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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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January 24: Problems at Fortnite

Fortnite is having issues since 01:00 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (33.26%)
  • Online Play (29.89%)
  • Glitches (14.16%)
  • Matchmaking (11.24%)
  • Game Crash (10.56%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.90%)

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  • b9009bgaming b9009b (@b9009bgaming) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame And if I login on my pc with my sons or daughters account these issues disappear

  • parallel_ender ParallelEnder (@parallel_ender) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Server lag and Quality Nintendo Switch Multiple times, worsens each season and update. The server lag can go for up to 100 ping, glitch out switch players in a position, and at one point I couldnt even build, shoot, or anything and I died a minute later after someone shot me.

  • tzekin56 AstycTK (@tzekin56) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix Asia server, we need 20 pings mang!

  • GlowPlays GlowVinePlays (@GlowPlays) reported

    @AppStore @FortniteGame Fix the week 4 bug i Cant complete my last challenge

  • BretttIes Brettles of #3D (@BretttIes) reported

    it’s a ******* issue that’s been addressed and y’all just don’t do anything fortnite would’ve patched it ******* months ago.

  • ttvZyn Zyn (@ttvZyn) reported


  • JoeyColonna Joe Colonna (@JoeyColonna) reported

    My MacBook Pro can run Fortnite at 80-90 FPS, when it works.. problem is, I have basically no clue how to play without a controller lol

  • ALMIGHTY_MOMO2 momo (@ALMIGHTY_MOMO2) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Description of issue: ACCOUNT LINKING Platform: = PS4 Frequency: every day, week,months. Additional details: I haven’t been able to log in to my account because It can only be connected to another account that I don’t have access to. Nobody helped me, so please fix linkin

  • BillyHoWCR Billy Ho -'MS making PC Exclusives not on Xbox!' (@BillyHoWCR) reported

    @SypherPK @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame They need to fix it so that the recap continues to gather data even after your death until you leave the game. I was watching game I had last night where I was killing ice zombies after my death with my trap, updating ice challenges on hud but after game it did not reflect.

  • omeagalul zoo.we.muma. (@omeagalul) reported

    @FortniteGame pls fix stuttering problem i can’t get sick victory royals , not happy

  • xxdhowx un-sound-mind (@xxdhowx) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame maybe this is not a serious bug, but it's so annoying for me description of issue : using x-4 stormwing plane battlepass challenge bug platform : pc frequency : everytime any additional details : you can't complete the "ride a x-4 stormwing planes in different match"

  • Lil_Soul1 Livin Legend (@Lil_Soul1) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix week 4 use x4 plane challenge please. I have actual completed the challenge several times and all I need is one more

  • farsightedCzar Czar (@farsightedCzar) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix asian servers im having high ping every game. I have to skip like 10 games to get my optimal ping. Or are there any exceptions for Indian players. Someone help

  • jenejayaram jenesis (@jenejayaram) reported

    @AppStore @FortniteGame Fix the week 4 plane CHALLANGE 😡🤬 it wount count the times i fly the planes #fortnitechallenges

  • NitroNinjaGamer Nitro Ninja Gaming (@NitroNinjaGamer) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame getting error message when readying up for explorer pop up cup xbox all the time on oceania servers

  • markusberge1 Ugly Markus (@markusberge1) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @Fortnite_BR @FortniteGame -Description of issue: Connection timeout while having 30 Ping - PS4 - 10/10 - When i play fortnite For like An hour the game just decides to Get conection timeout every 2 seconds And THAT is very frustrating. It is not my Internets fault!

  • Dawnmastermind Sourav Deb (@Dawnmastermind) reported

    @FortniteGame I guess fornite is meant not to be played in india bcoz the servers in which we are playing is shit....In matchmaking it always shows 70-80 but in game always getting more than 150 i mean how the hell we gonna play at 180-200 ping seriously...Fix it

  • itisexile_s Exile (@itisexile_s) reported

    Idk if it’s @EpicGames or @FortniteGame but every time I try to play with a friend my mic cuts out and I can’t talk to them and it’s annoying please fix this issue

  • Adam_Gardnerrr Sethywoman (@Adam_Gardnerrr) reported

    only epic games can add new items every update yet stay so stale and repetitive why are you gonna fix the hand cannon problem @FortniteGame

  • _TEC_official TEC (@_TEC_official) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix your servers SEA servers are not working

  • TylerGillett5 Tyler Gillett (@TylerGillett5) reported

    @FortniteGame hey epic games can u fix a glitch in creative it in valves with the item spawns dear yungy 42 on Xbox

  • SILENTspecterTV SilentSpecter (@SILENTspecterTV) reported

    Fix ur game @FortniteGame @EpicGames @LunarsCreation @GamerCommunity

  • HaPauseGoteeem DwathwingIRL (@HaPauseGoteeem) reported

    @1357_javier_v @AppStore @FortniteGame The time it takes to jump out is short enough xD Why is this all of a sudden a problem now after all this time. Also you sound like someone who mains a plane. so fu

  • Lil_Soul1 Livin Legend (@Lil_Soul1) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the week 4 challenge bugs

  • RealRyura RealRyura (@RealRyura) reported

    @psalmHotS @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Fix Turbobuilding plssss

  • ChronicMyst Chronic Myst (@ChronicMyst) reported

    Tried to get into fill squads and kept kicking me out the game as I was loading in @FortniteGame fix your game

  • SKingbrando Stealth_KingBrando (@SKingbrando) reported

    @FortniteGame plz fix your ****** servers

  • andrew__montero Andrew Montero (@andrew__montero) reported

    @SypherPK @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame not the correct format man. not an acceptable issue that can be fixed POG

  • k0whunter Kyle (@k0whunter) reported

    Short stream tonight because I lag and Im trying to fix my sleep schedule. Come say "Wubalubadubdub" #Twitch #Fortnite

  • AnthonyRajapak1 Anthony Rajapakse (@AnthonyRajapak1) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame I keep moving forward when holding down left mouse button this issue began earlier today and has been constant. I am on PC. It isn't a porblem with my mouse as I've check multiple mice

  • callum_hornex Callum (@callum_hornex) reported

    @FortniteGame Why am I stuck in loading screen, I've restarted my console so many times, fortnites so broken, no wonder a heap of people stopped playing this bullshit

  • snoe253 SNOE⛄❄ (@snoe253) reported from Elk Plain, Washington

    @FortniteGame I'm not getting credit for dealing damage to the ice legion with SMG's or Shotguns. FIX IT.

  • Jibbs_qazi Jibran qazi (@Jibbs_qazi) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix ur sea servers u good for nothing epic u fool us take our money and make billions and in return we get shitty servers piexes of thieves

  • AgyaGaming RealDjMikeyMike (@AgyaGaming) reported

    I’m not typically one to complain publicly but the @EASPORTS_MUT servers have gotta be the worst in the business. I lag more in the duo limited time event more then I do playing in 100 person lobbies on @FortniteGame. Please fix this.

  • Robbie66a Robbie (@Robbie66a) reported

    @willow3363 @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Maybe broken controller

  • VegaMonkeyAus VegaMonkey (@VegaMonkeyAus) reported

    @PUBG_Support Can we get a server for PUBG in Australia, as i am lagging on PS4 on PUBG. This is only PUBG not any other games. My ping is usually 20ms on most games like cod, Fortnite.

  • SynonymousApt SnowNymous (@SynonymousApt) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Format: -Invisible gun with invisible ammo that displays as there with info box, but can’t pick up (as floor loot) -Pc -9/10 games -See this on lower settings, not higher (What I observe from streamers with high settings without this glitch) Sorry for being late :(

  • DrabbestGorilla DrabbestGorilla (@DrabbestGorilla) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @erwil9 @FortniteGame Description of Issue blank hit markers when you shoot at someone with a shotgun the red hit indicators pop up but no damage is done -Platform all -Frequency 3/10

  • CodoneTTV CodoneTTV (@CodoneTTV) reported

    Fortnite fix your damn servers.

  • SynonymousApt SnowNymous (@SynonymousApt) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @NateHillTV @FortniteGame Ice Glitch is the screen shaking, which is still present with 7.20

  • tindesy Tindesy (@tindesy) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @Fortnite_BR @FortniteGame -the total time played on a certain game mode( solo, duo, squad) -Xbox -it’s been broken and stopped counting the amount of time played since more than 6 months ago

  • OfficialSlayzz Jake - Slayzz (@OfficialSlayzz) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @sofyparosh @FortniteGame EU SERVER LAG Xbox One Almost every game now (was fine before ice storm) Contacted my ISP and they said the Internet has no problems

  • ImmaGiveawayDis LillDingiDongi (@ImmaGiveawayDis) reported

    @9Vegas6 @tarnishedarts25 @FortniteGame @DrLupo @irishevolution The problem with that is that everbody now thinks, since first shot accuracy is ingame,we can now ignore the fact that bloom is still in here. The only problem I see with bloom being removed is the time to kill, as that is changing drastically. They'd need to nerf a lot of stuff.

  • Avxlz Sway Avil⚡ (@Avxlz) reported

    @FortniteGame You guys should fix ghost shots

  • GomesBolt 🥊Gomes🇺🇸 (@GomesBolt) reported

    @GrayConnolly @JamesHasson20 My son said he’d have broken into a Fortnite dance. 😂

  • ImmaGiveawayDis LillDingiDongi (@ImmaGiveawayDis) reported

    @tarnishedarts25 @9Vegas6 @FortniteGame @DrLupo @irishevolution The big problem is that this is a giant fanbase. The opinion about bloom is definitely not onesided. So swapping bloom to a more skill based mechanic will cause other people to hate epic etc. I think Epic is trying to find a way to please everybody and not the majority

  • KheavBrah William Kheav (@KheavBrah) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Also another glitch Description of Issue: when I jump off the battle bus in playgrounds, I receive a plus 220 wood, but I do not actually receive any wood. Frequency: everytime I jump off the battle bus in playgrounds Platform: PS4 No more additional info

  • kingmagamed MagamedAK (@kingmagamed) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame -Description of Issue: voice chat bug -Platform: PC -Frequency: happens every 3-5 matchea -Any Additional Details: when ingame i can dee myself talking but others cant hear me ans vice versa.

  • ssjbenji1 benji1 (@ssjbenji1) reported


  • Dylan_Sweringen Dylan (@Dylan_Sweringen) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame -Issue: Kills are not tracked in playground mode -Platform: Xbox and PS4 -Literally every playground match -Additional Details: Doesn’t show kills on the UI or when you press the start/options button on the controller

  • BlUr_McFlurr Anthony (@BlUr_McFlurr) reported

    I love @FortniteGame but they need to fix issues in the current game before adding, maybe an update every other week and in between bug fixes

  • KheavBrah William Kheav (@KheavBrah) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Description of issue: When gliding down in playgrounds and team rumble, the glider deploys for a split second, undeploys and then redeploys Platform: PS4 and Xbox One Frequency: Everytime when gliding down in either playgrounds or team rumble No more info

  • itsxinu Xinuツ (@itsxinu) reported

    @FortniteGame the glitch where my screen is shaking nonstop is still not fixed and it’s game breaking bcuz I can’t jump or aim

  • PerryTheCrafter Perry1900 @ #DiscordHypeSquad and #HouseOfBrillian (@PerryTheCrafter) reported

    @Pigicial I read the comments and I found out that it's on Fortnite's side... @FortniteGame let this YT play your broken game

  • DeeSkiddy SkiddyDeeDee (@DeeSkiddy) reported

    @FortniteGame The use an X-4 stormwing challenge is broken and a lot of people can't finish week 4

  • ou2xd ou2 (@ou2xd) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Format: -Description of Issue - kill counter not working in playgrounds -Platform - pc and console -Frequency - every game -Any Additional Details -Screenshot or Video Example

  • SuperNinjaPedr0 Pedro Gonzalez (@SuperNinjaPedr0) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Oh yeah, here's another one: In lobby, friends in game above the player pedestals (at lobby) will show the amount of players in their game as "- -1 player left" Windows All the time Also, sometimes the option to invite a friend or join a friend is glitch so it won't work

  • DORMSgg Dorms. (@DORMSgg) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @CobraFN @FortniteGame Issues: - after building or editing weapons start shooting automatically - instant building with builder pro doesnt work when you initially pull out your builds - edit aim assist on ramps STILL doesnt work properly Platform: Multiple most like Frequency: 4/10 times

  • SuperNinjaPedr0 Pedro Gonzalez (@SuperNinjaPedr0) reported

    @MrPopoTFS @FortniteGame Background is black Windows Every time I leave the game while in Creative Mode lobby The glitch goes away when I after I play a game Will try to get screenshot soon... I'll post it as a reply to this reply Thanks!

  • LogQuadMo Logan Quade Moore (@LogQuadMo) reported

    @FortniteGame just curious how many times I'm going to ALMOST win because one of your dumbass zombie shards poops on my head out of nowhere, I'm not amused, I'm worried. Fix your game.