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Bitstamp is a bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between USD currency and bitcoin cryptocurrency. It allows USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or Ripple deposits and withdrawals.

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  • grace_za Time to go WitSec (@grace_za) reported

    @GermanCryptoInv @RabbitKickClub @GateHub @Silkjaer @xrpforensics @Bitstamp issues a BTC iou on the XRPL. I used it for years to buy XRP before XRP was sold on exchanges.

  • juliomorino Gulio morino (@juliomorino) reported

    Plasma is a project that has the ambition to solve some of #Ethereum’s scalability issues by taking transactions off-chain. #Plasma #Cash is, in fact, an update of Plasma. #bitcoin #eth #btc #tether #kraken #bittrex #binance #bitstamp

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) reported

    Boutta go to sleep in the past few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to be pressed tonight lol.

  • ImNotTheWolf wolf (@ImNotTheWolf) reported

    @SmokeyXBT @Semper_Doctus @LSDinmycoffee Deribit uses multiple index. Bybit uses 3 (Bitstamp. Coinbase. Kraken, if i'm not mistaken). There was NO scam wick because this 'wick' happened on all of these 3 SPOT exchanges. There was no overloads. There was no liquidity issues. I'm literally wasting my time here.

  • CasPiancey Giancarlo The Tether Whisperer (@CasPiancey) reported

    @j3rry_c4rv3r @davidgerard @BryceWeiner @intel_jakal @Dominic4532 @noshitcoins @xrpisgarbage @Bitstamp @IamNomad @ahcastor @ArminVanBitcoin @andr3w321 @BennettTomlin @La__Cuen @lawmaster @Koning_Marc @Bitfinexed @katherineykwu @MartyBent I've had some really good convos with you man, if you just took it down 50% I think most people would tolerate you more! Also, consider adding a profile image while we're here.

  • FrankLiWei2 Frank Li Wei (@FrankLiWei2) reported

    while we've seen people with lack of skill exceed expectations. In essence, will is much more powerful than skill since it all comes down to having the audacity to push forward. #blockchain @Binance @kraken @coinbase @bitstamp @bitfinex @bittrex @gemini @OKex @Huobi

  • Dominic4532 Dominic (@Dominic4532) reported

    @j3rry_c4rv3r @davidgerard @noshitcoins @xrpisgarbage @Bitstamp @IamNomad @ahcastor @ArminVanBitcoin @andr3w321 @BennettTomlin @CasPiancey @La__Cuen @lawmaster @Koning_Marc @Bitfinexed @BryceWeiner @intel_jakal @katherineykwu @MartyBent Dude, if isn't meant to buy coffee, it's not a substitute for fiat money, period. If you don't think a cap of 600 000 daily transactions is a problem, you have no idea what the staggering scale of the economy. We'll talk about LN as credible when it processes 1m+ daily transfer

  • j3rry_c4rv3r Tomáš Hančar (@j3rry_c4rv3r) reported

    @Dominic4532 @davidgerard @noshitcoins @xrpisgarbage @Bitstamp @IamNomad @ahcastor @ArminVanBitcoin @andr3w321 @BennettTomlin @CasPiancey @La__Cuen @lawmaster @Koning_Marc @Bitfinexed @BryceWeiner @intel_jakal @katherineykwu @MartyBent LOL, of course it can. In fact, WAY over my btc usage is WITHOUT withdrawals... I just buy donuts there, a beer there, a dinner in an indian restaurant there... There's 300+ places in my country accepting bitcoin, 20+ in the town i live in. I don't see the non-existent "problem".

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) reported

    Big Don Bino just listened to Everybody Know like 5 times in the past few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to start ripping others off 🥵🥵🥵🥵.

  • ThinkingETH Arthur (@ThinkingETH) reported

    @teo_leibowitz Even BTC is not immune from this evidence during the Bitstamp flash crash where 4000 BTC market sell is enough to bring market down by 20% in 1 hour. The market will always recover during these flash crash event as long as there's nothing fundamentally wrong with the project.

  • CryptoShark Crypto Shark (@CryptoShark) reported

    @taitai78787 Multiple Asian exchanges experienced issues, Bitstamp went into maintenance, people reported issues accessing discord, Instagram and telegram - would be more consistent with an issue with network connectivity ie a core router or transatlantic fibre link for example

  • AgentRisk7 The Agent (@AgentRisk7) reported

    My bot is throwing $0 price tickers. Which means everything is frozen. Something that is not happening in Bitstamp, I just saw the BTCUSD pair move a little bit down in TradView. #Binance #Bitstamp. Maybe the Bitfinex Stolen Funds movement is causing some alerts to trigger.

  • brazvan93 Razvan Balica 🦁 (@brazvan93) reported

    @IamNomad Bitstamp never went down like this.

  • dmasley Dean Masley (@dmasley) reported

    @franamati @bitentrepreneur @UpholdInc @Bitstamp @nejc_kodric These are small fixes which would dramatically improve the user experience by avoiding placing walls in front of new users. If you download a new wallet off the app store, it may be legacy or segwit and the user has no idea there's even a difference. Just "incompatible" error

  • lawmaster Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) reported

    @wholesum @gaborgurbacs Yep. I didn’t mean to bring Bitstamp into this. I have problems with the index, not the exchanges

  • XRPcharts XRPcharts 🦜🇦🇺🌊 (@XRPcharts) reported

    @bigge033 Rofl! I just checked! little up .....then elevator down 😂 we knew something was gonna happen .. bitstamp bots were twitching hard!

  • 01001001_i Binarni Kod (@01001001_i) reported

    @Curis_Wang @Akasost @borishots @BitrueOfficial @Bitstamp Okay just to follow up on this. Everything is in order finally, and there was no bug on @BitrueOfficial 's end. I got confused by a UI / UX issue, which I would suggest you guys rethink a bit, in order to avoid further n00b questions. Thanks

  • TBCrypto TB (@TBCrypto) reported

    @PeterLBrandt Stick to your charts Petey Boy- @Bitstamp has been 1 of the most credible exchanges Ive known in #crypto -Always have paid on time-always have tried 2 correct issues on time-great fiat on-ramp that I trust & my bank trusts-oh sorry they dont list 5k coin projects that wash trade

  • WietseWind Wietse Wind (@WietseWind) reported

    @Peponut_ @iamrebel78 @Bitstamp @GateHub Wow, that is horrible. I've heard some things and I know they are investigating. I don't believe it's a @GateHub-wide problem, but I know they are actively investigating what happened.

  • Dave_frenchie David Attias (@Dave_frenchie) reported

    @zhusu Coincidence sir. BITMEX BITSTAMP maintenance and BTC going down all is a coincidence obviously

  • JoshuaJBouw Joshua J. Bouw (@JoshuaJBouw) reported

    So a simultaneous massive buy on Bitfinex, Bitmex, Deribit, and Bitstamp... Followed by a massive sell wall at the same time forcing markets down.

  • Crypto_Mags Mags (@Crypto_Mags) reported

    Now OSC arguing lack of regs re #bitcoin trading leads to a lack of confidence in determining NAV for retail investors Multiple reports that "better" platforms (eg @coinbase, @Bitstamp, @bitfinex, @krakenfx, @BittrexExchange etc.) still had issues

  • trollbox_MEX BITMEX trollbox (@trollbox_MEX) reported

    nutt98 - "I think we will reach .382 fib and reject around 9440 and then 40% slow drop back down to trend line around 5664. Fib taken from ath swing high to swing low on bitstamp." #kittalerts #bitmex #trollbox #rekt

  • drdesimmons David Simmons (@drdesimmons) reported

    @Cryptosapiens7 Except this is completely wrong. Ripple cannot freeze XRP. The XRP ledger allows anyone to create an arbitrary asset on it (eg, bitstamp issue bitstamp USD on the ledger). Bitstamp can freeze bitstamp USD; no one else can. Since there's no XRP issuer, XRP can't be frozen

  • TokenHash Donald McIntyre (@TokenHash) reported

    @nlw @pierre_rochard You just narrowed it down to Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp or Binance depending where you are in the world. And, the minimal portfolio should be 2/3 BTC and 1/3 ETC.

  • Leporidae369 #FFFFFF (@Leporidae369) reported

    @XPreying @erst69 XRP/BTC sold off into BTC, pumping it to 9k. BTC sold off hard into $$, forcing the price for XRP down further, rather quickly. Check the Bitstamp Charts for XRP/BTC and BTC/USD @ 12:03PM EST /Chart time

  • dcrafti David Crafti (@dcrafti) reported

    @tuliptrust @Bitstamp @BitstampSupport They said they wouldn't pay out BCH, so I liquidated my BTC temporarily to make it a non-issue (transferring it out of the exchange seemed like overkill, and surely is not what they wanted either). I made a mistake in that, but they made the situation confusing, and I lost out.

  • AJ_DESWART AJ DeSwart (@AJ_DESWART) reported

    @supercj21 @Bitstamp The idea of ripple is if one or few out of the mix of international banking goes down, it will solve it though other digital assets. However, I don't think people are long-term understanding how 2008 was truly suppose to play out. Deutschebank I believe will kick it off this time

  • Boro_ebooks Boro_ebooks (@Boro_ebooks) reported

    In a few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to be a tough couple years, no League cap.

  • ingmappp Arybim (@ingmappp) reported

    @GoodCryptoApp @binance @bitfinex @Bitstamp @BittrexExchange @CoinbasePro @Gemini @hitbtc @kucoincom @KunaExchange @krakenfx @QUOINE_Japan @OKEx @Poloniex @BitMEXdotcom @coinbase @bitFlyer @BithumbOfficial actually i don't like poloniex because of so many problems

  • luminusdesign LUMINUS.DESIGN (@luminusdesign) reported

    @XRP_121 @JoveDlt @_Crypto_Maniac_ @S1MPL3L0G1C Bitstamp not bitrue ... I was checking the XRP price, then I saw that BIG GREEN CANDLE first thing I did, took print screen ... Before I refreshed to make sure it's not a glitch.

  • thalamu_ B.Biddles (@thalamu_) reported

    @JWhite418 all the exchanges weigh bitstamp into their pricing. it’s why price flash crashed down to the 6s on all exchanges.

  • _GiIbert_ Gilbert (@_GiIbert_) reported

    Hello 👋 @Bitstamp, The withdrawal email confirmation is not working! You guys need to work on that is annoying. I’ve been trying to make a transaction and I haven’t been able to complete it. @BitstampSupport #crypto #bitstamp #xrp #bitcoin #btc

  • _GiIbert_ Gilbert (@_GiIbert_) reported

    Hello 👋 @Bitstamp, The withdrawal email confirmation is not working! You guys need to work on that is annoying. I’ve been trying to make a transition and I haven’t been able to complete it. @BitstampSupport #crypto #bitstamp #xrp #bitcoin #btc

  • Saul2GoodmanEsq Saul Goodman, Esq. (@Saul2GoodmanEsq) reported

    @XrpMr I think price will go up whenever a whale(s) says it’ll go up, just like the BTC bump in early April that nobody expected (and down too - like the recent Bitstamp whale) irrespective of charts..crazy times but we know what’s coming! 🌋🚀🌔

  • visarrex VisRex 🎯 (@visarrex) reported

    Interesting, Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken pushing up and Bitfinex down #btc #usestoploss

  • Kasidov ฿itcoin + Igor = ฿itgor (@Kasidov) reported

    @Bitstamp @ethereum will never scale @VitalikButerin is an idiot who will bring down the entire sector with his shitcoin. Buy @holochain instead

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) reported

    @Radiog3nic @XRPLLabs @Ledger I agree. Many dont realize its what powers sites like gatehub, and even bitstamp issues USD or EUR on the xrp ledger....

  • mikebelshe Mike Belshe (@mikebelshe) reported

    @real_vijay @TraceMayer @BlueDavid @BitGo @cooncesean @coinbase @CMEGroup @Bitstamp @krakenfx @c7five We did address it when we removed sms 2fa years ago. Only coinbase and google can address the remaining problem.

  • real_vijay Vijay Boyapati (@real_vijay) reported

    @mikebelshe @TraceMayer @BlueDavid @BitGo @cooncesean @coinbase @CMEGroup @Bitstamp @krakenfx @c7five I agree with you, Mike. Exchanges need to improve their game. But Coinbase also offers the ability to 2FA using authenticator. Sean didn't use that and made some serious errors. It would look a lot better if you acknowledged this as a major op-sec screwup and address it.

  • mikebelshe Mike Belshe (@mikebelshe) reported

    @TraceMayer @BlueDavid @BitGo @cooncesean @coinbase @CMEGroup @Bitstamp @krakenfx @c7five We need to build systems that are not vulnerable to these types of attacks. The Gmail sms recovery is a problem, as is the coinbase use of sms. All crypto exchanges should remove sms as 2fa, as bitgo and kraken did long ago.

  • dgb_chilling Josiah [Not interested in Bank-Coins] Spackman (@dgb_chilling) reported

    @TraceMayer @BitGo @cooncesean @coinbase @CMEGroup @Bitstamp @mikebelshe You're right Trace, it's pretty incompetent for Coinbase to be offering SMS 2FA when the whole industry knows it's insecure. They should be using Digi-ID by #DigiByte, problem would be 100% solved.

  • UpholdInc Uphold (@UpholdInc) reported

    @XRPMichaelB @PjimmyXr @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp The problem with a credit card being denied is frequently with the issuing bank, especially if it is the first or a large transaction. Try giving the issuing bank a call, they have most likely put a fraud block on. Also, confirm fees before buying - credit cards are usually +3%

  • PjimmyXr XRPvillain (@PjimmyXr) reported

    @XRPMichaelB @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @UpholdInc @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp Ah, now I understand where you're coming from...apologies. I've never had an issue with some exchanges personally (using credit and debit cards) - but the person I was trying to help yesterday did. (They've definitely got the funds, before anyone chimes in lol)

  • XRPMichaelB Michael B ⚡️💧 (@XRPMichaelB) reported

    @MrRipplingRR @PjimmyXr @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @UpholdInc @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp hmmm... I've never had an issue

  • KraftigCrypto Kraftig Crypto (@KraftigCrypto) reported

    Weird how we have the @Bitstamp glitch causing the dump a few days before the @SEC_News BTC ETF announcement...🤔🤔🤔

  • CryptoMarketSpy ᶜʳʸᵖᵗᵒ (@CryptoMarketSpy) reported

    @360_trader Bought a load at .20 and saw it run up to 3.80 and it was stuck on #BitStamp and I could not get access to it for months as they worked out "issues" and saw it sink. Oh the joys of using BitStamp (no more).

  • CryptoMarketSpy ᶜʳʸᵖᵗᵒ (@CryptoMarketSpy) reported

    @360_trader Bought a load at .35 and saw it run up to 3.80 and it was stuck on #BitStamp and I could not get access to it for months as they worked out "issues" and saw it sink. Oh the joys of using BitStamp (no more).

  • ThysMusic Thys (@ThysMusic) reported

    @macrodesiac_ A theory is that someone went short on mex with a big splash, then sold down the price big time on bitstamp (which mex used for mark price), and cashed out his short. But both 6.4 and 7.3 were levels I had marked on my charts :)

  • HODL_Report HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) reported

    this is back in play after that Bitstamp error + Bitmex leverage debacle sidetracked us, which I bot with 2 hands, mamma! Now we can get back to business. 😱. see levels below. not advice

  • boroghor ₿̾o̾r̾o̾ ̾G̾h̾o̾r̾ 🇺🇸 (@boroghor) reported

    upnl green on positions kinda wanna close but i been sleeping fine the past few days during weak hands/bitstamp glitch so how i'm supposed to be pressed tonight lol

  • HeyTaiZen Tai Zen (@HeyTaiZen) reported

    @spewrange @Bitstamp @CMEGroup @CBOE I doubt that due to LIQUIDITY issues. Plus, the traders who are good enough to make these types of advance trades would have to have access to US futures exchanges. If they can do that they would not be able to use BitMex cuz its a violation of BitMex terms of use & US laws.

  • quantadelic Quantadelicatessen (@quantadelic) reported

    @sabotagebeats @Tha_Crypto_Guy @CryptoNekoZ @ShaneLunde @imBagsy @cryptunez @kaltoro_ @SynphZ It was one large trade on Bitstamp that drove price down... Stamp & Coinbase are the only two exchanges that currently comprise Bitmex's BTC reference index. Spot exchange orderbooks are less liquid than BitMex's. So it's cheaper to use spot exchanges to manipulate price on Mex..

  • HinkiesGodSon Drew (@HinkiesGodSon) reported

    $btc An explanation of the #bitstamp manipulation. A trader market sold 3600~ btc on bitstamp in one order. Crashing the price down over $1500.. No one taking profits with such a large amount of bitcoin would take profits this way.

  • harishdesign Harish Madaan (@harishdesign) reported

    @Bitstamp Why don't they're selling again to get the BTC down

  • HeyTaiZen Tai Zen (@HeyTaiZen) reported

    1/ Folks who were sitting on the sidelines during this last bear market n didnt buy anything better THANK the BADASS trader who sold those 5000 BTC on @Bitstamp n artificially pushed price of market down so they can make BIG $ on their BTC futures shorts at the @CMEGroup & @CBOE.

  • rochash2 rochash (@rochash2) reported

    @dadetrading @arndt_gg @inspiring_ty @nuonrg @Bitstamp @binance @cz_binance Bad theory. Not only were they liquid 70% but equity back @ 30%, Fast/Slow exit. $1B raise, more than ended the 'slow' part. So theory is unsound, sorta idiotic. A whale wiping out the order book on purpose or fat fingered seems most obvious.

  • JackMallers Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) reported

    @TuurDemeester In my opinion, it has less to do with thin books and more to do with poor infra (tech). No matter the book depth, surely this market is sophisticated enough to react to such blatant orders. The issue was Bitstamp's engine couldn't execute market buys and was skipping orders

  • CryptoDelSur CryptoDelSur (@CryptoDelSur) reported

    @CryptoDonAlt @ClearHeadCrypt0 Huge sell wall on Bitstamp at the 100k level pushing the price down.

  • JasonValliere2 Jason Valliere (@JasonValliere2) reported

    As a result, as the price crashed on Bitstamp, $250 million of long positions was liquidated on BitMEX, which further pushed down price on other exchanges.