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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • jeanichol Jeanette Nicholas (@jeanichol) reported

    @Theoryjoy @MarianeBignotto @googlechrome What a nuisance! Raindrop is a good extension for bookmarks if you use Dropbox, but extended features aren't free. I use LastPass at work as well. The only password I bother to remember now is my work login.

  • ashlarblocks Louise A. Hitchcock (@ashlarblocks) reported

    @DropboxSupport Can't see my folders, keep getting server error message

  • sadtcdisrupt Sad Disrupt (@sadtcdisrupt) reported

    Dropbox, but for broken relationships. #TCDisrupt

  • TuristiPer Turisti per Sbaglio (@TuristiPer) reported

    @DropboxSupport But I’ve had for almost 10 years without problems! Why not simply informing “there’s an update available, please download it”

  • MACKabiVIPer42 PHILIP CRAWFORD (@MACKabiVIPer42) reported

    Dropbox is great but very slow downloading photos it still downloading January 2018 photos so it’s only one year four months behind of the 228,994 photos that I got on my iPhone 5s

  • MACKabiVIPer42 PHILIP CRAWFORD (@MACKabiVIPer42) reported

    Google Photos are just like Apple iCloud photo you delete your photos off iPhone it gets deleted off of Google Photos I tried it Dropbox is the best it slow downloading photos that I know my Dropbox still downloading 2018 photos on my iPhone 5s 64 GB

  • thataylaa Taylor (@thataylaa) reported

    Anyone have a genius way to transfer 4k iphone video to mac computer without Airdrop (not working), USB (not working), or Dropbox/Drive (Taking 45 minutes to send 2 minutes out of 2 hours of footage so far)...

  • atfletcherr Alex Fletcher (@atfletcherr) reported

    @KoeWetzel imma need some music soon.. my bootleg Dropbox link got shut down

  • Mara_A_Miller Mara (@Mara_A_Miller) reported

    I about had a heart attack when Scrivener wouldn't open my books properly from Dropbox. I restored my computer earlier because it was lagging and had a few other issues so I'm still installing everything. Thank goodness it finally brought up everything. #writerproblems

  • jstickley John Stickley (@jstickley) reported

    I get capping users at whatever device limit they’ve hit over time, but forcing users back to three when they’re just trying to replace a device is ridiculous. Fix this, @Dropbox.

  • Aki__Hime AkiHime 💖💜✨✨✨✨ (@Aki__Hime) reported

    @nomadicism I think that’s been the problem. My flash drives work well on PCs. Never had a problem. The computer labs on campus use PCs but my graphic design classroom uses Macs. This only happened since they changed it to Macs. So yes, I’ll be using Dropbox/ google drive.

  • tatterededge Tattered Edge (@tatterededge) reported

    @lisa_kovanda @DropboxSupport Indeed! I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out what the problem was.

  • conorgil Conor Gilsenan (@conorgil) reported

    @simonthorpe @mojcamars That is what Cast and Zencastr both do. Saves audio locally and streams it up to their server/GSuite/Dropbox.

  • GabrielNDresden Gabriel & Dresden 🔜Remedy (@GabrielNDresden) reported from San Rafael, California

    @djsuperfresh Dropbox is good. You can pretty much expect any major label sample to be taken down pretty quick but your trick of keeping it private is a good idea 💡

  • MiriamElman Miriam F. Elman (@MiriamElman) reported

    @WarpedMirrorPMB @TheMiddle123 I was informed today that a virulently anti #Israel detractor is now sharing the articles free of charge via DropBox. I’m reporting this to the Press. The issue can be purchased for $25 from @iupress

  • muttdio ❣️🐾dio muttley🐾❣️ (@muttdio) reported

    I’ve already taken down content that we made together per his request - if you’ve already purchased our content on Dropbox, you have two days to download it before I delete it.

  • tatterededge Tattered Edge (@tatterededge) reported

    @DropboxSupport The problem was exactly that-they didn’t know they had to log into their Dropbox account. Thank you for pointing this out. It was a problem on their end! Whew! File has been downloaded.

  • ri_neb Rabbit House 「M3-2019春 か-15a」 (@ri_neb) reported

    @DolphinDTM I want to stop uploading bms to Google Drive or Dropbox. my google drive become bms server Anyway, if i have a hub that can resolve hard accessibility, I want to use it.

  • halcyves i’m demon (@halcyves) reported

    shoebox is shutting down so now i’ll have to spend some time transferring my photos and videos to dropbox then google photos.... sad

  • zuc16th Zucth (@zuc16th) reported

    @DropboxSupport It's not like that... I mean that when you download it you cannot spread the zip file. It say my zip is a bad zip... but when I bring it down to my phone everything is fine, sorry for the before... I'm have a little confuse after work 😅

  • zuc16th Zucth (@zuc16th) reported

    @DropboxSupport Oh.. I almost forget! The android dropbox version have a problem.. I cannot share the link or download it down on my phone, I'm hope you will answer me what's the problem here, because If you have no clue, all my work will be gone forever 😢

  • tatterededge Tattered Edge (@tatterededge) reported

    @DropboxSupport I’m not getting an error message. The receiver just keeps telling me they can’t open it without a password. I don’t have one for it, so I don’t understand why they need one.

  • khgibbel Katherine Gibbel (@khgibbel) reported

    @maggiesmithpoet Dropbox! If you download it, it's like a regular file/file folder on your computer, except you can access it online as well. Plus it doesn't have the formatting problems that come with google docs.

  • akhildabral Akhil Dabral (@akhildabral) reported

    @DropboxSupport I am facing error in Google Sign-in on Paper App.

  • KathrynvanBeek Kathryn van Beek (@KathrynvanBeek) reported

    @johnmccnz @MathesoMichelle I've tried OneDrive & DropBox. Talked to an IT person at work about it. Long story short, I want too much. Haven't had issues with my 'hard drive / email-to-self / external hard drive' system until my computer wigged out today. Maybe it's time to give Google Docs a shot. Blerk.

  • Laserhedvig Hedvig (@Laserhedvig) reported

    @Spectregraph @Dropbox @onedrive @ourANU Last time I tried it I had problems and I'm leaving ANU this year. So. I'm going to go with Dropbox for peace of mind. OneDrive has left me cloud-traumatized, I don't want to try anything new unfortunately. Sorry

  • simmessa simmessa (@simmessa) reported

    For all other people experiencing this issue, you can easily bypass this if you access Dropbox via APIs like in a file manager app. Looks like it's time to uninstall this "waste of space" @Dropbox app!

  • Biele_Jojo Biele_Jojo (@Biele_Jojo) reported

    @DropboxSupport If I want to delete a file in the smartphone, which was already deleted on the PC, the error message comes as a popup: The file can not be deleted try it later.

  • corbinstech Corbin (@corbinstech) reported

    @austinnotduncan @Synology Primarily a "file sending" server because there is no good simple way to send files between computers. Email is messy and limited, and using cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox is costly. Using this makes much more sense to me, especially since we all use Windows PCs.

  • GansenJared Jared Gansen (@GansenJared) reported

    @mcfunny @MsTrixter @VeritasEver @TYLERG927 @doritmi @BeckyJohnson222 @Anguish4ever @bruce_barrett @Siubhan_H @bobsnee @kmerian @ianfmusgrave @CoercedTaxSlave @StopVaxxedLies @Sohnhicc @EmmaGPaley @Plasticdoe @RogueTrader84 @45HammerTime @Nukem37 @amanda_pompili @t3tragrammat0n @kidoctr @TeddyFreddy11 @erikwilson1975 @Notyour28981739 @jjay_1984 @Stephaniethe2nd @BigTheyInc @Golfergirl2018 @DCataneo @SkepticalMutant @MAhealthforkids @JulieAMcLean @weaponizedword1 @kuriousmind93 @milnem @begarcia87 @KrochetxKorner @laurast30381821 @Just4TheCause @michabird67 @KittyAmnezia @SpectrumomYeah @LaLaRueFrench75 @CplBart @TannersDad @wwwillstand When you get a chance look it up a whopping 50 to 60% of the participants ended up with upper respiratory disease and gastrointestinal issues. I've got it saved to my Dropbox account currently. I'm having trouble linking the study to your account directly. Do you know another way

  • rocker_2point0 [Insert Rock Pun Here] (@rocker_2point0) reported

    I'm looking at my Dropbox... and i have a LOT of Markiplier photos and everytime i scroll down i say ".... oh nooo"

  • amykaycannon Amy K. Cannon (@amykaycannon) reported

    @maggiesmithpoet All my students only write in Google Docs which seems foreign to me as an oldster but BOY HOWDY has it cut down on "my computer crashed and I lost my paper!!!!" emails right before deadlines, for which we are all grateful! I myself have folders on my desktop that save to Dropbox

  • AliasNestor1 Fred has insomnia (@AliasNestor1) reported

    @BrandonDonkey @Dropbox It's terrible.

  • JamieConner8 Jamie (@JamieConner8) reported

    @janem1276 @Zigmund_Fraud @TheFrankmanMN @PileOfGoop @StopVaxxedLies the link is broken so I will need an alternative way to get it to you because I am having trouble with dropbox.

  • david__dooley David Dooley (@david__dooley) reported

    @raphaelschaad One massive issue for me when I moved from Dropbox to Drive was being able to selectively sync sub-folders. If you get stuck on that too there's a great app called Insync to sort it :)

  • DjangoWexler Django Wexler (@DjangoWexler) reported

    Backups are important! I write in a dropbox folder on my laptop, so it's cloud-stored, but also copied down to both my other computers in case of shenanigans.

  • stacey_halls Stacey Halls (@stacey_halls) reported

    @toodletinkbaby I use Dropbox, which is free and basically an online server so you can access it wherever you have internet. No stick needed!

  • adampolselli Adam Polselli (@adampolselli) reported

    I like this. At Dropbox, we also weigh complexity. Ambiguity = ill-defined problem space. Complexity = many variables, implications on the overall product, and stakeholders. Senior designers are capable of both creating clarity and managing this complexity.

  • DropboxSupport Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @WangLetcoin Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Please check if you have a security suite/firewall blocking the connection to Dropbox. Otherwise, Dropbox might be blocked on your local network. We’d recommend trying another network, like mobile data, to see if the issue still persists. Thx!

  • tomryanauthor Tom Ryan (Pre-order KEEP THIS TO YOURSELF now!) (@tomryanauthor) reported

    @sternbergh I use Dropbox - everything is saved on my desktop & automatically backed up remotely. My house was robbed a few years back & my laptop & desktop were both taken. It was an immense relief to login to Dropbox on another computer & find four in-progress manuscripts safe & sound!

  • LoreleiMathias Lorelei Mathias (@LoreleiMathias) reported from City of London, England

    Oh @ScrivenerApp I have sung your praises to all & sundry for 5 years now like a misguided scrivangelist. But your dropbox bugs, version and 'binder' issues have reached an impossible point now. My co-writer @camillaCmathias & I have been trying to access our shared script for 2

  • e_matray mathieu auvray (@e_matray) reported

    @lucianomunoz_ @elementary Managed to install it with the LTS version. Miraculously fixed the wifi, now looking for the dropbox issue... Might work someday ;)

  • othernine othernine (@othernine) reported

    @raiderfra @DropboxSupport Hah, I have 25 currently authorised! I can narrow it down to 5 though!

  • LukeMcCrory2 Luke McCrory (@LukeMcCrory2) reported

    Had a few QC issues with my old YouTube channel so I tried to use Dropbox witch didn't work, then I used messager of all things to send the last two tracks for my EP #goforthethroat . I'm just so emotional because for a second there I thought that was it as far as this music goes

  • e_matray mathieu auvray (@e_matray) reported

    @lucianomunoz_ @elementary Can't make it boot on my macbook... I have it on my desktop though and it works like a charm ! But it suffers from the same Dropbox issue...

  • MeliDraws Lady Corella of House Squawk (@MeliDraws) reported

    I messaged the camera people and apparently my film was developed a while ago and they sent me a link to the scans via text message (they upload them to dropbox) but I never got it so god knows what number I put down, but hopefully that means I'll get them shortly!! Wheee!! :D

  • ericwpepin Eric Pepin MD PhD (@ericwpepin) reported

    @nverma21 @KurtSchoppe @RichDuszak @DrGMcGinty @Dropbox @onedrive And @OneDrive will search photo image contents (e.g. photos of shoes) and the text in photos! The only place I worry about not accessing my stuff is at the VA, and usually there my phone will access without issue.

  • MelodyKush Mel Kush, XBIZ Community Figure nominee 🙏 (@MelodyKush) reported

    @RococoRoyalle Oh hunnie!! This has been a thing for over a year now 😞 I pay monthly to use dropbox now with no issues.

  • mollystorm11 Molly Murphy (@mollystorm11) reported

    @DropboxSupport I’m trying to cancel my trial for professional and for the last 2 days at the final step to cancel it gives me an error message and doesn’t cancel my trial. Error 403 Please help! Thank you!

  • therealkamille_ Kamille 💋 (@therealkamille_) reported

    DROPBOX IS $20 come on and purchase it over 50 files to make you drop *** down your ****

  • dustin_stern DStern (@dustin_stern) reported

    @3emeFarceur I moved skylord up a bit in the dropbox link, thanks for the heads up I missed its last line of text.. I could be wrong about redemption I just like the idea of card draw // selection in a format I am speculating to be slow and grindy.

  • babygirlariel1 babygirlariel (@babygirlariel1) reported

    wanting to do a slow drain... #moneyslave #whiteslave #paypig #paypal #dropbox #moneymiss #finsubwanted

  • r_littlefield Ryan Littlefield (@r_littlefield) reported

    @AaronToponce @Dropbox Maybe you'd make a good maintainer. There are open pull requests and somewhat recent issues filed, so it could probably use some love.

  • char_fish Charlie Fish (@char_fish) reported

    The new @Dropbox 3 device limit is TERRIBLE. I use MAYBE 500MB at MOST. I’d be willing to pay a dollar or so per month for unlimited devices. But paying $9.99 a month for 1TB when I use Dropbox for 1 thing is ridiculous.

  • Weird_Robloxian Banana (@Weird_Robloxian) reported

    @Royale_Sadie @Ushiesu If you use Autodesk sketchbook, scroll all the way down in the tools and click the tortillon tool to blend, if you use ibispaintx click the pencil on the bottom, the dropbox thing should show up and you click blur and use that.

  • TimKidwell Tim Kidwell (@TimKidwell) reported

    Today in magazine editing: Spreadsheets and Dropbox accounts. Solving workflow issues and getting a handle on production schedules. That right--PAAARTY!

  • jesusmeandtea1 jesusmeandtea (@jesusmeandtea1) reported

    @DropboxSupport we're trying to see videos and images, but we are now getting errors messages saying the video or image is not supported. This is occurring on all computer. any help you could provide would be much appreciated

  • 72michaelwang Michael Wang (@72michaelwang) reported from Richardson, Texas

    @DropboxSupport No. NOT ABLE TO PREVIEW. There are so many files having the same issue. Not inly word, but also PDF files.

  • TKD2U Morons'R'Us (@TKD2U) reported

    @googledrive a minute and a half to zip 12 PDFs to download off your terrible system. It's actually amazing that a company like @Google can have so much power yet create something so terrible. I don't even know why you're trying to save this garb. #onedrive #dropbox #anyoneelse

  • schneid3306 Sarah (@schneid3306) reported

    @BRUBromley My server, call my script to create the note, and then dropbox syncs it to a local editor. I also re-created my most used templates on the local apps.