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Gears of War is a video game franchise created and originally owned by Epic Games, developed and managed by The Coalition, and owned and published by Microsoft Studios. Available for Xbox and Windows.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (50.00%)
  • Matchmaking (25.00%)
  • Online Play (18.75%)
  • Sign in (6.25%)

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  • NickFalconKick #NIGHTKINGWINS |TMC🏁 (@NickFalconKick) reported

    @CoalitionGears for the love of god fix coop campaign on the pc version it shouldnt be this much of a problem to connect and play with someone its completely broken

  • NickFalconKick #NIGHTKINGWINS |TMC🏁 (@NickFalconKick) reported

    @GearsofWar why is your game a broken piece of shit for coop campaign on pc this so ridiculous

  • INZEM2 INZEM (@INZEM2) reported

    @NvR_Khaleesi @GearsofWar @Kougat_VT @wasntJake @hannahofdawn @Gearsbabe @Pragmatise_ @Ess_Ichigo You were lagging, your shot didn’t even come out of your barrel

  • TERMINU5 Blake (@TERMINU5) reported

    @NvR_Khaleesi @GearsofWar @Kougat_VT @wasntJake @hannahofdawn @Gearsbabe @Pragmatise_ @Ess_Ichigo Lag spike, clearly gears would have gave you that kill

  • redwhiteandjew1 🇮🇱Noah P🇮🇱 (@redwhiteandjew1) reported

    @NvR_Khaleesi @GearsofWar @Kougat_VT @wasntJake @hannahofdawn @Gearsbabe @Pragmatise_ @Ess_Ichigo As many problems as this game has this wasn’t the games fault. You had a lag spike hence why your shot didn’t register (look at bottom right after you die)


    @GearsofWar can you please fix your trashy ass servers I’m trying to actually enjoy a game without all this lag. I know for a fact it’s not my internet.

  • JuanReddPen Juan of Redd Pen Media (@JuanReddPen) reported

    Fix your match making @CoalitionGears , you get kicked in it then get banned for 30 minutes. GOW5 will go down the drain with this issue.

  • ccvscc Chinchilla (@ccvscc) reported

    @GearsofWar PLEASE fix the ranking system in Gears 5. There no way I should be able to win 13 out of 14 matches and go down 2.5% on my Onyx 3. #smh

  • KoreDragon KoreDragon (@KoreDragon) reported

    @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears gears 5 better be flawless as ****!! i'm done playing gears 4 with the trash shit you ***** refuse to fix and balance.. not hard to do your job

  • moufxx xxMoufxx (@moufxx) reported

    @CoalitionGears Can u guys fix the quitting it's to many people quitting the game. Make me curious on how the sales will be for gears 5

  • GratusNoctis owo (@GratusNoctis) reported

    @GearsofWar I broke another controller due to some ******* bullshit ways to die in your broken ass game

  • chemicalsito163 (@chemicalsito163) reported

    @CoalitionGears good I have a problem for the golden raam is that already spent the campaign in high and coperative but I do not get the achievement

  • COGAnonymous COGAnonymous (@COGAnonymous) reported

    Due to issues on SAAS platform, someone may experience some problem listening to today’s Gears News in specific countries. Our provider is working on it to solve the problem. #GearsNews #GearsFam #GearsOfWar #Gears4 #Gears5

  • TheRealSophist Kyle Lanphere (@TheRealSophist) reported

    @itsLashes @PezRadar Hello, please send the bruins your energy. This has been a public service announcement.

  • UnaChoco1 Una Choco (@UnaChoco1) reported

    @CoalitionGears Service gears is broken

  • PatrickBlank Patrick Blank (@PatrickBlank) reported

    @PezRadar Yeah it is, but like everywhere, has it's issues in certain spots.

  • TXxghostxx TMW XxGhostxX (@TXxghostxx) reported

    @CoalitionGears As i said, thank u guys, bit there is another issue on gears, cheaters, im cant lose all that % cause of em😕

  • Re7ro Drew (@Re7ro) reported

    @Crushmo @ShockSZN @JackFex @GearsofWar Fix it so we can see 😪

  • eliot01917769 eliot (@eliot01917769) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar my e-mail is this not working the reward of raam this in 28% please can me help!!

  • TriumphzV Anthony 🇲🇽🇲🇽 (@TriumphzV) reported

    @CoalitionGears If this happens in Gears 5 it will be a dead game in 4 months fix your game....

  • sonichiddengod Sonichiddengod (@sonichiddengod) reported

    @GearsofWar Help my code not working iam on xbox

  • sonichiddengod Sonichiddengod (@sonichiddengod) reported

    @GearsofWar Help my code is not working gears 1 and 3

  • Brandon54106910 K1NGBR4NDY (@Brandon54106910) reported

    @FluntyBear @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Dosnt count things you did before only after the fix

  • JohnPibarra John P ibarra (@JohnPibarra) reported

    @CoalitionGears My million point achievement is still stuck at 40% even after the fix.

  • Gxds_IG GxdsYT (@Gxds_IG) reported


  • MxybeSane Mxbye˝ (@MxybeSane) reported

    @CoalitionGears Still doesn't work. I've reset my console multiple times. My re-up and co-op achievement are still locked. Please fix this.

  • M_Warrior01 MotownWarrior01 (@M_Warrior01) reported

    @CoalitionGears I have received my Gilded RAAM and my Black Phantom weapon skins. Thank you so much for fixing this problem

  • Pegasus882000 Mark Johnson (@Pegasus882000) reported

    @CoalitionGears only half fixed campaign counter is not working

  • Pegasus882000 Mark Johnson (@Pegasus882000) reported

    @CoalitionGears you still have a problem with the campaign counter

  • GratusNoctis Trigger (@GratusNoctis) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar Not working

  • MonsterGTX GTX-Creations (@MonsterGTX) reported

    @CoalitionGears My Gears 4 on PC crashed and causing close the window in the middle of a competitive match and and you just ban me of matchmaking for quit! Fix Gears 4 before, and then NEVER MAKE ANOTHER GEARS GAME! PLEASE EPIC GAMES COME BACK!!

  • Mr_Buttnozzle Classier Dylan (@Mr_Buttnozzle) reported

    @GreenLevelChuma @CoalitionGears Not a dumpster fire, just a few issues. There's definitely problems, but this game, multiplayer-wise, is the most solid out of all the games.

  • MoreJuice4U J (@MoreJuice4U) reported

    @CoalitionGears Points challenge still seems to have issues 😟

  • jabber_monkey EclecticJabberMonkey (@jabber_monkey) reported

    @CoalitionGears Still one big "glitch", making us play the story mode in co-op. I've played through most of the Gears 4 challeges, they were fun. My Gears 4 buddy doesn't play 4 now. I've sunk a lot of time and money into this game and can't complete this challege. 👎👎👎


    @M_Warrior01 @Landan1 @TheRazoredEdge @starspawn_ @OGsie247 @QBZ24 @askyourmoms4me @OctusTC @danasissons @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears Well like a hour ago @CoalitionGears said the problem has been solved already just hard reset ur xbox then load up gow 4 u should be good if not reply to them with the problem

  • M_Warrior01 MotownWarrior01 (@M_Warrior01) reported

    @GLORIOUSCHRIS21 @Landan1 @TheRazoredEdge @starspawn_ @OGsie247 @QBZ24 @askyourmoms4me @OctusTC @danasissons @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears I’m still pissed off and frustrated with it. Right now I’m waiting for them to fix this problem and so I can receive my Gilded RAAM and Black Phantom weapon skins


    @M_Warrior01 @Landan1 @TheRazoredEdge @starspawn_ @OGsie247 @QBZ24 @askyourmoms4me @OctusTC @danasissons @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears Yea for the coop campaign tho wit randoms lagging n quitters lol but skip couple chapters n i redo it from beginning thru the end wit 2 randoms n i got it today by logging in bro

  • hectorarizpe Hector Arizpe (@hectorarizpe) reported

    @CoalitionGears There’s also a glitch in “Pick Me Up Achievement.” Stuck at 95% and won’t unlock.

  • QBZ24 QBZ (@QBZ24) reported

    @GLORIOUSCHRIS21 @OGsie247 @Landan1 @TheRazoredEdge @starspawn_ @askyourmoms4me @OctusTC @danasissons @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears I've been at 10th reup since I retired. All I need the campaign and the mil. If I played again the mil will be no problem

  • OffdeAaschheer Alessandro Cancemi (@OffdeAaschheer) reported

    @CoalitionGears Same Problem here with the Campain on Xbox One Gamertag Wachkomapatient and my Friend Gamertag SASCHA B ONE

  • Robertrayyy Robert Rayyy Kidd (@Robertrayyy) reported

    My Gilded RAAM achievement for the million xp isnt tracking I've hard reset my xbox and have done everything to try and fix the issue @OctusTC @CoalitionGears

  • BaIancee Brother Natures Brother 🐒 (@BaIancee) reported

    @GearsofWar Uhh thats great. Fix your connection for gears 5 thank you wtf

  • elitestig andrew stewart (@elitestig) reported

    @GearsofWar I've done on co-op mode hardcore all 22 chapters and still not got the team in my hold and vs is stuck at 51 I've just come off the speedrun and it's still hasn't moved can you bloody fix it

  • ChrisHappens91 👌🏻 (@ChrisHappens91) reported

    @GearsofWar Fix the challenges.

  • _IlIlIlIlIlIl_I Buggz Bunny (@_IlIlIlIlIlIl_I) reported

    @GearsofWar So uhh I'm having problems with my challenges and I completed the campaign but i haven't gotten my achievement :'(

  • Andres45433620 Andres (@Andres45433620) reported

    @GearsViking @amishra_dev @CoalitionGears @Vududaddy @LauraBaileyVO @Liam_J_McIntyre @Djawadi_Ramin You should please fix the error that there is with the achievements of the golden raam since many of us complete the challenges but they are not unblocked .. the creators of gears of war no longer pay attention to their community and players. 😑😕

  • ivxndowski Ivxn 🎮 (@ivxndowski) reported

    @CoalitionGears I continue with the same problem of achieving million points, it does not advance 91% and already try to make your solutions, help please

  • michael08595466 michael joseph borja (@michael08595466) reported

    @CoalitionGears still stuck at 77%its almost a week now, did yur fix but nothing works

  • ArisDiaz12 Aris Diaz (@ArisDiaz12) reported

    @CoalitionGears @antony31200 @Xbox Already tried the step but still not working. Co-op and re-up 10 on (Boombzilla98) and re-up 10 for (Tia victoria14)

  • Pegasus882000 Mark Johnson (@Pegasus882000) reported

    @CoalitionGears get your facts straight only a smal portion of gears comunity is reporting the problem 70 % of my gears friends are having the same problem with the gilded raam challenge just not reporting because the dont know how

  • Pegasus882000 Mark Johnson (@Pegasus882000) reported

    @CoalitionGears you guys keep making your algorithms more ad more complicated messing up the game someone needs to remember the golden rule (KISS) KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPED then maybe you can fix the Gilded RAAM challenge

  • LuisSos42383185 Luis Sosa (@LuisSos42383185) reported

    @CoalitionGears I do your recommendations but i still have the problems with the reach of 1 million points, please help me. Gt LuuOasis Xbox One

  • bardler Chris Bardy (@bardler) reported

    @EpicGames @GearsofWar Epic, get your head out of your ass. This is still a problem. I shouldn’t get suspended for leaving a lobby.

  • whop860 whop860 (@whop860) reported

    @CoalitionGears Still no update yet with the problem been waiting for raam

  • Hypershoc Hypershock☢☢ (@Hypershoc) reported

    @CoalitionGears @ptntakos @SICKNESS1779 Im also having the same problem as well finished everything but 1 achievement froze up which is the co-op campaign on hardcore.

  • Exuction 𝕽𝖊𝖛𝖔𝖎𝖑𝖟🤡 (@Exuction) reported

    @GearsofWar Still don’t get percentage towards my raam 1 million xp challenge and the methods to try to fix it aren’t useful

  • PeaNutButter94D PeaNutButter94D (@PeaNutButter94D) reported

    @CoalitionGears Really fix it plz

  • 918Polar Polar 918 (@918Polar) reported

    @CoalitionGears @CoalitionGears good tarder and ise the three steps to try to solve the problem of the challenges of raam and I could not resolve yet and the message said that if none of those steps served I had to contact you to see what I can be Mi gamertag is: sirtripius0118 Is : Xbox one

  • 918Polar Polar 918 (@918Polar) reported

    @CoalitionGears good tarder and ise the three steps to try to solve the problem of the challenges of raam and I could not resolve yet and the message said that if none of those steps served I had to contact you to see what I can be Mi gamertag is: sirtripius0118 Is : Xbox one

  • Spookster51 Danielle Gormley (@Spookster51) reported

    @CoalitionGears My RAAM 1 Million point challenge is stuck at 11%. I have done all I could to fix but no avail. GT is Smile4PinkiePie if you can do anything to help fix my problem. I don't wanna miss 4XP so please help.

Gears of War Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x00000d1c
  • 0x00000d28
  • 0x80073cf9
  • 0x801901f4
  • bigelow
  • cougars
  • jackrabbit
  • pesang
  • riad