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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • killerclown9614 killerclown9614 (@killerclown9614) reported

    @FortniteGame please fix the asia surver its so hard to play

  • whorrorshowxo Beatriz Salmeron (@whorrorshowxo) reported

    If you take Fortnite seriously, you have issues.

  • ItzL3GACY Tony (@ItzL3GACY) reported

    Internet just cutout had to cut the Fortnite stream short at least we finished on a win! Gonna try and fix the issue and get back on with some Modern Warfare! #SupportSmallStreamers #L3GACY

  • andydeadsky Andy Deadsky (@andydeadsky) reported

    @FortniteGame Cool. Now fix the problem with ps4 on not being able to swap to your pickaxe in game due to a bug. Then I'll consider battle royale again on there.

  • BornNLeo Born&Leo🐈 (@BornNLeo) reported

    Fortnite STW Bug Fixes And Issues I Have Found: After Phase Shifting, You Cannot Shoot, Build, or Harvest (May Just Be On PS4) Report System On PS4 Is Not Functioning (Confirm Works On PC) Fortnite Battle Royale Adjustment Needs: No Longer Mandatory PC Matchmaking (So Annoying)

  • JoshBruh13 Josh Soto (@JoshBruh13) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the game. Why do we have to wait until february 20th until we can see some major changes to major issues. Health bars not showing for teammates... sound not working... guns not showing up... use the 100m+ a month and update the game. #FortniteBattleRoyale

  • WheresMaJaiket Nick (@WheresMaJaiket) reported

    “Dentists running late as he’s having some issues with the computer”. I’m no wantin a game of Fortnite here lads, I want this fukin filling sorted 😑

  • SznJet USE CODE JET #ad (@SznJet) reported

    @EpicGames fix your ******* game it’s mechanics are horrible no wonder nobody plays fortnite anymore

  • BornNLeo Born&Leo🐈 (@BornNLeo) reported

    @kirbthomas @ATVIAssist same with fortnite, and they have different issue's like mandatory matchmaking, why is that a thing, i dont wanna be on my ps4 playing with pc modders and pro builders, companies these days suck!

  • RespectedSpice RespectedSpice (@RespectedSpice) reported

    Remove 0 ping from Fortnite that’s the REAL PROBLEM

  • CryptoM60651850 ChrisTery [#800cc] (@CryptoM60651850) reported

    @Rhett800cc If i have chance to buy new Pc /Laptop replace my old broken laptop, absolutly i can do more advertisment for #800cc and join #800c Squad to grow #800cc Fortnite Squads. This is my promise..#800cc bc1qv9wfe6ukwecwhvs75up58cqecn9atr0r6gjuu2

  • anglo1980 Anglo1980 (@anglo1980) reported

    @FortniteGame I have looked up the last 6 guys who have killed me on XBox in Xbox Only Lobbies. Every single one of them is using a kB/m. You used to call this cheating and ban people. I might come back when you fix your stupid game. I’m out and I literally hate @DonaldMustard.

  • Machinez21 Erik (@Machinez21) reported

    @EpicGames Can’t even play fortnite cuz it just gives me an error every time I sign in

  • JosuexJuJu Josue x WildJuJu (@JosuexJuJu) reported

    @FortniteGame i was going off in an arena game just for my game to crash on me wtf fix this shit

  • MuratBuldu19 Murat Buldu (@MuratBuldu19) reported

    @FortniteGame how do I fix my ps4 after the split-screen because when i took my controller back home and open my ps4 it didn't let me open to the lobby. when I clicked the ps button it didn't take me to lobby please help me😭😭

  • hskrgy Patrick (@hskrgy) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the damn ziplines already

  • discgolfguy77 Brian McWhorter (@discgolfguy77) reported

    @fortnite Your squad pub games have become unplayable. Too many bots that in no way behave like human players. Entire squads show up and third party when there is no way a human squad would be where they’re at. Fix this!

  • Jourdino Jourdan (@Jourdino) reported

    @LYRCMck i used it once. it’s really overrated. it’s super buggy, the frame rate is capped at 30 frames, there’s this weird latency issue surprisingly and just...fortnite isn’t a FPS where split screen is acceptable. nice concept, really bad execution

  • rapthrasher RAPTHRASHER (@rapthrasher) reported

    My Fortnite lobbies are messed up! @EpicgamesHR @EpicGamesTR fix RAPTHRASHER lobbies please

  • krispykam2012 Krispy and the 6 (@krispykam2012) reported

    @EpicgamesHR @FortniteGame How about y’all make a Kobe Bryant skin on Fortnite and all the money y’all make off of it donate all of it to the victims families in involved in the helicopter crash

  • iitsKarMz Dylan (@iitsKarMz) reported

    @dandandan0123 @MisterFlak86 @HulkmanZA @WJacky101 You’re dumb as shit bro 😂 Call of duty, fortnite and rainbow six siege to name a few all have this issue with high latency. MisterFlak is right, if you have high latency, it is literally impossible to be at an advantage for your “peeking” example. Shit just doesn’t add up for u.

  • 4reelzy 4ReelZ (@4reelzy) reported

    hud needs some adjustments, I forgot that when as was about to take my 2 week break from fnm, I had an issue happening where everytime I got off fortnite it reset my hud. So when I was about to "take my break" which I didn't know I would be coming back to fnm then. I made my hud

  • SlackerCubed Slacker Cubed (@SlackerCubed) reported

    It's been a few, but @FortniteGame has turned into play until the lag ruins it again... 😞 Plus there are all of the (unfixed) bugs that have collected through the holiday season.

  • ToriWhoa Muva Whoa (@ToriWhoa) reported

    There is a group of people trying to get into my Fortnite creatives and crash the lobbies on my live streams. I will not stop streaming and you will never get rid of me. I do this for my community and the love we have for one another and the games we play.

  • FishScaleFN VE FishScale ❄️ (@FishScaleFN) reported

    Pls fix auto pick @FortniteGame

  • Jordan4173 My Name Is (@Jordan4173) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your ******* game

  • SWAAGGGYB Brandon Manasan ³⁶⁵ (@SWAAGGGYB) reported

    @TSMReginald fix your league team, **** fortnite.

  • PghPear PGHPear (@PghPear) reported

    @StacheFlash @FortniteGame @CarvemUpTV I haven’t played Apex in a long time. But @Fortnite needs to fix their game and this shit system called matchmaking. No wonder streamers are playing the inventory game now

  • Wolffear3 Wolffear (@Wolffear3) reported

    @Dety0 can you help me fix my fortnite it says something about dx11 please help 🙏🙏🙏

  • OqulantFN Oqulant (@OqulantFN) reported

    @Ghost1005289778 @Sceptzy @Kiirkz @PokemonNerdist @GronKy_ @FortniteGame If you can’t win on pubs with high ping idk and unless playing comp with high ping I don’t really see the issue.

  • OqulantFN Oqulant (@OqulantFN) reported

    @Ghost1005289778 @Sceptzy @Kiirkz @PokemonNerdist @GronKy_ @FortniteGame I’m not being toxic. Unless it’s for public matches ig, anything else ping is kinda unrelated tbh, you can play pubs with high ping no issue

  • AlephFn A⚠️ (@AlephFn) reported

    I’ve had hella ideas on fortnite videos and how to make them more “artsy”, I need to write them down. The problem is learning how to video edit lol

  • DasenX360 Dasen (@DasenX360) reported

    @FortniteGame fix the game aka shotguns, and building please and editing as well

  • TTansling Tony Tansling (@TTansling) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game. Then maybe I’ll buy something from the item shop

  • jslingzz Joey (@jslingzz) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your game

  • FFOFortClown 🔆FortClown🔆 (@FFOFortClown) reported

    @toilet_yt @CyderAdd1ct @Im_C_ @andginger421 @FortniteGame I never once complained about STW! It's better than BR but Fortnite needs to update their game and fix STW to BR graphics, speediness and stuff like that! By the way stop arguing clown🤡

  • comten92 RUNNING BUSHMAN (@comten92) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your servers, been thinking my internet was the issue until I got fibre. It’s your 2 year old game, don’t end up like puby G nobody cares for a new rocket just fix the game, I play any game my ping stays 30-34 go on fortshite 30-500ping real quick.

  • llWhyyMeeell llWhyyMeeell (@llWhyyMeeell) reported

    @HundoTV And I feel as if 2k if not a consistently played game like fortnite is its like 2k is a grind to be the best glitch to be a good player for some and I gotta look on YouTube to be like this player but fortnite is I gotta find out of to build faster or I need my aim better I need

  • DylanB52312552 DylanB (@DylanB52312552) reported

    Fortnite is the worst game ever, and they haven’t done anything to fix it.

  • DelonBrownnels1 Delon Brown-nelson (@DelonBrownnels1) reported

    @EpicGames hi epic games your game fortnite needs work because the damage scale is messed up please fix it

  • HiIAmLui1 Y Lui Atwood (@HiIAmLui1) reported

    @FortniteGame hello fortnite I see u haven’t fixed mobile with lag when I’m using WiFi and my mic keeps on cutting and join parties but the most importantly is the chaos physics compatible with mobile or is it going to be another overheating problem for mobile please reply back.

  • SumraatR TheStorynd (@SumraatR) reported

    @Bell_Support @AWSSupport for the past 2 months every day in Ontario from 7 to 11 your services become dog... you can’t use anything involving aws at those times in Canada for some reason please fix it it’s been 2 months this includes fortnite servers 2 months .....

  • Tyler_Rabideau TRabs 🇨🇦🇩🇪🇫🇷 (@Tyler_Rabideau) reported

    @FortniteGame How about fixing the broken stuff before adding new stuff

  • ThrasherShawty 𝓣𝓮𝓮💜 (@ThrasherShawty) reported

    @catwarrior1120 @qtlyza @FortniteGame “yOu HaVe To HaVe SoMe MeNtAl IsSuEs” 🤡

  • runrudan Rudan (@runrudan) reported


  • catwarrior1120 Catwarrior1120🧢😸 (@catwarrior1120) reported

    @ThrasherShawty @qtlyza @FortniteGame Because you have to have serious mental issues to post the gif with no explanation and the gif is super strange

  • zaygaming1738 Zay (@zaygaming1738) reported

    @FortniteGame hey fortnite i have a problem so when i try to play fortnite on my pc it says it has a error but when i click on it again it works could you fix this at anytime for give me solution to fix this

  • swolljuice Adam Murphy (@swolljuice) reported

    @ATVIAssist Yo, so I’m on day 4 of the Xbox update still not working. Did a full reinstall and still no luck. It’s downloaded, but then keeps going back go “ready to be installed”. I don’t wanna play fortnite anymore, please help 😘

  • Cxving Caves (@Cxving) reported

    @FortniteGame Are you having problems with east servers, or is it my internet company... I know so many people who are at 120 ping after 7 pm and its beyond frustrating...

  • JamesLesterMon1 James Lester Montgomerie (@JamesLesterMon1) reported

    Look everyone I know some people have real problems, but i just jumped into Lazy Lake and realized my last challenge was at the Lighthouse so its been a rough night #Fortnite #WishIHadAHelicopter #VerticalTakeOffVERTOL

  • rxpeatWkeys rxpeat trustno1 (@rxpeatWkeys) reported

    Quit playing this game till they fix their ****** game freezes,ping going to 300 instantly, and builds not placing on (CONSOLE) @FortniteGame @The_FortniteGuy @thatdenverguyYT

  • JacobDiFazio jacob (@JacobDiFazio) reported

    Going to need @FortniteGame to fix there servers... this shit is terrible

  • CandyJellyKpop AZ KEI (@CandyJellyKpop) reported

    The gameplay itself isn't too bad but the free updates are what keep me hooked on for a while. The only problems I've are the hackers on pc, some microtransaction-only stuff (well a lot of it) and the long ass grind on the "season pass" thing like the Fortnite.

  • Nathan_fish2310 Nathan Fisher (@Nathan_fish2310) reported

    @02Smolchatty @FortniteGame Problem solved if you dm @almighty_fn

  • CFategamingyt CR_FateGamingYT (@CFategamingyt) reported

    @FortniteGame can you please fix your game I’m just trying to play some arena duos and it doesn’t let me because it just logs me out I play Fortnite mobile I don’t know if it’s just a mobile thing but just fix it I can’t get any points and it just leave my teammate alone

  • DurzaT APEX DURZA (@DurzaT) reported

    Fix this rn @FortniteGame

  • eternalJK_ eternal (@eternalJK_) reported

    from this day forward i will never play fortnite again until they fix their shit its honestly annoying that they get paid to sit around and make skins instead of worrying about how the game is doing itself im making a twitlong bout all the shit they need to fix or the game is bye

  • BaconHairPlayz Hymenaios (@BaconHairPlayz) reported

    @Mestro_Games @ApokeU @Defaulting12 @MrBeastYT No, he has a problem that you have a FORTNITE player as your support-a-creator code, which then means you play FORTNITE and so that makes you a HYPOCRITE

  • qxeenbloss USE CODE: BLOS #AD (@qxeenbloss) reported

    @3rynx its not the game then places like parallel would have fallen faster bc of the fact they only do fortnite dare ended bc of either management or budget issues or other reasons not because one game falls and if thaf is the case then they wouldnt last long if a team is only goof for

  • Sinporas sinpora❄️ (@Sinporas) reported