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  • vegeta_trunks1
    BLUEBEAST (@vegeta_trunks1) reported

    @Crunchyroll Its not working

  • KleeneAlgebraCo
    Kleene Algebra Cow (@KleeneAlgebraCo) reported

    Why are the ads on crunchyroll the lowest quality ads I've ever seen? Like, powerpoint slideshow bad.

  • Ludoprime
    Ludoprime (@Ludoprime) reported

    @Crunchyroll @Kiyyosu help

  • MechAnimeReview
    Infinity Scotts 🎺 @ Tired (@MechAnimeReview) reported

    @Crunchyroll It's not working on my phone app.

  • ShadowLucari098
    Shadow (@ShadowLucari098) reported

    @Crunchyroll Why Asuna? She is the worst female character in the whole damn series

  • StarryLances
    🍌RainbowHoney🐟 (@StarryLances) reported

    @crystarius @Crunchyroll You know I thought she was going up from a Seiza/leaning forward and the angle was awkward but I’m pretty sure her legs are broken when I zoomed in. Shes not sitting she’s broken

  • plootiee
    notaploot (@plootiee) reported

    @Patisntfat @lyo_leonardo @Crunchyroll there isnt any legal issues like with No Game No Life, right?

  • Patisntfat
    Patrick (@Patisntfat) reported

    @lyo_leonardo @plootiee @Crunchyroll My understanding is that content is not the issue at this point. 6 or 7 Volumes that are supposedly longer then the content the anime is based on have been published since the anime ended.

  • DarekTruesdale
    Darek Truesdale (@DarekTruesdale) reported

    @Seijanokiseki Last year's Crunchyroll Expo was actually my first anime convention, so I have no prior knowledge of what has gone on with previous conventions. But, since you're saying the Bay Area is cursed regarding conventions, I take it that there have been a lot of issues in the past.

  • Slicksanta9
    Slicksanta9 (@Slicksanta9) reported

    @JebusMatoi @Crunchyroll These ppl have terrible customer service. At least Funimation bothers to respond to people.

  • Definategamecor
    Definategamecore (@Definategamecor) reported

    @mistabuster @Crunchyroll I’m going off just the base pokemon and Turtwig is terrible.

  • kk_kamaal
    Kamaal Khan (@kk_kamaal) reported

    @NarutoSuperSage @mosleyonover @Crunchyroll Still not working for me. It work for you yet?

  • Computer_Frient
    Computer Friend™ (@Computer_Frient) reported

    @Isaac51290 @Crunchyroll I want this long terrible journey to be over.

  • gundam2
    nathan lesslie (@gundam2) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm trying to watch MHA on the ps4 but the newest episode isn't on there any help?

  • GoldLuminance
    GoldLuminance ☆ (@GoldLuminance) reported

    @Crunchyroll They're not wrong tbh I love it's design but it's by far the worst starter Pokemon imo

  • SpacecowboyDk
    Rasmus (@SpacecowboyDk) reported

    @Crunchyroll The worst paid streaming service i have experienced.

  • AltonXasaa
    Haystack (@AltonXasaa) reported

    @Crunchyroll Poor chikorita. I still love it but real talk it is the worst choice in gen 2. Weak to 3 of the gym leader types and ineffective to most of the rest. Hard mode for sure

  • dksnbcban
    Dksnbcban C (@dksnbcban) reported

    @TweakBoxApp FIX Crunchyroll it keeps crashing once I hit the home button or pause the shows PLEASE FIX IT ITS REALLY ANNOYING thank you

  • AtsukuNatsu
    Natsu (@AtsukuNatsu) reported

    crunchyroll's out here to piss me off by not letting me login

  • fridaymews
    Calico (@fridaymews) reported

    @LossThief @Crunchyroll 's manga reader is the worst... I remember asking them to fix the broken up pages months ago in the forum, but they never ended up fixing it or acknowledging that there was a problem. Are the rest of the chapters broken up like that too?

  • ClassicYou1
    ClassicYou (@ClassicYou1) reported

    @Elaena_Rhaenyra @Almightyvonzzus @InstaTrent @SenpaiCharming @fireteamtorch @FUNimation @Crunchyroll I just watched a trailer because if this tweet. Going back to high school sounds awful.

  • imJustThatguy78
    Jason Davenport (@imJustThatguy78) reported

    @Crunchyroll I went to funimation, better quality, cheaper and not downtime. Follow me!!

  • yank4life
    Erin Lemaire (@yank4life) reported

    @Crunchyroll Someone should make a fanfic where Maya sneezes, one of the prosecutors or Pearl help her out

  • shatterfront
    Josh (@shatterfront) reported

    @leagueofemily Sure, but anime wasn't already available on-time, for free and in high quality like esports, no? It was fansubbing and janky vods before crunchyroll et al, right

  • TheWolfmanHulk
    All-Hero/Villain (@TheWolfmanHulk) reported

    @Crunchyroll Yikes. That’s one terrible behind the scenes made movie.

  • SpikeTheLucario
    Spike Auroboros (@SpikeTheLucario) reported

    @Crunchyroll Chespin. Chespin is Grass and Fighting, the worst type combination for any starter Pokémon.

  • TatianaGates11
    Tatiana (@TatianaGates11) reported

    @Crunchyroll Guys, why is Assassination Classroom not available even though I'm paying premium? I legit just starting using your app just to see that anime. I feel lied to since the anime appears, without episodes. Fix it, please.

  • nlguillemot
    Nicolas Guillemot (@nlguillemot) reported

    the video quality on iTunes or crunchyroll or whatever is usually worse than what I could get for free from limewire about 10 years ago

  • Andrew0lf
    André (@Andrew0lf) reported

    @Crunchyroll Meganium is the worst starter competitively. Not really surprising.

  • decusq7
    Decus Q (@decusq7) reported

    @Crunchyroll I am seriously getting tired of his attitude. Baking is one of the worst examples of a hero in this anime. If he becomes a villain I will not be surprised. What's more I bet he'll do it to prove how he doesn't need help cuz of how HIGHLY he thinks of himself.

  • SoftBearFeet
    SoftBearFeet (@SoftBearFeet) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hey I was super excited to go watch the next episode of Full Metal Panic IV. But there was a note on the website that there is production issues & that it would be delayed. Are we talking like an hour delay or like it'll be out tomorrow kind of a thing?

  • Mooman2sto
    Whattio (@Mooman2sto) reported

    @JaidenAnimation Hey, I have a movie recommendation! You said you didn't watch too many movies, so I thought this would help. It's an old film titled Unico that you can find on VRV and on Crunchyroll. I'm not going to talk about the plot because that would ruin the surprise!

  • LolNoNom
    lolno (@LolNoNom) reported

    Idk if it's a @WatchVRV issue or a @TMobile issue, but this frequent loading circle while trying to watch anime using my unlimited data is super annoying

  • v1truo
    V1TRUO (@v1truo) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix your app

  • FromASloth
    Tiffany Sigaran (@FromASloth) reported


  • ScrEAMaP1LLar
    Scream (@ScrEAMaP1LLar) reported

    @Crunchyroll Whoever keeps switching the subtitle fonts needs a talking to. It is distracting, and feels like the animation has lesser quality in these episodes featuring it.

  • Sky_Armada
    Sky Armada (@Sky_Armada) reported

    @Crunchyroll It doesn’t help much to advertise the show if you’re not gonna say what it is.

  • carl_cederholm
    Cheddar (@carl_cederholm) reported from Houston, Texas

    @Vanni024 @Crunchyroll @FUNimation can you help this man out

  • Sonicjjt27
    Some decent subs (@Sonicjjt27) reported

    @Crunchyroll Links broken.

  • arigahto
    ジョシュ (josh) (@arigahto) reported

    crunchyroll buffering at the worst times is my kink

  • TheWolfBunny
    Patrick Adams (@TheWolfBunny) reported

    I am thinking of finally opening up a Crunchyroll so I can watch anime on Windows. But... why do I get the feeling Crunchyroll might crash time after time again?

  • TheWolfBunny
    Patrick Adams (@TheWolfBunny) reported

    @Nintendoushio I could try watching on the computer, but I fear Crunchyroll might crash...

  • Heatley_
    Heatley (@Heatley_) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix the link

  • IosCem
    Cem-Lucas (@IosCem) reported from Delfzijl, Groningen

    @Crunchyroll can you help me?

  • Judokast
    Patrick (@Judokast) reported

    @Crunchyroll I like Hina tho Anzu sure has grown into quite the great character, i feel like Hina has some awful backstory to why she is this way and people will feel bad for thinking she is just "sucking up"

  • Th3D0ct0r0fP4in
    Giovanni (@Th3D0ct0r0fP4in) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hello? Hey what's up? I need your help, can you come here? Uh, I can't. I'm buying clothes.

  • 64BitRatchet
    64BitRatchet (@64BitRatchet) reported

    @Bloodyredstar @HiMyNameisChair I'm comparing it with Netflix because they are both major streaming services with exclusive anime. Also other services aren't perfect either, Crunchyroll also sometimes has subtitle errors and HIDIVE doesn't even have any console apps. I saw most people complaining about Strike.

  • VolitionWeasel
    Thomas Osborn (@VolitionWeasel) reported

    @Crunchyroll And yet it won't show me the new episode on xbox or roku.... fix it ffs! I pay fora reason, TO WATCH SHOWS !

  • StarphasO
    starphase_overdrive (@StarphasO) reported

    @mem3erz @Crunchyroll feeding off naruto's popularity. the show has been terrible thus far. And everything now is simply the movie. Hopefully it gets better after this whole arc

  • GetBizzyChrizzy
    Vegeta’s Torn Rotator Cuff (@GetBizzyChrizzy) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm trying to update my payment info but I keep getting an error

  • Taggers_Arts
    Tagger (@Taggers_Arts) reported

    Who just sent Crunchyroll a case by case report on the horribly mangled episodes of Sherlock Hound that are unwatchable because of the audio/video sync issues? This huge freaking nerd that's who!

  • Shenron00
    Not Goku Black 🐝 (@Shenron00) reported

    @Crunchyroll Look, I’m not going to pretend that this is the worst thing from SAO, but it’s...definitely something...

  • ThePandaSupreme
    ThePandaSupreme (@ThePandaSupreme) reported

    @JonjeDroid @whoissuly_ I have more problems with crunchyroll then I ever do with kissanime

  • NegroSuaveBaby
    FabioRx (@NegroSuaveBaby) reported

    Crunchyroll Ads Are The Worst

  • TruAuraGuardian
    Justin (@TruAuraGuardian) reported

    @gH0uLVA That's a no then... ReLIFE is an anime that came out in 2017 about rehabilitating NEETs by having them go back to school for one year(there's more to it that just this, but I'm terrible at summarizing) It's on Crunchyroll and Funimation if you wanna check it out! I recommend it!

  • Stygander
    Chris (@Stygander) reported

    @Crunchyroll why does your app crash after exactly 1 episode and 2 minutes into the next one. makes me want to consider cancelling paying for such a useless app

  • Carnage4436
    Carnage (@Carnage4436) reported

    @Crunchyroll Did you guys fix your subs yet? And Rindou obviously

  • SaulTheOtaku
    Saul Lujan (@SaulTheOtaku) reported

    @Crunchyroll If anything happens to best couple TheoSilu, SO HELP ME GOD...

  • Legit_Frosted
    FrostedAoE (@Legit_Frosted) reported

    Why is it that when I want to watch anime on Crunchyroll it's experiencing server issues... I just wanna watch anime T-T

  • breaknostalgia
    Tackiestbug 🥃 (@breaknostalgia) reported

    @SerDuncanTheTal @Crunchyroll I live In american territory (Puerto Rico) their app management is just dreadful with the same servers issues every week and they don’t seem to even bother fixing it or at least try to or even mention it or do some weekly maintenance it’s just bad costumer service practice

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  • 525
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