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Facebook is an online social media and networking website that allows its registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

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March 22: Problems at Facebook

Facebook is having issues since 06:30 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ▪ Website Down (41.84%)
  • ▪ Errors (39.80%)
  • ▪ Sign in (18.37%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ New York, New York  ▪ Prescott, Arizona  ▪ Puebla City, Puebla  ▪ London, England  ▪ Forrestdale, Western Australia  ▪ Beaumaris, Victoria  ▪ Nottingham, England  ▪ Seattle, Washington  ▪ Edgewood, Kentucky  ▪ Vancourt, Texas  ▪ New Delhi, Delhi

Facebook Live Outage Map
  • New York, New York
  • Prescott, Arizona
  • Puebla City, Puebla
  • London, England
  • Forrestdale, Western Australia
  • Beaumaris, Victoria
  • Nottingham, England
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Edgewood, Kentucky
  • Vancourt, Texas
  • New Delhi, Delhi
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  • USANonPartisan
    Independent US Voter (@USANonPartisan) reported

    @ABC The default configuration needs to be locked down so that only motivated users have to go and deliberately give up their privacy to @facebook and its ridiculous apps.

  • mkgremo
    Moses Kalema (@mkgremo) reported

    @TimKalyegira @facebook Yes if i use the app directly i can see your friends [if you have not blocked that in settings]. What i am not sure about is if it is the same while using an API. After the Obama incident the app was shut down for the same reasons.

  • TaraTtirone
    Tara (@TaraTtirone) reported

    @facebook Hi Facebook I have a quick question for you my Facebook has been acting up for days now like it does not show me the number of friends I have. It only says recently friends I viewed and idk why it’s saying that I hope you can fix the problem soon.

  • beegeaglesblog
    BEEGEAGLES BLOG (@beegeaglesblog) reported

    @DonOkereke @facebook @inecnigeria @RemiAfon @atsen_ @GOkunsuwa @Temitopeolodo @theradiosteward @LocateNigeria @CyberWura @APCNigeria @OfficialPDPNig @Jidee_ @EzemaErnest Some of it boils down to wanting to advance their own interests and oh, there are always wolvish "activists" who see election time as an opportunity for buy-ins from some of the foreign interests.

  • hello11806192
    hello (@hello11806192) reported

    @Interior_Health @DarrenEsson @bradpittgossip @designed @lol @eugenesandow @heaven @pieceofshit ---- @Jesus owns @towlie & @50cent is the only guy Jesus loves, Jesus conned @fiddro into shutting down my @facebook Jesus conned @twitter & @MarkBuck 2 shut me down too @google too

    Steven Lewis Simpson (@REZBOMB) reported

    I have to spend thousands on @facebook ads sadly as their platform is so badly designed & their support is slow & a bit inept.

  • SpotlightManila
    Spotlight Manila (@SpotlightManila) reported

    the problem with free is that they made money from what we gave them, data! @facebook @Twitter @Apple @Google

  • farhandotch
    Farhan Anjum (@farhandotch) reported

    Facebook web page isn't working intermittently, any issue at your end @facebook

  • brianjoseparra
    Brian Jose Parra (@brianjoseparra) reported

    So facebook is having this issue/ I feel like I seen this coming bye bye @facebook

  • _Sonny_King_
    Sonny Parker (@_Sonny_King_) reported

    So, @facebook messes up and we need laws to fix it now?

  • AngryVets
    robert foley (@AngryVets) reported

    @steemit guys is anybody going to speak out and explain that the privacy issues with @facebook are exactly why we need blockchain.

  • MelHughes8000
    Mel Hughes (@MelHughes8000) reported

    @JasonTaylor_TX @MaryJohanna6 @ProPublica @facebook @Google @DuckDuckGo @mozilla I'm not sure what your point is here, I didn't have an issue wth browser capabilities, but data tracked from using browsers being used for sale to 3rd parties. I have duckduckgo as an extension already, and I knew its limitations. My points still stand as above.

  • PaulKingsley16
    Paul Kingsley (@PaulKingsley16) reported from Gibraltar, Gibraltar

    @jimcramer The U.K. and the Europeans are going to come down hard on @facebook They really don’t like this sort of thing.

  • DumpTrump808
    🌊AlohaLife🌊 (@DumpTrump808) reported

    @FLOTUS @amazon @facebook @FOSI @Google @m_beckerman @Microsoft @Twitter @Snap @WhiteHouse With all do respect, teach your philandering man child of a husband to quit bullying people every single day or just divorce his fat ass so you can live a respectable life. Otherwise you are just part of the problem and your token agenda is just a big joke. Words don't = action.

  • markmcgeoghegan
    Mark McGeoghegan (@markmcgeoghegan) reported

    To clarify: the point here is that data privacy, storage, security, and (mis)use issues are not @facebook specific problems. All businesses running a data-dependent revenue model need to face up to them, and spending money with them instead of @facebook won't make that happen.

  • kdcnett
    kdcnett (@kdcnett) reported

    @FLOTUS @amazon @facebook @FOSI @Google @m_beckerman @Microsoft @Twitter @Snap @WhiteHouse Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!

  • kdcnett
    kdcnett (@kdcnett) reported

    @FLOTUS @amazon @facebook @FOSI @Google @m_beckerman @Microsoft @Twitter @Snap @WhiteHouse Crazy Joe Biden is trying to act like a tough guy. Actually, he is weak, both mentally and physically, and yet he threatens me, for the second time, with physical assault. He doesn’t know me, but he would go down fast and hard, crying all the way. Don’t threaten people Joe!

  • darbusa
    Darwin Busa (@darbusa) reported

    @HoarseWisperer That became clear over the last few days even before Zucks lame response. Easy to fix for me as I just deleted (not deactivated) my FB account. @facebook

  • kwcollins
    Kevin Collins (@kwcollins) reported

    @kreissdaniel @facebook I wonder if, because they already changed the API by the time of the Guardian story, they thought it was a solved issue

  • daveGildedALM
    Dave O'Grady (@daveGildedALM) reported

    @patomahony1 @facebook Er, they already have the money to fix it......oh wait that was last Monday....

  • amizere
    Agnes Mizere (@amizere) reported

    @Prof3ssa @AirtelMlw @facebook @XexinKansichi @MalawiBreaking @Nairobi_News it means we will always be getting International phone calls after Midnight because of the Internet? Then it is a global issue so will ask...maybe we should switch off at night including those in Malawi saying they get calls from Syria

  • ANSHUL1002
    Bitter Truth (@ANSHUL1002) reported

    @JhaSanjay @facebook Morons if u have problem with Facebook delete your all connections with Facebook.

  • SuzyBradshaw
    Suzanne Bradshaw (@SuzyBradshaw) reported

    @facebook My facebook account has stopped working - only top blue bar visible. Can't even report a problem - nothing working.

  • ssherman007
    Sidney Sherman (@ssherman007) reported

    Watched the Zuck interview on @facebook and I was underwhelmed with his response. I think all FB users should let the company know we are not pleased with the recent data breach and their pathetic and slow response to this huge breach of trust. (P1)

  • SamuelTongue
    Samuel Tongue (@SamuelTongue) reported

    @Philip____Swann @AHamiltonSpirit @facebook I think that’s right to a certain extent - but the illegalities of data mining and lack of protection for personal data is a major issue

  • fayroberts
    Fay Roberts (@fayroberts) reported from Cambridge, England

    Welp, the @facebook app is SO VERY BROKEN on my phone. I'm guessing that it's tied its own hands to prevent itself from stealing my data. Maybe I'll get more done today as a result…

  • MajGablu
    Arnav Das (@MajGablu) reported

    @AlwaysNaveeen @beebomco @TheVerge @mashable @technology @facebook Facebook is trash for pages & news. Now that they have prioritised updates from friends and it's really a mess of data in facebook. So I don't think any one will care if facebook is shut down. Which may never happen but still.

  • IAmEricKenney
    Eric Kenney, MPA MA (@IAmEricKenney) reported

    There is a really simple way to turn off @facebook 's data mining tools. Login, in the help search type, "delete my account," click the link, click the delete button, enter your password, click ok. #bam #DeleteFacebookNow #DeleteYourFacebookAccount

  • RealNativeTaino
    American Hombre (@RealNativeTaino) reported

    @nytmedia @kurtbardella I left @facebook too! I feel violated and disrespected. I rather a new pay for use and no advertising platform get developed. I want a social platform dedicated to social interaction with family and friends. Facebook should be shut down or heavily regulated.

  • Sandybisht7
    Sandy bisht (@Sandybisht7) reported

    Data leak 'another indication of systemic problems at @facebook ' so sell the stock, analyst says. so our data is safe is with fb???????

  • GamersCheck
    GamersCheck (@GamersCheck) reported

    @facebook what goin on with Facebook? Site down and loads slow

  • iAdityaMarella
    Aditya Marella 🇮🇳 (@iAdityaMarella) reported

    After going through things, I've learnt the problem is #CambridgeAnalytica, and not @facebook. This reminds of of 2016 Nice Attack, where a truck was driven into crowds as a terrorist act. Do we ban trucks for this act? There are ppl who abuse anything, lets fight the abusers.

  • pcx33
    (@pcx33) reported

    @notafanofany1 @Im_RachitGupta @rsprasad @facebook That way, government will be forced to drop the idea of Aadhaar & had to listen to people. I guess, this is what democracy is. Similarly, we together can just ignore Facebook instead of cursing it. It will be shut down soon. No one needs to tell it to be secure or whatever.

  • scholz666
    Alexander scholz (@scholz666) reported

    @facebook FB Down ? in Germanny ?

  • americanmoldllc
    Brandon Schwab (@americanmoldllc) reported

    @DebChickadel @FLOTUS @amazon @facebook @FOSI @Google @m_beckerman @Microsoft @Twitter @Snap @WhiteHouse Oh boo hoo not cyber bullies. One way to fix cyber bullies is have all of the fat overweight kids stop going online all the time and get outside and start playing. I remember a time when there wasnt the internet and we played in the woods, rode quads played sports, rode bikes

  • LindaSunshine66
    LINDA SUNSHINE (@LindaSunshine66) reported from Forrestdale, Western Australia

    @gailborges @JimCarrey @facebook Absolutely no one cares that is mumbling some actor that flush him self down to toilet....

  • WordTale
    WordTale (@WordTale) reported

    @chrisinsilico @RanaAyyub @facebook Facbook out of our lives is not such a bad thing that we can't live without it or feel ad at being suspended. It was good (or bad) as long as it lasted. #DeleteFacebook It has/had created tremendous problems for parents of teenagers and some adults too.

  • rosspeili
    Ross Peili (@rosspeili) reported

    @facebook is down?

  • ConscienceEcho
    Echo of Conscience (@ConscienceEcho) reported

    @cnni The best way to solve the issue of @facebook breaching the trust from its users is to stop using @Facebook.

  • septic_emie
    delete yourself (@septic_emie) reported

    @DanCBraun @facebook @fbnewsroom Yep, it's down - the mobile app seems to work though.

  • MrSimonDudley
    Simon Dudley (@MrSimonDudley) reported

    It’s pretty obvious what sort of company @facebook #Facebook is as it’s impossible to speak to the company as a user. They use a platform to harvest (and sell) data on users and fail to address very serious content issues. They should face significant invasive global regulation

  • NicolasBouliane
    Nicolas Bouliane (@NicolasBouliane) reported

    @DanCBraun @facebook @fbnewsroom It's slow for me too

  • kimmy_is_real
    kimmy from TN (@kimmy_is_real) reported

    @IAmOroro @nashtnmom1 @RogueCIAsurveil @FLOTUS @amazon @facebook @FOSI @Google @m_beckerman @Microsoft @Twitter @Snap @WhiteHouse The word dummy doesn’t send someone to hell! It’s not a curse word or using Gods name in vain. It doesn’t keep them from knowing God either. You seriously have issues! I will again refer back to the word dummy!

  • ukcloudpro
    UKCloudPro 🇬🇧☁️👨‍🔧 (@ukcloudpro) reported

    listening to Chris Cox of @facebook on @BBCRadio4 - people who fill in "what's your first pet's name". People are generally not very smart and there's money in that, there always has been. Clever fast people making money out of slow dumb people.

  • omnologos
    Moritz Schlossmann (@omnologos) reported

    Problem of selling on @facebook : Try to market ice to Eskimos because they talk about snow. On the sidelines, @CamAnalytica claims to have invented igloos. In the meantime there's no effect in the real world, apart from money flowing to FB and CA.

  • gold123win
    reg morris (@gold123win) reported from Benidorm, Comunidad Valenciana

    @WMPDigitalPCSO @sectest9 @BBCNewsnight @bbctw @Ofcom Why is my home page all over the place I urge @TwitterSupport to look at my issues so no wonder I never receive any tweets it always out of sync don’t let Twitter be another @facebook Who is behind this scam so I lose out I have suffered long enough through scams @BBCPanorama

  • ContraAquam
    Contra Aquam (@ContraAquam) reported

    Daily Flow @ContraAquam markets stumbled Wednesday, with the S&P dropping 2%. Energy lead the gainers rising 2.6%, oil futures hit a seven week high. @facebook recovered slightly but is still down 8.7% for the week. The Fed raised rates by .25% the sixth bump since Dec 2015

  • Farmed280tegn
    Jakob Nielsen (@Farmed280tegn) reported

    @CNN Danish TV station TV2 recently ran a 2-programme story on numerous @facebook groups very obviously advertising stolen goods and drugs. @facebook did nothing to stop the groups - but slammed down instantly on people posting naked breasts... Public trust issues coming up big.

  • geethabuddha
    geetha (@geethabuddha) reported

    @Facebook is down ? It's not refreshing on my #facebook page. Is it just for me or everybody? Looks like some internal things are going on or is it #CambridgeAnalytics effect?

  • DecentralizedAF
    nobody (@DecentralizedAF) reported

    I don't care why 1 @twitter or @Facebook view is worth something to advertisers, that's an entirely separate problem. We can assume it is true. I think it is because 1 view (honestly, a view is a time series if we are being technical, not a single event) captures attention.

  • knudsen99
    pknudsen #NeverAgain #BlueWave #Resist (@knudsen99) reported

    @KodiGaddis @facebook I just deactivated my account and I won’t open again unless they fix this problem

  • MdBumbestages
    MdBumbestages (@MdBumbestages) reported

    If the ~ 2 Billion users posted critical posts on #facebook calling for rallies and protests against mass surveillance....Facebook would have been shut down long ago for “national security” !! As long people post only pics&nonsense @facebook is safe. Mark knows this. @Snowden

  • dasilvasamuel9
    HennyHolarSilva (@dasilvasamuel9) reported

    @facebook PRINCE OLADIPUPO SILVA that's the name I'll love to have it back cos I'm sure there was no problem with it

  • PoliticoPhilf
    Poli ticoPhilf (@PoliticoPhilf) reported

    @tekscienze @doctor_oxford @facebook @Twitter It’s a genie that’s so far out of it’s bottle that even shutting down the internet wouldn’t work. People are changing jobs & taking databases with them It’s way beyond control.

  • AmritK11
    Amrit kumbhar (@AmritK11) reported

    @sagarikaghose @facebook @Twitter If you so worried about above issues.. Instead of preaching them to re-think, better you think & uninstall Facebook and Twitter. Peace Peace Peace everywhere.

  • RathoreKarn
    Karn Singh Rathore (@RathoreKarn) reported

    @sagarikaghose @facebook @Twitter You should be the last one to talk on this issue since you have lied and done dalali for congress on Social media 24*7 for the last one decade.

  • bellaitalia347
    Adelina (@bellaitalia347) reported

    @BoyGeorge @facebook I think it is terrible that your true name cannot be released to you for @facebook. Whoever is using your name should give it up to you.

  • SwannDives
    Stephanie Swann (@SwannDives) reported

    @FoxBusiness @jackhough @facebook about we address the very real problem of unregulated social media influence and privacy issues?

  • QuatrainGleam
    Quatrain Gleam (@QuatrainGleam) reported

    @LouiseMensch @PCUnitedPage @lauferlaw @facebook @CamAnalytica Facebook literally can't fix this mess without re-writing Facebook, redesigning it from the ground up. From here forward, anyone can do exactly what CA did. Zynga has 100x as much user data as CA.

  • Ren1873Ben
    Ben Pathe (@Ren1873Ben) reported

    Current obvious security issues @Facebook @bbc5live #5liveBreakfast @rachelburden include @facebook #Messenger isn't #PasswordProtected, it's just a link. If you have that URL format & someone's mobile number, they can route all text & @facebook #Messenger #messages in one place