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Electronic Arts Inc. is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California. EA develops and publishes games under several labels including EA Sports titles FIFA, Madden NFL, NHL, NCAA Football, NBA Live, Battlefield, Need for Speed, The Sims as well as newer franchises such as Crysis, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Titanfall and Battlefront Star Wars.

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  • ▪ Sign in (20.00%)
  • ▪ Glitches (20.00%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (20.00%)

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  • LONZO🅱️🅱️🅱 (@BigBallerNitty) reported

    @EAHelp @DanThaMan98 Same problem and y'all not responding to dms

  • Brian Abel (@Ogrejob) reported

    @EAHelp keep getting CE-34878-0 error when I try to start anything in #Madden18

  • Marshall Green (@Marsh_G10) reported

    @KlownManMut @EAHelp @benallen66 Exact same problem here. It says I have 0 unopened packs.

  • Eunan🇮🇪 (@eunan2002) reported

    @EAHelp @JJDOESYT My login verification is on my old phone and I can't access it anymore. I can't get on to my ea account

  • iwake up wavy, baby (@ToneGully) reported

    @EAHelp no problem please send

  • Josh parker (@Jparkerrr93) reported

    @EAHelp My laptop is, its no good, I just been on the phone to a advisor and gave me poor service, trying to say it's my connection to the servers

  • Josh parker (@Jparkerrr93) reported

    @EAHelp I've tried using it and it's not working properly, keeps freezing

  • Dlo washington (@VestaDlo10) reported

    @XxDEFCON1xX17qq @EAHelp And the same for me. Same issue.

  • purplehaze (@MattHayes2513) reported

    @EAHelp i cant login to my account bc it has my old phone number

  • Jackson Pallandi (@jpallandi21) reported

    @HoodieMeIo @EAHelp Having the same problem. Except I've been waiting for 3 hours

  • Mike giliuson (@MGiliuson) reported

    @EAHelp It is telling me network connection issue. Either my internet is down or ea servers are down. I am 100% connected to the internet.

  • YOUNG B WISE (@YoungB_WISE) reported

    @joey22fan22 @EAHelp Y'all need to fix the errors that's going on @EAHelp Joey got the same problem

  • #TeamJL // #BullRush (@joey22fan22) reported

    @YoungB_WISE @EAHelp They're not showing up for me also. Probably just a sync glitch. Should show up sometime in future

  • 🌛Jay 🌜 (@autisticwitchy) reported

    @EAHelp I messaged you privately about an issue I was having but haven't received a response back. I messaged you yesterday.

  • Maxxi (@Maxxi_lol) reported

    @EAHelp I got rid of the problem myself. Was probably just a glitch.

  • kengchau (@kengchau) reported

    @EAHelp @EAFIFAMOBILE This time it's bearable for some, not as severe as disconnecting and long matching opponents. But lagging and slo mo at inconsistent times.

  • Nick Cretella (@NickCretella) reported

    @EAHelp Hello I am having a problem trying to find a 6 digit verification code.

  • *~*C.][-][.R.][.$*~* (@krs90) reported

    @EAHelp yoo when did the beta finish i can get on it and it was saying problems with server try again later

  • Kenny McCullough (@alphakmac) reported

    Getting so mad @EAHelp I can’t login into madden ea servers because of a email and password and this email I’ve never even used.?

  • #HustleButter (@samzdabull) reported

    @askEAsupport - huge problem with my @EAMaddenNFL 2018 and my EA account .. I can't log in because it's an old/expired email/PW . Help .

  • Robert (@SlowBleed49ers) reported

    @EAHelp I accept and want to move forward to get this issue fixed, so I can enjoy madden.

  • Nba (@Nba1717) reported

    @EAHelp @Skizzler I'm also having the same problem on xbox one and I'm from Illinois

  • Jacob the tw@ (@brroooookkssyy) reported

    @EAHelp sort your need for speed servers out please, constantly being dropped out of the game because of server issues

  • Zac Molinelli (@ZacAttacksGamin) reported

    @EAHelp @EAMaddenNFL Hello, I have contacted them 3 times regarding this issue and they have not helped at all.They don't even know that you get early access

  • Forrest Henderson (@ForrestHen16) reported

    @EAHelp Can anything be done about the packs I was unable to buy because of the error with me not being able to buy points?

  • Rabdear (@Rabdear) reported

    @DreamzHoe @MUTGuru @EAHelp Broken ps4

  • Pete D (@comicgeek77) reported

    @EAHelp Still cannot access mutrewards free copy of madden18. I have NOT preordered and it still has error saying code is already used

  • SakiB (@solanki_sakib) reported

    @EAHelp For me also its lagging, can u send those steps to me??

  • eltalonero (@rafaelc08670606) reported

    @kingbitty @PabloLopezCR @EAFIFAMOBILE @tomcaleffi @EAHelp Jajajaj for this men dont have any problem, come on batty be honestli, your game is a shit

  • Dwayne mckell (@officialmckell) reported

    @EAHelp y'all have a horrible customer service I swear I see why 2k took y'all sales .. your customer service is fucking poor

  • 👌🏽 (@thiccboiidustie) reported

    @EAHelp servers down? Can't connect to FIFA online

  • Nick (@buckweed92) reported

    @TheRealSuper_J @sparks071 @EAHelp @EASPORTS_MUT I'm starting to see more people having the same issue

  • Flames Fan (@HappyFlamesFan) reported

    @EAMaddenNFL MUT not working. Says servers can't process my request. Why is this? @EAHelp @EASPORTS

  • Shawqi Itraish (@SItraish) reported

    @AskEASupport I am getting the error code Our servers are down please try again later what should I do

  • Nick (@buckweed92) reported

    @sparks071 @EAHelp @EASPORTS_MUT Having the same problem

  • Qwii Time (@Qwii_) reported

    @EAHelp who do I gotta talk to about an issue I'm having with the Origin app itself? Beta version i think I'm using

  • 🃏2️⃣1️⃣🃏 (@sparks071) reported

    @EAHelp @EASPORTS_MUT just downloaded madden 18 goat edition and everytime i press ultimate team it says error servers cannot process????

  • Endless (@Lives0Endless) reported

    @EAHelp Madden 18 PS4 don't have access to my email anymore and I need it to sign in for ultimate team

  • daniel Gutierrez (@danielbeast124) reported

    @EAHelp are your FIFA servers down for ultimate team

  • Nishchint Gupta (@Delhiguybw) reported

    @EAHelp Got the issue solved. Thanks

  • j🤘🏽st🖕🏽 (@JustTheChanMan) reported

    @EAHelp I have a problem trying to login into my ea account on PS4

  • First Hoekage (@Greatwhit_hope) reported

    @EAHelp I'm having issues with madden 18

  • Corey Sullivan (@CoreySullivan11) reported

    @EAHelp @Acrox53 Same issue with me. Restarted game multiple times still not working.

  • Billivier (@billldavis) reported

    @EAHelp can't connect to ultimate team on FIFA 27 Xbox one servers down? Any response for this?

  • Mr. Ouija (@itsPASS) reported

    @EAHelp goat edition showing as standard edition issue ?

  • Rober Martin (@robertdurden180) reported

    @johnmitchell666 @EAHelp Are servers down bro?

  • NotAVegetarian (@INotAVegetarian) reported

    @EAHelp The contact us is not working for me, I click everything I need to but then it brings me to a page with no contact information

  • johnmitchell666 (@johnmitchell666) reported

    @EAHelp are the servers down on FIFA 17? Every time I try connect it says there has been an error

  • Nate Haines (@Nate_Haines_11) reported

    @EAHelp I went to login my account and it was deleted I didn't do it but is there anything to get it back

  • Todd Batty (@kingbitty) reported

    @PabloLopezCR @EAFIFAMOBILE @tomcaleffi @EAHelp He was disconnected and we lost the stats. The score is accurate, what's the problem?

  • STEELER NATION (@Lurk_God) reported

    @ronniedale2 @EAHelp @EAMaddenNFL @GameStop Shit didn't change. They should've changed the time days ago. If it's indeed a error.

  • Matt Probst (@MattProbst) reported

    @EAHelp madden Xbox one not working yet even though we have goat edition

  • Vegas (@Deej_Vegas) reported

    @Infinatechamp @MUTGuru @Jstein2469 @EAHelp having the same issue on PS4 @Steve_OS

  • David Greene (@DaveGreene81) reported

    @EAHelp I tried all of this and still have the issue.

  • STEELER NATION (@Lurk_God) reported

    @ronniedale2 That's what the fuck I said... it's been saying 9pm for days now that isn't a damn error @EAHelp @EAMaddenNFL

  • Mike giliuson (@MGiliuson) reported

    @AskEASupport are the servers down or did I get hacked? I live in Minnesota and it has been down all weekend!!

  • James Cousins (@CuzLufc73) reported

    @EAHelp You call me disrespectful. You ignore all the problems within the game, now that's disrespectful.

  • Grant Plumley [RnT] (@gplumley) reported

    @AskEASupport on #Battlefield #MassEffectAndromedaApexHQ & #StarWarsBattlefront Companion apps is not working. Error is "Too Many Redirect"

  • Derek Turner (@Dgame1985) reported

    @EAHelp I'm having an issue logging into my EA account. I used a two step verification and saved it to my phone but I have a new phone.

  • Jacob Martin (@JacobyMartin) reported

    @EAHelp I redownloaded and I'm still having the same issues. I hard restarted and entered and exited play now.

  • Fernando (@ThatBoiNando) reported

    @EAHelp My Mut reward code is not working

  • Brandon Neely (@BrandonTXNeely) reported

    @EAHelp Are @Battlefield servers having issues? Can't play on @Xbox

  • Papi Chulo (@KeepPoundingSzN) reported

    @EAHelp ... Will the issue of downloading the G.O.A.T. edition through Madden 17 be resolved by midnight?

  • Cani Bazemore (@canibazemore) reported

    @ameerhajer231 @Liam2k_ @EAHelp Did anybody sokve the problem?

  • calichillin (@SMASHOLIPS) reported

    @EAHelp I changed my number so I can't sign in . How do I change that ? Really annoying

  • jay (@Boomtower54) reported

    @EAHelp can I get some help every time I try to login to ea it tells me it sent a code to a old phone number and can't access my account

  • Connor (@MusicalConnor) reported

    @EAHelp Hi, having trouble logging in to origin account, I can login, but when asked for verif code it keeps telling me it's invalid?

  • Dazza (@DazzaYT) reported

    @domfootball20 @EAHelp same issue as me mate! Been disconnected twice in daily knockout in semis winning 3-1 too :/

  • Jeremy Roemmich (@thepornclerk) reported

    The consistent disconnect between @EA and @EAHelp is so frustrating, and would be enough for me to end my relationship with some companies.

  • Michelle (@parkthecar2) reported

    @EAHelp That seems very misleading and is really inappropriate. I think the price promoted should be honored. I will elevate the issue if necessary.

  • Scrublord Lotheri (@Devours_US) reported

    @EAHelp So it says login into a game that has a ea login or on Madden 17 and noticed the login option is no longer there..and

  • fitzmagic13 (@fitzmagic13mut) reported

    @BoomanLames @EA @EAHelp I'm having the same problem

  • Ben Shelley (@benshelley04) reported

    @EAHelp I actually do have a problem this time... I was meant to have 3 7.5k packs given to me by an EA worker and I don't have them

  • Din (@Din027) reported

    @EAHelp Very different. Its whole league expierencing the issue. Different Iphones, androids devices. Im on iPhone 6S

  • Bluenose (@sking999) reported

    @EAHelp @EA @EAFIFAMOBILE So i have reached out to issues i have with the game but still no response do you just ignore people or do you look to sort the game

  • KFM. (@_WWEIsmylife_) reported

    @EAHelp Are the FUT 18 Closed beta servers down?

  • Key (@yuricatgirl) reported

    @EAHelp Ok it finally popped for me, i just had to site a different problem than what I am actually having to get the support options to show

  • Remember Me? (@femalemsktr) reported

    @EAHelp It was all evening. Uninstalled/reinstalled ORIGIN and kept getting "sign in unavailable at this time, try again later"

  • Zack (@2kguru10) reported

    @EAHelp The first 2 went through and I got my points the 3rd one I bought it said ea servers down I went back on ultimate team and nothing was there

  • EvilManicBoss (@EvilManicBoss) reported

    Hi guys my stream has been cut short as @Battlefield @EAHelp are having issues and not answering their players on what is happening! Sorry