Is Battlefield 1 down?

Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield series, and the first main entry in the series since Battlefield 4.

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Battlefield 1 problems in the last 24 hours

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Battlefield 1. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Online Play (58.73%)
  • ▪ Sign in (17.46%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (17.46%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (3.97%)
  • ▪ Glitches (1.59%)
  • ▪ Hacking / Cheating (.79%)

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Battlefield 1 Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Chorley, England  ▪ Cranbourne, Victoria  ▪ Dubai, Dubai  ▪ Kippax, England  ▪ Morgans Pass, Clarendon  ▪ Murcia, Region of Murcia  ▪ San Justo, Buenos Aires Province  ▪ Springfield, Illinois  ▪ Troy, Michigan  ▪ Vancouver, British Columbia  ▪ Warrington, England

Battlefield 1 Live Outage Map
  • Chorley, England
  • Cranbourne, Victoria
  • Dubai, Dubai
  • Kippax, England
  • Morgans Pass, Clarendon
  • Murcia, Region of Murcia
  • San Justo, Buenos Aires Province
  • Springfield, Illinois
  • Troy, Michigan
  • Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Warrington, England
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Battlefield 1 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Boyan105 (@JoOoJ107) reported

    @Battlefield Edition ,look at the problems we are facing first , instead of seducing people to buy a new edition and rob them ,, u became a greedy ass

  • F. Walker (@Yatten_Kou) reported

    @JhonenV The internet hates me when it comes to playing multiplayer, I always miss the service when I play Gears, Call of Duty and Battlefield >:v

  • Bino (@Crakatoa4) reported

    @Battlefield Why is premium friends not working?

  • William Participle (@bill_participle) reported

    @damandrews @jaketapper We left the battlefield long before we left Vietnam. Problem was we stopped aid to RVN while Soviets and Chinese continued their involvement

  • BrettFX (@BrettFX) reported

    @IBeniii @syfCryptiK @Battlefield Biggest problem right now that I see is unbalanced teams but that will not be a problem for private matches.

  • Ed Walters (@EJWalters) reported from Vancouver, British Columbia

    Biggest ethical issue here (among many) is lethal autonomy - taking humans out of the loop for "kill decisions" in the battlefield.

  • Karl Stiller (@drong0) reported

    Years ago bought 2 battlefield games (2&3?) Last login >2yrs. Today logged in no battlefield. Time limit in [email protected]_Support

  • Rubber Biscuit (@WarmWoobieLove) reported

    @EA_DICE is the game going to be finished when you release it or is it going to be like the past two battlefield games? Broken, incomplete.

  • Dr Doom (@tw1tt3rman) reported

    @Battlefield in Aus, trying to connect to servers and keeps failing with "you have lost connection to this session". Server issues? Not net.

  • Fx (@FxBaz) reported

    @MsJulieLenarz @Citron__Bleu The issue of wmd as a pre cursor to war,and the use of battlefield weapons against Kurds, ordered by field officers, weren't the same issue.

  • GamerDad (@PAULY0UNG) reported

    @SpacelyGaming @Battlefield Ty for the reply a few on Xbox seem to have same issue it is probably my Xbox or something lol

  • Vasamard (@ClassyPredator) reported

    @tiggr_ I get that bf games are cpu intensive but the fact that a i7 2600 (6yrs old) can run BF1 without any issues while a i5 6600 (2yrs old)

  • Vasamard (@ClassyPredator) reported

    @tiggr_ Just type in google "100% cpu bf1 i5". Both BF4 and 1 ran without issues in the beta and vanilla state, then every patch brought more issues

  • ☢️Owl☣️Tugz 🇵🇹 (@BASSTugz420) reported

    (1-3) SO im having a big problem triyng to login MY acount on battlelog,since i still play battlefield 4 in the ps3

  • Prof from Team FPS (@FPS_Prof) reported

    @TheBullzeyeKK @The_Poolshark Not playing BF1 anymore because of lagging and stuttering experienced ( Thanks W10 Creators Update)

  • Steve (@Someguy12121) reported

    @Battlefield The notifications are not working so I missed the last summer mission. Im very upset that due to tech issues my hard work...

  • UltimateChrisso (@UltimateChrisso) reported

    @JonTheGr8 @sreagin88 @Battlefield Did you activate it? I had the same problem on ps4 some time ago. If you are on ps4 activate it on the ps4 screen.

  • Pop Cultured (@PopCultured4) reported

    @Battlefield Trying to buy Premium Pass on @xboxstore before sale ends but STORE is broken! Don't want to miss out! :(

  • jere chastain (@ChastainJere) reported

    @Battlefield So I have they shall not pass dlc. But it's not working is that do to the prim trial thing

  • Shawndre 3000 (@Shawn_Hansome) reported

    @Battlefield I literally can't play after your last update. I lag so bad every game several times and it's not fun at all. Fix it please

  • Maverick (@stoptaxationnow) reported

    @kregger @Battlefield No problem man! That happened to me a while ago and I was ticked

  • Chiefsimba (@Odhinhiem) reported

    @EA battlefield hardline keeps giving me error when clicking multiplayer plz help

  • Ricardo Xavier (@DCTR_Zoom) reported

    @Totalbiscuit Wait, whats going on? Asking because I uninstalled BF1 because of performance issues, so I never bought Premium.

  • Grant Plumley [RnT] (@gplumley) reported

    @AskEASupport on #Battlefield #MassEffectAndromedaApexHQ & #StarWarsBattlefront Companion apps is not working. Error is "Too Many Redirect"

  • ItsRedMark (@Graybeardsftw12) reported

    @Battlefield Probably haven't looked enough but anyway elses server browser filter not working, mines displaying servers for all options

  • Ginger_Mikz (@MikzyS) reported

    @Battlefield Thank you for fixing the stationary weapon problem, much quicker to repair and they stay a bit longer!

  • Brandon Neely (@BrandonTXNeely) reported

    @EAHelp Are @Battlefield servers having issues? Can't play on @Xbox

  • Teflon Dawn (@princesssofpwr) reported

    @MeghanGowin Oh u r still talking? Now u r making this an issue of "racial" innocence? I d c what color a kid is they don't need 2 b put in a battlefield

  • Emad Jazem (@EmadJaz) reported

    @shololo123 @Battlefield My problem is,they announced there'll be new maps & game mode.R we getting these as PP owners or only on the revolution edition?

  • Emad Jazem (@EmadJaz) reported

    @shololo123 @Battlefield My problem is,they announced there'll be new maps, weapons, & game mode.R we getting these as PP owners or only on the revolution edition?

  • Original Octi @Home (@OriginalOcti) reported

    @Battlefield Close up or how many times I shoot someone, they flinch from the shot but no damage at all is dished out. This gun is completely broken.

  • Zile (@Alpha_Theta_Cry) reported

    Is battlefield not working for anyone else?

  • Pedro Guerrero (@sherrypride) reported

    @Battlefield Please, take a look and fix the issues about M97 (Hellfighter's version). It's a pity use it. One FULL ammo clip over an enemy... Wasted. :(

  • Pedro Guerrero (@sherrypride) reported

    @Battlefield Please, take a look and fix the issues about M97 (Hellfighter's version). It's a pity use it. One FULL magazine over a enemy... And nothing.

  • bloodymassacre85 (@bloody85mass) reported

    @Battlefield have premium,whats are revolution.Need to fix Vaulting over objects, old problem. somethings wrong with the fps after the July update to.

  • David Boyson (@daveyb87) reported

    @PlayStationUK I'm trying to give you my money for the Battlefield upgrade and the store is unavailable? Not even a service announcement?!

  • The Shorts Show (@TheShortsShow) reported

    @Battlefield are servers down?

  • Mativo (@theMativo) reported

    Who else has the server issue on #ps4 with #bf1 i can't seem to find a single server.

  • Jason (@StLBlitzKrieg) reported

    Bf1 is so broken right now holy shit

  • 🦏 (@yourRhyno) reported

    @Stxrm @Jep_Jeb I lag the most when paying BF1, you have any recommendations on games I should play? I have every COD so thats a plus

  • 𝔻𝕁² - "Pickle" (@Curmudgeageddon) reported

    @Battlefield My friends and I can literally not play together any more. Unacceptable. Just admit the problem and fix it.

  • Jummix Master (@JummixM) reported

    @BFBulletin Had problems with the delivery of "Call to action", hope i will not have to contact support for the "Summer of battlefield elite".

  • ME_Gamer (@ME_Gamer93) reported

    @Zeaus_ @Retweets2017 @OoredooOman There is no lag in battlefield 1 you should try it @ATVIAssist @Activision

  • EvilManicBoss (@EvilManicBoss) reported

    Hi guys my stream has been cut short as @Battlefield @EAHelp are having issues and not answering their players on what is happening! Sorry

  • EvilManicBoss (@EvilManicBoss) reported

    @EAHelp What's happening to the Battlefield 1 servers so much lag and nothing wrong my side as I've checked.

  • Tom (@budley1995) reported

    @Battlefield Theres a bad sound glitch whenever things get hectic in this 1.12 patch.

  • DrakeHurley(NGC) (@NationGameCrew) reported

    @PlanetGanktv @wiley234 @PLAYERUNKNOWN @Devcom_conf @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @poopieQueen I mean, yeah screen tearing sucks, but it's not as bad or annoying as Battlefield 1's issue, hell this game runs better then BF1 at leastlol

  • ::Monkey:: (@M0nk33y) reported

    Just had an update for Battlefield 1 and now I can't get online, anyone else having this problem? *SadFace #EA #Battlefield #Issues

  • simon hill (@sidhill21) reported

    @EA Yep,same here. Playing FIFA now. So it must be the dedicated BF1 servers down.

  • ZehPara (@ZehPara) reported

    @RCuber035 @LudioNL yeah, never had Performance Problems with bf1

  • 🍕T_hill199 🍕 (@RealT_Hill199) reported

    @EA_DICE my update isnt popping up on xbox one any known issue with this??

  • 🍕T_hill199 🍕 (@RealT_Hill199) reported

    @Battlefield having issues with it not popping up on xbox one!!

  • Ethan Swan (@ethanswan2002) reported

    @AskPS_UK I've had PS4 for months, downloaded over 1TB never had this issue before. Till today...downloading a BF1 update v1.12 file...sooooo slow.

  • SmithyTheBrit (@SmithyTheBrit) reported

    @EA_DICE Are the BF1 servers down on PC? disconnected from online the games says and wont let me reconnect.

  • only me (@itsallmessedup) reported

    @Battlefield @AMDRyzen What's going on with the constant lag. I'm sick of moonwalking. Plains crashing because of lad. Easy shots missed. Is this being looked at ?

  • xTH3x3XTR3M3x (@xTH3x3XTR3M3x) reported

    SSDI appt in my morning, so no Battlefield playing for me at that time. Off to bed. Hope they agree on my back issues.

  • SeekeroftheDawn (@Powell12b) reported

    @WatchMixer why does my stream crash every 5 minutes when I'm on BF1?

  • Meng-min (@west_of_autumn) reported

    Honestly episode 6 had some plot/writing issues, but I'll overlook it just for the sake of the scene where the dragons nuke the battlefield.

  • Siobhan Saunders (@sio_RM) reported

    @Battlefield please fix the PS4 d-pad glitch and also the forever empty operations servers thanks I'll take a premium pass for my troubles

  • Caution 🇯🇲 (@JBPreskool) reported from Morgans Pass, Clarendon

    See why you must pick up your dead off the battlefield. BBC problem yah now inuh iyah. Kmt. Jaaaah know star #GameOfThrones

  • Gebsdojo (@GebsDojo) reported

    @EAHelp Are Battlefield 1 servers down? Can't connect. Network is good

  • Tom (@bluntmam) reported

    @Battlefield 2x xp community boost not working for anyone? It says it's on but I am only getting squad xp boost will take video

  • terrybradshaw (@COMbetvet) reported

    @stephen_hems @theDarrenNelson @CNN a battlefield commemorated isnt the problem. its town squares schools streets and the public square where they dont belong

  • Daniel A. Millington (@danmillington1) reported

    @MP_USMC_SRT @Battlefield There are FAR bigger problems that need addressing in BF1, although the menus do indeed have a lot of clutter in them.

  • Trevar (@DarkMistTag) reported

    @ST3VO84 @Battlefield I love how you didn't even try to acknowledge the other obvious problems with the game

  • Bre Lutton (@XquisiteWolf) reported

    Anyone else having issues game sharing bf1 premium? #battlefield1 #xboxone #gameshare

  • killershack22 (@KnightofSquish) reported

    @swaglord_xx @OfficialKaster @OMGitsAliA obviously hasn't seen games like Battlefield 1, Diablo 3 RoS, Titanfall 2, etc. graphics aren't the problem. #PotatoConnection

  • Chaaz Elliott (@PiffGang420) reported

    @Battlefield constantly get black screen after playing operations, stays black screen untill next game. No stats or highlights! PS4 problem.

  • Marc Almond (@marcalmond7) reported from Kippax, England

    @Battlefield why is the normal team deathmatch not working?? Been down for days!! Premium one is fine tho :/

  • Fuzzy Belvedere 🎮 (@Fuzzy_Belvedere) reported

    @Adam17Llewellyn @BeastFireTimdog @PlayStation @Battlefield @PlayOverwatch @RocketLeague Only had login comparisons of friends on PC, XB1 & PS4 for games on @trackernetwork, I stopped checking one @GhostRecon came out.

  • Opinions on football (@FutbolEncrypted) reported

    @Battlefield Are you aware of the broken 'quickmatch' matchmaking aswell? You don't update us about that at all. Very unprofessional.

  • Stick_Boomer (@StickBoomer) reported

    Is Battlefield 1 having server issues? My ping is all over the place.

  • Ryan 🌍 (@The_RyanPalmer) reported

    @Battlefield why do a lot of bf games have server connection issues lately?

  • Freankox (@OmarAlbiss) reported


  • ♩ᾰՊḙṧ ♭✺ℵ❡ 🌊 (@WavyMerica) reported

    @Battlefield It's still not working

  • Luca (@PythonGaming101) reported

    @Battlefield Please fix the Server problem. I cant find server for Domination, Conquest and so on.

  • Joseph J Tucker (@eqtuck) reported

    @politicaltribe Ridiculous Lee statue on battlefield where he commanded forces not a state house!! What is the problem

  • Ghost (@GHOS777) reported

    @DrPhilG00d @torti14 @Battlefield I played a few games this weekend, personally haven't encountered any connection issues.

  • Poolshark (@The_Poolshark) reported

    @tiggr_ @PleasureMaster1 @Battlefield There is an issue with it right now. It is being looked into

  • Neil (@AkUzEd) reported

    @Battlefield 2XP not working (Xbox), yet again. Every Sunday of a 2XP weekend this happens!

Battlefield 1 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX