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Crunchyroll problems in the last 24 hours

Crunchyroll Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Crunchyroll. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (36.19%)
  • ▪ Crashing (30.48%)
  • ▪ Playback Issues (16.19%)
  • ▪ Buffering (15.24%)
  • ▪ Video Quality (1.90%)

Crunchyroll Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon  ▪ Hooksett, New Hampshire  ▪ Houston, Texas  ▪ Merida, Yucatan  ▪ New Port Richey, Florida  ▪ Rochester, Washington  ▪ Seattle, Washington  ▪ State College, Pennsylvania  ▪ Yucca Valley, California  ▪ Calgary, Alberta  ▪ Charleston, South Carolina

Crunchyroll Live Outage Map
  • Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon
  • Hooksett, New Hampshire
  • Houston, Texas
  • Merida, Yucatan
  • New Port Richey, Florida
  • Rochester, Washington
  • Seattle, Washington
  • State College, Pennsylvania
  • Yucca Valley, California
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Charleston, South Carolina
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Crunchyroll Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • tankgerouswoman
    🐚 (@tankgerouswoman) reported

    @AppValley_vip @saurik please fix CrunchyRoll ++ It keeps crashing when I try to sign in

  • Lordsolidusx
    Timothy Berube (@Lordsolidusx) reported

    @WatchVRV The subtitles won't show up when I watch Ice Fantasy on my PS4. Help please because I really want to watch it

  • Diablomonstro
    Angel (@Diablomonstro) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix Xbox app pls

  • falcozappy
    Falcozappy (@falcozappy) reported

    @WatchVRV I'm having issues with your app. I can't watch anything on it. The videos will load, but once it gets to a commercial break, it stops aa if to load an ad, but doesn't. I just made sure my app is up to date, then reinstalled it. Any help would be great. I need my anime.

  • textbookMobster
    Moth (@textbookMobster) reported

    Since paying for Crunchyroll’s service I feel like half the time I try to watch from a web browser the website is broken. :/ Happened to me a few times about a week ago. Happening to me again right now.

  • nutellepecker
    bootysushi (@nutellepecker) reported

    @Crunchyroll hey fix your fucking service

  • peartourmaline
    Functional Bi (@peartourmaline) reported

    i want to watch ancient magus bride but crunchyroll is not playing the video and i cant tell if it's the site or my internet that is having the problem. this is biphobia at its finest

  • ItssDonte12
    Donte’ (@ItssDonte12) reported

    @Crunchyroll do you know anything about the Xbox version of your app not working?

  • DeathKiraX
    Chris (@DeathKiraX) reported

    @Crunchyroll But should I watch that awful dub that appeared on kidsWB for nostalgia?

  • Michael34144808
    Michael Kurosaki (@Michael34144808) reported

    Great Crunchyroll is not working I was watching that Damnit greeat now I have to wait until tommower sigh back to YouTube #sad

  • OutsiderOc
    jose abreu guy (@OutsiderOc) reported

    when crunchyroll ads buffer constantly <

  • lovingnikiforov
    Dessa 👑 (@lovingnikiforov) reported

    watched 1/3 of an anime ep on hulu today. was one of the worst choices i've made in a long time. i will stick to only watching whatever crunchyroll has to offer.

  • rockatsuki
    CHRISTMISSA (@rockatsuki) reported

    It doesn't help that the show isn't on crunchyroll

  • Germacon
    GermaconYT (@Germacon) reported

    @WatchVRV hey I am having problems watching show, it's wanting to skip to the next episode at random points in time, I checked your faq but I couldn't find a solution

  • tunahhhhh
    Tuna (@tunahhhhh) reported

    @Crunchyroll I would just go premium but why would I give your company money when you can’t even fix your free version on Xbox one. For all I know premium probably won’t let you finish a show either.

  • tunahhhhh
    Tuna (@tunahhhhh) reported

    @Crunchyroll can you please fix the Xbox one app, I’m tired of it freezing. Every single time I fast forward or when it stops playing adds it never goes back to my show. I can never even finish a show on it. Please this has been going on for months, fix it for Christmas.

  • Tac_JY
    Lo Scythe (@Tac_JY) reported

    @AppValley_vip Crunchyroll hasn't been working. After I login, the app just crashes and I cant open it after that because then it just crashes immediately. Please Fix,thanks.

  • MelonCrisis
    Infinite Jingles 🎄 (@MelonCrisis) reported

    @Crunchyroll is it gonna be like crash tag team racing but instead of farts and burps in the loading screen when you press buttons, its "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" instead

  • cee_herb
    Çëë Hęrbø 🔋🔊👀 (@cee_herb) reported

    @Crunchyroll Can you fix the freezing ads on the Xbox app

  • De9en
    ً (@De9en) reported

    @notKuzan @Rxshie @Jimmy_Pimental @Ueiiman @Crunchyroll @FustyKun @PingTheDonV2 @Mvynard ok hold up, is there a problem with animated vagina???

  • realErgin
    ERGIN CLAUS!🎅🏻 (@realErgin) reported

    @eroldstory But you could do more sponsorships with companies like Crunchyroll or start selling merch so that you don't depend on your Youtube income entirely, but still its a stupid problem that Youtube f*cking create for no real reason at all. I feel you man

  • TheEduardoRFS
    Eduardo Rafael (@TheEduardoRFS) reported

    @BillStewart415 @tripzero @lessig @leolaporte Traffic Shapping isn't neutral, and is necessary, if everyone want to use a "p2p netflix" then internet is broken and no one can use. Because don't exists bandwidth for every service, some cost more, fb, yt, netflix and etc... Is cheapest than crunchyroll for the isp

  • omegavesko
    OmegaVesko (@omegavesko) reported

    Man, every once in a while I forget how obsessed /r/anime is with sucking Crunchyroll's dick, no matter what legitimate issues people have with them, and I'm painfully reminded of it every time

  • Ultima_Wielder
    🎁🎄🎮ajcuellar01🎮🎄🎁 (@Ultima_Wielder) reported

    @Noctosan I was gonna plan on watching it on kissanime but I realized it's broken so I'll have to use the one thing that'll help me out, crunchyroll.

  • adaywithoutme__
    CHEMTRAIL EMPORIUM, KARELIA'S #1 CHEMTRAIL STORE (@adaywithoutme__) reported

    tried to watch love live at work but crunchyroll is blocked, which is grossly unfair considering someone was watching house of cards on netflix sans issue

  • vi_ruu
    i'm dead inside (@vi_ruu) reported

    i started binge watching an anime and now the crunchyroll video player won't work so bedtime i guess (but seriously crunchyroll fix your goddamn shitty video player)

  • Alexzander19996
    Timothy A Carthan II (@Alexzander19996) reported

    @Crunchyroll needs to fix some of the One Piece eps sub

  • kalirion
    kalirion (@kalirion) reported

    @Crunchyroll awful

  • LarryTheGuest
    Larry Guest (@LarryTheGuest) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hi, I'm having problems with the Crunchy Roll app on Xbox One. Once an ad finishes it won't resume to the show I'm watching and if I try to pause and Unpause it just plays the ad again.

  • tankgerouswoman
    🐚 (@tankgerouswoman) reported

    @AppValley_vip Can you fix CrunchyRoll++ it wont let me sign in instead it just crashes and kicks me out

  • CurtisBonds
    CurtDogg (@CurtisBonds) reported

    @WatchVRV Can you fix VRV's fullscreen in browsers? Every time the next episode plays, it exits fullscreen mode.

  • skyverzosa
    Sky Verzosa (@skyverzosa) reported

    @AppValley_vip Any help for Crunchyroll?

  • vsymbiote
    VenomSymbiote (@vsymbiote) reported

    @Crunchyroll I have no problem with it. It's off putting, but it's MEANT to be that way. James Cameron isn't a fool. He knows what he's doing, and I have faith the movie will turn out just fine.

  • chiakinanami
    Miguel (@chiakinanami) reported

    I bought a crunchyroll subscription just so I could finish yugioh GX help

  • dominiksian
    Dominik Sian Walls (@dominiksian) reported

    @Crunchyroll I've had the same login info for months, yet today I tried to login and it kept saying that something was wrong, now I'm locked out for 2 hours?

  • Reuenthot
    Dusty the Freckled-Nosed Reindeer (@Reuenthot) reported

    I got crunchyroll. Sounds silly but it helped me break off of watching bad netflix shows that were just frustrating me and lowkey triggering me. I have an issue where if I watch a show for too long I refuse to give it up even if it hurts me

  • ReXimus128
    ReX 🎄 (@ReXimus128) reported

    @Crunchyroll If it wasn't in a terrible 3D pink during the 2D movie screening the preview might have been watchable

  • hafizarifff
    Hafiz 🔥 (@hafizarifff) reported from State College, Pennsylvania

    yo @Crunchyroll something is happening on your site right nowpls fix it asap :(

  • yosho_aki
    yosho aki (@yosho_aki) reported

    @Crunchyroll It doesn't look or feel right honestly lime they're trying a little to hard for that anime feel in the worst way but I could be wrong I don't know it's just off to me

  • Paulwaysforever
    Paul McDermott II (@Paulwaysforever) reported

    @WatchVRV I need help dammit. I have a lootcrate code that my wont redeem and ima trying ta watch harmonquest dammit

  • Shin_Seikatsu_
    新生活 [ShinSeikatsu] (@Shin_Seikatsu_) reported

    @Crunchyroll Why does CR talk about an awful movie like this?

  • Fawx47
    Fawx #MHWORLD (@Fawx47) reported

    @Crunchyroll It looks awful lol

  • hito_mo_shirazu
    DEBIRU (@hito_mo_shirazu) reported

    @Crunchyroll everything about this movie looks terrible

  • StevenToerner
    Steven Toerner (@StevenToerner) reported

    @Crunchyroll Is this why I can't watch any show now and the app keeps crashing. And by any show I mean just dragon ball super. Would pay for sub but afraid service is to bad and would have the same issue. And net neutrality is over rated and over hyped. Most people don't even understand it

  • vyyy129
    Jovy (@vyyy129) reported

    @Crunchyroll Sorry, this video is not available in your region due to licensing restrictions. International fan's problem lol HAHAHHA

  • KeyToAnime
    Key (@KeyToAnime) reported

    @Crunchyroll Worst anime ever.

  • nomoneysniper
    Seth rogen as an Elf™ (@nomoneysniper) reported

    @Crunchyroll This show was awful please stop

  • paladiknice
    cait 🐬❄️ (@paladiknice) reported

    @hotadventureday I WANNA WATCH IT bc it's finally on crunchyroll and i don't have to pay for funimation's god awful web player praise the lord

  • DarcsenOfLegend
    Watch me. (@DarcsenOfLegend) reported

    @WatchVRV have used them to sign in at least five times since then. 2. My latest monthly subscription expired and was slated to be renewed December 14th, but I am on unpaid medical leave and have literally only a few dollars in the bank. I meant to cancel earlier, but I've been having (2)

  • DarcsenOfLegend
    Watch me. (@DarcsenOfLegend) reported

    @WatchVRV Hello, I'm trying to cancel my VRV subscription (for now), but I've run into two issues: 1. When I try to sign in, it says the info is "invalid," even though it's not. I've been using the same email for years, and I made my account/password only two months ago, and (1)

  • imadous
    B. Imad (@imadous) reported

    @Crunchyroll You know what's the problem with Tokyo Ghoul and :re. they all happen in Tokyo! like what the heck man! why always Tokyo, can't you guys change city or something!!. i'm starting to get really annoyed by this.

  • Delc17
    Delc17 (@Delc17) reported

    @Crunchyroll could y’all fix the subtitles for bleach around 195-200? They disappear rather quickly at times before the characters finish speaking

  • MikeMine2002
    ʰᵉᶫᵖ (@MikeMine2002) reported

    @QueenCato4ever @TimTomYT No but is on crunchyroll which is free (and legal) and if you don't want to watch it with ads you can get premium (or AdBlock but it would defeat the purpose of crunchyroll which is to help the anime industry by watching the ads or premium)

  • Aafuuuuuu
    Aafaq (@Aafuuuuuu) reported

    @Crunchyroll I have to update my payment method and when I got to the "payment methods" page on your website its always crashing. Please can you fix this error :)

  • jegail
    Shanté Nixon (@jegail) reported

    @nytimes I use @Crunchyroll and @netflix and I have had "buffering" issues with my crunchyroll for 2 days....

  • harashodesuwa
    christmas trash (@harashodesuwa) reported

    @bxanie @imaginary_birdy the problem is, that sunshine is not available on crunchyroll in Germany

  • Cornermatsu
    Cornermatsu💜💙 (@Cornermatsu) reported

    @Crunchyroll They're all hot wtf help?!

  • Mrshellion
    Gi (@Mrshellion) reported

    @Crunchyroll why is not working the phone app?

  • MarmaladeMiracl
    Nick (@MarmaladeMiracl) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please help me sign up for premium it won’t let me do it

  • KaelanRhy
    Kaelan Rhywiol-Disillusioned Autistic (@KaelanRhy) reported

    @andyetilienot lolz, I'm so very terrible about tech/video (i'm usually a book person) what is crunchyroll and does it work in Canada? (I can't get hulu) it's not on netflix tho, just checked.

  • Jei_Cos
    Jei Cos (@Jei_Cos) reported

    @Crunchyroll When illegal streaming sites play perfectly with no problems at all, but crunchyroll can't, that's not giving me a reason to pay for your sites services..In fact, that's literally telling me not to use this site anymore, as I can't in the first place.

  • ATlamunus
    AviasTlamunus (@ATlamunus) reported

    @Crunchyroll I can do Sentai & kamen raider noooooo problem, but ultraman is meh imo owo

  • WithTheWill
    With the Will (@WithTheWill) reported

    @SeafoamGaming @Crunchyroll Then they've revised them or you aren't noticing the other issues (or that episode, being much later, fixed issues.)

  • SeafoamGaming
    Connor The Dreamer (@SeafoamGaming) reported

    @WithTheWill @Crunchyroll And then they used the incorrect name for Vandemon. I think I see the common problem people have with the subtitles now but they aren't the worst.

  • WithTheWill
    With the Will (@WithTheWill) reported

    @SeafoamGaming @Crunchyroll Late 00s, I don't quite remember, but they are a rather terrible watch and weren't used in many places, nor were they the same as the later Netflix versions.

  • lycanleon
    Leon Lycan (@lycanleon) reported

    @AppValley_vip Crunchyroll keeps crashing when I try to login. :/

  • ComedyKnife24
    Lisandro Vasquez (@ComedyKnife24) reported

    @TweakBoxApp Can you fix Crunchyroll , it keeps crashing. Thank You

  • Picandro
    PicAlu (@Picandro) reported

    @MMOJunkieAnime @Crunchyroll I haven't watched the ep yet but I can't help but notice that the computer wasn't shut down properly.

  • Ink625
    Dingles @ Needs to sleep earlier (@Ink625) reported

    @LunaAmatista And the frequency of translation errors on crunchyroll

  • YuriAmbassador
    OG-Man: Dia and Dia fan (@YuriAmbassador) reported

    @otakugamergirlt @Crunchyroll Right on. They help out yuri and yaoi fans.

  • deathangelfluff
    Crissy (@deathangelfluff) reported

    @WatchVRV I have a question i was trying new shows and went to watch Goblin the lonely and great god and it had no subtitles and i have seen others say the same issue when on consoles im am trying to watch on xbox it says it should have subs

  • FunimationHelp
    Funimation Help (@FunimationHelp) reported

    @321VORIK @WatchVRV Are you seeing this issue on the site?

  • DulceTerrorTV
    Jennifer 🌙👻 (@DulceTerrorTV) reported

    @xBrunnoFGx @Crunchyroll I HAVEN'T SEEN THE OVA YET! D: I need to fix this pronto.

  • RealJustcallme0
    Justcallme0 (@RealJustcallme0) reported

    @Crunchyroll Those programs being black screen when it try’s to continue an episode you were in the middle of constantly not even being able to connect to your guy’s servers and it likes to randomly crash

  • RealJustcallme0
    Justcallme0 (@RealJustcallme0) reported

    @Crunchyroll you guys really need to fix your Xbox app it has way to many problems in it

  • scottmitchell93
    Scott Mitchell (@scottmitchell93) reported

    @WatchVRV hey y'all I'm having trouble finding a link to email your support team on the website. Having some issues with my connection to your servers, specifically major dips in connection speed and latency to your servers. Causes some issues with buffering.

  • Xevran01
    Christopher Honore (@Xevran01) reported

    @Naruevannote @ToeiAnimation @Digisoulweb @fathomevents @BandaiNamcoUS @ShoutFactory @Crunchyroll @joshuaseth @robbiedaymond @TaraSandsLA @vicmignogna @johnnyyongbosch If you think it's so bad then why do you'll even give a fuck. Just don't go see it problem solved.

  • Nok1c
    Nok1c (@Nok1c) reported

    @WatchVRV A gift card I received from Lootcrate isn’t working. I’ve followed all the steps, including redeeming the code on the back, and am met with “There was a problem redeeming this gift card.”

  • Hidanprime
    Riley Errera (@Hidanprime) reported

    @Crunchyroll My girlfriend is finally picking up Boruto but the app keeps receiving a server error! Gaw! The internet apocalypse has finally begun! Neutrality is dead! Repent, repent! (Seriously is something wrong with the servers rn?)

  • mrkctzen
    sarah (@mrkctzen) reported

    crunchyroll is broken it’s time to end it all

Crunchyroll Most Common Errors

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  • 520
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