Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (33.33%)
  • App Crashing (28.07%)
  • Glitches (21.05%)
  • Online Features (14.04%)
  • Microtransactions (3.51%)

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  • kentankkkk
    chiw🌼 (@kentankkkk) reported

    @rlthingy Candy crush fix

  • rachhthomson
    rachh (@rachhthomson) reported

    Just gonna play candy crush and forget about aw my problems

  • lilacwest
    Wendy Tweetface (@lilacwest) reported

    @JazzyBonesJones @PatriciaMullis I know I love sugar too it would crush me. He's even stopped eating sugarless candy he's afraid they will cause stomach issues

  • hulie44
    Julie E Smith (@hulie44) reported

    No anxiety No Facebook Frenzy No Twitter Tremors No Snapchat scarring No Candy Crush Craziness No more crap apps Relaxation stations Bye bye Carpel Tunnel Nokia fix! Back to watching The Weather Channel, hello Jim Cantore!! #nophoneforayear

  • ChrisNovembrino
    Gulf Coastal Elite (@ChrisNovembrino) reported

    @IamNotJonahHill Look, I’m sure our elected officials will identify the problem correctly and tailor an appropriate solution for this right after they figure out why Google put The Candy Crush on their iPhone.

  • chvrl0tte
    ¢har līt 🤪 (@chvrl0tte) reported

    I will play candy crush before I study for this final and THATS the problem with the black community

  • Learatwa
    LeSe (@Learatwa) reported

    Lord, this person must be an angel or messenger. I was just about to play candy crush on my phone just to pass time and start working later, not sure how i landed checking Twitter and this is the message I got. Thanks @_StevenWebb

  • venetianspring
    venetianspring (@venetianspring) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga It worked a couple of times and now it's again not working. Same as before.

  • striker2fall
    daniel moore (@striker2fall) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP Candy crush still not working

  • striker2fall
    daniel moore (@striker2fall) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP Candy crush unlimited life’s not working

  • cutee_kynzee
    mCkYnZeE (@cutee_kynzee) reported

    Honestly the worst part about my phone screen barely working is it Fuchs up my candy crush game

  • DesignateThomas
    Thomas - Designate (@DesignateThomas) reported

    @MikeSnider @USATODAY @Nielsen No bloody wonder our productivity is low no bugger is actually working in the UK these days. Even those in work are interacting with social media instead of doing their job. Check out the Parliament channel if you think I'm wrong "Candy Crush Saga" everywhere. 🇬🇧

  • emehernandez1
    mely (@emehernandez1) reported

    I passed my candy crush level that I’ve been working on for like 2 weeks. It’s gon be a good day

  • steamjamboree
    Catlord Hester | 👻🍉 (@steamjamboree) reported

    and she was REALLY good at it. i guess that's a testament to platformers and crash's good level design philosophy. she played a little brain training on the DS and regularly plays candy crush and a few basic word find phone games now, but it was just. endearing.

  • mighttenten
    j@ysen (@mighttenten) reported

    playing candy crush >>>>>working on my 10pg paper that's due on thursday

  • rahulscribe
    Rahul Devulapalli (@rahulscribe) reported

    @amartadi @swachhhyd @CandyCrushSaga @mirzahyd1 @RajenderPHP @n_clicks @HiHyderabad @KSuswetha @ukiran_2 @Laxmisaudi @attapurrocks @sai_koushika Ghost prank videos are working for me

  • TuckonSports
    David Tuchman (@TuckonSports) reported

    @SteveRuddock @jesswelman @EricRaskin Suggesting any number simplifies a much larger issue. People have literally ruined their lives (financially) with lotto or candy crush

  • MlgLolsdd
    SparrowMP (@MlgLolsdd) reported


  • AngelSetor
    Angel Setor (@AngelSetor) reported

    @kelvynboymusic_ @jwillzgh No problem my Candy crush

  • dvnxox_e
    EMILYG🏆 (@dvnxox_e) reported

    Work has been so slow today all we been doing is playing candy crush n pub g😂😂😂

  • NWOwatchdog
    °•●◉ WILL † ◉●•° (@NWOwatchdog) reported

    @Vasachi @lulabelldesigns @DFBHarvard Ive not heard of or had any issues with this app, just a quick way 2 manage account. I keep no classified info here, Read what any app can do 2 your device. Twitter app, fakebook app, candy crush app, flashlight app, alarm app. etc etc... To each their own... just trying to help.

  • sonialf
    Dr. Sonia Fullerton (@sonialf) reported from Melbourne, State of Victoria

    @CandyCrushSaga #CandyCrushSaga is not working for me on Facebook! I want to crush candy ......

  • HelenFarmer1
    Helen Farmer (@HelenFarmer1) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Game doesn't load through Facebook on any device - many people seem to be experiencing this issue.

  • jazzyjunker54
    jazzyjunker (@jazzyjunker54) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga fix your issues game will not load on facebook, not getting friend request for lives in 2 months. Instead of adding crap fix present issues.

  • umlautgraphics
    Stefanie Anderson (@umlautgraphics) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga player #1073136030 Game wont load on firefox. keeps saying connecting to social media then hangs on loading. Game wont load on chrome same issue. On chrome(when it does load)it says update to latest and chrome is ok. It puts me at lvl 1800ish when almost to 4000.

  • RomaneBetty
    betty romane (@RomaneBetty) reported

    my id. # for candy crush is 1028799979 please fix my life control counter

  • MatToddChem
    Matthew Todd (@MatToddChem) reported from Camberwell, England

    If we could codify science problems in Candy Crush format, this train would be making breakthroughs

  • TheOtherAtrus
    Hadden 'Atrus' Pertwee (@TheOtherAtrus) reported

    @LailaFlowerSW @Varic710 @Rosa_Atherton @MdrakeSWL Like someone can play Candy Crush without knowing anything about networking or TCP/IP or bits and bytes, but they're still there, working underneath.

  • maddienorman_
    Maddie Norman (@maddienorman_) reported from Evansville, Indiana

    I’ve been working lots of 3rds recently and they’re so boring that I’m now on level 1061 of candy crush

  • dykegarfield
    mistletoe dyke 🎄i love drew (@dykegarfield) reported

    I need a computer **** to fix this for me irl because im too stupid to figure out how to even remove candy crush from this god forsaken laptop

  • MHackleton
    Matt Hackleton (@MHackleton) reported

    @BBCNewsbeat giving radio time to someone who is disabled and is moaning her signal is down due to @O2 problems.... give it a rest luv, play candy crush tomorrow. #O2Down #o2network

  • OakleyPalmer10
    Oakley Palmer (@OakleyPalmer10) reported

    I’m the type of person who pays thousands of dollars to go to college and gets bored in class after 10 minutes, but can analyze a level of candy crush for 10 minutes to figure out my next four moves with no issue just to beat my dad at a free game for bragging rights

  • chin_ayishaa
    - Canary | カナリア (@chin_ayishaa) reported

    Lol I can’t even play candy crush, they need to fix this😭

  • jack_regan
    Jack Regan (@jack_regan) reported

    Data accuracy is a problem but a bigger problem is that we’re only looking at HOW MUCH time we spend on screens instead of WHAT we spend that time doing. I can’t imagine reading a book on my iPad for three hours has the same effect as playing Candy Crush for that long…

  • e2dmane
    e2d (@e2dmane) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Fix Candy Crush with Friends, please.

  • terra_walker
    Terra Walker (@terra_walker) reported

    Intro: Terra. Denver. Wasting time goes to Candy Crush. It might be a problem. #SocialRoadTrip

  • AngePerr
    Absolutely Not 🍅 (@AngePerr) reported

    Whoever is still addicted to *******, just download candy crush problem solved

  • TIGN3Y
    Henny and the Jets. (@TIGN3Y) reported

    I know the rep doesn’t give solitary **** about this woman’s issues playing goddamn candy crush or whatever ********. The sound of “genuine concern” is the same sound I coughed up off & on for 3 years for different companies.

  • davis_kaleb19
    KD (@davis_kaleb19) reported

    My mom is on level 1575 on candy crush. She has a problem!!

  • Al3x_Stow3rs
    hctiB yggaN (@Al3x_Stow3rs) reported

    Best part of working at the day care... when they nap I can lay down on a body pillow and play candy crush. Might snooze a little myself but I mean, I’m getting paid soooo

  • lmummaw76
    Linda M (@lmummaw76) reported

    @PauleyP @CandyCrushSaga @PauleyP I've run into the same problem on pet rescue saga. I have had to wait up to 2 weeks for an update with new levels.

  • nOmmie_14
    Nomvuzo Maitin (@nOmmie_14) reported

    Me: I'll start working as soon as I run out of candy crush lives Me: *wins every level on first or second try*

  • skankherpio
    spank speakeasy (@skankherpio) reported from Fredericton, New Brunswick/Nouveau-Brunswick

    I almost forgot to play candy crush soda saga today and I would have broken my 107 day streak thank god I remembered

  • abdalian4ever
    Adnan (@abdalian4ever) reported

    Yes! "Economics is NO rocket science" no qualms about it. However, it is NOT a play toy of dim-wit, knuckle head, pea brain chimpanzees either. Who 've nothing rational to say but repeat tedious mantra of corruption like a broken record. Plz SHUT UP about it. Go play candy crush.

  • helenaj0y
    this is fine (@helenaj0y) reported

    Today on first world problems, I’m sick and PSN is down so I have to watch Hulu on my phone which means I can’t play candy crush while watching Hell’s Kitchen

  • CaroleMcsherry
    Carole McSherry (@CaroleMcsherry) reported

    I guess no one wants to respond to me or fix this problem!!!! please #CandyCrushSaga

  • taytaypm
    taylor mutavdzic (@taytaypm) reported

    finals week had me crash learning astro to where i’m wide awake and playing candy crush at 4:12 am

  • muzeeb_7
    Abdul Mujeeb (@muzeeb_7) reported

    @Moto_Support @motorolaindia occasional lags in phone and frame drops seen even in light games such as #candycrushsaga after #Pie update in #MotorolaOnePower Please fix this

  • exobotvoter
    💤 (@exobotvoter) reported

    @bucheonsbabe the coorelation is because the fandom selectively sh*ts on a fansite while ignoring all other fansites doing the exact same stuff. Some of the most celebrated fansites. It's almost like yall have a problem with him because he is a male. Candy crush has taken pics of baekhyun fro-

  • kelly_sarbaugh
    Kelly Sarbaugh (@kelly_sarbaugh) reported

    Going on week 2 without my candy crush app working and it’s really taking a toll on me

  • kathyb5783
    Kathy Buckley (@kathyb5783) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga The DYNAMIC DUO has been loading all day. I reported this a week or so ago. It cost me losing our games won and we had to start over. I hope you will fix this soon.

  • OLDNAVY_5442
    OLD NAVY (@OLDNAVY_5442) reported

    Pam Jones does not have a cell phone and won’t until Wednesday...if you need her, mail a letter bc I’m not being the messenger 😠 Why do parents have the most issues with cell phones and all they do is play candy crush on it 🤔

  • CaroleMcsherry
    Carole McSherry (@CaroleMcsherry) reported

    How can I play this game when my bubble gum machine is NOT working and I am not receiving the requests from friends!!!!!! Please again fix!!!!! #CandyCrushSaga

  • purkenjicell
    Kenji Ip (@purkenjicell) reported

    Gets flaship device but just FB or candy crush Gets mid-low end device as dying working phone for hospital work

  • JojoDAeditor
    JojoDAeditor (@JojoDAeditor) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Level 1879 this level needs to be fix u cant complet the level when the Tick terns into a Block instead of a yellow candy

  • irchm
    abo betmen (@irchm) reported

    Just like candy crush, most of my problem were solved in the bathroom. I think it’s related to the smell.

  • CaroleMcsherry
    Carole McSherry (@CaroleMcsherry) reported

    bubble gum not working...freezing screen and not giving me reward...also not getting my requests from friends!!!!!!! please fix these~!!! #CandyCrushSaga

  • BGromen
    Braulio Gromenauer (@BGromen) reported

    @sanchezcastejon Maybe she's working instead of playing Twitter & Candy crush. ************

  • Steakcityliars
    A Garbage Can (@Steakcityliars) reported

    The Candy Crush unicorn is trying to seduce me & sweetie it’s working

  • kharringtonrlp
    Kelly Harrington (@kharringtonrlp) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Still not working. VERY frustrating