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Facebook is an online social media and networking website that allows its registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

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October 20: Problems at Facebook

Facebook is having issues since 10:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Website Down (60.00%)
  • ▪ Sign in (20.00%)
  • ▪ Errors (20.00%)

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Kingsville, Ohio  ▪ London, England  ▪ Los Angeles, California  ▪ Boston, Massachusetts  ▪ Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México  ▪ Detroit, Michigan  ▪ Singapore, Singapore  ▪ Smithfield, New South Wales  ▪ La Paz, Baja California Sur  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Yeadon, England

Facebook Live Outage Map
  • Kingsville, Ohio
  • London, England
  • Los Angeles, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Ciudad de México, Ciudad de México
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Smithfield, New South Wales
  • La Paz, Baja California Sur
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Yeadon, England
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  • emcollier
    Eric M. Collier (@emcollier) reported

    @50calValery @JackPosobiec I'm not finding this anywhere and she has her Facebook locked down.

  • GayKiwiDan
    Daniel Paul (@GayKiwiDan) reported

    Ok since I can’t contact anyone #real at #Facebook - how do I get my issue sorted? Anyone able to help me?!? #FirstWorldProblems.

  • _iRosario_
    ItsRosario (@_iRosario_) reported

    There needs2be an intervention of all the #narcissisticabuse on Facebook corroding minds across the🌎daily Serious issues on there. STAY WOKE

  • TaegaeL
    Taegae (@TaegaeL) reported

    @killyeolself me too, I am trying to login with my facebook but is not working anymore... I hate this gosh

  • Romeo123321123
    efrain moreno (@Romeo123321123) reported

    @AppleSupport Sometimes I can’t.. and from messages Facebook and t glitch so much.. I took it to Apple and they say there is nothing wrong with it

  • lorraine_waide
    Lorraine Waide (@lorraine_waide) reported

    @Maristvb Facebook live is not working

  • FroggieLeggs_
    Victoria (@FroggieLeggs_) reported

    @DBloom451 I call fake Facebook Problem with it is the person who screen captured it is also wrote it Only you see the 2 ppl on ur posts not others

  • JonBeals
    Hurry up Mueller (@JonBeals) reported

    @thehill I hope @facebook avg daily user numbers are down to send a message. I quit them and encourage you to do the same. Vote with your clicks.

  • Moszis
    Moszis (@Moszis) reported

    @maelfyn button is up now and it poped up the usual facebook sso login module but didn't log me in, now cant click it anymore

  • Moszis
    Moszis (@Moszis) reported

    @maelfyn button is up now and it poped up the usual facebook sso login module but didn't log me in, now cant click it anymore

  • MikeAJGriffin
    Mike Griffin (@MikeAJGriffin) reported

    Report something on Instagram and the issue is (often) dealt with swiftly and effectively, how can a company owned by Facebook be better?!

  • FrankTCardenas
    Frank Cardenas (@FrankTCardenas) reported

    @laurawbush Eddie handyman I'm sorry to unfriend you on Facebook but basically she asked me not to be on Facebook so I pretty much took down my page

  • okdesiree
    desiree (@okdesiree) reported

    why did i willingly post terrible pictures of myself on facebook in 2012

  • JasFazolka
    Jaś Fazolka (@JasFazolka) reported

    @marklevinshow And yet, leaders of @Google, @Facebook @youtube have more problems with this country then oppressive communists all over the world.

  • TheRoyLRumble
    ⚡Roy⚡ (@TheRoyLRumble) reported

    @ineed2takeatwit @CorporateDevil @FatsDomino1970 @donnabrazile @RepWilson She has a protected Facebook account. You’re a fraud and you’re completely evil for this. Take this down @CivilRights #fake

  • Vikydae
    vì 🌸 (@Vikydae) reported

    A summary of MAMA voting Day 1: Google+: OK! instagram: failed me half through it. twitter: can't even sign in. facebook: can't even sign in

  • BrownWallRecord
    Brown Wall Records (@BrownWallRecord) reported

    In six years I haven't had a problem with Twitter. If everyone keeps having problems with Facebook and going to Facebook jail, is it us? Or?

  • diosapialuz
    pia (@diosapialuz) reported

    Guide to Facebook invite responses. Yes = Maybe. Maybe = N Fucking Way. No = I'm Goixg To Burn Your House Down.

    Jake Q (@hAPPYBDAYSKEP) reported

    So I login to Facebook for the first time in two months

  • Iamsock
    iamsock (@Iamsock) reported

    There are two ways that people get news now. Facebook/comment threads and reading only the headline. Both are terrible. #TYTLive

  • AndyFaunus
    Andy Tan (@AndyFaunus) reported from Singapore, Singapore

    This Arena of Valor game by Gardena is bugged af. Had me stuck at the login screen even though I logged into Facebook already.

  • firgine
    ALDUB NINJA FIRGIN💑 (@firgine) reported

    Face your problems don’t Facebook your problems. #ALDUBxEBLoveis

  • fiImkid
    jhouls (@fiImkid) reported


  • Aelkus
    '((Adam (Elkus))) (@Aelkus) reported

    New media/clickbait is certainly a part of the problem. Facebook and Google set bad incentives that have poisoned well.

  • cocotaeh
    sea (@cocotaeh) reported

    why can't i sign in w my facebook? everytime I check the boxes for the register part it just sends me back to the sign in page

  • skywalkersix
    Kat (@skywalkersix) reported

    anybody know why even after i sign in w my twitter,facebook etc mwave isnt logging me in

  • support_shinee
    SHINEE SUPPORT (@support_shinee) reported

    [!!] MAMA requires you to sign in/sign up with an SNS account such Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Insta etc or Gmail! - Doesn't apply to MCD.

  • Arizonattears
    𝔊𝔥𝔬𝔰𝔱𝔤𝔦𝔯𝔩 (@Arizonattears) reported

    God I can’t stand girls. Stop begging to be my friend just to create problems with your fucking Facebook posts.

  • SolentHotel
    Solent Hotel & Spa (@SolentHotel) reported

    *It appears our Facebook page is being hacked and so all posts will be halted until we can resolve this issues. Hope to be back soon*

  • david_blitz1
    David Blitz (@david_blitz1) reported

    @egrefen Also I think it's quite insensitive to make people talk about their issues with a FACEBOOK bot! No way FB is not gonna sell the data to s.o.

  • HimmelSidney
    Sidney Himmel (@HimmelSidney) reported

    @Delerted @crampell Capacity is not the problem. Existentialism, Nihilism, Materialism and CNN and Fox and Facebook etc. Them's the problem.

  • handbrothchestd
    Miranda Stevenson (@handbrothchestd) reported

    old facebook sign in black girls asian guys

  • nathanormond57
    Nathan Ormond (@nathanormond57) reported

    @violetkcpickles No issues with people not agreeing with officiating, using a slur like that on a public forum such as Facebook should be addressed though

  • CoW_mAn
    CoW mAn (@CoW_mAn) reported

    Is facebook down again? Buggy on desktop and mobile app rn

  • MeechMe
    Dave Bowman (@MeechMe) reported

    @paulkrugman I've been using fake Facebook accounts for years (for development/testing purposes, nothing nefarious). Never any problem.

  • AndrewSherrod8
    Andrew Sherrod (@AndrewSherrod8) reported

    @gailmarieheath @JacksonLeeTX18 Videos can be edited. I believe widow's Facebook post from 3 days ago before she was harassed into taking it down.

  • ellajwilliamson
    princess (@ellajwilliamson) reported

    Why is my ex posting about me on Facebook 4 months after we've broken up lol, move on hun, build that bridge x

  • MitsyM
    Mitsy Miller Merritt (@MitsyM) reported

    @bsanders0498 Me too! And I don’t know why this says just listed?!? It’s not just listed...I saw yours pop up earlier on Facebook and took it down

  • umihanik_ME
    UmiHanik (@umihanik_ME) reported

    2015 is a year of irritating jobs and heart broken, according to facebook

  • Vindelicus
    Vindelicus (@Vindelicus) reported

    @GeneralThoughts @Janowycz @TheChelseaCRU @TheBrandonMorse @facebook I know. Mostly from Iran and so. But that's not the core of the problem. It's identity. Do they feel American the way whites do? Doubt that.

  • aliendave
    Dave Hunt (@aliendave) reported

    My Facebook app has been broken for 3 days and I didn't notice

  • kendoll10
    Ken Lund (@kendoll10) reported

    @ThomasWictor The Facebook post was on 10/17/17 in the afternoon. Just my two cents on the issue.

  • GT_Detox
    Grand_Terrace_Detox (@GT_Detox) reported

    Facebook having issues again, apparently it's 2011 because that's the last of the posts on my FB page today :-/ #facebookdown

  • GhostieCraic
    Bip Bip (@GhostieCraic) reported

    Me mam and auntie on the phone talking about their facebook issues what is this

  • _Red_Robin_YUM
    Robin (@_Red_Robin_YUM) reported

    @FB_HelpTeam my Facebook newsfeed as not updated since 7pm last night. How do I fix it?!

  • timoreilly
    Tim O'Reilly (@timoreilly) reported

    @NateSilver538 1. I think this is a misunderstanding and mischaracterization of Facebook's attitude. it is an engineering problem because of its scale.

  • shereebrown1966
    sheree brown (@shereebrown1966) reported

    @LogenPlumb4 some reason the sound is not working check out the facebook one

  • wahyuandre
    Wahyu Andre (@wahyuandre) reported

    @Expedia and login using Facebook account from iphone is errorless. Can’t login

  • MarkPenrice
    Mark Penrice, MSP (@MarkPenrice) reported

    @ncasenmare @shenanigansen *attempts to use the "save link" function* *error: is not facebook* shit, what do we do now? like, actually GO to the page? thats crazy talk

  • jisabitshirty
    jay (@jisabitshirty) reported

    Charged my phone to 60% and then went on Facebook for 30 min. Dropped down to 39% @AppleSupport

  • avlsinstallers
    AVLS Installers (@avlsinstallers) reported from Mount Vernon, Ohio

    Just left the canary consumer group on facebook.The amount of ppl looking at cloud options to replace their broken cloud option is too high

  • aussiechoke
    ً (@aussiechoke) reported

    @LM5SOSIsLife @Michael5SOS and their facebook got taken down for it and it nearly destroyed their career

  • suhonomics
    ali. 🐰👑 (@suhonomics) reported

    For some reason it didnt let me do it with my twitter or facebook account but I didnt have problems with my weibo account.

  • remembary
    Remembary (@remembary) reported

    There are some issues with iOS11 and the Facebook, Twitter, and DropBox connections. Working on a fix which should be out soon!

  • BreeDoopee
    Brianne (@BreeDoopee) reported

    Me: Okay you need to get work done Also me: *spend 20 minutes trying to figure out if a couple is broken up by their Facebook posts*

  • JoshuaSHughes
    Joshua Hughes (@JoshuaSHughes) reported

    @PhxInternet @ReportOutage @facebook @Wydebeam You appear to be back down. It might be a good idea to have your phone system use a separate dedicated 3rd party connection. Can’t call you

  • tcrewws
    tK (@tcrewws) reported

    @RVAwonk @SarahLerner W T F @facebook you have a problem

  • YoPushaBodie
    shinigami (@YoPushaBodie) reported from Amityville, New York

    this dude on Facebook sellin a TV and it says "screen is broken but everything else works great" what is everything else???

  • realruge
    Quan Doe (@realruge) reported

    Facebook twitter and snapchat is not working

  • paulapangindian
    P (@paulapangindian) reported

    so one of my friends on facebook pm’d me asking for my advice (skin related issue) and i feel like a legit guru

  • hamreb
    Brian Hamre (@hamreb) reported

    Just to clear up any confusion, to fix my Facebook and keep my sanity in today's world, this will be my last post with words until next yea…

  • lucyleid
    Lucy Leid (@lucyleid) reported from Miami, Florida

    [email protected] is it okay for me to take out ads telling everyone how terrible my bank is? Just a straight forward "TD is the worst" campaign...

  • kylakspeer
    Kylak (@kylakspeer) reported from Seattle, Washington

    I taught my grandma on Facebook the problem with saying "I don't see color". And guess what, it was an accident and she totally understood.

  • Laraooiu
    Lara (@Laraooiu) reported

    @leejigeum93 Try to use Instagram or Facebook or use PC to login

  • Henryjreij
    هـ.ج. (@Henryjreij) reported

    @WadihMerhy facebook finally took down "What will you look like in 10 years (GIRLS ONLY)." RIP :(

  • Paul_Mayther
    🎬 Paul Mayther 🇨🇦 (@Paul_Mayther) reported

    Sorry @ResQSquad50186 My Facebook hasn't been working well today, slow and freezes. Two shorts for a friend of a friend.

  • DeadLiftCapital
    390lb AUM (@DeadLiftCapital) reported

    @SuchHandsomeMan should be investigated, but read down the thread - she says she got this info from, uh, Facebook. So I dunno. Doesn't mean it's not true.

  • sincerlyfleeked
    Ms.Johnson (@sincerlyfleeked) reported

    What's the problem with everyone on facebook in peoples business.

  • Anon79UK
    Anon79 (@Anon79UK) reported

    @EMJFL1 @facebook @respectleague @FA I wasn’t criticising you as a League & never stated they wasn’t entitled to their opinion. I do however see problems with excessively loud

  • tonystubblebine
    Coach Tony (@tonystubblebine) reported

    I wrote two different draft articles that were based on the underlying idea that Twitter and Facebook should just be shut down. Bad mood?

  • just_john0
    John Ntia (@just_john0) reported

    @arav768 @facebook anyone know whats going on with Facebook ? cant login since morning

  • prettyboysdye
    desolation rowan 🍏 (@prettyboysdye) reported

    @mmichaeland VH1 website!! sign in w/ xfinity (register w facebook), thats how i watched s9 anyways

  • Gryller_1
    Danny Cornell 🇺🇸 (@Gryller_1) reported

    @Ethan_Blake1408 did you shut down your Facebook??

  • PaulDeCristofo4
    Paul DeCristoforo (@PaulDeCristofo4) reported

    @lisakwildman @RageOnThePage @Option__B @womensmarch @WaywardWinifred @SenSanders CTR Hillary supporters put child porn on my Facebook groups pages and reported us - shitting us down for a week. 22 pages. It was disgusting

  • BerkProtocols
    Totes Grody (@BerkProtocols) reported

    @aphonik both? FACEBOOK IS FOR BULLSHIT & IS TERRIBLE (though not in the case of obtaining boozes, I know) (but "fr0ndships" (bonds of)? FORGET IT)

  • aremarrs
    Rachel (@aremarrs) reported

    @John_Mike_ did you login with facebook? Because then it gives you a weirdo proxy email and it gets complicated. Email cust. service theyre great

  • gnarrrrrk
    papi churro (@gnarrrrrk) reported

    Facebook is that shitty friend who's always saying "hey remember that time when..." And it was a terrible time.

  • thegoat19
    GOAT (@thegoat19) reported

    I can’t stand twitter anymore. Already ditched Facebook too. Social media is terrible.

  • devonwaltonn
    DW⚓️ (@devonwaltonn) reported

    Face "yurr" problems, don't facebook them.

  • KJhnae_
    Kk×2 . (@KJhnae_) reported

    No Facebook, No problems fse. But RS !