Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • elizabethhilts Elizabeth Hilts (@elizabethhilts) reported

    @marykarrlit “I don’t have a problem doing the time I just needed to make a few calls and work on my Candy Crush skills”

  • DiandrenaM Di (@DiandrenaM) reported

    @mikeward279 @Eleffcee @GeoffDartford @jeremycorbyn I can't see the bottom bit of this list, but the first bit isn't useful as the proposal is for photo ID. This is a massive solution to a problem that simply isn't there, fermented on social media. Thanks for remaining polite, but I'm tired now. I have Candy to Crush. Goodnight.

  • janr572 Just Jan (@janr572) reported

    I’ve just realised how addicted I am to Candy Crush. It keeps hanging this morning and I’ve checked 5 times for a big fix update that isn’t there 😩😩 @CandyCrushSaga

  • RAALLINS اسراء (@RAALLINS) reported

    i take everything as a sign it’s a problem now. candy crush told me i’d get my next life in 3:13 mins and i started overthinking

  • midnacine Bethany (@midnacine) reported

    Some popular games/series to protest now that Activision Blizzard is canceled: World of Warcraft Overwatch Crash Bandicoot Wolfenstein Skylanders Spyro Guitar Hero Call of Duty Candy Crush Diablo

  • MeanNathalie Lady Libra ♎♓♈🏳️‍🌈 (@MeanNathalie) reported

    There's no point asking what I'm doing tonight. it's the same thing every night and it's pretty boring work study/take online classes watch tv while working/studying take breaks to scroll social media a little candy crush feel sorry for myself fall asleep at 3/4am 7 DAYS/WK

  • UnapologeticRes #IAmTheWhistleblower 🌊 (@UnapologeticRes) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga is a scam. “I've carefully been through your account balance and I'm unable to find any issues with the purchases that you are reporting. Our systems show that the Gold Bars have been correctly received and used. ...1/2

  • Charlie94663380 CHARLIE 🦄💚💚 (@Charlie94663380) reported

    @Doperdi_ Girl like they playing candy crush with his fits there’s no candy on earth that hasn’t been represented by slow tiger. A hot mess.

  • Ranimurali Rani Muralidharan (@Ranimurali) reported

    My mother’s iPad crashes. she is heart broken. Why-gifted by her most fav person 7 years back!!😭 She was stressed. Why-she had a score of 2000+ in candy crush & she might loose it all!!😰🤒 She prayed with all her energy and intent. Lo! #Apple store upgrades software!1/2

  • LeahMoloney1 L E A H (@LeahMoloney1) reported

    This working night shit is killing me am laid wide awake waiting for candy crush to download.. making the most of my 4 days off yeah and wa eh eh

  • rudergud Åsne Rud Iversen (@rudergud) reported

    Please fix level 5515 @CandyCrushSaga it’s ****** up

  • notyadaivilo liv 👽🏳️‍🌈🔜 subtronics (@notyadaivilo) reported from Pasadena Manor, Maryland

    i remember when my phone was jail broken and i was UNSTOPPABLE in candy crush cuz the powerups and gems were free

  • m0lliecule_ mollie (@m0lliecule_) reported

    I had to delete candy crush cos I have a problem and now I don’t know what to do with my phone

  • _J20_ Messy Boy (@_J20_) reported

    Erica got a problem... shes on candy crush level 1466.

  • sigmacenturion Todd Ace Crawford (@sigmacenturion) reported

    @EthanVanSciver To lure the new guys away from the old market. Seems like a lot of people still think working for the big two is a good idea. The entirety of Marvel got purchased for less than Candy Crush. 😂😂

  • thesilksneaker The Silk Sneaker (@thesilksneaker) reported

    I should currently be working but instead I find myself addicted to this new styling game called Drest - Addiction level: Candy Crush....

  • KommaChameleon Komma (@KommaChameleon) reported

    As a reminder, these IPs are under the ActiBlizzard banner if you want to avoid them: Call of Duty Crash Bandicoot Spyro Candy Crush Saga Warcraft/Starcraft/Diablo/Overwatch Sekiro

  • CullaKalinga Kalinga Culla (@CullaKalinga) reported

    @veiledpujarin Candy Crush is gonna Crash soon... 🤣🤣

  • Shitpost_girl Nero Forte @ Portugal (@Shitpost_girl) reported

    Candy crush had taught me, that not every choice we make is a right one but it's alright. Cause eventually you'll have another chance to fix your mistakes.

  • nakoontz Nicholas Koontz (@nakoontz) reported from Phoenix, Arizona

    @CandyCrushSaga wasn’t going to just win itself @WendeNGibbs!#StopJudgingUs #Working #Sorta

  • leladshah putri sari (@leladshah) reported

    my mom lost her progress on candy crush and suddenly its everyone's problem. she doesnt let us sleep until she gets her 1000/2000+ level back

  • Prompt_Spider Peter Parker (@Prompt_Spider) reported

    @GrapplingClaws Still, playing Candy Crush. It was a slow night and as his friend slept. he was trying to make it to the next level. Occasional wiggling on the building as he played.

  • sarah861421 sarah birkett (@sarah861421) reported

    candy crush - problem its not just 5 mins

  • shanewakefield1 Shane Wakefield (@shanewakefield1) reported from Seattle, Washington

    @JezBrett1 Mines still going from 2011, I mainly use it when flying and playing candy crush, it’s so slow now, definitely dying soon.

  • AmelieRougeVIP Amélie Rouge 🇫🇷 in Barcelona (@AmelieRougeVIP) reported

    @lara_hogan Oh that is Soooo annoying ! I had a similar problem with a guy in the subway. I had to move to another seat and he started to blame me for pushing his leg and arm away from my body 😂 (ok , he was playing at candy crush bit hey !)

  • wilmac77 Rootsman skanking (@wilmac77) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Or is you are too slow for us🍬🍭🍬🍭🍬

  • kaelacoughenour cough (@kaelacoughenour) reported

    i need to get my life together.... in other words i need to stop using candy crush as a distraction from my problems

  • sheisgawgus Donisha (@sheisgawgus) reported

    Why won’t I go to sleep 🥴😩 I ate listen to music set on the patio played candy crush nothing ain’t working 😂😂

  • topidom Tope Popoola (@topidom) reported

    @mac_jermie @DuchessSonia fact that i have started switching it off at night is the first step toward working on been less addicted, before i can get up at 3am to check whats going on, or just to play candy crush. Addiction comes in so many subtle ways. Our smartphone must not drive

  • mishdiana72 👻 Diana | 17 👻 (@mishdiana72) reported

    Since I already completed all Candy Crush levels, I have a list where I write down all the ones that don't have 3 stars on it while I wait for new ones... Let me tell you, it's so satisfying deleting numbers from that list... I have a problem.

  • michele654 Michele Jordan (@michele654) reported

    @SwiftOnSecurity My sister still uses her surface phone, the camera's broken, about half the apps don't work, candy crush made her start over for some reason, but she won't change. Hope you get some action, for her sake...

  • lcooke Lisa Cooke (@lcooke) reported

    After yesterday's power outage, I've charged every device, iPad, phone, and backup charger in my apartment. If the heat overload gets me again today, at least I'll be able to read on my kindle or play candy crush! Whew

  • trukrmike Mike Hartley (@trukrmike) reported

    @Jinx92109 @BungieHelp Maybe you should try candy crush. Or something that doesn’t exacerbate your anger issues

  • eddie_filsak Eddie Filsak (@eddie_filsak) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Please fix the timed boosters from the sugar drops. They are useless. The fish one is the worst- it only appears once right at the beginning.

  • itzshayshay_ ❁ 𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐲 ❁ (@itzshayshay_) reported

    the way candy crush removed the last $22 on my card literally right before i bought my study session caffeine fix... ******* disrespectful

  • fieqao fieqa (@fieqao) reported

    Tell us about yourself 1- Nurshafieqa Nadzira Mohd Hadzlie 2- pending😂 3- many 4- 2461 5- candy crush 🤪 6- S 7- school for now 8- mix HAHAHAHAHAHA 9-1 only la 10- it's haram 11- being broken 12- this year 13- eat n You 14- emm idk😂😂😂 sorry Drop an emoji for the questions

  • roy_kacak Roy Pening (@roy_kacak) reported

    Tell us about yourself 1- R K 2- T B A 3- Remember the name 4- 5039 5- Candy Crush 6- F 7- Both 8- M 9- 0 10- 0 11- Broken 12- 2017 13- hibernating 14- idgaf Drop an emoji for the questions

  • CourtReagan Courtney Reagan (@CourtReagan) reported

    @BabcockAlan Yep. The woman in front of me was looking down, walking very slow, playing candy crush...and I just want to get home.

  • MNUma1 mary moran (@MNUma1) reported

    Play Candy Crush Jelly with me! #candycrushjellyI have no lives even tho I haven't played for at least 12 to 24 hours. I also can't play ccSoda as it takes me to step one and I flash to step 2 and I am stuck at the gate. I give up, you can't seem to fix either!

  • maria_giavanna ThanQ +++ (@maria_giavanna) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I have reinstalled the app 4 times. Took my phone apart and put back sim card, restarted phone, etc.....basically I've tried everything and it just acts like it is about to open and then says "candy crush has stopped working...Report Yes or No"..

  • aubsbarker a u b r e y (@aubsbarker) reported

    Most of my anger issues come from being on the same level of candy crush for a whole day

  • gn997 Gamuchirai. (@gn997) reported

    How can I slow down for someone playing candy crush 😤

  • Sophie_Wiegand Sophie. (@Sophie_Wiegand) reported

    My headphones have broken on my Monday morning commute, gotta listen to other people’s shitty music and someone playing candy crush now 🥺

  • _gabilicious gabriela (@_gabilicious) reported

    I think my mom is broken, I’m trying to teach her how to play candy crush y nomas nooooooo

  • Orvieto2016 🌹Snarky Blonde🇺🇸 (@Orvieto2016) reported

    I feel like the fact that I’m on level 533 of Candy Crush goes to show I have a major procrastination problem.....I started playing this game in June

  • EmilyGRaleigh Emily Grace (@EmilyGRaleigh) reported

    I’m so addicted to playing candy crush that I think it might be a problem

  • stan_lee064 Sugar crush😋 (@stan_lee064) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I can't see my daily login bonus

  • antzyzzz Phyllis Mack (@antzyzzz) reported

    please fix your bubblegum dumb machine - it hangs my computer every time #CandyCrushSaga

  • cnxcvx CNTHCST (@cnxcvx) reported

    Reasons I don’t text back: •Im sleeping •Im working or •im playing candy crush

  • JaylaKalina Jay🌺 (@JaylaKalina) reported

    Ari made me download candy crush since her phone is broken

  • antzyzzz Phyllis Mack (@antzyzzz) reported

    bubblegum machine not working #CandyCrushSaga

  • antzyzzz Phyllis Mack (@antzyzzz) reported

    your bubblegum machine nnot working" #CandyCrushSaga

  • NameFieldmt Anamika- Don't @ me- See pinned tweet. (@NameFieldmt) reported

    Candy Crush block. Slow progress. Still stuck in the 3400s. I hope that fellow doesn't overtake me.

  • matthewmerez Matt (@matthewmerez) reported

    I would like @netflix and @hulu to make their mobile apps capable of working in the background. Sometimes I just wanna listen to the ambient noise of a Bob’s Burgers episode while I’m doing Candy Crush on my way to work.

  • Tristyyna Tristynn A. Ortiz (@Tristyyna) reported

    I’m on level 789 on Candy Crush, i might have a serious problem

  • Sassyk520 Kimberly Lyles (@Sassyk520) reported

    I haven't played the game in a while but I know I was level 843 when I stopped playing. There is no way I can be level 11. Please fix this. #CandyCrushSaga

  • ramified talia (@ramified) reported

    @hystxeria @flatbottomgirl9 idk maybe candy crush wouldn’t stop saying fix it daddy but idk

  • GutFeelCapital GutFeel Capital (@GutFeelCapital) reported

    @HardcoreValue The race is typically over in 2-4 minutes, matchmaking, aligning start times, internet connectivity issues would all add friction vs. the use case (I believe target audience is/should be Candy Crush).

  • astron0micaIIy satan’s husband (@astron0micaIIy) reported

    Now I mean this isn’t a problem or anything, it’s not like people play games like candy crush or CoD for their extensive lore or writing. Some games work great without a huge story for it. But that,, wasn’t the problem I had with this guy.

  • kbarschh kayla barsch (@kbarschh) reported

    if the first step is admitting the problem, then it’s time I admit i’m a candy crush addict. I can’t stop. level 371 and no sign of the end.