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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • dgb_chilling Josiah [Not interested in Bank-Coins] Spackman (@dgb_chilling) reported

    @TraceMayer @BitGo @cooncesean @coinbase @CMEGroup @Bitstamp @mikebelshe You're right Trace, it's pretty incompetent for Coinbase to be offering SMS 2FA when the whole industry knows it's insecure. They should be using Digi-ID by #DigiByte, problem would be 100% solved.

  • chainlinkmarket Chainlink Market (@chainlinkmarket) reported

    @Altus6 @myster___x @aapltalk @origintokyo @whale_alert Enjoy the millions #ripple is dumping each month keeping that price down. You can pick up some link after $10 on coinbase later.

  • UpholdInc Uphold (@UpholdInc) reported

    @XRPMichaelB @PjimmyXr @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp The problem with a credit card being denied is frequently with the issuing bank, especially if it is the first or a large transaction. Try giving the issuing bank a call, they have most likely put a fraud block on. Also, confirm fees before buying - credit cards are usually +3%

  • moulamba bienvenu moulamba (@moulamba) reported

    @jimmybuckets007 @peterktodd @brian_armstrong @coinbase Brian is too honored to answer simple users. your problems in coinbase is just your problems. unfortunately.

  • SuneelPervez Suneel Pervez (@SuneelPervez) reported

    @Paladin44241563 @JustynAlbu @BinanceJE Deleted coinbase. I used to use them regularly but lots of issues including heavy transaction fees, you cannot set up orders for BTC, just buy at market price etc. The only advantage Coinbase has over Binance is fiat deposit and withdrawal limits can be over 10K per day.

  • walletforums WalletForums (@walletforums) reported

    @peterktodd There are many issues here, not just coinbase or sms auth.

  • PjimmyXr XRPvillain (@PjimmyXr) reported

    @meotastic @PeelXr @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @UpholdInc @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @SimplexCC @eToroService This is only an issue via credit/debit card purchases, as far as I can tell. Bank transfers are a different beast altogether - I’m level 4 verified on @krakenfx - so could deposit £200,000 per day (if only I could!) 😂😂

  • kenerik Ken Erik Ølmheim (@kenerik) reported

    @ashleyT232323 Project is legit. Binance and coinbase people got its back. Solved one major scaling issue for etherium. As it can perform16 million transaktions per second, synced with eth chain every 5 minute

  • PjimmyXr XRPvillain (@PjimmyXr) reported

    @XRPMichaelB @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @UpholdInc @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp Ah, now I understand where you're coming from...apologies. I've never had an issue with some exchanges personally (using credit and debit cards) - but the person I was trying to help yesterday did. (They've definitely got the funds, before anyone chimes in lol)

  • traviscj Travis Johnson (@traviscj) reported

    @cooncesean Easy fix @coinbase /etc could put in place to improve this: a “resting period” after a new bank account number. E.g. 7 days between when a change is filed and when it is applied. Similar 7d waiting period to revoke/alter waiting period.

  • XRPMichaelB Michael B ⚡️💧 (@XRPMichaelB) reported

    @MrRipplingRR @PjimmyXr @malsyndrome @coinbase @CoinFieldEX @UpholdInc @wirexapp @LBXSocial @binance @BittrexIntl @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp hmmm... I've never had an issue

  • pedrouid Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid) reported

    @StoicCrypto @peterktodd The problem here is not using a TOTP authenticator app which costs nothing for both Coinbase and its users

  • StoicCrypto Stoic Crypto [🔑] (@StoicCrypto) reported

    @peterktodd In this case, it was not a Coinbase issue. The problem was that he had 2FA by SMS on his email account (linked to coinbase) and no 2FA set up at coinbase if I understood it well... Also, he did not have whitelisted withdraw addresses set up...

  • OurielOhayon Ouriel Ohayon (@OurielOhayon) reported

    @mikebelshe @fluffypony @coinbase @BitGo the problem is not bitgo or coinbase..the problem is single factor access...

  • Hodlit HODLer🇺🇸 (@Hodlit) reported

    @dgb_chilling @coinbase @cooncesean @brian_armstrong #BrianArmstrong #Coinbase you need to start protecting your customers with #DigiiD by #Digibyte. It's free to help them. We have the fix.

  • lwing66 Lwing66 (@lwing66) reported

    @marvin_seton @CoinbasePro @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase Tell you though as this bull run goes, its same pattern of last year pump and dump then crash, pattern shows down. Pay close attention not only to fees but timing. ALL hype for 10k run but really just a holiday maker for them.. -$290 on a glitch, try and be a maker.5/21

  • abeaamase Abe (@abeaamase) reported

    It is so hard to login to @coinbase . Seriously... someone help me get rid of 2FA + verify w/ email. Idea... 2FA w/ username/password + @WalletConnect .

  • GlendaMcRose Glenda Rose (@GlendaMcRose) reported

    @coinbase I waited for 56 minutes today for customer service -I am getting an "invalid" message when I enterthe 7 digit access code to complete my login. After nearly and hour on the phone - the access is still denied. The matter was "kicked upstairs" - I still have no access.

  • blcurley Barry Curley (@blcurley) reported

    @cooncesean I experienced the same problem & consequences the same way you did. It started with my phone not having cell service & ended with my Coinbase account being drained. Coinbase really sucked during this process. I will always hate them for their lack of support @CoinbaseSupport

  • marvin_seton Marvin Seton (@marvin_seton) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Before doing any transaction, I look at the fee. Not a single transaction I have done without looking at the fee charged. I live Iowa. This isn’t the first time. Once, I did a transaction and the fee displayed was not what was taken. Later, Coinbase Pro corrected its error.

  • ledgerstatus Ledger Status (@ledgerstatus) reported

    The cost of getting fiat to Coinbase to buy USDC is the problem. Fiat onramps to crypto need to be cheaper. This is a good option for easier unit of account though.

  • CryptoLaughing LaughingMan Crypto #FreeAssange! (@CryptoLaughing) reported

    @lopp @BitGo Coinbase afaik still utilizes SMS verification as their primary form of login protections

  • OneBuckSwope Buck Swope (@OneBuckSwope) reported

    @borderc0mmunity @cooncesean @coinbase i know that coinbase has a way of locking accounts if they see non standard logins from geographic locations that don't match your normal place of login.

  • Theducks10 Theducks (@Theducks10) reported

    @wirexapp @spqrlee @Delbsgaffer @Jay_SPQR @binance @coinbase @wirex My torment with #wirex started something like this a few months ago. No thanks I’m not going down this road again, sort yourselves out first and then come back to me with something worth considering. #cryptofail

  • coinflashapp Coinflash (@coinflashapp) reported

    One of the more interesting reasons why we shut down is @coinbase kicked us off their platform and did not allow us to accept crypto payments through them.

  • Theducks10 Theducks (@Theducks10) reported

    @spqrlee @Delbsgaffer @Jay_SPQR @wirexapp @binance @coinbase @wirex And yet when I closed down my account (because they couldn’t resolve my issue), and tried to open another account, they told me I couldn’t do that. They want me to continue chasing them up to access my 1st account, which they have until now been unable to resolve. #crypto

  • TK85149147 TK (@TK85149147) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Coinbase is horrible. Worst support. Everything needs to be escalated to the super reps who can be called. Then you get a stupid response that does not answer your issues. Go to @biananc_2017 or @Coinmamacom if you want service. Coinbase dont give a shit about you.

  • RyRy79261 Ryan James Noble (@RyRy79261) reported

    @CipherBrowser @coinbase @petejkim @Toshi Cipher is still superior to Coinbase wallet in every way. I've had nothing but issues and crashes with coinbase on multiple devices. Camera api not functioning, Tx requests replaying unexpectedly, no Tx history, crashing when parsing the url. Debugging no longer functioning. Eh

  • GabeHall15 Gabe Hall (@GabeHall15) reported

    Exchanges are already being required for kyc (know your customer) so your money is no longer hidden when you use an exchange. Next wallets are going to do kyc as well. Now that's a major problem considering 99% of crypto buys from coinbase and uses exchanges and wallets.

  • TiagooSobral Tiago Sobral (@TiagooSobral) reported

    @giraffetrades Coinbase is focused on their own profits and don’t care about users’ problems. As yet this is the least customer-oriented exchange.

  • TiagooSobral Tiago Sobral (@TiagooSobral) reported

    @TheCryptoApp Coinbase projects are always a disaster. The App still stays defective and it looks like they are not going to fix it.

  • joey_kalchuk Mr. Manhattan 🗽 (@joey_kalchuk) reported

    @tony_xrpz Coinbase won’t even let you deposit without consistent issues, I can’t imagine what problems you will face when trying to cash out

  • kendo451 Ken Griffith (@kendo451) reported

    Ie, in order to shift, about a billion worth of USDT needs to be cashed in, and the money wired to Coinbase or whoever issues the replacement dollar proxy token.

  • marcopesani Marco Pesani (@marcopesani) reported

    @PeterMcCormack @wtogami @LarryBitcoin In @conio (a BTC-only wallet I hope you'll try out) we decided to NOT support BCH in August 17, despite the market, because it was too messy. After 2y, ton of customers new to BTC, still have problems to understand the difference, mostly "thanks" to Coinbase that legitimates it.

  • PpleaseXr XRPmarketmaker (@PpleaseXr) reported

    @xrphellen @coinbase @UpholdInc This isn’t a new problem @UpholdInc is the way to go; getting their bitlicense will seal the deal!

  • heckmeister50 Hector Garza (@heckmeister50) reported from Alvin, Texas

    @xrphellen @coinbase @UpholdInc Yeah, All Of A Sudden I Can’t Login To My Coinbase Account!!! THAT REALLY SUCKS!!!!

  • xrphellen Hellen (@xrphellen) reported

    @CheshireXRP @coinbase @UpholdInc A customer support ticket was opened and the only answer that was given was that it was a known issue and “they are researching the issue”. 10 days and counting

  • Patrick_LTC Patrick (@Patrick_LTC) reported

    @davidgokhshtein @60Minutes @coinbase Problem is, average age of 60 Minutes viewers is about 113. They're already not interested, and I don't think interviews with Charlie and Laszlow will change their mind.

  • CryptoBaneX Crypto Bane (@CryptoBaneX) reported

    Bull run confirmation story... as I’m sitting in dominos waiting for my pizza a guy sits down next to me I happen to look over and see him checking prices on coinbase 😂

  • parabolictrav ParabolicTrav (@parabolictrav) reported

    @Crypto_Clod Yes. If, in particular, the “monopoly miner” (Bitmain) starts HODLing, it will allow dramatic upward pressure on price. They did this in 2015-2017. The problem back then which muted price gains was onramping impairment (Gox) until Coinbase launch in 2015.

  • BTCfunkydunk Cryptocartoonish (@BTCfunkydunk) reported

    @davidgokhshtein @60Minutes The onboarding (KYC AML) process for a fiat accepting exchange is a bottleneck that takes a few days. Bank transfers are also painfully slow. However I do believe market sentiment will shift and price the news. Shoutout to Coinbase (You're too SLOW!)

  • eia_wo Gandalf the ok (@eia_wo) reported

    @BrendanEich firstly (wow) i can't believe you responded.. 2nd i don't know if bat has an issue with scalability.. and in case you were curious it is a layer 2 solution that has been adopted by decentraland and coinbase.. anyways thanks for the reply.. ps im stacking bats from the ads i get

  • ruffiantics Lionel (Raja) (@ruffiantics) reported

    After verifying my @CashApp for the 3rd time I still can’t withdraw my Bitcoin. @CashSupport just redirected me to the real support team which asked for me to verify my identity again. I have never had this problem with @coinbase it’s simply superior.

  • momokitty77 Momo Kitty (@momokitty77) reported

    V-ID @v_id_blockchain will help you safely certify and secure your Digital Assets like Bitcoin, Digibyte, Litecoin and Bitcoin CASH so that fraud and errors are eliminated.👍🏼 #stocks #bonds #markets #silver #gold #business #dgb #coinbase #blockchain #trader #broker #binance #bc

  • jratcliff jratcliff63367 (@jratcliff) reported

    @derekm00r3 @Cheirut @callmethebear @pierre_rochard @MoreCredible @PeterMcCormack @coinbase How do you figure, when bcash is down against bitcoin by 62% for the past 12 months. Only on some carefully selected narrow timeline has bcash ever outperformed bitcoin. Just short term pump and dumps by Roger Ver's cult followers.

  • vijayandra86 Vijandra (@vijayandra86) reported

    @KetterAllan @CoinbaseSupport Actually not the first time people have problems with coinbase. I'm afraid not the last

  • HuntDWorld Nagarjuna Magati (@HuntDWorld) reported

    $Matic has solution for problems facing by $EOS $omg $Loom etc and have working product which they will integrate sooner with Coinbase wallet that can be used by Coinbase cards (future - to purchase with crypto instead of transferring from Exchange to Coinbase to bank)!

  • cryptodotnews Cryptodot (@cryptodotnews) reported

    Pro Tips for keeping your hardware wallet secure I believe a good hardware wallet like a Trezor or Ledger are incredibly important for anyone with a significant amount of crypto. Especially if you intend to spend it, because there are examples of Coinbase shutting down accou…

  • ptwangy ptwang (@ptwangy) reported

    @1stCrassCitizen @BigCheds @callmethebear @PeterMcCormack @MoreCredible @coinbase @brian_armstrong it's certainly not working as intended and how it used to when so many invested their time and money into it years ago.. adoption and price could be 10x right now if it wasn't derailed

  • CrytoGuy100 CryptoGuy (@CrytoGuy100) reported

    When Ada hit $1.33 having 45 Billion coins but Matic has Coinbase investing in them w/ a 2 Billion circulating supply, and Matic solves all of Ethers scaling issues.

  • AdamPaulMoore I’m your hodlberry (@AdamPaulMoore) reported

    @Smaulgld That’s terrible news. Coinbase is awful.

  • Shaneg7777 shane graham (@Shaneg7777) reported

    @coinbase So when will you let me login!!!! Sceeen is white dashboard doesnt load 2fa code takes forever to send and I need to sell bitcoin your platform ******* sucks

  • callmethebear Adam Pokornicky (@callmethebear) reported

    @MoreCredible @PeterMcCormack @coinbase To Peter’s original point, this is a very real issue that is inherently deceptive to new buyers of Bitcoin. Exchanges should be a big part of helping this problem. They are the on-ramps and have the power to educate users. Make them take a 20min tutorial, add pop-up warnings.

  • Sebdabyst XRP_Archer⚡️⚡️⚡️ (@Sebdabyst) reported

    @m3tals1 @xrp_news @coinbase @APompliano Just don’t ever forget your destination tag with xrp xlm and csc. But with btc it’s slow in general

  • MemeFactory0x Meme Factory (@MemeFactory0x) reported

    @dappwizard We are aware of the issue with Coinbase Wallet, and working on a fix. Sorry for the trouble.

  • SaifuddinJalil Saifuddin Jalil (@SaifuddinJalil) reported

    The problem is real and I was lucky enough to have started my #Bitcoin journey with no #bcash listed in @coinbase right after the hard fork. Directing them to just $BTC and saying that bcash is a scam won’t cut it. They will eventually have some of that shit in their bag.

  • Del_Ryp Del Rypto (@Del_Ryp) reported

    @thecryptomonk Do you remember @coinbase marketing, invest in their crypto bundle 😂😂😂 they pushed it: its not a #bitcoin or #crypto problem !!

  • BABBSupporters BABBSupporters (@BABBSupporters) reported

    @Brundle25 @coinbase Still waiting :( the other problem I had was that I was putting through too many transaction over my visa, bank blocked my card, thought this might be a safer route but so slow!

  • joey_kalchuk Mr. Manhattan 🗽 (@joey_kalchuk) reported

    1/2 Before #XRP dropped, I set an alert on @coinbase to tell me if it got back down to 0.37. It did. No alert. Thanks coinbase. I tried to buy XRP when it was at 0.36 a few hours ago. With more than enough funds in my account, it said ‘insufficient funds’ and would not let me..

  • Goodsy2008 Silvertails (@Goodsy2008) reported

    @OddCrypto @coinbase Yeah, he wasn't even attempting to listen... rather take any opportunity for some low brow pop shots. Either he is all in on crypto and he is doing his part to keep it down to buy more, or has no idea about market cycles. Either way, the guy showed his true colours.