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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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November 17: Problems at Fortnite

Fortnite is having issues since 06:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (37.25%)
  • Online Play (20.99%)
  • Glitches (17.16%)
  • Game Crash (13.09%)
  • Matchmaking (11.06%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.45%)

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  • EggWarf
    Nathan (@EggWarf) reported

    Honestly the biggest issue with #fortnite redeploy is the game wasnt designed for it. The map is 2 small for the amount of mobility it + everything else gives. They shouldve tried nerfing free falling and all that BEFORE. Or just unvault bouncers and make launch pads more common

  • mchdebb
    debra brennan (@mchdebb) reported

    @FortniteGame the turret is glitched on Xbox one it’s trapping me under the map in salty springs like fix that shit

  • Danny15149250
    Danny (@Danny15149250) reported

    @bringthanoscar @lexy_yo12 @FortniteGame @KXP23 oR mAybE tHeY sHoUiD FiX tHiEr gAmE iNsEaD Of AdDiNg nEw tHiNgS eVeR wEeK

  • nick68375560
    nick (@nick68375560) reported

    @FortniteGame Get rid of the ******* thing! I don’t understand why you keep adding such horrible items to the game. Slow down, fix the bugs, simplify things! This game has gotten progressively worse with each update and it really saddens me because I absolutely love the game! This just sucks.

  • TreHall6
    Tre Hall (@TreHall6) reported

    Epic fix ur ****** game @FortniteGame

  • thedaze_
    Daze (@thedaze_) reported

    @FortniteGame Absolutely retarded and broken please remove

  • craigieboi1987
    kravcraigie (@craigieboi1987) reported

    @XboxSupport looking for a fix to allow cross plat play for my child live account on fortnite, can the champions of cross plat play give me an update or any help as my kid is penalised for me setting up their account appropriately! Fix this asap pls

  • FEAR_King11
    FEAR King (@FEAR_King11) reported

    @FortniteGame why when we add people on Epic it says they are offline and forces a restart.... these are the small things that when done 4-5+ times a day get really repetitive. Fix the small stuff before adding all this nonsense please. -Concerned Player

  • ItsGravity123
    Gravity (@ItsGravity123) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix the glitch where you get stuck on the mounted turrent. Died from storm and got 2nd because I got stuck.

  • Lxwki
    Loki 🌸 (@Lxwki) reported

    can yall fix the fukn crossplay jeez @FortniteGame

  • StoopidlilBhat
    Lozzylou Kane (@StoopidlilBhat) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame 3 defend the bombs missions. One had a bluglo troll for two bluglo. The other two maps,ZERO bluglo. Big issue. #fornite #bluglo #bug #glitch #bomb #SaveTheWorld #fortniteSTW

  • FBR_Fortnitee
    FBR_News (@FBR_Fortnitee) reported

    Guys stop saying already “Fortnite needs to vault ASAP the turret because is to OP” stop the crying already, the problem is not the game, the problem is that you guys don’t like the changes Fortnite do to the game, you guys don’t like to move from comfortable zone #Fortnite

  • Schmitty_19
    Colby (@Schmitty_19) reported

    Honestly don’t know what cross’ epic games’ minds. How about next update fix the shotguns instead of adding a turret @FortniteGame or... or maybe, fix the awful bloom!

  • CFuckj
    cunt fuckj (@CFuckj) reported

    @FortniteGame hey, my game is not working, whenever i try to launch it is says "busy" but then reverts back to the "launch" button. It's not letting me access the game. thanks!

  • AliDeeb80658170
    Ali Deeb (@AliDeeb80658170) reported

    @MarkRein @FortniteGame @GoldenJoysticks Mark issues concerning shots that hit a lot more than it is supposed to. @FortniteGame please get into the issue got proof with some videos

  • Hayden90430724
    Hayden (@Hayden90430724) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your game

  • PorkyPlay
    Porky (@PorkyPlay) reported

    How to fix Fortnite Meta: -Make Shotguns stronger -Remove all smgs -Nerf Explosives -Buff Buildings in terms of HP -Bring Pump/Tac back -Make improvements with the servers to stop stream snipers

  • JonteLungr21
    Jonathan Lundgren (@JonteLungr21) reported

    @FortniteGame Remove the ******* mounted turer it’s broken

  • BurnReasoN
    Ryan H. (@BurnReasoN) reported

    @clerkie The game had a lot of issues, players were asking for more than they were worth, I mean the list goes on... Even Fortnite players are seriously overpaid imo.

  • Wyatt19159773
    Wyatt (@Wyatt19159773) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix dire

  • Ghost_Enzo
    Ghost Enzo (@Ghost_Enzo) reported

    Idk why this state of the game seems so poorly optimized, I literally rage every stream because of consistent shit frames :( #fortnite please fix, also ggs to @LavishGT

  • GassonToby
    toby gasson (@GassonToby) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix your game u have made it harder for good players to be rewarded with skill and bots be more annoying fix the spray meter soon or as people are stoping to play the game as to annoyances it will continue to loose reputation

  • vin39902457
    vin (@vin39902457) reported

    @FortniteGame Is anyone having problems joining heir friends on save the world every time I try to join my game freezes and I have to restart it

  • Ohwhalejordan
    Jordan (@Ohwhalejordan) reported

    @FortniteGame I keep getting an error that my version is out of sync with my party. Restarted multiple times. Still getting the same error

  • H3NL3YS_1986
    H3NL3YS1986 (@H3NL3YS_1986) reported

    @FortniteGame can you please fix building, i got to build a wall and it goes 6ft in front on me instead of by me like seriously wtf

  • Dominykano2
    Dominykano (@Dominykano2) reported

    @NZXT plz i need a pc, because my pc is very bad and its slow and stuff lagging and i cant play fortnite. :(

  • ARoughRider
    RoughRider (@ARoughRider) reported

    The current state of Fortnite is broken. Yeah we got OG music, sure. But that's it. We haven't gotten double pump, and instead of fixing the spam issue, we have added something to it by adding this stupid turret. I'm sick of playing this game if all that is what kids want to do.

  • north_beast
    Dan Femia (@north_beast) reported

    @RLewisReports Well, I don't think H1Z1 got popular on the "back" of Fortnite. It was popular, before Fortnite and due to multiple combat changes, ping related issues and changing of the map etc the game lost all of it's traction.

  • jayzhaaa
    |TheMainManJames| (@jayzhaaa) reported

    @FortniteGame mans just took fall damage getting out of bed fix this game

  • DeadlyDiamond21
    Duckei (@DeadlyDiamond21) reported

    If @FortniteGame and @EpicGames Cares about there player base they would remove the mounted turret from Battle Royale because a lot of the community hates from how dumb and broken the turret is in the game.

  • misshonoredxx
    𝕾𝖕00𝖐𝖞𝖕𝖗𝖎𝖓𝖈𝖊𝖘𝖘𝖝𝖝 👻🎃 (@misshonoredxx) reported

    I just cant catch a break Xbox says external isnt plugged in when it is Fortnite is saying it needs an update when it doesnt Cant start any games bc of this hard drive issue

  • Masterboom7days
    MasterBoom (@Masterboom7days) reported

    @EpicGame please fix the hitbox shooting people and no damage and I have 200 mbps internet #Fortnite

  • JeudysL
    Figgis (@JeudysL) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the playground glitch please

  • FaZe_Not_Tfue
    FaZe Not Tfue (@FaZe_Not_Tfue) reported

    @eritchey19 @FortniteGame The problem with re-deploy is 3rd parties and escaping fights. If you want to escape a fight then you should have a launch pad. Also, to prevent getting shot down from a build fight you can launch pad or bouncers (if they add them back) or my idea with balloons

  • TheLastwordHD
    TheLastWord (@TheLastwordHD) reported

    @jumpman1738e @FortniteGame @KXP23 they'll probably fix it sooner or later, definitely

  • Angelo30348312
    Angelo (@Angelo30348312) reported

    @FortniteGame There is a glitch in playground with shadow cubes that if you respawn at just the right time you can go invisible. Please fix it.

  • ShamRoKz_
    SHAM (@ShamRoKz_) reported

    @FortniteGame What's about improving the br servers. Fps and lag issues since the zombie update.

  • winterisgr8
    em🤠🎄 (@winterisgr8) reported from Beaumont, California

    is it just me or is fortnite REALLY lagging rn @FortniteGame

  • battlesauceboss
    Battlesauceboss (@battlesauceboss) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix your shit game thanx😀

  • RedFlashX1
    Marcel (@RedFlashX1) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix the Voice Chat! #bug #fortnitebug #fortnitevoicechat

  • evanthe3
    Evan Chambers (@evanthe3) reported

    @FortniteGame PLEASE FIX My Vbucks keep being spent on random skins and when I earn enough for another emote it automatically buys it and replaces it with the last bought emote(xbox one)

  • Kingbubby07
    Brian🎃 (@Kingbubby07) reported

    Just delete fortnite for permanent fix

  • I3DSgaming
    I3DS (@I3DSgaming) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the ******* servers for all and this would solve the fuckijg issue

  • evanthe3
    Evan Chambers (@evanthe3) reported

    @FortniteGame PLEASE FIX My Vbucks keep being spent on random skins and when I earn enough for another email it automatically buys it and replaces it with the last bought emote(xbox one)

  • supasaiyanhero
    InvincibleIce 🍁|Destiny 2| (@supasaiyanhero) reported

    @Poizonsz ninja sucks epic's **** and its the epic sucks his. if he has a problem wit the game they immediately fix it but if the common players have a problem it takes weeks. **** fortnite and its shit creators

  • Anthony76241564
    Anthony Paez (@Anthony76241564) reported

    @FortniteGame Hi there I have been locked for buying the new Deep Freeze pack. The Notice Says "transaction has been violated and my refunds will be returned in 3-5 business days" how can I fix this so I may buy the pack.

  • NoirZillaGaming
    ショーン 🐲 (@NoirZillaGaming) reported

    @LethalxMinx Well, maybe if you had it on switch it'll give you a reason to play lol. It has built in voice chat like Fortnite. That way you don't have to have their Nintendo online app or service.

  • noel_erice_
    Noel Erice (@noel_erice_) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix ur game

  • Anthony76241564
    Anthony Paez (@Anthony76241564) reported

    @FortniteGame Hi there I have been locked for buying the new Deep Freeze pack. The Notice Says "transaction has been violated and my refunds will be returned in 3-5 business days" how can I fix this so I may buy the pack.

  • Im_Karma95
    Justin Browning (@Im_Karma95) reported

    @FortniteGame You should fix the frame rate on console too. Its been laggy as **** ever since 6.30 update

  • Marky42455545
    Marky (@Marky42455545) reported

    @FortniteGame My inventory on Save the world have glitch my places 115/60

  • Gamingismad_
    Gamingismad (@Gamingismad_) reported

    @QTVain @NateHillTV @TSM_Myth I so agree with Myth I believe that the competitive system of fortnite is broken and need to be worked on.

  • Warm_N_Genuine
    {Help}Wanted (@Warm_N_Genuine) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the shitty ass hit boxes . I emptied out a clip of a P90 into his mouth and he didn’t die

  • Pro_Gamezp
    Pro 🤑 (@Pro_Gamezp) reported


  • Abmnz6
    abmnz.69 (@Abmnz6) reported

    @FortniteGame Epic fix the turret nobody likes it

  • Warm_N_Genuine
    {Help}Wanted (@Warm_N_Genuine) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the shitty ass hit boxes . I emptied out a full clip of a p90 into my friends mouth and he did not didn’t die

    Amar Salihovic (@FEJZLA) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your ******* game stop adding shit imrove what you have the amount of fps drops and stuttering is ******* insane hear what the community wants like you guys did before give us what we want not what you want

  • curlzakridge
    fatima 🍂 Flowerchild (@curlzakridge) reported

    can't even play fortnite without it lagging 😒

  • D34NTR4P
    Dean 👻 (@D34NTR4P) reported

    If Fortnite wins GOTY, I don't think people can complain about games being broken or incomplete because a game that IS incomplete won GOTY!

  • SaltyYT
    Salty (@SaltyYT) reported

    @MrMuselk @FortniteGame This still has the problem where a lot of people don’t have launch pads, so it’s just another rng mobility item.