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  • liamjameskerr
    Liam Kerr (@liamjameskerr) reported

    Dropbox web won't load on chrome Mojave. Glad I signed up for the free professional trial. Seems like it's been a issue for over a month. Not sure why anyone would pay for that. @Dropbox @DropboxSupport

  • LittleKropotkin
    Monica Harmsen (@LittleKropotkin) reported

    Got on the computer to write down an idea for a line of dialogue. Ended up organizing my entire Google Drive and Dropbox but completely forgot my idea 😅😅😅

  • heenrik
    Henrik Korsgaard (@heenrik) reported

    @PernilleT @bxchen My biggest issue, and I think this is common, is that I depend on being able to collaborate with people, and that forces me to maintain accounts in Google Drive and Dropbox (and ideally Facebook, but I insist on not going there) (1/2)

  • Armchaircricke1
    Armchaircricketcaptain 🏏 (@Armchaircricke1) reported

    @CricketCaptain cheers for the iOS Dropbox fix! I can get back to being a mediocre captain now!

  • putdotio (@putdotio) reported

    @seannymurrs @bitport_io We remeber Boxopus was blocked by Dropbox. Google seems like it doesn’t mind right now, but these issues usually have a tipping point. We’d hate to ruin it for everybody.

  • YourJoleen
    Joleen (@YourJoleen) reported

    @DropboxSupport @pcguy8088 <PcGuy8088_lt> If your internet goes down for several days then the incoming mail is goting to be lost if the sending mail server times out on their retries Put that one on your resume Greg! 🤣

  • Nameless_Coyote
    Nameless 🔜 NFC2019 (@Nameless_Coyote) reported

    DropBox stopped working for me suddenly so now I have to use icloud drive and my god it's so slow kill it

  • KazMitch
    Karen Mitchell (@KazMitch) reported

    @dakegra I had that problem. Dropbox

  • jeremybmerrill
    Jeremy B. Merrill (@jeremybmerrill) reported

    @palewire worth a shot! my backup security solution had been keeping one external at home and one at work, but now that work is AT home, that's vulnerable to fires/floods/thefts/EMPs, so hopefully I can solve my dropbox-no-longer-syncing problem AND that and feed two birds with one scone

  • whmpr
    floyd (@whmpr) reported

    @cruelfuck yeAH YEAH i had so many CAS items saved on my dropbox n they were so good but like . it made the game glitch out aside from it already being so slow . i promise it’s worth it ,

  • FBPhotogLLC
    Faith Blackwell (@FBPhotogLLC) reported

    Catching up on all this weekend. Going to have to break down and buy Dropbox storage. Sigh.

  • Splats05
    Tina Pod (@Splats05) reported

    @moteefe I wanna buy a tshirt from your business, but there is no "Canada" in the dropbox for Country at checkout. Please fix. I did message support already.

  • butteredkieran_
    ButteredKieran (@butteredkieran_) reported

    @TheDuckCow @HPBinary I've always had my important files on dropbox. I still have files on a working ssd on the broken which still has the files, tho the hardrive was corrupted

  • nellyboot
    Neil Irwin (@nellyboot) reported

    @themodernmann That’s not working for me, but I’m not familiar with Dropbox (my failing). I’ve got to go to work now so I’ll email the bits I’ve managed to sync (within reason).

  • fredkrypton
    FREDD7 LIVERPOOL (@fredkrypton) reported

    Proxy change happens. This has been frustrating most of Windows 10 users as majority (almost 95%) users need to connect to the internet to access different websites and applications like Dropbox and so on. As a Windows admirer, i request upon you to check on this issue ASAP. 🙏🏾🤝

  • c_cooper88
    Chris Cooper (@c_cooper88) reported

    @1Password Diagnostics sent 👍 I’ve also removed the old vault that was syncing through Dropbox. 1Password on my iPad appears to be working fine, the hanging issue only seems to be on the iPhone.

  • jsmarvel13
    Jennifer Marvel (@jsmarvel13) reported

    I was backing up my work onto Dropbox and then decided to take a peek down memory lane. It took me about 5 minutes to figure out the password I used almost 10 years ago. 12/21/2008 the day 1 of the first stories I created was born. The time has flown by. #writerscommunity 1/4

  • DoctorDRM_Art
    Doctor M. (Christmas Time Booty Arts) ☆ドクターM. (@DoctorDRM_Art) reported

    I miss drawing digitally on Autodesk Sketchbook on my laptop. Having to use my mom's laptop because of the inconsistent quality of my Internet or my lack of Dropbox to put my stash of lewd stuff I **** to, or even my low storage issues really sucks sometimes.

  • Griffon0129
    Ryan Brown ☣ (@Griffon0129) reported

    for a while I had 20GB extra with dropbox but only used 5.7GB, however they said my extra 20GB expires in January, after deleting everything not necessary I shrank it down to 4.7GB, after deleting even more all I could do was 3.2GB so I figured it was time to switch

  • dwds_
    Derek Dadian-Smith (@dwds_) reported

    @visagermusic Sorry, I don't think Dropbox will let you host web files. If you don't have a web server, probably the best option is to embed a YouTube or Soundcloud. It will autoplay for some, and others will have to click play. (For me it autoplayed in Firefox but not Chrome) 🎶

  • Kavinay
    Kavinay Kishor (@Kavinay) reported

    @Subhedgehog It does creep me out to use dropbox. Not because I'm storing anything secret, but just the idea that some server admin somewhere is seeing how banal my stuff is in plaintext...

  • Kavinay
    Kavinay Kishor (@Kavinay) reported

    @Subhedgehog That being said. I'm still the weirdo who uses a combo of Evernote and Dropbox after wasting untold hours on trying to maintain my own franken-wiki-file-server. You know you're old when you just go vendor supported.

  • oryozema
    Danny A. Reyes (@oryozema) reported

    @deadlypeachart Any size is fine if you have a dropbox/google drive set up. Just back up finished/ old stuff on there and your computer. Even with out a cloud service, 64 is still pretty good, you'd have to put in a lot of extra junk to make it a problem.

  • ctroftgruben
    Chad Troftgruben (@ctroftgruben) reported

    @pluralsight @yenrikrenmimbi Yes, I have mentioned this before. I have a dropbox link ready to go just in case any student needs it. I believe the issue was due to file size but it’s really discouraging that after two years this still hasn’t been addressed or fixed.

  • HDavis_CA
    Hiko Davis (@HDavis_CA) reported

    @DropboxSupport Same issue with Safari

  • SydneeCaldwell
    Sydnee Caldwell (@SydneeCaldwell) reported

    @arindube the dropbox link appears to be broken

  • msecure
    mSecure Password Mgr (@msecure) reported

    @olagon All backup files are encrypted with the login password (v4 or below) or account password(v5) in use when the backup file was created. In order to restore from a backup file, you'll need to know it's password. Note that Dropbox backups are encrypted with the cloud sync psw

  • rpaii
    Rob Abbott (@rpaii) reported

    @DropboxSupport Here is the ticket number: 8659636 - Looks like I may have found an issue. They had to escalate to the next level of support.

  • proj4awesome
    Project for Awesome (@proj4awesome) reported

    Thanks to everyone who pointed out that the AART live show link is no longer working. This is an issue with Dropbox, so we're working on another means of sharing the file. Stay tuned!

  • galtonsbox
    Ry Marcattilio (@galtonsbox) reported

    @Claire_L_Jones @TurnitinStatus TurnItIn is baked right into our Brightspace/D2L, so when students upload a paper to the course dropbox it gets auto checked. If TII goes down you can still see problem papers. I suppose this only matters if you only use it for plag detection. Never used their grademark stuff.

  • wisewoodowl1867
    Ian (@wisewoodowl1867) reported

    @askyorkshire put money in to your Dropbox at my local branch. Was assured it would be in my account by 13:00 no problem . Guess what . It's not #useless

  • mikereddington
    Mike Reddington (@mikereddington) reported from Bromley, England

    @DropboxSupport This slow uploading happens on mine & my wife’s iPhone. I’m on iOS 12.1... tried uninstalling and reinstalling the DP app... still doing it!! I also tried ‘connect to computer’, followed the steps with the QR code but cos’ I already had the desktop app installed, it did nothing!

  • Gogo
    Gogo (@Gogo) reported

    @drazowsky ...or file transfers, audio or video streaming. Dropbox and Google Drive cause issues like these. It happened to me on a flight when I left sync "on". -Massi 2/2

  • szbalint
    Bálint Szilakszi (@szbalint) reported

    @zeynep Not sure what is the issue on the Google end, I've been using GitHub/GitLab/Dropbox and the FIDOv1 keys for years in Firefox.

  • super_marek
    Marek ✈ (@super_marek) reported

    @DropboxSupport @Dropbox Yes, I'm using a file system which supports extended attributes for files, it has been working without any issues for years, it stopped working now with the latest update. Your support is useless and linked page does not explain why you only accept inferior ext4 file system.

  • tomlongphd
    Tom Long (@tomlongphd) reported

    @tropy Thank you! I had been poking around the forum and will continue to do so. I saw that several people had problems either with OneDrive/DropBox or with file paths, but I couldn't find an exact solution. Will keep looking!

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport I do not even get to a point were i can enter credentials - so that email you requesting is useless as the software installation fails, not the login or something.

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport Common to all are those file not found errors in eventviewer... wish there was a teamviewer support.. So i give the laptop back without resolving it and we migrate to working onedrive next week :(

  • Josh_Rollins
    Helpdesk-Headdesk (@Josh_Rollins) reported

    reading people's problems over at r/applehelp on reddit is depressing. People willing to pay Apple $1500 to replace a hard drive in a machine that cost $2000. People are stuck years behind on old OS that won't allow new dropbox/chrome version because new mac is too much $$$.

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport I will try installing on the same machine with another user Profile, maybe there is a problem.. I do not have the email address, and that would not help as support has to contact me, not him.

  • Palingsoy
    Pål Ingsøy (@Palingsoy) reported

    @DropboxSupport - I have been running dropbox for many years on my Mac Mini. But if you days ago it stopped working and all my files are grayed out. I am now on macOS Mojave 10.14. #DropBox is a good tool, but the support pages are a complete mess, and I could not fix it

  • Globelink_Labs
    Globelink Labs (@Globelink_Labs) reported

    Huge #dropbox #scam out in the wild focusing on 365 credentials, if you receive an official Dropbox invite to a shared doc from someone or corp you may know be extra vigilant- the file within may redirect you to a legacy 365 login site which is fake. #cybercrime #CyberSecurity

  • London_AV
    James (@London_AV) reported

    Huge #dropbox #scam out in the wild focusing on 365 credentials, if you receive an official Dropbox invite to a shared doc from someone or corp you may know be extra vigilant- the file within may redirect you to a legacy 365 login site which is fake. #cybercrime #CyberSecurity

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport It seems that the error occurs on creating the Dropbox Folder - instead the folder being created, explorer.exe is unexpectedly restarted.

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport the customer is in a meeting with the laptop now while I am researching additional ways to resolve the problem.

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport there is nothing like an error message, installer starts, works, explores restarts and nothing else.

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    @DropboxSupport Searched on the net for nearly 2 hours now, many having this problem. Other clients on the same network working flawlessly. His account data used on another system work fine. Is HP Elitebook with 2 week old windows, fully patched, no specialties, no domain controller.

  • timoldenb
    ⓉⓄⓍⒾⒸ Wombat (@timoldenb) reported

    So @DropboxSupport - a client has issues with a Windows 10 Pro and the Client. It crashes explorer during installtion, Dropbox Folder is not created, and todays deadline to solve the issue is 4pm swiss time. Any chance getting there, or should I move to Onedrive

  • harrysflicker
    hannah (@harrysflicker) reported

    the wifi was literally working perfectly and then i uninstalled netflix for a sec bc i thought maybe my dropbox was crashing bc of storage issues and now i cant ******* watch daredevil cause it wont redownload

  • AnelaS8
    Anela S (@AnelaS8) reported

    @UniversitySA can someone please help with my results new portal not working can't access the Admin dropbox... LLB faculty telephones are not being answered...

  • Ahad44221682
    Ahad (@Ahad44221682) reported

    @TutuApp_vip Can u please fix the Dropbox sync in gba4ios

  • dante_p
    Dante T. Pumareja (@dante_p) reported

    @DellEMCSA Hi’ still learn mngmnt. accnts. for phones, cellphones also not sure if minimum only bills and friends store to maximise phone with Dropbox. Still sister’s work abroad professionals can make home and office networks in line I’d. to login in PC Mac, Windows learn prog. langg’s.

  • hypocrisy_left
    left_hypocrisy (@hypocrisy_left) reported

    @DropboxSupport Screw off. I don’t know if I need a business account and your business sales person WAS HORRIBLE on the phone and only had ONE MISSION to upgrade my account and she did not care about my problem or issues. No need to reply because YOUR COMPANY SUCKS BAD with a lack of service

  • whoiscaseygent
    mr lord c-man (@whoiscaseygent) reported

    How many times Dropbox gonna email me saying they’re gonna close down my account. It’s been like a year ***** just close it I dont even know how to use it lmaoooo

  • cycomachead
    Michael Ball (@cycomachead) reported from Berkeley, California

    @atpfm @siracusa I keep my main *** repos on Dropbox. It’s not perfect but I think the convenience is worth the occasional issue. The biggest issue with node_modules is the CPU because Dropbox sucks there. But excluding that works OK. Also iCloud has a weird .nosync thing.

  • WhoYaOn2
    Who Ya On (@WhoYaOn2) reported

    @AutodeskHelp @AutoCAD No all good now Dropbox resolved my issue very quickly

  • OrendaBooks
    Karen Sullivan (@OrendaBooks) reported

    @book_obsessed1 @liveotherwise @SJIHolliday Oh, I've had one of those days, too. A meeting where the wifi was down and my carefully saved presentation IN MY DROPBOX was useless :( x

  • tvanantwerp
    Tom VanAntwerp 🛸 (@tvanantwerp) reported

    Just got done troubleshooting a @Dropbox issue with adding comments to files. The comment sidebar wasn't appearing for this user and I couldn't find any option on the page to enable it. Turns out it was just hidden because she uses 150% zoom in her browser. Not great #a11y there.

  • rebelwarrior
    David Acevedo (@rebelwarrior) reported

    @Readdle Because it won’t highlight and prompts me to buy it. The Dropbox file is local If the connection is broken it merely doesn’t sync

  • ChrisLAS
    Chris Fisher (@ChrisLAS) reported

    @popey In semi-recent LUP show notes, I have a link to a little hack that tricks Dropbox into thinking its always on an ext4 fs... Use at your own risk. But I think I am two or three weeks into using it without issue! Very handy way to buy time while I test out my replacement.