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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • PermaConfused David (@PermaConfused) reported

    @p1anetmatt Well... Battlefield. If it's not broken, it soon will be.

  • JannLee360 Alexander Schneider (@JannLee360) reported

    @MrProWestie I'm fine with both. BFV's problem is that there has only been one post-launch map so far. Not counting Firestorm (mainly Criterion's responsibility). BF1 was also slow on delivering post-launch maps, in all fairness, DICE overdelivered with BF4, but that's the bar they set

  • lonewolf_79 Mįśhàri_Dávįd (@lonewolf_79) reported

    @MrProWestie I think the problem that there's nothing interesting in BFV other than maps and new guns that's my opinion

  • Dexisson Neil 🎮 (@Dexisson) reported

    @MrProWestie 5 maps over 6 months that completely ignores the fact it's already been 5 months since the last map. So in reality it's 11 months. This live service has been beyond pathetic. I've been a big defender of bf5, but my patience has gone. Should have learnt my lesson with swbf2.

  • T4rvos Connor (@T4rvos) reported

    @MrProWestie Interestingly, the dlcs got worse in Bf1's life cycle. They shall not pass was probably the best dlc. Apocalypse was completely broken.

  • theFlipDork zeñodrO niveK (@theFlipDork) reported

    Several characters see this happen, think it beat that no one knows and say Dany died in the battlefield but Jon can’t have the throne because broken trust for other characters blah blah blah. Bran becomes king because blah blah blah. Jon goes into exile to blah blah blah.

  • supergotrockets Superwholock1983 Gaming! (@supergotrockets) reported

    @JohnArney13 Scratch that. My BF1 disc is having issues.

  • TLile22 Tyler Lile (@TLile22) reported

    Bran the broken vs King Sauramon of Mordor...if there’s any incline on that battlefield just call it a day

  • AlsamnehSami Sami Alsamneh (@AlsamnehSami) reported

    @EA_DICE I was playing Battlefield V and noticed a glitch. I was killed by artillery but I was still able to shoot and kill and didn’t return to the deploy screen please fix this glitch

  • cantdeactiveAct Deactivate🤬 (@cantdeactiveAct) reported

    @jaketapper Me and my wife are combat vets and we were sickened by these actions!! My wife did 2 tours in Fallujah from 05-07!!! She came back broken, but never relinquished her morals to the fighting on the battlefield!!! Never.. This is a full blown mockery of our honorable serving Troops!

  • pfbentley3 pf bentley (@pfbentley3) reported

    There's a quote in the article from one of the attorneys who claims that service members and their battlefield decisions are above reproach. That is flat our wrong and frankly dangerous. We serve the people of the US and they have an obligation to ask the hard questions of us.

  • DeathLemons Death Lemons (@DeathLemons) reported

    @Battlefield Please fix the bleeding out bug where you are just stuck bleeding out forever. This is pretty ridiculous at this stage of the game.

  • evilharb Harb Chan (@evilharb) reported

    @Battlefield The 'Combat Medic Combat Role Challenge' assignment is NOT working. I've been hitting folks all day with explosive & incendiary grenades and NOTHING is counting towards the assignment - IT CAN'T BE COMPLETED.

  • Serukinyaa Serukia (@Serukinyaa) reported

    Idk how many times I've played a game of bf5 without lagging but my guess is like 0 times

  • Lord_Talevar Dave Tavares (@Lord_Talevar) reported

    @NoisyButters I prefer the Xbox One S. I have the 2TB launch edition. My dad has the Battlefield V Xbox One X in the other room, but it doesn't perform as well as mine. It's his 2nd X, but the S doesnt have startup issues. I have to restart the X a b/c it won't launch any games at first.

  • BFBulletin Battlefield Bulletin (@BFBulletin) reported

    @Macroliko @Braddock512 @Battlefield It's a known issue on all platforms. It has been forwarded to dev team, although we don't have an ETA on a fix yet.

  • AsshLee9 Assh Lee (@AsshLee9) reported

    @JaqubAjmal Bfv several crash everyday on Xbox s help help help

  • AsshLee9 Assh Lee (@AsshLee9) reported

    @Braddock512 @Kenturrac @Battlefield @EA_DICE several crash everyday on Xbox s help help help

  • AsshLee9 Assh Lee (@AsshLee9) reported

    @Battlefield several crash everyday on Xbox s help help help

  • LevelCampGaming LevelCamp (@LevelCampGaming) reported

    Star Wars will kill bomber pilot suit came in the issue. It Beat Rage 2 - BF5 Gameplay - come on the stream! PUBG Map! -

  • AlecBoshard Alec Boshard (@AlecBoshard) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh This game is absolute trash. It still has bug problems that have never been properly fixed. Thanks Battlefield for ruining your franchise 👏🏻

  • OliverSzalkai Szalkai Oliver (@OliverSzalkai) reported

    @MrProWestie I just love to see people around yt hating BFV. Like since launch the team didnt fix or did anything at all. I stopped playing the game too but not because I hated or it was bad, but because the lack of real content. But I still have hope in this game.

  • Choki1881 Raed Bin Abdulaziz AlAlban (@Choki1881) reported

    @Battlefield I’ve been waiting more than 5 minutes for the game to start in the firestorm!!! FIX IT

  • LindstromCheryl Cheryl Lindstrom 🌊🍑🇺🇸🧢 (@LindstromCheryl) reported

    If Ser Jorah hadn't died on the battlefield, he would have died of a broken heart after seeing what a psycho Danny became. #GOT

  • cgarcia251992 SyraCUSE Garcia (@cgarcia251992) reported

    @Battlefield please fix firestorm on battlefield V. It has been taking several minutes for a few days to find sqauds, when usually only taking a few seconds. Also, please bring back duos for good.

  • ThatGirl_Strong Mrs. Thomas (@ThatGirl_Strong) reported

    Selfless service on and off the battlefield. 👌

  • pewpiepiepewper pewpiepiepewper (@pewpiepiepewper) reported

    @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE I just got the draft update notes for pilots: 11 second loop to 9+ second loop. Now you can make dinner and do your homework while attempting to out fly a guy only to be savagely deleted by the 0.5 second ttk. Live Service!

  • PaulBorisAR4I Paul Boris (@PaulBorisAR4I) reported

    @medright1 Hololens1. Also, I would suspect if the military is spending $480M to "tune" the devices for training and battlefield use, the precision and focus issue will likely be addressed pretty quickly.

  • Markusperez24 Markus (@Markusperez24) reported

    The feeling of being able to wake up to something youve always wanted but never been able to see it. Battlefield of the mind is what I learned, but yet im still battling someone who is in the mirror wondering if there is people like me with the same problem..

  • JouMoore ❌ RUMantic ❌ #MAGA ⭐⭐⭐ (@JouMoore) reported


  • colesdav colesdav (@colesdav) reported

    @Just4GamersTUBE @pcgamer Purchased RTX2080 + 'free' BFV and RX Vega 64 Liquid end 2018. RTX2080 was 20 more expensive than AMD GPU. RTX2080 4K Ultra in BFV = 60FPS. DLSS+RTX on = 40-50FPS. RTX on only is 25-35 FPS. AMD GPU overclocked + undervolted+ Chill + 1GHz more CPU OC = 30-52FPS. No Chill = crash.

  • UMPalot46 Purple & Black (@UMPalot46) reported

    @NiklasAstrand The only problem I ever had on PS4, was BF1 Grand Op's that would put me by myself when matchmaking, but that didn't start happening until it's second year.

  • karimbaba71 karimbaba7 (@karimbaba71) reported

    @JaqubAjmal hello, i really like the effort the team is doing to keep bf1 running smooth. Really liked the new scrap exchange mechanic with the riby... but the problem is that so hard to get scraps these days. If you can introduce daily missions it will be really better.

  • W4HACKER وليد الشهري (@W4HACKER) reported

    @NiklasAstrand From middle east Saudi Arabia game mode what I have tried are team death match and ********** but I'm sure it is happening on all the modes but the issue is not only that we are also missing the middle east servers from BF1 I have seen them in bf5 for once only

  • HisoTherme Jean-Michel Pragmatique (@HisoTherme) reported

    @iceman_aaron I got the same thing yesterday with a piat against a tank, the only one explication I found is a fact that we know from the release or bfv: this game is totally broken.

  • flashbangbf5 flashbangbf5 (@flashbangbf5) reported

    @BornGaming85 @IosebBesarionis @oJAG3RB0MBo Exactly. I hear lots of hope starting to come through re BC3 as the answer to the problem but unless someone else makes that game its going to have all the same issues as BFV as they really don't seem to know what they are doing from many angles except gunplay

  • flashbangbf5 flashbangbf5 (@flashbangbf5) reported

    @IosebBesarionis Exactly. I hear lots of hope starting to come through as the answer to the problem but unless someone else makes that game its going to have all the same issues as BFV as they really don't seem to know what they are doing from many angles except gunplay

  • FemiAbodunde 👁️ (@FemiAbodunde) reported

    Most of the problems on the planet today can be traced to wealthy people who want to live forever but are afraid to die on a battlefield. Or die period. Cowards.

  • Oni_ChangSong Onii-Chan (@Oni_ChangSong) reported

    @HTyawil @CodeCRNG I was playing a game of battlefield with a friend of mine, it’s a bit late to grind fortnite rn so I’m playing burnout for an hour and enjoying the old broken games till I sleep for 2 hours and stress that I gotta work xD

  • saucysuavecito Andrew Suarez (@saucysuavecito) reported

    @nd_fightnirish @BenWalke @EA_DICE I turned the game on for the first time in a week, and within 4 hours of play I ran into a Blurrg glitch on 4 different occasions. @EA_DICE please fix the Blurrg. It shouldn’t be expending 2 lasers when I have the extra shot attachment. The damage output needs to be fixed.

  • WonderPowxr Wonder Woman (@WonderPowxr) reported

    @PanduSon Basically she was ready to fight and Arjuna just decided to change the battlefield. “I don’t know if you were informed, but this place is outside time and space. A dimension Battler created to have a base between the entire MV.” She didn’t even see the problem with this —

  • DickVersace2019 Dick Versace (@DickVersace2019) reported

    @LexAlexander @ScottGreenfield You are correct to be proud of your dad’s service. But honestly I don’t give a shit how vets vote. At home they are just ordinary American citizens no better or worse than anyone else. But on the battlefield we must give them the benefit of the doubt.

  • NE__Eclipse NE Eclipse (@NE__Eclipse) reported

    @jbowendaman I've not had an issues with the microtransactions in battlefront 2. But there's still time. EA finds a way to add microtransactions into every game they help make. Battlefield, UFC, fifa, star wars. And idk what else

  • vanilla_code codeVanilla (@vanilla_code) reported

    @Battlefield fix plz

  • trippy1984 TRIPPY (@trippy1984) reported

    Today’s battlefield 5 bs update, still runs like crap, sound and visuals still crap! But instead of being a clever development company and fix these problems they add a game mode that frankly is awful! @EA_DICE join sledgehammer games and RIP

  • KrampusxGaming Krampus (@KrampusxGaming) reported

    @BornGaming85 It happened to me at least 5 times yesterday. They need to fix that. :/ @EA_DICE @Battlefield

  • Baztoon101 BASIL #722 🇬🇧 (@Baztoon101) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE having to Close application on Ps4 because the game freezes on the assignments page. 🙄YAWN! FIX YOUR GAME. #WEPAIDFORTHISSHIT

  • TheKalder KalderGames (@TheKalder) reported

    With the issues #Rainbow6 is having I won't be streaming it tonight. Probably going to throw back to some Battlefield 4 but hit me with some suggestions if there's anything else you think should play #smallstreamer

  • BornGaming85 (BORN) derekmonty 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@BornGaming85) reported

    @Gh0stivan1 @Battlefield My point was kinda more about his position and my position when I died. I'll just chalk it up to good old lag I guess haha

  • Thundercat8366 Mark (@Thundercat8366) reported

    Sorry everyone. I’m paid for my skills on the battlefield not my skills in the classroom #spelling #errors #spellingpolice #soldierf #NI #veterans #grammar

  • IRGRL 💋[REBL] IrGrl 💋 (@IRGRL) reported from Middletown, New Jersey

    So nice to play @Battlefield 4 and not have the game crash!

  • undisputedNC undisputedNC (@undisputedNC) reported

    @TBagGamingYT if its a BFV video that might explain the low number of views. live service is killing BFV and BF in general.

  • macklooney74 Just Sitting Back Watching (@macklooney74) reported

    Battlefield V @kotaku its BS, the fact that you people continue to glorify a game that we all have been playing since its inception on PC its NOW BROKEN. I spent money on every BF game out ,premium, even EA Access only to keep getting broken games unfinished!

  • ComradeAverageD Comrade🅰️verageD ❼ (@ComradeAverageD) reported

    @CrafterYTube @TheMiko19 @DANNYonPC @DRUNKKZ3 From my experience it's just the lighting in BFV. Fortunately they are improving lighting in less than 2 weeks, so hopefully it won't be an issue anymore.

  • TheKillerWolf52 Bradley (@TheKillerWolf52) reported

    @Cookstein @VoodooGamingUK1 @MrProWestie @KarlPedersen14 I agree, instead of just covering battlefield in a video cover 2 games cause then each portion will be packed with information and not spread out, only problem is if people r only interested in battlefield (it is what the channel is based off of after all) stop watching after

  • superhawk138 superhawk138 (@superhawk138) reported

    @PABSTon3DO @DIVISION_722 @hayes_8 @1978_light @KEITHpne1 @BM_HAVOK @PartWelsh @EvilBeastLord @grrl_club @OSGHQ @EA_DICE That issue has been fixed.

  • GameOverThirty Game Over Thirty (@GameOverThirty) reported

    Firestorm is an odd story in the #Battlefield franchise. If reports are to be believed (did not confirm), MM in the NA region is upwards of 4-6 minutes and oceanic regions are DOA. There are so many marketing "issues" here, including market pressure to add BR to #BattlefieldV.

  • KLWSpitfire KLW Spitfire - eSport Shoutcaster 🗣🔥🎙- #BCITW (@KLWSpitfire) reported

    @BornGaming85 @Battlefield Don't we all see the game at different points due to the slight lag. That's what I've always assumed when someone shoots me through cover. Might be wrong

  • Bongeh Adam Tong (@Bongeh) reported

    @Shadow6ix @MrProWestie 1 player, spawn a spitfire on the attacking team, kill the defender plane as it spawns, problem solved. Grind was an infantry only mode, I’m SO glad we finally have vehicles in a bloody BFV game, Id even want to see 3 tanks permanent for attackers and more pack guns for defence

  • robullient ♛;ℜí. (@robullient) reported

    @traumlichen ㅤ ㅤShe, on the other hand, took one, two, three steps backwards—gazing at the male in contempt as he remained mostly unscathed. ㅤShe should fix that, preferably at once. ㅤHesitation was apparent, reflecting one's inexperience in battlefield.﹙ᴄ.﹚ ㅤ

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  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
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