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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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  • alicea_joann Joann Alicea🐢 (@alicea_joann) reported

    @discordapp Yes im still running through this issue even with cloudflare :(

  • RealDebrid Real-Debrid (@RealDebrid) reported

    New CDN selection available, Cloudflare should help people having ISPs with bad peerings. Privacy security advice: If you don't have any speed issue there is no reason to switch & send your dl activity to a US company, that's why it will not be our default (like some competitors)

  • nasirdawah Nasir Muhammad Al-Amreeki (@nasirdawah) reported

    @bluehostsupport Wish they’d fix the new Cloudflare feature that’s still broke now for several weeks

  • Profpatsch Autumn on Ganymede (@Profpatsch) reported

    Fantastic how @mozilla hides their cloudflare DNS bullcrap under `network.trr` (short for the euphemism “Trusted Recursive Resolver”), even though there *is* a `network.dns` section. I honestly don’t know if there’s any non-malevolent actors remaining.

  • zatlyn Michelle Zatlyn (@zatlyn) reported

    @jgrahamc @Cloudflare Interesting. I have never been asked that!

  • dxgl_org William (@dxgl_org) reported

    @phyzonloop @JeroenJacobs79 @braintube @mattiasgeniar @AMD They just posted a blog post claiming that AMD's memory encryption can help in case servers get "stolen" from the datacenters where they send them to (I do not believe Cloudflare owns any physical datacenters nor has dedicated staff working said centers).

  • voretaq7 Michael Graziano (@voretaq7) reported

    @Mythic_Beasts @Cloudflare @fastly @Akamai Like with IE6 the obstacle is really the last-mile to the customer. (Like Verizon where I had to work up to 3rd tier support to get v6 turned on for a ******* business account. 2 decades into the 21st century IPv6 should be included in every turn-up!)

  • Mythic_Beasts Mythic Beasts (@Mythic_Beasts) reported

    @voretaq7 @Cloudflare @fastly @Akamai We’re steadily making v6 only work better and be cheaper. At some point the cost of legacy v4 will exceed the benefit. The sooner we make that happen the better. Just like IE6 support happened the web for years until we finally gave up supporting it

  • voretaq7 Michael Graziano (@voretaq7) reported

    @Mythic_Beasts @Cloudflare @fastly @Akamai Don't get me wrong, I love what you're doing! It's hugely important that we start running IPv6-only stacks so we can smoke out any remaining issues & stuff like yours lets them do that & keep their v4-only customers. I'm just pissed because v4-only customers shouldn't exist!

  • voretaq7 Michael Graziano (@voretaq7) reported

    @Mythic_Beasts @Cloudflare @fastly @Akamai Still not solving the problem: The CDN is acting as a proxy. Y'all are talking about moving the problem: *I* don't need a v4 address on my server because *YOU* have one & will broker. I want the ******* problem GONE, and that means end users need native IPv6 at their endpoints.

  • VickeOficial JoaoGarrafero (@VickeOficial) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • NickTotaro Nick Totaro (@NickTotaro) reported

    @svolchok @Cloudflare @contentful @segment @reactjs @vuejs Your ad sucks shit and I resent being targeted by it.

  • APB_Laudrain Arthur P.B. Laudrain (@APB_Laudrain) reported

    Using CloudFlare isn’t a bad thing in itself and shouldn’t be relevant to any legal argument.

  • raphaeel_ru Armand Jean (@raphaeel_ru) reported

    @Cloudflare Help me solve the problem! Your billing does not work! I paid for the service and cannot use it!

  • F2P_Gamer Frags (@F2P_Gamer) reported

    @pulandres_ For anyone having issues accessing the repo from the UK you will need to use a vpn as cloudflare is blocking access from the UK for some reason.

  • tedstein Ted ❤️ VCs! 🦄 (@tedstein) reported

    @BennettTomlin Cloudflare protects against DDOS. The issue from the screen grab is almost certainly something else.

  • raphaeel_ru Armand Jean (@raphaeel_ru) reported

    @CloudflareHelp @Cloudflare The problem is not solved. I'm getting traffic issues. Through your fault. Help me please

  • plusnethelp Plusnet Help (@plusnethelp) reported

    @HughGW Hi there Hugh, Thanks for reaching out to us here. I'm sorry you are having trouble accessing that website through cloudflare, it seems to be a host issue and so I would get in touch with cloudflare & the website you're trying to access. - Maddy

  • PLRis_ PLRis (@PLRis_) reported

    @SalbugVR Yes. It seems to be getting better though. Probably an issue with Cloudflare.

  • raphaeel_ru Armand Jean (@raphaeel_ru) reported

    @Cloudflare You have terrible billing. There is a certain debt that is not visible in my account and which I cannot pay. Because of this, you turn off the service, but continue to report that the service is turned on. This is terrible, I have not encountered this for a long time!

  • elavoie Eric Lavoie (@elavoie) reported

    @HollywoodInToto Yeah hard to find out, because cloudflare is a solid protection between their hosting and the internet. Options are to check if the email or other service for the domain is on a hosting service.

  • ZBreakiron_SEO Zack ⚙️ Breakiron (@ZBreakiron_SEO) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • truh28632711 truh (@truh28632711) reported

    @Levi__Adams @nicolas09F9 At least I'm in a business relationship with my ISP. I pay money, they provide a service. Cloudflare is just weird, I would rather not have them in my life but that's increasingly not an option since more and more websites route requests through cloudflare.

  • CloudflareHelp Cloudflare Help (@CloudflareHelp) reported

    @NikoTheDev @Cloudflare Sorry to know that you’re having difficulties. Please submit a ticket from your dashboard or email support(at)Cloudflare(dot)com

  • pixelhostmedia PixelHost (@pixelhostmedia) reported

    @tilliur Cloudflare is having a minor outage right now. No, not a scam.

  • chrispcritters Chris Parker (@chrispcritters) reported

    @EdgeLSeawolf Cloudflare provides good DNS service. If something starts acting weird it should be easy to disable.

  • matthegap Mathias (@matthegap) reported

    @taviso @tqbf @wise_steve @applied_privacy @mozilla @nextdnsio I know I can change it, but hardly anyone will ever do that. As long as there is a single default setting that is used by anyone all the time, all the metadata eggs will end up in one basket, and that's problem, no matter if it is Cloudflare or someone else.

  • al1meister Ali (@al1meister) reported

    Hey @comcast, you can't stop DNS encryption with your continued advocacy for policies against a free & open internet. @EFF, @Google, and @Cloudflare are also coming in with strong support for DNS encryption.

  • encthenet John-Mark Gurney 🗑️🔥 (@encthenet) reported

    And please, don't use Cloudflare to front your http website with That just moved the problem without addressing it, and is worse, as the users think the results are trust worthy when they aren't. Traffic between your http site and Cloudflare can be modified.

  • NickGottschlich Nick Gottschlich (@NickGottschlich) reported

    @moove_it @kevin_kipp @AustinJS @Cloudflare Damn whoever is giving that talk is handsome af

  • AarneJS Aarne S (@AarneJS) reported

    @TonyMcCreath @badams @SaijoGeorge In theory might work against stuff behind Cloudflare when checking how they handle It all comes down to how the reverse IP check in done serverside. On AWS origin IP seems to be harder to pass through. Not sure about CF.

  • itsfarseen Farseen Abdul Salam (@itsfarseen) reported

    @grooveplex @firefox It all depends on whether you trust the third-party who provides the service. Currently, only the traffic between you and cloudflare is encrypted. Cloudflare can still see all the sites you've been visiting. It all boils down to do you trust cloudflare with this.

  • nitriques nitriques (@nitriques) reported

    @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp I tested 2 other ISPs and they do the same thing cc @eastdakota @jgrahamc Looks like a BGP problem...

  • 0xd4Niel 0xd4 #niel (@0xd4Niel) reported

    @press5 @Sailor_Mairi @LitMoose DoH is not that bad, I would prefer Cloudflare (with a respectable privacy policy) receiving my dns queries than my ISP.

  • katrus LycanthropeDoomspire (@katrus) reported

    Aw no Cloudflare changed their browser check animation It doesn't have those 3 noses bouncing up and down anymore

  • Karunamon karunamon.__init__(tweet) (@Karunamon) reported

    @DarrenPMeyer @textfiles The problem with this is that you believe Cloudflare is "trustworthy". Now instead of multitudes of different ISPs, TLAs have one stop shopping to silently snoop on the DNS traffic of all Firefox users. Yeah, what an improvement. /s

  • textfiles Jason Scott (@textfiles) reported

    @ozillator See, what fascinates me here is that while I don't have a particular issue with CloudFlare blocking shitheels, the fact that people are being funneled to a centralized vendor (with just enough of a fig leaf for other options) means everyone gets to have a reason to hate it.

  • etoshigeru Eto Shigeru [Maiha@Masamune] (@etoshigeru) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 513 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • hluehrsen Hendrik Luehrsen (@hluehrsen) reported from Munich, Bavaria

    @adspedia @Cloudflare I just blocked a lot of bad bot traffic with @Cloudflare for instant performance gains. Amazing what you can pull of with a 10€ server when you have a CDN and firewall.

  • levitate_tv IcanLevitateTV (@levitate_tv) reported

    Imagine getting banned from @discordapp for promoting cloudflare's service though, that's pathetic.

  • epatryk Patryk Szczygłowski (@epatryk) reported

    @SGehly @Cloudflare @CloudflareDev @StackPath @fauna Glad I could help a little. Not sure why Workers have different prices on the left and right of your graph.

  • Hoang_Hai_Gamer Turtle Boi Gamer (@Hoang_Hai_Gamer) reported

    @hieunotes CloudFlare DNS once made Twitter, Discord and other website loading times slow. Had to switch back to Google DNS :(

  • F2P_Gamer Frags (@F2P_Gamer) reported

    @pulandres_ Hello, is the site down. As I keep getting warnings about ddos protection from cloudflare when accessing your site

  • fharding0 franklin (@fharding0) reported

    Our service is broken because an API we use is broken because Cloudflare seems to be broken. Now this is epic.

  • konyashkin Sergey Konyashkin (@konyashkin) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • konyashkin Sergey Konyashkin (@konyashkin) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • NubsWithGuns NubsWithGuns (@NubsWithGuns) reported

    @chrispcritters Which I call BS and think they shouldn't have something that overrides many of my network settings by default. Luckly everyone in my house already had Firefox when this happened. I don't want someone visiting and using Cloudflare as a DNS server when I have one already setup.

  • ericemoji Leap Day Sandwich Pope (@ericemoji) reported

    Turned on DNS over HTTPS on a network-wide basis at home. Yeah, it sort of depends on how much you trust cloudflare not to peak, but using their servers is the easiest solution and keeps Shaw from utilizing my DNS lookups for data mining.

  • perezbox Tony Perez (@perezbox) reported

    @wthayer @mozilla @Cloudflare I have, but that's ok. Those were more rhetorical than anything else. Just find the entire, "Apple does it..." an absurd reason to do something. Either way, as you allude, no longer your problem. Good luck on your new venture at @fastly

  • wthayer Wayne Thayer (@wthayer) reported

    @perezbox @mozilla @Cloudflare Spreading conspiracy theories doesn’t help with their mission.

  • wthayer Wayne Thayer (@wthayer) reported

    @perezbox @mozilla @Cloudflare There is no “right” way to get DNS queries 100% encrypted. Only lots of problems to solve. Mozilla’s approach is focused on protecting their users.

  • yadaSnooze Snooze (@yadaSnooze) reported

    @eastdakota @Cloudflare The whole market is down. Good thing 80% of portfolio is cloudflare.

  • WPCLT WordPress Charlotte (@WPCLT) reported

    @deliverypath @ReliableAcorn 15) now its good to have multiple levels of security ex Cloudflare, webserver security, maybe even Wordfence or (Sucuri, competitor) in WordPress. but plugins can slow things down. #wpclt

  • SGehly Sam 👾 (@SGehly) reported

    @epatryk @Cloudflare @CloudflareDev @StackPath @fauna Sorry, my bad - talking about WAF / rate limiting, not DDoS Protection.

  • dmitryyankowski Dmitry Yankowski (@dmitryyankowski) reported

    Jeeeeeeeeeeez @Cloudflare Workers are getting so rich with features lately 😌 With the recent addition of secret support.. nothing is now stopping me from building my billion dollar idea 👌🔥

  • Levi__Adams Levi Adams 🧢 (@Levi__Adams) reported

    @lycheecola @brett_sheffield @EFF @mozilla "just long enough to ensure no one is using the service to cause harm, of are purged within 24 hours" "only limited transaction data for legitimate operational and research purposes, but in no case will such transaction data be retained by Cloudflare for more than 24 hours."

  • pabuisson Pierre-Adrien Buisson 🇫🇷 (@pabuisson) reported

    Online code editors are fine for quick tests, but Cloudflare outage or this kind of issues = you can't do anything anymore😏

  • JackyHallyday Jojo lapin (@JackyHallyday) reported

    @ChromiumDev @igrigorik @googleanalytics @newrelic @Akamai @pingdom @Cloudflare @AppDynamics @SpeedCurve @Catchpoint I'm developing on a 2012 Mac Mini+Network Link Conditioner to (often) cap my Internet connection to 2Mbps. And I'm using my own website "in the wild". Developing on cutting-edge machines/connections and measure how it works for normal ppl is a bad approach. BE your average user.

  • ucsenoi Vlad Ionescu (@ucsenoi) reported

    @0x00C651E0 I agree, and I have issues with CloudFlare in particular. But the current situation is that everyone who can capture plaintext DNS, does. Including ISPs who have zero privacy inclinations. In this reality, the move to DoH aligns with protecting privacy for the avg internet user.

  • p1n0ck10 p1n0ck10 (@p1n0ck10) reported

    @jedisct1 problem is currently that cloudflare is one of the few dns providers that have implemented dot and doh. when there are more alternatives the problem will disappear again. Mozilla itself says that they currently see more danger in unencrypted dns than having only one dns provider.