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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • Online Play (35.71%)
  • Sign in (33.33%)
  • Matchmaking (19.05%)
  • Glitches (7.14%)
  • Game Crash (4.76%)

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  • SpookyM19051429 Michael Silva (@SpookyM19051429) reported

    @Friday13thGame a lot of stuff in the game is broken tbh. Counselors don’t stand a chance when swinging a weapon because Jason has a faster grab and can catch them mid-swing. Also Jason is too over powered when in rage mode. He should be able to get knocked down when being hit.

  • Hoodisoncorbz1 PG (@Hoodisoncorbz1) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame So y’all still don’t fix the bed glitch....WACK

  • ZakhotalenBlack black shadow (@ZakhotalenBlack) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Run_DEAD27 @Friday13thGame Please fix me too PS4 black_shadow_135 147 PS4 Awoww1988 150

  • MaloneAmenra Amenra Malone (@MaloneAmenra) reported

    @Friday13thGame honestly gun media maybe making games isn’t for you. Every patch update or something there’s always another issue with the game resetting people levels I was 150 now I’m 0. I have never saw such a shit show. 2 years and still can’t develop a ******* video game

  • InfernalClimax G (@InfernalClimax) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Still having the level issues where I'm at 101 instead of 150 on X1.

  • ZakhotalenBlack black shadow (@ZakhotalenBlack) reported

    @Friday13thGame @senote Can you fix ours levels please

  • MalenkoBrasi MotionPictureInTheFlesh🌆🏦✈💯💯💯💯🔥 (@MalenkoBrasi) reported

    @Friday13thGame No matter how many updates,Jason is still made out to be a joke. The counselors run and out jog him. He's not fast enough. The grab system is terrible in my opinion. 2 years and the game has been filled with bugs,glitches and more issues

  • LucasWalden1 Lucas Walden (@LucasWalden1) reported

    @Friday13thGame i have an issue were I logged in to friday the 13th the game and I have lost all my progress level, badges,tapes everything I don’t know what happened if you know how to fix this please let me know

  • The_Shanna_Show Shay Marie (@The_Shanna_Show) reported

    @Friday13thGame When are ya’ll gonna fix my game!!!! 😭😭😭😪😪 Its been so long since I gave Jason this werk! Im not playing until my game gets fixed.

  • Sarina58810891 Sarina (@Sarina58810891) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Trophies are back to where they were but lvl, tapes and badges still the same issue

  • mythoughtsRbad Ling Ling (@mythoughtsRbad) reported

    @HumanTwister @NormBiz @cheezbrgrwalrus @fearthegun @mattshotcha @Friday13thGame They will say anything to avoid addressing real issues with this game.

  • mythoughtsRbad Ling Ling (@mythoughtsRbad) reported

    @NormBiz @cheezbrgrwalrus @fearthegun @mattshotcha @Friday13thGame I'm still screwed... Apparently no fix in sight.

  • PS_Over_BS PS_Over_BS (@PS_Over_BS) reported

    @Bear88670383 @andi505 @DeadByBHVR I don’t think it’s a DbD fault, just tried to invite friends to @Friday13thGame too & it’s not working either. Must be something up with @PlayStationUK 😣

  • EricNel20693357 Eric Nelson (@EricNel20693357) reported

    @goofan417 @Friday13thGame Same! No one has helped me and all my friends have had their problems fixed. I can’t even get a reply to my dms or tweets.

  • DanielHildrum meat my beat (@DanielHildrum) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Fix the glitch that makes you invincible under a bed

  • EstebanSoley07 Esteban Rojas (@EstebanSoley07) reported

    @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport I have sent several messages and I still have no answer to my problem :/

  • SpookyM19051429 Michael Silva (@SpookyM19051429) reported

    @Friday13thGame guys you gotta do something about the hacking mechanic like it’s honestly so annoying about to win a game and Jason has rage and hacks you to death like there’s nothing you can do about it. Please fix it

  • Maanderzzzz Amanda Weitzel (@Maanderzzzz) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Having issues @F13GameSupport I was level 150 now 104 :/

  • Desmon_99_Pl Daemon_99_Pl (@Desmon_99_Pl) reported

    @Friday13thGame @TheRealCDT1 Can you fix my level I was Level 150 and I have everything unlocke now I'm level 1 on PS4

  • MasonBowman14 Humorous Pixel295 (@MasonBowman14) reported

    @Friday13thGame whoever came up with the idea to make Jason unstunnable if he's in rage mode is a freaking retard, basically in that update you made Jason unstoppable so nobody can stun him or even hurt him. Fix your game. Take it off the game.

  • IsLife420 SadnessIsLife420 (@IsLife420) reported

    @HumanTwister @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @mattshotcha Yea luckily my level stayed 150 but its kinda bullshit that all these ppl worked so hard to get to 150 then get bumped down for no reason at all I'm still hoping for the best maybe they'll fix it 🙍

  • coolboy2007CREW coolboy2007 (@coolboy2007CREW) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame can you fix the bug where your level and stats all go back to zero

  • AndrewHerringt4 Andrew Herrington (@AndrewHerringt4) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Hello I'm aherrington83 on game. I'm still experiencing issues with game. I was a 150 but 101. I play few games since then now I'm a 103. Thanks

  • robtheplace DeepRed (@robtheplace) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Newest glitch I encountered today: escaping in Packanack yellow car with another person. We accelerate for a second then screen turns white, looks like we are falling...then instant death. Listed as “suicide” for both of us.

  • thatoneOHSHCfan OHSHC FAN 4 LIFE🌹 (@thatoneOHSHCfan) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame PS4: SHANnZOEY_XBOX Please fix I was level 52 now level 1 lost everything like badges tapes perks just like a lot of ppl

  • IsLife420 SadnessIsLife420 (@IsLife420) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @mattshotcha Can you please fix the level my friend was a 150 and now is at 101

  • Bananager Nancy (@Bananager) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @mattshotcha Are you going to address the problems people are having with their levels.

  • hey12356689 Hey12356689 (@hey12356689) reported

    @Friday13thGame @el_chewy_gringo @F13GameSupport You should make were Jason can actually go on any roof without a glitch it will make the game more scarier in the aspect of he has his post that allows him to have his music quiet he could drop on the counselor and then stick them to a wall with some sort of weapon

  • goofan417 Tiffany (@goofan417) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @mattshotcha How about fix Friday the 13th first

  • cheezbrgrwalrus Pete (@cheezbrgrwalrus) reported

    @fearthegun @mattshotcha @Friday13thGame Here’s to hoping you all have a fix in sight. Losing 23 months of work isn’t a good feeling. 🤞🏼

  • Scan751 Scan75 (@Scan751) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame This is completely unacceptable. It's bad enough you allow your game 2 have SO MANY glitches roof car Rocks & so much more NOW you reward players by taking away EVERYTHING!!! UNACCEPTABLE!! 48 hrs later still nothing. I demand you fix this. Or I WILL BE DELETING this game

  • IcyDeathspike IcyDeathspike (@IcyDeathspike) reported

    @Friday13thGame there has been a glitch with the car and jasons throwing knives, some times when Jason throws his knife at a moving car it will flip the car or destroy it

  • CaitlynLombard1 Caitlyn Lombardo (@CaitlynLombard1) reported

    @Friday13thGame hello can you fix your buggy game please I can’t even create a party thanks

  • LiLMiS6 LiL MiS (@LiLMiS6) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Still have the issue. Went from level 150 to 0 then the next day it was 101.

  • cecilezechman Cecile Zechman (@cecilezechman) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Yes I am having that issue. I went from level 150 to 103. #seesaw93

  • Z7Fus10nzz Coldcxre_FaDeZz (@Z7Fus10nzz) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I'm having this issue still aswell. No matter how may times i reset the game or anything my data isnt right. I'm a level 150, but it says I'm level 101 and has messed up all of my dlc stuff in game not actually the installs, and kills and skins have dissapeared.

  • KitanaLady Lady x Kitana (@KitanaLady) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Mine is still saying im level 1 and all my characters are locked.. My perks are all gone as well.. I was level 40. My GT is Sakura Yua on Xbox. Is there anyway you can fix this as soon as possible please!

  • RichonoDickFish Richard Haddock (@RichonoDickFish) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I’ve had database login failure for the last few hours

  • cd3224 cd3224 (@cd3224) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I’ve restarted the game several times and I’m still at level 1. Fix it asap!!!!

  • 5cupcakes Alaina (@5cupcakes) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Yes I’m experiencing the issue of not having savini Jason 😭😭😭

  • Bananager Nancy (@Bananager) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I'm still having problems. Said I was level 0, now says 101 but I should be level 145. Please help me

  • codeman25955 Batman25955 (@codeman25955) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I don't know why I am even saying anything you guys won't ever fix my level thanks for taking my xp from me don't know why I ever backed you all in the first place I won't make the mistake again

  • Jerry54475544 Jerry (@Jerry54475544) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Matt I am having a problem my account has reset to level 3 and I was at 144 my gamertag is braywyatt 1316 I am on xbox one

  • HumanTwister A Colorful Twist (@HumanTwister) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Still nothing on my end. I was 150 , I haven’t even got the 101 fix. PS4 House_Of_Pawnz. And yes I’ve tried everything, reinstalled , restarted , sat in my chair.

  • NightmareKingB NightmareKingB (@NightmareKingB) reported

    @Friday13thGame If we are gonna be forced to start back at 101 atleast they can extend double xp i dnt mind regrinding back up to the level i was but to be fair to the people who love and still play this broken game we deserve to have an extension its not our fault it restarted

  • Sneaker_head527 Kyle Lewis (@Sneaker_head527) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame My level is the only thing still affected. I’m already hearing people in game say “you aren’t even a level 150 get your rank up” Super annoying. Please fix!!!

  • XNatybebelindaX Naty (@XNatybebelindaX) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Still not working! I lost everything and I restarted my platafform. Please help Im from ps4 EU and my ID is Natybebelinda

  • JerryH3232 Jerry H. (@JerryH3232) reported

    Well I guess the people at @Friday13thGame don't want to fix glitches or fix when players become a different counselor when the game starts so this is why I deleted the game yesterday and hopefully the game is done soon because they don't care.

  • ItsZayneFML it's zayne (@ItsZayneFML) reported

    @ZakhotalenBlack @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Or just fix the game. No point in having Savini Jason if the game is broke. Savini Jason is for backers only. If you didn't back the game, you lost your chance.

  • NormBiz Norm Biz (@NormBiz) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I was at 150 and brought down to 1. All tapes, badges, perks, tapes, cp(416k) gone. Characters and Jason’s are now locked. I’ve reset my Xbox a couple times along with my internet connection. Please fix the problem!! I’m on Xbox one gratefulbus6671 is my gamertag

  • ZakhotalenBlack black shadow (@ZakhotalenBlack) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport fix the game or give us Savini for everyone

  • EnrikeRMSTN Ω Enrique Ω (@EnrikeRMSTN) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame The game is broken, Jason totality nerfed, cheaters, many bugs... a shame what you have done with the money that we entrust you. Jason does not deserve this

  • XboxReaper41689 Justin Springer (@XboxReaper41689) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I'm still having issues with mine, I restarted the ps4 and everything my profile is Reaper41689

  • JayLos2002 jayylos (@JayLos2002) reported

    @PaulSanchez64 @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I dont wanna know how you get on the roof. I just want the glitch to be fixed

  • ReAnimateHer_ ReAnimateHer[💀Offline] (@ReAnimateHer_) reported

    Horde @Friday13thGame has fixed the issue that was plaguing many of you yesterday. If you are still having problems please let them know! #RahHorde

  • JayLos2002 jayylos (@JayLos2002) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame Fix the glitch where counselors can get on the roof of packanack lodge

  • Daddyezee Daddyezee (@Daddyezee) reported

    @The80sSlasher @BHilllis1999 @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I gave up on it the first time people was able to glitch in the air was when I stopped playing I came back when it finally had a campaign mode but even then. I had a bad taste for the game.

  • The80sSlasher The 80's Slasher™ (@The80sSlasher) reported

    @BHilllis1999 @Daddyezee @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame I don't want people on the roof, I don't want counsellors teleporting, I don't want the car to be flipped with a knife when I spent time to fix it. I am tired of the bullshit. I have been a long time fan of the franchise and this game was...

  • ReAnimateHer_ ReAnimateHer[💀Offline] (@ReAnimateHer_) reported

    @Itsdommiii @Friday13thGame @fearthegun I see it's an issue on xbox and ps4 i dont think your ban as many are having your issue too. Some of my friends are having the same issue

  • ReAnimateHer_ ReAnimateHer[💀Offline] (@ReAnimateHer_) reported

    @Froggiesarmy @Friday13thGame Ugh that sucks hopefully they are able to fix it

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