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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through the mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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Gmail problems in the last 24 hours

Gmail Outage Chart

At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Gmail. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • ▪ Errors (38.54%)
  • ▪ Sign in (34.38%)
  • ▪ Website Down (27.08%)

Gmail Live Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:

▪ London, England  ▪ Guadalajara, Jalisco  ▪ Madrid, Community of Madrid  ▪ Zapopan, Jalisco  ▪ Guayaquil, Guayas  ▪ Bristol, England  ▪ Chicago, Illinois  ▪ Curitiba, Paraná  ▪ Glasgow, Scotland  ▪ Dar es Salaam, Tanzania  ▪ Brockport, New York

Gmail Live Outage Map
  • London, England
  • Guadalajara, Jalisco
  • Madrid, Community of Madrid
  • Zapopan, Jalisco
  • Guayaquil, Guayas
  • Bristol, England
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Curitiba, Paraná
  • Glasgow, Scotland
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • Brockport, New York
  •   Full Outage Map

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Gmail Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • mmelon
    Mike Edwards (@mmelon) reported

    anyone having problems with gmail rendering over last couple of days? aspects or all of media queries are being ignored. need more research. #emailgeeks #EmailMarketing @litmusapp

  • _IanMoss
    Ian Moss (@_IanMoss) reported

    @jason_kint @willperrin Very odd - when Google gets people to sign in to Gmail/maps/YouTube etc. they don't use that personal identifier? Seems unlikely.

  • chiyaam
    Sriram Babu (@chiyaam) reported

    @SachinSagaGame I have unlocked almost everything in another device with my Gmail after buying new device, when I login to same account but the game is starting from the to link my old account?

  • HandleTheJandle
    Dave Wallace (@HandleTheJandle) reported

    Hey, @gmail your Android app is broken, i have 4 emails waiting in outbox, each with an image attached via attachments function, they haven't left outbox for hours... My internet is fine. Tried recreating, all fail to send. Emails without images send just fine.

  • Damian_Amadio
    Damian Amadio (@Damian_Amadio) reported

    @EvanLefavor @trubskin It's weird.I went on with this Gmail account and couldn't see anything. Then I used a different one and it worked, so just2see if maybe it was a glitch I returned to using Damian Amadio again.Nothing.I thought I could've been blocked from commenting so I apologise since I'm wrong

  • themohammedg
    Mohammed Goryawala (@themohammedg) reported

    Hey! @gmail Need an help regarding failure of 10-12 company email ids... It doesn't show emails since last week on the server. What might be the issue here? Thanks

  • abenieldotcom
    Abeniel Huten (@abenieldotcom) reported

    @Zendesk accidentally keep logging in using different Gmail account. Keep getting denied acceess. Can't even logout and login again. Happens all the time.

  • blezzy14
    MARIA ROSALIA (@blezzy14) reported

    @KeithUrban I fix my gmail confirmation new password

  • ANKITGU00420495
    Ankit Gupta (@ANKITGU00420495) reported

    @NianticHelp @StarDustFarmPG Can we create a PTC account from existing Gmail login account ???

  • rayrayinspace
    RAY 🔜 DiNK 🔪 IN YAKUZA HELL (@rayrayinspace) reported

    Goromi Zine update: Sorry to the folks who are getting multiple emails, we had some issues with gmail not sending them properly. I know it really sucks to get bummer news multiple times, I'm so sorry about that.

  • hadihandali
    Sang Hadi (@hadihandali) reported from Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

    Is gmail down today?

  • andregce
    Andre G (@andregce) reported

    @firefox Will you guys ever support multiple profiles running at the same time? Like, I can login to work and personal Gmail at the same time, different windows?

  • Vote_2018USA
    BlueWave#18 (@Vote_2018USA) reported

    @sundarpichai From a FB user: gmail is no help at all. With assistance in getting me back into my account i cant even get customer support users are not worth the time to assist i have not had a problem with gmail in yrs i wish i would have stuck with yahoo

  • Island_Photos
    Island Bear 🐻 (@Island_Photos) reported

    @BayonetBobBear @EarthsAnOctogon I hate to say it on twitter since it may get used against me, but Ive got 20 gmail accounts and 20 google phone numbers. Down like 4 or 5 for not using often enough. Ive got #'s in: 904, 360, 425, 206, 503, 415, 805, 508, 910, 404, 843, 912, 772, 713, 954, 813, 720, 407 and 305.

  • bugbee12
    CBuggles (@bugbee12) reported

    @SeanEden42 @NianticHelp Ty. But she has access to the account and if people can clone an email to gain coin then thats a security issue on Gmail and niantic.

  • bob_zim
    Zimmie (@bob_zim) reported

    @mramblr @SwiftOnSecurity Exactly! All the more infuriating because it’s a segment of an error message. I know I’ve seen it before, but I sure can’t find it in Gmail!

  • HTTRGodIsGood
    Mike Souza (@HTTRGodIsGood) reported

    @PowerAndWater @gmail @TMobile Also it's really shady that T-Mobile and G-mail could rectify the issue in minutes by putting together my phone number my bill and my name and going through all the downloads I had on the App Store but I guess that would take too much teamwork

  • mheyaa1995
    Mheeyaa (@mheyaa1995) reported

    @Alina_AE I really want to buy it but I have problem to my Gmail..may Gmail got hacked then I request to AE to change the email of my account but they try to communicate it hope they will change it before I buy the hm

  • ListlessAshen
    M.Wolf (@ListlessAshen) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN @PUBGMobile Game is great I have been playing since China's release of it. But I would like to be able to use my gmail or even my steam account to login and not facebook. Rumor has it that on fortnite you use the same acc for pc and mobile and that sounds like a win in my book. Get on it.

  • acdc1027
    DAVE1769 (@acdc1027) reported

    @RealSaavedra Guess he was having problems with his gmail:)

  • Monojira
    monojira「モノジラ」 (@Monojira) reported

    @Goost91 Logged in to the site, yeah. But Gmail login works just fine

  • NakuMizi
    MiziGFX (@NakuMizi) reported

    @gmail It is also worth noting that I am able to access gmail from any other device except for my PC. This is starting to become a problem, with it being very inconvenient to my work and keeping up with emails in general.

  • missemcee
    Michelle Lee Hoy (@missemcee) reported

    @gmail I’ve been having major issues with not receiving emails from certain senders and I’ve tried troubleshooting his myself but with no luck! Help!

  • dgoreck
    Dan Gorecki (@dgoreck) reported

    @jessysaurusrex If people only knew to not use that SSO option. Login with your gmail or facebook account? no thanks, and create an account. This is where password managers come into play. But totally right, once you get suckered’s hard to breakaway.

  • jet_set
    Carina (@jet_set) reported

    @ByCommonConsent I have a simple gmail address. Sometimes people get lazy signing up for things, like dating profiles, and use my email. I will request the lost password, login to their account, and change the address. If it’s real bad, i delete the profile. Don’t use my email.

  • beryroh
    Roheen Berry (@beryroh) reported

    @Outlook Outlook mail is quite slow, compare to gmail.

  • gmail
    Gmail (@gmail) reported

    @Mer_merrr Hi there. Currently, there are no widespread issues with Gmail. Could you try connecting to a different network and see if that helps? Keep us posted.

  • BuggsMcGhee
    Buggs McGhee (@BuggsMcGhee) reported

    @lirpalomina @gmail @gmail Seriously? What's the problem?

  • Mer_merrr
    mer (@Mer_merrr) reported

    Is it just me or has gmail been extra terrible lately...

  • Mr_Plastique
    Stagger Lee (@Mr_Plastique) reported

    @sturdyAlex 1. gmail didn’t exist 13 years ago. 2) if you think targeting adds is all Facebook is doing you need to read the news 3) I used a private email server (granted can’t vouch for recipients) please don’t think to lecture me on technology, I build it for a living.

  • stevekorner
    Steven Korner (@stevekorner) reported

    @gmail We having our inbound emails bouncing back to customers for business account @MethodRecycling - do you have an issue at the moment?

  • paix120
    Renee (@paix120) reported

    I think it might have been a @gmail-generated notification. You should probably work that out and fix asap.

  • julmasdes
    Julienne DesJardins (@julmasdes) reported

    Hey @HubSpot :) Trying to use the sig generator for a client. We are adding an image and the design looks fine in the generator. But when we copy to Gmail, we can't get the image to show up. No matter how many lines of content we remove to shrink it down. Any ideas? Thanks :)

  • alex_k_polyakov
    Alexander Polyakov (@alex_k_polyakov) reported

    Hey @JollaHQ, when I log into my @Gmail account using #SailfishX native browser, Google detects it as Firefox 38.0 on Samsung Galaxy Nexus. And this gives an impression of an account compromise! Could you please ask @Google to fix their code? They might listen to you...

  • Daniel328DT
    Daniel Ray Torres DT (@Daniel328DT) reported

    @Skorpyiragon Old or new account? If you had one for a while you probably got unsubscribed for whatever reason. I had this issue with my gmail linked account and only my yahoo one got the code. Idk if this only applies to old or new users but it certainly has been happening to some.

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @BrendanJMullen Gmail had an outage on Friday that affected email filters for Gmail users. This should be resolved at this time. Let us know if you're still having issues or if you are not a Gmail user!

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @vtfan08 Gmail had an outage on Friday that affected email filters for Gmail users. This should be resolved at this time. Let us know if you're still having issues.

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @amars26 Gmail had an outage on Friday that affected email filters for Gmail users. This should be resolved at this time. Let us know if you're still having issues or if you are not a Gmail user!

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @michelletandler Gmail had an outage on Friday that affected email filters for Gmail users. This should be resolved at this time. Let us know if you're still having issues or if you are not a Gmail user!

  • UnrollmeHelp
    Unroll.Me Support (@UnrollmeHelp) reported

    @sgbass83 Hey Shiva, Gmail had an outage on Friday that affected email filters for Gmail users. This should be resolved at this time. Let us know if you're still having issues!

  • ManishEarth
    Who ordered *that*? (@ManishEarth) reported

    @chimeracoder @richard_st (yeah -- we can't flip the flag by default because gmail sometimes breaks due to their broken libraries)

  • ManishEarth
    Who ordered *that*? (@ManishEarth) reported

    @chimeracoder @richard_st Github's u2f login totally works on firefox (nightly perhaps? i don't recall), but things like Duo and Gmail are broken because of google's library (which everyone uses) being broken.

  • leosbastos
    Leo Bastos (@leosbastos) reported

    If invasion of privacy was an issue I wouldn't be writing this here in another social network. Nor would I use WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram, etc.

  • JungleDisk
    Jungle Disk (@JungleDisk) reported

    Office 365 and G Suite users, need help troubleshooting email issues? Here are a few tips. #microsoft #gmail

  • auston_gibson
    Auston Gibson (@auston_gibson) reported

    And leave gmail down below

  • jpgcc_
    João Craveiro (@jpgcc_) reported

    @gmail The trick of clearing data and restarting brings back the Priority Inbox, but sooner or later the problem comes back. Help?

  • AaronGleeman
    Aaron Gleeman (@AaronGleeman) reported

    I had to order three extra batches of bubble envelopes, and just broke down and bought a printer because I was worried @TwinsGeek would die from laughter if I hand addressed them all. Anyway, last call. $20 per autographed book. Venmo: AaronGleeman PayPal: aarongleeman at gmail

  • Kam4e2r0n
    Kam4e2r0n (@Kam4e2r0n) reported

    @StreamlabsHQ Sorry it took so long to replay, this is the 1st time twitter would load so i could reply. Thats my problem, 90% of the time nothing loads up (google, gmail, twitter, twitch for example) after i installed ur program. How do i unoptimize the settings it changed for the internet?

  • Inoru88
    Nonbinary Rainbow Fox Inoru (@Inoru88) reported

    @MAKEUPP0SI (I also liked it, which I didn't realise I COULD, because when did youtube even stop requiring a secondary login account rather than just the gmail. I...did not comment because I hate plastering my legal name all over (because I also hate my legal name...). Sorry! <3)

  • nlaw1115
    Nathan Law (@nlaw1115) reported

    @PokemonGoApp @NianticHelp Pokemon Go won't allow me to select which Gmail to use when linking my PTC account. My primary Gmail has a Lv1 account from accidentally hitting the wrong sign in button one time, so I'd like to use my secondary account.

  • BrooklynBrett
    Brett Ruiz 📟 (@BrooklynBrett) reported

    @jbarro You're going to get replies from people who still think using a gmail account is the same thing as setting up a private server in your basement. smh.

  • oladseyOOE
    Buhari Must Not Come Back (@oladseyOOE) reported

    @YahooCare @sjh_44 . For about two weeks now, I am unable to sign in to yahoo on my mobile android device. Tried multiple apps, same error. Only my back up mail -gmail is running. First time since 2002. Why so? Web version is not so.

  • millsmakeflour
    Andrew Mills (@millsmakeflour) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps Solved the issue, purchased on MS website signed in with Gmail, MS App Store requires a MS email. For whatever reason It wouldn't recognise the purchase so I've bought it again through the App Store. I now need a refund on the first purchase.

  • ufee1dead
    Ikey Doherty (@ufee1dead) reported

    @TUXEDOComputers Hm maybe Solus mail is playing up.. Did send, ok I'll send again from my gmail in the morning if thats ok? Shouldn't see it being an issue from there..

  • fedward
    ¡feduardo! (@fedward) reported

    I’d like Gmail to have a real postmaster to fix misdelivery issues. I just had to call a credit company to remove my email from an account.

  • anniezaidi
    AnnieZaidi (@anniezaidi) reported

    Right. So I am at my wit's end. Cannot get One Note to either synch or share files or upload via gmail on my phone. Nokia phone (older, Windows 8). Can't find solution via One Note/Microsoft fora online. Anyone here who can talk me through the problem? DM/reply please.

  • Madhusudhan_AK
    Madhusudhan (@Madhusudhan_AK) reported

    With Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal, I stopped using “Sign in with Facebook or Gmail or Yahoo or whatsoever” when using third party sites. Much better to register it via email and password. Next thing in my mind is #DeleteFacebook . 1/2

  • FarhanYusufzai
    Farhan Yusufzai (@FarhanYusufzai) reported

    I would love to setup my own email server for privacy purposes. But everyone else uses #Gmail/#Outlook, so you can still read my emails. And #PGP? Ha!

  • DayNewYork
    Day (@DayNewYork) reported

    Looking for help with a #gmail issue that doesn't make sense...anyone out there have expert knowledge on troubleshooting gmail?

  • IanCumbers
    (((Ian Cumbers))) (@IanCumbers) reported

    @Lee_in_Iowa I think the issue here is transparency. Most users of Gmail get a useful service for nothing (no actual $ cost). Google are a commercial company and so we should expect that they try to monitise *us*. We should assume that all emails/info will be used by them for their benefit.

Gmail Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 007
  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying