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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • WillyWonkaXRP
    Willy Wonka (@WillyWonkaXRP) reported

    @wiljor82 Sounds like the “Powers That Be” have drove down the price of $BTC by accumulating BTC via ICO scams and manipulating Futures, only 2 dump 2 short the market and win twice. Final phase make BTC appear strong when it’s actually weak to scoop up #XRP cheap! Might be why no Coinbase

  • paolodonorio
    Paolo D'Onorio De Meo (@paolodonorio) reported

    So this problem was with a Macbook Air. Now I've tested a mac mini and same problem, with a separated webcam. #coinbase #needhelp

  • darkleydarkley
    darkley (@darkleydarkley) reported

    @CoinbasePro When are you going to attend to the cross-population of filled orders in Coinbase Pro. Unable to see my LTC fills no matter how often I reload the page now, instead my BTC is all that shows, though labeled LTC. FIX IT!

  • JeffHylands11
    Jeff H (@JeffHylands11) reported

    @coinbase You guys having issues with payments & sending to exchanges?! Every damn time I send to an exchange I have to verify my identity. Super annoying...

  • JosephSchules
    Joseph Schules (@JosephSchules) reported

    @DiepSanh @mysttory @coinbase And those lawsuits could be a back door ploy by Swift to slow down the progress of xrp. Right now Swift is in wtf mode. They have ruled cross border currency exchange for years. Looking over their shoulder is an understatement. #xrp

  • vinnyhardeo
    Venoxcide (@vinnyhardeo) reported

    @DontFearXRP @xrp_news @coinbase Well, #XLM just had a bounce back, so it's only about 6% down in 24 hours now. So much for that I guess.

  • Shellz386
    Ebony Nah (@Shellz386) reported

    CoinBase is being very slow

  • LuckyLarryyy
    Harrison "I'll show you da way" Dao (@LuckyLarryyy) reported

    Is it ironic that it's #NationalMoonDay, yet cryptocurrencies is down? #Cryptocurrency #Coinbase #Binance #Kraken #Bitcoin #Ethereum #EthereumClassic #Litecoin #XRP #EOS #Bitfinex #Stellar #XLM #SouthKorea #Japan #NEO #BitcoinCash #ETH #Bloomberg #CNBC #ETF #Blockchain

  • rckzor1
    drreeee (@rckzor1) reported

    @brian_armstrong Coinbase only 2 proc marketshare down down down

  • Zaboor786
    Zaboor (@Zaboor786) reported

    @coinbase your to slow and putting people off.

  • stunad620
    Nick Hellmann (@stunad620) reported

    @Shamegledas @coinbase @eth_classic There will be an announcement of addition first; then they will have a trade start time... that could still come today. Idk if they want to open trading on a down day either, like today has become...

  • Dave_Bengal
    Dave N Bengal (@Dave_Bengal) reported

    @MissADS1981 @coinbase I’m down a good amount in my @coinbase and @binance accounts.

  • XrpMr
    Mr. B XRP (@XrpMr) reported

    @coinbase runs the worlds greatest sales prevention department! Still haven’t resolved my problem in a month. Meanwhile @UpholdInc responds and delivers service within the hour!

  • bartonhanson
    me (@bartonhanson) reported

    @jessepollak @brian_armstrong @coinbase Not a chance, your numbers will go down soon

  • EthereumWest
    Ethereum West (Not-A-Security) (@EthereumWest) reported

    Agree. They’ve become very risk averse and slow. Binance is leading. Coinbase is legging. The high fees are pushing away many casual crypto users. Robinhood is picking them up.

  • ZurichTimes
    Zurich Times (@ZurichTimes) reported

    maxkeiser: RT cryptomanran: From a source; -coinbase down from 4% market share to 2%. -Biggest gainer- Binance. -1.3m registered accounts,most not trading. -Rev down to $5m a week. -Adding new tokens to compensate for rev drop -lack of investment is systems compensated for …

  • EthereumWest
    Ethereum West (Not-A-Security) (@EthereumWest) reported

    coinbase market share being down does not suprise me. high fees and few coins are definitely a problem. robinhood probably took away some customers & others left for binance.

  • cryptomanran
    Ran NeuNer (@cryptomanran) reported

    From a source; [email protected] down from 4% market share to 2%. -Biggest gainer- Binance. -1.3m registered accounts,most not trading. -Rev down to $5m a week. -Adding new tokens to compensate for rev drop -lack of investment is systems compensated for by hiring more customer service.

  • DamianSooy
    Damian (@DamianSooy) reported

    @CryptoMillion21 1 $ELF (Platform that plans to solve interoperability and scalability of current blockchain tech. 2 $BAT (Brave browser, more private internet, possibly coinbase listing.) 3 $WAN down 17% today 4 $STORM 5 Honestly been thinking $ETC may take off for no reason as well.

  • rallyqt
    rallyqt (@rallyqt) reported

    Recap in Japan: 1. SBI launches crypto called VCTRADE 2. Coinbase is launching in Japan 3. Revamping financial regulatory framework to address issues in crypto and money laundering. Promoting compliance and protecting customers. 4. Japan traded 97 Billion in one month last year

  • ColinAd33006332
    TaoJones (@ColinAd33006332) reported

    @DJ_Erock23 @keyatoms @bishop_tighe @Bitcoin Don't be an ass. I've made 10000 BCH transactions and the only ones ever that were slow we're slowed by an exchange like Binance or Coinbase. You're reaching when you should be supporting what works. Or just fuck off.

  • kilobyte12
    Bàbá Dúpẹ́ (@kilobyte12) reported

    @POWtoken I have been trying to sign up using my Facebook, Twitter and Coinbase account respectively, I keep getting error messages, the one above was from Twitter.

  • chamofit
    El Chamo (@chamofit) reported

    @mariahvitoria9 @YouTube About the comments of “not being able to deposit big amounts of money from the bank into Coinbase”, I’ve also made 25k+ deposits several times, without any problem. So, Banco Popular should be your first option if your planning to move here

  • brianluebben
    Brian (@brianluebben) reported

    I’m going to post my #crypto gameplan just in case everything works out: 1) big bag of $dgb 2) accumulate $sc for post digibyte pump 3) flip $sc into $bat bc it will be one of first on coinbase 4) once pumps die down flip all into $ltc and ride off into sunset

  • OSCSret2011
    Jeff Walters (@OSCSret2011) reported

    @coinbase If XRP was a security, the decision would've already been fkn made. Pipe down smart people

  • TheKaoticS
    KaoticS (@TheKaoticS) reported

    Another day, problem still unsolved @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport

  • cryptodeadly
    NotABot (@cryptodeadly) reported

    my guess is someone was holding a really large XRP position with the hopes of a coinbase listing and is now realizing the error they made in taking that position :)

  • Faisalwaqas
    Faisal Waqas (@Faisalwaqas) reported

    @BigCheds Is anyone else having a lagging problem on coinbase pro between candle price and what actual price is...keep having to go to order book to see market price.

  • kushari
    _ (@kushari) reported

    @coinbase hi, Pro-jwd dot com is running a coinbase phishing site. Might want to get it taken down. I’ve already reported to registrar.

  • FloNex91
    Florjan (@FloNex91) reported

    @yudha_adhistia @Ripple @emy_wng @DistLedger They are isolation to all. Sec don't see xrp to a non security, coinbase don't wan, sbi is start and the price of xrp go down. What next? A yes, the failure!


    @adilcnn @coinbase @cosscrypto We have made attempts to contact support and rune directly- never a reply. If they are running a relay node its quite easy to get back up & running, but problem seems to be with how they setup the deposit/withdraw process. Sadly we don't have any insight or control.

  • CraigLintonAtty
    Craig Linton (@CraigLintonAtty) reported

    @NickEcono @Craig_Hoffman Cash not great for online transactions. Price set in whatever currency the merchant wants, paid in crypto at the current market price. Problems? Bitpay and Coinbase have figured it out.

  • MobRules1968
    DavidJDAprile (@MobRules1968) reported

    Thank @coinbase for taking 4 freaking days to put my WIRED funds into my account. You had it on Monday and you still have no posted it. Terrible.

  • HodlTalk
    Crypto Otsukimi (@HodlTalk) reported

    @nebraskangooner @tradingroomapp I wouldn’t say dead necessary, I think “peaked” would be a better term. When you get the #3 position, really no other way to go but down. Coinbase rejections, internal problems, and it’s “media coin” identity are all catalysts for this.

  • FightingCrimeFL
    CentralFloridaNews (@FightingCrimeFL) reported

    @spektred @coinbase @brian_armstrong @FortuneMagazine What else is there? On top of the list of growing issues there. I don't have to "let me google this for you" do I?

  • norman_vest
    NORMCRYPTO (@norman_vest) reported

    @coinbase @brian_armstrong @FortuneMagazine Dunno why @coinbase has some serious customer service issues

  • FutureToken
    Bobby Wayne (@FutureToken) reported

    @coinbase When is Coinbase going to resolve the open issue credit card transactions? I was told 2 months ago I would have a resolution soon, yet I've heard nothing from the Coinbase support person working on my case. I'm getting the run around every time I call. Ridiculous!

  • LanganMary
    mary langan (@LanganMary) reported

    @WLFOFMYST @officialmcafee went up against the SEC and got knocked down (temporarily). But he knows the corruption that the SEC is embroiled in..even Coinbase said yesterday they don’t need the SEC’s approval. It will all come to a heed soon. We need to stand UNITED as per @theemrsmcafee !!

  • RenierKapp
    Kappie (@RenierKapp) reported

    @thecryptodefen1 @CoinDeskMarkets @CoinMarketCap @coinbase Hey buddy. Yes I am a XRP bagholder. I dont think anyone is getting shipwrecked by XLM long term and I really dont care that much for opinions on CT. Also if you think working with banks and regulators is a quick fix you must have been mislead. Lets chat again in 2-3 years

  • RomanSkyWalker
    XRP MONKAY (@RomanSkyWalker) reported

    @YassinMobarak @coinbase @CNBCFastMoney Too many people catching on..!! This thing is going down soon.. meaning UP of course...

  • NickSmithology
    Nick Smith (@NickSmithology) reported

    So much impatience with regards to #xrp. -When moon? -Why no coinbase? -Why price falling? -Why no xRapid? #Ripple was not formed to solve our bank balance problem. They are working to solve problems valued in 100s of trillions of dollars. Be patient, Moon will come to You

  • OSCSret2011
    Jeff Walters (@OSCSret2011) reported

    @014fk3113r @coinbase That's just moronic to say! Well, it's out there now, learn from it and pipe down

  • calvinbangi
    COMRADE🇿🇼 (@calvinbangi) reported

    @coinbase coinbase price ticker widget on ios not working.

  • Milwjudd
    ThatOldBitcoinDude (@Milwjudd) reported

    @Cryptomains @coinbase That could be?? I just don't know but it has me gun shy on anything that started with an ICO. I'm afraid the SEC will come in at any time and tag 20 or 30 ICO's but your right to question it. Who knows, the gov is still trying to learn crypto. All tho, they have shut some down.

  • W_Analytics
    WAnalytics (@W_Analytics) reported

    @Dyor_Fudd @OccupyWisdom Simple.. all the governments have to do is shut down internet access to coinbase and any crypto exchanges... goes to zero overnight. They can restrict access to anything connected to the internet.

  • realpauleverton
    Paul Everton (@realpauleverton) reported

    PSA: Litecoin is going to underperform crypto for a long while. Why? Public interest in crypto is at 16-month lows and going down. All non-retail investors understand that $LTC is a dumb joke, at most a BTC testnet. Without Coinbase bag holders nobody's gonna buy $LTC.

  • CriptoTuga
    CriptoTuga (@CriptoTuga) reported

    @brian_armstrong @coinbase Brian, how came XRP is the third crypto and CB don’t have it listed? Any problem with CB?

  • Byars_Matt
    Matthew Byars (@Byars_Matt) reported

    @bullishgentlemn Capitulation could be if etf is denied which could drop us to 4.8-5k. Coinbase said they're looking into possibly adding those coins down the Rd not next month. So while I do see this potentially happening I'm also ready if the opposite happens. But also all in now if it does

  • PathAffiliate
    TheCryptoPath (@PathAffiliate) reported

    @lee_m987 @coinbase If you have never had an issue and had to deal with their support consider yourself lucky. It is the worst.

  • sherab_chodron
    Sher (@sherab_chodron) reported

    @MyAssiniboine Why not go along with the new Mastercard push to create fiat and cryptocurrency accounts. Since Coinbase and VISA closed down credit card purchases, there is a tremendous Canadian market. Use that credit union innovation and move on this! Get a crypto ATM in each branch! Make 5%.