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Gears of War is a video game franchise created and originally owned by Epic Games, developed and managed by The Coalition, and owned and published by Microsoft Studios. Available for Xbox and Windows.

 Some problems detected at Gears of War

Gears of War problems in the last 24 hours

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February 16: Problems at Gears of War

Gears of War is having issues since 08:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Matchmaking (58.62%)
  • Online Play (18.97%)
  • Game Crash (10.34%)
  • Sign in (5.17%)
  • Glitches (5.17%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.72%)

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  • Decadence_3 Decadence (@Decadence_3) reported

    @CoalitionGears What's going on with KOTH not finding a game with a 5 stack, if it isn't 5v5 it just never finds a game. No other mode has the issue. Can't get into game with a full team, no matter region or time of day.

  • DanaLovesVidya Dana Alcala (@DanaLovesVidya) reported

    @PezRadar @Stoochie2Timez Not when you have a gambling problem like me.

  • EpicGearsBeast Long John (@EpicGearsBeast) reported

    @CoalitionGears @OctusTC KOTH PC Matchmaking feels broken, please look at it

  • babybinx326 Nexus binx #Gears5 (@babybinx326) reported

    @GearsofWar @danasissons @nodezero I'm having sever issues and exp and credit issue . Wasn't the only one having this issues btw @Onyxbaird69 @onyxguard109_

  • Fenix_Troy Fenix Troy Z (@Fenix_Troy) reported

    @GearsofWar Please fix your game jesus. I went 11 wins 1 loss yesterday and manage to go down 5% out of all that... then I log in just now win 2 games as MVP by 7-2 7-3 and still @ the same % ... Cmon please.

  • DrZgAnDhi DrZ gAnDhi (@DrZgAnDhi) reported

    @GearsofWar @stormcohk @GameStop Link not working.

  • NoiseyZeke zeke (@NoiseyZeke) reported

    @GearsofWar yo can someone from your end like someone to do with the site help me since I am trying to sign in to the website to get my seasonal reward and it seems that it won't sign me in. I just get pushed back to the main menu after inputting my email and password

  • Anwar85925257 Anwr (@Anwar85925257) reported

    @CoalitionGears I cant sign in gears pages . To claim reward or see my stats .

  • Anwar85925257 Anwar (@Anwar85925257) reported

    @GearsofWar I can’t sign in gears pages , to see my stats or claim my reward .

  • metal_militia08 Christian🐝 (@metal_militia08) reported

    @CoalitionGears i got suspended from matchmaking but i was lagged out from a match, i cant see how long im suspended for can you see the problem

  • wzu vixen (@wzu) reported


  • Bk2DaFuture Tom (@Bk2DaFuture) reported

    I went back to play some @GearsofWar 4 today, incase anyone was wondering its still the most broken inconsistent online game ever made. I really wanted to mop up the last achievements but they can keep them this game is opure trash.

  • illbethereal1 v A F R A I D v (@illbethereal1) reported

    @GearsofWar Fix that shotgun and lancer had to come clean

  • Ricky12484149 Ricky (@Ricky12484149) reported

    @CoalitionGears. Glitch. is a gears 4. Fix it

  • illbethereal1 v A F R A I D v (@illbethereal1) reported

    @CoalitionGears Pick me up ill fix gears


    @CoalitionGears Hopefully you can hire people to fix gears

  • SANTANAMARI_IAM Santana Mari (@SANTANAMARI_IAM) reported

    @GearsofWar can you please fix suspending people for no reason I am sitting in a lobby I backed out to pick up friends before a match was found now I am suspended no time on the screen

  • kentuckyjosh49 Josh Spenton (@kentuckyjosh49) reported

    @GearsofWar Hey guys how about u fix your shit today I have been trying to log on keeps kicking my dam connection

  • Newhouse_34 Killer Queen 💖 (@Newhouse_34) reported

    @GearsofWar I’ve been playing all day , and have received 0 xp . Please fix this !

  • redwhiteandjew1 🇮🇱Noah P🇮🇱 (@redwhiteandjew1) reported

    @1toolie @OctusTC @Reactionally_ @nodezero @CoalitionGears @CeeTips @Murhz_ I’m just saying there’s a lot better clips that show the shotgun issue than this. This is just an issue with innaccurate percentages

  • hiatus23 Jesse (@hiatus23) reported

    @KingVezeey @TylerLovesCake @Bumi_Bandias @Ninja @GearsofWar I would say gears 4 is probably the worst gears that being said im good at all of them good or bad gears games the issue is he didnt do anything else in other halos including 5 is why he quit his group wouldn't even get out of groups now thats bad

  • SavageTiVi SavageTiVi (@SavageTiVi) reported

    @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears The game kicked me and it suspended me for 30min! This isn’t the first time it’s done this. I love Gears but man y’all need to fix this shit. I am getting tired of the game kicking me out randomly and suspending me for doing nothing.

  • DeadlyOtakuu Ralsei // Edward Transmutes 夢生 (@DeadlyOtakuu) reported

    @EssTiffannyy @A_b_k_i @nodezero @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar You're good at it, avoid all the broken shit with the "you missed" card

  • wzu vixen (@wzu) reported

    @CoalitionGears There is a problem that KOTH does not match in 5 people.

  • DeadlyOtakuu Ralsei // Edward Transmutes 夢生 (@DeadlyOtakuu) reported

    @CoalitionGears The servers are trash, headshot registration is broken and y'all care about heart heads that everyone hates.....

  • joserboi13 Beer guy (@joserboi13) reported

    @CoalitionGears Fix the servers pleaseeeeeee. Lobby keeps dissolving. Any match I find is basically in Mexico. Cmon guys I live in Virginia I have the lowest ping but keep getting one shotted by 100+ ping players.

  • reddeadrevenge2 Joseph Zayas (@reddeadrevenge2) reported

    @xactivedownx @CoalitionGears I swear it's one thing after another with this game. It always has a problem.

  • xactivedownx Gabriel Lee (@xactivedownx) reported

    @CoalitionGears Matches keep lagging out due to fail health checks/timeouts. Please advise.

  • itz_franks S.G.F.J.R. (@itz_franks) reported

    @EsportsGears @GearsofWar please fix servers I got put in a lobby to where my ping in 1000 not cool at when tryna rank up or fair

  • babeshaker Sasa Jeremic (@babeshaker) reported

    @CoalitionGears your homepage is not working, just like your game, what are you doing with people, is the intention ,,,

  • Rockstaaaaaaaar Rockstaaaaaaaar (@Rockstaaaaaaaar) reported

    @Mack_Carlino @GearsofWar Fix the Rank System 😠

  • Greenhxwk Gary | Greenhawk (@Greenhxwk) reported

    @FuturoExnovio @GearsofWar That's something they definitely need to fix in 5. A stable ranking system, something similar to R6's ranked. I wanna see my exact RP to my next rank

  • maine30001 maine3000 (@maine30001) reported

    @CoalitionGears Fix y’all servers. I been lagging all night 💀

  • UtsukushiSnow Mary (@UtsukushiSnow) reported

    @GearsofWar @Zpectro00 broken game. he should of been dead a long time ago

  • Odin_gg Matt / Odin ☾ (@Odin_gg) reported

    @Play_Michaelous @VGFGamers @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Every time it's always the same, "we're working with nvidia to solve the issue, thank you for your patience." While I'm sure they're hard at work, doesn't disregard the fact people paid money for something that hasn't worked since close to launch (it did work for a few months.)

  • Odin_gg Matt / Odin ☾ (@Odin_gg) reported

    @VGFGamers Gears of War 4 for PC.. doesn’t work and they haven’t bothered fixing it or issuing any form of repayment for their game not working. Crashes and freezes nearly every single game on 10 series cards. @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar

  • oxienatOr Alex F. (@oxienatOr) reported

    @DelicateRose723 @BIGRAIDERJON @GearsofWar @OctusTC @danasissons and there isn an other error... it was not called Gears4 (like its since now with Gears4) it was called GoW or Gears of War ... Fans know that!

  • Exj_16 Eric Jacob (@Exj_16) reported

    Hey @CoalitionGears I’m getting the error message 0x00000d1c whenever I try to start up horde. My gamer tag is JetSetRadioZero

  • TheRealBlackENT Black Entourage (@TheRealBlackENT) reported

    @CoalitionGears are their issues going on with multiplayer connectivity

  • lilcappin1 lilcappin (@lilcappin1) reported

    @GearsofWar fix your ******* match making please

  • reddeadrevenge2 Joseph Zayas (@reddeadrevenge2) reported

    @BIGRAIDERJON @GearsofWar The only one denying it is fanboys. I've been a fan since the original it didn't take me long to notice how bad the game was. The shotguns a piece of shit, the grenades blast radius is ridiculous at times, the health is broken and all they did was mock it, etc... Unbelievable.

  • oxienatOr Alex F. (@oxienatOr) reported

    @saya2bx @GearsofWar nope! i mean i'ts not a credits glitch so why fixing it, it cost money! ;'(

  • oxienatOr Alex F. (@oxienatOr) reported

    @GearsofWar the hype bring an announced 4XP, with 2XP and lobbies that lag the shit out.. 45 second waves, with a wating time of 40 sec! if this is 4XP i'm sure you remove the 2XP ...

  • deadpai ⚙️queers of war⚙️ (@deadpai) reported

    @CoalitionGears getting an error when trying to create a private horde match.

  • CityTheGreat_ City The Great (@CityTheGreat_) reported

    @CoalitionGears fix this game please keeps changing whole squad chosen characters

  • Odin_gg Matt / Odin ☾ (@Odin_gg) reported

    @VeIocity_ @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Many people on various 10 series nvidia cards freeze or crash nearly every match if not a couple. Been that way for me with multiple drivers for months.

  • IFeeDmeIMORE Steven Douglas (@IFeeDmeIMORE) reported

    @FenixMurda @CoalitionGears Not a “visual glitch” I know exactly how much xp I had going into the match, and I had the same exact amount after the match concluded.

  • rollindadice Anonymous (@rollindadice) reported

    @Odin_gg @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar I been playing for over year and half and no issues

  • CapuEdits Capu (@CapuEdits) reported

    @Odin_gg @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar I restore my pc and now it does not crash anymore . maybe it will work for you 😀

  • jaaayygee 🇲🇽 🇺🇸 (@jaaayygee) reported

    If you do a BR, please still tend to the original problems with the multiple player. Not to mentions the servers can barely handle 5v5. BR is a good chance for gears tho. Just depends on you guys 🙏🏽💯🙏🏽 @GearsofWar @EsportsGears @nodezero

  • oxienatOr Alex F. (@oxienatOr) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar the lag is back :(

  • Zazo_matri عبد العزيز ابراهيم (@Zazo_matri) reported

    @CoalitionGears @oxienatOr @GearsofWar Fix ur shity game any on can aimpoting ur shity game why i go down because of coward who cant play normal like us his gt is no mercy 2v2 and i have vid

  • ErnieholcombIV Ernie holcomb (@ErnieholcombIV) reported

    @CoalitionGears how come here host XP events and they always crash or something is wrong no one is getting the correct XP right now it's still only double XP but yet you're showing that it should be for XP what is wrong with you guys

  • Chrisandgabbana Chris Stark™ (@Chrisandgabbana) reported

    @GearsofWar help I have problems with my account I win or lose under the level of classification iD CStark Kz

  • HzRdxReaper HzRdxReaper (@HzRdxReaper) reported


  • CoalitionGears The Coalition Studio (@CoalitionGears) reported

    @oxienatOr @GearsofWar Getting 0 XP/credits after finishing a game is a visual bug, no progress is lost and you will get your XP/credits awarded once the “Match results are taking longer than expected” error has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

  • CoalitionGears The Coalition Studio (@CoalitionGears) reported

    @DeeFredette @iGotVisionX @GearsofWar Getting 0 XP/credits after finishing a game is a visual bug, no progress is lost and you will get your XP/credits awarded once the issue has been fixed. Thank you for your patience.

  • CoalitionGears The Coalition Studio (@CoalitionGears) reported

    @Anima_Pura @GearsofWar We are aware that some of you are receiving the message “Match results are taking longer than expected” error upon at the end of a match. We are looking into this and working on fixing it as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

  • reddeadrevenge2 Joseph Zayas (@reddeadrevenge2) reported

    @CoalitionGears @iGotVisionX @GearsofWar 3 years in and we're still dealing with these basic ass problems. And you still feel the need to try and get money outta us.

  • ErnieholcombIV Ernie holcomb (@ErnieholcombIV) reported

    @GearsofWar fix your junk game!!!

Gears of War Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x00000d1c
  • 0x00000d28
  • 0x80073cf9
  • 0x801901f4
  • bigelow
  • cougars
  • jackrabbit
  • pesang
  • riad