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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • ▪ Website (34.09%)
  • ▪ Login (34.09%)
  • ▪ Transfer (15.91%)
  • ▪ Withdrawals (9.09%)
  • ▪ Transactions (6.82%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ San Francisco, California  ▪ La Marque, Texas  ▪ East Orange, New Jersey  ▪ New York, New York  ▪ North Reading, Massachusetts  ▪ Bayamón, Bayamón  ▪ Bucharest, Bucharest  ▪ Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg  ▪ Sunnyvale, California  ▪ Syracuse, New York

Coinbase Live Outage Map
  • Los Angeles, California
  • San Francisco, California
  • La Marque, Texas
  • East Orange, New Jersey
  • New York, New York
  • North Reading, Massachusetts
  • Bayamón, Bayamón
  • Bucharest, Bucharest
  • Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
  • Sunnyvale, California
  • Syracuse, New York
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  • sashandiggers
    Elliot (@sashandiggers) reported

    @plaguewiind yes it did come down to coinbase's ETH receiving code apparently so you are right there. i was trying to say, when receiving from a contract the code is completely different, A protocol with bugs like eth allows for errors further down the track. so eth allowed coinbase to error.

  • Krish99156985
    Krish (@Krish99156985) reported

    @distronity @SlideCoin This is not the problem of coinbase. It's the problem from slide coin. What will happen if they shift to Blockchain?. Any wallet if u send btc they will receive it. No issue with the coinbase.

  • LitecoinFam
    Łitecoin Ziggy [ŁTC] (@LitecoinFam) reported

    @snakebaerer @Brn2wice @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase Yeah, quite slow, overworked and understaffed.

  • snakebaerer
    RaŁph (@snakebaerer) reported

    @Brn2wice @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase Have dealt with them on other issues- they move slow af.

  • Brn2wice
    Cryptonite(LTC) (@Brn2wice) reported

    Followed up with emails and nothing! I need help @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase Anyone else with similar issues with coinbase?

  • joshuasshears
    Joshua Shears (@joshuasshears) reported

    @CryptOrca Coinbase has all of your info though, wouldn’t be hard to track you down if they wanted.

  • Nicola14919355
    Nicola (@Nicola14919355) reported

    @bramanathan @coinbase Hire someone who knows how to fix your ID verification program! It sucks!!

  • Broad_Ripples
    Broad Ripple (@Broad_Ripples) reported

    @MagicMarc1988 @Asiamtm The way it's mined with ASIC farms centralises it, its no different than Bitcoin. XRP is 75% down, but think of the FUD/FOMO that was going on in December regarding Coinbase. I had LTC at 3$ and watched it moon when it was added.

  • juny21c
    Trader (@juny21c) reported

    Coinbase bugs can steal unlimited ETHs, Wallet can pay $ 10,000 for discovery It took a month to fix a bug that allowed Coherebase users to waste billions of dollars in Ethereum. A major US encryption wallet supplier and exchange service coinbase reported that a Dutch company pa

  • TheGr33nMach1ne
    TheGreenMachine (@TheGr33nMach1ne) reported

    @Luke4Christ @WhalePanda It’s hard to say, with Coinbase I’d be worried that if I knowingly took it and wasn’t supposed to get it that it could come back and be an issue in the long run. Or they’d just take it back but maybe not. But yes, generally free eth wouldn’t be an sort of a problem for me.

  • CryptoIdeeFixe
    Iheartdips (@CryptoIdeeFixe) reported

    @BCCapitalGroup @coinyeezy @circleinvest @circlepay @nomicsfinance @coinbase It’s what we have to compare at this time, but their terrible customer service, black eyes, bad customer experience is going to cripple them very soon with all these other companies not fucking around.

  • paul_btc
    Paul (@paul_btc) reported

    @robustus It’s an incentive problem imo. Current users of crypto tend to be tech savvy and don’t really need it. Mainstream uses coinbase and the likes and doesn’t really use crypto yet other than holding

  • rizzn
    Mark Rizzn Hopkins (@rizzn) reported from New York, New York

    @robotterror It's either p2p trading or exchanges, some of which are completely headless and decentralized. Coinbase is abbheration from this model, but mostly are a blockchain based wallet, so not subject to the issue you're describing.

  • GamerAndy
    Adam B. Levine (@GamerAndy) reported

    1/3 If you're not paying attention to the #coinbase #smartcontract issue, it's not what you'd expect. Rather than this being a weakness in a coinbase created smart contract, this is the first time I've seen someone attack an off-chain system using a smart contract

  • NassimGhorayeb
    nassim ghorayeb (@NassimGhorayeb) reported

    @matt_odell The problem is on the Coinbase setup side and not the smart-contract. And no $$ loss was caused as suggested by your title!

  • _p4lex
    Alexey Pertsev (@_p4lex) reported

    @sergeybelove 2/3 Now put all addresses to first contract (address of "broken" contract should be last one) and call function that distribute ETH. After all, coinbase will add "some" ETH to account, but whole Ethereum network.

  • ncweaver
    Nicholas Weaver (@ncweaver) reported

    @levin_adam @Bitfinexed Tether is used for people who "take" profits without taking profits. The only offramp for Tether is Kraken, and thats a poor one. The rest of the outflow is the exchanges that do accept real money (Coinbase etc), and I'd suspect cash balance is going way down.

  • BondAdrianBond
    Adrian Bond (@BondAdrianBond) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport @TheSwordPT @coinbase And here it is March 21 and I'm still unable to use PayPal with my account. When will you people fix this crap? #Coinbase

  • LitecoinFork
    Litecoin Cash [ LCC ] ⚡️ (@LitecoinFork) reported

    @Crypto_Rebels @hitbtc You will have to contact @coinbase regarding this issue.

  • XxBMJ7xX
    Bryce Johnson (@XxBMJ7xX) reported

    @coinbase Hi, I am having an issue with the two-factor authentication where I receive the code by text, but when I type it in the app it always says incorrect. I know I typed it in right because I even tried the copy code feature in Messenger. Help?

  • BitPay
    BitPay (@BitPay) reported

    @LeoAW @blockchain @coinbase Hi, Leo! We worked on Cloudflare to ensure that Tor users are not blocked on the no-script invoice before we removed BTC/BCH addresses for Payment Protocol. If you are experiencing an issue with Tor now, can you provide a screenshot/any errors or error logs so we can investigate?

  • loopmstudio
    Łoop Studio [ŁTC] (@loopmstudio) reported

    @CeeTee72 @Cblaze98 @johnkim77 GDAX is your answer cost you nothing and you can sign in with your coinbase details

  • agasp68
    Agasp (@agasp68) reported

    @iota_crypt_nz Way i do it: buy ethereum on Coinbase with debit card. Move it on Gdax. From there to Binance where I turn eth into Iota. Sounds slow but in 10/15 mins all is done

  • maurodelazeri
    Mauro Delazeri (@maurodelazeri) reported

    @coinbase @brian_armstrong almost one month #3804503 waiting to solve my problem and still no answer, please can you help me out?

  • vnc_refrigerate
    Bob Vance (@vnc_refrigerate) reported

    @ledgerstatus coinbase up bitfinex says down

  • bunk_mates
    Bunk Mate (@bunk_mates) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport i have tried to contact coinbase and can not. i withdrew my money 3/8/18 but have not received it. tried calling, says i have to email but email seems not to be working. tried sending chat NOT working.

  • alanh511
    $LTC $EOS $RCN $ENG $BCPT (@alanh511) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @CoinbaseAPI @CoinbaseSupport Now what is the paypal problem and how long to fix? If you people would pull your heads out and fix this trap maybe folks would quit leaving

  • ihate_chris
    ihate_chris (@ihate_chris) reported

    transaction/miner fees from coinbase to binance have gone way down! :)

  • TSmith_117
    New Union ⚡️ (4th Industrial Rev) (@TSmith_117) reported

    @coinbase Is this a hint @ whats coming down the line? @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong Are you guys planning to add support for a new coin in the near future at all?

  • BrownGoudreau
    BobbittBench (@BrownGoudreau) reported

    @XformationDan Coinbase is too slow!

  • Bacon_Chain
    Joshh (Mr. BaconChain) (@Bacon_Chain) reported

    @FlexEnvyFitness Gemini you can only buy eth and btc - never use btc for transfer - slow and expensive Use ETH I also use LTC in Coinbase

  • TheSwordPT
    JG Jerome (@TheSwordPT) reported

    [email protected] are sales to paypal still down? Account says sales with payment method are temporarily unavailable. It's been weeks however.

  • WesleySecrest
    Wesley Secrest [LTC] (@WesleySecrest) reported

    @TheBitcoinDanny @coinbase Yeah it happened earlier this morning also. Probably just a glitch.

  • The_BTCNomad
    Jeremy H. (@The_BTCNomad) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport fix your sell to paypal and leave it alone ... dam... I mean really this is the 3rd month in a row its been down.... #crypto #cryptocurrency #altcoins #selltopaypal

  • Indykheela
    Indykfit (@Indykheela) reported

    @JabierRazak @CoinbaseSupport @coinbase did they fix it ?

  • Piousbitcoin
    Pious (@Piousbitcoin) reported

    24th march If btc go down and break 7.9k$ we will see at 5.3k$ to 3.8k$ very soon.. and wait for 2 year recovery.... break 8.9k$ btc going to 10.6k$.. Break 10.6k$ we are at 14k$. #BTC #EthereumClassic #Etherium #ADA #xrp #ripple #Coinbase # #ltc #litecoin #ZIL #Polymath #ICX

  • phildaian
    Philip Daian (@phildaian) reported

    @RyanMilb @ArminVanBitcoin My prediction: the current dip is because Coinbase was forced to fix their batching / UTXO management after fees spiked. They panicked and tried to do it quickly, buying up a lot of block spaces and jacking up prices. They're now done. Disclaimer: that is *pure speculation*.

  • GabrielNergaard
    Gabriel Nergaard (@GabrielNergaard) reported

    I wonder if the launches of @circleinvest, @AbraGlobal and @CashApp will correlate with @coinbase miraculously figuring out how to solve their customer support problems—which, right now, seems to be running on Amazon Turk.

  • DaveCryptos
    Dave {WINNING} Cryptos 🚀 (@DaveCryptos) reported

    @thecoinchaser @coinbase @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport still terrible service. No actions on theyre vault withdraws. Been for weeks now.

  • Sir_Giggz
    Giggz (@Sir_Giggz) reported

    @coinbase What is with not being able to sell to pay pal. That method seems to be down frequently. Really a huge inconvenience !!!!

  • joshuadunn79
    Mr. Dunn (@joshuadunn79) reported

    @francispouliot_ @giacomozucco @exiledsurfer So Coinbase removal of bcash? Or Coinbase goes down ?

  • PgFhame
    pg md fhame (@PgFhame) reported

    plz change my payment wallet to coinbase I don't want use centicoin many problems don't not send to another wallet...I try so many bitcoin transfer...

  • alexbulthuis1
    Alex (@alexbulthuis1) reported

    @coinbase why can’t I sell to PayPal from my account today ? Never had an issue before ?

  • Bitfinexed
    Bitfinex'ed 🔥💥 (@Bitfinexed) reported

    @CryptoTore Bitstamp, banking. Coinbase, banking. Gemini, banking. Kraken, some banking still despite listing fraud tokens. Banks work fine with crypto-exchanges. The problem is the exchanges that can't get banking want to do shit that is illegal.

  • starlilyth
    Lily Star (@starlilyth) reported

    @coinbase @brian_armstrong I am not sure what kind of business you expect to get when your new Commerce site accounts are restricted to a single login. Any business of more than one person will find this restrictive and difficult to work with securely. I know we do.

  • cryptoaimee090
    CryptoPug (@cryptoaimee090) reported

    What goes down, will eventually go up. #crypto is better long term. #bitcoinnews #xrp coinbase #Ethereum price #litecoin #ltc

  • CryptoLibre
    Crypto_LibRe (@CryptoLibre) reported

    🎶🎵Bags been down so long they look like up to me. They look up to me. Got bots and paid follows showin fake love to me. I don’t use Coinbase, still don’t use Coinbase.🎵🎶

  • petcal55
    cal g. (@petcal55) reported

    I don't use #Coinbase anymore. I'm curious, now, with no credit card buys, how the funds are brought direct from checking-savings, and wire? I'm sure their overall sales are down, it was SO easy to just use a credit card, and pay it off with swift gains the next week.

  • PravdaWire
    pravda-wire (@PravdaWire) reported

    @MGTCAPITAL4LIFE @Stearmano @MGTCI @laddcap Cryptos up 15 to 20%. $mgti down over 5%. @MGTCI ??? Can somehing possibly be wrong with the communication/strategic positioning or overall management - maybe time to wonder?? #cryptocurrency #mgti #btsc $btsc #bitcoin #ethereum #BitcoinCash #Litecoin #Coinbase #cryptocurrencies

  • _Mauberly
    Chadi Sayadi (@_Mauberly) reported

    First time problem with @coinbase despite numerous previous successful deposits. A few thousand euros transferred to @coinbase 4 days ago, still not showing up in the account - missed an opportunity to buy cheap BTC ! case id 3966737 - Where is @CoinbaseSupport ??

  • CowboysKrypto
    KryptoCowboys (@CowboysKrypto) reported

    @coinbase @coinbase is the blockbuster of this industry. Everyone hates you bc you ripe people off yet you are the only option. The day is coming when you guys go down and go down hard. Netflix a kick in the balls red box an upper cut to the face. And done

  • RocketFaisal
    Faisal Khalid (@RocketFaisal) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport I'm unable to withdraw funds from my gbp wallet. I already verified my bank a/c a week back by transferring funds. Can you pls check and fix asap

  • jacksonei78
    Elliot Jackson (@jacksonei78) reported

    @cryptfx @Bitstamp Bitstamp is hands-down the best exchange with the lowest fees. Have bought all my XRP from them with no issues. If they had a more user friendly mobile app that allowed you to store card information and make purchases from your mobile device coinbase would be in trouble.

  • sabotagebeats
    Ðogecoin Millionaire [BTFD Shibe] (@sabotagebeats) reported

    @Crypto_Coley @coinbase I think that was the problem as gdax / coinbase has bch. I didn't know they were the same address though, he said it never arrived. I will have him check and see if maybe it did arrive.

  • sabotagebeats
    Ðogecoin Millionaire [BTFD Shibe] (@sabotagebeats) reported

    @sSdXRP @coinbase i had tried to show him but apparently he had to wait for a second transfer and then when it came in he just did it. he doesn't really know the difference and you can't blame him - this is a ux problem bc of forking w/o address format change

  • Grayjax
    Crant Dilbus (@Grayjax) reported

    @coinbase After clicking the device confirmation email sent from your website, the page will refresh and spam submit device confirmation applications. this caused me to reach the login attempt limit.

  • RonaldHurley14
    Ronald Hurley (@RonaldHurley14) reported from Jacksonville, Alabama

    @TylerSCrypto Was dying to get in @ sub $140 but $$$ don’t hit coinbase account till Tuesday....Ughhhhh!!! Have 39LTC but am hoping to cost avg down. Guess I’ll have to c what Tuesday holds. Double edge to cost avg down...but also want it to blast off!

  • StreetTeamAC
    ಠ_ಠ ☺ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@StreetTeamAC) reported

    @CryptoWatchInfo @coinbase @PB_and_J_LITE Is this still an issue?

  • StreetTeamAC
    ಠ_ಠ ☺ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@StreetTeamAC) reported

    I'm still experiencing some issues and have completely ignored support tickets @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @FEhrsam @brian_armstrong

  • samthebrand
    Sam Brand (@samthebrand) reported

    @coinbase Your gain/loss calculator appears to be busted =/ <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>