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Electronic Arts Inc. is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California. EA develops and publishes games under several labels including EA Sports titles FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, NCAA Football, NBA Live, Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims as well as newer franchises such as Crysis, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Titanfall and Battlefront Star Wars.

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  • everynameraken Josh (@everynameraken) reported

    @EAHelp fix your damn servers! Holy sh*t!

  • andre_ss6 André Silva (@andre_ss6) reported


  • Psychopafic requex (@Psychopafic) reported


  • renonelab RenOne Lab (@renonelab) reported

    @EAHelp You guys really don't understand how your own games work . The game save is stored on ea servers . When my local save checks against the online save the problems happen .

  • adamherne11 Adam (@adamherne11) reported

    @EAHelp I haven’t been able to get on the Fifa 20 servers all day and it’s not a network issue as I have been able to get on other games servers

  • DevounHaase Devoun D (@DevounHaase) reported

    @flowerweekends @EA_KRAELO @Fidgety482oast @EAHelp You should time it easier to get after people see the issue with your solo picture atm is no proof of the time ya know

  • BiLLsMAFiA_FODx Nick Fiorello (@BiLLsMAFiA_FODx) reported

    @EAHelp I have just been disconnected 3 games in a row at the match screen on @EAMaddenNFL as soon as I get matched up with someone on h2h it it's giving me an error and closing the application. Please help

  • ssjsonic15 Donald Reisinger (@ssjsonic15) reported

    @EA_KRAELO @Fidgety482oast @EAHelp Even tho we give a pan when this happens still does not fix they fact we grind a whole season for this to happen you guys owe the whole community again for a DC glitch that has went on for way to long things like this in a game not being fixed when they are known issues is B's ea

  • Odnum Mundo (@Odnum) reported

    @EAHelp hi! Just wondering if my EA account has been deactivated. I've tried everything but I still can't login to the EA servers to play fifa 20

  • OGR1ceR6 OG.R1ce (@OGR1ceR6) reported

    Dear @EAStarWars please please fix error code 721 for Star Wars Battlefront II... @EAHelp

  • bellebydaylight 🎃 Belle by Daylight 🎃 (@bellebydaylight) reported

    @EAHelp I got disconnected from my Live Chat with an EA representative and I cannot get back to the chat now, and when I resubmit my issue the only option I get is to wait for a call back and I can't even tell if I am in a queue for that. I need to talk to someone to fix this.

  • Hakumen08 Hakumen08 (@Hakumen08) reported

    @EAHelp anthem is not working on my Xbox one x. It seems to be not working only for me. I have done everything, changed ports, rest my everything including my Xbox. I even factory reset it and uninstalled/reinstalled the game.

  • Mindify_ Sabrina the teenage biche (@Mindify_) reported

    @Brendoushka @EAHelp @crinrict Sign in and out of origin

  • iJellyFam JellyFam Gaming (@iJellyFam) reported

    EA makes millions every hour during lightening rounds on @EASPORTSFIFA and yet their servers have been down for 10 HOURS in my area. Fix this @EA @EAHelp

  • racing1971 Ron (@racing1971) reported

    @DADDYDOLLAS_ @EAHelp I had a untouched back up save file and did the same problem.

  • Nkoudismo Villas Boasismo (@Nkoudismo) reported

    @EdFrelliot @EAHelp I have the same issue than you , as well as the companion app just being zoomed like crazy, it’s so annoying. I literally can not scroll down the messages nor the Sbc instructions, as if my phone wasn’t large enough to see the messages on the app

  • Hill23Luson The caveman (@Hill23Luson) reported

    @EAHelp is there any way y’all can look in y’all system and see if I did mines legit or not and give me shit back I shouldn’t get wiped cuz I other ppl glitch the game I shouldn’t have to go threw wat somebody glitch the game goin threw and I didn’t glitch It

  • Yucky_Yuppie Jean Aymar (@Yucky_Yuppie) reported

    @anthemgame @EAHelp Again and again Anthem on Xbox One is unplayable, 4 crash in 30 minutes in freeplay.

  • Hill23Luson The caveman (@Hill23Luson) reported

    @EAHelp my progress deleted and I deleted the game I hope this update fix it I’m downloading it rn

  • Hill23Luson The caveman (@Hill23Luson) reported

    @racing1971 @EAHelp The update didn’t fix the missing progress all shit I paid 60 dollars for a broken game

  • DADDYDOLLAS_ 💰💰💰 (@DADDYDOLLAS_) reported


  • MmeErzulie JR (@MmeErzulie) reported

    @EAHelp The problem with that link is that I have to choose a game I’m having issues with. There’s no game, just want to chat to someone about my account. Not sure why you’ve made it so difficult.

  • AsherBlount Asher Blount (@AsherBlount) reported

    @EA_KRAELO @Fidgety482oast @EAHelp Aww its a shame Madden can't fix this but let's keep buying a broken game

  • James31657774 James (@James31657774) reported

    @EAHelp So why couldn't ea team say that when I was talking to them and I would like how they will fix mine has I lost everytthing and had to start over again in the game

  • AnAmericanSpur Cooper (@AnAmericanSpur) reported

    @EAHelp I requested to have the problem fixed and contacted twice via email, but still have yet to have it resolved.

  • jay_olesen Pff Jay (@jay_olesen) reported

    @BradSmithJr @EAHelp @racing1971 Every time one of them tweets they say it’s the end of their shift and they hope we’re still not having that problem

  • pablo29552229 pablo (@pablo29552229) reported

    @EAHelp @racing1971 Literally thought the update would fix that problem because I thought this update would fix all the issues

  • jay_olesen Pff Jay (@jay_olesen) reported

    @EAHelp @racing1971 Hey isaac can you fix the servers for FIFA 20

  • BradSmithJr Brad Smith🌹 (@BradSmithJr) reported

    @EAHelp @Nicky_Fragz Same issue!!!!

  • racing1971 Ron (@racing1971) reported

    @EAHelp @DADDYDOLLAS_ Have this same problem. My ps4 said it installed the new update. But says 1.4 even after updating today.

  • holguin_ryan Ryan Holguin (@holguin_ryan) reported

    @EAHelp @Nicky_Fragz Same issue. On Xbox

  • racing1971 Ron (@racing1971) reported

    @EAHelp My ps4 also says 1.4 after update instead of 1.5 Having this same problem on 2 of my main Ps4 accounts.

  • HunnyBunny12306 Dawn 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧 🐱 (@HunnyBunny12306) reported

    @Brendoushka @TheREALschnuck @EAHelp @crinrict Had this problem too, i go to Origin, go offline then after a few minutes go online again, if that doesn't work, go out and back into your game, but sometimes logging on and offline kicks it up the butt! Hope it sorts itself out, happens to me a lot

  • CarpeDiemsNuts CarpeDiemsNuts (@CarpeDiemsNuts) reported

    @EAHelp Aaaaaand now its back. I'd say thanks but for whatever reason your client refused to update and your web portal outright refused my login attempts up till now.

  • renonelab RenOne Lab (@renonelab) reported

    @EAHelp I'm still receiving that error . I'm on Xbox and game is up to date .

  • AussiePhinatic B’la’ke (@AussiePhinatic) reported

    @EAHelp @PlantsvsZombies I have an issue in PvZ2. After I finish every level my screen remains black but the background sounds & music continue. I have the most updated version.

  • Jipper315 Jason⚡️ (@Jipper315) reported

    @BradSmithJr @EAHelp Im getting annoyed I’ve been waiting and nothing’s come out about it and not everyone is having the problem

  • 45gokhan1903bjk Gökhan (@45gokhan1903bjk) reported

    @EASPORTSNBALM @EAHelp I can not play for 3 days nba live game started 4 seasons, but problems proliferated before we would wait 2-3 months for the new season, but this season was healthier than other seasons 3 days I can not enter the game when the solution @EASPORTSNBALM

  • ConnorLalone Connor LaLone (@ConnorLalone) reported

    @EAHelp no that's okay, I didn't want any resolution to the issue. Worthless shambles of a company

  • TheREALschnuck Schnuck01 (@TheREALschnuck) reported

    @Brendoushka @EAHelp @crinrict I have this problem from time to time. It always seems to resolve itself at some point.

  • trakasanchez Maz Sanchez (@trakasanchez) reported

    @EAHelp Hi I cant register its says you have some technical issues try again later since yesterday

  • Jipper315 Jason⚡️ (@Jipper315) reported

    @EASPORTSFIFA and @EAHelp .... fix the servers on fifa.

  • MmeErzulie JR (@MmeErzulie) reported

    @EAHelp I keep getting emails with security codes I haven't requested, and now also a new web login. Want to talk to someone about deactivating my account. Website no help.

  • Alex_YT9 Ph4ntomH1ve (@Alex_YT9) reported

    @EAHelp @NuhKnight Uhh I do. Putting apart sbmm, you are in a match you know, having fun and BOOM! Lag every where to the point that it kicks you out to the main menu. Also I want to open my inventory and it kicks me out to the main menu ( this one happens rarely but it does happen ) I have 175 mbs

  • n_johnson25 . (@n_johnson25) reported

    @EAHelp Finally working, thank you. Can I receive some type of compensation for my troubles. That was about a 12+ hour issue. I missed out on several things in the game

  • KGIBSON93 Kyle Gibson (@KGIBSON93) reported

    @EAHelp @Mikey321619 EA JUST FIX YOUR SERVERS FFS YEAR AFTER YEAR. You'll blame packet loss. Yet no other game on the console has this many issues. We pay for a product yet you can't provide consistentcy. Modern day robbery. Disgusting. So many ******* complaints. SORT IT OUT.

  • xixgod xIxGOD MODExIx (@xixgod) reported

    @EA_KRAELO @EAMaddenNFL @EAHelp Could someone please fix the issue where players are able to have "6" Xfactor on defense in mut squads, it is killing the game please especially when you can only have "3" on offense thank you

  • chy_tweets Chy (@chy_tweets) reported

    @EASPORTSNBALM @EAHelp you need to fix your game, i’m tired of trying to finish that last game in a chapter and missing every shot and the other team just makes step back threes it’s so annoying

  • jpaynejr_M20 ROME (@jpaynejr_M20) reported

    @EA_KRAELO hey they new roster not loading into new franchises are you guys aware of this issue @EAHelp

  • Dirty_Harris81 Ryan Harris (@Dirty_Harris81) reported

    @Badluxbandit @EAHelp Ive been havin the same issue all day

  • EdFrelliot Ed Frelliot (@EdFrelliot) reported

    @EAHelp It only happens on the countdown...restarting my router will take longer than that and your other advice was just 'dont use the app'. Appreciate you are just doing your job and probably just have a list of answers to give but this hasnt resolved my issue and i doubt it ever will

  • JonasBarcelona_ Jonas Martins (@JonasBarcelona_) reported

    @EAHelp Im having problems to conect to ea servers on BF4, its happening on PC and PS4

  • n_johnson25 . (@n_johnson25) reported

    @EAHelp It’s not been 4 hours since I have been waiting for a fix + the 6 hours I’ve been waiting since yesterday. What’s going on I’m tired of waiting @EASPORTSFIFA @EASPORTSFIFA this issue has not been resolved and it hasn’t improved at all


    @JabbaTheFUTfc @EAHelp It worked for me but there are some people who still have this issue @BenWangyan

  • EdFrelliot Ed Frelliot (@EdFrelliot) reported

    @EAHelp I have submitted a bug report and got nothing back. Its not working differently, its always been bugged like this.

  • I_a_m_Abhi Abhishek Banerjee (@I_a_m_Abhi) reported

    @EAHelp I am not able to play online friendlies with my friends. Can you please help us to resolve this issue

  • TheStarkz TheStarkz (@TheStarkz) reported

    @EA @EAHelp @Respawn @AskPlayStation Hi there! It's been 16 hours since my initial Tweet asking for you to fix this Trophy glitch on PSN. I'm not sure if it's a holiday where you are or what, but please look into fixing this absurd trophy glitch. I paid 90 bucks for the game!

  • get2shaan Santanu Majumdar (@get2shaan) reported

    @EAHelp Unable to connect to ea Servers.. Please Help..Looks like lot many has the same issue

  • Braddock512 Jeff Braddock (@Braddock512) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @600RR7 @G1ggsyJ @twlch63 @Lordmay3 @Reed5Five @ImSoFunky_Yt You’ll need to contact @EAHelp for account issues.

  • EdFrelliot Ed Frelliot (@EdFrelliot) reported

    @EAHelp Yeah its nothing to do with refreshing. Bid at 800, I try 850 and gives me the error. If I am fast enough to close down and log in again I can bid 850.