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January 21: Problems at Facebook

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  • wishecoby22 apryl wishecoby (@wishecoby22) reported

    @Facebook @Wisdom_NC Hi I have already been there and filed the information and updated my I’d, I do not believe any community standards were broken on my end

  • Pradeeppapu1993 Pradeep Kumar (@Pradeeppapu1993) reported

    @Facebook Respected Sir, This is to inform you that my friend is unable to login into his account. He tried to reset it but he is not getting his 6 digit security code on his registered Mobile Number. Username--9090794539 Name--Purna Swain Please look up into it!

  • garethrhughes Gareth Hughes (@garethrhughes) reported

    @lilyhuili @Facebook It was definitely asking me to review that current login, the time is always <1 minute ago. It happens every time I login.

  • ama5555_elsaid Ahmed El Sayed (@ama5555_elsaid) reported

    @Facebook @irahulsingh1 I have same problem and no reply from facebook

  • Clare09536763 Clare Probert (@Clare09536763) reported

    @instagram block idiots Like @Facebook #qanon #jacksons retards #mentalhealth issues Body dismorphia Ok, calling me #mental retard in #instagram No dummy your the dummy front nsa Idiots

  • GovCray Olawale David Oyinlade (@GovCray) reported

    @Facebook i mistakenly clicked the Revoke button beside my facebook application i cant find it on my twitter apps again, how can i solve this problem

  • Demonz_Panda M.Aizaz (@Demonz_Panda) reported

    @Facebook Hello Facebook is it some kind joke you guys Disbaled my 6 years account without any issues and from been month I was uploading my identity card and you guys ignoring it wth is this man First of all fix you shit community

  • TeeEightchSea Jeffrey (@TeeEightchSea) reported

    @Facebook you won't let me login due to suspicious activity, yet you've kept my info nearly a decade to allow it to happen. Delete my account and it fixes both of our issues

  • furiosalizabeth amateur Zamboni driver of "extraordinary talent" (@furiosalizabeth) reported

    @nickthemoonwolf @BlueSteelDC @CNET @Facebook @venmo @YouTube Apparently they didn't, according to the NYT article. Facebook suing them for improperly scraping photos might be the only way this company gets shut down. Irony is dead!

  • vonnielavonne vonnie peters⭐️⭐️⭐️, (@vonnielavonne) reported

    @baileyspapa @JohnGalt_1056 @Facebook They took a pita down last night in my page didn’t even give me an explanation

  • garethrhughes Gareth Hughes (@garethrhughes) reported

    There seems something inherently wrong with @Facebook asking me to verify my login when I just literally logged in, in the same browser session. Of course it was me, it's still me.

  • Wichita19701 Wichita1970 (@Wichita19701) reported

    @Facebook So I understand Facebook has started taking down pages that are Pro- American. I also have heard that Facebook is about to have legal issues.

  • BrogdonMatt MatthewBrogdon (@BrogdonMatt) reported

    @Facebook should fix their blocking problem. unlike @Twitter you can block anytime. but if you attempt to block a person again after unblocking you have to wait 48 hours. two days that's ridiculous in my opinion.

  • mcwilliamsink MK (@mcwilliamsink) reported

    @Facebook HELP ME! Ive been trying to talk to someone at Facebook for 2 months now. The HELP CENTER cannot fix my issue i need to speak to a real person about a hacked account issue. PLEASE do not direct me to the help center for problems with hacked account because it cant fix.

  • lkonowe Lee Konowe (@lkonowe) reported

    @ChadFord @Facebook Have not seen this issue thus far.

  • mcwilliamsink MK (@mcwilliamsink) reported

    @facebook I need your help. A real persons help. people are stealing and hacking accounts. Money is being lost, crimes are happening and i cant reach anyone at Facebook. The help center doesn't work for this issue. please be human and let me talk to a human.

  • templestark Stark (@templestark) reported

    Hopefully @Facebook can tell them to permanently take down the video or threatening videos like that or they take down their page and any subsequent ones they try to launch.

  • angiefontana2 angie fontana (@angiefontana2) reported

    @Facebook Help having multiple log in issues. Receive message saying wait to request code but it’s been over 24 hours

  • TarHeelElphie Ginger (@TarHeelElphie) reported

    @Facebook keeps locking down my account. But ignores all my bug reports, because I'm not in fb jail

  • danwinckler Dan Winckler (@danwinckler) reported

    Thread on how horribly broken @Facebook is.

  • drhenrymyman Lt. Colonel Dr William David Vagner II, PhD, MD (@drhenrymyman) reported

    @noUpside @Facebook Can confirm that I have been threatened by these people for trying to educate them. It does not make me want to help them but because the lives of chidren are at stake I cannot stand down because of the hate I am recieving. It is a true menace.

  • atativiana Tati Viana (@atativiana) reported

    @vhlopez1120 @Facebook @instagram @Linktree_ @tumblr They block anything they discover that goes to my website. It's a problem @instagram and @facebook have with @Tumblr blogs. They just assumed it's against their rules... but it's only my portfolio. Even Tumblr can't put their own url there!

  • INNERPE18386607 He's The One (@INNERPE18386607) reported

    @SDSunchaser @grantstern @JuddLegum @Facebook @fbnewsroom @finkd i thought this is #America and #Constitution matters in my work trip to China i've learned about gunning down any worker who dared to think for themselves or complain about their communistic #government #stopbeijing2022 #pro2A #VirginaRally #virginiamilitia #Virginia2ARally

  • blue_cabins Blue Mountain Cabins - Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge (@blue_cabins) reported

    @NakedSecurity They NEVER fixed the issue. FB locked me out of my profile Nov 28 but #nigerianscammers still operate using MY stolen profile photo & name. When reported to FB, it says "does not violate community standards". But my legit pers profile is still disabled. #facebooklockout @Facebook

  • blue_cabins Blue Mountain Cabins - Gatlinburg / Pigeon Forge (@blue_cabins) reported

    @SK_Stephens @Facebook Nope! They took down MY pers profile Nov 28 & no amount of appeals work. #scammers (using messenger without Facebook) operate using MY STOLEN NAME & PHOTO. When reported, FB says that it "does not violate community standards". #nigerianscammers #facebookscams #facebooklockout

  • gravell_wayne wayne gravell (@gravell_wayne) reported

    @noUpside @Facebook The problem with all of this review stuff for your doctor is that all doctors have to tell people things they don’t want to hear. Mr Smith you have a cold you don’t need an antibiotic. Mr Smith writes a google review calling him a quack! This is not how we should evaluate our mds

  • mostamazingeve1 most amazing everything (@mostamazingeve1) reported

    @Facebook I try login to Facebook it says to confirm my identity I click get started then it says my account is disabled. It's been like this for 2 years. And no one has responded to my customer ticket thing in 2 years. The ticket ID from 2 year ago is Case#10216936153055226

  • bryantajoseph Bryant Joseph (@bryantajoseph) reported

    @dennishegstad @Facebook This whole saga would make a great @Gizmodo write up as a case study of the broken @Facebook support infrastructure.

  • snawaj66 Sarfaraj Nawaj (@snawaj66) reported

    Facebook Down 👎 #FacebookDown @facebook

  • HarpoCanTalk 🌹Harpo Can Talk 🕷️🌹 (@HarpoCanTalk) reported

    There I go.. After my last tweet about @facebook employees If you work for #Facebook this is what you do day in/day out, U are spreading hatred, U are making the world a very unsafe place, and U are helping spread fascism #shutFacebookDown before @facebook shuts down Democracy

  • HarpoCanTalk 🌹Harpo Can Talk 🕷️🌹 (@HarpoCanTalk) reported

    If U work for @facebook U are not a cool cat. U are helping the world become a horrible place. U are spreading lies. U are helping fascism all over the world again. U are basically a piece of shit. And U don't even know it #shutFacebookDown before @facebook shuts down Democracy

  • moistdrippings if you don't know who this is you can ask (@moistdrippings) reported

    @RealNicoleS @noUpside @Facebook But it addresses *nothing* here, and tbh given that these people essentially *refuse* to acknowledge real science and real issues I highly doubt they are the direct victims of the breakdown of trust. A lot of anti-vaxxers are affluent white people who prefer pseudoscience.

  • moistdrippings if you don't know who this is you can ask (@moistdrippings) reported

    @RealNicoleS @noUpside @Facebook And idk about you but I have yet to see any anti-vaxxers *actually* address issues like the disregard for women's pain or withholding treatment due to insurance.

  • moistdrippings if you don't know who this is you can ask (@moistdrippings) reported

    @RealNicoleS @noUpside @Facebook That's not really relevant to the issue at hand. You can't take any time a medical professional speaks as an opportunity to insist that broader medical issues be addressed, especially when we're directly talking about harassment in a case where the doctor was *not* in the wrong.

  • _AbsurdPlanet_ Space (@_AbsurdPlanet_) reported

    @Facebook Fix your issue with all new accounts being made being disabled. Let all the real profiles back on their accounts.

  • KristyRomano Kristy Romano (@KristyRomano) reported

    @Facebook you are a huge problem. Do better.

  • tommyred Baba Wage (@tommyred) reported

    @fred_guttenberg @TrueFactsStated @Facebook That’s why I left Facebook last year. And my blood pressure went down 👍

  • Sumohax0r Marty // Sumohax0r (@Sumohax0r) reported

    @dennishegstad @Facebook We have a ad account that is disabled for non-payment (card expired) and it won't let us add a payment method because it's disabled. It's been like this for about ... 2 years now. Talked to at least 10 different people. They don't know what to do to fix it. #FBGonFB.

  • rrondorf Ryan Rondorf (@rrondorf) reported

    @prcohenmd @JuddLegum @Facebook @fbnewsroom Deleting facebook won’t stop the extremist groups from using it as a platform to spread their hate. Cool. Delete Facebook. That doesn’t solve the big picture problem.

  • MykeDotA 🌹Myke🌹 (@MykeDotA) reported

    @thehill So TRUE! @Facebook fact checkers are not real and BIAS on some issues! Happen in the Philippines where FB pick fact checkers who have biases on some issues and did not fact check or have selective checking.

  • dennishegstad dennis hegstad (@dennishegstad) reported

    @duanebrown @Facebook oh I know, FB is the DMV of social platforms. they have called me 17 times since October 10th when I got disabled. The FB marketing "experts" call ME and ask if I "resolved my issue" yet.... as if I have the ability to magically fix my situation. They work there and are clueless

  • duanebrown Duane Brown 🇨🇦 (@duanebrown) reported

    @dennishegstad @Facebook Right hand is not talking to the left hand. Same reason they call people on their personal cell despite them having contact details in the business manager. FB is a dumpster fire of broken systems and processes.

  • ElefHead Ganesh🐘✌🏾 (@ElefHead) reported from Hayward, California

    @Facebook wtf fix your standards and fix your reporting categories. You not only make it hard to avoid harassment, you also make it easy for the harasser.

  • Michell55125993 Michelle (@Michell55125993) reported

    on @Facebook when explaining how she has been let down her whole life to explaining about her #CSAQT that the evidence is there for all to see that she has not lied once since turning to #socailmedia for help to find her son #ambroseggball. Then how can anyone feel for one

  • ItsAryan_ Aryan Mishra (@ItsAryan_) reported

    @Facebook @patrickc @tylercowen Fix my facebook account login issue

  • kanyinsolaE_ kanyin.💋 (@kanyinsolaE_) reported

    @Facebook Im also not interested in creating another account so you guys should better fix it from your end or something cause it’s highly annoying. I’m always logged on my laptop but It can’t be changed there cause I don’t know the password.

  • thingisjatin jatin bhardwaj (@thingisjatin) reported

    @ABanchhiwal @WhatsApp @Facebook hahaha Insta and fb and whatsapp are now owned by facebook and the first thing that happened is a major glitch

  • JodieDoctorLove #TeamJodieWhittaker! (@JodieDoctorLove) reported

    @Facebook My account is now down which I was trying to get up and running and now is stuck on you seeing if it’s me when it is. I was uploading my photos and stuff and now I’ve gotta wait until you sort things out with my account... 🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • snehaaa05 Sneha Sivaram (@snehaaa05) reported

    .@instagram @Facebook Hi, I'm writing for a friend. Instagram app is not working on my phone. Device - iphone7 I am able to access my account through different devices and browsers but the app is showing me an error saying sorry, there’s a problem with your request.

  • quaeritis morbus est religio Ⓥ (@quaeritis) reported

    @BakuninsT @ANoroozee @JamesQether @Twitter @noroozee @Facebook When it asks for first & last name, just write down what you want shown on screen to everyone else. I don't know of any instruction pages. To post from VK to Twitter, click on share icon, then select "export" tab, then select Twitter.

  • DubbsGrubs Food plug (@DubbsGrubs) reported

    Yall have terrible customer support @Facebook

  • HarpoCanTalk 🌹Harpo Can Talk 🕷️🌹 (@HarpoCanTalk) reported

    @nick_clegg shame on you #shutFacebookDown before @facebook shuts down Democracy

  • varszakaryan Varser Zakaryan | JS Conf Armenia (@varszakaryan) reported

    @motleydev @FBBusiness @Facebook Just select the problem and proceed, it usually appears at the end of the page

  • ayush_thakurr Ayush Thakur (@ayush_thakurr) reported

    @instagram @Facebook hello there, my sister is unable to login to their Instagram account username neelu_vst with Facebook, the message appears on screen was you’ll need to confirm your identity with a OTP on mobile number but OTP is not yet received since 2 hours, can you HELP !

  • savitz Eric Savitz (@savitz) reported

    At #DLD20 @jimmy_wales, founder of @Wikipedia, says underlying issue for @Facebook is that if you optimize only on engagement and the number of ads you can display, that is a long-term problem for their brand. $fb

  • tekscienze Joshua Moore (@tekscienze) reported

    @noUpside @Facebook 4) This is what we essentially are stuck with now, but it's not the job of some company to top down regulate what people say. This is the job of society, we need the digital equivalent of this effect, but to do that you need to have a KYC system so the bots don't win.

  • so_radhikal Radhika Radhakrishnan 🏳️‍🌈✊🏾 (@so_radhikal) reported

    @busydot @smitav18 @Facebook There was also no space to describe the issue. The whole process of reporting and submitting for reviewing was through a bot with options to choose from and no place to describe in my own words why I'm reporting it. And there is no category that exactly matched what has happened!

  • jagordon John Gordon (@jagordon) reported

    @noUpside @Facebook Interesting that tiktok sees the least harassment. As a Chinese company, they are required to have *extremely robust* content moderation tools fro their product in China. There are obviously some major problems with that, but in this case the effect was positive.

  • sujay_dutta_206 Sujay Dutta (@sujay_dutta_206) reported

    @CODMobileIN I'm not able to sign in to my Call of Duty Mobile account. Neither with @Facebook nor with @Activision account. Please look after the matter.

  • sujay_dutta_206 Sujay Dutta (@sujay_dutta_206) reported

    @PlayCODMobile I'm not able to sign in to my Call of Duty Mobile account, neither with @Facebook nor with @Activision account. Please look after the matter.