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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • duntulmlass Imogen MacQuarrie (@duntulmlass) reported

    @valmcdermid I'm having problems with dropbox as if you try to print something off it reverts to the original version.Trying to send a story to an elderly friend and even tried deleting and putting it back with a new name. No it printed the original version!

  • beatsbycook Cook (@beatsbycook) reported

    @MickeyShiloh I feel it, I be getting tired of Dropbox so I be using google drive they both have their share of issues

  • michaelgloch Michael Gloch (@michaelgloch) reported

    @LorraineAmbers No need. I have my stuff backed up to Google Drive, Dropbox, a USB stick, my phone . . . I think I might have a problem.

  • marciemarley Spiritual Disaster 💀🦇🔮 (@marciemarley) reported

    So. Uploading my **** to dropbox so I can clean my phone out. 140 files y’all. I have a problem. Lol

  • needzmoarumlaut Screaming Into the Void (@needzmoarumlaut) reported

    LOOOL, and of course as soon as I hit post, I check the stats and how that Dropbox is done, the temps are down to 60°C. Note to self: turn the laptop on regularly so the files can get synced as they get changed, instead of a couple of thousand files at a time. *facepalm*

  • 4jochen Joachim Wülbeck (@4jochen) reported

    Hello @Dropbox and @DropboxSupport I registered a #FIDO2 key after activating two factor authentification. Perfect. But a) I can not change "Preferred method" to security key b) the login still need name and password #WebAuthn is meant to drop (b), compare to microsoft login !

  • Assassin_Gamers Assassin (@Assassin_Gamers) reported

    Hey @DropboxSupport I'm having some problems with my DropBox Plus account. Basically I can't upload or download any file.

  • lmdrudi Leandro Martín Drudi (@lmdrudi) reported

    @DropboxSupport Finally I formatted the hard drive and I reinstalled Windows from scratch. I installed Dropbox in a separate unit and I ERASED ALL THE FILES OF THAT UNIT. The installed version is the one that was recommended to me. Definitely it is a problem with Dropbox.

  • dr_dubow Acey (@dr_dubow) reported

    Also, @dropbox @DropboxSupport, all you've done so far is basically blame me for the problem based on how I signed up. Meanwhile, I'm threatened with losing my entire account. This is unacceptable.

  • Britterson Britt “solar plexus” Wilson (@Britterson) reported

    @o_fishel I went with the smallest size and the largest screen and I save everything on Dropbox and haven’t had any issues at all.

  • LavaSlayer77YT Lava_Slayer77 MCPE (@LavaSlayer77YT) reported

    @TSPEShader @mcbedrockcom I had this shader on my device but deleted files on accident because of es I came back to get it and it said error on Dropbox can you update link pls thx

  • YfiCaptions Yfi (@YfiCaptions) reported

    @benjaminblue101 Ah, Dropbox I use for personal/other work items. I'd rather it not be tied to NSFW sharing in any way if I could, even if there's only a slight risk it would be removed or taken down.

  • thegraphicmac Graphic Mac (@thegraphicmac) reported

    @sandofsky As soon as iCloud builds-in sharing via links, I'm dropping @Dropbox. This is the problem with depending on free services/software... they ALWAYS manage to **** up their product because they're forced to chase the $'s they should have gotten to begin with.

  • kakuremicky Mitsu (@kakuremicky) reported

    My brother wants a file server and want to use it remotely (I tried to mention about dropbox or google drive, but I didn’t). So I’m working on setting up Samba and DDNS updating cron on CentOS server, and port forwarding on a router.

  • seanterry01 Sean Terry (@seanterry01) reported

    @lulu_bear If you put it into your DB folder on your computer. then you press the apps key on it once it's in the folder. you can arrow down to share dropbox link.

  • it4sec Denis Laskov (@it4sec) reported

    @FlUxIuS It is on Dropbox login and I was in hurry to get some data out, so no. But interesting ideas :)

  • smxp Senthil Masilamani (@smxp) reported

    Dropbox turned down multi-billion dollar offers twice. The founders and some investors made out like bandits. However, If I’m ever about to do anything as stupid as turn down an early multi-billion buyout @mfoege has permission to John Wick me in the back of my head.

  • DigitalDon Don Jarrell (@DigitalDon) reported

    Honestly folks @DropboxSupport is designed to fail. Excuses about policies that constrain them, not reading email threads, and failing to technically investigate problems is all they know. Say NO to @Dropbox or *move* to another provider before you suffer as we have.

  • susieq696969 Susie.Q (@susieq696969) reported

    Picked up some orphan kittens almost 2 months ago. Now I need to get them spayed and neutered. Soo help me by purchasing my Dropbox or single content today and forget to FIX UR ANIMALS 💕

  • lmacthompson1 Dr. Lauren MacIvor Thompson (@lmacthompson1) reported

    @jaivirdi @prof_goldberg @jackiantonovich well, i will say I've been slowly developing/refining this system via trial and error starting with the dissertation research. So it's been years in the making! But I got serious w/Todoist and Trello 2 years ago, adding those on to my use of dropbox/evernote.

  • GirlfightClub1 Girlfight.Club 👊🏻💋 (@GirlfightClub1) reported

    2. Moving all our old and new content to a private server that will launch July 1st. Meanwhile customers have until June 30 to download any videos they purchased. As for #024, we will be releasing that in the coming days directly through Dropbox to those who pre-purchased,

  • fcloth Adam Faircloth (@fcloth) reported

    @artiscanaday @gregbarbosa I had a couple issues early on. But it's been rock solid for me for several years now. I switched over back when it came out that Dropbox was presenting fake OS X password dialogs. Yeah, no.

  • un1crom un1crom (@un1crom) reported

    @rchrdnsh @jasonyuandesign @bradlau Yes Dropbox is taking a slow and expensive way to be a search engine. It’s a total waste and should be trashed.

  • octalmage Jason Stallings (@octalmage) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yes totally! The issue is that my public links don’t work, I just straight up can’t share files.


    started using iOS apps to let ideas flow on the go. over 250 samples exported to dropbox over the last 2 months - all while i’ve been at work 🤫😅 not bad. won’t let workin 40+ hours a week slow me down (at least not too much lol)

  • jonibatista Jóni Batista (@jonibatista) reported

    Please go back @Dropbox, don't try to solve problems that just exist in your head! 😣

  • aacorbat Agustin Corbat (@aacorbat) reported

    @DropboxSupport It seems to be a problem with the network at the university.

  • rhall Robert Hall (@rhall) reported

    @plo @Dropbox It's disheartening to say the least - was something I totally had no problem paying for because it was lightweight and did what I wanted/needed - now its bloated, unnecessary cruft - hopefully they will provide some better streamlined options.

  • HungryBartender Erick Castro (@HungryBartender) reported

    @twinfountain @Google TBH its the main reason that I only use @Dropbox now, because all of the access issues between my @gmail accounts was getting tedious.

  • viljamis Viljami Salminen (@viljamis) reported

    @jonihasanen I haven’t needed the folder share functionality in Dropbox so not an issue for me.

  • dbreunig Drew Breunig (@dbreunig) reported

    Dropbox is effectively two companies: - A utility with amazing recurring revenue, slow growth, and low costs loved by its users for it's ubiquity and the lack of attention it requires. - A start-up repeatedly attempting to build a platform upon an install-based it didn't earn.

  • kevinhoctor Kevin Hoctor (@kevinhoctor) reported from San Francisco, California

    @daveverwer I’ve had zero problems with moving to iCloud from Dropbox and I love having built-in access to my files from my iPad and every other Apple device.

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @strobegen Hi again, Evgeniy. Symlinks are generally not supported by the Dropbox app, as they may create a number of issues. We’re afraid that with symlinks and a large amount of files syncing to your device, we cannot confirm whether syncing will complete. 1/2

  • lmdrudi Leandro Martín Drudi (@lmdrudi) reported

    @DropboxSupport I discovered that the problem could be a failure of Windows 10 and not the beta. Yesterday Windows started deleting all the files because the installation path of some programs was in another unit.

  • junkyard_tweets Not Yours Truly (@junkyard_tweets) reported

    @DropboxSupport I appreciate the prompt attention. I added a few videos to my dropbox and then downloaded them on my iPhone by choosing “make available offline”. Now I can’t play them if the network connectivity is poor. When on wifi or good reception, no such problem. Help.

  • lucyinglis lucyinglis (@lucyinglis) reported

    @The_ZedFactor Terrible. Dropbox is the only real problem. They are being beyond good but proving I am me is proving vexing.

  • litchiedev Chaoji Li (@litchiedev) reported

    @palmin @nerdy_pete @TheSuperTachyon @Lextar That sounds like a problem that users should be aware of themselves. For instance, I wouldn't place a *** folder inside Dropbox folder on my computer.

  • krmarko Kurt Marko🤔🇺🇸 (@krmarko) reported

    @etherealmind @Dropbox Understood. My primary use cases are very different and involve the mobile apps on iPad where iCloud work well as a backup mechanism. Also use manually via share sheets with no problems. Not surprised desktop sync is fragile.

  • IanRobinson Ian Robinson (@IanRobinson) reported

    The echo chamber hate for the new Dropbox is strong this morning. <shrug> It still does what it did last week and doesn’t overload my devices. It coasts $2 a month more but prices go up all the time. I’ve no issue with that. It’s so bloody convenient. I can ignore the new stuff.

  • JayCraft153 Jcraft - That stamp dude (@JayCraft153) reported

    @sandofsky @Viss I switched to Google drive years ago. Dropbox couldn't handle my slow upload speeds and accidentally cancelled one to many crucial uploads without telling me.

  • attyarr عاتكة / Atiqah (@attyarr) reported

    Dropbox has been giving me problems for the past few days. I'm about to throw hands.

  • borovia65 Franklin Delano Stallone (@borovia65) reported

    @MetroManTO @daringfireball The issue with software is anyone can come along and copy your idea. They have taken Dropbox’s idea but Mac isn’t a big platform. I suspect they’re Note worried about box which supposedly does more anyway. I’m not sure, I don’t like using box.

  • XyzGonGivItToYa Xyz (@XyzGonGivItToYa) reported

    @iridescentaudio and now to fix all the links that dropbox broke when they decided "lol let's change how our urls work"

  • simonejsing Simon Ejsing (@simonejsing) reported

    @viticci I replaced my Drive and Dropbox with a 2TB iCloud Drive about a year ago. I still have some issues with it. One being that I can't access its contents from something like Infuse. And I can't use Forklift either.

  • warpedgeoid Rob Howard (@warpedgeoid) reported

    @BWJones @DanBumbarger I didn’t even know that I had such files in my Dropbox folder until I tried switching to my university-provided OneDrive, and it threw multiple sync errors within the first hour. Had to suck it up and pay for Dropbox for Business.

  • mkasu Marc A. Kastner (@mkasu) reported

    @naman34 @sandofsky @viticci Then again that's kind of their tactic I guess. Most people probably won't really need 2TB so it's largely a marketing figure. I assume many will pay out of convenience but only use 100 GB or so, but Dropbox can still charge them for promising 2TB, while saving on server costs..

  • shirttoosmall I Mean 🌚 (@shirttoosmall) reported

    to a psych lab that uses dropbox and excel like human error isn't a thing

  • oedien13 Syamsuddin (@oedien13) reported

    @Dropbox [error] when login to dropbox, I don't receive code sms

  • NotFakeJared Jared Derksen (@NotFakeJared) reported

    It would be a huge bummer if the new Dropbox is terrible. But as much as I love my Apple devices, I distrust their cloud services. I am so skeptical that I would trust Apple with my cloud needs in the near future.

  • mmalcangio Mike Malcangio (@mmalcangio) reported

    @troygilbert I made the switch for the majority of my files a while back and have had no issues. Once iCloud adds shared folders, I'll be totally out of Dropbox.

  • SkipperEl Elliott Noel (@SkipperEl) reported

    @cabel @gruber Used it last night to get everything out of my wife’s Dropbox account before it gets shut down. Super convenient.

  • marinaepelman Marina Epelman (@marinaepelman) reported

    @johnvoorhees … alas, given the combination of my personal choices and parameters of my job and collaborations, I have to simultaneously run Dropbox, Box, and iCloud. I really ought to also run Google sync, but so far I am putting my foot down.

  • buzz_be_gone66 BuzzBeGone (@buzz_be_gone66) reported

    @jancborchardt @Dropbox Yeah I just need something that uploads stuff to the cloud and lets me retrieve that stuff. I don't know what paper, central desktop, or what ever this fancy stuff is. And to be honest I don't care. I just need it to function. Put shit up bring shit down. simple straight forward.

  • KE0KKR Marie Bayar 🇦🇫 (@KE0KKR) reported

    @Simon818 @BachEnthusiast Oh, agreed. It's quite better than having to break down and pay for dropbox business.

  • OneJaredNewman Jared Newman (@OneJaredNewman) reported

    Dropbox is the only sync tool with decent third-party app integration across all platforms, and instead of doubling down on that, they're trying to centralize into their own app (which now has install limits for non-paying users). They're doing opposite of what would make me pay.

  • wileywiggins Wiley Wiggins (@wileywiggins) reported

    @viticci I rely on Dropbox because it has a command line version on Linux that lets me sync from the Mac to a web server. Otherwise yes.

  • JeffBargmann Jeff Bargmann (@JeffBargmann) reported

    @cabel @gruber I don't think Dropbox knows the word "lightweight" so that might be the problem right there

  • Xof Xof (terms and conditions apply) (@Xof) reported

    You know, there seems to be a Valley rule that any good, simple, useful tool has to eventually become horrible bloatware just to justify the engineering spend. @evernote, @expensify and now @DropboxSupport have gone down this path.

  • nymphxbaby ♡ call me nymph ♡ (@nymphxbaby) reported

    @juicyjayxx I feel this so hard. Dropbox is so fuckn SLOW

  • ECloudCoalition Enterprise Cloud Coalition (@ECloudCoalition) reported

    "This is not just a tech issue, its a business issue...think about how many times a day your life comes into contact with a cloud service provider" says @twilio @Dropbox @Workday at #ECC panel talking #privacy, #data, #cyber and #AI