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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Fortnite. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 41.45% Sign in
  • Online Play 22.91% Online Play
  • Glitches 15.18% Glitches
  • Matchmaking 10.73% Matchmaking
  • Game Crash 9.09% Game Crash
  • Hacking / Cheating .64% Hacking / Cheating

Fortnite Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Stuttgart Sign in
Palermo Matchmaking
Rome Sign in
Langenhagen Glitches
Manchester Online Play
Köln Sign in

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Fortnite Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • FortinetGame Fortnite (@FortinetGame) reported

    @FortniteGame We are working on an issue where B.R.U.T.E.S are not showing up in game! We will Update after Further Notice!

  • underseer_ underseer (@underseer_) reported

    Can someone please help I can't play fortnite normally cause every 5 minutes it keeps crashing Please tell me a fix

  • DazeOp Daze loves rulsy (@DazeOp) reported

    I need a network specialist in my dms rnnnnn Fortnite : Won't load into a match Blizzard: won't load in Steam: Connection error won't start Whenver I join a Discord vc; no route when I diagnosed my network it said dns error Able to do everything else , watch movies and surf

  • MK90029324 MK (@MK90029324) reported

    @FortniteGame Guys im sorry but you have to fix ARs they are imposible to shoot bloom is to big i played CS GO and i know my aim is really good but bloom ruins it

  • XerohSZN Xeroh ⚡️🦋 (@XerohSZN) reported

    gonna really start thinking bout what I want to do with my life, fortnite comp was not the wave that shits so ass @FortniteGame fix ur shit and maybe ill come back on day

  • RopTamen RopTamen (@RopTamen) reported

    @CODE_3CH0 @FortniteGame I believe that the game itself is fine, well made and a unique concept, rather the problem being the fanbase and epic themselves.

  • FlickTwist_YT Flick Twist (@FlickTwist_YT) reported

    @FortniteGame middle eastern region is dead! You guys no more care for us people! You people literally throw us in front of all people having 10 ping! Fix your stupid game instead of stupid helicopter like stuff into your dumb game!

  • Pluto19864404 Pluto (@Pluto19864404) reported

    @FortniteGame Why did Fortnite lag

  • stoyan4ou ' (@stoyan4ou) reported

    My green pump made 32 headshot damage from 1m... @FortniteGame fix your garbage

  • DarkKiller7933 DarkKiller#7933 (@DarkKiller7933) reported

    Dear @EpicGames, @FortniteGame i have an issue i had -2200 V Bucks and now i have -1200 everytime i earned V Bucks it is less but i do not know why please help.

  • SuperNinjaPedro NinjaPedroX (@SuperNinjaPedro) reported

    @bmxyy_ @Kayuun , more players are online, causing the ISPs to be slower, resulting in higher ping/delay in the game. This isn’t the only cause, but a dev wrote a post about this on reddit. The game itself is very good, but a few problems directly related to the Fortnite community degrade it 2/2

  • S4m33rD S4M33R-DABO11 (@S4m33rD) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your henchmen they have aimbot

  • Real_EHgamer E H gamer (@Real_EHgamer) reported

    @Ygo_Leon @Ninety9us @FortniteGame You see... the issue is: ALMOST EVERY FEMALE SKIN IS A SWEAT.

  • tyrannicswine Robert Chief (@tyrannicswine) reported

    @PrismGamingUK Crash, GTA and Mario. Any reason for COD and Fortnite to be erased is good with me

  • NinjaBro123YT2 agent slurpz has the corona (@NinjaBro123YT2) reported

    Fortnite isn’t the same anymore. Skill Based Matchmaking Is SO Broken & Henchman & Bosses Are WAY TOO OP & Need A Major Rule.

  • NinjaBro123YT2 agent slurpz has the corona (@NinjaBro123YT2) reported

    You Really To Fix The Game @FortniteGame

  • knownforRecons jett (@knownforRecons) reported

    @bqkerz no I’m still heart broken that I am not able to lead that fortnite team. I was so hyped to finally be apart of a cool guy group but it’s over now 🖤

  • AbsolyYT AbsolyFTN (@AbsolyYT) reported

    @xSUND0WN Tried to fix Fortnite , broke myself instead.

  • Tidesdoesthings Twizz | Tidals (@Tidesdoesthings) reported

    as broken aim assist as fortnite has. 90% of the community plays controller, 30% of those people are elite ******* gamers. They have better movement making it easier to build and edit on controller, and then fortnite slaps on aimbot for them. Controller will be the reason (2)

  • jamie50604981 Nexuz Jamie (@jamie50604981) reported

    this game is dogshit, i literally am using a gold pump and i hit this kid for 40 in the head with all my pellets fix your game once again @FortniteGame

  • BeatriceMaylen ABC (@BeatriceMaylen) reported

    @tmlmu @FortniteGame Anyways why is it your problem we have aim assist like seriously 😒

  • yngChanda PG Chanda 🎒 (@yngChanda) reported

    @Realtweak plz help fix my cpu usuage 100% on fortnite 🥺

  • PoserAssCaspar ♛ B I G B O O F ♛ (@PoserAssCaspar) reported

    Who ******** is tryna sign in to my fortnite account lmfao. All I got are battle pass skins, a beautiful creative map for 1v1’s and a horrible KD.

  • abdirah50808893 abdirahman (@abdirah50808893) reported

    @FortniteGame what happened to save the wrld it’s not letting me login daily is this a glitch cause if it is then you should hand out free bucks to save the wrld owners

  • SarfoYt bst sarfo yt (@SarfoYt) reported

    @OT_ThreshFPS @AspectFN_ its because other games don't allow auto aim which give you 100% shots aque. in fortnite more fps will give you boast in aim but in console its not working good

  • hydro_gx HydroGX (@hydro_gx) reported

    Hey, uhhh....@FortniteGame: I found an exploit with the helicopters y'all might want to fix ASAP (pm me for screenshot) #fortniteBR #epicgames #exploit

  • maddenboy1808 Joseph Greenhouse (@maddenboy1808) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix or remove the broken has hell smg

  • ArrayBops bops (@ArrayBops) reported

    How to fix fortnite ideas: Remove sbmm Replace lazy lake with tilted (just an idea) Fix servers Give us the old map. Give us an option to use the old graphics. Double pump

  • JordanEddy18 Jordan Eddy (@JordanEddy18) reported

    @debimolyneux1 @EpicGames Is it fix yet because if it isn’t deleted fortnite and download it again and everything should be back normal

  • ItsDocFN HG Doc (@ItsDocFN) reported

    Instead of spending millions on the Fortnite World Cup, where there would only be a few winners, Epic should just give everyone who plays the game for x amount of hours in a month $100. Problem solved, all the players are back 🤣

  • f_peten_99 peterisapulley (@f_peten_99) reported

    @Dety0 good morning.... i have issues in fortnite and a few other games....i think it might be frame time related... can you help by any chance

  • ZeusPoseidon129 Hailey M. (@ZeusPoseidon129) reported

    Get rid of Deadpool and put him somewhere else. Give Meowscles his yacht back. #Fortnite and fix the key cards because we don't really need a Yacht card from Meowscles anymore until he is reinstated.

  • Limit_Breaker34 🤘🏻 (@Limit_Breaker34) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix game chat for Xbox and PS4

  • rylanfreeman101 rylanfreeman1099 (@rylanfreeman101) reported

    Dear @FortniteGame why ******** am I is some god damn game and I get killed by someone who thinks they are in the World Cup it’s skill based matchmaking I am not that good fix that NOW

  • Someone3Y someone3_yt (@Someone3Y) reported

    Fix it game @FortniteGame aim assist is not gone other people have it, broken game

  • MikeDeeHere Mike Dee (@MikeDeeHere) reported

    @FortniteGame A few problems with the game: 1) Really need grenades working. 2) The sound often lags. 3) The gauge that measures distance when landing doesn’t work. It’s stick at zero.

  • v1llasm1l Yes it is 9 inches (@v1llasm1l) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the gray/green/blue pump

  • ryan77133253 StepBroFlex (@ryan77133253) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX YOUR GAME PLEASE

  • ryan77133253 StepBroFlex (@ryan77133253) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX YOUR GAME OLEASE

  • Malcore8 Malcore 2.7 sensitivity (@Malcore8) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your texture bug this shit is really getting on my nerves this is the reason orgs are dying and your game is falling apart

  • LeviAckermanTV Chris -_^ (@LeviAckermanTV) reported

    You have options for big esports like LoL, DOTA 2, CS, R6, RL, or literally any fighting game and you choose the game thats barely an esport and the player of said game that isnt even a competitor anymore. The issue is Fortnite is more well known amongst boomers so the boomers

  • MystiqAU MystiqAU (@MystiqAU) reported

    @iiNet I’m on playstation, I don’t think I will be able to.. I don’t know wether it’s just the fortnite servers or not but i dont know how else to fix it.

  • FilmDre Dre! (@FilmDre) reported

    @Kayuun @CristianAlexPer Fortnite: Fun, but the community sucks. PUBG: Broken. WARZONE: Cheaters warzone APEX: Wholesome

  • sw_hush_dc 🦇Hush⚡️ (@sw_hush_dc) reported

    @karazorlls Breaking news, Fortnite also has the same problem. They should really delete it.

  • inventedboat ivy (@inventedboat) reported

    @FortniteGame I have contacted customer support five times and nothing at all was done please help ,it is very important nobody is helping me in customer service as they should please contact me asap

  • Japettway1126 Jania Pettway (@Japettway1126) reported

    i asked my brother to fix me some cranberry juice and this lil dude gonna tell me “please be quiet, now is not the time to talk” 😭 boy **** fortnite

  • stephen76029086 stephen (@stephen76029086) reported

    @TitanfallBlog Alright let’s get some more people on the team before we have a Fortnite stw team and start raiding EA to get them to fix their servers themselves

  • VastBlastt VastBlast - Fortnite Leaks (@VastBlastt) reported

    Instead of spending millions on the Fortnite World Cup, where there would only be a few winners, Epic should just give everyone who plays the game for x amount of hours in a month $100. Problem solved, all the players are back 🤣

  • ArcticKXZ Arctic (@ArcticKXZ) reported

    @BryanBendickson @helwoFN_ @Eddielito7 @Matas41668170 @NickEh30 if you genuinely have a problem with people smurfing on fortnite you are one of these two things IRL (or both) 1. a snitch. 2. a loner

  • Clxtchs Pro Simp Clxtch (@Clxtchs) reported

    @xSUND0WN You should’ve tried to fix fortnite retard

  • Void37078979 Glimmering ✨ (@Void37078979) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix vibration

  • BraapNL Braap (@BraapNL) reported

    Fix Fortnite, that’s broken to

  • NotPeanutt Peanutt (@NotPeanutt) reported

    im saying the game is ass and its trash because it needs improvement @FortniteGame please fix you're game it is making the pros leave fortnite and its sad

  • Wasting_Night WastingNight (@Wasting_Night) reported

    The issue is worse in Fortnite because its "competitive" scene is a bunch of grown men pandering to children and LITERAL children.

  • BlakeFortunato Blake fortunato (@BlakeFortunato) reported

    @FortniteGame How about you fix the aimbot first

  • TonyAnag_ Adonisrr (@TonyAnag_) reported

    @TBNRlightning1 @The_FortniteGuy They may not tho. One of the biggest problems in Fortnite is aim assist.. a new competitive game, that has no aim assist so you don’t have to be worried about dying to someone that barely knows how to tie their shoes.. and the devs actually know what they’re doing.

  • lividgage Livid Gage (@lividgage) reported

    I just had fortnite crash for the first time in my entire life at the worst time possible, I hate this game bruh

  • TonyAnag_ Adonisrr (@TonyAnag_) reported

    @RGT701 @The_FortniteGuy I think it’s worth to give it a try. Like idk if I’ll quit but I’ll try it and if I like it then I’ll focus on Valorant more than Fortnite. Unless Epic decides to fix their game but there’s a very small chance that’ll happen.

  • MNEZA3 🌷LisaFrank🌸 (@MNEZA3) reported

    next time you order pizza ask for it "Fortnite Style" they'll break into your house and shoot you. great customer service

  • OT_ThreshFPS OT Thresh (@OT_ThreshFPS) reported

    Aim assist isn’t broken it’s just that Fortnite decided to have MnK players and Controller players play in the same tournies :)