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  • Wafflepaws
    Mradmin (@Wafflepaws) reported

    @Warcraft @BlizzardCS Can we get some information on the auction house? It's been slow borderline broken for more than a week. Frustrating.

  • Kleenexz1758
    Name cannot be blank (@Kleenexz1758) reported

    @BlizzardCS is character transfer broken? My priest has been processing a transfer for over half an hour

  • abesterical
    abesterical (@abesterical) reported

    @BlizzardCS what is going on with oceanic servers?? The lag is getting really unbearable. I've got a low latency but everything has a 0.5-1sec delay

  • TEllengold
    Thomas Ellengold (@TEllengold) reported

    @BlizzardCS Trying to log in... Launch game and then sit @ "Logging into game server" for a few....then I'm suddenly back at user name and password screen... Is the login server down again??

  • reijeconiah
    Reinaldy Silalahi (@reijeconiah) reported

    @RodrigoMohs @BlizzardCS You guys still have the problem?

  • RodrigoMohs
    Rodrigo Mohs (@RodrigoMohs) reported

    @BlizzardCS @reijeconiah my gf and i have the same problem right now with overwatch

  • QuanAndMercy
    ♥Quan And Mercy♥ (@QuanAndMercy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Your support services are broken whenever we try to submit a file for a game or when we try to send in any kind of a report ticket the support page breaks

  • tecywiz121
    Sam Wilson (@tecywiz121) reported

    @startca @BlizzardCS Looks like I'm having problems connecting to WoW/Battle.Net again. I know that awhile back there was an issue between you two. Is it happening again?

  • LewDog13_
    Nick Lewis (@LewDog13_) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Warcraft I have been experiencing an issue since BFA launched where I am trying to party up with a friend and we still end up in a different shard. I've tried logging out, leaving the zone, reforming the party, etc. but we can never see each other in the same place.

  • TyColl
    Tyler Collins (@TyColl) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hi! I'm having a weird authenticator issue I'm needing help with. I tried to go through the normal support route, but it's asking for an authenticator code (which I can't get to) to verify I'm me. any chance you could help me out?

  • _ParaDyme
    ParaDyme (@_ParaDyme) reported

    @BlizzardCS Having issues with exceptionally high pings in Overwatch, yet speedtests tell me my internet is running at very low latency.

  • ChuckieLogsdon
    Cödex (@ChuckieLogsdon) reported

    @BlizzardCS Any fix for the Guild Bank/ Auction House lag on high pop servers in the future?

  • codmc20
    gg (@codmc20) reported

    @BlizzardCS Figured it out, issue was with one of the loot council addons (Big Dumb Loot Council)

  • seanthegamer190
    Sean (@seanthegamer190) reported

    @BlizzardCS um ide like to report server lag on diablo3 that servers are lagging and im lagging when picking up stuff and running around could you guys look into it please

  • wschott35
    Wes (@wschott35) reported

    @BlizzardCS Fix the AH lag Blizzard. This is ridiculous

  • Deathshandx
    Jasmine 🦑 (@Deathshandx) reported

    @BlizzardCS im getting dc'd every few seconds from the game and having issues logging back in, often taking several tries to do so. ping is only at 30 & my internets working fine w/ everything else. Are there currently issues with the server Blackhand causing me to dc? :(

  • Madmmoore
    Mason Moore (@Madmmoore) reported

    @BlizzardCS I uninstalled thinking it was the problem. I just restarted the router for the 4th time and now it's working, thanks though! Sorry I was angry

  • ChaosRaiser327
    ChaosRaiser327 (@ChaosRaiser327) reported

    @BlizzardCS The issue may persist but my internet has crapped out on me with an “unstable connection” according to the tech support person. Might have to wait and see if it’s really your connection to me or my connection to you.

  • Deadpool_49ers
    Nahakuelua T Arquero (@Deadpool_49ers) reported

    @BlizzardCS BLZBNTBNA00000A8E no instructions in support posted to fix this

  • BozPlays
    Boz (@BozPlays) reported

    @BlizzardCS any word on fixing the guild bank issues? Taking way too long to withdraw and deposit has been for a couple days

  • reijeconiah
    Reinaldy Silalahi (@reijeconiah) reported

    @BlizzardCS @PlayOverwatch help, I can't login to Americas server..

  • pandababy42
    Krystle McClung (@pandababy42) reported

    @BlizzardCS Area52 is still experiencing extreme lag with the guild bank and auction house. Its been over 24 hours. Any updates on it since it was reported?

  • StaeleAU
    Josh (@StaeleAU) reported

    @BlizzardCS have you guys managed to fix the oceanic lag when not in warmode shards or do we just have to play warmode to be able to do new content in BFA?

  • Dustin7000
    Childish Dustino (@Dustin7000) reported

    @BlizzardCS when i try and launch overwatch on PC i get an error message that says "sorry we were unable to log you in timeout communicating with blizzard services" please help

  • DaenMak
    DaenMak (@DaenMak) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for replying. Any likelihood we'll be offered free realm transfers? This is only happening on A52 for me. Darkspear and Proudmoore have no issues at all. From what I gather it seems to be an issue on the realms that also went down on launch day.

  • DaenMak
    DaenMak (@DaenMak) reported

    @BlizzardCS Any likelihood we'll be offered free realm transfers? This is only happening on A52 for me. Darkspear and Proudmoore have no issues at all. From what I gather it seems to be an issue on the realms that also went down on launch day.

  • ELLl0TT
    𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔦𝔬𝔱𝔱 (@ELLl0TT) reported

    @ChaosRaiser327 @BlizzardCS this is happening to me too, i'm allowed to move around but nothing else loads... no npcs in other zones at all, only way to fix it temporarily is restarting the game or sometimes /reload works after waiting 30secs-1min.

  • Oxyauna
    Oxy (@Oxyauna) reported

    @Midgettes @SpartySmallwood @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS I just saw a reply to someone's tweet about this. All it stated was that they were aware of the issue and investigating.

  • Oxyauna
    Oxy (@Oxyauna) reported

    @Midgettes @SpartySmallwood @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS I just saw a reply to someone's tweet about this. All it stated was that they were aware of the issue and investigating.

  • CKortJester
    Colby Kortas (@CKortJester) reported

    @BlizzardCS figures it's stable after i ask about it. but I've been having this issue for about a month now.

  • GrazedCantHunt
    ImCalledGrazed (@GrazedCantHunt) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having problems in contacting support, due to a lost item in the mail. When I use the "self care" link, I get a message that there's no account with that email. Please help me locate the item an NPC sent me through the mail. Thank you.

  • OwlcapwnTV
    Owlcapwn (@OwlcapwnTV) reported

    @BlizzardCS Still having spell lag issues with combo generating classes on the realm Sargeras. This doesn't happen on my other realms.

  • CKortJester
    Colby Kortas (@CKortJester) reported

    @BlizzardCS for some reason overwatch cannot hold a game for me for more than 45 seconds. then I lag out and it logs me out. forcing me to close the game before signing back in.

  • TylWelsh
    Tyler Welsh (@TylWelsh) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for the help. Went ahead, closed everything, went into admin, checked for updates, scanned and repaired, restarted and still getting either a straight disconnect, or just a black screen on login. Trying to connect to Proudmoore if that makes any difference

  • SwiftOz
    Swift (@SwiftOz) reported

    @BlizzardCS The 'Character not found' issue from launch day seems to have returned. Can't log in to my characters or create any new ones.

  • TylWelsh
    Tyler Welsh (@TylWelsh) reported

    @BlizzardCS Any news on WoW server issues? Currently unable to login, all characters coming up as "Character not found" and trying to change servers just ends in black screen

  • vajbff
    Victoria Gilbert (@vajbff) reported from Lebanon, Missouri

    @BlizzardCS I’m trying to find a customer service number to call and have my Authenticator removed. Submitting a ticket on the website got me nowhere.

  • Zileo_OG
    Zileo (@Zileo_OG) reported

    @BlizzardCS is there an ETA on the darkmoon deck: fathoms fix for ranged hunter specs? :)

  • DragonAltair
    Dragon Altair (@DragonAltair) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can't get in contact with live support. says unexpected error and that i can't

  • MikeOtogami
    Mike音神 (@MikeOtogami) reported

    @BlizzardCS But i dont disconnect because I wanted to do it, I make everything to return and help my team, sometimes I can finish the match and win, but for disconnect i recive a penalty of -50 points and time. I'm afraid for more penalties... Can I do something for crashes? Thx for read me.

  • FigNorton00
    Fig Norton (@FigNorton00) reported

    @BlizzardCS are you guys gonna roll out a fix for the world quest a shot at the dark iron...mobs and event wont spawn. its dropping pretty decent updates and its locked

  • orbit__night
    orbit_night (@orbit__night) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS no matter how many times I try to fix parental controls that I DID NOT PUT ON MY ACCOUNT it keeps telling me to do the same damn thing fix your site #blizzard #Customer #service #overwatch #stupid

  • JusticeShinesTv
    Mason Kirkbride (@JusticeShinesTv) reported

    @BlizzardCS hey I'm getting a ton of unplayable lag. Restarted game and just restarted laptop

  • RockyTopPage
    Ryan Page (@RockyTopPage) reported

    @BlizzardCS Issue resolved. Hard reset did the trick. Thanks for the speedy response!

  • LaggahGaming
    Nicholas Brown (@LaggahGaming) reported

    @BlizzardCS Whats going on with A Shot at the Dark Iron quest? Not working on half the servers I hear been broke all day...

  • OnlyKuuda
    KUUDA (@OnlyKuuda) reported

    @BlizzardCS No, it happens when i try to login into world of warcraft. Suddenly i just can't log in. Even when i type a wrong password.

  • stergey
    TGC Clos 🐨 (@stergey) reported

    @Exumbroski @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs should've said lag, not freezing. everyone in the instance (including mobs) will lag out

  • Xanna1
    Xanna (@Xanna1) reported

    @BlizzardCS Maybe a localized problem due to east coast weather right now? Seems to have cleared up. I was seeing it on PC Bnet App as well as Xb1 D3 login. But only BNet games. No other DCs. I'm blaming the storms outside

  • KingDollars8
    King Dollars (@KingDollars8) reported

    @BlizzardCS @neil_obras @BlizzardCS why do i disconnect in comp? But when i play quick play i dont?

  • dur4nda1
    Dur4ndal (@dur4nda1) reported

    @BlizzardCS Still giving me issues, now it's world pings of 4000 tried everything in the article you linked me. I can connect to everything else just fine, it's isolated to WoW.

  • HighPriestEmrys
    Emrys (@HighPriestEmrys) reported

    Are you guys going to do anything about the Auction House and Guild Bank lag on populated servers @BlizzardCS ? I'm on Tichondrius and you literally can not deposit anything in your guild's bank at this time.

  • JusticeShinesTv
    Mason Kirkbride (@JusticeShinesTv) reported

    @BlizzardCS getting some really bad lag getting hard to play. Any update?

  • stergey
    TGC Clos 🐨 (@stergey) reported

    @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs has instance lag been addressed yet? Constantly freezing in dungeons for 10-15 sec at a time

  • Jintex2
    Jintex (@Jintex2) reported

    @BlizzardCS yeah sure so im lvling right now and i need to pick a new zone from kultiras at the table but I can't click the table ive read that was an issue thats apparently fixed not for me tho

  • shannyfish
    shannon (@shannyfish) reported

    Hey @BlizzardCS I would love it if my Earth & Fire elementals would actually ATTACK. I've had this glitch out several times now, even using the pet controls they just stand there and chill while I die 0_0 #Warcraft #BattleForAzeroth

  • _iEverything_
    Isaac ✨ (@_iEverything_) reported

    Hey @BlizzardCS ! I’m having an issue redeeming a card code for Overwatch (got it through game stop blue yeti purchase) and it’s saying that I cannot redeem the code

  • SoRiAsT
    Baptiste (@SoRiAsT) reported

    @BlizzardCS Sure. Already tried that 4 times and still the same issue... :( And as far as I can see online, I’m not the only one...

  • Vance228
    Kevin Shick (@Vance228) reported

    @BlizzardCS I was holding a character name for a friend, and after doing a race change with a new name, my friend can't use the name I was holding. How can we fix this so he can use the name? This happened this morning.

  • neil_obras
    neil o. (@neil_obras) reported

    @BlizzardCS hello! Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms isn’t currently working for MM and BM hunter spec. Can you guys please fix it?

  • Jintex2
    Jintex (@Jintex2) reported

    @BlizzardCS any fix for kultiras im unable to pick my next zone