Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • App Crashing (25.00%)
  • Sign in (21.67%)
  • Online Features (15.00%)
  • Microtransactions (1.67%)

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  • helpiliveinque mary scullion (@helpiliveinque) reported from Châteauguay, Québec

    @PeelPoliceMedia People should be ashamed of themselves. Seriously turn your phone off. Or if on what would be important be enough for them. Free Candy Crush life..Booty Call. But not a little girls life .Life is 24/7 seriously broken ****** people out there

  • AndrewCalebCol2 Andrew Wielder Of The Soul Calibur Keyblade (@AndrewCalebCol2) reported

    @EmPlaysGames @achatter247 @MissStoria13 @Red_Lionheart Oh right. I forgot about the ones who play Candy Crush. Well you are there then. he vast majority of females aren't gamers. That said, ones like yourself don't even have an issue with the fan service in these games.

  • SaraE1987 I_Told_You_So (@SaraE1987) reported

    @coolradmom Also lets not pretend taking x-rays is all that, a monkey could do it.. and you should be proud of spending 90% of your working day playing candy crush.

  • ReevesJek John Reeves (@ReevesJek) reported

    @bob981949 It goes without saying, these people are generously compensated and should have the decency to listen to and address the issues of the day. Besides the majority are only playing 'Candy Crush'.

  • sinderellaboy Laurentus Venatus (@sinderellaboy) reported

    @briggan1324 @GambleMike If You find them satanic that means you have a problem buddy. Play Candy Crush instead

  • snshanah Shanah (@snshanah) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga It had refused but working now.

  • buttaflygirl03 TeArra (@buttaflygirl03) reported

    Ugh looks like candy crush fix the new cheat to help you pass levels. Well it was nice for a min lol

  • lewisbroom99 Lewis Broom (@lewisbroom99) reported

    The problem with being in a relationship with an older women is she plays to much candy crush lol.

  • vmarone35 Vinnie Marone (@vmarone35) reported

    @DavidEllis Activision Blizzard will boost by 20% the number of developers working on its major franchises—Call of Duty, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Candy Crush—funding this move by cutting disappointing initiatives and employees layoffs.

  • Feyi_kemi Oluwafeyikemi (@Feyi_kemi) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Kindly fix the black screen ads on the app! It’s getting annoying!

  • cmac_130 Chris McCarthy (@cmac_130) reported

    @David__Jetta @SkillUpYT @Deathwatch0885 "Activision Blizzard will boost by 20% the number of developers working on its major franchises—Call of Duty, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Candy Crush—funding this move by cutting disappointing initiatives and employees layoffs" It seems a bit more complicated

  • cmac_130 Chris McCarthy (@cmac_130) reported

    @SkillUpYT @Deathwatch0885 From the same article: "Activision Blizzard will boost by 20% the number of developers working on its major franchises—Call of Duty, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Candy Crush—funding this move by cutting disappointing initiatives and employees layoffs."

  • Grazen Adam Adamou (@Grazen) reported

    The number of developers working on Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Warcraft®, Hearthstone and Diablo® in aggregate will increase approximately 20% over the course of 2019.  Good news!

  • ItsDonAllen Don Allen (@ItsDonAllen) reported

    Good to hear Activision will be taking the talent they had working on Destiny, and making them work on creative cyanide like Call of Duty, Candy Crush, and Hearthstone instead.

  • alnarraTweets Shawn Miller (@alnarraTweets) reported

    "The number of developers working on Call of Duty, CandyCrush, Overwatch, Warcraft®, Hearthstone and Diablo®in aggregate will increase approximately 20% over the course of 2019." The word Aggregate is BEYOND key there. 19% could go to candy crush.

  • SowmyaRadhakri2 Sowmya Radhakrishnan (@SowmyaRadhakri2) reported

    @caylinolivia @CandyCrushSaga You’ve been working on this for so long😂

  • CenturyDeath Century (@CenturyDeath) reported

    @TM88 Unfortunately that’s the end game plan. They want everyone causing uproar over any statement made so nobody will say anything(fear tactic). It’s easier to crush candy canes than hardened steel. Look at the people in the comments saying to ignore the problem.

  • biancaa_mariee Bianca. (@biancaa_mariee) reported

    I used to shoot my shot in elementary school by giving my crush the bigger valentines card and an extra candy or lollipop that wasn’t broken

  • JannerNg Strange janner huang (@JannerNg) reported

    This is another candy crush saga game story this girl very good at playing but peoples cursing at her stupid whatever in the end she's still good at working but she have serving food mental disorder n oso collecting dish plates too n regarding ipad food ordering n washing cups n

  • Pragjag Ken Donald (@Pragjag) reported

    I have decided to have a break from Candy Crush as I spent last night having troubled dreams about the data I am working on today moving around the spreadsheet to makes groups of 3 and then vanishing.

  • 1OOG_ OOG (@1OOG_) reported

    All her photos are gone. Just used sms to recover her account. It was the wrong account. Tried all her other emails, none of them are working. All her facebook games, friends, messages. Gone. She plays every day. Every day 😔 I mean she loves candy crush.

  • ItsMo727 Mo 💋 (@ItsMo727) reported

    My @CandyCrushSaga isn’t working 😩😩😩😔

  • DoctorFurious0 Otis B. Driftwood (@DoctorFurious0) reported

    Me: *inserts flash drive* Windows: "THIS DRIVE HAS ERRORS PLEASE SCAN IMMEDIATELY" Me: *presses SCAN* Windows: *scans* Windows: "YES THERE'S A PROBLEM HERE PLEASE FIX IT" Me: *Clicks yes* Windows: *scans* Windows: "NO ERRORS WERE FOUND." *Reinstalls Candy Crush again*

  • ianrobinson1976 Ian Robinson (@ianrobinson1976) reported

    @King_Games @CandyCrushSaga your latest update has a bug whereby the candy creator thingy when you reach 24/36/24 etc gets stuck and won’t let you continue without exiting completely. Please fix

  • Maliciouslntent Revolver Ocelot🇦🇬 (@Maliciouslntent) reported

    @SilentLoveIcon_ The only problem here is you playing candy crush like a loser

  • Agent10_ 🐙 Agent 10 🐙 [TeamWaffles] (@Agent10_) reported

    And my dad said it tastes like shit, then My mom left the room all sad, when I went after her, my dad just shouted at me “You are staying here with me and eat your food” And I didnt want more problems so I stayed there, then my father said, I have no more lives (candy crush) +

  • TJBailey1978 Trevor Bailey (@TJBailey1978) reported

    @JimSterling Yes video games are the main problem....not the guns. Everyone knows that playing Candy Crush is what caused All School Shootings.

  • effervcent ia (@effervcent) reported

    @rlthingy Candy crush fix

  • MyNameIsMurray Murray Webber (@MyNameIsMurray) reported

    @sinclairinator @GoodThings2Life And now let's talk about black screen resume issues, the Start Menu and Taskbar crashes, the Candy Crush rubbish, the poor text rendering (compared to macOS), the rubbish audio stack (compared to Core Audio on macOS), the terrible Dark Mode offering, and so many more.

  • radiantbore 🌹✨ (@radiantbore) reported

    modern college fe au where stahl gets left behind at a gas station, ike gets into a fist fight, frederick sits in the car with a hand over his face wondering why he gets himself into these problems. chrom's playing candy crush and keeps trying to show frederick his high scores

  • LoeKeeOne Johnny (@LoeKeeOne) reported

    My mom is on level 4,015 on Candy Crush. I told her she has a problem 😂🤣

  • KryssiKakes KryssiKakes (@KryssiKakes) reported

    my candy crush addiction is a problem

  • cr_rail Cross Rail (@cr_rail) reported

    @GWRHelp @BGCollector From the tweet: You know which train You, therefore, will know who it is You know what the problem is - shouldn’t be in a luggage rack playing Candy Crush. At the least could give up his “seat” for a paying passenger You could do something about it You won’t #GWRAdventures

  • jacqueabs Jacque Abshier (@jacqueabs) reported

    I mean yeah I just played candy crush for two hours without realizing how long it’s been but no I don’t have a problem

  • canbritanon Canbritanon (@canbritanon) reported

    @iheartmindy I was a video game reviewer for a few years. The entire industry was a joke, and that was a decade ago when they had just started working on increasing the addiction factor. Now they're almost all candy crush/Farmville dopamine release aimed with idiotic "achievements".

  • Geejayaitch Geejayaitch (@Geejayaitch) reported

    @iKingVele_Le @tumisole Everyone does work there, that's the problem, when they switch on their laptops to play Candy Crush it causes load shedding.

  • BarryBandsBitch SoLow (@BarryBandsBitch) reported

    Been wondering my my 3 month old laptop is so slow.... who knew laptops come with candy crush and shit secretly installed 🙃🙃

  • Mongo248 Kgosatsana Bambi ❤️👑 (@Mongo248) reported

    Playing candy crush or working......

  • WhoDatDiva016 Les (@WhoDatDiva016) reported

    @CTheLily I literally did that all day Tuesday. I’m sitting at my desk working & everyone else sitting around playing on their phones. I said to myself, “Oh, this is what we’re gonna do today. Bet.” So I stopped working & played candy crush all day!

  • jessbourg1 jessica (@jessbourg1) reported

    The fact that I’m changing the date and time on my phone just to get more lives in Candy Crush is a problem

  • olliefelton Ollie Felton (@olliefelton) reported

    A message to the people of London: Get off your ******* phones when you're getting off the tube, walking along platform or up the stairs at the stations you slow, odious bastards. The amount of people who can't walk straight or fast because they're playing ******* Candy Crush..

  • Fufu_Esq Cardi BΔK (@Fufu_Esq) reported

    So i got to work at 842 and decided to wait till 9 to start working but then i was doing something and its was like 905 so I decided 930 so i started playing candy crush and missed that mark so now im just waiting till 10

  • azihaysron 😑 (@azihaysron) reported

    I am not 24hours hold my phone when i’m back home. I just whatapps back may be 1 hour later or even late. Just charge my phone for playing candy crush b4 sleep. But i got 2 phones which another 1 i used to update my social media or ur social issues than been viral😂

  • jaimeblair Jaime Blair (@jaimeblair) reported

    waiting for candy crush lives is like waiting for slow imminent death. i actually think it is worse because you know whether you will win or lose within 4 moves, 30 seconds, and basically more death.

  • jaimeblair Jaime Blair (@jaimeblair) reported

    waiting for candy crush lives is like waiting for slow imminent death. i actually think it is worse because you know whether you will win or lose within 4 moves

  • ZachMedeck Zach Medeck (@ZachMedeck) reported

    @Trader_304 @HedgehogOptions In terms of innovation $ATVI really isnt much better, they pretty much just coast off CoD, WoW, Overwatch, and Candy Crush. At least EA will occasionally try to release something new, their problem just is they try to hard to suck consumers dry whenever they do.

  • Soccerwill24 William Hansen IV (@Soccerwill24) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga level 584 is broken , i did two stripe candies on my last move and the jellies were invincible, sorry to my actual followers .

  • RazorbackRodney Rodney Sharp (@RazorbackRodney) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I can play the game. Currently on level 4093. The problem I’m having is I didn’t receive my envelopes to obtain all my gifts for clearing levels in a row. It’s stuck on the bots. I’ve redownloaded the game but it didn’t help. Plz help.

  • JordanRBush23 Jordan Bush (@JordanRBush23) reported

    I think my wife has a problem. She’s level 3806 on candy crush. #rehab

  • CAtLarge : K . (@CAtLarge) reported

    This was in context with Candy Crush Soda not working. Which is still not working 😭

  • CmndrJustine Justiney (@CmndrJustine) reported

    @ConnerJ89 Candy crush soda is broken for me so I lost my 30 day streak and life sucks

  • ramosssx3 mariah lynn;* (@ramosssx3) reported

    Im so slow at candy crush

  • cmeckling Christine Meckling (@cmeckling) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Can some fix the Dynamic Duel game. Mine has been stupid for a month and tells me that I don't complete it when I do and go back to the beginning and it happened again now. Its says was 200 each of orange candies but on mine it was 10 striped candies. #frustrated

  • Revalation343 🍪Rev🍪 (@Revalation343) reported

    So my mother is really enjoying Candy Crush Soda. But there is a problem, she keeps demanding hearts from me, and she is on level 113.

  • BigPhil628 Phil (@BigPhil628) reported

    @justjane962 I've never had that issue. But then I don't play candy crush haha

  • xochh99 snookster (@xochh99) reported

    I have such bad trust issues that when candy crush suggests a move I do the opposite cause I think they’re trying to make me lose

  • TrixtaTeam Trixta Team (@TrixtaTeam) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga this slow motion / sluggish behavior of the app on iPhone X is making me want to delete the app from my iPad and iPhone. It’s horrible.

  • sowecouIddances kati (@sowecouIddances) reported

    im working on a group project but were all just kinda sitting here on our laptops i hope theyre not working either so i dont feel as guilty about playing candy crush

  • disastrousbabe Beautiful Disaster (@disastrousbabe) reported

    Don’t judge me for still playing Candy Crush but I just passed a level that I’d been working on for like two days and I’m so happy! 😂

  • zador_k Karen Zador (@zador_k) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Running in slow motion in iOS . Cleared cache, reloaded app and still no.