Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Battlefield V. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 63.98% Online Play
  • Sign in 18.48% Sign in
  • Game Crash 7.58% Game Crash
  • Matchmaking 5.21% Matchmaking
  • Glitches 4.74% Glitches

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Miami Online Play
Saalfeld Online Play
Orlando Online Play
Lyon Online Play
Vienna Online Play
Seelze Online Play

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  • VivekSReddy9 Vivek Subba Reddy (@VivekSReddy9) reported


  • spectatorsport9 spectatorsport___ (@spectatorsport9) reported

    @jfranger @Suhvee @TheXclusiveAce honestly i tried playing it, and with battlefield moving away from Modern to BF1 and then the massive missed opportunity that is BFV... i was hoping that Ground war would be good, but its not, its literally a bunch of roof campers, i think the biggest issue is the map design...

  • HabibHuseynov1 Habib Huseynov (@HabibHuseynov1) reported

    @Battlefield @Tysall fix servers and ban hackers.

  • Marmottie Rikus (@Marmottie) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE Please bring back the South African servers. Especially in these times to have taken them away it's mind blowing, it connected many of my friends and now trying to play on a EU server it's just not working, so slow many players are leaving. PLEASE

  • Bowersauce 93’ 99’ 13’ (@Bowersauce) reported

    @TrueOrigiNole @DrewGHowell I have had Live for 4 months in the past 3 years. I played one night and forgot to cancel and got charged for 3 months of a service I did not use. I am going to be on more since I cannot leave the house. This new game is dope. Feels very Battlefield 3&4, and I am ALL ABOUT IT.

  • RstrixxX TrixX (@RstrixxX) reported

    @UselessNobody8 @VanFinale1 @TheQuartering It's not even limited to remakes, re-imagining's, reboot's et al are all culpable in trying to alter or redefine key elements in story, visuals etc. Hell even sequels can suffer from this issue, hence why I brought up BF5 which you don't want to touch with a 10ft barge pole.

  • _byang_ B-MuthaFuckinYang🗣 (@_byang_) reported

    They want to lay down their lives for the country. He doesn’t want to infect them on purpose. Fake woke idiots tryna make everything an issue. Applaud them for laying their lives on the battlefield and at home.

  • spritesdotcom Polygon_eBooks (@spritesdotcom) reported

    EA will fix online-only Origin, but only in World of Tanks, Mass Effect and Battlefield — in CS:GO first and CS:Battlelogs 2

  • lmaoitsManny 🔥Manny🔥 (@lmaoitsManny) reported

    @RipleyShaine @CarlWeathers6 @PotatoLikeMeNow @RE_Games Play games like @Battlefield V that have millions of dollars in budget and still don’t work 1 year after launch and tell me we are lucky they charge 60$ for rushed broken products. RE3 was a great game, but not worth 60$

  • BenCollins1776 Ben Collins (@BenCollins1776) reported

    @BRRubin Escalation will continue until the Taliban take Kabul. Escalation will increase with more Taliban fighters on the battlefield. The idea that a prisoner release is the crux to the peace problem is absurd. They’ll never accept anything less than the Emirate restored.

  • GoBlueTexan G. Sloan (@GoBlueTexan) reported

    @InfinityWard trash af with their servers and service and I thought @EA_DICE sucked (they still do btw)

  • trapikjam Jamaela (@trapikjam) reported

    And one more thing, social media isn't forgiving as a whole when you're mentally broken. It's a battlefield. A minefield, even. Don't run into it if you're not properly equipped with the right kind of weapons.

  • Lucio_Alter13 Lucio Alter (@Lucio_Alter13) reported

    @evabf_official Evangelion Battlefield: You Can (not) Login

  • hussain_allaw Hussain Ali (@hussain_allaw) reported

    @Losssyy I like bfv though.. Maybe because i am high ping packet loser so the community problems is not my concearn it is the internet connection for ever 😜😜😜

  • dywanex Dywanex (@dywanex) reported

    @Battlefield @zoom_us Bring back frontlines or fix your damn community servers.

  • MM72025473 MM (@MM72025473) reported

    @Losssyy I think the problem with bf5 is that the whole project was way bigger than what can Dice endure

  • chikenbeeflamb chikenbeeforlamb (@chikenbeeflamb) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield @EA_DICE i honestly believe this is the biggest waste of time. DICE needs to be focusing on core gameplay issues and not the colour of my jacket so someone behind me can be 'immersed'

  • DumeArts Crumbling World (@DumeArts) reported from Malibu Hills, California

    @BasvGerwen Hahaha I had to move the dragon to a battlefield, the tower was creating too many issues 😉

  • vulgarcowboy1 Cowb0yFr0mH3ll Ⓥ (@vulgarcowboy1) reported from Nottinghamshire, England

    Anyone else having problems with #Battlefield servers disconnecting, it's been happening on and off for the last hour, booting me back to the menu and then whilst browsing for a server I lose connection to ea servers, #xbox close to getting launched

  • TurtleShell83 Jack (@TurtleShell83) reported

    Contrary to what’s been said by @EA_DICE, @Battlefield doesn’t have a technology problem- they have a leadership problem. Poor UI, bugs, and missing features are the result of bad decisions and priority management.

  • jml041 李剑芒041 (@jml041) reported

    @BarbraStreisand @XiaBamboohermit There are two situations. defence & battle. Taiwan is a good example of defence. But it's not a battlefield. If somehow your defence line have been broken, community spreading started, your next example is South Korea or China.

  • bludreaminn Mado (@bludreaminn) reported

    @RevenantApex_ @cdognkal @iLootGames That’s exactly the problem. Gibby got 4 buff back to back while every other character got nothing or was just getting nerfed. Now we have one legend dominating the battlefield. Not balanced.

  • FelineIndra 𝓘𝓷𝓭𝓻𝓪 (@FelineIndra) reported

    @Precise_Penguin "Probably, but I'm not good with keepin calm enough to use a gun. The battlefield just gets me all excited. Been punchin problems away my whole life anyway." She didn't really know how much Exusiai liked the nickname, it was just easier to say than her actual name.

  • NoobeyGaming NoobeyGaming (@NoobeyGaming) reported

    @MrTomWaffles I disagree. CoD is generally a fast paced game. Issue with Ghosts map design is that generally maps were too big and the core features of Ghosts in general didn't compliment the map design. If you stick Ghosts maps in Battlefield then I think you'd get a more positive vibe

  • obicharles11 CHARLES OBI (@obicharles11) reported

    To clean up other people mess. This means they are very reliable at what they do. The only thing they don't have is intelligence. But they are resolute & complete barbarians on the battlefield. Disregard for human rights isn't an issue as Idris Deby is an autocratic General.

  • jim2guns james (@jim2guns) reported

    @MrProWestie For me it’s not about the content but the content creators doing a good job I like you videos no matter what your doing.warzone for me killed bfv, not the critical errors the bfv baffoons I’ve always stuck by them but not now

  • freehansolo FreeHanSolo (@freehansolo) reported

    @Junoblaze No good man. I just called my Internet provider and I can't even play it. They don't even OFFER a service for fast paced online. Starcraft and shit is fine as well as turn based, but no more battlefield or COD. I'm pissed about it.

  • jclark_jr Jclark.JR (@jclark_jr) reported

    @EA_DICE @InfinityWard can just 1 developer fix the issue of a guy being able to snipe perfectly while taking bullets. Sorry if you are being shot you can aim down a scope and still land 1 shot kills. Just stupid

  • CondorianPlayer D6 Condor (@CondorianPlayer) reported

    @DANNYonPC My biggest issue with BF1. The choices made for the weapons. Wasn't a fan of all premade guns and not able to customise myself. Then the wep class choices felt off deffo for Assault and Medic. Like im still kinda used to medics with LMGs thnx to playing too much BFBC2.

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun🍍🍍🍕🍔🍍🍍 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @Pyke_64 I didn't have a problem w BFV TTK, its slower/faster than BF1 in diverse instances. The problem I had with it is that moving spread is just too low on most guns and anyone can strafe left and right whilst shooting. Standing still at the right time under fire is harder.

  • MAN_4_all_seaso ADETUNDE F ADEDAMOLA (@MAN_4_all_seaso) reported

    @3bood021 @tfx47 @ishakaa @Mohamadlapai @AishaYesufu @MBuhari @NCDCgov Going to the battlefield is not d issue here. He promised to eliminate Boko-Haram in 6 months. If there are moles, then, it becomes a failure on him for not delivering. Except, you don't believe boko haram exist or you think @MBuhari has done brilliantly well. Which is never true

  • bennett_rathbun Bennett Rathbun (@bennett_rathbun) reported

    @Carter_PE Takeaway from the book was people taking solace in the “Good Death”, i.e. bravery on the battlefield, in service to the cause. Here & now, some heroes are dying (front-line healthcare workers) but most will be pointless, avoidable suffering. How to reconcile that, I don’t know.

  • Dangerman1337 Warren Tarbiat (@Dangerman1337) reported

    @TFS_Pun BF1 is way too basic as a base. Very simplistic. Problem isn't "reinventing the wheel". Just give it *way* more development time to refine concepts and ideas. Battlefield has WAY too short of development times.

  • gismogun Gismogun (@gismogun) reported

    @bottletopsquad @JaqubAjmal Never ending issues on BF1 server pay good money in times of trouble for sub standard product The community is split enough of BFV we need to rely on the server to work to run events on BF1 to pull community together for fun nights More than ever in times of lockdown #GAWAlove

  • Oluwaecan Ecan emmanuel (@Oluwaecan) reported

    @bengbenro that a lie oga..Bad leadership has being Nigeria problem on the BH case. ask any soldier in battlefield

  • Dpnsauce2 PF Dpnsauce (@Dpnsauce2) reported

    @Maniklite @VocalPineapple With GigantoMachia, new shigy, AFO ( the human) or just any powerful person in fact thats why twice was the target he was the most dangerous in the battlefield in PLF mansion. With all of this info this makes twice Broken OP

  • ArtoriaIsMyWife HK416IsMyWife (@ArtoriaIsMyWife) reported

    @Eliteodstx Their approach to LMGs is just ******* awful, literally no issue with them in BF3, BF4, and BF1 yet they feel the need to add in MMGs which are useless unless you like staying in one ******* spot for the whole match.

  • ArtoriaIsMyWife HK416IsMyWife (@ArtoriaIsMyWife) reported

    Battlefield V's major issue I'd that it doesn't know what it wants to be, absolutely no sense of direction like BF2 BFBC2, BF3, BF4 and BF1.

  • rubin007x Rubin (@rubin007x) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield The the whole game is an error

  • Amwhere1 Amwhere (@Amwhere1) reported

    @zariannaplays @boccarossa69 It's a problem in more than BFV, too.

  • _OddJob001_ OddJob001 (@_OddJob001_) reported

    @EndersFPS Wish we had actual RSP so communities could fix the problem, like every previous @Battlefield. We WANT many more options (procon), but we currently only NEED few to get going: - Server naming - Edit server maps/settings without restart - Permanent ban lists - 100% server uptime

  • monstahpanda Monstahpanda (@monstahpanda) reported

    @anasioan @pakostevens @tylerlansdown @NetherRealm But your right atm something feels weird i sometimes dont get my hitconfirm bf3 or bf1 out but not cause of input error as if sth is blocking u or gets unresponsive sometimes

  • DonBlayes Blé (@DonBlayes) reported

    @Battlefield my brother and I game share for Battlefield V. It is telling him he is under a trial (which he is not) and that he must upgrade. We tried unlinking our My Home Console as well as clearing saves and it still gives this message. This has been an issue since September.

  • DonBlayes Blé (@DonBlayes) reported

    @EAHelp my brother and I game share for Battlefield V. It is telling him he is under a trial version (which he is not) and that he must upgrade. We tried unlinking our My Home Console as well as clearing saves and it still gives this message. This has been an issue since Sept.

  • DonBlayes Blé (@DonBlayes) reported

    @EAHelp my brother and I game share for Battlefield V. It is telling him he is under a trial version (which he is not) and that he must upgrade. We have tried unlinking our My Home Console as well as clearing saves and it still gives this message. This has been an issue since Oct

  • TheWildGarland TheWildGarland (@TheWildGarland) reported

    I even updated Overwatch, which uses battle net and it launched immediately into the game first try no problems at all LMFAO. It's CoD PubG works, Overwatch works, Battlefield works, everything on my computer works BUT Warzone

  • Zak6898 Zak 🕷🕸 (@Zak6898) reported

    But yet y’all wanna eventually add in 200 fix everything first and add in more places to go loot at making a battle royale map the size of a regular base battlefield map isn’t impressive

  • ENXSwatbaker Swatbaker1944 (@ENXSwatbaker) reported

    Yes, those guys are a thing. They defend every form #BattlefieldV take and don't see any problem anywhere. But people who do ARE the problem, if u listen to them. And that's the worst part. Positivity CAN be a bad thing. They are giving reason to @EA_DICE to keep doing shit.

  • ENXSwatbaker Swatbaker1944 (@ENXSwatbaker) reported

    @JulianJanganoo @oliverCAndersen I can predict next BF is visually be stunning for sure. But we will end up with the same problems as BFV and a high probability of the return in force of the P2W.

  • berman_allen Allen Berman (@berman_allen) reported

    @drdanchoi Battlefield "promotions"--Italy did it for both nursing and medical students--the Governor can't "force" service, and I don't believe he can or would mess with Institutional Graduation Requirements--he's looking for "volunteers"

  • SniperRKO jay sniper (@SniperRKO) reported

    @Battlefield @Xbox stupid game full of cheaters !! Please fix your game !!

  • tappylappy Tappy Lappy (@tappylappy) reported

    @allenow83890817 Change doesn't happen in a straight line. Often it's 2 steps forward 1 step back. Wars are like this, the class-war included. The objective economic conditions determine the battlefield. The Corbyn wave resulted from 2008 crash. The impending crash will put Corbynism in the shade

  • VickiVampiress Marcy 🦩 (@VickiVampiress) reported

    @RAMTEIDisKING It just promotes bad play styles as well. BFV solved a lot of the issues with the medic class from BF1. You should never have to trade in healing or reviving just for a little more firepower. That goes against the concept of a medic. But that's unrelated, so ignore me!

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun🍍🍍🍕🍔🍍🍍 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @Ros11Kevin @DANNYonPC @GetGoodGuyYT I also REALLY hate limited health. It makes medic just flat out the go to for mobile combat, and arguably broken (thank god they don't have ARs) with their instant pouch heal. Players still rely on medics to advance in BF1 but in that game, its at least possible to flank well.

  • dream_o_n Politics is a dirty business 🇪🇺 (@dream_o_n) reported

    @EA I recently started playing @Battlefield 5 on PS4 and have constant connectivity issues. I either can't connect to a server or have very high latency. I live in UK and have fast fibre broadband. You need to sort out your servers!

  • Daythehut Simmer A - HANDWASHING! (@Daythehut) reported

    I'm alerted cause today I saw bunch of guys caught up on explaining "fellow" mans logic for threatening someone who's not even into men. Objectifying others isn't only men's issue but there's a lot to unpack. No one is someone else's battlefield by extension of _their_ impulses.

  • Daythehut Simmer A - HANDWASHING! (@Daythehut) reported

    I'm alerted because today I saw bunch of guys caught up on explaining "fellow" mans logic for threatening someone who's not even into men. Objectifying others isn't only mens issue but there's a lot to unpack there. No one is someone elses battlefield by extension of orientation.

  • TripleStrucK TᖇIᑭᒪᕮ³ (@TripleStrucK) reported

    @Sawtooth_75 @DANNYonPC The visibility is 1 of the biggest issues in BFV thats keepin a lot of people from returning back, every person I had try bfv didnt want to touch the game again cause they said it felt like they were takin an eye test, i could deal wit the other issues if the visibility was fixed

  • twlch63 [BTS] twlch63 (@twlch63) reported

    BTS fun night BF1 7pm BST search for Bottle Top Squad , this might still be broken so join via PSN party PSN twlch63 PSN ll-_-Funky-_-ll

  • Krapecz26 Krapecz Norbert (@Krapecz26) reported

    @EAHelp Yes but 5 game same servers! Fifa Apex Battlefront Nfl Battlefield! This is problem

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX