Is Friday The 13th: The Game down?

Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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Friday The 13th: The Game Outage Chart

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Matchmaking 30.77% Matchmaking
  • Online Play 30.77% Online Play
  • Sign in 15.38% Sign in
  • Glitches 15.38% Glitches
  • Game Crash 7.69% Game Crash

Friday The 13th: The Game Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Niedernwöhren Glitches
Rome Sign in
West Columbia Online Play
Toulouse Matchmaking
Gifhorn Glitches
Köln Sign in

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Friday The 13th: The Game Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • OttoVonJizzmark OttoVonJizzmark (@OttoVonJizzmark) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix random characters and spawn preferences please

  • BlackDave97 Dave (@BlackDave97) reported

    @CapAdn_22 @Friday13thGame they cant due to copyright issues, thats why the game hasnt been getting updates

  • ViRaLmenTaL1 Jake Mint (@ViRaLmenTaL1) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix your game. I don't like when my car disappears and I wind up under the map or when my car flips over three times.

  • MikeyFlows Lil Moon™️ 🌙 (@MikeyFlows) reported

    @fearthegun I been running into issues where my pocket knife is disappearing on @Friday13thGame

  • Hallocalypse Chris Carlucci 🤔 😷 (@Hallocalypse) reported

    @RE_Games Yea, it's not working at all. Playing the predator hunting grounds free trial weekend and I'm already bored with that too. At least @Friday13thGame stays consistent.

  • Jag_Nasty Greg Wheeler (@Jag_Nasty) reported

    @IllFonic Bummed that I haven’t got to play a single match yet. Spent two hours with two friends tonight trying to get in a match. Reminds me of day one of @Friday13thGame. Hopefully this trial is helping you folks get these issues resolved for launch. #PredatorHuntingGrounds

  • kevdeep2013 Kevin (@kevdeep2013) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame I am speaking on behalf of the community and being an National health service worker you should give us the chance to have savini Jason by either purchase or unlocked.

  • Cor0naVirusoops coronavirus (@Cor0naVirusoops) reported

    @DesireeDoee @Friday13thGame Yes please big problem I always have 2 Jason’s mixed up together

  • Chlammyy 🎭 Chlammy 🎭 (@Chlammyy) reported

    So I’ll officially be switching over from @PlayApex to Predator: Hunting grounds I played @Friday13thGame Ali g time ago but I have so much respect for @IllFonic . Let me know when they with that broken BR game

  • UndisputedDocG The UnDisputedDoc.G (@UndisputedDocG) reported

    @fearthegun guys iam begging you to please fix the Switch version of @Friday13thGame 90% of the time u play as a counselor other than whom u selected which leads me 2 believe this was your Pandaemonium feature, also add the ability 2 invite others in.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @GabrennaK @Friday13thGame Right there with you. Been playing since the beta back in December 2016.. the issue was at the time that Jason was a punching bag even for seasoned and skilled Jasons. With that being said Jason could use a few tweaks.

  • MikeyFlows Lil Moon™️ 🌙 (@MikeyFlows) reported

    @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport lately been experiencing a issue where if I have two pocket knives and use a firecracker one of the knives completely disappear absolutely love the game don’t plan on leaving it but it feels needed to bring awareness to any issues

  • xoShygirl nora (@xoShygirl) reported

    @Friday13thGame Your game is unplayable with the counselor teleport glitch.. when people are Jason it’s impossible to kill them.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @LilBoiBlueYT @mildraingames @Friday13thGame I think they can fix and change current parameters in maps but can’t add anything new that wasn’t already in-game so fix and do maintenance to current maps.

  • KatonnaJade Katonna (@KatonnaJade) reported

    @Friday13thGame i can’t join online sessions, it kept saying it couldn’t “fetch online party details” for ps4, can you fix this in the next update

  • tim8632 TJ (@tim8632) reported

    @Friday13thGame My gf is having issues with your game. She downloaded the digital when it was on playstation plus free game list and now its showing that the game is locked. She downloaded this game 2yrs ago and its played fine until now.

  • 1980sheldon Sheldon Scott Lilley (@1980sheldon) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can you guys fix the rock behind the main house in Higgins. You can still get up there as a counselor but not as Jason, makes for a ling boring match when people use cheats.

  • StrykerGaming12 Stryker (@StrykerGaming12) reported

    @DeadByBHVR Fix the DC penalties sick and tired of having my game crash and the game thinking I disconnected when I didn’t I got 3 damn days oh well I’ll just go to @Friday13thGame they’re better

  • DarthSkoogzz skoogzwalker (@DarthSkoogzz) reported

    Doooooood fix your bugs man, too many to count @Friday13thGame

  • PerfectBadGuy 👨🏾‍🎤 R O M E 👨🏾‍🎤 (@PerfectBadGuy) reported

    @Friday13thGame you should really patch that stupid ass bed glitch and bam anyone using it. The game sucks

  • DavidDries8 David Dries (@DavidDries8) reported

    @Friday13thGame im having trouble with playing download speed is running about 900-950Mbps and Upload is running about 900-950Mbps as well and it keeps telling me im 999ms in lag while in the lobby

  • AIDeghaither Fahad Al-Deghaither (@AIDeghaither) reported

    @Friday13thGame This game is 💩 iam lagging very much

  • MauricioP97 Mauricio Paredes (@MauricioP97) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please fix the car glitches.

  • ZpeChannel ZpeChannel (@ZpeChannel) reported

    @Friday13thGame When I start my game on the connecting screen he crash.... I JUST WANT PLAY MY FAVORITE GAME! i want a help...

  • Sorrydad9 Sorry dad (@Sorrydad9) reported

    @Friday13thGame Hey I’ve noticed on PS4 while playing with Jason something it doesn’t let you morph once on the map and the only way to fix is to exit the map and go into so if this can be patched that’d be great! :)

  • Shea3443 Shea Watson® (@Shea3443) reported

    @Friday13thGame why is this game not working 🙄 it’s been like two days

  • SeanTheSmeep ° (@SeanTheSmeep) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix your servers on PlayStation pls thanks

  • Rdubs85 Ryan (@Rdubs85) reported

    @Friday13thGame I don't know if it's my internet or what, but I'm experiencing issues tonight. I can't grab weapons, climb through windows or open drawers. All I can do is turn on my flashlight. 😠

  • ItMonsta . (@ItMonsta) reported

    Hey @Friday13thGame the cars are teleporting today please fix this issue

  • EricTheKid3 Eric Byrne (@EricTheKid3) reported

    @Friday13thGame please fix your server I love the game your server is bad I’m sorry but it is the game is great just the server needs to be fixed

  • EricTheKid3 Eric Byrne (@EricTheKid3) reported

    @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport Stop with this stuff just fix the server

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @CarlJohnson213 @Friday13thGame The biggest problem is that would then create a no win stop gap for Jason, turning counselors into trolls. Balance in any game is key, and that previous mechanism was far from balanced for all players.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @CarlJohnson213 @Friday13thGame Stun chaining is a broken mechanism. That’s all it did. Skill or not it was a bad model.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @AJDELUXX @Friday13thGame Sadly that’s been and issue since the beta. PC players use an exploit to bridge their mic into the master audio channel bypassing the mic audio channel that the mute function controls. The only way to block it is to mute all sound.

  • Crom_The_Beast Crom The Beast (@Crom_The_Beast) reported

    @LaTricksterLOL @NewmanOnGaming @Friday13thGame They were working on a new mode for online play, and Jason X content when before the litigation filings began. This halted production until an agreement could be met with the rightful license holder. GUN can currently update bug fix for the game, but can not release new content.

  • Krazycrow423 Courtney Crow (@Krazycrow423) reported

    @Friday13thGame I thought the game died due to licensing agreement issues

  • n1ckfamous Nickfamous (@n1ckfamous) reported

    @NewmanOnGaming @TinyPowerz @Joshthegamer47 @metalgearfluck @UzimakiNiggato @Friday13thGame Ummmmm.... there was 5,000+ people playing this game on steam when it was at its peak. I would say that’s a good indicator most people ditched this game. I play on PS4 too and it takes too long to find a lobby, for a buggy broken game that will never get new content.

  • n1ckfamous Nickfamous (@n1ckfamous) reported

    @TinyPowerz @Joshthegamer47 @metalgearfluck @UzimakiNiggato @Friday13thGame Nice try, every other game I play loads in fine and I play with LAN cable so no there’s no lag. The servers are dead m8, there’s 500 people playing it on steam that’s a skeleton crew

  • GDinzi Gabriel Diniz (@GDinzi) reported

    @mustachedmammal @Friday13thGame @bl6aji It's not their fault,there is a lawsuit issue

  • danyoung2017 Danny Young (@danyoung2017) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix the car glitches an sweater glitching

  • n1ckfamous Nickfamous (@n1ckfamous) reported

    @Joshthegamer47 @metalgearfluck @UzimakiNiggato @Friday13thGame It’s not what it used to be. Takes me 10 mins to find a lobby that’s not even half full.... when the game was poppin you could find a full lobby in under 5 mins. Wish this game didn’t crash and burn so hard!

  • BenRich55593176 Ben Richards (@BenRich55593176) reported

    @caseymparker88 @Friday13thGame Dev team getting right on that. They'll have a fix come Feb 2021, right after Wesley buys 3 more vehicles, takes 5 more vacations and brags about his whiskey assortment. Lmao!!

  • Tsukizm Tsukizm (@Tsukizm) reported

    @Friday13thGame Thr dedicated servers are not working. Sorry.

  • danyoung2017 Danny Young (@danyoung2017) reported

    @Darkchaser1 @Friday13thGame @humble @TheJokester_MrJ Its pinehurst thats broken causing it to kick people

  • ViRaLmenTaL1 Jake Mint (@ViRaLmenTaL1) reported

    @Friday13thGame @humble The game is broken. Fine, there are out-of-map glitches, but there are interaction issues with, mostly, all parts and, sometimes, weapons. I'd be okay if it were to happen once a month or two, and well it happens one to three+ times a week. And, I play about 50 matches per week.

  • IceCold3306 Jeff Willemain (@IceCold3306) reported

    @Friday13thGame you guys really need to patch that glitch where you throw a knife and it destroys the car. Getting sick of being robbed by those jerks who do it

  • Eric_Leary98 Yung Master Kitana Slong☯️ (@Eric_Leary98) reported

    @Friday13thGame are you going to ever fix Friday or do you guys just not even give a ****

  • TheRealCDT1 THEOfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @Friday13thGame u guys REALLY need to fix the glitch with ur view getting stuck if u hit x more than once..******* annoying

  • YoooBree Glitter Gunshots ✨ (@YoooBree) reported

    @Friday13thGame @humble Fix the broke ass game. Jason’s throwing pocket knives at the car which flips it over etc. this game had SO much potential but you guys was being stingy with updates and content, now look...a whole lawsuit and you can’t even release anything 🤣🤣

  • StrykerGaming12 Stryker (@StrykerGaming12) reported

    @Behaviour You guys really need to change the policy of the DC penalties I didn’t even quit I received “An error in the following application has occurred.” On PS4 and I got a 2 day suspension if y’all are gonna do me like that I’ll just go to @Friday13thGame they’re better lmao.

  • Fridaythe13L fridaythe13LEGEND (@Fridaythe13L) reported

    @Friday13thGame Guys fix that sliding weapon counselors use it

  • dankwolf115 Dankwolf115 (@dankwolf115) reported

    @Creepin_Gaming @iveetigaming @Friday13thGame @humble But they didn't have it ready they still had to fix the map and his music he was no where near ready

  • MonkeyMan4K Christian H. (@MonkeyMan4K) reported

    @chris_steady @Bradstarzz @Infernus_16 @bliebent @Friday13thGame @humble Theres a huge between "bragging" about rank and using it in reference when you got defensive and called us newbies because u don't like the broken window system. I think it's great. What I hate is when people kill themselves with it.

  • BluDYT Dylan BluD (@BluDYT) reported

    @RL_MitchFloyd @Friday13thGame @humble simple if you buy the game not knowing the issues and problems with this game you're going to be disappointed. not 100% the devs fault but it is for trying to squeeze every last cent out of it.

  • Brendin75335669 Brendin (@Brendin75335669) reported

    @Friday13thGame @humble Hey, just got it for the switch, definitely a worthy buy, but hopefully you guys can patch up the annoying random counselor glitch 👍🏻

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @thizz989gaming @Friday13thGame @humble You should get back into it.. it’s nowhere near as broken as you might think.. quite a bit got fixed after the last few patches.

  • DeityOfLegend Keegan (@DeityOfLegend) reported

    @seraphs597 @Friday13thGame @humble There’s never gonna be DLC to come into the game after the lawsuit, and that’s mainly a money issue.

  • belt_anterio Mariok57 (@belt_anterio) reported

    @Friday13thGame @humble Fix the game

  • thizz989gaming Lisa (@thizz989gaming) reported

    @Friday13thGame @humble I miss this game so much ....I loved all the characters and sad we will never get anything besides the games broken

  • bliebent Brian l (@bliebent) reported

    @chris_steady @Friday13thGame @humble Going throw a broken window would hurt anyone. Thus the damage. Go back and play it again

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