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  • Mizore_Lover
    Bill Kulpa (@Mizore_Lover) reported

    @Crunchyroll This show has some really crappy characters, Richemont included. Definitely one of the worst of the season.

  • niightwngs
    emily 👻 (@niightwngs) reported

    @chlosephine_ Crunchyroll’s app is rly good imo, I haven’t had any issues with it. The only problem I’ve had on their site is subs will get stuck sometimes

  • ZerepRotciv
    Rotciv Zerep (@ZerepRotciv) reported

    @UltDoginator @Crunchyroll Same reason why Madhouse made those early episodes so awful. I don’t ******* know.

  • ZerepRotciv
    Rotciv Zerep (@ZerepRotciv) reported

    I’d like to thank @Crunchyroll for having the skip 10 seconds option. It really saved me when Hunter x Hunter 2011 was awful.

  • Maria_Ibarra96
    Maria Ibarra (@Maria_Ibarra96) reported

    @TutuApp_vip @BobbyMovie @Pokego2PlusPlus Crunchyroll fix pls not working

  • WorldConqueror6
    OBLUDA (@WorldConqueror6) reported

    @2Sketchable @Crunchyroll Nah believe me. Quality> Quantity. There still wasn't a weak arc in AoT while long runing shows can suffer from that type of stuff. In the manga basically all is answered with basement reveal and the story is heading towards the final ******. It'll make sense.

  • Jolactus
    Jolactus (@Jolactus) reported

    @DXDdragon11 @ReaganBlocker @Crunchyroll Honestly mate, it's garbage. So boring, just Eren crying for 80% of it. Terrible op and end themes. Sorry to put a downer on it :/

  • LokisServant617
    🐱Loki🐱 [GVE] (@LokisServant617) reported

    Well, managed to get a guest pass for 48 hours of premium for Crunchyroll, now to wait for them to message me back, about another issue and watch anime for a few hours. Starting off with #91DaysAnime

  • Crutchings
    Joshua Hutchings (@Crutchings) reported

    @Jaysgba If FN app on the PS4 turns into a crunchyroll style app that would be better, the only issue with the FN app for me is its very poorly layed out.

  • lo_down_woman
    Lo, Mistress of fucking Danger 🏳️‍🌈 (@lo_down_woman) reported

    The daily server error on my @Crunchyroll Xbox app pisses me off

  • TheFoxTodd
    small fox energy (@TheFoxTodd) reported

    @OpeSounds @WatchVRV Unless I’m missing it! Trying to load the bookmarked page I had gives me an error message and they only list the subtitled version if you search for it.

  • OpeSounds
    Ope! (@OpeSounds) reported

    @TheFoxTodd @WatchVRV What! Ah man... That's how my partner and I were watching it. Streaming is starting to look an awful lot like cable.

  • kIsForKid
    Max Seepersaud (@kIsForKid) reported

    Yo @WatchVRV can you pls fix tatami galaxy and ping pong on your site i cant watch those shows for some reason :(

  • MarkPachas
    OutofMP (@MarkPachas) reported

    @Crunchyroll Dude I'm trying. Working from home so I won't be swamped when I get back to the office on Tuesday. Ms. Kobayashi help me!!!!

  • n_o_se
    runi (@n_o_se) reported

    @KirarinIdolfag @Crunchyroll the problem is that nippon ichi have all the rights of the series.they probably won´t be sell them, and nippon ichi focus more in videogames rather than manga.

  • elicoor13
    Elicoor13 (@elicoor13) reported

    Or I would, IF CRUNCHYROLL'S STREAMING SERVICE WAS ******* DECENT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM. @Crunchyroll Fix your shit, I have no assurance that your app won't keep crashing, on any device I have. And if it only crashes for non-Premium members, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck you.

  • BlkRoseHuntress
    Isabelle "Izzy" Gryphon (@BlkRoseHuntress) reported

    @amazonfiretv I’m getting an error when trying to run the @Crunchyroll app.

  • SidNivas
    Sid Nivas (@SidNivas) reported

    @Crunchyroll I am no longer able to access Season 1 of Blood Blockade Battlefront. Please fix this bug.

  • QueenDoga
    Doga Queen //: Beyond Your Boundary (@QueenDoga) reported

    Yall making a major error in judgement, i.e. Crunchyroll. Sure they lost alot their deal with Funi, but yall forget that in the entertainment business, many fail upwards not down. #funimation #crunchyroll

  • 22_qb
    ............... (@22_qb) reported

    @Crunchyroll Studio **** is the worst at all

  • FarhanJamli5229
    Revan (@FarhanJamli5229) reported

    @Crunchyroll Way too melodramatic the first few issues was good but t keep spiraling down into more issues that were irrelevant

  • Ace_Gamer5
    Phoenix Wright (@Ace_Gamer5) reported

    I just want to watch JoJo. @Crunchyroll Please fix you Xbox app. Every time it gets to an add it doesn't load the next one. And it's non stop. Makes me exit and return to the show. And it's taken ten minutes to even try and start the show. And it just this second froze. Fix this!

  • BravesSwearJar
    Thanksgiving Jarvest (@BravesSwearJar) reported

    @aahuston The sub is on Crunchyroll still, apparently it's just the dubs that got pulled. Which is what I prefer. (I know, I know, dubbers are the worst)

  • ChurchChills
    ChurchChills (@ChurchChills) reported

    Also uhhh @Crunchyroll plz fix.

  • the_patches
    R-Cis-Patches or Patchres (@the_patches) reported

    @GibbleMonster @Lady0fTheSun @99dexterity @Crunchyroll I mean, my ACTUAL argument is that you should pay for things, but I can see how that's bourgeoise of me. My tl was rampant with problems from them awhile back, so, I'd just be careful.

  • GibbleMonster
    Johnny Irvine (@GibbleMonster) reported

    @Lady0fTheSun @the_patches @99dexterity @Crunchyroll I dunno I've never had a single issue with that site 🤔

  • Bumpkin_Nick
    feet farmer (@Bumpkin_Nick) reported

    @narcoprincess It's only better quality if we're talking BD rips tho. Horriblesubs is literally crunchyroll but free

  • karlrolson
    ᴜʟᴛʀᴀᴋʟʏꜱᴛʀᴏɴ (@karlrolson) reported

    @Crunchyroll Working now, but whatever that unrecoverable error condition that regularly needs reinstalls is needs fixing.

  • Rheileyy
    Rheiley 🇨🇦 (@Rheileyy) reported


  • Amuro1X
    JKR🇵🇷 (@Amuro1X) reported

    @Guiller09559902 @Crunchyroll But...she did. The magic circle she drew caused undead to spew out of the dungeon, that they later had to go fix, haha.

  • alrightkarina
    karina (@alrightkarina) reported from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    my bf told me we had to take our relationship to the next level and asked me for my crunchyroll login information

  • alrightkarina
    karina (@alrightkarina) reported from Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    my bf told me we had to take our relationship to the next level and asked my for my crunchyroll login information

  • MarioDavidDiaz3
    Mario David Diaz (@MarioDavidDiaz3) reported

    @Crunchyroll Not working for me

  • TheCatDid911
    Joe Galati (@TheCatDid911) reported

    @swagsires @Crunchyroll Terranort was fighting Terras armor too, I'm so ******* hype. Jorge's getting the full crash course soon

  • Makarov_380
    Jake (@Makarov_380) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hey, hows about a little customer support please. I’ve been a premium member for over 5 years and would really appreciate some kind of response to my issue here.

  • kIsForKid
    Max Seepersaud (@kIsForKid) reported

    @WatchVRV hey fellas the pages for ping pong and tatami galaxy are broken. I find links to their vrv pages on google but when i click them theyre broken pages. Can you fix pls :(

  • acupof_jo
    JQuizon (@acupof_jo) reported

    @Crunchyroll pls help in my badge inquiry request. I receive two Saturday badges instead of one Sat and one Sun :(

  • logan_paynter
    Logan Paynter (@logan_paynter) reported

    @OldKingDweck @Crunchyroll While Naruto did have amazing gifts, he was never formally taught before Iruka because everyone hated him just because of the nine tails--which he didnt even know. Iruka even hated him at first. He was assigned to kakashi because he was the literal worst student.

  • naruto4lyfeb
    naruto4lyfe baby (@naruto4lyfeb) reported

    anyone wana give me their crunchyroll login my anime website isnt working..

  • LordxChaos
    Qrow Sven (@LordxChaos) reported

    @ItsStepheen @Crunchyroll I'd say the worst thing about SAO is the plot since its basically **** continuity the series

  • dhampirprince
    lillie (@dhampirprince) reported

    @Crunchyroll this is the worst post of the year

  • Dorkflum
    FlumBum (@Dorkflum) reported

    @Leo13007 Make the website not crash please. and if I'm paying for you stop posting ads in your sidebar, it's not much to ask but Crunchyroll will not deliver.

  • Scuibs
    . (@Scuibs) reported

    @FUNimation fix your garbage servers. If you expect to compete with @crunchyroll after citing ties with them, you at least need to have stable servers for your clients to enjoy without the BS freezing, glitching, buffering, and more.

  • Scuibs
    . (@Scuibs) reported

    @FUNimation fix your garbage servers. If you suspect to continue streaming without ties with @crunchyroll then you guys at least need stable servers for your clients to enjoy without all the BS freezing, skipping, buffering, and more.

  • Mami_kouga
    Titi (@Mami_kouga) reported

    @Crunchyroll Ah, seeing so many versions of him really hammered it in - he's so plain. Not particularly pretty, not particularly handsome. The show's same face thing doesn't help. I wish he'd enter a game that completely made him unrecognizable, like with Karen, M and Pitou in the spin off

  • MelvinsTweets
    Mel/KID FATE 🌴 (@MelvinsTweets) reported

    @Stairfax People: pls help anime industry with crunchyroll. Me: ok ill help. Funanimation: no >:( Me: oh.

  • HYP3AJ25
    Andrew (@HYP3AJ25) reported

    @Makarov_380 @Crunchyroll I just found the same problem too i just hope it comes back

  • LuisCal21481160
    Luis💤(PS4) (@LuisCal21481160) reported

    @WatchVRV I cant see anything in ny watch list please help🙏

  • VeryDirtyWeaboo
    Miguel O. (@VeryDirtyWeaboo) reported

    @ItsStepheen @ImRevent @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll Look up any video essay on youtube analyzing the show. The worst part are the characters, Kirito is an unrelatable OP god, and literally any single female in a 50 mile radius of him wets their *******, including his sister.

  • citrusthenerd
    Citrus (@citrusthenerd) reported

    @Crunchyroll Lmao kirito is easily the worst part of sao

  • Mizore_Lover
    Bill Kulpa (@Mizore_Lover) reported

    @ImRevent @ItsStepheen @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll Yeah, Kirito finally didn't solve the problem through sheer deus ex machina in ep 4 of Alicization. And I abhor what they did to Asuna in the ALO arc: badass, independent woma- And thrown into a cage, molested, and saved by her man. **** you. (Still triggered by that. Sorry. Lol)

  • ImRevent
    Revent ☃️ (@ImRevent) reported

    @ItsStepheen @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll Narutos ending was awful, the whole “from 0 to hero” was basically a **** up because in the end you either needed sage mode or an op eye to be good. Kaguya was an awful idea and the whole reincarnation of the 2 sons of the sage was a stupid idea. Never watched one piece.

  • ImRevent
    Revent ☃️ (@ImRevent) reported

    @Mizore_Lover @ItsStepheen @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll Villains are really poorly made, Asuna has no special quality that makes her stand out from the rest of the harem anymore other than the fact that Kirito actually likes her back. Kirito was OP but in Alicization he actually has to work so it’s improving. Agree with you a lot tho.

  • ItsStepheen
    Stephen McColgan (@ItsStepheen) reported

    @ImRevent @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll And ofcourse they're going to streamline the story in ALO because Kirito's main focus was to save Asuna. I also don't think Kirito is overpowered considering he almost died multiple times and had help all the way through.

  • ImRevent
    Revent ☃️ (@ImRevent) reported

    @ItsStepheen @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll She has that one mini arc and then is back to her only goal being to be with Kirito. Mother’s Rosario was good but was too rushed for me to care about the characters. Her being a damsel in distress is not okay, CONSIDERING the fact that she was so op in Aincrad. Yui is awful imho

  • ItsStepheen
    Stephen McColgan (@ItsStepheen) reported

    @ImRevent @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll A few problems with what you said, Asuna doesn't become one dimensional after aincrad, she has an entire arc basically to herself. It's fine that she needs saving considering how many time's she saved Kirito in the first arc alone. AI relationship makes sense because background

  • ImRevent
    Revent ☃️ (@ImRevent) reported

    @ItsStepheen @DontTouchThisD @Crunchyroll ALO has lots of pointless story about the other factions who really don’t do anything besides “help” Kirito get to Asuna. Asuna becomes a damsel in distress in this part and starts a huge decline imho. The whole Sugu thing I don’t even want to think about, and Yui is one of my

  • animegrafmays
    anime graf mays 🎄✈️🦀 (@animegrafmays) reported

    @SkylarGasai @Crunchyroll lets fix crunchyroll but not because it should probably just go away

  • Condictator
    Connor (@Condictator) reported

    Yo @FUNimation and @Crunchyroll splitting their content up is the worst news I’ve had since my dog died

  • DontTouchThisD
    Cristian Ramirez 🥜 (@DontTouchThisD) reported

    @ItsStepheen @Crunchyroll Eeh, EEEEh,yea, Eh, EEEEEEH,EEEEEEEEH it's ok at it's best, mediocre at it's worst You're right about some parts like animation and concept (you forgot about music, the 1st intro is great btw) it isn't trash but it's close (If you like it it's fine you do you I think it very meh)

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