Is Gears of War 5 down?

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter video game being developed by The Coalition that is published by Xbox Game Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One as part of Xbox Play Anywhere.

 Problems detected at Gears of War 5

Gears of War 5 problems in the last 24 hours

Gears of War 5 Outage Chart

January 23: Problems at Gears of War 5

Gears of War 5 is having issues since 06:00 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Play
Game Crash
Sign in
Hacking / Cheating

Gears of War 5 Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Ixtapaluca Glitches
Naperville Sign in
Bogotá Matchmaking
Scarborough Game Crash
Oaxaca Sign in
Mexico City Online Play

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Gears of War 5 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Kev2nice87 Kev 🇵🇷♌ (@Kev2nice87) reported

    @_Illra_ @StefanTheHNIC @GearsofWar @OctusTC @mkaech @TC_Robbo @nodezero @danasissons @CoalitionGears He's hitting people point blank they should be chunks lol the gnasher will forever broken

  • Jordy59403231 Jordy De Cruz (@Jordy59403231) reported

    @CoalitionGears TC You can fix the ranks, they are very confusing you win a game and they lower you or lose you, they could fix that problem please.

  • Jordy59403231 Jordy De Cruz (@Jordy59403231) reported

    @CoalitionGears TC You can fix the ranks, they are very confusing you win a game and they lower you or lose you, they could fix that problem please

  • AmericanPsychom IBEASTIrider (@AmericanPsychom) reported

    @WAR_VT @GearsofWar The gnasher is fix.

  • WAR_VT WAR (@WAR_VT) reported

    Ok. So @gearsofwar isn’t getting better. Not by a mile. Please fix the gnasher.

  • Etanibrut Fernando C. (@Etanibrut) reported

    @GearsofWar Fix Lizzie's Silverback please, I was trying to master the new hive but every time I use the silverback the game crashes

  • benalfano89 Legacy (@benalfano89) reported

    @CoalitionGears Not sure if it’s Bc my triggers are very sensitive or if it’s a glitch if anyone else has this problem reply or message me

  • thebrendenator Brenden Fenimore (@thebrendenator) reported

    @germanmu10 @BarbourBriar @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar It should as every weapon has it. Shouldn't be a problem if you dont let them get close

  • sts_ymd satoshi_dos (@sts_ymd) reported

    @GearsofWar Lizzie's silverback is a problem now on Escape. You need to do something like an announcement at least. Yeah i know you wouldn't say anything until next week.

  • EssJackson JACKSON (@EssJackson) reported

    @InfinityWard you're getting as incompetent as @CoalitionGears. Fix this pathetic game. Also, 50gb update for a ******* crossbow, grow up.

  • KotyRelaxing RelaxingKoty (@KotyRelaxing) reported

    @GearsofWar @OctusTC Lizzies silverback is making horde and escape crash, this needs to be fixed asap and not a month from now.

  • amaanasif09 amaan asif (@amaanasif09) reported

    @mikeconti16 @CoalitionGears Earn 60k xp play boring horde and escape nah all my friends stopped playing broken weapons in 5 months tc added 1 new and gears 4 maps why not play gears 4 it's so much better than 5

  • oXo_Raffo_oXo Raffo (@oXo_Raffo_oXo) reported

    @TheRazoredEdge @CoalitionGears Matchmaking and ranks are still not working. Finding a match is part of the story i've concern on match quality. Yesterday a dude in my team got 201 kills in a KOTH match. That's is a non sense. But for the system putting me a bronze1 with a master is fair.

  • BlackMagePein -SERES- BlackMagePein (@BlackMagePein) reported

    Not even made ot 30 minutes without a game breakin bug on gears 5 stream. Infinite loop glitch. Loads level for MP. Auto finishes n loads another map. Repeats infinitely. No one can play. @CoalitionGears fix ur game before adding more. All u are doin is breakin it worse. STOP!

  • jabber_monkey EclecticJabberMonkey (@jabber_monkey) reported

    @GearsofWar Golden gun crapped out again, you guys need to fix it. @CoalitionGears

  • YourDevastator (Devy) (@YourDevastator) reported

    @EmbryStarred @OctusTC @CoalitionGears Definitely seems like AMD is having the issues Nvidia had for Gears 4. Which...sadly occurred for a long time.

  • johnys2010 juan arturo suarez p (@johnys2010) reported

    @CoalitionGears *******! You didn't fix the ******* flashbang bug. The one that ***** up your TV contrast and shit. It's ******* annoying... @GearsHate #Gears5

  • coveringtrash Chris (@coveringtrash) reported


  • Perrycite_ Perry (@Perrycite_) reported

    The green tint (flash glitch) is still there had it happen 2 games back to back @OctusTC @nodezero @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar

  • lollilutscher Max Müller (@lollilutscher) reported

    @OctusTC @BerndPannier @GearsofWar It should be an interest because that happens to my whole team in a game since three days, your servers lose the connection through the game. Happens to us since the last three days. All the ports are open, NAT is open and there are no problems with my ISP.

  • RealLegendDusty Dusty (@RealLegendDusty) reported

    @TheGearsNation @TheGearsProdigy @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @OctusTC @danasissons @nodezero @MediaSig @nickytwit @BonnieJeanMah Think the next gears game should be called glitch of war

  • Iluv2zmzm Tabitha Morabito (@Iluv2zmzm) reported

    @CoalitionGears Your update ****** up grind season for me , took away my week 6 win wtf! Fix it!

  • CHRONIC_UK XSX - Power Your Dreams. PS5 - It’s Time To Play. (@CHRONIC_UK) reported

    @therealcliffyb Wish you would just go back to @GearsofWar & kick @CoalitionGears in the A$$ & help them deliver a finished fully working decent Gears 6, had hoped @GearsViking would do so with Gears5 but apparently not, their twitter feed is daily posts of patched this issue, patched that issue

  • GComley1998 George Comley (@GComley1998) reported

    @GearsViking did cliff sleep with your wife or something and now your taking it out on the hardcore gears fans ,fix your broken game.@CoalitionGears

  • blindglock The_Blind_Mans_Bluff (@blindglock) reported

    @CoalitionGears been having major server issues for a week now, getting kicked back to menu mid-game and losing connection to server when finding a game. Anyone else having same issues #gears5 #GearsOfWar #gow

  • Fluen7EU Dylan (@Fluen7EU) reported

    @OctusTC @Jack60348438 @ffjvxf @CoalitionGears fix the ******* game man, enough w this bullshit

  • Jon_Mac90 Jon mcKellar (@Jon_Mac90) reported

    @UtmostPotential @CoalitionGears Mate this is a 3 year old issue that I feel should be dealt with due to me working hard to get them I can't go through the same channels you can for tickets as its only gears 5 and Gears pop which I feel is a bit crap due to it being part of the same franchise

  • JtomlinJamil mail-man (@JtomlinJamil) reported

    @GearsofWar Fix my Jermad headshot counter so I can unlock him. I should have him by now

  • xDOL0 DOL0 (@xDOL0) reported

    @GearsofWar Waiting for them to fix the blue screen🤨

  • Jon_Mac90 Jon mcKellar (@Jon_Mac90) reported

    @Anabolic_Sean @CoalitionGears I've been the same it's apparently a known glitch as well that hasn't been fixed

  • TheGearsNation TheGearsNation (@TheGearsNation) reported

    Because let's blindly throw our money at a incompetent company that cannot do the simplest task without postponing/ or releasing things broken and or glitchy... #Gears #Gears5 #GearsOfWar #gearsfamily

  • TheGearsNation TheGearsNation (@TheGearsNation) reported

    All I see is Bolter & Expression nonsense on my feed. Good to see y'all still financially supporting TC for releasing a broken glitchy mess disguised as a video game. #GearsOfWar #Gears5 #Gears #gearsfamily

  • Frank59791182 Frank (@Frank59791182) reported

    @CoalitionGears It still has a lot of goddam glitches and shit!!!! **** still kicking the ******* whole team in horde!!!! Troubles in versus!!!! Just fix the damn game *******!!! #GearsOfWar #Gears5 #FixGears

  • rcoleman92 Rebecca Coleman (@rcoleman92) reported

    @GearsofWar @XboxSupport trying to play Gears of War Judgment on my Xbox one but when asked by the game to sign in just get an error message saying my console can’t connect to Xbox live but when I check the connection it’s is connected. The error code is 80151904.

  • KaerfreaK KaerFreaK (@KaerfreaK) reported

    @CoalitionGears not sure if anyone has reported any issues with execution. However, execution is unplayable on quick play. Every single time it wins the vote the lobby closes.

  • Shluu_ Nick Flair / Count Shluuku (@Shluu_) reported from Willenhall, England

    Imagine having a dev that releases something. It’s bad, games poor, but they listen to pro feedback and fix it. Games good again. What a world that must be @CoalitionGears

  • giljos77 Josafat (@giljos77) reported

    @CoalitionGears Congratulations, you introduced even more bugs and more connectivity issues.

  • xBLINDEDx21 Mikey G (@xBLINDEDx21) reported

    @CoalitionGears I am still not seeing any differences in this update I really had an anticipation for title update 4 and it still seems like there’s still the same problems I’m done trying to get the coalition to listen a gears fan since 06 can’t handle the Actual headaches this game gives me

  • ReapnN_ ReapnN (@ReapnN_) reported

    @CoalitionGears why did you add matchmaking penalties when they there are connection problems. lose connection to 1 game and now i have 1hour suspension from matchmaking even after rejoining the same game i was booted out of. FIX YOUR ******* GAME TC!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sci0n_ Sci0n (@Sci0n_) reported

    @funke_dee @CoalitionGears Exactly more issues

  • KaiDrozario Kai D'Rozario #X019 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 (@KaiDrozario) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Oh yeah and fix the execution challenge for the RAAM totem. It's stuck at 0 and won't move no matter what I do, you stupid *****. It's been like this since he was available to buy in the store and there's no way you're getting anymore of my money

  • AsblSlater SlaterKing_SxD (@AsblSlater) reported

    @illo_kbsa @CoalitionGears Nobody cares about them!! Im saying the kantus yow!! Dont bring more issues man one by one. For now the kantus one needs a fix

  • DrunkJug CG (@DrunkJug) reported

    @CoalitionGears gnasher is still complete garbage in this game. There is zero chance you will ever fix this game. Your team is laughably bad.

  • LunchboxToby Lunchbox Toby (@LunchboxToby) reported

    @CoalitionGears @OctusTC Please fix issue that’s causing disconnect from gears servers. Shut the game down and fix it. So many problems to get fixed. Game was working yesterday.

  • Saitekina Razer 🐍 (@Saitekina) reported

    All I keep being told is that rank is still bad. Match making is horrible..nice try @CoalitionGears @danasissons @OctusTC no matter how many patches you guys do...if the CORE is bad nothing will make it better fix match making and rank and MAYBE people will enjoy it :) #gears5

  • AlanIvn9 Alan Iván (@AlanIvn9) reported

    @CoalitionGears Fix the rankeds fcking studio stupid

  • ajcc120698 Allen Juan Cardenas (@ajcc120698) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar I have had a problem in the game for weeks, in the horde mode I can not reduce my passive skills and I tried everything, until I went to the support page and until now I do not receive an answer, they can help me solve this problem please

  • Iluv2zmzm Tabitha Morabito (@Iluv2zmzm) reported

    @CoalitionGears logged into my game today to get my week 6 versus rewards but said week 5 instead n now only gives me 5 wins instead of 6..working on grind season and I won a match every week, please fix.

  • JipperyMcCloud Jippery McCloud (@JipperyMcCloud) reported

    Every time @CoalitionGears tries to make an update, another five broken things appear. You can’t even defend them anymore. Truly. Yet for some reason, I’m still playing the game.

  • Tario70 Tario (@Tario70) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Still not seeing a fix for a game breaking campaign bug that made me walk away from the game...

  • buscobuzzy Buzzy (@buscobuzzy) reported

    @CoalitionGears Versus matches so far I’ve done don’t show the score. Keep getting an error code or the gray scene pops up and can’t vote, eventually the next match will start. Have not done horde yet but sure it will be the same for showing the results.

  • Rydoood Rybozome (@Rydoood) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Game crashing around every corner, customization menu, main menu crash, and crashed in the store attempting to buy the bolter. Guess I'm gonna re-evaluate that purchase

  • darohnchieeeee Bishop™️ (@darohnchieeeee) reported

    @CoalitionGears it’s crazy that you guys can fix shotguns but also proceed to make it to where at the end of every match my ******* game freezes I love your company but **** man get it together

  • KallumNewman k_j4y (@KallumNewman) reported

    @GearsofWar FIX MATCHMAKING!!!!! (I'm diamond/masters rank and I get into a game with bronzes who can't even aim)

  • OG_Fixti Fixti (@OG_Fixti) reported

    @CoalitionGears Imagine releasing content broken before an update lmao

  • Bubbles_Kitties Bearded Viking (@Bubbles_Kitties) reported

    @Xanthicirs @bighodog @EmmaTheGorelord @CoalitionGears This is exactly why TC is the way they are. You’re apart of the problem !

  • AsblSlater SlaterKing_SxD (@AsblSlater) reported

    @CoalitionGears Fix the voice for Kantus!! It’s so ugly and not the same!! Shameful

  • stejmurphy Stephen Murphy (@stejmurphy) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GeneratixnsHD 6 months on and just still looking into it. It does not happen in any other tested game. Not even G4 or G:UE. I’m not expecting a fix anymore tbh

  • Erixkzon NoSoyEriixK (@Erixkzon) reported

    @CoalitionGears close the game for 6 months and fix it, we'll be waiting

  • stejmurphy Stephen Murphy (@stejmurphy) reported

    @GeneratixnsHD @CoalitionGears I’m really losing faith on it tbh. It’s been 6 months and generally feels like they don’t see it as a big issue. @OctusTC mentioned it’s known months ago but that was last I heard. Same for others Odd because Gears 4 is fine and I’ve yet to see it elsewhere

Gears of War 5 Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x00000d1c
  • 0x00000d28
  • 0x80073cf9
  • 0x801901f4
  • bigelow
  • cougars
  • jackrabbit
  • pesang
  • riad