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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

 Problems detected at Diablo

Diablo problems in the last 24 hours

Diablo Outage Chart

March 31: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 06:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 45.16% Sign in
  • Online Play 38.71% Online Play
  • Glitches 12.90% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 3.23% Matchmaking

Diablo Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Oldenburg Sign in
Bochum Online Play
Leer Online Play
Fresno Sign in
Ingolstadt Sign in
Kaltenkirchen Sign in

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Diablo Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • thakuriouskat Shadowkat (@thakuriouskat) reported

    @thechynnabee Crash Bandicoot Trilogy & Diablo 3

  • skormTT6 Skorm.TT6 (@skormTT6) reported

    @iVulkan_ @LastEpoch Already I see more variety in this, than in diablo 3. I have found my new time consumer that is forsure. In the 3 hours I played, I didnt find a single bug or glitch either. This beta is better than some full releases lol

  • Ferret_Shippi Jarrod Jay Shipton (@Ferret_Shippi) reported

    @Pand3m0nia 1. Starcraft (1 and 2, mostly 1 but can’t leave 2 out) 2. Diablo 2 3. Crash bandicoot 4. Dota 1 and 2

  • BLKJACKmusic jesse 🃏 (@BLKJACKmusic) reported

    don diablo really used kobe’s copter crash to promote his own music… how trash of a person can you be dude smh

  • Nanochunes el greñas (@Nanochunes) reported

    Don Diablo really thought it was okay to animate Kobe’s helicopter crash to promote his shitty music. The ******* audacity 😡

  • rsg1294 Ross Goldenberg (@rsg1294) reported

    Don Diablo really made a simulation of Kobe’s helicopter crash to promote new music. 2020 needs to end

  • x_courtknee court🦋 (@x_courtknee) reported

    Don Diablo dude what were you thinking how did this concept get approved and who actually made that rendering of the helicopter crash

  • xogiio Gio (@xogiio) reported

    Don Diablo really paid someone to animate Kobe’s helicopter crash for his video and then had the nerve to post it...

  • philthese Phil™️ 🔜 Wobble Rocks 🌱🧠 (@philthese) reported from Los Angeles, California

    This is some occult shit wtf... how are you just gonna drop a video showing flashes of catastrophes around the world, including Kobe’s Helicopter crash (a deep state ritual assasination)... and the name Don Diablo. Bruh.

  • Salsacalvonara Calvonara à la mode 🏳️ (@Salsacalvonara) reported

    Diablo, the trust issues are coming back up....

  • CWeatherwax13 Colin Weatherwax (@CWeatherwax13) reported

    Diablo Madden Crash Bandicoot Sonic @randyhaines22 @ErikSmithQBL @realfakewalter @JonesCurtisW

  • obscurussortis Sudore 🔞 (@obscurussortis) reported

    @angelicAlexie Monster Hunter/Diablo lol. Not working either. Need to try out AC though.

  • hookemhornsgal Jessica (@hookemhornsgal) reported

    @DakotaRunnels22 @gypsy4bigd @nucvikbert @JustKaalin I still play SSX on PS2. My games would be Diablo, SSX, Mario Allstars and crash Bandicoot.

  • Illicitbike278 Caleb Reyes (@Illicitbike278) reported

    @AdzWharton @RedshellOW If role queue was introduced in the first year of overwatch then it would have gotten nowhere. Also funny how you say they don't listen when they balance (at least try) OW but fix stuff in WoW, HotS, Hearthstone, Diablo but no you refuse to acknowledge

  • sytekmary Marytime 🤨 (@sytekmary) reported

    @mistwire So we’ve played Halo 4 to death. Looking at online reviews I picked Diablo 3 for our next co-play game. Wow, do we hate it. Learned that we don’t care about character- building at all, we just like to shoot stuff and solve puzzles/problems.

  • Nateviser Nathen (@Nateviser) reported

    I only wished 3 didnt have the Diablo 3 problem, the story sucks but the endgame and gameplay is fun. Everytime i hear big head Tyreen talk, i wanna unplug my headset especially when i hear "HEY SUPERFAN"

  • SpEcTrUm_74 SpEcTrUm74 (@SpEcTrUm_74) reported

    @whatmjtweeted Not played regularly for several months now, I have been taking a break to enjoy some other titles. Getting my loot fix from Diablo 3 ATM. Just not feeling the current seasonal model in Destiny 2.

  • claralhoclara garota eletrocabos (@claralhoclara) reported

    @redpeep brawhalla, diablo III, crash e tony hawk

  • LAAAMBET Yiiizu (@LAAAMBET) reported

    @TonyyLs Diablo Crash Bandicoot 😂😂😂

  • imjustmate Mate Toth (@imjustmate) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN In UK the I have problem only with MW installation, updating Diablo III, SC2, WoW on PC looks fine with connection stability and download speed 👌

  • Paladinkriss Kriss Smith (@Paladinkriss) reported

    @demagru @BlizzardCSEU_EN it isn't specifically blizzard, I'm currently downloading Diablo 3 with no issues. MW/Warzone is a 'partner' game

  • shampizle Shampizle (@shampizle) reported

    @dav3455 @lastoasishelp Yep Even blizzard game never had enough servers. Diablo 3 took me 5 days to just login.

  • janke_rueben KalahariNinja (@janke_rueben) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent Please fix your shit. I am trying to play diablo 3, I can understand with the pandemic everything is running well everywhere, but I keep getting error code 1 and error code 1016, checked both, "internet faulty". 100mb/s fiber line. I think not, so please fix this!!!

  • itsNobbie 🐃 新手 🎸 (@itsNobbie) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN FYI, #Diablo3 has latency issues atm (~150 ms). Not the best time to play HC. @Diablo

  • DazAction Daz (@DazAction) reported

    Well with the update to OBS to 25.0.1, game capture no longer works for The Division 2. Probably have to wait for Ubisoft to implement a fix. Going to stream Diablo 3 instead now.

  • SatyrDater Squid Sleepington (@SatyrDater) reported

    @katystoll I have the same issues - if you want cutesy, then stardew or animal crossing. If you want more fighting or strategy, age of empires 2 or diablo 3 are solid third-person perspective no motion sickness games.

  • AustinBiedinge1 bighamboning (@AustinBiedinge1) reported

    @katystoll My gf had that problem. Diablo 3 she said was doable for her.

  • KashimTenshi ✝️🗡🛡 Knight Kashim ⚖⚔♌ (@KashimTenshi) reported

    @RaquelFazolo @Diablo 1. There is heavy traffic due to everyone being home and playing because of the virus. 2. Blizz employees have been working from home. 3. Servers have been getting hit by DDOS attacks that limit connectivity because humans are jerks.

  • allahliker Rich Lather (@allahliker) reported

    every time i say im gonna reinstall diablo 3 to mess around i get path of exile guys shaming me that POE is so much better, and every time i get bullied and DL it and wash up on that boring beach with everyone in chat griping about server lag and quit after ten mins of hitching

  • mialva05 michael ✨ (@mialva05) reported

    my biggest problem is that i try not to care what people think, but somehow i do anyway, no matter how hard i try. but yes, i do want diablo sauce with that, thanks.

  • dillonv512 DillonV (@dillonv512) reported

    Spent 4 days downloading CoD Warzone. I should have known it would be unplayable on my WiFi given how long it took to download, yet I still foolishly gave it a go. Haven’t seen lag this bad since the early days of my bnet w/ Diablo II

  • TheRedDogma95 TheRedDogma95 (@TheRedDogma95) reported

    All I want to do is play @Diablo with my wife during quarantine and all it keeps telling me is the diablo servers are unavailable at this time and there was an issue joining her game. Bleh.

  • WorldFighter400 🐰🇭🇰🇺🇸chris stanley 🇺🇸🇭🇰🐰 (@WorldFighter400) reported

    @anthrax442 @_moonborne_ @MamaLuigi714 @THEREALRTU @PatTheNESpunk @pxlsicle Diablo fans weren’t entitled at all, nobody was rushing diablo 4, they just wanted diablo immortal on PC and consoles. Costumers have a right to be upset when there’s an issue.

  • KatieRocs Katie (@KatieRocs) reported

    @TheIndigoDingo Oh nooo this is a tragedy! I’m happy right now I have my Diablo II again. I hope you can get a fix!

  • codyholtry Cody Holtry (@codyholtry) reported

    @THEREALRTU @PatTheNESpunk @pxlsicle What got me about that video they made about fans reaction to Diablo Immortal is that Pat had no idea what was going on, got the abridged version broken down to a sentence or two, and came in with a slap judgement on the whole thing and kinda came off as an ass with his comments.

  • Luiz_Panda_GNR Panda (@Luiz_Panda_GNR) reported

    @pedroir @vichrocha @Matheus_Uz @h4r_ry_ @lukasepramos Em ordem que me viciaram 1 - Crash Team Racing 2 - MU online 3 - Diablo 3 4 - The Witcher 3

  • horrorgeek Mike Bracken (@horrorgeek) reported

    @bradgallaway I bought the PS4 port for like $5 in a sale, because I love Diablo clones, but I've never even bothered actually putting it in because I read about all the issues. Guessing they're never getting fixed...

  • horrorgeek Mike Bracken (@horrorgeek) reported

    @bradgallaway The console ports had a shit-ton of issues as I recall. Overall it’s basically a reskinned Diablo 2 with Greek mythology. It was pretty okay in its day but that day was long ago. 😀

  • _moonborne_ 💉M∞n🅱️orne🌙 (@_moonborne_) reported

    @THEREALRTU @NautoAis00211ex @pxlsicle @PatTheNESpunk @TommyTallarico I like CUPodcast, but they spend WAY too much time being dismissive of anyone/thing they don't like without even really educating themselves on the issue. I didn't get my pitchfork out over their Diablo take, but they definitely ignored the larger issue because "angry gamers bad"

  • davidarcanedbd David Arcane (@davidarcanedbd) reported

    @Diablo yeah I've got this bug can you please fix it cuz my Season has just come to a holt since I need to upgrade gems for my augs and other things

  • AdamDubay Pete Rose of Gaming (@AdamDubay) reported

    @Daggerd1404 @Diablo Indeed died once to lag.... really dont feel like doing it again...

  • Daggerd1404 Daggerd (@Daggerd1404) reported

    @AdamDubay @Diablo been a lotta DDOS shenanigans lately it seems like

  • leejr1202 LeeJoRo (@leejr1202) reported

    @peteplaysmusic Doom Eternal, Diablo 3 (season 20 for Switch). I'm working 10-12 hour days (logistics, shipping food, med supplies, and everything else inbetween), boiler has been broken for a week and the council can't fix it... Those 2 games help relieve some stress

  • DiabloBlancoPW El Diablo Blanco (@DiabloBlancoPW) reported

    Just got home. A lot of Duo chats with Wifey and kids since Sunday night. Wifey is still pissed. She may or may not have gotten the login to Amazon Prime and watched the latest @ThisIsEPICv2 Chaos. She shouldn't but all the Diablo Nation should go out of their way to catch it.

  • Shane Shane / Shibby (@Shane) reported

    @ElyseWillems Diablo 3’s login screen was lit.

  • Grumpz2018 Grumpz2018 (@Grumpz2018) reported

    @BlizzardCS Having tons of login issues right now. Not the Internet, has to be something on your end @Diablo

  • bdbhdu56 (@bdbhdu56) reported

    @Diablo hi I cannot connect to the server this morning. How can i fix it

  • sherwinjtb Sherwin Baniqued (@sherwinjtb) reported

    @Kamodobone @Diablo Had a clan member talk about latency issues earlier. Maybe you're in the same area.

  • Kamodobone Kamodobone (@Kamodobone) reported

    Sucks found out that there is a internet outage where im at and worse i was on hardcore in @Diablo so glad i was in town when i got kicked #diablo3 #diablo

  • YuiYuigahama4 Yui Yuigahama (@YuiYuigahama4) reported

    @Izhan_go Tomb raider,spyro,gta,crash,darksiders, Silent hill,resident evil,bayoneta,call of duty,metal gear,need for speed,assassins creed,witcher,skyrim,la noire,dark souls, Diablo,mortal kombat,tekken,alone in the dark,okami,saint row,vampyr,... No se que tiene en la cabeza patcher

  • katee_oxo Katee. (@katee_oxo) reported

    My ls having an online class and she litterally just like passed her hand through her head to fix her hair... only to find out that her class is not through camera. Shorty goes “ diablo me perne pa nada” lmfaooooooooooooooooooooo

  • ImPwnstar ImPwnstar (@ImPwnstar) reported

    @J0K3RW1NS @LtBuzzLitebeer @TheDivisionGame Kind of how games like Diablo work. I wouldnt have an issue if it could stay out of PvP personally. Youve robbed yourself of end game loot the legit way though. Think how good it woulda felt earning it properly.

  • Apodamndaca Apo (@Apodamndaca) reported

    @LGNDallan @ApostLeOW @Shaostoul @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo @DestinyTheGame Like tell the gamers they're the problem when they're not. XD

  • richgel999 Richard Geldreich (@richgel999) reported

    Windows Store: So broken I have to debug it every time I try to use it. I eventually give up to try again in a week. Blizzard Store: Somehow won't update Diablo 3. Gave up trying to fix. Will try again soon. Steam: Refuse to ever use it for obvious reasons.

  • namjoonsluvbug 💜ariel⁷💜 (@namjoonsluvbug) reported

    @HuggableHipster Girl the deluxe pre order has been having so many issues... wait. yesterday my best friends husband was screaming for like an hour trying to get it to work... it was a damn nightmare. Gave up and decided to play diablo... seriously was stressed.

  • SyShere Syshere (@SyShere) reported

    @okraisokrawah @toawaterfowl That's why dlf and Activision-Blizzard are so similar in their clueless approach to their fans. After that announcement they made even more **** ups. Now they desperately try to fix their relations with Diablo fanbase by announcing next game, but it just seems as their reaction

  • sludgehorn sludj (@sludgehorn) reported

    My power outage probably has nothing to do with the virus pandemic and is probably more likely some salty **** on the Diablo 3 barbarian leaderboards trying to knock me out of my slot

  • greg_p_kennedy Greg Kennedy (@greg_p_kennedy) reported

    in Diablo II there's "white items", just unenchanted junk that you leave on the ground... Nethack similar problem (even polypiling often leads to more junk). Torchlight gave you a pet to automatically carry them for sale (with fee). Some games let you "disenchant" for materials.

  • HunterZ0 Ben S. 👾 Space Invaders 2600 turned 40 🕹️ (@HunterZ0) reported

    While I was inside my PIII-550 to fix my bodged PC speaker -> AWE64 cable the other day, I wiggled the RAM sticks around. Today I noticed that I'm back up to 512MB from 448. I should probably get in there with some contact cleaner or something. Could be related to Diablo crashing

  • imdocwho imdocwho - xbox ambassador & mixer streamer (@imdocwho) reported

    @_miggyxp @samuraiguy21 @M10Wolverine1 @Shaostoul @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo @DestinyTheGame I have 1gig internet and for me to download 189GB for COD on pc it takes me roughly 50 - 90 mins....had to reinstall a few times because of various issues.

Diablo Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 1
  • 1001
  • 1002
  • 1013
  • 1016
  • 14000
  • 14001
  • 14009
  • 2
  • 2600
  • 30008
  • 3005
  • 3006
  • 3007
  • 3025
  • 5016
  • 511
  • 7
  • blzpts00007