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Bitstamp is a bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between USD currency and bitcoin cryptocurrency. It allows USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or Ripple deposits and withdrawals.

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  • swedish_gold Andreas H (@swedish_gold) reported

    @RevolutApp @empatogen @Bitstamp @RevolutApp that is what @Ripple provides the cure of trancaction time and fees problems just takes seconds!

  • empatogen Jesper Wallin (@empatogen) reported

    @eXRPe1 @RevolutApp @Bitstamp Yeah, my bank is usually really slow, so I tried to make a short by topping up my @RevolutApp account instead and transferring it to @Bitstamp, hoping it would use their "turbo transfer"-feature, whatever that is and get the money over by today. But nope. 😕

  • empatogen Jesper Wallin (@empatogen) reported

    @stecydevilers @pollawit2515 @RevolutApp @Bitstamp I did and I had enough of their hidden fees virtually everywhere. Also, their XRP/EUR exchange is down for maintenance all the time. 😞

  • XrpCenter XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) reported

    @RareData @Dave_Jonez_02 @CrazyPlebeian @wirexapp @Ripple @bob_way @Bitstamp @Bitso @GateHub However, Bitstamp has a NY BitLicense today (it was issued like a month ago), expressly authorizing them to issue fiat-pegged IOUs over the XRP Ledger. This is the first authorization of its kind in the US that I know of.

  • RareData RareData (@RareData) reported

    @Dave_Jonez_02 @XrpCenter @CrazyPlebeian @wirexapp @Ripple I'm pretty sure @bob_way explained this is/was a regulatory issue. I'm curious to know why exchanges like @Bitstamp, @Bitso and @GateHub issued currencies on the XRPL and why others haven't. I'd love to see GBP, CHF, (...) issued from reliable exchanges.

  • zeta0049 zeta0049 (@zeta0049) reported

    @Bitstamp @TradeTech Yes, Fake volume is a big problem indeed.

  • GuinXrp CarterGuinXRP (@GuinXrp) reported

    @cyberat2600 @WietseWind @CryptoferC @larcenblack @Bitstamp Bc it would be far cheaper and easier to 51% attack BTC than bog down the xrp ledger. They could double spend btc and make quick money, or slowly lose all their stolen funds trying to slow down a network. One method allows you to make money, the other spends it indefinitely.

  • GuinXrp CarterGuinXRP (@GuinXrp) reported

    @cyberat2600 @WietseWind @CryptoferC @larcenblack @Bitstamp 2/2 there was speculation that either someone was spamming the network with sub-1cent payments to try and slow it down, or it was a stress test, but the amount of these tiny payments back and forth (I wanna say) quadrupled the amount of txns going on and all they did was waste $$

  • GuinXrp CarterGuinXRP (@GuinXrp) reported

    @cyberat2600 @WietseWind @CryptoferC @larcenblack @Bitstamp People have tried that, and I'm sorry have not having the numbers off the top of my head, but the xrp ledger can handle something around 1500 txn/sec. And with the minimum amount of 20 xrp to create a wallet. Anyone attacking the network would lose money trying to slow it down

  • GuinXrp CarterGuinXRP (@GuinXrp) reported

    @cyberat2600 @WietseWind @CryptoferC @larcenblack @Bitstamp Not if you short it and double spend. But back to the original point. China doesnt have to care if BTC is worth something. If they can shut it down to disrupt a foreign power. They'll do it

  • HammerToe Matt Hamilton (@HammerToe) reported

    @SambucciTony My plan is hopefully to hold long enough that it is no longer a problem! But I generally use Bitstamp or Gatehub for selling as they have best liquidity and have EUR and SEPA payments.

  • GuinXrp CarterGuinXRP (@GuinXrp) reported

    @cyberat2600 @WietseWind @CryptoferC @larcenblack @Bitstamp True, but it is a dictatorship. No one in China owns land. The government does. If they choose to, the government could make mining illegal and force the plants to shut down, or force a double spend just to make more money off it. So many options really

  • Beckers_CD ⚡️ Craig ⚡️✨ (@Beckers_CD) reported

    @xHarambe999 @electra_highway @Bitstamp @Ripple The worrying point for me is: Three billion XRP were released out of cryptographic escrow, 2.30 billion returned to escrow These unwanted #XRP tokens should be burnt or airdropped, no returned to an oversupply! This is holding the price down!

  • autotweetafk autotweetafk (@autotweetafk) reported

    @observantone13 @Bitstamp @D2BMTM @Ripple Because people are extremely tribal with their investments that they do not care about facts. Since money is involved you'll never see someone admitting they are wrong, they will double down and go for their 2017 talking points.

  • V8staffie GG (no escrow predictions!) (@V8staffie) reported

    @Bitstamp Hey Bitstamp You have caused issues with your statement. The issuance is 100 billion never changed Escrow does not impact issuance but controls the flow of when and how it hits market. Many negative XRP people using your positive 💡 moment news. Q1 2019 report explains fully 😀

  • amandaeliasch Amanda Eliasch (@amandaeliasch) reported

    @europe_fx @Dannymorgan @GideonSchumann suspected of stealing my wallet from @Bitstamp he did not deposit my cash and Gabriel aka @YarelKaha gave terrible advice on my account DO NOT INVEST in these scammers

  • BuzzLightyearz_ The Real Hodlonaut (@BuzzLightyearz_) reported

    @MikeNardolillo @Bitstamp if you don't see a problem in XRP who I am to tell you where you should place your money. You are free to spend as you wish. I was just lauughing at this idea because, imo, it's a joke. but of you don't think it's a joke, then it's ok. go with it. peace.

  • Catalin0309 CryptoRCC (@Catalin0309) reported

    @AngelsCrypto @coindesk @binance I don't know what to say. As I can see you had a very bad experience with them but I can assure you that I'm using #Binance since December 2017 and I never had withdrawal problems. I recommend you #Bitstamp for withdrawals. Send your crypto funds there(xrp,btc,eth)and sell it 😉

  • dju0112 Dju0112 (@dju0112) reported

    @BitstampSupport @Bitstamp Not true, It was working before! I sent many times money this way to my account with no problem.

  • MSarcasticus Marvus Sarcasticus (@MSarcasticus) reported

    @John_of_Silence @Smaulgld @OccupyWisdom @binance @bitfinex @krakenfx @Bitstamp @coinbase @bitFlyerUSA @Gemini @itBit @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @circlepay The problem with your thinking John is that you are looking at today and saying nothing is happening, When in reality so much is happening in the space, its happening incrementally but it is being brought into the payment system globally. In five years your arguments will be moot

  • robustus Dan McArdle (@robustus) reported

    @danheld I love the longterm chart, but 2011 should be a big green candle! Started the year around $0.30 and ended at ~$5. Problem with the data is that Bitstamp opened mid-2011 and the last half of the year was the worst bear market bitcoin has ever seen.

  • PonderJaunt PonderJaunt (@PonderJaunt) reported

    @WietseWind @GateHub @Bitstamp yes okay I figured that was the case. I ran into similar problems working within a hyperledger framework. I'm developing a solution. But I'll reach out through email and perhaps we can see if it will work within your tech stack. Seems to be a US customer thing specifically

  • forexmanik (@forexmanik) reported

    @ClayCollins @hitbtc @binance @BithumB @CoinbasePro @bitfinex @krakenfx @gate_io @Bitstamp @Gemini @Poloniex @bitFlyer @Aurora_dao @ZEBITEX @wcx @Blocktradecom Yeah that sucks. @hitBtc is the only exchange with so much negative feedback on its forum that al forum was cancelled and deleted, the problems reported were huge and real. Also the withdrawal fees on @hitbtc is 30 times higher that on the rest. Yet it scored 1st place. What a BS

  • jpthor__ JP [ ₿ ⚡️] (@jpthor__) reported

    @JimsHodling @DeaterBob @coinbase @Gemini @BittrexExchange @binance @bitfinex @Bitstamp @krakenfx IMO it comes down to the OPEX in rewriting the chain and electricity costs in USD. Assumptions are made around price of electricity & power consumption of ASICs

  • AbuCobby AbuCobby (@AbuCobby) reported

    @haydentiff @XRPisVelocity @Bitstamp I’ve used bitstamp for a very long time because of how easily they made it to buy XRP. They were ahead of their time on that front. I’ve withdrawn from there as well with no issues. The only two exchanges I use are @Bitstamp and @UpholdInc

  • haydentiff Tiffany Hayden (@haydentiff) reported

    @AbuCobby @XRPisVelocity @Bitstamp That is where my friend was able to eventually withdraw. No issues whatsoever.

  • xrpscan XRP Scan (@xrpscan) reported

    @hallwaymonitor2 @RippleReis @behindtheledger @Bitstamp @coinsph @Bitso 👍 I've purged the CDN cache too, but this would fix it instantly.

  • roeer Roee R ⚡ (@roeer) reported

    @BitstampSupport @Bitstamp This is the last one TICKET #BIT-169576 and this one is the first time with the same issue TICKET #BIT-166257.

  • hello_lyfe Welcome Universe (@hello_lyfe) reported

    @a_santaellas @Bitstamp I closed the trade. I am just getting so itchy you know. I feel a big move is on the horizon. Either up or down. Most likely up though. When everyone gets bearish, this tends to get bullish and vice-versa. Everyone in twitter and trading view is bearish. Makes me feel bullish!

  • behindtheledger BehindtheLedger (@behindtheledger) reported

    @ryfo11 @galgitron Indeed part of the spat they had with NY was that the state wanted to dictate which tokens Bittrex could list. Apparently Bitstamp didn't have that issue, or was insulated from it bc of its limited listings

  • TheLittleDuke David Duccini (@TheLittleDuke) reported

    @PhilipLiu @BittrexExchange @SPPXIO @SiNFoundation @2GiveCoin @Bitstamp Says the man who called me a "shill" -- your faux indignation is ineffective. Clearly you have an axe to grind. I suggest deep tissue massage or maybe some flow yoga to help you work through your anger issues. Namaste.

  • XRPcryptowolf XRPcryptowolf (@XRPcryptowolf) reported

    @Akasost @coinbase @Visa @Bounds22James @wirexapp @LBXSocial I don’t see the issue either especially since Bitstamp has been fully compliant in the UK for years now so I don’t see any reasons why you can’t buy XRP with Coinbase there. It’s really strange how they are always strict only with XRP like if they don’t want many people owning it

  • j_mays9 Jacob Mays (@j_mays9) reported

    @Steve_N_Kenzie @Bitstamp What a terrible call this was. Didnt have to go very far down to realize you dont know what your talking about lmao

  • carstenbreum Guru (@carstenbreum) reported

    @RichardDunlop @Danrocky @Hex539 @Bitstamp Yes...centralized exchanges is a problem. DEX is the way forward. Looking back in time more exchanges suddenly closed and took the customers funds. The main problem is fiat to crypto is still filled with friction and the reason to go to normal exchanges.

  • youssefnotes Mohamed Youssef (@youssefnotes) reported

    @BitstampSupport @udiWertheimer @Bitstamp I had similar issue, it will probably get resolved in another month...

  • carstenbreum Guru (@carstenbreum) reported

    @Danrocky @Hex539 @Bitstamp I never had issues for 4-5 years. I told them their KYC demanded too private details. Then suddenly they froze my account. Google it and you can see it happens to many others. They sold my assets and 2-3 months later I got fiat from them. Still no explanation. @Bitstamp #scam

  • SpiryBTC SpiryɃTC (@SpiryBTC) reported

    So it goes for 20.000$ or 50.000$ the buying part becomes extremely illiquid that somebody with just 5000 $BTC could crash the markets in sync with the Bitstamp Coinbase & Kraken.1600 BTC on each with 100 BTC sells you get a 20-30% down instant & liquidations on both CME & Bitmex

  • Danrocky DanRocky 🇮🇳 (@Danrocky) reported

    @carstenbreum @Hex539 @Bitstamp I never had issues. Withdrawing Huge amounts is an issue everywhere.

  • behindtheledger BehindtheLedger (@behindtheledger) reported

    @XrpCenter @xrpscan @hallwaymonitor2 @RippleReis @Bitstamp @coinsph @Bitso Believe so, but I've been surprised by the variety of patterns observed even at this early date. For ex. Bitso is getting recurrent, similarly sized payments that indicate larger pmnts being broken into chunks. But Coins is getting payments that are all over the place in size 1/

  • GiacomoMessulam Giacomo Messu (@GiacomoMessulam) reported

    @WWCSTX That’s sad to see that the Bitstamp’s situation doesn’t change for years now. People are facing the same problems.

  • GiacomoMessulam Giacomo Messu (@GiacomoMessulam) reported

    @CCNMarkets People do not learn on someone else’s mistakes. They join Bitstamp and meet the same problems that were already discussed many times.

  • ros2000ni Ros2000ni (@ros2000ni) reported

    @BitstampSupport @XRPcryptowolf @Bitstamp i did open an account , as i really want to join but i had many issues and never been resolved.Nobody did replay back, and i do not want to cancel the registration.

  • QtBitcoinTrader Qt Bitcoin Trader (@QtBitcoinTrader) reported

    Qt Bitcoin Trader v1.40.41 Released! Bitstamp API integration fixed Rules generator dialog bug fixed Time sync bug fixed Binance orderbook table fixed Removed Wex exchange Added alternative domain for Yobit Fixed dock panel issue caused blinks Many small fixes

  • Carl_Lundstrom Carl Lundström (@Carl_Lundstrom) reported

    Qt Bitcoin Trader v1.40.41 Released! Bitstamp API integration fixed Rules generator dialog bug fixed Time sync bug fixed Binance orderbook table fixed Removed Wex exchange Added alternative domain for Yobit Fixed dock panel issue caused blinks Many small fixes

  • MichelleSchlen6 MichelleXRP BOT#985985 (@MichelleSchlen6) reported

    @XrpCenter I started with Bitstamp in December 2017 and I have never had a problem with them!

  • XrpCenter XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) reported

    To be clear, this means that Bitstamp, as a separate and independent company, has been granted with an authorization to use the XRPL Decentralized Exchange to: 1) Issue fiat-backed and crypto-backed IOUs. 2) Handle payments. It is not the XRPL, per se, what has been regulated.

  • DroneNet Aryan Surf God (@DroneNet) reported

    @dk_bitcoin @monero @JBruhling @zooko @TheTwistedDigit @Bitstamp @paywithzcash XMR has been around longer, so they’ve had time to build. problem is XMR’s utilizing outdated technology, and their fungiblity has been broken on several occasions.

  • behindtheledger BehindtheLedger (@behindtheledger) reported

    @Danrocky @Lionel46294550 Pattern like this: Trade on Bitstamp Ledger transfer to Bitso Trade on Bitso In quick succession, for same or similar amounts Could be something else, but if between xRapid exchanges, and we see payments being broken up into chunks like the above, the odds are pretty good

  • LDD3vine Lenny (@LDD3vine) reported

    @VictorR95467036 @YobitNetAdmins_ @Bitstamp he was the one having the issue, and he better get his damn XRP back, make sure to PM @YobitNetAdmins_ dont message @YobitExchange anymore, and these guys arent even verify on twitter yet, these guys are probably also fake, if you want my opinion

  • LDD3vine Lenny (@LDD3vine) reported

    @YobitNetAdmins_ @Bitstamp Then you better message him ASAP and fix this freaking problem then, @VictorR95467036 message him now and we're watching, and he better receive his XRP then, message him now

  • CryptoParent Crypto Dad (@CryptoParent) reported

    @ThaGoattttt @FelixOHartmann @cburniske The Bitstamp hack was terrible news! It did nothing to the market. There’s no bad news anymore that can bring this market to its knees. Sentiment is shifting and you’re gonna see the same moves upwards in reaction to good news.

  • bitwala Bitwala (@bitwala) reported

    Market watch: $100M of #BTC orders across 3 major exchanges (Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp) suspected to have caused yesterday's rise. As the critical $4200 resistance was broken, massive amounts of short positions were called, enforcing the price movement. #trading #bitcoin

  • crypto_coins_25 VIP25 CRYPTO COIN ANALYSIS (@crypto_coins_25) reported

    (if 4200$ broken (bitstamp) , btc will continue rising )✅👆

  • trampucci Trampucci (@trampucci) reported

    @remigoomba @cz_binance Not working in EU, will use Bitstamp instead!

  • trbotc trbot (@trbotc) reported

    Here's a #cryptocurrency twist: @coinbase will pay interest to institutional investors if they park their money with the crypto platform. But there's an issue involving #bitcoin. @WSJ cryptocurrency reporter @paulvigna and @jrwhalen discuss #paribu #vebitcoin #bitstamp #upbit

  • LangerBart Kevin Völlink (@LangerBart) reported

    @MarySmi99273514 I write to Bitstamp if case of any problem ( and it takes days) And here is the number, maybe they will reply by phone faster.

  • boro_neo Boro Neo (@boro_neo) reported

    @ChartChampions Trendline resistance is not yet broken. If BTCUSD price continues to move only sideways, resistance line will be broken: 1) On Bitstamp - on 30th March; 2) On Bitfinex - on 30th March; 3) On Binance - on 3rd April.

  • WolfovBitStreet WolfOfBitStreet (@WolfovBitStreet) reported

    @SanumPecuniam @BitwiseInvest @stacyherbert @binance @bitfinex @krakenfx @Bitstamp @coinbase @bitFlyerUSA @Gemini @itBit @BittrexExchange @Poloniex @circlepay Forced KYC, and the ripple collapse sent them packing it's terrible.

  • deepakgirigoswa deepak goswami (@deepakgirigoswa) reported

    @PalmVeniceBeach #BTC #XBT Update BITSTAMP trend broken !! (if 4200$ broken ) , btc will continue rising )

  • YandereShio Shio (@YandereShio) reported

    @viirGula Bitstamp’s problems just inhibit my work. I cannot get the desired result and profit.