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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through the mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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January 24: Problems at Gmail

Gmail is having issues since 05:20 AM GMT. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Website Down (40.06%)
  • Errors (37.09%)
  • Sign in (22.85%)

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  • Psifigal psifigal (@Psifigal) reported

    @gmail @thomasp85 And that did it, don't know why I had to clear history and shut down though, I haven't had this problem before. I haven't loaded anything new or added any extensions or anything.

  • Psifigal psifigal (@Psifigal) reported

    @gmail @thomasp85 Hi, I just tried incognito mode and was able to get into my gmail. I will try again later, maybe I'll shut down my Chromebook, or clear history, or both...

  • CA_Crazyman عالم ماتحت الارض (@CA_Crazyman) reported

    @gmail Hello I got a problem with my account , it works in my LP but cant sign in with my cell phone . Plz send me DM

  • Spikeyman2 Spikeyman (@Spikeyman2) reported

    @LeVPN Obviously, you have major issues taking over from @MPNotify but its not good service for people who have paid subscriptions Shoddy to say the least, no response to this #918390 since last night now problems on laptop and Gmail refusing connections even though UK IP needs sorting

  • PlayLikeLloyd 19sarcasm68 (@PlayLikeLloyd) reported

    Another problem is that the original GMAIL I used in creating my account was lost, since I have forgotten the password and I have no other way to retrieve my GMAIL account. (I tried all possible way to retrieve that GMAIL account)

  • giorginoo giorginoo (@giorginoo) reported

    @SparkMailApp Problem adding gmail mailbox today

  • andiih Andy Hawken (@andiih) reported

    @craig100 @callumbwhyte This is a different issue. If you represent Acme ltd and Pinacle Bros, you can bind 2 domains to the same box/account. No problem in gmail (replies just work) but issue in iOS

  • Bosscaleb Bosire Boss Caleb (@Bosscaleb) reported

    Is gmail Down #Gmail

  • callumbwhyte Callum Whyte (@callumbwhyte) reported

    @craig100 I know! The issue is I have multiple email aliases for my Gmail (for business), e.g. different domains, but the iOS app only lets me send from one address

  • _RonanC Ronan Connolly (@_RonanC) reported

    @jperras It was only like 2 years a go that they removed it. They switched everyone over to Inbox and now they've redesigned Gmail slightly and are shutting down Inbox and moving everyone back the Gmail.

  • cps42 CP Scott (@cps42) reported

    @holly @flightaware The feature I miss most from the Mutt mail client is the 'bounce' response - companies are usually pretty quick to fix accounts that bounce emails. I wish @gmail would implement that.

  • EmilStenstrom Emil Stenström (@EmilStenstrom) reported

    @jockeholm Gmail solves this by not sending you the email to the group if you’re part of it. Problem with that is that some mailing lists have moderation, so you don’t really know if your email arrived then instead. I’ve yet to see a client that solves this well...

  • SunOfGan Sundar G (@SunOfGan) reported

    @Aarsun Gmail is like that only :( Same problem. Not used to having official mail threads like this and I find it confusing most of the times.

  • theragingqueen ĐØƝƝƔΞ ßØɄΞƔ (@theragingqueen) reported

    Hey, @gmail: you suck. I can log into my Gmail with the currnt password but whn I try to set up 2-fctr auths, it tells me there's suspicious activity and tries to send a text to a phone no longer assoc with the account. I didn't realize blcking a valid login was cnsdred security.

  • labuzamovies Peter Labuza (@labuzamovies) reported

    @SinemiaSupport Hello. I had a cell phone issue with bad service and could not check into my movie when I arrived at the theater. My email is plabuza @ gmail

  • rodbodtoo Rod Graham (@rodbodtoo) reported

    @amymyoung @holly @flightaware Aye, it sounds like the gmail problem. My latest is some poor French student who won't be able to access their online resources...

  • MrDooom Dominick (@MrDooom) reported

    @holly I had to set up a Gmail label just to keep track of the accounts created with my email address. Some kid in the Americas who must think that since it's his name it must be his address. I've shut down enough that hopefully he's got the message by now...

  • louisgray Louis Gray (@louisgray) reported

    One problem with being on so many dogfood programs at Google is that when my actual dogs need actual dog food, and I can't remember which brand we got last time, searching Gmail for dogfood isn't much help.

  • galaxymacbeth Punxsutawney Phil🌼 (@galaxymacbeth) reported

    @gmail I’m tired of spam getting into my inbox. Pls fix.

  • BrandCrazyMeds Queef Jerky (@BrandCrazyMeds) reported

    @holly @flightaware Someone used my e-mail to register for Sony's gaming network. I couldn't get it across to anyone at Sony that was the problem. They kept to the "so you lost your password" script. I hope gmail's spam bucket is secure, since there was credit card info in a lot of the e-mail.

  • divinity254 Life.Love.Not Individual 1 (@divinity254) reported

    @gmail I’m having issues with certain emails from one app showing up as a different sender in my inbox.

  • TooWhacked Waq 🎈 (@TooWhacked) reported

    @ImGunks @ConvictEternity I have the original YouTube and gmail if my money comes out I’ll be shutting your fake asf team down

  • HerbMarselas Herb Marselas (@HerbMarselas) reported

    Gmail auto responses are terrible and I can't stop using them

  • DustinThenJames Dustin Jams (@DustinThenJames) reported

    Slow day at work has me persistently refreshing my gmail like a borderline psychopath.

  • DustinThenJames Dustin Jams (@DustinThenJames) reported

    Slow day at work has me persistently refreshing my gmail like a borderline psychopath. I'm stillllll waiting.

  • roxixmas Misti Velvet (@roxixmas) reported

    @NeutralSpaces @pidiotpidiot just tried to sign in will have to look in the gmail archives my brain is crammed with passwords and usernames

  • mayyaa18_ ALI (@mayyaa18_) reported

    Told my friend I keep taking Ls. She said it's all down to my "outlook" in life so guess who's switching to gmail from today 😤😤

  • tomgillpredicts Tom Gill (@tomgillpredicts) reported

    @jdcollins1982 when I send a message to your gmail account I get a "550 5.7.1 [RBL] Sender blocked <IP or domain>" error

  • AJboy04 AJ McCoy (@AJboy04) reported

    Of all the apps that @Google is shutting down I will mostly miss @inboxbygmail I hope some of the smart features and organization come over to @gmail

  • thecoe1 Rick Coe (@thecoe1) reported

    @BrentCorrigan @WellsFargo NO, IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT. (RICK-long gmail yesterday about Twitter fraud issue.) 🌹

  • mhalqasmi Eng.Mohammed (@mhalqasmi) reported

    are correct and try again. Additionally, verify that your firewall or antivirus program is not preventing Postbox from sending email.". I have gmail and outlook accounts and I get the error on both.

  • heidivanderlee Heidi Vanderlee (@heidivanderlee) reported

    gmail. your contacts tool has been broken since 2005. FIX. IT.

  • classonde Christian Lassonde (@classonde) reported

    @tron @TwitterSupport I have a different problem - I have an early (and short enough) gmail account that folks like to use as a dummy email to register their new twitter accounts.

  • jesuisceleine ellie📖💜 loves luther lars ray cuent (@jesuisceleine) reported

    gmail sure is a slow piece of poopy since its update huh

  • E_jeck Mr. E (@E_jeck) reported

    @getongab I remember when Gmail was invite only. It turned out to be one of the most popular E-mail services in the world. But timing and luck were everything. I don't understand the ins & outs of this type of business. However, from a layman's view, you may be too far down the trail.

  • AbuduAdemileke Ademileke abudu (@AbuduAdemileke) reported

    @Justobiebs @sleeky4 @InfinixNigeria Use find my device app login ur Gmail account and check the location of the fone

  • Prayush26 Prayush Arora (@Prayush26) reported

    @gmail My mother cannot access gmail as she forgot her login password. She cannot tweet as her phone was recently formatted and there is no application left. Even for downloading Twitter, having access to the gmail account is essential. Please help ASAP.

  • davidcrawshaw David Crawshaw (@davidcrawshaw) reported

    @apenwarr Gmail sends on too-long headers. In this case I'll probably do the same, support seems spotty for folding address names. When I first started writing an IMAP server I used gmail as a template. Turns out gmail's IMAP server is not good, so I don't blindly trust them anymore.

  • MadeByThunder Thunder ⚡️ (@MadeByThunder) reported

    Got so much popping I had to increase my gmail storage. Grateful for these type of problems 🙏🏾

  • andreroy55 Andre Roy (@andreroy55) reported

    @rouquinne @Rogers Yeah, especially if they're asking to confirm your ID by logging in somewhere. Or, it could be someone trying to use your GMail log in to get into your Rogers login, just hacking away. Either way, changing your GMail password is not a bad idea.

  • zerago Chris Rui(Z) (@zerago) reported

    @Arekkz @YTCreators Last night my Gmail and GPlay were having load issues as well. The system's going through something :O

  • andygoldstein Andy Goldstein (@andygoldstein) reported

    @SparkMailApp More that the animation speed is slow. In the Gmail web client, for example, when I press "e" to archive a message, it is removed from the list almost instantaneously, without any animation. With Spark, it's not as fast.

  • RobRWilson22 RobWilson (@RobRWilson22) reported

    @Sabrinawisbiski No problem, If you have a gmail email account you can already use the app (just have to download it).

  • scottcahill62 Scott Cahill (@scottcahill62) reported

    @AOLSupportHelp It's a constant issue. Ever since VZ bought AOL, and moved to it's servers, mail is unstable. Using Firefox today....difficult to send----But again, typical, and just alerting you. at some point, have to move all personal mail to gmail.

  • loae_kh Loae_kh (@loae_kh) reported

    @SamsungSupport Hi I have a lot of problems with my note 9 first the lhone was freezing so much and it was closed apps i use and say there are aproblem i reset it many times now icant log in to my account wit gmail!! Why We in 2019 may samsung solve these problem from many time!!!

  • TheTrueHorus snɹoH (@TheTrueHorus) reported

    @AsharasInABox @blackroomsec Some time ago, I had a website (maybe come back). I made articles explaining Enigma's operation, but not many hits. I then made a page titled "How to hack a gmail account". there was nothing interressing on this page but the number of hits saturated my server

  • vonPutt Mitch von P. (@vonPutt) reported

    I can hear Gmail sigh when I scroll down to my trash to check for another email I shouldn’t have deleted

  • jonp__ Jon 🐶💻 (@jonp__) reported

    lfd's default config has got my server's IP blocked by gmail for sending spam lol gr8

  • scottieGGGG Scott Galinac (@scottieGGGG) reported

    @_kkelly_ We tried again this morning... still nothing seems to work. :( Either asking for parent or teach email.. or asking to link student's gmail to another account (when trying to Login with Google).

  • hardik Hardik Shah (@hardik) reported

    @mehulved @koolhead17 @ni_nad @aviraj111 @bhumilharia I don’t think they work very well with Outlook. @viveklath too faces the issue and switched back to working with just Gmail app as default.

  • PoppyCocktails Poppy (@PoppyCocktails) reported

    @sophie_gadd Me broken to my Mother 'well if you cant figure out how to read your emails in Gmail's conversation format FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE TRY OUTLOOK' Am now off to send her an email for the 447th time

  • ConnectEconomy Conscious Crypto (@ConnectEconomy) reported

    @gmail @nikkizism Same here! None of the points in the link you shared to Nikki apply. Some random emails simply won’t come through. This applies to different senders, some of their emails arrive some don’t. They are not going to spam or trash. I did check in:anywhere. This is a serious problem!

  • ArmandoSepulve1 Armando Sepulveda (@ArmandoSepulve1) reported

    @gmail I did it and I received a notification saying that I will not recovery my emails 😦. But also my colleague got the same problems yesterday.

  • Astro_Jonny Jonathan O’Callaghan (@Astro_Jonny) reported

    @DaveLeeBBC I have similar problems with Gmail at the moment. They seem to have a new spam filter that's way too strict, and I ended up missing a couple of important emails because of it.

  • kunicmarko20 Marko Kunic 🐰 (@kunicmarko20) reported

    @gmail asking me for account creation month and year while doing the recovery process. I doubt anyone thought about writing it down 5-10y ago....... #whatnow #wantmyaccback #sendhelp

  • FairyArrow Himeko (@FairyArrow) reported

    @PUBGMOBILE pleaae improve/fix the profile picture, when use facebook account, the picture is crystal clear. but when i use google play account/gmail account, the picture is blurry... and when i use facebook account, the game become lag,,, i dont know why, so i use gmail.

  • MiDateApp1 MiDateApp (@MiDateApp1) reported

    I should have mentioned that I am using Firefox browser because Google Chrome is very very slow. Even Gmail has problems since their heads are in the clouds

  • EritoKaio Supreme Kai Erīto (@EritoKaio) reported

    @Twitter Its literally the mobile app on desktop, hate it. Seems to be a thing now that websites update and make icons and buttons huge as if people are blind. Makes absolutely no sense. I already have my gmail on 80% scale cuz of that. Now if you make the feed wider, sure, I'm down.

  • vavroom Nicolas Steenhout (@vavroom) reported

    Looks like calendar invite from OS X calendar to gmail addresses fail more times than not. That makes 7 failed invites in the last couple months. Never had issues before

  • intelectconfig Daniel Liepold (@intelectconfig) reported

    I just finally got through my gmail inbox’s unread messages, which was on my to do list forever (and eventually took the use of dedicated mail client to finish) but it’s done. 1+ year of lackluster effort later. They really shouldn’t trust me so much mail server space.

Gmail Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 007
  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying