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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Fortnite. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Sign in (33.81%)
  • ▪ Online Play (32.39%)
  • ▪ Matchmaking (14.57%)
  • ▪ Glitches (9.51%)
  • ▪ Game Crash (9.31%)
  • ▪ Hacking / Cheating (.40%)

Fortnite Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires  ▪ Buffalo, New York  ▪ Mexico City, Mexico City  ▪ Knoxville, Tennessee  ▪ Barcelona, Catalonia  ▪ Athens, Texas  ▪ Sylvania, Ohio  ▪ Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province  ▪ West Richland, Washington  ▪ Whangaparaoa, Auckland  ▪ Willmar, Minnesota

Fortnite Live Outage Map
  • Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
  • Buffalo, New York
  • Mexico City, Mexico City
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Barcelona, Catalonia
  • Athens, Texas
  • Sylvania, Ohio
  • Vicente López, Buenos Aires Province
  • West Richland, Washington
  • Whangaparaoa, Auckland
  • Willmar, Minnesota
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  • nightvision1090
    NIGHTVISION1090 (@nightvision1090) reported

    @GRIFFINGAMEStv @FortniteGame Fix the bullet spread

  • BroItsWarrior
    Unknown Person (@BroItsWarrior) reported

    @random827392 @FortniteGame This game fucking sucks PUBG is so much damn better and runs more Smoother because in @fortnite also know as the shitty ass game doesn’t have different servers so people from eu or Asia will be in na servers and it fucks up the game and makes it lag so yah this game is shit af

  • vNeptunee
    Formally Known As JusT NPTN (QUIT) (@vNeptunee) reported

    @FortniteGame are you gonna fix the keyboard and mouse on Xbox one?

  • UnKnOwN___007
    @UnKnOwN_007 (@UnKnOwN___007) reported

    @FortniteGame Okay I saw the fortnite tweet ir says if you win 50v50 match you will get the snowflake umbrella I did it 3 times but it doesn't work, I won 2 times in duo and 3 times in squad but I still didn't get the solo win so this is the problem or what?

  • QueasyForever
    SaintQueasy #NF (@QueasyForever) reported

    @FortniteGame your damage is broken i put a shot gun bullet on a guy for 76 i got the second hit gave him no fucking damage even though i shot firs he had no shield fix this

  • Noir3blade
    Noir3 (@Noir3blade) reported

    @FortniteGame My push-to-talk is still not working, please fix it in PVP

  • Tza_Il
    Tza (@Tza_Il) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBATTLEGROUNDS @Xbox Plz fix it whats u doing ? Fortnite for free give more update and patch at toi wirh ur shitty game at 29$

  • Beastly__Gamer
    Beastly Gamer (@Beastly__Gamer) reported

    Revolver live team and viewers get your @FortniteGame downloaded on ps4. If you are playing on pc still get the ps4 version just in case we have connection issues. @TheBriarRabbit @GaryDiaz86_BT @RyuWilson @innerBLACKninja

  • RaxnD7
    Raxn (@RaxnD7) reported

    Does anyone know how to fix fortnite on pc, the game keeps spawning me under the map and whenever im in the battlebus the gfx are so shit..

  • itsomethingsour
    SourGang (@itsomethingsour) reported

    @ryanrcks505 @FortniteDailys @brugalito2 @FortniteGame Then it's a glitch because I wasn't able to play duo for 2 weeks. Idek why.

  • javigotgame11
    javier Martinez (@javigotgame11) reported

    @FortniteGame I'm having a really big problem with the whole team killing thing... I report them and nothing happens can you fix this issue ...

  • whonation168
    Whonation (@whonation168) reported

    @FortniteGame game has huge lag spike and freezes in the middle of the game

  • hoolioh88
    Julian Hegarty (@hoolioh88) reported

    Until you fix the spawn system in WW2 i will play BO3 till then. USS Texus map is discracful and the majority of the maps aren't much better. All you have to do is look on YouTube, majority of the big Call Of Duty YouTubers are playing Fortnite. That says it all really @SHGames

  • HotCupofNasty
    MerryCupofNasty (@HotCupofNasty) reported

    @tha_rami No one has issues with the look or sound, but the economy design mixed with increased micro transactions is ridiculous. The game isn’t the same. Fortnite is free and updated regularly. I’ll spend my time there.

  • destructoxz
    Delavia Shamburger (@destructoxz) reported


  • BaumheuerH
    Hendrik Baumheuer (@BaumheuerH) reported

    @FortniteGame Hey can u plz fix the problem that u fall through your stairs or floors on ps4. Since the new Update I fall through sometimes for example when I fall from a mountain and build under me its building but not stoping me from falling

  • Raven_K87
    Kelly (@Raven_K87) reported

    @MikeNaiders Currently fortnite runs a lot better, but even with its issues I would still rather play PUBG. For me fortnite just doesn't have the same tense feeling I get outta PUBG, like you say it feels more of a challenge. I've played a few solo and squads but I prefer it in duo's.

  • Cru7uFy
    Cruz (@Cru7uFy) reported

    @VapulaxCMG @EhsanG_ Lol im like 50-0 against ehsan in those he knows 1 day i didnt have input lag on my controller i was beaming nah nah im on in 40 mins tko fortnite then

    SARCO (@SARCOSKIRATA) reported

    @Porshapwr I can’t count the times I’ve made it to the top 3 in Fortnite BR, only to die from either a stupid mistake, lag, or just getting out gunned. Stings man.

  • Now3n
    Nath (@Now3n) reported

    Games this year have been mediocre, nearly every game that has came out has no replay value which is shit, Crash Bandicoot was one that barely bored me, Fortnite is free and it’s a lot more entertaining then these $100 games. Ffs.

  • SHGames__
    SludgeHammer (@SHGames__) reported

    @SHGames why can't you simpletons just fix your lemon. Fortnite is looking better and it's designed by two year olds.

  • ApolloGamingz
    Apollo (@ApolloGamingz) reported

    @Enzsd Yo Enzo do u want to squad up (fortnite) i fixed elgato issue

  • Hunter_Hanay
    Hunter Hanay (@Hunter_Hanay) reported

    @FortniteGame fix ur fucking shit

  • DoctorBlue99
    Doc Blue 👁 (@DoctorBlue99) reported

    Okay Youtube views are broken. A couple of minutes ago my Fortnite video had 36 views, suddenly now it's got 52.

  • ImAndres8
    Andres Gomez (@ImAndres8) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your chest you peace of shit game @97Tito7

  • Damjan40471259
    Damjan (@Damjan40471259) reported

    Guys i have a problem after new update my @FortniteGame freezes and stays like that until I shut it down with Task Manager i tried lowering my graphics and i lowered everything else i eaven tried on windowed mode but it still freezes please help!

  • Damjan40471259
    Damjan (@Damjan40471259) reported

    @dakotaz @FortniteGame I have a problem after this new update my game freezes and stays like that untill i shut it down with Task Manager i tried lowering my graphics and i lowered everything but it still freezes please help me

  • Stabbies
    Saint Nick 🚀 (@Stabbies) reported

    yo @FortniteGame please fix the not PTT binding ASAP! Sucks that a key feature with pairing up with randoms and we can't even talk..

  • theoclark69
    dan gleesack (@theoclark69) reported

    @FortniteGame my fucking wins from over 2weeks ago still haven't fucking came through fix ur game rat jews

  • TheOhSoPro
    TheOhSoPro 🍾 (@TheOhSoPro) reported

    I can't be bothered to try and stream WW2 game is Just a pathetic cash grab with broken mechanics. So I'll stream Fortnite a free br more balanced than a triple A title

  • CultofFrank
    God (@CultofFrank) reported

    @FortniteGame Cant wait for you to fix the fucking hitscan bullshit every gunfight is retarded

  • fluxhiss
    jangers (@fluxhiss) reported

    @brodiejones_ @sabianlynch @FortniteGame You don’t fuckin wanna play the patch anyway Christmas trees have somehow broken the whole BR

  • RuiderPeter
    Peter Ruider (@RuiderPeter) reported

    @Nick28T i just play fortnite atm caus ea wants fifa to be broken and bad.

  • realbritikaal
    ZACHARY (@realbritikaal) reported

    Fortnite is broken tonight

  • PapaHuge
    Zack (@PapaHuge) reported

    Crashing my PS4 pro almost every other map now. Something's broken after the last couple weeks. @FortniteGame

  • rugbyplayer9077
    Mark 🎈 (@rugbyplayer9077) reported

    @Noobface @FortniteGame *and lag as anythig thorugh bad converters AND the delay of the game anyway

  • zJoshys
    Joshy❄️ (@zJoshys) reported

    @FortniteGame when are you gonna fix the pick up glitch or the staircase glitch or the chest glitch or the walk straight through your own building glitch ?

  • _corrupt_file_
    Ketetubby その女の子 (@_corrupt_file_) reported

    @newotakuman5000 @FortniteGame @EpicGames @Xbox @XboxSupport Why you pinging Xbox for an issue on your PS4?

  • sshane511
    TC_Shane (@sshane511) reported

    @PlayerUnknowns_ man pay the money to play but keep getting kicked off or the game crashes. You guys got money from the pc peeps fix xbox about to go back to fortnite its free and runs smooth

  • Mrmanmine
    Leo6179 (@Mrmanmine) reported

    @FortniteGame why is the fortnite servers so bad i cant even join or login

  • brodiejones_
    brodie (@brodiejones_) reported

    @FortniteGame hello please fix the game. Me and my friends cannot play. Patch has not fixed shit.

  • officalchicken4
    Chicken (@officalchicken4) reported

    @FortniteGame Problems with servers?

  • Blu80766403
    Blu (@Blu80766403) reported

    I’m having issues with fortnite connectivity and constant app freezing on ps4 @EpicGames

  • Harshil_Shah97
    Harshil Shah (@Harshil_Shah97) reported

    I am unable to connect to the Fornite PS4 servers in India! Could you pls look into it and sort the server issues @FortniteGame

  • Zylux_
    Zylux (@Zylux_) reported

    @gerstner14 @mattcoyne45 @reed96647532 @RedlineR24_ @StefaGTW @ktravis25 @PUBATTLEGROUNDS That’s your opinion though. My opinion is PubG is broken and needs fixing, and in its current state, Fortnite is 10x better.

  • GoodThumbss
    Leo (@GoodThumbss) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the damn potion rate of drop cause its a joke they all have damn potions and we never get them fuck sake that shit should be rare

  • TheZvNick
    ZvNick (@TheZvNick) reported

    @FortniteGame all games are lagging like crazy! Whole squads and can’t even pick up guns first like 3 times. Fix?

  • bloodman92
    Max Masters (@bloodman92) reported

    @EpicGames @FortniteGame the other player two was teaming his name was MgeerDing please fix this and keep people out of an other wise great game we dont want you to turn into pubg with hackers and cheaters in pro scene and exploiting the game

  • Jonhathaon
    Johnathon Tha God (@Jonhathaon) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your shotty's dog

  • ObeyChipp
    ҈ (@ObeyChipp) reported

    anyone know how to fix fps stutters on fortnite

  • Villinary
    Villinary (@Villinary) reported

    @FortniteGame the freezing issue when you go into a close range fight is becoming beyond a joke, it has gotten me killed 4 times today and even dakotaz expressed his opinions on it FIX THIS PLEASE

  • BiggunsEmmerson
    Emmerson Bigguns (@BiggunsEmmerson) reported

    @FortniteGame Let’s also work on the lag events in PvE too

  • TheTakoRoko
    TakoRoko (@TheTakoRoko) reported

    @Vertycal_ @FortniteGame It seems like a recurring issue for people under a 1% win ratio xd

  • Chief_plz
    Recall Creator (@Chief_plz) reported

    @UndyingNoble @ItsCancerousFuk When I first played fortnite I came across a shitload of bugs and connectivity issues. Not everyone will get that, though, I know. It’s been a while since I played fortnite. Maybe I’ll go back to it.

  • greenpumpshotty
    crest (@greenpumpshotty) reported

    @whalesxo all shotguns on fortnite are broken tbh

  • ClutchNinja456
    It was a very bad idea for longer character limit (@ClutchNinja456) reported

    @Ninja24767 @FortniteGame they are not broken you just do not understand the fundamentals.

  • JakeeLarson
    Jake Larson (@JakeeLarson) reported

    @FortniteGame you know I hit a guy in the head twice with a green pump and he does the same but my second bullet doesn’t register fix your shit thank you

  • LyarOnFire
    LyarOnFire #ObeyRC (@LyarOnFire) reported

    @BinxBailey_ @FortniteGame @EpicGames I found out, gotta find email you used for your PSN account and login with that email, then deactivate it

  • cams30_
    cams (@cams30_) reported

    @FortniteGame fix ur shithole of a game

  • Tyrese_FullerYT
    Derrick_RoseJr YT (@Tyrese_FullerYT) reported


  • BinxBailey_
    Binx (@BinxBailey_) reported

    @LyarOnFire @FortniteGame @EpicGames I have the same problem sooooo annoying

  • _ohno_its_me_
    Clayton Peppas (@_ohno_its_me_) reported

    @FortniteGame When your servers didn't lag

  • SllickTV
    SlickTV (@SllickTV) reported

    @FortniteGame i still havent been able to fix my in game chat in battle royale. i can hear everyone but they cant hear me. my mic works fine ive tried everthing and still no help from forums or anywhere.

  • WW2FanSami
    Sami Haloui (@WW2FanSami) reported

    @FortniteGame I wanted to tell you that I lost so many matches because of this the issue is that when I want to get q gun i press square it dosnt work I have to spam square

  • ctdummy80
    Joe Clark (@ctdummy80) reported

    @FortniteGame To all the people saying it's a bust or needs improvement. Ppl are playing it nonstop, problems or not. These problems are more easily discovered to be addressed when people are playing it and as long as ppl are still playing it isn't a bust and there's no reason to remove it.

  • Jakeemisiah
    Jakeem Isiah (@Jakeemisiah) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix were you're fucking building and it starts shooting I die 24/7 bc I pull up the build menu to spam and it fucking shoots.

  • BoatingWord
    Merry🎄TugsMasᵛᵉᵛᵒ | oof | Retweeted (@BoatingWord) reported

    im about to fucking uninstall fortnite. the amount of times i've died in 5th place in solos. to absolute bullshit Deaths: 1 - Smg Kid sitting in a corner 2 - Shotgun kid in corner barn 3 - Sniper Shot That Should've hit a wall 4 - Fall Damage From 1 Stair Case to ground 5 - Lag

  • zMaason
    Mason #SoaRRC (@zMaason) reported

    @FortniteGame hey idk if you have gotten any complaints yet but if not, I wanted you guys to be aware of the gunshot glitch. it is the exact same glitch that is in the spectating mode. we can hear shots from different places and they are even near us nor shooting at us

  • Bmx_Aqua
    aqua (@Bmx_Aqua) reported

    @realrandomnice @TheAnarchists48 @FortniteGame hack his ip go to his house and disconnect his monitor or T.V and go back to your house and kill him.

  • SepHrYz
    Shmoney (@SepHrYz) reported

    @FortniteGame @EpicGames I fucking love fortnite but it is inconsistent AS FUCK with hit reg, damage, etc please fix it

  • Badkiid91
    Billy Kellermeyer (@Badkiid91) reported

    I get shafted every time I play solo fortnite getting into the top 10 and it's either my console which is a problem or my internet which is also a problem that sticks it in without warning smh I need those wins

  • iii_Dizzy
    Dizzy. 🇰🇼 (@iii_Dizzy) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the frame droping in gun fights

  • LV_Shorty
    LV (@LV_Shorty) reported

    I dont lag on any other game NOT EVEN 2K, but I lag on fortnite like 8 games out of 10 and its mad frustrating anyone else have this problem?

  • Troop_CoD
    Troop (@Troop_CoD) reported

    @MLG_Treble @FortniteGame The game is so broken, the scar, the snipe, etc. broken. And they don't care.

  • KobeFfa
    Kobe FFA (@KobeFfa) reported

    @FortniteGame I play PS4 fortnite and it keeps saying login fail

  • NoahIery
    Noah Iery (@NoahIery) reported

    @FortniteGame @lewismilton8 You can't login on PS4

  • RatchetRadius
    IsaI Zamudio (@RatchetRadius) reported

    @FortniteGame i’m getting an extreme amount of server lag

  • AyyKrush
    Krush (@AyyKrush) reported

    Spent the last 3 hrs trying to download fortnite on my pc, and it came up with an error screen that Says I cannot download it wtf

  • Rainersnow
    AMC (@Rainersnow) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix the fruitcakes quest bug issues

  • Awhitehead1111
    AJ Whitehead (@Awhitehead1111) reported

    @FortniteGame Your game is absolute crap i was final two and game glitched and dude was right behind me and i died fix your game!!!!