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September 20: Problems at Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is having issues since 12:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Crashing (42.11%)
  • Sign in (26.32%)
  • Playback Issues (23.68%)
  • Buffering (7.89%)

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  • Tyrecea14
    moderate artist (@Tyrecea14) reported

    I'm not active because I'm doing a commission and I have to be done by 26 Sept. It's a lot of money and it's $13 this will help me start paying for @crunchyroll for anime. And the money left over is to help me buy a new tablet. If you want commissions then dm.

  • CameronCaboose
    🏳️‍🌈CameronCaboose (@CameronCaboose) reported

    I don’t know what Sentai’s problem with Crunchyroll is but I’d really like it if they would just get over it cause hidive is just such a garbage service. As soon as ***** Starlight ends I’m 100% canceling my subscription.

  • AntonyChAz
    Antony Chavez (@AntonyChAz) reported

    @GarrettMcElwain @JaceGaming @haxanmumei @AnimeOnDraft @kuroto_washiro @ThunderGizmo @cpt_aamo @Crunchyroll I read the manga, it's mediocre, only people who'll tell you otherwise are people who only watch the show for the fights, no substance whatsoever, Asta is one of the worst (if not the worst) mc ever, Yuno is as charming as a rock and the rest of the cast is poorly writted

  • jassim1999
    potato mcfries (@jassim1999) reported

    Crunchyroll servers are the worst. Videos would buffer at 480p and sometimes 360p when I can watch a YouTube video at 4k without any issues.... the hell..

  • sheepcuties
    Moa💖 (@sheepcuties) reported

    @FantasyRebirth @Crunchyroll Except they probably can’t get the rights- the quality of futari wa precure is horrible on crunchyroll with no explanation

  • El_TanoDC
    Pablo Rvs (@El_TanoDC) reported

    Can you please help me with this problem? Or do I have to erase my account entirely? Because, frankly, I'm not sure I want a Crunchyroll account anymore, after all these problems and complete lack of attention you're showing me

  • El_TanoDC
    Pablo Rvs (@El_TanoDC) reported

    @Crunchyroll Well, third time is the charm, hopelly. This is the third tweet I send you regarding this problem. I want to disassociate the paypal account that I used to use to pay my premium membership. I want to use my new credit card (for which I put the information already)

  • mrgmzc
    Mario Gómez (@mrgmzc) reported

    @cedric_alpha @Crunchyroll Tested on another browser? Using any extensions? This does not sound like an issue on CR side

  • N_S_D_G
    NeverSayDie Gaming (@N_S_D_G) reported

    @DemonLordAnime @Crunchyroll She better not be dead!! Or so help me I will... ahhh... hmmm... I got nothing.

  • rgallard24
    RG24 (@rgallard24) reported

    @Its_Porkins @korewaevan @Crunchyroll Always can see the episodes with the other player and doesn't have problem using the app in both android and iPad. And they can use they earning in whatever they want.

  • xploderz55
    Ryan (@xploderz55) reported

    @Crunchyroll Great now please fix the manga service

  • Qwertyfortie
    Drake (@Qwertyfortie) reported

    @IridiumOG @Crunchyroll Things like this are rarely a global launch in case problems come up. Twitch doesn't do it, Google doesn't

  • meowth900
    Allison T Is A Dog Mom Again (@meowth900) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix the manga app plz

  • Its_Porkins
    Cyber Lasagna MMLXXVII (@Its_Porkins) reported

    @Crunchyroll > awful flash player for years > digi calls out your god awful player > new player within a month Shit better be html 5

  • jdl1027
    Juan Lerma (@jdl1027) reported

    @Crunchyroll Will this update fix thr issues on all platforms, especially console because the app on console is very glitchy.

  • AldairAleman09
    Aldair Aleman (@AldairAleman09) reported

    @Crunchyroll You have problem with your server? Because i don't star session in Xbox one and the app...

  • j_t437
    Jav To (@j_t437) reported

    @Anime_Police @SharpieSmore @Crunchyroll It's not the budget that the problem it's that the anime suffers from various production issues such as a poor production schedule and a small understaffed team.

  • ShroomMeister
    Fooly Shroomy Alternative @ Conan Special 1/5/19 (@ShroomMeister) reported

    Oh, and speaking of anime: I'm glad they've fixed most of the problems with 205 Crunchyroll Live To Tape. Now they need to fix something else: the draw to care.

  • TenshiHime13
    Eevie (@TenshiHime13) reported

    @TenshiHime13 I appreciate Crunchyroll and Netflix licencing series but I don't understand why this is still a problem in 2018.

  • cCrimmy115
    Amber (@cCrimmy115) reported

    @Crunchyroll The character models look terrible

  • RainOnTheWires
    (@RainOnTheWires) reported

    @myanimelist Looking forward to you shilling Crunchyroll next Done with ya site broken ass shill site fam

  • TalesOfGamerz
    Rin (@TalesOfGamerz) reported

    @Crunchyroll This game is super ugly. I usually don't complain about graphics. But these 3D renders look terrible.

  • Anime_Police
    hiroshi katuza (@Anime_Police) reported

    @GenesisBurnUK @Crunchyroll Yea they do the same with all their works like tokyo ghoul with animation and not following story, naruto with animation and filler and etc. I just feel bad cuz any anime they get is doomed to these issues


    @WatchVRV When are you going to fix the roku app it still crashes my roku

  • known215
    known (@known215) reported

    @TweakboxSupport crunchyroll works ok. the ad system is the problem, ads cause the screen to glitch and only show less than half of your screen, and if your phone closes it’ll crash. randomly crashes as well. the premium features work perfectly but the ads make it extremely buggy

  • S_warrior1
    FNSpidey (@S_warrior1) reported

    @KnightAlex123 @CaliosGo @Crunchyroll You can say how "innovative nintendo is" but it's still bland as crap to me they have given me NOT one thing to be hyped over nor won me over. I want to be but they're not selling me at all and nintendo stans don't help the cause but push me further way. I out grew nintendo

  • open_mix
    Alcofribas (@open_mix) reported

    @Crunchyroll "and future volumes will follow to match the look on bookshelves." Are you sure this time Dark Horse? Does this mean you recognize the error of your ways?

  • pawzzle
    🌚free alistate⚡ (@pawzzle) reported

    just heard a kid say "crunchyroll" ***** @Crunchyroll help me

  • ThunderGizmo
    Joel (@ThunderGizmo) reported

    @kuroto_washiro @cpt_aamo @GarrettMcElwain @Crunchyroll Now, back to black clover, what i mean by "trying" is: Don't go into something with a mindset that it's awful because i know all of you did that the moment you heard Asta's voice, have a mindset that it'll be better, which it is.

  • JH_728243
    Jill Hopkins (@JH_728243) reported

    @wesnertheartist @CNConfessions @Nickelodeon @WatchVRV Really? Well, that exists and seems to cover... Wait a minute! I realized that their whole library is stagnant at avaliability of legal binge-watching. So, it's far from being a worthy competitor to NickSplat. CN might be the worst place for the best cartoons.

  • natemods
    Thinker 9 (@natemods) reported

    @_TokyoTeddy @Crunchyroll Wow that is short notice. Problem not going to make it.

    big S M O N K (@AUGGHHHHHH) reported

    @Crunchyroll please stop being retarded, let me rewatch the newest episode of mha already. It's been a ******* week fix your servers

  • deadlyggg
    Kurumi Nightmare (@deadlyggg) reported

    @tobrien11186 @Crunchyroll Who wrote that for BC had to be rly drunk more like one of the worst shounens that came out this past years....

  • CrimsonRynnec
    Majin Hell Rider (@CrimsonRynnec) reported

    Crunchyroll has its problems, but at least you can watch their stuff for free, even if you have to wait a week for the new stuff.

  • ShimaKazan
    Shima (@ShimaKazan) reported

    @Crunchyroll Tried watching the anime. Terrible. Gave the manga a try too. Also hated it. Gotta say one of the worst shounen ive ever read. Dont know how it made it to jump

  • RayQuayZa
    .yuaQ (@RayQuayZa) reported

    Aye @WatchVRV fix your problem on @RokuPlayer

  • theMAJEDman
    Majed A (@theMAJEDman) reported

    @Crunchyroll help him out

  • MichaelMania17
    Michael Murrah (@MichaelMania17) reported

    @Crunchyroll So did anybody else notice the animation issue in the latest episode? Where one of the guys takes off his glasses, looks over and his glasses reappear. Then he puts those glasses back on. It's a great series it's just plagued by really bad animation during certain key visuals.

  • SlydeBTW
    Slyde (@SlydeBTW) reported

    @DannyCruzatty @tobrien11186 @Crunchyroll Black clover is worst than mha

  • Mogu_MoguSSB
    Connor (@Mogu_MoguSSB) reported

    @Crunchyroll There are a lot of problems with this anime, yelling isn't one of them. I don't mind that part. The animation is fine, but the parts where battles take place just fall really short. And then there are the scenes where the heroes will talk while the enemy just stands and watches.

  • CCharmanderK
    Kevin, Local Maki Fan (@CCharmanderK) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hey, I purchased a 7th gen (aka the most recent) Fire HD 8 tablet very recently, and while you do have a Fire OS application, it's not compatible. Do you plan on fixing this issue?

  • bfriedprice
    bails (@bfriedprice) reported

    for the 10000th time does anyone wanna be a good person and send me their crunchyroll login

  • notacatkiller
    Niko (@notacatkiller) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hi, I keep trying to make an account on your site, but I get unspecified errors each time. Is this a known issue, and how can I fix this?

  • MsUnicornAlice
    Alice 👑🦄 (@MsUnicornAlice) reported

    @KonoJoJoMemeDa People don't have a problem with representation, they have a problem with the way it's done. And the crunchyroll aids is clearly a ******* cashgrab where they've pussied out because everyone had said it looks shit

  • TheArtBlock42
    22 (@TheArtBlock42) reported

    @WatchVRV I think I broke you, earlier there was no sound, and now the subtitles aren’t showing up. How do I fix this

  • BaselBarake
    Basel (@BaselBarake) reported

    @selfiezero @CynicalNuclear @Crunchyroll That's not the terrible part. Vegeta got THREE separate powerups for the same reason - his family. Super also ignores the fact that he's already had this development in Z (which was done much better) and acts like Vegeta is just now starting to care about his family.

  • DBSjunkie
    Dragon Ball Super (@DBSjunkie) reported from Pasco, Washington

    @Diaz8Brian @Crunchyroll Nope because vendor says they didn’t make enough to ship out so they’re having problems making more

  • selfiezero
    Hamza Mansoor (@selfiezero) reported

    @CynicalNuclear @Crunchyroll There's one problem with this it didn't make clear that he can destroy gods where was this line this doesn't prove a point

  • selfiezero
    Hamza Mansoor (@selfiezero) reported

    @CynicalNuclear @Crunchyroll So fighting for ur family=terrible episode and terrible motivation?

  • CynicalNuclear
    Nuclear (@CynicalNuclear) reported

    @selfiezero @Crunchyroll No, the episode as a whole is terrible and Vegeta's motivations are pretty generic.

  • StrayLiger
    Nat Guevara 🇨🇷 @ Mobile Suitle Gundam Fundam (@StrayLiger) reported

    me: so can I finish watchingt he last 15 minutes of this ******* episode without having to refresh the ******* page and waiting half an hour for it to load crunchyroll: no, **** you, have a terrible night I hope wasps crawl up your ass and you die :)

  • midlightshard
    the cat's pajamas (@midlightshard) reported

    why does crunchyroll on roku ask me to log in like every damn time if i'm on a different roku? no other app has this problem. is it crunchyroll's or roku's fault? **** it's annoying! im inclined to glare at crunchyroll because i already have beef with them

  • SammNeiland
    寒土地膝 (@SammNeiland) reported

    Is there any way I could like enter a contest to go on a date with Fatgum like come on help me out @Crunchyroll

  • Dreas_correa
    Andreas (@Dreas_correa) reported

    @The_MOE_Dome @Kakarot4739 @cryingovermiyu @WatchVRV Oh I've had the opposite I consistently had problems with FUNI hardware

  • The_MOE_Dome
    The Moe Dome (@The_MOE_Dome) reported

    @Kakarot4739 @cryingovermiyu @Dreas_correa @WatchVRV CR has a partner deal w/ FUNI - they're practically roommates. FUNI is owned by SONY. I tried CR in 2014 & my first Video is STILL "Buffering" there. I've never had a problem w/ FUNI's hardware- even as far back as 2009.

  • cimpw
    Imp 🍪 (@cimpw) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix your website please. And your mobile version. I'd really appreciate it.

  • OzzVidal
    Oswaldo Vidal (@OzzVidal) reported

    @Crunchyroll @WatchVRV how is it both apps suck, and buffer constantly? No it's not my cell service!

  • cryingovermiyu
    🌻💫Freedom Irino(CV: 入野 自由)💫🌻 (@cryingovermiyu) reported

    @Dreas_correa I'm not subscribed to either, because I'm unemployed, so, idk which is best :/ Crunchyroll has had their fair share of issues and complaints from customers

  • HiHiTheHello
    Hi the Hello (@HiHiTheHello) reported

    @Crunchyroll It's funny because this is one of the worst Dragon Ball episodes.

  • PagingMr_Morrow
    Bucky (@PagingMr_Morrow) reported

    @WatchVRV @Crunchyroll y'all need to seriously work on fixing these subtitle problems. I'm watching Are Afraid Of The Dark and I'm on season 1 WITHOUT subtitles, but there's still captions on the episode. What's going on?

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