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  • sarahrectenwald sarah "the coward" rectenwald (@sarahrectenwald) reported

    yeah call me a weeb and then ask for my crunchyroll premium login u simp. beg.

  • CollectingGee Simply Gee (@CollectingGee) reported

    @ReporterDem @Crunchyroll Both my phone and tablet (both android) has just refused me login for the last 2 days. I just wanna read my manga!!

  • CollectingGee Simply Gee (@CollectingGee) reported

    @Toukochan @Crunchyroll The Kodansha simulpubs are still being updated, but I don't know about anything else lmao. The app actually had an update not too long ago, but hell if I noticed a difference. Still buggy, pages out of order, broken favourites lists, etc

  • ReporterDem Demelza Ward (@ReporterDem) reported

    @CollectingGee @Crunchyroll It was doing this to me on iOS recently as well, but only on one device… It has had some updates recently so I was hoping it had solved that issue :(

  • animequeen369 🇺🇸 Lisa 🇺🇸 (@animequeen369) reported

    The fact that #Netflix has excluded the US from seeing some programs only hurts themselves. I get my anime fix from Crunchyroll.

  • animequeen369 🇺🇸 Lisa 🇺🇸 (@animequeen369) reported

    I get my anime fix from Crunchyroll. Now, if Netflix puts out an Overwatch series, than I'll pay for their service.

  • GetALifePodcast GaLP - having a Marvelous Time ! (@GetALifePodcast) reported

    @darkkai3 Yeah this is licensing... what annoys me is that us in UK get ****** over because if licensing. Cant even watch Mob because only season 2 on Crunchyroll. Alot of the shows on Crunchyroll either had both seasons then lost one due to these issues or they target a popular s2

  • namitsuruu Shuna (@namitsuruu) reported

    @DrStone_EN @Crunchyroll Dr stone worst fear..."pneumonia"

  • snacklesbian BedWords (@snacklesbian) reported

    uhhh anybody have a crunchyroll login i can use

  • miguelbibanco Miguel BibancoⓋ (@miguelbibanco) reported

    someone trade me their netflix login for my crunchyroll log-in

  • Kinajiko It's Snowing On Mt. Fuj(osh)i (@Kinajiko) reported

    @CholYerlow2 You can go watch Shugo Chara right now on Crunchyroll, and Doremi and Tokyo Mew Mew have 4Kids localization- which I'll admit is awful but it's not NOT licensed. Mermaid Melody license was apparently dropped a decade ago post-dubbing RIP

  • DPopsicles Edelstein (@DPopsicles) reported

    @miguel_based @Crunchyroll WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM

  • Alienne222 Erin Bell, MLIS 🍂 (@Alienne222) reported

    Wow Crunchyroll is terrible. It sometimes works on the PS4, and then other times it doesn't, even after closing & reopening the app/ restarting the machine/ reinstalling the app/ casting from the phone...

  • aris3852 aris385 (@aris3852) reported

    @ShopCrunchyroll @Crunchyroll Grandma Tsunade and her drinking problem again

  • Willhalljr Will (@Willhalljr) reported

    @Crunchyroll I still wanna know how he went from being timid to punching ****** in the face with no issues

  • MachokeM Matthėw ł (@MachokeM) reported

    @App_Valley_vip That cool but can you fix Crunchyroll++ plz 🙏

  • Lockonstratos8 Juan Ölmedö (@Lockonstratos8) reported

    @Crunchyroll @FUNimation or any other officially licensed streaming service “don’t go to site that aren’t licensed, we support the ones giving us the license to show the anime” also Crunchyroll, funimation etc : there’s an issue with the app close and restart the app again. FFS

  • vetherious Etherious (@vetherious) reported

    @Somali_G2 @Rasen_God @BigTeej27 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe then there’s a problem with Sakura. If she repeats really big and extreme mistakes without learning her lessons she is beyond a flawed human being.

  • Lockonstratos8 Juan Ölmedö (@Lockonstratos8) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix your app man. It’s not even the device anymore

  • Xphile101361 Xphile (@Xphile101361) reported

    @Crunchyroll, your app is broken. Coming off a commercial break it has played 5 seconds before playing the same commercial, over and over again. And it would be good if commercials were the same volume as the shows, so my TV wasn't screaming at me each time

  • JoshuaCaleb75 🏳️‍🌈Yes, I'm JoshuaCaleb🏳️‍🌈 (@JoshuaCaleb75) reported

    hrm. for some reason @TMobile seems to throttle @Crunchyroll/@WatchVRV 's mobile apps; Whenever I try to stream on 4G it freezes & buffers every 10-20 sec, but when I connect to a significantly slower WiFi connection, it streams just fine. No other video app has this issue.

  • SmashbrosThe3rd SmashbrosThe3rd (@SmashbrosThe3rd) reported

    Services like Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, Sling, Disney+, Mojang, Crunchyroll, Soundcloud and more have no 2FA options. If these services have 2FA, stuff like this would happen significantly less. If it's implemented right (Not just SMS or calls), their problems would be tolerable.

  • Somali_G2 ᴷᴴᴬᴰᴵᴶᴬ◇ (@Somali_G2) reported

    @vetherious @Rasen_God @BigTeej27 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe It’s canon. Whether you like it or not. And it does help develop characters even more. Heck in the Sakura hiden novel. Sakura acknowledges the fact that she was annoying when she was younger and was cringing about it.

  • BigTeej27 Stacia Asuna (@BigTeej27) reported

    @Somali_G2 @joyy_almond @vetherious @Rasen_God @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe LMFAO convincing these types. The whole issue here is that both opinions have hard evidence against the other. When seen through different lenses you get different outcomes. SAKURA was a solid character with tons of potential. That potential got squandered when she reverted back

  • vetherious Etherious (@vetherious) reported

    @Somali_G2 @Rasen_God @BigTeej27 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe her mistakes and choices bring out way too bad outcomes. Kishimoto was terrible at writing this character

  • vetherious Etherious (@vetherious) reported

    @Somali_G2 @Rasen_God @BigTeej27 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe If the person you love tries to kill you willingly. You should no longer love that person. If you do then I advise mental help.

  • 24Luigifan luigifan_24 (@24Luigifan) reported

    @PandaHelperApp Crunchyroll++ crash when i log in

  • vetherious Etherious (@vetherious) reported

    @Somali_G2 @Rasen_God @BigTeej27 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe Who said i didn’t. I do have a problem with how far Naruto went for Sasuke, but that’s more I can understand that more because their backgrounds are so similar. Naruto said himself that if he did one thing differently he and Sasuke’s roles would’ve been reversed.

  • kaiokod kods 💐 (@kaiokod) reported

    why is Crunchyroll not working on PS4 🥺🥺🥺 this week just wants to watch her anime fix 🥺🥺🥺

  • Somali_G2 ᴷᴴᴬᴰᴵᴶᴬ◇ (@Somali_G2) reported

    @vetherious @Rasen_God @BigTeej27 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe Maybe Naruto.... has tried to kill Naruto multiple times. But they are buddies now and no one has a problem with that. Ok...

  • SegaChris5 chris (@SegaChris5) reported

    @_sw_offf @__I__Ghost__I__ @Crunchyroll No, realistic people talk about issues and get to the point. Plus it's called fantasy, it's supposed to be unrealistic. I want likable characters, not smarmy ******** who just **** on someone for no reason beside Subaru himself being selfish

  • JesterMonocle UNIVERSAL CHAMP THE FIEND #1 FAN WORLDWIDE (@JesterMonocle) reported

    Wow now even @Crunchyroll s quality is becoming unreliable...

  • SniperKnighter SniperKnighter (@SniperKnighter) reported

    @jq1790 @debilchu @Crunchyroll Though it was alright and definitely not the worst thing to experience. I legit couldn't get into sunshine for how lazy it was but i'll say it was in no fault to the animators at the very least.

  • SniperKnighter SniperKnighter (@SniperKnighter) reported

    @jq1790 @debilchu @Crunchyroll and i have no problem if people enjoyed it, i enjoy some less than stellar shows myself. Something i found funny about the first one was people compared it to K-on saying "its way better" and i bought the special edition versions to see what it was about and K-on still wins lol.

  • jq1790 JQ (@jq1790) reported

    @debilchu @SniperKnighter @Crunchyroll I HAVE watched Sunshine and the first season especially was terrible because it used Muse as a crutch. The fact that the series in gemeral used the same "school is closing down let's try to save it with school idols somehow" thing is also pretty bad, though I liked it anyway.

  • BigTeej27 Stacia Asuna (@BigTeej27) reported

    @Somali_G2 @Rasen_God @vetherious @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe The main issue with Sakura here is wishful thinking. That everything and everyone has a happy ending. Things will never go back to the way they used to be. That's called change sweetheart and all 4 of you have changed in one way or another, except your change regressed sadly.

  • BigTeej27 Stacia Asuna (@BigTeej27) reported

    @Somali_G2 @Rasen_God @vetherious @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe In real life we'd be questioning this shit for days. There would be problems with this. Fantasy or not it's just not right. At all IMHO.

  • Rasen_God ° Glazer ° (@Rasen_God) reported

    @Somali_G2 @BigTeej27 @vetherious @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe You can't ignore the Kaguya fight where Sakura screamed for help as Sasuke was gonna leave her to die Naruto saved her, she would've died if Naruto didn't step in You said Sasuke never tried to kill Sakura , this is just my argument against yours

  • BigTeej27 Stacia Asuna (@BigTeej27) reported

    @Rasen_God @Somali_G2 @vetherious @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe This is the whole issue. Don't mind her having feelings for him still BUT AFTER EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE INCLUDING ALMOST KILLING YOU...nah this guy isn't the same anymore. He's not the Sauske I loved and never will be again. Throw that X UP FAM

  • NerdLifeThuggin Cruel Sun (@NerdLifeThuggin) reported

    @AgentBigButt Crunchyroll/VRV. If you don’t have a login I got you.

  • _sw_offf \_/ (@_sw_offf) reported

    @SegaChris5 @__I__Ghost__I__ @Crunchyroll 1. Hes annoying and stupid because hes written to be like a real person 2. Shes not stuck up, just realistic with how she goes about subarus mental issues, and shes not smart because of reasons that pertain to the story 3. I mean... season 1 only like 30% of what's written so far

  • UniqueDouchebag im just the beast under your bed (@UniqueDouchebag) reported

    @AxelDraconi @BladimirLife @Crunchyroll Well its a very small profit for the studios in Japan if your watching them on a streaming service, and when pirated sites have better players than Crunchyrolls than I think there's a problem

  • dazedbadger adrian🍺 (@dazedbadger) reported

    @WatchVRV yo fix the PS4 app

  • imk_weiss Weiss (@imk_weiss) reported

    @Crunchyroll I will never ever read this again or see any anime about this in my life. My parents made me read it in German because why not and it was the worst experience of my life ._.

  • cstacy0202 Cody (@cstacy0202) reported

    @Il_August_ll223 @Crunchyroll crunchyroll is the world worst for that.

  • KingdomErick 変態神さま (@KingdomErick) reported

    @CNanowii @ShiftyLofi @RCube425 @App_Valley_vip Yeah a bit of a problem with mine too I don’t have the actual crunchyroll app downloaded so that shouldn’t be the problem but when it try to download crunchyroll++ it goes gray and doesn’t download

  • SeibaaHomu Seibaa @ LLFES D2! 🇯🇵 (And Carole & Tuesday D1) (@SeibaaHomu) reported

    @MichaelToole When the Crunchyroll drama happened I remember hearing an offhand remark about how ‘there are also people who’ve been paid good money for bad work’. Can’t help but wonder how Netflix pays when I hear that.

  • yuubels card game enthusiast (@yuubels) reported

    thank you to robby for letting me leech off his crunchyroll subscription because all of my usual websites only had it in potato quality

  • 28jtb 🌙 jaz ✨ (@28jtb) reported

    so are crunchyroll ever fixing the english subtitle desktop issue or

  • isovas isovas (@isovas) reported

    @mjolnir_storm @playCRgames @Crunchyroll @GoblinSlaying @GRDSMN_GLOBAL *the portrayal of how goblins are terrible, I didn't clearly write it mb

  • MrRickton Mr Muffin (@MrRickton) reported

    @Anime_Chow @DrillbotKillbot People were total douchebags about that, true, but it was also the issue that the main reason to watch anime legally is to support the creators financially. And if Crunchyroll spends money on original shows, that's much less financial support for Japanese anime companies.

  • Sheentaku Sheen (@Sheentaku) reported

    Why is crunchyroll awful on amazon fire stick and ps4 I'm having to watch anime on my ipad

  • TippityTopTohru Tohru is my Waifu (@TippityTopTohru) reported

    Just checked and apparently this is a problem with multiple streaming platforms. Not just Crunchyroll. My bad.

  • UkyioHoshi Luma (@UkyioHoshi) reported

    @TokyoAvalanche @Crunchyroll Yep no problem

  • theevilsaga Mark (@theevilsaga) reported

    @TokyoAvalanche @Crunchyroll Same here my is not working

  • isovas isovas (@isovas) reported

    @mjolnir_storm @playCRgames @Crunchyroll @GoblinSlaying @GRDSMN_GLOBAL Some people hate the way how goblins are terrible in the first episode. It's a pretty decent anime if you ask me tbh, the only reason the people hatet it even saw the first episode is crunchyroll tagging the anime wrongfully.

  • vetherious Etherious (@vetherious) reported

    @Somali_G2 @joyy_almond @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @kingfadedz @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @ichigonumber1 @hypland @jarajoart @AllAnimeVibe Sakura is definitely one of the worst written female characters in all of anime 💀

  • ktcat_x ♡katie♡ (@ktcat_x) reported

    Crunchyroll app for amazon fire is TERRIBLE.

  • cmbranford Cait (@cmbranford) reported

    Looks like Crunchyroll finally fixed the queue issue where it showed unwatched new episodes as watched until you opened the series dropdown.

  • Foffy_the_Sheep Riley Nobunobu (@Foffy_the_Sheep) reported

    @PunishedHag also crunchyroll sure as **** doesn't help with that, there's not any ratings or age-gated sections or anything it is entirely possible and in fact extremely easy to get to the bad horny cat show not knowing what it is

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