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Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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February 16: Problems at Binance

Binance is having issues since 06:40 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Login (64.58%)
  • Website (31.25%)
  • Transactions (4.17%)

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  • Fluffyratz Brain (@Fluffyratz) reported

    @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @cz_binance @abramcookson @binance This is how I see it and I may be wrong. ICO (raise money) -->market goes down --> start trading funds raised because, F you we can do whatever we want --> get delisted --> people (contributors) debate on company social channels --> ban them and neglect it happened.

  • Bitcoin_Brain i₿rain (@Bitcoin_Brain) reported

    @binance @Binance_DEX Relist $mod #modum please. This delisting is an fatal error. Please #relistmodum

  • Fluffyratz Brain (@Fluffyratz) reported

    @cz_binance @abramcookson @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @binance @cz_binance do not always agree with you, but this time you nailed it! It's a big problem if a company starts to trade the funds they've raised. Ethically very wrong and a ***** way of running a business.

  • pokertwitacc When 🚀 🌙? (@pokertwitacc) reported

    @JesusFndz It's available now on Binance so it wouldn't be a big difference. Most of the traffic will be on Binance from now on, day 1... so plenty of room for growth now but today will be telling, once most people wake up. Then again, it's the weekend so overall traffic should be down.

  • Crystamped Mr. Bitcoin [BTC⚡LTC] (@Crystamped) reported

    @karen27486526 @litecoin @binance @CoinMarketCap @DigiByteCoin @Ripple @coindesk @blockchain @BitPay @coinbase @BTCTN @SatoshiLite @rogerkver @XPChain_Global @xpcoin_io I wasted some time trying to sign up for this... got error message: "You are using invalid network setting contact support"

  • lifequality4eve Lifequality4ever (@lifequality4eve) reported

    @HuMicro @Monopoly__Money @cz_binance @abramcookson @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @binance I think Chinese government is cracking down on it by forcing binance to delist it. There are to much players that attacked the project in the last few months. Didn't this things happen to Bitcoin too. Bitcoin was An attack on the money system. #Substratum is attacking censorship

  • cryptocoinplus Crypto RICK (@cryptocoinplus) reported

    @CHalexov2016 @drdeller @abramcookson @SubstratumNet @binance @cz_binance After heavy consideration I feel as if the only scam about this project is the possibility of it not working because of some simple workaround. Otherwise there is a definitely a product and a very transparent team. @cz_binance new substratum anthem is Portal - 'Still Alive'

  • cryptocoinplus Crypto RICK (@cryptocoinplus) reported

    @drdeller @abramcookson @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @binance @cz_binance so many variables in these stores that have been guided by witchhunts its sad that ignoring the drama haters has lead to people believing their lies... i guess this is why none of the top sub holders are dropping rank... must be a terrible project. Thanks @cz_binance

  • abramcookson abramcookson (@abramcookson) reported

    @FluzKing @binance @SubstratumNet @wbm_97 @DecryptoBL I understand but someone can’t just make a 100% false claim against me and then start trailing off on other issues. Are their communication issues yes, but this is not the space I’m trying to solve those in.

  • ismailtarim977 İsmail TARIM (@ismailtarim977) reported

    @Josh_Rager @IamNomad @Tokenized8 @Daemon_Crypto 1/2 Just another note, We have been talking to regulators for a project, regulators' definition of utility token (so not a security) 1:1 corresponds to Exchange Tokens. There are still some issues to be solved like airdrops&bounties, but Binance can easily get away with it.

  • abramcookson abramcookson (@abramcookson) reported

    @wbm_97 @FluzKing @binance @SubstratumNet @DecryptoBL If you don’t have a problem with me walk back your baseless claim you made earlier. That’s all. Apologize for making a false accusation and I’ll move on.

  • wbm_97 William McKenzie (@wbm_97) reported

    @abramcookson @FluzKing @binance @SubstratumNet @DecryptoBL The only one who is going down a “rabbit hole” is a grown man going ballistic towards someone in their 20s. This binance delisting has caused unforeseen financial circumstances and led to several emotional outbursts.

  • ezDistribute Jason Taylor (@ezDistribute) reported

    @LiamLightmare @binance Haters, trying to drive price down for entry

  • wbm_97 William McKenzie (@wbm_97) reported

    @abramcookson @FluzKing @binance @SubstratumNet @DecryptoBL I don’t have a major problem with you directly Abram, the one who is a problem for your multimillion dollar project is Justin Tabb. He’s mislead the public on release dates, caused more nightmares than good.. That’s agreeable. But, this tweetstorm is unprofessional for a CIO.

  • abramcookson abramcookson (@abramcookson) reported

    @wbm_97 @FluzKing @binance @SubstratumNet @DecryptoBL Waiting on you to walk back your accusation at me before taking me down another rabbit hole.

  • Plehs1 PLEH (@Plehs1) reported

    @satoshua @binance @cz_binance Hi Joshua, before the listing approx 2 weeks ago there was a rumour that Cloak would be listed on Binance ("alanmaster") and the (rumour) pumped this coin a lot also end of trendline). And after that the entire market goes down, because the bear market and listing was a fact.

  • arthurbeckett2 arthur beckett (@arthurbeckett2) reported

    @TheCryptoDog kKucoin exchange. Very similar to binance and never had a major issue.

  • SpendCard (@SpendCard) reported

    @abrams_kyle @cz_binance @binance @Teddy_Lin We were not expecting this influx of users and are doing our best to keep up. For your friend that downloaded the app, please make sure they are reading our @SpendSupport channel to see how to solve most issues he would face. We released a new version of the Spend App today! 👍

  • YWorkFT YouWorkForThem ⚡️ (@YWorkFT) reported

    @overridepro @binance Issue is, scammy token with no real working model pushing second ICO as a money grab on people not bright enough to realize they're wasting time, better spent with #bitcoin

  • tradingroomapp Trading Room (@tradingroomapp) reported

    @CryptoCX1 @get_delta @binance Ahhhh can’t do free, requires serious investment on server side. Let’s live with delta for now :-)

  • dkthcrypto Darren (@dkthcrypto) reported

    I have clearly set a sale limit price order of $0.00109 and $0.00111 but instead it was executed at $0.000111. I have lost all my money for this glitch. It was not a personal mishap; it happened to a few other people too. Please do something about it. I’ve lost $6000 on Binance!!

  • JosePrieto2009 Jose Prieto (@JosePrieto2009) reported

    @ImNotTheWolf @cz_binance @binance @coinbase I use it a lot believe me is not hate, but I just want to give them a hard time for not listing more coins. You also compare the work done by both exchanges in their operational periods and @binance work is a true example (regardless of regulatory issues)

  • JosePrieto2009 Jose Prieto (@JosePrieto2009) reported

    @ImNotTheWolf @cz_binance @binance I use it a lot believe me is not hate, but I just want to give them a hard time for not listing more coins. You also compare the work done by both exchanges in their operational periods and @binance work is a true example (regardless of regulatory issues)

  • vanDragon8 İvan Dragon (@vanDragon8) reported

    @BannedRipoff @Thrillmex Binance support npxs like btt, in this situation can not move down 0.

  • abramcookson abramcookson (@abramcookson) reported

    @drdeller @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @binance @cz_binance Yes there is, doing my best to fix it.

  • Snoitseuq14 SnoitseuqPi (@Snoitseuq14) reported

    @automatedDaan @binance You lose money because of your decisions, take some responsibility for your terrible choices. Be honest, you are using binance as a wallet for shitcoins, there's nobody trading SUB. You don't have anything to lose if you don't own the keys. You gave it away.

  • chaz_chazhunter Chaz (@chaz_chazhunter) reported

    @cz_binance @abramcookson @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @binance Hopefully, just a comedy of unintended errors and misunderstandings. In the end, all will come right.

  • abramcookson abramcookson (@abramcookson) reported

    @cz_binance @CHalexov2016 @SubstratumNet @binance If there are legit issues feel free to reach out. Regardless of listing.

  • CdennehyChris Chris Smith (@CdennehyChris) reported

    @bjallmon @binance This comes across as very cold to those of us who supported you and are currently down thousands. Being 100 percent product and very poor at communication hasn't worked out well. Especially when there is no product.

  • Moneyhouse3 Don Mega (@Moneyhouse3) reported

    @cz_binance Hello I hope your having a great day, ive been on binance for a while and I'm having a problem seeing my trade history I been emailing back and forth with a rep but they don't seem to be very helpful .

  • ____WhatSup__ cryptomaniac (@____WhatSup__) reported

    @CoinKor @OntologyNetwork @binance The review was approved and released. Transaction ID: [NeoVmService] service system call error!: [SystemCall] service execute error!: [Invoke] Native serivce function execute error!: [Transfer] balance insufficient.

  • ____WhatSup__ cryptomaniac (@____WhatSup__) reported

    @CoinKor @OntologyNetwork @binance PEOPLE BEWARE.. BIBOX exchange DOnt have any ONG token balance, Dont trade or buy their. My deposited balance when I tried to withdraw ended up insufficient balance error since they depleted their ONG wallet.

  • zhusu Su Zhu (@zhusu) reported

    @_RJTodd @nic__carter @trajanmex @crypto_bobby @mdudas @binance You are still not entitled to dividends. You may be able to reorg the board of directors, but they can proceed to betray your wishes also. You also cant wind down the company without tendering vs the minority shareholders, so you cant unlock the cash that way either.

  • _RJTodd Ryan Todd (@_RJTodd) reported

    @zhusu @nic__carter @trajanmex @crypto_bobby @mdudas @binance At the end of the day it comes down to rights. You're entitled to nothing as an owner of BAT. Holders of BAT are really just playing optionality on future accretive changes to the token, nothing more

  • DecryptoBL Brian Li (@DecryptoBL) reported

    @AdamDimora @overridepro @SubstratumNet @binance 3/ Network / smart contract stability - Multiple exchange/wallet services have delisted #SUB as a result of errors from the recent smart contract migration. Network stability doesn't apply here because #Substratum doesn't even use blockchain for anything more than payments.

  • lockyer83 ₿ James Lockyer (@lockyer83) reported

    So that waa clearly a glitch eaelier today on my @binance app that said $BTT was upnover 700%

  • steviejvegas steviejvegas (@steviejvegas) reported

    @prt_xmr @BigCheds Need new dex. Not a binance dex. Centralised exchange isn’t a good thing. Dex will come though. The problem is how many more projects will die at the hands of binance before that happens

  • YassinMobarak Yassin Mobarak (@YassinMobarak) reported

    @AlexSaundersAU @binance I really expected more from MOD, especially since they were tackling a serious logistics problem in the pharmaceutical industry. Not sure what went wrong with them.

  • finsnews Kiro Sivouv Cryptonian® (@finsnews) reported

    Actually #MOD is one of the very few tokens in the crypto space with a real use case... is not a troubled project,actually is doing incredible well ...only problem is that #MOD is not the pump/dump shitty token(aka no fees for #Binance) and that’s why #Binance is delisting it...

  • assad_ayaz Assassin84 [Powered By Zilliqa] (@assad_ayaz) reported

    @bjallmon @binance I meant fight more like Digibyte is doing. They are talking puclic about this listing issue they had with Binance. CZ demanding a apologies from them. Many are taking about how Binance is conducting their Business. Get people more aware of this. Tweet and do some interview

  • theOddRedBit Soumyaroop Dutta (@theOddRedBit) reported

    @bjallmon @binance With due respect. A great product doesn’t equal to a successful adoption. Your management is letting you guys down. Please as Justin and co to keep their mouths shut and focus on the product now. While I respect the dev team, all the ico trading drama was unnecessary.

  • SpendCard (@SpendCard) reported

    @HellandBackRob @cz_binance @binance @Teddy_Lin If you're using an iOS device, go ahead and login and tab over to the profile screen. You can verify your information and upgrade to Tier 2, which is required to order a Spend Card. Let us know if you have any issues at all. We are here to help!

  • faze47 Mark (@faze47) reported

    @peach_1340 @overridepro @SubstratumNet @binance He's hardly a credible CEO, admits to orchastrated pump n dumps and made a video saying they were day trading the ICO funds which is illegal. Theres also the smart contract issue which allows them to access supposedly "burned coins"

  • SpendCard (@SpendCard) reported

    @MykolaRadchenko @binance We made an announcement earlier. Please click sign out and then re sign in as you may have a cache issue. Please let us know if that fixes the issue.

  • SoundMoneyz Sound Money Central ⚡️ (@SoundMoneyz) reported

    @SpendCard @cz_binance @binance @Teddy_Lin I would suggest removing the IOS app from the store as well. It crashes every single time when you try to login.

  • mozdef_ckamau Chris MoZdeF K (@mozdef_ckamau) reported

    @BinanceHelpdesk OK, so it's just an internal binance issue, because the network is fine. The message is very misleading.

  • Drenica01 Drenica01 (@Drenica01) reported

    Poor Salt, Mod, Wings, Sub, Clock. Binance want to delest them and already up to 30% down 🙄. Time to fill up your bags!

  • assad_ayaz Assassin84 [Powered By Zilliqa] (@assad_ayaz) reported

    @bjallmon @binance Are you only less concerned. This actually concerns me more. You guys could close down now because 98% of volume was on Binance. If I was a legit projects and this happened to me I would raise this issue up and fight for my project.

  • BigRemy69 CryptoGymJunkie (@BigRemy69) reported

    @modum_io @binance @MercatoxCom @latokens @Nebula_Exchange First kucoin and now binance. Go read the BS they posted when it was delisted from kucoin. No problem they said, binance is where we want to be... #shitcoin

  • BitcoinBuIl ₿itcoin Bull ™ (@BitcoinBuIl) reported

    @binance Only problem is the $3000 individual cap. That's not even 1 BTC @cz_binance @binance

  • chrislazer Chris Laz (@chrislazer) reported

    @overridepro @binance The issue is that you guys were stuffing around for a year without bringing a real project to the masses. As well as your shorting eth and amplify another ico which lost you a lot of followers. Sold at a loss but a relief to let shitcoin go, so much promise but the team useless

  • fredsellers Fred (@fredsellers) reported

    @SatoshiFlipper I disagree. If your token solely depends on Binance for success, there have been issues all along.

  • Cypto_Playa Crypto_Constantine (@Cypto_Playa) reported

    @satoshua @EventBinance @binance @CloakCoin @cz_binance @cloakcoin_promo @Binance_Info @BinanceAcademy @BinanceAngels @BinanceLabs Time for you to step down/resign looks like you must have given the Crypto Exchange godfather a bad vibe, how did you fck that right up.. RIP @CloakCoin

  • jamocrypto Critical Thinker 🔑₿ (@jamocrypto) reported

    @mfischface @bjallmon @binance This is so wrong. Not a Sub holder but if they continue to work on the project after delisting that shows it is a project worth investing in. 95% of the coins on Binance could be delisted. Hell, Binance could go down. Most of those 95% will fold up shop if they haven’t already

  • mdudas Mike Dudas (@mdudas) reported

    @RektCryptoFox @binance I believe it applies in this case unless Binance issues some sort of claim on assets to token holders once burns end.

  • CryptoEthan Ethan Ackerman (@CryptoEthan) reported

    @nic__carter @crypto_bobby @mdudas @binance Buybacks also stop in a few years. Trading fees discounts slow down before eventually stopping too. Brilliant move on @binance's part to issue what is essentially equity with an expiration date

  • TheCryptoMonk The Crypto Monk ⛩ (@TheCryptoMonk) reported

    $SUB: - Raising $13M in Sep 2017 - Treasury problems a year later - Delisted from its only exchange providing liquidity Being listed on Binance today is a two-edged sword. The project gets more exposure and liquidity increases but the day you get kicked out, it's game over.

  • invstNurslf Dan Brotz (@invstNurslf) reported

    I need some help @cz_binance @binance or #XRPCommunity. I’ve sent several transactions of XRP from Binance to my ledger nano S several times no problem, but trying to send moms XRP from Binance to the ledger keeps saying “invalid tag” even when i hit “no tag” don’t know why

  • chiraagpatel123 gambo (@chiraagpatel123) reported

    reminder not to keep crypto on exchanges. whether its binance, bittrex, bitfinex, coinbase etc etc. Time and time again we see crypto exchanges "hacked", "down", "disappearing". Learn to transfer to wallet. Be responsible $btc $eth $ltc $xmr $dash $neo $xrp $trx $vet $zec

  • overridepro Justin Tabb (@overridepro) reported

    We are looking into the @binance delisting as we were given no prior notice and no questions so we are trying to understand what the issue is and will report back once our messages are replied to. Thanks for your patience.