Honestly they're too quiet and need fixing.

  • martin_lowe
    Martin O'Lowery (@martin_lowe) reported

    @Borotas_spirit @BigDino @benatipsosmori @ChelseaCes You need to take yourself off to Google and look at all the articles saying “stop bashing the bankers”, Pete. And it’s hardly an “ideological battlefield” when asking why the architects of the Crash faced no penalties (Iceland excepted).

  • drew8amy
    andrew gallant (@drew8amy) reported

    @Battlefield The system of BF and Dice is broken(we already knew) You are set up to lose on Conquest. I experimented with backing out of lobby’s to see if the loss will change for the next game. It doesn’t. Try it out. The crooked fucks

  • magnolialis
    ✿ @commissions&Fate hell (@magnolialis) reported

    Shakes: /Shows Jeanne her crying mother, her comrades dying on the battlefield, makes her revive her execution aka being burned freaking alive Jeanne: lmao is that what you got Shakes: /Shows her Sieg being roasted and his severed head Jeanne: /GETS BROKEN IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE

  • Diamondstar321
    Diamondstar321 (@Diamondstar321) reported

    @EAHelp Hello, I have an issue in which my Battlefield 1 doesn't allow me to play on the new maps even though I have the premium pass, please help.

  • bluFalcon1201
    Jimmy Diaz (@bluFalcon1201) reported

    @EAHelp @willtonks94 What’s more important is why the hell is BF1 lagging so bad?!?!?! I’m loosing hope with you guys.

  • mwh72f4
    Michael (@mwh72f4) reported from Orangeburg, South Carolina

    @NASCARSuperman No. But lag causes me problems with BF1 and @WorldofWarships

  • vortexshadow123
    Danny🇬🇧 (@vortexshadow123) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the new medic weapon it's fucking shit.

  • ferni_61
    Ferni Guevara Jr (@ferni_61) reported

    @EA_DICE y'all it feels like y'all boosted the supports, assaults, and medics but screwed the snipers c'mon fix the old aim assist

  • Ohtanitter
    大谷 智哉 Tomoya Ohtani (@Ohtanitter) reported

    @DarkSideHeaven Thanks. ”Moonlight Battlefield" is correct. I ask the store to fix it.

  • shepherdmoon53
    shepherdmoon (@shepherdmoon53) reported

    all the broken windows pain sears through their veins then torrential rains claim the house of willing prisoners the darkness settles in not a worthy battlefield for the ghosts of faux religion just a dreary neighborhood where demons stalk their prey

  • SteveMightSay
    Not on the Payload :( (@SteveMightSay) reported

    My biggest gripe about this Star Wars game is the load times are atrociously long. Pls fix this @EA_DICE

  • Unleash__Havoc
    Krystal (@Unleash__Havoc) reported

    Fortnite = Trash, PUBG = Landfill of trash, @Battlefield I need a Battle Royale from you, make this happen. My continued loyal service as a BF veteran will proudly put countless hours into it.

  • CordialNihilist
    TheWoefulSage (@CordialNihilist) reported

    @EA_DICE Why can you not fix the simplest bugs that have plagued your fucking game since it came out? Please god for all that is holy just stop developing if you don't care anymore

  • CordialNihilist
    TheWoefulSage (@CordialNihilist) reported

    @EA_DICE BF1 has been out over a fucking year and joining a friend is still a hassle, fix your fucking game

  • Forfoxshake
    bleh (@Forfoxshake) reported

    Stop fucking giving us half ass updates that mean dog shit. Y’all promised us so much and gave us so lil fuck you battlefield. Can’t even fix the fucking glitches in the game. I hope y’all feel it on how much y’all fucked up this game @Battlefield fucking money grab system

  • RealSouthie
    Southie FPS (@RealSouthie) reported

    @Jonnyaim @Gagelbub @Battlefield No problem :)

  • JacksonHebe
    Jackson Hebert (@JacksonHebe) reported

    @AskPlayStation any network problems? Can’t play GTA 5 online or Battlefield 1

  • Fuck_youEA
    j (@Fuck_youEA) reported

    @D3H1DR0N @Chubbs_HQ @EAStarWars Heroes should be used as a power up (not a token or anything) not a basis of victory, BF1 had the same issue, pile enough heroes on a capture point and you win..yes that is awful, no issue with rewarding players, but the entire match shouldn't hinge on heroes just camping points

  • robonzo81
    oxfordrobbo (@robonzo81) reported

    @Battlefield Why is console aim assist broken and the martini feels nerfed?

  • a7xpatriot
    ryan (@a7xpatriot) reported

    @EA_DICE god you guys need to fix the freakin grenade spam I'm BF1. It's unbearable.

  • xBrunnoFGx
    Brunno Gaspari (@xBrunnoFGx) reported

    hey if you like the game, it's your problem lol heck, if we get along well, and you stream it, i'll support you :) but both games are so boring! >.< fuuuck they remind me of how much i hate conquest mode on battlefield hahaha

  • KG_racing42
    Keven Gagnon (@KG_racing42) reported

    @Battlefield is your servers down? Been 15 mins trying to connect nothing. Ps :on Xbox one X

  • stormhawk1000
    RJB (@stormhawk1000) reported

    @CHendricks20 @Fuck_youEA @starkill919 @EAStarWars The game's problems wont last forever. We live in an age where games get updated and do change for the better. Look at battlefield 4 & warframe. Terrible at release but that didn't stop em from being awesome later.

  • Fuck_youEA
    j (@Fuck_youEA) reported

    @Chubbs_HQ @EAStarWars I'd say right down the line of average, it's not bad, it's far from great, it has such potential to be great, but so many things keep dragging it back down (games are still heavily won and lost purely based off heroes BF1 had the same exact problem)

  • james_AML
    James (@james_AML) reported

    @EA_DICE BF1 servers seriously broken. Fix the bloody lag comp

  • WenDMegs
    w e n (@WenDMegs) reported

    @starwars @EAStarWars When @EA_DICE will implement server browser into this game? Sometimes the lag & rubber banding are so bad it's practically unplayable.

  • Warrigal_D
    Mingo (@Warrigal_D) reported

    @Battlefield @EAHelp This server issue is starting to get frustrating as it is still putting me in a different server to the one l tried to join and ALWAYS by myself in server.

  • Killer8Mega857
    MegaKiller8 (@Killer8Mega857) reported

    @thegamerszone_ @EAStarWars @EA_DICE @CriterionGames @lovegwendoline Fan service my ass

  • OhNoBeardy
    Matt - OhNoBeardy (@OhNoBeardy) reported

    Unpopular Opinion: Battlefield Bad Company was average. Rush was FANTASTIC but everything else was lack lustre. Movement was a huge issue. No prone in a Battlefield game?! You couldn't even run diagonally.... like really, you couldn't.

  • Mensa1
    Mensa1 (@Mensa1) reported

    @TheLastRefuge2 Why did the officer shoot that guy? Because he could. A soldier on a battlefield would be up on charges for the same thing. That's the problem with the militarization of police.

  • ItsCsteph
    Cameron S. (@ItsCsteph) reported

    It's funny how @EA_DICE is dealing with micro transaction and yet @RockstarGames just dropped the new dlc for gta v but to even play it you need $15M at minimum to play with friends. So of course we glitch for money.

  • Cameltoetem69
    Gernhart Reinholzen (@Cameltoetem69) reported

    @Battlefield @wayne98404 I'm not the OP but one problem is the chaotic spawning. Usually the spawning follows a scheme but on achi baba everyone spawns completely random. Sometimes they spawn right in your face.

  • MightiestBeard
    MightiestBeard (@MightiestBeard) reported

    First experience on the new BF1 operation was absolute garbage. Team was miserable so maybe that was the only issue, but the portion of the map we were stuck on for all three pushes felt awful.

  • Jacob_elam
    Jacob"Julio Ricardo Montoya dela Rosa Ramírez"Elam (@Jacob_elam) reported

    Playing some #FridayNightBattlefield on #BF1 and got killed by a guy that had 100 Service Stars with the Hellreigal! That's 10,000 kills! Dude, you know there are other weapons/classes to use right? And do you ever go outside? #crazy @Battlefield

  • bmanworren
    Brandon Manworren (@bmanworren) reported

    @EA battlefield 1 keeps kicking me offline and it’s not my internet or ps4 that’s the issue. Please help

  • siouxprano5000
    FatAndee (@siouxprano5000) reported

    Was trying to get my #bf1 fix but the lag is ridiculous

  • Mohinde95693328
    Mohinder singh (@Mohinde95693328) reported

    @gyansr @OfficeOfRG He should be thrown out of police service for being physically unfit all are talking as if he fell down due to enemy action in battlefield

  • ALoverSoFunky
    I Want To Get Funked Up (@ALoverSoFunky) reported

    Does anyone else in Canada who still has a lot of lag in Battlefield 1 ? I can't get a game without 90 - 100 ping.

  • jphuckinplay
    JPLAY aka JPY (@jphuckinplay) reported

    @UniversalGamer_ @E1iteYoshi @DestinyTheGame I do on mine....need a screen shot. Your problem is you got digital copy? I have been using to profiles forever.... Battlefield Battlefront Destiny 1 Destiny 2 Cod And others.... but I buy disk and it works.... #justsaying

  • SteveSpag
    SteveSpag (@SteveSpag) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA @EA_DICE I'm loving this game but this loading issue is really ruining the experience. I'm playing on #PS4Pro actually.

  • munkeymaster
    Jonathan Parrish (@munkeymaster) reported

    @EAHelp Having trouble loading turning tides maps ( battlefield 1) ps4. Any suggestions to fix?

  • RealHistoryOf
    Video Game Historian 🇺🇸 (@RealHistoryOf) reported

    6 hours ago I was able to look at my PS4 stats for @Battlefield 1 on my pohone through the companion app. Now I cant. This is BS. Why have a companion app that is broken? Im signed into the account on my PS4, but it doesnt recognize it on the app. WTF?

  • ryanseymour1983
    Ryan Seymour (@ryanseymour1983) reported from Lochgelly, Scotland

    Ugh. Decided I'd give the new Turning Tides DLC a wee blast on BF1 but now I'm getting network/PSN problems. Some things aren't meant to be

  • ZaCatsPajamas
    ZaCatsPajamas (@ZaCatsPajamas) reported

    @EA @EA_DICE Just wanted you guys to know that I’m really riding that @starwars #TheLastJedi high, and would LOVE to play a version of Battlefront 2 for that gameplay fix, but sadly your game is something I cannot support. So I guess I’ll wait. #Shame

  • scarecrow450
    Stephen Dobson (@scarecrow450) reported

    @Tesco Battlefield and after i got to self service with wrong priced bottle sorry to drag asisst away from chatting up female collegue !

  • Kelevader
    Kevin Simonson (@Kelevader) reported

    @mquirion @ryan_wakefield @ndtex @0xKruzr I also have the same issues I have with battlefield 1. You can’t choose what maps you play on, and all the game modes barely last as long as the time to load between maps. And the lack of assist count as kill in SWBF2 is baffling with their scoring system.

  • K_I_N_G_JROC
    KING JROC (@K_I_N_G_JROC) reported

    @beardyr0ry @Battlefield @MrProWestie @BFBulletin @BFRoundup @722_BFFs @VsofDarkness @OfficialHvsZ @Sawtooth_75 Yea I jus saw... sorry I don't login 2 much anymore on Twitter... 2 many whiners & complainers about battlefield... so I jus jump in & check out You @Ben8D8over @jediscum81 info 4 the week & then I bounce

  • SER1897
    Stephen Robinson (@SER1897) reported

    @vulture There's a difference between BATTLEFIELD EARTH & CRASH. Both are bad movies that deserved to never be seen again.

  • FlakfireGaming
    Falalakfire🎄 (@FlakfireGaming) reported

    I give Reddit a bunch of crap sometimes, but I give credit when it's due. Would like to thank the mods at /r/Battlefield and /r/Battlefield_one for helping resolve an issue. Appreciate it.

  • IIPrest0nII
    IIPrest0nII (@IIPrest0nII) reported

    @Sir_SOS @Pioneer_from_ua Anyway I already have Battlefield 1 ICE and I don't see problems to give the code to someone who didn't play the game yet. The Product Code that I received can be activated*

  • kadarius_gatson
    Kadarius gatson (@kadarius_gatson) reported

    @EA_DICE hey dice just a smaaall problem about palpatine, you see as I play as him and try to shock my opponents, sometimes it glitches and doesn't cost them damage at times and it ends up making it a tough time to defeat them.

  • brankoalgoet
    JustBrankoGaming (@brankoalgoet) reported

    @EAHelp I have a problem when I'm playing battlefield 1. When I'm playing, in the half of the game, I lose connection to the server. It happens every round. Can you guys help me further?

  • StevePaul63
    Steve Paul (@StevePaul63) reported

    @OriginInsider Yes it IS giving me problems. The client was upgraded after 35 minutes, now I have to wait for Battlefield to upgrade. 16 hours and counting

  • xboxillexion
    illexion (@xboxillexion) reported

    @Battlefield Servers down?

  • savinbeestoday
    yaboysanta🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻🎅🏻☃️☃️☃️☃️🎅🏻🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝 (@savinbeestoday) reported

    @the_bandit0boy @PlayStation It’s more like battlefield. The old ones were good and the new ones are broken and come with tons of micro transactions. Although you can say that about both battlefield and cod

  • enhughesiasm
    Neil Seasonally Appropriate Hughes (@enhughesiasm) reported

    @Sime0nStylites You honestly can't parody these people. Fantasies of "battlefield nuclear weapons" as if there are no consequences, or that this bears any relation to existing problems in actual reality.

  • Silly_Sunday
    Sillysundays Event ( GAWA ) (@Silly_Sunday) reported

    @TATTOOED_VEINS @LASTY87 @CzechBf1 @WindowsManTv @Battlefield @Sawtooth_75 @Oleole56 @ScottishHellfi1 @Pastrana___199 @722_BFFs @Tristan_McL117 I know. If pistol are on melee can be off. If melee is off pistol can be on. If both turned off you get the glitch were you can bayonet charge with no weapon. Melt ones head. Ohh what i would give to do spectator mode on a 32 vs 32 tank game......

  • LASTY87
    [CCB1] Kamil Volenec (@LASTY87) reported

    @TATTOOED_VEINS @CzechBf1 @WindowsManTv @Battlefield @Sawtooth_75 @Oleole56 @ScottishHellfi1 @Silly_Sunday @Pastrana___199 @722_BFFs @Tristan_McL117 Hi ladyes, I have already received the information, unfortunately I can not manage the server now. I'm with my family in the town in the Christmas markets ... as soon as I get home, I'll fix everything ... sorry for the problems.

  • TJR_Sebastian
    Sebastian Taboada (@TJR_Sebastian) reported

    @DICE_FireWall It appears to me as though BF2 has issues running on Windows 10 version 1709. My games simply won’t launch, and like Battlefield 1 it stutters when it manages to run. Older windows versions work, is this a compatibility issue??

  • BrianWhitehurst
    Brian Whitehurst™ (@BrianWhitehurst) reported

    @IMFNews @Battlefield @Chase … There's just the disconnect between the realization, & the absolute resolution of which would be for me to have my $860B+ in my bank account, & the paperwork for my 95%+ share in @Redbox in my possession, w/the revenue stream from such, setup to come "directly to me."#Shrug

  • shmuffalo
    Eric Alexander Arroyo 🐌🐌 (@shmuffalo) reported

    Otherwise, it's just "war is bad for the soldiers at war." And Gundam rarely accurately represents that slice; the fantasy militaries in Gundam don't lend themselves to expressing the real problems soldiers encounter on and off the battlefield, and in the case of shows like 0083,

  • bigkev00502
    Kevin Wolfgang (@bigkev00502) reported

    @RockstarSupport Why should I submit a ticket when there thousands of gamers complaining fix the issue. I’m about to go back to battlefield

  • Silly_Sunday
    Sillysundays Event ( GAWA ) (@Silly_Sunday) reported

    @TATTOOED_VEINS @LASTY87 @CzechBf1 @WindowsManTv @Battlefield @Sawtooth_75 @Oleole56 @ScottishHellfi1 @Pastrana___199 @722_BFFs @Tristan_McL117 We have the same problems in Silly Sundays. Gas and smoke grenades can NEVER be turned off. The rented server settings are so rediculous and basic. Really poor tbh.

  • BoardingFox
    BoardingFox (@BoardingFox) reported

    @BDH6213 @yveshache @beardyr0ry @Battlefield @KellieLyttle @BFBulletin @Sawtooth_75 @MrProWestie @FlakfireGaming @OfficialHvsZ @VsofDarkness @Th3_IT_Crowd Yeah. But like I said, I wouldn’t have had the problem with the 200 melee kills.

  • sakuraso
    Aleks | ☿サッKYΩ‡ (@sakuraso) reported

    @broadbent_heath @SWBFUpdates @EAStarWars @EA_DICE Had his problem since yesterday, but I think they’re working on it - I actually managed to change maps without getting kicked to the menu. (...good thing too, I was getting really sick of only getting Kashyyyk)

  • SlimSketchley
    Sketchley (@SlimSketchley) reported

    @Waxing_Cresent @b4uizme @mitchellvii Lying about your "service" to the United States is deplorable. You have never set foot on a battlefield, you have never defended the Constitution and I'd wouldn't be surprised if you had never touched a firearm either. Take your stolen valor and go back to sucking donalds dick.

  • iheartjeonghan
    Krennic (@iheartjeonghan) reported

    @broadbent_heath @SWBFUpdates @EAStarWars @EA_DICE Same issue!

  • DiaperBabylight
    Diaper Babylight (@DiaperBabylight) reported

    @EAHelp So since live chat doesnt work on your support site Ill try it here. I keep getting a directx error as soon as I change some video settings on BF1. Help me fix this pls!

Battlefield 1 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX