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  • Sneaky_Thief45 Garahel『The Smug Fuck』Demi-Fiend (@Sneaky_Thief45) reported

    @Crunchyroll @FUNimation I really want people to not use your shitty site. You dont even help with anime studios, you have ******* shills like @yyyazy and @G0ffThew they cant tell the difference between a power fantasy and female empowerment about a prostitution isekai

  • Madaraa_1 Khaled (@Madaraa_1) reported

    @Klejdimyrtaj24 @dargonlore @_A__K__A__N__E_ @GeoArashima @JohnTheWeebhunt @Crunchyroll Boruto problem is it’s not from the original mangaka as well as the arcs is bad and slow building unlike naruto

  • _ginkobiloba alex (@_ginkobiloba) reported

    @akaashiiiiiiiii i could understand that if it was a problem all the streaming sites have, but the subtitles/closed captioning are always spot on with hulu, crunchyroll, etc. netflix is the only weird one ive run into! it’s not a huge deal, but i avoid netflix when i can because of it lol.

  • Raymund72408142 Rg3garz (@Raymund72408142) reported

    @Crunchyroll I been having problems with episodes, when I press an episode they take really long to start

  • oddbutevee evens.exe (@oddbutevee) reported from Lincolnia, Virginia

    Crunchyroll is unusable without a subscription . One of you nerds give me ur login

  • klumpmeister クリスチャン 塊 (@klumpmeister) reported

    Yo @WatchVRV fix your apps. It never opens on a older fire stick and it crashes frequently on PS4.

  • felix_rivasss Félix Rivas (@felix_rivasss) reported

    @usetweakbox Please fix crunchyroll

  • Klejdimyrtaj24 •🍓Klejdi.Myrtaj👒 JoJo ❤• (@Klejdimyrtaj24) reported

    @JohnTheWeebhunt @dargonlore @_A__K__A__N__E_ @GeoArashima @Crunchyroll yeah that's a big major problem with Boruto Anime

  • caletvwlrh Gon (@caletvwlrh) reported

    @roboterpferd @customzaku @bk2128 Let me give you a recent example. I live in Chile, south of everything and all that. I recently read that Crunchyroll released Arcadia of my Youth, but I go to see it and the page exists but it's empty, no videos. Same with the last FMP season But I have no problems with Gundam

  • aaron_newbom aaron elias newbom (@aaron_newbom) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm currently paying for premium but it won't work. My free trial never began either. Please help

  • OG_PlaYer23 Diego Quito (@OG_PlaYer23) reported

    @usetweakbox Fix crunchyroll🙏

  • PyleBrandon Brandonmeowmeow (@PyleBrandon) reported

    @colonvee @KeliraTelian Crunchyroll is under contract with companies that make the anime to air them. In their awards one can see how they really feel as Goblin Slayer (which was the most popular thing in most of North America) was deemed to problem is to be apart of anything.

  • mrsmunchiejones ally jones (@mrsmunchiejones) reported

    @Crunchyroll having issues trying to sign up to a free trial it says sorry you can only have one free trial per payment method this is my first time trying to sign up

  • yslarlene arlene🦋 (@yslarlene) reported

    Should I get a Funimation account or Crunchyroll someone help 💀

  • crystarius valkyrie von riegan (@crystarius) reported

    @Crunchyroll Even if Ouran High had existed, most of us would've been too broke to go 🤣 I have a feeling there'd be a lot of broken vases...

  • AussieRomantic AussieRomantic Gaming and Author (@AussieRomantic) reported

    @Crunchyroll something is wrong with your servers. I’m trying to sign up for premium but I keep getting different error messages when I do the payment section. I have not used the free trial yet either but it looks like I won’t get too as it won’t let me do anything.

  • NotFredImJesse Jesse (@NotFredImJesse) reported

    @AyanoScholar @SnekTheSneaky I don't really think that's a problem because they're stupid and even when given the info on what they see they never take the step to actually find the source material, that's the difference. To make an effort that doesn't require crunchyroll to watch the latest seasonal dogshit

  • fuarua ♡bitch♡ (@fuarua) reported

    @nomore_rain thats not the issue, i have a crunchyroll subscription its just some anime arent available in my region

  • outcastzero outcastzero (@outcastzero) reported

    @missxdelaney @FunimationUK The ps4 app is terrible, i changed to crunchyroll which is way better.

  • TsuLao Lao Tsu (@TsuLao) reported

    @Crunchyroll my app is still logged in but whenever i try to log in anywhere else it doesn't work and every time request a password reset the email never shows up. Send help pls

  • GGJarose Jarose (@GGJarose) reported from Wichita, Kansas

    I don't know if all my ads freezing on my firetv is @Crunchyroll way to get me to buy premium but boy is it not working

  • suprsamu Sammy (@suprsamu) reported

    Hey @crunchyroll can you please get rid of the abilility to change the email under an account this is really really stupid and now some dude in mexico completly owns my account for the time being because of this really unnecessary point of error.

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @MarvinNationArt @Astral52 @Crunchyroll Yes, we are, but I don't see any issue with what we're discussing

  • grackee ☾ Grace ☾ (@grackee) reported

    @iamastrid_ Hulu (its not working for me rn tho >:(), Netflix, Crunchyroll, n i have a few free anime websites i can dm to u if u want!!

  • episode_15 Edwin (@episode_15) reported

    @WatchVRV So are you going to like fix your app because the only reason I pay for the app it is for off-line viewing and I can’t even do that, honestly love the app but can you fix it though it’s not fair to the people who pay for it

  • HarmonicDX Gangsta Gastino ~ (@HarmonicDX) reported

    I need to fix my laptop up so I can actually watch anime again. ...or get crunchyroll 🤔

  • AOIBerny333 AoiBerny☯️ (@AOIBerny333) reported

    @nexus_of_fate @Crunchyroll It is not a Fate related account so no problem if It's late. At least Crunchy helps the community :P

  • TheLeviathanwav TheLeviathan.wav (@TheLeviathanwav) reported

    Imma be honest, I've only liked anime for like a little over a year now, didn't watch anime any other way than using crunchyroll/VRV, but seeing how god awful the mainstream side of anitwitter is, I wish it was still an obscure hobby for weirdoes and nerds that get bullied

  • DMWarrior Achilles 🌹 (@DMWarrior) reported

    @_bombchu_ so it's kinda like a secret crunchyroll premium model where you can choose between low quality and high quality except low quality crunchyroll streams are still watchable

  • zzDragonz16 DragonGeek5000 (@zzDragonz16) reported

    @BestGirlAnime @Crunchyroll I just realized is low quality LOL

  • Kodamawastaken KKodama (@Kodamawastaken) reported

    @PedrozoHd @Crunchyroll I think naruto is really good, I’ll admit it’s pretty boring in the beginning but after the time-skip (Beginning of Shippuden) I think it gets better considering hes actually able to help the whole village since he’s no longer a weak boy who only uses talk no jutsu

  • M_F_Rose Meredith "Pumpkin Spice" Rose (@M_F_Rose) reported

    @TLF_Media The worst thing for Crunchyroll would be for Netflix to pick up same-day streams of popular shows.

  • george_hignell George (@george_hignell) reported

    @Crunchyroll hi my accounts been locked for two hours. Please help

  • OksannaBriere Nana✪ (@OksannaBriere) reported

    @Ninjaristic_ @dandan_carlos @Crunchyroll I think that dude has issues and nothing can fix him

  • ExMiko Miko (@ExMiko) reported

    @c2switch I mean I hate crunchyroll too, but that's for making Ika Musume unwatchable thanks to the awful subs

  • megamanjim12093 James (@megamanjim12093) reported

    @joncarlosd @JCob50979029 @Crunchyroll Anything can be critically acclaimed and still be terrible to most people.

  • Bedford_LUFC kaine bedford. (@Bedford_LUFC) reported

    @oneinchpixel1 @Crunchyroll It’s just the app being dodgy, go onto Microsoft edge on the Xbox and sign in to Crunchyroll it’s on there

  • dnannann 🖤💜 Tarachara, Snug-ubus 💜🖤 (@dnannann) reported

    mark my words: one of these days the online streaming market's gonna crash and crunchyroll will be the last one standing the weebs shall inherit the earth

  • oicnwjuan John Amoncio (@oicnwjuan) reported

    @Crunchyroll Suika-chan with eyesight problems

  • _josecaique José Caique (@_josecaique) reported

    @Crunchyroll There's some problem *again* with the video player. Bad user experience *again*

  • MrFitzonic Harmonic (@MrFitzonic) reported

    @AisakaPalmtop tumblr-esque people doing terrible anime takes, i tweet out said hashtag because let’s be honest, anime isn’t for everyone no matter what Crunchyroll’s twitter will tell you now it’s picked up a bit of steam lmao

  • Bunnyskylander1 Bunnyskylander (@Bunnyskylander1) reported

    @Crunchyroll The login part of your website is currently having an issue and I can't login or create an account.

  • caxmhilds heartwork. (@caxmhilds) reported

    @adiaarthur Crunchyroll is pretty terrible

  • alansenpai_ Alan (@alansenpai_) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll, I speak on behalf of the premium users when I say: Fix your damn website and get some actual writers instead of wasting time constantly tweeting/posting spoiler clickbait articles or uploading useless international dubs for free users.

  • combusts Holidays in Korean (@combusts) reported

    @honeybeehime_ i think crunchyroll blocked screenshotting programs bc i had problems too

  • jedIouise jed (@jedIouise) reported

    nico gave me his login for his premium crunchyroll 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • thefilmwitch bruja (@thefilmwitch) reported

    hi do any of u have crunchyroll and will let me use their login 🥺

  • megamanjim12093 James (@megamanjim12093) reported

    @JCob50979029 @Crunchyroll The plot and story were terrible and the love story It was trying to tell was hard to watch

  • Raulin86__ Raulin86 (@Raulin86__) reported

    @kingfryingpan @WatchVRV This tends to happen alot, I recommend using your pc or phone until they fix the issue. This is something quite common with vrv streaming services

  • kingfryingpan 👑 KingFryingPan [PHNX]➡️TWITCHCON 2019 (@kingfryingpan) reported

    Hey @WatchVRV something seems to be wrong with your ps4 app. Absolutely nothing will play. Please fix this. I need my shows.

  • JGallagher_22 JoeyG.Artist (@JGallagher_22) reported

    @Crunchyroll The first and only time this was ever shown, because retconing your own story to make your main character the biggest a**hole doesn't exactly scream A+ writing material. This movie was terrible and should be forgotten about immediately 😒

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @Brr_Toon @Crunchyroll Well, good luck then Everyone recommends that one because it's the only arc AniTubers have given any praise to, it's the weakest arc imo, I even liked Fairy Dance (the so-called worst arc in existence) than it If I had to describe each arc, it'd be something like this:↓

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @SynthMinus @Ozachi_ @RamonG2017 @IIIlllIIISuukk @Crunchyroll Yes, totally (to both questions) We're not tryna say SAO is perfect, far from it actually, just not as bad as everyone claims it is The only real issue we have is with the spread of missinformation and mindless hate

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @Brr_Toon @Crunchyroll Yeah, it's very common, the issue is that they then go and listen to the AniTubers hating on SAO and believe that's the reality, when any SAO fan could show them otherwise

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @Magical_Worker @Mega_Man_NextGn @Crunchyroll The only real issue with season two was that it could get uninteresting if you didn't connect with any of the themes depicted and Calibur was literally a filler arc

  • GutsHER0 GutsHero (@GutsHER0) reported

    @Crunchyroll nuAsh looks terrible

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @SynthMinus @Ozachi_ @RamonG2017 @IIIlllIIISuukk @Crunchyroll It's good if you think that way, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it and you're entitled to your opinion The issue here is that you said "it sucks **** and *****" instead of something like "I really don't like it, I can't see the appeal in it" which is an objective statement

  • Ozachi_ Loïc (@Ozachi_) reported

    @SynthMinus @megalomaniac_v @RamonG2017 @IIIlllIIISuukk @Crunchyroll I totally agree with you... However, I don't like "big" shows like JoJo, Naruto, etc and I'll never tweet things like "Worst anime", "garbage"... Honestly when you like the show it's annoying to see people saying things like that, "Let people enjoy things" as we say :/

  • flusteredtomcat Brandon Gilligan 🏝 (@flusteredtomcat) reported

    @Joshawott @Crunchyroll Wally is teh worst Pokemon character.

  • megalomaniac_v ⚔ 🄴🄶🄾🄼🄰🄽🄸🄰🄲 ⚔ (@megalomaniac_v) reported

    @Magical_Worker @Mega_Man_NextGn @Crunchyroll They did a lot more than that, but whatever, yes, it's basically a reboot, but it doesn't mean that the previous seasons were the worst thing to ever grace the Earth

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