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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • Duncankaiser Gaurav Chaudhary (@Duncankaiser) reported

    @CallmeMrDeb @realmemobiles @IndiaPOCO @RedmiIndia I u go fr like 3 hrs + gaming thn yeh phn will heat up slightly not bursting out😂 But i hv no such issues though Even I hv played fortnite fr straight 1.5 hrs at epic graphics 30 fps( 60 fps unlocked) it didn't heat up at all Need to test asphalt 9 And pes is at its best🔥

  • big_apple_nip clu (@big_apple_nip) reported

    @FortniteGame give console players 144 fps because whenever I shoot I get 14 fps. Please fix

  • saptein S4 H4 ☇☄ (@saptein) reported

    @FortniteGame Pls take this idea to add the purple lake from season 5 as a creative island and add Dusty Divot meteor crash as a creative island aswell but only the first version of Dusty Divot witch is when S.4 started.

  • Sudhanv42521240 Sudhanva (@Sudhanv42521240) reported

    I live in India my ps4 is broken can only watch Fortnite widepeepoSad

  • stephanos89 caisaN (@stephanos89) reported

    @FortniteGame Improve your ******* servers!!! It's lagging like hell in STW!

  • Christo75019375 Christopher Jeffery (@Christo75019375) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX CREATIVE!!!!

  • HeyWilliDudat $CôóLboy Dū (@HeyWilliDudat) reported

    It’s literally redundant to add bots to @FortniteGame but hey at least they’ll likely have packet loss and consistency drops too. Fix the game before adding anymore jibberish to slow it down even more bruh.

  • Victorious_Jai Jay (@Victorious_Jai) reported

    @FortniteGame hey instead of bots can we fix the hitching please thanks 😃

  • slnkos C (@slnkos) reported

    I’ve been playing all day, even got a couple wins today and there’s absolutely no way ANYONE is dumb enough to take any fall damage whatsoever, @FortniteGame fix this.

  • Titanium_Venom TitaniumVenom (@Titanium_Venom) reported

    @FortniteGame kind of sucks right now, pretty bad. Tac SMG just adds injury to insult. PING is still too apparent of an issue, Mechs still griefing games. que times in champion league is unplayable. Map is expired. Really feel like theyre just giving up. @EpicGames @FNCompetitive

  • SZNBV EllisFlanagan (@SZNBV) reported

    @Buuilds @FortniteGame Fix you're name first

  • fuelzz f (@fuelzz) reported

    lol 2nd worst 2K besides 18 and you morons will never fix this shit @Ronnie2K @LD2K @Beluba . back to fortnite i go

  • da63578053 David Smith (@da63578053) reported

    @FortniteGame why has all the servers been so laggy. I know it's not my internet. Fortnite fix this please

  • JordanGraves3 code jordzz84 (@JordanGraves3) reported

    @MoXx_97 @shatbasket @sharp_pony @NickFarrow14 @ByzicXBL @P3rsonInACorner @FortniteGame Exactly my point everyone goes aim assist is broken but it’s only broken with the more frames you have I turnt mine of because it was just ass so I just aim myself

  • xVoltics jordan 月 (@xVoltics) reported

    @_vaguee Idk how to do it but I think they just want you to login to their fortnite account on your phone and claim a skin, if they keep asking just make one Pay for it

  • ItzCh1lly Ch1lly (@ItzCh1lly) reported

    @FortniteGame Dude wtf is going on with your game. Every time I try to login it says “unable to login to fortnite servers. Please try again later” can’t find any help on any site either. And I have looked through many areas and am seeing that I’m not the only one struggling from this issue.

  • SenanTyrrell Senan Tyrrell (@SenanTyrrell) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix creative I build one thing and it lags so hard on ps4 bytw and I have replays off and deaph thing offvaswell

  • LambzyG Lambzy 🇨🇦 (@LambzyG) reported

    Please fix the micro stutters get rid of these mechs and optimize your game @FortniteGame

  • JordanGraves3 code jordzz84 (@JordanGraves3) reported

    @shatbasket @sharp_pony @NickFarrow14 @ByzicXBL @P3rsonInACorner @FortniteGame My problem is that playing against the same skill level would mean I have to have a lobby full of sweatys and that’s fine but arena is not fair for console and no one can argue that

  • SUL_RubenW |StartUpLag| (@SUL_RubenW) reported

    @NoahsNoahYT Just don’t play fortnite, simple fix

  • WhoZae ItsWhoZae (@WhoZae) reported

    @FortniteGame You guys dont REALIZE they didn't Fix Turbo Build do you community When they did 0.5 to 0.15 they said they reverted BUT then Followed up with an update With Placement and Wall STEALING TURBO BUilding Is At and set to 0.10 Exactly You Wont TELL The Difference!!!

  • javaher0 É𝘵𝘰𝘪𝘭𝘦 (@javaher0) reported

    fix your ******* game @FortniteGame

  • StormexH Stormex_HD (@StormexH) reported

    @FortniteGame The Storm racers deal fall damage to a opponent is bugged it showed up on my screen finished and when i check to make sure it was finished its still not complete please fix this issue because this is a hard challenge to even complete to begin with

  • ERICKING1021_ Erick Gonzalez (@ERICKING1021_) reported

    @FortniteGame please please fix all the glitches. ever since Saturday's patch it's been super glitchy

  • JAvoided JustAvoided (@JAvoided) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix the lag first!

  • tunatical GutTy (@tunatical) reported

    @DawgraDogu I quit playing that after it felt more like mass grinding and shit storm fortnite like. Maps are bad and the zombie features are either broken or very out of picture.

  • IsaacDooley2 Isaac Dooley (@IsaacDooley2) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your shit the game is so bugged

  • stoddy_cs stoddy (@stoddy_cs) reported

    @VinesGreens The one with sora and crash was almost perfect, had to be ruined with fortnite...

  • WhosEhnvo 𝐸𝒽𝓃𝓋𝑜 (@WhosEhnvo) reported


  • Ledezmaah Ledezma 🇻🇪 (@Ledezmaah) reported


  • DeezCoconutNuts Deeznuts (@DeezCoconutNuts) reported

    @PeterCheekz @flowersinmasks @HeckinBrandon @NICKMERCS @FortniteGame You can improve, because if you get to be better than a lot of people that did had your same skill, you'll no longer be matched with people. Also, this fixes the issue of competitive players abusing new, bad, and casual players.

  • Fernand15030033 Fernando Lopez (@Fernand15030033) reported

    @FortniteGame hello fortnite I have a problem really I don't know what happened but just as you help someone famous I want you to help me when I go to the race and I go to markers says that next update never really I want you to help me please if

  • imKetsuPSN 🌸Ketsu🌸 (@imKetsuPSN) reported

    Hey guys. I listened To an ad YouTube Put out saying I can Have Lots of Ingame currency on fortnite But Its not Working now Im dissapointed And Lost my Personal Info To the Wierd App I downloaded (Im joking btw But This CAN happen If someone isnt smart enough)

  • FreshPrincePRS Peter R. Saldaña (@FreshPrincePRS) reported

    @FortniteGame fix audio please

  • angelhnd Angelhnd (@angelhnd) reported

    @FortniteGame First fix your ******* game and stop adding ******* bullshit

  • Entity____303 Entity_303 (Parody) (@Entity____303) reported

    @CommandBlock_ No, i started a singleplayer 1.14 survival bc i never beat the ender drag, fortnite challanges are being very hard and annoying (not gonna buy the battlepass next season) hypixel skyblock isnt an issue bc the more im offline the more coins my minions generate

  • LeCodieSRS CodieTheBrodie (@LeCodieSRS) reported

    I asked my crush to play a game of 8 ball she said yes but she couldn’t play cuz her phone lag the other day I heard another mans tell me she played a whole game of fortnite mobile with her #girlsdoanythingforagoodlookinguy

  • MarsVgc Marco (@MarsVgc) reported

    Why does @FortniteGame seem so lagging lately

  • LazyPandaPie PandaPie (@LazyPandaPie) reported

    Fortnite is running low on players so they are adding bots lol. And the cash problem, make a crossover every 2 weeks

  • ImBeavs Beavs (@ImBeavs) reported

    Fortnite Cheese at your service.

  • Emuli15 Emuli (@Emuli15) reported

    @Alpharad The Fortnite rep is the exciting thing in that pack. I'm not joking, this is isn't bait, I just don't give a rats ass about Shantae, Crash, Geno or Sora.

  • NIVEKSNGRY KevRoy (@NIVEKSNGRY) reported

    As much as I like Shantae, Crash and Sora, I'm not willing to take Pack 2 just for that Fortnite guy... Pack 1 is very nice, though I highly doubt Scorpion can get in (They've censored the blood in Joker's All Out Attack, Scorpion would be 1000x worse) Pack 4 would be my pick.

  • JenOutpost Jen (@JenOutpost) reported

    Unbelievable lag since the Batman addition @FortniteGame ... not fun :(

  • ApolloSlayyz ApolloSlayyz (@ApolloSlayyz) reported

    @FortniteGame please look into the server issues😐 lagging when I shouldn’t be. Thanks😘

  • CurvyFlowz Extinction (@CurvyFlowz) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix the home button glitch/bug i just lost a win because of it🤬😡

  • Swipeey Swipe (@Swipeey) reported

    @DatDaneDoe @drdisrespect Pubg is terrible with lag. Fortnite is... h1z1 is dead and apex is good, probably the only competitori.competitor to blackout

  • ImRyanMartin Stitch 🚀 (@ImRyanMartin) reported

    Heres all i gotta say. I hope Fortnite fixes shit in season 11 because its not a bad game. its just what there doing with the game thats bad. so if they can fix it then ill happily redownload it and give it another try.

  • IOTitanBTW IOTitan|Kitty/kiwoooStan (@IOTitanBTW) reported

    @omgxsyn @FortniteGame @FreightTrainUSA FIX YOUR SHIT

  • Jmega226 Mega (@Jmega226) reported

    @FortniteGame @DCBatman Why do the stuck push done buttons not work on mobile fortnite when using an Xbox or ps4 controller can we fix this!! Like or retweet so they can see this unless there is already a fix then tell me

  • Bryan_El_Parker BP (@Bryan_El_Parker) reported

    Well I’ll be off Fortnite until they fix their lag spikes. @FortniteGame @EpicGames likely my last pay season as well. New objectives are bs...a needless grind having to do them almost one at a time.

  • 21natethegreat Nathanial Bassett (@21natethegreat) reported from Hurst, Texas

    @fortnite tell me why my game freezes while I’m shooting at one and then I end up dying. My final shots don’t get off and that’s the difference between me getting the kill and dying. Please fix this

  • Jmega226 Mega (@Jmega226) reported

    @FortniteGame why do the stick push down buttons not work when playing fortnite mobile with an Xbox or ps4 controller. Can you fix it!! Like so they can see this or retweet

  • DeezCoconutNuts Deeznuts (@DeezCoconutNuts) reported

    @Obeytheboii_11 @Bruisr_ @DrLupo @FortniteGame That's the point of Arena, but people with really high skills love to abuse casual and new players. This fix that issue that Epic has been trying to stop since a lot of time. Mechs were something to help casuals and new players to at least defend themelves.

  • Bryan_El_Parker BP (@Bryan_El_Parker) reported

    @FortniteGame lag spikes for PS4 makes the game largely unplayable. Noticed it since the update. Checked my network. It isn’t the issue.

  • iiRatman Ratman (@iiRatman) reported

    I literally cant play anything rn, in fortnite, I keep lagging before I die and then in cod I'm getting horrendous bullet reg and keep dying behind walls. Wtf is going on with my internet, I need answers

  • ScreechinSergal ScreechingSergal (@ScreechinSergal) reported

    @u_no_it_ade @OMGItsBirdman My problem was it took a while to actually learn certain things, like having knowledge on edits and learning mechanics. Newcomers come to Fortnite with COD and Apex Legends as their background and think they can play FN the same way. It takes some practice to be good at FN.

  • gustavomezator1 gustavo meza torres (@gustavomezator1) reported

    @FortniteGame focus on god damn lagging issues and audio issues no one cares about the mechs no more so there’s a great idea for your next patch that will actually be useful

  • Flurpledur Flurpledur♠ (@Flurpledur) reported

    Streamed 3 hours of @FortniteGame. Literally more lag than CoD MW, time to let it gather up more dust lol

  • Uhlric1 Uhlric (@Uhlric1) reported

    @Alpharad #2 Sora and Crash will be worthy of the sacrifice to add fortnite.

  • EscapeShot Escape (@EscapeShot) reported

    All I’m saying is keep matchmaking random not based on any stats and help out trickshotters. Unvault the hunting rifle, bring bouncers back, bring a nerfed version like the Batman grappler with less range back, vault mechs, and fix your shitty ass servers @FortniteGame