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Bitstamp is a bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between USD currency and bitcoin cryptocurrency. It allows USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or Ripple deposits and withdrawals.

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  • DecentralizTech
    CoinHoarder (@DecentralizTech) reported

    @myster___x @katherineykwu @inside_r3 @sbivc_official @Coil @omni @coinsph @mercury_fx_ltd @SB_Projects @Cuallix @EnterBillions @xrptipbot @arringtonXRPcap @sendfriendinc @zipremit @catalystcorpfcu @securitize_io @PolySignInc @BittrexExchange @Bitso @Bitstamp 4. If the network switches to another ledger chain, then transactions from the discarded chain will be invalidated—this opens the network up to potential double-spend problems. Therefore, no... you can't pick your own UNL. Everyone must be in >90% agreeance with Ripple's UNL.

  • AlDeTrolio
    Al DeTrolio (@AlDeTrolio) reported

    @wavesix18 We just broke the line down to 3170 on both Bitstamp and Coin base...

  • fredwalton216
    fred walton (@fredwalton216) reported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    @EdVanDerWalt 5) LOD on Bitstamp has been 3,158 , slow walk down continues today.

  • NhacEDMremixnew
    Mikura (@NhacEDMremixnew) reported

    @Bitstamp We need a real value electronic currency Nexty was born to solve that problem with great technology like instant money transfer, no transfer fee ... This is a groundbreaking payment platform that integrates well with any other online retail platform #crypto #nexty #bitcoin #nty

  • Xoan_Mat_Le
    xoantocxanh (@Xoan_Mat_Le) reported

    @GThorston @Bitstamp Nothing new. Their usual problems

  • myster___x
    myster X (@myster___x) reported

    @DecentralizTech @katherineykwu @inside_r3 @sbivc_official @Coil @omni @coinsph @mercury_fx_ltd @SB_Projects @Cuallix @EnterBillions @xrptipbot @arringtonXRPcap @sendfriendinc @zipremit @catalystcorpfcu @securitize_io @PolySignInc @BittrexExchange @Bitso @Bitstamp Ripple did not issue XRP and Apple did not issue USD. Argument over.

  • the1lya
    Илья Кузнецов (@the1lya) reported

    @ryan06674625 @galgitron @JohnMatthewsDub Slow payouts from bitstamp is really annoying

  • capitalisnn
    Nathanial Brune (@capitalisnn) reported

    @XRPprophet @Bitstamp Because Bistamp is a well-know slow poke. I bet thay sent you this email after all 500 slots were already occupied.

  • capitalisnn
    Nathanial Brune (@capitalisnn) reported

    @XRPprophet @Bitstamp Because Bistamp is a well-know slow poke. I bet thay sent you this email after all 500 slots were occupied.

  • tkvedaras
    Tadas Kvedaras (@tkvedaras) reported

    @Bitstamp Deposit not working. 12 confirmations!

  • IvanCorreaOfici
    IVAN CORREA (@IvanCorreaOfici) reported

    @CryptoNewsBank I hope It will help Bitstamp, but now this exchange is sucks. They have really bad service and problems with withdrawal! It makes me sick...

  • MannerCookie
    - adidog CEO - [Jan/3 📉] (@MannerCookie) reported

    @zhusu @coinbase @Bitstamp 10% down from 3300, I see what u talking about now but yea that shit literally means nothing lol.

  • SeongKim_dot
    Seong Eun Kim (@SeongKim_dot) reported

    @YobitExchange Need Help!!! I withdrew 1.33 ETH from Bitstamp to Yobit. Never arrives at Yobit. TxID: 0xa7f109fbec6942a2136d0485f20da2786d835bab6abd3e2e03475f0312075167 Second time 0.4 ETH, but still not working! TxID: 0x96026463ee6a5ae50156472c4aaa4f1a3ea997fb2316dcd11496989dd6aaeafe

  • spineless_worm
    roy (@spineless_worm) reported

    @barb_juvenal @hoa39244979 @Christianconti9 @Loki_Odinson_tK @WillyWonkaXRP The biggest problem with them is that those are the same guys that were behind notorious Mt. Gox. This connection has left an imprint of scam on Bitstamp`s reputation forever.

  • dav1700
    XRP Meow 😺 🇺🇸 (@dav1700) reported

    @theywilcatchyou @abmnatn @lartdetre @xrp @coinbase Well all good so far except for coinbase fees. Don’t like them holding funds for 3-5 days that’s bs but just think there safety will be better. All my crypto is on nano any way but just don’t trust foreign exchanges. But hey i never had issues with Bitstamp but look now

  • BTricycle
    BrokenTricycle ⚡️ (@BTricycle) reported

    @HammerToe @Bitstamp working here too... but very slow!

  • abmnatn
    ABMNATN (@abmnatn) reported

    @theywilcatchyou @lartdetre @dav1700 @xrp @coinbase I've used BITSTAMP for over a year now. I've never had any problems with my account. Every Exchange seems to have disgruntled users for some reason or another. But as it stands now BITSTAMP is legit based on my experience.

  • CasPiancey
    📖Eloncarlo📖 (@CasPiancey) reported

    @cryptokatia @DemonoftheFall2 ooo, please tell me if you experience any issues there, if you ever create customer tickets, and how long it takes to have issues resolved. @ExkrementKoin is tracking customer issues at both Bitfinex and Bitstamp.

  • cryptokatia
    katoshi (@cryptokatia) reported

    @CasPiancey @DemonoftheFall2 I tried small, slow and unreliable :D I have binance acc, but I tend to explore bitstamp.

  • CasPiancey
    📖Eloncarlo📖 (@CasPiancey) reported

    @cryptokatia @DemonoftheFall2 Bitstamp used to be pretty reliable from what I hear, and they provide real fiat withdrawals, but have been having a ton of issues as of late.

  • CasPiancey
    📖Eloncarlo📖 (@CasPiancey) reported

    @cryptokatia @DemonoftheFall2 I think many of these exchanges don't bother having banking for customers to withdraw. Binance doesn't, Bittrex doesn't, Polo doesn't (they use USDC and urge you to withdraw it to USDC's site). Bitstamp is having withdrawal issues, as well as Bitfinex.

  • CryptoRonny5
    Crypto Ronny (@CryptoRonny5) reported

    @CoinDeskMarkets Look at the Bitstamp error, there is no volume..... Look better on binance or Bitfinex. On Binance support $3200 and then $2850. Below $3200 will not go

  • MuvenB
    Muven Ben (@MuvenB) reported

    @Ekovah @Bitstamp @TEDxLjubljana Please fix the account verification issue . Submissions are no longer accepted 😢😥

    jasada pakanapoote (@JPZEROJP) reported

    @ExkrementKoin looks truthfully anyway. Bitstamp really have some problems

  • dengom6701
    Dennis Gomeringer (@dengom6701) reported

    @Bitstamp Your withdrawal method is terrible. Verification is very complicated. I doubt it's for our safety, but rather yours. It's infuriating. #Bitstamp #crypto

  • SwanTokyo
    TokyoSwan (@SwanTokyo) reported

    Premium between @binance $BTC and @bitstamp is down to 10$....

  • 2jp3
    P. (@2jp3) reported

    @PanamaSays @CRW13X @mttftw1969 @GoodTexture @USAristocracy @Bitstamp Yes you can :) if you have any debit card issues, just call your bank and tell them it’s you doing the transaction (since Bitstamp is a European exchange, your bank might decline your attempt until you let them know it’s you)

  • _cryptoRene_
    René (@_cryptoRene_) reported

    @CryptoMento The EUR pairing on Bitstamp went crazy for a minute... it was like $200, then went down to $94.

  • marco2983
    Marco (@marco2983) reported

    @CryptoChoe 3175 on bitstamp bounce to 3400 area and back down to 2970, where i would like to see the bottom

  • SamHadzajlic
    AC⚡HODLBTC (@SamHadzajlic) reported

    @alistairmilne Citibank blocked my transfer to bitstamp . reason : "not supporting online gambling " With my own money I can not buy bitcoin but cigarette or or drugs no problem .... and public sheep accepting this bullshit like normal...

  • keemonta
    KeEmonta (@keemonta) reported

    @mbhbox @Bitstamp It'll take them forever to fix it, as with other problems...

  • mbhbox
    MBH (@mbhbox) reported

    @Bitstamp whenever submitting an order via mobile app, I get error http 200, and order is submitted, but never shows in order list. Please fix it.

  • unfazedobserver
    unfazed observer (@unfazedobserver) reported

    @tangyunlong2 @Bitstamp @SupportBitstamp Let me put in two cents of mine. Withdrawals from Bitstamp lasting for months, closing accounts for no apparent cause, spilling customers` personal data to third parties, requesting to reveal your transactions at some irrelevant exchanges, clumsy support working way too slow etc

  • 39psi
    Kevin L (@39psi) reported

    @Loki_Odinson_tK @WillyWonkaXRP it's definitely scam. Read so much about Mt. Gox, and now bitstamp makes same mistakes and facing the same problems. it's Mt. Gox #2

  • Shubert21
    Patrick Shubert (@Shubert21) reported

    @tangyunlong2 @Bitstamp @SupportBitstamp Agree, fix current problems with platform as fast as it possible. Using bitstamp getting hard

  • cyber_hokie
    Andrew (@cyber_hokie) reported

    @psycho_sage That’s also not a great example as the arrangement to stop McCaleb from selling off was external to the protocol. A legal agreement. Also his coins were custodied by Bitstamp who froze them when he broke the agreemebt. We’re trying to avoid these issues of custody and censorship.

  • n0rcos
    🖤 Šēth 💔 𖤐 Lil Norco 𖤐 (@n0rcos) reported

    @tangyunlong2 @Bitstamp @SupportBitstamp But you will suffer from many issues with Bitstamp such long processing of deposits & and withdrawals, poor technical support and embezzling users` money.

  • dwxrp
    HillDWXRP (@dwxrp) reported

    @Bitstamp @IofV_ 9yrs and still as slow as molasses

  • AlexanderGrow
    Sekundar (@AlexanderGrow) reported

    JFYI @Bitstamp your service is garbage - I have been trying to give you $15K to purchase $XRP for WEEKS now and your horrible automated systems continue to lock me out and there is no fix according to your team. You've lost a customer - I will never recommend your service again.

  • MikeNardolillo
    Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) reported

    @RobinhoodApp really needs to add #xrp, this was one of the reasons it was so highly anticipated. Total let down. Luckily @BittrexExchange, @Bitstamp , and @UpholdInc are setting the standard.

  • Crypto_Janus
    Crypto_Janus (@Crypto_Janus) reported

    @PoiSzn The lack of chart history is a huge problem, for that I decided to chart on the exchange that has more data: Bitstamp for BTC/USD and Coinbase for ETH/USD

  • BennettTomlin
    Bennett Tomlin (@BennettTomlin) reported

    @CasPiancey @sudogene @cryptochappelle @TetherTrying @WR_Crypto @Bitfinexed Bitstamp has tons of problems

  • tush_lad
    Follow bak or |unff (@tush_lad) reported

    @aelfblockchain traditional fiat mode of transactions are old and outdated. Reason why menapay has been created to solve the issues of regular fiat with cryptocurrency visit @BitMEXdotcom @OKEx_ @Bitstamp @ethereum

  • tush_lad
    Follow bak or |unff (@tush_lad) reported

    @Stablecoins1 traditional fiat mode of transactions are old and outdated. Reason why menapay has been created to solve the issues of regular fiat with cryptocurrency visit @BitMEXdotcom @OKEx_ @Bitstamp @ethereum

  • tush_lad
    Follow bak or |unff (@tush_lad) reported

    @Stablecoins1 traditional fiat mode of transactions are old and outdated. Reason why menapay has been created to solve the issues of regular fiat with cryptocurrency visit @BitMEXdotcom @OKEx_ @Bitstamp @ethereum

  • ExkrementKoin
    Spoofy McSpoofface (@ExkrementKoin) reported

    @AntiFudNews I suggest you take your issues up with the folks who are posting the complaints on social media that they can't get their money out of Bitfinex and Bitstamp. You can message all of them and tell them to stop spreading FUD.

  • Alokingsley
    Kingsley Alo (@Alokingsley) reported

    @Bitstamp it just crossed my mind that the issue of scalability has been one of the most difficult part of the the blockchain technology to handle as this has affected bitcoin times without number, the #NEXTY platform would never have any issues with this as it has already been resolved

  • roydletrail
    crypto conspiracy (@roydletrail) reported

    @malcolmkey5 @Ripple_Me_This @Bitstamp and here we go down the rabbit hole

  • malcolmkey5
    Malcolm (@malcolmkey5) reported

    @CryptoDave13 @bryan99CA @Ripple_Me_This @Bitstamp @Hexagon75367509 @JoelKatz Maybe Ripple is going to help them prime the pump with all these amounts getting put in place. Get the walls in place. Us retailers will be chipping away at them, mostly selling at 50-100. By the time they are almost down the banks are supporting them with their volume

  • Ripple_Me_This
    SamIam (@Ripple_Me_This) reported

    Ripple just sent 9,365,288 XRP to Bitstamp, and topped off their feed wallet that supplies Bitstamp to 1 Billion XRP (from 300 Million). I'm going to break it down to help everyone figure this out independently. . . .

  • neilscudder
    Ned Scupper (@neilscudder) reported

    The best thing about this is that Bitstamp enables all these security features by default. They are so annoying that many exchanges make you hunt them down in the settings to enable, if they're available at all. Bitstamp makes you search for how to disable each one.

  • leifg
    Leif G. (@leifg) reported

    @Bitstamp I'm aware that people who are experiencing issues are usually louder, it still would help to hear from users that withdrew EUR recently.

  • CryptoPressNews
    Crypto Press (@CryptoPressNews) reported

    Bitstamp "leifg The delays with USD transfers have been due to our onboarding of new payment service providers. USD deposits and withdrawals are available again. ✅If you're experiencing an issue with our platform, you can always send us your ticket number in a DM. 📧"

  • n_kraai
    NKraai (@n_kraai) reported

    @nejc_kodric Hi, could you please assist with my issue regarding my EUR deposits being withheld at Bitstamp with no warning given beforehand. It is currently and has been stuck at the KYC review process for more than a week now and I have not heard anything from the KYC

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 3752.810 to 3606.45 USD by 3.90% in 10 mins at #BitStamp.

  • EdVanDerWalt
    Ed van der Walt 🇿🇦🇬🇧 (@EdVanDerWalt) reported

    @fredwalton216 Yeah, bitstamp says it's down 2% today.

  • Crypto49er
    Crypto49er (@Crypto49er) reported

    @fartface2000 @TIPMayerMultple It is. But assuming this is calculated using Bitstamp data, it is an average of over 2,000 data points (365 * 7 years) so the MM has to stay this low for another 9 months to move the avg down.

  • frank_fx1
    frank_fx (@frank_fx1) reported

    @empatogen @Bitstamp I second this! Been broken for so long :(

  • Steffan79
    Steffan Gapster (@Steffan79) reported

    @Bleeding_Crypto Try and check Bitstamp 1H TF. There's Gaps all the way down to $800 😂😂👇👇💯🎯

  • cannamellia
    SpacePip [Ethereum] (@cannamellia) reported

    @RaoulGMI depends on the exchange. on bitstamp, which is one of the oldest charts with longest history, price has broken the trendline already. on coinbase the trendline is still holding.