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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • UkraineRightNow Ukraine Right Now (@UkraineRightNow) reported

    @kieranmlkelly @coinbase @awscloud if AWS goes down, 70% of North America Internet will be non existent...

  • WillyWonkaXRP WILLY WONKA 🎩 (@WillyWonkaXRP) reported

    Breaking 1988: You can now fly a suitcase full of money across the globe to @coinbase HQ and deposit your fiat in person. This way you will KNOW Coinbase received the deposit and you would get there in roughly the same amount of time as Swift with zero chance of errors. Wonka

  • LtColLinkarski Lt. Col. Linkarski (@LtColLinkarski) reported

    @TraderVoltaire @Crypto___Oracle @grishlinko @Magic_CAD I think as more people realize this trading pair exists, they will buy USDC on coinbase in order to eventually buy link instead of buying btc and rolling the dice that btc doesn’t go down during the week it takes to process their order in CB

  • BeerdHead Marxist Maximalist (@BeerdHead) reported

    @888Velvet @btcfundmanager @coinbase Douche, U are Bleeding Money Down To 0.0666 me too

  • 2ez28u Eric (@2ez28u) reported

    @snavemaill @CryptoVanessa @coinbase Me i don’t like Coinbase at all yet they have the right to do the business they want! I live a perfect life without Coinbase, for me the problem is users keeping doing their business there, that is the power of consumer you buy the live survive you don’t buy they are in trouble !

  • Scott50226776 Crypto Zen (@Scott50226776) reported

    Americans are waiting for another option than using Coinbase. Uphold is closing in and Binance could shut you down if they want to. It's a good thing ICE has your back or there would not be a Coinbase. Lets tell BAKKT it's time to let retail Americans in.

  • Fresh420Mr MrFresh420$$$ (@Fresh420Mr) reported

    @El418B @coinbase @awscloud Seems like they move down a few spots every week LoL. “Clownbase”

  • JackMallers Jack Mallers (@JackMallers) reported

    @nvcoelho @francispouliot_ @Xentagz @hmichellerose @walletofsatoshi @bluewalletio @lightning The issue I have is the gas-lighting, false marketing, type approach people seem to have. Pitching users that they’re using something more than just a Coinbase type service. Pitching people they're using the future, when custodial services have been around Bitcoin since day one.

  • 74harlock74 harlock7 (@74harlock74) reported

    @coinbase hello i have issues, since 8th janaury i do not receive anymore ETC, i read your forum but i m a noob so i really do not know how fix the problem

  • XRPAfrica_ XRP Africa 💧 (@XRPAfrica_) reported

    Just my thought's: @coinbase The good news is that when CoinBase does decide to move over to XRapid in the distant future. There will be an exsisting cliental base on CoinBase that can utilize XRapid as of immediately.. It's slow smart business. #xrp #xrpthestandard #crypto

  • cjcdatasci Court (@cjcdatasci) reported

    @coinbase Multiple ID uploads using different cameras and it's still not working.

  • cjcdatasci Court (@cjcdatasci) reported

    Unbelievable @coinbase I have tried to log into my account multiple times and I keep getting rejected because you can't verify my identify. I guess one way to keep hackers out is to make it so NOBODY can sign in.

  • SethAKANathan Nathan Stanley (@SethAKANathan) reported

    @szanwar understand. but we have problems with coinbase now in present time. that's why I have such reaction.

  • RyanHurley2 Ryan Hurley (@RyanHurley2) reported

    @MrHodl While I wish that’s true, it’s pretty unlikely. I could be wrong here but I imagine close to half of all transactions come from exchanges. A good portion of those from bad actors like Coinbase and Blockchain who will be very slow to implement anything new.

  • Zay_GS Hasaun (@Zay_GS) reported

    @jermhu @Crypto_Vertcoin @coindesk @coinbase You need banks for mass adoption to be honest. How do u reach mass amounts of people who are too lazy to research crypto by themselves. Sadly 90% of the world. How do u solve this problem. Offer crypto services parallel w banks/traditional systems to get people acquainted

  • XRPBella XRP Bella (@XRPBella) reported

    @CryptoVanessa I hate Coinbase with a passion. I have had more than several issues with this exchange since Dec 2017. **** em

  • Info18More MoreInfo18 (@Info18More) reported

    @OTC_Bitcoin Swift an Coinbase both dying a slow death

  • _wooko_ 𝕨 𝕠 𝕠 𝕜 𝕠 (@_wooko_) reported

    @fartface2000 @PNCBank_Help Yea, on Coinbase’s end of the account/touting problem, their solution could take a week instead of a few days. Cash App is probably always faster than Coinbase when it comes to account/routing# transactions. Debits probably about the same

  • TheFlamcake Flamcake (@TheFlamcake) reported

    @krypto_klepto @CryptoScottyStu @_Kevin_Pham @coinbase @brian_armstrong @CashApp Of course. I’ve been able to since day 1. Within 5 min of buying it. It was hard to find first but click on you profile image then scroll down a tad. Withdraw bitcoinnkts right there

  • tradingroomapp Trading Room (@tradingroomapp) reported

    @BitcoinGodfada So let’s say I am a whale manipulating BCHABC. I can build a large leverage position in Bitmex by managing the price in Coinbase. Bitmex has no issues in terms of building large positions, they provide liquidity which means you get as much quantity as you want on one single price

  • rajshahi1971 Safayet( Babu) (@rajshahi1971) reported

    @asis_slm @ClassicIsComing Right . I contacted today morning with Coinbase and Binance . The send me email that until further notice , deposit and withdraws will remain disabled . It's bit frustrating now. Need to fix this problems first.

  • lileinsteins69 Minotaur⚡️🔑 (@lileinsteins69) reported

    @CryptoScottyStu @_Kevin_Pham @coinbase @brian_armstrong Yes you can fix it, but the same thing happend to me and its not a coincidence it happend with bitcoin and not some other coin.

  • KrisOverton Kris777 (@KrisOverton) reported

    @RipplePandaXRP @crusaderl8 @binance is kicking @coinbase up and down the field... it’s not even a competition.

  • omarh007 Omar Hajee (@omarh007) reported

    @coinbase terrible experience. your wording on the website is piss poor.

  • thibm_ Thib⚡ (@thibm_) reported

    @TheBlock__ @mdudas @coinbase @Dogetoshi Ownership != control, but info rights. While 0.5% isn’t significant, there is a non-zero influence from CB on TheBlock. It may no be exercised right away but further down the line. Lots of venture deals happen with opportunistic—strategic—avenues. Happy to be proven wrong.

  • JWWeatherman_ JW Weatherman | (@JWWeatherman_) reported

    @manfred_karrer @BtcpayServer @bisq_network To summarize the issue don’t do any curation as an open platform for trading (aka saying) anything. This is a new position after experimenting with delisting scams. That’s certainly different than @CasaHODL and @coinbase and deserves more careful thought.

  • denverbitcoin BitcoinDenverColorado (@denverbitcoin) reported

    @manxcat74 @CoinbaseSupport has addressed this issue the same since Nov 15 - they say “go visit our help blog about forked coins” 🙄....I think users having to wait 66+ days is far from exceptional exchange service. Step it up @coinbase #bitcoin #bch #bsv #crypto @brian_armstrong

  • kvd09i VikKle (@kvd09i) reported

    @garrytan @brian_armstrong Coinbase and airbnb both has high fees and now they are talking about broken financical system with high fees

  • CryptoLazyBones CryptoVago (@CryptoLazyBones) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase :/ using coinbase contribute to price drops ... Regulation is what is pushing the price down... Just keep your Bitcoin for yourself. government doesn't need to know your profits.

  • HammerToe Matt Hamilton (@HammerToe) reported

    @thereal_willsav @electra_highway @888Velvet @coin_pattern @Ripple Right, and the other 200 exchanges don’t have an issue. I think it is very clear Coinbase have some kind of agenda here.

  • NelsonS14625434 Nelson Santana (@NelsonS14625434) reported

    @gramos_osmani @neonexchange @NEOnewstoday I know NEX’s Whitepaper and Switcheo’s. The issue I have is all this hype for something that has no value. Understandable, potential is there, but without a working product, it’s still a PowerPoint. And, to compete against Coinbase, will be an uphill battle.

  • Cynidio Ben Edryl (@Cynidio) reported

    @GGCryptoClub Coinbase added another useless option, it would be better to solve the problem with a slow withdrawal

  • Cynidio Ben Edryl (@Cynidio) reported

    @coinbase So, Coinbase again does nothing useful and doesn't solve the problems that hinder users

  • doerkadrian Adrian Doerk (@doerkadrian) reported

    @mdudas @coinbase Usability improvements and user education will solve this issue. Maybe the social key recovery introduced by the @htcexodus can solve the problem of losing access to a users crypto.

  • ToolFreeCrypto Jesse Feinberg (Darth Crypto) (@ToolFreeCrypto) reported

    @BitcoinGodfada There are tricks for that. Spread out orders on multiple exchanges can help. I did 3 $7000 plays on a ETC trade recently. One with a USDT pair on Binance, a BTC pairing on Binance, and 1 on Coinbase. Profits varied on each slightly. But my SL wasn’t an issue.

  • RobinJShapiro Robin Shapiro (@RobinJShapiro) reported

    @mdudas @coinbase I’m fairly accustomed to Metamask yet still have issues when I haven’t logged in for a while. It’s infuriating.

  • CarlArriaza Carl Arriaza (@CarlArriaza) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @The_Fit_Techie @CommonSense4278 @coinbase I have not had issues on gemini like i did on coinbase.

  • CryptoNews411 DaiLy CrYpTo NeWs (@CryptoNews411) reported

    @aguyinaflannel @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @CoinbasePro @coinbase I have never had a problem transferring funds. I use PayPal now. It’s a total 20-30min process. I’m sure it all depends on the situation too. But I have never had issues.

  • btc_joe btc_joe [LTC] (@btc_joe) reported

    @IamNomad @DickeyNate @FrankoCurrency @coinbase @BitcoinErrorLog I like this idea, but what we could do is use random strings of letters/numbers to represent pseudonymous addresses thus enabling both transparency and privacy. We could also use a chain of hashes to connect blocks of transactions, and employ POW in order to solve the DS problem

  • charlierlee Charlie Lee (@charlierlee) reported

    @reporterschat I can't commit rep using coinbase wallet. It's not working.

  • therealBradB1 Bradcryptoz (@therealBradB1) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @cryptomiketyson @coinbase No problem with them yet,you probably got hacked

  • BitcoinDood Bitcoin Dood (@BitcoinDood) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase I had similar issues with them when I first started trading. Didn't even have much money in the account. After about the third time of having my account questioned I left.

  • green_trippy Felix Ballerman (@green_trippy) reported

    @TimIowaCorn @FrankoCurrency @coinbase @BittrexExchange Never had any issue.. until you do.

  • EmsleyJonnie Jonnie Emsley (@EmsleyJonnie) reported

    Coinbase is rapidly becoming the Facebook of crypto it seems. A centralized incumbent shutting down accounts and restricting access without explanation. Let us not forget why we hold Bitcoin dear.

  • hohhle Hohhle (@hohhle) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase I had the same issue. Asshats run that company. I'm never looking back.

  • CryptoDaddy6 CryptoFace (@CryptoDaddy6) reported

    Coinbase ghosting customers is a major problem we're allowing with silence. RT this to spread the word. At least if it were a bank account, we could go into the bank and have them tell us to F off there. This is far worse as power is handed to unseen unaccountable forces.

  • CryptOre0 CryptOreo (@CryptOre0) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase I don’t know...they did this crap to me in December of 2017. But this time they said I can never buy again. Something def fishy going on. I read similiar problems happening to people on Reddit.

  • Hashmandu Hashsandwich (@Hashmandu) reported

    @DickeyNate @FrankoCurrency @IamNomad @coinbase Yup they closed my account down without a specific reason during that time as well. Moved over to kraken with zero issues since then, so whatever they closed my account down at coinbase for must not be very serious.

  • FrankoCurrency Christopher Franko 🧐 (@FrankoCurrency) reported

    @bitcoingiraffe @coinbase Not to my knowledge. I do however believe they have mechanics in place to slow crashes on their site. One time during a huge sell of a wall of usd appeared on gdax that no one could sell into. It was literally say “error processing tax”. I could sell amobe the wall but not below.

  • FrankoCurrency Christopher Franko 🧐 (@FrankoCurrency) reported

    @CryptOre0 @coinbase I wonder if they are having banking issues and instead of letting people know they are ghosting people that would out them instead and that’s why they won’t talk about it.

  • Encefaloraptor Hombre salinizado (@Encefaloraptor) reported

    @aguyinaflannel @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @CoinbasePro Wow, that's crazy. Coinbase can't solve withdrawal issue since the beginning of 2018. That's why i hopped off

  • kingmr012 Mola Ram (@kingmr012) reported

    @BitcoinVis @coinbase Just proves how inept and amateur Coinbase is. Poloniex had a fix up and running in a matter of days before the fork.

  • Romanio925049 Roman (@Romanio925049) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase I'm glad I found your tweet. And reading through the comments just confirms your statement. There are much more people out there with the same problem. I don't want to wait until it happens to me. I learn from your mistakes. Just moved out all my BTC. Thx

  • garlinghousesn1 Garlinghouse’s Neighbor (@garlinghousesn1) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase Give @coinfieldEX a try. I have a $1M limit in and out and they have been very solid in all transactions. Although, they did piss me off recently and won’t fix it, that’s a T’s and C’s thing that we disagree on and they have never cut me off.

  • dashforcashusmc Eric (@dashforcashusmc) reported

    @Bleeding_Crypto @coinbase I am afraid to send my funds from an exchange or wallet to @coinbase now. Just another issue with crypto and why it's so young. Don't have this problem with USAA Bank.

  • 2ez28u Eric (@2ez28u) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @JackBauerBONS @coinbase Guess ur bad luck follow u trough Coinbase 😂 Hard luck and trouble is my only friend I been on my own ever since I was ten Born under a bad sign Been down since I began to crawl If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all

  • JWWeatherman_ JW Weatherman | (@JWWeatherman_) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @MashuriBC @inversebrah @coinbase @itBit If you have moved any significant volume of cash into bitcoin that you have withdrawn you probably hit their fraud filters. This is a massive problem for all exchanges trying to comply in the US. One of the reasons I’m a fan of stable coins (if they remain somewhat fungible).

  • georgepf84 George (@georgepf84) reported

    @BittBurger @FrankoCurrency @coinbase my bank shut me down with no warning so... it could be worse guys

  • BittBurger BittBurger (@BittBurger) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase They shut me down for 6 months with no explanation. They have algo's that are unfortunately buggy, and apparently nobody to debug them. There is nobody to escalate to. Nobody to fix it.

  • TimIowaCorn Tim Benson (@TimIowaCorn) reported

    @FrankoCurrency @coinbase REDICULOUS!!! I’m Never gonna use @coinbase again. Sorry this happened to you... and thanks for sharing. Makes me like @BittrexExchange even better now. Never had any issue withdrawing and usually shows up in my acct same day.