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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • Online Play (25.55%)
  • Game Crash (17.69%)
  • Glitches (16.71%)
  • Matchmaking (9.34%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.49%)

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  • realBetterman77
    Dave▫️ betterman77 ▫️Lecount (@realBetterman77) reported

    @MAGNETRON_ I enjoy watching mixer, but my issue is with the BR hypezones, at first I liked watching but now it's all anyone streams is Fortnite or pubg just to try get in these zones, I think it takes away from those trying to be different.

  • DefinePride
    DefinePride (@DefinePride) reported

    I just got an email from Epic Games saying that someone is trying to login to my account... My Fortnite game has legit been installed but never touched y would you want it

  • asgharrizvig2
    Asghar Rizvi (@asgharrizvig2) reported

    @duckybhai yr fortnite login issue kar raha hai pc per after 5.41v ky bad say per koi help milay ge ?

  • AwesomeBroGamin
    ABG (@AwesomeBroGamin) reported

    @Just_InstinctYT You think you're cool. But let me tell you something. In about a year. Fortnite will crash and burn, and nobody will play it anymore. And then this tweet will look really stupid.

  • Dace_Live
    Dace (@Dace_Live) reported

    @GoldenboyFTW Fortnite is by no means smooth. Constant frame drops. Lag every time you die, inconsistent damage on gun. It’s better then Pubg but that’s a low bar. Blackout was smooth.

  • Moldy_Bagles
    Moldy Bagles (@Moldy_Bagles) reported

    @oliver37886281 @FortniteGame @KoopTrain Fix your English

  • OhhWarm
    Vito Cakaroglu (@OhhWarm) reported

    If @FortniteGame doesn’t remove the ******* Divot in season 6 - there’s honestly going to be some Deion’s problems. Everyone ******* hates the divot and it ruined the rotation for two entire seasons. GET RID OF IT!

  • Curlyfriewolf
    Curlyfrie the Wolf (@Curlyfriewolf) reported

    @FortniteGame fortnite please my name is curlyfriewolf I delete everything off my computer please fix it I'm crying right now this is my favorite game please fix I'm only 12 I I please

  • meowiktoria
    wiktoria (@meowiktoria) reported

    i’m literally so sad i made the little kid cry today on fortnite he calls me his mom, we play every day with him but today he was really acting up and offending me :((( i didn’t know he would cry though omg my heart is broken i’m the worst human being in the world fuckkk

  • ConnerMason20
    Conner Mason (@ConnerMason20) reported

    @FortniteGame Would be good if I could play STW but anytime I try a i get a matchmaking error or cannot lock profile. I’ve emailed fortnite twice now and only got an automatic reply from them that didn’t help at all

  • its_ian_b_
    its_ian_b_ (@its_ian_b_) reported

    @FortniteGame why are the hero’s,survivors,defenders menus so slow and laggy on Xbox? Reinstalled, same issue.

  • Zoey_Dixon
    Zoey Dixon (@Zoey_Dixon) reported

    Learning so much at #KidsConf18. 1. David Walliams is king! 2. Non-fiction sales are rising-how can we(librarians) reflect this in book issues? Are we buying the correct titles? Are we tapping into what is popular-eg: do we have books on Fortnite, a bestseller in 2018.

  • MrHurtlock
    Smoke (@MrHurtlock) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame Whenever I try and load up a mission i get “failed to lock profile”. How do I fix this?

  • SeverSegerson
    Sever Segerson (@SeverSegerson) reported

    @IRB @XboxSupport Will they contact the authorities? Hes pretending to be a 10 year old luring children on fortnite. I just seen a news article earlier this week saying this is becoming an issue.

  • jlfrankiv
    JLFrankIV (@jlfrankiv) reported

    @FortniteGame @EpicGames This game is super broken on switch

  • rattysacko
    RATTYSACKO (@rattysacko) reported

    @Banana123Flying @FortniteGame Why shouldn't they take stuff from STW? I see no problem with it.

  • Jazzp3r
    Jazz (@Jazzp3r) reported

    @ScottJAw @FortniteGame that's actualy a good idea though. Let the storm damage their buildings. the problem would be solved

  • stefam95759697
    stefam (@stefam95759697) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your game

  • HC4LBeast
    Glenn (@HC4LBeast) reported

    Ever since season 5 started for fortnite, stw is totally not playable! Now season 5 ends and it is still not fixed !! It keeps saying internal matchmacking error please try again later !! 6 weeks and still the same message !! Fix thiss trash thing @EpicGames

  • Delay_Designs
    Delay (@Delay_Designs) reported

    Just got hit 3 times with a pump from like 26m and he 3 70 I cant even do that from up close fortnite is so broken

  • lkell160
    ibmodding (@lkell160) reported

    @FortniteGame @KoopTrain Fix your ******* severs worst than bo1 lag

  • rotvictor111
    VicpokeTroll (@rotvictor111) reported

    @FortniteGame There's a bug, i cannot get the secret battle star for week 10. I think it's because i'm tier 100 but I have completed all the week 10 challenges and it didn't give me the loading screen. :( Please fix bug

  • Tygastripe
    Tygastripe (@Tygastripe) reported

    @FortniteGame I love how many people are annoyed with this skin being from Save the World and going to Battle Royale. Save the World inspired the game mode entirely. I don’t see a problem with them getting a skin.

  • MLB_player
    〽 Delli (@MLB_player) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix Yo Doo Doo Game

  • Kaleb_Justiss
    KaptonFresh (@Kaleb_Justiss) reported

    Wtf @FortniteGame why is it lagging & guns are faster than mine ?

  • Snekkk1
    -_klisss_- (@Snekkk1) reported

    @FortniteGame I am experiencing an issue in fortnite, I am tier 94 on battle pass and I have two challenges to go if I complete them I still won't get to tier 100 and normally I am level 63

  • JordanHyland21
    Jordan Hyland (@JordanHyland21) reported

    My PC has no issues with Rocket League or CSGO, but the second I play Fortnite with all my graphics turned down, my frames drop to 0 and I can barely see what’s going on.

  • twmtwmtwm2
    Tyler (@twmtwmtwm2) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your stupid ******* shotguns.

  • Sellstedt12
    Sellstedt12 (@Sellstedt12) reported

    @TycenYT @FortniteGame @EpicGames Well they added the refund system for people like you. It’s their way of fixing the problem. Accept it.

  • ItAintWendsday
    28jan2015isnotog (@ItAintWendsday) reported

    @FortniteGame There was a glitch to get him into battle royale without editing files it anything but it only worked for a minute

    b͓̽r͓̽o͓̽k͓̽e͓̽n͓̽ (@ROCKUHBILLY) reported

    can’t sleep. playing fortnite. i’m so broken over close encounters.

  • DarkSaito16
    AmarisLSK (@DarkSaito16) reported

    @FortniteGame Fortnite isn't what it use to be..... How to fix it? (My opinion) -Patch Wall jumping -Bring back Double Pump (Pump DMG 60-75) -NERF the Double Barrel -Vault the Compact SMG -Fix Last shot lag... -Buff up Common Tactical Shotgun -Quit being money hungry Epic -C4's must be nerf

  • YouTubeBrady1
    YouTube Brady (@YouTubeBrady1) reported

    @FortniteGame @KoopTrain Fix the double barrel

  • BDow413
    Brandon Dow (@BDow413) reported

    @Beluba @2K Nintendo switch is waiting for an update still like are you guys just ******* us over for $100 to not update or fix the servers @FortniteGame is free and does more support then you guys and thats sad

  • Okams_
    Økam (@Okams_) reported

    I was going to stream but my Epic Launcher likes to crash when im trying to Reinstall Fortnite

  • DexxterBmx
    DexterBMX (@DexxterBmx) reported

    Lets add a lock on the time you can swithch shotguns in a shotgun only mode // lets fix bugs and glitches // which one sounds better @FortniteGame

  • _the_freak
    FreaK (@_the_freak) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game

  • dwrdhrtd
    Edward (@dwrdhrtd) reported

    @FortniteGame @KoopTrain Fix the ******* lagg

  • neerava123
    ieatmobs (@neerava123) reported

    @FortniteGame Please make south east server's permanent because there is enough people who play on the sea server's if there are less why don't you introduce BOTS? The inconsistency is unbearable for us you think playing from 30 ms to 150 is fine but it's actually not! PLEASE FIX

  • Boonkings
    root@boonk~# (@Boonkings) reported

    i miss playing fortnite ❌ babe I the world's biggest problems after ******* legend

  • iclamty
    clamty (@iclamty) reported

    @FortniteGame How about y’all fix shotguns first

  • derrick_hance
    Derrick (@derrick_hance) reported

    @HighOctane_Buzz @GinaDaly02 @kenfoulmouths @FilthyMouthGamr @CorruptedPod @dave_moonz @CanadianBsmt @SirCardinal I just had an issue with them singling out Fortnite, just to get hits on their article. When clearly this has been an issue since the beginning of online gaming, like we said.

  • marullo_cole
    Copify (@marullo_cole) reported

    @SamsungMobileUS @Richtich187 Hey @SamsungMobileUS why not just get fortnite to load 10,000 v bucks into every account with the galaxy skin that will fix the issue with people getting mad about not getting the v bucks?

  • darkfeatherz
    Darkfeatherz (@darkfeatherz) reported

    Can #blackout just get here real quick so I can get off the frigging lag fest ******** game @FortniteGame this game is just pure shit now

  • YaBoiRaw25
    Cozy Raw 😴 (@YaBoiRaw25) reported from Mendota, California

    Omg I don’t miss @FortniteGame at all, @EAMaddenNFL plz fix server issue. I miss you

  • GraySkull23
    Nicholas (@GraySkull23) reported

    @FortniteGame how ******** do you expect anyone to play your game with this unreal lag tonight? You guys get too much ******* money to let this happen. #Fortnite #GetRidOfThisLag

  • jonadaniangames
    jonadanian (@jonadaniangames) reported

    When you've been complaining for days about your controller vibration not working in #fortnite and look in settings to see vibration is turned off... #4head

  • HighOctane_Buzz
    THE HIMMELGOD (@HighOctane_Buzz) reported

    @GinaDaly02 @derrick_hance @kenfoulmouths @FilthyMouthGamr @CorruptedPod @dave_moonz @CanadianBsmt @SirCardinal I can see this issue with Fortnite and Minecraft because if the large influx of children playing the game. It’s been around since gaming was online, but clearly not as bad as it is today. Parents still need to monitor their kids activities online.

  • ChrisLMDG
    ChrisLMDG (@ChrisLMDG) reported

    @JimKirkland19 @FortniteGame That's a glitch jesus christ NOT EVERY GLITCH IS A ******* SEASON 6 LEAK JEAUS ****

  • GlazedPastry
    Glazed Pastry (@GlazedPastry) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the game, skins should be forgotten of, until you fix everything. Goes to show you’re all about the greed, same for your children too.

  • MBTraits
    Quodavin (@MBTraits) reported

    If I get shot through one more ******* wall I swear to god @FortniteGame please fix your game before you add anymore unnecessary shit

  • nisaiah18
    isaiah nunez (@nisaiah18) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame you guys seriously need to fix this every match I go to you’ll have like 3 people doing this either take out jet packs or in the last match all building Materials get destroyed because this is annoying can’t even have fun @PlayStation @GameSpot

  • ttvfk
    FKfuture Sells 🦕 (@ttvfk) reported

    @KEEMSTAR Its because fortnite fixed all the problems

  • ilikexrmpx13
    PremiumBerzerk 🌐 (@ilikexrmpx13) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the smgs I want to game end myself every time I play cause I get killed by an smg

  • scooper_211
    sετн cοορεя (@scooper_211) reported

    Has Fortnite ever caused problems in your relationship? Rt for yes Like for no Tryna prove a point

  • jhonnydiaz97
    jhonnydiaz (@jhonnydiaz97) reported

    @FortniteGame so everytime i put my sensibility on 8 it always go to 8.5 and and the same happens is i go to 8.2 or 8.6 it go back to 8.5 can u guys fix that ?

  • MattProdagii
    Matt Meyer (@MattProdagii) reported

    @FortniteGame port-a-fort. port-a-fortress, grapple gun, guided missiles, 150spike trap dmg, crouch peek camera angle glitch on a ramp, gravity free zones, and shotguns hitting for less than 10, rocket launcher, Grenade launcher, p90??? Season5 was by far the worst season. #S6

  • FortniteDead0
    XxDR_DRILLZxX (@FortniteDead0) reported

    @mishcoolboy @FortniteGame Fix your account, I heard twitter is deleting it...

  • J_zombiekiller
    J_zombiekiller (@J_zombiekiller) reported

    @FortniteGame listen you guys need to step it up the game in its current state is so bad please make a bigger skill gap and fix the us west servers they have been so bad for so long now the only time i can play the game and enjoy is late on school nights

  • ChaseTVofficial
    I need friends (@ChaseTVofficial) reported

    @MarkRein @FortniteGame If you are listening please fix the submachine guns it is getting very unfair when they spray everywhere it takes no skill and lots of people do not like the so called meta