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Crunchyroll, Inc. is an American website and international online community focused on video streaming East Asian media including anime, manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment, and auto racing content. Founded in 2006, Crunchyroll's distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to over twenty million online community members worldwide.

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  • WordsMaybe WordsMaybe (@WordsMaybe) reported

    I know part of this is on YouTube, they don't force copyright holders to be transparent with content creators. I have no hope YouTube will help me here but @Crunchyroll does genuinely care about the anime community. This denial of my appeal feels contradictory to that...

  • ArceMelgosa Robert Arce Melgosa (@ArceMelgosa) reported

    @ShieldHeroEN @niconandayo @Crunchyroll So is it normal if the episode won't load I've notice this problem before many times it by the end of the day I can watch it. It is to many people trying to watch it or my phone is to slow for this ( s8+)

  • turtwigsfire13 Twiggs (@turtwigsfire13) reported

    @Crunchyroll I always have issues on mobile where the episode shows up later than it should

  • jordantkinsley Jordan Kinsley (@jordantkinsley) reported

    @Geeflakes It's been a little while since I used Crunchyroll itself, but I didn't have problems. I was also premium, so I didn't see ads. I use VRV now, which is from the same company, and offers some nice extras like HIDIVE

  • CobaltArkright Cobalt (@CobaltArkright) reported

    @Geeflakes We've used crunchyroll for a while too. It's good for the most part but has the odd problem here or there. VRV, owned by the same company and offered at a similar price, has a lot more selection and is actually actively developed. Crunchy on the other hand is kind of mothballed.

  • AtomictheComet 羊🔞 (@AtomictheComet) reported

    @Geeflakes It's okay. Their streaming page is pretty outdated because it still buffer a lot and slows up if people are on watching the same shows. But go for them if you don't mind all that. I stop supporting crunchyroll for my own personal reason on their said practices I din't agree with.

  • Judokast Patrick (@Judokast) reported

    @Crunchyroll The problem is i tend to skip openings even from those i like, lol.

  • TrueEliValenti Eli Valenti (@TrueEliValenti) reported

    @Geeflakes I have premium Crunchyroll, and it's really good. The only thing is that you want to use the Unofficial HTML5 player extension, if you plan on watching it on your PC, because the default player runs like shit/has weird playback and has terrible seeking.

  • DracoAleksander Draco Aleksander (@DracoAleksander) reported

    @Geeflakes Premium Crunchyroll is definitely worth it to get rid of the commercials and get a huge spike in video quality.

  • MarconeAntelius Marcone Antelius (@MarconeAntelius) reported

    @Crunchyroll Because you have yet to fix the Xbox One app....

  • SwaggyPackSack Pillow (@SwaggyPackSack) reported

    @SharkBomb99 @Crunchyroll Nope, I really think that Naruto is way better than Boruto. And it definetly is not about the quality of the Anime

  • Xalvayne ArchlichXereth (@Xalvayne) reported

    @KraftsMara @NotoriousHokage @Syntheticals @Crunchyroll Not necessarily. Pop music is shit and yet its...well popular. Same can be said with a lot of other things including anime and its not always the case. Boruto is just an example of a very meh anime being popular. Its not terrible, but def not great.

  • CurtisPryme96 Happy (@CurtisPryme96) reported

    @JojoLakash @harrisshana24 @FUNimation @Crunchyroll No problem

  • xchimmymin agust dicks (@xchimmymin) reported

    y’all i literally just posted on my personal i wanted crunchyroll but didn’t want to pay for it and a dudebro comes and gives me his login feeling so spoiled 🥺

  • kakashify sasuke apologist (@kakashify) reported

    @deidaranojutsu @sastchke i have inifinite premium bc i paid Once and crunchyroll never took my premium away so im literally Premium For Free rn SBSKSKKDKDKDKSK i think it's a glitch but im not complaining,,, it's been like that since december and im just 😎

  • lil_fledgling bryn 'king meowdas' catseed (@lil_fledgling) reported

    @WinterDraws Hi i luv u and ppl will give what they can where they can regardless. There are ppl who do medical crowdfunding Always but my pals still sent me a couple bucks when i accidentally got a month of a ****** Crunchyroll subscription. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  • roguemarvel Lisa M 🌸🥊 (@roguemarvel) reported

    @crunchytoast11 @Ipaaev @Bunsfactory The dub Crunchyroll has is also terrible. But, I guess it's better than nothing. But trying to watch it because my daughter has expressed an interest in the show and she can't read well enough yet oh, but I always have to turn it off because it drives me bonkers

  • LiamManofsky Laim (@LiamManofsky) reported

    @BestGirlAnime @Crunchyroll Cap. She’s the worst character in the series so far, she makes me uncomfortable.

  • HexZile Victor H (@HexZile) reported

    @UltraTom_ @SlimeAnime Hha, fix your site @Crunchyroll 👀😅

  • LordOfOppai Austin-Sensei (@LordOfOppai) reported

    The sad thing is people are surprised about Crunchyroll censoring stuff. They delayed DxD multiple times because of internal problems. But in conclusion Crunchyroll’s anime awards is a cesspool for the newbies in anime. Most will accept mediocre animes over trying new things

  • murder_shitpost King Shitpost Murder (@murder_shitpost) reported

    Crunchyroll Awards are straight trash. They are going through an awful Halsey phase.

  • RAGGAbeatBREAK ✧・゚:* 𝓐𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓰𝓻𝓪 *:・゚✧ 🍷🔞 (@RAGGAbeatBREAK) reported

    UGH I RECOVERED MY CRUNCHYROLL ACCOUNT THANK GOD i still need to email support to have them fix something but im glad it wasnt lost to the ether fdfsfdgdg

  • Austin_szusz Austin szusz (@Austin_szusz) reported

    @ZroHour @itssaltystuff @Crunchyroll Honestly, it's good it's so slow because that was the problem sao had in the past it just rushed everything, although it sucks waiting a week because you just want to keep watching

  • JMmelegrito JM Melegrito (@JMmelegrito) reported

    @knightkira @ANN_Ed I guess one of the problems is that since Austalia/New Zealand is considered as a "first world" country, they are kinda lumped by Crunchyroll, Hidive and Funimation with US, Canada, UK and Europe. No actual region-specific announcements needed.

  • imadous B. Imad (@imadous) reported

    @somedude2014 @Crunchyroll Same story here. S1 was fine but the S2 was terrible to the point of dropping it half way through. Alicization is good though; give it a shot.

  • KraftsMara MaraKrafts (@KraftsMara) reported

    @Xalvayne @NotoriousHokage @Syntheticals @Crunchyroll But only good things become popular. You don't see the worst rated anime in all of history there.

  • WrittenRealm RisenRealm (@WrittenRealm) reported

    That’s ridiculous! Probably the worst prices I’ve seen for a phone game yet, which is sad since it’s supposed to be associated with @Crunchyroll I mean I’ve seen some pretty obvious games designed just for scamming money out of people but this is just so far fetched. @bungotales

  • mrm6464 mrm64 (@mrm6464) reported

    @GonterxGonter @Crunchyroll She was so self attacking that she wanted to be the one to try and stop Sasuke instead of her, taking off the burden she thought she placed on him because Sai had terrible communication skills. Naruto hyperventilated over it all.

  • Phenomenal268 Cocoa Khaleesi •👑 (@Phenomenal268) reported

    @UrAvgConsumer @Crunchyroll Use a FireStick. Problem solved.

  • evanyoursenpai 한국 Jesus 😷 (@evanyoursenpai) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the subs on Anohana

  • jpkayy JP (@jpkayy) reported

    @fanghail i just got my friends crunchyroll... i cant wait to binge watch awful shit

  • Starkillersama Starkiller (@Starkillersama) reported

    @WatchVRV Please fix the servers ASAP. I was gonna catch up on all my anime from the past week just now and nothing's working T_T

  • tamadelgumo Tama Delgato (@tamadelgumo) reported

    @Crunchyroll This show is pretty awful.


    I gave you my crunchyroll sign in please respond

  • iinternetboyy luna (@iinternetboyy) reported

    who got a crunchyroll login 👀

  • BeastKamikaze KamikazeBeast (@BeastKamikaze) reported

    @rickotron @WatchVRV It’s not working for iOS for me just now this afternoon

  • KronosX3T Trey 三 (@KronosX3T) reported

    Hey @WatchVRV, I love you, but your service is a little borked at the moment. I and many others can't access the site via a web browser and any of the apps. It's been three days since I've watched anime. Send help. Sincerely, someone who is resorting to reading books.

  • Weiss_Snow Weiss Snow Angel (@Weiss_Snow) reported

    @WatchVRV vrv has been down for 2 days straight on my ps4, hurry up and fix this

  • MamaGarcia2617 Ciara Garcia (@MamaGarcia2617) reported

    @WatchVRV Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi is showing as unavailable and isn't working! Please send help! 😭😭😭😭

  • RinHatsuyuki Rin Hatsuyuki (@RinHatsuyuki) reported

    @Crunchyroll As an anime veteran, i told myself i should give anime's a chance every new one that comes out, when black clover was new, as i feared it was too generic, that used the same quality as anime's in the past, i know it's wrong to judge most works that way but it's still cool.

  • MHadleyImprint M. Hadley (@MHadleyImprint) reported

    I would like to thank CRUNCHYROLL for not having any way to contact them for problems. Thanks for having no human personnel or hotline to speak to, and that, for the past two days, all I want to do was change my password, and yet HAVEN'T HEARD FROM YOU GUYS. #crunchyrollsucks

  • thearcadeturtle arcadeturtle (@thearcadeturtle) reported

    @WatchVRV hey vrv im having issues with servers just like many others! please fix problem!

  • enrgut18 Enrique Gutierrez (@enrgut18) reported

    @WatchVRV I've been having issue with the app on my PS4 and phone both are saying offline not able to connect but at first I thought it was my connection but it wasn't it's the app so my question is how do I fix it since I'm a premium member and paying to watch your services but I can't.

  • ZiOclock 🌸Dale🌸 - The Next Decade (@ZiOclock) reported

    @dynamicasuka I watched it on crunchyroll. X is clearly in a weird spot for Tsuburaya creatively since it's their first try at classic Ultraman style and feel in the new gen and it has some writing issues like character development not sticking, but I do really like it overall.

  • DistantValhalla ☞Steiner (@DistantValhalla) reported

    I'll still rag on subtitled works if they're related to my projects (mostly since I offer to work on them and get ignored) and have glaring errors/consistency issues, but I won't attack the translator, the issue is mostly in the rushed workflow model Crunchyroll employs.

  • ashleyvonrose Ashley Rose (@ashleyvonrose) reported from Olympia Heights, Florida

    @Crunchyroll your app has issues on the ps4, Amazon Fire Stick and my smart tv... all I want to do is watch my anime :,(

  • vanouchou Jer ⭕️ me R | #acodyssey (@vanouchou) reported from Québec, Québec

    @Crunchyroll There is a little problem of edition at the end of this episode :o

  • NoahAStucker The Noah Stucker (@NoahAStucker) reported

    @Otakupocalypse @Crunchyroll Yeah, their big issue is that they don't see the people of this world as real casualties because they believe it's a game

  • xXmsharyXx Renard. (@xXmsharyXx) reported

    @LinksysCares Hi, i have a linksys router AC1900WRT it seems the router Prevents me from watch videos I can’t watch videos on crunchyroll with router but if i tried to watch from original modem it works fine but with router with the same net i can’t please help

  • estnihil Top 🔟 Anime Shampoos (@estnihil) reported

    @deltarouxls oh nah i usually don't use youtube, usually i scum off of crunchyroll with a proxy to get the USA stuff but i don't care enough about Gundam ZZ right now to look for high quality

  • riquelmedylan1 Dylan Riquelme (@riquelmedylan1) reported

    @HavocMiranda @Forbes @FUNimation So I think we should all try to support and watch Cop Craft when it comes out on @Crunchyroll or @FUNimation or @hulu or @netflix or @PrimeVideo or @HIDIVEofficial or @WatchVRV or wherever the hell it comes out. I know I’m gonna watch it no matter what but also to help FMP!

  • mairuzukage Mairuzukage (@mairuzukage) reported

    Hi @Crunchyroll this has been a recurring problem that I wanted to let you know about. When viewing certain episodes on the Crunchroll Mobile App i always find the episode not loading up and then redirecting me back to homepage. JoJo Part 5 Ep 14 is an example of this. Please fix

  • Supercreeper202 Anime Guy (@Supercreeper202) reported

    @ABoC_S @Crunchyroll @JustusRStone Tbh there was an animation error within the last three eps (I forgot where), so I am on your boat as well.

  • useignition Ignition (@useignition) reported

    Someone needs to fix Crunchyroll++ so it remembers where we left off. 😂😂

  • Terraball a normal robot (@Terraball) reported

    @NARFNra oh well typically anything on crunchyroll is free after being up for a week. buying a premium subscription lets you watch it when it comes out, as well as giving you higher quality options and no ads.

  • hawkatana Hawkatana (@hawkatana) reported

    @bingosatsu @washi_no_ouja Don't even bother, Crunchyroll is crap even ignoring the Mebius issue. Just watch it on Kissasian and buy the toys to support Tsuburaya.

  • Simia_Pugno send booty pics💪🍑 (@Simia_Pugno) reported

    i think part of why it takes me so long to watch anime is cause i have to get my computer out and go on the site and let it buffer and do all that because i refuse to support crunchyroll in any way, even if it meant i could watch on my tv

  • Narukage100 Maico Enriquez (@Narukage100) reported

    Good to see @WatchVRV addresses issues with their app so quickly and promptly. Said no one ever.

  • NectarBlast Quinn Beasley (@NectarBlast) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please address the VRV outage #VRVDown #Crunchyroll #VRV

  • NectarBlast Quinn Beasley (@NectarBlast) reported

    @WatchVRV Your twitter is awful quiet considering your services are not working across all devices. Give your customers some updates on this issue, since we pay you to provide a service that we currently cannot access. #VRVdown #WatchVRV #VRV #VRVSupport

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