Is Binance down?

Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Binance. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Chicago Login
Barbosa Website
Annemasse Transfer
Roussillon Transactions
Pereira Login
Halle (Saale) Transfer

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  • bitcointazz BTC Tazz (@bitcointazz) reported

    This is the same wallet that transferred to @binance 2 days ago.. small time later , there was a $1 Million dump.. this may also be #airfoil baker (just a guess, a lot of Txs from airfoil to this account).. who are shutting down, and now looks to be liquidating all their #Tezos

  • mehowbrains MehowBrains-Heimdall⚡️ (@mehowbrains) reported

    @adriancantrill @Sandercrypto78 @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org @RemindMe_OfThis If you can trade and predict every leg up/down, great for you. But typically in illiquid assets it’s not so obvious to have a high hit rate, LTF or HTF even. Hence it’s wise for many to hodl until there’s more liquidity and better perspective of market structures.

  • MakeCryptoLife Ruhi (@MakeCryptoLife) reported

    @paoloardoino @RydesaurusRex Exactly, to lunch a DDOS couple of $ML enough to bring a website down. Hope we will see tight security implementation accorss all exchange. Binance some how failed to so.

  • Sandercrypto78 BullSander⚡ (@Sandercrypto78) reported

    @adriancantrill @mehowbrains @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org @RemindMe_OfThis If you fear tokens droping in price you might consider leaving your money in the bank. Crypto goes up and down. I invest because I believe that ovee time the price will rise.

  • DustyLoooza Dusty Luza❤️❤️❤️ (@DustyLoooza) reported

    @Eljaboom2030 Theres a lot of choices, but to say the one preferred, is @binance , because of transparency, honesty, there was never a time that @cz_binance walk away from a problem, the network congestion because of heavy user traffic, he apologized to the public and absorbed the backlash

  • itsnice17 itsnice (@itsnice17) reported

    @binance where we have to login

  • Sandercrypto78 BullSander⚡ (@Sandercrypto78) reported

    @adriancantrill @mehowbrains @adoudble212 @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org I don't attack. I only tell what I see. You only come out voicing your oppinion when a project cause down. But as I said, do as you please. I see the glass half full, you look at it half empty. Each their own.

  • mehowbrains MehowBrains-Heimdall⚡️ (@mehowbrains) reported

    @adoudble212 @adriancantrill @Sandercrypto78 @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org The point being is that it’s not @thorchain_org’s problem if price went to great levels and people are taking profits while the product is in dev. No one forced him to buy at certain levels. Now he whines cause it’s not going the way he wants lol

  • Lavish5001 Lavish (@Lavish5001) reported

    @binance Stop making fool to customers,No solution nothing just misleading,Cz if you care about customers then process the requests as promised and make your customers happy,customer support is terrible @cz_binance I’m very disappointed by binance

  • Sandercrypto78 BullSander⚡ (@Sandercrypto78) reported

    @adriancantrill @mehowbrains @adoudble212 @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org Imo pathetic is people who only try to tear down what others build. I think it is very sad if you can only look at things in a negative way. I hope that one day you'll be ok and find joy in possitive things. Yeah I know.....true....can't handle...bla.bla.bla.bla

  • adoudble212 Adouble212 (@adoudble212) reported

    @adriancantrill @mehowbrains @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @Sandercrypto78 @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org You wait till the crypto goes down then you jump onto Twitter like a ***** and say "I knew this was going to happen". Bro, start deleting your tweets before you get shifted on. Your tweet history about crypto is a joke.

  • adriancantrill Adrian Cantrill (@adriancantrill) reported

    @adoudble212 @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @Sandercrypto78 @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org I don't care about my own bags in that way - i care about facts and the truth. If i have a problem with how something is doing, i will say so. I'm not going to lie about my opinions or hold back because i have an investment. Im not biased like that.

  • adoudble212 Adouble212 (@adoudble212) reported

    @adriancantrill @JohnnyZcash @Mew_loves_Btc @Sandercrypto78 @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org You have a serious problem fudding your own bags. You did this shit with DAG. No need to air your insecurities on Twitter. That's what Telegram is for.

  • cryptomits mits (@cryptomits) reported

    Not even an answer from @binance to this problem. I think it's time to withdraw my funds from there and not deal with them again !!!

  • HuntDWorld Nagarjuna Magati (@HuntDWorld) reported

    @binance @cz_binance 1/3 Bitcoin correlation. So better not to be listed on $BNB which provides more liquidity where growth of projects will be slow like $Aergo that has less hype which is hugely undervalued & greatest potential that any coin space. No $Aergo listing please! @binance @cz_binance

  • JonCCT Jon CC (@JonCCT) reported

    @hamillaaron @CcryptoBeagle @binance @cz_binance no i didnt find your response like that. so no offense taken. this wasnt a whale. the entire futures site froze for 5 minutes. when it returned online, ada was the only one that crashed. @binance support even said futures site was experience technical issues

  • William94260457 William McDonald (@William94260457) reported

    @SilverBulletBTC @binance The problem is that today there is not a single clearly good exchange that meets all the needs and requirements. Binance is also only a compromise as for me.

  • FoJAk3 FoJAk (@FoJAk3) reported

    @xX_G3M1N1_Xx @Paulsgreensign @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport Screw @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport . Their “support” has been sh*t. I’ve been loving Binance US. I had an issue one time, and @cryptocoley personally dm’d me and was on the issue. The ceo! Coinbase can’t even bother to respond to it’s customers. Tickets closed, no communication.

  • akirix07 Chang-Il Kim (@akirix07) reported

    @cz_binance I really like the way how binance handles issues but this time, it doesn't make any sense I'd like to know me why I should take the entire loss even though it was binance server issue. Please let me know.

  • GainsAssociates GAINS Associates (@GainsAssociates) reported

    🏢 @Binance delists new batch of crypto trading pairs 🇺🇸 @LINE shuts down Singapore crypto exchange, launches a global platform based in the US

  • akirix07 Chang-Il Kim (@akirix07) reported

    @cz_binance, my short position got liquidated when the market was going down on 2020-02-15 due to Binance server issue and I submitted a ticket to try to resolve the issue. However CS told that the loss can't be covered with no clear explanation. FYI,the ticket number is 2583503.

  • Digitalmama3 cryptoNay 😜 (@Digitalmama3) reported

    Before when binance has a massive eagerness to public and people. They are helping and solving problem without fud. Now that I got liquidated because of APP in IOS binance futures. They can’t be blame and they won’t do action.they have the power now @cz_binance @binance $BTC

  • Sanjayk10266370 Sanjaykumar (@Sanjayk10266370) reported

    Binance aap not working @cz_binance @pushpendrakum

  • Sandercrypto78 BullSander⚡ (@Sandercrypto78) reported

    @Mew_loves_Btc @CryptoVillain_ @binance @thorchain_org I'm down for that!

  • caner7659 Caner ⚡ (@caner7659) reported

    @binance server problem BTC 8630-------8500😠😡

  • cryptogintonic Crypto Gin&Tonic (@cryptogintonic) reported

    @JacobCanfield Binance futures went down on this dump

  • caner7659 Caner ⚡ (@caner7659) reported

    @binance when will this problem end

  • Masoud_tech Masoud (@Masoud_tech) reported

    Hi @cz_binance. I love you man but fix this sh*t . I have 3 open positions and @binance just log me out !

  • imansyaefulloh imansyaefulloh (@imansyaefulloh) reported

    @binance @caner7659 Network error, fix it ASAP

  • FixTheCode1 FixTheCode (@FixTheCode1) reported

    @binance @caner7659 same here, gives network error

  • lamdanomics λnomics (@lamdanomics) reported

    @satoshillN @cz_binance It looks like Binance is participating in illegal wash trading. On WS the broker would go to jail for this. No offense Binance but your terrible practices and services are part of the reason why Bitcoin is getting dumped during COVID

  • YacoubaAhossiv Yacouba Yahmi (@YacoubaAhossiv) reported

    @binance @cz_binance futures trading platform not working well. Please don't make me lose money today.

  • YacoubaAhossiv Yacouba Yahmi (@YacoubaAhossiv) reported

    @binance @cz_binance futures trading platform not working well. Please don't make me lose money today.

  • caner7659 Caner ⚡ (@caner7659) reported

    @binance there are problems in the mobile application, positions do not appear

  • Nikhil9951btc Nikhil Singh (@Nikhil9951btc) reported

    @cz_binance @BinanceHelpdesk @binance @WazirXIndia this is too much .... Every time the most important and crucial time to enter or exit a trade ,this binance app get stuck....and guess what right now whole app got shut down nd logged me out...Now again my funds gonna liquidated

  • EntropySee ₿TC entropy (@EntropySee) reported

    ugh #binance down

  • Heriber81855626 Heriberto (@Heriber81855626) reported

    @FeraSY1 @binance Has days with problems

  • BipolarDeer CrypToPsychologist (@BipolarDeer) reported

    I hope $btc goes up and shorters burn because of binance down 😈😈

  • tombRaider_kw Tomb Raider Crypto (@tombRaider_kw) reported

    @CryptoMichNL Binance is down again

  • Reno92399018 onemorelegup (@Reno92399018) reported

    @dipanagara3 @binance @cz_binance Me too problem

  • caner7659 Caner ⚡ (@caner7659) reported

    @binance there are problems in the mobile application, positions do not appear

  • SeafoodandTofu 海鮮豆腐 (@SeafoodandTofu) reported

    @binance @cz_binance It's down

  • druthiz theknight (@druthiz) reported

    @binance It’s down

  • RydesaurusRex RydesaurusRex (@RydesaurusRex) reported

    @binance @cz_binance futures is down.

  • dipanagara3 dipanagara (@dipanagara3) reported

    @binance @cz_binance Boss binance on phone have problem i cant login

  • rahulsharmakbj Rahul Sharma (@rahulsharmakbj) reported

    @EmZ_______ @Panama_TJ @TensorCharts @binance is down as well..what is this, bear market for servers as well!

  • denigbafemi Adenigba Oluwafemi 📈 (@denigbafemi) reported

    @binance futures is down again! 🤕 Really annoying!!!

  • sbravonqn sBravo 🧉🇦🇷 (@sbravonqn) reported

    @loonslaaf Indeed. Not working @binance @cz_binance

  • GonzoCryptos Gonzo Crypto (@GonzoCryptos) reported

    Grabbed some $VRA. Just listed on @kucoincom with the first $BNB pair outside of @binance #Dex. If it doesn't bounce here, I'm pretty sure we all have much, much bigger problems. Nab it.

  • crocotrading crocotrading (@crocotrading) reported

    @The_Zero_Zones @Coin_Tracking @cocotrading I am using most of the major exchanges and I don't have issues anymore except with bitmax margin (bitfinex margin was working okay but not using it anymore and bitmex margin imports working well. I don't know with binance margin).

  • Jnsane2 Jnsane (@Jnsane2) reported

    All part of a master plan, CME, Binance and Bitfinex MM's... 1) Binance Maintenance, big dump afterwards 2) Bitfinex DDoS attack - never happened, just to sink price a bit more as 8500 wasn't easy, worthless, never went much down. Bitfinex sucks. 3) CME were short, Fut. expiry

  • PPTheRobot PP The robot (@PPTheRobot) reported

    $SNM volatility detected(down). (#Binance -100.00%) I've bought some at 0.00000000 $ETH (was 0.00004912 $ETH) - Sell something to buy more of it.

  • PPTheRobot PP The robot (@PPTheRobot) reported

    $NAS volatility detected(down). (#Binance -100.00%) I've bought some at 0.00000000 $BNB (was 0.02335000 $BNB) - Don't @ me.

  • PPTheRobot PP The robot (@PPTheRobot) reported

    $OST volatility detected(down). (#Binance -100.00%) I've bought some at 0.00000000 $BNB (was 0.00052270 $BNB) - You should sleep, let me take care of everything.

  • cryptojma CRYPTOJMA (@cryptojma) reported


  • cryptoslesh Eddy Slesh (@cryptoslesh) reported

    @martik @coinbase @binance @cz_binance Your FUD machine is broken

  • bledig 3potatoes (@bledig) reported

    @TraderEscobar And u should be in Twitter jail!!!!! Jokes. Kudos. I shorted ETh massively at 279 then Binance maintaince and it went up. Closed around be, then see it go down. Cries with my numerous bag holds

  • JatmikoImron Beli Alis (@JatmikoImron) reported

    @binance_stats @Bitcoin @ethereum @Smart_Contract @binance @litecoin Up adn down

  • btmxpro btmxpro (@btmxpro) reported

    If you’re so sure about @binance @cz going down this year. Find a bank that will sell you CDS (credit default swaps) worth of something substantial, sign it and prove it happened. Put your money where your mouth is. Pointing at @bitbillyy

  • RandyMcMillan Randy McMillan (@RandyMcMillan) reported

    @francispouliot_ I call them #ConvenientBugs Basically when a “bug” or technical issue favors the operator of a service - usually a trading platform like @Binance @coinbase