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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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  • nolongergone
    JBeam (@nolongergone) reported

    @trakdown @Lord_Arse These two. And Tomb Raider, Diablo, Tony Hawk. I'm sure Crash will make it

  • CasyRybeck
    Casy Rybeck (@CasyRybeck) reported

    @JulieSummerman @SoulStealer25 Did they fix the loot mechanics so your not just grinding kills hoping to get lucky? I play Horizon Zero Dawn God of war PS4 WoW Diablo and the Division on PC

  • sampsasuoninen
    Sampsa Suoninen (@sampsasuoninen) reported

    @WTFmoses For PUBG I feel that F2P could be a way (or a price cut) with in-game compensation that is virtually free for them. Making money with loot seems like inviting same issues CS has or Diablo 3 had. Is it that important to be able to sell them? Fresh content and customer interaction!

  • RageMage83
    Tony Blackmore (@RageMage83) reported

    @PlayStationDE theme hospital, tomb rider1-2-3 , wipeout, crash bandicode, diablo, resident evil dc-2-3, dino crisis, gran tourismo, paraside eve

  • ripkerl
    Eric Kerl (@ripkerl) reported

    @DesertPogona Let's complain about day one service! Nintendo just released their first ever online service! Do you honestly believe xbox and PS ran smoothly day one on their service! HELL NO! $20 dollars for childhood flashbacks and online gaming for upcoming games like diablo! SMH

  • dannyfkin1
    dannyfkin1 (@dannyfkin1) reported

    @BlizzHeroes fix your dogshit unranked matchamking ffs i get a diablo who is clueless on what hes doing and gets 11 deaths what a great game experience blizzard 10.10 dogshit game this game is dead

  • boioiongfrawn
    peridot farcry (@boioiongfrawn) reported

    ....but xbox 360 diablo 3 disc....but what issue with bright....colors....madboink....shedd....

  • ThatKidGalvan
    ‘97 HBK 💔 (@ThatKidGalvan) reported

    I haven’t played my Switch in weeks and doubt I’ll pay for the online service. I’m just waiting for Diablo III. Don’t think I’ll need online for that.

  • SpaNkDota
    Eray (@SpaNkDota) reported

    @PlayHearthstone I mean @PlayArtifact is going into closed beta in October and full release at the end of November which also marks the end of hearthstone. You had plenty of time to fix your game blizz, now you can abandon your moneycow like you did with scbw/2, wc3tft and diablo

  • MikeyMoBeer
    Len M (@MikeyMoBeer) reported

    Marco Rubio Florida Senator Why is Rubio so Interesting with Venezuela 🇻🇪 Dictator Nicolas Maduro is it because of the People's Oil. Puerto Rico a US Territory which have Problems he is not Interesting & not helping the Hurricanes in The Carolinas People Die over 30+ Diablo

  • TotalTrafficSF
    TTWN SF Bay Area (@TotalTrafficSF) reported from Byron, California

    Crash - both directions blocked in #Byron on Byron Hwy Both NB/SB at Hoffman Ln, stopped traffic back to Camino Diablo, delay of 8 mins

  • JennMarshallHMS
    Jenn Marshall 🦇 (@JennMarshallHMS) reported

    @MichaelAlexPen @CJPendragon I was pretty excited about it. My husband helped fix Diablo so the staff would be tall and strong enough for me to use it as a cane.

  • Alcoholikaust
    The Drunk Cat™ (@Alcoholikaust) reported

    @CartridgeGames They give me lag free Diablo 3 and they have my sub.

  • WriterOfPassion
    🇮🇹 Missie 🇨🇦 (@WriterOfPassion) reported

    - Your issues with Mrs Diablo should have stayed between you both. Not that you backstabbed someone you known for how long? 5 years? And then instantly mating someone the next day over a stupid layout?. I am not innocent. I never claimed to be but you like to - @OriginalDiablo

  • vashiane
    Gladio Amicitia Defense Squad (@vashiane) reported

    And now we come to an age old problem of mine. What the Hell do I name my Diablo 3 characters.

  • Telos954x
    Telos (@Telos954x) reported

    @GamingAndPandas Wrong. Diablo 1 Quake 1 Tomb Raider 1 Crash Bandicoot 1 Resident Evil 1 Mario 64 Scream Independence Day Matilda

  • jeangenie420
    Delirium's Penguin (@jeangenie420) reported

    Here's a wild and crazy idea @Diablo...if it says "to get a bonus chest, defeat the waves of enemies before the timer runs out", maybe fix the spawn rate so that might actually be possible?

  • DarkDragonKaos
    DarkDragonOfChaos (@DarkDragonKaos) reported

    @TheHellRay The thing is, a lot of people are upset about the whole save data cloud backup issue, which to some degree is understandable. But with certain titles, that feature is just not an option. Back to that video, yes games like diablo 3 and Fortnite have ways around this.

  • RachyPishy
    international (@RachyPishy) reported from Fargo, North Dakota

    TBell Diablo Sauce is curing my sinus issues

  • MagicPond0
    Merlynn (@MagicPond0) reported

    You know it's funny, whenever @Blizzard_Ent are shilling Diablo, be it the Switch now or DLC they won't shut up. Try getting them to explain why the season ending is 4 hours late? Or a tech issue in general? Nothing. Silent. Crickets.

  • AngelStreamer
    Angel Wednesday (@AngelStreamer) reported

    Hey @Diablo !! Seasonal Europe is still going and it should have stopped 2 hours ago. Goblins are back to single encounters but Season 13 is still not closed. Any report on a fix? @Blizzard_Ent

  • rozahoruza
    Dazlirn (@rozahoruza) reported

    @Rag_Tagg The problem is that you’re playing Diablo 3 instead of WoW.

  • champaggnemami
    Victoria🍓 (@champaggnemami) reported

    Diablo, lets drink our problems away?

  • NakeyaWilson
    Tequila Lene❤️ (@NakeyaWilson) reported

    Taco Bell didn’t have diablo sauce and my heart is broken

  • Dooky_Charms
    Dooky Charms (@Dooky_Charms) reported

    @DageTheEvil @HiImAhmad @Valoroth But there is no inherent value to in game gold currently. To make an aunction house you'd need to fix the gold problem or risk being like Diablo 3

  • ricardoramrz80
    Papo Nertelo (@ricardoramrz80) reported

    “I’m so sorry I couldn’t fix or take your pain away, I really wanted to.” Diablo...

  • SilverScarCat
    P.W. (@SilverScarCat) reported

    @fire_grayson No problem. Ainz is more prone to monologuing during fights (see Shalltear, Clementine, etc) while Diablo is very quiet (he monologues to himself) and only tries to brag to get his opponents to feel enough despair to give up.

  • WhoDatPanda_
    Stuart (@WhoDatPanda_) reported

    So. Necromancer in diablo 3 is pretty ******* broken.

  • Shotslol
    Shotslol (@Shotslol) reported

    @DatModz @Diablo It's disappointing D3 still tries. d2 remastered or d4 only fix at Blizzcon.

  • BaraunaAntonio
    Antonio Barauna (@BaraunaAntonio) reported

    @Mikeryga @Diablo Who Said they are forced to make free content? You didnt understand my questioning. The problem is not money, but the company's lack If interest in creating a pay expansion

  • dittoheadadt
    GetOutOfTheLeftLane! (@dittoheadadt) reported

    @ricardorossello Or how about "extortion?" After all, PREPA is refusing to issue permits for new generators (our building's generator died after #Maria ) until Senate Bill 666 is repealed. The bill's number is fitting. PREPA is as bad as el diablo. #ImprisonPREPAOfficialsToday

  • A3rgan
    Simon Lock (Aergan) (@A3rgan) reported

    @JuicyGameReview @1creditclassics @Kitsuagi @kingmonkey25 @Striker_Kaden @RetroGamerDaz @16bitnostalgia Happy for Diablo III, will definitely be purchasing that. Interested in Carcassonne (not played that since owning a Lumia 800). I don't think the selling point of the online service was done particularly well without addressing the online play is paywalled now for prior games

  • EdyAntal
    Rohun (@EdyAntal) reported

    @Cridoo @Diablo Also if you think they relocated resources on a port because they are not working on a new game thrn you're also clueless ;)

  • ItsJesseNotFred
    FredJokamotraye (@ItsJesseNotFred) reported

    There are honest to goodness retards that believe they are human beings that happily purchase and play rereleases of broken shitty games If you play Diablo 3 or Final Fantasy 14 you should be classified as a new case of mental illness

  • asterixiagaming
    Asterixia (@asterixiagaming) reported

    Thank you guys for joining me today! Diablo was fun and we'll do more retro game days agian in the future, including playing more diablo :) Sorry twitch was being twitchy-stream kept crapping out. I promise it wasn't an error on my side or anything I could have done differently.

  • Clouvas
    Clouvas (@Clouvas) reported

    Diablo III Eternal Collection (Switch) - November 2, 2018 What a complete joke. I played this for PC at launch. Game was completely broken. Maybe it's balanced now but why would I play it on the Switch? It looks like it runs terribly. Switch is a bad match for PC ports.

  • Chikout
    Charles alexander (@Chikout) reported

    Here's my 2018 #NintendoSwitch shopping list: Yoku's Island Express Captain Toad Hollow knight Dead cells Into the breach Donkey Kong tropical freeze Civ 6 Diablo 3 Smash Starlink. The problem is, all I do is play #BotW. 265 hours and counting.

  • johnnylamerton
    johnny mf'n lamerton (@johnnylamerton) reported

    @DatModz it's only because diablo launches on the switch the same day as blizzcon. Calm down boys before your heart gets broken....... again.

  • MadMattInc
    Mad Matt Inc. (@MadMattInc) reported

    @TwitchSupport More than a loading issue. It's stopped a shared stream of Diablo III in my group.

  • rinshankouhai
    piss queen of santa cruz (@rinshankouhai) reported

    well i've just started up diablo 3, and i've hit one main problem i'm horny for every single female class

  • DudeTheJesus
    DudeTheJesus (@DudeTheJesus) reported

    @Loudwindow I stopped playing somewhere after Anniversary update. Game lacks any meaningful updates and still have A LOT of gameplay issues (i'm not even talking about how it's still more WoW in any way than Diablo). Devs also announced "new Diablo projects" so we're basically waiting for D4

  • shoadwood
    WINGNUT DINGBAT SKYGUY (@shoadwood) reported

    okay what ******** diablo i gave you the cleanest toilet, fed you, hid everything even more thoroughly on my table and you still scream all night and make noise to keep me from sleeping???? what is your ******* problem?????

  • Niklay7
    Niklay (@Niklay7) reported

    @BlizzardCS are blizzard servers currently offline? cant login to diablo 3 atm

  • DarkChaos22
    DarkChaos22 (@DarkChaos22) reported

    @Menagese @Narull @Thunderclaww If the next in game reveal is also Diablo related the train may go ahead and crash 6 weeks out regardless.

  • Nintendeal
    Nintendeal (@Nintendeal) reported

    @8bitforever I think they're doing the best they can. Have you played Diablo 3 on consoles? The rampant cheating ruins the game. My understanding is that item dupes would be a real problem with cloud saves in some titles.

  • Wokwayne
    E Leath Jr. (@Wokwayne) reported

    @Marcus_Sellars Diablo 3 will launch the same date as the online service.

  • xLEAMGx
    Luis 🏆🎮🇺🇾 (@xLEAMGx) reported

    @Verdict4489 Lol Diablo 3, I have all the chars on max level twice (1 male and 1 female) on hardcore. I have a problem now with Destiny 2, I can’t stop playing, makes my backlog huge.

  • KronosDCXVI
    Kronos DCXVI (@KronosDCXVI) reported

    @ZealousFoX @diablo442 It doesn't. But I was responding to Diablo. If violence really is the answer to a shit-eater level 10 (which includes my said ex), then he can't say he would have a problem with violence towards certain women, correct?

  • georgiemorvis
    character actress georgie rae (@georgiemorvis) reported

    @tousleshommes charlize theron in a diablo cody screenplay singing carly rae jepsen karaoke is fan service and the fan is me

  • Supreme_unknown
    SupremeUnknown (@Supreme_unknown) reported

    Hey @discordapp, I cant get Destiny 2 to share sound with screensharing. Other games like diablo 3 oder sims 4 work just fine with video and audio. In Destiny 2 the audio stream is not working, the other end cant hear anything besides me talking. Any Ideas?

  • salsatheone
    ɐslɐs (@salsatheone) reported

    @markventurelli @elamhut The only game that consistently addresses this issue with great success is Diablo 3. I mean, if you consider that they're at season 14 right now and keeping everything in check.

  • voidhymn
    𝔱𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔞𝔱𝔬𝔤𝔢𝔫𝔢𝔰𝔦𝔰 (@voidhymn) reported

    thanks Dort for bringing up the worst ******* concept possible: Diablo 3 as a F2P mobage where you have to pay money to use the Horadric Cube or to fix your gear when you die

  • bad_girl_ope_
    ope. (@bad_girl_ope_) reported

    Hello @TheAcademy where is Jennifer’s Body oscar?? Where is Diablo Cody’s oscar Why do you hate women and strong female leads? @diablocody thank you for your service.

  • generalbullet
    Shauna, The Neurodivergent Crafter (@generalbullet) reported

    Guys! My final disability check (sad, but another rant for another time) got deposited today, so I was able to fix my internet problems. As soon as I get home from work, I SHOULD have internet! I CAN DIABLO TONIGHT!!!!!! #SmallVictories

  • fickmoley
    iTz Fickmoley (@fickmoley) reported

    @misnhemoglobin @TurdFerguson002 Diablo shoulder is a real issue. Don't look down on me.

  • Chicchai83
    Sue lillan (@Chicchai83) reported

    @GameSpot Crash bandicoot and diablo 1

  • Opethftw
    Peter Hoogeveen (@Opethftw) reported

    @jasonthinks Diablo 2 Fallout 2 The Last of Us Battlefield Bad Company 2 Broken Sword 5 games is just not enough though...

  • Wokwayne
    E Leath Jr. (@Wokwayne) reported

    Random prediction, Diablo 3 will launch this month with the Nintendo Online Service. They can’t launch the service and say “Pay us $20 to play the same Splatoon 2 that you have been playing for over a year.”

  • BSHzuloo
    Bryce Hays (@BSHzuloo) reported

    Hammer is such a bigger problem than Diablo. Hammer is wrecking you. Show me some longshot magic. @HeroesHearth_gg just won the draft. #HGC

  • generalbullet
    Shauna, The Neurodivergent Crafter (@generalbullet) reported

    I have no internet. I have data, so I can use phone. But my "play Diablo until I can't keep my eyes open" plan is hooped. Tomorrow I contact my service provider and say "hey, I paid you. Where ******** is my damned internet?"

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