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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through the mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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September 24: Problems at Gmail

Gmail is having issues since 07:30 PM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Website Down (38.76%)
  • Errors (35.66%)
  • Sign in (25.58%)

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  • spideysansa
    nic (@spideysansa) reported

    @mcuniverses i already did i blamed it on a gmail glitch but i feel so dumb HDJS

  • RollingDutch2
    Rolling Dutchman (@RollingDutch2) reported

    @TeamYouTube @MowtenDoo ive been waiting for help for 3 months and no help, no email to my Gmail at all so nice try to save your asses @TeamYouTube but its not working up to par.

  • kokoandjune
    S Nicole (@kokoandjune) reported

    Sign in through the gmail thing, still no order. Sign in through Facebook no order. Sign in with a different email no order. I mean, come on?! What is this?!?!?!

  • TheMadjai
    I'm Nicholas (@TheMadjai) reported

    @gmail I didn't, but that also wouldn't solve the problem. It's fine, I sorted out a workaround.

  • Zoeyve
    Z♥e Y♥e (@Zoeyve) reported

    @gmail I think it has something to do with my accounts as I have the same problem on my iPad mini.

  • bindi_100
    Belinda S (@bindi_100) reported

    @AppleSupport please tell me a fix for iOS12 is coming soon, iphone8 & so much trouble connecting to wifi & 4G. gmail app notifications didn't work last night, facebook hardly works due to no internet. antivirus vpn in settings frantically flashes on & off. HELP

  • DJaNox
    Kevin Lance (@DJaNox) reported

    @svembu @zoho I'm not able to receive emails sent from AOL email addresses. Gmail seems to be okay. Not sure of the issue but don't believe related to DNS, which seems to be back up for me. Can you look into it and test? #zoho #ZohoMail #ZoHodown

  • idkusuk
    ally 💕 (@idkusuk) reported

    Is anyone else having problems w gmail rn

  • leodotcloud
    Murali Paluru (@leodotcloud) reported

    @gmail The issue is reproducible by enabling and disabling Categories. (Settings > Inbox > Categories).

  • leodotcloud
    Murali Paluru (@leodotcloud) reported

    @gmail Safari Private Window: Same problem. Chrome: Same problem.

  • BrendanEich
    BrendanEich (@BrendanEich) reported

    @jollyneat @dredeyedick @planetscape @brave @Oz4Code @firefox @mikko @thegrugq @pwnallthethings @matthew_d_green @xeni Think “which browser” instead, as the login-to-browser feature is in Chrome, not in gmail.

  • brheading
    Brendan Heading (@brheading) reported

    @grumpyfactcheck @DannyDonnelly1 @newbelfast as a (very) side issue it's interesting how many people there are using freebie gmail accounts for official business.

  • JesusJCaban
    Jesus J Caban (@JesusJCaban) reported

    @gmail What happened today? Lots of emails vanished today and I started to receive old emails again? Multiple people experience the same issue.

  • njgoldbaum
    Nathan Goldbaum (@njgoldbaum) reported

    @bispectral @gmail the new gmail is terrible

  • Fabedude
    Fabian Hofmann (@Fabedude) reported

    @BMcDubb1 Hi! I’m so sorry about this. But our work gmail is not working at the moment. Did you get a chance to send it to my private email? So sorry to bother you about this...

  • A7medAl_tamimi
    أحمدوف 🌐 (@A7medAl_tamimi) reported

    @gmail @gmail I used to have my verification code but suddenly,I didn’t receive any lately. I tried to use other ways to sign in but they didn’t work. I also tried to Use other account to verify the ownership many times,but it says that I’ve to wait 3 to 5 days. It took longer,no answer

  • A7medAl_tamimi
    أحمدوف 🌐 (@A7medAl_tamimi) reported

    @gmail I used to have my verification code but suddenly,I didn’t receive any lately. I tried to use other ways to sign in but they didn’t work. I also tried to Use other account to verify the ownership any times,but it says that I have to wait 3 to 5 days. It took longer, with no answer

  • LaMeraFeli
    Felicia Martinez (@LaMeraFeli) reported

    Anyone else experiencing connectivity issues with the new #Gmail format? I had to revert back to classic because my messages were not sending nor were the drafts saving.

  • ben_mcr
    Ben Warner 🌹🐝 (@ben_mcr) reported

    @TomCroasdizzle Gmail on everything’s been really slow the last couple of days

  • jd2b1999
    ErikaJBoardman (@jd2b1999) reported

    @gmail @FBI Having problems with IC3 reporting going through. Known impersonation by a previously suspended Twitter user. 6x emailed in an hour. How much do we seriously have to put up with @rcmpgrcpolice @JustinTrudeau @CATAPtweet @ReidMeloy

  • AshleyFetters
    Ashley Fetters (@AshleyFetters) reported

    a fun thing to do with the person you love is repeatedly respond to each other's emails with Gmail auto-replies until all your interpersonal communication has been replaced by two algorithms screeching "I'm down for whatever!" at each other

  • malderi
    Brandon Haber (@malderi) reported

    Yep. Big problems for using Chrome at work and checking my Gmail. Different set of bookmarks etc. Even beyond obvious privacy overreach, just a plain bad product decision. And that "90's Microsoft" label has a paved road labeled "arrogant product decisions"

  • JoshKatzker
    Josh Katzker (@JoshKatzker) reported

    @KiwiforGmail The app has been a bit buggy for me today with my work email, which has switched over the new Gmail. I’m having trouble connecting to my mail accounts. Is this a known issue?

  • SparkyK11
    Mark Koesters (@SparkyK11) reported

    @jamestaranto @marthamaccallum This is why people won't help with your gmail issue

  • rpbwork
    Richard Bingham (@rpbwork) reported

    @zohocares Some emails are coming through, and some are not. Emails from gmail addresses arrive. Emails from yahoo addresses do not. No idea whether email from other providers will make it. How can I figure out whom I should notify? What is ETA for fix?

  • IpolaniK
    Ipolani (@IpolaniK) reported

    whoevers trynna sign in my gmail account u a lil *****

  • ctavan
    Christoph Tavan (@ctavan) reported

    @publictorsten @matthew_d_green Were you signed in to a google service? Steps to reproduce: - Start with blank Chrome - Sign in to Gmail - Will auto-sign you into Chrome - Go to "Clear browsing data" and clear cookies - Then "Content settings" -> "Cookies" -> "See all cookies and site data" Google still there

  • jawadrashid
    Jawad Rashid (@jawadrashid) reported

    @Uber_Support Your in-app support stopped all communication with me saying that i should block or mute email in gmail from other person instead of resolving my issue. I tried contacting them again on same thread but they never gave any reply back. You guys really need to improve your support.

  • amerikag
    Amerika (@amerikag) reported

    Anyone else having Gmail problems? (Daily, but that's a different issue) Also - what mail services providers do you like other than Gmail? I have two domains I may shift if this keeps up

  • MissZippy1
    Amanda Loudin (@MissZippy1) reported

    @andyfalconer Hi Andy--just tried to reach out via your contact form but it returned an error. Could you please email me: misszippy1 at gmail Thanks!

  • jamestaranto
    James Taranto (@jamestaranto) reported

    I tried switching to old Gmail, but the problem persists. The problem began right after a Chrome update (which I noticed because the look of the tabs changed), so I assume that's the source of the problem.

  • jamestaranto
    James Taranto (@jamestaranto) reported

    Also, the problem is intermittent--sometimes clicking on notifications works, sometimes not. And it's a corporate account, so switching from Gmail isn't an option.

  • calliemcampbell
    Callie (@calliemcampbell) reported

    @gmail Nope! Don’t appear anywhere. I mean it’s not a huge issue, it’s just odd—until I started getting replies, I thought m original emails had entirely disappeared

  • utekkare
    Pranay Srinivasan (@utekkare) reported

    @miten @sbyrnes @AntarYaami @gmail @SuperhumanCo using gmail with @mimax online and outlook on iPad / Apple Mail on iPhone. @superhumanco rejected me because I don't use a macbook pro. so far shit's still broken and @slackhq aint done shit to reduce email yet.

  • BeccaWynne
    Rebecca Wynne (@BeccaWynne) reported

    It should not be so difficult to write a euro sign in gmail on desktop. OR ON TWITTER FOR THAT MATTER I GUESS.

  • PeachBalie
    🍑🍑 Peach Doody 🍑🍑 (@PeachBalie) reported

    @gmail I followed you so that you could DM me. It's pretty telling that you're unwilling to protect someone's privacy and instead only help them if they broadcast to the world exactly what issue they're having with their private email service.

  • AdviceTroll
    AdviceTroll (@AdviceTroll) reported

    @matthew_d_green Not surprised at forced Chrome login. Last year (I think) they used dark patterns to discourage logging out of gmail fully, adding several more clicks to do it. Probably in order to facilitate tracking and information collection because Google is a bad dog.

  • StudDude24
    Michael Carr (@StudDude24) reported

    @gmail how long will gmail from web browser be down

  • StudDude24
    Michael Carr (@StudDude24) reported

    @gmail @NatalieMaynor gmail is not working at all right now

  • pieatnight_WAFC
    The Pie at Night (@pieatnight_WAFC) reported

    The best moment of football ever. DON’T @me DO send it us (pieatnight at gmail) so I can fix that awful noise.

  • XiggyMatsu
    🐊Crocodad o'Dile☠ (@XiggyMatsu) reported

    Spent some time clearing out my emails and completely deleted everything in my spam gmail, only got my main yahoo inbox down to like 10,600 something tho ughh

  • NatalieMaynor
    Natalie Maynor (@NatalieMaynor) reported

    @gmail I emptied the cache and cookies, but it didn't solve the problem.

  • missiveapp
    Missive (@missiveapp) reported

    @Andwalsh We do not offer discounts in order to control our costs as a small bootstrapped company. Regarding “Log in with Google”, no problem. This won’t import your Gmail emails.

  • SpiggottGeorge
    George Spiggott (@SpiggottGeorge) reported

    @__apf__ Nothing in this makes it necessary to sign in to Chrome automatically when signing in to gmail.

  • SQLInterstellar
    Prasanna (@SQLInterstellar) reported

    @ChulbuliImli Chrome is now forcing you to log into your Google account without your consent (following a Gmail login).

  • TheRogue_Elf
    Space Eternal Dreg of Society Elf (@TheRogue_Elf) reported

    @IOurpatio @EricMertz_KC @AllanKirkhart @jr_bohl @iamisgo11 @VeroniqueSemtex @AV_SardonicWaif @IntellectShorty @webbbieone @AliasNestor1 @heartsabustin @NucMM1retired @epeterd916 @WorldhopperVive @vetjr89 @GentlemanRascal @meggymish @djm1992a @secjr112 @Ty_in_TX @Muelann @historybythpint @NAVYDAWG6119 @LadyGrammarian @tugboatphil @HerrMorgenholz @wraithburn @fiona_mccool @StacyDmomof5 @ScarilyCheerful @KieranEleison @El__Bohemio @JHWalz32 @AWGecko @Shrike1988 @ChrissiHarmon @MeerkatYitz @EPbaClaire @NaughtyDerek Its still Monday ... Ready for this day to be over. Silly people with silly non-tech issues aren't my job. Sorry GMail changed their stuff, that's on them not me. Sorry >_>

  • StormSmithx
    Storm Smith ♡ (@StormSmithx) reported

    @gmail Hi! I created a new email for a different project. But now my main email is the project email and the email I want is my recovery email. I DO NOT want them connected. How do I fix this?

  • matoosian
    Armen Matoosian (@matoosian) reported

    @inboxbygmail Terrible decision to get rid of Inbox. Will seriously look into getting rid of all Google products because that’s how how much Inbox is better than Gmail.

  • fritopunk
    fritopunk (@fritopunk) reported

    Norma from California and Fiin from High Speed Internet would not help me unlock my email account because it was free. Switch to Gmail TODAY AT&T is terrible FIRE NORMA TODAY @ATTCares @ATT

  • JeffriesInfoSec
    Rick Jeffries (@JeffriesInfoSec) reported

    @briankrebs Troubling privacy creep on the part of Google. @__apf__ argues that Google doesn't auto-take your data to the cloud if you sign in to Gmail, but the privacy policy makes it clear that Google *can.* Respect Google's work on, e.g., certificates but this is a misstep.

  • RubeHeretic
    rube heretic (@RubeHeretic) reported

    Why is gmail slow as shit, does anybody know?

  • PolitePass
    McKenzie (@PolitePass) reported

    I was trying to check my email at work and I was like “why is my password not working?” Like getting really annoyed. I go home and the first email on my phone is gmail like “WE PROTECTED YOU, mustn’t fear frail damsel”

  • empoor
    REMY OVERKEMPE 🏳️‍🌈 (@empoor) reported from Lelystad-Haven, Provincie Flevoland

    Gmail needs a "I'm not working, *****, it's after four" option to snooze work mail notifications until the next morning.

  • rantastic30s
    rantastic30s (@rantastic30s) reported

    Hey @gmail, don't change my #gmail. I've got enough problems. #changeforchangessake

  • g_rapier
    Graham Rapier (@g_rapier) reported

    This is a Complaint Tweet about how terrible the new @gmail is

  • xa329
    Tony Naggs (@xa329) reported

    The rationale & impact of this Chrome change is still unclear to me despite this thread. I guess I sidestep the issues by permuting browsers & accounts, e.g. logging into work Gmail in Firefox, personal Gmail in Chrome and local club admin Gmail in Brave?

  • Tomwin100
    Thomas Winterton (@Tomwin100) reported

    @BethGrangerSays I'm on the new version. I don't like it either but they are going to withdraw the old version soon. I am having problems with gmail today too .

  • averagesecguy
    AverageSecurityGuy (@averagesecguy) reported

    I running @Chrome version Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) and I signed in to Gmail but it did not sign me into Chrome. Did they fix the issue?

  • rnkbb
    rnkbb (@rnkbb) reported

    @__apf__ @BruceDawson0xB And of course if you EVER login to Google Play or Gmail with login attached to your Android phone - 99.9% chance that you Sync settings for desktop browser is now "Sync all".

  • summyfeb12
    Sumanth Pandugula (@summyfeb12) reported

    @verge However I sign in into gmail and stuff sometimes on my chrome at work, now I dont want @googlechrome to sign in automatically into both and mess up my settings altogether without me asking for it.

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying