Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • Sign in (45.45%)
  • Glitches (24.24%)
  • App Crashing (22.73%)
  • Online Features (6.06%)
  • Microtransactions (1.52%)

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  • kaiasklaio Travateme (@kaiasklaio) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga for a few days now I get a message "You have experienced an error that we are working hard to fix. Please try again in a moment" what should I do

  • Jonathanjlw Jonathan Lw (@Jonathanjlw) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP I tried for Harry Potter and candy crush - both came back with error 42 - verifying signature. I tried delete apple ID or revoke. Both still can't work

  • dom_hudson dominique 🦋 (@dom_hudson) reported

    @Blake_Trull I saw one playing candy crush when I was working at the hospital tho 😂😂 but nah I know most nurses aren’t like that.

  • CedricB00457247 Cedric Bailey 3seventeenDevelopers (@CedricB00457247) reported

    @Cydia_kiiMO Is candy crush hack working

  • FiyyazAhmeed04 awareness04 (@FiyyazAhmeed04) reported

    SOCIAL AWARENESS CAMPAIGN FOR 🌎 ISSUES #MEDIA_04 #FoodTimes_04 #GLOBE_04 #candy #Easter #EasterWeekend #EasterBankHoliday #CANDY撮影会 #candycrushsaga #EasterYaMatatizo #EasterWeekend2019 #EasterEgg #EasterEggHunt

  • bellegracegus ope (@bellegracegus) reported

    my commitment issues have spread to the games i play, it took me three months to connect my facebook to my candy crush because “i didnt know if i enjoyed the game that much”

  • thesocialdive The Social Dive (@thesocialdive) reported

    He is working really hard...on trying to get passed level 67 on candy crush. #worksmartnothard #candycrushsaga

  • lordkramGB Mark \|/ (@lordkramGB) reported

    Level 662 of Candy Crush Saga is IMPOSSIBLE, no way of clearing without paying! Absolute joke, please fix the amount of moves @CandyCrushSaga #candycrushsaga

  • Tbone7219 Tony P. (@Tbone7219) reported

    Apparently passing the 785 level on Candy Crush is not a turn on also can I crash on your couch.

  • Madelliinneeee Maddy🖤 (@Madelliinneeee) reported

    my @CandyCrushSaga hasn’t been working for a month and nothing is working to fix it😰 SOS.

  • mfindigal1 mfindigal (@mfindigal1) reported

    Candy crush is suspended till further notice, now we deal with burning issues not the fake Makhumalo

  • jasssmineee_ Jasmine✨ (@jasssmineee_) reported

    candy crush really need to create a login yo 🙄😭

  • GemmaBidgood Gemma Bidgood (@GemmaBidgood) reported

    125 candy crush levels in three days ... I have a problem 😬

  • Okeating Oonagh (@Okeating) reported

    Facebook is said to be working on a rival to "Alexa". The AI, "Zucky" has so far only achieved three tasks: "Zucky, accept invitation to play Candy Crush." "Zucky, poke Arron" and "Zucky, harvest the contacts of 1.5m new users for marketing purposes."

  • askaboutarii ari 🧚🏽‍♀️ (@askaboutarii) reported

    the wifi might be down but my candy crush working <3

  • DatOtherMichael Kurt Michaels (@DatOtherMichael) reported

    @theloniousirish As the dad of a handicapped kid, let me tell you that the answer is it’s not a problem unless you’re in there playing Candy Crush (not a euphemism). Get in. Get er done. Wash your hands.

  • NathanJSTT Nathan Sinclair (@NathanJSTT) reported

    That Windows 10 just decided to give me a pop up for some Candy Crush Saga BS via the stupid e-mail client thing, which caused the software I was using to crash without saving REALLY doesn't warm me anything that you're trying to sell to me, Microsoft.

  • CaseVec Casey Vecchio (@CaseVec) reported

    You know you have a problem when you run out of levels to play on @CandyCrushSaga 😬

  • ovogummy GummDrop ⁶𓅓 (@ovogummy) reported

    This guy really playing candy crush while working out.... I’m not trying to get on that machine or anything 🤬

  • 2ng_jppalma 2️⃣🆖 (@2ng_jppalma) reported

    If addiction is judged by how long a dumb animal will sit pressing a lever to get a “fix” of something, to its own detriment, then I would conclude that Candy Crush is far more addictive than *******. #PlayingCandyCrush

  • size0pjm berry nicole (@size0pjm) reported

    i havent had a working phone for a month im boutta start playing candy crush with some actual jelly beans

  • winwinstatertot penelope (@winwinstatertot) reported

    Yall candy crush is the reason I have anger issues

  • MaurMaur82 MaurMaur82 卡机吗 (@MaurMaur82) reported

    @Heisenherr I'd seen Deathgasm before and was unimpressed. Changeling was so slow and dull, I started playing Candy Crush midway through.

  • MNUma1 mary moran (@MNUma1) reported

    Play Candy Crush Jelly with me! #candycrushjellyHERE WE GO AGAIN, i WASN'T ABLE TO GET INTO THE GAME EARLIER AND NOW 5 HOURS LATER i'M TOLD i HAVE NO LIVES AND i HAVEN'T PLAYED FOR QUITE SOME HOURSSorry for the caps. Please fix!!!



  • FuckBoone Aaron Fucking Boone (@FuckBoone) reported


  • xo_marns marnie (@xo_marns) reported

    My version of working is sitting with my laptop out in front of me whilst playing candy crush for two hours

  • pertassedvixen D'pErTaSsEdViXeN (@pertassedvixen) reported

    @LovAmit @ashwanikapoor_ It's special tech, won't crush n crash like candy

  • woolwise Christine (@woolwise) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga why are my scores of more than twice the rquired scor not being recognised. 5 times in a row! Fix your algorithms!!!

  • FrankiieBoyy Tanke (@FrankiieBoyy) reported

    *One of the lawyers talking to a client Lawyer: “Sorry I’m yawning, I’ve just been working hard.” *Ends call *Continues to play Candy Crush 😭😭

  • NamJin_yes Kimchi fried rice_HOME (@NamJin_yes) reported

    I was bored and my mom's busy playing Candy crush so i decided to make a thread on @BTS_twt 's duality, and how they have given me trust issues

  • gutierrezles lg (@gutierrezles) reported

    Tweakbox needs to hurry up and fix their app 🙄 I rode the subway without music AND I REDOWNLOADED CANDY CRUSH

  • AshleyPSays ashley p (@AshleyPSays) reported

    My alarm goes off, I turn alarm off and go back to sleep, sort of wakes up and readings in my book for thirty minutes, goes back to sleep, wakes up and plays candy crush til I have no more lives. Finally starts working and thinks man I am hungry maybe I should get lunch.

  • king_anteros Joshua David (@king_anteros) reported

    @JackBrannelly The one that REALLY gets me is that stupid one with like the broken house/kitchen/yard and it shows dragging the correct tool to fix things but the person playing the ad is stupid af and always gets it wrong. THOSE GAMES ARE LITERALLY ALL JUST CANDY CRUSH.

  • Danny78509966 Danny (@Danny78509966) reported

    @AppValley_vip I was using AppValley, candy crush, on my IPad for a couple of weeks and it was working great. So was my wife. All of a sudden both of our CC quit working. I tried reloading it but the “Get” button doesn’t appear in the AV app. Reloaded AV several times still no “get”.

  • DannniD Danielle (@DannniD) reported

    Just looked around my office to see what everyone was working on (bc I’m clearly not doing anything). Lady to my right is playing candy crush. To my left, scrolling a ‘Moms of DC’ blog. Lady behind me, Facebook. 😂

  • quantumbonde Richard Bonde (@quantumbonde) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga says, “swipe the stress away.” I’ve been stuck on the same level for 7’s not working!!

  • Palitato Pali Q (@Palitato) reported

    @sleekhare @DrKowert And when little Timmy is playing too much WoW after school it's an addiction but Mommy spending $400 on Candy Crush is 'just a hobby' and 'not a problem'.

  • KewpieTheresa Pie (@KewpieTheresa) reported

    My mom is having candy crush problems. She is at level 742.

  • nick08120917 nick (@nick08120917) reported

    @Se_Railway the lady working at bickley station today was the most unhelpful and surly I have ever encountered, maybe because I interrupted her important game of candy crush. Please speak to her and remind who we are customers.

  • BokuNoBeefDip Boku @ サモア (@BokuNoBeefDip) reported

    @itsukarine Win10 LTSB/C has the win10 binaries and runtimes and shit but doesn't have Cortana and Candy crush in the start menu Problem is they're evaluation copies and good for only 90 days unless you activate

  • 181_gaming 181Gaming (@181_gaming) reported

    @Gaming10Eagle Candy Crush 23...when dentist attack / working title...very early alpha...its too sweet

  • michaelawaffles ♀michaela, usually. (@michaelawaffles) reported

    @geenasnotes I’m literally just playing candy crush and working on my laptop. 🤣

  • Xingwidzi Hosi (@Xingwidzi) reported from Pretoria, Gauteng

    I hadn’t imagined that having big fingers would be a problem when playing candy crush 😐

  • zeyyneptasci zeynep (@zeyyneptasci) reported

    @sendfuckingbox No crash yes candy crush

  • NZZfratstar NZZfratstar (@NZZfratstar) reported

    I love candy crush but the purple and blue candies look the same to me because I’m color blind :( and it wasn’t an issue but in higher levels they’re the same shape too :(

  • blahjedi Aaron C (@blahjedi) reported from Hobart, State of Tasmania

    @sincespacies It’s all arbitrary gatekeeping bollocks man. Attempting to qualify what the label applies to is the problem. If someone plays 30 minutes of Candy Crush on the bus each day, they’re as much of a gamer as a Twitch streaming pro Overwatch player.

  • annemariesproul Anne Marie Sproul (@annemariesproul) reported

    I am browsing twitter, Pinterest and instagram on a full sized iPad. It is much faster and easier to see than my old and slow as molasses iPad mini that was 14’s old one. I bet candy crush would be fun.....#iPad #itssobig

  • TPBvirus T1 TPBvirus (@TPBvirus) reported

    @ramenwitch I mean not to sound like a gatekeeper, but the problem is a lot of Mobile "Gamers" are so fake. Like wow "I play 30 minutes of Candy Crush a day, I'm an epic gamer" when in reality you're just faking it for social media points because its cool to be a gamer nowadays.

  • art_attarq Olanrewaju the lazy artist (@art_attarq) reported from Lagos, Lagos State

    If I'm not in the gym working out, I'm with my pencils making new artworks. But if I'm not doing both, I'm playing candy crush...😉

  • R_A_Chalmers Robert A. Chalmers (@R_A_Chalmers) reported

    @kevincolligan Hey Kevin. Your tutorial How To Make A Game Like Candy Crush for RayW needs a fix. In Swap.swift the error: 'Hashable.hashValue' is deprecated as a protocol requirement; conform type 'Swap' to 'Hashable' by implementing 'hash(into:)' instead. Causes Tile failure

  • _tiffanyvera97 tiffany ⚡ (@_tiffanyvera97) reported

    This tweet is offensive! I play candy crush and I smashed it. What's your problem

  • mickeyfoon mickeyfoon (@mickeyfoon) reported

    @airbagmoments I just uninstalled candy crush for the 2nd time. I went back to it to escape Twitter. Then it became a problem.

  • AiseVahid Aise Vahid (@AiseVahid) reported

    I wake up at 5am for work.... I found one roommate sitting at the kitchen table playing candy crush. And they tell me I have problems

  • AliensExist1997 WhatsMyNameAgain? (@AliensExist1997) reported

    @OwenJones84 They should all be confiscated They are paid top money to try fix our country, not play Candy crush or text their partners what's for tea.

  • Joosab02 Rishaad Joosab (@Joosab02) reported

    Plumber came home today to fix a leak and literally started teasing me for beating me at candy crush. Lmao What is this pls.

  • kthoro1 kthoro (@kthoro1) reported

    @theresa_may Please move your debates to Milton Keynes. You'd be less of a burden on the Police, easier to keep an eye on and we could make massive savings on MP expenses. Nigel can still play candy crush and we have no problem with MP's napping just out of the capital to reduce costs.

  • leah95kkfan Leah Bartlett (@leah95kkfan) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga It told me that it couldn't send lives, that there was a problem and you where working to fix!

  • _just_my_things Rituja Biswas (@_just_my_things) reported

    My problems are like the levels of Candy Crush.. Never ending!🙂 #sedlyf

  • WildlandsTV Wildlands (@WildlandsTV) reported

    @JellybeansTV Stop giving Activision money lmao every one of their games has the same problem. Candy crush is their most successful game by a huge margin so they just gonna keep using gimmicks from that game in all their games