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  • ▪ Website Down (50.00%)
  • ▪ Errors (31.25%)
  • ▪ Sign in (18.75%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania  ▪ San Jose, California  ▪ Sherston, England  ▪ Toronto, Ontario  ▪ Tranent, Scotland  ▪ Balcatta, Western Australia  ▪ Calgary, Alberta  ▪ Cape Town, Western Cape  ▪ Chilgarwadi, Maharashtra  ▪ Claremont, California  ▪ Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

Facebook Live Outage Map
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • San Jose, California
  • Sherston, England
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Tranent, Scotland
  • Balcatta, Western Australia
  • Calgary, Alberta
  • Cape Town, Western Cape
  • Chilgarwadi, Maharashtra
  • Claremont, California
  • Den Haag, Zuid-Holland
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  • Massilloncom (@Massilloncom) reported

    @JKxZ @GGLinear @DrewOsier @F_Koke @donttrythis @facebook @netflix Wrong, what Netflix paid for was a streamlined network so their massive data didn’t have to travel down the congested interconnection points with everyone else, improved their service and others Net Neutrality is like saying a Semi carrying a tank should pay same toll as a Prius

  • akmcquade
    Alison McQuade (@akmcquade) reported

    The inability to schedule posts on any day in the future except the current day is SUPER annoying. Hope @facebook fixes this glitch soon.

  • Silversurfers50
    Silversurfers (@Silversurfers50) reported

    @facebook There seems to be a problem with scheduling posts on FB for the last couple of days ... can only schedule on the current day and not beyond .. problem with the calendar ... will it be fixed soon?

  • mschipperheyn
    Marc (@mschipperheyn) reported

    @facebook can someone fix the Android Facebook video play? Multiple videos playing through each other without a clear way to stop or know which one is playing. Annoying as hell

  • sagansapostel
    Hasse Bobben Boberg (@sagansapostel) reported

    @facebook In Sweden we have a little problem with all this left people working in Swedish Facebook. We can`t speak with each other because they don´t like the users on Facebook with different opinions.Why?

  • VirologyComics
    Susan Nasif (@VirologyComics) reported

    @debunkdenialism @facebook " However, the issue revolves discouraging the use of certain words in the budget documents, not banning words at the CDC. " - so? Sounds the same

  • JaleesHadvaid
    Jalees Hadvaid (@JaleesHadvaid) reported

    @rahulkanwal @facebook @Twitter @YouTube @aajtak @IndiaToday Wht is d problem in counting of 20-30% vvpats? We must keep n eye over #EVM . Cant b trusted blindly. #SupremeCourt #GujaratElection2017

  • KiranFKhater
    Kiran Khater (@KiranFKhater) reported

    @facebook just got an email someone reactivated my account but wasn’t me now can’t access account to shut it down what do I do?

  • PankajG32
    Pankaj Gaikwad (@PankajG32) reported

    @rahulkanwal @facebook @Twitter @IndiaToday Why in every election media spotlight on irrelevant issues like religion, reservation more than asking specific questions to those who are in power & to those who are willing to come in power? As a young indian I vote on basis of policy not on media barbing

  • apokerplayer
    Zachary Elwood (@apokerplayer) reported

    Recording with the @ChallengingO podcast this morning to talk about @Facebook's fake account problem.

  • The_penomenal1
    I'm Yadav (@The_penomenal1) reported

    @rahulkanwal @facebook @Twitter @IndiaToday Just tell me will media stop doing debates on hindu muslim issues daily daily from 4 pm to 12 am

  • davidevanzo_
    Davide Vanzo (@davidevanzo_) reported

    @_Tom_Crossland @facebook Anyway I reported the problem using the link. I’m waiting for their answer but I’m not so sure about that. Probably nothing is going to be solved

  • YgGandy
    Yvette Gandy (@YgGandy) reported

    @facebook Why am I having trouble with my login FB page

  • harshit_bhardwj
    Harry_official (@harshit_bhardwj) reported

    @TripleH @WWE @facebook Who will take down braun???

  • LauraaaaaaaR
    Laura (@LauraaaaaaaR) reported

    @BhamUpdates Terrible that @facebook are saying the images don't contravene their standards

  • jake_bradford_1
    Jake Bradford (@jake_bradford_1) reported

    @ADL_National @facebook @Twitter SHUT DOWN THE GOYIM So we can destroy em!

  • sfsutcliffe
    SF Sutcliffe (@sfsutcliffe) reported

    Ahh.. @facebook has finally noticed the flaw that allowed us to not login to their idiotic software and pasted a LOGIN on top of the FB post. Sigh.

  • bitsbytesnibbs
    Andrea Kwan (@bitsbytesnibbs) reported

    @facebook Scheduling not working, any fix??

  • UnderHinduism
    #HinduismUnderAttack (@UnderHinduism) reported

    @SuryaGalotSG @facebook @HE97288862 @SURYAGALOT3 @GalotSurya That Was A Typing Error, Its @Sheherazan1

  • realadamhaske11
    Adam Haskell (@realadamhaske11) reported

    @facebook adam.haskell.1213 fix my facebook real

  • TheBeccaFlood
    Becca Flood (@TheBeccaFlood) reported

    Seriously @facebook why do you not have a live team you can chat directly to? My problem is not on your list!!

  • marksmudgersmit
    Mark Smith (@marksmudgersmit) reported

    @Lollardfish @facebook @PacificStand I understand the issue to be that as soon as any of the giants take any responsibility they fear crossing line from platform to publisher with legal responsibility this bears and risk of huge lawsuits.

  • RoseWrites
    Cynthia O'Leary (@RoseWrites) reported

    @FolksyShark @facebook Terrible idea. Might as well give them cocaine.

  • SassBailey
    Sass Bailey (@SassBailey) reported

    @facebook Unsurprisingly FB is totally 100% unresponsive with support. In all of the times that I have tried contacting FB (via multiple report a problem and feedback messages) I have never gotten a response aside from a canned response that didn't actually answer my inquiry.

  • KickAssIndieJam
    The Dutch Guy (@KickAssIndieJam) reported

    @nicolejames @lovehim2ruins @facebook I've got the same problem! Was working just fine yesterday, but now won't let me schedule past today for one reason or another :(

  • NatalyinAK
    ♫ Mz. Natalie W. ♫ (@NatalyinAK) reported

    @CBSNews ...if @facebook would just fix the "missing newsfeed" aka "ticker"...I'd be happy! Geez.

  • sophiejfhall
    Sophie Hall (@sophiejfhall) reported

    @facebook I can post to other people's timelines, groups that I am a member of etc - just NOT public (i.e. Tesco, Amazon timelines ) pages. I have not adjusted any settings in any shape or form, therefore it has to be an issue with you FB. Please sort it. Thanks.

  • sophiejfhall
    Sophie Hall (@sophiejfhall) reported

    @facebook 1 of 2Could you please explain why you're doing very little to resolve this issue please? This has been happening to me for about a week. I can post to a public page via my mobile, just not via the URL via either Chrome or Safari. This issue ( for me, anyway) is very specific.

  • merritt_phil
    phil merritt (@merritt_phil) reported

    @KTHopkins @facebook We are having Islam forced down our throats more & more I am sick of the bias that protects Islam & makes them the victim all the time #IslamIsTheProblem

  • amylolleypop
    Arizona Homebound (@amylolleypop) reported

    @Michael79907017 @facebook @adambungle IDK. I’ve reported my Facebook as hacked and I’ve had problems ever since. It’s like I’m blocked from the normal password change process. Hey @facebook, there are so many social networking sites to choose from. One day, Facebook might be obsolete if you keep ignoring loyal users!

  • Michael79907017
    Michael O’Neill (@Michael79907017) reported

    @facebook @adambungle Actually that form is not working for me at all

  • mandoc08
    Manish Yadav (@mandoc08) reported

    @facebook Fix my damn push notifications. Ever since I opened my Facebook account I ain't received any single push notification. Did everything I could but still notifications won't show up.

  • NewSDLiveEra
    WWE Team SmackDown (@NewSDLiveEra) reported

    @TripleH @WWE @facebook I like this idea but my 1 problem is why Facebook.Maybe YouTube or WWE network but Facebook WTF?

  • oktawulan888
    Oktawulan (@oktawulan888) reported

    If you don't mind, I have a question for you guys... Why I can't schedule content in Facebook Page for tomorrow? It's okay today but not for tomorrow. Please answer me, coz this problem running 2 days since yesterday. @facebook @FacebookDevRel @fb_engineering

  • Ziz62266
    John Z (@Ziz62266) reported

    @AltHannity @Lollardfish @KatCapps @facebook @PacificStand My cousin tracks down all the people he went to hs and college with. I asked him if he actually talks to all of them. "No! It's like collecting baseball cards - I just want to see if I can get the whole set."

  • abdullh2525
    Abdullah al-Khalidi (@abdullh2525) reported

    @facebook So far, without a response or a solution to the problem, does it make sense who bears responsibility?

  • Armakk
    Randy Mack (@Armakk) reported

    99% of the time when I click or hover-over a #business on @facebook , it is for the #address, yet this #info is buried 4 clicks and a pop-up down in the site. #baddesign

  • backtosquaretwo
    Mark Skinner (@backtosquaretwo) reported

    Dear @Facebook I think you should just send someone a single message when I like their story multiple times on accident. Serious fat finger problems here.

  • AlvinTurner14
    Alvin Turner (@AlvinTurner14) reported

    @facebook can you please message me private I have a very bad problem

  • JherimieAbuan
    Jherimie Abuan (@JherimieAbuan) reported

    @facebook the app is crashing everytime iOS user open the app, all It does is crash . I have deleted the app and downloaded it again but does the same thing. Plz fix.

  • AnotherGamer130
    30+1 (@AnotherGamer130) reported

    @D4Bojangles @OdinGaye @ADL_National @facebook @Twitter The first amendment protects all Americans, race-baiter. But yes, if you have a problem with it, gtfo.

  • DanChurch
    Dan Church (@DanChurch) reported

    @amshebron @KeithCarson @facebook Terrible!!

  • TheIslan
    ObeyTheIslanDer (@TheIslan) reported

    @facebook why can't I have the option to use different language as my Facebook name?? Japanese text is not a symbol..need a fix. Get back at me

  • bigbosstarak
    Make in INDIA (@bigbosstarak) reported

    @TFIpremikudu @facebook Yup that issue is known one. Just wait for 15 mins

  • TheAlanomaly
    TheAlanomaly (@TheAlanomaly) reported

    @facebook @Twitter fix your shit man I like videos to start with their volume up

  • NekoBlader
    Malia Davison (@NekoBlader) reported

    @facebook Hello Facebook I need your help my friends got blocked by a glitch and they didn't block me at all is there a way to fix this?

  • sunflwer1975
    cherie.laiken.king🌻🌻🌻 (@sunflwer1975) reported

    Anyone having problems authenticating their @Twitter account while on windows? Having same issues with @facebook

  • wantyx737
    Michael (@wantyx737) reported

    @KTHopkins @facebook Terrible! An invitation to murder!!!!

  • StellasKid
    Ian (@StellasKid) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    For the life of me I still don't understand why @facebook won't let you pin posts on personal pages like you can on group and business pages. What's the technical issue or logic behind this not being possible??

  • EchmeckShop
    Echmeck Shop (@EchmeckShop) reported

    @facebook Hello. Security check page is not working for me. When I want to login, security check page appears. Then I receive the code you sent to my mobile phone. When I enter the code and submit it page stays the same and nothing happens. Please do repair the page.

  • Dim_Loud
    Dim Loud (@Dim_Loud) reported

    @facebook hello. i have a problem about my disabled account. also the mail when which I have stated is blocked and I can not see and from then on to respond to the coming message. I've sent the documents needed to activate my account. if you need some other information, let me know.

  • Raphque
    Raf Konings (@Raphque) reported

    @KTHopkins @facebook Shouldn't be a problem for @facebook if it's blacks hanging a white person. No?

  • catiaohurley79
    Cat Hurley (@catiaohurley79) reported

    @facebook I forgot my password and I'm locked out of Facebook as I'm not receiving the login code! Please help!!!!!

  • natt2374
    Nicholus Tattersall (@natt2374) reported

    @facebook I get this messege on swagbucks facebook page. "you do not have the necessary permission for the specified page to perform the requested action." other members of swagbucks are having the same issue. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM....

  • nicker915
    Nick (@nicker915) reported

    @facebook wtf fix ur app mark zuckerbitch new update is trash

  • davidevanzo_
    Davide Vanzo (@davidevanzo_) reported

    @_Tom_Crossland @facebook You’d better report the problem using the link they provide. Unfortunately they only tell this and users have to try to solve the problems themselves

  • cheyannebiancab
    cheyannebiancab (@cheyannebiancab) reported

    @facebook Facebook needs to have live time assistance its so hard to get issues fix because facebook does not care. Facebook has gotten really bad customer service sucks yet i have a page and they are constantly looking for my money greedy facebook fix the problems!

  • RealGabeDavis
    Gabe Davis (@RealGabeDavis) reported

    I've been using the same device to login and now @facebook has locked me out and hasn't responded to me yet.

  • cheyannebiancab
    cheyannebiancab (@cheyannebiancab) reported

    @facebook WTF is going on with FB ive reported more than one time about NOT BEING ABLE TO VIEW VIDEOS on fb just contacted my internet provider they did a trouble shoot and its not my server its facebook FIX IT

  • MattyLa1987
    Matthew Labban (@MattyLa1987) reported

    @TripleH @WWE @facebook Intergender tag team wrestling in the wwe is the worst. Terrible match psychology typically.

  • CentoBento
    David Centofanti (@CentoBento) reported

    @hopemanderson @MarciaBelsky @aparnapkin @facebook I've learnt a lot more about this particular issue since my first posting. It's horrifying how many requests go unheard or ignored. @Facebook proves once again boys clubs are a real thing and that the tech industry desperately needs more female minds to balance the tides

  • Dwayne__Tuck
    Dwayne Humbug Tuck (@Dwayne__Tuck) reported

    @ryansnoddon @Twitter @twitter, @facebook, etc. have become to big to even begin to address this problem. If they even care about it.

  • AltHannity
    Alt Sean Hannity (@AltHannity) reported

    @Lollardfish @KatCapps @facebook @PacificStand I quit fb a long time ago. I still keep in touch with those I care about, although I admit I'm no longer in the loop on the lives of the guy who works down the hall, my moms grade school friend and some chick who says she went to grade school w me. Connectivity is overrated

  • D4Bojangles
    Bojangles (@D4Bojangles) reported

    @Demontage2000 @ADL_National @facebook @Twitter That has a lot to do with it anyway though demographic changes and the other problems that coincide are another significant factor.

  • Studio2000Spa
    Studio 2000 Spa (@Studio2000Spa) reported

    @drterrell60 @TwoChicksIndy @Twitter @facebook @instagram No problem at all David! Just give us a quick call at 317-687-0010 when you've got a moment, & we'll create a customer profile for you that'll include your email to receive promo info. Voila!

  • _author878
    Hiqma Humaidan (@_author878) reported

    @LittleBlackavar @PlentyOfFish @YouTube @instagram @facebook @Tinder I sent a dm and no reply yet I dunno what's going on but most of them but a few guys on there were total weirdos they should start something called plenty of hookups or plenty o polygamy I cba with more angry wives screaming me down

  • Frenchastasia
    Anastasia French (@Frenchastasia) reported

    [email protected] Someone has replicated my profile to send abusive messages to a vulnerable person. I’ve reported this to you but get a standard response telling me they’ve done nothing wrong. How can I get this situation resolved so the troll’s account is shut down?!

  • VinceHanna7
    Vince Hanna (@VinceHanna7) reported

    @facebook Why do you keep controlling content by marking it as spam? This is bullshit. Fix it and allow all opinions.

  • RHeil10
    Marcy's playground (@RHeil10) reported

    @ShemaleAllison @facebook Getting angry over this is just drama for the sake of being a drama queen. I understand that it hurt but they don't bring it up to you to hurt you, get some perspective, there are much bigger issues. Love you!

  • Fakkels
    Fakkels (@Fakkels) reported

    @facebook How can we get in contact? Issues with our company page that can't be resolved because dutch 'help'-team refuses to help. Very irritating. We haven't been able to contact our customers for months now. Please help.

  • LittleMsKat
    Kat Tiquia (@LittleMsKat) reported

    @facebook Hi, I've been blocked from inviting friends to like my page. Accdg to the prompt, I was "misusing this feature by going too fast" - just how slow should I be inviting friends anyhow? It's been hours since I reported it but I'm still blocked. Help, please. Thanks!

  • CarlaCahill1
    Carla Cahill (@CarlaCahill1) reported

    @facebook Then why do I get ads about bad knees and health issues when I’m perfectly healthy??

  • Nick65959086
    Nick (@Nick65959086) reported

    @TripleH @AlexaBliss_WWE @WWE @facebook You don’t have face who run WWE or smack down and you arrange third class fight ugghh

  • b2burns
    Bill Burns (@b2burns) reported

    @facebook: Why is my Facebook page not properly downloading today? Is the system down?

  • palmsvilla
    Jan Smith (@palmsvilla) reported

    @facebook Having problems posting on a fan page I follow message says Insufficient permissions -this is only on a pc can you fix please

  • janiczek_m
    SMJaniczek (@janiczek_m) reported

    @facebook your customer service is awful. I need help with an issue and you offer zero assistance. @Twitter @TwitterSupport is amazing in comparison

  • LittleBlackavar
    Laura Brown (@LittleBlackavar) reported

    @_author878 @PlentyOfFish @YouTube @instagram @facebook @Tinder I still don't have the DM button :( and same here, at first I thought it was a technical error that I couldn't get a password reset but now I fear I've been hacked too :( any responses so far?

  • AndersonLance
    Lance Anderson (@AndersonLance) reported

    Yo, @facebook... Why is your Android app auto-playing videos with sound? The sound also doesn't stop if I click home button, or switch to a different app. Only way to stop the sound is to force close the Facebook app. Please fix it. Thx guys.

  • nikography
    ✨ fluff + puff your way to glory (@nikography) reported

    tried writing a support ticket to @facebook about the issue but lol, this msg pops up after submission: "Your feedback helps make Facebook better. We'll contact you if we need more details, but please note that we can't reply individually." uhhhhh

  • Dinurocco
    Dinesh (@Dinurocco) reported

    @amrul_akash @facebook Facing same issue here. Let me know if you get back by any way.