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May 24: Problems at Facebook

Facebook is having issues since 07:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • politicalME2016
    !MEh (@politicalME2016) reported

    @CarolForden @meandme3010 @MelissaW8Stamps @carolecadwalla @guardian @facebook I do. The problem is, if it's not FB tracking you it's a (in)famous search engine. If it's not them it's someone else.

  • politicalME2016
    !MEh (@politicalME2016) reported

    @meandme3010 @CarolForden @MelissaW8Stamps @carolecadwalla @guardian @facebook There was talk a couple of weeks ago that FB could track your activity on your phone, even if FB wasn't installed, by using your account login details etc. Don't know if it's true but it wouldn't surprise me.

  • huggzy
    Leanne Hugglestone (@huggzy) reported

    Hey @facebook what the 'eck is happening to the app? I've reinstalled at least 4 times this eve as it's closing itself down?? #facebookFail #facebookdown

  • tim_florer
    Tim Florer (@tim_florer) reported

    @TheMossadIL @facebook Let us know if there is any other crap like this and we will take it down.

  • necropolis_band
    Necropolis (@necropolis_band) reported

    @facebook still trying to sort out the issue on our page and still no help from you. . Not even a response on here....what is wrong with you.???

  • huggzy
    Leanne Hugglestone (@huggzy) reported

    Hey @facebook what the neck is happening to the app? I've reinstalled at least 4 times this eve as it's closing itself down?? #facebookFail

  • SafitSm
    SM (@SafitSm) reported

    Ok @facebook what's wrong...?! You're down #facebookdown #Facebook

  • LMwoody91
    Lee Martin Wood (@LMwoody91) reported

    @Dawn123Grace @facebook Same here, the status bar at the top has a load of gibberish letters and symbols and if try scrolling down, my fb app just closes

  • linz87scfc
    Linz (@linz87scfc) reported

    @definitewhovian @batch_2001 @RunnerRuth @facebook I've the same issue, ok to login on laptop but app os screwed. Getting the same text also in my status bar

  • RunnerRuth
    kRuth (@RunnerRuth) reported

    @batch_2001 @definitewhovian @facebook just app issue then?

  • A3_Melle
    Melle K. (@A3_Melle) reported

    @namrewob1 @bludclouds @Arma3official @reddit @YouTube @facebook @instagram @bohemiainteract @Twitch Can understand that but currently i can not even predict wenn i will be streaming, would be nice to get some straight hours at work and not working awful shifts, just to setup a streaming schedule because i am just glad to play a game for a hour or so to relax.

  • definitewhovian
    Malachi Morris (@definitewhovian) reported

    My @facebook app is not working properly. What's going on?

  • TheReviewnaut
    R0b0t (@TheReviewnaut) reported

    @aSciEnthusiast The past month, for me. Three or four from Google alone. I suspect @facebook and their little tie in with Cambridge Analytica has something to do with companies scrambling to fix their policies.

  • RunnerRuth
    kRuth (@RunnerRuth) reported

    @Y00nMingles @facebook I'm having similar issues

  • stormtrackr64
    track (@stormtrackr64) reported

    @facebook Why; when I click the "most recent" tab on my page, do I continuously have stories/posts that are hours old? Can we fix this please?

  • TechMk_RGM
    Ruth Macdonald (@TechMk_RGM) reported

    @carolecadwalla @FelisDave @guardian @facebook sounds like a problem.

  • toddwinkel
    todd winkel (@toddwinkel) reported

    ...(@facebook) without looking like you are actually limiting access? Last time I had a problem accessing my account you (i.e. #Facebook) blamed an algorithm. Keep paying for televison commercials that make you look like you care about those who use your social media but...

  • JasonCust
    ✭ 𝓙𝓪𝓼𝓸𝓷 ✭ (@JasonCust) reported

    @reddit @facebook @Twitter They all have their own issues with determining credibility but I believe the core common problem is people who have the knowledge to verify the content are drowned out by people who do not posses the knowledge to verify it. So do you qualify people to vote on particular topics?

  • andycardtravels
    Andy Card (@andycardtravels) reported

    @facebook @facebookads why is your Facebook Ads experience for bizz so awful? Design= lousy App=embarrassment Analytics Preview=worthless. Ability to Edit=cumbersome Please hire me to fix this monstrosity. I can bring the perspective of a small bizz owner that’s much needed!

    Scott Soo Chin (@SRASC) reported

    I can't figure out if this is an issue with @Facebook and/or @Apple where I am suddenly getting requested to input my Facebook password (for its integration with macOS) & it immediately failing once I do & having to repeat the process over & over.

  • vet4democracy
    NotGoingQuietly aka ᏰᎯᏰy ᏩᎡᎧᎧT (@vet4democracy) reported

    @Can_Skeptic_Wm @AmazingDouglass @nowthisnews @facebook I’ve stripped my account media and locked it down as much as possible. My daughter, stationed overseas, won’t give FB up, and only uses Messenger to comm (though I’ve tried to get her to use other platforms). #FacebookSux

  • ThomasClaburn
    Thomas Claburn (@ThomasClaburn) reported

    @igorbobic @facebook It would be more so if it didn't require you to login to Facebook to view it.

  • StoriesGuy
    Pieter Offermans (@StoriesGuy) reported

    @facebook That's EXACTLY my problem - I cannot get to that page where I can report the bug. So this hasn't been helpful at all. Please help.

  • roundabout111
    🤠 (@roundabout111) reported

    @Staceymoon52 @mcalister_kathy @carolecadwalla @WendySiegelman @facebook @fbnewsroom Make sure you request a download of all your info off of their server .... otherwise they still have all your information... no good for you just to delete it without completing this step

  • kinch60
    Kinch60 (@kinch60) reported

    @Nigel_Farage @parscale @jack @facebook That's not what you want. You want to be able to continue to freely peddle your lies and bigotry. And you do! So what's the problem?

  • madman278
    Adam (@madman278) reported

    @facebook I’ve been banned from posting for 24 hours after saying my own daughter is a monkey...I don’t understand what the issue is

  • GamerMomCA
    GamerMom (@GamerMomCA) reported

    Soooooo my baby is asleep... My @Netflix_CA isn't working. @facebook is also not working, neither is my @plex Wtf did we do before technology??!?!?!?! ..... @kobo ereader still working!!! #winning #momlife #books

  • LibZeppelin
    Libby (@LibZeppelin) reported

    @facebook Do you guys have an acct that can answer questions about paid ads? They disabled a few of my accts in FB business manager & I need to know why. I already filled out the support ticket 5 times. They keep closing the ticket w/o providing a resolution or next steps to fix

  • StoneCold2014
    Justice (@StoneCold2014) reported

    @facebook I have 2 accounts with my name Stephen S Wilson. I have permanantly deactivated both accounts. Why am I still receiving messages from people from both accounts. Please shut this down.

  • whiteboi311
    Wayne (@whiteboi311) reported

    @TxSlimjim @KelleySandee @Angels @MikeTrout Yes it is, would be great if it worked better, i have 2 tablets and a phone and FB live doesnt work on any, so now i get to miss the game, thanks @facebook! Jk, fix your garbage.

  • HodgenJh
    Mercury magic,,, (@HodgenJh) reported

    @facebook Yes I contacted a management team on a blocking issue as I couldn't comment and I know I've not blocked them, that was last year me and they are totally baffled by it.

  • torontograeham
    TorontoGraeham (@torontograeham) reported

    Watching @MLB games on @facebook is atrocious. The feed is 480P at best, the announcers are terrible and I pay a subscription fee to watch MLB games. Why am I forced to watch it this way? Terrible. Absolutely terrible.

  • Anto_Rcd
    Salut c'est Antoine ☁️ (@Anto_Rcd) reported

    @facebook is down ?! #FacebookDown

  • TommaTaylor
    Thomas GCT (@TommaTaylor) reported

    @facebook I had my name altered on your platform to my first name and my initials as a means to increse my privacy as i work in education, my account has now been locked and i have been asked for documents confirming my name. how can i fix this?

  • skero
    david skero (@skero) reported from Houston, Texas

    I don’t need to see your commercial attempting to fix your PR problems anymore, @facebook.

  • brickellx3steph
    Steph Brickell (@brickellx3steph) reported

    @natalierivello @facebook @Twitter @instagram YES. I’ve been reporting videos, especially on @instagram and they won’t take them down and it’s very sad.

  • brettaronow
    Brett Aronow (@brettaronow) reported

    @losgatostrader @GainsPainsCapit @carolecadwalla @guardian @facebook Well I guess this shows how these privacy issues can end up hurting the naive citizen in ways we didn’t imagine. We all think our own lives are so uninteresting. But it’s the collective psychology, decision making data etc that they use.

  • jensized
    Jen (@jensized) reported

    @raquelhinson @facebook Every time I report someone, whether for abusive behavior or a fake account, I'm told no rules were broken. The algorithms don't work – they obviously haven't found a way to understand context. It's infuriating.

  • A_Abracadabra_
    Joker. (@A_Abracadabra_) reported

    @Twitter can we get some way to report false news or falsified "news reports" by spam websites? Even @facebook has an option to crack down on fake reports!

  • NikeLabs
    Destroyer Dev (@NikeLabs) reported

    Thanks to @facebook Im getting 50+ privacy policy emails from different companies due to the recent focus on user privacy. Sneaker twitter however is open to their data being passed back to a central server either for data aggregation (bot analysis) or tunneling (proxie usage).

  • bruceb_uk
    HalfManHalfDuvet (@bruceb_uk) reported

    @DamianCollins @facebook @CommonsCMS Arrest warrant. Encourage him to come and sit down.

  • tenacity10_
    TL (@tenacity10_) reported

    @carolecadwalla @Janettesecond @facebook Time to bring down facebook

  • ShubhamKarpe10
    Shubham Karpe (@ShubhamKarpe10) reported

    @facebook Hey, The problem is when any person joins Facebook I receive the notification , I don't know for what purpose do I get it ?. That without my permission friend request is sent to that unknown profile without my will. Please solve my problem , I am irritated with these

  • StrongSisterInc
    Strong Sister Inc. (@StrongSisterInc) reported

    It's disappointing when @facebook does not respond to customers. I have been trying to resolve an issue on a donors behalf since last week (5/17). No response. I even emailed @finkd. Who should I contact? There has to be a better way. @sherylsandberg Please retweet to help!

  • novice2twit
    Mo (@novice2twit) reported

    @facebook @fbnewsroom Whst is up with you this week? Keep getting all this BS login / suspicious activity that you doing GDPR compliance less than seamlessly or hackers?

  • trmfreitas
    Tiago Freitas (@trmfreitas) reported

    anyone else having problem with company account on #facebook @facebook Too many redirects error on several computers, including incognito mode?

  • lonimca
    Loni M (@lonimca) reported

    I don't like that the @BlueJays game is on @facebook exclusively would take to long to log onto laptop when mine is slow. And i have to go to work parteay though the game. Also don't own a radio. Guess im jist gonna have to keep track of score on phone #Bluejays

  • banditelli
    Brett Banditelli (@banditelli) reported

    @carolecadwalla @facebook @_EmmaGH Great reporting! Do you know how they base 40,000 COMPANIES? It seems more likely that 40,000 apps were shut down

  • bencium
    Bence K Csernak (@bencium) reported

    @carolecadwalla @guardian @facebook Back in around 2008/2010 I uploaded a few images from a folder to my Facebook album. During the upload process (on a slow connection) I noticed that the uploader picked the whole content - e.g. hundreds of family photos. I raised a support question, but never got a reply.

  • actlightning
    Indict Hillary (@actlightning) reported

    @mr_Lovegrove @facebook I prefer voting THUMBS DOWN for lefty content - -No way Barry & Michael are going to cost me my entertainment.

  • Flwrgirl66x
    Christine Rich 🌹 (@Flwrgirl66x) reported

    @carolecadwalla @GeekTrader @facebook @_EmmaGH Mark did or some lame ass staffer trying to take FB down? #scapegoats

  • kikiphillip
    i am a s**aight w*ite m*le (@kikiphillip) reported

    @rsuppenbach @neontaster @facebook @Twitter i have no issue w either suppressing harassment or abuse on their platforms. they can yet they don’t tell people how they should act towards the nation or force them to stand like this is a totalitarian country. that’s ridiculous.

  • Dano21685
    Dano (@Dano21685) reported

    @facebook the option to send your government ID for access to account is not working. I changed my phone number and cannot receive code, please help me with another way to access my account. Thanks

  • ContraAquam
    Contra Aquam (@ContraAquam) reported

    Daily Flow @ContraAquam Markets rebounded Wed on news from the FOMC. Crude was down $0.36 and the gold spot rose $2.27 to $1,293.41 per ounce. @netflix up 4% while @google , @apple, @facebook up moderately. In consumers @TiffanyAndCo was up 20% while @target dropped 5.7%

  • AnnaCockayne
    Life with Anna Cockayne (@AnnaCockayne) reported

    You know, it really shouldn't take @facebook 24+ hours to make sure a person is real, when it takes them less than 2 seconds to take a profile down! I sent you my information, gave you a photo to show/prove it's me! Now give me my account back! #Facebook

  • gsax1227
    GS (@gsax1227) reported

    @oisinhanrahan @facebook @Handy @ZoeLaHenry I have had nothing but problems with your service and have been met with extremely frustrating robotic responses from your team. It seems like the only way your company makes $ is by charging dissatisfied customers fees and erroneous charges. I’m surprised you’re still in biz.

  • sallyr56
    imagine (@sallyr56) reported

    Hey @facebook you have again barred @guerillacricket from broadcasting on your platform based on a malicious report from a software bot. They are not committing rights piracy and you have given them no recourse. #CambridgeAnalytics anyone? Fix it.

  • burnbyyou
    Mira (@burnbyyou) reported

    @facebook @facebook You are doing nothing to help close down fake accounts. I have been sending reports for about two days now. On the profile there are terrible pictures of someone i know and you are doing nothing to prevent or stop it.

  • HowieHellbent1
    (@HowieHellbent1) reported

    @facebook deactivated both my primary and alternate accounts but refuses to take down actual harassment pages.

  • catawu
    Cat West (@catawu) reported

    @reneknottsports @ksdknews @facebook I wish networks would quit crowdsourcing their slant on issues. Hire experts and give foundational information #lazyassnetworks