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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • Glitches (3.99%)
  • Game Crash (3.44%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.18%)

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  • jackstonem2
    martin (@jackstonem2) reported

    @EA_DICE , i need to contact the team because i am having serious problems with your game for months and no one including your ea support solves anything

  • p1anetmatt
    Matt 🥩🍔🍰 (@p1anetmatt) reported

    @xXChampersXx @MrProWestie Contrast issue isn't new, BF1 suffers from it too but nothing was done. It's horrible in BF1, but made even worse in BFV due to plying even more shader effects on top. Just dial it down. You don't need realistic graphics, COD, Fortnite, CS:GS, PubG, and Overwatch all prove it

  • BattleNonSense
    Battle(non)sense (@BattleNonSense) reported

    @dorjannb @Millennium_Jz @kingles10 In terms of marketing EA made every error they could possibly make. If BFV turns out to be a financial failure remains to be seen. I would have preferred to see BFV set during the Vietnam or Cold War rather than WW2. But what matters most to me is the gameplay. 1/2

  • DausenMoore
    Dausen Moore (@DausenMoore) reported

    @Battlefield If you fix the horrible gunplay on console I'll be interested. I've never hated any Battlefield gunplay until Battlefield 5 and I canceled my pre-order because of it.

  • tiggr_
    David Sirland (@tiggr_) reported

    @Memn4rch @EA_DICE @Valerian48k @DRUNKKZ3 The closer we get to complete service for the franchise things like these are no longer completely impossible. Long term projects and gains are viable, and in some cases preferred

  • Batmanlive88
    TheGamerBat (@Batmanlive88) reported

    @EAHelp are you still providing support for BF1? Everytime people try to enter an available vehicle/horse spawn base, it forces a disconnect.

  • raymondc11
    Raymond Cousins (@raymondc11) reported

    Mk, @towandabraxton it seems that y’all are blaming @TraciBraxton for still shooting; however comma it seems y’all are teaming against her AND why are some sisters still taping if the whole issue was Traci still taping? @BFV_WEtv @WEtv #BFV

  • isaacbeasts
    DESTROYS GAMING (@isaacbeasts) reported

    @EA_DICE @Valerian48k Fix the goddamn flare in ******* battlefield 1 Jesus Christ it shouldn’t do that much goddamn damage do you know how flares work you have to be in the flare for a long time not on ******* contact retards

  • Ryan911rm
    Ryan Lentz (@Ryan911rm) reported

    @BungieHelp I’m gonna need you to fix in air registration like ASAP. Just because I’m in the air dosent mean my shotgun should do no damage.Try battlefield. That’s how shotguns should feel.

  • Dangerous_Jezza
    Jeremy (@Dangerous_Jezza) reported


  • NavaronePage
    Punished Zucker-Lily (@NavaronePage) reported

    War game based on world war 2 where everyone knows they're in a video game, including development of goggles that see past a render distance, the enemy deliverable lagging the battlefield to cause glitches and people getting stuck in walls and floors

  • AngrontheAngry
    Primarch Angron (@AngrontheAngry) reported


  • pezard234
    dylan (@pezard234) reported

    @EA_DICE Need to fix chewie in battlefront his bowcaster and shock grenade feels alittle op

  • ShamaJunejo
    Shama Junejo (@ShamaJunejo) reported

    @peaceundrblusky @MalihaSalman6 Exactly, that is the only way for a better future. When Europe can unite, why can’t we? War is no solution, only negotiations are and Kashmir issue has to be resolved on table, not at battlefield

  • 01Pwr
    Mr P (@01Pwr) reported

    Is it just me or has the performance of Battlefield 1 on ps4 been a bag of **** of late? Every game is laggy as hell. Never had this problem before #battlefield1 #battlefield @EA_DICE

  • FunkyBassLine
    wa (@FunkyBassLine) reported

    @Grummz It’s compounded by BFV having some BIG game design flaws. This plus the cosmetics issue plus last year’s fiasco sums to big trouble.

  • HauntSlider
    HauntSlider (@HauntSlider) reported

    @rivaLxfactor The "it's a beta" people were using that for EVERY glitch in BFV, I can't wait to see what the new mantra is when the game comes out if stuff isn't fixed. They'll bag on COD the same way.

  • ludmir_isic
    Isic J.H. Ludmir. (@ludmir_isic) reported

    @RedFishBlues @Strangeland_Elf @BrianSmith_24 @rhfeurtado It's unneccesary, and I determine that on the grounds that the actual battlefield service is voluntary. It's an expensive social institution by now, a relic that's costing Israel huge sums of money that can be put to a better use in defense.

  • StarscreamUK
    Cap'n_StarscreamUK (@StarscreamUK) reported

    so I got a message from a bf3 players, they want my tags, let them take it. sure, bno problem. im in game now.. find me, knife me, you take them, but i wont just give them to you Thats not the #battlefield way dude

  • CD604
    𝕴𝖓𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖎𝖙𝖊 (@CD604) reported

    @Battlefield So much for no unfair advantages, eh? **** EA and DICE. Greedy bums. Fix BF1 before you ask for more money from the fans you screwed over. You won't be getting my money this time around.

  • Wesleyhales1
    Wesley hales (@Wesleyhales1) reported

    @nico_bihary @PUBGxboxlive @XboxWire This game is crap! Same issue as preview stage! Ready for actual working games! BF5,BO4,RDR! These game will make u a after thought!

  • Gilleylen85
    Gilleylen (@Gilleylen85) reported

    @EA_DICE #StarWarsBattlefrontII I heard you are making Ahsoka Tano? She was not in the movies, Who are you going to model her after so she fits into the style? I would play it except its riddled with Issues

  • dylannmcdermot
    TGOD (@dylannmcdermot) reported

    @EA_DICE i hope the live service model actually gives us enough content, i hope we get maps like DDAY, the pacific, and more well know moments in ww2

  • cookieplayer12
    HuffPuff (@cookieplayer12) reported

    @Marc_IRL No actually they work on the new consoles because of the same OS standard. Example: Battlefield will run on Windows 7 and 10. Xbox has pretty much a console version of Windows on it, so it just needs a little nudge to run without problem on the upgraded OS.

  • Mike_OnPS4
    Mike (@Mike_OnPS4) reported

    @dan_mitre Still no tides of war info. Taking way longer then expected. Way longer than previous battlefields when they had way better marketing. The marketing just blows for BFV, all year long. We hope live service delivers. We been through enough let downs/delays/broken promises for BFV

  • thexfiles125
    Mulder (@thexfiles125) reported

    @EA_DICE Can you guys fix BF1's horrible stutter issues after the updates please? 1 year ago this game ran PERFECTLY for me, now it's a stutter-y mess that runs like crap, come on.

  • pesotix
    Pesotix (@pesotix) reported

    Hey people sorry for the last stream technical problems are fixed, i will the saturday in two weeks one stream around 10 am start or formerly. #Battlefield @Battlefield @PlayStation @Twitch @pesotix

  • LongJohns49
    John Naylor (@LongJohns49) reported

    Cant wait to see Battlefield 5 crash and burn this November then these dumbasses at DICE and EA might actually try to fix their shit instead of being babies when the community lashes out at them. Heard the beta was trash, not surprised lol.

  • henrycobb
    Henry Cobb (@henrycobb) reported

    @LeeHudson_ @ACC_Commander Follow the US Constitution and retire USAF (as an Army) into the Guard & Reserves. Air Force pilots will then only be asked to give up two weekends a month, summers and active service only after The Navy has secured access to the battlefield.

  • DotRookArts
    DotRook (@DotRookArts) reported

    A lot has to do with the disconnect between your tiny character flopping around on a small battlefield vs, well watch Omega beating Shinryu. It just finally broke for me.

  • Imiig
    امجد (@Imiig) reported

    @EAHelp Is there any problem or updates in battlefield 1 online today?

  • bakertg
    Tom Baker (@bakertg) reported

    @melindagates It does seem that the most effective efforts involve taking the war to the battlefield. Why not continue the fight on the ground as in Vietnam and Zimbabwe rather than bring the problems to already overrun countries in Europe?

  • KILO11_VIP
    KILO11 VIP (@KILO11_VIP) reported

    @LevelCapGaming What!!!! No way!!! I think that's a big mistake. I really love the first beta. But so many issues that they should do a second beta. Just to gives another chance to see the difference and give to gamers more trust in the game. So many cancel the projet to buy bf5 since the beta.

  • drtahir2014
    Dr tahir (@drtahir2014) reported

    Only way, @PTIofficial and @ImranKhanPTI can make Punjab its fort is via performance.Central Punjb voted Noon L in worst circumstances, they begged 42 out of 57 seats,without any massive compaign..So better for @UsmanAKBuzdar 2 fix grave issues of Punjab, the ultimate battlefield

  • AdamFrederick10
    AdamFiction (@AdamFrederick10) reported

    @SWBFCentral Once the loot box debacle hit at launch, EA lost faith in BF2, and, rather than fix it, moved talent over to work on a new game (BFV) in their most popular franchise to recoup their losses. Several DICE devs have said as much here on Twitter and elsewhere.

  • Keemstar_ebooks
    Daniel Keem (@Keemstar_ebooks) reported

    I'll follow a diss at BF1 servers down again sending nudes but i follow a

  • NazDuru320
    NazDuru (@NazDuru320) reported

    @JxckR6 @LevelCapGaming I like BFV even though the beta was broken af. It can be better than BF4 and BF1 but not BF3 imo.

  • 11_DinkyDau
    NyssyN (@11_DinkyDau) reported

    Grrrrrr the one night I get to play Battlefield an the @EA_DICE servers are down. Figures! I NEED MY FIX

  • Perseco
    Perseco (@Perseco) reported

    @gameinformer @Treyarch @DavidVonderhaar @CallofDuty Why would you split your player base by forcing people to pay to play new maps? This creates awkward situations amongst friends who want to play together, but one doesn't have the DLC. Why not focus on paid content that doesn't create this issue, as Fortnite and BFV have done?

  • FrostbyteM2
    Tyler Amos (@FrostbyteM2) reported

    The biggest error made by the Smash 4 community throughout it's history is not legalizing Miiverse over Battlefield.

  • PeytonWXYZ
    Peyton (@PeytonWXYZ) reported

    @jessicashortall I can't disagree with your premise. It's also tough to find any issue that takes precedence over power. IE. Neither party cares about "insert issue here" more than they care about power. Though women do very often seem to find themselves in the middle of the power battlefield.

  • CronosThomas
    Cronos Thomas (@CronosThomas) reported

    @EA_DICE @EAAccess @EA @EAMaddenNFL When is there going to be a patch to fix the scheme fit problem? If a player is 99 overall they shouldnt be deducted from the scheme fit. You shouldnt be punished for helping build a player you drafted to being the best player they can be.

  • agroshr3der
    agroshr3der (@agroshr3der) reported

    Why did battlefield reset everything back to zero any body know about this or is a major glitch on my end?

  • HenryDalelio
    Rogue181st_hank (@HenryDalelio) reported

    Is there any truth to the rumor that half of the Devs have left BF5 and are on there way to help fix Battlefront 2? Asking for a friend. @Poetic824 @Redwolf72ps4 @ImperialAce1985 @moonbilge @FelsWrath @jonherring87 @SimonHKirby @SammyBoiii1 @Infowun @MJKochenderfer

    Ragna (@REBELLIONII) reported

    @PhantomBaiken > fully. "...G-Gah..!" The force of the impact send Ragna flying some distance away from the battlefield, the witnesses running outside of his trajectory to evade collateral damage. *CRASH!* Wood and leafs were sent flying to multiple directions, the reaper crashed >

  • cszabla
    cs (@cszabla) reported

    @HistoryNed @APHClarkson because in theory bfv could stop the other intelligence agencies from infringing on german democracy as well? I don't see how the bfv's problems are related to its theoretical purpose to the point where you eliminate it rather than reform and make it useful

  • Manimal_Prime
    manimal_prime (@Manimal_Prime) reported

    @Deity7 Can you launch any other Origin games? Like, download something like base game BF4 and try that. Isolate the issue to Origin it BF1.

  • Scagway
    Caribou Lou (@Scagway) reported

    @ForeignAffairs @micheleflournoy @MichaelSulmeyer in the article, Battlefield Internet, there is a program for students called Cybercorps: Scholarship for Service funded by @NSF. To your point it should be further expanded, but it does exist.

  • joedavid30
    Joe David (@joedavid30) reported

    @AboutChesapeake Does the city have any plans to fix Battlefield Blvd or get rid of the tolls on 168? Battlefield Blvd was backed up SB from Centerville/Benefit to the 168 Off-Ramp at Hillcrest. 2 miles of parking lot. (1/2)

  • lilmikeee8
    Mike 👾 (@lilmikeee8) reported

    @battlefield BF1 is broken can you fix us pls

  • LumoColorUK
    LumoColor 🇬🇧 (@LumoColorUK) reported

    @Frankiec7762 Your words are in the thread above, scroll back and read them, no twisting. You cannot defend the level of issues in the beta after the same issues were noted in alpha and not addressed. BF1 beta had issues, but it was so much fun to play, BFV is not fun had enough after 40hr.

  • JakeyZeFox
    v e r y tired doggo 🦊 (@JakeyZeFox) reported

    "No lag, You can play things like Battlefield with no trouble at all!" I can barely even connect to XBL, Let alone play ANY game. Customer support has been called multiple times, technicians have been out a couple times, internet outages on clear sunny days. Ridiculous.

  • morri85
    morri (@morri85) reported

    @kiwinerd BfV is the federal constitutional watch dog, not to be confused with the BND which is German intelligence Service.

  • HardCor3Gam3r69
    722-Steve_V (@HardCor3Gam3r69) reported

    @iluminat3thesky i,ve been getting lag like this on bf1 and hardline playing on us east servers too

  • LumoColorUK
    LumoColor 🇬🇧 (@LumoColorUK) reported

    3/ I do not want to encourage them by pre-ordering a game with no RSP, run on shitty servers/ 500 ping laggers, full of bugs/new bugs introduced every month. Had it with poor quality issues in BF1 and the constant reporting bugs/server issues that never got fixed after 2 years.

  • JamesKlanger
    VS-2107 (@JamesKlanger) reported

    @GetGoodGuyYT I agree with this. We all need to start listening again not insulting I can't see enemies in BFV, if others can fine for them. I accept that and maybe this could have to do with my eyes, as I had an accident with them in the past. But its good to know others have that issue too

  • TheAmazingMCR
    Frosty (@TheAmazingMCR) reported

    @_iamthealpha @farazqasim7 I have absolutely no problem if you guys don't like it or even hate it but it definitely is not a flop. Battlefield V is an example of a amazing franchise possibly flopping

  • Pini0n
    Nuno Boaventura (@Pini0n) reported

    @Battlefield Still two months to go... : ( Need my BFV fix after that Open Beta

  • arniexi
    Ian (@arniexi) reported

    @Battlefield my concern with the new Battlefield V about to be release is that already some players are using Aimbot? How are you addressing this problem?

  • liquorlobby
    Chet Youbetcha (@liquorlobby) reported

    @EA_DICE guess you guys are too busy rammimg BFV down everyones throats to fix the server issues in BF1. Haven't been able to get into a full game for days now. Absolutely unacceptable to constantly play 15 on 15 in Conquest. You guys need to populate the servers!!

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX