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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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July 20: Problems at Fortnite

Fortnite is having issues since 09:40 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Minneapolis Glitches
Toronto Game Crash
Tegucigalpa Online Play
Bogotá Matchmaking
Lamezia Terme Online Play
Plant City Game Crash

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Fortnite Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Maxwell_foxYT GamerFox (@Maxwell_foxYT) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix your replay

  • M_Ramey pineapple belongs on pizza truther (@M_Ramey) reported

    Fix your servers @FortniteGame

  • kimymendez28 🥀Kim (@kimymendez28) reported

    @FortniteGame Saturday 20 July Still can't play... same issues (kicking me out) 😔

  • JosephCaguana Tru_Vertek (@JosephCaguana) reported

    @FortniteGame I swear I could of competed for Xbox cup but due to the ******* game crash and the queue getting full and waiting 30 minutes for a ******* match. I only got 8 ******* points😔

  • Shadow101481 Keith k (@Shadow101481) reported

    @EpicGames #Fortnite This game has been uninstalled of my computer for good either until you fix this bullshit ass billion or you spend some of the billions you made to upgrade your security this game is full of hackers and you don’t care unless there 14 years old **** this game

  • mike101884 Michael davis (@mike101884) reported

    So ******* annoying @FortniteGame I can call the ******* cheaters i build fight and hear the other player fly in the storm wtf do i have to do to make u **** fix it

  • Bilybob02224519 Bilybob (@Bilybob02224519) reported

    @FortniteGame Having an issue that won't let me buy vbucks or save the world. The specific message it sends is "looks like something went wrong. For your protection, this transaction has been voided and your funds will be returned in 3-5 business days". can you help.

  • Jair19441205 Jair (@Jair19441205) reported

    @FortniteGame my friend gifted me and another friend the mecha team leader billy bounce and the banner cape ( even tho i have billy bounce and the banner cape) and we both got nothing and my friend was upset can you try to fix this glitch wont happen to others.

  • ZhentifyYT Twitch: Zhentify (@ZhentifyYT) reported

    @FortniteGame Can you please help me retrieve my fortnite acc. i origanally started on xbox switched to pc and i cant login to my epic acc because i have no access to the email linked to my epic acc. Pls help me the acc had like 40+ skins.

  • chipperviews ChipperDoesntEvenKnow (@chipperviews) reported

    @FortniteGame I’m just gonna say this now epic maybe you should hold the event Twice a day. That way more people can get into the event and you can fix things if there are bugs present

  • GDsince93 DCypherz (@GDsince93) reported

    @Xbox @FortniteGame cool to have an Xbox tournament and all but the F is 70-100 ping average during game play. Ping spiked everytime I had an engagement. Fix your game already.

  • ZackWA99 Zack (@ZackWA99) reported

    @Ninja @FortniteGame If only the game didn't crash on me as soon as the match loaded in :-(

  • ParallelKai Parallel Kai (@ParallelKai) reported

    @FortniteGame someone login to my acc or gift me, I NEED TSUKI

  • Senpai_Edison Papi Edison (@Senpai_Edison) reported

    FortniteGame: Due to an issue, the Power Punch Pickaxe is not currently featured in the Item Shop, even though it's shown in the image. We apologize for any confusion.

  • Denz40073736 Denz (@Denz40073736) reported

    @FortniteGame Stupid lame event , shotguns , ******* JETPACK ARE u SERIOUS fix IT ILL boycot the game till.

  • kidarundell154 Craig🎮 (@kidarundell154) reported

    @FortniteGame There Is a Problem With Creative,Your Not able To edit builds In Creative Making Edit Courses Impossible please Fix

  • powerslayer6 Alexander (@powerslayer6) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your game it keeps crashing

  • alan_riles Alan Riles (@alan_riles) reported

    @NEOWNIGGA @HappyPower @HYPEX @FortTory @FNBRHQ @FortniteGame @DonaldMustard He's going to heaven of robots, like, it was broken as shit in the end of the fight.

  • StoutVevo 💗Toucanzzz💗 (@StoutVevo) reported

    @Defaulting12 @FortniteGame Duplictation glitch room sweeper shows no element and many more things greet you in save the world

  • adairtheninja Crystal Hernandez (@adairtheninja) reported

    @FortniteGame fix it

  • 20DreBoii K-9 😈 (@20DreBoii) reported

    why tha **** cant I edit in any of my warm up islands. @FortniteGame fix yo bullshit bro

  • eman6415 eman64 🖤@ final fantasy 10 (@eman6415) reported from Towson, Maryland

    @Dragonogon Fortnite has a lot of cool ideas. the problem is it's fortnite

  • RaftyChilled Chilled #TeamMecha (@RaftyChilled) reported

    FortniteGame: Due to an issue, the Power Punch Pickaxe is not currently featured in the Item Shop, even though it's shown in the image. We apologize for any confusion.

  • ambrose_nate phantom (@ambrose_nate) reported

    @georgeisbetterr @veryraregods @RomaanM_ @OutcastJon_ @BucketHeadDyn @calc1x I like training my aim and not relying on an auto targeting system. And I played fortnite on controller for a year. I know how stupidly broken it is

  • wotdarkk ʞɹɐp (@wotdarkk) reported

    @LTbaconFN when i rebooted my ipad after downgrading from ios 13 i had a backup from when i had perm 60fps so my fortnite already had it no glitch no apps

  • BurlyHeadBlsian 🍃💨Eddi (@BurlyHeadBlsian) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the servers on Xbox 😭👎🏼 I only played 3 games and it crashed the other 7 had 22 points this game is trash my guy 🤮

  • GavinRe75867400 Ce Zexed (@GavinRe75867400) reported

    @FortniteGame Epic when are you going to fix the edit glitch on creative Pls reply or fix or ASAP

  • NoahWya47374234 Noah Wyatt (@NoahWya47374234) reported

    @FortniteGame why can’t I play any game mode on Xbox fix the problem

  • Keegxnn ‏ﱞ (@Keegxnn) reported

    @igIooed Dw we will play Fortnite instead to fix your heart 💓

  • DarioEbian Layzargamer (@DarioEbian) reported

    @FortniteGame Another issue: drum shotgun still in the game

  • JordynBebus Jordyn Bebus (@JordynBebus) reported

    take the ******* JETPACK OUT OF THE GAME WTFFF @FortniteGame fix your broke game

  • RubyRutherf0rd Ruby Rutherford (@RubyRutherf0rd) reported

    @OfficialBLUBOuO @FortniteGame No, they stated that the emotes from the battlepass themselves would never be released again. New versions of said dance are completely allowed. Anyway, though similar, you can easily tell them apart without an issue, like for god sakes one of them has 1 arm and the other has 2.

  • xXstrAnGeR0usXx xXstrAnGeR0usXx (@xXstrAnGeR0usXx) reported

    Your xbox cup was not available in to play in hawaii at 2pm @FortniteGame @FNCompetitive fix this

  • Theunknown0ne11 Unknown (@Theunknown0ne11) reported

    @_hoopsfan @FortniteGame Im not playing until they fix their shit

  • STUNNASQUAD_ Stunna-Bih (@STUNNASQUAD_) reported

    @FortniteGame Due to an issue of you dk how to optimize this game for console you will randomly get dropped FPS spikes below 30 when nothing is even going on

  • BeefyG4mesAlpha BeefyG4mes AlphaYT (@BeefyG4mesAlpha) reported

    @FortniteGame Thank u for ruining my fortnite experience! I cannot get all fortbytes as they still don’t work. I’m done with this bullshit game. Look deeper into whatever u look at to fix glitches. (I know this sounds over exaggerated but it’s the truth)

  • spxctralz Spxctralz (@spxctralz) reported

    @FortniteGame Please did the creative glitch where it says you need host to edit!

  • STUNNASQUAD_ Stunna-Bih (@STUNNASQUAD_) reported

    @FortniteGame how bout you optimize this game better for console 2 x in a row while I was in a house just farming no one around I dropped below 30 FPS randomly it might be just a spike but it shouldn’t happen fix this it throws you off

  • SamSayeghsamo Sam Sayegh (@SamSayeghsamo) reported

    And idk what the issue is but like for @xbrookeabx i think probably some of the people who are hating on her is because of some fortnite click bait channel who put stuff that didn't happen and makes brooke look bad for everyone by the title literally unbelievable

  • ruehmann_j Jont (@ruehmann_j) reported

    FortniteGame: Due to an issue, the Power Punch Pickaxe is not currently featured in the Item Shop, even though it's shown in the image. We apologize for any confusion.

  • Jay99254512 Jay (@Jay99254512) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the skydiving sound glitch

  • FnScript ScriptFN (@FnScript) reported

    Whenever I clip stuff on Fortnite the video is frozen with only audio. Anyone know how to fix this. I don’t have intel or nvidia #fixpc

  • Yovanimendez18 Yovani mendez (@Yovanimendez18) reported

    @FortniteGame Why don’t you just fix this shitty ass game you pieces of shit how ******** do you guys keep ******* shit up

  • Zultt Zultt (@Zultt) reported

    yo fix your shit my game keeps crashing @FortniteGame

  • AwantsLayl LAYLAwants (@AwantsLayl) reported

    @unknown_actor_ I SHOULD BE CRASH, RAYMAN, SHANTAE OR SPYRO WE DONT WANT THE LAST TO SLOTS WASTED ON THOSE abominations lol bout undertail and fortnite hell no

  • SerpentAU Serpent (@SerpentAU) reported

    @elmarcianodank @raidr_fn You can't, you have to wait for Fortnite to fix it

  • EmperorParsy198 Luke Parsons (@EmperorParsy198) reported

    @FortniteGame How about fix the mouse and keyboard in controller lobbies issue , cos mouse and Keyboard with aim assist , no-one on controller can compete it's ridiculous

  • bluer123123 bluer (@bluer123123) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the creative unknown error it’s so annoying like actually

  • wharrison2k15 Wayne Howes 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟🌟🌟 (@wharrison2k15) reported

    @FortniteGame error message on the live event, con. Ridiculous man loads had it. Kept saying error

  • Uiby2 seth (@Uiby2) reported

    @FortniteGame Hey did anyone else game crash when they got in the battle bus and only loaded I just to see the robot flossing

  • AlexElScumbag Savior Zaps (@AlexElScumbag) reported

    fix your loot pool for the love of god @FortniteGame i got floor loot from chests

  • kodiakspaulding kodiakspaulding (@kodiakspaulding) reported

    @FortniteGame fix when you look up from the water so it’s not black I was battling in loot and died because I could not see

  • JGameseth Ricky Botty (@JGameseth) reported

    @FortniteGame Not to mention the gliding audio bug still persists, vehicle audio bug still persists. Its just weird that yall have 2 billion dollars and can't hire someone who can properly fix things in your game.

  • orangeboy924 Orangeboy924 (@orangeboy924) reported

    @clone1d99 @FortniteGame Ikr, making a game is alot harder than people think. AND from the huge event earlier today I dont think a small glitch is the biggest deal in the world 😂

  • Angel94924707 Cloudy/ (@Angel94924707) reported

    @FortniteGame The cup is causeing amor of games to crash which wastes the game

  • G23meme AUTONOMOUS MEME-use code candy (@G23meme) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the issue of when you try to attempt to get into an alert mission but it will kick you out after a long loading time and will greet you with the message "network connection lost"

  • NorthcuttRyley Ryley Northcutt (@NorthcuttRyley) reported

    @FortniteGame give me my match back my fortnite crash before game even load why take my match I'm mad

  • RealATKCZ ATKCZ (@RealATKCZ) reported

    @FortniteGame why the he’ll do I keep crashing I got 15 points on my second game and when I strTed my third match it crash again and it counted as a match PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME THIS IS SO DUMB 😪 I NEED TO QUALIFY

  • Dreimzzz Dreim (@Dreimzzz) reported

    @FortniteGame @Dety0 did they fix the FPS problem with dualies

  • ShootsFN Shoots (@ShootsFN) reported

    @sabby2raw @FortniteGame fix your grammar bud it’s they’re* not there