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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (50.00%)
  • ▪ Glitches (25.00%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (25.00%)

Diablo Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Chisec, Alta Verapaz  ▪ Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México  ▪ Río Hato, Provincia de Coclé  ▪ Medellín, Antioquia  ▪ San Juan, San Juan  ▪ Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima  ▪ Carolina, Carolina  ▪ Cartagena, Bolívar  ▪ Caguas, Caguas  ▪ Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla  ▪ Monterrey, Nuevo León

Diablo Live Outage Map
  • Chisec, Alta Verapaz
  • Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
  • Río Hato, Provincia de Coclé
  • Medellín, Antioquia
  • San Juan, San Juan
  • Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima
  • Carolina, Carolina
  • Cartagena, Bolívar
  • Caguas, Caguas
  • Heroica Puebla de Zaragoza, Puebla
  • Monterrey, Nuevo León
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  • Syco_at_Twitch
    Sycogenesis (@Syco_at_Twitch) reported

    @BlizzardCS I am getting bad delay response lag in every game on blizzard app since Friday maitn in wow it's sporadic n bad same with hots n diablo i'll tell them to do something but they won't do it for like 2-3 secs

  • SteelPhoenix78
    SteelPhoenix78 [TSS][ELITE] (@SteelPhoenix78) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hi! I seem to be one of the many folks on the East Coast with Verizon FiOS who are having latency & connection problems with WoW & Diablo 3. Should I submit traceroute info to you guys, Verizon, or both?

  • CrystalGard
    Crystal Gard (@CrystalGard) reported

    @BlizzardCS Day two now of Hearthstone and Diablo 3 being unplayable. Are you going to fix this issue?

  • Crystallk0
    Crystall (@Crystallk0) reported

    its what a fun rape Girl kill her ate her an d with hell in a back couse she have how brutaly deep broekn Soul after me as she Sayin she is my victim them tryin to rescue her and satan break it in her Im broken of her face to face it is Show as diablo i think

  • koldovoxgaming
    Jay // Koldovox (@koldovoxgaming) reported

    Running memtest86 and a mess of other things to try and resolve freezing issues in Diablo 3. Going to be a long night lol #Diablo3 #gaming

  • Remexx
    Dan Russell (@Remexx) reported

    @BlizzardCS Currently experiencing latency issues in Diablo 3, and receiving random error codes upon booting me from the game, is their issues or is this on my end?

  • AdamALang
    Adam A. Lang (@AdamALang) reported

    @BlizzardCS Are there service issues with servers? Performance and disconnects playing Diablo 3.

  • LegionnaireF
    LegionnaireFrog (@LegionnaireF) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo Having a bug occur where I get caught in a menu as another menu appears and I get stuck so I can’t move! Please fix it. I can record it if you would like! :) Thank you in advance.

  • Fox_Spy
    Thomas 'Hot Mess Response Team' Cox (@Fox_Spy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Is something up with the Diablo 3 servers? I'm in NJ and getting horrible lag in game. I tested my internet connection and that was fine, rebooted my router and my computer, that didn't help. Just suddenly started while playing earlier.

  • Okeeabates
    Anthony Bates (@Okeeabates) reported

    @AskPlayStation having problem with Diablo 3 disc with xpac, it's an eu disc and I'm in us and can't play necro, any solutions?

  • AimeeMarchese
    Aimee🥀 (@AimeeMarchese) reported

    @angellupa Diablo cb heart broken

  • Theplayerender4
    Theplayerender (@Theplayerender4) reported

    @22Pilots_RBLX Diablo is like a magnet to walls plz fix

  • ssppudd
    StarchIord (@ssppudd) reported

    @Stemot1978 @SuperheroPOLL Have joker be the villain, have him have a dirty bomb, start the film the same way but instead of midway city, send them to a funfair. Have Harley join the joker halfway through as he kills El Diablo because he is a psychopath who has no problem with murder -

  • vorkosiganHS
    Vorkosigan (@vorkosiganHS) reported

    Sad thing to die in hardcore because a game crash @Diablo, bad lost my primal CoE, good: it was not my main hero :D

    CoS Gaming (@SCRPTX_) reported

    @MarcusDarkus21 Doesnt matter how they are doing things now. Its possible to fix destiny. If division diablo r6 siege and other games can fix themselves so can destiny.

  • ShiftingCurrent
    ShiftingCurrents (@ShiftingCurrent) reported

    Any known issues with Diablo 3 PS4 server lag? Trying to play with a friend online, America server, and lag is making it unplayable. @BlizzardCS

  • TheManicGeek
    The Manic Geek (@TheManicGeek) reported

    So for those keeping track: >CPU not the cause of system crash, full load is fine >Fallout 4, all 3DMark tests, and Wolfenstein TNO all cause hard crashes/black screens with no system response >Diablo 3 runs fine >Adobe CC APPEARS to work fine, more validation needed

  • stefanvandeb
    Stefan (@stefanvandeb) reported

    The only problem i have with Diablo 3 is that the game is just too easy even on hard mode ;/

  • yoshiplier
    ✴️Daddy's little fox✴️ (@yoshiplier) reported

    Been a long day with washing Diablo, cutting his claws, brushing his teeth, groom him and so on. Tomorrow I have to fix Timmie and go to the bank, go to AF, call my psychiatrist, go to soc and leave the applications, so much to do!

  • LightAnisen
    Light (@LightAnisen) reported

    @Diablo Just curious as to why Americas servers are having issues the past week. Going from a nominal 40 ping to 100+, I stopped playing here a few minutes ago because it went up too 400+. I've had multiple people in chat also tell me their pings have been quite high as well.

  • KevinCaslow
    Kevin Caslow (@KevinCaslow) reported

    @Bungie Please reference Diablo 3 Bungie. They had similar issues and they scrapped their development and pulled the entire studio into fixing the game. They righted the ship. Developing D3 now is moot and nuts. I'd honestly rather the servers go offline for an extended period to fix it.

  • Lemonlimebitta
    lemonLimeBitta (@Lemonlimebitta) reported

    @HeyFitzy @Swainstache_CR @Bungie Exactly, Diablo 3 loot 2.0. I was about to login for the first time in 1m til I read about the loot pool... I WANT to want to play.

  • Sc2DiaBoLuS
    Raphael Schostok (@Sc2DiaBoLuS) reported

    after my @Diablo 3 character died to lag, decided to play again. finished greater rift 91 HC with my barb, still some potential left - going for top 10 would prly be too time consuming :(

  • _Railed
    Rail (@_Railed) reported

    @BlizzardCS getting error code 33 in diablo 3 ptr atm, its been a problem for hours and ive heard no word on a fix.

  • LittleUbo
    [DRs] Ubo (@LittleUbo) reported

    @FrodusTweets @TheMavShow I disagree. You can do this via a PTR server, similar to Diablo and WoW. ANd you could solicit feedback that way. Issue is that focused group such as the one proposed is not representative of the entire population of players. Getting 1,000 + players on a OTR is better.

  • carter_lennox
    Carter Lennox (@carter_lennox) reported

    @Diablo whats with error 33?

  • Dextesy0258
    Valtru (@Dextesy0258) reported

    @Diablo i'm still getting error 33 whne itry to login to PTR

  • kimidany1
    faizal (@kimidany1) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent american server down? i cant log in to diablo since i was dc error 1016 few hour before.

  • someviolets
    Violet (@someviolets) reported

    @BlizzardCS Could we have an update on the Diablo 3 PTR? It was announced roughly 18 hours ago, players were invited to hop on and test the servers, but it's been stuck in error 33 for all 18 of those hours. :(

  • JohndePali
    mamat_pali (@JohndePali) reported

    @BlizzardCS error code 1016 diablo 3.. cannot log in account management in browser. Cannot launch sc:r.. what is happening???

  • _Railed
    Rail (@_Railed) reported

    @BlizzardCS I keep getting Error code 33 in diablo 3, been looking trhough the forums and apparently its been a problem for 8 hours now. I dont think im the first person to ask for help but idk

  • Jcundy007
    Justin Cundy (@Jcundy007) reported

    @Diablo What is going on with the ptr? Can not log in getting error code 33 looks like alot of people are getting this.

  • carter_lennox
    Carter Lennox (@carter_lennox) reported

    @Diablo error 33. no ptr, do we have a reason?

  • carter_lennox
    Carter Lennox (@carter_lennox) reported

    @Diablo whats with the error 33?

  • buzzyguru
    Fred "Buz" Busteed (@buzzyguru) reported

    @Diablo Now going on 6 hours and still nothing but error 33. -tap--tap- Is this thing on??

  • buzzyguru
    Fred "Buz" Busteed (@buzzyguru) reported

    @Diablo So, after 3 hrs, when can we "hop right in"? Nothing but error code 33's for the entire clan.

  • mcnair_jesse
    nikecerealjr (@mcnair_jesse) reported

    @Diablo Code 33 every login

  • AttilaPlea1
    Attila Pleša (@AttilaPlea1) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hello, I have problems with connection to Diablo 2 LoD and also problems with contacting support from your page. Always some kind of error occur while I try to contact via web ticket or live chat. May you be so kind and help me?

  • bigboss18750
    bigboss (@bigboss18750) reported

    @Diablo whats the problem. its been ok till now, so what nerf it so we can only do 125s now gg bliz

  • fish_bait
    Lucifer McCuntface Smith (@fish_bait) reported

    When even @Diablo can't keep my interest, I got fuckin problems...

  • SirAxilotl
    Scott (@SirAxilotl) reported

    @EricVBailey But the addition is presenting a bloated inventory, and disposable weapons. Some players prefer weapons they can become attached to, perhaps improve. This is a big problem in games applying degradation to Diablo loot drops.

  • shawtyalessia
    alessia (@shawtyalessia) reported

    @Alondraaa00_ Diablo thats me yo my mom be acting as if im fine and im over here with a broken spine

  • Carin_McLeoud
    Winterin❄McLeoud (@Carin_McLeoud) reported

    @Soeroah @AllyBrinken @gailforcenyine It just reminds me of the way the little guy with the sign in Diablo talked when he wanted you to get the sign for him.

  • thegulo13
    Andy Relano (@thegulo13) reported

    Dear @BlizzardCS I’m getting lag spikes when I play Diablo 3 but Warcraft.

  • thegulo13
    Andy Relano (@thegulo13) reported

    Is anyone else having lag issues playing Diablo 3? I’m getting lag spikes and they’re killing my toons. #Diablo3

  • NathanWu84
    Nathan Wu (@NathanWu84) reported

    Diablo 1 was a dungeon crawl broken by the ability to town portal back away from combat, into safety of a town to lvl up to campfire.

  • igkolev
    Ivan Kolev (@igkolev) reported

    @EricHolthaus I wonder, what was the original design life of Diablo Canyon? Considering the time they were designed, it should be 40 yrs. So it ends in 2025 anyway. Life extension of NPP is tricky, and for DC probably not worth it because of seismic issues?

  • GamesDoneQuick
    Games Done Quick (@GamesDoneQuick) reported

    How to solve any problem in any RPG: just drop a Fireball and close the door. #Diablo #AGDQ2018

  • sucksatusername
    Alex Theriault (@sucksatusername) reported

    @BoscUlrich @draglikepull Diablo 3’s servers didnt work at launch and you couldn’t play it in offline mode was their big issue if i recall

  • MrYellow_Bird
    Michiel Van Neyghem (@MrYellow_Bird) reported

    @22Pilots_RBLX The diablo gets uncontrollable when it goes faster than like 150 please fix it

  • blueapocalypse6
    Blue Prinkle (@blueapocalypse6) reported

    @Diablo So no fix is coming to consoles??

  • TouchstoneBot
    Touchstone Bot (@TouchstoneBot) reported

    New routes at Diablo Rock Gym on January 12, 2018 in Cave Left And Topout. 37 problems V0-V10

  • EntrepreNuclear
    EntrepreNuclear (@EntrepreNuclear) reported

    Assuming that @ShellenbergerMD doesn't manage to get elected, fix the CPUC, and get Diablo Canyon saved......I will be shocked if majority of its replacement power isn't natural gas, legitimately extremely surprised. Much might be imported from neighbor states too.

  • JonFacemire
    Jon Facemire (@JonFacemire) reported

    @Dlashof If Diablo Canyon was being replaced with zero-emission resources I'd be all for it. It will be replaced largely with natural gas. For those who see climate as the biggest issue, I don't see why we'd shut down any nuclear plants until the last coal and gas plants are closed

  • scianalysis
    Colin Murphy (@scianalysis) reported

    @mattlichtash @bradplumer Beyond that, unless you think Diablo was going to last until 2045 (Target for 100% RE under SB 100) this problem was going to occur anyway. Yes, emissions later is better than emissions sooner, but that's awfully expensive way of kicking can down the road.

  • ChrisRobbins17
    Chris Robbins (@ChrisRobbins17) reported

    @Diablo so I just made another female necromancer and I still have a clothing glitch where when she runs some of her chest armor that hangs by her legs clips out and in and it's really annoying, can you please fix this.

  • TheIdDM
    The Id DM (@TheIdDM) reported

    @SuperSaiyanDrM @Ascension_Matt I had a client many moons ago that had problems with Diablo II. It was certainly interfering in their life. Their solution was to have a bot play the game while they went to class. I felt that solution missed the point!

  • voidlogic
    Cliff H (@voidlogic) reported

    @hamjenkinsIII @Bungie @cgbarrett Biggest problem though is its a loot game with no loot depth. That just flat out does not work. Imagine if you got Best In Slot gear after 2 hours of end-game in Diablo 3. Its mind boggling they didn't realize what a screwup this was.

  • karenstreet
    karenstreet (@karenstreet) reported

    @DeepShort7 @arvindpawan1 Other GHG problems are bigger that CA backward move on Diablo Canyon is a popular answer, seeing it a lot. It's still a backward move.

  • petaluma
    petaluma (@petaluma) reported

    Wait... the cost of closing Diablo Canyon seems to be $33,000 per customer, right? Wait a minute. Need I disconnect completely?

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 1001
  • 1002
  • 1013
  • 1016
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  • 14001
  • 14009
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  • 2600
  • 30008
  • 3005
  • 3006
  • 3007
  • 3025
  • 5016
  • 511
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